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Dr. Dhari AlAbdulhadi Ph.D. Holder at the Age of 24 Sherifa AlKhulaifi Creating her own Destiny Taiba Al-Nassar Style on a budget

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letter Dear Students, Welcome Back! I surely hope you had a great summer vacation and you’re all re-energized to take the new academic year head-on. I know we ARE! :D surprised are you with the new look and feel of Studentalk? This is not your usual yearly revamp/facelift, but indeed it is a whole new direction and approach as Studentalk has become much more than a printed publication, it is now a world of its own. A world made from students to students. A world that encompasses print, online and social media. From now on, when we interview you, your word will have a far wider reach through our digital platforms and a long-lasting impact through print. Studentalk has evolved a lot in the last 16 year. It has diversified its platforms, changed its size, format and layout. But one thing has always remained at its very core - and YOUR VOICE. When students talk, the world should listen. Our future is in your hands, and that is not an easy burden to carry. Learn, acquire knowledge and skills, build values, create visions. We are entrusting you with a great legacy so you may become a legacy on your own merit. Good luck to you, our students, The future is yours,

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Dr. Dhari AlAbdulhadi

Photography: Nasser Ashour | Direction: Yousif Abdulsaid

Ph.D. Holder at the Age of 24

Dhari AlAbdulhadi, graduated high school at the age of 17, and completed his PhD by the age of 24. Today he is an economics professor at the Gulf University of Science and Technology. Dr. Dhari completed his Bachelors degree at Kuwait University before moving to Los Angeles to continue his Masters and PhD at Claremont Graduate University.


Tell us about your experience as a young university professor? I was working at the Capital Markets Authority, when the Dean of GUST called and asked me to come in and teach a class the following day. When I first walked into the classroom to teach, I was 24 years old. The class consisted of 60 female students. It was a shock at first, especially being so young. Until this day, That 4 years later, when I walk into a classroom on the first day, everyone thinks I am a student attending the class. When entering the university itself, the security believes I am a student attending the university. Even at graduation ceremonies, when faculty is called on stage and I am walking up, many try to hault me, believing I’m a student. However, once I start the class, everything just seems to fall into place and life goes on. What were you biggest challenges along the way? Trying to obtain a scholarship. When I was pursuing my higher education was extremely difficult. I attended the first two years at my own expense, and was eventually able to get the scholarship for the remaining two years. Finally, there was the challenge of actually finding a job, but thankfully, after applying, the first university to contact me was GUST and I have been happy ever since.

Do what you like, and don't think about the outcome

Educational Timeline: London Institute of Computer Science - 2001 AIS - 2005 KU - 2008 Claremont University (Masters & PhD) - 2012


Why did you choose to teach in a private university and not a public one? I believe GUST has a lively atmosphere, and the educational curriculum here is a strong one. There’s also the incentives. How is your relationship with your students? When I first started it was another story because I was close to their age and some were my age and even older. I kept it fairly professional while I am teaching them, but once the course is over or they graduate, I remove that limit. However, with students completing their MBA it’s different because of the age similarity. I treat them as friends, while maintaining a fine line between friendship and professionalism to ensure that students are motivated to complete the course and do not just breeze through. Today there is at least a 4 year age difference between myself and a majority of the students. it’s rare to come across students who are my age, which makes it easier to deal with them on a strictly professional level.


Although, being from the same generation provides me with an advantage to better understand what the students are thinking, how to make the content interesting to them, and providing the information and content to them in a relatable manner. I even know their techniques to get away with cheating, since I know all the tricks in the books. Who are your role models? No one specific. It’s more like a chunk of people and things. We know you’ve had several coding-related projects; did you always have a passion for it? I’ve had a passion for coding since middle school. Back then you could only learn coding in institutes. In 2001, when I was in high school, I got my coding diploma from the London Institute of Computer Science. I was torn between majoring in Economics or Computer Science/Coding in university, but I decided to pursue economics academically. I still pursued computer programming and coding as a hobby.

What were some of your projects? When I was in 11th grade. I opened Fantec, the first iPod solutions store in Kuwait. It expanded to three branches before I closed it when I left to the US to pursue my higher education. After that, I opened, Almoadala which was a fund management website trading in the Saudi Market. I also opened uBuy, which at the time was a local multivendor system website. I had a partner in each. Then I started ebay style an online auction website called Mazad in Saudi, however due to the lack of a payment gateway/infrastructure it wasn’t feasible to keep it open. Our original plan was to have a hub in the US and the UK and ship everything from there. We reverted back to the original plan for uBuy which took two years, because it was basically five projects in one. For example, integration with vendors, shipping, warehouse, customs etc… The project went live in the summer of 2015 and within the year we expanded throughout the GCC. That same year we also opened up in Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, and Jordan. Our next step was opening in emerging markets Turkey, Singapore, South Africa, and New Zealand. uBuy now offers 180 million products. How do you deal with failure? I see that the ratio of success is 1 out of 10. You have to understand that not everything will be a success. When I see a project not going well, I cut it. I don’t wait because it is not the right time for it. What are your plans for the future? I would like to expand uBuy into Russia, as well as having all retailers in the US and UK available, not only the big ones. I would also like to see uBuy enter the next level as a global company. On the educational side, I have a publication I am working on which is based n uBuy’s theory. Words of wisdom? Do what you like, and don’t think about the outcome. Don’t work in the government sector. It’s best if you take the risk and open your own business. If you don’t take a risk when you’re young, when will you? Of course, this depends on the opportunity. But the important thing is to try to find your path!

Tidbits: Pursued PhD because of curiosity on how the world works Star sign is Pisces Favorite country to travel to is the U.S. Football or Playstation? - Strategy Games Sea or Desert? Sea Dishdasha or suit? Dishdasha English or Arabic? Arabic Fayrouz or Om Kalthoom? Rashed Al-Majed Khalid Al-Mulla or Yousef Al-Mutref? Yousef AlMutref Instagram or Snapchat? Snapchat Sports Cars or Classical? SUVs Shopping or Movies? Movies, I shop online (wink wink)


Danah Khader

When is this going to end!? Insights from your professor and peer

“When is this going to end!?” A question I find myself asking halfway through sitting in a dull lecture, I’m sure you have all been there. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy lectures very much, but only when the lecturer challenges me, allow me to think, and stimulates my intellect. I easily get bored of lecturers who simply read off the slides or try to impress the students by simplifying everything. Inevitably resulting in intellectual laziness, which is a condition that is very hard to fight off.


My parents used to always tell me, “Don’t let grades get in the way of your education.” Of course, I cared for education, but not as much as I cared for that A. I bet many of you think, “I just want a lecturer who will give us the information on the exam and give us an A”. I love getting A’s, as well as being spoon-fed, who doesn’t? But you do not realize how meaningless that is until you graduate from university and start your career. After my first year in university, I realized that I would only be cheating myself out of my education if I were to succumb to intellectual laziness and simply seek grades. Fast forward to today, where I am getting my masters degree... I still apply the same rule to myself to make use of every resource I have and use my time wisely. Yes, I still love getting A’s, but what I love more is learning so that my future self can thank me when I’m successful. Everything I have experienced and I am still experiencing as a student has helped me realize that my favorite type of instructor is one who enhances my education, allows me to think critically, and inspires me to focus on learning rather than just grades. It has helped me become the instructor I am today. Last year, I gave the students a challenging lab assessment and one of the students raised his hand and said “ Wait, I actually have to think? Why can’t you just give us the equations?” My jaw was about to drop from shock, but I responded, “You are an engineer in the making, you are not here to be given the equations. Trust me, you can Google them. You are here to learn how to solve problems in a way that no one else can. Don’t cheat yourself out of your education, someday

you will need it.” No, My response was not from Google, but instead it was inspired by one of my previous lecturers who told us that we are in control of our education because when all else fails, that is what we will have to fall back on. Many of my students have never been creatively challenged before, and it is my job to encourage the students to take what is rightfully theirs, their education. I basically ask myself, what do I want to see in my instructors, and then I go to work and reflect it back on my students. I always make sure that all of my students are engaged, I ask questions, and challenge those who look like they’re thinking “What am I going to have for lunch today...?” or “When is this going to end?!” You have been given an opportunity that others were not lucky enough to have, to be surrounded with resources that can provide you with the tools to guarantee your success. Don’t be a drama king or queen when it comes to grades, because that is not what will make or break your future, but your interest in education or lack thereof will. Work hard, genuinely seek learning, be diligent and I promise you that high grades will find their way to you, the same way they did me. You will only regret things that you did not experience, and you will never be able to go back to your college or university years and re-learn what you have already missed. Final advice, don’t try to butter yourself up to your lecturers because they are not easy to fool, I know I’m not.


We asked you Said... Who from your teachers has influenced you the most and why?

Ali Faried ACK Civil Enginner

Noor El Mesad Boston University Economics

. Lulwa Omar Medicine RCSI

Alyaa Al Jassib Electrical Engineering AUM

AlShahad English PAAET

There are quite a few, but narrowing it down to one its Dr. S. He is very passionate about what he does, and has flawless work ethics. His way of teaching is not about memorizing, but rather understanding the concept and applying it accordingly.

My educators who are most passionate about their subject areas are those who I have benefited from most. In particular, my former development economics professor at Boston University and now my mentor, is a major influencer in my career.

Prof. Hill, he made the subject exciting and interesting! His class was always informative.

Before my teachers, ABSOLUTELY, come in first place is my family! My teachers that influenced me the most are Dr. Mohammad Mura’ab and Dr. Mohammad Salman, because most of the time when they saw me frustrated from my grades, they continued to encourage me.

I consider myself lucky to have several very good teachers throughout my academic years. Among them I’d like to talk about Dr. Albazaz who was an extraordinary teacher, a really good mentor and who has a great influence in my education.


@ lulwaomar

@ Alyaa_aljassib


@ s.almekaimi

Bedour Al Banwan Marketing GUST Saleh Al Nifisi, was the most influential, as he taught me to work hard throughout the semester with him and how to be an independent student. @ bmbanwan

Aisha Al Mekaimi Human Resource Management AUM One of my professors has influenced me by his encouraging words & support, that made me focus more on my goals and continue to try and overcome any failures or road blocks along the way, So, now I have learned that I will never give up and will continue to go after what I want. @ Washa_almkaimi

Khalid Al-Rabeea Mechanical Engineering KU

Abdulaziz al Mehaini Accounting AUM

Hussain Al-Hawwaj Mechanical engineering AUM

Dr.Fuad Al-Asfour and Dr.Mohammad Al-Ostath, They had explained the importance of what we study in real life applications which enhanced my engineering sense and expanded my ways of thinking further than numbers and equations.

Professor Bahadir- Math. I’m not a math person and I thought that I’m so bad in math, but with professor Bahadir, he made everything seem so easy. I managed to get a very good grade in Calculus.

The teacher that has most influenced me is my physics teacher, because physics is what I admire, and my teacher has taught me physics as if it was the language for understanding the world and the nature phenomena.





Ahmad Yousef Dashti Accounting AUM

Farah Chemical Engineering AUM

Nawaf AlHindi Petroleum Engineering ACK

Mohammad AlZanki Marketing KU

Ahmed Ibrahim International Business GUST

Dr. Moufid Khoury, business law and ethics. Not only did he ease my way to getting that A and winning in the speak law competition, but it is how he made the class energetic and gave us real life cases and examples which made me watch suits and love law!

I’m grateful to all my instructors who were supportive and dedicated to their work, but Dr.Amal Alleithy has inspired me on a lot of aspects and made me believe that any thing in life is reachable if we have the will to achieve whatever we aim for.

Mr. Fahad Abu Mallouh, he is the best teacher I have had in a long time , he loves his students loves sharing the info as best as possible, while making it relate to his students and their interests , best teacher I’ve ever met and will ever meet

My English teacher in university, Dr. Michael Phillin, he taught me how to be responsible in life, manage my time and never give up on my dreams.

