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Issue 183 - Nov/16

Athari Al Awadhi Back to School at 36 The Hashtags Keeping it Real Red Bull Bar Bahr The Race is On!


New Street: 22453927 :‫ • الشارع اجلديد‬Salmiya Souq: 25718224 :‫ • سوق الساملية‬The Avenues: 22597727, 22597728 :‫األڤنيوز‬ Behbehani Complex: 22406795, 22453863 :‫ • مجمع بهبهاني‬Souq Sharq: 22433770, 22433500 :‫ • سوق شرق‬Marina Mall: 22244839, 22244882 :‫مارينا مول‬ Al-Kout/Fahaheel: 23930338 / 9 : ‫الفحيحيل‬/‫ • الكوت‬TIK TOK(SoKu, The Avenues): 22200726 :(‫ األڤنيوز‬،‫ • تيك توك (سوكو‬The Gate Mall: 22056366: ‫اجليت مول‬



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New Street: 22453927 :‫ • الشارع اجلديد‬Salmiya Souq: 25718224 :‫ • سوق الساملية‬The Avenues: 22597727, 22597728 :‫ • األڤنيوز‬The Gate Mall: 22056366: ‫اجليت مول‬ Behbehani Complex: 22406795, 22453863 :‫ • مجمع بهبهاني‬Souq Sharq: 22433770, 22433500 :‫ • سوق شرق‬Marina Mall: 22244839, 22244882 :‫مارينا مول‬ Al-Kout/Fahaheel: 23930338, 23930339 :‫ الفحيحيل‬/‫ • مجمع الكوت‬Laila Gallery: 25719780/1 :‫ • ليـلى جاليــري‬TIK TOK(SoKu, The Avenues): 22200726 :(‫ األڤنيوز‬،‫تيك توك (سوكو‬

letter How many times have you heard the term “NETWORKING”? And how many times have you heard the term “WASTA”? The first has a very positive connotation to it, while the latter is attached to negative attitudes and behaviors. Yet, if you think of it, networking is done for the purpose of gaining influence to get things done, which is exactly like “WASTA” but with some major variations. If you are using your personal network then it is an applauded feat. It is your personal effort in getting to know people, working with them, proving yourself to them and as such earning their trust. WASTA, on the other hand, is using somebody else’s effort to gain influence. I have to point out here that no one in life gets any freebies, if one is using someone else’s WASTA, know that, that WASTA person has surely earned his/ her influence through hard work, so it is basically riding on someone else’s achievements. So, my students tell me, who would you rather be? The person asking for “WASTA” or to be “THE WASTA”? I say, none of you is lacking. Work hard, prove yourself, network and be your own WASTA, build your own network of influence. Till the next issue…..

Zeina Mokaddam


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The Come Back to School! Athari Al Awadhi, Marketing Student - ACK

A wife, a mother and now a student.

14 years after she quit studying, Athari Al Awadhi decided to make a comeback. In the fall of 2012, at 36 Athari was the oldest student in her class. This is the story of a fighter who after learning many lessons from life, decided she needed to learn something from her teachers as well. Inspiring, strong and beautiful, she is a role model for everyone around her.


Moving forward in life...

On leaving school, marriage and family: “Sometimes in life you have to make a difficult decision to make things easier.”

was surrounded by people who were highly qualified in their fields. Even though I was working at par with them, something inside me always felt small.

I was 19 when I got married. After finishing my certification in Management, I tied the knot and then came my two beautiful children. I got busy with family life and education took a back seat. Of course I always thought about wanting to study, but it was just that, a thought.

Encouraged by my elder sister, Suad, who herself has a Ph.D in Management, I decided it was time to take matters into my own hand. That’s how I ended up here, in ACK, in a class full of students who are closer to my kids in age than to me!

After 10 years of marriage, I decided to call it quits and in 2007, as I was ending my relationship with my husband, I was also embarking on a new one, a relationship with myself.

First Day at College: “I was as nervous on my first day in college as my kids were on their first day at school.”

Coming back to school: My mother always said: “Without education you will be like a blind person, you must read and write in order to see the world.”

I almost cried on my first day at college. It was scary; I didn’t know how I was going to handle it. It wasn’t just the age gap between me and the rest of the students, we were from different generations, how would I find anything in common with them.

I worked in the Ministry of Interior for a long time as their Head of Management, and then from there I moved to the private sector. No matter where I went, I

But the nervousness only lasted until the beginning of the first class. Once the lecture started, I eased into my comfort zone. Sure the other students were younger, but


Achievements and recognition.

they were also respectful and considerate. In all the time that I have spent here at ACK, I feel my class mates have added so much to my life. They have taught me about communication, that you have to speak to the people in a language they understand. They don’t just make me a better person; they also make me a better mom. Dealing with youngsters here has taught me how to be a friend to my own children. On Being an Active Student: “Communication is a two way street.” Being a member of the Student Council, The Art Club, The Toastmasters Club and The Cooking Club has put me in touch with passionate students. It is a gift really… every time I associate with people I learn something new. The reason I joined so many clubs is two-folds. Firstly my


teachers constantly push me to go out and do something more than just academics; secondly I think being a marketing student, it is important for me to understand how people work. How different people think, what they like, how they communicate; it’s important to study people in order to be a good marketeer. On Friendships and Networking: “Lasting relationships are what will see you through in life.” I have always been a believer in investing in people. I give a lot of myself to my friendships and over time it has paid off. During the difficult phases in my life, it has been my friends who have encouraged and comforted me. I think people today don’t understand the importance of investing in relationships. It’s all short term. They don’t realize the importance of long term friends.

Looking back: “I wish I had someone like me in my life when I was younger.” I do not regret any of my decisions, the only thing I wish I had was a guide. Someone who shared their life experiences with me and guided my decision making. I have experienced a lot of relationships, being a wife and a mother have added to my personality and now being a student is helping me develop further. I try to share my experiences with my friends here at the university. If it helps someone make a better decision, then nothing like it. Moving Forward: “Everyone should have a dream.” I want to apply for a Masters degree once I am done with my bachelor’s degree and eventually I want to get into teaching. I think I have a lot to offer in terms of life experiences and lessons learned from it. I wish to share with youngsters what life has taught me, maybe guide them forward and hopefully in the process feel fulfilled myself. Life has its own strange way of surprising you and setting you on new paths. I am excited to see what else it has in store. To summarize everything in three small words, “Bring it on!”

Tidbits: Athari has won the first prize in the United Nations contest and has had her painting auctioned for charity. She regularly contributes her opinions on politics both on TV and in newspapers. She is a women's rights activist. She takes fashion tips from her 18 year old daughter. Follow your dreams...

She fries her burgers in water!


Networking 101

Networking Can Open Doors you Didn't Know Existed

The world gets smaller, as we connect with people from across the globe

Networking was a relatively unheard concept even until the 18th century! The arrival of industrial revolution changed that. The world began to get smaller and smaller as people from different backgrounds and socio-economic communities started to pool in resources to run successful businesses and make bigger profits.


Professor Mohamed Satti, Dept. of Communication & Media, AUK.

Networking traditionally means to interact with other people to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts. Any given network usually connects people with similar interests, which may not necessarily be professional. For example people who like reading books may form book clubs, people who like oration may join public speaking forums or people who like food may follow a common food blogger/influencer. In the pre-internet era people belonged to various clubs and institutions. Reputation was everything when it came to business dealings or even social exchanges. How you dressed and who you knew determined who you collaborated with or even who you got married to. Fast forward to today, and you notice that not much has changed. The advent of internet and social media has added a whole new dimension to networking however the basic rules remain the same. Only social standing now means how many followers you have on Instagram. While networking to youth means setting up some kind of social media account, adding friends and communicating or sharing information, it also translates to loss of privacy. A photo that has once been shared cannot be unshared! Authenticity is yet another challenge. How do you know if the fashion blogger you are following actually endorses a certain product because they like it or because they are getting paid to do so? Networking is cultivating genuine relationships

based on trust and mutual benefit. For students these relationships could be a genuine friendship or impressing the boss during an internship. Word of mouth and recommendations go a long way; similarly a bad report could lead to loss of opportunities. Networking not only helps you find people who are worth investing in, but also to determine who needs to be kept at an arm’s length. In a world as connected as ours, we have numerous touch points to form relations with people; a social network is only one of the methods to accomplish this. The cyber space gives you a place to showcase your work, indulge in self expression or can put you in the path of future employers. The final frontier however will always be the face-to-face interaction. The biggest plus of networking is information exchange. Having the right information at the right time can help make your dreams come true. Like finding out about a vacancy at your dream company and being able to apply for it. Who you know and what you know is the currency of the modern world. How you use your network, physical or online will often determine the opportunities that are made available to you. In the words of someone very wise, “Networking is not about collecting contacts! Networking is about planting relations.� - As told by Professor Mohamed Satti


We asked, you said... In your opinion, do majority of the people in Kuwait embrace diversity? Do they easily interact with other cultures and nationalities? Comment.

Hadeel Hani Interior Designing Box Hill

May Dina El Bouamrani Interior Designing Box Hill

Mariam Jarrar Interior Designing Box Hill

Faryal Management ACK

Mohammed Jaber Marketing ACK

Only 30% of the people actually genuine connect with others, mostly based on common interests. Most times people interact with each other for very shallow reasons like hanging out or because of how they look or what they wear.

Only 20% people are interested in building real friendships, rest are just there to take advantage of each other. Relationships these days are all about getting the latest gossip. Very few people are interested in getting to know different people.

Most people do not embrace diversity in Kuwait. Most are in it for short term benefits. Meaningful conversations and cultural exchanges are rare in Kuwait.

I believe the status quo is slowly changing and people are becoming more open to diversity.

I think most students are quite friendly and welcoming in my college, however I find people outside of my college rather racist.


@ _far_yal_

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Sana Ahmad Mechanical Engineering ACK

Ali AlKhawari Civil Engineering ACK

Nour Mechanical Engineering ACK

Mohammed Shakib Marketing ACK

Hassan ElRahim Business Management ACK

Yes they do embrace diversity and accept other cultures. Young adults are more approachable and engage in conversations with strangers without hesistation and judgement and are easy to make friends with.

