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‘Shock’ after region ends help centre funding

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A senior citizen who never had a chance to go far in school, Norma Smith has turned many times to the Identification Clinic at York Region's Housing Help Centre to help her understand government forms and to assist her filling out paperwork for needed documentation. "They are so handy and helpful to the community," she said. The former nanny and personal care worker is devastated to learn regional government will end its funding next month to the Richmond Hill centre, which helps more than 2,000 low- and moderate-income York Region residents a year. "Oh my God, I don't have the words to say," said Smith, a native of Jamaica, who said staff at the centre have encouraged to her to take adult learning classes. "I am very, very sad, deeply sad. They are like a family to me. It's going to be very difficult for the community." The region is cutting off the $204,230 it provides annually for the ID clinic and the $136,310 it gives for the housing help centre, executive director Mary Ann Proulx said. The region is the sole source of funding for the programs, other than a small amount the facility gets from PowerStream to help low-income residents strug-




DECEMBER 1, 2016

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Mary Ann Proulx (right), executive director of the Housing Help Centre, confers with client Norma Smith of Richmond Hill, who is upset to hear York Region will cut funding to the centre next month. gling to pay their hydro bills. "I was in shock," said Proulx, adding the centre and clinic are the only services of their kind in the region. "We don't have operating funds to continue. It brings me to tears. I feel really bad for them (clients).

They're going to struggle, they're going to struggle even more so." Agencies are aware they must apply annually for funding under the Community Investment Strategy, the region's commissioner of community and health services, Adelina Urbanski, said.

"Annually, York Region provides targeted funding to not-forprofit agencies to help deliver projects to low- and moderateincome residents that address service gaps in the community,"

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Notice of couNcil meetiNgs


Closed Council Meeting at 6:00 PM Regular Council Meeting at 7:00 PM


Council Meeting at 3:00 PM The agenda for the Council meetings will be available for review at the Municipal Offices, Whitchurch-Stouffville Public Library and on our website 12 p.m. (noon) the Thursday prior to the meeting. To listen to the Council meetings live, visit



Notices coNt’d

Parking tickets issued between December 2 and 19 are eligible to be paid by donation. The value The next board meeting is scheduled for of the donation must be equal to or exceed the December 15, 7:00 PM. No meetings will be held amount owed on the parking ticket and proof on December 1st or 16th. of purchase must be presented at the time of donation. Gifts must be in original packaging AMENDMENTS TO FEES UNDER THE with no batteries or glue required. War toys will BUILDING CODE ACT not be accepted. The Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville will consider amendments to the current user fee by-law, which includes fees authorized by the Town’s Building Bylaw. As required under the Building Code Act, Section 7, a decision of Council to pass an updated Fees & Charges By-law will be made on December 20, 3:00 p.m. in the Council Chamber. Donation suggestions: New unwrapped toys; The Public Council meeting will include materials non-perishable food items such as canned fruit, by Watson and Associates Ltd., related to the vegetables, soups, stews; clothing for infants building permit fee amendments. Prior to passing and children and gift certificates for teenagers. a bylaw in relation to a change in fees any person Donations accepted at Customer Service, Mon to in attendance will have an opportunity to make Fri, 8 AM to 5 PM, December 2 until December 19.


At the Council meeting scheduled for December 6, 2016, consideration will be given to the proposed amendment to By-law 2008-114PR (Consolidated Parking By-law), regarding ‘No Parking’ restrictions on both sides of West Lawn Crescent, 50m north of Elm Road to 125m north of Elm Road, Monday to Friday between the hours of 7:30 a.m. - 8:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. representations with respect to this matter. Inquiries should be directed to Peter Wyllie, A Council report will be available prior to the Manager of Operations, Public Works Department at 905-640-1910 ext. 4245 or public meeting, and includes information setting out an estimate of the costs of providing the services, the amount of the PUBLIC NOTICE fees, and the rationale for imposing such fees. At the Council meeting scheduled for Tuesday, December 6, 2016, consideration will be given Copies will be made available at no cost, upon to the proposed update to By-law 2008-147-TR request, by contacting Andrew Jurrius, Chief (to regulate traffic in the Town of Whitchurch- Building Official at 905-640-1910 ext. 2452 or Stouffville) on Kingstree Court, Knights Place, by email. Castle Gate, Sandiford Drive, Innovator Avenue NO OVERNIGHT PARKING and Hoover Park Drive. Inquiries should be directed to Peter Wyllie, Manager of Operations, 905-640-1910 ext. 4245 or

PUBLIC NOTICE Amendments to the Ringwood Fees and Charges By-law 2011-042-FI to allow alternative payment terms and conditions for property owners making application to connect to the municipal drinking water and sanitary sewer services.


December 1 to March 31, inclusive Parking is prohibited on Town streets between the hours of 2:00 AM and 6:00 AM Parking rules ensure that our streets are clear to accommodate traffic flow, emergency vehicles and winter maintenance. Vehicles parked on the street during this period will receive a fine of $50.

Inquiries should be directed to PeterWyllie, Manager Inquiries may be directed to Linda Mainprize, of Operations, Public Works, at 905-640-1910 Manager, Municipal Law Enforcement at ext. ext. 4245 or 2258 or

uPcomiNg eVeNts

ANNUAL SANTA CLAUS PARADE Special Event Parking “Special Event Parking” will be enacted from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM on Saturday, December 3, 2016 to accommodate the Santa Claus Parade and events immediately following. The 3 hour parking By-law will be lifted during that period, and any unpurchased permit parking spots will be covered and will be available for special event parking. Parking in fire route and accessible parking will be strictly enforced, with zero tolerance. Enjoy the parade! emPloYmeNt oPPoRtuNities We are currently accepting applications for the following positions: • Customer Service Reception Clerk • Group Fitness & Specialty Instructors • Recreation Recruitment - Winter 2017 • Reception Clerk For more information, visit our website at

Overspending to overeating: How to curb holiday indulging

Chris simon & AdAm mArtin-robbins The holidays can be a time to let loose on your wallet, trash bin and waistline. Once the calendar turns to December, there's a tendency to relax, exhale and be less stringent on the rules that guide us through most of the year. We've all done it. After working so hard for 11 months, the extra slice of pie or second helping of mashed potatoes is welldeserved, right? Then there's the gift shopping budget. We want to give our kids and spouses the happiest holiday season possible. Their dreams must become reality. However, those wishes come with a cost and often strain a family's budget, said Seneca College professor and certified financial planner Sam Albanese. "We know we have to spend and at this time of the year we tend to spend more. We need to take a look at disciplined spending. Santa Claus has a list and he sticks to that. He makes it clear this is his list and this is what everyone gets. Santa never goes overbudget. "But as humans, we don't make a list. We've got to try to get the emotions out of our spending and be more objective. Something may be two dollars, but when you start adding up all these $2 (items), suddenly that becomes $100 and on it goes." The Canadian government's healthy holiday food guide includes recommendations aimed at helping families eat well over the next month. It suggests families should try to eat together because that communal time encourages healthier habits. Cook and plan meals in advance for hectic days and make healthy snacks like pre-cut vegetables and fruit easily accessible. Also, create healthy food traditions by trying a new vegetable recipe or making food-based gifts like jars of dried fruit, nuts or soup mix. And start dessert off with a round of fruit, leaving room for a few bites of something richer. Aurora-based registered dietician Maria Fisher said holiday weight gain is common because, for many people, the indulgence doesn't last for just one day. There are multiple parties and gatherings and those gettogethers often force people off regular eating, exercising and sleeping habits. You can avoid packing on pounds by eating before heading to a social function and refraining from placing treats on counters

Susie Kockerscheidt/Metroland

A Seneca College professor and certified financial planner says that we should follow Santa’s example and make a list and stick to it to avoid breaking the bank. and tabletops at home. Be careful when ordering coffeehouse specialty drinks and go easy on calorie-filled alcoholic beverages. It's OK to indulge, as long as your favourite holiday foods are consumed in moderate portions, she said. "The problem with gaining a pound or two over the holidays is that most people

don't lose it (afterward)," she said. "Eat your favourite foods that you can only get over the holidays and skimp on other tasty foods you can get any time of the year. Turkey stuffing is one of my favourites that I only make at Christmas - so I'll pass on the creamy mashed potatoes that I can have anytime." Overindulging also takes a toll on the

environment. The Region of York typically sees a 10 per cent spike in waste - garbage, recycling and organics - compared to other winter months, according to Julie Hordowick, program manager of York's integrated waste management strategy. So the region encourages residents to wrap presents in reusable bags, scarves or fabric and consider giving gift cards or "experiences" rather than "purchasing a lot of stuff that maybe people don't necessarily need," she said. This year, the region is targeting "avoidable food waste" through its Good Food program. "That's all geared toward giving people tools to plan their meals, to manage leftovers and ideas for what to do around the holidays to reduce the amount of food waste that you're generating," Hordowick said. "We've found about 15 to 20 per cent of the green bin is what we would consider to be avoidable food waste. Things people have bought and forgot and thrown out: It's whole produce, leftover lettuce, the leftover casserole that you didn't finish eating." As part of the Good Food program, the region put out a list of 10 tips aimed at reducing food waste during the holidays. "We encourage people to stock up on reusable containers so that when they do have guests over and there's leftovers, they've got a really easy way to pack stuff up and share it with their guests rather than it ending up in the green bin," Hordowick said. "We have recipes you can make ahead and freeze so that you're spending more time with your guests and you've got a way to save the food and portion it out over time. And (we encourage people) to consider potluck as an approach to family occasions so everybody brings a little bit of something and everybody is able to bring it home so leftovers get used up. It's less work for one person and it's often less waste that way." Remember though, even the experts admit it's tough to stringently stick to a plan. "Throughout the whole year, you've been quite disciplined," Albanese said. "You did the best you could and you say 'I've sacrificed all year, my family deserves this'. We tend to use Christmastime as a way of rewarding ourselves for a year of hard work. How do you overcome all this? It's almost impossible. All we can say is be conscious of (spending), try to set money aside and be as close as possible to that budget."

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Sleep and General Dentistry

From Fear of the Dentist to Special Needs 175 Mostar Street, Unit 105, Stouffville

New Patients Welcome - Emergencies Seen Promptly - Insurance Processing

we’re here for the whole family

To Book Your Appointment Call 905-640-1010 or

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Seniors’ Christmas Party

Whitchurch-Stouffville Public Library 2 Park Drive, Stouffville

Stouffville It’s Back! Our annual “the MOre YOu BuY, the MOre YOu save” GIftware sale Purchase $00.01 - $50.00 aND

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WEDNESDAY December 7

10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Seniors are welcome to this event that offers music, readings, and refreshments.


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As a special treat, there will be a carol sing-along led by the Spartan Sound Stouffville District Secondary School Choir.


Unionville Olde Tyme Christmas Candlelight Parade Main Street Unionville Friday, December 2nd - 7 pm • More than 45 floats and bands all lit up for the festive season Bandstand after the parade at 8 • Santa will be at the bandstand to hear all those special wishes carolers, jugglers, bands and more • CTV Toy Mountain at the Bandstand from 6 to 7 pm!

5 | Stouffville Sun-Tribune | Thursday, December 1, 2016

Join as for the annual

Downtown Light Tour Friday, December 2 at 6 pm The Tour starts at the GO Train Station on Main St. Carollers will be singing as we walk along and light up the trees along Main Street and enjoy a live nativity scene (produced by the Stouffville United Church).

Tour will make short stops to visit and enjoy FREE Hot beverages and snacks at local businesses along the way. For more info contact: Tina Sharma 905-640-0749 or

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Sunday Brunch 10:30am-2:30pm

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The Hearty


Even Santa Needs A Boost!

Ready-Set - Maca!!

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Join Our Christmas Celebration

Saturday December 3rd, 2:00 pm Santa Claus Parade The street will be closed for 2 hours after the parade - Join us for an after parade downtown celebration in collaboration with Springvale Baptist Church. Stay back on Main Street after the Santa Parade and enjoy a free horse and wagon ride! There will be live music, stilt walking elves, carolers, giant inflatables, a visit from Santa and more! And don’t forget to visit the stores and restaurants for the after parade specials Take your Santa Selfie in front of the Hearty Artichoke. Great prizes to be had. Contest instructions to follow. Check us out on Facebook

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We geT a loT of This aT our neW sunday BuffeT


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Markham resident Erica Morris, pictured here with sister, Hannah, donated her birthday money to the Buy a Bear program. Her generosity is helping kids like Harish (left) and Harina Kannappan feel more at home during their stay at Markham Stouffville Hospital.

