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Looking Back: Vision

Two Decades at St. John’s Meadows

St. John’s will lead and inspire a shift in society’s views of elderhood by embracing and celebrating life’s experiences.

Mission St. John’s embraces life with vibrant, caring, and life-affirming relationships.

We embrace living by being...

Esther Cable

Friendly Respectful Responsive Compassionate Innovative Fun

Editor Tom Harner

Contributor Keaghlan Morrissey

Sam Boni

Vice President of Marketing Jennifer Lesinski

Chief Executive Officer Charlie Runyon

Executive Director of Foundation Anne McKenna

Esther and Paul Hammer

“We had had two snowstorms which were enough to cover automobiles” remembers Esther Cable. “Sam, you were in the doorway waving your arms saying ‘don’ t go—come in and play a game with me.’ ” Esther Cable is describing the March blizzard of 1999 that brought 23 inches of snow during a 24-hour period, followed by another foot two days later. Trying to leave St. John’s Meadows was going to be tricky, but Esther and some other residents gave it a go anyway and made it out safely, leaving Sam Boni, at least temporarily, without a ping-pong game opponent. Nearly two decades later, Sam recalls the friendly rivalries he had with Esther and some of the other residents who moved to St. John’s Meadows in 1997 and 1998, pointing out that Norma Weber was an excellent pool player. “We should have taken it easy on each other. But we were trying to win!” Eight of the original St. John’s Meadows residents got together recently to reminisce about those early days. Back then, moving to a retirement community as a lifestyle change was not a popular option. For those who did make that choice, the stories they share describe how St. John’s Meadows evolved from old farmland into a vibrant place where thousands have called home. It is clear that this group of people helped shape this community from the beginning. “Where have the years gone? That’s what I want to know,” ponders Doris Becker. “I moved in August 12 and I think Estelle came in November. “ Estelle Bloom corrects her. “It was December.” “Ray moved in right after me,” says Doris. Ray Probst sat on the St. John’s Board of Directors in the planning and construction phases of the Meadows project and moved to Chestnut Court soon after it opened in August 1998. Several months earlier, Paul Hammer—also a member of the board—moved into a St. John’s Meadows cottage with his wife Esther. The Hammers remember checking in on the progress of

their soon-to-be home. “We watched our little piece of cement be built from the ground up,” says Esther. They all came to St. John’s Meadows from different places and for different reasons. Esther Cable moved to take advantage of the Meadows swimming pool and nature trails. Doris Becker was thrilled not to have to take out trash anymore. Norma Weber met the St. John’s Meadows sales staff at the Jim Alesi Health Fair at the old Dome Arena. “They talked me into an apartment,” Norma says with a laugh. While St. John’s Meadows was indeed the shiny new community in town when it opened, it takes more than brick and mortar to build a community. The members of the St. John’s Meadows “Founder’s Group” did not waste any time getting started. “I had only been here two days when I got a call from (former St. John’s President and CEO) Vince Parks,” remembers Ray Probst. “He asked if I would organize the spiritual life program here. So I did.” Sam Boni set up the woodworking shop and a dedicated computer center. Esther Hammer became co-facilitator of the LifeBio program and for years has helped over 100 residents document their life stories to share and pass on to their families. Others look back fondly on their many years of volunteer service. Their positive impact on the community will be felt for decades to come. “I’m surprised how long we’ve been here. It’s incredible,” comments Estelle Bloom. Esther Cable believes there is a correlation between living in a community like St. John’s Meadows and the longevity that the 15 remaining members of the Founders Group have experienced. “Maybe this is what happens when you give people a chance to go on living life instead of closing them off.” Esther Hammer agrees. “We live longer here. I think it is because we’re so well taken care of.” “It’s a very supportive community,” says Ray Probst. “Everyone here supports each other in times of illness or bereavement. It’s pretty special.”


The Many Faces of Volunteering

Tamar Snow If you have spent any amount of time in Bistro 150

over the past year chances are good that you are already acquainted with Tamar Snow. He volunteers each weekday cleaning tables, breaking down carts, and clearing trays when diners have finished their meals. Behind the scenes he washes dishes and completes other necessary tasks, all the while displaying an impressive work ethic and his trademark smile. “People say my smile brightens up their day,” says the teenager, whose contributions to dining services come through a BOCES program. His pleasant demeanor and can-do attitude have certainly been noticed throughout St. John’s Home. “He is very conscientious,” remarks St. John’s Home elder and president of resident council Milton Bull. “He is polite, courteous, and very hard-working.” Tamar continues to build trust within the dining services team and is rewarded with increased responsibility. He enjoys the work and the friendly people he interacts with each day. “They treat me like family,” says Tamar, who hopes to land a job as a cook someday. “I want to work here the rest of my life.”


