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The Joy that Comes from Embracing Living



Vision St. John’s will lead and inspire a shift in society’s views of elderhood by embracing and celebrating life’s experiences.

Mission St. John’s embraces life with vibrant, caring, and life-affirming relationships.

We embrace living by being . . . Innovative Respectful Friendly Responsive Compassionate Fun

Editor: Tom Harner Contributor: Meghan Little Vice President of Marketing: Jennifer Lesinski Chief Executive Officer: Charlie Runyon Executive Director, St. John’s Foundation: Anne Mc Kenna 2

Resident Scribe Helping Neighbors Find Their Voice For a growing number of St. John’s residents, Monday afternoons have become a time set aside for selfreflection. This is not group therapy— though what is shared amongst the group’s members can be quite personal. In fact, although these weekly gatherings only just started this past December, there have already been several instances where participants said “I’ve never told anyone that before” after sharing an intimate detail from their life. The new memoir writing group at St. John’s Meadows meets in the private dining room at Chestnut

Court every week. On a very cold day in mid-February, the group’s instructor wastes no time getting things going. Participants are asked to think of someone they have admired throughout their life— which serves as the week’s writing prompt for them to get started putting pen to paper. “When in your life did you meet this person?” asks the instructor. “Where did you meet them? How did they affect your life?” From there, the room goes nearly silent as the class gets to work. After about 20 minutes of intensive writing, the group set their pens

down and began sharing their work. Each participant had the time to read aloud their narrative description of a teacher, an older sibling, a mentor, or their mother. One class member— coming to class directly from a music program in the adjacent Parks Room—wrote of her admiration for world renowned composer Oscar Hammerstein II. Nearly every rendition was interrupted by a subtle pause or a cracking voice, illustrating just how moving it can be to remember those who have had a positive influence on our lives. St. John’s Meadows resident Reva Sipser has waited a long time to start a group like this. “I’ve always written,” says Reva, describing how she took up much of her family’s correspondence growing up, due to her parents inability to read and write in English. It did not take long for other families in her Joseph Avenue neighborhood to start enlisting her to help write letters. “I was the neighborhood scribe,” she says. Reva has kept journals and written pieces all throughout her life. After a 20-year career as a preschool teacher in the city of Rochester, she moved to Florida and began taking writing classes. She was eventually asked to start facilitating those same classes and did so for several years. She looks back on those days in her early retirement with fondness, noting the diverse group of adult learners with whom she worked. “I had thought about starting a class seven years ago when I first got here,” says Reva of her return to Rochester and her move to St. John’s Meadows. She explains that she was hesitant to explore the concept of leading such a class, fearing it was too similar to the LifeBio program that has been offered at the Meadows for many years. Reva decided to move forward with starting the group

“Others really want to get their stories down on paper.”

after speaking with the social recreation team and getting a better feel for where her program would fit in the overall scope of community programing. Realizing that her offering would be less of a replacement to LifeBio and more of an alternative for those looking to make less of a commitment, she forged ahead.

After reading his piece aloud, one newly minted resident scribe is surprised by how quickly the class time has gone by. “It’s interesting, we spend more time writing here than we do talking,” he says.

Reva’s writing group has become increasingly popular over a short period of time. Participants find themselves writing about a subject every week—perhaps a room they spent time in a half century ago or a meaningful “first” in their life. Some members have been writing for years while others are only just beginning. “For some people, it is strictly social,” explains Reva.

That is just how Reva likes it— a dedicated group of writers from every skill level taking pride in their craft. “I would like them to keep writing—to get in the habit of writing,” she says. “I also want them to enjoy it the way I enjoy it.” Based on the satisfied, confident expressions on the faces of each resident by the end of class, it is clear that Reva’s vision has been realized.

Author John Leland Coming to St. John’s New York Times Metro reporter and author of the best-selling book Happiness is a Choice You Make John Leland is coming to Brickstone by St. John’s in 2020. Mr. Leland will discuss his personal journey to discover what it truly means to grow old while profiling some of the incredible people he has met along the way. Please note: a rescheduled date for this event has not yet been finalized.