Hospital’s Buy a Bear campaign brings comfort to patients AMANdA PersICO This holiday season give a warm and fuzzy gift. The M a rk h a m Stouffville Hospital Foundation launched a new campaign where patrons can purchase a snuggly bear for a patient in the hospital and the funds go toward purchasing much needed, life-saving equipment for the hospital. For a $50, you can buy a teddy to put under a child's pillow at the hospital and help make their stay a little more bearable. "I wanted to do something nice for other kids," said Ercia Morris, 11, who donated $400 to the Buy a Bear campaign. "(Patients) feel bad, here. I want to help them feel better." The Morris family

has a long history with Markham Stouffville Hospital making it the perfect choice for donations Erica was born there and her father Brad Morris sits on the hospital foundation board of directors. In lieu of birthday presents, the Markham resident asked friends and family to help her goal of helping those in the hospital, especially over the holiday season. With the $400, Erica was able to deliver eight bears; six to newborns and children in the pediatric centre and two to oncology patients. Her donation is helping children like Harish Kannappan and his twin sister Harina. Harish has spent close to a month in and out of the hospital for treatment. The bears were presented upon discharge from the hospital. "The bear is something

that will stay with them forever," said Erica of the special going home gift. "It's like the bear I sleep with. It's something they can cherish and keep." The Buy a Bear makes a great gift for a teacher, coach or for the person who has everything. So far, the foundation has sold close to 50 bears dedicated to cancer patients at the hospital. The Buy a Bear campaign fits with the hospital's existing family-centred approach to care - the Dr. Bear program. The Dr. Bear program provides young patients with a hands-on exploration of medical equipment used and a tour of the operating and recovery rooms to help reduce stress associated with the child's hospital stay. For more information or to purchase a bear, visit

Funding cut hurts vulnerable residents ● From page 1


These are in no way ordinary, but rather they are from our large Roasting We make this right here, always have, and we make a lot of Chickens that we de-bone. We leave it! What makes ours different than most is that (a) it's not the skin on for flavour, and stuff them over-pumped with curing brine, and (b) it's not 'tumbled', a with either our traditional sage & onion stuffing, or a fruitier version process whereby the meat 'grows' in weight. with cranberries. One of these will How this makes a difference is that you won't have a lot of serve three or even four, and if you end 'pan juices' when you cook ours. And it won't be salty – and up with leftovers , you've got a great as a bonus, ours is trimmed pretty well, too. chicken sandwich happening. Cooking Centre-cuts only, and during a sale as this, it's instructions will be available – it's an easy sold by-the-piece, (because keeping-up with and down-home dinner. the slicing would be hopeless, since it's all Reg. $11.29/lb. Featured OFF done by hand). Reg. $6.99/lb. Featured at THIS WEEk this week at

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Further, inside is getting into the Christmas spirit, as we prepare for our after-hours Open House on December 1st. This will be a customer appreciation evening with lots of treats and goodies of the season – check our website for details.

Our feature pizza for this week will be Chicken Carbonara! We use our bacon, grilled chicken slices, sliced mushrooms, with mozzarella cheese on a parmesan cream sauce. If you haven’t had one of these, this is the time. 12” size, med-thin crust, and delicious. Featured at EA


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We will be doing our annual Food Drive starting Sunday, December 6th. How it works is that we come Saturday and leave a bag at your door, with a note of explanation, and we'll be back for pickup the next day. Food is for the Markham Food Bank and the Alliance Church Christmas Project. Watch for our ad and website to let you know what streets we'll be prowling on the particular day. The Unionville Men's Hockey Club and Hockey with Heart thank you in advance for your amazing generosity as in the past, and we look forward to a very successful Food Drive this December!



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Sunday Brunch will begin with our Chicken Noodle Soup, followed by either Roasted Chicken Breasts in a Mushroom Sauce, Penne with Smoked Salmon or Beef Bourguignon, with either rice or mashed, tea or coffee, and a mini dessert should you have room. Served from Noon till Two, /PERSON all for




There will be three features this week; the first being 'St. Agur', which is Canadian-Made blue cheese that will thrill you. Next is Mango-Papaya Wensleydale, and the third is 'Auricchio' an aged provolone, which is great either slivered into a salad, on a charcuterie board or busy enhancing a good Salami Sandwich. Reg. are $6.99, $5.49 and $5.99 respectively, and all THIS WEEk three will be featured at

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SPECIALS IN EFFECT FROM THURSDAY TO CLOSING SUNDAY, DECEMBER 4 Hours: Mon. ~ Fri. 8:00-8:00 | Sat. 8:00-6:00 ~ Sun. 9:00-6:00

4476 16th Ave. (Just W. of Kennedy)


she said in an email. "We receive many more proposals than there is available funding and each application is carefully evaluated through an equitable process. All applicants are made aware that it is a competitive process and there is no guarantee of funding." Proulx is surprised the housing help centre, which has been operating since about 1993, and the ID clinic, which began in 2002, lost funding after so many years. "They said my proposal that I wrote did not score as high as other proposals they had received," she said, adding the centre employs five people including her. "After I heard that we didn't get funding, I really didn't hear a lot after that other than my proposals didn't score as high." The housing help centre helps low- and moderate-income York residents find housing and refers them to other services. "We can assist them in connecting them to food banks and clothing, resources and furniture and all those other services that they need to support themselves," Proulx said. "Even once they get housed, clients continue to rely on us because they call us and say 'I'm behind on my rent or I can't pay my hydro bill or I don't have any food or I don't have any clothing and where do I go?'" There are about 14,000 people on the region's waiting list for subsidized housing. That leaves lower income residents scouring for a modestly priced place to live in a region where the average rent for a bachelor apartment is $815 a month, compared to $1,036 for a one-bed-

room, $1,194 for a twobedroom and $1,357 for a three-bedroom. Even when clients find housing, the centre often works with them to ensure they remain housed, Proulx said. When a report on homelessness was released last month by the region and the United Way of Toronto and York Region, officials spoke about the importance of ensuring the marginally housed keep a roof over their heads. Meanwhile, the ID clinic pays the processing fees for lower income residents to obtain necessary documentation such as birth, marriage and death certificates, social insurance numbers, Canadian citizenship certificates, health cards, immigration papers and Ontario photo ID cards. Identification is necessary to obtain a wide variety of services, from applying for social assistance and accessing food banks to getting health care and registering children for school, Proulx said. Staff recently assisted a homeless client who was receiving a monthly $300 street allowance. While filling out paperwork for him, they realized he turned 65 this month and is entitled to a monthly allowance of $1,750, Proulx said. The ID clinic also acts as a mailing address for the homeless and marginally housed, she said. The Community Legal Clinic of York Region, which offers legal support to lowincome residents, often refers clients to the housing help centre and the ID clinic, community legal worker Kim McKinnon said. The loss of the programs will be disastrous for some of the region's most vulnerable residents, she said.



7 | Stouffville Sun-Tribune | Thursday, December 1, 2016


Stouffville Sun-Tribune | Thursday, December 1, 2016 |


Time To move The office chrisTmas ParTy ouT of The office?



We still have room for your group or business party! to book online.


$ Sa Yo ve ur Si M W m pl he em o y nY b ff M en ou er tio Jo sh n in ip T ! hi sA d.

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Santa waves to the crowd at the Stouffville Santa Parade.

File Photo/Sjoerd Witteveen

Santa Claus parade has route changed Parade to start at Millard Street and Main Street instead of Tenth Line and Aintree Drive Ali RAzA It's been a bumpy road for the Stouffville Santa Claus Parade, but Santa's still coming to town. The town has advised the parade organizers - The Kinsmen Club of Stouffville - that the parade will not be permitted to travel along the portion of road between Tenth Line and Stouffer Street. Kinsmen member Bruce Smith told the SunTribune that the town

says the curbs, sidewalks and boulevards adjacent to Stouffer Street, Aintree Drive and Cam Fella Boulevard are unsafe for spectators. As a result, the parade will begin at 2 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 3, on the corner of Millard Street and Stouffer - right on Main Street. Floats will line up along Stouffer Street, Aintree Drive and Cam Fella Boulevard between 12:30 and 2:30 p.m., and Smith says to expect traffic disruption and con-

gestion during that time. The Kinsmen Club says spectators will find suitable viewing locations on Main Street west of Stouffer Street. The club has organized the parade for more than 20 years, member Steve Sutter says it brings the community together. "It's a great time to see all the different floats from the community and you can meet all your neighbours," he said. "Get out there and see what Stouffville's all about." For more information about the parade email the Kinsmen Club at StouffvilleKinClub@

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Tolls good idea if used for transit

The Stouffville Sun-Tribune, published every Thursday, is a division of the Metroland Media Group Ltd., a whollyowned subsidiary of Torstar Corporation. The Metroland family of newspapers is comprised of more than 100 community publications across Ontario.

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re road tolls an idea whose time has come? Toronto Mayor John Tory seems to think so, given his announcement he’d like to charge motorists $2 to drive the Don Valley Parkway and the Gardiner Expressway. According to Tory’s arithmetic, the move could generate more than $200 million per year to invest in transit infrastructure. York Chair Wayne Emmerson acknowledged that charging a toll to make use of the DVP and the Gardiner could have a significant impact on those who rely on the routes. He hopes to meet with Tory to discuss the matter. As a concept, tolls aren’t necessarily a bad thing.

‘Our concern is how the money raised will be allocated. Will the tolls be for the good of all GTA commuters, or only boost Toronto’s coffers?’ They were among the revenue tools the province bandied about when it floated various means through which to fund needed transit improvements. York Region has a number of projects on the go and remains hopeful the Yonge Street subway will eventually extend into Richmond Hill. That alone will cost billions, and the money will have to come from somewhere, be it tolls, new taxes or other user fees. Our concern is how the money raised will be allocated. Will the tolls be for the good of all GTA commuters, or only boost Toronto’s coffers? According to the Toronto Star, the Gardiner alone needs $3.6 billion worth of repairs, and Toronto’s operating budget is facing a $516-million shortfall next year. Despite the fact Toronto’s own city manager, Peter Wallace, noted the 416 enjoys the lowest residential tax rate in Ontario, Tory has made it clear that raising taxes above the inflation rate is a non-starter. Other municipalities grapple with higher increases and their residents often receive considerably fewer services. Why is it Toronto can nix higher property taxes and jump right to tolls? Thankfully, the province would have to sign off on any new road tolls first. Again, the tolls aren’t the issue, per se, but rather how the money they raise would be used. If the plan is to set aside funds to improve the GTA’s transit network, so be it, but if it’s to help Toronto stave off a long overdue property tax increase or to help pay for pet projects of dubious benefit (i.e. the Scarborough subway), then they should be treated as, to quote Tory when he was PC leader, “highway robbery”. @yorkregion

• LEttERs • Mayor right to use caution on fill bylaw Re: Mayor right not to sign landfill permit, Oct. 8. I couldn’t agree more with Ron Boyd’s letter and want to thank Mayor Altman for trying to exercise caution on behalf of the people of Stouffville. I am very concerned about a number of issues that surround the passing of the bylaw to allow “clean fill” to be dumped. 1. Like Ron Boyd, I would like to know what the rush was to have this bylaw passed? Asking for two weeks to get more information seems very reasonable. I would like the councillors who voted for this bylaw (Maurice Smith, Rick Upton and Ken Fernandes) and the deputy mayor, Hugo Kroon, to explain why it

● GET CONNECTED Have a comment on these or any other community issues? Email us at had to be done so quickly. 2. I attended a community meeting in early September to try and understand what was happening and see if any of my questions could be answered as to what sort of effects this may have on our community and our drinking water. Debbie Crandall from STORM (a coalition group that protects the Oak Ridges Moraine) showed several maps of the groundwater system and explained that it is a very complex system. Groundwater can run in one direction and the surface water can run in another direction; therefore, no one can really predict where contamination

COntaCt Us Letters to the editor All letters must be fewer than 200 words and include your name and telephone number for verification purposes. We reserve the right to edit, condense or reject letters.