I would have to say the professor that had the biggest impact on my life would be Dr. Kenneth Pak of philosophy in GUST. I would choose him because he helps you get a different outlook on life itself.




@ Nowa91


@ Aceibrahim15

Sarah Ibrahim Chemical Engineering AUM

Shams Alattar Business Management ACK

Shaimaa AlAbdullah Business Administration KU

Fatma Al Othman Public Relations GUST

There’s no specific teacher because each one of them has a different way of encouraging me to do something better, but there’s Dr. Nemanja who left a huge impact on me and was one of the greatest people I’ve encountered and dealt with.

Ms. Rawda Alwadani, I’ve never met someone who has given me so much hope and taught me how to continue doing what I love. Her words, motivation, imagination, and everything has influenced me greatly and allowed me to become more creative and discover more ideas. She is amazing!

Dr. Adnan Alrefeai, because he changed my view of life, he taught us how to be an effective part of the community. He also taught me that every single day of our life is a lesson we can learn from it if we wanted to.

Dr. John Couper was one of the best professors I’ve had. I never felt bored in any of his classes he has a good technique to keep us concentrated with him for instance he used to give us fun activities with bonuses. I enjoyed his classes.


Adel Essa Management KU ‫دكتور يوسف‬ ‫الحائــز على‬،‫العويهان‬ ‫دكتــوراه في علم النحو‬ ‫أســلوبه كان مبسط‬ ‫للمادةوشــخصيته الجدية‬ ‫فــي بعــض األحيان ومرحة في‬ ‫أوقــات أخــرى مع اضافة عنصر‬ ‫اإلثارة للمادة كانت شــخصيته‬ ‫متواضعة وبســيطة ومحب‬ .‫للجميع‬




We asked you voted...

Farah Hilal AUK Communication & Media

Rawan AUK Marketing

Joseph Nasr AUK Marketing

Rakan AUK, Electrical engineering

Shoug Fahad Shammoh ACK Civil engineering





Abdullah Al-Ibshara ACK Civil Engineering

Suad Ibrahim Journalism Elon University

Yamamah Obeid Business Administration AUK

Ali Faried Civil Engineering ACK

Alyaa Zwayed Electrical Engineering AUM





Yousef Khan International Relations AUK

Mariya Al-Qaisi Aviation Engineering ACK

Majd Makdessi Computer Engineering AUK

Ali Merza Marketing ACK

Lujain Al Bader Economics AUK







In your opinion, do the majority of teachers in Kuwait:


Teach from the heart Teach because it’s their job

Ahmad zeiin business management AUK

Muhammad Saoud Mirza Accounting & Finance AUK



Beshoy Karas Computer Engineering AUK

Hadi Al Mutairi Business Management ACK @hadi_almutairii

Sarah Al Samhan Management ACK

Yousef Imam Accounting & Marketing AUK

Hassan ElRahim Business management ACK



Yousra El-Alfy Business ACK

Lulwah al-Ajmi Petroleum engineeringOil & gas / ACK

Muhannad Al- Wazzan Graphic Design AUK


@ _lulu56_

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‫ليلى الرامزي‬ ‫ادارة اعمال‬ Boxhill zshtowa92

Dalal AlKhodhor Management ACK

AbdulRahman R. Hegazy Mechanical Engineering KU

Khadeja Abdalaziz Industrial Engineering AUM

Khalid Al- Hindi Civil Engineering KU





Abdulwahab Al Duaij Mechanical engineering KU

Mariam Al Qallaf Petroleum Engineering KU

Fouziya Business Management ACK

Abdullah Barqawi Electrical Engineering AUK

Farah Harb Communication & Media AUK






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Fahad AlMusallam Communication & Media AUK

Hamad Finance AUK



Khaled Alghanim Marketing ACK

Zaid Jasnaik Marketing ACK

Hamad Al-Hariri management ACK



Saad Tayee Marketing AUK

Mohammed Saad Bendary Electrical Engineering KU

Haytham AlHindal Business Management ACK

Shahrukh Ali Petroleum Engineering ACK

Abdullah Tookhy Engineering KU





@ tookhy

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Playing Politics

Their experience with MUN

Abdulaziz and Wadha are two of the Protégés’ Generation 5 stars. Here they share with us their experience with the Model United Nation. They both share a passion for politics and shining the light on the rarely seen. Their dream is to correct the wrongs they see in this world.


Abdulaziz Al Ghanami Abdulaziz Al Ghanami is a young spirited high school student, who aspires to pursue a major in Mechanical Engineering and a career in the financial sector after graduation. He first heard about Model United Nations (MUN) through his school magazine and decided to engage in the action shortly after knowing that students were needed. Like many students from various schools, he started to attend diplomatic simulation conferences which helped him acquire the qualifications needed to visit other schools. Being a member in the MUN, Abdulaziz has set a mission to first learn about a certain country’s culture and people, however, concentrating on its political and economic standing, then representing it in conferences. The MUN has a Secretary General and a Deputy Secretary General who decide upon the students, the topics, and upon the conferences they will be in charge of. Abdulaziz has represented various countries from different regions of the globe; he, at times, is in charge of representing some countries that people barely know about like Venezuela and Morocco. When he was asked about the country he would have liked to represent he said that he “wanted to represent North Korea because this is the only country you can express your opinion of.” Young Mr. Al Ghanami is particularly curious about politics. He spends much of his spare time reading about its history and its underlying philosophical bearings. In the MUN he had the chance to exhibit his knowledge and love for the field through engaging in political debates with other students. Doing so proved to be very rewarding, for it was a means to discover more about different political views and ideologies.

The discussions held among the students were at times carried out in all seriousness and at others in an amusing manner. They, for instance, once discussed in Venezuela matters like the Syrian situation and the validity of some countries’ argument to the intention of purchasing lands in the North Pole. Talking about his experience as a member of the Protégés, generation five, Abdulaziz expressed his view of education when compared with the importance of building up experience saying, “ I believe that education is the same everywhere and that having a proper education would not be as helpful or add value to any person as much as experience would.” His Protégés experience included visiting different countries with a team of other students and mentors. They spent two weeks in Kuwait, where they attended workshops about leadership, and the importance of accepting different opinions and embracing various ideologies without passing judgements based on personal opinions. Then they traveled for a week to Stockholm, Sweden, and to Copenhagen, Denmark. One of their Stockholm missions was to attract an audience of three hundred people while performing a song of their choice. “We had to choose the theme and the outfits we were to wear. We decided upon performing Abba’s Angel. This helped us be more confident.” However, when asked about the personal traits, he stated that he is aware of the importance of being more patient as it will be of much help in his future career in the investment sector and in the stock market. Abdulaziz concluded his second experience of being interviewed saying “if you have something you want to do, do it and think about it later. Make mistakes, go forth and you will learn.”


Wadha Al Dabbous Wadha Al Dabbous is a third year law student at Kuwait University; she graduated from the Protégés last year. She is a highly ambitious young lady who longs for staying active at all times. She decided to enroll in The Protoges program after hearing of it from her friends who share her desire to look for and learn from new experiences, and to search for new walks in life that would broaden their horizon and lay open to them a world of new opportunities. Ever since she joined the Model United Nations, Wadha has been an extremely active member. Being an MUN member while still in high school helped her to add to her confidence as a public speaker, and to improve her social skills and gain new ones like negotiation and research skills.She attended and took part in 16 conferences, and has represented too many countries, some of which are small or not very well known like Venezuela, and others like The United States of America and France.In her first campaign with the MUN, her team was assigned a demographic of refugees, including several Syrian refugees. Answering a question about what issues she would have liked to raise, she stated “There were certain topics I would have liked to debate during MUN, but we had some restrictions. Through MUN, she was later able to create a huge network of friends, and achieve her life goal in reaching theUnited Nations. Last year, she had the privilege of attending a conference with the Kuwait International


Law Society as well.In her senior year she became the president of MUN. Shehas co-organized a conference in the Middle East with the Kuwait International Law Society at Kuwait University in which she is currently a very active member. Of her experience in being part of the Protégés program, generation 5, Wadha was keen on noting the huge range of activities to choose from. They did activities like rope climbing, which proved to be extremely challenging both physically and mentally especially that she is afraid of heights. They also took a cooking class with the Kuwaiti chef Adla Al Sharhan in which they were taught how to build a restaurant and how to find and work on a set of various skills. What makes the Protégés program unique is that it doesn’t only tackle a person’s academic improvement, but their emotional and personal development as well. Wadha’s parents are very supportive in many ways, “if I have meetings, for example, they make sure I am capable to be there on time.” For her, it is crucial to set priorities and organize her time so as to stay away from pressure when it comes to education, family, and social life. After graduation she wants to work with NGOs, and having been in the Protégés she was given this opportunity. ‘My favorite quote is “I didn’t get this far, to only come this far.” It keeps me ambitious and makes me feel grateful to have come this far.’

‫كيف تصفين تجربتك في «كويت ‪ 4‬كينيا» ‪K4K‬؟‬ ‫تجربتي في برنامج كويت من أجل كينيا أكثر من رائعة سواء ك مستوى‬ ‫التطوع أو المهارات القيادية‪،‬بدايتي في التطوع عام ‪ 2013‬مع ‪12‬‬ ‫متطوع وعملنا جنبًا إلى جنب لتوصيل مياه نظيفه لقرية لم يكن يصل‬ ‫لها مياه باإلضافة إلى بناء ورشة خياطة من أجل تمكين المرأه في القرية‬ ‫التي كنا نعمل بها‪ ،‬فمعظم النساء في القرى الكينية هي التي تملك‬ ‫زمام قيادة العائلة‪.‬‬

‫ما هي الصعوبات التي واجهتك خالل هذا المشروع؟‬ ‫هذه السنة واجهتني صعوبات من نوع أخر بإعتباري قائدة المشروع‬ ‫تمثلت في اإلعتناء الكامل بالمتطوعين ومحاولة تخفيف مشقة العمل‬ ‫كينيا هي دولة أفريقية ال تتوافر فيها التسهيالت التي تتمتع بها‬ ‫الكويت‪ ،‬باإلضافة إلي أنها ليست آمنة‪.‬‬ ‫لذلك فهذه السنة حاولت بشتى الطرق اإلعتناء بالمتطوعين بشكل‬ ‫كبير من إعداد الفطور لهم كل صباح حتى التأكد من أنهم آمنين في‬ ‫فراشهم ليال‪.‬‬

‫أما تجربتي الثانية كانت كمساعد لقائد الفريق لعام ‪ 2015‬وتمثل‬ ‫المشروع في توصيل مياه نظيفة لقرية أخرى كانت تفتقر لهذه المياه‪،‬‬ ‫حيث كان يضطر أهالي المنطقة للمشي ساعات طويله ألماكن بعيدة‬ ‫حتى يصلون للمياه النظيفة‪.‬‬

‫باإلضافة إلي ذلك واجهت صعوبات تمثلت في التعامل مع الشعب‬ ‫الكيني بإعتباره شعب أفريقي فهو ال يملك الوسائل المتطورة والتي‬ ‫نملكها فهو شعب بدائي نوعا ما‪.‬‬

‫وشار كت كقائد لفريق ‪ 2016‬حيث ذهبت أنا ومسؤولة البرامج الدولية‬ ‫في لوياك نينار القامس لتصميم مشروع جديد للمتطوعين والتطوير‬ ‫من نوعية البرنامج في مارس و بالتالي بعد ذلك تم قبول ‪ 7‬متطوعين‬ ‫للرحلة التي تم تنظيمها في يوليو لبناء مدرسة لطلبة الصف الثامن‬ ‫في قرية يصل أبنائها للصف الثامن وال يجدون فصل دراسي حتي‬ ‫يتعلمون فيه وبالتالي يضطر أهاليهم إلرسالهم لمدرسة في قرية‬ ‫بعيدة إلستكمال تعليمهم‪ ،‬ولكن لشدة فقر العائالت معظمهم ال‬ ‫يستطيع إرسالهم لهذه القرية البعيدة‪.‬‬

