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St Paul’s School Community & Philanthropy Report



Community & Philanthropy Report March 2019

Thank you from the High Master St Paul’s would not exist without the substantial charitable benefaction from John Colet. Over the next five centuries many other charitable acts, some of them large most of them small, have been the principal driver behind the school’s development, expansion and adaptation. The culmination of this long and proud history of philanthropy is the current school. In 2019 – the five hundredth anniversary of Colet’s death – the £114m redevelopment of the senior school since 2011 draws to a close as we are scheduled in December to take possession of the final phase of the new General Teaching Building. Half of the funds for that redevelopment were raised through donations, and we are very grateful to the many donors who have given so generously to ensure that the school is superbly equipped for the future. Current staff and pupils are already benefiting from the improved and enhanced facilities. We also benefit from the donation of time and expertise in manifold ways from many people within our community, and we are especially grateful to the Old Pauline Club and Parents’ Groups for all their contributions. The completion of the senior school, and the securing of funding for the redevelopment of the junior school, enables us to focus on our long-standing ambition to increase our bursary provision significantly. Bright, industrious and motivated pupils who would flourish within the educational environment of St Paul’s come from all walks of life and we wish to ensure that pupils are able to come to St Paul’s on merit, regardless of their familial financial means. As we move into the next phase of our future, I would greatly appreciate any support you are able to provide. Extending our bursary provision is just one element of our vision of the future. Another is to create a stronger and more active network across the different branches of the Pauline family tree. Last year we founded our St Paul’s Community Programme under the leadership of Ellie Sleeman, Director of Development and Engagement, and in partnership with the Old Pauline Club and Parents’ Groups, to provide a diverse and engaging range of events and opportunities for all members of the St Paul’s community. These offer opportunities to share knowledge and ideas, to network, mentor and enjoy hospitality across the generations. So far, these initiatives have been very well received. We have also made great strides with our work in the wider community both locally, through partnership work with a range of school and charities, and internationally through partner schools in Sri Lanka and Zambia. These provide Paulines with varied opportunities to understand better the needs and challenges of others, and develop the skills necessary to serve wider society. Through all these initiatives we continue to draw upon a long tradition of philanthropy and, in so doing, continue to develop and adapt the school for the future. I hope you will enjoy reading about the recent achievements of the St Paul’s Community and thank you so much for your support and involvement. Professor Mark Bailey High Master


Community & Philanthropy Report March 2019


It is a privilege to champion the work of the St Paul’s School community. Since joining the school I have been constantly impressed by the many and varied ways that so many of you facilitate its smooth running: whether that is within Parents’ Groups offering support and social activities, providing careers advice, engaging with the work of the Old Pauline Club, delivering inspirational talks or donating to one of our widening access programmes or to help develop our facilities. The eagle eyed among you will have noticed that we have changed the name of our department from External Relations to Development and Engagement. External Relations feels like the very opposite of what we are aiming to do – to build an engaged community, with everyone feeling that they are part of something, rather than an ‘external’. As a parent, pupil, Old Pauline or staff member you have already left a mark on this great school. Being able to call on the skills, talents and passions of the community has been key to the school’s success. With our new team in place we are now well positioned to harness its might going forward. We are so grateful for all that you do and have done. I hope you enjoy reading about the recent achievements in this report. We will be launching an ambitious vision and strategy in May and I very much look forward to working as a community to help deliver it.

Ellie Sleeman Director of Development and Engagement

St Paul’s is a unique community. It includes current and former pupils, current and former parents and grandparents, current and former staff and our community partners and partner schools. In 2018, the school launched a community engagement programme to make it easier for all members to stay connected with the school. We have been overwhelmed by the support and involvement of so many individuals and groups this year. We aim to deliver a diverse and engaging programme of events with something to appeal to everyone. We work in close collaboration with the

school’s existing Parents’ Groups and the Old Pauline Club and are very grateful for all their time and support. Our community also consists of the school’s work with other partner organisations, other schools (primary, secondary and international), as well as local community groups, charities and other organisations. We share ideas, experiences and resources with our partners whilst in turn learning from them. Many of our pupils regularly volunteer in local community organisations and our student-led community and charity initiatives come under the umbrella of ‘Pauls4All’.


Community & Philanthropy Report March 2019

IN 2018





members of the St Paul’s Community have attended 224 events

people have volunteered by giving talks to pupils this year


members of our community volunteered in 2018 for committees, professional groups, reunions and academic projects

members of the Old Pauline Club

people have attended one of the professional career groups

ANNUAL EVENTS PROGRAMME We are committed to providing an inspiring programme of activity through events, networks and volunteering opportunities to ensure that our community thrives. Our termly events programme provides access to interesting speakers, incredible venues and an immense network. We aim to provide a range of cultural, educational, social and business events so that there really is something to appeal to everyone.

CAREERS ADVICE AND SUPPORT St Paul’s has a vast career network which supports our pupils, alumni, parents, friends and those from our partner schools in their professional lives. Originally established by the OPC in 2007, together we have gone on to launch formal networks within Medicine, Real Estate, Law, Entrepreneurship, Engineering, Research and Finance, supported by dedicated volunteer groups of parents and OPs.

St Paul’s is a unique place and we want to showcase the best that the school and the alumni community have to offer. Many of our events are led by our teachers, parents or Old Paulines, from participatory music and pottery, our annual debates and lectures, through to wine tasting and sporting fixtures. Our hope is that everyone will find something of interest and we look forward to welcoming you to one of our events soon, especially if you haven’t yet had the chance to join us.

From events exploring the new King’s Cross Development, to co-working spaces in Shoreditch, this programme brings together the school’s academic colleagues with the business world and creates incredible opportunities for pupils of St Paul’s and its partner schools. These networks also provide volunteers who support our careers programme which, in 2018, was nominated for Student Careers Programme of the Year. In 2019, we will be expanding our professional networks into the Art and Media sector and look forward to growing and sustaining this programme.

ST PAUL’S CONNECT In summer 2018, we launched St Paul’s Connect, our own networking platform. It is dedicated to helping St Paul’s alumni, parents, former parents and friends of the school connect with each other, mentor recent leavers and expand their professional networks. We now have close to 1,000 members. In spring 2019, the platform is being developed further to allow members to find out more about events, jobs, mentoring and work experience and to join professional, social and reunion groups. If you haven’t already had a chance, please join us today at: stpaulsconnect.org


Community & Philanthropy Report March 2019


IN 2018





pupils have volunteered in the local community

pupils from local state schools have attended specialist teaching or courses

St Paul’s has a long history of developing partnerships with the local community. Supporting organisations outside the school gates provides our pupils with the opportunity to gain valuable real life experiences, understand the needs and challenges of others, and develop the skills necessary to contribute to wider society. Every pupil moving into Year 10 and Year 12 is encouraged to join the Voluntary Service programme within the school timetable. St Paul’s also has an extensive community and academic partnership programme, supporting pupils from local state schools in their GCSE, A Levels and University preparation, including Oxbridge interviews. These focus on working alongside some of the brightest students, consolidating and extending their knowledge and

hours of community outreach has been undertaken by staff and pupils

hours of Oxbridge interview help has been given by St Paul’s teachers to local Year 13 students from 25 schools

challenging and inspiring them beyond the examination syllabus. The school also offers its facilities free of charge to local schools and charities for sport and the arts. The student-led service and charitable activities, ‘Pauls4All’, play a significant part in the life of St Paul’s. Each year the whole school is invited to vote on supporting one UK national charity, which this year is RAW, and various local charities through both fundraising and volunteering. At an international level, St Paul’s has created links with the Senahasa Trust in Sri Lanka, and Beyond Ourselves in Zambia. Pupils have gone to visit our partner schools in both countries, supporting the teaching of the children as well as understanding the challenges that charities face working in the developing world.