(if in fact there are any toxic substances in the fill that could leach into the water system) will go. I still have not had any assurances in the form of reports from experts (i.e. a hydrologist, environmental agencies etc.) that have alleviated these concerns. I ask the deputy mayor and councillors to share the information that led them to make their decision. 3. I believe there are many questions and even

● MORE OnLInE Read all our published letters at

more concerns that need to be addressed around this situation. We cannot be too careful with such a precious resource and extreme safeguards must be put in place. We must be exceedingly cautious to ensure that no possible harm can come from this. I have yet to see any documentation that would give me this reassurance and I very much look forward to having the proof that our water supply is safe. Therefore, I would like this bylaw to be reopened ASAP, not in six months, so that this open dialogue can occur. If there is nothing that we need to worry about, then I see no reason why this can’t happen. I look forward to a response from the deputy mayor and councillors who were in favour of this bylaw. Carrie Perruzza Ballantrae

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New Gormley GO station offers 10 train trips per day

ali raza Gormley is getting a new GO station, announced Thursday, Nov. 24 in Richmond Hill. From Dec. 5, the station will offer five morning and five

afternoon train trips serving the Richmond Hill line. The station is just west of Hwy. 404 and Stouffville Road. GO buses will also serve the station, providing two-way midday service between Gormley and Union Station. Night-

time service from Union Station will also be provided. There are 850 parking spaces, electric vehicle charging stations, a bus loop, a kiss-andride area, heated shelters and a platform snowmelt system. The station opening is part

of Ontario's public infrastructure investment. Approximately $160 billion is being invested over 12 years to support 110,000 jobs, the province stated in a press release. Oak Ridges-Markham MPP Helena Jaczek and Richmond

Hill MPP Reza Moridi, along with Richmond Hill Regional Councillor Brenda Hogg and Ward 1 Councillor Greg Beros, were present for the ribboncutting ceremony on Thursday. The province invested $22 million for the construction of

Stouffville Churches Welcome You 345 Glad Park Ave. Stouffville 905-640-6954

Weekend Masses

Saturday 5:00 pm Sunday 9:00 am, 11:00 am, 12:30 pm High School Youth Ministry Nights Second and Fourth Fridays of each month

Sunday, December 4th

8:00 am & 10:00 am Eucharist 10:00 am Lay Anointing Nursery & Church School at 10:00 am

Monday, December 5th Senior’s Service & Christmas Lunch

Wednesday, December 7th ACW Potluck 6:30pm All Welcome Come & See

LEMONVILLE UNITED CHURCH 13523 McCowan Rd. Lemonville, On L4A 7X5 Worship: Sunday 10:00 AM Lemonville United Church Minister: Rev. Bill Fritz ALL ARE WELCOME Fully accessible


6432 main St., Stouffville 905-640-3151 Rev. Joan Masterton, Minister Sunday, December 4 Service of Worship Second Sunday in Advent. 10:00 a.m. Olde Tyme Christmas concert. 6:00 p.m. monday, December 5 Fellowship breakfast Fickle Pickle restaurant. 8:00 a.m. Tuesday, December 6 Presbyterian Women entertain residents of Bloomington Cove. 2:00 p.m.

“A friendly family church”

BLOOMINGTON GOSPEL CHURCH 13660 Ninth Line N. (905) 642-4414 Rev. Peter Pallant

Sunday, December 4, 2016 9:30 am - Sunday School 11:00 am - Worship Service 6:30 pm - Evening Service

Everyone Welcome!

Stouffville Christian Fellowship

Sunday Service @ 10:00am

Sunday Service

Sunday at 10:00am 6273 Main Street

905 - 591 - 3200

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service 6:00pm - 7:00pm A Church of the Christian And Missionary Alliance


* everYone WelcoMe *

Lunch to follow



Lead Pastor : Jeff Laird Children’s Pastor : Lori Attack Youth Pastor : Steffan Watson

major mackenzie markHam

STUDENT PROGRAMS: Kids/Jr High: tuesdays @ 6:30 pm Youth: fridays @ 7:30 pm

6853 Main St. Stouffville 905-640-5696

Bridge Out

8th Conc.

Hwy. 7

7th Conc.


Hwy. 407 PiCkering

860 Conc. 8, Claremont 905-649-2812 Rev. Elizabeth Cunningham

34 Church St. N. • 905-640-1163 Stouffville Grace Baptist Church

CHINESE Sun. School:10am Worship:11:30am 粵語(普通話翻譯)

ENGLISH/ CHILDREN Worship:10am Sun. School:11:30am

WORSHIP PLACE & CHURCH OFFICE 12485 Tenth Line, Stouffville


(EastRidge Evangelical Missionary Church)

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Upcoming Sermons

November 20: Good At Looking November 27: ADVENT 01 December 04: Nobody’s That Stupid December 11: Extraordinary December 18: Ruthie & Bo Save Christmas

A Church in a Beautiful Countryside Pastor Walter Robbins

Brock rd.

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Stouffville PentecoStal church

Sideline 28


Christ Church To ST. JAmeS Stouffville PreSbyTeriAn Anglican Church of Canada

the new Gormley station. It is the third GO station built since 2013. Gormley GO Station has been built to achieve the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver certification.

York Durham line 30

Stouffville Sun-Tribune | Thursday, December 1, 2016 |

10 TransiT

To Advertise Please call 905-640-2612 xt 449 Friday, December 2nd 9:30am Chat with Rev Elizabeth at Tim’s on Hoover Park 6:15 pm Living Nativity in front of the Latchum Gallery Sunday, December 4th 2nd Sunday in Advent Sermon Title: For The Curious Congregational Financial Meeting after the service SUM Concerts 3:30 pm and 7:00pm Christmas Classics Concert Pipe Organ, Shout Sisters Choir, Django Djunkies and more. Monday, December 5th 8:00pm Beer and Hymns (Christmas) at the Lion Pub. A fun evening for all. Everyone Welcome!


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Coupon valid for $10.00 off retailer’s suggested retail price per 3.79 L of Aura®, REGAL®, and ben® interior and exterior paint. Must present this original coupon to redeem – no copies will be allowed. Limit one per customer. Subject to availability. Retailer reserves the right to cancel this offer at any time without notice. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Coupon expires 04/12/2016.

PAINT. BLINDS. FABRIC. WALLPAPER. OPEN SUNDAYS 10 -2 HOURS: Monday-Wednesday 8:00-6:00, Thursday 8:00-7:00, Saturday 9:00-5:00, Sunday 10:00-2:00 ©2016 Benjamin Moore & Co., Limited. Benjamin Moore, Paint like no other and the triangle “M” symbol are registered trademarks of Benjamin Moore & Co., Limited.

PHONE: 905 642 5883

Stouffville Sun-Tribune | Thursday, December 1, 2016 |

12 opinion

Musical milestone to be celebrated next year A musical milestone will be celebrated next year when St. James Presbyterian Church hosts its 25th annual Student Music Scholarship Concert in Stouffville District Secondary School. The tentative date is Nov. 17. Plans are already underway following superb vocal, instrumental and dance performances by eight Whitchurch-Stouf fville schools Nov. 18 before a standing room-only audience. The evening's MC was Jim Mason. Participating schools included; St. Mark Catholic, St. Brigid Catholic, St. Brendan Catholic, Glad Park Public, Whitchurch-Highland Public, Wendat Village Public, Stouffville Christian and SDSS. The recipient of a $500 scholarship was Grade 12 student Cameron Williams of Stouffville. Enthusiasm accorded the event is indicated by responses from several school music directors:

Mary Jane Reid, Wendat Village P.S. - "Thanks to the committee and St. James Church for coordinating such a valuable experience for our musical youth." Melinda Delorme, St. Brigid C.S. - "We really enjoyed the evening. Our students had a fantastic time and were pleased to be invited. Our thanks to the organizing committee for ensuring young Whitchurch-Stouf fville musicians have an opportunity to celebrate their talent." Lisa Parkes, St. Brendan C.S. - "We can't thank the committee enough for organizing such a wonderful event. We felt fortunate to be a part. At the concert's conclusion, parents were in awe with presentations by all performers." Julia Notarfonzo, St. Mark C.S. - "I enjoyed the concert very much and was pleased it all came together so well." Diane Marlatt, SDSS

JiM THoMAS Columnist

Woodwind Symphony - "I was thrilled to be a part of the concert. It's exciting to watch the development of musicians from primary through to high school. I also think it wonderful to have that sense of community with all the schools working together to create a great musical experience for our students. We're so grateful to organizers for putting this event together."

Miriam Sellick-Smith, SDSS choir - "It was a wonderful night and an amazing turnout. My thanks to the committee for organizing this delightful concert for our community." Receipts through admissions and donations exceeded $5,800. All proceeds will be divided among participating schools to assist their music programs. Over the past 24 years, more than $114,000 has been raised. Trees for Christmas Have you already purchased your Christmas tree? If not, the Stouffville Lions Club has 500 available including Scotch pine; Balsam fir and Fraser fir with prices ranging from $45 to $75. Committee members are; Chris Larkin, John Relf, Joe Boll, Roy O'Boyle, Bill Hodges and Joe Cote. The trees are located beside the Canadian Tire Store in the Walmart plaza. Christmas concerts Concerts are a specialty, particularly dur-

ing the Christmas season. Stouffville has several scheduled including two by the Bach to Blues Company, Dec. 10 at 2:30 and 7:30 p.m. in Christ Church Anglican, Sunset Boulevard. Tickets ($15) are available in advance from Barthau Jewellers, Card's Appliances or at the door ($20). A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Peter Reed Family. On Dec. 17 at 2 and 7:30 p.m., the Men of Note choir will present their annual "Home for Christmas" performances at Christ Church. Tickets ($20) are available at Barthau Jewellers and Card's Appliances. St. Nick re-routed Saturday, (Dec. 3), is Santa Claus Parade day in Stouffville. The event, sponsored by the Kinsmen Club, is expected to attract thousands along Main Street. But not all along Main. Due to road re-construction, St. Nick and his entourage will be re-routed. The start time

is 2 p.m. at Aintree Drive and Tenth Line North. From there, floats will travel down Stouffer Street to Millard Street, then over to Main. The procession will conclude at Ninth Line South. New Food Bank site Good News! WhitchurchStouffville's new food bank will officially open Wednesday, Dec. 7 at 9:30 a.m. until all are served. The location is 86 Ringwood Dr., unit 25. Committee coordinator Marion Wells and seven volunteers will be available to provide assistance along with additional helpers. Both food and monetary gifts will be gratefully received. For the past 25 years, the food bank has served the municipality from a basement location in Churchill Church, north of Musselman's Lake. "This is the most caring, concerned community in which anyone could ever hope to live," said Wells.



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No purchase necessary. Skill testing question required. One (1) entry per person.The Contest is open to residents of Ontario who have attained the age of 18 as at the start of the Contest Period and have not previously completed the Metroland Readers Survey. Draw will be held at 1:00 pm ET on December 12, 2016. Odds of winning depend on the number of eligible entries received. Four (4) prizes are available to be won, each consisting of a cheque for $1,000 CDN.Approximate retail value of each prize is $1,000 CDN. Contest Period opens at 9:00 am ET November 12, 2016 and ends at 11:59 pm ET on December 9, 2016. For information on how to enter and complete contest rules visit

Hear everything from ‘Bach to Blues’ at annual concert Ali RAzA

With all the plans and shopping, the Christmas season can get stressful, says Bach to Blues Company member Luanne Griffin. That's why Griffin invites the town to the company's annual Christmas concert on Saturday, Dec. 10. "You can come out and relax," she said. "It's a lovely concert, we sing different versions of songs and carols, and it's a way to take your mind off the stress of Christmas for a while." The concert features a 31 mixedvoice choir including director Ann Gage and accompanist Becky Windhager. Special guests include, lyric coloratura soprano Sasha Liebich-Tait and her husband, baritone Jonathan Liebich. Running from 2:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at Christ Church Anglican, tickets are $15 in advance and $25 at the door. Part of the proceeds will be donated to Peter Reed's family. Reed was involved in a lifethreatening multi-vehicle collision in Richmond Hill earlier in July. Since the company donates to local causes, it thought to help Reed's family this year. "We take a vote to decide where the money goes," Griffin said. "The consensus this year was that it should go to Peter Reed's family." The company has held annual Christmas concerts since 1998. The range of performances varies from classical compositions to modern pop songs. For the season, the company will perform various Christmas carols including "O Night Divine". "The arrangement and tune is different and it's accompanied by Bach's Prelude in C Major," Griffin said. Tickets can be bought from choir members at 905-640-2732, Barthau's Jewellers and Card's Appliances.

WHY PAY MORE? 16686 Yonge St., Newmarket (905) 895-4084 Across from Mandarin Buffet Restaurant

Share the joy, love and hope of this Christmas Season.

You, your family, neighbours and friends are invited to Stouffville United Church for this special time of year. There’s lots going on you’ll find uplifting and positive. Here are a few current activities for you to enjoy, featuring 2 Christmas Classics Concerts December 4, 3:30 & 7 PM and other events of the Christmas season at Stouffville United Church.

Stouffville United Music Concerts presents:

2 Christmas Classics Concerts featuring live vocal and instrumental performers and audience interactive participation including Pipe Organ, Shout Sisters Choir, Django Djunkies and more. Sunday, December 4 Matinee 3:30 PM • Evening 7:00 PM

Seating for 300 at each concert. $10 Adults. $5 Students. $25 Family. Purchase at the door or inquire online at

CALENDAR OF OTHER STOUFFVILLE UNITED ACTIVITIES Friday December 2nd 6:15 Living Nativity – front of Latcham Gallery, Main Street. Sunday December 4th – Advent 2 Worship begins at 10:30am. Sunday December 4th “Warm up” Campaign wrap up for Food Bank “Warm up” Campaign “MST” - acronym for Mittens, Socks and Toques. Please be sure to include adults as well. Deposit your gifts in baskets up to December 4th in time

to distribute for the cold weather at church service or at either afternoon or evening concerts Sunday December 4th - SUM Concerts Christmas Classics Two shows 3:30pm and 7pm Seasonal music performed live. Net proceeds towards Stouffville United’s Habitat Pledge, new church roof and Donations for the Food Bank. Admission $10 Adults, $5 Students, $25 Family. Sold at the door and in advance. All are

Welcome! For further information Website Monday December 5th Beer and Hymns Christmas Edition – 8:00pm Lion Pub Sunday December 11th – Advent 3 Worship begins at 10:30am. Choir Cantata. Guest Rev. Tina Conion Sunday December 18th – Worship begins at 10:30am. Children’s Christmas Pageant during service.