‫مــا هي األمــور التي كانت صدمة بالنســبة لك خالل تجربتك؟‬ ‫لــم أواجــه أي صدمــة بإعتبــار الرحلــة الرابعــة‪ ،‬ولكــن يمكنني القول‬ ‫أن الصدمــة بلمتطوعيــن الذيــن إضطــروا إلــى تحمل مشــاق ومتاعب‬ ‫كثيــرة منهــا لدغــات «النامــوس» ليـ ً‬ ‫ا باإلضافة إلي الطعــام المحلي‪،‬‬ ‫إذ أن البرنامــج كان يجبرهــم علــى تنــاول الطعــام الــذي تــم إعداده من‬ ‫نســاء القريــة‪ .‬باإلضافــة إلــى عملهــم في مجــال البناء وهــي تجربة جديدة‬ ‫ومختلفــة مــن عمــل اإلســمنت وبنــاء الســقف وحفر البنية األساســية‬ ‫للفصل الدراســي‪.‬‬

‫لماذا قررت االلتحاق بالعمل التطوعي؟‬ ‫العمل التطوعي يفيد الفرد نفسه الراغب في خوض تجربة العمل‬ ‫التطوعي وخاصة بالخارج‪ ،‬فلطالما إستهوتني تجربة العمل التطوعي‬ ‫بالخارج وخاصة في الدول الفقيرة‪ ،‬وبهذه التجارب أنت ال تساعد اآلخرين‬ ‫فقط بل تساعد نفسك أكثر حيث تشعر بمدى أهميتك كفرد في‬ ‫المجتمع وبأن بمقدورك مساعدة اآلخر و إحداث تغيير كبير في حياته‬ ‫وخاصة األخر الذي ال يملك قوت يومه و يحتاج فعال إلي المساعدة‪،‬‬ ‫باإلضافة إلي أنها تغيير من نظرتك لنواحي عديدة في الحياة‪.‬‬

‫مــا هي أبرز انجــازات «كويت ‪ 4‬كينيا»؟‬ ‫برنامج الكويت من أجل كينيا برنامج ناجح حاله كحال معظم البرامج‬ ‫الدولية التي تنظمها لوياك لذلك فالبرنامج له العديد من اإلنجازات‬ ‫تتمثل في قدرة شباب كويتين على إتمام العمل على المشاريع‬ ‫المختلفة في كينيا‪ ،‬حيث أن معظم هذه المشاريع تم إنجازها بأيادي‬ ‫شباب وفتيات كويتين يقومون بالبناء والحفر‪ ،‬فإنجاز البرنامج هذه‬ ‫السنة كان إتمام المشروع المتمثل في بناء فصل دراسي ألطفال‬ ‫الفصل الثامن خالل ‪ 7‬أيام من العمل الشاق‪ .‬إذ تجدر اإلشارة إلي أنه‬ ‫بالرغم من أنه كان يتم تخصيص وقت معين للمتطوعين بالعمل إال‬ ‫أنهم كان لديهم إصرار غريب في العمل حتى ساعات متأخرة من الليل‬ ‫من أجل إتمام العمل‪ ،‬إذ أن البرنامج كان يتضمن النهوض في الصباح‬ ‫الباكر الساعة ‪ 7:30‬والنصف صباحا‪ ،‬ثم الذهاب بعد ذلك لمكان العمل‬ ‫بعد تناول وجبة اإلفطار والعمل حتى وقت الظهيرة ثم التعرف بعد‬ ‫ذلك ليال على المعالم السياحية في كينيا‪.‬‬

‫كيف تساهم األعمال التطوعية في التطوير من شخصية الطالب؟‬ ‫من واقع خبرتي لمست تغييرًا ملموسًا في شخصيات الطالب‬ ‫المتطوعين على مدى الرحالت السابقة‪ ،‬فالبعض قد شارك في هذا‬ ‫البرنامج من أجل إختبار شي مختلف‪ ،‬حيث أكسبتهم التجربة القدرة‬ ‫على فهم أنفسهم بشكل أكبر‪ ،‬فمعظم المشاركين في برنامج‬ ‫‪ 2016‬الكويت من أجل كينيا من أجل إختبار أنفسهم عند السفر‬ ‫بالخارج بمفردهم ومعرفة ما إذا سيتمكنون من اإلعتماد على أنفسهم‪،‬‬ ‫وبالفعل فالبعض من المتطوعين عندما خوض تجربة كينيا عرف مقدار‬ ‫نفسه وقوته وإكتشف أن بمقدوره السفر والترحال بدون اإلعتماد على‬ ‫اآلخر وخاصة أولئك الذي لديهم قدرة في إستكمال دراستهم بالخارج‪،‬‬ ‫بل أن البعض األخر شعر بأن هذه التجربة أكسبته معرفة بشغفه‬ ‫وطموحه وما المهنة التي يريد أن يزاولها في المستقبل‪.‬‬ ‫ناهيك عن أن هذه التجربة أكسبتهم أصدقاء جدد والتعرف جيدا على‬ ‫أشخاص أخرين خارج نطاق مدرستهم أو عائلتهم ألننا في هذه السنة‬ ‫جعلنا المتطوعين يعيشون مع بعضهم في شقة واحدة ووضعنا‬ ‫أشخاص مختلفين عن بعضهم البعض في غرف واحدة حتى يعتني‬ ‫كل متطوع باألخر المختلف عنه والذي لم يكن لديه أي معرفة سابقة به‪.‬‬

‫كلمة أخيرة‪.‬‬ ‫أدعــو جميــع الشــباب والشــابات بخــوض تجــارب مثل هــذه التجربة‪ ،‬ألنه‬ ‫بالفعــل هــذه التجــارب هــي التــي ســتثري حياتهم وستشــكل بصمة‬ ‫مميــزة لــن ينســوها وربمــا ســتفتح باب أمامهــم لتجارب غيــر متوقعة‪،‬‬ ‫باإلضافــة إال أننــي أشــكر كل متطــوع شــارك معنــا هذا العــام لمجهودهم‬ ‫الشــاق في إســتكمال بناء الفصل الدراســي في وقت قياســي تمثل‬ ‫فــي ‪ 7‬أيــام مــن العمل الشــاق المتواصــل‪ ،‬والرغبة الشــديدة لديهم‬ ‫فــي مســاعدة المحتاجيــن‪ ،‬فبســببهم نجحــت هــذه الرحلــة بالرغم من‬ ‫الصعــاب التــي واجهتهم‪.‬‬ ‫وآتوجــه بالشــكر لمديــرة البرامــج الدوليــة نينــار القامس على مســاعدتها‬ ‫لــي و للمتطوعيــن بشــكل مســتمر‪.‬‬


‫العمل التطوعي ‪ -‬لوياك‬

‫مروة عمار‪« :‬كويت من أجل كينيا» فرصة‬ ‫لمساعدة أنفسنا واآلخرين‬

‫إليمانها بأهمية العمل التطوعي شاركت مروة عمار منذ سنة ‪ 2013‬مع لوياك في برنامج «كويت من أجل كينيا»‬ ‫كمتطوعة‪ ،‬واليوم استطاعت عمار أن تتولى منصب قائد الفريق وبناء مدرسة لطلبة الصف الثامن في كينيا‪ .‬التقتها‬ ‫مجلة ‪ STUDENTALK‬لتحدثنا عن تجربتها بشكل أكبر‪ ،‬وكان الحوار التالي‪.‬‬


Kuwait for Kenya Hawra Safar's Point of View

The team consisted of the doctor, the medical technologist, the nurse, the teacher, and the three fervent sixteen-year-olds. If that doesn’t sound like a dream team, I do not know what does!


Saying that the trip to Kenya was life changing is an understatement; it was not only a humbling experience at its core, but it was a journey of self-reflection. Being sixteen, I often find myself occupied with feelings of self-doubt and self-consciousness. These feelings often revolve around my appearance, my abilities, and even bigger questions- like who I will be after high school. As teens, we are easily consumed by the most trivial concerns, causing us to often forget about what we have and who we have around us. Kenya gave me that reality check. Volunteering with LOYAC to build an extension of a school was the best decision I made all summer. Working with the crew at the site was challenging and intimidating, but was definitely worth it. It seemed that as the days passed, muddled stares from locals working with us and around the village transitioned into sincere smiles and greetings. I remember watching huddles of students every day walk to their classrooms- some shoeless, giggling as they clutched onto their friends while peering at the sight of seven foreigners covered in cement and sand making their way through the construction site. The most amusing moments were always during their lunch times; kids ran around playing soccer with a ball made out of plastic trash bags and elastic bands, while some played on dilapidated rusty swing sets. Amidst the laughter, you can sometimes come to hear hoarse cries ululating in the distance as one kid happens to find the most impetuous way to get injured- like falling into a hole piled high with ambiguous pieces of garbage. But no worries, we have licensed medical professionals on the team! Some stared with gentle eyes and others gave off striking glances. You can’t help but think about each one of them and the stories that they have to tell. You want to communicate, but at times it’s limiting when all you know are a few words in their native tongue and body language doesn’t seem to carry a conversation far enough. Most knew English- some preferred to play it off, but looking in their notebook, some could write in a way that a sixteen-year-old who’s been in an American school her whole life could never replicate.

Undeniably, privilege has been something I’ve been born with. My morning routine consists of waking up from my bed, rushing to the bathroom to get ready, then heading down to get some breakfast, and finally hopping into the car on the way to school. Simple as it can be. In Mombasa, dropping out of school is commonespecially high school. Students in the village either go to private or public schools, but still, majorities wander the streets. Some students, like the sixteenyear-old boy, Irfan, we met on the trip, dropped out of school because their parents could not afford it. With his dreams of becoming an electrical engineer, he struggles in finding enough money to go to college. When I asked him about college, he told me that he was planning on waiting one more year in the village until he would try to apply to college. For some time during my high school career, I found myself feeling reluctant to go school and constantly complaining about my time there and the work-load. However, I know for a fact that this school year I will be applying to colleges and universities. I know that that is my next step life. Irfan does not. I can’t help but think about whether I am worthy of this opportunity...or, what makes me worthy. What is the probability that I could be in his situation right now? But… nevertheless, he keeps dreaming and working hard to try and achieve these dreams. Most of the kids there continue to dream; including the ones behind the classroom walls. They dream of America and the UK. They dream of leaving their village for work, not because they don’t love their village, but because they want more out of life, new opportunities and growth. Today, post the trip, I’ve found myself sitting late at night thinking about Michael, Mapenzi, Toti, Alan, Bernard, Idrees, and Amina. I wonder about what they are doing or what they had accomplished that day. Sure they are just faces in my past now, but, to me, they will always be Kenya at its finest.


Sherifa AlKhulaifi Creating her own destiny through her passion of art, a personal form of therapy with inspiration from her surroundings; Sherifa Al Kulaifil is a simple girl, who strives to enjoy the simple things in life, where her future will be determined by the strokes of her brush.