Community & Philanthropy Report March 2019


St Paul’s School is built on a history of philanthropy. From John Colet’s original endowment to the campaign to raise funds for the move to Barnes in 1968, from the Pilkington Campaign in 1989 to the £65m raised during the recent Renewal Campaign, the generosity of our community has supported St Paul’s for generations. Everything we achieve is only possible due to the support of our community and a dedicated groups of benefactors to whom the school owes a huge debt of gratitude.

We are very grateful to the many donors who have given so generously to ensure that the school is superbly equipped for the future.









raised in 2017-18

years old – youngest donor

largest gift

raised for the new building campaign

donors since 2006

per month smallest gift

bursary recipients in 2018

raised in the US through the Colet Foundation


Community & Philanthropy Report March 2019


Our bursary awards John Colet, Dean of St Paul’s Cathedral, founded the school in 1509 with a clear vision to educate able boys to serve society ‘from all nacions and countres indifferently’ regardless of race, creed or social background. This vision continues to guide the modern school.

We are very proud of our bursary students. Of the nine 2017 leavers in receipt of bursary provision, three went to Oxford University, two to Ivy League universities in the USA, one to McGill in Canada and the other three to Russell Group Universities in the UK.

In addition, the 500 Club was set up in 1999 by a group of St Paul’s parents to raise money for bursaries. Together they have raised over £200,000, enabling at least one boy every year, who might not otherwise have had the opportunity, to access the exceptional education at St Paul’s.

In September 2018, 105 pupils received bursaries, a 22% increase on 2017. Fifty-nine of these are 100% bursaries, an increase of 36 since 2017. Two members of staff (one at St Paul’s senior school and one at St Paul’s Juniors) have been appointed to oversee the academic and pastoral care of those pupils in receipt of bursaries. Our next target is to move to 153 bursaries each year by 2023, following our founder John Colet’s original vision to educate 153 scholars – a reference to the miraculous draught of fishes, St John XXI, 11. This will be part of a major fundraising campaign which will be launched in May 2019.

We are thankful to all those who have helped support the school’s bursary provision. These include our committed Parents’ Groups who host events such as the annual Spring Fling at St Paul’s Juniors, which is now in its ninth year and has raised over £1m to date, and the annual uniform sales by the senior Parents’ Group. The Old Pauline Club has committed to supporting a bursary place each year and a small number of Old Paulines also came together to support our bursary campaign as a group and established the 1509 Society which so far has donated almost £50,000.

The Colet Foundation in the USA, which was founded in 1991, has also played a significant part in allowing US tax payers to support the aims and ambitions of the school (both for bursaries and the wider Renewal Campaign), as well as playing an important networking role for New York based members of our community. Pupils too have contributed greatly to our bursary fund. The Thomas Gresham Bursary Award was founded in 2017 by four Upper Eighth pupils. It is a wholly pupil-led appeal, fundraising to provide a 100% bursary for the highest performing boy at 11+ who is in need of financial support. The founding committee exceeded all expectations by raising enough funds to cover almost two years’ education for an incoming St Paul’s Juniors pupil and the 2018/19 team have been equally successful. Their most recent fundraising endeavour was dedicated to the 490 Old Paulines who lost their lives in World War I and to date it has raised £25,250. The Thomas Gresham Bursary Award has raised £63,000 so far and the first Bursary Award recipient is now attending St Paul’s Juniors.

The Thomas Gresham Bursary Award committee

Having taught at St Paul’s for so many years, I am humbled by your superb work extending this great school to others.

A small contribution from a former ‘silver fish’ to a very worthy cause.

Our pupils’ stories

‘When I arrived, I was very aware of how fortunate I was to have the opportunity to spend my next five years in one of the finest academic institutions in the world. I would not have been able to come here had I not been offered a 100% bursary. As I walked rather gingerly across Founder’s Court for the first time, I promised myself that I would work to my maximum capacity every day in order not to waste the amazing opportunity bestowed on me’.

‘St Paul’s was a magical place for me and that magic lay in developing me as a whole person. I am very happy at Cambridge University and, two years ago was awarded British Heart Foundation funding to embark on an ambitious MBPhD in electrophysiology. I have won various academic prizes and was congratulated by the college staff for my outstanding contribution to Fitzwilliam College. I am profoundly grateful for the exceptional opportunity of a bursary at St Paul’s and I look forward to being able to repay this gift back to society for many years to come’.

Roma Rodriguez (OP 2013-2018) Founder of the Thomas Gresham Bursary Award

Daniel Jafferji (OP 2006–2011) Fitzwilliam College University of Cambridge


Community & Philanthropy Report March 2019


Renewal Campaign In 2011, St Paul’s started an ambitious programme of redeveloping the school buildings. With much of the work now completed, we are already reaping the benefits of the enhanced facilities. In 2013, the award-winning Science building was opened, the first school building in the country to house a scanning electron microscope (SEM), a research-grade machine. At the end of 2014, our new Drama Centre and state-of-the-art Samuel Pepys Theatre was unveiled, adjacent to the Music School and Wathen Hall. In the autumn of 2017, the school took possession of the new General Teaching Building containing the Dining Hall and Kayton Library. The final phase of the renewal campaign is due for completion at the end of 2019

and will provide a new atrium, chapel, a secular hall, a new Montgomery Room opening onto Founder’s Court, pupil changing rooms, 20 classrooms and administrative offices. This will bring to a close the main redevelopment of St Paul’s senior school which will eventually cost £114m. Of this, £27 million came from donations and legacies from the St Paul’s Community, £38 million has been donated from the Mercers’ Company, £15 million private placement funding with the remaining £34 million coming from the school.

Where the funds have come from to redevelop St Paul’s Senior School

Grand total = £114m 2006-2018

 Mercers’ Company


 Donations & Legacies


 School Surpluses


 Private Placement Funding



Community & Philanthropy Report March 2019

LEGACY GIVING – A LIBRARY AND RARE BOOK ROOM St Paul’s School has been the fortunate recipient of three generous legacies left by Old Paulines. These significant gifts have provided the school with a beautiful new library and state-of-the-art rare books room.

