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10 | Eva-Last - The benefits of composite decking


13 | Mashonaland Holdings Adds Pomona Commercial Centre to Their Diversified Investment Portfolio

22 | Heritage Construction Continues Winning Streak with Mashonaland Holdings’ Pomona Project

26 | Great Dyke Contracting - Home of All Infrastructure

28 | City Fabricators - Brings Out the Wow Factor on Pomona Commercial Centre

32 | Fire Elimination Pvt Ltd


36 | Cyrex - Delivers Innovative Design and Tech Intergration for Liquid Home

40 | Trauma Training Institute - Shaping World-class First Responders


42 | Inel Investments - For All Your Electrical, Carpentry, and Plumbing Solutions

44 | Escape Load-Shedding With Solar City’s Customised Solutions INDUSTRIAL PROFILE

46 | Padsor - Scaffolding And Construction TRENDING INDUSTRY INSIGHTS

48 | Outstanding Achievements Recognised At The ZIE Dinner And Awards Ceremony.

51 | Zace Upholds Standards And Fosters Global Conections

52 | ZITF Rebrands And Unveils Futurustic Masterplan

53 | Victoria Falls Set To Welcome New Cricket Stadium

54 | Bitumen World Zimbabwe Receives Iso Recognition

57 | Newly Refurbished Rgmia Now A Haven For Travelers

63 | Mt Hampden Conference Centre - Symbol Of Ambition And Capacity To Host World-Class Gatherings.

64 | Refurbishment Of Mutare To Machipanda Underway

65 | Property Investors Drive Boom In Student Accomodation



Once again, we unleash an avalanche of some of Zimbabwe’s prime infrastructural development projects but before you get there, please read through our product of the month article -“Inspired by Nature, Designed for Life”. Eva-Last’s range of advanced composite decking – Apex Plus, Infinity, and Eva-tech ranges, emulate the natural beauty and texture of timber, combined with the performance benefits of the latest advancements in composite technology. This is one exciting new product on the local market for all your decking needs.

Mashonaland Holdings Limited (MHL), which has grown to become a leading property development and investment player continues to diversify its portfolio in order to align with the changes in customer preferences and more importantly, consolidating its presence in the growth sectors of the economy. The company has a property portfolio worth more than US$85million and has delivered market leading returns in the recent past. The Pomona Commercial Centre project is shaping up well.

At the forefront of this landmark infrastructural development project is Heritage Construction Company which has carved its name in cement, as one of the quintessential construction companies operating in Zimbabwe. The company have been on a number of significant projects in various capacities.

Great Dyke Contracting has been given a key responsibility in the realisation of Mashonaland Holdings’ flagship commercial and retail development, the Pomona Commercial Centre. The company’s expertise and impressive track record of completed projects make them an ideal collaborator for this prestigious project, and we can expect nothing short of a stellar final product.

City Fabricators, th renowned company that specialises in providing innovative and precise steel fabrication services, has established itself as one of the most sought-after steel fabrication companies in Harare’s residential, institutional, industrial and commercial development fields. They offer a broad range of services, including design, manufacturing and installation and have earned a reputation as a trusted partner in the construction industry.

The Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport in Harare, Zimbabwe, has undergone a significant transformation with a massive expansion which is still on going. Overseen by the Airports Company of Zimbabwe (ACZ), this project is creating a more vibrant and traveller-centric experience. This impressive refurbishment caters to the modern globetrotter.

We have packed a lot of industry updates too, so stay well informed on all that is happening in our built environment. Read, share and Enjoy!!!

We congratulate Mashonaland Holdings on the current construction of Pomona Commercial

Arup Zimbabwe (Private) Limited is proud to be part of the consulting team that brought this remarkable project to life, contributing our expertise in sustainable and innovative environmental, civil and

engineering design to help transform the concept into a

Block 5, First Floor Arundel Office Park Norfolk Road Mount Pleasant Harare, Zimbabwe +263 242 236 911 1-7 +263 772160100-101 +263 242 369118



Build a greener future with advanced composite decking from Eva-Last engineered to reflect the natural beauty of wood without the maintenance.

“Inspired by Nature, Designed for Life”, Eva-Last’s range of advanced composite decking – Apex Plus, Infinity, and Eva-tech ranges, emulate the natural beauty and texture of timber, combined with the performance benefits of the latest advancements in composite technology.

Composites are manufactured materials that combine the technical characteristics of these materials to enhance performance properties and improve resource efficiency, durability, and sustainability.

Composites outperform traditional construction materials such as timber by far. Aside from reducing the use of

10 S&D ISSUE 65

limited wood supplies and reducing deforestation, the inherent waterproof and inorganic properties of recycled plastic combined with advanced materials prevent degradation or destruction by pests or environmental exposure. Extra enhancements such as a glass-fibre reinforced core (GFR) in Apex Plus, UV-stabilisers and protective polymer wear-layers are added into the composite products to deliver products with unsurpassed structural and sustainable characteristics. Recognising the outstanding sustainability credentials of bamboo coupled with its superior performance characteristics, EvaLast manufactures bamboo polymer composite (BPC) as opposed to wood plastic composite (WPC).

In addition to its ecological benefits; bamboo fibre’s inherent tensile strength – the resistance to being pulled apart – is higher than steel’s and can withstand compression better than concrete. Its natural thermal properties avoid temperature extremes in either extremely hot or cold climates, making it an ideal material for exterior installations. Providing an abundant and replenishable reinforcing raw material with exceptional performance characteristics.

In addition, these composites offer high impact resistance and superior dimensional stability, limited moisture absorption, biological resistance to insect or environmental degradation, as well as added strength and extended durability. Longer lifespans mean less replacement.Available in popular patterns and colours, coupled with their sustainable features make specifying Eva-Last bamboo polymer composite decking (BPC) on your next green building project a must.

S&D ISSUE 65 11

Mashonaland Holdings Adds Pomona Commercial Centre to Their Diversified Investment Portfolio

Mashonaland Holdings Limited (MHL) has grown to become a leading property development and investment player since its inception in 1966. Having been the first property investment company to list on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange back in 1969, MHL continues to diversify its portfolio in order to align with the changes in customer preferences and more importantly, consolidating its presence in the growth sectors of the economy.

The company has a property portfolio worth more than US$85million and has delivered market leading returns in the recent past. In 2023, Mashonaland Holdings Limited was awarded by the Top Companies Survey the “Best Tangible Investor Returns” accolade from all the listed counters on Zimbabwe Stock Exchange.

ZB Life Towers
ZB Centre Text by Michael Nott and Farai Chaka Photos by Caast Media-Fotohaus
S&D ISSUE 65 13
Renders by Stone Beatie Munodawafa Architectural Studio

The property investment and development company which boasts of an expansive CBD Office Space in the city centre, with ZB Life Towers and ZB Centre as its flagships, MHL has however been diversifying away from this traditional stronghold as evidenced by the recent disposal of Charter House.

The major inhibitors of attraction for occupiers in Harare CBD have been unabated traffic jams, shortage of parking, street vending, pollution amongst many other factors. In pursuant of its diversification trajectory, MHL invested US$3mln in the development of a modern-day hospital in Milton Park, Harare.