My name is Sherifa AlKhulaifiI; I am a simple girl, who creates her own destiny with passion. Each person in this diverse world has at least one type of daily responsibility, given the fact that our hobbies are the best pressure relievers. After a long day of hard work, when the sun is down, it is not long before I find myself in front of my easel yet again painting my feelings and emotions on a canvas. When did you start drawing/painting? I don’t remember the exact time, but I still have drawings from back when I was 6 years old. What inspires you to draw? Everything inspires me; music, traveling, singing, sometimes even my dreams inspire me. Even while I’m horseback riding I get inspired, considering what the horse’s perspective of life could look like. What motivated you to get into painting? Watching my precious mother paint motivated me as a child. Is there a certain thing you like to draw? I used to stick to one medium, drawing with pencils. When I met one of the best art instructors William Andersen, he taught me how to see art in a different


way, I really miss his classes. He made me use all kinds of mediums and styles, allowing me realize that I don’t really have a style or a theme. I love all kinds of art and I paint what I feel by mixing all kinds of mediums together. Do you think the arts in general are appreciated in Kuwait? It is appreciated by lots of people, but it is not being supported and recognized well enough. Since you sell some of your drawings, who do you consider as your target market? I don’t have a specific target audience, because I don’t stick to one theme. Each painting has its own audience. Did your family support your decision to study graphic design? Yes, my entire family was very supportive, Alhamdulillah. What would you like to achieve from your art career? I don’t consider talking about my plans as an option until I accomplish them, but what I can say is that I will paint my way through success, Insha’Allah.

This world is but a canvas to our imagination Henry David Thoreau


Marketing 101

Applying their Knowledge Hands on

The Marketing Club, at the American University of Kuwait, loves to take what they gain from the classroom and apply it on the field. This prepares them and gives them an upper hand in the workforce. They have a sense of what to expect, which is something that can’t be learned from books or classrooms.


When was the Marketing Club inaugurated? The Marketing Club was re-inaugurated in the Fall of 2015.

offer students extra credit in their classes once they attend academic events held by the club.

How many members are there? The number of members varies from a semester to another, but by last spring we had around 20 members, excluding the executives.

What type of events, exhibitions or activities do you hold? We not only hold events that are academically related, we also enjoy holding events that are both socially and culturally related. Host exhibitions that mostly focus on small or home based businesses, in which we as a Marketing Club help in marketing them to the AUK community.

How can students become involved with the club? The students are always welcome to approach any board member of the club and show interest; students also get involved during the involvement fair which is an event that brings together all clubs and organization in AUK. How do you enroll students into the Marketing Club, what are the steps? The students need to show interest at first of course, then 2 or 3 board members conduct interviews to personally meet the students and discuss more about the club. Once all students are interviewed, the board discusses the applicants and sends out acceptance emails based on interviews and feedback. How does the Marketing lub benefit the student body? We benefit the student body by bringing in companies to talk about marketing from a different perspective than that taught in books; we help raise awareness among students of certain major events, such as; Pink Tuesday, Movember and so on. Also, we always try and

How does being involved in the Marketing Club assist Marketing students? Being a part of the Marketing Club allows you to practice some of the marketing studied in the classroom. The Marketing Club acts as a practical place where you get to implement and experience what you’ve learnt in real life. To what extent are the university clubs, including the Marketing Club significant to students? Generally, clubs and organizations add to your university life experience. They make you more involved and outgoing. Through the clubs, you learn how to deal with real life situations and how to act and make deals with businesses. Plus, being involved in clubs is a great addition to your CV. Once you graduate, you’re no longer viewed as a fresh graduate with no experience, but you are more so valued for the fact that you’ve taken part in extra-curricular activities.


The Marketing Club enhanced my leadership skills and gave me the experience of leading a team. It made me value team work and understand how together everyone achieves more.

Nathalie Matta - President

I’m really thankful to be a part of the Marketing Club because not only is it my major but I am growing and gaining experience in the field that I love academically, and on a personal and professional level.

The Marketing Club enhanced my communication skills and the ability to be responsible for social events, helped get a better picture about the real business world and marketing. Dima Kheir- Vice President

I love the Marketing Club because it encourages team work and it enables it’s members to put their marketing skills to good and effective use. Joining it is a great way to gain experience before going out into the real world.

Rawan Abdulkareem - Secretary

Farah Hilal - Social Media Officer


ASCE Held the Fourth YCE Training Program

The American Society for Civil Engineers (ASCE) successfully held the fourth Young Civil Engineers (YCE) training program which lasted for two weeks, from the 14th - 25th of august, 2016. The summer program teaches civil engineering students to apply analytical skills learnt from theoretical classes to real life scenarios. Due to the fact that YCE became one of the ASCE–KU’s most popular events, students are accepted into the program based on the amount of credits completed and a personal interview. Around 60 students applied for the program, 26 graduates and undergraduates were accepted. The two weeks training program that took place in Courts Complex Hawally Project in collaboration with the MPW, Ministry of Public Works, and Pace engineering office included two site visits, three field trips, and eighteen hours intensive lectures. The students were set into seven groups and they needed to compete everyday, depending on the task, to collect points in order to win the program. Firstly, the students had an introduction about the project that included the structural plan, duration, cost, project designer, contractor, and to what stage the project have reached. The introduction was delivered by Eng. Shaima Alnassar, assistant project manager from MPW. Then, Eng. David, safety manager from PACE office, explained the safety instructions and regulations needed for every construction environment. Furthermore, Dr. Amani Boqammaz, a faculty member from College of Engineering and Petroleum and the program supervisor, and Eng. Talal Alotaibi discussed contract documents and contract drawings. Eng. Nadia, PACE office, explained variation order and claims of the project. Eng. Alaa, PACE office, covered different

types of construction methods and steel structures. Eng. Noura, MPW, ended the the program showing the design phases of the project and explained the process that the project takes before signing the contract. The students had the opportunity to visit the CTC, Central Tenders Committee, and know more about the governmental projects and bidding procedure and regulations. Mr. Nawaf Almutairy delivered a brief speech about the committee and explained their role in governmental projects. Mr. Faisal Almuzain, the vice president of board of directors of the committee, and Mrs. Huda Alessa, the secretary of board of directors of the committee, met up with the students and discussed every question and misconception about government procedures. Ms. Aisha Alrubaian together with a group of employees from the CTC took the students around the building, which is located at Sharq, and showed them the different sectors of the committee. The students also visited Index Co. factory and saw the precasting of concrete process and how it is delivered to the site. Finally, the students took a glimpse of SSUC, Sabah Alsalem University City, and witnessed the foundation and the formwork of an under-construction building. In the final day, every group got ready and presented the project in a creative, informative way. The groups were judged by a group of engineers together with Dr. Waleed Abdullah, a faculty member from the College of Engineering and Petroleum and the ASCE–KU’s supervisor. Eng. Rudhab Bukhail, Eng. Ban Ahmad Almanaseer, Eng. Zahraa Alkankouni, and Eng. Mariam Alawadhi from group 4 won the competition and the ASCE-KU family made a small closing ceremony at National Library of Kuwait. The ASCE–KU thanks everyone who participated in making from this program a success.


The Phenomenon of the Universe Dr. Mohamad Abbas

Just like every other person, I used to look at the sky from time to time and ask myself questions about the nature of the stars in the sky. What are they? Where did they come from? How far they were and what would really happen if I hopped on an airplane and just flew out there? I was a little kid at the time, so I didn’t know much about space rockets. The only difference between me and most other people is that I never stopped looking; I continued to gaze at the stars and wonder. My curiosity towards the mysterious night sky just never ceased to exist. Although it was only stars that I was seeing in the sky, I always knew that there must be millions of other mysterious objects in the dark parts of the sky. I simply wanted to understand their nature and most importantly how these mysterious objects in the sky were connected to us as human beings. It was my curiosity, the mystery of the sky, and my existential questions that have driven me to pursue a career in Astronomy. Once I completed high school in Lebanon, I decided to pursue a Bachelor in Physics at the American University of Beirut. Since Lebanon didn’t offer astronomy-related majors, it was shortly after that which I was comfortably able to use my knowledge in physics to better understand Astronomy. During my studies, I stumbled across a portable telescope in the Physics department and I decided to give it a try. So, I pointed the telescope to a bright star in the sky, not knowing what to


expect. Shortly after that, I had come to notice I was able to see Jupiter with few of its moons orbiting it. At first, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing; it was bright and clear and didn’t look like anything I’ve ever seen before. That was the turning point of my life. It was then when I decided to pursue a career in Astronomy, no matter what. I wanted to share this amazing phenomenon with everyone; I wanted everyone to see it. Therefore, I decided to start off with launching a new Astronomy Club at AUB and I began organizing stargazing events for the public. People simply loved it. I’ve always believed that astronomy was my calling! I cannot think of anything else that I am more curious about or that would fulfill my curiosity as Astronomy does. We are part of this

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. A. Einstein

universe and understanding the universe through astronomy is a part of understanding our existence. I began teaching in 2011, where I taught many graduate and undergraduate university level courses in the US, Europe, and Lebanon with students from all over the globe. I was 22 years old when I first started teaching at Bowling Green State University in the USA. Although some students were older than me at that time, there was always a great deal of positive energy in my classrooms. From my humble experience, I think it is the instructor’s responsibility to make the lectures as interesting, fun, and rich in information as possible. Of course, this is not easy, as some topics are extremely difficult but, it’s not impossible. Lectures don’t necessarily have to be long and boring, using simple everyday materials, these lectures can be demonstrated in a very simple, fast, and entertaining way. I believe this style of demonstrations and lectures not only motivates students, but also expands their knowledge, creativity, and decreases any skepticism about the material they are learning. All you need is to grab student’s attention, curiosity, and respect. Once you have that, the age difference and the topic no longer matters. Many people think that professors “know it all”. That’s not very accurate, for me at least. In fact, in my experience, I believe, you learn a lot more while teaching than you do as a student learning about a specific topic. Every time you read the same book, you figure out new ideas that you missed the

previous time. Most importantly, the questions and ideas you get from students make you wonder and look at the topics from different viewpoints. After earning my BS degree in Physics in 2009, I was offered a position at Bowling Green State University (BGSU), USA. I graduated from BGSU with a Master of Science in Astronomy in 2011. After, I obtained my M.Sc; I enrolled in the PhD program in Astrophysics at Heidelberg University, Germany. I received my PhD in Astrophysics in December 2014. I spent the last 7 years studying the formation history of our galaxy, the Milky Way. Then, I started by own business, the Cosmic Dome. The creation of the Cosmic Dome was mainly driven by the vast amount of interest projected to me by people I had encountered over the years. It seemed every time I turned around, someone would ask questions about astronomy. I’ve always enjoyed answering these questions and having a discussion about the different topics they raised. With time, it came to my attention that this knowledge should be shared with the public on a bigger scale and that it should be done in a “cool” and “interactive” way. The only way this could be done was inside a planetarium. So, I created the Cosmic Dome. The Cosmic Dome consists of a collection of portable dome-shaped planetariums that use the most advanced 360° projection systems. These planetariums act as immersive


theaters where educational and entertaining shows are displayed. These are today’s most advanced classrooms. The Cosmic Dome brings space to you, saving you the 100 million years trip! The Cosmic Dome offers unlimited possibilities when it comes to their application. You are only limited by your own imagination. I started off with one planetarium around a year ago, and we now have 5 working ones! My ultimate goal is to install a planetarium in every single school and university in the Middle East. Nowadays, schools and universities in the US and Europe are getting their own planetariums, where they are using them as regular class. The Cosmic Dome acts as a simulated spaceship staffed with knowledgeable tour shows so that the ordinary student can explore the wonders of the universe. On top of that, our company consists of a group of scientists who are very passionate and knowledgeable about astronomy & science in general and we always encourage discussions and questions that come up after the shows. Why would you explain the topic of “Black holes” to students on a regular blackboard when you can actually make them feel as if they are inside a black hole? This is what the Cosmic Dome does; it gives

2) M101 Or the Pinwheel Galaxy (taken by me) M101 is a spiral galaxy made of billions of stars and is twice the diameter of the Milky Way galaxy. It is 21 million light years from Earth.

students the opportunity to experience a full-dome immersive trip to any topic you can think of. It’s like a virtual spaceship that can take you anywhere you want. Simply, as yourself, would you rather learn about the “North Pole” by reading a textbook about it or by going there; without all the hassle of the trip, of course, and getting that hands on experience? This is the concept behind the Cosmic Dome, it brings the universe to the students. Understanding astronomy is the understanding of oneself. It widens student’s perspectives and imaginations, building their curiosity and desire to think and comprehend the nature of the universe they live in. It also triggers and guides their imagination. In my opinion, the study of astronomy should definitely be a required course for students. We are part of this universe so we better understand it. It is just as important as Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. Astronomy combines all the latter subjects and is thus crucial for student’s education. In my opinion, not everyone is supposed to be an astronomer, but everyone should have the right to learn about the topic.

