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Issue 184 Dec/Jan 17

Mishari Razouki Elite Swim Team The Well Kept Secret Secret Garden Project Red Bull Bar Bahr The Champions Emerge


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letter Dear Students, Have you ever thought of yourself as an ambassador? Well, this is how we see you and this is who you truly are. Every time you travel and interact with the outside world, you are representing your country. Every time you go out of the house and interact with your friends, you are representing your family and every time you stay home and interact with your relatives, you are representing your culture and heritage. Yes my students, each and every one of you indeed is an ambassador who should take his/her responsibilities seriously. Every word you say, every action you take is a representation of an entity far bigger than yourself and will have an impact and a reach greater than you can ever imagine. For we are all intertwined; and while the one represents the whole, the whole represents the one as well. With this issue we conclude 2016. May 2017 be a great year for all and may you always be the best ambassador to make Kuwait and the Arab World proud. Till the next issue‌

Zeina Mokaddam


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History in the Making

Mishari Razouki: Redefining the Face of Competitive Swimming in Kuwait

Photography: Mishal AlEssa

Mishari Razouki, Founder and CEO - Elite Swim Team

Mishari’s tryst with swimming began when he was just four years old. What started out as a summer hobby, turned into a competitive career and is now his fulltime job. This month Studentalk catches up with Mishari Razouki, to talk about his passion for swimming and his mission to find and train Olympic Swimmers through his company Elite Swim Team.


Future Olympians in the Making...

“I started learning to how swim at the Qadsiya swimming pool. My mother would take my siblings and me there during the summer months. I think she knew, as mother’s always do, that swimming was in my DNA,” said Mishari, while talking about his fondest childhood memories. Today, Mishari runs Elite Swim Team, a training school for competitive swimmers. “When I returned to Kuwait after completing my education in the United States, I wanted to give back both to my country and to the sport. I started out with training five swimmers at the American School of Kuwait, and soon the word of mouth spread and there were more and more parents wanting to sign their kids up. This was also a time when I realized that effective social change needs to be supported by a robust business model. Today at Elite Swim Team, we train about 800 students – it’s been a long journey, but one filled with lessons and unforgettable memories.” Mishari hopes to encourage people in Kuwait to make a positive mental shift towards healthy living. “Those who enroll in our swimming programs, slowly and steadily

become accustomed to being involved in a sport. It creates a habit that needs constant feeding, once physical activity becomes a part of your psyche, even if you discontinue swimming, you will end up looking for another sport to fill that gap. It goes from being a hobby to becoming a lifestyle. And that in my opinion is the best way to create a health revolution, by embedding sports into the lifestyle of the people in this country.” Elite Swim Team has five programs that one could enroll into, once assessed by the trainers at the company, they assign the level at which one will join the training. “We have kids training with us who are as young as two and half years old and competitive swimmers who joined us at the age of 26. The beauty of the program lies in the fact that it is for everyone. Even for those who don’t necessarily have the aptitude for competitive swimming. The sport helps develop life skills like goal setting, time management, commitment and a higher sense of self worth. Through Elite Swim Team, we don’t just intend for our participants to be physically fit, but also mentally strong.”


Coach Mishari in a Lighter Moment with Coach Illias Filopilou

The going hasn’t always been easy for Mishari - pool access, venues timings, locations and adequate support from the powers that be, is something he constantly finds himself battling against. “If you intend to do something that will eventually change the way people think you cannot expect it to be easy. Every now and then, when I get weary I remind myself of how far I have come. Today Elite Swim Team has a 100 competitive swimmers under its banner, we have the second strongest team in the Gulf Region and fourth strongest in the Arab World, and a two time Olympian swimmer. Our swimmers are competing and winning championships, and these achievements are all a constant source of motivation for me.” Mishari’s ultimate dream however is to find that athlete who will bring home the Olympic Gold. “I always wanted


to go to the Olympics but it never happened. I suppose we are all meant for different destinies and mine is to find that athlete in Kuwait, who will achieve the ultimate place on the Olympic podium. I hope that through Elite Swim Team, we are able to provide everything from training and nutrition to motivation and support to the swimmers. Creating a system that helps athletes surge forward is my contribution to the sport that has forever given a sense of purpose to my life.” Having been a part of Kuwait’s national swim team and then moving into coaching, Mishari understands the sport and everything that goes with it. With Elite Swim Team, you don’t just get a coach and pool; you become a part of an environment that is designed to bring out the best in you.

“A committed parent, a passionate coach, healthy environment – pool, nutrition and a motivated swimmer, these are all important components to create a good athlete. While a lot of our swimmers join at a very young age, it’s never too late for anyone to enroll. A lot of us fear that we are too old to do this or too occupied with other commitments to find time. To them I would just say, “You are never too old and it’s never too late to learn and develop.”” For anyone who wishes to join the program, the basic fee structure is about 180 KWD quarterly for three lessons a week, for one hour a day. The best part about the program is that you pay less and less as you develop yourself more and more. “Our aim was to create a system that aids swimmers, so that at the end of the spectrum we get competitive swimmers that not only excel in their craft but also benefit from their commitment.” If you are a parent looking to develop your child or a young adult looking for a sense of purpose in your life or even someone who wants to get onboard a healthy lifestyle, the Elite Swim Team is where you should be headed. In the words of Mishari Razouki, “channel your dreams and passions to create tangible results that you can be proud of.”

Tidbits: As a child, Mishari prefered Basketball and Football over swimming. He used to work at Wataniya Telecom before taking up coaching full time. He compares his job to that of a taxi driver. Tell him your goal and he will find the best way to take you there.

Channel your Dreams and Passions to Create Results

Everyone from his father to siblings and uncles - his family has a long list of competitive swimmers.


The Changing Phases of Basketball Former NBA Player and Coach Sam Vincent

Player, Coach and Diplomat - One Man, Many Hats!

For a man who has spent a better part of his life being involved in Basketball, former NBA player Sam Vincent is a shining example of how “when life throws you a curveball, you got to find a way to score a basket.” A career that has included winning the NBA Championship for Boston Celtics, being crowned the first ever Mr. Basketball at just 18 years of age and then leading the Nigerian women’s basketball team to an Olympic victory, Sam has over the years gathered a lot of experience in playing, teaching and managing basketball. On his recent visit to Kuwait, as part of the DISCOVER AMERICA WEEK, Sam talks to Studentalk about his life and the game.


I wish I had embraced diplomacy sooner in my career. Stating your opinions is not the only way to prove your point. What does basketball mean to you? It would not be wrong to say that basketball has played the role of a teacher in my life. It has shaped me to be the person I am today. My communication skills, work ethic, leadership skills everything roots from the game. It has been both my career and my retirement. What in your opinion is your greatest achievement in the game? If I were to single out one achievement then I think winning Mr. Basketball would definitely make the cut. It was the first time they recorded the award and I think winning it gave me greater confidence to surge forward. It was a great motivator, and had a lot of influence on how I shaped myself as a player. Every game shapes you, and this award was my first one, and in being so, also the most special one. What is your favorite thing about the sport? I enjoy the game immensely. Playing the game of course is a lot of fun but the camaraderie you share with your team mates is also a very special bond. As a coach seeing my team grow and develop, the entire journey from the first practice to the final trophy is very fulfilling. And now in this diplomatic role I get excited every time I see youngsters eager to play and prove themselves. Basketball isn’t just a game; to me it’s a lifestyle. You are one of the four people in history to have played with Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan. What is that like? Sharing the court with what I believe are three of the best players to have ever played in the NBA was exhilarating. The way they handled the game was a lesson in itself. In fact many of the youth development programs that I work on now and the coaching programs that I am a part of, a lot of what I teach is what I learned from those three stalwarts of the game.

Looking back what do you think you could have done differently? I think I was a little selfish as a player. I was young and enthusiastic and wanted to be on the court all the time. Sometimes you have to put your team before you. Having said that, I think I learned that as I matured in my career. The other thing I wish I had embraced sooner is diplomacy. I believe in standing up for what’s right but at the same time one has to learn that there are many ways of proving your point. Standing up and stating your opinion is not the only way and sometimes it can be detrimental to your career. What according to you are the three most important qualities a sports person should possess? Respect your coaches, teammates and managers. Discipline to learn and grow. Work Ethic to help one achieve their goals. What does being a Sports Ambassador and representing your country here in Kuwait and elsewhere in the world mean to you? I think first of all, to be here representing the US during the DISCOVER AMERICA WEEK is a great honor and a responsibility that I do not take lightly. To have the opportunity to share my experiences both in Kuwait and in the GCC is very special for me. My experience is more valuable if I am able to help someone learn from it. I think basket ball is a big part of our culture and a large part of the lives of our youth today. How they view the game and the doors it can open for them from collegiate opportunities to playing professionally it’s important for them to understand this. Being an ambassador of any kind also means guiding people on how they can reach out for their dreams and achieve the goals they have set for themselves.


Sam Vincent Personal Information Born May 18, 1963 Lansing, Michigan Nationality American Birth name James Samuel Vincent Spouse Lisa Children Fabian, Jordique and Jaren Career Information High school College NBA draft

Eastern (Lansing, Michigan) Michigan State (1981–1985) 1985 / Round: 1 / Pick: 20th overall

Selected by the Boston Celtics Playing career 1985–1994 Position Point guard Number 11, 14 Career History As player: 1985–1987 Boston Celtics 1987–1988 Seattle SuperSonics 1988–1989 Chicago Bulls 1989–1992 Orlando Magic 1993–1994 Aris As coach: 1999–2000 2000–2001 2001–2003 2005–2006 2006–2007 2007–2008 2008–2009

AEL 1964 EiffelTowers Den Bosch Mobile Revelers Fort Worth Flyers Dallas Mavericks (assistant) Charlotte Bobcats Anaheim Arsenal

Career Highlights and Awards NBA champion (1986) Second-team All-American – NABC (1985) Third-team All-American – AP, UPI (1985) Mr. Basketball of Michigan (1981) Career NBA Statistics

Sam currently resides in USA and is the National Basketball Retired Players Association VP of Membership – Player & Chapter Development in Houston.