Yes they do, Kuwait is the home of too many cultures where everyone learns from the other. Actually embracing other cultures is what got Kuwait to where it is today.

In my opinion most people in Kuwait embrace other nationalities and do interact easily but depending on their knowledge about the certain country the person is from they build a certain image before talking to the person.

To my opinion most are very friendly and respectful in my college where as for the ones outside the college it’s the other way round.

Yes, Kuwait has a hard culture but intelligent people





Zainab Huseni Marketing ACK

Yasmeen Khirallah Human Resources ACK

Sahar English Education GUST

Zaid Jasnaik Marketing ACK

Yes, I think most people embrace diversity. Yet the behavior differs from person to person. Although I feel most of them interact with every nationality.

I think it is different for everybody, but over all Kuwait is embracing diversity through different ways however when it comes to interacting with others there seems to be a barrier due to cultural differences.

Living in Kuwait my whole life, showed me that yes it’s easy to interact with different cultures in here and accept them.

Kuwaiti people do not interact with other nationalities, at least not whole heartedly. They mingle mostly with other GCC nationals, Asians or Americans per se. I think this is mostly due to language barriers.

@ Zainab_huseni




Sara Hedayat Management & Organizational Behavior GUST Yes, I do think majority of the people in Kuwait embrace diversity. We enjoy interacting with different people because we get to learn about their culture and different hobbies.



Mustapha Khadra Finance GUST

Riham Jamal English literature GUST

Fatima Ashkanani English Education GUST

Heidi Marketing GUST

Saad Al Ahmad Electrical Engineering AUM

I believe that people in Kuwait interact easily with different cultures. Kuwait is small in area, but has a high population of foreigners and this makes it easy for people to know each others’ culture.

I believe that Kuwait is too diverse to not be able to interact with people of other cultures and nationalities. It’s almost inevitable. However, I do think that some people try to avoid it, dislike it and don’t respect it.

I don’t believe so, because they usually don’t accept the fact that you’re different, they really focus on reputation as well as they think they are higher than you, because you come from different places or tradition, some people respect and tolerate them.

Although the traditional culture in Kuwait might be closed to other cultures and is more indented to racism, other cultures yet exist in larger numbers which makes it easier for them to interact with each other and makes a majority force the gradual openness of the culture

I think every person is different, but generally speaking people communicate within certain hierarchies. It has more to do with economy than culture. However the difference I think is in people who are born and brought up here, they to a large extent can embrace diversity.



Sarah AlOjayan French Education & Linguistics PAAET

Mariam Alasousi Molecular biology KU



Mouafak Al Wattar Management and Organizational Behaviour GUST

Khadija Seth Film Making Tata Institute of Social Science

Some people in Kuwait do not believe in diversity at all. However one can see that, that mentality is changing. I think over the last five years I have noticed people being more accepting of each other.

I think yes, they do. We are very extrovert in nature on a higher level and a higher percentage of people believe in mingling around and talking in diversities and accepting cultures around us , it’s like the easiest thing for us.




Huda AlAskar Molecular Biology KU As a person that is often shy when it comes to sharing thoughts and opinions with others and most likely would rather hold back. I found myself comfortable enough to share and discuss freely about almost everything. It is truly a safe environment that makes me feel like my opinions matter. @Huda_AlAskar


I think not all of them but mostly yes they do, it depends on their mentality and background. Some people accept the difference, and vice versa!

Kuwaiti culture has been influenced by many different cultures since the beginning. However, Kuwaities are conservative people by nature, they are bound to their own customs and traditions. I think they tend to embrace any form of diversity, as long as it doesn’t interfere with their identity.

‫موضي العسعوسي‬ Marketing/Mass Media AOU ‫الشعب الكويتي‬ ‫مــرن جدًا في احتضان‬ ،‫ اللبس‬،‫ باألكل‬،‫الثقافــات‬ ‫ يتأثر‬،،‫وغيرهــا‬،‫التفكير‬،‫اللهجة‬ ‫ يعتبر شــعب‬،‫بالثقافــات األخرى‬ ،‫ ولكن‬،‫منفتــح ودائــم التطوير‬ ‫في حال اختالطه بالجنســيات‬ ‫األخرى ال أرى أنه يختلط بشــكل‬ ‫ فهو يحب أن‬،‫جيــد فــي بلده‬ ،‫يتملــك كل مــا هو في أرضه‬ ‫ولكــن فــي نفس الوقت من‬ ‫الصعب اســتغناء الشعب‬ ‫الكويتي عن الجنســيات‬ . ‫األخرى‬

Moustafa Hassan Communication & Media AUK People in Kuwait do not embrace diversity one bit. The persons nationality is considered to be the persons identity. So based on where you originated is how you will be treated, some nationalities are favored more than others, and the same goes with gender. Second main factor on someones liking is money. It is sad, but that is the truth.

Bedour Albanwan Marketing GUST

Abdulaziz Al Weqyan International Relations AUK

Abdullah Albanwan Accounting AUM

Nope, they’re raised in a way that makes them racist. simply They view themselves as bing above others. Their minds are very small that they can’t except being friends with other nationalities. They also expect to be treated better than other nationalities. Kuwaitis view themselves as being better than other nationalities because of their better jobs and higher incomes.

Yes, I personally believe that the majority of the people in Kuwait embrace diversity. From my experience I believe that the majority of Kuwait’s population easily interacts with other however there are some people that might not get along because of the history between the two countries.

Kuwait is not a highly ranked multicultural society compared to other countries, so interactions with other nationalities dont often occur. I believe that, yes, the majority of people in Kuwait do embrace diversity, but rarely ever get the chance to interact.

@ Abw36


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We asked, you voted...

Hessa AlMukhled English Literature AUK

Ahmad Faidi Business AUK

Mohammad Al Awadi International Business AUK

Athoob Finance AUK

Saleh Computer Science AUK

Raghda Rustom Media and Comm. AUK

Solaiman Akbar Economics and Finance AUK

Dana Ahmad Anthropology AUK

Lamya English Literature AUK

Judy Accounting AUK

Omar Aircraft Maintenance ACK

Adel Ibrahim AlJreyid Chemical Engineering AUM

Athari Al Awadi Business Marketing ACK

Faisal Al-Rawe Business Marketing ACK





Nour Finance AUK


How many of your Facebook friends and Instagram followers actually mean something to you? 100% 70% 50% 20% 10% or less

20% 28% 20% 22% 10%

Yousef Al Adwani Business Management ACK

Deema Mahmoud Interior Designing Box Hill

Fatma Business Management Box Hill

Sara Mostafa Business Management Box Hill

Anwar Salah Business Management Box Hill

Esraa Al-Sandouq Business Management Box Hill

Thuraya AlAdl Business Management Box Hill

Sarah Al-Gheryafii Business Management Box Hill

Aeshah Al-Filchawi Business Management Box Hill

Maryam Khajah Industrial Engineering AUM




Jarrah AlQabandi Oil and Gas ACK

Omar Alajmi Civil Engineering ACK

Rahaf Albitar Civil Engineering ACK

Shaimaa Abdelaziz Civil Engineering ACK

Abeer Civil Engineering ACK







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Manal Malallah Mechanical Engineering ACK @Mk_malallah


Areej Al-Mesbah Mechanical Engineering ACK

Ahmed Hassan Civil Engineering ACK

Yousra Zribi Interior Architecture Kuwait University


Sarah Alessa Aircraft Maintenance Engineering ACK



Nadia Zribi Industrial Engineering Kuwait University

Abdullah Alenezi Business Management ACK

Bader Al-Attar Business ACK

Haytham Al-Hindal Business Management ACK

Rima Mohammed Alrefaie Civil Engineering ACK






Yara Yassin Aviation ACK

Rakan Al Gharabally Marketing ACK

Yasmin Eliwa Medicine KU

Ali Alhendal Engineering ACK

Esraa Alsandouq Business Management BHCK






Abdulaziz Suleiman Mechanical Engineering KU

Ali Al-Asousi CBA - MIS KU

Shaikha Alnasser Mechanical Engineering AUM

Aisha AlMeakaimi HRM AUM

Abdelbaset Nazzal Electronics and control ACK






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Competition Battle of the Wits

This month two of our students, Faisal Al Rawe and Yousef Al Adwani from the Australian College of Kuwait went face to face in an impromptu speech contest. We gave them both a topic, for which they got one minute to prepare before presenting their ideas.

Faisal Al Rawe Faisal Al Rawe Faisal is a student of marketing and the President of ACK Toastmaster Club, a public speaking forum. He loves sharing his opinion, debating and exchanging ideas. Hobbies: Swimming and Playing the Guitar Favorite Book: Al Muqadimah by Ibn Khaldoon Goals: Faisal wants to be successful in whatever industry he finally ends up. He seeks happiness in what he is doing and wants to make lots of money doing it.


The topic given to them was “What is the difference between networking and social networking�. To see what they said and to vote for your favorite, visit

Yousef Al Adwani Yousef Al Adwani Yousef is studying management and wants to pursue a PhD after which he wants to use his knowledge to help his country progress further. Hobbies: Writing Favorite Book: Six Months in Hijaz by John Keane Goals: Yousef wants to become a published author. He also intends to move to UK to study further.


Every Drop Counts Sarah AlBaghli Humanitarian Mission

Yasmine with kids on the humanitarian mission to India.

Yasmine Eliwa is a 6th year medical student at Kuwait University, who wanted to work for a social cause. Not just participate, but get involved in it completely both for Kuwait and as a member of the medical community. Thus the birth of ‘Sarah AlBaghli Humanitarian Mission.’


Volunteers of the Sarah AlBaghli Humanitarian Mission. Named after their colleague and comrade, Sarah AlBaghli who lost her life in a tragic motor accident, the foundation is an effort by Kuwait University medical students, who visit India every year to vaccinate children in rural India against Hepatitis B. In addition to this, the humanitarian mission also works towards education and women’s upliftment. “Hepatitis B is listed as one of the top 10 diseases that can be treated to avoid death. Further research also shows that India is among the top 10 countries in the world where a lot of deaths could be prevented if only the vaccine was administered. The Indian government however does not provide these vaccinations for free and as a result a lot of children lose their lives.” Backed by research and a lot on conviction, a group of students came together and organized fundraisers at Discovery Mall, Kuwait, for the cause. In addition to this, they also got themselves certified from W.H.O to be able to administer these vaccines. The students were in it a 100%! On a parallel front they had colleagues working on finalizing locations and getting all the necessary paperwork and permissions in place to be able to bring their efforts to a successful end. “At the beginning, it was challenging to make people believe in this project, but eventually, we did manage to gather support. It takes months of preparation to bring a student-run mission like this to life, but it’s all worth it.