Stouffville United Church, 34 Church Street, Stouffville

Wednesday December 21st Blue Christmas – 7:00 pm in Friendship Room - a special time for people who do not find Christmas a happy time. Saturday December 24th – 2 Christmas Eve services 6:30pm & 9pm Communion – all welcome. Sunday December 25th Christmas Day Service 10:30 Celebration of Jesus birthday.



13 | Stouffville Sun-Tribune | Thursday, December 1, 2016


Stouffville Sun-Tribune | Thursday, December 1, 2016 |



5 weeks $ of classes Martial arts teaches: Confidence, Self Control, Self Discipline, Respect & how to “Stick-To-It”!

We’re Growing! After School Drivers Wanted Please send resume to:

Plus FREE uniform!

CALL NOW! 905-591- 4STK (4785)

30 Innovator Dr., Unit 10 • • Quality Care & Education Since 1993 Metroland file photo

Norovirus is a highly contagious viral illness that comes on quickly and usually resolves within 24 to 48 hours. There are no long-term effects from norovirus. Antibiotics are ineffective, as they are with most viral infections.

Reports of norovirus from across York Region 2 York Region schools have tested positive for norovirus simone Joseph York Region Public Health confirmed on Nov. 23 that two York Region schools one in East Gwillimbury and one in Markham have tested positive for norovirus. A school in Georgina, along with daycare centres in Vaughan and Whitchurch-Stouf fville and a retirement home in

Vaughan, have reported increased illnesses with symptoms that are typical of a norovirus-like illness. On Nov. 18, the Regional Municipality of York was notified of an unusually high number of students absent from Thornhill Woods Public School. Parents reported children were experiencing symptoms of nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, suggesting a possible norovirus outbreak. A total of 104 students were reported absent that day due to illness. On Nov. 23, 54 students were reported absent due to illness, indicating the outbreak is

under control, according to the region. "Outbreaks of norovirus and other enteric viruses, those which cause vomiting and diarrhea, are common at this time of year," said Dr. Karim Kurji, York Region's medical officer of health. "In fact, norovirus is the most common cause of gastroenteritis outbreaks worldwide. Norovirus outbreaks are common in semi-closed environments such as schools, childcare centres and retirement homes. The numbers we are seeing across the region are no greater than in previous years."

Are You Looking For Quality Child Care In Stouffville? • For children 6 weeks to 12 years • Licensed, nurturing homes • Trained providers with vulnerable sector screening

• Unscheduled visits by Registered Early Childhood Educators

A Clean, Safe, Caring, Loving,Educational Centre for Your Child to Learn & Grow


15 | Stouffville Sun-Tribune | Thursday, December 1, 2016

fall Special


12 months to

12 years

✳ Toddler ✳ Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum ✳ Junior & Senior Kindergarten Curriculum ✳ Nursery School ✳ Preschool ✳ Before & After School Curriculum ✳ Transportation available to / from local schools

**Quality Programs that Now Accepting Fall Registrations LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE will result in your child’s New this Fall, an Introduction to French Intellectual, Physical, Emotional & Social Growth** Come & See the Difference for Your Child

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Save up to $400 per person on 2016 & 2017 cruises PLUS choose one free perk: Unlimited drinks • Unlimited Internet • Free Gratuities • $300 onboard spending money Contact Expedia CruiseShipCenters for more details: #10-6380 Main St., Stouffville • (905) 642-2500

• Monitoring of educational

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*New bookings only, booked by December 27, 2016. Applicable to all sailings departing December 2016 — April 2018. Free perks applicable to ocean view and above categories. Savings is per person, based on double occupancy as follows: Inside $100pp, Ocean view & Veranda $200pp, Concierge Class & Aqua Class $300pp & Suite Class $400pp. Values are in USD. Excludes repositioning cruises. Some restrictions apply. See in store for details. © Celebrity Cruises Inc. 2016. Ships registry: Malta & Ecuador. TICO: #4641866

programs, age ratios, nutritious menus and outdoor play

Stouffville Sun-Tribune | Thursday, December 1, 2016 |




Five ways to give gifts with meaning


Kim ZarZour

Stouffville Outdoor Christmas Display Contest


To enter call 289-453-0135 Or email

e for Deadlin ec 12 D s ie tr En

Holiday gatherings are much better with great food! Make your reservations today.

Vi Pei features a European bistro menu designed by executive chef and owner Siva Thambinathan. Join us for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. No time to cook tonight? Order online at or call us for pickup! STOUFFVILLE


5812 Main St. Whitchurch-Stouffville, ON (905) 591-9000

2485 Queen St E. Toronto, ON (416) 686-5688

The Black Friday weekend kicked off the annual stampede for holiday gifts - but there may be a way to avoid the mall crowds and feel good about your gift-giving, too. This year, why not pick a theme for your holiday sharing and focus on meaningful gifts? Here are some ideas for gifts that give back: ● Look for sustainable gifts that are good for the environment. Choose products with fair trade certification. This represents products that support fair wages, fair working conditions and fair terms for trade. You can also look for the bluesign label to find textiles that are produced with minimal environmental impact. Stores like Mountain Equipment Co-op stock bluesign products that are manufactured responsibly, with lower water and air emissions and a reduced eco footprint. ● Shop local. Try following Danna Schaubel’s lead. The York Region mom posted her vow to buy as many holiday gifts as she can from Facebook friends who own small businesses, and she invited her friends to post links to her page and share on theirs, too.

Metroland file photo

Christmas doesn’t have to be a commercialized shopping frenzy.

● Support your community’s creative industries. Seek out gifts at local wineries, craft breweries, local art studios, or check out the Holiday Artisan Pop-Up Market at the Aurora Cultural Centre, on Saturday Dec. 10. ● Consider gifts that give twice. L’Arche Daybreak’s craft studio, for example, sells high-quality artisan gifts such as candles, ornaments and prewrapped hostess gifts that are handmade by adults with intellectual disabilities. Raising the Roof is a national charity to fight homelessness and sells tuques and mittens each year to raise money for long-term solutions. Proceeds

bought in a community stay in that community. If animals are your thing, you can symbolically adopt your favourite species with a gift of a stuffed animal from WWF-Canada. Check out your favourite charity to see if they have gift options. ● Give your time. Purchase tickets to attend a local theatre production together, or a season’s family pass to Scanlon Creek Conservation Area. Bake a cake or cookies, or make a handmade gift. Alternatively, give your time to those who are in need. For more volunteer opportunities, visit




8220 Kennedy Road • Markham (Kennedy & 407)




ville g Union

K en



HOURS: Monday: 9am - 9pm • Tuesday: 9am - 9pm • Wednesday: 9am - 9pm • Thursday: 9am - 9pm • Friday: 9am - 6pm • Saturday: 9am - 6pm • Sunday: CLOSED








The Regional Municipality of York will be working in your community to enhance the McCleary Court Community Environmental Centre (CEC) located at 130 McCleary Court (see map, right top), as well as the Elgin Mills Community Environmental Centre (CEC) located at 1124 Elgin Mills Road East (see map, right bottom). Construction will begin October 2016. treet Keele S

City of Vaughan


n McMilla g in t n u Sh CN) Yard (

ry McClea Court


ion Roa

g York Re y 400 Highwa


y 407 Highwa

Site Location



Rd E



to Reds



ne Rd





y Dr


D Shirley

w Ave


Richmond Hill Operations Centre

ne Redsto

E ills Rd

Elgin M


Hil ond ns Richm tio a r e Op entre C

t Leslie S


Town of Site Richmond Hill Location Bayvie

What can you expect during construction? The CEC site will remain open to the public during construction and operations will be adjusted as required. Including: • Changes to traffic flow at the facility • Location of bins and/or materials accepted • Extended wait time and onsite line ups • Possible delays and short-term site closures As with any construction project, there may be minor inconveniences which may affect you, however, every attempt will be made to keep these to a minimum. We appreciate your patience while construction is being completed.

reet Jane St

The project includes: • Addition of weigh scales for processing customer transactions • Integration of a Household Hazardous Waste Depot onsite

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ne Rd Redsto one


Site Location


Where can I get more information?

For general construction questions please contact:

Staff will be available onsite to answer questions and direct traffic. For more information visit, follow @YorkRegionGovt or call 1-866-665-6752

Luis Carvalho, M.Sc. (Eng.), P.Eng., PMP Senior Project Manager, Environmental Services Department Phone: 1-877-464-9675 ext. 75015

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super special!!

Stouffville Sun-Tribune | Thursday, December 1, 2016 |

20 Community

Food bank opens at new location in time for holidays

New location at 86 Ringwood Drive was announced November 2015 Ali RAzA

A year after it was announced, the Whitchurch-Stouf fville Food Bank's new location is nearly open. Having previously operated in the basement of the Churchill Community Church, located on 15336 Ninth Line, the food bank's new location is 86 Ringwood Dr. The new location consists of two units, one for storage and

receiving and another for distribution. The food bank will open its doors to the public on Wednesday, Dec. 7, though a formal opening will take place in January after the Christmas holiday. "Excitement is the word," food bank co-ordinator Marion Wells said. "It's been a long time coming and we're excited that it will come to fruition. We hope it'll be better for the people in town." Despite serving the community for 25 years, the previous rural location was far away from most residents living in the community of Stouffville. With the new location in the middle of town, access has

increased greatly, Wells said. "The new Ringwood site offers greater access to those who are dependent on others for transportation to the old site," said co-ordinator Joan Doble. "The one floor allows easier client access with a comfortable meeting room and a larger space." Construction in the new location took a year as the food bank had to comply with regulation and permits from the town. SMC Project Realization and Management undertook the contract to renovate and retrofit the new location. Currently there are eight members of the food bank board, Wells includ-

ed. Members volunteer their time and the holiday season gets particularly busy with personal commitments as well as food bank responsibilities. "We will have a big opening in the New Year; we want to get the feel of it first," Wells said. The food bank operates solely with community support and no government funding. The Stouffville Legion (150 Mostar St.) is hosting a "Jingle Mingle" to collect food donations for the food bank on Friday, Dec. 2. The event runs from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. and tickets are $20 in advance or $25 at the door. For more information about the event call 416881-2934.

FALL FITNESS Special $28.88

EXTRA BONUS 15% off all Brake Repairs using Genuine Kia Parts and Labour • ALSO INCLUDES BRAKE INSPECTION INCLUDES: • FULL VEHICLE INSPECTION AND FREE FLUID TOP UP We Service Most Makes And Models

Since 1983

AREA RUGS CARPET UPHOLSTERY Serving Brock and Surrounding Areas

Call Rick Blair



The Power to Surprise

5396 Hwy 7, Markham JUST EAST OF MCCOWAN

Steve Somerville/Metroland

Jean Nauta and Charlotte Chesham sort through donated food items at the old location of the Whitchurch-Stouffville Food Bank, the basement of the Churchill Community Church .

In the Michaels ad starting on November 25, 2016 “ALL Entryway & 6 ft. and taller trees” was stated in error. The Alberta tree (SKU 10488873) is excluded from the offer. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.


Open HOuse sunday 2-4pm ~ 59 GOldrinG Cres., markHam

Open Concept Model with Triple Car Garage, Spectacular Renovation with Gourmet Kitchen Featuring Exotic Wood Cabinets, Quartzite Countertops, Travertine Stone & Centre Island, Natural Oak Hardwood Thru-Out, Oak Staircase/Railings, Beautiful Master Bedroom with 5Pc “Spa” Ensuite W/ Seamless Glass Shower, Free Standing Soaker Tub & Floating Vanity, Interlocking Driveway, Walkways & Patio, Fully Fenced property. Call Roger Kortschot 416-729-7074 for more details!


Sales Representative


KAREN MACDONALD Sales Representative





THE CONDO KING Your Suite Service Provider Condo Plus Corp. Brokerage

open house saturday 2:30-4:30 p.M.

Cleona Barretto Cne, CSP Broker & Professional Home Stager

647 385-7877 Re/Max Crossroads Brokerage Inc. Independently Owned and Operated

17 Greenwood rd.

The Best Location in Stouffville. Steps To 2 Schools, Parks & GO Train. Modern Upgrades. Stunning Gourmet Kitchen W/ Granite Counters, HighEnd Stainless Appli. Main Fl Family Rm With Wood Burning Fireplace. Fin. Basement. Hot Tub, Deck & Gazebo. 2 Car Garage. Call Cleona For More Details 647-385-7877.


