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Issue 137 -September 2012 - Valued at 0.500 KD. Complimentary Copy

Media Club 1st Ghabqa MINI’S 53rd BIRTHDAY Latest from

Miss Selfridge, Top Shop & H&M

BMW 320i

Ramy Saboungui

The Winner Of July-August Most Talented Competition

Changing lives... Samantha’s Journey From 185kg to 80kg “I was morbidly obese my whole life. I had tried many diets and exercise to lose weight and failed at every attempt. I then had my gastric bypass surgery and it was like a dream come true”.

Samantha Ginter, Patient Follow Samantha’s journey on youtube:

2536 0000 - 2536 0595 - 6632 1135 |

Through weight loss surgery

Dr. Wissam Fakih

Sahar Nassereddine

Dr. Osamah Al Sanea

Dr. Hussein Faour

Catalogue 2013

Inter IKEA Systems B. V. 2012

Prices Only Get Lower, Never Higher.

Sunday - Thursday 10am - 10pm, Friday and Saturday 10am - 11pm - 18 4040 8 @ikeakuwait ikeakuwait

• • • •

Download advanced digital apps from IKEA website. Introducing new innovative designs and products. New Guarantees up to 25 years. New and unprecedented low prices.

The new IKEA 2013 smart catalogue, the first of its kind!

WELCOME TO A WORLD OF IDEAS. We want to give you more than before. That’s why the ideas in this catalogue aren’t limited to the 327 pages you’re holding in your hands. We have added more content throughout the catalogue that you can access through your smart phone all year long. This includes inspiring films and interactive features for a better life at home.

How to unlock more ideas: 1. Download the IKEA Catalogue App on your smart phone or tablet via your mobile app store. The app is available for Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad). throughout the catalogue (located in the 2. Look for the phone symbol top right corner of selected spreads) to find out what pages have more ideas to discover. 3. Open the IKEA Catalogue app and select the scan-button and hold your phone 20-30 cm from a spread. Enjoy films, how-to guides and interesting interactive content that appear on your screen. No smart phone? Relax, films and how to guides are also available on:






Passion for Magic Ramy Saboungui



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BMW 320i



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G-Star Raw Store Kuwait - The Avenues Mall Ground Floor, t. 225 978 99 operated by al mutawa & al khatib for ready made garments





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Latest from Miss Selfridge, Top Shop & H&M



New collections



46 10 - 11


Royal Hayat Hospital


Ted Baker

New collections








Store | 70+Sports

Now Open at Marina Mall Camping . Cycling . Fishing . Fitness . Golf . Hiking . Horse Riding . Basketball . Football . Rugby Handball . Volley Ball . Cricket . Mountain Sports . Tennis . Table Tennis . Running Watersports . Combat Sports . Skating Salmiya Area - Marina Mall 25717740

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Dear Students, In 1895, Kipling wrote a timeless poem entitled “IF”. Though written in a different era under a different sun, reading its powerful words today resonated deep within my being and triggered many thoughts. IF… What are our ifs of today? If you could be judged by family that you have always accepted and was still able to belong... If you could be betrayed by friends that you have chosen to call family and are still able to trust strangers...


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If you could be stabbed by a life partner to whom you chose to give your heart and are still able to feel... Then you have lived a life that is full, and paid the price of being... human These are some of the many ifs that ran through my mind as I was reading Kipling’s poem. I urge you to Google it, read it, and send me your ifs on

Zeina Mokaddam

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When did you start doing magic? I started learning and trying to perform magic ten years ago in primary school when we all had to make a presentation on something we find fascinating, I admired the work of David Copperfield so I presented him to the class but after watching videos of him, I thought of actually trying this whole magic thing out. Who discovered your talent? How did it evolve? My brother discovered it at first; this was after a year of many attempts to learn different tricks with cards and coins, he saw potential that I did have the slight of hand talent. My talent evolved as I practiced more and more until I eventually got to where I am today. When was your first official appearance? My first official appearance was at a friend’s birthday; there was a big crowd that day, my friend just wanted me to show his friend a trick, he was impressed and eventually I was crowded by a group of people all staring at what I was about to do next, that was when I realized that I must continue with what I am doing, it was all about the reactions. How many appearances have you done? Many appearances of street magic where I would casually walk in the street with a friend holding a camera and we would go around talking to random people I do not know and asking if it was possible to perform to them while taping it, the reactions from appearances like these are amazing and natural, I have done plenty of shows as well. Who and what inspired you as a magic professional? Every reaction I got after a trick I performed inspired me to continue. It does not matter where the audience is from, the unique thing about magic is that a trick is successful enough, then the reaction is always pleasing to the magician. I adore the positive reactions and this is what inspires me everyday to continue with magic.

Ramy Saboungui Where do you see Kuwait in this field? I know a couple of very good rising magicians that are Kuwaiti. I would want to see Kuwait gather these talented people and arrange shows for the beauty of the performance. Everyone enjoys magic and I would love to see it go big here. What was the biggest challenge you faced as an Arab magic professional? The biggest challenge was the fact that people don’t understand the term ‘magic’ very well. Magic tricks are just tricks, slight of hand with the speed needed for it to look real even though it is not. My challenge was that a lot of people do not appreciate magic and think its bad. What are you doing nowadays? Nowadays I tend to work silently on tricks I am developing on my own. I have had my full share of learning other people’s tricks and performing them, now I mainly focus on producing my own original tricks and this requires a lot of time.

16 - 17

Where do you plan to reach with your magic? I plan to reach far with magic, hopefully a show in Vegas maybe. I would want to be in a stage where it is just as easy to perform in front of thousands just like David Copperfield does without getting stage fright as when it comes to magic, a lot of things can go wrong, not to mention trying to jumble a bunch of things together with everyone staring directly at you to observe. Today when you look back is there anything you want to change? Yes, when I started to learn more about magic and tried to perform, I was not quite the best magician out there yet, the support was not that strong at first. Although support from my family was there, my friends at the time thought it was ridiculous and I was the laughing stock for a while, but when I started getting better the support rolled in. I just wish I had been supported more in the beginning as this might have pushed me more and more in to becoming better a lot faster. Who inspired you and how? David Copperfield was the main inspiration for me, I had the whole collection of videotapes of his work to books about him, and the way he reached the top in his time was outstanding. Although Copperfield is a stage magician, I started off as a street magician but through him, I realized that stage magic was where I would stand. What would you like to say to STUDENTALK readers? If you see a magician out there performing, enjoy the tricks they offer, as the reactions they get from you will be the breaking point of either continuing to do what they are doing or stop. Although I perform magic, whenever I see a magician perform, I would always admire what they have to offer, I would not try catching the trick and this is one of the problems of some audiences. Magic is not real; the tricks are merely illusions and a good teaser for the brain, so when a magician comes to perform to you, just sit back and enjoy it.



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on Name: Alaa Nasr Age: 19 Talent: Inspirational writing When did you start? It all began with my negative feelings. It was a time when things were not working properly for me, and when I felt hardship. At that time, I thought that perhaps I just need myself to feel better. I got myself a pen, and started writing my heart out, expressing my thoughts as if I were talking to someone. Who gave you support? I started alone, but then my mother came to brighten this path for me with her unique type of motivation, being there for me along the way. How did your talent evolve? I started reading books more and listening to lectures on YouTube that were related to the topics I’m interested in. Later on, when I made one of my friends read some of the pieces I wrote she decided that we should make inspirational videos to be uploaded on YouTube to reach more people around the world, and who knows, maybe, just maybe, they could change someone’s life. Were there any obstacles? Of course, but I BELIEVE that I have the ability to overcome those obstacles, as long as I want to. One of the things I’m sure that will stand along the way are people, people who

disagree with what I like, people who choose to discourage rather than encourage, people who point out the bad in you and erase all the good. Who is your muse? Ibrahim Elfiky, who passed away to be with the lord’s hands. Today when you look back is there anything you want to change? Nothing that I can think of, no. The pain of yesterday is today’s challenge for tomorrow’s strength; without all the mistakes, the fears, and the wrong decisions I took yesterday, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Any last words to the readers? You are here for a reason, to make a difference. Start simple, start with yourself, make sure that with everyday you make improvements, even If it’s just 1%. If you have a dream, GO GET IT, if it’s far, then take one step forward, and your dream will get one step closer.

Name: Salma Ali Age: 23 Talent: Writing stories When did you start? 5 years ago. Who gave you support? Parents, family, and friends. How did your talent evolve? By reading many stories whether English or Arabic and practicing. Were there any obstacles? A little bit because it’s a bit hard to keep practicing your talent while studying. 18 - 19

Who is your muse? Some Arabic writers like Naguib Mahfoz and Al Aqqad, and English writers like Shakespeare. Today when you look back is there anything you want to change? I am totally satisfied with what I am today. Learning step by step is more beneficial than learning everything at one time. Any last words to the readers? Love whatever you do, if you can’t do whatever you want.

Name: Ahmad Nabawy Age: 22 Talent: Drawing

Were there any obstacles? In the beginning I wasn’t that professional so I did my best to learn more and more.

When did you start? 3 years ago.

Who is your muse? Actually, I don’t have a specific muse but I try to copy any drawing I see.

Who gave you support? My family and friends were of great support that helped me keep evolving my talent. How did your talent evolve? I keep practicing and drawing anything I feel and anything I see around me. Also, it has evolved by receiving help from my art teachers.

Today when you look back is there anything you want to change? I’m totally satisfied with myself because each experience I had has evolved my personality and made me stronger and more confident. Any last words to the readers? Actually I want to say to each person who has a talent and believes in himself, to keep practicing and working on this talent to achieve what they want to achieve. When did you start? December 28, 2010, the day my niece was born.

young girl standing between other guys (photographers) at conferences or events to cover for the GUST-Times newspaper.

Who gave you support? Parents, family and friends.

Who is your muse? Actually there is no specific name. I like to learn from every photographer because you get a new lesson in every conversation with them.

How did your talent evolve? By attending photography courses and workshops, applying in GUST to be one of the main photographers and by practicing with GUST’s Media club and photography club. Name: Fatima Al-Qenaei Age: 22 Talent: Photography

Were there any obstacles? Yes, it was hard for some people to accept the idea of a Kuwaiti

Name: Rula Ayed Age: 20 Talent: Singing When did you start? I loved singing since I was a child. Who gave you support? My friends and family and all my surroundings support me all the time.