A Difference Made Harold Files, a resident of St. John’s Meadows, has been working with the Personal Energy Transportation (P. E.T.) project for over 20 years. The organization provides transport chairs free of charge to people who desperately need them. Harold has donated his time and energy to help cut and sand pieces of wood used to assemble the carts. The pieces are sent to Pennsylvania and assembled into the final carts before going to multiple countries for distribution. “It gives people independence they would never have,” says Harold. Harold recently brought his passion to other St. John’s Meadows residents and recruited them to help. This fall, a group of about ten residents gathered together to help Harold sand several of his pieces from the woodshop. He had a mobility cart on display to show everyone what their contributions would become. The P.E.T. project believes that mobility is a basic human right and provides over 1,000 carts to those who need one each year. They strive to bring dignity and independence to people so they are able to go to work, school, church, and carry things. Through Harold’s example, a handful of his fellow St. John’s Meadows residents have committed to continue volunteering their time on an ongoing basis. SEE THE 13WHAM BRIGHT SPOT FEATURING HAROLD FILES:


A Dream Fulfilled Carol Laniak—a resident at the St. John’s Green House Homes in Penfield—rode on a motorcycle for the first time—at age 82. It happened on September 19, 2019. The idea started a couple of months before when her son Mark rode into town from Tucson, Arizona. While visiting with his Mom, she kept asking to go for a ride on his motorcycle. Knowing that he was headed back to Arizona soon, Carol made Mark commit to a date.



So on a beautiful autumn day, Mark and Carol rode around the block of the Fellows Road neighborhood. Carol enjoyed her ride so much, she wanted to go around again for a second lap!

St. John’s is grateful to all who contributed to St. John’s Foundation from August 1, 2019 through January 31, 2020. Your gifts support our vision of enhancing the lives of St. John’s residents through social programming, physical fitness activities, creative and recreational arts therapy, and spiritual programming. Donors who give a minimum of $500 per year to the Annual Fund are acknowledged as members of the Highland Park Society.

Annual Fund HIGHLAND PARK SOCIETY Founders ($2,500-$4,999) In honor of Dr. Rena Pine Mr. Will and Mrs. Lois Irwin

Benefactors ($1,000-$2,499) Anonymous Dolores and Philip Neivert Fund Frederick F. O’Connor Trust Ms. Virginia M. Hartley Mr. Erik W. Hoppin Mr. and Mrs. Myron Kowal Mr. and Mrs. Larry Lochner Mr. and Mrs. Dominick Mancini Ms. Stella Slaight Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Smith Mrs. Ruth B. Spina and Mr. Thomas J. Spina

Sponsors ($500-$999) Alstom Signaling Foundation, Inc. Anonymous (2) Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bartlett Frederick F. O’Connor Trust Ms. Mary Louise Huff Mr. Dean Moore Ms. Sheila and Mr. Dan O’Brien Ms. Bridget Shumway and Mr. David Seconi Ms. Stella Slaight Dr. Heather R. Sobel and Dr. Darren A. Tabechian South Presbyterian Church Ms. Wendy B. Strauss Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Tucker United Way of Greater Rochester, Inc. Ms. Janet and Mr. Tim Wixom

FRIENDS OF ST. JOHN’S Contributors ($250-499) Mr. and Mrs. Peter Affolter Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. David Bermudez Ms. Diane and Mr. Philip Bogaczyk Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Reformation ExxonMobil Foundation Mrs. Lucille Flint Mr. and Mrs. Eugene A. Hettel Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Knox Ms. Sue LeSage and Mr. Conrad A. Scheg Mrs. Jennifer and Mr. Dan Lesinksi Mr. David Lochner and Ms. Jean Gomez Ms. Jean and Mr. George Loomis

Ms. Anna E. Lynch, Esq. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Medici Dr. Rena Pine and Mr. William Faber Ms. Lauren Salzman Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Servé Mr. and Mrs. Edward Shaw Mr. Nate Sweeney Mr. Mark Tiberio Trinity Emmanuel Lutheran Church Underberg & Kessler, LLP