MARK CHRISTOFF Sales Representative

905-852-6143 1-877-855-6143 DIReCT 905-649-0094

Call Mark Christoff today, Direct 905-649-0094


All-Stars Realty Inc., Brokerage Independently Owned & Operated

O SU pEN N. HO 2-4 US pM E Broker



Rebecca DoneR

Sales Representative


HISTORIC SILOAM HALL FOR SALE Convert this former community hall into a remarkable residence or a mix of residential and previous uses including retail. Sitting on just over an acre this property offers amazing potential. Call listing sales rep direct for zoning info and showings. MLS# N3661498

MARK CHRISTOFF Sales Representative

905-852-6143 1-877-855-6143 DIReCT 905-649-0094

Call Mark Christoff today, Direct 905-649-0094


All-Stars Realty Inc., Brokerage Independently Owned & Operated

Su n


SOPHISTICATED LIVING IN SPACIOUS EXECUTIVE TOWNHOME * SWAN LAKE $949,000 Bright & elegant townhome, flooded w natural light, w rare private yard, double garage, & roughed in elevator shaft! Fabulous open concept living, 9 foot ceilings, hardwd flrs, granite counters, stainless appliances. Secluded backyard oasis with water fountain - sunny south exposure. 2 bedrooms on the upper level, each with ensuite bath, Upper level laundry. Finished basement with rec room, office & full bathroom. The best of both worlds - live in a house w all the benefits of a condo, let someone else shovel the snow. 24 hr gatehouse security, friendly neighbours in a vibrant community, indoor/outdoor pools, gym, tennis & more!

$799,000 Cathedral ceilings, skylights, gas fireplace, custom window coverings- Come fall in love with this “Meadowlark” with loft, approximately 1500 square feet of elegant space! 2 main floor bedrooms, 2 main floor full baths, main floor laundry. Eat in kitchen and combined living & dining areas with walk-out to private back deck w bbq hookup! Upper level loft makes great guest area w full bath, or family room. Unfinished basement offers storage or a great rec room project. All exterior maintenance done for you - let someone else do the work, travel with ease w 24 hr security or enjoy the fabulous village amenities!

Op en

24 Su n

Looking for a great 4 bedroom, detached family home in the amazing community of Stouffville? Look no further. This property offers a main floor with 9’ ceilings, gas fireplace, hardwood floors and upgraded family kitchen. Upstairs you will find four comfortable bedrooms and a Master with 4 piece ensuite and walk in-closet. All of this only made better when you discover the great additional space in a fully finished basement. Come and see us this weekend and walk into your next Home, Sweet Home.

y Wa

Op en

Suzanna Maya** 416.453.3424

rg Ou iSb Ou 7L 11

All Stars Realty Inc., Brokerage

y Wa LL Hi

Personal & Professional Service

e av 4W



54 WoodGRovE TRAIL

Hallmark Realty Ltd., Brokerage

“Raising the Bar” Virtual Tour available at


AdriAnne PArker* & johAnnA PArker*

Prestigious Angus Glen. ** Premium lot – Overlooking PARK! ** Freehold Townhouse. 2200 SF. Brownstone inspired - Feels Like London! Rarely offered 4 Bedroom, 2 Car Garage, under 1 Million. Surrounded by Multi-Million Dollar homes! Open concept bright kitchen W/ Island, Gas Fireplace/ Hardwood Floors/ 9 Ft Ceilings On main, Modern Light Fixtures. 2nd Floor Laundry. Top Rated Schools! Walk To Angus Glen Golf Course, Pond, Community Centre & Library. Min To Hwy 404 & Shopping.


ONCE IN A LIFETIME DEVELOPMENT OPPORTUNITY Uxbridge Fire Hall is available for sale with the potential for many uses. 7800 sq. ft. on two floors offers up ample space for residential, commercial or retail possibilities. Situated in historic downtown Uxbridge close to all amenities. Don’t miss this opportunity to create something remarkable! Call listing sales rep direct for zoning info and showing requests. MLS# N3661493

This is the one you’ve been dreaming about! If you value privacy and high-end finishes, you’ll love this 4 + 1 bedroom home on a large 215’ deep lot with a sparkling Inground pool. Custom millwork, chef inspired maple kitchen with all the bells and whistles, spa-like bathrooms (heated floor), hardwood floors, crown moulding, pot lighting…the perfect home for family and entertaining. Don’t miss it! Call for your private viewing.


HAPPY HOLIDAYS! UNWRAP YOUR OWN SUITE PRESENT Next to Markville Mall. Tridel-built Walden Pond 1. Spacious suite. $399,900. Master bedroom has w/in Closet & w/out to balcony. Wood floor in den, living, dining, kitchen & foyer. Move-in condition! Ensuite storage + locker + parking. Renovated halls. Full recreation! Also in Hunt Club, 1 bedroom + den $629K, 2 bedroom + den, 1541 sqft $699K. For a personal tour, contact resident CONDO KING, Steve K.

**Broker *Sales Representative

| Stouffville Sun-Tribune | Thursday, December 1, 2016



Stouffville Sun-Tribune | Thursday, December 1, 2016 |




Get Approved For:

Even If You Have:

• First Mortgages/Secured Lines of Credit • Purchases • Refinancing • Second Mortgages • Private Mortgages


• Bad Credit • Consumer Proposal • Self Employed • Overwhelming Debts • Arrears / Power of Sale • Property Tax Arrears • Income Tax Arrears

Darlene Mcleod Mortgage Broker

(416) 805 6188 Evenings and weekend appointments available

DLC The Mortgage Masters Group INDEPENDENTLY OWNED & OPERATED | FSCO #12465

Giving you the ‘WOW’ factor! • FREE staging consultation • FREE market evaluation of your home • A team of HIGHLY EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONALS to make it all happen • Your LOCAL TRUSTED REALTOR

Vince Bruno Getting it SOLD is what I do Best

Sales Representative


I’m on Your Side Complementary Professional Home Staging Home Evaluation Home Inspection

$60,000, but they will then have to pay mortgage insurance. It's important for buyers to understand that a down payment is not the only costs they will have to come up with when buying a home. Closing costs and other fees will also need to be paid by the buyers. • Examine monthly expenses. Once buyers learn how much mortgage they will qualify for, they will then see how close they are to buying a home. But prospective buyers of all means can save more each month by examining their monthly expenses and looking for ways to save. Buyers can begin by looking over their recent spending habits and then seeing where they can spend less. Cutting back on luxuries and other unnecessary spending can help buyers get closer to buying their next home. • Avoid risky investments. Some times it's great to take risks when investing, but risk should be avoided when saving for a down payment on a home. Traditional vehicles like RRSPs and TSFAs, and savings accounts can ensure the money buyers are saving for their homes is protected and not subject to market fluctuations. Saving enough to make a down payment on a home can be accomplished if buyers stay disciplined with regard to saving and make sound financial decisions.

— MS

– Serving the Community since October 15th 2016

Wishing you and yours a Very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2017

A home is the most costly thing many people will ever buy. The process of buying a home can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. One way to make the process of buying a home go more smoothly is to save enough money to put down a substantial down payment. Saving for a down payment on a home is similar to saving for other items, only on a far grander scale. Many financial planners and real estate professionals recommend prospective home buyers put down no less than 20 per cent of the total cost of the home they're buying. Down payments short of 20 per cent will require mortgage insurance. The cost of mortgage insurance depends on a host of variables, but is generally between 1.8 to 3.6 per cent of the purchase price. While plenty of homeowners pay mortgage insurance, buyers who can afford to put down 20 per cent can save themselves a considerable amount of money by doing so. Down payments on a home tend to be substantial, but the following are a few strategies prospective home buyers can employ to grow their savings with an eye toward making a down payment on their next home. • Decide when you want to buy. The first step to buying a home begins when buyers save their first dollar for a down payment. Deciding when to buy can help buyers develop a saving strategy. If buyers decide they want to buy in five years away, they will have more time to build their savings. If buyers want to buy within a year, they will need to save more each month, and those whose existing savings fall far short of the 20 per cent threshold may have to accept paying mortgage insurance. • Pre-qualify for a mortgage. Before buyers even look for their new homes, they should first sit down with a mortgage lender to determine how much a mortgage they will qualify for. Pre-qualifying for a mortgage can make the home buying process a lot easier, and it also can give first-time buyers an idea of how much they can spend. Once lenders prequalify prospective buyers, the buyers can then do the simple math to determine how much they will need to put down. For example, pre-approval for a $300,000 loan means buyers will have to put down $60,000 to meet the 20 per cent down payment threshold. In that example, buyers can put down less than

Trentadue Torres Design Inc.

Mortgage Approval

All-Stars Realty Inc., Real Estate Agency

How to save enough for a down payment

Sales Representative 647 239 5044

6323 Main St. #2, Whitchurch-Stouffville, Ontario, L4A1G9

Located at 86 Ringwood Dr. Unit 35 in Stouffville. Book your appointment at the studio for all the latest home décor essentials and get expert advice about taking your home listing preparations to a whole new level in this ever changing market!

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• • • •



This home is Beyond Compare 5 Br, 5 Bth, Hrwd, Quartz, Spa Like Baths, New Fences, Walk Thru The Doors And Be Amazed Stainless Steel Appliances 2FP 8 Ft. Centre Island, No Expenses Spared. Contact Mike Marsden 416.917.0890

This Stunning 4 Br, 3 Bath. Sold in 8 Days For More Than 1 Million Dollars. If You Are Considering To Move Now Or In The New Year, Call Me Now For Your Free Opinion Of Value Proven Success. Contact Mike Marsden 416.917.0890

Selling Stouffville for over 25 years Expert Promotion & Exposure where it counts Virtual tours on every listing Proven track record

Call...Mike Marsden Today for Your Free Evaluation and Marketing Strategy 416.917.0890

REMEMBER... You Pay Nothing Until Your House Sells. Proven Track Record

Please join us this Sat Dec 3rd for the Stouffville Santa Claus Parade.

Steve Lummiss*

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Vaughan Office 905.832.6656

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Woodbridge Office 905.832.6656

*Sales Representative **Broker

Len Powell*

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Stouffville Office 905.642.6333

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Giovanni Moncada*

Michael Murphy*

Keswick Office 905.476.9543

Sutton Office 905.722.3211

Toronto Downtown Office 416.637.8000

Frank Jago*

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Your neighbourhood local experts, over 20 Years experience with innovative marketing and negotiating skills! don’t underprice Your home, talk to us first!

Dolores Trentadue & Sonya Torres SaleS RepReSentativeS

A d ve r to r i a l

Please join us for our

1st Annual Wintertime Bazaar! Happening at our office Trentadue Torres Design Inc. at 86 Ringwood Dr. Unit 35 Stouffville on Dec. the 9th from 7pm to 9pm! Come out for a fun evening of shopping & Christmas Cheer with food and beverages served! Vendors include jewellery, accessories, home items, beauty, wellness and much more! All are welcome so spread the word, network and support local businesses!


Get that Christmas list out of the way and have fun doing so!

See you at this weeks

Stouffville Kinsmen Annual Santa Claus Parade

Many attended the recent Grand Opening of Century 21 Leading Edge Inc’s new Stouffville office at 6311 Main St. Stouffville.This new office houses 45 agents, making them the largest in Stouffville.

Dec. 3rd! Look for us, The Trentadue Torres Team and our float handing out holiday treats!

We are sponsoring the Stouffville Jingle Mingle December 2nd!

Get your tickets today!

Your #1 real estate team in stouffville* *Based on units sold 2016 stats with Remax Hallmark York Group up to June 23/16 According to RE Stats Inc. Jan 1, 2016 to July 15, 2016. Datum Compiled by the Toronto RE Board. | Office: 905.727.1941

The Owners of Century 21 Leading Edge Inc and Mayor Justin Altmann were on hand for the festivities. (L to R) Paul Baron, Anthony Bungaro, Mayor Justin Altmann, and Tasis Giannoukakis

Phone Number


Home of tHe Week • 59 GoldrinG Cres. Absolutely stunninG Home in PrestiGious CACHet Woods! E US H HO . 4t 0 EN Ec :0 OP N D tO 5 SU :00 2

Open Concept Model with Triple Car Garage, Spectacular Renovation with Gourmet Kitchen Featuring Exotic Wood Cabinets, Quartzite Countertops, Travertine Stone & Centre Island, Natural Oak Hardwood Thru-Out, Oak Staircase/Railings, Beautiful Master Bedroom with 5Pc “Spa” Ensuite W/ Seamless Glass Shower, Free Standing Soaker Tub & Floating Vanity, Interlocking Driveway, Walkways & Patio, Fully Fenced property.



Sales Representative Dir: 416-729-7074

Pets require certain comforts to live long and healthy lives. In addition to adequate nutrition, exercise, medical care, and mental stimulation, pets need a safe place to live. The average home is filled with various items that can be harmful to pets. Just as parents baby-proof their homes when welcoming new children into their families, pet owners can take inventory of potential hazards to pets and take steps to safeguard their pets from home-related injuries. A few simple adjustments around the house could prevent many pet emergencies. • Invest in cabinet locks. Cats and dogs can be curious animals, gaining access to areas of a home pet owners never would have imagined possible. If you can’t store everything beyond pets’ reach, then use cabinet and drawer latches to prevent access to areas that are off limits. Lock doors to basements, garages and storage sheds as well. • Cover all garbage cans. Animals have extraordinary senses of smell, and they may be attracted to trash cans around the house. Pets rooting around in the garbage can be messy, but this can also make pets vulnerable to illness. Invest in garbage cans with locks or tight lids to prevent food poisoning or choking.