Today when you look back is there anything you want to change? I am totally satisfied with what I am today. Any last words to the readers? We live once, live it for what you love.

because I didn’t have a chance to enter the field of music professionally. Who is your muse? I love listening to all kinds of music to learn more about it and be more talented. Today when you look back is there anything you want to change? Actually nothing. I live every second in my life to the maximum and enjoy it so I wouldn’t change anything.

How did your talent evolve? I participated in many singing competitions and take people’s opinions into consideration. Any last words to the readers? Always enjoy your life and keep smiling, Were there any obstacles? no matter what. Until now I haven’t faced any obstacles,




or Join us on Facebook STUDENTALK Magazine Fan Page The students went and picked their own clothes, mixing and matching from the store to create their unique styles. The Divided concept can be found in H&M, Marina Mall and H&M, Salem Al Mubarak Street. To Take Part in STUDENTALK’s Next “Most Stylish Student” Call: 25720810 or Email: Brought to you by:

20 - 21

1.Basma Hisham

2. Nuha Osama

Jacket, Jeans, Boots, Bag, Shirt, Earrings, Bracelet

Vest, Pants, Bag, Necklace, Heels, Hat, Top

This outfit reflects my personality. The colours match the coming season perfectly.

The collection is very unique. I like the variety of colours.You can mix and match many items and get the look you want!



3. Ameera Mohammed

4. Serina El-kaissi

Pants, Heels, Top, Bracelet

Top, Skirt, Boots, Bag

I love the colours and the material. This outfit is amazing and I am really comfortable in it. I really love it!

The collection is nice. This outfit can be worn both during the day and night. I really like this collection.


‫‪Media Club‬‬ ‫تخلله حلقة نقا�شية عن الإعالم الرم�ضاني‬

‫الغبقة الإعالمية الأولى للنادي‬ ‫نظم النادي الإعالمي غبقته الإعالمية الأولى وذلك في يوم الثالثاء‬ ‫‪ 31/7/2012‬في تمام ال�ساعة ‪ ٩‬م�سا ًء في منتجع �صحارى‪ ،‬والتي ت�ضمنت‬ ‫حلقة نقا�شية بعنوان “الإعالم الرم�ضاني وت�أثيره على المجتمع” بم�شاركة د‪.‬‬ ‫حمود الق�شعان ود‪ .‬خالد القح�ص والمخرج محمد دحام ويدير الحوار الإعالمي‬ ‫ح�سن البحراني‪.‬‬ ‫وح�ضر الغبقة مجموعة من دكاترة ق�سم الإعالم في جامعة الكويت وعدد من‬ ‫الإعالميين وال�شخ�صيات وال�شباب ‪ ،‬و�أ�شادوا جميع الح�ضور بالغبقة وتمنوا �أن‬ ‫ي�ستمر النادي في �إقامتها في كل �سنة‪ ،‬وتم خالل الغبقة توزيع القرقيعان الخا�ص‬ ‫بالنادي على الح�ضور‪.‬‬

‫‪22 - 23‬‬

GUST Media Club GUST Media Club was founded to improve communication with students, and to deliver their complaints or suggestions, and to entertain them with new unique events. Media Club Goals: The Media Club looks forward to helping media students to practice their field before graduating to work in it. Club founders: The founders of the club are Mohamed Al-Ali, Joanne AlAbdeljaleel and Ibrahim Al-Mutawaa. Activities: There are many activities that were undertaken by the club including: a trip to Marina FM and Al-Watan TV. And the Mother’s Day event, where some of the club members toured the campus and asked the students questions about their mothers. Also, the club had a unique idea that pleased all students which was to bring up Baskin Robbins ice cream carts to the campus so to ease the summer heat and let the students live the fresh summer atmosphere. These are some of the photos from the trips that were taken by the club photographer.


ITS MINI’S 53rd BIRTHDAY MINI, the legendary small car with a big attitude turns 53 on the 26th of August. For some, this age might mean slowing down and taking things a bit easy... but not for MINI! MINI is as young, fun and exciting as ever. A small car in size but big on space, design and personality, MINI is cosmopolitan, ageless and cheeky. Owned and loved even by the rich and famous (The Beatles, John Lennon, Mick Jagger, Britt Ekland, and Twiggy to name a few) and considered the small car icon of the 1960s, the MINI concept remains as trend-setting today as it was 53 years ago. Today’s MINI line-up includes six models: the MINI Hatch, MINI Cabrio, MINI Clubman, MINI Countryman, MINI Coupe and most recently the MINI Roadster, the first open top two-seater MINI. So let’s raise a toast to MINI, the world’s first small car to achieve genuine global success.

To join MINI’s birthday celebration, and if you would like to win a MINI for a weekend or other cool MINI gifts check out our competition on

24 - 25


GRADES Name: Mohamed Johary Age: 22 Major: Finance University: GUST

QHave you always had a high GPA? Mohamed: Yes. Ali: Yes.

QHow do your peers look at you because of your GPA? Mohamed: I don’t think my friendships have been affected by my GPA because our relationship is more precious than anything else. Ali: We are friends no matter whether I have a high GPA or not. But sometimes we make some jokes about those (nerd) people and I am one of them.

QDo you feel like you are part of your peers or alienated from them? Mohamed: I feel I am part of them because they are proud of me. Ali: My GPA is not related to my friends. How does it affect your social life?


Mohamed: Maybe sometimes I don’t have time for social gatherings or outings because I study so much to get a high GPA. Ali: It doesn’t affect my social life that much. Some people might look at me as a successful person. I think the important thing is that it might help me to get a better job in the future.

QHow does your GPA affect your relationship with the teachers?

Mohmaed: They respect me and are proud of me. Usually, they help whenever I need help in order for me to get a higher GPA or keep the same good GPA. Ali: In many times my professor. treats me in good way, others deal with me as any other student. In general it might affect the relation between me and my professor. 26 - 27


Name: Ali Hassan Arzouni Age: 19

Major: International Business University: GUST

QWhat drives you to get such high grades? Mohamed: Having a good career in the future. Ali: If I can get an A grade and a high GPA, why not work towards that?

QWhat does it take for you to get such a high GPA?

Mohamed: Studying hard, taking notes and asking teachers when I do not understand something. Ali: Studying at least weekly and preparing well for the exams, concentrating in class is very helpful and group studying helps as well. Studying before one day of the exam is not helpful.

QAre you involved in any extra curricular activities?

Mohamed: I’m a tutor in GUST and I used to be a Teacher’s Assistant. Ali: No, but I am interested to join.

QAre you involved in any charitable organization or activities? Mohamed: No. Ali: No, but I wish to one day get involved in one.

QDo you believe that students with high GPAs will have a better future than those who score average GPAs? Mohamed : Sometimes. Ali: Sometimes yes it makes a difference.


CHOICE Helmi Ayyash 23,GUST,Finance.

Khaled Ayesh 23,GUST,MIS.

Lulua Almutawa 23,GUST,Mass Communication.

Mahmoud swaidan 22,GUST,Finance.

Shifaa Taki 23,GUST,Mass Communication.

Sara Arikat 22,GUST,Finance.

Yaser Elsahen 22,GUST,MIS.

Haifaa Aldowaisan 24,GUST,Mass Communication.

Rana Salem 23,GUST,Finance.

John Al-Shaer 23,GUST,PR.

Khaled Sabsabi 22,GUST,Finance.

Moatasem Mohamed Mohamed Barakat 22,GUST,Finance. 22,GUST,IB.

Mahmoud Al-Banna 27,GUST,MIS.

Muneer Saleh Nada Fayed 23,GUST,Accounting. 22,GUST,Finance.

Lail Suhail 20,GUST,Business.

Lama Aldorri 23,GUST,PR.

Nashwa Bassam 22,GUST Finance.

Darweesh Qamhiya 22,GUST IB.

Omar Saado Reem Tarakji 22,GUST,Accounting. 21,GUST,PR. 28 - 29

Awss Aldaour Louai Ibrahim 22,GUST,Accounting. 22,GUST,Marketing.

Abdullah Boshehry 23,GUST,Business.

Abrar Atyani 23,GUST,Finance.

Ali Hasan Arzoni 22,GUST,MIS.

Bahaa Osama 22,GUST,Marketing.

Basel Jazzar 19,GUST,Business.

Dana Yousif 20,GUST,Finance.

Fatma Mohamed 23,GUST,Mass Communication.

Dawood Hussen 22,GUST,Finance.

Deema Allush 22,GUST,Mass Communication.

Dima Khalil 20,GUST, Mass Communication.

Farah Al-Akhras 19,GUST, Mass Communication.

Who do you bank with?

Did you choose the bank or your parents?

Whould you change banks, once you graduate and start working?

what is your favorite bank?



BMW 320i STUDENTALK met Rasha Aljabi, a 23 year old student at AUK, and Abdulaziz Fahad, a 23 year old student at ACK, to test drive the BMW. Let’s go through their experience with the BMW, and see what they think of it as students.

30 - 31

What does this car represent to you? It’s for those who look for performance and luxury. In your opinion what kind of personality traits are most befitting this car. Stylish and fun. At what age do you hope to get your dream car? Early 20’s.

What does this car represent to you? It’s for those who look for good value for money, reliability and safety. In your opinion what kind of personality traits are most befitting this car. Outgoing, fun and stylish. At what age do you hope to get your dream car? Mid 30’s

From a scale of 1-10, 10 being highest, rate this car’s overall ability to you. 9. Which interior/exterior car colors would best reflect your personality? Exterior: Red Interior: Beige

From a scale of 1-10, 10 being highest, rate this car’s overall ability to you. 9. Which interior/exterior car colors would best reflect your personality? Interior: Beige. Exterior: Black.


The Jaguar XF At-A-Glance • Dramatic design changes bring the XF’s exterior into line with the XJ flagship. • Range-topping XFR receives unique, assertive styling treatment. • Bi-function HID xenon headlamps incorporate LED daytime running lights with a distinctive ‘J-Blade’ signature. • Three discrete front bumper and lower rear valance treatments differentiate between variants. • Tail lamps are now LED for stop, tail and direction indicator functions. • Refreshed exterior complemented by new alloy wheel choices and paint colours. • Upgraded interior with new seats, instrument panel and optional 1200W Bowers & Wilkins premium sound system. XF Design A saloon with the soul of a Jaguar sports car, the XF has won accolades and enthusiastic fans across the globe for its dynamic abilities and dramatic looks. Advances in lighting technology have allowed the XF model range to adopt the bold Jaguar design language introduced on the flagship XJ saloon.