1) M27 Or the Dumbbell Nebula (taken by me) This is a dead star produces when nuclear fusion stops in the core of the star. The light coming from M27 takes around 1000 years to reach us. One day, our Sun will look like M27.


As an Arab and an astronomy fanatic, I am proud to know that at some point in time Arabs were the pioneers of Astronomy. In fact, many of the stars are named after Arabic names. Nowadays, we don’t even teach the latter topic. I just hope that educational institutions start teaching the basics of Astronomy.

‫بدأت بممارســة رياضة الدراجات المائية «الجت سكي»ســنة ‪ 2006‬وكان‬ ‫عمــري آنــذاك ‪ 16‬ســنة وحصلــت على المركز األول في فئــة المبتدئين‪،‬‬ ‫كان هــذا حافــزًا كبيــرًا لإلســتمرار في هــذه الرياضة والتقدم ومن ثم‬ ‫انتقلــت إلى فئــة المحترفين‪.‬‬ ‫أمــا عــن أهميــة التماريــن المتعلقة برياضة الدراجات المائية «الجت ســكي»‬ ‫أكــد بــو ربيــع أنها تتطلــب الكثير من اللياقــة البدنية والتمرينات‬ ‫المســتمرة ألن الفرد يســتخدم جميع عضالت الجســد في هذه الرياضة‪،‬‬ ‫لذلــك أحــرص علــى التمريــن في النادي ‪ 5‬أيام في األســبوع والتمرين في‬ ‫البحــر مرتيــن فــي األســبوع‪ ،‬كما أنني أتبع نظــام غذائي محدد ألحافظ‬ ‫علــى هذه اللياقة‪.‬‬ ‫وفي ســؤال عن خطورة رياضة الجت ســكي‪ ،‬يؤكد بوربيع أنها رياضة‬ ‫خطــرة مــا إذا تجاهلنا اجراءات األمن والســامة‪.‬‬ ‫وتابع أن الرياضيين المشــاركين في البطوالت يخضعون بشــكل‬ ‫مســتمر لكشــف طبي للتأكد من الصحة الجســدية للمتســابق‪.‬‬ ‫أمــا عــن الدعــم الــذي يتالقه بوربيع كعضو في منتخــب الكويت الوطني‬ ‫للدراجــات المائيــة ووفــد منتحــب الكويت التابع للنــادي البحري الرياضي‬ ‫الكويتــي اللجنــة المنظمــة لرياضــة الجت الســكي وبدعم من هيئة‬ ‫الرياضــة‪ ،‬يؤكــد أنــه يتم توزيع المخصصات على المتســابقين بحســب‬ ‫البنــود الموجــودة‪ ،‬إال أنهــا غيــر كافية حيث تكلفة هــذه الرياضة مكلفة‬ ‫بمــا يتعلــق بشــحن الجت ســكي والصيانة والوقــود وغيرها الكثير‪.‬‬ ‫وتابــع بوربيــع عــن الصعوبات التي يواججها أشــار أنه في أحد الســباقات‬ ‫كان عليــه تأجيــر «جت ســكي» للدخول للمســابقة نظــرًا لتكلفة العالية‬ ‫لنقلهــا مــن دولــة إلــى أخرى‪ .‬وأضــاف أن المنتخب في بعض األحيان‬ ‫يســتخدم طريقة الشــحن البحري التي تســتغرق ما بين ‪ 60-50‬يومًا‬ ‫ممــا تعتبــر صعوبــة للمتســابق حيــث أنه يكون غيــر قادر على التدريب‬ ‫على مدى شــهرين‪.‬‬ ‫إال أننــا فــي نفــس الوقــت نتلقى الدعم مــن جهات خاصة وهم بيت‬ ‫التمويــل الكويتــي وكــراج بــرو رايــدر ورد ُبل حيث يقدمون لنا التســهيالت‬ ‫العديدة‪.‬‬

‫وعــن البطــوالت التــي سيشــارك بها في القريب‪ ،‬أكد بوربيع أنه يســتعد‬ ‫للســفر إلــى اريزونا للمشــاركة في بطولة رياضــة الدراجات المائية‬ ‫العالميــة فــي شــهر أكتوبر‪ .‬وسيشــارك في البطولــة من المنتخب‬ ‫الكويتــي البطــل العالمــي محمــد الباز وزيد الوايدي وعبــد الرحمن العمر‬ ‫وبــراك القبنــدي وسنســعى للحصول علــى أكبر عدد من النقاط‪.‬‬ ‫ُ‬ ‫دائمأ في الســباقات‬ ‫وتابــع بــو ربيــع « أن منتخــب الكويــت يضع بصمته‬ ‫التــي يشــارك بهــا حيث حصلنا ســنة ‪ 2011‬علــى كأس الفريق المثالي‬ ‫مــن ضمــن ‪ 35‬دولــة‪ ،‬وكمــا حصلنــا على ‪ 300‬نقطة على مدار ‪ 4‬ســنوات‬ ‫ونتمنــى الحصــول على نقاط أكبر»‪.‬‬ ‫وتشــارك معنا دول خليجية بكشــل مســتمر مثل اإلمارت وقطر‬ ‫والســعودية‪ ،‬والكويــت هــو رقــم واحد في الخليــج وربما تأتي اإلمارات في‬ ‫المرتبــة الثانية‪.‬‬ ‫مشــاركتي مــن ‪ 2009‬لــم تكــن معروفة كرياضــة وكانت موجودة لكن‬ ‫في الثالث ســنوات الماضية ســاهمت شــكبات التواصل اإلجتماعي في‬ ‫الواجب ‪...‬‬ ‫فيمــا يتعلــق باالعتــزال‪ ،‬اشــار بــو ربيع أن رياضة الدراجــات المائية تحالج إلى‬ ‫اللياقــة البدنيــة أكثــر من الخبرة‪ ،‬لذلك ســأفكر باإلعتزال عندما أشــعر‬ ‫أننــي غير قــادر على تقديم األفضل‪.‬‬ ‫وفــي كلمــة أخيــرة لهــواة رياضة الدراجات المائيــة يؤكد بوربيع على‬ ‫ضرورة اإللتزام باجراءات األمن والســامة ويحث الشــباب على تنمية‬ ‫هــذه الموهبــة مــن خــال التمارين لتمثيل الكويت فــي المحافل الدولية‬ ‫بأفضل طريقة‪.‬‬

‫أفضل البحر عن البر‬ ‫واستمع ألغاني عربية وراشد الماجد مطربي المفضل‬ ‫وطبقي المفضل الدجاج‬ ‫أما مشروبي المفضل فهو الشاي األخضر‬ ‫ال أتابع مباريات كرة القدم على اإلطالق‬ ‫وأفضل «البالي ستايشن»‬ ‫أحب الزي التقليدي‬ ‫الشتاء هو موسمي المفضل‬


‫بطــل الكويت محمد بوربيع‬ ‫رياضي رد ُبل للدراجات المائية‬

‫تعتبــر رياضــة الدراجــات المائيــة «الجــت ســكي» مــن الرياضــات التــي تســتقطب عــدد كبيــر مــن الشــباب فــي الكويــت‪،‬‬ ‫ويعتمدهــا البعــض كهوايــة أمــا البعــض اآلخــر فيحتــرف هــذه الرياضــة ويشــارك فــي بطــوالت عالميــة‪ .‬البطــل محمــد بوربيــع من‬ ‫أهــم المتســابقين ضمــن المنتخــب الكويتــي فــي رياضــة الدراجــات المائيــة الجــت ســكي‪ ،‬فــاز مؤخــرًا ببطولــة أوروبــا للدراجــات‬ ‫المائيــة وحصــل علــى كأس المركــز األول وذهبيــة فئــة كبــار المحترفيــن التــي اســتضافتها بحيــرة «نيــس» ببولنــدا‪ .‬وفضــا‬ ‫عــن ذلــك حقــق المتســابق بوربيــع المركــز الثانــي فــي فئــة «الواقــف محــدود التعديــل» للمحترفيــن ضمــن مشــاركة المنتخــب‬ ‫الكويتــي للدراجــات المائيــة فــي البطولــة ذاتهــا‪ .‬حدثنــا بوربيــع عــن تجربتــه فــي هــذه الرياضــة‪ ،‬وأجرينــا الحــوار التالــي‪.‬‬


Artspace It is a Back to School' crafty project this time! What you’ll need: * Thick Cardboard Papers (size of your choice) * PVA Glue (also known as white glue) * Yarn/Threads * Marker (For doodling) * 1 Medium Brush for Glue * 1 Medium Bush for Paint * Acrylic Paint * Scissors * Paper Punch * Pencil/Ruler

These simple bookmarks are fast and easy and if you are the type who keeps loosing their bookmarks, these are perfect for you! Make one for every book you own and style each one differently!


*Tip : This project is all about being messy while enjoying the process. There is really no right or wrong way in creating your personalized design. So let loose and enjoy!

Step 1 :

Prep: Using your pencil and ruler, line down the bookmark rectangle shape on your cardboard. Once your satisfied with the width and length, grab your scissors and start cutting your shape.

Step 2: Using your brush and paint, paint both sides and edges covering your cardboard entirely. We used white paint as a base. You can paint strips with different colors, remember this is yours, design it the way you want!


Step 3: Once your paint is dry, start customizing! Using markers or paint, create doodled shapes, add on some positive quotes or just personalize your name on it. TIP: You can glue magazine cut outs on your design. Step 4:

Creating the PomPom: Start by wrapping the yarn you want around your fingers until they are covered from your first knuckle to your fingertips in a couple layers of yarn. Tie


your string very tight around the center of your yarn, going between your two middle fingers to tie it. The tighter you make this knot the better. Leave a tail so you can attach it to your bookmark and then cut the loops. Don’t worry that your PomPom doesn’t look perfect from the get go, now is your chance to trim it down into a cute fluffy finished product. Just slowly cut the sides down, fluffing as you go.


Using your paper puncher or scissors, create a hole at the top middle part of your bookmark and attach your PomPom to it by making a strong knot.



When it seems like everyone around you is a high-profile fashion connoisseur, being style-saavy without breaking the bank might feel like two things that just cannot coincide. Believe it or not, you really don’t need big bucks to slay with your sense of style. Fashion doesn’t have to be flashing brand logos and jetting off to fashion week. After all, fashion is self-expression, not a status symbol. With these keys to style on a budget, you are sure to discover your unique sense of style and make the world your own personal runway.


Tips & Tricks… • Shop for pieces that are interchangeable. Life gets a lot easier when you have good staple pieces in your wardrobe. The daily “I don’t know what to wear” dilemma will disappear with a favorite pair of jeans or jacket at hand that will look good with everything. More outfit options = less money spent on new clothes. • Go shopping in your own closet. This is also my personal routine for ending style ruts. You know when you have a closet full of clothes but just can’t seem to put them together, and in turn, end up needlessly wanting to go shopping again? Yeah, put an end to it by

finding inspiration and making it your own. Whenever I see good outfit inspo, I’ll screenshot it and pull elements from the look straight out of my closet. • Sales! Under many messy sale piles is where I’ve found some of my absolute favorite pieces. The biggest mistake you could make when going shopping is skipping over the sale section. Once you get passed all of last season’s leftovers, you are guaranteed to find gems that could totally transform your wardrobe. Sales are also great when lusting after designer pieces, but not necessarily their price tags. Shop designer sales to get good quality pieces without breaking the bank.