S&D ISSUE 65 14
Milton Park Hospital

This hospital was recently completed in December 2023 and was handed over to the tenant for fitouts.

The company also acquired land along Borrowdale Road in Harare which is set to be transformed into a mixed-use development incorporating both office and retail operations.Additionally, they have also invested in a strategically located landbank in Victoria Falls where the company intends to develop a new four-star boutique hotel, operated by a Middle East/Asian hospitality player.

One of their latest and high-profile developments is the new US$15 million Pomona Commercial Centre on the corner of Harare Drive and Alpes Road, just behind Halsted Builders Express.

S&D ISSUE 65 15

It’s on a 4-hectare site rezoned by the City of Harare for wholesale and retail use. The site can be accessed from both Alpes Road and Harare Drive which meant that the architectural design must pay attention to slip roads and traffic flow.

Great Dyke Construction are responsible for civil works, including roads, slipways, and parking. Since the site is an ecologically sensitive zone, there were some consultations done with both City of Harare and the Environmental Management Agency (EMA) to ensure ecological balance.

EMA specified that there could only be 75% coverage of the site with the remaining land kept vacant – and to be landscaped.

The architectural design prioritized compliance with the EMA guidelines. The designs was also brought to life with input from Arup’s environmental services in line with the official Prospectus for Environmental Assessment Policy.

S&D ISSUE 65 16

Full Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) were conducted which included both the delicate nature of the site as well as the social impact, traffic flow and other issues.

One important aspect of the design is that excess rainwater from the significant roof coverage is redirected to replenish the water table which supports the surrounding residential areas. The architects, Stone, Beattie and Munodawafa (SBM) are strong advocates of Green Buildings and they carefully sought to achieve compliance with the obtaining sustainability benchmarks in the built environment.

The Pomona Commercial Centre will deliver 14,000 square metres of warehousing and retail space without compromising the environmental integrity of the site. The main anchor tenant will be OK Mart which has 8,000 square metres of Gross Lettable Area (GLA) for warehousing and retail/wholesale.

The OK Mart will include a branch of Chop Chop (a chain of restaurants across Harare with branches in Herbert Chitepo Avenue, Angwa Street, Avondale, and Workington). The OK Mart outlet is 50 x 160 metres with single central columns to support the roof span creating the maximum usable covered space.

S&D ISSUE 65 17

Arup is responsible for environmental services and structural engineering, while CGM Consulting Engineers is in charge of mechanical and electrical engineering. City Fabricators is providing the steel structural works. The six smaller units measuring 1,000 square meters each will be designated for warehousing and wholesale purposes.

Due to the slope of the site, the units are situated on different levels, providing ample storage for goods of varying sizes and quantities. To cater to the needs of shoppers, there is a spacious parking area that can accommodate up to 300 cars.

Access to the different levels is facilitated by ramps and stairs, while covered bays located at the rear of the structures are available for the efficient and safe loading and dispatch of goods.

S&D ISSUE 65 18

SBM Architects describe the design as a modern and contemporary version of traditional warehouses and retail outlets.

The chromadek roofing wraps around the structure creating walls, sun shields and the covered loading bays.

The structures have extensive aluminium and glass facades so there’s plenty of natural light, augmented as needed, although the canopies shelter the interiors from the harshest westerly sun keeping the interiors cool.

Another interesting design feature is the ‘totems’ - towers of horizontally slatted steel.

In most contemporary shopping mall designs these are simply decorative but at the Pomona Commercial Centre they are functional too, housing the water storage system from the on-site borehole as well as the fire sprinkler tanks.

Work on the site started in July 2023 with civil works and extra strong foundations and piling to accommodate the black cotton soil and

the marshy conditions. It’s expected to be completed by October 2024 and is set to change and enhance the appearance of the Pomona industrial area making it more attractive for shoppers.

Many major corporates are already established in the area including Halsted, Driptech, Electrosales, Maxitiles, Pomona Steel and Fencing, FSG, Storagemart, Solar Energy Projects, ICC and loads of others which have been covered in previous issues.

S&D ISSUE 65 19

In light of the rapid development the Harare Drive/Pomona node is seeing, the area is poised for major growth in the upcoming years.

This expansion will not fail to attract new businesses, investors, and residents to the area, soon making Pomona a vibrant and thriving hub of activity.

The project is being funded by MHL’s internal resources complemented by facilities from ZB Bank and Stanbic Bank.

S&D ISSUE 65 20

Heritage Construction Continues Winning Streak with Mashonaland Holdings’ Pomona Project

The Pomona Commercial Centre project is shaping up well. At the forefront of this landmark infrastructural development project is Heritage Construction Company which has carved its name in concrete, as one of the quintessential construction companies operating in Zimbabwe.

Heritage Construction Company started operating in 1999 led by esteemed quantity surveyor and seasoned contractor, Tendayi Tsvetu and since then they have been on a number of significant projects in various capacities. Their area of expertise lies in building construction and civil engineering works as well as robust project management. They boast of an impressive portfolio with some of the most solid commercial, residential, institutional and industrial buildings in Harare and beyond. With close to three decades of experience and well-documented commitment to quality, innovation, safety and environmental sustainability, it is not surprising that they are the go-to choice for clients like Mashonaland Holdings who have a desire to work with service providers that can

22 S&D ISSUE 65

transform their bold visual concepts to tangible property developments time and time again.

“You will realise that some developers tend to lose appetite or become uninspired to pursue expansion of their construction footprint after having constructed large and impressive structures, more often due to negative experiences during execution of the project. The Heritage Construction approach is therefore centred on giving the client a rich construction experience punctuated with collaborative effort across the team so as to inspire in them the confidence to continue replicating and/or improving what they would have done before.” This creation and addition of value was alluded to by Tashinga Tsvetu who is the Projects Team Lead.

Heritage Construction is proud to be the main contractor on this project coordinating the various facets of construction and seeing to it that the building work, including excavations and foundation construction, is executed with the utmost precision and efficiency. Their overall task is to deliver a commercial and retail space that makes a bold statement. To achieve this, they have collaborated with different specialist partners including GreatDyke Contracting, City Fabricators, L Electron and Fire Elimination

who are experts in the civils and road works, structural steel works, electrical installations and fire protection services respectively.

Tashinga advised that, “This project holds great significance for us, as it marks another milestone in our decade long relationship with the client. Our partnership began with their engagement of our construction services at 21 Natal Road in Avondale, which presently serves as ZB Financial Holdings’ headquarters.” What sets Heritage Construction apart is its staunch commitment to innovation, collaboration and cost management. The company’s focus on viability and longterm value ensures that clients receive a unique construction experience from the time the project commences until it is concluded.

“You are only as good as your last completed project, and that is why it was a no-brainer for Mash Holdings to choose Heritage Construction as their main contractor,” Tsvetu remarked. With the Pomona Commercial Centre project slated for completion in time for the 2024 festive season, Heritage Construction is vying to deliver a globally competitive commercial and retail centre that will redefine Harare North.

As a construction company, Heritage values excellence and prioritises bringing your boldest visions to life. What they have achieved over the twenty-five years they have been in the construction industry is a testament to their versatility and reliability.