32 - 33


New Couple Alert: Danny Boyle & Rosario Dawson

It looks like the athletes aren’t the only ones hooking up at the games. London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony director Danny Boyle and Rosario Dawson appear to be going steady. The couple, who were spotted, got cozy in Brighton, U.K. after they met when the director hired Dawson to star in his crime thriller Trance. Boyle, whose opening ceremony was the most watched in history, is 20 years older than the 33-year-old actress. The Sin City actress is apparently getting into the Olympic spirit by going for the golden age.

34 - 35

Jennifer Lopez & Casper Smart “Cool Off” Their Romance

Jennifer Lopez is “taking some time to think about things” with beau Casper Smart after pictures surfaced that purport to show the backup dancer ducking into a club doorway just a day before J.Lo’s 43rd birthday in NYC. Smart says he was lost and entered the wrong doorway, while his lawyers strongly refuted what they claim were defamatory statements made by tabloids against which they threatened legal action.

Natalie Portman has Married her Dashing Dancer

Though she’s been wearing a very suspect ring for months now, the Oscar winner formally swapped vows with Black Swan choreographer Benjamin Millepied in a Jewish ceremony in front of family and friends in California.

No Financial Gain for MJ Siblings from Will

The attorney representing Janet, Randy, and Rebbie Jackson just released a stressing that his clients “stand to gain nothing financially by a finding that the will is invalid.” There has been dispute that the will Michael Jackson left behind is invalid because there is reportedly “irrefutable evidence” that the late entertainer was in New York on the date that the will was allegedly signed in California. Three of Michael’s siblings went on to say that they wanted to make sure their brother’s wish of leaving his wealth to his children was fulfilled. They are seeking to replace the executors of the estate and settle the guardianship issues.


H&M op

h pS


Miss Selfrid ge



Miss ge rid Self

Se Miss lfri dg e

Miss e dg Selfri p

Sho Top

Top Sh o


Miss Selfridge

36 - 37

Miss Selfrid ge

Miss Selfridge


To p




H&M Eyeliner

H&M Bronze Powder

H&M Eye Shadows

Rimmel London 60 Seconds

RevlonColorStay Creme Gel Liner

Rimmel Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses

Revlon ColorStay 16 Hour Eyeshadow in Decadent

Revlon ColorStay 16 Hour Eyeshadow in Adventurous

Revlon ColorStay 16 Hour Eyeshadow in Seductive

Revlon ColorStay 16 Hour Eyeshadow in Inspired

Revlon - Colorstay Longwear Nail Enamel

38 - 39

Revlon Tutti Frutti LipButter

Revlon Peach Parfait Lipbutter

Revlon Cupcake LipButter

Kuwait: Al Rai, Tel: 24734160, Fahaheel, Tel: 23912485, Kuwait City, Tel: 22472856/7/8, Salmiya, Tel: 25711964, Hawally, Tel: 22610234/5, Jahra, Tel: 24582103/7, Fintas ( Al Bairaq Mall), Tel: 23824050, Now Open at Sama Sulaibikhat, Shaikh Jabbar Ahmed Al Sabah Rd,(Road 80, Near KFC) Granada Area, Block-3, Sulaibikhat. UAE • Saudi Arabia • Oman • Qatar • Bahrain • Jordan • Egypt • Lebanon

L i k e • S h a r e • Po s t



Ted Baker A/W12 Survival of the Fittest The perfect celebration of Great Britain’s Great Outdoors, Ted’s A/W12 Collections feature autumnal tones of burnished berries and earthy hues to create a heart-warming palette that embraces rustic beauty and rural charm. Town meets country with heritage fabrics and classic silhouettes sitting alongside modern pieces that are perfect for any occasion; all cut out for the survival of the fittest this A/W12.

40 - 41


212 VIP MEN 212 VIP MEN is a masculine fragrance that completes the 212 VIP universe and represents the style and attitude of VIP men.The 212 VIP man: charismatic, fun, elegant, sophisticated, desired and envied.

Anthony tool kit The kit features essentials for keeping his nails in tiptop condition.This portable nail kit features a file, tweezers, clippers, and grooming scissors. The set contains:Stainless Steel Tweezers, Stainless Steel Nail Clipper, Stainless Steel Nail File and Stainless Steel Grooming Scissors

CK in2u Perfume CK In2U for men was created for the young “technosexual generation�. CK In2U is flirty and fresh, a citrus scent with notes of lime, grapefruit, and gin fizz over sensual cocoa, Vetiver and musk.


Allure Homme Sport The sporty, sensual scent, in a new concentrated Eau de Toilette is heightened with notes of Moroccan Cypress and Venezuelan Tonka Bean. For the man who is unafraid to take risks and push boundaries.

Cool Kick Shaving Gel from Nivea Cooling formula with Mint Extracts, ISO-Magnesium and Vitamin Care for an extra invigorating kick of freshness.

Every Man Jack Cooling formula with Mint Extracts, ISO-Magnesium and Vitamin Care for an extra invigorating kick of freshness.

42 - 43

‫اربح قسيمة شرائية‬

‫بقيمة ‪ 500‬د‪.‬ك‬

‫مــــن إلكـــتـروزان‬ ‫مــــع حســـــــاب ‪Youth‬‬

‫ت ‪ -‬ج‪ 2012/137/‬م‬

‫حساب ”‪ ”Youth‬الجديد من بنك برقان‬ ‫يقدم بنك برقان فرصة ثمينة لتختار ما تشاء من إلكترونيات‪ .‬فقط افتح‬ ‫حساب “‪ ”Youth‬من بنك برقان‪ ،‬واحظ بفرصة الفوز بقسائم شرائية‬ ‫بقيمة ‪ 500‬د‪.‬ك مقدمة من «إلكتروزان» باإلضافة إلى جوائز أخرى قيمة‪.‬‬ ‫تابعونا على‪:‬‬

‫‪Burgan Bank Official page‬‬


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Baume & Mercier: 2012 New Hampton Bracelet in Steel for Men Hampton epitomizes intimate harmony Of all of Baume & Mercier’s collections, the Hampton line perhaps most strongly embraces the brand’s inherent DNA and philosophy. In this recently re-vamped and updated series, relaxed and seaside living, as well as authenticity and lineage, are the unmistakable core messages. This stylish and uniquely alluring collection for both women and men features a refined design and timeless appeal. The Hampton Men’s line was missing just one attribute: a stainless steel bracelet. Thus, to complete the men’s line in style and to propose a duo offer complementary to the women’s Hampton metal bracelet watch, 2012 saw Baume & Mercier release two new appealing automatic models with an ergonomic integrated polished and satin-finished bracelet with its new triple folding security clasp.

Celebrating the New James Bond Film: The Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M “SKYFALL” Limited Edition In SKYFALL, to be released in autumn of 2012, James Bond will take to the screen for the 23rd time with Daniel Craig again assuming the role of the world’s favourite secret agent. And once again, 007 will wear an OMEGA Seamaster. To celebrate its seventh performance in a supporting role in a Bond film, OMEGA is launching the Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M “SKYFALL” Limited Edition watch. Like every Planet Ocean, the new watch is ready for underwater adventure. Equipped with a unidirectional rotating diving bezel and a helium escape valve, the watch is water resistant 60 bar / 600 metres / 2000 feet. The watch has a 42 mm brushed and polished stainless steel case and a matching patented screw-and-pin bracelet whose divers’ clasp is engraved with “007”. The rotating diving bezel is distinguished by its matt black ceramic ring with a chromium nitride diving scale.

44 - 45



Tackling Obesity Obesity characterizes an excessive amount of body fat. Although a cosmetic concern for many, obesity may increase one’s risk of diseases and health problems such as heart disease, diabetics, and high blood pressure. Here, we highlight the causes of obesity as well as the two surgical methods offered at Royale Hayat to generate weight loss.

Bariatric Surgeries Offered at Royale Hayat

Several Underlying Causes of Obesity • Lack of Energy Balance Energy balance is a compromise between the energy in one’s body and the energy out. The energy in is the amount of energy or calories one consumes from food and drinks, while energy out is the amount of energy one’s body uses for breathing, digesting, and becoming physically active. • Environment Environmental factors include a lack of locations for physical activity in one’s community, long work hours, oversized food portions, lack of access to healthy foods, and food advertising. • Genes Overweight and obesity tend to run in families. One’s chances of becoming overweight are greater if one or both of the parents are overweight or obese. Genes also affect the amount of fat stored in the body, as well as where on the body the fat is carried. • Lack of Sleep Sleep helps maintain a healthy balance of the hormones that make one hungry (ghrelin) or full (leptin). When a lack of sleep occurs, levels of ghrelin go up and levels of leptin go downmaking one feel hungrier than when rested. 46 - 47

• Gastric Bypass Surgery Description: Gastric bypass is the most common type of weight-loss surgery. The surgery is done by making the stomach smaller causing food to bypass part of the small intestine. This will make one feel full more quickly than when the stomach is at its original size. Bypassing part of the intestine in turn reduces how much food and nutrients absorbed, leading to weight loss. Who is it For: Gastric bypass surgery is suitable for those severely overweight and unsuccessful at losing weight through diet and exercise. Surgery is generally considered when one’s body mass index (BMI) is equal to 35 or higher. Does it Work: On average, those who undergo gastric bypass lose more than half of their excess weight. The long term success is highest in those realistic about the amount of weight lost and who keep appointments with a medical team.

Prior to the Surgery: While gastric bypass can help reduce one’s risk of weight-related health problems, an extensive screening process for qualification must take place before to eliminate the major risks and complications from surgery. Post-Surgery Care: As one’s stomach can only handle small amounts of soft foods and liquids while healing, it is important to constantly sip water to avoid dehydration. Once able to add solid foods back into one’s diet, the person should be careful to chew food well and stop eating when full. As many of the minerals and vitamins that are easily absorbed are bypassed post-surgery, one must work with a dietitian to plan meals and take extra vitamin B12. Also, avoiding heavy lifting and strenuous exercise while recovering, is a must.

• Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy Description: Vertical sleeve gastrectomy is a procedure in which a surgeon removes a large portion of one’s stomach. The new, smaller stomach (80-85 % removed from its original size) then becomes approximately the size of a banana. The amount of food intake becomes limited, making one feel fuller after eating small amount of food. Who is it For: Those with a body mass index (BMI) of 35 or more will be allowed to complete the surgery. It is most often done on patients who are too heavy to safely complete other types of weight loss surgery. Does it Work: On average, those who undergo sleeve gastrectomy lose more than half of their excess weight. Losing this weight will improve any medical conditions one might have had, such as asthma, type 2 diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Nonetheless, one must keep in mind that the surgery alone is not a solution to weight loss- eating less and exercising afterwards are key. Prior to the Surgery: The surgeon will have the patient undergo several tests and visits before conducting the surgery. A complete physical exam, blood tests, an ultrasound of the gallbladder, and nutritional counseling must be fulfilled in order to undergo a vertical sleeve gastrectomy. Post-Surgery Care: After two days from the surgery, patients may go home. Afterwards, a diet of clear liquids and pureed foods will be consumed by the patient. The doctor will also recommend a diet, as meals should be small in order to avoid stretching the remaining stomach. Ask an Expert If you have questions you’d like answered, post it to us on @RoyaleHayat RoyaleHayat and we’ll have one of our experts answer your queries.



Recognizing Mental Health Concerns Statistically speaking, you probably know at least one person who has a mental health problem. Researchers have found that 20% of American adults and children suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder in any given year. Given that many mental health concerns are biologically-based, it is likely that the rate of mental health problems in Kuwait is similar. Because mental health problems are so pervasive, it is imperative that people understand how to recognize them and how to help. Signs of mental distress Signs of mental distress and can include sudden or noticeable changes in physical appearance, poor hygiene, poor or odd social interactions, social withdrawal, intense emotions (e.g., excessively low or high moods). Sometimes sudden changes in grades or sudden changes in behavior (e.g., not attending class) can indicate mental distress. Difficulty sleeping and/ or changes in appetite (eating too much or not at all) are also common signs. Sometimes people experience emotional pain in physical ways. For example, sometimes frequent stomach pains and/or headaches can indicate excessive worry or stress. Depression Depression is one of the most common mental health concerns. It is also something that a lot of people experience from time to time and in some instances, it would be normal or even expected (e.g., after the death of a loved one). Depression can cause feelings of intense feelings of fatigue, hopelessness, and even thoughts of death. One of the primary symptoms of depression though is when people lose interest in things that they used to enjoy doing. For example, if someone used to always enjoy spending time with their cousins but suddenly starts spending excessive amounts of time alone in their room, it may indicate a problem. Depression is helped with counseling. Anxiety Anxiety is another very common mental health concern and there are a few different types. A common type of anxiety is typified by chronic worried thoughts that seem uncontrollable. People with this type are often worried about things that are out of their control (e.g., the health and safety of loved ones.) and have worried thoughts even when there is really nothing to actually worry about. Sometimes people experience panic attacks, which are very brief (about 5 48 - 49

minutes) episodes of intense anxiety and physical symptoms such as increased heart rate, hyperventilation, and narrowing of vision. The physical symptoms of panic attacks are so intense that it feels like you are having a heart attack. Anxiety can also be helped with counseling. How do people improve their mental health? If you or someone you know has a mental health concern, there is a lot you can do to help. Having a healthy lifestyle including eating nutritiously, sleeping 6-8 hours per night, regular exercise, and meditation can help. However, if the concern is having a negative impact on life (e.g., interfering with work, school, or relationships), one should seek professional counseling. Nicholas Scull, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist and has several years experience working with college students in college counseling centers including UCLA, University of WisconsinMadison, and Swarthmore College. He currently works as the Clinical Director at Fawzia Sultan Rehabilitation Institute ( FSRI provides individual, family, couples, and group counseling and works with both adults and children. Please contact Dr. Scull with any questions or concerns at 2572-0338 or All communication with Dr. Scull is private and confidential.


Kuwaitrends is a new Kuwaiti blog that talks about what happens in our daily lives in a funny and smooth way. With three posts a week you will both know what new trends are there and laugh at them at the same time. Kuwaitrends also review restaurants, clothing brands or just movies. As a reader you can also participate in writing an article both in Arabic or English if you want it to reach thousands of readers. Kuwaitrends was founded in June 2012 by Abdullah Boeida’s (@eng3bod) and Abdullah Alshemmeri (@Dwayan) both are comedian writers on twitter. With only 2 months, the blog got a huge reputation in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and all GCC countries.

Contact Info: Twitter: Kuwaitrends: @Kuwaitrends Abdullah Boeida: @eng3bod Abdullah Alshemmeri: @Dwayan 50 - 51


‫غبقة اجلمعية الدولية للإعالن وفندق‬ ‫كراون بالزا ال�سنوية بقاعة الربكة‬ ‫جريا على عادتها الرم�ضانية �أقامت اجلمعية الدولية للإعالن وفندق كراون بالزا‬ ‫غبقتهما ال�سنوية يف قاعة الربكة بفندق كروان بالزا‪ ،‬و قد ح�ضر احلفل نائب الرئي�س‬ ‫ملجموعة �شركات بوخم�سني ال�سيد عماد بوخم�سني واملدير العام لفندق كراون بالزا‬ ‫رامي هيكل وبح�ضور وليد كنفاين رئي�س اجلمعية الدولية للإعالن و�أع�ضاءاجلمعية‬ ‫كما ح�ضر العديد من ال�سفراء وممثلي الوكاالت وال�شركات وامل�ؤ�س�سات الإعالنية‬ ‫والإعالمية والذين ا�ستقبلوا بحفاوة من �إدارة الفندق و اجلمعية الدولية للإعالن‪.‬‬

‫“�سنرتبوينت” تفتتح ثامن متاجرها‬ ‫يف الكويت مبنطقة ال�صليبيخات‬ ‫افتتحت“�سنرتبوينت”‪،‬وجهةالت�سوقالرائدةيفاملنطقة‪ ،‬ثامنمتاجرعالمتها‬ ‫التجاريةيفالكويتمبنطقةال�صليبيخاتاجلديديفمركز“�سماال�صليبيخات‬ ‫التجاري”‪ .‬ومت تد�شني املتجر اجلديد من قبل وداد العبد الرزاق من “جمموعة‬ ‫الندمارك” يف الكويت‪ ،‬وبح�ضور نخبة من كبار ال�شخ�صيات‪ .‬وي�شغل املتجر‬ ‫اجلديد طابق ًا واحد ًا‪ ،‬ويقدم �أحدث منتجات ت�شكيلة مو�سم ال�صيف من‬ ‫املالب�س والألعاب والأثاث والديكورات املنزلية وم�ستح�ضرات التجميل والأحذية‬ ‫والإك�س�سوارات‪،‬وغريهامناملنتجات‪.‬‬ ‫ي�أتي النمو الذي حتققه “�سنرتبوينت” من�سجم ًا يف امل�ضمون والأهداف مع‬ ‫�إ�سرتاتيجية التو�سع التي تعتمدها “جمموعة الندمارك” يف ال�شرق الأو�سط‪،‬‬ ‫والتي ال تقت�صر فقط على �إطالق منافذ لعالمات جتارية تتواجد للمرة الأوىل يف‬ ‫املنطقة وح�سب‪ ،‬بل ومتتد لت�شمل زيادة عدد متاجر عالماتها التجارية القائمة‪،‬‬ ‫وتعزيز قنوات التوا�صل مع العمالء‪.‬‬ ‫ميكن التعرف على منتجات وخدمات “�سنرتبوينت” من خالل زيارة متاجرها‬ ‫الري وحويل وال�ساملية ومدينة الكويت والفحيحيل‬ ‫يف الكويت يف كل من ٌ‬ ‫والفنطا�س واجلهراء‪ ،‬وحالي ًا يف ال�صليبيخات‪ .‬ومن املقرر �إفتتاح متجر تا�سع يف‬ ‫الكويت �ضمن املرحلة الثالثة من جممع “الأفنيوز”‪.‬‬ ‫‪52 - 53‬‬

‫افتتاح �أول فروع �سل�سلة مطاعم ‪Pei‬‬ ‫‪ Wei‬الآ�سيوية يف ال�شرق الأو�سط يف‬ ‫جممع الأفنيـوز يف الكويت‬ ‫افتتح مطعم ‪ Pei Wei‬الآ�سيوي ال�شهري من الواليات املتحدة الأمريكية‬ ‫�أول فرع له يف الكويت يف جممع الأفنيوز‪ ،‬حيث �أنه ميثل �أول تو�سع ل�سل�سة‬ ‫املطاعم ال�شهرية يف منطقة ال�شرق الأو�سط والثاين على م�ستوى العامل‪ ،‬علم ًا‬ ‫�أن للمطعم يف موطنه الأ�صلي ما يزيد عن ‪ 180‬فرع ًا منت�شرة يف خمتلف‬ ‫الواليات الأمريكية‪ Pei Wei .‬هو �أحد �أ�شهر املطاعم الآ�سيوية املف�ضلة‬ ‫للوجبات ال�سريعة وال�شهية‪ ،‬والآن �أ�صبح يف متناول الذواقة هنا يف الكويت من‬ ‫خالل اتفاقية التمثيل التجاري التي جتمع بني �شركة “بي �إف ت�شانغز ت�شاينا‬ ‫بي�سرتو” ـ وهي ال�شركة الأم ملطاعم ‪ Pei Wei‬ـ و�شركة حممد حمود ال�شايع‪.‬‬ ‫ت�شمل قائمة الطعام الغنية مبحتوياتها على جمموعة �شهية من الأطباق‬ ‫امل�ستوحاة من املطبخ الآ�سيوي‪ ،‬كالتريياكي الياباين والكونغ باو امل�ستمد من‬ ‫منطقة املاندرين‪ ،‬بالإ�ضافة �إىل الأطباق التايالندية والتوابل الكورية وجمموعة‬ ‫من الأطباق اجلانبية كطبق الونتون بال�سلطعون واحل�ساء احللو احلام�ض‬ ‫و�سربينغ رولز اخل�ضروات‪ .‬و�سيكون بو�سع ال�ضيوف اختيار �أنواع الربوتينات‬ ‫يف غالبية الأطباق حيث ميكنهم االختيار بني حلم العجل والدجاج واجلمربي‪،‬‬ ‫بينما تقدم القائمة �أي�ض ًا عدد ًا من اخليارات املتنوعة واللذيذة للذين يف�ضلون‬ ‫الوجبات النباتية‪.‬‬

‫‪Iconic MINI brand‬‬ ‫‪turns 53‬‬ ‫‪MINI, the legendary small car with a big attitude, celebrates‬‬ ‫‪its 53rd birthday. Since its introduction in 1959, MINI has‬‬ ‫‪become an object and subject of obsession for so many‬‬ ‫‪people across the world. In fact, it was the first small car to‬‬ ‫‪achieve genuine global success.‬‬ ‫‪A small car in size but big on space, design and personality,‬‬ ‫‪MINI is cosmopolitan, ageless and cheeky. Owned and‬‬ ‫‪loved by the rich and famous (The Beatles, John Lennon‬‬ ‫‪and Clint Eastwood to name a few) and considered the‬‬ ‫‪small car icon of the 1960s, the MINI concept is as trend‬‬‫‪setting today as it was 53 years ago.‬‬

Hi ! i am Mubarak and this is Jenan from Spread the Passion family and we’re happy to present to you ...