Do It Yourself… D.I.Y projects are always a fun and super affordable way to enhance your wardrobe. A trip to the craft store, some scissors and thread can go a long way! Try these at home to switch up your everyday look. • Pushing Buttons In my book, buttons can make or break your look. Often times when you’re not investing a lot in clothes and accessories, little details like buttons can give it away. Stop by a craft or fabric store and pick up a few metal buttons that you might like to replace plastic buttons on less high-end pieces in your wardrobe. • D.I.Y Chokers Chokers are a huge trend at the moment, and this D.I.Y. is my personal favorite. People ask me where I get

my chokers all the time, and the reaction I get when I say that I’ve made them myself is priceless. No pun intended. You can simply take a plain piece of ribbon and tie it around your neck, or what I like to do is go down to the fabric markets and make-do with whatever I can find. For an on-trend look, take a strip of denim, possibly from the next D.I.Y., and stitch Velcro onto each end to create a denim choker. • Ripped Jeans These days you are more likely to see street style stars sporting ripped jeans than not. Opt into the trend without spending too much by ripping up an old pair of jeans that you already own. Put on the jeans and mark them with a yellow marker before going straight in with the scissors, After a few washes, the rips will fray beautifully and give you the perfect boho-chic look.








Varun Dhawan as the Brand Ambassador ICONIC, the youngest fashion destination from the stable of retail conglomerate Landmark Group has signed a two year endorsement deal with Bollywood’s shining young star Varun Dhawan. Extremely popular with women for his fresh looks and boy next door image and with men for his chiseled body & style statements Varun has managed to win hearts in a short span of his career.

Riding high on the release of Dishoom, Varun talking on his association with ICONIC, said, “The Middle East is a huge supporter of Bollywood and I have received immense love when it comes to my movies. An association with ICONIC, a trendy fashion destination stems from my passion for fashion coupled with a keen sense to stay in the hearts of the Arab world for a long time to come.” Raza Beig, CEO, Splash & ICONIC, said “An achiever at a


very young age, we at ICONIC are proud to partner with the hot & charismatic Varun Dhawan. Varun & ICONIC, both with rapidly growing brand names in their own spaces and hence, a perfect fit for each other. Varun is a contemporary fashion icon with a clean, classic and current style and ICONIC offers a similar kind of fashion for its discerning audience. As the region stands at the forefront of fashion and ICONIC being a local retailer we work with the most suited talent, which essentially puts us firmly on the global fashion scene.”

Get Schooled Kate Spade New York

When it comes to back-to-school spirit, kate spade new york is at the head of the class. Whether shopping for a tween, teen or those who are “adulting,” the brand’s A+ décor, fashion and on-the-go gear will have everyone taking note.


Grooming Conditioning? Your Beard Needs it Too Most of you guys are growing beards, whether it’s still a scruff or in full bloom – YOU NEED TO TAKE CARE OF IT! We will make it easier for you, here are some of the top beard conditioners out there.

Clubman 2-in-1 Conditioner -Not only does it soothe your beard, but it’s good for your skin too

The Gentlemen’s Beard Oil and Conditioner Softener -All natural, unscented combination of oil and conditioner

Honest Amish Leave-In Conditioner -It’s handmade with natural ingredients


Gadgets Make it Tangible with Stratasys J750 3D Printer Inventing 3D printing, again. The world’s first full-color, multi-material 3D printer brings you any shape, color, and the details you can only imagine, all made tangible in a matter of hours. The Stratasys J750 3D printer introduces one-stop realism and users can load six materials at one time for a comprehensive variety without swapping canisters.

Over 360,000 colors automatically charted from your design software for photorealistic models, putting the “rapid” in rapid prototyping with these colors seemingly coming naturally, including; neutrals, neons, shadows, highlights, textures, and gradients. Many say seeing is believing, well, this 3D printer isn’t just seeing, it’s also holding something, creating something tangible, turning an idea into a reality. It takes your most creative, bold, and brightest ideas uses life like colors and materials that lead to creating uncertainty as obsolete.


The Tissot Generosi-T As gently curved as a woman herself, it is easy to see where the Tissot Generosi-T gets its inspiration. As well as being a voluptuous tribute to real women, this is a watch for them too. Graceful lines around the refined dial and a case that gently thins as it goes into the bracelet creates a feminine design toughened only by a solid stainless steel bracelet that prevents this piece being overly delicate. Two shapes on the side of the case that combine and cross over help create a well-proportioned and infinitely flattering silhouette.

A plethora of choice With six different models in this collection, women will enjoy finding the right partner for them. The stainless steel case means the Tissot Generosi-T can easily withstand the rigours of the day, and with a dial in classic black or white, it is a watch that will just look as smart in the boardroom as it will with denim. To add a more feminine accent, a beautiful mother-of-pearl dial in a choice of colours will appeal, while the pieces in yellow gold with diamonds will bring a welcome sprinkle of glamour to the everyday.


Rado minimalist masterpieces Less is more: Swiss watchmaker Rado is breathing new life into the old adage with the addition of three minimalist masterpieces to its collection. In a world weighed down by visual clutter and manic multitasking, this super slim, toned down trio delights with its utter simplicity.

Styled with an uncompromising “back to basics” approach, these three new additions to the True Thinline family have been stripped to their barest essentials. Each piece is crafted in a monochrome colour palette – pure white, stark black or lustruous plasma – using Rado’s signature material, high-tech ceramic. Free of indexes, subdials and flourishes, the True Thinline’s dial is a beautiful blank slate – even the second hand has been done away with. The timepiece’s sober, restrained lines and incredibly slim profile make a fresh and modern impact – a new way to make a fashion understatement. With a case that measures just 4.9 mm, the True Thinline is the thinnest ceramic watch that Rado has ever produced. These new True Thinlines have taken this minimalism a step further, embracing not only a minimal size but also a minimal aesthetic. The result is a design that transcends fashion trends, a deliberately pared down shape that reveals the poetry of a watch in its most basic form.


Fat Loss for your Lifestyle By: Nadia Atout Most people know that living a healthier lifestyle involves making changes to our diet and exercise. Successful exercise programs use the study of anatomy, neuromuscular function, metabolism, and biomechanics in order to understand how the body responds to physical activity. However, the average person does not know exactly how to turn that knowledge into results. Fortunately, there are thousands of workout plans out there that target fat loss. The problem is though, determining which exercise plan to follow is not always easy. Often times, people refer to one of two types of training for fat loss: high intensity interval training(HIIT) or steady state cardio. Both methods of cardiovascular training have its benefits of not only burning fat, but also raising your heart rate, increasing blood circulation, increasing your metabolism, and improving recovery rate. A breakdown of each training method will help give you a better idea of what each one is all about.


The biggest differences in steady state cardio versus high intensity interval training are the amount of time the exercises last and the intensity at which they are performed. Steady state cardio is any form of aerobic activity that is maintained for a longer period of time. This is typically the person that is running around the track at the gym or on a treadmill at a constant pace. Generally, steady state cardio is performed for more than 20 minutes at a low to moderate intensity. One of the main advantages of moderate-intensity exercise is that you can maintain it for a longer period of time, as you are not completely fatiguing your system the way you would during high intensity training. In a high intensity interval training workout, you are switching between periods of shorts rests or moderate intensity to bursts of high intensity. With this type of exercise, your workout is much shorter, lasting typically around 20 minutes. Although you are working out for a shorter period of time, you are pushing your body to the limit by going as hard as you can. The longer steadystate cardio burns a higher percentage of calories

from stored fat in your body at around 60% while in high intensity interval training only around 35% of the calories you burn are from stored fat. With that said, when you exercise at a higher intensity, you burn calories at a faster rate. As an exercise physiologist, I typically recommend a steady state exercise program to beginners who are just learning how to work out. As individuals build their endurance and are more fit, I usually recommend higher intensity interval workouts that require higher fitness levels to begin with. The truth is that both of these types of exercise training methods are effective in their own ways and will help individuals burn fat and improve their health. The best method of training typically involves a combination of cardio (HIIT and steady state training) as well as strength training. A successful workout program is one that best suits your life. The winning workout plan is one that has both methods of cardio training and a strength training plan that can be tailored to your specific fitness goals.


Women's Football Eighty Percent Ramadan Women's Football Tournament Last Issue we profiled 6 amazing women football players from 3 different football teams we read the stories of Reem Al Mulla, Noura Al Ameeri and Joud Al Ahmad from Westwing. Mastoorah Al Rashidi from Jaguars and Fajer Al Amer from Vamos, who took part in Eightypercent’s Ramadan Women’s Football Tournament, which successfully debuted this last June. This Issue we have another group of equally amazing athletes that come from different sporting backgrounds, and were brought together by their love for football Starting with Fatma Al Hamad from Jaguars, Mariam Al Baroun from Handball and Abrar Al Humaidi and Ibtisam Humood from Vamos.

Fatima Al Hamad 34 Years Years of Experience: 1 year as a football goalie and 18 years Basketball player (point Guard) Why did you start playing football? I have always been into sports, since I was a young child. I tried almost every sport from basketball and volleyball to wakeboarding and triathlons. It was only a matter of time until I would compete in football. A group of women from a variety of other sports decided to form a football team to compete in a local tournament and asked me to join. I enjoyed the team spirit, the teamwork and how we set out our differences apart to achieve one goal; to do our best while enjoying ourselves. It was by chance that I ended up playing as a goalie, but it was a great opportunity as later on in a tournament that was organized by 80Percent, I received an award for Best Goalie. I think this achievement goes back to my experience as a basketball player, where I learned great guarding skills as well as all around athleticism. I have been playing basketball since middle school and have competed in several international and national tournaments. I played for the national team as well as my local team in Kuwait, Al Fatat Club in several championships. Our team’s best achievement was receiving First Place in the Women’s Arab tournament in Bani Yas. For me, sports are not only something that would advance me physically and mentally, but socially as well. Where do you see football going in Kuwait? With all the issues and negative feedback that we see in Kuwait’s Sports Organization, I still have hope, because I know there are people here that have our country’s interest before theirs. They are willing to do


the right thing, however they are just waiting for the right opportunity. What would you say to girls who want to play football? Play for your team, compete for your team, win for your team, but enjoy it for yourselves.