My parents, friends and family have been very supportive throughout the journey.” The expenses for travel and accommodation are borne by each student for him/her self. The students have so far completed two missions to India. Each mission involves three trips to complete the vaccination dose. All their efforts have so far resulted in providing over 4,500 children vaccination against Hepatitis B, school supplies for 800 children, providing jobs to over 100 women through their women empowerment project, healthcare to over 600 people living in slums through the Academiya Health Clinic, and are currently in the process of building an orphanage for girls in the memory of their lost friend Sarah AlBaghli. The most rewarding moments for Yasmine are the feedbacks from the volunteers. Seeing them being stirred by their experiences with people who have less than others gives her the motivation to continue her work. Her dream is to someday work for Doctors without Borders. “The success of this humanitarian effort is owed to each and every one involved. The volunteers, the doctors, Academiya at KU, and especially to the people of Kuwait. Had it not been for their encouragement, we would never have been able to bring our dream to reality. In the end, every drop counts.”


ACK Toastmasters Club Join for Confidence

Club members gather for a customary photograph.

Glossophobia or anxiety from public speaking is the #1 phobia in the world. This means that more people are scared of public speaking than of death, spiders or the dark. The Australian College (ACK) Toastmasters Club has its mind set on overcoming this fear for their students, one meeting at a time.


Members during a meeting. The ACK Toastmasters Club is a part of the larger Toastmasters International, a nonprofit educational organization that operates clubs worldwide for the purpose of helping members improve their communication, public speaking, and leadership skills. Started three years ago with the purpose of building communication and leadership skills in ACK students, the club is currently mentored by Miss Yvonne van Zyl, Business Instructor at the ACK School of Business and Miss Camille Bondi, Publications Manager. Members of the club prepare speeches on topics they would like to speak on guided by the public speaking manual provided by Toastmasters International, each speech serves a specific purpose like overcoming the fear of the stage, or using audio visual aids and using body language. Skills that are required in every field of

life be it while presenting projects in university or at a job interview and even corporate meetings. The club holds speech contests once every year where the winning members get to represent ACK locally, regionally and internationally. If you are someone who wants to gain confidence to speak your mind or someone who wants to be a leader in life or even someone who wants to meet new, interesting people, the ACK Toastmasters Club is a good place to start with. The club meets for an hour every Wednesday at 6.30pm on campus and is exclusive to ACK students. Interested ACK students can contact Miss Yvonne van Zyl at



Kuwaiti Band 'The Hashtags' are All About the Music

A jam session in progress...

I walk into the studio and see a bunch of people chilling around some music equipment. They are dressed in casuals, having a conversation, with an air of coolness hung around them. I don’t know what to expect from my interview, but I do know this, had I been in college these would be the kids I would want to hang out with. Here’s a snippet from the conversation I had with them on music, society, and networking in general and their band in particular. If you are not yet acquainted to the Kuwaiti music scene, then ‘The Hashtags’ are a band you should start with. If you are acquainted to the music scene, but haven’t heard of them, then you haven’t heard enough!


Band Member Profiles: Moustafa Hassan: Lead Guitarist. Master of Sarcasm. One half of the twin set that comes with the band. Mohammed Hassan: Drummer. Deep Thinker. The other half of the twin set. Nassma Kordahji: Lead Vocalist. Spirited. The one who makes the guys look better. Mahmoud ‘7oudster’ Kamel: Vocals and Rhythm Guitar. Man of few words. Ahmad Nadar: Bassist. Silent Spectator. Newest addition to the band. ST (Studentalk): What’s in the name? Why is your band called ‘The Hashtags’?

ST: Your comments on the Kuwaiti music scene and the challenges for musicians in our market?

The Hashtags (#):We had already played quite a lot of shows, and people were requesting us for gigs. One of them was a TV show and the host needed to introduce us, and this is what we came up with at the spur of the moment and we just stuck with it. We are not great at coming up with names in general, and we still have loads of songs that haven’t been titled yet.

#:The Kuwaiti music scene is a challenging environment. There aren’t enough venues in which to practice, the instruments are hard to obtain, music production is particularly challenging and to add to the mix you can never make enough money here, to be able to sustain yourself with just your music. You have to have a main job and then your music. If you decide to quit everything, well then financially speaking, there is poverty in your near future!

ST: How did you guys get together? #: Mohammed and Moustafa are twins, so they have been sharing the same space and music since their inception. Nassma is a really close friend with a beautiful voice so she was a natural part of the selection. Mahmoud and Ahmad, make great music and we shared the same ideologies. That’s how it all happened. To put it simply, the music binds us. ST: What kind of music do you make? #: We have very different tastes in music. Moustafa likes The Doors and Led Zeppelin, Mohammed’s most recent obsession is Deep Purple, Nassma’s idols are Nina Simone and Janis Joplin while Ahmad is all about Progressive Rock and Metal; Mahmoud is a Punk Rock kinda guy. The music we make is a mix of all our likes and affinities. We can’t really pin it down to one genre, it is a mélange of all of our music infused into one song. If you listen closely, you’d still hear each preferred genre in the respective person’s instrument. Let’s just say we make good music. ST: Why do you think people like your music? #: Ummm…. Because we are awesome! Our passion for music radiates through everything we do. We grab every opportunity we have to excel and improve at performing because we want to enjoy it, and we want people to enjoy it as well. Each of our songs has a message that people can relate to. Plus we put on a good show, or at least we think so...

ST: What to you is the most rewarding thing about making music? #: As a band that mainly does live performances, it’s the rush that the stage gives you. Plus watching people react to your music is always very special. ST: Kuwait, social media and networking. Your comments. #: People operate in cliques here, so generally, you will see the same 100 people at every event. It’s difficult to attract new audiences because marketing is costly, musicians are sometimes poor and everyone wants everything to be exclusive. We have mainly been using social media to spread the word. In a world as connected as ours, there are endless channels to put yourself out there. Others who have a larger audience online usually tend to talk about the latest shade of lipstick rather than art, culture or societal issues. But it’s not all bad, Al Gas Events has helped us a lot in getting the word out there, and there’s a visible increase in awareness about music nowadays. ST: Any parting words to young musicians out there? #: You can be the best musician in the world, but it isn’t going to happen if you don’t practice. Music is an art that takes time, effort and your heart and soul to build. So find your voice, share your music with people, the ones who understand it and the one who don’t, because feedback and networking is key to this business.


We are All Just Stardust

Workaholic, Full of Wonderful Words and a Tad Bit Weird - Abrar Alebrahim

Elegant, poised and intelligent - Abrar Alebrahim

A full time architect, a part time teacher, a jewelry designer by passion and a philanthropist by nature, Abrar is a wearer of many hard hats. As she celebrates five years of her maiden jewelry brand TH’HABA JEWELRY this year, she sets sail on yet another adventure. Unlike a normal person, she is not going to be throwing a big party to celebrate her success; instead she is putting all her energy in creating a concept jewelry space, TH’HABA JEWELRY.


It's important to network and collaborate in order to move forward. Success scaled together is always more sustainable. The TH’HABA JEWELRY concept store in Mayar Center, will of course be home to Abrar’s delicate artisanal jewelry designs but at the same place you can also find a pop-up café where nestled between beautiful books, intricate jewelry and if you are lucky, the gorgeous Abrar, you can indulge in exchanging ideas or simply sit back and enjoy the ambiance. Abrar intends to create a space that will serve as a launch pad for future collaborations. She wants to bring together jewelry designers in Kuwait onto a platform where they can talk of ideas and concepts as professionals and not as competitors. “It’s high time we sat down together and talked like friends who work in the same industry. It’s important to network and collaborate in order to move forward. Success scaled together is always more sustainable.” The new store will combine Abrar’s passion for jewelry and her dream for philanthropy. All the profits made from the store’s opening event will go towards sending deserving students to volunteer trips with OX Adventure, a Kuwaiti youth movement that intends to combine recreational traveling with volunteer work to create a positive impact on society. “Education is very important to me and I have always wanted to build a school for the less fortunate, especially in countries where education is not easily available to kids. While talking to a close friend I realized that charity begins at home. My friend advised me on how the education in Kuwait needed as much uplift as any other part of the world. Enthralled by the idea of unconventional education, I collaborated with OX Adventures for this project.”

Under the program, students interested in volunteer work can send in their letter of intent, stating how they think they can make a difference through this volunteer work trip. The selected students will then be sponsored to go on an adventure that is sure to leave a positive impact both on them and on the world. “It may seem like it is the country they are visiting is getting benefitted, but truly this kind of trip is more beneficial for the students. It’s an education in humility, charity and kindness that is needed to make this world worth living in.” The store will also hold weekly and monthly seminars, workshops, talks by guest speakers and pop-ups with various artists. “This is not a jewelry store, it’s a home for all things beautiful - be it jewelry, books, art, music or even just thoughts. I want this space to serve as a safe haven for people to network, collaborate and yield their collective energies together to create a better world. Inspiration can come from anywhere, all we have to do is be present and believe in goodness both which is inherent in us and inherent in others, after all we are all just stardust.” As parting words, Abrar leaves us with these beautiful lines by poet Elia Abu Madi, It’s not the clothes you wear or the name you hold nor the country that you call home, but you are what you do. Students interested in signing up for the volunteer trip can send in their applications to


The Divan

From Book Club to Salon Littéraire.