Anne Giglia Anne Giglia has lived at St. John’s Home for over

10 years and throughout her entire stay she has been volunteering her time for the betterment of her community. Not surprisingly, giving back has always come easily for Anne. “It makes your heart feel like you’re doing something,” she says. Anne is a consummate “people person” and on any given day Anne can be found delivering mail, advocating for her fellow elders as a longtime member of the St. John’s Home Resident Council, and greeting new residents as the natural choice to become the face of the new “Welcome Wagon” program recently formed by volunteer services. “Anne is a role model to everyone she comes in contact with,” explains Sandy Ferguson, community engagement coordinator at St. John’s. “Whether it is her peers, the staff here at St. John’s, or any and all of our volunteers, Anne is very positive about life.” It does not sound like Anne plans on changing her mindset anytime soon. “I’ve got a lot more to do in this world,” she says.

At the heart of St. John’s Home you will find hundreds of devoted volunteers doing their part to make the community at 150 Highland Avenue a better place to live, work, and visit. These volunteers range in age from teenagers to those well into their 80s and 90s. They each bring their own individual motivation for dedicating so many hours of their time.

Bill Camp Supporting non-profit organizations with his time is

old hat for Bill Camp. As he puts it: “I’ve always been a volunteer.” Already a docent at the Seneca Park Zoo and mentor with the Judicial Process Commission, Bill first came to St. John’s Home to visit his friend’s mother and now comes regularly to transport elders to religious services. He even leads communion service once a month. It has been a natural fit contributing to what Bill calls “a great little faith community” at St. John’s. He realized after a surgery of his own last year just how important going to church can be during a time of recovery. “Coming here really does enrich my own spiritual life.” Bill’s time and efforts at St. John’s Home in no small way enrich the lives of elders who live here, but he does not do it alone. Bill has recently started bringing his Australian Shepherd Sheba to neighborhoods throughout the home to visit. Bill says that while Sheba is still a little skittish on the elevators, he plans to continue bringing her because he knows her visits have made an impact. “She loves it here,” Bill says of Sheba.

Carolyn Vasile A few months after Carolyn retired from her job

as a service coordinator at CP Rochester, she began considering opportunities to give back. “I knew I wanted to do something to contribute and keep myself busy,” she says. “It made sense to go to an environment where I am comfortable.” That environment is St. John’s Home—a place both of her parents and a grandmother all lived at one time—where she has volunteered her time in several capacities for nearly a year. Carolyn works in the gift shop once a week, assists with the Green Thumb Society gardening group, and assists with transporting St. John’s elders on community outings and events. Carolyn says the time spent with those elders is what she considers the most enjoyable part of her volunteer work at St. John’s. “I love talking to them and finding out about their lives and hearing their stories.”

Learn more about volunteering at St. John’s:



t. John’s is grateful to all who contributed to St. John’s Foundation from August 1, 2016 through January 31, 2017. Your gifts support our vision of enhancing the lives of St. John’s elders through social programming, physical fitness activities, creative and recreational arts therapy, and spiritual and religious programming. Donors who give a minimum of $500 per year to the Annual Fund are acknowledged in the Highland Park Society.


HIGHLAND PARK SOCIETY Founders Dr. Howard R. Spindler

Patrons Rudolph & Rose Wollner Charitable Trust Mr. Robert Spindler Mr. and Mrs. Louis G. Visco Benefactors Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Chada Mr. and Mrs. James Gould Ms. Elisabeth P. Howard Mr. Louis P. Iacona Ms. Anna E. Lynch Dr. Amy J. Mason and Mr. Thomas DeRosa Mr. and Mrs. James H. McBride Mr. Martin T. McCue Mr. Philip Neivert Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. Runyon Estate of Martha Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Spina Mr. and Mrs. John Van de Wetering William & Sheila Konar Foundation Sponsors Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Briggs Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Reformation Mr. and Mrs. George W. Hoffman Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Lapczenski Reverend and Mrs. Vincent S. Parks III Ms. Bridget Shumway Ms. Michelle Westrich