Comic S


It all started to promote

Our Slogan

Our program aims at promoting volunteering culture amongs the youth.

From the applic ants around 120 will , be selected to volu nteer in a 5-week program.

Our Media team will keep you up to date


“Make giving part of your living”

Yasmeen Marae Alamera Nouran

Ali Al-Shouly Mubarak Al-Saleh

Sara Al-Ajlan

Only 20 will qua volunteers Spread lify to be ambassthe Passion ad will recieors and ve training courses .

Meshari Al-Oud

Ali Al-Fadhli

Salayel Mall

It gives us g program ha reat pride that our s won the Fir for initiativ es awarde st prize d by thr National Yo uth Project. To more about this great an ďƒžnd out d exciting project and please visit voice your opinion www.youth.o

After interviewing the applicants, few were chosen to participate at the national youth project opinion poll to be evaluated

Al Kout Mallll Sharq Mall

360O Mallll

Our special team who will make it happen

Photography: Yaqoub Almuhanna Program designed by:

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David Beckham for H&M DB answers for autumn campaign 1. What kind of reactions have you received from the first season? I’ve had such an incredible reaction since we launched my bodywear range back in February with H&M. The response worldwide has been overwhelming. The launch was such a memorable time for me, from the party in London to the commercial shown during the Super Bowl in the US. Since the launch, it’s been so great to read all the comments from fans on my Facebook page, who always let me know exactly what they think about the bodywear range. Luckily, they love it! 2. Did it become what you expected? I’m so happy that men have really understood this isn’t a one-off collection. This is a bodywear brand with H&M that is here to stay. It’s great that men have been buying pieces to become part of their wardrobe, and are already relying on the comfort and quality of our designs. They know they can come back to H&M and find the same core range of bodywear products that they have come to trust. 3. What has been most surprising since the launch? Before we launched David Beckham Bodywear with H&M, we went through eighteen months of research and development, so it was no surprise to us that there was a gap in the market for affordable bodywear where the focus was on fit, quality and comfort. What has been really pleasing is that my bodywear is being worn by men of all ages, from all walks of life. I hope to be able to continue providing them with the best bodywear available for many seasons to come. 4. Tell us about the new campaign! I love the images we’ve shot for fall. Once again I’ve worked with the British photographer Alasdair McLellan who has such an amazing eye. I really enjoy being photographed by him. His images manage to make men look both classic and contemporary at the same time. For these images, we went for a tougher mood against a black background, with the images shot in a studio so that the focus is truly on the products. The images make the products feel like brand new. I’m really proud of them. 5. Except for great underwear, what are the essential pieces in your wardrobe? I have the same needs in my wardrobe as I do with my bodywear. We designed the bodywear range with the aim of creating new classics that men could come to trust. With clothing, I rely on classic pieces, like great jeans, sweaters 56 - 57

or biker jackets for when I’m off duty, or the most perfectly tailored suit when I want to look at my best. My wardrobe has evolved as the years have gone by, and I’ve learned many lessons about style along the way. 6. What are those lessons in style? I’ve had a lot of fun with fashion over the years, and have come to realise that what is most important is being true to who you are. My life has so many different facets, from being a sportsman, to a dad and a global ambassador, that I find myself in so many different situations and places around the world. It is good to be able to keep my style a constant, and know that I am always being myself. 7. What do you think are the biggest influences in fashion right now? It’s amazing how fashion now moves so fast, with social media and the Internet. It’s great that fashion is now truly global, and that the whole world can share influences with each other. It’s interesting that as a result of this, personal style has become much more important, with men especially taking much more classic pieces and giving them a contemporary twist of their own. When men talk about style, they talk about quality, and the clothes that have got longevity. 8. Do you have a style icon? I have always admired Steve McQueen who was effortless and natural in his style.

‫ت ‪ -‬ج‪ 2012/137/‬م‬


‫بخصومات مميزة‬ ‫مع حساب ‪Youth‬‬

‫حساب ”‪ ”Youth‬الجديد من بنك برقان‬ ‫يهـتم بنك برقـان بمـتطلـبـات الشـبـاب اليومــيـة‪ ،‬ال سيـمـا المشـتريـات‬ ‫الممـيزة‪ ،‬لذلك يمـنح حسـاب “‪”Youth‬من بنك برقـان‪ ،‬فرصـة للشـبـاب‬ ‫للتمتع بخصومات رائعة ومميزة من محالت تجارية مختارة‪ .‬فقط افتح‬ ‫حساب “‪ ”Youth‬من بنك برقان واحظ بخصومات قيمة على مشترياتك‪.‬‬ ‫تابعونا على‪:‬‬

‫‪Burgan Bank Official page‬‬


‫لمزيد من المعلومات اتصل على ‪ ,1804080‬أو تفضل بزيارة موقعنا ‪‬‬


Zumba Fitness Event with Trainer Hermann Melo Are you ready to party yourself into shape? That’s exactly what the Zumba program is all about. It’s an exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance fitness-party that’s moving millions of people toward joy and health. Zumba Fitness is the only Latin-inspired dance-fitness program that blends red-hot international music, created by Grammy Award-winning producers, and contagious steps to form a “fitness-party” that is downright addictive. Since its inception in 2001, the Zumba program has grown to become the world’s largest – and most successful– dance-fitness program with more than 12 million people of all shapes, sizes and ages taking weekly Zumba classes in over 110,000 locations across more than 125 countries.

Celebrity Zumba Instructor, Colombian born, Hermann Melo, has brought and lead education of Zumba to France. Working and living in Paris, and very close to the creator of Zumba, Beto Perez, he is leading the way in Zumba fitness all over France, Europe, the Middle East, and some other parts of the world and giving Zumba trainings & Masterclasses in cities across the world. Hermann Melo will be in Kuwait from the 10th to the 13th of October 2012 to give two Zumba Instructor Trainings which will lead to the certification of New Zumba Instructors in Kuwait and make already existing Zumba Instructors more certified. He will also be giving one of his Legendary Not -ToBe-Missed Zumba Masterclasses! Don’t miss this opportunity to discover your new favorite workout and have a blast at the same time! Contact: 58 - 59

‫‪ 46‬فريقاً يحلقون يف �سماء الكويت‬ ‫ريد ُبل فلوغتاغ ت�صل �إىل مرحلة‬ ‫البناء‬

‫بعد حوايل �شهرين على انطالق مرحلة اال�شرتاك‪ ،‬مت اختيار ‪ 46‬فريق ًا من‬ ‫�أ�صل ‪ 285‬وذلك حت�ضري ًا للم�شاركة بثالث ريد ُبل فلوغتاغ التي �ستقام يف‬ ‫الكويت يف ‪� 19‬أكتوبر املقبل‪.‬‬ ‫وقد ارتكزت اللجنة املنظمة يف اختيارها للفرق الذين ت�أهلوا خلو�ض م�سابقة‬ ‫الطريان على االبتكار‪ ،‬براعة الت�صميم‪ ،‬قابلية التنفيذ ثم الطريان‪� .‬أما‬ ‫امل�شرتكون‪ ،‬فمقيمون يف خمتلف �أنحاء دولة الكويت وهدفهم واحد وهو حتقيق‬ ‫�أكرب م�سافة طريان من على مدرج يرتفع ‪� 6‬أمتار عن البحر‪ .‬والالفت �أنهم‬ ‫يربزون تعدد ًا يف اجلن�سيات واخللفيات والأعمار واملهن التي تعك�س وجه املجتمع‬ ‫املحلي‪ .‬فمنهم العربي والأجنبي‪ ،‬وهم طالب جامعات‪� ،‬أو �أ�ساتذة مدار�س‬ ‫�أرادوا لآالتهم الطائرة �أن تكون اىل جانب امل�شاركة يف امل�سابقة م�شروع اختبار‬ ‫يثري ح�شرية تالميذهم‪� ،‬أو موظفو �شركات‪� ،‬أو طالب يف كليات الطريان‪� ،‬أو‬ ‫رفاق �أرادوا حتدي رفاق �آخرين لهم اختريوا �أي�ض ًا للم�شاركة يف يوم الطريان‪،‬‬ ‫�أو بكل ب�ساطة ع�شاق طريان ر�أوا يف “ريد ُبل فلوغتاغ” فر�صة فريدة للتعبري‬ ‫عن �شغفهم وحتقيق حلمهم بالتحليق بطريقة مبتكرة‪ ،‬م�سلية ومرحة‪.‬‬

‫‪Your favourite‬‬ ‫‪Dulce De Leche‬‬ ‫‪Frappuccino is now‬‬ ‫!‪here to stay‬‬ ‫‪Remember that sweet and intense Dulce De Leche flavour,‬‬ ‫‪blended with coffee, milk and ice and finished with whipped‬‬ ‫‪cream and a drizzle of caramel sauce that you loved so‬‬ ‫?‪much‬‬ ‫‪Reminisce no further. Brought back by popular demand is‬‬ ‫‪Starbucks’ ever popular Dulce De Luche Frappuccino - here‬‬ ‫!‪to stay, permanently‬‬ ‫‪The Dulce De Leche Frappuccino is the answer to all your‬‬ ‫‪sweet-tooth yearnings. This summertime favourite blends‬‬ ‫‪a sweet caramel sauce with ice and coffee to not only‬‬ ‫‪cool you down but delight your taste buds as well. Freshly‬‬ ‫‪whipped cream and a drizzle of caramel sauce finish off this‬‬ ‫!‪delectable summer treat. Life is sweet‬‬ ‫‪The Dulce De Leche Frappuccino is now available in all‬‬ ‫‪Starbucks stores in Kuwait.‬‬ ‫‪For those who would like a hot cup of Dulce De Leche, the‬‬ ‫‪drink is also available as a latte.‬‬ ‫‪‬‬