S&D ISSUE 65 23
Services • Civil construction • Equipment Hire • Road maintenance • Sewer reticulation and Pipe-laying • Mining • Road Construction • Land Development 0242 132295 0772261028 0772915229 Physical Address: 532 Hacha Road, Ruwa Industrial, Ruwa Great Dyke Earthmoving (Pvt) Ltd T/A
E-mail: Great dyke Earthmoving The home of infrastructural solutions The home of infrastructural solutions

Great Dyke Contracting Home of All Infrastructure Solutions

Great Dyke Contracting has been given a key responsibility in the realisation of Mashonaland Holdings’ flagship commercial and retail development, the Pomona Commercial Centre.

The company’s expertise and impressive track record of completed projects make them an ideal collaborator for this prestigious project, and we can expect nothing short of a stellar final product. This is not the first time Mashonaland Holdings has roped in Great Dyke Contracting on a project of theirs. They handled the road surfacing on the recently completed Mashview Flats project which shows that Mashonaland Holdings is quite content with Great Dyke’s workmanship.

The scope of work Great Dyke Contracting is doing on the Pomona Commercial

Centre project is quite extensive, encompassing a range of services including demolition, land clearing, road construction and water and sewer reticulation.

The groundwork for the construction project began officially in September 2023, and the first order of business was to demolish the steel structure that housed one seed and bedding company which was on site. This was followed by the removal of tarmac, pavers and drains. After that, the team levelled the surface in preparation for the next phase of construction.

They have now been given the go ahead to procure pavers as that will soon start with the paving.

Great Dyke Contracting is responsible not only for the initial groundwork but also the construction of the car park, expansion of Alps Road and Harare Drive into the site and creation of offloading bays – all vital components that will shape the overall accessibility and functionality of Pomona Commercial Centre.

Great Dyke Contracting is a highly innovative and dynamic company that specialises in civil and construction engineering. They offer a wide range of integrated contracting services, all available under one roof. Their areas of specialty include structural concrete works, mining infrastructure, earthworks and platforms, road construction and maintenance, water and sewer reticulation, dam construction, and pipeline construction.

S&D ISSUE 65 26

They always strive to deliver quality and timely services to their clients.

They have successfully completed a variety of projects, such as the demolition, earthworks, and basement excavation for Stanbic Bank.

This building is a green star rated building. Additionally, they have also been entrusted with the task of transporting ore for Murowa Diamonds utilising their fleet of earthmoving equipment.

Other major projects they have worked on include basement excavations, roads, stormwater drainage system, sewer and water reticulation for POTRAZ, the demolition and clearing of construction platforms for the Eastgate Shopping Mall project.

Also, they have completed Sunway City 1.1km 400 diameter main water supply line, involving excavating and removal of existing AC pipeline and replacing it with a new PVC pipeline.

Furthermore, they have worked on road regravelling projects in Masvingo and Mashonaland West provinces, which were contracted by RIDA.

Great Dyke Contracting is distinguished by its team of highly experienced engineers, quantity surveyors, and SHEQ officers who work together to ensure the successful completion of every project they hop on.

To provide comprehensive solutions, the company also has an impressive fleet of construction vehicles that includes compactors, loaders, tipper trucks, excavators and 18000 litre water bowsers. Trust Great Dyke Contracting to take over your next construction project.

With a fleet of specialised equipment, experienced workforce and a proven track record, they are sure to deliver timely and supreme quality service.

S&D ISSUE 65 27

Pomona Commercial Center Official Steel Partner


• Steel Shades and Structures

• Architectural Steelworks

• CNC Services

• Crane Hire

• Prefab Homes/Offices

• Steel Fabrication

• Steel Profiling

• Solar Carport

• Balustrades & Staircases

• Billboards

• Clearview Fencing

• Security Grills

• Entrance Canopies



• We are the premier option for all your steel fabrication needs. Please reach out to our team at.

• Address 6a Rivonia Dr, Mt Pleasant, Harare

• Email

• Phone +263772 786 189, +26378 52 822 52

• Instagram _cityfabricators

• Twitter @cityfabricators

• Facebook Cityfabricators

City Fabricators Brings Out the Wow Factor on Pomona Commercial Centre

City Fabricators is a renowned company that specialises in providing innovative and precise steel fabrication services. The company has established itself as one of the most sought-after steel fabrication companies in Harare’s residential, institutional, industrial and commercial development fields. They offer a broad range of services, including design, manufacturing and installation and have earned a reputation as a trusted partner in the construction industry.

City Fabricators is the primary contractor for all the steelworks - the steel structures, roofing, and architectural elements of the Pomona Commercial Centre project, which is being developed by Mashonaland Holdings. Their involvement on this flagship project presents an exciting opportunity for them to showcase their capabilities and make a lasting impression on this transformative development.

Their expertise in steel fabrication is unparalleled, and they specialise in large profile steel sections, as well as the installation of stainless steel and glass canopies. The company has state-of-the-art CNC machinery, which enables precise cutting and fabrication according to exact measurements. By owning all the equipment they use on projects, City Fabricators can guarantee faster execution and maintain strict quality control throughout your project.

City Fabricators’ touch is evident throughout the Pomona Commercial Centre project, from the intricate steelworks adorning the various levels to the sturdy industrial equipment dotted on site and the architectural metalwork.

Photos by Caast Media-Fotohaus
S&D ISSUE 65 30

The project’s most distinctive features are perhaps the series of “totems” – towers of horizontally slatted steel that serve as decorative elements and house the water storage system from the on-site borehole and the fire sprinkler tanks. City Fabricators’ dedication to combining aesthetics and functionality is evident through this innovation.

The company has previously worked on the Delta James Martin Road, Ok Chitungwiza, Spar Fife Avenue and BonMarche Avondale projects, further cementing its reputation as a reliable and innovative partner. Besides the technical side of things, City Fabricators can also offer consultancy services on technical matters relating to any metal fabrication projects.

For clients seeking top-tier fabrication expertise, innovation and a team that is relentless in their pursuit of quality on their builds, City Fabricators is the clear choice.

Their ongoing work on the Pomona Commercial Centre development showcases their ability to bring out the wow factor on any project.

S&D ISSUE 65 31


Fire Elimination Engineers is a privately owned Fire Protection & Construction Company that has developed & progressed to provide wide and varied Installation, services, maintenance and commission Fire protection systems.

Founded in 2014, Fire Elimination Pvt Ltd has always taken a harmonious approach to business relations that is dependent on co-operation and is focused on pursuing an informed understanding of customers needs. Operating a balanced management structure with the ability to work with a shared vision & objective, the company has developed an ethos based on understanding & innovation, pro active thinking and foresight thereby establishing long term relationships built on trust.

32 S&D ISSUE 65

Fire Elimination Engineers


Fire Elimination Engineers, offer a range of services and products to ensure the safety and security of clients' properties. Our offerings include fire alarm systems, fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems, fire suppression systems (pump house systems) fire safety training, and fire risk assessments. We aim to provide comprehensive solutions to prevent, detect, and control fires effectively.

