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HELLO DEAR READER! Happy New Year! As we start anew, let us begin this year believing it will be a much better one. Let's leave behind all the frustrations and bad feelings that most have endured last year and simply look forward. January is the month of new beginnings. Let us believe in the positive, in starting over fresh and renewed. Let us surround ourselves with things that make us feel good inside and out, so that life will bring us more of it. Cheers to a new year, a new beginning. One that will be prosperous, filled with health, and happiness for all of us. I hope this will get you and yours off to a great start. Till next issue,

Regina Correa

Regina Correa Designer/Editor

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8 Ways to Create Well-Being at Home in 2021 Live in a home that nourishes you everyday.


Curated Finds Stylish pieces that are on the radar.

Design Notes Paint Colors of the Year 2021

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Inspiration Colorful front doors to welcome guests.




iving in a home that is a reflection of who you are (values, needs, interests) and is filled with the things you love can be easier said than done. While challenging to achieve, you deserve to live in a space that nourishes you continuously. After all, this is the place where you go to reset after a tiring, stressful day.

Since the pandemic started, many have realized the importance of living in a home that is adaptable. Living in a space that boasts versatility and fosters wellness is what you should strive for. It will benefit you in more ways than one and it’s worth the investment. After all, your health and well-being are non-negotiable. There are things you can do to ensure your home is the haven that will envelop you in a protective and comforting way.

Declutter - Tidying up will ensure positive energy flows through your home as clutter blocks good energy. As you come through the door, you want a feeling of order, calmness, and harmony, not chaos. If your home is cluttered, try making a single pile of the clutter and working from it; this is a more practical and productive approach and less overwhelming. Indoor Plants - They create living energy and are proven to be good for us physically, emotionally and psychologically. They clean the air by removing harmful chemicals, reduce dust, lower blood pressure, and promote concentration while making the room look welcoming. Before purchasing them, ensure they are harmless to pets and children. 3 | Riche Home and Lifestyle

No Chemicals - Avoid using products with harmful chemicals that once released in the air may cause health problems to you, your family, and even pets. There’s a wide array of products on the market that are plant and essential oil based. They are harmless but natural and effective cleaners. Mrs. Meyers - A Clean Day - is a personal favorite! Natural Light - Getting enough sunlight is essential for our health. It is proven that exposure is essential to maintain the natural rhythms of your body. Whenever possible spend some time outdoors either walking or practicing sports. It will not only boost your vitamin D intake but also allow you to breathe in some fresh air. As a general rule, you should allow natural light to flood your home as often as possible. Besides being an excellent source of vitamin D, natural light wards off depression and improve sleep. The opposite happens at night, as darkness is important to our circadian rhythm, utilize dimmer lights in the evening, and turn everything off to create darkness when it is time to go to sleep. Outdoors In - Living on the gulf coast, we are blessed with temperatures that still allow us to enjoy our green trees during the winter months. If weather permits, open up your draperies and windows to allow the outdoors to be part of your living spaces. Engaging with and viewing nature reduces anger and stress by increasing pleasant feelings. Peaceful Outdoors - Create a serene outdoor space for you. A nook where you may go meditate, read, sip on some herbal tea or a glass of wine. Having a sanctuary around nature will allow you to decompress and re-energize. If you don’t have a space, go to a park nearby. It’ll also give you a great opportunity for some ME time. Aroma Therapy - A pleasing scent as you walk into a home is always refreshing and welcoming. Essential oils are beneficial for your health and well-being. They are known to alleviate anxiety, depression, insomnia, etc. For the home, you may introduce them through soy candles or oil diffusers.