Points Assists

3,106 (7.8 ppg) 1,543 (3.9 apg)

Stats at

We asked, you said... Have you or anyone you know ever been subjected to prejudice when outside of your country? If so, how did you/they react?

Iman Al Tahhan Business Administration AOU

Faryal Business Management ACK

Being a Muslim it is not uncommon to face prejudice. Every time there is a discussion with a foreigner, they tend to perceive you as a terrorist. The only way to react in such a situation is by ignoring them; otherwise too much time will be spent trying to prove people wrong!

Sema Ahmed Communication & media AUK

Seif Shalaby Finance and Management AUK

I haven’t personally experienced prejudice but if it happened I would try to ignore and not let it affect me. Your reaction often shows how educated and mentally developed you are.

I have seen that a lot of time people raise questions at mixed race couples. In our society people still believe that one should only marry within one’s community.

I was once called a terrorist by a lady because I’m half Arab. I just asked her to leave or else I would I’ll call the cops. It was better that way because I didn’t want further problems.



@ _far_yal_


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Ammar Business AUK No. @ammarbochi

Basma Zidan Electrical Engineering AUK Prejudice is something I face often due to my Nationality. People see Egyptians and assume stereotypes. I usually try to get people to know me as a person and not as a national of some country. If they still don’t like me, that’s okay. Fighting in my opinion will not resolve anything.

Faisal Marketing ACK Yes. I was walking down the street in Vancouver when a person driving by shouted “GO BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY”. I did not act on it and kept walking. Prejudice towards me does not faze me.


Abdullah Al-Duraei Graphic Design AUK

Mohammed Public Relations GUST

Fatma AlNasser Public Relations GUST

I don’t think I have been subject to prejudice but my mom used to tell me about her experience in USA. She said, people would often treat her differently because she wore a hijab. She was quite upset about it because she thought USA was a free country where you could be whoever you wanted to be without the fear of prejudice.

Yes, once in Turkey at a store when the sales man found out I was a Kuwaiti he refused to sell anything to me and asked me to leave the store. I walked to the next store and made a big purchase, just to show the guy that prejudice can lead to financial loss.

I have seen people face prejudice. A lot of the times I feel people don’t react out of fear. People just keep silent sometimes, because they could be in physical danger. @Ffalnasser



Mohammad Al Zanki Business - Marketing KU

Mohammad Al-Asaad Accounting KU

Yes, in Europe because of my religion. It got to the point of verbal abuse. While they were trying to escalate it to a fight, I stayed calm and told them Islam taught me better than that.

No, but if it does I would react calmly and not sink down to that level.


Waleed Khatib Finance KU

Ahmed Bahzad Petroleum Engineering KU

Mariam Al-Qallaf Petroleum Engineering KU








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Mariam AlQahtani Finance GUST

Ali Al-Ahmad Accounting GUST

On a trip to London with No, but if it would my family, when on the happen to me, how I train to Birmingham a react would depend on man saw us and started the situation. Not every screaming profanities. occasion is the same When we didn’t respond and therefore it would he transferred his anger be unwise to react to his kids. We just walked without weighing the up to the security and options. had them remove the @bu7ussain_ guy, to prevent him from disturbing everyone. @Mariamalqahtany

Ibrahim Al Fuwairis Accounting GUST

Haitham Business Management ACK

Salem Computer Engineering AUK

I haven’t faced prejudice as such but yes people are usually inquisitive about my roots. In Europe especially I often get asked about being an Arab and a Muslim. But these are more out of curiosity and wanting to learn more. @54_pro

It happened with me in Lebanon and I respectfully replied that each one of us should respect each others’ religion as ordered by Prophet Muhammad. The guy seemed to completely lose it, so I quickly exited. Since a lot of people tell me that people in Lebanon talk with guns and not tongues.

In my case I get bullied a lot because of my appearance, happened more in high school. People would tease me by calling me an infant and girl because I did not have any facial hair while most other boys did. It was something that was out of my control, so I went about life as best as I could. @Salem_abdullah29

Falah Al-Azmi Petroleum Engineering KU

Belal Mohammed MIS KU

Bashar Halab Mechanical Engineering KU

Yazan Saleh Petroleum Engineering KU

Abdulrahman Hegazy Mechanical Engineering KU


No, I haven’t

No. @basharhalab

No. @bo_el_zoz

No, I haven’t @en.abram94

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Tarek Accounting AUK

Sulaiman Yousef Comm. & Media AUK

Esra’a Ali Finance GUST

Fajer Computer Engineering AUK

Nathalie Matta Accounting/Marketing AUK

It happened while in US. I was visiting there as a tourist when I entered Walmart. People started judging me for accidently dropping a milk bottle saying, as an Arab I did not know how to appreciate my wealth. Most people in Tennessee don’t like Arab Muslims because they think of them as arrogant and disrespectful.

Yes, I faced a lot of racism when I was studying in Toronto. People there judged me based on my religion and background. I completely ignored the hateful comments because I know my worth. @living__large965

I often face prejudice based on my religion. But then I hate arguments and I believe that everyone is free to have their own opinions, just that some opinions should be kept to yourself. @_asorii

I have been lucky enough to not have to face anything yet. And I thank God for it. @fajeralrashidi

Yes, I’ve faced such a situation but I try not to give time to those who dont deserve it. @Nat_matta

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We asked, you voted... In your opinion, do you think people in Kuwait are able to represent their country in a positive way abroad? YES 74% NO 26%

Yousef Al Awadhi Finance ACM Yes

Zeinab English Literature AUK No

Sara Hatab Business Management Boxhill Yes


Reem Business Management ACK Yes


Abdullah Al-Barqawi Electrical Engineering AUK Yes

Estbraq Faras Business Management Boxhill Yes



Dina Music Basic Education College Yes @King_chaos9


Aliah Altamimi Business Management Boxhill Yes

Ghaliah Aldosari Banking Boxhill Yes



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Esraa Alsandouq Business Management Boxhill Yes

Thuraya Business Management Boxhill Yes

Abdullah Engineering AUK No


Joseph Nasr Marketing AUK Yes

Rand AlSumait Finance GUST Yes



Ghanim Al Armali Mechanical Engineering ACK No

Azaz Shafqat Business Management ACK No

Adnan Al Hau Business Management ACK Yes

Ibrahim Al Masri Electrical Engineering ACK Yes

Shams Al Attar Business Management ACK Yes

Adnan Al Mousawi Business Management ACK Yes






Saad Al-Rashid Piblic Relations ACK Yes

Mareya Al-Qaisi Aviation Engineering ACK Yes

Ali Al Kandari Industrial Engineering AUM No

Abdullah Hamadah Computer Engineering AUM No

Abdullaziz Abul Computer Engineering AUM Yes






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Khadeja Abdelaziz Industrial Engineering AUM Yes @kabdalaziz_

Hessa Alnasrallah Electrical Engineering AUM Yes

Mohammed AlQalaf Mechanical Engineering AUM Yes

Marah Waleed Al Mutairi Electrical Engineering AUM Yes

Yousef AlKandari MIS AUM No





Sarah Ibrahim Computer Engineering AUK Yes

Hussain Al Hawwaj Mechanical Engineering AUM Yes

Farah Bibbili Chemical Engineering AUM Yes

Abdulaziz Al-Enezi Accounting AUM Yes

Sulaiman AlMeshri Accounting AUM No

@ sarah_ibrahiim





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Dana Al-Hajraf Business Administration KU Yes

Adel Eissa Marketing KU Yes

Hussain Al Wazzan Accounting GUST Yes

Ahmed Juma Marketing KU Yes

Abdulaziz Al-Mufarreh Business Administration KU Yes






Ali Abd Al Ali Electrical Engineering AUM No

Jassim Akbar Accounting AUM No

Mohamed Ezoli Finance GUST No

Mohammed Eidan Public Relations GUST Yes

Rawan Abdelkarim Marketing AUK No





Ali Wael Deeb Marketing AUK Yes

Basel Samir Accounting AUK No

Shaimaa Al-Abdullah Business Administration KU Yes

Khalid Al-Hindi Civil Engineering KU Yes

Yousef Salem Operations Management KU Yes






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Competition Art & Interpretations

This month two of our students Abdullah from American University of Kuwait and Hadeel Hani from Box Hill College Kuwait create their own version of the Studentalk logo.

Abdullah Prefers the Feel of Putting Pencil to Paper Abdullah Al-Duraie A Graphic Design student at AUK, Abdullah loves listening to music and hates people with prejudice. He has been drawing for as long as he can remember and is inspired by the inner workings of his mind. His describes his art as ‘dark’ and likes to draw forms representing death and sorrow. Hobbies: Sketching. Favorite Painter: Leonardo Da Vinci. Favorite Singer/Band: I like rock and metal as genres. Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, and Opeth are my top choices.


While Abdullah is all about traditional methods of drawing, Hadeel prefers digital painting. Watch their drawing process and vote for your favorite design at

Hadeel Likes the No Mess Business of Digital Drawing Hadeel Hani: Hadeel Hani is an Interior Design student at BHCK. Hadeel loves Captain America and Vampire Diaries. Hadeel likes to draw from reference, she usually selects a basic outline and then adds her personal touch to the sketch. She has been drawing since she was 18 years old but strictly as a hobby, she does not intend to make art her career choice. Hobbies: Playing the piano, drawing and reading manga. Favorite Painter: Japanese manga artist Eiichiro Oda. Favorite Singer/Band: Big Bang (South Korean Boy Band) and G-Dragon (South Korean Rapper).


The Debate Club, GUST Speak Up OR Stand Down

Students from the Debate Club pose After Winning the Club of the Year Award Debates are an essential tool for developing and maintaining democracy and civil society. From boardrooms to parliaments debating is seen as a holistic approach to studying both sides of the coin before coming to a conclusion. It is therefore no surprise that some of the students at the Gulf University of Science and Technology (GUST) have organized themselves into a Debate Club, where they get together and practice this ancient art of verbal combat.