• Use medications wisely. Be mindful of medications, making sure none of your pills fall on the floor where they can be gobbled up by pets. • Protect belongings. Cats can scale many objects in the house, gaining access to areas of the house that dogs cannot reach. Cats also can be attracted to small shiny objects, such as jewelry or glass items, that are choking hazards. Store potential choking hazards out of sight of curious cats. • Clean the furnace. Allergens and poor indoor air quality is not just a concern for humans. Pets also can be affected by allergies and health issues that result from exposure to mould or dirt in a home. Have your HVAC system routinely serviced and routinely change indoor air filters to maintain healthy air quality. When possible, open windows to let fresh air inside. • Secure windows and doors. Cats and dogs may be distracted by something outdoors and feel compelled to chase after it. Dogs and cats can suffer serious injuries if they fall from windows. Make sure window screens are secure and install guards if your pet likes to hang out by the windows. Exercise caution when entering and leaving your home so pets don’t scurry outside. • Keep cords and electronic outlets secure. Teething puppies or curious cats

may bite or pull on power cords. Use cord keepers to cover up electric lines and outlet locks to keep plugs where they should be. • Provide a comfortable indoor climate.

Many pets spend the majority of their days indoors where climate and temperature can be controlled. However, if yours is an outside pet or requires a brief stint in the garage or an uninsu-

| Stouffville Sun-Tribune | Thursday, December 1, 2016

How to make your home safe for pets


lated area, make sure the temperature in such areas is comfortable and safe. Take precautions around the house to keep pets safe, comfortable and secure.

— MS

MARKHAM/UNIONVILLE: 905.940.4180 Vivian Risi

Broker of Record

Michelle Risi

Broker, Executive Vice President

StOUffVILLE: 905.642.6333

Keith Kwan* Manager

Rita Chemilian Broker


DiamOND awarD 2015 Celebrating 28 Years in Real Estate


Business Employment Lands. Located just East of the Hwy 404 and adjacent to Honda Canada. Great Location, Great investment Property.

Visit for more info and photos

Happy Holidays Unionville Markham Office


Thornhill Office


Richmond Hill Head Office


Vaughan Office


Aurora Office


Stouffville Office


Woodbridge Office


Royal LePage Your Community Realty, people come first... and it shows!

Keswick Office


Sutton Office


Toronto Downtown Office


D L sO

the Official Plan designated as




HWy 404/19tH AvE. within



0 9,8


WOODBINE/MAJOR MACK: 2 Years New Building, approx 800 sq ft. Open Concept design layout with extra large walkout balcony. Features 9 ft high ceilings, upgraded hardwood floors, stainless steal appliances, granite countertops, includes locker and parking.



for royal lepage based on real estate sales of independently owned & operated franchises in 2009

Stouffville Sun-Tribune | Thursday, December 1, 2016 |


N November ovember 27 27-December -December 15, 2016 • Ev Every ery Sunda Sunday-Thursday y-Thursday


Fit to be tied

4 x $1,000 CASH PRIZES Each promotional day

Earn 25 Slot Reward Points each promotional period to qualify

Plus, Print a coupon from the Great Blue Heron

Facebook page (1 time each promotional week) to redeem at the Rapid Rewards Players Club, for your chance to


Susie Kockerscheidt/Metroland

Curator, Stephanie Foley, adjusts a 1930’s kids’ apron at the WhitchurchStouffville Museum’s Fit To Be Tied event.The display features aprons from 1870’s to 1970 and will be on until Dec.10.

We have a winner.

535 Slots • 60 Table Games

Port Perry, ON • 1-888-294-3766 /gbh_casino

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Must be 19 years of age or older. Free membership in the Rapid Rewards Players Club (RRPC) is required. Valid government issued photo identification may be required. To qualify, RRPC members must earn at least 25 Slot Reward Points during each promotional period. Promotional Period: Every Sunday – Thursday from November 27 – December 15, 9AM – 11AM, 12PM – 2PM, 3PM – 5PM, and 6PM – 8PM. Daily Draw Times: 11:05AM, 2:05PM, 5:05PM, and 8:05PM each promotional day. Total daily cash prizes: (4) prizes of $1,000 CAD. Sixty (60) total daily cash prizes to be won. RRPC members may also visit the Great Blue Heron FacebookTM page to receive 1 coupon to redeem for 1 electronic ballot entry, one time each promotional week, for the grand prize draw. Grand Prize: (3) prizes of $5,000 CAD. Grand Prize Draw: December 16 2016 at 11AM. Patrons with self-excluded or trespassed status as determined by Great Blue Heron Casino (GBHC) will not be eligible to participate in this or any GBHC promotion.


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4747 Highway 7 East, Markham 905.477.5524 |

● Thursday, December 1

Exhibit: Fit to be Tied WHEN: 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. WHERE: Whitchurch-Stouffville Museum, 14732 Woodbine Avenue CONTACT: Julia, 905-727-8954, www., COST: General Admission Aprons trace the changing history of the role of women as they run the household.

● Friday, December 2

Exhibit: Fit to be Tied WHEN: 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. WHERE: Whitchurch-Stouffville Museum, 14732 Woodbine Avenue CONTACT: Julia, 905-727-8954, www., COST: General Admission Aprons trace the changing history of the role of women as they run the household.

● Saturday, December 3

Deck the Halls - an Adult WreathMaking Workshop WHEN: 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. WHERE: Whitchurch-Stouffville Museum, 14732 Woodbine Avenue CONTACT: Julia, 905-727-8954, www., COST: $40 per participant plus tax Learn to build a beautiful wreath using a variety of fresh greenery.

● GET CONNECTED Visit to submit your own community events for online publishing. Take your creation home at the end. Refreshments and a holiday tour of the Victorian Farmhouse included. Pre-registration is required. Blood Donor Clinic WHEN: 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. WHERE: Latcham Hall, 8 Park Drive, CONTACT: Canadian Blood Services, 1-888-236-6283, , COST: Free In Ontario alone, 6,000 new blood donors are needed. Please join us at a holiday clinic, and bring a friend. Elves in the Workshop WHEN: 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. WHERE: Whitchurch-Stouffville Museum, 14732 Woodbine Avenue CONTACT: Julia, 905-727-8954,, COST: $15 per child, $5 adult accompaniment Bring your little elf to this hands-on workshop to kick off the festive season! They will participate in a seasonal activity, enjoy hot chocolate and cookies and go on a holiday traditions tour of our heritage buildings. Recommended ages 3-10

Exhibit: Fit to be Tied WHEN: 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. WHERE: Whitchurch-Stouffville Museum, 14732 Woodbine Avenue CONTACT: Julia, 905-727-8954, www., COST: General Admission Aprons trace the changing history of the role of women as they run the household. Stouffville Spirit Jr. A Hockey WHEN: 7:30 p.m. WHERE: Stouffville Arena, 12483 9th Line North CONTACT: , ,, sarah. COST: $5 for seniors, students, children; $10 for adults Stouffville hosts the Cobourg Cougars in Ontario Junior Hockey League action.

● Sunday, December 4

SUM Concerts - Christmas Classics WHEN: 3:30 a.m WHERE: Stouffville United Church, 34 Church St. CONTACT:, , , COST: $10 for adults, $5 for students, $25 for family Seasonal music performed live. Net

5 things to do this weekend ● Friday, December 2

Unionville Olde Tyme Christmas and Candlelight Parade WHEN: 7 p.m. WHERE: Unionville Main Street CONTACT: COST: Free Candlelight Parade on Main Street, followed by the tree lighting at the Millennium Bandstand. Christmas carollers, entertainment, moonlight shopping.

● Saturday, December 3

Upper Canada Christmas WHEN: 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. WHERE: Sharon Temple National Historic Site and Museum, 18974 Leslie St. CONTACT: info@sharontemple. ca COST: $10 per child (one accompanying adult is free) Learn about the traditions of the holiday season, make Victorian paper crafts, sing traditional carols and more. Cocoa and Cookies with Santa WHEN: 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. WHERE: Elman W. Campbell Museum, 134 Main St. S. CONTACT: 905-9535314 COST: Free Drop-in afternoon of hot cocoa and cookies. Photo opportunity with Santa. Please bring a donation for the Newmarket Food Pantry.

27 | Stouffville Sun-Tribune | Thursday, December 1, 2016


Submitted photo

Santa and Mrs. Claus wave to the crowd during last year’s Sutton Santa Claus Parade.

Richmond Hill Community Food Bank Music Marathon Benefit Concert WHEN: 2 p.m. to 11:45 p.m. WHERE: Archibald’s Neighbourhood Pub, 8950 Yonge St. CONTACT: COST: Cash donation or non-perishable food item Acelebration of local original music with 22 performers. Raffles, prizes, great food and beverage.

Sutton Santa Claus Parade of Lights 2016 WHEN: 5 p.m. WHERE: Sutton Santa Claus Parade of Lights, Dalton Rd. CONTACT: Town of Georgina, 905-476-4301, discover-georgina/calendar, COST: Free Starts in Jackson’s Point, travels down Dalton Road to High Street, along High Street to the fairgrounds.

For Ontario: Better access to health care Improvements to hospitals throughout Ontario will help provide better access to high-quality care and lower wait times for hospital services including surgeries, mental health and rehabilitation services. Learn how we’re investing for a healthier Ontario at /bettercare.

Paid for by the Government of Ontario

Stouffville Sun-Tribune | Thursday, December 1, 2016 |



Pick of the week

Winter wonderland walks

AmAndA Persico

SAVING YOU MORE For more details go instore or online

When the weather outside gets crisp and cool, skip the treadmill and hit the scenic route. There are a number of guided walks throughout the region that offer a different set of sights and sounds in the winter time. Experience the outdoors: • Magical Christmas Forest: Dec. 2 to 4, 8 to 11, 15 to 18 and 23, 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Kortright Centre for Conservation, 9550 Pine Valley Dr., Vaughan. The forest comes to life with lights and Christmas carols. Visit Santa’s workshop, see the elves at work, make some holiday crafts and watch a holiday movie. To register, visit • Jingle Bell Walk: Dec. 10, 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. at the Hollidge Tract, 16389 Hwy. 48, WhitchurchStouffville. Learn about the holiday tradition of bells and

Mike Barrett/Metroland

Enjoy a walk through a winter wonderland forest in York Region. Christmas trees. Bring a non-perishable food item for the local food bank. To register, visit • Deck the Halls with Seeds and Berries: Dec. 10, 10 a.m. at Cold Creek Conservation Area, 14125 11th Concession, Nobleton; Dec. 11, 10 a.m. at Lake St. George Field Centre, 950 Bethesda Sideroad, Richmond Hill; Celebrate the holiday season by making special gifts for winter birds. Explore the conservation area and decorate trees with homemade bird feeders. To register, visit

• Animals in Winter: Dec. 7 and 10, 9:30 a.m. at Bob Hunter Memorial Park, near 7277 14th Ave., Markham. Learn about how animals survive the winter climate. To register, visit Tips for walking in the woods: • Be prepared for uneven surfaces and hills; • Keep a pace that keeps you warm, not hot and not breaking a sweat to avoid getting chilled; • Dress in layers. • Bring water and a backpack.

Inserts for Thurs., December 1, 2016 2001 Audio Video Akal Optical Bed Bath & Beyond Best Buy Bestco Fresh Foodmart Bouclair Brick Mattress CAA Canadian Tire Dell Eastvale Dental First Choice Supermarket Foodymart Food Basics Foodland FreshCo

Giant Tiger Grand Fortune Food Mart Heart And Stroke Henry’s Home Depot Home Hardware Home Outfitters IDA IHl Tools leons Furniture listenup Canada loblaws longo’s lowes M M Meat Shops Marks

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Metro Michael Hill Michaels National Sports Nature’s Emporium No Frills Nonno Crupi S Pizza Olsen Europe Oriental Food Mart Perla Dental Real Canadian Superstore Red Plum Reno Depot Rexall Pharma Plus Rona Sears

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Seneca College Sheridan Nurseries Shopper’s Drug Mart Sobeys Staples Sunfood Supermarket Sunny Foodmart The Brick The Source Today’s Home Toys R Us TSC Stores Walmart Zehrs





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VEHICLES: 2009 Ford E-350 Cube Van & 2008 Chevy Express 2500 Van • Hyster Forklift • OVER (1,750) FOLDING CHAIRS: White, Black, & Brown • PLUS Over (550) Stacking & Patio Chairs • OVER (400) FOLDING TABLES: Plastic & Wood Rectangular & Round • (36) TENTS: Sizes 10’ x 10’ to 30’ x 70’ by Fiesta, Warner, & Barrie • TRADE SHOW: Poles, Posts, Draping, Skirts, Carpeting, & Truss Towers • OVER 20,000 PIECES OF CHINAWARE - GLASSWARE - FLATWARE • SERVING WARE: Platters, utensils, bowls, trey stands, carts • Over (500) Pcs Table Accessories bread baskets, pitchers, salt & pepper shakers • KITCHEN EQUIP.: Hobart Dish washer, Stainless tables • Chafing Dishes, Pans, Pots, Coffee Carafes • CONCESSION FOOD: (4) Popcorn Machines • (4) Sno-Cone & Cotton Candy Machines • Portable Pizza Oven • (9) Charcoal & Propane Outdoor BBQ’s & Grills • Heating Lamps • (2) Portable Bars • Beer Tubs • GAMES: Black Jack Tables & Poker Chips • Roulette Wheel, Bingo, & Horse Racing Games • PLUS MUCH MORE














◊ Before taxes. ∞ Gift card is applicable on your next purchase. 1 gift card per transaction.. <<380969> 09895001

«CASHMERE» BATHROOM TISSUE <376327> 13805008










| Stouffville Sun-Tribune | Thursday, December 1, 2016










‡Offer applies to regular prices. Offer is not applicable to the purchase of appliances. Cannot be combined with any other offer.