Contributors Mr. Peter Adams and Ms. Nancy J. Adams Ms. Carol A. Brink Ms. Ann C. DeFazio Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Flint Mr. and Mrs. Pietro Giovenco Mrs. Dorothy B. Haelen Ms. Helen Halewski, Ph.D. Mr. John Hodgetts Mr. Jerome L. Huff and Ms. Mary Lou Huff Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Knox Mr. and Mrs. James Koller Mr. George Loomis and Mrs. Jean P. Loomis Mr. and Mrs. Dominick Mancini National Association of Watch & Clockmakers GVC Overeaters Anonymous Dr. Rena Pine Ms. Eloise Schrag Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Servé Strategic Interests Dr. Olena M. Prokopovych and Mr. David Tang


Friends Anonymous (2) Mr. and Mrs. Peter Affolter Allscript Healthcare Solutions, Inc. Mrs. Dorace Belknap Mrs. Merithew Benington Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Betts

Ms. Mary Bliss Mr. and Mrs. James A. Braker Mrs. Joanne B. Brandt Mrs. Ella Briskie Burroughs Audubon Nature Club Ms. Carol Casey Mr. and Mrs. Renier F. Chaintreuil Mrs. Thelma Chapin Mr. and Mrs. Elmer O. Cheney Ms. Clara Ciavatta Mrs. Linda Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Roy Copeland Mr. Scott Curtis Mr. Dennis M. Del Conte Mr. John H. Dengler Mr. and Mrs. John F. DiGiovanni Mr. Dennis Ditch Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Dixon Mr. James Dole Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Donaloio Mrs. Janet Eller Mrs. Janet G. Elman Mr. and Mrs. Mason B. Fitch Mr. Richard S. Fitts Ms. Virginia B. Fogle, Trustee Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Gollin Mrs. Paul Graham-Raad Ms. Lynne W. Haag Ms. Andrea R. Hall Ms. Virginia M. Hartley Sister Ann Marie Hayes Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Heary Mr. and Mrs. Warren Heilbronner Mr. Alfred Heilman and Mrs. Mary Lou Heilman Mrs. Joyce J. Henck Mr. and Mrs. Michael Henry Mr. and Mrs. Lionel E. Herbeck Mr. Robert J. Irr Ms. Barbara Kesel Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Kirchhoff Dr. and Mrs. David N. Kluge Ms. Eliza Kozlowski Ms. Joan M. Kramer Mrs. Ethelyn Krauss Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kreutter Mr. and Mrs. Georg Kroner, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Krusenstjerna Mr. and Mrs. John A. Lake Mr. John J. Larish Mrs. Donna S. Lawrence Mr. Milton Lederman Ms. Jane Levin Mr. and Mrs. Phil Litteer Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Magner Mr. and Mrs. Jack Maniloff Mr. and Mrs. Henry McIver Dr. George McVey Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Medici Mr. Walter D. Meyer Mr. and Mrs. John Milne Ms. Deanne Molinari Mrs. Gillian A. Monell Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Mooney Mr. and Mrs. John Morsch Ms. Barbara R. Murphy

Nicotine Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Nothnagle Ms. Barbara Nussmann Mrs. Barbara Outterson Mr. and Mrs. William Pestke Mrs. Bethel A. Powers Mr. Christopher Priest and Ms. Rebecca K. Priest Mrs. Margaret E. Pum Mr. Frederick H. Quirin Ms. Alice Reigelsperger Ms. Esta Richter Ms. Diana Robinson, Ph.D. Mrs. Lois J. Rogers Ms. Claralee C. Rosenbauer Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Rosenbloom Ms. Rosalind M. Rudolph Mr. and Mrs. Gunars Rugelis Ms. Dora E. Schaible Mr. Harold A. Schwartz Ms. Jean Shafer Dr. and Mrs. Albert L. Sieg Mr. and Mrs. Harris T. Siegel Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stein Dr. David Steitz, Ph.D. Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Sterner, Jr. Ms. Maureen Stricker Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Teresi Ms. Jana Tushingham Mr. Fred Tytler Union Congregational UCC Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Vander Horst Dr. Elizabeth K. Walker and Mr. John Walker Ms. Suzanne Wigg Mr. and Mrs. Eugene F. Wolfarth Mrs. Doris B. Wright Mr. George H. Yeadon III and Ms. Faith Adams