ST PAUL’S JUNIORS SPORTS PAVILION In 2016, a need was identified for funds to help create a beautiful new contemporary Sports Pavilion for our Juniors. The current building is a 40 year old small timber construction with inadequate facilities for sports teams. The new larger building will have terraces with views over the playing fields, changing rooms for both ‘away’ and ‘home’ sides and a large public reception room. It is also designed to provide a perfect venue for many of St Paul’s partnership and access initiatives, including holiday programmes for Richmond Borough Youth Services.

The Kayton Library is a stimulating yet calm place for research, academic work and relaxing reading. As one pupil commented, it has an air of ‘unified concentration’, and is in daily use by many of pupils. It also houses the Clay Sanskrit Library donated to us by another Pauline philanthropist, John Clay. The Alec Brian Schofield Rare Books Room provides a stable, temperaturecontrolled and humidity-controlled environment for the school’s rare and interesting books. From John Milton’s Paradise Lost and first edition volumes of Field General Montgomery’s memoirs, to books about the school’s early history, the room holds publications with an association to the school, its history or its alumni.

The school committed to part-fund the project and with £420,000 generously donated, the total target build amount of £1.056 million has now been reached. The Sports Pavilion is due to be completed in the summer of 2019. We would like to thank the three families whose generous support has made this project possible.

PUPIL PROJECTS The Kusma Trust and Kee Systems have both helped fund Team Firefly, St Paul’s very own GreenPower racing car. The pupils have now built three cars and have enjoyed phenomenal success, winning the global IET Engineering Award. It is a real credit to the boys’ efforts and support of their sponsors and the Engineering department that they produced the best-made GreenPower car in the world for 2018. We are also grateful to those parents who have donated to support projects such as aquatics, cricket, rugby, tennis, martial arts and many other sports. The St Paul’s senior rowing parents have been, in particular, unwavering in their generosity and support of the boys and coaching staff.


As Chairman of Governors, I would like to extend a sincere thank you to parents, OPs and friends of St Paul’s for your extraordinary generosity since the launch of the Renewal Campaign back in 2008 and beyond. This generosity has been expressed in many ways, from donations to pro bono guidance and time to help pupils, young Old Paulines and also pupils at partner schools. If you have chosen to support us financially, whether to ensure the redevelopment project was viable or by contributing to our life changing bursary scheme, your gift to the school has been essential and hugely appreciated. The Mercers’ Company committed £30m over ten years to support the rebuilding of the 1968 school, but their financial support ceases with the payment of their final instalment next year, now that the school is a separate and freestanding charity. From now on, we as a community bear the responsibility of staying true to Colet’s vision as we shape the future of the school. This report is one way of expressing thanks, and also to provide reassurance that the gifts donated hitherto have been well spent. The replacement of the senior school will be completed later this year, and in a couple of years we can commence the work on the junior school. This clears the way for the High Master to set out our goal for the last period of his term of office: an ambitious objective to move us decisively in the direction of widening access to St Paul’s. Looking at the history of this fine school it is clear to me that each generation of Pauline families benefits enormously from previous generations’ philanthropy. I am confident that together we can achieve all that we set out to do and we look forward to sharing these plans with you later in the year.

Johnny Robertson Chairman of Governors


Community & Philanthropy Report March 2019


Annual Income

Annual Expenditure

In 2017/18 school fees accounted for 88% of the school’s total income and fundraising contributed £1.3m. £3.1m was received for the building renewal campaign, with the school’s trustee, the Mercers’ Company, contributing £3m as part of a total donation of £30m which is being paid annually over the ten year period from 2010 to 2020.

Staff, operating, trading, fundraising, finance costs and depreciation account for 80% of the total annual costs. The school provided £3m to the renewal campaign, matching the funding provided by the Mercers’ Company, which is a condition of their generous donation. £1.1m was paid by the school out of income to fund bursaries, with a further £0.9m being provided from restricted fundraised bursary funds. Retained surpluses will be used to fund other future capital expenditure and maintenance of the school estate.

Income 2017-18: £38.8m

 Fees and Extras

Expenditure 2017-18: £38.8m

 Staff Costs



 Other Operating Costs


 Fundraising


 Renewal Fund


 Investments


 Depreciation


 Trading


 Bursaries


 Retained Surplus


 Renewal Fund


 Trading / Finance / Fundraising


Balance Sheet

The school has a strong balance sheet with total reserves of £108m at 31 August 2018. £87m is represented by capitalised buildings and other assets that cannot be realised. The majority of the school’s restricted bursary funds are held as investments in equities and funds with Waverton Investment Management Limited and Rathbones Investment Management Limited. Cash not required for the school’s immediate operating and project needs is invested in term deposits.


With £50m of long term debt funding secured, plus the donations from the Mercers’ Company being matched by the school, we are on track to complete the next phase of the renewal, which will include the rebuilding of St Paul’s Juniors during the 2020s. This will deliver world class school facilities for our community for the next 50 years and beyond. The school does not benefit from large endowed bursary funds, with only £4.3m of endowed and restricted bursary funds as of 31 August 2018. Therefore it is critical that our fundraising is successful and sustainable if the school’s ambitions are to be achieved.

Andy Francombe Director of Finance


Community & Philanthropy Report March 2019

THANK YOU We would like to offer our sincere thanks to all of those who have supported our fundraising efforts. As we have not produced a list of our benefactors for some time we have aspired to acknowledge every member of the St Paul’s Community who has given to all of our campaigns since 2008. The Renewal and Bursary appeals, donors to rowing, aquatics and cricket, the St Paul’s Juniors school pavilion benefactors, Team Firefly donors, and donors who have supported Student Welfare as well as our other smaller more bespoke projects. Our ambition going forward is to regularly report our benefactor names in as accurate and timely a manner as possible and by campaign supported. Please do advise us if we have mistakenly omitted your name and you would like to be included in future lists. We will be delighted to rectify any errors. Thank you for bearing with us as we move into a new more sophisticated phase of philanthropic reporting at St Paul’s. To everybody that has given, pledged or is planning a gift or legacy to St Paul’s, including our donors who have chosen to remain anonymous, thank you.