Friends ($1-$249) Ms. Patricia E. Alessi AmazonSmile Foundation Anonymous (10) Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bailey Mr. Ronald P. Bansbach Ms. Elise Banser Ms. Rosanne Barone Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bartlett Ms. Merithew H. Benington Ms. Helen Benton Mr. and Mrs. David Bermudez Mr. and Mrs. Robert Boehner Ms. Diane and Mr. Philip Bogaczyk Mr. Roger J. Boulay Ms. Tiffany Bridgeman Ms. Kay E Brockway Ms. Patricia M. Brogan Ms. Eileen and Mr. Douglas Brooks Mr. and Mrs. George A. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Buttons Ms. Leslie Buzzell Mr. Donald T. Campanelli Ms. Harriet Caputo Ms. Lisa A. Cashmere Mr. and Mrs. Renier F. Chaintreuil Ms. Gweneth A. Cheney Ms. Harriet Clifton Ms. Kristin Coffie Mr. and Mrs. Roy H. Copeland Ms. Annette Cucchiara CUNY Mr. and Mrs. Robert Daitz Ms. Carolyn M. Daniels Ms. Jacqueline A. Davidson Mr. Dennis M. Del Conte Ms. Florence DiGioia Ms. Wendy Distaffen Mr. Michael Domaratz Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Donaloio Ms. Bonita Drake Ms. Valerie and Mr. William Drexler Mr. David S. Durfee Ms. Barbara Dvorozniak Mr. and Mrs. Carl Eller Mr. and Mrs. Joel Elliot Mr. and Mrs. Joseph K. Enge

Ms. Berdjouhi Esmerian Mr. Charles G. Fantauzzo Mr. and Mrs. John Felsen Ms. Alice J. Fishbeck Ms. Jeanne Flye Ms. Evelyn Frazee Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Gall Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Gardella Mr. Thomas R. Gears Mr. and Mrs. Pete Giovenco Ms. Joanne Gugliotta Mr. David A. Haas Ms. Dorothy B. Haelen Dr. Helen Halewski, Ph.D. Ms. Deborah Hammond Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Sarah Harner Mr. and Mrs. Alfred L. Heary Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Hedin Mr. and Mrs. Warren Heilbronner Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Heilman Ms. Tanya Henderson Mr. Scott A. Hendler Mr. John C. Hines Mr. Frank Hodgetts Ms. Marguerite Holderle Mr. Philip M. Huge Mr. and Mrs. H. Larry Humm Mr. James Isaac Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Johnston Ms. Jean G. Keller Ms. Cathryn A. Kernehan Ms. Barbara Kesel Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kingsley Mr. James Kolovos and Ms. Anne E. Miller Ms. Eliza B. Kozlowski Ms. Ethelyn Krauss Ms. Stephanie Krebbeks Mr. Georg Kroner, Jr. Mr. Alan B. Kubarek Ms. Diana W. Kubick Ms. Sandi Kuhn Ms. Isadora D. Kunitz Mr. and Mrs. John Lacitignola Mr. John J. Larish Ms. Donna S. Lawrence Mrs. Jennifer and Mr. Dan Lesinski Ms. Jane Levin Mr. Jack Lewis Ms. Marj Lewish Ms. Dorothy L. Little Ms. Meghan Little Mr. and Mrs. George C. Magin Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Magner Ms. Margaret and Mr. Gary Makowiecki Mr. and Mrs. Dominick Mancini Ms. Annabelle V. Martin Mr. and Mrs. Todd Martin Ms. Anne and Mr. Francis Mc Kenna


