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HELLO DEAR READER! I hope this finds you and your loved ones in good health. This month The Mag turns one. As I look back, I reflect on how much this digital publication has taught and helped me evolve as I go along. It has been a gift. In every issue, there's always a certain hesitancy on what to bring forth to you as I hope every issue will enrich you in the art of living well and loving where you live. The more you see and make yourself familiar with, the more refined your taste may become. You might find yourself drawn to a specific style you never considered before or knew existed. That's the idea. Undoubtedly, what I have seen and experienced throughout my interior design journey, has impacted and defined what and how I see and do things. My hope is that what you experience here helps you improve your living environment if that is meaningful to you. Thank you for being a continued subscriber and part of this journey with me. Also, I'm very grateful to those who always give me feedback. I appreciate it greatly. Lastly, a salute to all mothers. Your undying love and dedication are beyond comprehension. I'm eternally grateful to mine. I hope you enjoy what's inside! Till next issue,

Regina Correa

Regina Correa Designer/Editor

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Is Your Home Dated? Find out what features and decor items are a thing of the past and what to replace them with.


Object D'Art Conversation pieces that are much more than furnishings.

Favorite Things Unique items that are on my the radar.


To Travel Virtually is a Gift Some of the most beautiful streets/places in the world where strolling through it is a must!

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Is Your Home Dated?


henever I am designing for a client or working on a project, I tend to make selections that are lasting. This ensures my clients will enjoy that new space for years to come. I want their investment to last for as long as possible by making smart choices with their best interest at heart.

As a designer who’s been creating spaces for quite some time, I tend to shy away from trendy selections for clients unless they insist. I know a trend will come and go ensuring such choices do not have longevity. But, even if my clients opt for a lasting look, there is always a point when it is time to update your home. Think fresh coat of paint on the walls, new countertops and backsplash, update light fixtures, different flooring, a more appealing window treatment, the list goes on. I will point out a few home and decorative items that are definitely “a thing of the past” that should (read must) be updated as soon as possible! Do not fret, I’ll recommend what you should replace it with whenever applicable. The list is divided into two categories: home and decor. The home category list is not as long as the decor list, and although you cannot update one without the other, I’d give priority to the home category since the changes will be more transformative. Decorative items don’t necessarily need to be replaced right away however, at this point, you might be better off without them.

HOME Countertops - Tile or brown granite countertops are super dated (that’s a category we have all seen). There are so many items in the market that would make updating them a breeze. Quartz, my favorite, is a material that came to stay. They are durable, antimicrobial (non-porous so bacteria doesn’t grow in them), and with a wide variety of design and colors. Choose one that isn’t overly busy for a lasting look.

Hammered glass sheets adds texture and beauty to a wall or window.

Flooring - If your home has vinyl, linoleum, shag, or colored carpet (especially in the bathroom) it is time for a change! If hardwood is out of the question, you have two great options that will last a long time: engineered flooring or tile. They will not only update your home, but they will be much easier to maintain. If you decide on tile, porcelain is your best bet. Ceiling - Textured ceiling (especially popcorn) is a big no-no! They were used to hide imperfections on the ceiling but thankfully there are easy ways to remediate that! Have its texture scrapped and smoothed out. The final result is a smooth ceiling that reflects more light into the room below and you’ll love it for years to come. Feel free to add some decorative trim molding to enrich the look. Walls - Glass block walls were certainly an eighties and nineties trend. Clear, never colored, frosted glass is a perfectly suitable replacement for them. So, no more glass blocks as a shower enclosure, window, or wall! There are many options in the market, but the hammered glass style is my favorite.

Adding decorative molding to ceiling enhances the look and feel of the space .

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Finish on Walls - The sponge faux finish style on walls is another trend that has been long gone. This can be easily fixed with a fresh coat of paint or hanging modern wallpaper on it.

Ruffled Bed Skirt - These were going out of style when I got into design school twenty years ago. There are beautifully tailored bed skirts on the market. Perhaps a gathered or pleated one will be the perfect replacement for it.


Silk Plants and Fake Fruit - These are generally dated. I prefer the real thing however, I’m not opposed to having them. I have seen beautiful fake fruits and plants, but they are generally expensive. The biggest issue is you must clean them as they are well known as dust collectors.