20% OFF ALL IN-STOCK HANGING FIXTURES Offer applies to regular prices. Bulbs not included.

Due to market variations, prices may vary after December 7 2016. Prices do not include taxes. For our current promotions, we reserve the right to limit quantities to 15 units of the same product, both for professional and the general public. We strive to make a fair and truthful advertising. Human or mechanical errors could occur. In the event of an error, a notice will be printed in store and we will make every reasonable effort to accommodate our customers. Some products may differ from photos. In this case, product description will prevail. ‡ PROMO 15% OFF: This promotion runs on Friday and Saturday, December 2-3, 2016 only. On that specific date, with any purchase of $100 or more before taxes, all participating Reno-Depot warehouses will give 15% off before taxes on the purchase of any merchandise available in store. Samsung appliances, special orders, the purchase of gift cards, layaways and services offered in store, such as installation, delivery, rentals, cut shop services, etc., are not eligible for this promotion. Quantities are limited to 15 identical products. Only “Cash and Carry” purchases paid by cash, debit or major credit cards are eligible. This offer is invalid on contractor or house accounts. Not available for in-store accounts or clients with contractual agreements. Offer applies to regular prices in store only. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Offer not convertible to cash. Certain conditions apply. Details in store ∞DEAL OF THE MONTH - GIFT CARD: Valid December 1 to 7, 2016 in all participating Reno-Depot stores. With the purchase of one natural Christmas tree, the customer will receive $25 back in Reno-Depot gift card. Quantities are limited to one natural Christmas tree at $25 per transaction, for a maximum gift card value of $25. This gift card can only be used for a future transaction. Limit of one gift card per person/household/transaction/.

Stouffville Sun-Tribune | Thursday, December 1, 2016 |


Craft show offers one-of-akind gift ideas




Old Cummer


Lisa Queen

Richmond Hill

WELCOME TO YOUR NEW COMMUTE Starting December 5, 2016 we’re introducing GO service to the new Gormley GO Station, located on Stouffville Road between Hwy 404 and Leslie Street, in Richmond Hill. With train and bus service, plenty of parking and a brand new station, there’s more reasons to GO.

Looking for a one-of-a-kind holiday gift for a special person or people in your life? Then, come out and explore the annual York Region Holiday Craft and Gift Show. Artisans from across the region and the Greater Toronto Area will be on site selling a unique and diverse range of gifts at the event next month. Hosted by York Regional Police and Region of York, the show will be held GORMLEY Dec. 7 from 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. on the first floor of the region's administrative centre at 17250 Yonge St. north of Eagle Street in Newmarket. Admission and parking to the show are free. For YRT/Viva public transit options to the event location, visit

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Paul J. Crowe, Barrister & Solicitor

•Real Estate • Wills • Powers of Attorney • Estates

See Paul J. Crowe for Friendly, Experienced Legal Services

86 Ringwood Drive Unit 28, Stouffville, ON L4A 1C3 Phone: 905-640-8100

Providing Exceptional Service to the York & Durham Region Since 1988 64 Sandiford Drive, Unit#12, Stouffville • 905-642-3217 •

The Store That Makes You Smile!

60 Volt Electric Scooter Sale



reg. $1795

Snow Blower pull StaRt / 6.5hp


1 year Warranty

Winter Storage SilvER Only


WhilE SuppliES laSt

BUY NOW! Officially Licensed 1/4 Scale Ride-On Remote Control 12V

110 ATV reg. $995


Great Gift!


We want to tell your sports stories online and in print John Cudmore

Hey, York Region sports nuts! We are certain there are good sports stories all across York Region waiting to be told. The personalities and characters behind the scenes and all the people that make sports tick in your community are numerous. The athletes that have overcome

obstacles to shine or simply participate. Superstars to grinders to the shining volunteer who makes it all work. We want to tell their stories in our pages and on our website. So, we are asking readers to let us know

| Stouffville Sun-Tribune | Thursday, December 1, 2016

Electric Scooters, ATV’s, Bikes and More!



about the accomplishments and achievements of athletes in their communities. If you are aware of an athlete, coach or official or story that should be told, email John Cudmore at or call 289-453-0129.

● more onLIne Check out our range of social media channels serving up content from

Get A Grip!


NEW LOCATION! Call for hours 170 Bartor Rd, North York

5460 Hwy 7, Markham

instAll your winter tires And cAll us About your discount todAy!



R U S K®


Or call us for a quote today!

905-642-2745 |




ON A Online SET OF TIRES rebates until Dec. 31, 2016

Bosch Premium Brake Pads 40% OFF Premixed Antifreeze Long-life Red








.7 HWY



Windshield Washer asher Fluid

$7.99 per case (4)

Premium Coated Brake Discs Buy one get one at 50% OFF

$12.99 Green





All offers valid until Dec. 31, 2016 unless stated otherwise. 905.471.4447 7025 Markham Rd. Unit 5 Markham, ON.

905.294.5773 15 Heritage Rd. Unit 14 Markham, ON.

416.285.4447 2300 Lawrence Ave. E. Unit 30 Scarborough, ON M1P 2R2

OEM and aftermarket automotive parts at discount prices! ices!












. RD








Stouffville Sun-Tribune | Thursday, December 1, 2016 |

32 sports

Struggling Spirit drop fifth straight John Cudmore

Last Week: Saturday - Lost 4-3 vs. Kingston Voyageurs Friday - Lost 3-2 (OT) at Markham Royals. Coming Up: Saturday vs. Whitby Fury, Stouffville Arena, 7:30 p.m. Game Notes: Kingston built a 4-0 lead by the 24-minute mark and held off a Spirit comeback bid that included second-period power play goals by Andrew Hughes and Brett McInall. Joseph Teofilo netted a third-period goal to close out the scoring. Goals by McInall and James Waldron staked

Stouffville to 1-0 and 2-1 period leads against Markham. The Royals forced overtime in the final minute of the third period and won the game on Laine McKay's tally 82 seconds into extra time. The Skinny: Stouffville has lost five straight games and managed just one of a possible 10 points in that period to fall four points behind the North Division-leading Markham Royals. The Spirit enters the week sitting one point behind Kingston Voyageurs for sixth seed overall in the North-East Conference and two back of fifth-place Wellington Dukes.

Goaltender Hunter Jones and defenceman Kyle Thomas are among 40 players attending the final selection camp to be held Dec. 3 to 7 for Team Canada East. The squad will compete at the World Junior A Challenge to be held Dec. 11 to 17 in Bonnyville, Alberta. The Spirit acquired Connor Rider from the Markham Royals in exchange for Justin Bennett in a swap of forwards last week. Record: 14-8-1-2 2nd in North Division, 7th seed in North-East Conference. Log on to yorkregion. com for more Spirit news and updates.

York Region Santa Fund If you would like to become one of Santaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s special elves and help a family in need during this holiday season please contact, Courtney Atherton at 905-943-2452 or email her at

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at Swan Lake

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• Customer Service Representative • Rebates Manager • Vendor Manager • Account Executive • Call Centre Managers and Representatives • Administrative • Office Services • Data Entry • Human Resources (HR) 111 Sandiford Drive, Second Floor, Stouffville ON L4A OZ9


Phone: -IMPORTANTPlease bring your Resume & S.I.N. # and Dress for an INTERVIEW!

BolandHowe LLP is a busy litigation firm specializing in personal injury, disability and fatal accident claims. We have an immediate opening for a:

Full-time Controller/ Bookkeeper/ Office Manager

Self starter with 10+ years experience in general accountiing duties including: financial reporting, working with complete GL, invoicing, payables, receivables, bank reconciliation, payroll, government remittances, T-4’s. A Bachelor’s degree in accounting or business administration, or equivalent business experience is required. Experience working with PC law an asset. Please submit resume with references: or fax to: 905 841-7128

Sales Operation Manger

required for high volume automotive dealership in the GTA Must be highly trained for managing/ motivating personnel, able to run a highly organized & efficient sales process, able to change/ manage processes to attain objectives & targets Submit resume to:

Exp’d. Pizza Maker ~FT up to $20/hr cash paid daily and

RNS Health Care Services Inc.

A leading provider of home health care services throughout the York Region since 1985


NOW HIRING Certified Personal Support Workers (PSWs) **** $500 Signing Bonus ****

RNS Health Care Services is an equal opportunity employer offering l Competitive Compensation l Travel Pay l Premium Weekend Rates l Benefits l Full-time, Part-time & Elect-to-Work l Referral Bonus Interested applicants should email a resume to 1111 Davis Drive, Unit 42, Newmarket ON L3Y 9E5 Tel: 289-841-7150

Live-In Caregiver Child care. Supervise and care for multi-aged group of children. Perform light housekeeping and cleaning duties. $11.40 hourly for 40 hours per week. Markham area. Send resume to:

Optometric Assistant / Optician Full Time. Seeking a motivated, personable, reliable and detail oriented person to join our team! Duties includes dispensing, pretesting and lab work. Apply to:

Counter Help/Cashiers PT ~ weekends $12/hr Required in Stouffville area (counter help must have pleasant telephone manor. Students welcome to apply.) Call Anthony btwn 8am-11am: @ 416-419-6862

Lot Person

required for busy dealership. Duties will include picking up and checking in cars and keeping lot clean.

Submit resume to: Maintenance Technician

Experienced for mushroom farm in Newmarket area. Must be familiar with heating, air conditioning, air handling equipment, chillers, conveyors, mixer, motors, frequency drives, pumps, computer controls and hydraulics. Execute preventative maintenance program and repairs as necessary. General repair and maintenance of building, equipment and property.

Modern Home Furniture Stouffville

is seeking a

PART TIME SALES PERSON Customer service experience a must. Evenings and weekends Ladies preferred.

Please email resume to

PICK-UP TRUCK SNOW PLOW OPERATOR Full time Valid driver’s license. Minimum 3 years experience. Own transportation to shop or site SHOVELLERS $20.00/hr. Bonus **END OF SEASON PERFORMANCE BONUS (To be discussed)** Call 905-955-1309


Needed for Respite Registry that supports Individuals of all ages with special needs (developmental disability, physical disability and Autism) within York Region.

Part time variable hours, contract basis, (before/afterschool, days, evenings, weekends). Experience working with special needs desirable, access to a vehicle an asset. Fax/email resume with cover letter: CHAP Program Fax: 905 898 1171 Email: OR Apply online:

Highly Motivated Automotive Company


125 Corcoran Court (Greenlane & Harry Walker Pkwy) East Gwillimbury

PRODUCTION OPERATORS (Start at $15.76 / hour) Also hiring:


....... y u ..b ... l l e s . ...... ..... . . t n ... t s o .....p Do it all in the classifieds. Call 1-800263-6480 to plan your advertising campaign today!