Denis & Lesley Aaronson Rosemary Abbott Butts David Abelson OBE (OP) Captain Marhab Abu Nayla & Silvia de Oliveira Raheel & Lindy Ackrim George Adam (OP) Giles, Jackie & Will Adams (OP) Jonathan & Nichola Adams Thomas Adams (OP) Roger & Jill Ader Jaakko Ahmala & Liisa Tornivaara Kamal & Anna Ahuja Vipin & Poonam Ahuja Simon Albert (OP) Christopher Alexander (OP) Dr Yannis Alexandridis & Mrs Eva Alexandridis Majid & Elham Alimadadian James & Katherine Allen Nasir Allikhan & Marunnissa Aghe Brad & Jeanne Altberger Louai Al-Turaihi & Luma Auchi Mark & Fiona Ambler Guy & Dominique America Richard Ames-Lewis (OP) Rajesh Amin & Cindy Jiang Mohammed & Naheed Anjum Andrea & Marcella Anselmetti David Anslow (OP) Gagik & Rita Apkarian Constantine Apodiacos (OP) & Ioanna Kambouraki Jeremy Armitage & Lena Johnston Armourers & Brasiers’ Gauntlet Trust Saravanamuthu & Vanathy Arunan John E Ashford (OP) John Ashford (OP) Reshma Ashraf-Mason

Khalid Ataullah & Mariam Abedi Mark & Linda Atkinson Bill Atkinson (OP) Richard (OP) and Charles (OP) Avens John Axford (OP) Dr Peter & Evalyn Bacon Alexander & Minnie Badenoch Professor Mark Bailey (High Master) Stephen Bailey (OP) Andrew Bainbridge (OP) Lord Baker CH PC (OP) David Baker OBE (OP) Guy Baker (OP) Siva & Tamara Balasuriyar Ian & Gillian Balcombe Stephen Baldock (OP) (High Master 1992-2004) & Janet Baldock Andrew Ballard & Stephanie Blackman Ballard John Banks (OP) Patrick & Selwa Banks Clive & Marjorie Bannister R M Bannister Teimuraz & Marina Barbakadze Nicholas Bard & Barbara King Andrew & Sarah Barkle Claire Barlow The Barness Trust Anthony Barnett (OP) Bill Barratt (OP) Peter E Barrett (OP) Adrian & Annie Barr-Smith Arturo Bastinello & Barbara Rindi Indranil & Chandrayee Basu Felix Bazalgette (OP) Bill Bean (OP) Serkan & Jacqueline Bektas Dr Sarah & Scott Bell Jonathan & Bojana Bellamy

Stefan & Gordana Benedetti David Benello & Wendy Becke Geoffrey Ben-Nathan (OP) Martin Ben-Nathan (OP) Mark & Star Bennett Mark & Grace-Mary Benson Mark & Jilly Bentley Toby & Amanda Benzecry Alessandro & Catherine Bergamo-Andreis Thierry & Laurence Berman John Bernstein & Ingrid Simler Michael Berridge (OP) Ian Berry (OP) Steve Berry Timothy Besley & Gillian Paull Ian Bester Dominic Betts (OP) Philip & Sarah Betts Ajit & Deepa Bhushan Alex Biamonti (OP) James Biggart (OP) Clive Billenness (OP) David & Rebecca Billings Alexander & Sue Birch David & Sandra Bird Christopher & Angela Birkle Seb & Heidi Bishop Jonathan & Deepa Biswas-Hawkes Anthony Blaiklock (OP) Roger Bland OBE (OP) Geoffrey & Beverley Blanning David Bloxam (OP) Ralph Blumenau (OP) Zacharias Bobolakis & Anne-Marie Bobolakis Bainbridge Robin Boddington (OP) Brad & Carrie Boericke Gennadiy & Sofiia Bogolyubov Oleg & Rong Bogoslavskiy

Marcus & Muriel Bokkerink Dominic & Serena Bolton Yann & Delphine Bonduelle Paul Boon (OP) Stewart & Sussan Booth Natali Bottoli Josh Bottomley & Marianne Costigan Alexander Bound (OP) Michael Bound (OP) George & Corinne Boutros Stephen Bovey (OP) Christopher & Lorna Bown Clive Boxer (OP) Charles Boyd (OP) & Isabel Taylor Robert (OP), Karen & James (OP) Boyd Jeremy & Christine Bradshaw Mark Braham (OP) Julian Branch (OP) Mike Branch (OP) Charles & Virginia Brand Mark & Catriona Brandreth Estate of the late Evelyn Marjorie Bray Evan & Claudia Breibart Paul & Amanda Bretherton Mark & Louise Breuer Alexandra Brewer John Bricknell (OP) Danielle Britton Bernd & Catherine Brรถker Sebastian & Irene Brooke David Brown OBE (OP) Ian Brown (OP) John Brown & Melanie Lindsay Brown Julian & Jennifer Browne Richard & Paola Broyd Gianluca & Livia Brozzetti William & Rebecca Buckley Roberto Buizza & Gioia Ghezzi William & Helen Burton Ulrike Buschbaker-Connelly Adrian Butterfield (OP) Sam & Lara Cadman Zhiyong & Yanwei Cai Jorge & Mary Calderon Ian Caldwell Nigel Cameron (OP) Jose & Teresa Canepa Jonathan Caplan QC (OP) & Selena Capriello Family Simon Carne (OP) Dean & Susan Carr Leo Carrington (OP) Richard & Kathleen Carson Paul Cartledge (OP) Charles & Claire Casimir-Lambert Marcel & Gabrielle Cassard Carlo & Marina Castronovo Nicholas & Elizabeth Cavalla Gordon Cawthorne MBE & Judith Mary (OP) Jacques & Renata Cesar Drummond Challis (OP) David Challis (OP) Mark & Josephine Chamieh Bijal, Dina & Ankit (OP) Chandaria Ian & Claudia Chau Erika Chernavskaya Stanley & Iris Cheung

Pietro & Luciana Chiesa Andrew & Deborah Chittenden Kevin & Wynne Chong Allen Chubb (OP) John & Kristin Chun Russell & Ann Church Giuseppe Ciardi John & Tessa Clare Alistair & Deborah Clark Stanley Clayman (OP) Tony Clayton (OP) Michael Cleary & Lisa Hodges Roger Cline (OP) Craig & Basia Coben John Coccolatos (OP) Michael & Marisol Cohen Simon Cohen (OP) Thomas & Annie Cohen Michael (OP) & Luise Colato Alan Collenette (OP) Richard Collins (OP) John Collis William & Laura Comfort Marcello & Sissi Comoli Jonathan & Stephanie Conder John Cone (OP) David Cons (OP) Tony Conway (OP) John Cooper DC (OP) John E Cooper (OP) John A Cope (OP) Ruth & Charles (OP) Corman Charitable Trust Christopher & Alexandra Cornforth David & Elizabeth Coughlan Barry Cox (OP) John & Mimi Coxon Nicholas Craig (OP) Stephen & Karen Crampton Peter & Elizabeth Crawshaw Paul & Louise Crean Laurence Cree (OP) Robert & Julia Crenian Lyall & Candice Cresswell John Crompton Michael Crowe (OP) Bruce Cryer (OP) Charles & Elizabeth Cubbon Neville Cusworth (OP) Nicholas Cusworth QC (OP) William Dacombe Michael & Blake Daffey Knut & Monica Dahl Peter Dailey Stephen & Catherine Dando Michel & Noushin Danechi Michael Dangoor (OP) Neil & Laura Darke Lalit & Suzanne Das Riyad & Karyn Daud Mark & Miranda Davies Alistair Davis (OP) Andrew & Susan Dawood George & Akemi Dawson James & Sarah Dawson Jeffrey Day (OP) Dominic & Gillian de Beaumont Peter de Graaf & Elisabeth van der Gulik