Protecting Lives And Properties

Bay 5b Stand No 484 Goodwin Rd


Stone Beattie Munodawafa Architectural



Turner & Townsend


CGM Consulting Engineers


Arup Zimbabwe


Heritage Construction Company(Pvt) Ltd


Greatdyke Contracting




+263 775 051 831 +263 783 793 793
▪ Civil Engineering Construction Services
Building Construction ▪
0773 444 588 0772 949 526 Unit 6 Gleneagles Industrial Centre 119 Dagenham Road Willowvale Harare tsvetu.heritage ADDRESS




Cyrex ID, a premier design and build company renowned for their forward-thinking approach to corporate architecture, has recently unveiled their latest triumph: a state-of-the-art service centre at Highland Park Mall in Harare, Zimbabwe, tailored exclusively for Liquid Home, the nation’s leading Internet Service Provider (ISP).

This collaboration between Cyrex ID and Liquid Home underscores their shared commitment to revolutionizing the customer service experience through innovative design and technological integration.

The service centre stands as a testament to Cyrex’s dedication to sleek, contemporary design principles while prioritizing functionality and practicality. Upon entering the space, visitors are greeted by sleek signage and a captivating backlit silhouette of the Harare skyline, seamlessly integrating the centre with its surrounding community.

36 S&D ISSUE 65

This thoughtful attention to detail not only enhances the visual appeal of the space but also reinforces its connection to the people it serves.

S&D ISSUE 65 37

Beyond aesthetics, the service centre is meticulously crafted to prioritize customer comfort and convenience.

Swivel seating arrangements offer flexibility and personalized comfort for patrons during their visits, creating an inviting and accommodating environment.

The layout is carefully optimized to facilitate smooth navigation between various service areas, including sales, support, and payments, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for visitors.

Central to the success of the service centre is the seamless integration of technology, which serves to enhance both customer interactions and operational efficiency.

Liquid Home, as a customer-focused ISP, has earned a reputation for delivering reliable and high-quality internet services tailored to the needs of Zimbabwean consumers.

With a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, Liquid Home has positioned itself as a leader in the Zimbabwean market, offering a range of

broadband and connectivity solutions to residential and business customers alike. Their dedication to elevating the customer experience aligns perfectly with Cyrex’s vision for the service centre at Highland Park Mall.

In conclusion, the completion of the Liquid Home service centre at Highland Park Mall represents a collaborative effort between Cyrex ID and Liquid Home to redefine the possibilities of corporate architecture.

By delivering a space that seamlessly integrates modern design principles with advanced technology, Cyrex ID and

S&D ISSUE 65 38

Liquid Home have set a new standard for excellence in customer service environments. Businesses seeking to enhance their brand presence and elevate the customer experience can trust Cyrex ID to bring their vision to life, while Liquid Home continues to lead the way in customer-focused service delivery in the Zimbabwean market.

39 S&D ISSUE 65

Trauma Training Institute: Shaping World-class First Responders

Trauma Training Institute is fully committed to training the people of Zimbabwe using community-based approaches/methodologies.

Its vision is to be the centre of excellence in producing healthcare providers who will be sought-after the world over.

We are committed to moving with the times incorporating disaster risk reduction and resilience training services.

The emphasis is on being prompt, diligent, and professional to protect and save lives, leading to the alleviation of human suffering.

40 S&D ISSUE 65

Trauma Training Institute strongly believes that everyone, everywhere at any time has the potential to save lives using acquired, professional knowledge and skills.

Training provided includes Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, Basic First Aid, Advanced First Aid, Industrial First Aid, and Fire Marshal Training.

The Training Institute also provides experience for the trainees on the ambulances, expanding their field of expertise.

The Trauma Group Ambulance provides a professional and dedicated 24-hour service to the community.

The crews are highly qualified and experienced. They have a modern fleet fully equipped to deal with any given emergency.

S&D ISSUE 65 41

Inel Investments

For All Your Electrical, Carpentry, and Plumbing Solutions.

For over 20 years, Inel Investments P/L has been a trusted name in Zimbabwe for all your electrical, carpentry, and plumbing needs. Founded in 2000 by Lovemore Gara, a qualified electrical technician, the company offers a wide range of services for residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, and mining sectors.

Inel doesn’t just handle installations and maintenance; they’re your complete solution provider. Their expertise covers everything from electrical engineering and construction to plumbing, pumps, and lighting. They even specialize in solar technology, offering supply and installation

for homes, farms, and businesses. Looking to upgrade your home or business? Inel can transform your space with interior design renovations, handle electrical and plumbing work for factories, and install top-quality lighting for both indoor and outdoor environments. Need a reliable power backup system? They can install voltage lines and backup systems to keep your home or business running smoothly.

“We endeavour to adequately satisfy our customers’ needs through prompt, high-quality workmanship that meets recommended standards,” said Lovemore

Gara, the technical manager. Inel boasts an impressive client list, including Bitumen World, PnP Supermarkets, the British Embassy, and J and J Transport.

Their work ranges from complex projects like installing electrical equipment for pelleting and granulation plants to more personal touches like electrifying chalets and installing equipment for restaurants and gyms.

Committed to staying ahead of the curve, Inel has embraced new technologies like solar energy, offering installation services

Text by Martin Chemhere Photos by Caast Media-Fotohaus
S&D ISSUE 65 42

for clients of all sizes. They’ve also adapted to industrial applications, seamlessly transitioning from traditional starters to variable-frequency drives.

Understanding the economic realities, Inel has implemented strategic measures to ensure their longevity. This includes downsizing during challenging times and leveraging subcontracting to manage costs and maintain operations.

As a growing company, Inel prioritizes a swift and efficient approach. Their simple structure eliminates bureaucracy, allowing them to respond quickly to client needs.

They foster close relationships with their clients, valuing feedback that helps them continuously improve.

“With the fluctuations in the economic environment or in tough years, Inel has responded strategically with downsizing measures. At the same time, they have discovered sub-contracting has helped in managing costs and continuation,” said the technical manager.

Currently experiencing growth in the booming domestic construction sector, Inel also has its sights set on further expansion in the promising solar energy

field. Beyond their core business, Inel demonstrates a commitment to the community by engaging and training student interns.

So, for all your electrical, carpentry, and plumbing needs, look no further than Inel Investments. Their dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction makes them the perfect partner for your next project.

S&D ISSUE 65 43


SolarCity offers a variety of solar power systems to fit your needs and budget. They can help you escape the challenges of load-shedding with a system that powers lights, refrigerators, entertainment systems, and even boreholes. Their systems range from 3 kVA to 10 kW and include all the necessary equipment, like inverters, batteries, solar panels, and protection kits. The solar solutions company can also customise a package to fit your specific needs. They offer free smart geyser controllers with 3-kw systems to help you manage your hot water usage.

In addition to solar panels, they stock a variety of solar equipment, including inverters, batteries, and geyser controllers. They are committed to providing clean and sustainable energy solutions for homes and businesses alike. If you are tired of power cuts, they can help you take control with a solar system that will make you forget about load-shedding. Their solar systems are professionally installed and guaranteed to work. They are also costeffective and come with a free flood light.

SolarCity offers a variety of batteries, including the Giter G2500, which is perfect for small to medium-sized homes.