Founded in September of 2014, The Debate Club today has about 30 members and a trophy cabinet filled with their accomplishments. Founded by Yusuf Al Qattan, now a former student of GUST, the idea behind creating the club was to give students a platform to better their communication skills. The club has two official teams for English and Arabic debaters that compete in local and regional debate contests. The year 2016 has been particularly good for them with their team winning the 1st place at Kuwait University Championship while three of their members secured the best speaker awards. The club also won the Club of the Year award at GUST under the leadership of their past President Hamad Al-Khudhari. In fact the Model United Nations Conference that takes place in Bahrain has selected three out of the four students from among members of the Debate Club to represent students in Kuwait for this international conference that discusses issues of global importance. While most student clubs center on a university major (example: Marketing club, PR club, Banking Club), the Debate Club works on exactly the opposite formula. Instead of gaining experience in a particular field, members of the Debate Club learn important communication skills that are quintessential to be successful in life. The Debate Club has in its two years created its own trainers, some of whom have been certified by United Nations itself. With training workshops and regular debate sessions, the Debate Club has an environment that empowers all its members by taking them out of their comfort zone and putting them on the stage to present and defend their point of view. Beware though; the Debate Club is ONLY for students who are serious about personal development. Meeting attendance is compulsory and meeting timings are designed to suit participants’ class schedules. All interested students must be studying at GUST and will be interviewed before being approved to join.

Current President Abdullah Al-Sharbati Takes to the Stage


The Action Team

Volunteer Group at the Box Hill College Kuwait While it takes a smart brain to get good grades to excel in the exams and in the world at large, it takes a kind heart to be able to give back to the community. The Volunteer Group at Box Hill College Kuwait (BHCK) in one such group.

Members of the Volunteer Group Take a Moment to Smile at the Camera The Volunteer Group led by Esraa Al-Sandouq is a group of seven girls who form the core committee in BHCK for any kind of college activity. From organizing blood donation camps to seminars on breast cancer awareness these girls are at the forefront. “Last month we organized a blood donation camp at the college wherein we collected around 25 bags of blood. From encouraging other students at the college to donate blood to donating blood ourselves, it feels nice to be involved completely in a project, “said Esraa Al-Sandouq, of one of the many efforts that the girls have brought to life in the last year or so of their running. Being a women’s college, the breast cancer awareness month was a big project for this group. To mark the occasion and truly contribute as a pink warrior instead of just passively agreeing, the girls put together a three-day event. “We wanted everyone to learn more about breast cancer, but not get bored by all the information. Therefore we collaborated with Alia hospital to have doctors give seminars and also had fun activities lined-up for the girls. We believe if you learn something while having fun it will


stay with you for longer,” said Aliaa, another member of the group. The girls also organize spot events on-campus to inspire students to do and be better. Thuraya, an active member of the team decided she wanted to inspire girls at the college to live healthier, for which she participated in the Fun Run 5 km marathon on behalf of the group. In a world where everyone is looking to make big changes, the girls of the Volunteer Group at BHCK believe that even the smallest of contributions can go a long way. They may not be able to control global warming on a large scale, but they do plant samplings around their college, they may not be able to inspire millions to keep the country clean, but they organize small beach clean-ups. These girls, in small ways, every day make those around them realize that being an ambassador for change need not only happen on a global scales. Just as drops of water make an ocean, small efforts collectively make a big difference. More power to these beautiful ladies!

Adding Color to the World

Contributed by Saima Faruqui - Project Advisor at BBS To the approximate 150 students are involved in Helping Hand, a student run organization at Al-Bayan Bilingual School (BBS), the ‘School Community’ in Kuwait means all schools, all students, and all families. This is the ethos that these outgoing youth live and work by. It is through supporting this extensive school community, as well as the Kuwaiti one at large, that they feel they are able to strengthen not only other students’ experience, but theirs as well.

Prepping the Wall Before Painting it With over a year in planning, Darar Al-Marzouk, student leader at BBS, has led a campaign to find projects where BBS students could reach out, extend a helping hand and build relations and community ties within Kuwait. Along with his Project Advisor at school, Darar set out on a mission to contact various schools trying to organize a project. Earlier this year, students and their mentor contacted and visited Hawally Pakistan English School (HPES) to enquire how best the BBS students could be of service. The school had needed help painting their outer walls, and the BBS team jumped at the opportunity. Working with teachers at the HPES, a design was finalized, and with the help of 80 student volunteers and a professional to guide, over four consecutive weekends,

The Coloring Squad in All its Glory the materials were bought and the walls were prepped and then painted in layers, adding the design and then finally sealing it. “The lineaments of determination and passion of spreading happiness was drawn upon the faces of each volunteer,” says Darar, “all in efforts to sustain the wellbeing of people all around Kuwait”. Obviously beaming with pride for his fellow colleagues and volunteers, he relates how all the volunteers involved are proud that they were given the opportunity to ‘color’ the lives of people around Kuwait. With this success, the hand in hand team has already started organizing and planning for more walls to be painted and hopefully for more divides to fall between schools and their communities.


Meet Faisal Al-Rawe

Competition Winner - November 2016 Last month in our competition section, Faisal Al-Rawe and Yousef Al Adwani went head to head in an impromptu speech contest. This month we tell you a little bit more about Faisal Al-Rawe who got a landslide victory based on our voting results. is that of his friends coming over to his place, where a board game of RISK turned into a three day stay over. In his spare time, Faisal loves to play the guitar and is passionate about swimming. He claims to be a history and sociology nut and his favorite book is Muqadimah by Ibn Khaldoon; what he loves about the book is how adeptly the author describes the “Modern World” and its development.

Faisal Al-Rawe A student of Marketing at Australian College of Kuwait (ACK), Faisal is also the President of the ACK Toastmasters Club, a public speaking forum. Faisal is a private person and does not like the idea of being on social media. He claims that he was never really active on the social network however decided to quit it altogether the moment his mother sent him a friend request. “I love sharing my opinion, part of the reason why I joined Toastmasters, but I hate the idea of people knowing every single detail about your life. No matter how private you keep your account, the constant layout and policy changes on social media networks will make sure your life is public. I did however enjoy the funny posts and memes that used to pop-up on my timelines. But that’s an issue Google can solve easily” said Faisal, who is both an introvert and an extrovert depending on who he is around. Faisal moved to Kuwait when he was six and shares a very close bond with his cousins. “They taught me everything,” reminisced Faisal; although his favorite childhood memory


Faisal has no role models and no particular ambition, all he knows is that he wants to be successful in doing whatever life brings to him and make pots of money doing it. After he graduates from ACK, he wants to immigrate to Canada, and maybe someday even become a Canadian Citizen. A deep thinker by nature, Faisal feels the two most important things in life are ‘knowledge’ and ‘wisdom’. In his opinion, ignorance is what is killing the world. The reason Faisal joined ACK Toastmasters Club is to further develop his presentation skills. “It is good to be confident, but sometime we don’t realize how we are saying volumes without even speaking a word. How you present yourself is very important in a world that judges appearance before judging talent,” said Faisal about his experience with public speaking. For anyone looking to improve their communication skills Faisal has three suggestions: 1.Control your emotions. 2.Mistakes are okay! 3.Practice and preparation are essential. In the words of Einstein, “Everybody is a Genius.”

NBK Al Shabab Prepaid Card Hassle-free Money for Hassle-free Living

The NBK Al Shabab Visa Prepaid Card is exclusively designed for Kuwaiti young students aged between 17 and 23, who transfer their student allowance to NBK. With immediate access to your money so you can shop wherever you want, pay bills with ease, and reload whenever you need, the card allows for perfect spend control, making it easy for you to plan your monthly expenditure, staying within budget and shopping sensibly.

Al Shabab Visa Prepaid Card not only adds ease to your spending, it also comes with a load of benefits that suit your lifestyle. With discounts at Platinum Health Club, Cinescape and cashback offers, you don’t just spend what you have, but you can also make more in added benefits and advantages. Staying updated with your account is also made free, which means you know how to spend wisely, because who can better understand those end of month cash crunches better than students. The NBK Online and Mobile Banking services, coupled with Al Shabab Visa Prepaid Card are key to successful money management.

Moreover, the NBK Rewards Program gives you guaranteed discounts at hundreds of the best local and international brands that satisfy your fashion, dining, and lifestyle needs. Not just that, cardholders can also avail a 15% discount on any of VIVA’s monthly postpaid voice and internet plans when paid using the NBK Al Shabab Visa Prepaid Card. After all, what’s life without connecting and sharing with your family, friends, and followers. If you aren’t already convinced, visit the NBK Al Shabab Visa Prepaid Card page at to have all your queries answered, and once you are ready call them on 1801801 to apply for your prepaid card.


Huawei Catches the University Pulse with its Latest Road Show ACK, AUK & GUST Discover the Latest Flagship Phone

Students Waiting for the Lucky Draw Results at the AUK Campus In a world as fast paced as ours, students are perhaps the largest consumers of technology. From smartphones and professional cameras to Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, the youth today is connected to each other and the rest of the world instantly.


Keeping this in mind, the latest Huawei P9 and P9 Plus smartphones were created to enhance the consumer’s virtual experience. Jim Zhu, Country Manager for Huawei CBG in Kuwait, said: “Huawei continues to introduce products that satisfy and enhance the lifestyle of modern individuals; specifically that of our youth. This segment wants performance, flexibility, great photography features, and high performing connectivity to ensure they are always up-to-date with the world. Huawei has just the products for them, and we wanted to showcase them in a fun and interactive manner that reflects our brand and its culture.” The Huawei’s road show kicked off at Box Hill College Kuwait and continued on to Australian College of Kuwait (ACK) and the American University of Kuwait (AUK), before finally coming to its conclusion at the Gulf

University of Science and Technology (GUST). The road show also made a pit stop at The Avenues mall where professional photographs taken using a P9 smartphone were put on display along with a quick workshop by Kuwaiti photographers Abdulaziz Al-Shayji and Nawaf Al-Nassar. The photographers guided visitors on how to make most of their phone cameras, especially the new Huawei flagship smartphones. During the road show students at the various universities got to discover the new P9 and P9 Plus flagship models as well as participate in draws and games that gave them a chance to win the phone. With an operating system that is easy to handle, swift and capable of superior quality selfies it is clear that Huawei is here to stay!


