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ACADEMIC Education WE ASPIRE TO: Consolidate, support and enhance academic programs through: • Delivering a contemporary and innovative curriculum that provides offerings that challenge each student • Building and supporting a community of teachers who provide quality teaching practice • Developing lifelong student learning habits that allow students to reach and celebrate high academic standards


We strive to provide a quality holistic teaching and learning environment where students are encouraged to realise their full potential through academic programs, faith development, cultural activities, the arts, music, sport, leadership and service learning. We believe this develops a balanced person who is well equipped to flourish as an active and reflective contributor to the wider community.

Enhance the dynamic relationship between teaching and learning Develop resources and programs that sustain St Peters as a centre of academic excellence Research and develop the most effective teaching and learning in all subjects and across disciplines so students develop deep knowledge and understanding Support opportunities for teachers to engage in evidence based improvement as it relates to current practice Enhance our processes and structures for teacher and staff professional development, appraisal and succession planning

St Peters Lutheran College Strategic vision 2016 2020  

St Peters Lutheran College's strategic vision for 2016 to 2020 outlines the direction of the College in the foreseeable future, and is flexi...

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