Interesting conversations are a staple at The Divan

In a country that is often starved for intellectual conversation, The Divan provides people with a place where you can discuss ideas, exchange thoughts on literature, art, movies, philosophy etc. and learn about people, cultures and traditions. What started off as a book club with just six friends is now a hub of activities. From book discussions, poetry nights, to movie nights and social gatherings, The Divan with over 70 members has grown leaps and bounds in under two years. Mohammed BenBader, founder of The Divan, wanted to replicate his university lounge, and that’s how it all started. “While at university in the UK, we had this shared space where people would mingle, find people who shared their tastes, discussed things they found interesting. While on the face of it, it seemed like a chill zone, in reality it was a hub for life-changing conversations. In other words, it was like a university of its own. It’s the aspect of university life I missed the most, hence, The Divan,” said Mohammed. Zainab Mirza who is the co-founder of The Divan seems like almost the polar opposite of BenBader. While Mohammed is all about the ideas, Zainab is all about execution. “Mohammed told me about his idea to start The Divan. It seemed interesting and I wanted to get involved in something that revolved around literature. That was when we first started; today The Divan has


taken a shape and form of its own,” said Zainab, about her involvement with The Divan. The other co-founders are Mohammed El Salloul, the technical guru, and Samia Saade, the artist. Primarily held in English, The Divan has bi-lingual members who are always more than happy to help you cross the language barrier. Attendance is free. Who can join: Anyone with an open mind and respect for others. How to find them: Website: Instagram handle: the_divan What to expect: The unexpected! With The Divan, you never know.

The Divan Member Testimonials ET

tudent, PAA AlOjayan – S

sation Sara resting conver ds a lot of inte and t en The Divan ad llig te e very in e members ar many so ar he to my life. Th to e ing experienc st re te in an had s I usually it’ e subject. If view on a singl of ts in of po ds nt differe en in the wor Divan club, th e Th e rib e sc th to de r garden”, us cultivate ou Voltaire, “Let our minds. g in case be garden in this

t, AOU Studen gives a voice – i s u o that it AlAs ou Modhi out The Divan is are or where y d your

u an love ab who yo s h a re d What I being matter h peak o t s r N o n . a re w ryone you ca s a e r e e id h to eve our ce w rs and f ro m , y is a pla r othe come atter. It pect fo s m e r s n h opinio eit wit ind alb efs. your m all beli ce for n a r le o t

, udent ar –St k lt s lA A difficu Huda niversity always been owever, U s H a . it h Kuwa person and it e my opinions The Divan.

r shy e with nd sha I am a ent rt zon n up a e p m o o confid c fo o t y e m f m I eel d n h u for ic o h f t in w finally nmen I have enviro ghts. e f a h t s y ou It’s a ing m r a h s about

Maryam AlAsousi – Student, Kuwait University I first visited The Divan when they were discussing the Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. While it was a great discussion, what surprised me most was that most people around me despite being from varying cultures had one thing in common – intelligence and tolerance.


ALDO Makes a Digital Move @ALDOMOVESME Global Campaign

Marian D’Lima - Musaad Mutairi - Dana Al Tuwarish.


ALDO, the international fashion footwear and accessories brand takes its visual identity through a unique creative direction this fall.

The campaign will be live across all the brand touch points, especially online through the #ALDOMOVESME social media program.

The @ALDOMOVESME campaign is an innovative campaign that contextualizes footwear and accessories within fashion, building inspirational looks that allow consumers to get inspired to develop their own personal style.

Involving top fashion photographer Mikael Jansson and stylist Alex White, this campaign is expected to create engaging content that moves consumers to create looks for themselves.

Get Comfortable with TOM TAILOR The Every Wear You Go Fall/Winter Collection 2016

Casual functionality at its best

Casual functionality and smart details would be a good way to describe the TOM TAILOR 2016 Fall/ Winter Collection. Be it dressing for a windy walk through nature, classic-stylish day in the office, a comfortable evening at home or modern-chic look for dinner ; the collection has a vast variety of looks that you can get comfortable in. Women can stay warm in feminine blouse with casual pants, warm poncho with stripes and

oversized scarves. Thick knits and soft wool coats are must-haves for the season. For men gray denim with used effects and turtleneck sweaters with cable patterns are an easy go-to option. Water repellent outdoor jackets and vests, bomber and biker jackets or warm medium length wool coats make for comfortable moments in winter. This winter don’t just look good, feel good!


Everything Asian under One Roof OVO Bar Now Open in Salmiya

OVO Bar, the newest Pan-Asian restaurant in town


OVO Bar, the Pan-Asian restaurant chain opened its first branch in Kuwait earlier last month. The restaurant which is located at Byblos Complex, Baghdad Street, Salmiya, offers Japanese, Chinese and Thai food all under one roof. Celebrities like Australian model Lexy Stevens and Leo from Dubai stopped by for a taste on the opening night.

U.S. Angus tenderloin, Al Youm Saudi Chicken and Blue Fin tuna they sure seem to be living up to their claim.

The restaurant promises all its patrons delicious food made only from the finest ingredients. With

You can follow OVO Bar @ovobar ( Instagram) and @OVO bar ( Facebook).

Carefully selected music, outstanding service, fine dĂŠcor and scrumptious meals make this restaurant a feast for both the eyes and the taste buds.

Experience Adventure Take the Path Less Traveled Adventure Travel in the recent past has become hugely popular mostly because it offers people a path to self-exploration, cultural immersion and an education in humility and spirituality.

Adventure starts at the edge of your seat.

The demand for alternative travel has seen a drastic increase with travelers wanting a different kind of experience. These facts led eighty% a socially driven sports management company to create the first all-inclusive adventure exhibition that debuted at Marina Waves on 1st and 2nd November. This will mark the start of an annual event where adventure lovers, adrenaline seekers and those who are curious about the path untaken can get together; learn more about adventure travel, book their next adventure trip, purchase the latest travel and adventure products and most importantly be able to share their travel experiences with each other. The Adventure Travel Exhibition organized by eighty% connected travelers on three main grounds - service providers, product providers and workshops and talks. The core purpose of this all-inclusive adventure exhibition was to bring together the best local and regional adventure trip providers in one place. This year the exhibition hosted eight adventure outfitters, showcased 60+ custom adventure trips, catering to more than 2000+ adventure travelers. In case you missed this blockbuster event, Studentalk brings you all the essential details on the adventure outfitters that stand synonymous with alternative traveling:


Rahhallah: They are an adventure travel company that operates out of Dubai and Kuwait. Specializing in trips that help you explore our beautiful planet in a responsible way, they are best known for their exceptional customer service and life changing experiences. They engage with destinations in a sustainable way by working to preserve the culture, ecosystems and benefitting the local communities. Rahhalah offers sustainable adventure travel itineraries for adventure seekers of all kind with varying levels of activities. Husaak: Best described as a group of thirsty explorers looking to expand their horizon with international expeditions that take them to unchartered destinations where others have feared to go in the past. As a part of the growing adventure travel society, they specialize in the lesser known destinations. Some itineraries will be right in your backyard while others may take you to the farthest corners of our planet. Making travel accessible to everyone be it rich or poor, young or old; all you need to travel with Husaak, is a desire to explore the world. With regular weekend trips in the Arabian Peninsula, between the Sultanate of Oman and UAE, they also host four major expeditions a year to Tanzania, Alaska, the Arctic and Mongolia. For Husaak, the prospect is big, and the planet is lonely!

OX Adventure: The program was initiated by Kuwaiti youth in August 2013, the first project under their name was completed in December 2013 in India. The organization focuses on globalizing the youth through volunteer work, travel, stepping out of typical comfort zone and educating them on global and local issues that need attention and support. The trips have developed into an accredited internship program in several universities in Kuwait. The organization is funded through sponsorships and volunteers who pay their own way to assist during the projects. Nomad+: This is an adventure travel entity that offers unique trips to unusual destinations around the world. Their small-group and unconventional trips focus on experiences that embrace the history, culture, landscape and cuisine of these destinations, with the element of adventure embedded throughout the trip.


LOYAC This is a youth empowerment organization dedicated to the overall development of the youth via personal & professional programs and community outreach. Their programs provide the youth with international volunteering opportunities mainly in countries like Kenya, India, Jordan and Lebanon. Wanderlust & Co.: A simple couple that loves to travel to new destinations and experience new cultures. They believe that the new way of traveling is leaving behind your comfort zone and getting your feet wet. Wanderlust & Co. was established to share this new way of traveling with people so that they can enrich their cultural depth.

Blancbena: This outfit offers a truly nomadic experience. They offer tours on shoestring budgets. With walking & backpacking adventures in countries that don’t require lengthy visa procedures. Freespirit Travel: They specialize in offering adventure/youth trips to New Zealand.

Experience Adventure is an annual event organized by eighty%, a socially driven sports management company that aims to elevate the quality of sporting events in the country as well as generate a positive social impact through their events.


percent "Collaborating for a change"

Stylish and Powerful Conquer the Road with the All-New 2017 Honda Accord Alghanim Motors recently launched the all-new 2017 Honda Accord Sedan. Stylish and sophisticated this car is all about attitude. With its athletic exterior defined by sleek curves, fine bodylines, aerodynamic shape and style, luxurious interiors and fantastic color options this sedan is an easy choice.

The All-New Honda Accord 2017

Features like Collision Mitigation Braking System that brings the vehicle to a complete stop when it detects a possibility of collision, Adaptive Cruise Control and Road Departure Mitigation System that helps you keep the car on the road safely, makes this machine something meant for those who deem safety to be as important as design. The 2017 Accord sedan was officially launched by Alghanim Motors at The Grand Avenues on Friday, October 7th 2016. The event was attended


by representatives of Honda and car lovers from all over Kuwait and was made extra special with a choreographed drum band performance emblematic to the car’s stunning designs and bold features. This award winning sedan is sure to be a top choice for people who really appreciate and understand good cars. For a test drive visit the Honda Alghanim showroom from 9:30 AM to 10:00 PM, Saturday through Friday.