The Art of Freedom

Raneem Qaddoura on Art, Architecture & Discovery

Raneem Sits as Pretty as her Pictures At seven Raneem out of boredom created a camera from a mango juice box. What seemed to her like a game was described by her father as creativity. Little did she know that the experiment will define what she does with her life one day. This month we speak to Raneem Qaddoura an artist who likes to paint portraits of famous people. She also teaches art at ArtSpaceQ8.


Art to me is freedom. No rules. It's your space, you create what you want. Raneem studied architecture at the University of Petra and loves the idea of special experiences. “Architecture is the mother of all art. Learning about lines and spaces, colors and compositions is a very important aspect of creating art,” said Raneem, when asked about why she moved from architecture to art. She not just paints the portraits but also creates digital versions of spaces in which she would like to display them. Her art is what you would call a perfect marriage between the traditional and the modern. After finishing her degree, Raneem briefly worked at an architecture firm in Kuwait. “I felt stifled while working in a firm. The architecture industry in Kuwait is all about low cost functionality. While it may be effective, I felt I wasn’t developing my skills in terms of the creative process.”

While she usually paints famous artists, she has never painted a portrait for her greatest supporter - her father. “I don’t think I can fit everything my father stands for on a canvas. While I love adding my colors to these famous people, my father is too big for my brushes,” said Raneem when we asked her why. While the world around us becomes smaller and smaller with technology, Raneem feels art gives her the freedom to disconnect. “Art to me is freedom. No rules. It’s your space, you create what you want. Brush strokes, colors, and techniques, art is the most fluid thing; you just go with it and see what happens.”

With a dream to someday have her work displayed at the Louvre, Raneem doesn’t really care if it never happens. “I paint because it makes me happy. I would be perfectly happy with just hanging them around my house,” said Raneem while expressing how fame is not something she desires.

Having said that, when you see her at work, you know she is a perfectionist. What usually starts out as broad brush strokes, once it starts to take form cannot escape Raneem’s eye for detail. “Sometimes when my work is put up I have this insane urge to take a palate and a brush and start correcting details. The blue could be darker or the black could be lighter, but I stop myself. Sometimes a correction in one painting can be an inspiration for completely new work.”

The most beautiful thing about this artist is that she finds beauty in everything. “I am a wanderer. I can just walk around for hours or sit in a café and look at things around me. I don’t really need things to inspire me. The world is my canvas, the sky, flowers, gardens, buildings they all evoke a sense of wonder in me.”

On a parting note, Raneem has just one advice to budding artists, “Practice.” You could be an old woman discovering for the first time that you can draw or a child who has found out what colors can do. In either case, never lose the wonder. Take that pen to paper and create a world of your own. We know Raneem does!


A Well Kept Secret Tête-à-Tête with the Mariam Al-Nusif of The Secret Garden Project

Mariam Believes in an All-Hands-In-Soil Approach What initially started off as a search to find a green spot in their locality to grow some lemon grass has today taken root as a community project bringing together people from all walks of life. This month we catch up with Mariam Al-Nusif, founder of The Secret Garden Project to talk about her dreams for this little city gem, that has been hiding in plain sight.


Volunteers Filling Compost Pits “It was a coincidence really how it all started. I was interviewing someone for Shakshooka when the conversation moved to lemon grass. The lack of proper space to grow plants in the house, led us to this little garden where we just wanted to plant a sampling near an irrigation pipe to add some flavor to our tea. Little did we know that it would be an oasis for people to come together and create something beautiful out of a discarded piece of land,” said Mariam, otherwise also known as Mimi. The first Saturday when Mimi and her friends got together they distributed some flyers around the area, a post or two on Instagram and Facebook, calling people to come help clean this little garden and plant some saplings. About 30 people turned up and since then there has been no looking back. “On a vacation in Germany, I saw this community garden where people were helping out. There was a little kitchen which did one meal a day from the produce they grew in the garden. There was a little café and a library where you could donate and borrow books from. I am sure they had music performances and acts there as well. When I looked at it, it was like seeing a vision come alive. I hope five years from now, The Secret Garden lends itself to become such a space for Kuwait.” However, nothing worthwhile ever comes easy, and The Secret Garden is no exception. Constant vandalization by locals, permission challenges with the authority and the wrath of people who have lost an open garbage space have been something Mimi and her team battle with regularly.

Organic Farming Leads to Organic Smiles

Over the summer, the authorities asked Mimi to put an end to the project, resulting in further damage to an already destroyed land. “Our relationship with the authorities is like that of a child and parent, yes there are some complicated power dynamics, but I think in the end we all want the same thing – a cleaner, more beautiful country. Hopefully someday we will arrive at a consensus and be able to work together,” hopes Mimi. The team has been relentless in their cause. Every time the garden is trashed, they come back next morning, clean it up and begin again. What is different this time around is that there are a lot more volunteers. “I think sometimes a bad thing, is a good thing. What happened over summer has gotten us into the spotlight and has resulted in a lot of people wanting to contribute. We don’t want money, we want people to come give their time and effort to this cause. We want the authorities to support us in terms of permissions. It is a public space and in that it belongs to everyone and is the responsibility of everyone.” Every Saturday, between 3-6 pm volunteers get together to maintain the garden. As the weather gets better and better, and the season to be jolly comes closer, we hope that The Secret Garden will bring both warmth and happiness to everyone involved. If you want to volunteer with The Secret Garden all you have to do is show up. You can also follow @mimikuwait on Instagram to stay updated on their events and happenings.


Talking their Way to Growth The Inspirational Hangout with Sahar & Hanan

Some of the Many Inspired Minds that Gather at The Hangout

In May 2015, a group of friends got together with a vision to create better conversations. The result - Inspirational Hangout, a space where the youth could gather and participate in conversations that took their minds beyond the newest gadget, latest fashion and the most recent scandal. Everything starts with a conversation. Revolutions and reforms, all happened when people exchanged ideas and those ideas consequently became movements. The Inspirational Hangout wants to do just that, introduce people to the concept of having a higher purpose in life. They believe that they can bring constructive change to the community through continuous conversations.


A Meeting in Progress... Hanan and Sahar have not only started a space, which brought together people to have elevated conversations, they also opened their homes for the same purpose. Opening your heart to people you know nothing about takes a big heart, a lot of courage and a supportive family. On an average the meeting sees anything between 10 – 25 people get together and converse about a preselected topic. Each gathering is directed towards a topic that is relevant to a majority of the people and usually revolves around the reality of the society that we live in. Each meeting starts off with a quick ice-breaker. The discussion is very structured and revolves around various quotes and questions relevant to the topic of the day. The discussions are usually free flowing; however, a moderator is chosen for each meeting to help organize the flow of conversation to ensure everyone is given the opportunity to express themselves and speak their mind. “Most people find us through word of mouth. The beauty of the Inspirational Hangout is that everyone is welcome because at the end of the day how are we really growing if we are not learning from everyone’s thoughts and

opinions?” quipped the founders when asked about how they attract and screen new members. Members believe that The Hangout can play a role in the evolution of thoughts, attitude, values, perceptions and practices throughout society thus, contributing to the movement of love and unity in our community. “There are a lot of good and intelligent people with great ideas and pure intentions, but if we are not working together, we will not achieve significant change in our society,” is an attitude almost all the members confer to. “Inspirational hangout has definitely added more growth and positivity to our lives. Friends that have been coming to the hangout have shared that it’s been truly motivating to be able to sit in a room and openly discuss deep and important topics with people who truly want to listen and learn from your perception on things,” said Hanan when talking about the value-add of the Hangout to their lives. The Hangout has but one rule: respect, listen and allow everyone to have an opportunity to speak their mind. The Hangout meets every other Sunday, and is open to all those who are open to learning. To join the next Hangout, get in touch with them on Instagram @inspirationalhangout


88.8 FM Gets a New Life Line!

Q8 Pulse Replaces Marina FM in a Bid to Change Things “This is a channel for the people of Kuwait, regardless of where they come from. If you like music, if you enjoy radio shows and if you are looking for intelligent content, all you have to do is tune your radio to Q8 Pulse - 88.8FM.” Q8 Pulse’s offerings include a morning show – Sana Al Kuwait, a noon show – Rabaa Ad-Diwaniya as well as a light entertainment and game show segment called Capture. What is most exciting however is the radio channels agreement with syndicated international shows like Rick Dees Weekly Top 40 (Sunday, 8pm – 12am) and World Top 20 with Mike Savage (Friday, 6pm – 8pm). Talal himself will be hosting Rabaa Ad-Diwaniya, a daily Arabic chat show from Sunday to Thursday, 12-3pm. Through which Talal hopes to engage his audiences in a fun and entertaining way on issues that concern the streets of Kuwait. Also finding a new home is Farah Bishara, best known for her evening segments on 99.7 Super Station as DJ Bonita. If you are a fan and are wondering where she is, you can now find her on 88.8FM, tune into her show The Vibe on Fridays and Saturdays, 8pm - 10pm.

Talal Al Yaqout - CEO and Talk Show Host

Last month 88.8 FM started beating to a new pulse. What used to be known as Marina FM, has now changed hands, and transformed to Q8 Pulse under the leadership of Talal Al Yaqout. Talal hopes to bring new energy to the radio station with what he calls a “cocktail of beautiful elements.” Having been actively involved with the Kuwaiti media scene for 24 years now, Talal has a deep understanding of his audiences’ changing preferences.