SENIOR HOUSING EMPLOYEE FUND IN APPRECIATION OF THE EMPLOYEES OF ST. JOHN’S MEADOWS AND BRICKSTONE BY ST. JOHN’S Anonymous (7) Ms. Shirley Adams Mr. and Mrs. Peter Affolter E. Lee Allen Ms. Beverly T. Andersen Mr. William C. Andreas Ms. Joan Arnold Ms. Susanne Barrett Ms. Marguerite E. Bashaw Ms. Lorraine H. Baumann Mr. Roland P. Beattie II * Ms. Betty Bebak Mr. and Mrs. Russell A. Bellanca Mrs. Virginia Belt Mrs. Merithew Benington Ms. Irene Bittle Reverend and Mrs. Lawrence V.W. Black Ms. Mary Bliss

Ms. Eleanor Bluhm Mr. Harold Boerman Mr. Donald Bogdanski Mr. and Mrs. Norman J. Bovay Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Bowman Mrs. Pauline W. Bradbury Mrs. Carol J. Bradshaw Ms. Carol A. Brink Mr. Richard Muir and Ms. Margaret Briody Mr. and Mrs. George A. Brown Mr. Phil Brown Mr. Robert Brownell Mr. and Mrs. Albert Bullwinkel Ms. Marilyn S. Burnham Ms. Nancy J. Burns Mrs. Esther C. Cable Ms. Virginia Cadle Ms. Dorothy Cantore Ms. Mary Carlton Ms. Elizabeth Cashion Ms. Lisa A. Cashmere Ms. Marion B. Caulkins Mr. and Mrs. H. James Chalfant Mr. Thomas Chase Mr. and Mrs. Elmer O. Cheney Ms. Clara Ciavatta Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Claus Mr. and Mrs. David Closson Ms. Jane C. Connor Mrs. Lois M. Conradt Mr. and Mrs. Roy Copeland Mr. Edward Corser Ms. Marion Cosmano Mrs. Janet Cox Hickman Ms. Joyce L. Crosetto Ms. Mary Cymber Ms. Nancy H. D’Amore Ms. Carolyn Daniels Mr. Raymond D’Aoust Mr. and Mrs. Howard Davidson Ms. Jane R. Davis Ms. Ann C. DeFazio Mr. and Mrs. Joseph DeJesus Ms. Virginia Dekin Mr. Erwin Delano Mr. and Mrs. Abraham DeMayo Ms. Bernyce A. Derman Mr. John Dinino * Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Dixon

Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Dodgson Ms. Betty J. Domaratz Ms. Lucy Donofrio Mr. and Mrs. Kreag Donovan Mrs. Gwen Drake Mr. and Mrs. Scott B. Dunlap Mr. George Dunn Mr. David S. Durfee Ms. Regina Eskin Mrs. Berdjouhi Esmerian Mrs. Florence Etingoff Ms. Carole A. Evans Ms. Phila T. Eves Mr. and Mrs. James Farrell Ms. Miriam J. Faulkner Mr. John L. Fichtner, Jr. Ms. Patricia Fine Ms. Lorraine Fischer Ms. Alice J. Fishbeck Mr. and Mrs. Mason B. Fitch Mr. Richard S. Fitts Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Flanigan Ms. Helen S. Fliss Ms. Virginia B. Fogle Ms. Rae P. Fradkin Mr. Warren Gager Ms. Lois Gauch Genesee “G” Gauge Railway Society Ms. Gloria Giali Mrs. Marion H. Ginegaw Ms. Barbara Glickman Ms. Gertrude L. Gober Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Gollin Mr. Bernard G. Gordon Mr. Jack Goronkin Ms. Phyllis Graham Mr. Donald G. Gramlich Mrs. Marsha L. Greenberg Ms. Robin Griffin Ms. Charlotte E. Guenther Ms. Suella C. Habbersett Ms. Bianca L. Halewski Mr. and Mrs. John Hammele Mr. and Mrs. John R. Hanson Ms. Louise Hauck Ms. Helen P. Heath Ms. Marlene Hellenschmidt Mrs. Joyce J. Henck Mrs. Ann E. Henderberg