Ms. Mary Ann McClurg Ms. Tracey McCollum Ms. Katherine McCormick Dr. George McVey Mr. Walter D. Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Michael Ms. Gillian A. Monell Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Mooney Mr. Dean Moore Ms. Virginia H. Mullin Ms. Mildred G. Ness Ms. Chanh Thi Nguyen Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Nothnagle Ms. Sheila and Mr. Dan O’Brien Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Orlowski Ms. Rosemary I. Pautz Mr. and Mrs. James Peck Mr. David Persson Mr. and Mrs. William H. Pestke Mr. and Mrs. Channing H. Philbrick Dr. Rena Pine and Mr. William Faber Pinnacle Lutheran Church Ms. Bethel Ann Powers Ms. Frances Ratcliffe Mr. and Mrs. Gerald I. Read Mr. and Mrs. Clark Reid Ms. Nancy Reitkopp Ms. Lois J. Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. Runyon Ms. Cindy Ruscio Ms. Lauren Salzman Ms. Dora E. Schaible Sergeant W. & Catharine J. Wise Charitable Gift Fund Ms. Jean Shafer Dr. Daryl Sharp Ms. Ida Sharp Ms. Rosemary Shea Ms. Bridget Shumway and Mr. David Seconi Ms. Celeste M. Siringo Mr. William L. Sleigh Ms. Kim Ross Smalt Ms. Angelina F. Snyder Ms. Jacqueline Spindler Mr. and Mrs. O. David Steider Ms. Patricia W. Steinkraus Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Sterner, Jr. Ms. Wendy B. Strauss Mr. Nate Sweeney Mr. Peter Swift Systems Support Group at Monroe County Department of Human Services Ms. Rosie Taravella and Mr. Scott Goodrich Mr. Robert W. Treacy Ms. Jana Tushingham Mr. and Mrs. James M. Underwood United Carpet Brokers, Inc. Ms. Barbara Van Morrelgem Ms. Jennifer E. Vogler Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Wallace Ms. Nancy Warren-Oliver Ms. Gertrude Wiegert Mr. Eugene F. Wolfarth Ms. Hayley Yettru

Illumination of Love Ms. Nancy and Mr. Peter Adams Mr. William C. Andreas


Anonymous (4) Ms. Diana Apollonio Ms. Helen Arnold Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bailey Ms. Christa Baraniak Ms. Judy Barillo Mr. and Mrs. Gerald H. Barnhart Ms. Kathleen Barnwell and Ms. Claire Barnwell Ms. Rosanne Barone Ms. Jeanne Bartlett Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bartlett Mr. Richard Bednarczyk Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Bileschi Ms. Judith Blake Ms. Arlyne M. Boone Ms. Wyan J. Bovay Ms. Carol J. Bradshaw Ms. Cynthia L. Bradshaw Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Briggs Ms. Kay E Brockway Ms. Dawn Broking Ms. Eileen and Mr. Douglas Brooks Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Brownyard, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Brownyard, Sr. Mr. Wayne Burdett Ms. Harriet Caputo Mr. and Mrs. Renier F. Chaintreuil Mr. and Mrs. Mark G. Chamberlain Ms. Cynthia Christa Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Cichetti Ms. Marie Clarcq Ms. Caron A. Coapman Ms. Jane Cole Mr. and Mrs. Lionello Collia Ms. Sandra J. Colocino Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Cortese Mr. Raymond J. Cotroneo Ms. Joan E. Crayton Mrs. Patricia M. Curran Ms. Sandra Curtis Ms. Linda Cutter Ms. Janet Czupryna Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Di Cesare, Jr. Ms. Patricia Dillon Ms. Diane DiRoberto Ms. Valerie and Mr. William Drexler Ms. Berle Driscoll Mr. and Mrs. James C. Dunnington Mrs. Barbara Dvorozniak Mr. and Mrs. Carl Eller Mr. David R. Estep Ms. Patricia Fagan Ms. Theresa Fahy Mr. Charles G. Fantauzzo Ms. Barbara M. Feola Ms. Sandra Ferguson Ms. Linda L. G. Fingland Ms. Barbara J. Freese Ms. Irene Gartland Genesee “G” Gauge Railway Society Mrs. Joyce E. Gerhartz and Mr. William Gerhartz Mr. Charles Giglia Mr. Carl Grant Ms. Barbara Greenfield Mr. Susan M. Gunsalus Mr. David A. Haas

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Just how far can your dollar go? Your donation to St. John’s Foundation—big or small—makes a difference!

$10 will provide a welcome bag for residents entering our rehabilitation center, making them feel more at home as they recover from an injury or illness.