We offer competitive wages, benefits & more! Email:


is looking for: • Registered Early Childhood Educators • Child care quality control staff • OCT Certified Teachers • Primary/ Junior Division • Child & Youth Workers Part time split shift Monday - Friday. Please email resume to:

Station Creek Golf Club located in Gormley is searching for a Mechanic, full-time. For more information and how to apply, please visit

Apply between 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Sharon Mushroom Farm 20744 Kennedy Road Sharon, Ontario L0G 1V0

Snowplow Driver/Shovellers

| Stoufville Sun-Tribune | Thursday, December 1, 2016



Classifieds Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5pm Toll Free Phone 1-800-263-6480 • Toll Free Fax 1-866-299-1499 Email For delivery questions, please contact 1-855-853-5613

Apartments for Rent

Apartments for Rent


Manager’s Special Renovated 1 & 2 bedroom available from $1400(Hydro extra). Close to transit, GO, shopping, restaurants. Miles of hiking trails within 5 minute walking distance. Call Shawn: (905)727-5361 STOUFFVILLE, MAIN Street. 1 bedroom apartment, 2nd floor, 2 appliances, no pets/smoking. References required. Call 905-640-0685

Stoufville Sun-Tribune | Thursday, December 1, 2016 |




Home Improvement

Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5pm • Toll Free Phone 1-800-263-6480 • Toll Free Fax 1-866-299-1499 Email • For delivery questions, please contact 1-855-853-5613 BOS, Eileen Isabel July 16, 1928 - November 25, 2016 Passed at Sunrise of Unionville on November 25, 2016 in her 88th year. Loving wife to Cornelius for 59 years. Beloved mother to Susan (Jeff) and Andrew (Bonnie). Will be dearly missed by her grandchildren Jessica, Jackie, Travis, and Brandon. Remembered by her sister Angela (Alan) Beck, her nephew Steven, sister-in-law Carol Brooking, and her niece Kathryn. Predeceased by her brother Robert Brooking. The family would like to extend their heartfelt thanks to the caring staff at Sunrise of Unionville. Eileen was a Markham resident for 52 years and touched the lives of many students in her teaching years at Franklin Street and James Robinson Public Schools. Private family memorial will be held at the Grace Church Cemetery Scattering Path at a later date. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Alzheimer Society. Condolences may be left at

Firewood THE WOOD GUY FIREWOOD Quality, mixed, seasoned hardwood. 12” & 16” pick up or delivery. Call or text 905-955-5044

Vehicles Wanted/Wrecking

Online condolences may be made at

New member o f t h e fa m i l y ? Share the News!

Vehicles Wanted/Wrecking

Vehicles Wanted/Wrecking

WE PAY $250 - $6000 for your scrap cars, SUVs, vans & trucks. Dead or Alive. Free 24/7 towing. 647-287-1704

We pay $325 to $10,000 for your scrap cars and trucks. FREE TOWING 24 hours a day 7 days a week 705-500-2844 and 416-825-3360

Vehicles Wanted/Wrecking

SCRAP CARS CALL ME!!! 7 days a week! Open Sat. & Sundays Mini vans ~ Autos ~ Trucks Picked up.

Top scrap prices paid!!!



BOSSI, Marcel Passed away unexpectedly, on November 6, 2016 at the age of 66. He was the former Stouffville Town Crier for over 25 years, he is also an active employee with Rogers Communications. Predeceased by his parents Stefan and Erika, and his step-mother Maria. Survived by his son Karl Bossi, and grandson Liam. Fondly remembered by Liisa Walli, and by his many co-workers and friends. Family will receive friends at the Stouffville Legion Branch #459 (150 Mostar St.) for a celebration of Marcel’s life on Saturday, December 10, 2016 from 1 to 3 p.m. If desired, memorial donations may be made to a charity of your choice.

Tree/Stump Service

home renovations


Providing service for the Markham, Newmarket, Stouffville and Uxbridge areas since 1998

SPECIALIZING IN: • Custom Homes • Additions UPTON, Sharon In loving memory of a dear wife, mother, grandmother, sister and most importantly a friend who passed away December 3, 2011. Sharon was a woman who demonstrated how to live life with strength, honour and integrity. Although her life appeared short, it was full of memories and life lessons. She has left her footprints and her memory lives in those who loved her. Dearly missed but forever in our hearts, always and forever.

Tree/Stump Service

Caring For Your Trees Since 1981

Lost & Found KEYS LOST, Car keys (Mustang) and post office keys. Lost Nov. 24 26 within Stouffville. Please call 905-640-4338 or call/text: 416-709-7083

Articles for Sale (Misc.)

Fully Insured ISA Certified & Utility Arborists Pruning & Removals Stump Grinding & Tree Planting Crane & Bucket Truck Services

David Watts

home renovations

Your All-In-One Building Solution

Articles for Sale

TWO QUALITY powered Lay-Z-Boy brown recliners, with warranty, new, hardly used, $500 obo. each. Please leave message @ 905-591-0867

Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5pm • Toll Free Phone 1-800-263-6480 • Toll Free Fax 1-866-299-1499 Email • For delivery questions, please contact 1-855-853-5613

B.Sc. (Agr.)


CRAFTSMAN SNOWBLOWER runs excellent! 23” 5hp Sears Craftsman Snowblower.Winter is almost here.... Stop shoveling! 6 speed forward, 2 speed reverse. Dual stage throws the snow! Easy pull start, usually first pull! Comes with tire chains, tires do not leak. Always well maintained and put away with carb drained and oil sprayed. Fresh oil change 11/11/2016 Great working condition. Perfect size for in town driveway $250 905-830-6690 Newmarket

• Renovations • Basements • Kitchens/Bathrooms • Roofing/Siding • Electrical/Plumbing • Tiles/Hardwood/Carpet • Foundations • Cabanas and Decks • Demolition and Design

Call for a FREE ESTIMATE Office:905-642-5492 • Direct: 416-702-3560 Free Estimates Since 1967


You paid how much!? #ShouldaUsedToronto

Framing-Insulating Boarding-Taping Painting-Texture Spraying Water Damaged Ceiling Repairs & Tiling

Small Jobs Welcome

JOHN 905 640 8321 To highlight your business call


Remember your loved ones this Holiday Season

We will be publishing a special Holiday In Memoriam feature on the week of DeCember 19, 2016.




Discount applies on all In Memoriams placed in this feature.

Call our Classified department at

1-800-263-6480 |

Please call or email us for further details and publishing dates.

home renovations

handy person Install: Flat Screen • Dishwasher • Window Covering Lighting • Closet Organizer • Faucet • Toilet Flooring • Central Vac • Ceiling and Exhaust Fan. Assemble: Furniture • Exercise Equipment. Painting • Tile Backsplash • Junk Removal General Maintenance • Repair and More...


Hammer Construction Home Renovations since 1985. No job too big or too small!

Free Estimate.

Finished Basements ~ Bathrooms Kitchens ~ Open Concept ~ Decks


Basements Kitchens Re-models Bathrooms Local ~ Professional ~ Experienced 905-201-7734 (o) 647-885-1772 (c) 15 Heritage Road, Unit 20, Markham

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snow removal



Plumbing & Renovations Ltd. Bathrooms, Basements, Service (Licensed/Insured)

Email or post it on

• Private Party Only • Maximum 15 words per ad; one item per ad • Community newspapers run 1 week; Daily newspapers run 3 days • Plants, pets, tickets and firewood excluded from offer • Ads publish at first available opportunity; publication dates are not guaranteed • Must be 18+ to place an ad • Metroland Media reserves the right to edit or refuse any submission


❑❑❑❑❑❑❑❑❑❑❑❑❑❑❑❑ ❑❑❑❑❑❑❑❑❑❑❑❑❑❑❑❑❑❑ ❑❑❑❑❑❑❑❑❑❑❑❑❑❑ $ ❑❑❑ ❑❑❑ - ❑❑❑ - ❑❑❑❑


70 yrs.


Metro Lic. #P24654 - Fully Insured


Senior’s Discount & Neighbour’s Discount

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Servicing All Your Plumbing Needs


For household articles priced at $100 or less

POSTAL CODE____________________ HOME # ______________________________

For over 10 years

Small Job Specialists


• • • •

Servicing Stouffville ONLY

BaySprings Plumbing $


Established 1945 • Certified Arborists “Your complete tree service specialists”


Since 1968



and online at



| Stouffville Sun-Tribune | Thursday, December 1, 2016

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Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 5 pm Toll Free 1-855-945-8725


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Leave your car at home for a day, week or a month! Try walking or biking. If work is too far away to walk carpool.

Put a composter in your backyard or use your green bin to reduce household waste. Composting organics has two key benefits: it reduces the amount of waste going to landfills and when added to your garden, helps nourish soil and plants.

EAT IT! Support your regional farmers and farming industry: buying locally and in season is better for the environment than buying foods that have been shipped hundreds of kilometers to your local market.

Choose foods produced organically, locally and in season.

Stouffville Sun-Tribune | Thursday, December 1, 2016 |


XSE model shown.



All-in lEAsE

All-in lEAsE

2017 CorollA CE MAnuAl

2017 CorollA iM MAnuAl

39 2.49


55 1.99


% apr


% apr


weekly for 64 months with $1,700 down payment.

weekly for 64 months with $2,200 down payment.

Includes freight and fees. HST extra.

Includes freight and fees. HST extra.

now stAndArd, toyotA sAfEty sEnsE™ P˜

now stAndArd, toyotA sAfEty sEnsE™ C˜

• Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection Function • Automatic High Beam • Lane Departure Alert • Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

• Pre-Collision System • Automatic High Beam • Lane Departure Alert • LED Tail Lights • LED Daytime Running Lights

All-in lEAsE |2017 rAV4 fwd lE

AWD Limited model shown.

2017 RAV4

now stAndArd, toyotA sAfEty sEnsE™ P˜ • Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection Function • Automatic High Beam • Lane Departure Alert • Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

59 2.99


% apr


weekly for 64 months with $3,800 down payment. Includes freight and fees. HST extra.

All-in lEAsE |2017 CAMry lE

59 1.99




weekly for 64 months with $2,000 down payment. Includes freight and fees. HST extra.


• Star Safety System™ with 10 Standard Airbags • Display Audio with Bluetooth® and USB Input • Air Conditioning • Backup Camera

XSE model shown.

2017 CAMRY

Earn Aeroplan® Miles when you purchase or test drive a new Toyota at STOUFFVILLE TOYOTA.


1288 Millard Street (at Hwy 48), Stouffville, Ontario

Convenient ServiCe hourS Monday - Thursday ............. 7 am to 8 pm Friday .............................. 9 am to 6 pm Saturday ........................... 8 am to 4 pm

Convenient SaleS hourS

Monday - Thursday ............. 9 am to 9 pm Friday .............................. 9 am to 6 pm Saturday ........................... 9 am to 6 pm

Limited time offers available from Toyota Financial Services on approved credit. †2.49%/1.99%/2.99%/1.99% lease APR for 64/64/64/64 months on a new 2017 Corolla CE Manual (Model BURCEMA)/2017 Camry LE (Model BF1FLTA)/2017 RAV4 FWD LE (Model ZFREVTB)/ 2017 Corolla iM Manual (KARJEMA) with an all-in price of $17,919/$26,799/$29,294/$24,269 equals a weekly payment of $39/$59/$59/$55 for 277/277/277/277 payments with a $1,700/$2,000/$3,800/$2,200 down payment or trade equivalent. First weekly payment due at lease inception. Total lease obligation is $12,458/$18,420/$20,239/$17,542. All-in lease includes freight and fees (PDE, EHF, OMVIC fee and air condition tax, where applicable). HST, licensing, registration and insurance are extra. Dealer may lease for less. Based on a maximum of 120,000KM/120,000KM/120,000KM/120,000KM. Additional KM charge of $0.07/$0.10/$0.10/$0.07 for excess kilometres, if applicable. ~Drivers should always be responsible for their own safe driving. Please always pay attention to your surroundings and drive safely. Depending on the conditions of roads, vehicles, weather, driver inputs, size and position of pedestrians, vehicle speed, lighting, terrain, etc., the TSS systems may not work as intended. TSS Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection is designed to help avoid or reduce the impact speed and damage in certain frontal collisions only. Please see, Stouffville Toyota or Owner’s Manual for details. §Aeroplan offers valid from November 1, 2016 to November 30, 2016, are not retroactive and apply to new Toyota and Scion vehicles only when purchased/leased from Stouffville Toyota. Excludes commercial fleet and daily rental transactions. Limit of 3 new retail purchases per customer per 12 month period. Toyota vehicle must be purchased, registered and delivered between November 1, 2016 to November 30, 2016. Test Drive: New Toyota and Scion vehicles only when test driven at a Canadian Toyota dealership. Maximum 1 test drive/30 days, 3 test drives/12 month period per Aeroplan Member. Service: Service offers valid from November 1, 2016 to November 30, 2016. Service offer is applicable only to Toyota and Scion Vehicles. Applies to customer paid Repair Order at Stouffville Toyota service counter; excludes body shop services, no-Repair Order over-the-counter parts/accessory purchases, warranty/ goodwill/ECP/sublet related services/parts/labour. Limit of 30 Repair Orders/30 day period. Applies to Repair Orders opened on or after November 1, 2016. Members will earn 4 miles per threshold of $2 spent. For example, Members will earn 96 miles for a purchase of $49.99. General: Customers must be an Aeroplan Member prior to the completion of the transaction. Aeroplan Miles are awarded on pre-tax amounts only. Offers subject to change without notice. Some conditions apply. See your Dealer for details. ®Aeroplan and the Aeroplan logo are registered trademarks of Aimia Canada Inc. ΩDealer Fees may be added and may be comprised of administration/ documentation fees, VIN Etching, anti-theft products, or other fees. Offers are valid between December 1 and December 31, 2016, and are subject to change without notice. All rights are reserved. Dealer may lease or sell for less. Dealer order/trade may be required, but may not be available in all circumstances. Please see Stouffville Toyota for full details.

Stouffville Sun, December 1, 2016  
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