Mrs. Marjorie R. Henry Mr. and Mrs. Albert L. Herpich Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Heyer Ms. Gail S. Hirst Ms. Priscilla P. Hooke Mr. Donaval Hornburg Ms. Jennie M. Huch Mr. and Mrs. Byron L. Hughes Ms. Shirley M. Hughes Mrs. Euleta Ilissoo Ms. Pat Irr Mr. Marc Jacobs Mr. and Mrs. David Jolkovski Ms. Valerie Jones Ms. Virginia Jones Ms. Ethel M. Jugle Mr. Karl S. Kabelac Ms. Ruth M. Kanyuck Ms. Martha G. Keller Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Kelly Ms. Susan Kieren Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Kirchhoff Ms. Carole Knight Ms. Elizabeth M. Knox Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Knox Mr. William Koch Ms. Christine Kogut Mr. William A. Korper Mr. Ken Kranz Mrs. Ellen Kremer Mr. and Mrs. Charles Krusenstjerna Mrs. Diana W. Kubick Ms. Helen W. Kunkel Ms. Mary LaClair Mr. and Mrs. John A. Lake Mrs. Donna S. Lawrence Ms. Bernice Laws Ms. Julia Lederman Mr. Milton Lederman Mrs. Thelma Leinbach Ms. Jane Levin Ms. Selma Liebhaber Ms. Renee Liebschutz Mr. Douglas A. Lyttle Ms. Adele G. Madden Mrs. Alice B. Mahan Ms. Deborah Majszak Mr. and Mrs. Jack Maniloff Mr. Sidney Markus

Anne McKenna to Lead St. John’s Foundation St. John’s Foundation welcomes back Anne McKenna as its new executive director. Anne previously worked at St. John’s as marketing and development coordinator from 1996 to 2007. “I worked here for 11 years, but I also lived right around the corner on Furman Crescent,” says Anne, who will oversee all fund raising projects at St. John’s. “I have a real affection for the neighborhood, Highland Park, and for St. John’s Home. It is historic. It has been at this location for over 100 years and has supported people who have lived in the neighborhood for a long time.” Learn more about Anne’s professional and personal ties to St. John’s:


St. John’s Awarded NYS Workforce Development Grant An innovative workforce development program pioneered by St. John’s has been awarded a grant to help expand even further in 2017. St. John’s will receive $100,000 from the Labor Regional Economic Development Council to put toward training existing employees in new methods aimed at improving care and quality of life for residents of St. John’s. “This grant serves as recognition of the incredible work our team is doing at St. John’s Home in changing the way we think about long-term care,” St. John’s CEO Charlie Runyon said. “We’re empowering our staff in ways we never have before. The result is staff members who are confident in their ability to make decisions and residents who are comfortable with the same familiar faces caring for them each day.”


Ms. Mary Janet M. McElrath Ms. Patricia S. McKenna Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. McKenna Mrs. Joanne McMillion Mr. Richard D. Lunt and Ms. Carmel S. Merrill Ms. Nancy M. Merz Mr. Archie Messenger Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Michelson Ms. Janice K. Milligan Ms. Elizabeth Milliken Mr. Harvey Mitchell Reverend and Mrs. Albert U. Montanari Ms. Mildred G. Ness Ms. Kristin Neufeld Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Nothnagle Ms. Marjorie O’Connor Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Orgel, Ph.D. Mrs. Barbara Outterson Ms. Mary Palmer Ms. Varsi Panosian Ms. Carolyn G. Pardo Mr. Daniel Patarino Ms. Elaine R. Patiky Ms. Carol A. Paul Ms. Patricia J. Pauly Mrs. Rosemary I. Pautz Mr. John S. Pearsall and Mr. Ed Rosenberg Ms. Carol R. Pearson Mrs. Nancy E. Penney Ms. Irene Perry Ms. Nancy Petrich Mr. James V. Philippone and Mrs. Mary A. Philippone Ms. Rose Porreca Mr. James F. Premo Ms. Georgia Printup Reverend C. Raymond Probst Ms. Janice Proctor Mrs. Margaret E. Pum Mr. Frederick H. Quirin Mr. and Mrs. Robert Raths Mr. Gerald Read Mr. Frederick Remington, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. David A. Reynolds Mr. Robert L. Reynolds Mrs. Nancy Rhodes Mr. David E. Rice Ms. Lucile E. Rice Ms. Margaret E. Richards Mrs. Lois J. Rogers Mr. Francis B. Rooker Ms. Roslyn Rose and Mr. Franklin Blou