S&D ISSUE 65 44

They also sell the Kodak solar off-grid inverter, which is ideal for homes that want to go completely off the grid.

Their solar systems are not just other solar systems; they are a declaration of independence. A rebellion against the struggle of blackouts and a love letter to clean and sustainable energy. They transform homes and businesses with sustainable solutions! Whether you are a home owner, business owner, or contractor, they welcome all and help them take a step towards a more sustainable future.

They proudly continue to deliver professional and quality-guaranteed installations, bringing renewable energy solutions that work.

Whether you are a homeowner, business owner, or contractor, SolarCity can help you switch to solar power and enjoy the benefits of clean, reliable energy.

Get in touch with Solar City at 0718069228 or 0773205279, or email us at sales@ Or visit them at stand number 22, Rhodesville Avenue, Eastlea, Harare

S&D ISSUE 65 45


Scaffolding and Construction

Padsor Scaffolding and Construction has been providing quality construction and scaffolding services since 2013. The company was founded by visionary entrepreneurs Pardington and Sarah Tembedza who saw a gap in the construction and mining industry and set out to deliver highquality construction and scaffolding services. They have consistently been able to deliver remarkable services that exceed client expectations all the while, ensuring safety, sustainability and innovation all the way.

The founders were observant enough to identify an industry in which demand for industrial equipment outstripped supply. Realising the potential, they decided to invest in buying scaffolding and construction equipment ultimately launching Padsor Scaffolding and Construction in February 2013. Since then they have swiftly established themselves as one of the top key service providers in the built environment. Their primary target market includes real estate developers, government agencies, and individual and corporate clients seeking reliable and professional scaffolding and construction services for commercial, residential and industrial projects.

Services Offered

Padsor offers a wide range of scaffolding and construction services including quick-fix scaffolding, deck pans, steel boards, mining suspension, jacking equipment, building

Text by Farai Chaka
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Photos by Caast Media - Fotohaus

construction, civil construction, structural steel works and small-scale earthworks. Padsor has a proven track record of success and it has worked on projects for some of the biggest companies in Zimbabwe, including Simbisa, National Foods, AM Machado, Sino Hydro, ZRP , Profeeds ,Triptrans, PatDunn & Co, Safeguard, Electrosales and Nemchem.

Most notably, Padsor was subcontracted by Sinohydro an international hydropower engineering and construction company to build some of the the residential houses for ZPC Hwange. The project is in its final stages. Padsor has also completed construction projects for PPC Zimbabwe, Doves Funeral Services, Aqua Resorts, and Delta Power Engineering among others. This shows the company’s expertise and ability to meet the needs of its clients.

Make sure to contact Padsor Construction and Scaffolding if you are looking for a reliable and experienced Scaffolding and construction company that delivers high quality services.

We help to build dreams

17394 Dhlela way, Graniteside, Harare
+263773036815 +263772319593 Padsor Enterprises t/a Padsor Scaffolding Solutions padsor_enterprises
Kwikstage Scaffolding Solutions
Decking Solutions
Support for Public Events (e.g stages)


ZIE recently successfully hosted the highly anticipated 2024 ZIE Annual Dinner and Awards Ceremony on May 3, 2024, at Cresta Lodge (Sango Conference Centre) in Harare. The presence of respected members of the engineering community at this prestigious gathering was greatly appreciated and valued.

The ZIE Annual Dinner serves as a platform to celebrate the achievements and contributions of engineers across various disciplines in Zimbabwe. It is an opportunity for professionals to connect, network, and exchange ideas with fellow engineers within the engineering profession.

The event included an awards ceremony to recognise outstanding achievements in engineering. It also honoured individuals and organisations that have made notable contributions to the profession and have demonstrated excellence in their respective fields. It was an unforgettable moment to celebrate their accomplishments.

“Our most heartfelt thank you and gratitude to members and fellow Built Environment Professionals for your active participation at the ZIE Annual Dinner and Awards ceremony held on May 3rd at Cresta Lodge Msasa,” said Doreen Bhebe, ZIE Media Marketing and Public Relations.

She said that the success of the remarkable event would not have been possible without their valuable presence, engagement, and support. “Your contributions added immense value to the evening, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie and celebration within the engineering community.”

The ZIE Annual Dinner and Awards Ceremony served as a platform to acknowledge and honour the outstanding achievements and contributions made by engineers and industry professionals in Zimbabwe. It is a privilege to recognise the remarkable work done by individuals and organisations that have played a pivotal role in shaping the engineering

landscape of Zimbabwe.

Bhebe also expressed gratitude, on behalf of ZIE, to the awards’ esteemed sponsors, whose generous support made the event even more exceptional. “Your commitment to the advancement of engineering and dedication to our institution is truly commendable,” she said.

The evening was filled with moments of inspiration, networking, and the sharing of knowledge and experiences with over 300 guests. It was a true testament to the strength and unity of the Zimbabwean engineering community. It is hoped that the connections made and ideas exchanged during the event will pave the way for future collaborations and advancements in the local engineering field.

“Once again, we extend our deepest thanks to every one of you for gracing us with your presence and making the ZIE Annual Dinner and Awards

48 S&D ISSUE 65

Ceremony a resounding success. Your continued support and engagement are invaluable to the growth and development of the Zimbabwe Institution of Engineers,” Bhebe said. “We look forward to your continued involvement in our upcoming events and initiatives. Together, we can strive towards a brighter future for engineering in Zimbabwe.”.

“Thank you to Honourable Daniel Garwe, the Minister of Local Government and Public Works; Honourable Dr. Anxious J. Masuka, Minister of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water, and Rural Development; ZIE President, ZIE Board Members, and their spouses; ZIE Past Presidents and their spouses and families; Engineering Council of Zimbabwe Chairperson, CEO; members of the Council and their spouses; senior government officials; and Zimbabwe Association of Consulting Engineers President and Secretariat,” said Bhebe.

Also thanked were CIFOZ President, CEO, members, and their spouses; ZBCA President, CEO, members, and their spouses; ZCIA President, members, and secretariat; captains of industry; all ZIE members and spouses; distinguished guests; ZIE CEO and Mama; and the ZIE Secretariat.

The ZIE’s vision is to be a credible engineering institution whose members are leading players in sustainable growth in Zimbabwe and beyond.

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The Zimbabwe Association of Consulting Engineers (ZACE) stands as a vital organization within the Zimbabwean engineering landscape. Established in 1962, ZACE has consistently strived to serve its members and promote the consulting engineering profession. This dedication manifests in the two key areas of providing standardized agreements and fostering international connections. One of the most valuable services ZACE offers its members is a suite of Standard Forms of Agreement (SFAs). These agreements, meticulously crafted by ZACE, serve as a foundation for contracts between consulting engineers and their clients. The exclusive access to these SFAs empowers ZACE members to navigate project contracts with clarity and confidence. Standardized agreements ensure a level playing field, outlining rights, responsibilities, and expectations for both parties.