The program mix on Q8 Pulse will be 70-30 with 70% of its content being in Arabic. However, don’t be surprised if you accidentally find yourself humming to a Bollywood tune every once in awhile. “Yes, a lot of people in Kuwait who tune in to radio are Arabic speaking, but one can’t turn a blind eye to the fact that the demand for English content is on the rise,” said Talal, while talking about the program mix. Also in the pipeline are feature shows hosted by University professors. Students will be able to write into and call on the show to clear doubts about anything from admissions to assignments. In addition to this the radio channel also hopes to give young talent a stage to showcase their music and reach out to a wider audience. So far, 88.8 FM seems to be on the Q8 Pulse.



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Go Scandinavian! ECCO Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection

The ECCO Autumn/Winter 2016 collection is rooted in ECCO’s Scandinavian design heritage. Eye-catching details and rich materials come together to depict the simple Scandinavian lifestyle. As summer breezes turn into autumn winds, prepare to rock the new season in oversized jackets, retroinspired suits, and a wardrobe infused with casual style. Classic hues and experimentation with different patterns and stitching lends the collection a simple yet playful edge. The footwear, bags and leather goods line-up is all about soft, faded color palettes while the sneaker and shoe concepts dazzle with metallic effects, rich rugged leather details, in both round and pointed toes.


Mixing Red & Blue Makes Green! Reebok & Kendrick Lamar All Set to Drop the New Red & Blue Collection

After the success of this summer’s red and blue capsule Kendrick returns with the Classic Leather Lux. A timeless yet distinctive design, the sneaker is executed in olive green premium leather, representing the Compton saying that ‘mixing Red and Blue makes Green’. The eye-catching green combines with embossed accents of red and blue text on the heel tabs, to symbolize the existing divide between gangs and to emphasize Kendrick’s message of a call for neutrality. Speaking about the collaboration, Kendrick Lamar said, “Similar to my collaborations with Reebok in the past, I want to create products that provide fans with larger meanings and messages – particularly ones that inspire unity and growth within communities and youth.” The collection is now available in stores.


Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph Kuwait Edition An Exclusive Timepiece to Celebrate Kuwait

Attention Kuwaiti watch collectors! Hublot, the luxury Swiss watch manufacturer, well known for its special edition watches recently launched the Classic Fusion Chronograph Kuwait Edition. The special edition watches are known to pay homage to the famous landmarks and unique characteristics of the given country, in this case - Kuwait. The Classic Fusion Chronograph Kuwait Edition is a new take to the existing Classic Fusion with a striking blue carbon fiber bezel and a lacquered blue sunray satin-finished dial adorned with the Kuwait “8� logo in the colors of the Kuwait flag. The 25 pieces were created by Hublot exclusively for its customers and those of Behbehani Group, and will be available ONLY IN KUWAIT.


The Limited Edition 2017 Prado Urban Cruiser is Here! Unveiled by Mohamed Naser Al Sayer and Toyota

Upgrade to Urban - The limited edition 2017 Prado Urban Cruiser is stylishly unique and packed with features. Available in four trendy colors silver, bronze, gray and pearl white it has top notch accessories like roof rail, side mirror trims, grill inserts, door handle cover, LED fog lights, bumper protector with chrome finish, rear parking sensors and side doors moldings. In addition to these features, a dual USB adapter, air compressor, combo hook make this SUV one complete package. For people who like new technology, appearance, and fashion, the Urban Cruiser is an attractive offer. With Toyota Al Sayer you also get services and facilities like 24/7 MUSAADA roadside assistance, 5 years warranty on unlimited mileage, service courtesy car for 3 years or 100,000km, 3 years complimentary membership to first of its kind T Connect as well as real time appointment system for the first time in the middle east. The limited edition Prado Urban Cruiser is sure to make your journey smoother.

Sense & Sensibility of Traveling 10 Do's and Don'ts You Should Pay Attention to...

As globalization continues to take over, borders seem to dim more and more. While our access to the world has increased tremendously in the past few decades, our sensitivity to various cultures has not grown at the same rate. In this month’s issue, with our theme revolving around ‘Being an Ambassador’ we bring you the 10 big Do’s and Don’ts that we think are applicable to everyone no matter where in the world you are headed.




Learn a few local words – People are more willing to help when they see you are putting an effort to communicate.

Book too early – Open plans lead to serendipity.

Respect the natural environment – Our world is a big beautiful wondrous place, let’s keep it that way.

Exchange money at the airport – The quickest way to lose your money, is by paying those high exchange rates. Eat around tourist sites – Average and over-priced.

Support by buying local – Don’t go eating at International chains, you can do that at home too. Ask for a up front seat if you have a tight connection – Getting out of the plane is faster and easier when your next flight is waiting to fly you out. Get permission before taking pictures – Not everybody is cool with being an exotic local in your travel pictures. Ask before you click.

Use your phone on roaming – Save it for emergencies. Talk about politics – You are there to understand and learn, not to start a revolution. Stay in the room more than you have to – You can vegetate at home. When out, be about! Dress in over the top and flashy attire – Nobody is going to judge you if you don’t look runway ready.

Confirm your hotel the night before – You don’t want to be lost and homeless is a land far, far away!

Keep valuables in sight – Lose yourself, not your stuff.

Get travel insurance – Being cautious and preparing for the worst are signs of a wise traveler.

Visit dangerous locations at night – There are more sensible ways to get that adrenaline rush.

Make a photocopy of your passport – This document can take you places and keep you from going anywhere. Take good care of it.

Carry your backpack on one shoulder – It’s so easy for robbers to just – Grab & Go!

Experience the culture – The reason we travel is to learn. Ask, explore, experience.

We wish you wonderful experiences and cherished memories. But we also want you to come back safe and sound, because someone has to read our next issue!

Be Polite to Locals – A little courtesy can go a long way

Happy Travels!

Grooming The Making of Happy Feet

Foot Care Essentials for Healthy & Beautiful Feet As the weather improves, we spend more and more time exploring the great outdoors and our feet spend more and more time inside the shoes. This month we bring you simple, minimalistic and non expensive methods to take care of your feet. Easily available at supermarkets, pharmacies and beauty stores near you, these products are a must have for happy feet.


1.Nail Nippers for Toe Nails: Toe nails can be extremely stubborn and difficult to clip using simple nail cutters. Nail Nippers are the answer to your problem. They have a strong jaw that opens wider than the nail cutter and the curved edges allow you to cut your nails in shape easily.

2.Pumice Stone for Blisters and Calluses: Tired of ugly blisters and calluses around your feet? Use a pumice stone three times a week to scrub your feet after a shower to remove hardened or dead skin and dirt. It not only soothes your feet, it also helps in preventing foot odor.

3.Insoles for Shoes: Whether you exercise regularly or are a weekend warrior, insoles provide greater cushioning and enhanced comfort to your feet. They minimize the shock to your feet and help keep them healthy. Not only that, wearing insoles can also increase the lifespan of your shoes. Available at most sports stores.

4.Keep your Feet Infection Free: Infections under the toe nails and between the toes are common. You can use a Vapor Rub or Tea Tree Oil on your feet to prevent these infections. If you are not a great believer of home remedies then head to your nearest pharmacy and buy an antifungal powder.

Gadgets Touch Bar We Love You! The new generation of MacBook Pro is here! With the September Keynote by apple out of the way, all their latest products have finally hit the market and are we glad! Based on reviews from actual users we tell you how and why the Apple MacBook Pro is a machine that is bound to satisfy your latest apple fix.

The highlight of this generation is the Touch Bar and Touch ID, oh and it comes in space gray as well. But before we get too excited, let’s talk basics. The new line is up to 17% thinner. The trackpad is twice the size, with a redesigned keyboard that is way more responsive. The display is 67% brighter, while the flash storage is up to 100% faster and boasts of up to 10 hours of battery life. It can easily deliver a standard day’s work when set to low brightness and connected through Wi-Fi. However, if you are intending to do some heavy editing, we suggest you keep a power source nearby. The new line still features a 3.5-millimeter headphone jack and comes with a 58% boost in the audio, an upgrade that many Mac users were looking forward to. In terms of design the MacBook Pro is thinner and prettier (yes, we are a little shallow like that). Weighing just about 1.3 kilograms, with an all-aluminum framework, the 13-inch MacBook is just 14.9 millimeters thick. Apple said goodbye to all ports and integrated the multi-purpose Thunderbolt 3 port that doubles for the charger, in the MacBook released in 2015. The same applies to this generation as well with the Touch Bar models having 4 ports each. Now to speak about the Touch Bar, the reviews were on both sides of the scale. Some found it to be very helpful, while others thought it was just a gimmick. Its usefulness shows for those who use their Macs for creative jobs, and it sure cuts done on time finding shortcuts and buttons. For those whose use of a computer is basic, your life may not change drastically because of this addition. We don’t know our stance on its usefulness yet, as third party developers are still integrating the Touch Bar to their apps, but it is sure a gimmick we love and appreciate!


Too Old to Get Braces? Contributed by Dr.Saud A. Al-Anezi, Q8 Braces

A common question that orthodontists get asked is, “I am too old for braces. Will the treatment help me straighten my teeth out?� The answer is yes. Adults form a great proportion of the patients seeking orthodontic treatment and some recent research shows that adults (defined as those above the age of 18 years) make up approximately 22% of the case load in the USA (based on a research published 2012). It is not difficult to notice that Kuwait seems to be mirroring this trend, particularly women. One explanation for the rise in adult cases braces could be the increase in how much people care about the appearance of their teeth. There is a pressure from the society on individuals to improve their image and certainly the alignment of their teeth and smiles comes as top priority.