‫نوكيا تطلق هاتف ‪ Asha 311‬املمتع ومتع ّدد الألوان يف الكويت‬

‫متنح نوكيا امل�ستهلكني توفري ًا بن�سبة ‪ 90%‬على تكاليف ا�ستهالك البيانات‬ ‫عرب الهاتف بف�ضل هاتف ‪ Nokia Asha 311‬من جمموعة ‪Asha‬‬ ‫‪ Touch‬اجلديدة‪ .‬ي�ستفيد هذا الهاتف ب�شكل كامل من مت�صفح نوكيا‬ ‫‪ ،Nokia Browser 2.0‬وهو التحديث الرئي�سي الأحدث الذي‬ ‫ي�ستخدم تقنية احلو�سبة ال�سحابية من نوكيا خلف�ض ا�ستهالك البيانات‬ ‫بن�سبة ت�صل �إىل ‪ ،90%‬ما يعني �أنه ب�إمكان امل�ستهلك اال�ستمتاع ب�إنرتنت‬ ‫�سريع ومنخف�ض التكلفة‪.‬‬ ‫�أجهزة ممتازة لالت�صال ال�سريع بالإنرتنت بكلفة منخف�ضة ورائعة للألعاب‬ ‫والرتفيه‬ ‫ميكن حتميل �صفحات الإنرتنت ب�سرعة �أعلى بثالث مرات مقارنة بالأجهزة‬ ‫مما ي�س ِّهل مهمة‬ ‫التي ال ت�ستخدم الت�صفح مع ميزة الت�سريع ال�سحابي‪ّ ،‬‬ ‫حتديد واختيار تطبيقات الإنرتنت من املتجر الإلكرتوين من بني �أكرث من‬ ‫‪ 10,000‬تطبيق جاهز للتحميل‪ .‬وتوفر هذه الأجهزة جتربة ا�ستخدام‬ ‫�أغنى و�أكرث تفاع ًال‪ ،‬مع ا�ستخدام قدر �أقل من البيانات مقارنة بتطبيقات‬ ‫الإنرتنت الأخرى‪.‬‬ ‫يق ّدم ‪ Asha 311‬جتربة اجتماعية رائعة على الإنرتنت‪� ،‬صممت‬ ‫خ�صي�ص ًا للتطبيقات الرتفيهية‪ .‬و�سيح�صل كافة امل�ستخدمني على هدية‬ ‫ح�صرية تتمثل بتحميل ‪ 40‬لعبة من �شركة ‪ EA‬جمان ًا* والإحتفاظ بها‪.‬‬

‫لوياك تقيم “غبقة داو الرم�ضانية”‬ ‫لذوي االحتياجات اخلا�صة للعام‬ ‫الثالث على التوايل‬ ‫�أقـ ـ ـ ــام “ لوياك” يف �سوق ال�ساملية غبقـ ـ ـ ــة داو الرم�ضانية وحفل‬ ‫القرقيعان لذوي االحتياجات اخلا�ص ـ ــة “ ن�سب ـ ــة اىل �شركة داو‬ ‫للكيم ـ ـ ــاويات الراعية للحفل‪.‬‬ ‫ح�ضر احلفل ما يقارب من ‪ 100‬م�شارك من مراكز دور الرعاية و ذوي‬ ‫االحتياجات اخلا�صة والتى �ضمت ‪ :‬اجلمعية الكويتية لرعاية املعاقني‪،‬‬ ‫ومعهد برادي�س للتدريب االهلي ومركز اخلرايف لأن�شطة االطفال املعاقني‬ ‫ومب�شاركة طلبة لوياك ‪ ،‬كما ح�ضرت ال�سيدة ‪ /‬فارعة ال�سقاف رئي�س‬ ‫جمل�س االدارة وال�سيدة ‪ /‬فتوح الداليل ع�ضو جمل�س ادارة لوياك وممثلى‬ ‫�شركة داو للكيماويات ال�سيد ‪ /‬جمال العتال املدير العام وال�سيد ‪� /‬صقر‬ ‫�آل بن علي مدير العالقات العامة الكويت ‪.‬‬ ‫ت�ضمن احلفل فقرات كثرية ومتعددة لالطفال منها فقرة ال�ساحر وفقرة‬ ‫التنورة وم�سرح العراي�س وم�سابقات وجوائز ور�سم على الوجه ‪ ،‬كما كان‬ ‫هناك العديد من ال�شخ�صيات الكرتونية املحببة لالطفال‪.‬‬ ‫ويف نهاية احلفل مت توزيع القرقيعان واجلوائز املقدمة من داو على‬ ‫االطفال و�سط اجواء رم�ضانية مفرحة ‪.‬‬ ‫‪60 - 61‬‬

2012-2013 ‫جمموعة فر�سات�شي الن�سائية خلريف و�شتاء‬ ‫ايحاءات روك �أند رول مثرية حتدد �أجواء هذا املو�سم وتقابلها خلفية من‬ .‫الإثارة الغام�ضة واملظلمة‬ ‫تختلط اجللود مع املخمل وال�ساتان الغني مع ال�سال�سل الف�ضية واخليوط‬ .‫املعدنية فت�ضفي على املعاطف والف�ساتني ملعان معدين جديد‬ ‫وحتدد الأكتاف الناعمة املدورة معامل ال�سرتات فيما ميتزج �صوف الألبكة‬ .‫والأ�سرتاخان مع الأن�سجة املعدنية امل�صممة ب�شكل حديث‬ ‫وت�ش ّع وم�ضات ف�ضية من منحنيات الت�صاميم فتعزز الكور�سيهات التي‬ .‫تن�سجم مع الف�ساتني الق�صرية بلوين الربتقايل والأ�صفر امل�شرقني‬ ّ ‫وتوحي �أزياء هذا املو�سم ب�أنوثة خال�صة مع �سحر ال‬ ‫يقل ت�أثريا ونغمات‬ .‫جذابة وقوية‬

Kuwait International Bank Organizes Second Training Program for Staff Families Kuwait International Bank (KIB) has recently launched the second Training Program especially designed for the children of employees in an effort to develop their skills in the banking sector and provide them with beneficial activities to do during their free time. On the occasion, Executive Manager- Human Resources Department Mr. Salem Qabazard said: “It is our pleasure to host the young students during this field training program as we aim to enrich their knowledge and educate them on Islamic Banking practices.” Qabazard also added: “The program includes theoretical and field training as students will be attending specialized lectures explaining the work process of the bank, which operates according to Islamic principles. The program will also include training that will familiarize the youth on the methods and techniques used within the bank departments and divisions and how to deal with different customers and the public. KIB is always keen to organize more training programs for the children of employees to enhance their skills and abilities and reinforce its relations with its own employees.”


‫بن معتوق الآن يف �أ�سواق‬ ‫دولة الكويت‬

‫منذ اكرث من خم�سون عاما ومازالت �شركة معتوق ملتزمة بر�ؤيتها يف لعب دور‬ ‫رائد يف قطاع امل�شروبات ال�ساخنة من خالل تزويد الأ�سواق العاملية بخلطات‬ ‫النب الفاخرة التي يحبها ع�شاق القهوة‪ .‬وقد �ساعد ال�شركة على النمو والتحول‬ ‫اىل عالمة جتارية عاملية ر�ؤيتها الثاقبة واحلفاظ على قيمتها مع تبنيها �أعلى‬ ‫معاير اجلودة‪ .‬فقد قامت ال�شركة ب�إختيار �أجود �أنواع النب وحتمي�صها ب�أحدث‬ ‫التقنيات ال�صناعية وبا�ستخدام خربات وفنيون لتلبية �أدق معايري اجلودة داخل‬ ‫خمترباتها‪ ،‬وذلك لتفخر اليوم م�صانع معتوق بتقدمي جتربة ا�ستثنائية يزيد‬ ‫عمرها عن الن�صف قرن لذواقة القهوة الفاخرة‪ .‬تقدم م�صانع معتوق ت�شكلية‬ ‫وا�سعة من القهوة لتلبية متطلبات كل من ع�شاق القهوة ومنها‪:‬‬ ‫• معتوق ‪ – 1960‬اخللطة اخلا�صة وخلطة الذواقة ( القهوة الرتكية) ‪.‬‬ ‫• القهوة العربية ( القهوة اخلليجية ) ‪.‬‬ ‫• موندو مودرنو – القهوة االيطالية والفلرت ‪.‬‬ ‫املوزع املعتمد ملنتجات بن معتوق يف الكويت ‪� ,‬شركة اوالد جا�سم الوزان للتجارة‬ ‫العامه ذ‪.‬م‪.‬م‪ .‬رقم الهاتف ‪9651833331+ /96524846433+‬‬

‫‪62 - 63‬‬

‫ هيونداي فيلو�سرت �إحدى‬:ً‫ر�سميا‬ ‫�أروع ال�سيارات‬ British Council to announce artist residency For the first time in Kuwait, the British Council in collaboration with CAP Kuwait, present key artworks selected from the British Council Collection. The exhibition, Out of Britain, will explore one hundred years of British Landscape and features work by well known artists such as Lawrence Stephen Lowry, Frank Auerbach, and David Rayson, to name but a few. In parallel to Out of Britain there will be an engaging public programme called Landscapes Expanded; a series of events, lectures and educational resources that will explore landscapes in contemporary Kuwait and the Middle East. This programme will include a month long artist residency in which artists from Kuwait will be supported to produce their own work around the theme of landscape art. This unique opportunity will provide participants the support to produce new work that will ultimately be exhibited in Kuwait and chosen work will also be exhibited in London.