‫اختيارك لشركة أزال لوساطة التأمين يعني تمتعك بخبرة تزيد عن ‪30‬‬ ‫عاما في مجال التأمين‪ ،‬حيث إن هناك خبراء متمرسين يتولون عنك‬ ‫التفاوض مع كبرى شركات التأمين للحصول على أفضل العروض‬ ‫التأمينية‪ ،‬باالضافة الى توفير جهدك ومالك ووقتك‪ ،‬فنحن ال نترك لك‬ ‫إال صناعة القرار لتختار أنسب الباقات التأمينية مع ضمان السرعة في‬ ‫اإلجراءات والدقة في اإلنجاز‪ ،‬كذلك تصميم وثيقة التأمين بما يتناسب‬ ‫مع طبيعة المخاطر التي تود تغطيتها بينما تتمتع بباقات تأمينية‬ ‫متنوعة تفي باحتياجاتك وترتقي لمستوى توقعاتك‪ .‬وفي الوقت نفسه‬ ‫تضمن السرية التامة للمعلومات والبيانات‪ .‬ببساطة… خدمات تأمينية‬ ‫بتكلفة اقتصادية‪.‬‬ ‫التأمين الشامل‪:‬‬ ‫يقدم هذا النوع من التأمين حماية عالية‪ ،‬حيث يشعر المؤمن له‬ ‫بالحماية على سيارته حتى إن تسبب هو بالحادث‪ ،‬وبالتالي قد يتفادى‬ ‫دفع مبالغ طائلة في إصالحها‪ .‬وهذا التأمين يغطي العديد من أنواع‬ ‫المخاطر فهو ال يقتصر على حوادث السيارات‪ ،‬واألضرار التي تتعرض‬ ‫لها السيارة المؤمن عليها نتيجة الحادث‪ ،‬وال تقتصر على خسائر وأضرار‬ ‫يعوض عن‬ ‫محددة‪ ،‬بل إنه بحسب شروط الوثيقة واستثناءاتها قد ِّ‬ ‫الخسائر الناتجة عن بعض الكوارث الطبيعية عدا العواصف الرملية‬ ‫ويعوض عن الخسائر الناتجة عن تعرض المركبة للسرقة ً إضافة إلى‬ ‫الخسارة الناتجة عن الحريق‪ .‬كما أنه قد يوفر تغطيات إضافية اختيارية‬

‫تمنح عددا ً من المزايا التي ال تتوفر في برامج التأمين المشــابهة‪،‬‬ ‫ويعفــى المؤمــن لــه مــن دفــع مبلغ التحمل بشــرط وجود طرف ثالث في‬ ‫الحادث وأن يكون الطرف الثالث مســئوال عن الحادث بنســبة ‪.%100‬‬ ‫التأمين ضد الغير (إلزامي)‬ ‫إن التأمين على السيارة ضد الغير يجعلك تشعر باألمان من الخسارة‪،‬‬ ‫فالمؤمن له يشعر بأن أي أضرار يسببها للغير ستكون مغطاة ومحمية‬ ‫بموجب وثيقة التأمين‪ ،‬وبذلك يختفي الشعور بالقلق حيث يتم‬ ‫التعويض عن الحوادث غير المقصودة التي يتسبب بها المؤمن له‬ ‫لآلخرين‪ ،‬وبالتالي فإن التأمين يقوم بحمايته من دفع مبالغ قد تكون‬ ‫باهظة في بعض األحيان‪ ،‬فالقيادة بشكل عام تحتاج الى هدوء بال‬ ‫وطمانينة وذلك ال يعني بأي حال من األحوال اإلهمال والتسبب في‬ ‫الحوادث‪ .‬كما أن قيمة هذا النوع من التأمين بسيطة نسبيا‪ ،‬وال تعتبر‬ ‫من المبالغ التي ترهق كاهل مالك السيارة قياسا الى الحماية التي‬ ‫تقدمها والمخاطر التي تغطيها‪.‬‬ ‫يغطي التأمين اإللزامي أي مستحقات يكون المؤمن له مسئوال قانونيًا‬ ‫عنها فيما يتعلق بالوفاة أو اإلصابة الجسدية ألي شخص بما في ذلك‬ ‫ركاب السيارة (باستثناء مالك السيارة أو السائق)‪ ،‬والضرر الذي يلحق‬ ‫بممتلكات الغير (باستثناء الممتلكات العائدة لمالك السيارة أو للسائق‬ ‫وقت وقوع الحادث)‪.‬‬


‫شركات وساطة التأمين‬ ‫التأمين بين يديك‬

‫إن أعداد المركبات في بالدنا في ازدياد ّ‬ ‫مطرد أدى إلى ازدحام الطرقات وإلى الزيادة في حوادث السير بشكل ملحوظ‪،‬‬ ‫ويترتب على ذلك خسائر مادية تنتج عن مصاريف ونفقات العالج باإلضافة الى مصاريف إصالح السيارات المتضررة‪ ،‬لهذا فإن‬ ‫وثيقة التأمين على السيارات تمثل الحل األمثل لتقليل الخسائر والحد منها‪.‬‬ ‫إن التأمين على السيارة هو عقد خطي بين طرفين األول يدعى المؤمن (شركة التأمين) والثاني المؤمن له (مالك السيارة)‪،‬‬ ‫وبموجب هذا العقد يلتزم المؤمن بجبر الضرر وتعويض المؤمن له عن األضرار التي تحصل لسيارته حسب ما يغطيه العقد‬ ‫من أضرار‪ ،‬وذلك مقابل مبلغ مالي يدفعه المؤمن له حسب ما يتفق عليه الطرفان‪.‬‬


Grooming The Making of a Beard... Grow, Groom and Go!

November is upon us! And while Movember traditionally was all about growing healthy moustaches, the definition over time has evolved to be more inclusive of all facial hair. This month we bring you four key products that will help grow and maintain that beard from root to tip.


1. Nature Made Fish Oil and Omega 3 supply: The fatty acids in the fish oil help invigorate your skin, keeping it healthy. The result, a better beard! The Nature Made fish oil supply comes from deep ocean waters, not farm-raised fish, keeping the supplements as natural as possible.

2.All-Purpose Gillette Styler: This all purpose trimmer, shaver and edger will make sure you don’t just grow a beard but are able to style it too. Because come on‌ one of things that separate the apes from the gentlemen is a well groomed beard!

3.81T Beard and Moustache Comb: The Kent Brushes beard and moustache comb is a specialist comb ideal for grooming facial hair. 7cm long, this comb makes the perfect pocket accompaniment for grooming on the move or to fit in your wash bag.

4.Beardbrand utility balm: While a Utility balm works similar to beard oil, it is meant for longer beards. The Beardbrand utility balm is good for healthy beard to body care. It keeps your beard velvety soft and hydrated, and your skin moisturized and healthy.

Gadgets Ground-Breaking Huawei P9 now Catwalk-Ready Huawei Consumer Business Group has announced that its award-winning flagship smartphone, the Huawei P9, is now available in two new colors: Red and Blue. Inspired by the dramatic and colorful world of the Pop Art movement, these vibrant colors also reflect the passion and glamour of the fashion world. The stunning result is a beautifully-designed phone, packed with impressive features.

Huawei P9 key features •The 5.2 inch full HD display included in the P9 uses the Hollywood movie color gamut, allowing the display to cover 96 percent of the color spectrum. •The dual-lens 12MP camera features RGB and BW sensors, as well as laser-assisted focus. This makes the camera 200 percent more sensitive than predecessors and allows it to provide 300 percent more detail. •The P9 is powered by Huawei’s latest Kirin 955 chipset, which is based on the TSMC 16nm FinFET Plus chip technology. CPU performance is 100 percent faster than the P8 and 3D graphics are improved by 125 percent. •Running Android Marshmallow 6.0, the P9 uses the Huawei Emotion UI 4.1 interface, adding hundreds of user experience tweaks and improvements.

•The P9 supports the latest reversible USB Type-C Connector technology. Efficient Conferencing The P9 features “Super Hands-Free 3.0” technology, which enables hands-free operation of the phone in a variety of locations. Whether you’re in the car, a conference room or at a crowded party, users can enjoy clear conversations from up to three meters away. With a 120-degree range of audiopick up and directional noise reduction, conference calls are crisper and clearer than ever before, no matter where they take place. Globally Connected The P9 has built-in dual-SIM, dual-standby and dual-connectivity support. It supports 33 mainstream frequencies in more than 100 countries, LTE (Cat 6) and connectivity speeds of up to 300Mbps, making the P9 a true global smartphone for frequent travelers.


Skincare is for Everyone! Contributed by Yaquta Hafiz,Yaxmax Beauty Consultants

Cleanse, tone and moisturize for healthier skin

Whether you are someone who likes to wear make-up or even if you prefer keeping it natural, skin care is important for everyone. Be it foundations, glosses or dust and dirt our skin is constantly under a layer of foreign particles. To combat this, we bring to you a small five minute routine that will keep your skin healthier.


Step 1 - Cleaning: Use a face wash that matches your skin type. For dry skin: Ideally use something with cucumber extracts, as these keep your skin hydrated. Also, avoid using hot water to wash your face. For normal skin: People with normal skin can use the same routine as people with dry skin. It’s all good as long as your skin is kept hydrated. For oily skin: Use foam based face wash, as this helps keep the excess oil out.

For normal skin: Use refreshing toners during summer and hydrating toners during winter.

Step 2 – Toning: Now that your face is clean, you need to use a hydrating toner to close any pores that the face wash may have opened up. Toners also help soothe and smoothen your skin. For dry skin: Stay away from toners that have ethanol in it.

If you are about to apply makeup, use a moisturizer before you apply foundation. Your primer is not a moisturizer, it only helps your makeup last longer.

For oily skin: Use toners with AHAs and salicylic acid content in it. Step 3 – Moisturizing: The final step in skin care is also the most important one. Whether you are going to bed at night or getting ready to head out; do not miss this step.

The key to healthy skin is to make this routine a habit. Remember beautiful skin does not happen by accident!

Get your Asanas right! Going the Yoga way...

Lately yoga has been gaining worldwide popularity with more and more people making it a part of their fitness regime. The most popular routine in Yoga is the Surya Namaskar or sun salutation. No yoga class is complete without this routine and if you do it correctly, this in itself is a complete exercise that works our all your muscle groups from top to toe. People who regularly practice yoga or those who are planning to explore it, getting your Surya Namaskar right is good starting point. It not only helps you stretch various muscles but it also helps you regulate your breathing.


1. Pranamasana or Prayer pose Stand at the edge of your mat. Feet together, hands together and body weight balanced equally on both feet. Breathe in.

7. Bhujangasana or Cobra pose Slide forward and raise the chest up into the Cobra posture. You may keep your elbows bent in this pose, shoulders away from ears. Look up.

2. Hastauttanasana or Raised Arms pose Lift your arms up, arch your back and stretch your body from heels to finger tips. Breathe out.