This not only streamlines the contracting process but also mitigates potential disputes, fostering a more productive and collaborative working environment. ZACE recognizes the importance of staying abreast of global trends and best practices within the consulting engineering profession. To achieve this, ZACE actively participates in international engineering organizations. A key affiliation is with FIDIC, the International Federation of Consulting Engineers. FIDIC boasts a robust membership, encompassing 66 national consulting engineering organizations worldwide. Through its association with FIDIC, ZACE gains valuable insights into international engineering standards and practices. This exposure allows ZACE to adapt and refine its own practices, ensuring

its members remain at the forefront of their field.

Furthermore, ZACE actively engages with GAMA, the Group of African Member Associations of FIDIC. GAMA serves as a platform for discussion and collaboration amongst African consulting engineeringassociations. This forum fosters knowledge exchange and allows ZACE to address challenges and opportunities specific to the African continent. Collaboration within GAMA empowers ZACE to advocate for the interests of Zimbabwean consulting engineers on a continental stage, potentially opening doors to new partnerships and project opportunities.

FIDIC contracts training:

The ZACE is committed to empowering its members for success in the international engineering landscape. As part of this commitment, the organisation offers a suite of Standard Forms of Agreement specifically designed for members and their clients. These agreements provide a strong foundation for project execution, ensuring clarity and protection for all involved.

ZACE recognizes the importance of global collaboration. Through its membership in FIDIC, the International Federation of Consulting Engineers, ZACE connects with a network of 66 national consulting engineering organizations worldwide. This membership fosters knowledge exchange and keeps ZACE members informed of the latest international standards and best practices. In line with its dedication to member development, ZACE presented a comprehensive 2-day FIDIC Contracts

Training Course. Titled “The Practical Use of the 2017 Conditions of Contracts for Plan & Design – Build for Electrical and Mechanical Plant and for Building Engineering Work (Yellow Book),” this intensive course provided participants with a deep understanding of the FIDIC Yellow Book.

The training took place on May 20th and 21st, 2024, at Sabre Business World in Highlands, Harare. Each day was a full session, running from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. This comprehensive program was designed to equip ZACE members with the necessary expertise to confidently navigate FIDIC Yellow Book contracts, ensuring successful project execution for both electrical and mechanical plant, as well as building engineering work. ZACE offered this training and fostered international connections to empower its members to compete effectively in the global engineering market.This commitment to professional development ensures that registered members remain at the forefront of the industry, delivering exceptional service to their clients across the world.

The organisation plays a multifaceted role in supporting its members and shaping the profession. Providing standardized agreements and actively engaging with international organizations, enables ZACE to equip its members with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed in the ever-evolving world of consulting engineering.

It’s commitment to both national and international engagement ensures the continued growth and prosperity of the consulting engineering profession in Zimbabwe.

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Exciting details of the vision for the Zimbabwe International Exhibition Centre (ZIEC), now renamed the Zimbabwe International Conference and Exhibition Eco-Park (ZICEEP), were unveiled by the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) Company on April 24, 2024.

The fairgrounds in Bulawayo will undergo a transformation into a vibrant mixed-use development, creating a dynamic and modern environment. This long-term Visionary Masterplan aims to introduce world-class amenities to the city, revitalizing the area and enhancing its appeal to residents and visitors alike. “As the leading exhibition venue in the country, this ZICEEP master plan represents a significant step forward in revitalizing the region and enhancing its appeal as a premier destination for business tourism, commerce, culture, and recreation”, ZITF said in a media statement.

The upcoming precinct will include a state-of-the-art international convention centre capable of accommodating up to 5,000 delegates. In addition, there will be two luxurious hotels - one with 500 rooms connected to the convention centre and another 5-star boutique hotel designed for hosting esteemed guests such as heads of states and VIPs. To cater to the needs of visitors and residents, there will also be a contemporary retail shopping centre, offering a wide variety of retail, dining, and entertainment choices.

Developments will include a theme park dedicated to showcasing Zimbabwe’s rich heritage and iconic landmarks. Visitors will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the history and natural wonders of the nation, while also enjoying the modern amenities of office parks designed to foster business growth. Moreover, the project will prioritize sustainability by incorporating eco-friendly parks and pedestrian walkways that meet global standards. The ZICEEP will also preserve and renovate more than 25 historical structures, giving them a modernized aesthetic that aligns with the overall vision. The project is expected to have a phased execution and a budget of USD 300 million.

“The unveiling of the new ZITF Masterplan and Eco-Park represents a transformative moment for Bulawayo and underscores our commitment to driving sustainable growth and development in the region. By revitalising the ZICEEP we aim to create a vibrant hub for commerce, hospitality, and leisure, while also celebrating Zimbabwe’s rich cultural heritage,” commented Busisa Moyo, Chairman of the ZITF Company. ZITF Company is actively involving stakeholders in the initiation of several significant anchor developments. These projects will likely adopt a Public Private Partnerships (PPP) Model and receive government support in the form of investment incentives. The ultimate goal of these efforts is to realize the vision of NDSI, which aims to transform the economy into an upper middle-income status by 2030.

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Victoria Falls, the majestic natural wonder of Zimbabwe, is renowned for its breathtaking beauty and roaring cascades. Soon, it will add another attraction to its crown in the form of a state-of-the-art cricket stadium. This ambitious project promises to transform the city into a sporting hub, attracting international matches, boosting tourism, and fostering the growth of cricket in Zimbabwe.

The driving force behind the stadium is Zimbabwe Cricket (ZC), the national governing body for the sport. The government allocated 10 hectares of land in the Masuwe Special Economic Zone for Tourism, a prime location for this iconic project. At the time of going to print, President Emerson Mnangagwa was expected to lay the foundation stone on May 23rd, 2024, marking the official commencement of construction.

Planned for completion in August 2025, the stadium will not be solely dedicated to cricket. With a seating capacity of 10,000, it will be a multi-purpose venue, catering to other sports like rugby, tennis,

hockey, and squash. This versatility ensures year-round use and maximizes its economic impact. An additional practice ground, the B-Arena, will be constructed to accommodate training for World Cup teams and local players.

The stadium is more than just a sporting arena. It’s envisioned as a catalyst for tourism growth. Cricket fans from across the globe will be drawn to witness international matches set against the backdrop of the awe-inspiring Victoria Falls. This influx of visitors is expected to boost the local economy through increased demand for hotels, restaurants, and transportation services.

The new stadium will be a boon for the development of cricket in Zimbabwe. It will provide a world-class training ground for aspiring players, fostering a culture of excellence. Hosting international matches will expose local players to the highest level of competition, inspiring them to reach new heights. Additionally, the stadium’s facilities can be utilized for community events and coaching programs, ensuring

a lasting impact on the sport’s grassroots level. Construction, demonstrating their commitment. The government’s involvement, through land allocation and infrastructure support, is another critical factor.

Furthermore, partnerships with international cricket organizations and local businesses will be crucial for attracting tournaments and ensuring the stadium’s long-term sustainability. The new cricket stadium is much more than a sporting facility.

It symbolizes Zimbabwe’s ambition to position itself as a major player in the international cricket arena. Promoting tourism, fostering sporting talent, and creating a vibrant entertainment hub, this project promises to leave a lasting legacy for generations to come. Victoria Falls, already a global icon, is poised to become a premier cricketing destination, attracting the world’s attention and showcasing Zimbabwe’s spirit of progress.

