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So Many Homelands: After Career in Publishing, Brickstone Resident Finally Tells Her Own Story Vision St. John’s will lead and inspire a shift in society’s views of elderhood by embracing and celebrating life’s experiences.

Mission St. John’s embraces life with vibrant, caring, and life-affirming relationships.

We embrace living by being... Friendly Respectful Responsive Compassionate Innovative Fun

Editor Tom Harner

Contributor Keaghlan Morrissey

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Executive Director of Foundation Anne McKenna

“This isn’t your typical memoir. These stories are snapshots of my life and

they don’t always flow from one to the next. But the whole thing gives you a picture of who I am.” It makes sense that a book on Berdjouhi Esmerian’s life would be far from typical. After all, Berdjouhi (pronounced Bur’joo’ee) is fluent in five languages and understands at least three others. She has called Rochester home for decades but came of age in a region consumed by political and social conflict. So Many Homelands: Memories of a Daughter of the Armenian Diaspora gives readers a glimpse into places most people will never visit. It is a book several decades in the making. “It just happened now. I had planned to do this a long time ago, but life happened,” Berdjouhi explained on January 29, the day a book launch at Brickstone by St. John’s drew well over 100 people.

“I came to the United States and it has been my homeland ever since.” Less than a year after immigrating to the states through a family connection in New Jersey, Berdjouhi followed her brother Ohannes to Rochester. Here, she took an entry level position as a proofreader with the Lawyer’s Co-operative Publishing Company on Broad Street. She would remain with the company until her retirement 30 years later. Berdjouhi progressed through the organization and eventually was named supervisor of the copy editing department. She steadily advanced, working on numerous projects throughout multiple departments. “This made me happy. I was contributing and people were listening to me and appreciating me for my brain.” Though she was intimately involved in many aspects of the publishing business for three decades, it was not until after retirement that Berdjouhi began crafting her own work. As she took on writing she eventually aspired to pen a full-length memoir of her own, which was a goal that was achieved when she completed So Many Homelands. “Each homeland is a different phase of my life.” Her first and only trip to her ancestral home of Armenia in 2003 sets the stage for the final homeland featured in the book. Ultimately, Berdjouhi hopes So Many Homelands serves as a proper tribute for her father, the person most responsible for her becoming a lifelong learner. “He used to say ‘I don’t care if you are a girl or a boy. If you have a brain in your head and I have money in my pocket, you are going to fill up that head with education.’”

“Egypt was my homeland until I was 30 years old.” She was a teenager in 1952 when revolution struck Egypt, bringing a drastic change in day-to-day life. By the early 1960s, new leadership in Egypt began nationalizing privately-owned property and businesses. “Suddenly the country took on a much more serious and uncomfortable state,” remembers Berdjouhi. At the time, she was teaching English at the American College for Girls in the capital city of Cairo. The unrest started to remind members of Berdjouhi’s family of the events leading up to the genocide of 1915 that resulted in the extermination of over 1 million Armenians. It was time for her to leave.

Author Thelma Reese Returns to St. John’s The popular author follows up her 2015 appearance with another visit on Monday, May 7 in the Wintergarden at Brickstone by St. John’s. Thelma will talk about her latest book The New Senior Man, which features Brickstone resident Richard Gollin. For tickets:


Connecting People through Unique Programming

St. John’s truly believes that the best communities

embrace the idea of connecting people through rich, meaningful experiences. Studies have repeatedly shown that older adults who engage in such empowering activities generally feel a greater sense of purpose in life, which overall leads to better health and increased longevity.


St. John’s has made it a point of emphasis over the years to develop unique programs that help keep residents connected to their community. These great activities give St. John’s residents opportunities to interact with different groups of people—from young students to older adults living throughout the Rochester community— and they bring positive benefits for all involved. The meaningful connections that these programs make possible cannot be understated.

Back to School “This class has actually given me a new lease on life,” says Ken Dodgson, a retired general surgeon living at Brickstone by St. John’s. Ken is one of almost two dozen residents who join students from Nazareth College in their gerontology class hosted once a week at St. John’s Meadows. “I spend my time looking back over a lifetime and these young people are all looking ahead. And that fascinates me.” This program—the St. John’s Collaborative for Intergenerational Learning—has brought a lasting impact to students of all ages for nearly a decade. Residents feel a strong sense of community knowing they are able to share their life experiences with students who are just beginning their careers.

Making Music Yoga in Your Neighborhood A group of older adults gathers to share a peaceful, reflective experience with one another on their way to a healthier mind and body on Thursday mornings in the community room at Brickstone by St. John’s. Some of the participants of Gentle Yoga Moves— a program provided through a partnership with MVP Health Care—are residents at Brickstone while others travel from nearby neighborhoods to attend. Paul Bartlett, vice president of senior housing at St. John’s, believes that the way this program brings residents and members of the outside community together reflects the concept of “New Urbanism” which has been the cornerstone of what Brickstone is all about. “The benefit is that they (St. John’s residents) feel that they are part, and integrated with our community,” says Paul. According to Paul, this goes both ways, as residents from Brighton and across the Rochester area view Brickstone as a community hub where they happily choose to spend their time.

Ed Keegan is one of two therapeutic recreation specialists who have turned the weekly percussion ensemble at St. John’s Home into a truly interactive event enjoyed by a variety of residents. “These elders still have a lot to offer,” says Ed of the dozens of participants who assemble in the auditorium every Friday afternoon for Now We Drum! According to Ed and Alicia Montlavo, this program is more than just an activity to pass the time. Knowing how hard the group works, they hope people take them seriously. To show off the talents of this collective group, Now We Drum! holds special performances every couple of months. They are even planning an outdoor concert to show off to the community during the upcoming Rochester Lilac Festival! Spend a few minutes learning more about these and other great St. John’s programs. Online at:

We embrace living by being innovative.



t. John’s is grateful to all who contributed to St. John’s Foundation from August 1, 2017 through January 31, 2018. Your gifts support our vision of enhancing the lives of St. John’s elders through social programming, physical fitness activities, creative and recreational arts therapy, and spiritual programming. Donors who give a minimum of $500 per year to the Annual Fund are acknowledged as members of the Highland Park Society.