Julien De La Hunty (OP) David W Denning (OP) John (OP) & Joan (Former Parent) Dennis Robert Dennis (OP) Simon Dennis MBE (OP) Gordon Derrick (OP) Ujjaval & Parul Desai David & Charlotte Dewhurst Klaus & Sabine Diederichs Martin & Eileen Diviney John Dolman (OP) Sir Lloyd Dorfman CBE (OP) & Lady Dorfman Katie Douglass Laurence Dowswell (OP) Michael Draisey (OP) Mark & Francesca Dunfoy Michael Dunn (OP) Jack Durtnall (OP) Dalton & Roshy Dwyer Andrew & Helen Dyson Paddy Earnshaw Anthony Edels (OP) Ali (OP), Nick (OP) & Tim (OP) Edmonds Jonathan Edwards (OP) Ralph Ehrmann (OP) Edward & Maryam Eisler Paul & Susan Ekins Rabih & Ghada El Hage Waleed Khalid El-Hashim (OP) Mark Elliott (OP) John Ellis (OP) Ian & Kate El-Mokadem Mark & Merlene Emerson David Emmerson Rob Engel (OP) Peter & Leanda Englander Alan & Melanie Erskine Sir Terence Etherton (OP) Robert Evans (OP) Tom Everett (OP) Geoff Eversfield (OP) Raymond & Diana Eyre Bertrand & Nicola Facon Eric & Marielle Fady Gerard Faggionato Ahmad & Natalja Fakih Marc & Cherry Falconer Sir Brian Fall GCVO KCMG (OP) Andrea & Deborah Farace Di Villaforesta Paul & Helen Farmiloe John & Brooke Farry Lord & Lady Faulks Alexander Fedotov & Marina Shcherbinina Robert Fenner (OP) Leon Ferera (OP) Robert & Catherine Fernandez Viscount Gael & Viscountess Shannon Ferrand de Boissard de la Rigauderie Michael & Ileana Fidance Chris & Zofia Fielding Peter L Fielding (OP) Firefly Solutions Nick & Fauziah Firoozye Chris & Fiona Fleming-Brown Harold Fletcher (OP) Laurent & Perrine Fontaine


Austin & Anna Forey Brendan & Alison Forster Jeremy Foster & Polly Amos Gavin Francis & Nicola Keay Bob Francis TD (OP) Eric & Louise Franck Michael Freilich & Karli Pullen Matthew Freud Daniel & Carie Frigo Giulio & Pam Frigo Hau-Man Andre Fu (OP) Norbert & Atosa Furnion Jeffrey & Gabrielle Gale Gautam Ganguly (OP) Oliver & Carol Gardey David & Eli Gardner Thomas & Joanna Garside Sanjeev & Kavita Genomal Bernard & Frances George Isabelle Georgeaux & Patrick Healy Jonathan & Jane Gershfield Paul Gilbert & Vanessa Perot-Gilbert Tom Gilbert TD (OP) David & Victoria Gillard John Gillespie (OP) James Gillett TD (OP) John Gillum Tom & Joanna Gillum Ian Gilmour (OP) Paul (OP) & Deborah Girolami Richard Girvan (Surmaster) Jason & Katinka Gissing Stefan Glaenzer & Uta Glaenzer-De Veer Danya Gluschove-Corby & Richard Koppel Christopher Godfrey (OP) Satbir & Yasmin Golar Marc & Katie Goldberg Edward Golder (OP) Richard & Susan Goldstein Peter & Miranda Golob Nader & Maryam Goodarzi John & Clarissa Goodbody Tim Goode (OP) Harry Gostelow (OP) Dimitri & Christina Goulandris Matthew Gould (OP) The Gournay Family Lord & Lady Grabiner Sir Alexander Graham GBE JP DCL (OP) Peter Graham (OP) Lt. Gen. Sir Peter Graham KCB CBE (OP) Jim A Gray (OP) Roger & Silvia Gray Solomon Green (OP) Brian Greene (OP) Paul & Carolyn Greensmith Michael & Stephanie Gresty Philip & Samantha Griffith Jeffrey Grigg Edward Grigg (OP) Terry Grimes (OP) Robert & Jane Grindle Anda Gritten David Grobecker (OP) Johannes & Enrica Groeller Matthew & Alaine Grossman Neil & Lesley Grover John Grugeon (OP)

Community & Philanthropy Report March 2019

Emmanuel & Virginie Guéroult Iain & Aneta Gunn Dmitry & Natalia Gurzhiy The Haas Family Ian & Tracey Hall John Hall (OP) Anthony & Katharina Hamber Michael & Kiki Hammond Harry (OP) & Rachel Hampson John Hampton (OP) Philip Handa (OP) Clive & Caroline Handler David Haney (OP) Debbie Hannam Ian Hannam Dr Alexandra Hansmeyer Saeed & Avid Harandi Anthony Harbott (OP) Gary & Julia Harcombe Michael & Tessa Hardingham Annette Harlington Stephen Harper Jon Harper-Smith (OP) Stuart & Jo Harray Richard & Alexandra Hatter Richard Havery QC (OP) Edgar Hawkes (OP) Jonathan & Lucinda Haydn-Williams Keith Hayley (OP) Terence Head (OP) David Heaney (OP) Paul (OP) & Mieko Heaton David Hempstead George Henes (OP) Sylvia Hensher John, Jane & Matthew (OP) Hepburn Jonathan Heritage (OP) David & Susie Herman Stephen & Barbara Hester Andrew Hetreed (OP) James Hickman (OP) Nicholas & Mary Hill Rupert & Marie-Laure Hill Simon & Patricia Hill Matthew & Alice Hindhaugh Mark Hine (OP) The Hintze Family Charitable Trust Christopher Hipwell (OP) Andrew & Julie Hirsch Jesse & Eliza Ho Anthony Hoare (OP) Basil Hoare (OP) Robin Hobson (OP) David & Pippa Hoffman James & Katherine Hogarth Charles Hogbin (OP) John Holder (OP) Barbara & Glenn Holliman Graham Hollins (OP) Richard Holman (OP) Penny Holmes Henning & Martine Holter Richard & Diana Hone Stephen & Tamsin Hopkins-Powell Stephen & Sharon Horley Nicola Horlick Timothy Horlick Michael Houghton (OP)

