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HELLO DEAR READER! I hope this finds you and your loved ones in good health. Spring has sprung and I couldn’t be more excited! I hope you are, too! I love this time of the year because of the beautiful and vibrant blooms everywhere. My favorites are the fuchsia and red-toned azaleas blooming around my neighborhood. Also, birds, singing their little hearts out, put a big smile on my face. Both make my walks in the morning, or afternoon all the more pleasant. Spring is also a great time for new or renewing spaces. The change in the season calls for vibrant hues that bring harmony and joviality to both indoor and outdoor spaces. Are you ready? Take some time and create spaces that are refreshing and bring you joy. It is worth it. You are worth it. I hope you enjoy what's inside!

Till next issue,

Regina Correa

Regina Correa Designer/Editor

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Refresh Your Home for Spring Simple ways to welcome Spring into your home.



A few Spring selections to inspire you.

What's Hot Sought after shapes and materials in decor.

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To Travel Virtually is a Gift An ever growing travel bucket list.



Refresh Your Home for Spring

“Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love.” Nate Berkus

pring is the time for renewal, refresh, and to be inspired by the amazing transformations we see in nature. It is also the ideal time to spruce up your interiors. But, just bringing in plants or flowers will not suffice. As the most inspiring of the seasons, springtime is all about freshness, new life, and its beauty all around us. So, why not emulate Mother Nature and give your interiors a more cheerful look? Regardless of your interior style, different elements will certainly bring in the spring feel into your home. First, spring clean your home. It will set the stage for optimal results for the recommendations that will follow. A clean, organized, and nicely scented home is the perfect canvas for cozy, comfortable, and inviting living. Paint is an excellent and easy way to change and transform a space. In this case, think soft tones of blue or green, light pink or fuchsia, and light to bright yellows. Be mindful these colors aren’t limited to walls. You may use them as a guide for accessories and even furnishings. If refreshing, or adding a fresh coat of paint is not ideal, you may use a floral or botanic wallpaper on an accent wall. It could be the perfect addition to your space. Flowers are the easiest way of freshening up whilst adding color. Fresh flowers are more authentic and enhance the aroma of the home. Sometimes a beautiful flower arrangement is all it takes to create an eyecatching statement that sets the tone. Alternatively, you may use faux flowers to accomplish that task. If you decide to do so, it is worth investing in them. As the old adage says, you get what you pay for - they’ll look very realistic and last much longer. Plants are also included in this category; either real or artificial ones will certainly add life to any space. 3 | Riche Home and Lifestyle

Accessorize throughout with colorful decorative items such as throw pillows, lamps, rugs, art, blankets, cocktail table books, trays, sculptures, baskets, just to name a few. Play with texture and patterns to add interest and depth to your decorating. If you’re inclined, hanging a colorful or spring-themed wreath on your front door will ensure your guests feel welcomed before entering your home. Create vignettes in specific areas of the home such as the front or back porch, the table in the entryway, fireplace mantle, cocktail table, dining room table, sideboard, etc... Add a combination of groups of 3 or 5 decorative accents in different sizes, dimensions, and heights for added interest. Spring is also the perfect opportunity to change things in the bedroom. A cheerful bedding set will be a refreshing welcome change in the boudoir. There are some selections on the Inspiration page of this issue. A home with a delightful aroma is always refreshing and welcoming, creating a pleasant experience for those entering it. There are several candles or reed diffusers with flower or herbal scents that will fill your home with an alluring and unforgettable scent. Fresh linen and verbena are personal favorites. Lastly, let the outdoors in. Opening draperies, curtains, and blinds will allow for the beauty of the outdoors to be part of your living. All in all, if you are into sprucing up your interiors to reflect the season, it is time to get busy. The refreshing feel of blooming flowers and the cheerfulness of their spring tones are the best inspiration for creating a nurturing home.

Pops of color by simple elements such as artwork, rug, throw pillows and a colorful flower arrangement can liven up a space.

A case of maximalism, this space screams of vibrant, spring tones. in its furnishings, walls, draperies and artwork.

Here, the wallpaper takes center stage in setting the tone for a cheerful interior.

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Inspiration Springtime selections to inspire you

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A decorative interior design element made of vinyl, paper, or fabric used to cover the wall, the ceiling, or even surfaces other than paint. From botanical to animal prints, to geometric patterns, the selections, finishes, and textures are vast.

A Few Spring Hues Animal Print

Floral Print

Abstract Print

Geometric Pattern

Botanical Print

Textured Wallcovering Toile de Jouy 6 | Riche Home and Lifestyle

Faux Shark skin

Before & After Adding or switching the right items will transform a space

Before 7 | Riche Home and Lifestyle


What's Hot! Geometric and organic shapes, acrylic furnishings and forged iron are abuzz

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Mindful Thoughts

AWARENESS Excerpt from Sacred Mornings Ebook by Soul Sayers

Conscious awareness of yourself is the theme of this practice today. And I want you to bring your awareness to all the good in you, not the areas you feel are lacking or need work.

Think about your sensitive side. Whether you cry at the movies or rescue animals or serve people, your compassionate heart is a blessing to the world.

Reflect on the ways you help others, how you are a listening eat for a friend in need or the time you've sacrificed something you want to provide for someone else. Take some time today to remember the care and attention to whatever you work on. Or how your organizational ability keeps things running smoothly for yourself and others.

Take this [time] to celebrate your extraordinary goodness. You were given a unique way to express love in the world. Your talents and gifts also combine to make you productive, accomplished, and relevant. Celebrate yourself today.

Are you a leader helping to guide others toward a goal? Are you an entrepreneur with a passion for delivering what we need or want? Maybe you're a great cook who puts love in her food!

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Today's Mantra: I am the divine's expression of love and light I will honor my gifts and strengths I am thankful for this body, my mind, and my spirit Everything I do will be an offering of thanksgiving I am what the world needs - right now

To Travel is a Gift My travel bucket list has gotten longer. Here are some of the places currently on it.

Paris - I left my heart there, so I have got to go back. Thanks, Emily!

Switzerland - I loved Austria and heard Switzerland is much nicer. I'm not sure what town, yet. Venice - I had an amazing 5-day stay and am planning on another visit. It will be longer next time. Thanks to Phil, I will bring a list of fantastic places to eat. 10 | Riche Home and Lifestyle

Lisbon - They speak Portuguese, the architecture is amazing and I've heard the food is superb!

*About the Designer/Editor: Born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, Regina Correa came to visit New Orleans in 1999 and never left. She holds degrees in Interior Design and Art History, loves red wine, traveling the world, architecture, museums, music, nature and walking around our beloved City Park.

Would you like to learn more about how we can help with your interior design needs?


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Next month The Mag turns 1! And to celebrate its first anniversary, I will be giving away two (2) 1-hour interior design consultations. Let me know if you'd like to be included in the giveaway by sending an email. The lucky winners will be announced in the Anniversary Issue. Good luck!!

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