Ms. Dorothy Rosen Ms. Renee Rosenbaum Ms. Mavis Rossborough Rotary Club of Brighton, NY, Inc. Ms. Marion Rother Ms. Jeanne Rowe Ms. Linda Ruda Ms. Rosalind M. Rudolph Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Ryan Ms. Frances Rydzewski Ms. Lillian Schifren Mr. Harold A. Schwartz Ms. Mildred Scott Ms. Anne Shapiro Mrs. Ida Sharp Ms. Lotte Shimberg Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Shulman Dr. and Mrs. Milton Shulman Mr. and Mrs. Benton R. Simons Mrs. Jackie Simpson Mr. and Mrs. John S. Sinacore Ms. Reva Sipser Ms. Esther Smalline Mrs. Betty Smith Mr. and Mrs. C. Acker Smith Ms. Phyllis R. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Spina Mrs. Patricia W. Steinkraus Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Sterner, Jr. Mrs. Jacqueline Stricker Ms. Mary Summerhays Ms. Katharine T. Swift Mr. Peter Swift Mr. and Mrs. David Templeman Ms. Ruth Templeton Ms. Pearl R. Toker Mr. Robert Treacy Ms. Elizabeth Trinkl Ms. Georgianna Trolley Mr. Joseph F. Tronolone Ms. Jane L. Tschiderer Dr. Carrol A. Turner and Mrs. Joyce E. Turner Ms. Jeanette Tytler Mrs. Linda Underwood Mr. and Mrs. John Van de Wetering Mrs. Doris P. Van Vechten Ms. Bernice VanApeldoorn Ms. Kathy Varone Ms. Nancy Vendura Ms. Kathy Vernam Mrs. Jean Vincent

Ms. Eleanor A. Volpe Dr. Elizabeth K. Walker and Mr. John Walker Ms. Charlotte F. Wallace Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Wallace Ms. Clara E. Warren Ms. Jane Watkin Mrs. Jean M. Weisberg Ms. Ruth Weiss Ms. Laura Wetmore Mr. Leonard Whitcraft Ms. Irma R. Wiener Ms. Suzanne Wigg Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Wilder Mr. and Mrs. James Williford Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Wingate Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Witmer Mr. and Mrs. Eugene F. Wolfarth Mrs. Doris B. Wright Mrs. Eleanore A. Zonnevylle

ST. JOHN’S SPIRITUAL LIFE Anonymous Ms. Helen M. Cole Mrs. Joyce J. Henck Ms. Janis Wolpin



Anonymous Ms. Ilene Benz Ms. Nancy J. Burns Mr. John Callaghan Mr. and Mrs. David J. Cole Ms. Rosin Colon Mrs. Julia Daley Lt. Michael DiGiovanni Mr. Gary Dold Mr. Joseph Enge Mrs. Megan M. Gridley Mrs. Debra A. Koch Ms. Anne M. Korenstein Mr. David Kunz Ms. Kathleen S. Lomb Mr. George Loomis and Mrs. Jean P. Loomis Ms. Celeste Lorraine Mrs. Linda McCoy Mr. Mark Nicastro Mr. and Mrs. Daniel O’Brien Mr. Michael Perri Mr. Christopher Priest and Ms. Rebecca K. Priest

Mr. Antonio Rivera and Mrs. Dawn Rivera Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. Runyon Ms. Irene Russnak Ms. Paula Slade Mr. Timothy Toal Ms. Libby Tucker


Memorial and Tribute gifts to St. John’s Foundation are a meaningful way that elders, their families, and their friends can honor the people who embrace life with vibrant, caring, and life affirming relationships. In memory of Doris Allen Mr. and Mrs. James DiMarsico In memory of Lucille Baird Mr. William Reisch and Ms. Linsay M. Baird In memory of John Barnwell Ms. Kathleen Barnwell and Ms. Claire Barnwell In honor of Eugene Bartell Mr. John Bartell Ms. Marie Bartell Dr. Darren A. Tabechian and Dr. Heather R. Sobel In memory of Mehgan Bechtel Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bruinsma In memory of David Brockway Ms. Kay E. Brockway In memory of Eileen Chada Ms. Joanne E. Carr Ms. Sue Clark Ms. Elaine Munson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Murphy Ms. Josephine Nielsen Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Owens Ms. Linda Pawlik Mr. and Mrs. George Rusiewicz Chada Ms. Mary E. Spennacchio-Wagner In memory of Susan Coffman Ms. Diane E. Buckley Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Giacobbi Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Moskal Ms. Rosanne M. Sparks In memory of Helen Cole Dr. Darren A. Tabechian and Dr. Heather R. Sobel In memory of Mary R. Cordaro Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bonadio Ms. Linda Czop Fisher Associates Hoffman Appliances Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Pink Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Platania Mrs. Mary Olivia Preate Mr. and Mrs. Tom Sargent Mr. and Mrs. Steven Shevchuk Dr. Darren A. Tabechian and Dr. Heather R. Sobel In memory of Frances DeFazio Ms. Kathleen Saporito In memory of Christine DeLong Mr. Vincent S. Parks and Mrs. Patricia J. Parks In memory of Ida DiMarsico Mr. and Mrs. James DiMarsico