‫منحت �شركة “كيليي بلو بوك”الأمريكية الرائدة لتقييم ال�سيارات لقب “�إحدى‬ ‫ دوالر �أمريكي” ل�سيارة‬18.000 ‫ �سيارات جديدة يقل ثمنها عن‬10 ‫�أروع‬ ‫ و�أ�شادت ال�شركة بت�صميم فيلو�سرت الفريد ثالثي الأبواب‬.‫هيونداي فيلو�سرت‬ ‫وجمال ت�صميمها وتقنياتها املبتكرة التي �أ�سهمت �أي�ض ًا يف تر�شيح هذا الطراز‬ 2012 ‫اجلديد جلوائز ال�شرق الأو�سط املرموقة لل�سيارات لعام‬ ‫ لعبا دور ًا حا�سم ًا يف �صنع قرار‬،‫يذكر �أن عن�صرا متعة القيادة ومتعة االمتالك‬ ‫ التي تعترب م�صدر ًا موثوق ًا للمعلومات‬،) ”‫�شركة “كيليي بلو بوك‬ ‫ وقد مت‬.‫اخلا�صة بال�سيارات اجلديدة وامل�ستعملة يف الواليات املتحدة الأمريكية‬ ‫ لتثبت بجدارة‬2011 ‫طرح الفيلو�سرت يف �أ�سواق ال�شرق الأو�سط يف �أغ�سط�س‬ ‫ا�ستحواذها على �شعبية وا�سعة النطاق يف �صفوف م�شرتي ال�سيارات من فئة‬ ‫ ومت تر�شيح الفيلو�سرت هذا العام من قبل هيئة حمكمني نافذة من‬.‫ال�شباب‬ ‫ للتناف�س على الفوز ب�إحدى جوائز‬،‫ال�صحفيني املتخ�ص�صني يف �أخبار ال�سيارات‬ ‫ والتي �سوف تعلن‬،”‫ال�شرق الأو�سط لل�سيارات يف فئة “�أف�ضل �سيارة هات�شباك‬ .‫نتائجهايفنوفمرباملقبل‬

For more information about Out of Britain, opening 18th September, and for information about the artist residency please visit or join us on Facebook For more information about CAP Kuwait and directions to the venue please visit



Samsung’s WB850F SMART Camera


The new WB850F surpasses all travel zoom cameras packing 21x optical zoom and 16.2 Megapixel sensors. It enhances the advanced optical zoom and image quality that the WB range is known for, with Wi-Fi capability to facilitate sharing and saving images wherever users are in the world. Housed in a compact, light and durable body, the new zoom camera from Samsung makes the perfect travel companion.

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, unveiled its latest generation of tablets, GALAXY Tab 2 series in Kuwait. The AndroidTM 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich powered GALAXY Tab 2 series is available in 7-inch and 10.1-inch variants. Light and portable, the GALAXY Tab 2 (7.0) is the ideal personal on-the-go device; while the larger GALAXY Tab 2 (10.1) is well-suited for home and family use.The new generation of devices is the first Samsung tablets to be fitted with the latest AndroidTM 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. It offers users a complete multimedia experience; powerful performance; and fun and easy way to communicate with their friends and family.

Xperia ion – Sony’s Latest Smartphone X peria ion is designed for sophisticated smartphone users looking for the ultimate user experience. It also offers powerful processing capability, fast internet speed, and innovative design, with the ultimate HD experience. Xperia ion delivers a stunning viewing experience with powerful 1.5GHz dual-core processor for faster performance and 12MP HD camera with Fast Capture letting users take pictures in just above one second from standby mode. The smartphone also integrates easy HDMI connectivity for one touch sharing with DLNA, and is near field communication (NFC) enabled, allowing users to content with each other and enjoy an increasing number of NFC applications and services as well as Xperia SmartTags. Accessories are also available for Xperia ion including the SmartDock for Xperia ion which transforms your phone into a multimedia hub. Available officially in the Middle East from September 2012 for AED 2299, Xperia ion will run on Android platform 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).

64 - 65

Premium Suite software upgrade for GALAXY Note users The upgrade includes extra multimedia features and a range of new S Pen optimized applications in addition to an OS upgrade to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.The Premium Suite offers new features and applications exclusive to GALAXY Note and its innovative S Pen, which includes S Note, a unique tool that lets you combine your notes or sketches with other digital content, giving you a new way to create your own stories. S Note comes in various ready-touse templates for a range of tasks including meeting minutes, diary among others.S Note also includes the innovative Shape Match and Formula Match applications that help correct and digitize geometric shapes and even solve numeric formulas hand-drawn with the S Pen.


‫بيتزا نابوليتانا‬ ‫الطعم الأ�صلي للبيتزا‬

‫جميع ال�شباب الكويتيني ي�ستطيعون ركوب الطائرة وال�سفر �إىل ايطاليا‪ ،‬لكن قلة‬ ‫منهم فقط ميكنهم اح�ضار ايطاليا �إىل الكويت‪ !.‬عمرو الرفاعي �شاب غري تقليدي‬ ‫خريج العلوم االدارية‪ ،‬مل يركن �إىل وظيفة عادية وف�ضل بد ًال عنها امتالك مطعمه‬ ‫اخلا�ص و�إدارته مع فريق متحم�س من ال�شباب الكويتي يقومون بالعمل من الألف �إىل‬ ‫الياء‪ ،‬لتقدمي البيتزا االيطالية على �أ�صولها‪ ،‬تلك التي لن جتدها يف �أي مطعم �آخر‪.‬‬ ‫�سولو بيتزا نابوليتانا‬ ‫يقع يف منطقة �شرق؛ �شارع عمر بن اخلطاب‪ ،‬ي�شغل م�ساحة متوا�ضعة من �أحد‬ ‫ال�شوارع اخللفية وعلى واجهته يافطة ب�سيطة‪ ،‬املطعم م�ؤثث بديكورات خ�شبية‪،‬‬ ‫ف�أحد تقاليد تناول البيتزا �أن تتجه �إليها مبا�شرة ولن حتتاج �إىل �أ�سباب �إ�ضافية‪،‬‬ ‫ف�ست منا�ضد �صغرية تعني �أجواء حميمية وكافية لتح�صل على ما يتخ�ص�ص املطعم‬ ‫يف تقدميه؛ �أي البيتزا على طريقة مدينة نابويل‪ ،‬الأ�شهر يف العامل‪.‬‬ ‫�إ�صرار على النجاح‬ ‫طريق النجاح لي�س �سه ًال كما تعتقد‪ ،‬فعمرو الرفاعي راهن على طموحه وا�ستمر‬ ‫مثابر ًا ل�سنوات عديدة حتى حقق حلم ًا بد�أه �صيف �سنة ‪ 2000‬حني �سافر �إىل‬ ‫ايطاليا بق�صد ال�سياحة‪ ،‬وهناك تعرف على مذاق فريد للبيتزا يختلف متام ًا‬ ‫عما اعتاده يف الكويت‪ .‬الأمر الذي جعله يفكر يف نقل النكهة املميزة �إىل الديرة‪،‬‬ ‫اقت�ضى ذلك عدة رحالت متوالية تدرب خاللها على يد �أمهر �صناع البيتزا‪ .‬يف عام‬ ‫‪� 2004‬أن�ش�أ �أول فرن منزيل وبد�أت التجربة على نطاق حمدود‪ ،‬لكن النتيجة مل‬ ‫تكن مر�ضية‪ .‬فعاد عام ‪ 2007‬للبحث عن ال�سر اخلفي للبيتزا‪ ،‬وخالل �صيف عام‬ ‫‪� 2008‬شارك عمرو الرفاعي يف �أ�ضخم مهرجان ل�صناعة البيتزا‪ ،‬والذي يتم من‬ ‫خالله حت�ضري نحو ‪ 500‬طبق من البيتزا يومي ًا‪ ،‬تلك التجربة و�ضعته يف طريق‬ ‫االحرتاف واملهنية وهو اليوم ي�ستخدام فرن ًا ايطالي ًا‪ ،‬ويعتمد على املكونات الأ�صلية‬ ‫امل�ستوردة واخل�ضراوات الطازجة‪ ،‬لي�ضمن لك وجبة �شهية‪.‬‬ ‫�شعار املطعم‬ ‫“رحلة اىل نابويل”‬ ‫ما ن�سعى اىل توفريه من حيث �أجواء املطعم واالكل الذي نقدمه للزبون‪ ،‬حيث‬ ‫“ي�صفط” الزبون �سيارته يف �شرق يدخل اىل نابويل‪ ،‬ثم يرجع �إىل �شرق‪.‬‬ ‫الكثري من اخل�صو�صية‬ ‫لن جتد زجاجات الكات�شب على الطاوالت‪ ،‬فهي �إن مل تكن تعلم تخرب الطعم‬ ‫اال�صلي لطماطم �سان مارزانو والتي تزرع فقط يف الرتبة الربكانية الغنية يف ظل‬ ‫جبل فيزوف يف نابويل‪� .‬أما املوزاريال فهي ت�أتي طازجة ب�شكل ا�سبوعي من ايطاليا‪.‬‬ ‫يف ‪ Solo PizzaNapulitana‬تتلم�س اختالف لنكهة‪ ،‬فجودة املكونات‬ ‫وطزاجتها وهي �أ�شياء �أ�سيا�سية حتدث الفرق‪.‬‬ ‫انه املطعم الأول يف الكويت احلا�صل على �شهادة اجلودة الفائقة يف �صناعة البيتزا‬ ‫من منظمة �صناع البيتزا الإيطالية ‪)VPN) Vera Pizza Napulitana‬‬ ‫ومقرها نابويل وهي منظمة غري ربحية �أن�شئت للمحافظة على تراث البيتزا الأ�صلية‬ ‫وفقا ملوا�صفات و�ضوابط و�شروط معينة‪ ،‬ون�شر هذا الرتاث حول العامل‪ ،‬وبالتايل‪،‬‬ ‫ف�إن �أي مطعم ملتزم بال�شروط واملوا�صفات ين�ضم �إىل هذه املنظمة ورقمهم‬ ‫الت�سل�سلي على م�ستوى العامل هو ‪.353‬‬ ‫ً‬ ‫ما من خدمة تو�صيل �أي�ض ًا‪ ،‬حر�ص ًا على الطعم الأ�صلي‪ ،‬فالبيتزا تفقد جزءا من‬ ‫طعمها �إن مل تلتهم مبا�شرة‪.‬‬ ‫‪‬‬


Editor’s Pick: Pound The Alarm NICKI MINAJ

66 - 67

“Pound The Alarm” - NICKI MINAJ

Oh, oh, oh, come fill my glass up a little more We ‘bout to get up, and burn this floor You know we getting hotter, and hotter Sexy and hotter, let’s shut it down Yo, what I gotta do to show these girls that I own them Some call me nicki, and some call me roman Skeeza, pleeza, I’m in Ibiza. Giuseppe Zannotti my own sneaker Sexy, sexy that’s all I do If you need a bad bitch Let me call a few Pumps on and them little mini skirts is out I see some good girls, I’mma turn ‘em out Ok bottle, sip, bottle, guzzle I’m a bad bitch, no muzzle, hey? Bottle, sip, bottle, guzzle I’m a bad bitch, no muzzle, let’s go.

