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NORTH AMERICAN EXPERTISE Studio Artefact specialises in themed décors for a wide array of clients. Decades of partnership with the biggest names in the industry have resulted in an unmatched expertise. We consider our clients as partners and work closely with them to develop the content of each project. Whether it be for a commercial property, a themed event or a larger than life brand activation, our team has the expertise to bring any idea to life.

CREATIVITY THROUGH INNOVATION To succeed in a market that is in constant mutation, one must evolve and lead the way. We’ve positioned ourselves as a leader on the market by setting the trends, always through innovation, a notion that is at the center of our approach. This is how our 3D printing department was born. These new tools were naturally integrated to our design & production process, allowing us to create pieces and concepts that wouldn’t be possible with more traditional devices. This uniqueness allows us to shine out of our usual niche and quickly got the attention of Moment Factory and Cirque du Soleil. Both firms turned to us when came time to create one-of-a-kind pieces, many of which are currently under production. We are making good use of our thirteen printers, six of which can print as big as 1 cubic meter.

UNPARALLELED PRODUCTION CAPACITY Our creation studio wouldn’t be complete without our own workshop spreading over 70 000 sq.ft. This versatile space is filled with all the latest tools and technologies. This is where all our ideas truly come to life. All our artisans, under the same roof, working towards the same goal. The durability of our products has always been a priority for us as well as for our clients. Most of our décors are installed for an average period of 10 years. We are also proud to offer the best customer service of the industry, for as long as our décors will dazzle the crowds.

CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT Our installations host an unparalleled workforce dedicated to creating new concepts and bringing them to life, all under the same roof. • Creative Development • Graphic Design • 3D Animation • Plans & Technical Drawing • 3D Modeling • 3D Printing • Welding • Carpentry & Woodworking • Digital Cutting • Powder Coating • Artistic Sculpting • Artistic Painting • Sewing • Illumination & Greenery • Shipping & Handling • Research & Development

CREATIVE DESIGN Our creative department is the cornerstone of our philosophy. This is where ideas are born, where a simple spark can light an enormous creativity fire, where our imagination comes to life. Our graphic designers, 3D designers and copywriters are experts in creating brand new designs that will elevate your project in an innovative and unique way.

TECHNICAL PLANNING Creativity in our technical drawing department over the years has allowed us to take on more complex projects and to push the boundaries of our realm of possibilities. Our innovative and proven planning process led by our team of designers and engineers is the key to move original designs forward.

3D PRINTING Adopting 3D printing not only as a way to innovate and prototype but as a mean of production is one of the many ways, we, at Studio Artefact, change the way things are traditionally done. Our large scale 3D printers can print up to 1 cubic meter (10 cubic feet) and the expertise we developed is what makes this department one of a kind.

SCULPTING & PROPS Driven by a team of multidisciplinary artists, this unique department is a powerful creative force. Capable of bringing to life colourful characters as well as completing the minute finishing touches of our most ambitious elements, they always elevate their work to reflect the magic of our creations.

SEWING Housing a sewing team in our production complex saves us the hassle of outsourcing such a simple yet crucial part of many designs.

ARTISTIC PAINTING Creativity and passion are what drives us forward, especially when it comes to artistic painting. Our proficient painters put their talent to good use when they bring to life colourful characters or create mindboggling trompe l’oeil to make our creations larger than life.

POWDER COATING Whether it is for industrial or artistic purposes, our talented painters make use of our versatile installations to provide an unequalled quality level. Our large oven and wide range of colours provide us with the possibility to take on a vast array of projects.

WELDING Regardless of the complexity of the project at hand, our talented team of welders can tackle any task. Whether it is structural work or artistic welding, our team is well equipped to provide outstanding results on an extensive variety of projects.

CARPENTRY Though new technologies are taking the spotlight nowadays, carpentry and woodworking remain a crucial part of décor making. Our talented artisans are skilled with a large variety of tools including digital cutting to elevate woodworking to a whole new level. Their craftsmanship transforms the most industrial of projects into beautiful works of art.

CREATIVE HANGAR STUDIO Inaugurated in 2019, this brand new 10,000 square-foot creative space is dedicated to larger than life projects. The 34 foot ceiling geared with lifting equipment allows us take on previously inaccessible tasks. It is a space where we can bring to life what our minds can dream.

ILLUMINATION & GREENERY Comprising almost half of our effectives peak season comes, our Illumination & Greenery department is where a crucial part of the Holiday magic comes to life. Whether you are looking for trees, garlands, wreaths or light sculptures, there is no limit to what we can accomplish. Fueled by our creative design team, our team masters a wide variety of high quality products to fit your brand, your needs and most of all, your clientele best.

RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT Change and innovation has always presented itself organically through the years, it’s a crucial part of our DNA. We are always looking for the new technology that will propel our creative force forward, for the next big idea that will shape the years to come.