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‫أبرار الحمادي‬ ‫‪ 29‬سنة‬ ‫كيف و متى بدأتي بممارسة كرة القدم؟‬ ‫بدأت بممارسة رياضة كرة القدم وأنا عمري ‪ 12‬سنة‪ ،‬وأحببت هذه الرياضة‬ ‫بالفطرة ووالدي شجعني بشكل كبير لممارسة هذه الرياضة واإلستمرار‬ ‫بها على الرغم من أنه غير متابع لهذه الرياضة إال أنه كان لديه دافعًا‬ ‫كبيرًا بأن استمر في هذه الرياضة حيث بنى لي ملعبًا في حديقة المنزل‬ ‫وكنت أمارس هذه الرياضة في وقت فراغي‪.‬‬ ‫وبشكل مستمر كنت أشارك في أي بطولة تنظمها المدرسة ومن ثم‬ ‫شاركت في بطوالت مفتوحة في الكويت ومن ثم بطوالت خارج الكويت‬ ‫إال أن المنافسة كانت أقوى وكان لدينا عزيمة أكبر واصرار على الفوز؟‬ ‫ومارست هذه الرياضة على مدى ‪ 17‬سنة حيث استفدت وتعلمت الكثير‬ ‫من األشياء وتطورت مهاراتي في كرة القدم‪ .‬وهذه الرياضة على‬ ‫الرغم من أهمية الفوز إال أنها «أخالق» حيث تعلمك احترام الفريق اآلخر‬ ‫المنافس وتعلم الصبر واألمل بالفوز مهما كانت النتيجة‪.‬‬ ‫ما هو برأيك مستقبل كرة قدم السيدات في دولة الكويت؟‬ ‫تعتبر كرة القدم النسائية من أكثر األلعاب الجماعية انتشا ًر بالوقت‬ ‫الحالي‪ ،‬واهتمام أكبر من الجهات المسؤولة‪ .‬وأتمنى أن يكون هناك‬ ‫منتخب كويتي ينافس في بطوالت عالمية وخليجية وعربية لنكون من‬ ‫أقوى الفرق‪.‬‬

‫‪For All Women Football Players prep your cleats‬‬ ‫‪for the next opportunity to show your skills in‬‬ ‫‪Kuwait Women Football League, check out their‬‬ ‫‪website or Instagram for the latest updates‬‬ ‫‪‬‬


‫إبتسام حمود بدر عبدالحميد‬ ‫سنوات الخبرة‪ 15 :‬سنة‬ ‫كيف و متى بدأتي بممارسة كرة القدم؟‬ ‫بدأت منذ الصغر بلعب ثالث رياضات هما التنس وكرة السلة وكرة‬ ‫والقدم وعند وصولي لعمر معين بدأ شغفي لكرة القدم لدرجة ال‬ ‫أعطي أي أهمية لباقي الرياضات‪ ،‬بدأت بالمنزل مع األهل وهذا ساعدني‬ ‫كثي ًر وأعطاني ثقة في ممارستها أكثر وعند دخولي المدرسة توفرت‬ ‫كل السبل لي لممارسة الكرة كان لدي مدرب وفريق أيضًا من هنا بدأت‬ ‫في ممارستها أكثر فأكثر‪ ،‬عندما كبرت بدأت أشاهد المباريات وبدأت‬ ‫أكتسب خبرة من ناحية مشاهدتي المباريات وممارستها‪ ،‬وبعدها بدأت‬ ‫اللعب بعدة فرق داخل الكويت‪ ،‬لكن قررت أنا وبعض األصدقاء المقربين‬ ‫لي بتكوين فريق خاص لنا والحمداهلل وفقنا اهلل وكسبنا خالل سنتين‬ ‫خمس بطوالت ونسعى للمزيد بإذن اهلل‪.‬‬


‫ما هو برأيك مستقبل كرة قدم السيدات في دولة الكويت؟‬ ‫نحن نعاني كفريق الكرة النسائية في الكويت وأتمنى يتم تطوريها‬ ‫بأسرع وقت ممكن ‪ ،‬وأتمنى أن يكون لدينا فريق ومنتخب متكامل قادر‬ ‫أن يحقق االنجازات العالمية‪.‬‬ ‫كلمة أخيرة لمحبي كرة القدم؟‬ ‫إذا كان لديك الموهبة التحرمي نفسك من ممارسته ‪ ،‬وإذا لم تكن‬ ‫لديك ماالذي يمنعك من التجربة‪ .‬ال يختلف اثنان على أن كرة القدم هي‬ ‫الرياضة األكثر شعبية على مستوى العالم‪ ،‬كرة القدم رياضة لترويض‬ ‫النفس قبل أن تكون حصدًا لأللقاب والكؤوس وفردًا للعضالت‪ ،‬وما‬ ‫جدوى أن يكون البطل بال أخالق‪ ،‬لذا أتمنى أن تختفي كل هذه الظواهر‬ ‫السلبية التي يعج بها المجتمع الكروي في الوقت الحالي والتي أراها‬ ‫تتفاقم يوما بعد يوم على أمل أن تكون كرة القدم التي لطالما‬ ‫عشقناها من الالعبات المهذبات المشبعين بالروح الرياضية والصبر‬ ‫وروح التحدي والمثابرة والمنافسة الشريفة ‪.‬‬

Top 10 English Songs


1 3 5 7 9

Desiigner Panda

Drake One Dance

Sia Ft.Sean Paul Cheap Thrills

Justin Timberlake Can’t Stop The Feeling

Ariana Grande Into You

Calvin Harris Ft. Rihanna This Is What You Came For

Fifth Harmony Ft. Ty Dolla Sign Work From Home

Me Too Meghan Trainor

The Chainsmokers Don’t Let Me Down

Gnash Ft.Olivia O’Brien I Hate You, I Love You

2 4 6 8 10

‫أفضل ‪ 10‬أغاني عربية‬


‫‪1‬‬ ‫‪3‬‬ ‫‪5‬‬ ‫‪7‬‬ ‫‪9‬‬

‫هيفاء وهبي‬ ‫أهضم خبرية‬

‫نوال الكويتية‬ ‫مابي أكون الصح‬

‫اسماء المنور‬ ‫عالمك‬

‫اليسا‬ ‫سهرني يا ليل‬

‫مايا دياب‬ ‫سبع ترواح‬

‫سعد المجرد‬ ‫أنا ماشي ساهل‬

‫‪Flipperachi & Daffy‬‬ ‫‪EE LAA‬‬

‫أحالم‬ ‫حمال اسية‬

‫راشد الماجد واحمد الهرمي‬ ‫الخسران‬

‫تامر حسني‬ ‫عمري ابتدى‬

‫‪2‬‬ ‫‪4‬‬ ‫‪6‬‬ ‫‪8‬‬ ‫‪10‬‬

Celebrities News Instagram Slam

Johnny Depp & Amber Heard

Justin Bieber doesn’t take criticism so well.

The Divorce is finalized! It is said that Actress, Amber Heard has dismissed her domestic violence restraining order petition against her now ex-husband, actor Johnny Depp after the threemonth acrimonious divorce battle. Dismissing the case with prejudice, meaning she can never re-file it, Depp has reportedly agreed to pay Heard with approximately $7 million to walk away. Laura Wasser and Blair Berk, Depp’s lawyers drew up the settlement with Heard’s legal team after quizzing her about her abuse allegations during a deposition which ran nearly 6+ hours.

The Canadian singer songwriter, Justin Bieber recently posted a photo of himself and Sophia Richie on his Instagram account; when people started dissing him he didn’t take it too well. Commenting on his account, “I’m gonna make my Instagram private if you guys don’t stop the hate this is getting out of hand, if you guys are really fans you wouldn’t be so mean to people that I like.” Now, we know that celebrities are most likely to have shade thrown their way at some point in time, but Bieber hasn’t taken it so well, with Selena Gomez defending those fans and their comments by commenting at him; “if you can’t handle the hate then stop posting pictures of your girlfriend lol- it should be special between you two only. Don’t be mad at your fans. They love you and supported you before anyone ever did.” The reaction to this followed with Bieber deactivating his Instagram account, guess he didn’t take it so well! Now that’s what we call an Instagram Slam!


Despite all the back and forth and the claimed accusations of possible abuse which included; a fight in their Los Angeles home and footage showing a furious Depp arguing with Heard, while appearing to throw a bottle and a glass while swearing was leaked the 15 month marriage was finally ended with a settlement. Following this, both Heard and Depp released a joint statement, which read: “our relationship was intensely passionate and at times volatile, but always bound by love… There was never an intent of physical or emotional harm.” Further, a statement released by TMZ stated, “Amber wishes the best of or Johnny in the future. Amber will be donating her financial proceeds from the divorce to a charity.”

‫أخبار المشاهير‬ ‫دوللي تعتزل الفن وتعود إلى الكنيسة!‬ ‫أثار قرار الفنانة اللبنانية دوللي شاهين اعتزال الفن لتربية ابنتها‬ ‫والتف ّرغ للترانيم الدينية‪ ،‬حالة من الجدل‪ ،‬في وسائل التواصل‬ ‫االجتماعي‪ ،‬وسط اتهامات لها بأنها تبحث عن أي ضجة إعالمية‪.‬‬ ‫وجاء قرار شاهين بشكل مفاجئ ومحاطًا ببعض الغموض‪ ،‬فبعد‬ ‫أن أعلنت قرار اعتزالها عبر حسابها على فيسبوك وقرارها بالعودة‬ ‫للغناء والترنيم داخل الكنيسة فقط وابتعادها عن عالم الفن بكل‬ ‫ما فيه‪ ،‬رد زوجها المخرج اللبناني باخوس علوان بأنه تفاجأ بالقرار‪ ،‬وأنه‬ ‫يرفضه وسيعمل على إقناعها بالتراجع عن قرارها‪.‬‬ ‫وكتبت في البيان‪ « :‬لقد اتخذت قرارًا أريد أن أشارك فيه من يحبني‬ ‫ومن ال يحبني ! أصعب قرار في حياتي! لقد قررت أن اعتزل الفن وأتفرغ‬ ‫لتربية ابنتي وعائلتي‪ .‬لقد حاولت منذ بداياتي أن أقدم أعماالً جيدة‬ ‫وعملت مع كبار األساتذة ‪...‬أصبت وأخطأت‪ ،‬لكني قدمت أفضل ما‬ ‫عرض علي‪ .‬الفن في دمي وسيظل في دمي ولكني أخذت القرار‬ ‫هذا ألن كرامة االنسان هي كل ما يملك‪ ،‬أخذت القرار ألَنِّي حلمت بفن‬ ‫مختلف‪ .‬صوتي سيخدم الرب وسأعود للترنيم في الكنيسة‪»...‬‬ ‫أن دوللي لم تقدم أعماالً فنية خالل الفترة األخيرة‪ ،‬ولم تكن‬ ‫ُيذكر ّ‬ ‫حاضرة إال في الحفالت الغنائية‪.‬‬

‫هل هذا هو حبيب إليسا؟‬ ‫منذ أن أكدت المغنية اللبنانية إليسا أنها تعيش قصة حب في برنامج‬ ‫«المتاهة» بدأت عملية البحث والتخمينات حول هوية هذا الحبيب‬ ‫السري! وتتجه اآلن أنظار الجميع إلى الشاب ناجي خضر‪ ،‬بسبب نشر‬ ‫أحد أصدقاء إليسا فيديو لحفل جمعها بعدد من أصدقائها ومن‬ ‫بينهم ناجي‪ ،‬وكانت تحتضنه‪ ،‬وبعدها ظهر معها في آخر رحلة‬ ‫سياحية توجهت فيها إلى تركيا‪ ،‬ونشر الصورة التي تجمعهما على‬ ‫الغذاء أحد المطاعم هناك وأكد الحاضرون بحفل إليسا األخير بختام‬ ‫«أعياد بيروت» أن ناجي خضر يتواجد في الصفوف األمامية‪ .‬وكانت إليسا‬ ‫اعترفت بوقوعها في الحب‪ ،‬قائلة في برنامج «المتاهة»‪« :‬لم يكن الزواج‬ ‫هاجسًا بالنسبة لي في الماضي‪ ،‬ولكن اليوم القلب يدق»‪.‬‬ ‫بأن ناجي هو رجل أعمال يعمل في المملكة العربية السعودية‬ ‫ُيذكر ّ‬ ‫ويبلغ من العمر ‪ 35‬عامًا ويتبع ديانة مختلفة عن ديانة إليسا‪.‬‬ ‫من ناحية أخرى‪ ،‬نجحت إليسا في أن تحصد لقبًا جديدًا في ظل‬ ‫الجماهيرية الكبيرة التي تحظى بها على مواقع التواصل‪ ،‬لتكون أكثر‬ ‫الفنانات العربيات متابعة عبر «تويتر»‪ ،‬فقد هنأ الحساب الرسمي لموقع‬ ‫«تويتر» في الشرق األوسط‪ ،‬في تغريدة له على الموقع‪ ،‬إليسا بتجاوز‬ ‫عدد متابعيها العشرة ماليين‪.‬‬


Startup kuwait Startup Kuwait’s first National Competition final, for Spring 2016, took place on May 29 and May 30, 2016. Over the course of Spring semester, Startup Kuwait launched entrepreneurship programs simultaneously with five of the nation’s universities. The National Innovation & Entrepreneurship Challenge saw the participation of Kuwait University, Gulf University for Science & Technology, Box Hill College Kuwait, American University Kuwait, and Australian College Kuwait.