Bruce Howitt (OP) Geoff (OP) & Kate Howles George Hsu & Se You John Huard (OP) James & Mieko Hudis Johan & Cinzia Hueffer John & Sylvia Hughes Maria Hughes Sabine Hugueny Michael Hunt (OP) Christopher Hunt & Nona Liang David Hunt (OP) Thomas & Stephanie Hunt Tim Hunt & Hymie Dunn Adam Hunter (OP) James Hunter (OP) Robert & Louise Hutchinson Brian Huxley (OP) Rashid Ibrahim Ayo & Adiba Ighodaro Neville Illingworth-Law (OP) Fahim & Zehra Imam-Sadeque Robert & Karen Inglis Michael Ingram (OP) Gareth & Lydia Isaac Barrow Isaacs (OP) Jeffrey Isaacs (OP) Oguz & Inci Isikli Philippe Jabre Henry & Stacey Jackson Timothy Jackson & Emily Marbach Nicholas & Nathalie Jacob Sir Robin Jacob (OP) Blair & Amanda Jacobson Eric & Marisol Jacquemot Ghalib & Gail Jafferji Anshu & Geetika Jain Nitin & Anupama Jain C B James David Jamieson (OP) Nick Jansa (OP) Roland & Minh-Tam Janssens Andrew T Jardine TD (OP) Mark Jefferies Thomas, Yvonne & Henry (OP) Jefferies Samuel & Naoko Jeffries Michael Jenkins (OP) Robert & Amanda Jenkins David & Joelle Jennison Erik Jensen (OP) Jeremy & Sarah Jensen Rajat & Kavita Jindal Mark Johnson (OP) Rory Johnston (OP) Andrew & Leela Jones Brian M Jones (OP) Brian P Jones (OP) Chris & Helen Jones Neil Jones (OP) Stephen Jones & Katharine Barnfather Thomas & Anita Jones Timothy, Claire & Sebastian (OP) Jones David & Denise Joseph Konstantin & Natalya Kagalovsky Stelios Kalamotusis Jan Kamieniecki (OP) Omid & Kimya Kamshad Neil Kaplan CBE QC JP (OP)

Alexei Karavaikin & Elena Plotkina Sumir Karayi Martin Kauffmann (OP) Bernard & Helen Kaufhold Anwar & Haleh Kawash Mrs Madina Kaztayeva & Mr Aldiyar Kaztayev Jack Kearney (OP) Kee Systems Graeme Keen & Alison Jones Fergus Kemlo (OP) Carsten & Brigitte Kengeter Mark & Kate Kenny Michael Kenyon MVO (OP) Grigor & Maria Khachaturov Karim & Sara Khairallah Javed & Nosheen Khan Mohammed & Mariya Khan Cho Khong Eugene Kim & Nhuoc Tu-Kim Peter King (OP) Simon & Gilly King Raju & Bina Kishinani David Kleeman (OP) Professor Vanessa Knapp OBE Michael Knott (OP) Thomas Knott (OP) Will Knox (OP) John Knox (OP) Nic Konialidis (OP) The Kotler Family David Kotler (OP) Paul & Susan Kumleben Kusuma Trust Benito & Maggie Kwok Fongwai & Nicolette Kwok Dominic La Hausse de Lalouvière Richard & Sarah Lacaille Enrico & Ilaria Lais Laurent & Georgina Lakatos Maurice Lambert (OP) Guy & Candida Lamming David Land & Maria Becker Brian Lane & Andrea Veiga-Lane Charles Lane (OP) Piers & Alison Langstone-Bolt Ahmad & Nasrin Lari Brian Lau (OP) Edward Laurie (OP) Richard Law Richard Lawrence (OP) Robert & Deborah Lawson Neil & Tracy Lawson-May Hani & Michelle Lazkani Xavier & Laurence Lecacheur Kwong Lee Paul & Sophia Lee Robin Lee (OP) Martin & Stavroula Lees John Leeson (OP) Michael & Helen Lehmann Manja Leigh & William Stockler (OP) Charitable Foundation Tim Lester (OP) Simon Lever (OP) David (OP) & Lindsay Levin Max Lewinsohn (OP) Adam Lewis & Beate Mjaaland

Jeffrey & Nicole Lewis-Oakes Mark & Sophie Lewisohn Sir Kim Lewison (OP) Zhi & Yan Li Eric & Irene Lim Peter & Teresa Lindberg Mei Foon Lloyd Kai & Rebecca Lo David Loewe (OP) Antony Longland (OP) Mark Longtin & Lina Hsu Bertrand & Sarah Louveaux Andrew Lowenthal (OP) David Lowish (OP) Frederick & Trixie Lucas Jolyon & Kirsty Luke Charles Lumsden (OP) John Lunn (OP) Radu Lupu Edward & Lucy Lynch Giles & Caroline Mackay Alan Maclean & Jo Corkish Debby McLean & Keith Kearney Shrai & Aparna Madhvani Mr K J & Mrs U Madine Magic of Persia Didier & Tule Magne Ram Mahboobani (OP) Justin Maini (OP) William & Imogen Makower Vijay Malde & Hermine Soutendijk James & Jessica Mallet Ashish Mandavia (OP) Pritpal (OP) & Ramandeep Mander Irfan, Farida & Farhan (OP) Mannan George Manthos (OP) Howard Manuel (OP) Marandi Foundation Javad & Narmina Marandi Robert & Donna Marassa Chris Marchant (OP) Nicola Marchant Percy & Dina & Tyrus Marchant (OP) Jonathan Marks (OP) The Honourable Michael Marks (OP) Nigel Marks (OP) Lord & Lady Marks Jonathan Marler (OP) Chris & Kim Marshall Michael & Sandra Marshall Thomas & Veronika Marsoner Ben Martin (OP) Charles Martin (OP) Jonathan & Deborah Martland Julian & Camilla Mash Louis & Angela Massey Paolo & Elisabetta Massi Harpal & Vera Matharu Iain Mathewson CMG John Matlin (OP) Henry Matson (OP) David & Amanda Mattey Gordon Maunder (OP) David May John Maycock (OP) Andy Mayfield David Mayhew (OP) George Mayo (OP)

Steven Mayo (OP) Kamil (OP) & Faise (OP) McClelland Lord McColl CBE (OP) Peter & Robyn McConnon Simon & Sophia McDonald David McGowan & Nina Barrengos Philip & Christine McGuinness Bruce & Nola McInroy Peter McKie (OP) Alistair McLachlan (OP) Hardy & Helle McLain Judith McLaren John (OP) & Thomas (OP) McNally Adrian & Isabelle Mee Greville Megson (OP) Jonathan Mellor & Fiona Rice-Mellor David, Sarah & John Melville (OP) Carlos & Alessandra Menendez Mark & Caroline Menhennet Nandan & Deepa Mer Charles Merriman (OP) Peter & Gurcharan Merton Stephen & Nathalie Metcalf David & Jane Metter Olivier & Linor Meyohas Bart Michels (OP) Henry Middleton (OP) Borut & Irina Miklavchich David Miles (OP) Roger Millen (OP) Lisa Miller Tim Millner (OP) Jeremy & Angela Mills Robin Mischeff (OP) Philip (OP 1932), Mark (OP 1969) & Joseph (OP 2002) Mishon Charles Mitchell (OP) Callum & Vanessa Mitchell-Thomson Gerard & Paulette Mizrahi Majid & Mino Mobayyen The Modiano Charitable Trust The Modiano Family Henri & Monica Moezinia Paul Moir (OP) J R Monk Benedict & Elizabeth Monro-Davies The Moretti Family Richard & Monica Morgan Tim Morland Robert & Jennifer Morley Sandy Moriarty (OP) James R Morris (OP) Richard Morris (OP) Alistair Morrison & Janine Monro Morrison Teodoro & Gabriella Moscoso Basil Moss (OP) Roger Moulton (OP) Richard Muir (OP) Rory & Charlotte Mullarkey James & Samantha Murgatroyd William Murphy John Murray (OP) Mark Murray-Brow (OP) Allan Murray-Jones & Deborah Finkler Chris Musk (OP) Sidney Myers (OP) Lord Myners CBE & Lady Myners Karim & Jacquelyn Naffah