SHIPPING & HANDLING This is the last step, the final touch, the ultimate quality control before being carried to your property. Our shipping and handling team works day and night to inspect, pack and ship every single décor element in order for everything to respect the calendar.

LIGHTING DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY Technology has been a key player in our industry for many years now and to keep up with the latest tech available, we created a team dedicated exclusively to that. Whether it be for creating a magical lightshow, designing our latest experience or providing technical support, our dedicated team of technicians and artists will never let you down.

FOLLOW THE TREND YOUR OWN WAY The Internet creates a certain uniformity of the trends by its reach. With this in mind, shoppers in Los Angeles, Boston, Houston, Mexico, Vancouver or Toronto are not that different from each other. Ultimately, the goal is to bring the shopper through your doors and not the neighbour’s. You have to become a destination and to do so, you have to offer them more than an ambiance. Shopping at CEM should be a one-of-a-kind, memorable experience, worthy of many visits. The shopper will want to share what they just witnessed, encouraging their relatives and friends to visit the property and experience it for themselves. During the lifespan of the décor, trends will change. That’s why this décor must be more than the ‘’flavor of the week’’, it needs to evolve, captivate and engage that timeless emotion within each of us.

3D PRINTING We are making good use of our thirteen printers, six of which can print as big as 1 cubic metre.

THE STUDIO ARTEFACT ADVANTAGE • All our lighting products are certified. • All our exterior lighting products are meant for Canadian winters. • The materials we use surpass North American fireproofing norms. • Our plans are reviewed by specialised engineers depending on the need (structure, electricity, etc). • Our décors have an unequalled lifespan.

OUR ADDED VALUE • We offer quick and efficient customer service for the lifespan of the décor for a worry-free buying experience. • We offer a personalized approach based on team work because after all, our client’s succes makes our success.

Creative and technical collaboration with the team at Cirque du Soleil for the 2019 revival of the show Alegria.

THIERRY MUGLER : COUTURISSIME Manufacturing of a metallic sculpture that served as the opening piece of the media art exhibit created by scenographer Michel Lemieux about the work of renowned French creator Thierry Mugler. The piece was inspired by the famous Shakespeare play Macbeth.

This public artwork was created as part of the cultural project Je Suis ... launched by the city of Vaudreuil-Dorion. Meant to be a social gathering focal point, this art installation became an icon for the city conquering the hearts of citizens and visitors alike.

BURNING MAN Artistic project in collaboration with Cirque du Soleil for the design and manufacturing of an interactive artwork display for the annual event of Burning Man.


CROSSIRON MILLS A magical experience in the heart of the boreal forest. The Enchanted Winterland Quest is an interactive journey through the Canadian wilderness where augmented reality, astronomy and the tales of the Great White North work together to create a memorable experience.

MAYFAIR SHOPPING CENTRE Inspired by the magnificent forests of the West Coast, we designed and manufactured this warm and cozy Holiday décor, perfect to snap a picture of your loved ones.

COMPLEXE DESJARDINS Complete design and manufacturing of a bright and festive Holiday décor for La Grande Place where Santa shares the spotlight with Leon the trumpeter. A nod to the location of the property, at the heart of the Quartier des Spectacles in downtown Montreal.

GIANT TREE COMPLEXE DESJARDINS It took several weeks of conception and planning to create this iconic piece. Atop its 34', it is the largest illuminated 3D printed tree.

PLACE MONTREAL TRUST Place Montréal Trust’s Holiday 2.0 won the Maple Leaf Gold Award for Canada’s best Holiday Décor at the International Council of Shopping Centers Gala in Toronto.

LE VÉHICUBE SPATIAL Transformation of a coach bus that tours elementary schools into an interactive and educational museum inspired by life in space that promotes good eating habits and the benefits of an active lifestyle.

Technical design, manufacturing and 3D printing of a replica of the Statue of Freedom, the columns of the Capitol’s rotunda and the well-known Apotheosis of Washington. The combined pieces dominated the Bellagio conservatory and Botanical Gardens at 28’ of height as part of their spring themed décor.

WINTER PALACE A winter castle like no other. Thousands of programmable LED lights are sure to spread the Holiday cheer.

A series of larger than life flowers and frogs almost exclusively 3D printed to decorate the Bellagio’s Conservatory.

BIG SANTA ALA MOANA CENTER Reproduction of a vintage 1960 giant Santa Claus. Design, engineering, manufacturing and installation of a 38' tall fiberglass structure.

GIANT PUPPET Collaborative mandate for the creation of a 24’ puppet. Completely articulated, the puppet was created using 3D printing. The use of TPU allowed for all the parts to be light weight and flexible, making it easier to operate for the artists and acrobats hidden inside the structure.

As an homage to the mammals and cetaceans that call the St. Lawrence river home, we created this playful beluga sculpture for the festivities of Montréal en fêtes.

WILLOBROOK SHOPPING CENTRE Inspired by the magnificent forests of the West Coast, we designed and manufactured this warm and cozy Holiday décor, perfect to snap a picture of your loved ones.

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