Clear Aligners or Invisible Braces

People often feel uncomfortable about their teeth. It is very common to see smart and intelligent people who try and hide their teeth every time they talk, simply because they think their smile is not good enough. Most people who suffer from confidence issues because of their teeth do so because of its crookedness. A lot of us today are subjected to environments where we have to interact with a large group of people, be it at university or at the workplace. Most people are misinformed in terms of whether or not getting braces would be beneficial for them. Although orthodontic (braces) treatment can be delivered to adults, there are some factors and facts that potential patient needs to consider. On an average, people reach their full jaw growth by their late teens. This essentially determines how far the effects of the treatment will be successful and for how long you might need to wear the braces. Usually adults need to wear braces for considerably longer than teenagers. However, adults who are getting braces to consciously improve their appearance are more likely to comply with

Lingual or Tongue Side Braces

the doctor’s advice than teenagers would. Compliance to doctor’s instructions and advice can greatly improve the success rate of an orthodontic treatment. For people who are opposed to the idea of the “traintrack” metal braces, have more options now than they did before. A patient can always opt for “Esthetic” braces like the clear or ceramic brackets or the “Lingual” or tongue side braces which are placed inside the teeth rather than on them. Lastly, if the set up of the teeth is not too bad, with only small amount of corrections the clear or invisible aligners can also be used. The idea of this option is that people wear clear gum-shield type aligners which are preprogrammed and will move the teeth incrementally. With the advancement in orthodontic science it is never too late to correct your teeth. All you need to do is listen to your orthodontist’s advice and understand the extent of corrections required to correctly assess the timeframe and success of your treatment. Go conquer the world with a winning smile!


Quick & Healthy Food Fixes Contributed by Arwa Husain (@arwatells)

Image 1

Image 2

The Images are for Representation Purpose, Don’t Judge Yourself Against it!

From early morning sessions to burning the mid-night lamp, a healthy meal more than often takes a back seat. Between books, classes, library and friends, every time the stomach grumbles we head straight to the fast food counters, for a quick fix that is more often than not unhealthy. Keeping in mind your super busy schedule and the taste palate, we bring to you some super quick recipes to fix a meal that is good both for your stomach and your tongue.


Veggie Soup (Image 1) Prep time: 10 minutes Cooking time: 10 minutes Ingredients: Sweet Corn (One small cup) Cabbage (One small cup chopped) Carrot (One small cup chopped) Garlic cloves (three to four medium sized cloves) Ginger (1 small piece) Curry leaves Wheat flour (1 tablespoon) Veg-Maggi cube (half) Lemon (half) Salt (to taste) Pepper (to taste)

Grilled Chicken (Image 2) Prep time: 20 minutes Cooking time: 20 minutes Ingredients: One boneless chicken thigh Lime Chopped cilantro Marinade: Garlic paste (one table spoon) Olive oil (three tablespoons) Unsweetened yogurt (one cup) Red chili powder (one tablespoon) Lemon (half) Vinegar (one teaspoon) Salt (to taste)

Method: 1.Chop the cabbage and carrot; drizzle a little olive oil on the carrot and cook it in the microwave for about 20 seconds. 2.In a pre-heated pot add some olive oil, drop in the curry leaves and one table spoon of wheat flour. SautÊ the wheat flour until it is golden (make sure you don’t burn it) and then add some water to the pot. Mix until the wheat flour has dissolved in the water completely (lumpy soups are unappetizing). 3.Add the Maggi cube and stir until it too has dissolved. 4.Add the cabbage, carrot and corn to the soup and bring it to boil. Now add lemon and scrape a ginger to the soup. 5.Add salt and pepper to taste, and some finely chopped coriander for added flavoring.

Add all the ingredients of the marinade in a bowl and bring to a paste like consistency. Method: 1.Take the chicken thigh and leave it in the marinade for about 20 minutes. If you decide to use frozen chicken, you will first need to defrost it. 2.Pre-heat the oven to 150-175C. 3.Heat a skillet and pan-fry the chicken on both sides until it is slightly brown (it should take about 2 minutes each side). 4.Warp the chicken in a foil paper (add some whole onions and tomatoes) and transfer into the oven for 20-25 minutes, reduce the temperature of the oven to about 100C. 5.Sever your chicken with a squirt of fresh lime juice and garnish with cilantro *The temperature for your oven will depend on whether it is a gas or an electric oven. The one we used was a gas oven.


Dance Your Way to Fitness Who Said Exercising Can't Be Fun?

This month we have a confession to make. All of us are lazy and can’t even dream of going to the gym to lift those weights. When the weather is good, we like to sit by the window and reminisce with a cup of coffee. And hey! Busy with putting all these magazine issues together. Tired of encouraging ourselves to get out and get going we decided to look into alternatives to gyms, weights and running. Our inspiration came from watching endless hours of YouTube videos of people finding new ways to work out with nature, like heading to the woods and using branches for weights. This is also about the time we found out that dancing is a legit workout. And who doesn’t like to shake a leg. We know we do! Dancing can be done in a group, with partners, or even alone. You can dance, at the gym, social venue, or at home. It has both physical and mental benefits. All you need is a beat.


Alright, we’ll bite, just writing about dance is making us rhyme (badly). But seriously, here are some benefits and improvements of moving to the beats: • Balance • Agility • Weight Management • Endurance • Better Heart and Lungs Conditions • Muscular Strength • Stronger Bones • Reduced Risk of Osteoporosis • Confidence and Self-Esteem From Zumba to Salsa and even those Bollywood beats, find the ones that get your feet tapping to the rhythm. After all, let’s face it, after the first few selfies of posing at the gym, there isn’t much else keeping you going. So come on and turn the music up!

The Winning Streak Continues... Fahad Al Musallam Successfully Crosses Round 1 of Kuwait-Bahrain Motocross Championship

Caught in Action (Image Courtesy: Saleh Al Mazidi) Hot on the heels of his recent success at the Dubai Desert Championship, Fahad Al Musallam has yet again proved himself in the tracks by successfully completing Round 1 of the Kuwait-Bahrain Motocross Championship. “Motocross racing have always been my favorite type of off-road competition. So it was fun to participate, the victory is the icing on the cake. I hope to continue the momentum in what has so far proved to be a pretty good season for me,” said Fahad, after his much deserved victory. During a motocross race, riders compete on a closed course going over table top jumps, doubles, and rhythm sections. The race is extremely technical where riders have to get the right speed and momentum to cross the course successfully. The race, also known as Moto, takes about 20 minutes. A rider has to win two Motos to claim overall victory. “Every win has more than just the racer behind it. I would like to thank Al Mal Investment, Quest Nutrition, Takharoj, and Kuwait Motorsports Club for their massive support,” added Fahad.





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Team Bushaiba & Al Baz Win Red Bull Bar Bahr Title Championship held on Friday, 11th November 2016 Meshari Bushaiba and Mohammed Al Bazwon won the first place at the Red Bull Bar Bahr Championship. The long awaited relay race was held at Marina Crescent on Friday, 11th November, 2016. The unique Quad Bike and Jet Ski relay was witnessed by hundreds cheering on the 16 riders competing in the second edition of the Championship. Bader Al Qanna’i and Mohammad Al-Ali secured second place while Bader Al Khalfan and Fahad Al Musallam won the third.


The race saw motors roaring on sand and sea for about two hours, concluding with a ceremony that recognized the top three teams. The winning team secured the championship trophy in addition to a brand new Kawasaki 300 LX Jet Ski. As part of “Red Bull Bar Bahr� event, professional Red Bull athlete Brian Capper on his Trial Bike and Abdul Aziz Matar on his Jet Ski performed electrifying shows, adding further to the excitement of the evening. The event has over its two editions garnered a large fan following. The relay race was organized by Basel Salem AlSabah Motorsport Club, under the sponsorship of Nissan Al-Babtain, Public Authority for Youth and Sports, Kawasaki, Pirelli, GoPro, Acqua Eva, Marina Mall, Al Anbaa Newspaper, Kuwait Times Newspaper and Studentalk Magazine.


Collaborating for a change Eighty% Combines Social Reforms and Sports Management

Competition is synonymous with sports but not for everyone! eighty%, a sports management company that specializes in the development, planning and execution of socially impactful sports events and initiatives in Kuwait and the GCC, is a ďŹ rm believer in collaboration. This socially driven sports management company was established in 2014, and has since then created and executed numerous events with the end goal of elevating the standards of event management in Kuwait as well as inspiring people to take up healthier lifestyles. Much like the mechanics of a relay race where the baton is passed from one runner to another, all in the effort to reach the same end result – the ďŹ nish line, eighty% collaborates with institutions that share the same vision as them i.e. the evolution of women & youth sports in Kuwait In this issue we delve deeper into what eighty% stands for and how you can get involved in their upcoming events and activities.


2017 calendar of events 2017 is an exciting year for eighty% with a myriad of events and activities appealing to the masses.

Women Footb(All) Tournament














Ramadan Women Football Tournament The eighty% Women Footb(all) Tournament is driven by the mission to provide female football players with professional competing opportunities. The intention behind this tournament is to create a sought after regional tournament that offers women a platform to showcase their skills and attract potential professional scouts and private endorsements. June 2016 saw more than 13 teams, 200 participants and 1000 spectators over two weeks of intense and powerful game play.

ADC is eighty%’s Anti Diabetes Campaign, started in 2013. It has since then seen the participation of more than 400 diabetic kids. Every year eighty% brings together doctors, nutritionists and therapists who create a fun and educational program that engages kids with diabetes in different activities, teaching them ways to lead fulďŹ lling lives by minimizing the impact of diabetes on their being. The program normally coincides with school holidays and runs for the duration of 7 -14 days.


BAHRI is the ďŹ rst all-inclusive biennial water sports event in Kuwait. Having debuted in the summer of 2015, it brings together athletes, local entrepreneurs, private sector companies, and government entities to the beaches of Sabah Al Ahmad Sea City. BAHRI unfolds over two full of water sport competitions, water shows and other activities like beach football, volleyball, kayaking, open water swimming, stand up paddling, sailing, rowing and jet ski to name a few. Along with a water sports, BAHRI also features an indoor exhibition and diverse F&B offerings.