So get me now, and knock this over I wanna do it like you like, like Come get me, baby we’re not getting younger I just want you tonight, night Baby we won’t do it for life, life Music, makes me, high Oh, oh, oh, come fill my glass up a little more We ‘bout to get up, and burn this floor You know we getting hotter, and hotter Sexy and hotter, let’s shut it down Pound the alarm! Pound the alarm!

Music, makes me, high

Alarm! Alarm! Alarm! Alarm!

Oh, oh, oh, come fill my glass up a little more We ‘bout to get up, and burn this floor You know we getting hotter, and hotter Sexy and hotter, let’s shut it down

Oh, oh, oh, come fill my glass up a little more We ‘bout to get up, and burn this floor You know we getting hotter, and hotter Sexy and hotter, let’s shut it down

Pound the alarm! Pound the alarm!

Pound the alarm! Pound the alarm! Pound the alarm!

I wanna do it for the night, night




20 TOP

Songs 2

5 9

As Long As You Love Justin Bieber

Lights - Ellie Goulding


Home - Phillip Phillips

Wide Awake - Katy Perry



Titanium (feat. Sia) - David Guetta & Flo Rida



I Won’t Give Up - Jason Mraz


Pontoon - Little Big Town

Payphone (feat. Wiz Khalifa) - Maroon 5

Somebody That I Used to know - Gotye


Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen


Good Time - Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen

4 8

Some Nights - Fun.

Want U Back - Cher Lloyd


Too Close - Alex Clare


One More Night Maroon 5


Everybody Talks - Neon Trees


Blown Away - Carrie Underwood


Take a Little Ride - Jason Aldean


Wanted - Hunter Hayes


Coming soon...

September 2012

Killing Them Softly

Resident Evil - Retribution

Jackie Cogan is a professional enforcer who investigates a heist that went down during a mobprotected poker game.

The Umbrella Corporation’s deadly T-virus continues to ravage the Earth, transforming the global population into legions of the flesh eating Undead. The human race’s last and only hope, Alice, awakens in the heart of Umbrella’s most clandestine operations facility and unveils more of her mysterious past as she delves into the complex.

Hit and Run (IFD-FR)

Grabbers (IFD-FR)

Former getaway driver Charlie Bronson jeopardizes his Witness Protection Plan identity in order to help his girlfriend get to Los Angeles. The feds and Charlie’s former gang chase them on the road.

When an island off the coast of Ireland is invaded by bloodsucking aliens, the heroes discover that getting drunk is the only way to survive.

Lawless The three Bondurant brothers run a bootlegging operation during the depression, up in the mountains of Franklin County, Virginia. Crooked Special Deputy Charles Rakes is after a share of the brothers’ profits. Compounding their troubles, the local competition is elbowing in on their activities. Forrest’s boisterous defiance and Cricket’s knack for moonshine production help the brothers gain a local monopoly. When Forrest is wounded as tension with Rakes escalates, Jack, initially the timid one, must prove his worth against gangster Floyd Banner’s mob, and we see him metamorphose into a cocky exhibitionist in his attempts to woo the off-limits preacher’s daughter, Bertha.

68 - 69


Peter Sidi The Hungarian shooter, athlete Peter Sidi, who is 33 years old, has had a great record in the previous Olympics such as Beijing 2008, Athens 2004, and Sydney 2000. He has received many awards for his great efforts such as the ISSF Shooter of the Year 2010, Hungarian Shooter of the Year 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and Second place in the Hungarian athlete of the year award 2010. Furthermore, he participated in many other Olympic games, world championships, European championships, the Word Cup Final and World Cup. He took up shooting in 1994 and joined Komarom Olympia SE, Komarom, and HUN clubs. His hobbies include fishing, paragliding, and motor biking. Now, Peter Sidi is taking part in the 2012 Olympics, located in London this year.

Rafael Nadal Rafael Nadal Parera, the Spanish professional tennis player and a former World No. 1. as of June 25, 2012, is widely regarded as one of the greatest players of all time. He was ranked No. 2 by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP), and was given the nickname “The King of Clay� as experts regarded him as the greatest clay court player in history. Rafael Nadal has at least two Grand Slams in each surface, and is the second player to achieve this feat after Mats Wilander. He is also the only second male player to win any Grand Slam tournament seven times. Nadal is the first male player in tennis history to simultaneously hold Grand Slams on clay, grass, and hard-court.


The Bridge:



C 70 - 71

There is a very narrow bridge over a river. One day a goat was crossing this bridge and he met another goat just in the middle. There was no room for both of them to pass. Which of the following can you imagine as the most likely scenario? A. One goat willingly turned back to let the other goat pass first. B. The two goats charged against each other, and, after a few rounds of confrontation, the stronger goat forced the loser to yield. C. One goat lay down on the bridge, and the other goat walked lightly over him. D. The two goats charged against each other and both fell off the bridge and into the deep river below. E. One goat retraced its way and waited for the other goat to come over; then, instead of going over to the other side, it stayed to play and graze with its new friend. Analysis A. Courteous and flexible. You believe in rational solutions to life’s challenges, and, to achieve that goal, you are willing to make concessions and compromises. B. You are confrontational in your approach to life. You have a thirst for power and usually take an all or nothing approach to life. You could be merciless, even though you do not always turn out to be the victor. C. You act in a way that benefits the common good. You are wise and avoid confrontation when it is not called for. While you may appear submissive to some people, in reality you have a high self-esteem that enables you to be warm-hearted. D. You hold a rather pessimistic view of human nature and are cynical about the world in general. You are weary of all the struggles and scuffles around you and generally tend to believe that things are headed in the wrong direction. You value peace of mind. E. Quite the idealist! Optimistic and upbeat, you believe that everything is possible. Generous and broad-minded, you want to enjoy life as much as you can and want to make as many friends as you can. Even though this hopelessly positive view of the world sometimes lets you down, it also does you a whole lot of good as people enjoy being around you.




CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) My dear Capricorn..So things haven’t been going your way lately.. Well here is some good news for you. After September your luck will change. Things will become easier and will make much more sense. However, you need to first make use of September. Review the past and learn from it, get to know yourself and people around you better. This is the only way to move forward and turn the page before starting a new, brighter chapter. Good luck

ARIES (Mar. 21-April 20) If life hasn’t been very kind to you lately, do not worry my dear Aries, things are about to change for you very soon. If you felt stagnant, expect a new fresh wave to hit very soon, both on the personal and professional level. Towards the last week of September things will look completely different and your passion towards life will reignite all over again. While you were getting used to the mundane pace, you will surely embrace this new stage in your life. Hang in there and enjoy the ride.

CANCER (June 22-July 22) Why the dissatisfaction, my dear Cancernian? All is going well for you and your newly found love for action and decision should put you on the right track. There is no need to worry or stress yourself, your studies as well your personal relationships are going to change but to the better. You will discover new things about yourself as you embrace new opportunities and interests. Your newly found inner strength will open doors that were closed to you before. Set your creativity loose and enjoy the ride.

LIBRA (Sept. 24-Oct. 23) The world has always been your playground, my dear Libra and September won’t be any different. New ideas, challenges and opportunities, new friends, new outings and social circles... But be careful, money is becoming a greater concern of yours and it shouldn’t. You have always made the right decisions, be it consciously or intuitively, so don’t worry yourself over nothing. Your weakened energy is only temporary, you will regain your full vigor towards the last week of the month.

72 - 73

AQUARIUS (Jan. 21-Feb. 19) This September, you, my Aquarius friend, will be most fortunate. New faces, new friends and new opportunities for you to explore. Whether you will opt to pursue a new relation, reignite an old flame or re-instate your bond if you are already committed, this season is for you to grab, especially in the second half of the month. Your love interest will push you to new horizons, be it intellectually, culturally or the discovery of new travel destinations

TAURUS (Apr. 21-May 21) Prepare yourself for quite an emotionally intense period my dear Taurus. Your feelings will be heightened and you will find yourself bolder than ever, ready to take deep plunges and being immersed in emotions. Be careful not be consumed by your own fire. Impatience can lead to trouble. You will still feel challenged with your studies, but if you manage your timetable well, it will be a smooth sailing.

LEO (July 23-Aug 22) It is a season to be jolly, lalala lala Leo! Yes, this September, your joyful, optimistic side will come out again enabling you to breeze through the month, enjoying every moment of it. Of course, you will be faced by some nuisances every now and then, especially from people you were not able to get rid of from your past, but they will not be able to overshadow your renewed love for life and laughter. Enjoy and rejoice.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) Scorpio, my shining Scorpio, the pressure you put on yourself!! With your high expectations from yourself and those around you, when will you learn to relax? You are a star and you should know it. People flock around you, admire you and your work, there is no need for you to keep asking for more from yourself and others. This is a month for you to enjoy, all will be happening to your benefit. Just relax, and try, please try not to stress.

September 2012

PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) This is going to be one nice September for you dear Pisces. With your ability to get things done with minimum stress, this month you will be able to optimize on your dealings with people in and outside of your circle of family and friends. One thing you have to be careful of though; do not allow your personal life interfere with your studies. Keep these two spheres separate if you do not want any future complications.

GEMINI (May 22-June 21) Dear Gemini, September is going to be pretty intense for you. Overloaded and over flooded are not over exaggerations! But this is your opportunity to shine and take your creative talents to new levels. Don’t worry, your compensation is coming and you will get the recognition and appreciation of all your peers which will give you an unparalleled feeling of satisfaction. New personal interests will also loom on the horizon. Keep alert.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 23) A perfectionist by nature, there is no wonder that your expectations will be high this September my dear Virgo. With your magnetism, charm and determination, you will be able to get exactly what you want. However, this might not be the case for you this month when it comes to the personal level. Emotionally, it would be wiser to manage one’s expectations and focus on what the others are looking for in you rather than what you are looking for in them. Good luck

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) Confident, enthusiastic and full of ambition. That is how you will feel and how you will be perceived this September my dear Sagittarius. But be careful and don’t let your enthusiasm blind you. Always be mindful of the consequences of your actions and avoid taking unnecessary risk even if you are compelled by your desire to discover and experiment. Your health and safety should always come first. Stay focused on your ambitions so you may have a smooth sailing this month.

StudenTalk #137 - September 2012  
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