Helly & Tatiana Nahmad Mohsin & Afsheen Naqvi Francis Neate (OP) Nicholas & Fiona Nelson Bill Nelson (OP) Samuel Newhouse (OP) Adrian & Tracey Newman Andy Newman (OP) Henry & Karen Ng Peter & Dian Nielsen Sir Charles Nightingale (OP) Serena & Nathaniel Norgren (OP) Cynthia Oakes Julian & Susie Oakley Clive Oatley (OP) Oberoi Family Foundation Kevin & Elaine O’Byrne Nicholas & Stephanie O’Donohoe Fergal & Victoria O’Driscoll Michael Offer (OP) Graham & Aliza O’Keeffe The Old Pauline Masonic Lodge James & Deirdre O’Neill Pascal & Jieny Onillon Declan (OP) & Jodie O’Regan Andrea & Linda Orlandi Ejaz & Deeba Osmani Tomas Östlund & Monica Gaffney Rory & Francesca O’Sullivan John & Ruth Owen Tim & Cindy Owens Anthony Paish (OP) Richard Palk (OP) Alison Palmer Richard & Alice Palmer Nicholas & Justine Panay Atul & Vandita Pant James & Heidi Paradise Dom Parikh (OP) Adam & Mikaela Parker Raj & Penny Parker Robert Parker FBA (OP) Richard Parlour (OP) Martin & Esra Parr Buster Parr (OP) Nicholas Parsons CBE OBE LLD DA (OP) Geoffrey Parsons (OP) Peter & Mary Ann Pashigian Anant Patel & Eleni Ioannou Ameet Patel & Jane Huntley Amish Patel (OP) Ambika Paul Foundation Akhil Paul (OP) Murray Perahia KBE David & Caroline Perkins Dominic & Kate Perks S Perper Reid & Maria Clara Tucci Jonathan & Lynnette Perry The Hon Roland & Felicity Philipps Gary Phillips & Pretima Champaneri-Phillips Paul Phillips (OP) David Pickering (OP) Graham & Maya Pilnik Daniel & Alexandra Pinto Roger Plymen (OP) Christopher Pogson (OP) Alan Pollock (OP)

Community & Philanthropy Report March 2019

Edwin Pomeroy (OP) Gabriel Ponte Bob Porter (OP) David & Margaret Porteus Roy Pounder Gary Powell & Sarah Wilson Anthony Preiskel (OP) Harold Preiskel (OP) Oliver Prenn (OP) Martin Price (OP) William Prynne (OP) Andrew Puddifoot (OP) Brian Puffer & Kristin Hanson Kevin Purcell Christian Puritz (OP) Nick & Hetty Pye Jussi & Alison Pylkkänen Gareth Quarry & Jill Whitehouse Dick Quinnell MBE (OP) Gavin Rabinowitz Gideon & Olivia Rachman Subramaniam & Vinothini Rajaram Vijay & Megha Ralhan Somasundaram & Indrakumari Ramanathan Nirmalan & Suseela Ramasamy Dr Manjeet Ramgotra Carlo & Katharine Ramirez Shabir Randeree CBE & Ruwaida Randeree Jasmit Rangr (OP) Martin Rantzen (OP) Hamish Raynham AFC (OP) Lord Razzall CBE (OP) James & Nicola Reed Martin & Joanna Reeves Peter & Christine Reilly John (OP) & Susan (OP) Reizenstein Lord Renwick of Clifton (OP) & Lady Renwick Frederick Richards (OP) Hugh & Clare Richards David Richardson (OP) Neil & Andrea Richardson Nanette Richards-Silberschmidt Michael & Elif Ridley Barry Rigal (OP) Stuart & Joanna Riley Alan Rind (OP) Olivier & Emmanuelle Rio Matthew & Pauline Risdon Gregory & Elizabeth Ritchie George & Fiona Rivaz Alan C Roberts (OP) Mark & Susan Roberts Steven & Kate Roberts John & Caroline Robertson Charles Robin (OP) Steve Robinson & Katharine Harborne Will & Lise Robinson Alan Robson (OP) Mark & Rachel Robson The Roche School Chris Rogers (OP) David & Shirley Rollitt John (OP) & Stephen (OP) Rosefield Clive (OP) & Matt (OP) Ross Nick & Sarah Ross, Alfred Caplin Charity Settlement

Philip Ross (OP) Andrew Rossabi (OP) Christopher Rossbach & Alina Rocha Menocal Peter Roth (OP) Richard Routley & Mei Ling Christopher Rowe Lord Rufus-Isaacs (OP) Charles Runacres (OP) Alec & Sophie Russell Anthony Russell (OP) Joachim Sabbat (OP) Zoeb & Nisreen Sachee Simon Sackman (OP) Stephen & Zina Sackur Guy & Maura Saidenberg Harkamal & Manjit Saini Harry & Nancy Saint John Salmons (OP) Drew & Dee Salvest Alok & Maya Sama Ziad Samaha (OP) Robert & Andrea Samuelson Daniel & Laura Sandelson Gregg Sando & Sarah Havens Omolara Sanusi-Odunayo Ramsey & Samira Sapper The Sahlmann Charitable Trust Michael & Pauline Saunter Peter Savill (OP) Alexander & Oksana Savin George Sayce (OP) Michael & Amanda Sayers Conor Scanlan (OP) The Julian (OP) & Victoria Schild Charitable Trust Mark (OP) & Susan Schofield Joseph & Anna Schull John Scott (OP) Vanessa Scott Jeremy & Gillian Seigal Robin & Gulia Selby Patrick & Jacqueline Sellers Nikolaus & Rezia Senn Jonathan Seres (OP) Naresh Sethi Sundeep & Nivedita Sethia Julien Sevaux Harsh & Sneha Shah David Shalit (OP) The Shanbury Charitable Trust Daniel Shane (OP) Sarah Sharman Ronald Sharpe (OP) Nicholas & Claire Shaw Michail Sheen DSSM LOM MSM (OP) Eran & Joanna Shem-Tov Janet Sherlock Robert & Rebecca Shi Alastair Shipman (OP) Anthony & Rose Shipman Miles Shipton (OP) John Shneerson (OP) Pamela Shores Natalia Shternberg Rajiv & Archana Shukla Philip & Debra Silver Andrew Simmons (OP)