"A house is much more than a mere shelter—it should lift us emotionally and spiritually." John Saldino

Color - Primarily known to embellish our interiors and affect us psychologically, colors are also a great way to ensure good luck. According to experts of the ancient Chinese practice of creating harmonious surroundings (Feng Shui), the lucky colors of 2021 are white, silver, gold, purple, blue, and gray. This is a great point of reference for the colors of the year 2021 for Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore. Respectively, Urbane Bronze is a beautiful deep gray that is serene and sophisticated, and Aegean Teal is a soothing blue-green that brings harmony and balance. Use them throughout your home, in an entire room, or just as an accent to transform your room and enhance its mood. Whether you do one or all of these, I hope you take some time to ensure your home has the nurturing characteristics that will set you up for a harmonious new year! 4 | Riche Home and Lifestyle

Curated Finds Stylish pieces that are on the radar.

Dazzling Chandelier

Sculptural Accessory

Colorful Artwork

Lamp w/ Sculptural Base

Sideboard w/ Textured Finish

Alluring Drapery Panels

Faux Animal Skin Throw Pillows

Fringed Ottoman

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Unique Hardware

Design Notes Colors of the Year 2021

After a year that brought us so much disruption and uncertainty, Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore were very thoughtful when it came to selecting their color of the year. They didn't disappoint!

"Nature at its simplest and most elemental — embodying the richness of the Earth’s stone, metal, and wood — forges a feeling that’s grounded, meditative and serene. Let a color rooted in nature create a feeling of calm and bring all you cherish together. "

Urbane Bronze SW-7740

Pair it with

Modern Gray

“Take a moment to reflect and reset. Nourish the spirit with comforting, sunbaked shades. Intriguing, balanced, and deeply soothing. Aegean Teal creates natural harmony.” Aegean Teal 2136-40

Pair it with

Beacon Hill Damask

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Amazon Soil

Messenger Bag

Inspiration How about a dose of fresh color on your front door for 2021? It will perk up the landscape and create a warm welcome! High gloss is our favorite finish. Ensure your house number is visible from the street with good lighting, and add a touch of greenery to complete the look.

Eric Piasecki

Tichenor & Thorp Architects, Inc

Neiman Taber Architects

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Ingalls Photohraphy

Brittany Bailey

Mindful Thoughts This piece is part of the Sacred Mornings ebook brought to you by Deanna Causey @soulsayers

Cleansing Today we want outflow. an exit pathway for negative energies, thoughts, or emotions. Identify what needs to go. Is it impatience with yourself or others? Do you make snap judgments about people? Are you always late? Disorganized? Maybe you woke up just not feeling your best today Or you're tired of being in a particular situation. Frustrated about something? Worried? Afraid? See yourself inspecting your heart, mind, and body. Think of it as going through rooms - opening doors, walking in, and doing an inventory of what’s there. You can choose to do a deep cleaning, decluttering if you will. You know the kind where you move all the furniture away from the walls and get rid of every dust bunny. Or you can do general cleaning, organizing and tidying up, getting rid of some things, and coming back at a later time to do the rest. Spend some time in stillness as you select the negative energies, thoughts, and emotions you would like to release. See yourself picking up each one, thinking about how it may have served you initially. Were you

alerted or protected by this in some way? If so, acknowledge that and see yourself letting it go, dropping it into the outflow, watching it leave your body, and be washed away. Go through this with each one. It’s ok to spend some time reflecting on how this feeling, thought, or emotion came to be with you. But do not relieve and rehearse the events surrounding it. What happened cannot be changed, so release it to the outflow and let it be swept away. Now, mind you. For deep-rooted, weighty emotions or thoughts, this exercise is preparation for more indepth work should you decide to do that. This moment is to get you in tune with temporary irritations or behaviors that you can readily change. See it as sweeping up the dust and dirt. What you were doing is setting, or should I say clearing the way for other changes to take place. You should feel lighter and freer when this is done. Today’s mantra: I am cleansed, refreshed, and calm I am free Free to choose what I let in I am well, in body, mind, and spirit


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*About the Designer/Editor: Born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, Regina Correa came to visit New Orleans in 1999 and never left. She holds degrees in Interior Design and Art History, loves red wine, traveling the world, architecture, museums, music, nature and walking around our beloved City Park.

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