ANNUAL FUND Highland Park Society Founders Spindler Family Foundation

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Fitness Center Gets Needed Makeover St. John’s Foundation hosted a special ribbon-cutting ceremony on February 8 to celebrate recent enhancements made to the Fitness Center at St. John’s Home. Thanks to a generous grant from the Daisy Marquis Jones Foundation, a number of improvements—including several new pieces of fitness equipment, new big screen televisions, and a better wi-fi signal—have helped to modernize this popular employee space.

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Memorial and tribute gifts to St. John’s Foundation are a meaningful way for donors to honor loved ones.

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St. John’s Foundation Tree of Life Dedicated in loving memory of Mary Pink, the Tree of Life grows through the generosity of family and friends who wish to recognize a loved one with a lasting tribute. Please contact the Foundation Office at 585-760-1291 for more information. Bronze Leaf in memory of Ruth Montyrm Ms. Marianne Bianco Bronze Leaf in memory of Carrie S. Taravella Ms. Anne and Mr. Francis McKenna Ms. Rosie Taravella and Mr. Scott Goodrich We strive to publish accurate recognitions and apologize for errors or omissions. To make a correction or a donation please call Taylor Freitas at 585-760-2464 or email

Tree of Life St. John’s Foundation’s “Tree of Life” is located next to the ground floor elevators in the South Building at St. John’s Home. This unique display honors friends and family touched by St. John’s in some way with beautiful gold, silver, or bronze leaves. To learn more about purchasing a leaf as a lasting tribute to your loved one, call 585-760-1291.

In honor of St. John’s Staff Ms. Patricia A. Lynch-Grover In honor of St. John’s Home Staff on 3 South Ms. Gwendolyn C. Belknap


Volunteer Program Connecting Generations

Pen Pal Initiative Brings Impact Beyond Expectations


hey pair off two-by-two and sit at tables sharing donuts and conversation. Though some met face-toface for the first time just moments before, the duos talk as though they have known each other far longer.


Carole asks her pen pal about the really great picture she included in her last letter. Sandy’s pen pal—who aspires to be an art and music therapist—pulls a tablet out of her bag and shares images of her latest paintings.

The original design of the program was for letters to be anonymous outside of sharing first names, with no plan for pen pals to ever meet. “The pen pal is considered to be someone who cares about them, even though they don’t necessarily know them personally,” says Don Armstrong, director of volunteer programing for Hillside. According to Don that changed once students began requesting in-person meetings with their new friends, a surprising wrinkle.

This late-January gathering brought six youth from the Hillside Family of Agencies to visit with the St. John’s residents they have connected with through pen and paper. While the idea was always to help the kids establish a line of meaningful correspondence with positive role models they could learn from, these gatherings—and there have been several over the past few months—were never part of the plan.

At one of the tables, St. John’s Meadows resident Karyl Friedman catches up with her pen pal Kyle. This is actually her third meeting with Kyle and the two have bonded quickly. While she initially found it difficult writing her first letter under the parameters of the program, she quickly found common ground with her new friend. “We hit it off almost immediately.”

Karyl worked in finance as a bond trader in her professional life. However, much of the free time throughout her life has been dedicated to another passion of hers: cooking. It turns out that Karyl’s teenaged pen pal shares that passion. Kyle is currently involved in the culinary program at Hillside and hopes to someday work at a restaurant. The two trade recipes back-and-forth, with Kyle recently sending Karyl cooking instructions for a spicy bean soup, which she then made in her apartment and enjoyed. Karyl and Kyle’s shared passion for cooking is not coincidental. Participating St. John’s residents are quick to credit Don’s efforts to match the students with pen pals, who share common interests, with the early success of this volunteer program. While these blossoming connections seem to be an obvious result of those efforts, some of the other ways these relationships benefit the kids from Hillside are just as important. According to Don, students with pen pals often display improved interpersonal relationships with their fellow students over time. Additionally, volunteer pen pals from St. John’s are helping support the efforts of Hillside teachers by providing an additional source of positive feedback through their letters. Don takes this idea a step further, suggesting that having a pen pal can provide students with a creative outlet they would not otherwise have. “Our youth need a way to express their creativity,” says Don. “This program allows kids to share their artwork or other work that they’ve done with their pen pals so they know there is someone out there who appreciates their work.” He adds, “The impact is hard to describe.”

Karyl shares an anecdote that speaks to the benefits of the program as it continues to grow. She happened to mention to her pen pal through a letter how it would be nice to be able to read his writing more easily. The response, as Karyl says, was almost immediate. “What a difference that one little comment made. You can tell that he is writing more slowly and carefully.” The positive response to the pen pal initiative has created more work for Don Armstrong, a burden he happily takes on. “At first, sitting down with pencil and pad doesn’t always appeal to many of the kids,” Don says of what some call the dying practice of letter writing. “The excitement that is generated when letters are delivered (to Hillside) changes that and other kids want to be a part of the program. They then ask me if I can find them a pen pal of their own.” The point-of-view of St. John’s residents is similarly positive. As volunteer pen pals have shared their experience with neighbors, interest in the program has grown. “The connection has been great from both sides,” says Karyl.

Further meetings between Hillside students and their St. John’s pen pals are in the planning stages for the future. There is also interest in having a group of St. John’s pen pals visit Hillside for an open house.


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