Wallpaper Border - I don’t know why they were created but this look was out of style a long time ago. There is no replacement recommendation! If it is in conjunction with wallpaper, get rid of both and paint the wall. Wallpaper - Dated ones, that is. If you have a dated wallpaper in your house, it’s time to freshen up. In case you are unsure, send me a picture and I will gladly oblige! Replace it with a modern one or have it removed and paint the wall.

Chevron – Quality vs Quantity! If you have too much of this around your home, it is time to downplay it a bit. If it’s on the wall paint over it, that trend is definitely gone. Chevron was trendy more than ten years ago. Herringbone and solids are fantastic options.

Hollywood Mirror Lights - Those round bright lights have got to go! Replace them with stylish sconces or a modern vanity light. Futon - If your college days are over then it is time to let the futon go. Replace it with a daybed or a stylish sofa. Vertical Blinds - I know they still are being used in some updated fashion, but I feel a door or window will always look much more elevated with draperies. Panels for sliding doors and roman shades for windows are highly recommended. Floral Window Treatment - Speaking of window treatments, this subject is a fine line. There are some gorgeous floral window treatments and others that are from eons ago. It’s perfectly fine to have floral draperies but make sure they are current. Feel free to send me photos on this one as well. Accordion Doors - I didn’t even realize these were still being made; they scream 70’s to me. I’d say eliminate them, but if privacy is needed you may use pocket doors or curtains.

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Slylish and comfortable sofas don't need to be bulky

Bulky Sofa – The ideal is a neater, cleaner look and this one simply looks like the elephant in the room. There are amazing options that are as comfortable and nowhere nearly as bulky that will provide the comfort and style you are looking for. These are just a few of the many items that are dating your home. I understand attachment is real but it is time to switch to something fresh and new. After all, who doesn’t want to live in a place that feels refreshing and up to date?

Quartz countertops are durable and beautiful. They are highly recommended to replace tile, laminate or even certain granite countertops. Choose a pattern that is not so busy for a lasting change.

Drapery panels are perfect for sliding doors instead of vertical blinds. Sheer or semi-sheer fabrics will provide privacy while still allowing for some light in the room. Plus, they can be customized with an infinite range or colors and patterns.

Hardwood or laminate flooring are perfect substitutes for that dated carpet, linoleum or vinyl composite tiles.

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Object D'Art When a furnishing is more than an object. It is art.





Cocktail Table 6 | Riche Home and Lifestyle

Animal Instinct Faux animal skins or feathers have become a staple in decor and fashion across the globe. Thankfully, today most come in synthetic forms covering furnishings, lamps, upholstery, clothing, and pillows to name a few.

Chicken or Wild Bird Feathers - Decorative Accessories

Throw Pillows


Antelope Print

Zebra Print

Ostrich Feather

Snake Skin Cocktail Table

Zebra Print Dress

Panther Print Chair

Crocodile Skin Shoes

Shark Skin Print Dining Table

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Giraffe Print Runner

Favorite Things What's on my radar lately

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Presentation Board Contemporary Rustic Bedroom

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Focus: Sinuous lines to break up straight angles and soften the appeal Palette: Blues, browns, and grays with metallic accents Materials: cowhide, leather, metals, grasscloth and wood

Mindful Thoughts A Salute to all Mothers!

A MOTHER’S LOVE Helen Steiner Rice

A Mother’s love is something that no one can explain, It is made of deep devotion and of sacrifice and pain,

It is endless and unselfish and enduring come what may, For nothing can destroy it or take that love away,

It is patient and forgiving when all others are forsaking, And it never fails or falters even though the heart is breaking,

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It believes beyond believing when the world around condemns, And it glows with all the beauty of the rarest, brightest gems,

It is far beyond defining, it defies all explanation, And it still remains a secret like the mysteries of creation,

A many splendored miracle man cannot understand And another wondrous evidence of God’s tender guiding hand.

To Travel is a Gift Walking to explore sights is part of the experience whenever traveling. Here are some of the most beautiful streets/areas in the world.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Bregah Road in North Ireland

Rua do Bom Jesus in Recife, Brazil

Bruges, Belgium

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*About the Designer/Editor: Born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, Regina Correa came to visit New Orleans in 1999 and never left. She holds degrees in Interior Design and Art History, loves red wine, traveling the world, architecture, museums, music, nature and walking around our beloved City Park.



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