In memory of Eileen Dobroski Dr. Darren A. Tabechian and Dr. Heather R. Sobel In memory of the Haas Family Mr. David A. Haas In memory of Marian Fanero Dr. Darren A. Tabechian and Dr. Heather R. Sobel In memory of Dawn Fleucher Dr. Darren A. Tabechian and Dr. Heather R. Sobel In memory of Ida Galletto Ms. Caroline Allston Mr. and Mrs. Terrance Baumer Mrs. Edith Borrelli Ms. Sharon Burak Mr. and Mrs. Mark Callan Gastroenterology Group of Rochester, LLP Ms. Diane Insalaco Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Killigrew Mr. Bert LaRocca Ms. Marlene LaRocca Madison Women’s Health, LLP Mr. James Vitale In memory of John Grace Dr. Darren A. Tabechian and Dr. Heather R. Sobel In memory of Daisy Jane Harshbarger Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gutmann Ms. Donna Porcelli Mrs. Jane Tasciotti In honor of Robert F. Hastings Ms. Harriet Caputo In memory of Harriet Helsher Mr. and Mrs. Aloysius Lenhard Ms. Janice Proctor The Rizzolo Family (Michael, Kate, John, Michelle, Mike, Liz and Jack) In memory of Margaret Korper Mr. and Mrs. Jack Barnes Ms. Marilyn Holly Latta Road Wegman’s Floral Team Ms. Patricia Moore Ms. Janice Moses Order of the Eastern Star, Starlight Chapter #507 Mr. Thomas Plouffe Mr. Frederick H. Quirin Ms. Rachel Roberts Mr. Richard Roberts, D.V.M. Ms. Beverly C. Smith Ms. Elizabeth B. Tresslar In memory of Helen Kubarek Mr. Alan B. Kubarek In memory of Mary Kucy Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Spindler In memory of Thomas La Spina Mr. Donald T. Campanelli

Ms. Lisa O’Connor Ms. Julie Spaulding Ms. Laurie Valentine-VanHout In memory of Catherine M. Mayer Ms. Katherine E. Mayer In memory of Stella Meaghan Dr. Darren A. Tabechian and Dr. Heather R. Sobel In memory of Mary Powlesland Dr. Darren A. Tabechian and Dr. Heather R. Sobel In memory of Richard Reed Dr. Darren A. Tabechian and Dr. Heather R. Sobel In memory of Jeanne Regan Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Regan In memory of William H. Rueckert Ms. Mandie Rueckert In memory of Johanna Schaap Mr. and Mrs. George Magin In memory of Roger Seeber Ms. Candi Lehrer In memory of Charles Sharp Mrs. Ida Sharp In memory of Marina Speirs Rotary Club of Brighton, NY, Inc. In memory of Mary Spencer Dr. Darren A. Tabechian and Dr. Heather R. Sobel In honor of Frances M. Stadtmiller Mr. Steve Peluso and Mrs. Kay Peluso Ms. Eileen Petrillo Dan, Jaimie and Kendall Towner In honor of Elizabeth Stewart Ms. Jane A. Reid In memory of Natalie Turner Dr. Darren A. Tabechian and Dr. Heather R. Sobel In memory of Anton Venderjagt Dr. Darren A. Tabechian and Dr. Heather R. Sobel In memory of Phyllis Vetter Ms. Nancy Richardson In memory of Vivian Ms. Virginia M. Hartley In memory of Richard Walter Dr. Darren A. Tabechian and Dr. Heather R. Sobel In memory of Judith Watson Ms. Ruth Watson In memory of Donald R. Welsh Ms. Debra Taylor