53 S&D ISSUE 65


Bitumen World, a leading civil construction company in the country. The company has played a pivotal role in building and maintaining critical infrastructure projects across the country. Their expertise spans various construction services, including road surfacing, bridge construction, earthworks, and pavement rehabilitation.

The company’s commitment to quality and efficiency has earned them a reputation for excellence, making them a sought-after partner for government and private construction initiatives.

Reaching ISO Certification milestone:

Bitumen World recently reached an extraordinary milestone by successfully obtaining ISO 55001:2014 certification. This prestigious global standard delineates the requirements for an effective asset management system (AMS), and their achievement signifies a commitment to excellence in managing assets throughout their life cycle.

The certification provides a comprehensive framework, meticulously outlined by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), to guide organisations in establishing, implementing, maintaining, and continually improving an asset management system. This global

standard serves as the cornerstone for Bitumen World to adopt a systematic approach, ensuring the optimal performance and longevity of its assets.

“The attainment of ISO 55001:2014 certification is a testament to Bitumen World’s unwavering dedication to excellence in asset management. This accomplishment underscores their commitment to implementing best practices, reducing risks, and continually enhancing the efficiency of our asset management processes,” Bitumen World said in a post on their official Facebook page.

This certification reinforces their ability to:

S&D ISSUE 65 54

Establish: Implement systematic processes for effective asset management.

Implement: Execute strategies to optimise asset performance.

Maintain: sustain and continually improve asset management practices.

Improve: Foster a culture of ongoing enhancement in asset management.

“ISO 55001:2014 certification empowers Bitumen World with a structured framework to systematically manage our assets.

This achievement is not just a recognition of our past efforts but a commitment to the ongoing enhancement of our asset management processes, contributing to the sustained success of our organisation,” the company said in the social media post.

In the same social media post, the company extended its sincere appreciation to every member of the Bitumen World team, whose dedication and expertise have played a crucial role in achieving

this significant milestone. Their collective efforts have positioned the company as a leader in effective asset management.

“As we celebrate this accomplishment, we remain focused on continuous improvement, innovation, and maintaining the highest standards in asset management. Bitumen World is dedicated to providing exceptional value to our clients, partners, and stakeholders through the effective management of our assets,” the company said. “Thank you for your

S&D ISSUE 65 55

ongoing support as we embark on this journey of excellence in asset management.”.

New fleet and machinery for civil works development:

Bitumen World has recently announced a significant upgrade to its heavy-duty machinery and transport fleet. This move comes at a crucial time for Zimbabwe’s infrastructure development, as the nation prioritises improving its roads, bridges, and overall transportation network. The current state of civil construction in Zimbabwe presents both challenges and opportunities. The country’s infrastructure, particularly its road network, has suffered from years of underinvestment. Decades of wear and tear, coupled with inadequate maintenance, have resulted in a significant number of roads falling into disrepair.

This has hampered economic activity and accessibility within Zimbabwe. However, there are positive signs on the horizon. The Zimbabwean government has recognised the importance of infrastructure development for economic growth.

The National Development Strategy 1 (NDS1) outlines a comprehensive plan to modernise the country’s infrastructure. This ambitious strategy prioritises the rehabilitation and expansion of the road network, with a focus on major highways and rural access roads. Additionally, there is a growing emphasis on

public-private partnerships (PPPs) to attract investment and expertise in infrastructure projects.

Bitumen World’s decision to upgrade its fleet is a strategic response to this evolving landscape.

The company’s investment in new heavy-duty trucks and machinery demonstrates their commitment to playing a key role in Zimbabwe’s infrastructure development drive. The upgraded fleet will enhance the company’s capacity to undertake large-scale projects more efficiently and effectively. This will allow them to contribute meaningfully to the government’s NDS1 goals. The company boasts some of the most state-of-the-art machinery and fleet in Zimbabwe, including essential equipment for road construction and maintenance.

They have asphalt pavers, which lay down smooth asphalt surfaces; motor graders, used for levelling and shaping roadways; and excavators, crucial for earthworks and trenching.

Upgrading to newer models will presents it with several advantages. Modern machinery is generally more fuel-efficient, reducing operational costs and environmental impacts. Advancements in technology often translate to improved safety features and operator comfort. These factors all contribute to a more productive and efficient construction process. The fleet upgrade is not only beneficial for the company itself but also for the construction

sector as a whole. Investing in modern equipment, has positioned it to set a positive precedent for other construction companies in Zimbabwe. This encourages industrywide improvements in efficiency and adherence to international construction standards. Ultimately, this benefits the entire nation by fostering a more competitive and capable construction sector, equipped to tackle the challenges and opportunities of Zimbabwe’s infrastructure development plans.

Bitumen World Zimbabwe’s ISO certification and strategic investment in a heavy-duty machinery upgrade are welcome developments for the Zimbabwean construction sector.

The achievements position it to be a key player in the country’s infrastructure development drive, aligning with the government’s NDS1 goals.

With an enhanced fleet and a commitment to quality, the giant company is well-positioned to contribute to building a more connected and prosperous Zimbabwe. The ripple effects of Bitumen World’s investment are likely to be felt throughout the construction industry, prompting improvements in efficiency and setting a higher standard for future projects.

As Zimbabwe embarks on its infrastructure development journey, Bitumen World stands ready to play a pivotal role in building a brighter future for the nation.



S&D ISSUE 65 57

The Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport in Harare, Zimbabwe, has undergone a significant transformation with the expansion of its international departures wing. Overseen by the Airports Company of Zimbabwe (ACZ), this project aimed to create a more vibrant and traveller-centric experience. This impressive refurbishment caters to the modern globetrotter.

The most striking aspect of the new departures wing is the sheer variety of businesses it houses. Gone are the days of sterile airport environments. Passengers can now unwind in luxurious lounges like Khami Prestige Lounge or Blueberry Lounge before their flights. Restaurants like Café Nush and Corner Café offer a welcome respite from the journey, tempting travellers with culinary delights that go beyond the typical airport fare.

S&D ISSUE 65 58

For those seeking retail therapy, the new wing boasts a diverse range of shops. Artlife caters to art and craft enthusiasts with its collection of Zimbabwean handicrafts, while House of Books offers a haven for bibliophiles. Passengers can discover a touch of Africa through fashion and beauty products at House of Langa Cosmetics and Aurex Jewellery. Moreda Leather Products showcases Zimbabwe’s exquisite craftsmanship with its handcrafted leather goods. The expansion project recognized the importance of regional connectivity. Airlines like Air Tanzania and Kenya Airways now operate from the airport, making it easier for travellers to connect to East Africa and beyond. This not only fosters tourism but also strengthens Zimbabwe’s position as a regional aviation hub.

S&D ISSUE 65 59
MOSAICS OUR RANGE INCLUDES ‘Let’s Build Together’ UNION HARDWARE R UNION HARDWARE 2023 Pool Mosaics Kitkat Mosaics Crystal Colours Moroccon Mosaics Brick Mosaics Patchwork Mosaics SCAN ME
S&D ISSUE 65 61

The new wing embraces the digital age with the presence of Vaya Technologies Limited, a company focused on improving internet access across Africa. Financial institutions like First Capital Bank ensure travellers have convenient access to banking services.