Experience Adventure is an annual event to be held every November starting this year. The event was held at Marina waves and brought together adventure outďŹ tters and products in one unique concept. From retail products and services to inspiring talks by veteran mountaineers and Arab travelers, the two day event brought everything related to adventure travel in one place. Their 2017 Adventure Symposium promises to be bigger and better! Aside from organizing events and initiatives, eighty% also offers corporate services to companies looking to spruce up their sporting events. For more information on their services, touch base with them at


percent "Collaborating for a change" Website Launching Soon For Enquiries

Book Review Three Day Road Contributed by Freddie Canneval-La Roche About 10 years ago, Joseph Boyden released his first-ever novel, Three Day Road. The story soon moved Canada and the world as it gave an incredible perspective on friendship in times of war. But first and foremost, he gave a voice to Native Canadians, an event still too rare in American literature.

The book is about Xavier and Elijah, two childhood friends who grew up in the cold region of Northern Ontario. The story takes a turn when Canadian troops engage in the war to fight against the Germans. The young men decide to leave the only world they’ve ever known and join their brothers in arms in Europe. Back after years of misery and violence, Xavier recounts his experience overseas in a desperate attempt to exorcise his demons. In broken English, Xavier, painfully tells the tale of their adventures in the trenches. A significant choice since he despises the language the white man forced on him and his people. Using a tongue, he hasn’t mastered, he isn’t always able to convey his feeling in the truest manner… mirroring his idea that English is the language of deception. Yet, the unspoken brotherly love, his undying loyalty to Elijah, pierces right through, simply because the bond between the two men, in a world of violence and endless loss, goes beyond words. When thinking about victims of war, we tend to picture the dead or the amputees - the most visible consequences. What goes unnoticed is how those who survived bear the consequences on their body and soul for that much longer. Far away from home in a constant stress of losing their lives or to seeing their comrades die, the unforeseen outcome of the war was an epidemic of drug abuse. Three-day road is a good mise-en-abyme


of what war really is, setting the record straight of what movies have a tendency to romanticize. Both Xavier and Elijah belong to the Oji-Cree people and like many others, they fought alongside their white counterparts during World War I and World War II. The Natives used for their great many skills, were nonetheless hated or feared for the exact same reasons. Faced with racism and ignorance of those they fought alongside, it would be unfair to let their sacrifice fade away from our collective memory. Far from the battlefield, the most interesting parts of the story would be the tales of their childhood in Canada and how Xavier recalls their early adventures in the forest. Among the many Native children placed in Catholic institutions over the 19th and 20th centuries, Xavier and Elijah are both forced to embrace the ‘civilized’ European culture. Through their stories, we discover a darker part of History: the mistreatments of countless children and the consequences of forced assimilation for generations to come. If you’re wondering why Joseph Boyden chose such a perspective, you have to know that the author is of Anishinaabe descent himself. An amazing, cathartic read, Three Day Road is a bumpy ride through the depth of Mankind where cheerful smiles meet torrents of tears. Happy reading!

Top 10 English Songs


1 3 5 7 9

Love Yourself Justin Bieber

Hello Adele

Roses The Chainsmokers Feat. ROZES

Work Rihanna Feat. Drake

One Dance Drake

Can’t Stop the Feeling! Justin Timberlake

This is What You Came For Calvin Harris

Panda Desiigner

Cold Water Major Lazor Feat. Justin Bieber & MO

Starboy The Weeknd Feat. Daft Punk

2 4 6 8 10

‫أفضل ‪ 10‬أغاني عربية‬


‫‪1‬‬ ‫‪3‬‬ ‫‪5‬‬ ‫‪7‬‬ ‫‪9‬‬

‫مابي اكون الصح‬ ‫نوال‬

‫تناديك‬ ‫راشد الماجد‬

‫انا ماشي ساهل‬ ‫سعد المجرد‬

‫محتاج فرصة‬ ‫عبدالمجيد عبداهلل‬

‫ومستغرب‬ ‫احالم‬

‫بطلنا‬ ‫فهد الكبيسي‬

‫ما في احد‬ ‫حمد القطان‬

‫وينك انت‬

‫انا بلياك‬ ‫ماجد المهندس‬

‫عبداهلل الرويشد و نوال‬

‫شفتك اتلخبطت‬ ‫راغب عالمة‬

‫‪2‬‬ ‫‪4‬‬ ‫‪6‬‬ ‫‪8‬‬ ‫‪10‬‬

Celebrity News The Runway Mom

Behati Prinsloo Joins the Victoria’s Secret Cheering Squad

Adele a Teacher?

Little Adeles in the Making… The 28-year-old singer has been rumored for being nostalgic of her beginnings during her tour. Sources say Adele is to start teaching music at her former school the BRIT after her world tour ends. She is grateful for her teachers and would like to inspire the students the same way her teachers inspired her.

Image Courtesy: As the Victoria’s Secret girls prepare to shoot the annual fashion show, new mommy Behati will be sitting this one out. Prinsloo wished the girls luck on Instagram, saying that she and her newborn girl, Dusty Rose, will be cheering them on, albeit from the sidelines. Runway or not, we look forward to seeing her at the 2017 show!


Image Courtesy: Pinterest

‫أخبار المشاهير‬ ‫تامر حسني ّ‬ ‫يلقن الجمهور درسًا قاسيًا‬ ‫بعد يومين من تداول صورة في شبابه وسخرية الكثيرين منها على‬ ‫أن الصورة‬ ‫مواقع التواصل االجتماعي‪ ،‬رد الفنان تامر حسني مؤكدًا ّ‬ ‫التي القت رواجًا هائ ً‬ ‫ال هي بالفعل صورته‪ .‬وأشار حسني إلى أنّه كان‬ ‫يق ّلد الفنانين والمشاهير آنذاك‪ ،‬في وقت لم يكن لديه األموال أو‬ ‫تعهد‬ ‫الدعم من الوالد ليحقق طلباته ويشتري ما يريد‪ ،‬مؤكدًا أنه‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫بنشر الصورة نفسها عندما يكبر ويحقق حلمه‪ .‬وأضاف أنه ينصح‬ ‫الذين سخروا من الصورة أن يحققوا أحالمهم وينجحوا مثله‪ ،‬مقدمًا‬ ‫الشكر لـ «الشاب الصغير الذي صبر وأصر على تحقيق حلمه وقدم منه‬ ‫رج ً‬ ‫ال وفنانًا وإنسانًا اسمه تامر حسني»‪.‬‬

‫تزوجت نجوى كرم بالسر؟‬ ‫هل ّ‬ ‫تردد أخيرًا عن أنها أقدمت على الزواج‬ ‫أكّ دت الفنانة نجوى كرم أن ما ّ‬ ‫غير صحيح‪ .‬وقالت في حديث لها‪« :‬لم أتزوج س ّرًا‪ .‬والزواج عندما يكون‬ ‫سريًا يصبح عيبًا‪ .‬وأنا ال أفعل أي شيء «تحت الطاولة»‪ .‬كل ما أقوم به‬ ‫أفعله تحت الشمس‪ ،‬والحب يبقى مدعومًا من اهلل سبحانه وتعالى»‪.‬‬ ‫وعما إذا كانت فكرة الزواج واردة لديها‪ ،‬أجابت كرم‪« :‬إذا أراد اهلل لي أن‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫أتزوج سأقدم على هذه الخطوة لم ال؟ فأنا لدي رسالة إنسانية أقدمها‬ ‫في هذه الحياة بعيدًا عن الفن»‪.‬‬ ‫ولدى سؤالها عما إذا كانت مواقع التواصل االجتماعي أذتها أم أفادتها‪،‬‬ ‫أجابت كرم بالقول‪« :‬منذ سنوات كنا نقول إن الكليبات تحرق صورة‬ ‫الفنان لكننا لم نستطع أن نبتعد عن تصوير األغنيات‪ .‬والسوشيل‬ ‫ميديا اليوم أصبحت هامة للفنان وتعتبر منبرًا إعالنيًا وإعالميًا خاصًا‬ ‫له‪ .‬في السابق لم تكن تحظى باالهتمام الذي تلقاه اليوم‪ .‬إنما ال شك‬ ‫في أن هناك سلبيات لهذه المواقع إذ فقدنا خصوصيتنا بسبب كثافة‬ ‫ظهورنا على السوشيل ميديا التي أصبحت مكلفة أيضًا ماديًا»‪.‬‬ ‫وأضافت‪« :‬نحن نحب المظاهر وبت كفنانة إذا التُ قطت لي صورة ما وأنا‬ ‫أحمل حقيبة أو أضع نظارات شمسية ال يعود باستطاعتي أن أظهر بها‬ ‫مجددًا ألنني أتعرض النتقادات بسبب ارتدائي لألزياء نفسها مرة ثانية‪.‬‬ ‫ومع ذلك بات هذا العالم االفتراضي صلة وصل بين الجمهور والفنان»‪.‬‬


Artspace Pinch a Pot What you’ll need: - Acrylic Paint (Colors of Your Choice) - Two Medium Brushes - Water Cup - Clay Packet (Air Dry) - Towel

In this project you will use both the skills of your hands and your brushes to get the desired results. While shaping the pot will require your instinct, the coloring of the pot will require imagination. This project is meant for beginners and can take up to two hours.



Air dry clay becomes very stiff after leaving out in the open. Be sure to have an air tight enclosure on the extra bits of clay.

Step 1: Open the clay packet and cut in half.

Step 2: Roll the clay into a ball shape between the palm of your hand and the table. Repeatedly mould the clay until you have a smooth ball shape.

Step 3: Next, gently press your thumb into the center of the ball to create an opening. Leave at least 3/8 of an inch (1 centimeter) of clay at the bottom to form the base of the pot. If you accidentally pinch through the base of the pot, roll the clay into a ball and start over.

Step 4: Use gentle pinching motions to thin out the walls of the pot. Work in circles to thin out the sides at the same rate. Keep pinching until the walls are as thin as you’d like them. Use a little water to smoothen out the pot.

Step 5: When the clay pot has dried sufficiently, you can begin to paint it. Try using bright hues to create a color pop.