8. Parvatasana or Mountain pose Breathing out, lift the hips and the tail bone up, chest downwards in an ‘inverted V’ (/\) posture.

3. Hasta Padasana or Hand to Foot pose While breathing out, bend forward with your spine erect. As you exhale completely, bring your hands down to the floor, beside the feet.

9. Ashwa Sanchalanasana or Equestrian pose Breathing in, bring the right foot forward in between the two hands, left knee down to the floor, press the hips down and look up.

4. Ashwa Sanchalanasana or Equestrian pose While breathing in, push your right leg back, bring the right knee to the floor and look up.

10. Hasta Padasana or Hand to Foot pose Breathing out, bring the left foot forward, palms on the floor. You can bend your knees, if you need to.

5. Dandasana or Stick pose As you breathe in, take the left leg back and bring the whole body in a straight line.

11. Hastauttanasana or Raised Arms pose Breathing in, roll the spine up, hands up and arch backwards, pushing the hips slightly outward.

6. Ashtanga Namaskara or Salute with Eight Parts pose Gently bring your knees down to the floor and exhale. Rest your chest and chin on the floor.

12. Pranamasana As you exhale, first straighten the body, bring your arms down and relax.


A Thing or Two about Prostate Cancer Contributed by Arwa Husain According to the latest report of Kuwait Registry, prostate cancer ranks first among cancers affecting men in Kuwait. About 58 fatalities are caused due to prostate cancer; however prostate cancer can be cured in 99 percent of the cases if detected in the initial stage. Even in the third stage, the cure rate for prostate cancer is about 30 percent.

The best way of fighting this cancer is through awareness and early detection. The men’s health movement that aims to serve both these purposes is also more popularly known as Movember. This month we join the movement and by bring to you ways in which prostate cancer can detected or altogether prevented. Here are some symptoms that can help you detect prostate cancer; as the cancer grows in the prostate gland, it can cause various localized and related symptoms, including: • Difficulty urinating • Urine flow that’s weak or suddenly gets interrupted • Increased urination frequency, particularly at night • Difficulty emptying the bladder completely • Uneasy sensation during urination • Urine or semen that contains blood On an average 1.10% of the deaths caused in Kuwait are due to prostate cancer, hence prevention is always better than cure.


Here are some tips by Mayo Clinic, USA that will help in the prevention of this cancer: 1. Choose a healthy diet: Choosing a healthy diet that’s low in fat and full of fruits and vegetables can contribute to a lower risk of prostate cancer. If you want to reduce your risk of prostate cancer, consider trying to: a. Choose a low-fat diet b. Eat more fat from plants than from animals c. Eat fish d. Reduce the amount of dairy products you eat each day 2. Maintain a healthy weight: Men who are obese — a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or higher — may have an increased risk of prostate cancer. If you are overweight or obese, work on losing the extra kilograms. 3. Exercise most days of the week: Studies of exercise and prostate cancer risk have mostly shown that men who exercise may have a reduced risk of prostate cancer. Aim for 30 minutes of exercise most days of the week. This November join the movement, stay fit!

Fahad Al Musallam Conquers the Desert! Wins First Place at the Dubai Desert Championship

Photo credits to Waynegrayphoto

Fahad Al Musallam finished first at the Dubai Desert Championship (DDC), a grass-roots level championship that promotes the discipline of desert rallying. The DDC is also considered to be the ‘stepping stone’ towards the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge, UAE’s international Cross Country Rally. Fahad participated in the 120 kilometers race in the open desert with each lap measuring approximately 24 kilometers. “This was my first win of the season and my first time ever to finish at the podium in UAE therefore this victory is doubly special to me. This particular event was a tough one and I can’t deny that I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge,” said Fahad while talking about his win. “The race usually starts from the second lap. In the first lap, which also happens to be the toughest, competitors tend to stay together and test the course. Once the sand dunes are explored the racers begin to pump it up. Thankfully I managed to push hard throughout the race”, said Fahad about his racing experience at Al Lisaily, Dubai. Fahad also conveyed his gratitude to Al Mal Investment, Quest Nutrition, Takharoj and Kuwait Motorsports Club for their massive support. To stay up to date with all racing activities with visit


Engines Roar on Sand and Water "

"Red Bull Bar Bahr Championship on November 11


Land and water motorsports are different in many ways, mainly the nature of the track consisting of solid ground in the first type and water in the second. In addition to the vehicles and the way they are driven on each track. “Red Bull Bar Bahr” which returns to Kuwait for the second time on November 11, on Marina Beach in Salmiya combines the two in a relay race with competitors racing simultaneously on Quad bikes and their teammates on Jet Skis: The race will be preceded by qualifying rounds on November 10 to select the finalists. The level of thrill and adrenaline will double for speed and adventure lovers who can witness the final event on Friday, November 11th, at 2:30 PM. A relay Race: 24 teams will be vying for “Red Bull Bar Bahr” title, with each team consisting of a quad bike racer and a Jet Ski driver. At the start of the race the first team members will race off with a quad bike on the sand track. At the end of the land track, the driver will hop off his bike and run to his teammate to hand him/her the key to the Jet Ski. The second team mate then has to set off towards the finish line. The land racing track consists of a track designed to bring out the racers’ driving skills, and includes curves of medium and sharp edges, bumps, and sand barriers, driving the event to more exciting levels. Buoys, however, delimit the water track, and particular maneuvers will be required for this kind of competition, including double or

triple turnovers and other challenges that will in turn add more excitement to the race. The event is organized by Basel Salem Al-Sabah Motorsport Club and will be held under the sponsorship of Nissan Al-Babtain, Public Authority for Youth and Sports, Kawasaki, GoPro, Acqua Eva, Marina Mall, Al Anbaa Newspaper, Kuwait Times Newspaper, and Studentalk Magazine. Rules of engagement: In order to participate in the championship, each quad bike competitor must possess a driving license and own a quad bike. Participants in the Jet Ski category should have a license from the Marine Sports Club of Kuwait. The tracks: The preparation of the “Red Bull Bar Bahr” Championship land track on Marina Beach will require five days of continuous work, stretching from midnight until 9:00 am. The track has been designed by Red Bull athlete Mohammad Al Balooshi will require up to eighty trucks of sand in its creation. A large bulldozer will be strewing sand on the track site and delimiting its borders while a smaller bulldozer will add the delicate details. The track will be leveled by a roller for four days to render it suitable for the race. The track requires large quantities of water to maintain a perfect racing surface (read six tanks per day), plus two vehicles to pave the road on a daily basis.


Mohammad Al Blooshi

Mohammad Jaffar

Mohammad Burbayea

History: The “Red Bull Bar Bahr” Championship was held for the first in 2014. This extraordinary event was new to both Kuwait and the Middle East at the time, bringing together the motorsport disciplines of Quad biking and Jet Skiing. The championship was won by Mohammad Al Khulaifi (on Quad) and Mohammad Burbayea (on Jet Ski). Motorsports experts to supervise the race: A committee of motorsports experts will oversee the smooth running both of the qualifying and the final rounds. The committee consists of motorsport stars and Red Bull athletes, UAE national Mohammad Al Blooshi, Kuwaiti national Mohammad Jaffar, and Kuwaiti Mohammad Burbayea who won the championship during the first season in 2014. The purpose of the technical committee is to supervise the “Red Bull Bar Bahr” competitions, especially the participants’ adherence to race rules and regulations. The race committee members Mohammad Al Blooshi: Mohammed Al Balooshi always knew he was destined for something great. Although he started riding at the late age of 20 (the average age to start riding is seven), Balooshi was determined to train twice as hard in order to reach his goals. It took him three years of intense training to be able to enter his first competition. In Balooshi’s own words, 2009 was the year of his success, and was a big step forward towards his dream of riding with the world’s greatest motocross riders. Mohammad Jaffar: Kuwaiti Red Bull athlete Mohammad Jaffar is famous for being specialized in motorbike races in the ‘Motocross’ category. He started his racing career in 2007, and soon the sport became an integral part of his life, more so after he won his first continental championship in the United Arab Emirates in 2011. Mohammad Jaffar is one of the best Motocross racers in the Middle East. The 28-year-old is well on his way to achieving international fame. Besides supervising the race, Bou Hamad, as his friends call him, will also be involved in the preparation of Quad bike racing track and promises a competition full of thrill and challenge. Mohammad Burbayea: Kuwaiti 2014 “Red Bull Bar Bahr” Champion Mohammad Burbayea will be in charge of the Jet Ski category. The Champ, as his friends call him, does not hold this title by chance; he has scored many victories in the Jet Ski discipline starting from his first participation at the age of 16. Burbayea is the first Jet Ski champion in Kuwait and the second internationally. He holds 28 titles, including 19 world championships. 27-year-old Burbayea, the top Kuwaiti athlete in 2015, encourages the competitors on the 11th of November. In the words of the famous racer Dale Earnhardt: “Finishing races is important, but racing is more important”. 2016 “Red Bull Bar Bahr” Championship Category: Quad bikes and Jet Ski Location: Marina Beach Qualifier: Thursday, November 10th, 2016 Final: Friday, November 11th, 2016 – at 2:30 PM Number of teams in the finals: 24 For participation, call: 67765544 or visit


21 Years and Going Strong! Tissot and UCI Further Extend Partnership

Tissot-UCI partnership strong as ever

The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) and Swiss watchmaker Tissot recently announced the extension of their partnership by 4 years (2017-2020). The latest agreement makes Tissot the first “World Cycling Partner” in the history of the UCI. Alongside this, Tissot remains the exclusive Official Timekeeper of the UCI for the totality of its events and disciplines.

becoming not only the Official Timekeeper but also the first “UCI World Cycling Partner”. Our values of precision and innovation have allowed us to stay at the top of the game and to gain the trust of UCI. For us this title proves it. We hope it will give our partners and customers another reason to be proud of Tissot.”

François Thiébaud, President of Tissot commented: “We are reinforcing our commitment to the UCI by

The agreement ensures that the Tissot – UCI partnership will last for at least a quarter of a century.


Book Review A Monster Calls Contributed by Rana Modak, Member - Kuwait Bibliophiles When I first picked the book ‘A Monster Calls’ I was expecting a cute story of a brave boy who goes on a daring adventure when a ferocious monster comes knocking. Not quite!