Travellers can be confident of a smooth journey thanks to the presence of leading ground handling companies like National Handling Services (NHS) and Aviation Ground Services (AGS). These companies handle everything from baggage and check-in to ramp and security services, ensuring a seamless and efficient travel experience.

S&D ISSUE 65 62

The expansion of the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport departures wing reflects the ACZ’s dedication to creating a world-class aviation experience in Zimbabwe. This project goes beyond aesthetics, offering a comprehensive range of amenities and services that cater to the diverse needs of modern travellers.

Whether seeking relaxation, retail therapy, or efficient travel processes, the new departures wing delivers a comfortable and convenient experience, solidifying Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport’s position as a vibrant hub for regional and international travel.



In preparation for the upcoming Southern African Development Community (SADC) Summit in August 2024, Zimbabwe is gearing up to welcome Heads of State with a grand new facility. President Mnangagwa recently conducted an aerial inspection of the ongoing construction project at the Mt Hampden Conference Centre.

The focus of the inspection was to assess the progress on several key aspects. This included the construction of the conference centre itself, the surrounding road network, and most importantly, the 18 villas that will house the visiting dignitaries. To ensure timely completion ahead of the Summit, all works are targeted for finalization by July 2024.

The villas themselves are designed to cater to different needs and offer a range of luxurious accommodations. Twelve of the villas will be designated as “Villa 1 type,” presumably offering a standard level of luxury. For those seeking extra amenities or perhaps a

larger space, five “Villa 2 type” units are being constructed. Rounding out the options is a single, exclusive “Villa A type” residence, likely intended for a particularly high-ranking official.

The construction of these villas goes beyond just providing a comfortable place to stay. It is a statement by Zimbabwe, showcasing their commitment to hosting a world-class event and welcoming regional leaders with the utmost hospitality. These leaders will be Zimbabwe’s guests, and the new Mt Hampden Conference Centre complex is being designed to provide a truly exceptional experience. Of course, a successful summit requires more than just luxurious accommodations.

President Mnangagwa’s inspection also included the road network surrounding the conference centre. Ensuring easy and efficient access to the venue is crucial, particularly for such a high-profile event. These new roads will not only serve the summit but will likely benefit the surrounding

area for years to come, improving overall infrastructure and accessibility. The Mt Hampden Conference Centre project is a significant undertaking, and President Mnangagwa’s aerial inspection highlights the importance placed on its timely completion.

Outside serving as a venue for the upcoming SADC Summit, this new facility has the potential to position Zimbabwe as a premier destination for international conferences and events. With its state-of-the-art conference centre, luxurious villas, and improved road network, the Mt Hampden Conference Centre is poised to be a symbol of Zimbabwe’s ambition and capacity to host world-class gatherings.

63 S&D ISSUE 65


A significant step towards improved trade and regional integration is underway in southern Africa. According to the Ministry of Transport Zimbabwe X page (@MinistryofTID), “Zimbabwe and Mozambique have jointly started to refurbish and extend the 10km railway line that stretches from Machipanda to Mutare following bilateral meetings between the two countries.”

The project signals a new chapter in infrastructure cooperation between the neighbouring southern African countries. It follows the successful completion of the US$200 million Beira-Machipanda railway line rehabilitation in Mozambique last November.

The seemingly small section (Machipanda to Mutare) plays a crucial role in facilitating the flow of goods and people across the border. The project involves a complete overhaul of the line, with 3,000 sleepers being replaced and worn-out rails,

especially on curves, being addressed. This ensures a smoother and safer journey for both passengers and cargo.

The benefits of this collaborative effort are multifaceted. First and foremost, it is expected to significantly reduce transportation costs. Businesses on both sides of the border will see a welcome decrease in their logistics expenses, potentially making their products more competitive. The project further aims to alleviate the congestion currently plaguing the Forbes Border Post in Mutare. A more efficient railway system will divert some traffic away from the border, easing the flow of movement for people and goods.

However, the vision extends beyond the immediate improvements. This project is seen as a stepping stone towards a larger goal: a seamless railway connection between Beira, Mozambique, and Harare, Zimbabwe, with the potential to extend further. Leaders from both countries

acknowledge the importance of modern and efficient infrastructure for fostering trade and economic integration. A smooth and reliable railway system will not only benefit businesses but also contribute to regional development as a whole.

The successful completion of the railway line serves as a testament to the collaborative spirit between Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Now, by tackling the that railway section, they are laying the groundwork for a more connected future. This project has the potential to streamline trade, reduce costs, and unlock new economic opportunities for both nations. As work progresses on the railway line, anticipation builds for the next phase - the long-term goal of a Beira-Harare railway connection. This ambitious vision, if realized, could be a game-changer for regional trade and a symbol of successful collaboration between Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

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Zimbabwe’s higher education sector is experiencing a surge in student enrolment, creating a critical shortage of quality and affordable student housing. This gap has become a magnet for property investors, transforming student accommodation into a lucrative new frontier.

Leading the charge is the governmentrun Infrastructure Development Bank of Zimbabwe (IDBZ).

Through a series of public-private partnerships (PPPs), IDBZ is spearheading the construction of student accommodation complexes across the country. In Bulawayo, they partnered with Old Mutual, Motoring Industry Pension Fund, Zimnat, and the Catering Industry Pension Fund to create a complex catering to students from nearby universities.

This model is being replicated nationwide, with IDBZ tailoring partnerships depending on the project location. They work with universities for on-campus projects and private developers for off-campus facilities.

Several projects are already underway, showcasing the scale of this investment. In Masvingo, a partnership with Great Zimbabwe University will see the

construction of a US$29 million complex housing 2,500 students and staff. The Gweru Students Accommodation Complex, another IDBZ project, will provide housing for 2,400 students alongside a shopping mall.

IDBZ isn’t the only player in this game. First Mutual Properties is actively involved, with a near-complete 388-capacity student accommodation facility in Chinhoyi.

This project not only offers much-needed student housing but also benefits from “prescribed asset status,” a regulatory advantage for the company.

First Mutual is also expanding into Zvishavane, with designs for student hostels approved by the local town council. Zimbabwe’s student housing boom reflects a global trend known as PurposeBuilt Student Accommodation (PBSA). Driven by rising student populations and universities struggling to keep pace, PBSA has become a popular investment class in developed markets like Europe and the US. Factors like high rental yields and relative stability during economic downturns further fuel its attractiveness.

The benefits of this boom are clear. Students gain access to safe, wellmaintained accommodation with essential amenities like hot showers and internet access, often lacking in traditional offcampus options. Increased housing options can help regulate rental prices, making education more affordable.

However, challenges remain. Similar to affordable housing projects, some private student housing might lack the quality and amenities expected by students. Bridging this gap requires collaboration with international investors who bring expertise and resources.

Furthermore, securing land, obtaining funding, and developing the necessary management skills are hurdles that need to be addressed.

The rise of student accommodation in Zimbabwe represents a collaborative effort between government, the private sector, and international potential. Through careful planning, thorough research, and a commitment to quality, this sector holds the promise of transforming the student experience in Zimbabwe, ensuring access to safe and affordable housing for generations to come.

65 S&D ISSUE 65

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