GUST holds Club of the Year Awards The Debate Club Wins 'Club of the Year' Award Gulf University for Science and Technology’s (GUST) Office of Student Life (OSL) awarded the student-run Debate Club the ‘Club of the Year’ award in a ceremony held at their campus. The award is presented annually to the club that demonstrates the most initiative, creativity and actively inspires students by offering educational and engaging activities throughout the year. Dr. Raghad Al Kazemi, Dean of Student Affairs at GUST was present at the event to honor the winning club.

Students Eagerly Awaiting the Voting Results The Debate Club was the clear winner of this year’s award due to their exceptional presence on campus all year round and their diligent organization of 33 engaging and practical events, including winning second place at the Kuwait University Debate League, first place at the 5th Arab Universities Debate Competition in Bahrain and the Kuwait University National English Debate League. In addition to organizing a university-wide debate competition, holding various seminars among which was the “Effect of Declining Oil Prices on the Arab Region”, and setting up several workshops and charity events. The purpose of the event is not only to recognize the efforts of a few clubs, but also motivate the other student


Debate Club Recieves ‘Club of the Year’ Award run clubs and acknowledge their hard work throughout the academic year and show them that GUST as a university appreciates all efforts invested by students in organizing club activities. This year, the number of clubs at GUST participating totaled to 16 and included: The Entrepreneurs Club, the Media Club,the Anime Club, the Talent Club, the Debate Club, the Islamic Finance Club, the Management Club, the Marketing Club, the Computer Science Club, the English Club, the Public Relations Club, the Technology Club, the Human Development Club, the Human Rights Club, the Investment Club, the Accounting Club and the Foundation Club.

Education is More than Just Books The Expression Institute Organizes Student Socials The Expression Institute for private training held its regular student socials on November 23rd. The event took place at the Institute’s premises in Dasman Complex, where faculty, students, friends and family all got together to actively participate in the practice of English in a fun-learning atmosphere.

Students Eagerly Awaiting the Voting Results As a leading entity in the realm of providing learning solutions, Expression has relentlessly been pursuing its objectives in constantly expanding and diversifying their products. In addition to English language the institute also trains its students in writing for business, and preparing for collegiate-level entrance programs.


Celebrating the Kuwaiti Constitution AUK & GUST Join Hands to Create a Memorable Evening The International Relations Club of the American University of Kuwait (AUK) in collaboration with the Democratic Circle of the Gulf University of Science and Technology (GUST) conducted the second edition of their annual ‘Night of the Constitution’. The event which was held at AUK on the 14th of November was aimed at commemorating the establishment of the Constitution of Kuwait. Speaking at the event was former Member of Parliament Mr. Saleh Al Mulla.

In Conversation with Mr. Saleh Al Mulla The discussions for the evening revolved around the evolving nature of the country’s constitution and how it has changed over the decades starting from 1980 until 2005. Students and faculty present at the event were not only educated on the subject but also actively participated in the discussions on what the constitution entails and how the progress of the nation depends on what is enclosed in its pages.


The Perfect Reason to Head Outside AlSouq Local Market by Murouj AlSouq is an outdoor market dedicated to promoting local businesses. Created by Murouj, the vision behind AlSouq is to empower local vendors by giving them a unique space to publicize and grow their trade. AlSouq will be held monthly at Murouj and will include a variety of businesses ranging from local F&B outlets, organic products and local produce to art, design and fashion brands. The space is made available to local businesses for free, with an intention to give as many brands as possible a chance to showcase their products and services.

A Beautiful Evening at AlSouq, Murouj The market has a beautiful open layout making it a pleasure to walk around and explore all the different offerings. With the weather getting better by the day, AlSouq is one of the best things about this events’ season. To apply for participation and to learn more about AlSouq follow them on Instagram @MuroujKW. The next AlSouq will be held on Friday, 16th December, 2016.


Trampo Wins Gold for Retail Excellence Completion of 11th Year of Successfully Educating the Youth Trampo, Kuwait’s premier sporting, leisure and entertainment spot has been awarded the prestigious Gold Award for Retail Excellence by the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) during the recent 2016 Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Shopping Centre and Retailer Awards. The brand emerged as the Gold Award winner in the Entertainment, Music and Leisure category under Retail Excellence.

The Trampo Team Accepting their Award at ICSC event in Dubai Founded in 2015, Trampo is located at Murouj, Promenade Mall and Baroue at Marina Mall. Trampo hosts several fun filled activities for all age groups, such as jumping, jousting, dodge ball, foam pits, basketball, Clip ‘n Climb climbing walls, zip line and sky trail for adventure seekers. In Murouj, Trampo also hosts the only indoor skate, scooter and BMX Park in Kuwait, where riders are welcome to practice their favorite extreme sport in an environment that adheres to global safety standards.


M2R Wins Advertising Rights for Grand Cinema in Kuwait Event Held at Al Hamra Luxury Center

In a private reception, M2R, the leading advertising representative for commercial centers in Kuwait, announced the signing of an exclusive advertising representation agreement with Grand Cinema, the fastest growing chain of cinemas in the region.

Performance Artists Entertain the Guests The event was held at Grand Cinema, Al Hamra Luxury Center on Monday November 7th, and was attended by VIPs, top customers, representatives of Kuwaiti advertising agencies and media representatives. A special screening of the 2016 Mel Gibson movie “Hacksaw Ridge� was held to mark this important milestone. Grand Cinema is located at Al Hamra Luxury Center, Sharq and Gate Mall, Egaila.



Taurus: Apr 21 ­- May 20

Aries Mar 21 - Apr 20 As we come to the end of the year, concentrate on those you hold dear and count your blessings. Someone, very special, has their heart set on you. Someone you haven’t seen in a very long time comes back into the picture. Happy reunions of all kinds are possible!

Success vs. Depression, what will it be? Don’t fret over the littlest of details; it’s not worth your time. Keep yourself focused on the ‘bigger picture’. Travel flows quite smoothly after December 20th. Until then, plan for small delays. Everything will work out just fine.

Gemini: May 21 ­— June 21

Cancer: June 22 - July 22

You may have difficulty getting along with everyone after Mercury starts moving retrograde on December 19th. You may feel on edge, that’s OK, it’s only natural. You are more sensitive now than you normally are. Try to be extra kind towards people and remember that you are loved and appreciated.

Christmas is your favorite time of year, when you surround yourself with those you hold dear. You never ask for anything for yourself, which makes it very difficult for people to buy something nice for you. Be more expressive and allow people to reach out to you.

Leo: July 23 - Aug 22 You continue to be lucky, but only if you have the best of intentions for everyone involved. Your charitable donations of time, energy and finances will come back to you 10 fold! The more you do this, the luckier you get!

Sagittarius Man Fun loving, independent and exciting, Sagittarius men are in some ways the wild child of the zodiac. Adventurous, sociable and friendly, they are typically determined to live life to the fullest. They are often physically strong and athletic.

Virgo: Aug 23 - Sept 23 Usually, you are very organized, but lately cleaning up your home environment has not been your priority. Your ruling planet, Mercury, is retrograde from December 19th and you may feel like procrastinating about everything until then. That’s OK, you will certainly catch-up once Mercury is direct again.

Sagittarius Woman: Sagittarius women are curious by personality. They want to learn as much as possible. However they don’t just collect information they analyze it and add their own point of view to it. Applying what they have learnt to their own lives. Libra: Sept 24 - Oct 23 Jupiter in Libra continues to bless you. Whatever you desire most will come into your life. Concentrate on your most important hopes, dreams and wishes. This Holiday Season could be the best you’ve ever had and one you will remember for a long time to come. Have fun!


Pisces: Feb 20 - Mar 20

Scorpio: Oct 23 - Nov 22 Now is the time to rid yourself of any bad habits, deep dark secrets and negative selfjudgments. You don’t need these energies around you anymore. The past is behind you and your future brings fantastic opportunities that you will want to accept. December 2016 is a good month for you!

Aquarius: Jan 21 - Feb 19 Sagittarius: Nov 23 - Dec 21 Sagittarius: Some people from far away miss you greatly. If you get a chance and someone from your past crosses your mind, drop them a message to tell them you care. This is a month full of deep memories and reminiscing of old days. An oldfashioned winter is the perfect theme for you.

Capricorn: Dec 22 - Jan 20

Are you aware that you hold someone’s heart in the palm At the beginning of your hand? Be of this month, you gentle and kind to may feel like a them. Conflicts are Scrooge, but by mid- just another way of month your attitude showing affection. improves greatly. Try to be more Your heart becomes understanding warmer and you’re this month. Some filled with delight… circumstances may the closer it gets to seem out of your winter nights. You see control. Try not to all of the smiles and take other people’s know it is true…this attitudes too season is special and personally. it’s because of you!

You love to give and this is the season to show everyone how much you care. You are one of the easiest people to buy presents for. You are the genuine “old souls” of the zodiac. Love, luck, happiness and success surround you all month.

The Other Side Law & Order

Dr. Mohamed Mekkawy, School of Business, ACK

to Kuwait ing to v o K, m C A e w at Befor ract La t l n f o s C cces u teach an a su r , d e w Moham s in Ne usines food b . , USA Jersey

ng rythi : Eve e f i l u o n yi n. Y soph reaso a ill r Philo o ou w ens f ere y h happ w w r kno p. neve end u

His favo rite tea cher is high sc his hool vic e-princ who co ipal, unseled him thr rough t ough a ime. Ev e n thoug vice-prin h his cipal did not tea him any ch particu lar subje learned ct, he some v ery imp life less ortant ons fro m this g reat man.

In his free time, Mohamed likes to go sailing on his boat, Amy.

law; e in e r g de awing l as a c h i t d c a re ame a pr whe Moh was ears e y h es. o s t c r ca t tw e u in fa d o r b or a y mu yer f felon t h g u he fo

Mohamed thinks of his students as his friends, he finds them extremely relatable and they often crack him up with their shenanigans. Note: To get your teacher featured in this section, write to us at



Studentalk #184 - Dec. 2016 / Jan. 2017  
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