Our young protagonist, Connor is not frightened of the ancient earth monster waiting at his window, because frankly he’s seen worse. Connor and his mother are facing a very real horror called ‘Cancer’ and so the monsters lurking in the shadows don’t really bother them. Our towering, not-so-scary monster is here to tell Connor some stories. They’re frustrating well-told stories that show life isn’t fair and that the innocent maiden doesn’t always get rescued. In return the monster wants the truth. The truth of what happens in Connor’s real nightmares. A truth that Connor will never tell a living soul! This exchange of stories between the monster and Connor, in my opinion is the most enjoyable aspect of the book. During the days when the monster sleeps we go to school with Connor, where his teachers treat him like he’s made of glass. In school, Connor is mostly defined by gossip and therefore feels invisible, a situation that


a lot of the readers will be able to identify with. The author has beautifully penned down the feeling of wanting to feel normal, an emotion that some of us long for and that most of us take for granted. What about Connor’s truth? All I can say is, it’s pretty bad, but also pretty relatable. What I loved about Connor’s character is that it’s very realistic. His struggle, the wanting to forget it all and the guilt that goes with it, is a very natural human tendency. ‘A Monster Calls’ is the story of a monster telling a boy that it is okay to be human. Verdict: I love the book simply because it isn’t an escape from reality; in fact it is quite the opposite. It is a monster knocking on the window telling you that life isn’t always fair and that it’s okay to be human. Happy Reading!


sri lanka

!‫ﺷﺎﺭﻙ ﻓﻲ ﺃﻣﺘﻊ ﻣﺨﻴﻢ ﻟﻠﺮﻳﺎﺩﺓ ﻓﻲ ﺳﺮﻳﻼﻧﻜﺎ‬

Embark on the most exhilarating leadership camp in sri lanka! Youth Enrichment Camp ‫ﺑﺮﻧﺎﻣﺞ ﺍﻟﺘﻤﻜﻴﻦ ﺍﻟﺸﺒﺎﺑﻲ‬ 26 december - 1 january ‫ ﻳﻨﺎﻳﺮ‬١ - ‫ ﺩﻳﺴﻤﺒﺮ‬٢٦ high school students ‫ﻟﻄﻼﺏ ﺍﻟﻤﺮﺣﻠﺔ ﺍﻟﺜﺎﻧﻮﻳﺔ‬

Top 10 English Songs


1 3 5 7 9

Closer – The Chainsmokers featuring Halsey

Starboy - The Weeknd Featuring Daft Punk

Heathens twenty one pilots

Let me love you – DJ Snake featuring Justin Bieber

24K Magic Bruno Mars

Broccoli - D.R.A.M. Featuring Lil Yachty

Cold Water – Major Lazor feat Justin Bieber & MO

Treat you better Shawn Mendes

Cheap Thrills – Sia featuring Sean Paul

Side To Side - Ariana Grande Featuring Nicki Minaj

2 4 6 8 10

‫أفضل ‪ 10‬أغاني عربية‬


‫‪1‬‬ ‫‪3‬‬ ‫‪5‬‬ ‫‪7‬‬ ‫‪9‬‬

‫شفتك اتلخبطت‬ ‫راغب عالمة‬

‫مثل النسيم‬ ‫نوال الكويتية‬

‫هأل تفأتي‬ ‫وائل كفوري‬

‫طرتي عليتي‬ ‫فهد الكبيسي‬

‫هوانا‬ ‫وليد سلطان‬

‫حمال أسية‬ ‫أحالم‬

‫ندمانة‬ ‫سعد المجرد‬

‫سهرنا يا ليل‬

‫سبع تراويح‬ ‫مايا دياب‬


‫كشف المحبة‬ ‫محمد الشحي‬

‫‪2‬‬ ‫‪4‬‬ ‫‪6‬‬ ‫‪8‬‬ ‫‪10‬‬

Celebrity News Relationship Goals

Orlando Bloom showers Katy Perry with Flowers from Halfway around the World

Baby's big debut!

The Beginning of a Journey…

Megan Fox took to Instagram to share the very first photo of her new born, baby boy Journey River Green. This bundle of joy was born on Aug.4 in Los Angles to The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles star and Brian Austin Green. The actor decided to post this photo without any caption because clearly it’s too cute for words! Fox and Green are also parents to 3-year-old son Noah and 2-year-old son Bodhi. Welcome to Hollywood little one!

Photocredits - Katy Perry (32) celebrated her birthday on 25th October while actor boyfriend Orlando Bloom was shooting for his upcoming action-thriller in China, Bloom was upset that he couldn’t celebrate her birthday so he sent across dozens of flowers all the way from China to wish his lady love. Now that is some commitment! Aw, the feels. We hope that when the actor gets back from shooting the two of them are going to be able to spend a more time together. Obviously we can’t wait to see some adorable new pictures of the pair together!


Photocredit - NextStories

‫أخبار المشاهير‬ ‫نوال الزغبي تستبدل مدير أعمالها‬ ‫بشقيقها!‬ ‫أانفصلت الفنانة نوال الزغبي عن مدير أعمالها باسكال مغامس‬ ‫بشكل مفاجئ‪ ،‬وتم الكشف عن الموضوع من خالل تغريدة نشرها‬ ‫األخير عبر حسابه على تويتر أشار فيها إلى أنه لم يعد يدير أعمال نوال‬ ‫وتمنى لها التوفيق‪ .‬ومن جهتها نشرت نوال تغريدة نفت فيها وجود‬ ‫أي خالف مع مدير أعمالها السابق‪ ،‬مشددة على أن انفصالهما مهني‬ ‫فقط‪ ،‬وكتبت‪« :‬‏االنفصال المهني بيني وبين الصديق باسكال مغامس‬ ‫ال يعني خالفًا وال أسمح ألحد أن يتعاطى مع األمر بما ال يليق بنا جميعًا»‪.‬‬ ‫وع ّينت نوال شقيقها مارسيل ليكون مسؤوالً عن إدارة أعمالها كما عن‬ ‫إدارة أعمال الفنان وائل جسار‪ ،‬وع ّلق شقيقها على الموضوع قائ ً‬ ‫ال‪« :‬بين‬ ‫األخت وشقيقها ال يوجد شيء اسمه مفاوضات واتفاقات‪ .‬أنا أفدي أختي‬ ‫بروحي‪ .‬ما حصل بينها وبين باسكال‪ ،‬ال يمكنني ان أتحدث عنه مطلقًا‪،‬‬ ‫ألنني في األساس ال أعرف شيئًا عنه وال يحق لي أن أتدخل»‪.‬‬

‫النجمة الكويتية شمس‪:‬‬ ‫“زهقانة مليت” من الماليين‬ ‫أطلقت النجمة الكويتية شمس أغنية منفردة بعنوان «زهقانة‬ ‫مليت» من كلمات عدنان األمير وألحان علي صابر‪ ،‬وتدور قصة‬ ‫الكليب حول الفتاة العربية المسجونة بأمر العادات والتقاليد‬ ‫وتقيم في القصر الذي يوجد فيه كل ما تتمنى ولكنها‬ ‫بالنهاية مسجونة وحلمها الخروج من هذا القصر لتعيش حياة‬ ‫طبيعية كسائر الفتيات‪ .‬تم تصوير الكليب على مدار ثالثة أيام‬ ‫في لبنان‪ ،‬واعتمدت شمس مالبس تحمل توقيع أهم العالمات‬ ‫التجارية العالمية والمصممين حول العالم‪ ،‬أما المجوهرات‬ ‫والتي تقدر قيمتها بالماليين فهي من أهم دور المجوهرات‪.‬‬


Artspace Gypsy it up What you’ll need: * Acrylic Paint (Black & White) * Wooden Board * Two Flat Brushes * Water Cup * Old Magazines * Scissors * Glue * Varnish Spray or Paint (Optional)

In this project, you will learn about the abstract art of collage making, and again, as we always say, enjoy the freedom of the process, there is no right or wrong. This collage is a two hour project meant for beginners.


*Tip: If you are too excited to wait for the paint to dry, you can always use a hair dryer to do the job faster.

Step 1

Step 2

Start with a black & white design for the background. You can be as creative as you’d like here. We went with stripes, but you could do a checkered design instead or any other geometric forms you prefer.

After the paint has dried, draw two items in a cartoon like manner, again, your drawing doesn’t have to be proportional so don’t stress on it too much. In this sample, we drew a cup of coffee and a vase. If ever in doubt always go with the basics.


Step 3 Next, cut out bits of colorful old magazines or newspapers and glue them inside these shapes randomly. We used the basic white glue but you could use any adhesive you have available at hand.

Step 4 Once the design has been completed, add an outline using black paint.

Step 5 Once you are done with your masterpiece, spray it with Varnish. This will keep the paint protected making the art piece last longer.


Startup Kuwait Expands Further Dr. Redha Behbehani Unites Students in Kuwait under One Cause Dr. Redha Behbehani, Director of the Global Center (Kuwait University) restated Startup Kuwait, a non-profit initiative in collaboration with public and private sector organizations. This nonprofit consortium organized by Kuwait University includes eight universities that account for about 90% of the total college student population in Kuwait.

Startup Kuwait visits International Conference in Istanbul


Visit to Istanbul Technology University by Startup Kuwait Team and Officials The consortium includes Kuwait University, Public Authority for Applied Education & Training, Gulf University for Science & Technology, American University of Kuwait, Box Hill College Kuwait, Arab Open University, Australian College of Kuwait and Kuwait College for Science & Technology. A 2-4 members team from each college will be participating in the Startup Kuwait National Innovation & Entrepreneurship Challenge for fall 2016 and spring 2017 semesters. Earlier this year, Dr. Redha represented Startup Kuwait at the 7th Global Entrepreneurship Summit at Silicon Valley where Kuwait was recognized for its initiatives in supporting entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurial ecosystem. He was also invited to the Startup Istanbul international conference, which he attended along with his team. In a span of less than 9 months Startup Kuwait has been recognized locally, regionally and internationally, affirming the fact that they are contributing to the society and getting noticed in the process. Dr. Redha wants to further expand the Startup Kuwait initiative to include industry partners thus increasing the value proposition for the economy.