As part of this initiative, students were encouraged to work on innovative ideas that can be realistically and successfully turned into real businesses. More than 600 students formed over 100 teams presented their ideas and went through several competitive rounds before reaching the final. The 12 final teams across these academic institutions competed on May 29, 2016, under the patronage of HE Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Bader AlEssa. The event was also attended by HE Sheikh Salman Al Humoud Al Sabah, the Minister of Information and Minister of State for Youth Affairs, who encouraged the youth to pursue their business ideas. The 12 teams competed before a distinguished panel of judges, Dr. Saad AlBarrak, Dr. Naif Al Mutawa, and Richard Preston (former director of research commercialization @ MIT). On May 30, under the patronage and and in the presence of HE Dr. Yousef AlAli, the Minister of Commerce and Industry, the event was dedicated to 20 teams (including the 7 winning teams) exhibiting their business ideas, and the National Competition winners awards ceremony for Startup Kuwait National Innovation & Entrepreneurship Challenge. The minister, Dr. Yousef AlAli visited and discussed with all 20 exhibiting teams their business ideas, potential opportunities and their needs, and encouraged them to seek out support from the Kuwait National Fund for SMEs. Dr. Yousef AlAlAli in his speech to the audience stated such accomplished initiatives would need to be supported across disciplines and congratulated Dr. Husain AlAnsari, the President of Kuwait University, for taking the leadership of the Startup Kuwait initiative and all participating universities and their leaders for their commitments and accomplishments within this initiative. The winning teams: Bone Fracture Detector - KU Lunch Boxer - GUST Arena - GUST BabyGuards - GUST TechnoRex - AUK Bone Fracture Detector (KU) - (People’s Choice award -

voted by people) Intelligent Fire Extinguisher System (KU) (Most Social Responsible project idea – the judge LoYAC’s Chairperson) About Startup Kuwait Startup Kuwait is a national initiative launched by the Global Center (Kuwait University) to encourage students to understand the challenges and opportunities of entrepreneurship, and be able to work on and launch their own business ideas. Dr. Redha Behbehani expressed his thanks to all 5 participating universities in spring 2016, and welcomed PAAET and KCST in joining KU, GUST, AUK, ACK, and BHCK for Startup Kuwait National Innovation & Entrepreneurship Challenge fall 2016 covering over 95% of enrolled college students. For the Fall 2016 semester (September 2016), we are starting with 7 universities and multidiscipline participating together to create multi-disciplinary ways of addressing Kuwait’s most challenging problems through entrepreneurship. Spring 2017 two programs would run, one for college students and another in parallel for young professionals who have graduated and would like to pursue their business passions. In 2017; Startup Kuwait plans to introduce a nonprofit accelerator program as well for selective entrepreneurs businesses which are beyond the idea generations. Startup Kuwait was chosen and invited to attend 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) @ Stanford June 2016. Dr. Redha, attending on behalf of all involved with Startup Kuwait, represented Kuwait at GES 2016. Dr. Redha Behbehani stated that Startup Kuwait “National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Challenge” is just the first of many programs that we hope to launch to support entrepreneurs in Kuwait. We look forward to growing Startup Kuwait in the years to come in partnership with other universities, entrepreneurship organization, businesses, civic societies, foundations, and the Government. Dr. Redha concluded with encouraging the youth and young entrepreneurs to follow Startup Kuwait’s motto of “Startup Kuwait-the World is Your Pearl, Ride the Waves”


The Protégés - The Musical Kuwait’s next burgeoning generation of business leaders enjoyed an expansion of their cultural oeuvre during a unique evening at the Dar al Athar al Islamiyyah’s Yarmouk venue. Hosted by Dr. Fathi Khamisi, the current intake of The Proteges program listened to a performance by Sheikh Sayed Darwish which included numerous works of both Arab and international origin.


TAG Heuer and Trafalgar Announce Winner Back in July the TAG Heuer boutique at The Avenues hosted an event for the announcement of the winner of a special Abu Dhabi Grand Prix F1 experience. Guests were able to view the latest collection of TAG Heuer watches in the brand’s premier showroom in Kuwait. The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is this season’s final race, and takes place in November.


HOT ROD - Watches In collaboration between Prime Retail Company, the official distributor of SEVENFRIDAY watches in Kuwait & Beidoun Trading Company. The latest limited edition watch of 450 watches were made “HOT ROD” was launched at Al Hamra Luxury Center, and it was displayed beside a real HOT ROD car with press & media, social media influencers, watches collectors & cars clubs attendance.


Landmark Group Expansion in Kuwait The 10th Centrepoint store and 1st “Yours London” Store

Landmark Group has launched its’ 127th Centrepoint outlet in Al Sharqiya Mall, Khaitan as the retailer expands its presence outside the UAE. The move marks the opening of Centrepoint’s 10th store in Kuwait. It has also launched its first plus size outlet in Kuwait, Yours London, under the umbrella of Landmark International, part of Landmark Group. The stylish range of clothing includes sizes 14-32, designed to fit and flatter for daywear and evening. The store opening in Kuwait is to be followed by 15 more across the GCC states by the end of the year. Overall, Centrepoint aims to reach 142 outlets by year end as part of its regional expansion plans.



Taurus: Apr 21 -­ May 20

Aries Mar 21 - Apr 20 This month will be dynamic and relatively calm especially in terms of negative moments. Your patrons are predicting a successful and bright month, at the same time you will be exempt from ambiguous situations.

September may seem a rather difficult time and a very difficult stage of life, which is described as controversial. Everything will turn out not as bad as it could have, although this will be an incredibly intense and stressful time.

Gemini: May 21 ­— June 21

Cancer: June 22 - July 22

This month is a quite unusual and this implies that at this stage such a characteristic as “a calm month” adopts a special status. As for the working direction, we’ll see that the Gemini’s will find themselves in a rather challenging situation.

This month you will experience a decrease in the overall levels of dynamics and vitality. We are talking here, however, about natural and predictable features of this particular interim, and there’s almost nothing you can do about it.

Leo: July 23 - Aug 22 September will definitely be successful for Leos, an exceptionally and incredible time, although there may be some sort of “deviations. Some Leos will suddenly feel a strong desire to hide somewhere deep in a hole, or even worse, in a box.

Virgo Man The Virgo male isn’t one to rush so he can get things done. He would rather do things slowly to make sure that he is not making mistakes. The Virgo man is also likely to look over his work several times before accepting that it is complete and right.

Virgo: Aug 23 - Sept 23 This month is likely to seem a rather quiet time, perhaps too quiet. Powerful high tides will be alternated with gradual and steady low tides, and your task will be to stay safe on the wave breaks; good for you they won’t be too high.

Virgo Women Virgos woman are always paying attention to smallest details and their deep sense of humanity makes them one of the most careful signs of the zodiac. Their methodical approach to life ensures that nothing is left to chance. Libra: Sept 24 - Oct 23 You will find yourself in a challenging situation, although in general it will be a quite positive life stage, during which you’ll be able to easily achieve all the goals you set. Therefore, you should focus on what you really want and avoid being distracted by irrelevant issues.


Pisces: Feb 20 - Mar 20

Scorpio: Oct 23 - Nov 22 We cannot call this time stage extremely positive, however, you will now get more freedom than ever before. And it would be very unwise not to take advantage of this situation.

Sagittarius: Nov 23 - Dec 21

Capricorn: Dec 22 - Jan 20

This month will be a rather difficult and challenging time, in particular in regards to their “love life.” In general, the first month of fall will bring you a lot of anxieties and worries, though not necessarily uniquely negative ones.

Capricorns will feel comfortable, though somewhat unusual. Therefore, you’ll have to look at the broader picture and wisely allocate your energy resources based on your observations.

With regard to the working and financial direction, in this month Pisces will receive a lot of benefits, Aquarius: but not “for Jan 21 - Feb 19 free”. That is, a lot of what you’ll Learning is especially exciting in be openly proud September if you are of at this stage a student as what you will be the result of the actions will learn will seem taken in the especially crucial previous stages to understanding current events in the of life. world. Aquarians will be very engaged with than usual in current events, economics and politics as you can see how they have an impact on your life

‫الوجه اآلخر‪:‬‬ ‫الدكتور علي جاسم شهاب‬ ‫عميد كلية التربية في جامعة الكويت‬ ‫نة ‪.1981‬‬ ‫خالدية س‬ ‫ج ثانوية ال‬ ‫د الصعبة‬ ‫• خري‬ ‫ت من الموا‬ ‫ضيات كان‬ ‫يا‬ ‫• الر‬ ‫الدراسية‪.‬‬ ‫ل المرحلة‬ ‫ي لإللتحاق‬ ‫خال‬ ‫لم تؤهلن‬ ‫• نسبتي‬ ‫ت بمعهد‬ ‫ذلك التحق‬ ‫الجامعة‪ ،‬ل‬ ‫ب‬ ‫المعلمات‪.‬‬ ‫معلمين و‬ ‫ال‬

‫تجربة الفشل أعتبرها‬ ‫درسًا في حياتي‬

‫• يوم األ‬ ‫حد مخص‬ ‫ص‬ ‫ل‬ ‫ل‬ ‫• يو‬ ‫ديوانية‪.‬‬ ‫م السبت‬ ‫م‬ ‫خ‬ ‫ص‬ ‫•ي‬ ‫ص للزيارا‬ ‫وم الجم‬ ‫ت األسرية‬ ‫عة مخص‬ ‫ص‬ ‫ل‬ ‫• ال‬ ‫ص‬ ‫ك‬ ‫ابوتش‬ ‫ديق عزيز‬ ‫ينو مش‬ ‫ر‬ ‫وب‬ ‫•‬ ‫ي‬ ‫ال‬ ‫مجبوس‬ ‫مفضل‬ ‫دجاج ط‬ ‫ب‬ ‫ق‬ ‫ي‬ ‫ال‬ ‫مفضل‬

‫• منذ‬ ‫الصغر كان‬ ‫حل‬ ‫م‬ ‫ي‬ ‫ف‬ ‫ي مجا‬ ‫• بريطانيا‬ ‫ل التعليم‪.‬‬ ‫هي البيت‬ ‫ال‬ ‫ث‬ ‫ان‬ ‫ي‬ ‫ب‬ ‫ال‬ ‫•‪t‬‬ ‫نسبة لي‪.‬‬ ‫‪old coas‬‬ ‫‪ C‬في است‬ ‫ر‬ ‫ال‬ ‫يا‬ ‫م‬ ‫ن‬ ‫أ‬ ‫جمل‬ ‫الدول‬ ‫التي زرتها‪.‬‬

‫•‬ ‫هوايتي أ‬ ‫يام الطف‬ ‫ول‬ ‫ة‬ ‫• ال أس‬ ‫ت‬ ‫ال‬ ‫ر‬ ‫خ‬ ‫د‬ ‫سم‪.‬‬ ‫م شب‬ ‫كا‬ ‫ت‬ ‫ال‬ ‫ت‬ ‫•أ‬ ‫واصل اإل‬ ‫حب التنا‬ ‫جتماعي‪.‬‬ ‫سق والت‬ ‫ض‬ ‫ار‬ ‫ب‬ ‫•‬ ‫أ‬ ‫باأللوان‪.‬‬ ‫عتقد أن‬ ‫برجي ال‬ ‫سرطان‪.‬‬

‫نتيجتي بالمعهد كانت امتياز‬ ‫مع مرتبة الشرف مما كانت سبب‬ ‫بالحصول على بعثة دراسية ‪،‬‬ ‫رفضتها والتحقت بكلية التربية‬ ‫بجامعة الكويت‪ ،‬حصلت على‬ ‫تقدير امتياز في جامعة الكويت‬ ‫‪82‬‬

STUDENTALK #181 - September 2016  
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