Jonathan Singer (OP) Shanker Singham (OP) Claudio & Daphne Siniscalco Matthew & Kelly Sinnott Guiliano Sison (OP) Rasiah & Logeswary Sivakumaran Jonathan & Carlie Skan Bob Skeat John & Rowena Skoulding Lance Slater (OP) Lawrence & Constance Slaughter Barry Smallman CMG CVO (OP) Alan Smith (OP) Charles & Charmian Smith Jervis Smith (OP) Keith Smith TD (OP) Nicholas & Philippa Snee Bruce & Elizabeth Snider Fred (OP) & Albert (OP) Snowball Richard Solomons (OP) Paul Sommerfeld (OP) The South Square Trust Charles & Reyes Southey David Spencer (OP) John Spencer (OP) Michael Spencer & Seiko Mizuta-Spencer Elliot Spragg (OP) Nicholas Springer (OP) Michael Stacey (OP) Nick & Maria Stalbow Nicolas & Blaise Stallworthy Christoph & Pamela Stanger Timothy & Hilary Steele George & Fani Stephanakis Dr Martin Stephen (High Master 2004-2011) John Stephenson (OP) Peter Stevenson (OP) Clive Stirling (OP) Giorgio & Laura Stock Christopher Stokes (OP) Peter & Gersende Stoll John Stone (OP) Russell Strachan (OP) Guy & Sophie Strafford Simon Strauss (OP) James & Patricia Stuart Richard & Lavinia Stubbs Louis Stubenvoll & Katherine Neckenauer John Suggit (OP) Hyun Suh Malek & Maria Sukkar Peter & Andrea Sullivan Philip C & Ann Willard Sullivan Michael & Susan Sultan Kerri & Alistair Summers Maurice Sutcliffe OBE (OP) Timothy Suter & Helen Alexander Ben & Carrie Symes Dee Tan Raffi & Alice Tanielian Julian & Rachel Tanner Jasper & Francesca Tans Mark Tapley (OP) Steven & Ruth Tatters Duncan & Kate Tatton-Brown Adeleh Tavakoli Benjamin Taylor

Christopher Taylor (OP) Paul & Roslyn Taylor Stephen Taylor & Janice Hughes T G & Lisa Teoh Paul Testar (OP) David & Elizabeth Thomas Mark & Ann Thomas Alwyn Richard Thompson (OP) Neil & Lisa Thompson Sir Nigel Thompson KCMG CBE (OP) Guy & Ammani Thorpe-Beeston Helen & Tim Throsby Jeremy & Ruth Tigue Alan Todd (OP) Alistair Todd (OP) Mr Tolchinsky & Mrs Todres Massimo & Ilaria Tosato Michael Trapp (OP) Richard Tray & Maria Diaz Del Rio Paul & Jennifer Traynor James Tredwell (OP) & Meredith Hyde Richard & Laura Trigle Andreas Tsavliris Alex Turdean (OP) Esra Turk & Jurgen Bauer Christopher & Elizabeth Turner Patrick Turner (OP) David Ufland (OP) The Ulrich Family Stephen Vakil (OP) Christiaen & Nathalie van Lanschot Arumugam & Sumithra Varatharasasingam Anuraag Vazirani Vanni & Bonnie Vecchini Paul Velluet (OP) Thomas & Anne-Laure Vergnaud Mark Vickers (OP) Nicolas & Chrstina Viviano John Wacher (OP) Timothy Wacher (OP) John Wade (OP) Martin & Rosa Wadhwani Philipp & Mary-Louise Wahl Angus & Elizabeth Walker Frederick Walker (OP) Mervyn Walker & Caroline Webb Michael Walker Thomas & Elizabeth Walker Robert Walport (OP) Stephen Walsh (OP) Martin & Susanne Walton Thomas Wanty & Mary Ellen Jeromy Ward (OP) James & Judith Waring Luke Warriner (OP) Simon & Charlotte Warshaw Marc Wasserman & Lisa Osofsky John Waters (OP) Julia & Simon Wathen Robin & Hazel Wedderburn Paul & Caroline Weiland Charles Weiner (OP) Simon de Mowbray Wells (OP) William & Catherine Wells Bernard Weninger Graham West (OP) Dr Stephen & Dr Carol West

Mark & Sandrine Westcott James & Alison Whale James Whamond (OP) Gareth & Alexandra Whiley Alistair White (OP) Godfrey Whittingham (OP) Richard Wilcockson (OP) Timothy Wilcockson & Roberta Jaffe-Wilcockson Andrew & Juliet Wilkinson Ian & Poonam Willder Andrew & Jo Williams Anthony Williams (OP) Edward Williams Ian Williams (OP) Nigel Williams (OP) Richard & Marney Williams Richard L Williams (OP) Paul Williamson & Amal Asfour Alasdhair & Stella Willis Merrick Willis OBE (OP) Robin Wills & Diana Makepeace Nicholas Wilson (OP) Geoffrey Wilson (OP) Robin Winkworth (OP) Lord Winston (OP) Ulf & Nina Wissen Martin & Elisabeth Wiwen-Nilsson John Wolfe Barry (OP) Dr Wolf & Gita Wolfsteiner Richard & Astrid Wolman Ping-Chung Wong (OP) Timothy & Leona Wong Charles Wood (OP) Erroll Wood (OP) Brian & Yvonne Woodford Jonathan & Dina Woodier Geoffrey & Catherine Woods William & Kerry Woodward-Fisher James Woolf (OP) Anthony Woolich (OP) Robin Wootton (OP) David & Victoria Wormsley Jerry & Clare Wright John Wright (OP) Khaled & Yvonne Yasin Jacob Yentob (OP) Kenny Yeung (OP) Yuming & Sijun Ying Philip Young & Rosemary Beardow James Yu & Megan Ouchterloney Michael & Cecilie Zeier Morris Zelkha (OP) Matteo Zevi (OP) David Zezza & Diane Stewart Zezza Li Quing Zhou & Dandan Liu Demetrios Zoppos & Joanne Theodoulou Ansgar & Annette Zwick


Community & Philanthropy Report March 2019

How you can help

The school welcomes all types of contributions from the community. From volunteering at events to offering career guidance and support to pupils, to the gift of a donation, large or small. All donations help to provide the school with the flexibility to fund as many full or partial bursaries as are needed each year, as well as other projects. A new campaign outlining the High Master’s vision for the next phase of the school will be shared with the community in May this year. If you would like to help, please visit the website at stpaulsschool.org.uk for more information, or contact Ellie Sleeman, Director of Development and Engagement, on ems@stpaulsschool.org.uk

stpaulsschool.org.uk St Paul’s School is a charitable company, limited by guarantee, registered in England. Registered office at Lonsdale Road, London SW13 9JT. Registered Company Number 6141973. Registered Charity Number 1119619. © St Paul’s School, 2019.

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Community & Philanthropy Report  

Community & Philanthropy Report