Finding Kuwait in the United Kingdom Students showcase Kuwait at the Bangor University Clubs & Societies fair Kuwaiti students - Ahmad Shabo, Abdullah Almahous, Mohammad Houtari and Abdulmuhsin Aljmi founded KSB (Kuwaiti Students in Bangor Club). The Club’s main purpose is to initiate new Kuwaiti students in to the university culture. They work towards making the move easier for new students by giving them information on UK rules and regulations and helping them integrate in their new environment. Recently the Club also participated in the University Clubs & Societies fair where they showcased Kuwaiti culture and helped people understand their home country better. “We want people to learn more about Kuwait. There are a lot of misconceptions about our country and we intend to fight those by educating both local and international students here,” said Abdullah Almahous, one of the Club’s founding members. The club members wore traditional Kuwaiti garbs to the fair and encouraged people to learn more about Kuwait – its people, culture and food with fun activities and delicious treats.


GUST Class of 2016 Graduates Completion of 11th Year of Successfully Educating the Youth GUST celebrated the Completion of the eleventh undergraduate and seventh graduate classes for the 2015-2016 academic year, at the outdoor amphitheater on campus. The ceremony was held under the Patronage of the Minister of Education and Higher Education, Dr. Bader Al Essa. Also in attendance were GUST Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Professor Salem Al Tuhaih, GUST President, Professor Donald Bates, along with GUST faculty, students and their families. Students Mohammad Ibrahim Al Kandari, Al Zain Hussain Al Jasmi, and Ali Akash Baha gave the valedictorian speeches. Dr. Bader Al Essa, Minister of Education and Higher Education said in speech, “Dear graduates, the days of studying are now over, and it’s time to prove that you are the pillars of this country’s future.” The night ended with a grand display of fireworks, and customized photo booths were available for students to capture these joyous moments with their families and friends.


ACK Hosts Internship Ceremony Dr. Redha Behbehani Unites Students in Kuwait under One Cause The School of Engineering at the Australian College of Kuwait (ACK) hosted its first Internship Ceremony to recognize 25 students who participated in a pilot “Spring/Summer internship Program�. Among the attendees were employers from diverse industries who supervised and coached the students over a six- week internship experience. The employers who hosted student interns included Kuwait Oil Company, Kuwait National Petroleum Company, the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters, Refrigeration Industries, Schlumberger, Kharafi National, Gulf Consult, Weatherford International, GOFSCO and Petroleum Coke Industries. The School of Engineering puts special emphasis on bridging the gap between academic learning and applied work experience; they want the students to develop necessary skills to attain professional success.


‫مؤتمر «قيادات عربية نسائية شابة‪:‬‬ ‫صوت المستقبل»‬ ‫ألول مرة في الكويت ‬

‫يحظى مؤتمر القيادات النسائية العربية الشابة بالكويت بدعم وتعاون كبير من وزارة الدولة لشئون الشباب والتي عملت‬ ‫منذ إنشائها على رعاية أكثر من ‪ 250‬مشروعًا ومبادرة ناجحة للشباب الكويتي‪ ،‬وتنمية قدرات رواد األعمال والمبادرين‬ ‫الشباب وتدريبهم في عدد من القطاعات والمجاالت والتعاون بشكل وثيق مع الجامعات الكويتية الرائدة من خالل مبادرات‬ ‫تعليمية متخصصة تستهدف معالجة القضايا اإلجتماعية التي تهم الشباب بشكل مباشر‪.‬‬

‫يفتتح المؤتمر الثامن للقيادات النسائية العربية الشابة والذي‬ ‫ينظمه المنتدى العربي الدولي للمرأة ‪ AIWF‬بالتعاون مع‬ ‫فريق عمل شركة ابتكار لإلستشارات اإلستراتيجية والدكتورة‬ ‫العنود الشارخ العضو الكويتي لمجلس ادارة المنتدى العربي‬ ‫الدولي للمرأة وممثلة الشابات الكويتيات لينا القدومي‬ ‫لمناقشة كيفية تشجيع النساء والشباب في قطاعات‬ ‫األعمال والحياه المهنية من خالل التعريف بسيدات األعمال‬ ‫في الكويت وتكريمهم‪ ،‬من أجل إلهام الجيل الجديد من‬ ‫القيادات النسائية الكويتية‪ ،‬وتشجيعهم على المساهمة‬ ‫في تنمية اإلقتصاد الوطني‪ ،‬والنمو اإلقتصادي في منطقة‬ ‫الشرق األوسط بشكل عام‪.‬‬ ‫بدأ المؤتمر فعالياته بحفل استقبال في المدرسة القبلية‬ ‫تقيمه لوياك وهي منظمة غير ربحية تأسست على أيدي‬ ‫نساء مؤمنات بقدرات الشباب والتي تتميز بتاريخ وخبرة‬ ‫في تطوير القيادات الشابة ترجمةً لرؤية لوياك المتمثلة‬ ‫في «شباب مستنير من أجل السالم والرخاء»‪.‬ويتضمن‬


‫الحفل عرض فني تقدمه أكادمية لوياك للفنون‪ .‬كما إختتم‬ ‫المؤتمر بمناقشة انعكاسات القيادة لدى القيادات النسائية‬ ‫الحالية في الكويت والمنطقة‪ ،‬والدعوة إلى مشاركة قصص‬ ‫نجاحاتهم‪ ،‬وتبادل التجارب والخبرات حول أفضل سبل‬ ‫التعامل مع تحديات ريادة األعمال بمشاركة نخبة من القيادات‬ ‫النسائية الشابة في المنطقة‪ ،‬وفي مقدمتهم ضيفة الشرف‬ ‫وكيل وزارة الشباب لشؤون الشباب في الكويت الشيخة‬ ‫الزين الصباح والرئيس التنفيذي لشركة كويت انرجي سارة‬ ‫اكبر‪ ،‬إضافة إلى عدد من المتحدثين من الكويت وهم رنا‬ ‫النيباري الرئيسة التنفيذية لمؤسسة إنجاز الكويت‪ ،‬وعضو‬ ‫مجلس إدارة صندوق المشروعات الصغيرة في الكويت هديل‬ ‫الشمري‪ .‬ويشهد المؤتمر أيضًا مشاركة احدى مؤسسات‬ ‫منتدى «نقاط» حصة الحميضي‪ ،‬ومؤسسة حملة نحن قادرات‬ ‫«‪ »weoritu‬في الكويت طيبة القطامي‪ ،‬ورئيسة فريق‬ ‫االتصاالت الشاملة في شركة البترول الكويتية شمايل الشارخ‬ ‫باالضافة الى كوكبة من القيادات النسائية الشابة من الخليج‬ ‫و الوطن العربي‪.‬‬


Taurus: Apr 21 -­ May 20

Aries Mar 21 - Apr 20 This is a month of some serious decisions for you. It’s time to stop procrastinating and doing what you know you have to do. You are determined, courageous, and full of enthusiasm! The groups you belong to can have much influence over you.

Libra: Sept 24 - Oct 23 Try to be conservative with your spending. Saving money now will allow you the peace of mind you are seeking. It’s time to get those finances under control and create a more peaceful and secure future.


Put your nose in a good book and study topics that you enjoy! Take it easy. Take care of your health problems as soon as they begin to bother you. You are changing in so many positive ways and the flow of the Universe supports you.

Gemini: May 21 ­— June 21

Cancer: June 22 - July 22

You can be too serious for your own good. Don’t get involved in problems that aren’t directly related to you. Take care of your own issues and stay away from other people’s problems or you may be dragged into more than you are bargaining for.

You can be one of the luckiest of the zodiac signs right now. What you once thought was impossible can become very real for you, especially in the area of true love and lasting relationships. When you are frustrated, get some extra exercise and keep yourself busy working on detailed projects that you enjoy.

Leo: July 23 - Aug 22

Ultra-passionate, sometimes you give of yourself to others Virgo: more than you Aug 23 - Sept 23 should. Situations regarding your November is going home and family to be a very nice take top priority right now. Someone month for you. Peace, serenity, tranquility, very important in your life needs your and justice come your advice and personal way. Be friendly and spend time with those attention. Let your loving heart lead the who are on the same mental/spiritual path way! as you are. Everyone can have fun and Scorpio Man learn a lot from each Be wary of the Scorpion’s sting. The Scorpio man is not a man to be trifled with. other. Remember, He is serious and sometimes stern, with little time for the non-essential and knowledge is power. unimportant. He seems to see the world only in black and white. Shades of gray Read, study, and grow. are too ambiguous and do not interest him.

Scorpio Women A Scorpio woman is the most mysterious of the twelve signs of the zodiac. She is exotic and magnetic, as deep as the sea and depending on her mood, as calm or as tempestuous. She is extraordinarily intuitive. She is in tune with the fundamental forces of life and nature and is moved by events of human experience. Pisces: Feb 20 - Mar 20

Scorpio: Oct 23 - Nov 22 November is your birthday month and a month of healing past karma. Choose your thoughts and actions wisely. The more you nurture what you truly love, the more you will receive in return.

Aquarius: Jan 21 - Feb 19 Sagittarius: Nov 23 - Dec 21

Capricorn: Dec 22 - Jan 20

You need a break, but you dislike boredom more than others. This is a great month to participate in charities or give your time to someone who needs you. You release negative karma and memories by doing good deeds for others.

Nurture the children in your life with love and understanding. If you don’t have any children of your own, give more to those around you who do have children. Great inner satisfaction starts when you spend time with those who really know how to love life.

Your career is highlighted and you are in the spotlight. What you once thought impossible can now become your reality. You can be and do anything you want to right now!

This is a great month for going places you’ve never been before. November will be a month of fun, adventure and higher learning for you Pisces. All legal matters will turn out in your favor. Important people will see your point of view. Justice is on your side!

The other side

Globetrotter Extraordinaire Neil F. Rickards, Box Hill College Kuwait.

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Having been in Kuwait for almost 26 years, his favorite thing about Kuwait is the sun, the sea and his domestic help, who he would like to take back with him to Australia.

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Being in education for almost 43 years now, Neil said if he wasn’t a teacher, he would have been a cat breeder.

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Studentalk #183 - November 2016  
Studentalk #183 - November 2016