In memory of Joan Lathan Mr. John Lathan

In honor of Sergeant Wise Sergeant W. & Catharine J. Wise Charitable Gift Fund

In memory of Joseph H. Long Mr. Michael D. Krause

In memory of Leighton A. Young Ms. Katherine E. Mayer

In memory of Cecelia Manwaring Ms. Sarah Fitzgibbons

* Deceased

We strive to publish accurate recognitions and apologize for errors or omissions. To make a correction or a donation please call Leona Rossi at 585-760-1291 or email


Brickstone Chorale Working Towards More Prominent Voice When Joan Nobiling first moved to Brickstone by

St. John’s with her husband Gerry in 2015, she noticed an interesting phenomenon going on throughout the community. “We would walk around and hear people singing everywhere we went,” Joan says with a laugh. “Everyone seemed to be doing it.” What Joan did not know at the time was that a formal group of musicians was responsible for the abundance of melodies she was hearing throughout her new neighborhood. It all began rather organically as a handful of residents that started singing carols together around the holidays. In the weeks that followed, a core group of singers committed to regular rehearsals with the goal of eventually performing in front of crowds. In the four years since the Brickstone Chorale was formed it has grown into a collection of nearly two dozen polished voices. As they developed into a more cohesive ensemble, their collective voices have become even more powerful. Ruth Spina and her husband Tom host chorale rehearsals in their Brickstone bungalow every Monday afternoon. Ruth has been instrumental in organizing and shaping the direction of the group from the beginning. “This group of elders wants to show each other and the community that despite their age, they can produce beautiful music,” explains Ruth, now


serving as director of the chorale. To meet that lofty vision, the group created a strict set of criteria for incoming members. New singers are to have sung in a formal group past their high school years and also be proficient in reading music and singing in parts. Of course, singers must also be Brickstone residents to join the group.

Throughout its history, the Brickstone Chorale has played dozens of engagements at Brickstone and for neighbors at St. John’s Meadows and St. John’s Home. The ensemble has been a staple at patriotic events marking Veterans Day and Armed Forces Day and stages regular performances during “Coffee with Paul” on Friday mornings in the Brickstone Wintergarden. Over the past year or so this singing group has begun setting their sights on performing in new venues for new audiences. A recent addition to the Brickstone Chorale has no doubt sparked these aspirations to extend the reach of the group. Ruth Spina has spent a lifetime teaching music and leading musical groups. She started teaching piano in a private studio when she was 14 years old. She has played organ in church and served as conductor for a church choir. As a result, she knows musical talent when she sees it. “He came into the group as a bass,” says Ruth of Chuck Krusenstjerna. At the time Ruth was serving as conductor for the chorale, but she realized Chuck’s talents could take the group to another level. “Gradually it became obvious that he was willing to conduct.” From 1978 until his retirement in 2000, Chuck Krusenstjerna served as the director of admissions and alumni relations at the Eastman School of Music. Each year, he was responsible for assessing, auditioning, and ultimately selecting the freshman and graduate classes from the school’s 1,600 or so applicants from around the world. Chuck also taught music history and conducting throughout his career, which also included stints at the Universities of South Dakota and West Virginia.

The Brickstone Chorale is now entering their fourth year and weekly rehearsals at the Spina home have become more and more challenging. As they gain greater confidence and move towards newer, bolder objectives—they hope to someday perform at the biannual Greater Rochester Choral Consortium concert and there is even talk of recording a CD—even the slightest beat, breath, or phrase is up for scrutiny. According to Ruth, Chuck is moving the group to be more confident singing a cappella. While Chuck enjoys what he calls “the nuts and bolts” of shaping the group and moving singers down a common path, his greatest enjoyment comes from seeing it all come together during a performance. “The goal is to make music. The reward is when that happens.”

Chuck and his wife Deanna moved to Brickstone almost two years ago. After taking a few months to settle in, he joined the chorale and was soon approached to conduct. “Ruth said ‘come give me a hand’ so I did,” remembers Chuck. According to Ruth, the role of conductor in a choir is “to assess and develop the abilities of the group’s singers.” So it should be no surprise that after spending decades assessing and developing some of the nation’s top musical talent, installing Chuck in this role with the Brickstone Chorale has paid immediate dividends. “I couldn’t be more thrilled with what he has brought to the group,” says Ruth. “He is constantly challenging the singers to take it to the next level.”

The Brickstone Chorale, along with the Current Issues Group, Brickstone Book Club, and several exercise groups are all great examples of the many resident-facilitated programs available to those who live at Brickstone by St. John’s. For more information on independent living at St. John’s, visit


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