$25 will supply a resident with a large-buttoned telephone, making it easier for them to connect with friends and loved ones.

$75 will deliver craft products to our therapeutic recreation team for an entire week, making activities more engaging and meaningful.

Visit to find more meaningful gift ideas and give today! Mail donations to: St. John’s Foundation, 150 Highland Avenue, Rochester, NY 14620

Ms. Ann M. McGovern Ms. Barbara McHenry Ms. Patricia S. McKenna Ms. Judy McTigue Ms. Renate Melnyk Mr. Robert A. Merrill Ms. Martha Meskutovecz Ms. Barbara G. Mestler Ms. Pamela A. Mestler Ms. Ann H. Miller Ms. Shirley S. Miller Ms. Karen Mischler Mrs. Gillian A. Monell Ms. Karen Munro Mr. Rudy Murray Ms. Mary Beth Musto Ms. Chanh Thi Nguyen Mr. David Nowatka Ms. Sheila and Mr. Dan O’Brien Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Orlowski Ms. Carol K. Otte Ms. Cherie and Mr. John Palmer Ms. Linda Pancoast Mr. and Mrs. James R. Parker Ms. Patricia J. Parks Mr. and Mrs. William Pasnak Mr. Vincenzo Pasquarella Ms. Nancy S. Petrich Ms. Julie Phillips-Oriel and Mr. Jim Oriel Dr. Rena Pine and Mr. William Faber Rev. and Mrs. Darryl Powell Ms. Marcia Prattico Mr. Guy Prentice, Jr. Rev. C. Raymond Probst Mrs. Catherine Radie Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Radie Ms. Esta Richter Ms. Bonnie Roberts Ms. and Mr. Irene Rodriguez

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Restricted Gifts Mr. and Mrs. Roger W. Hartman Mr. and Mrs. Sherwin B. Weinstein

Senior Housing Employee Fund in Appreciation of the Employees of St. John’s Meadows and Brickstone by St. John’s Ms. Doris Adamek Ms. Shirley M. Adams Mr. and Mrs. Peter Affolter Mr. E. Lee Allen Ms. Ruth S. Anderson


St. John’s Vice President Earns National ‘Distinction’ St. John’s Vice President of Corporate Strategy Joanne Braeunle was named to the Women of Distinction list recently released by McKnight’s Senior Living and Long-Term Care News. Joanne was one of just 22 women from across the country to receive the Hall of Honor distinction in 2020. Joanne is the only local woman named to this distinguished list. She and the other 21 Hall of Honor recipients will be recognized at a celebration in Chicago in May. READ MORE ABOUT JOANNE’S PRESTIGIOUS AWARD:

Ms. Nina M. Andolina Mr. William C. Andreas Anonymous (10) Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Balconi Mr. and Ms. Thomas Barker Ms. Susanne Barrett Ms. Marguerite E. Bashaw Ms. Betty Bebak Ms. Mary Lee Beierschmitt Ms. Edith Bement Ms. Merithew H. Benington Ms. Helen Benton Ms. Loretta E. Bergen Mr. and Mrs. George J. Bischoping Ms. Lorain Bittner Ms. Eleanor K. Bluhm Mr. Donald J. Bogdanski Ms. Elynore J. Booth Mr. Roger J. Boulay Ms. Wyan J. Bovay Ms. Carol J. Bradshaw Mr. and Mrs. James A. Braker Ms. Carol A. Brink Ms. Margaret Briody and Mr. Richard Muir Ms. Patricia M. Brogan Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Brone Mr. and Mrs. George A. Brown Mr. Robert W. Brownell Ms. Lorene Burandt Ms. Marilyn S. Burnham Ms. Nancy J. Burns Ms. Helen L. Burrell Ms. Mary Carlton Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Carr Ms. Elizabeth Cashion Ms. Lisa A. Cashmere Ms. Marion B. Caulkins Mr. Thomas F. Chase Ms. Gweneth A. Cheney Ms. Marilyn F. Colby Ms. Nancy Cole Mr. and Mrs. Milton H. Coleman Ms. Jane C. Connor


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Quite a momentous occasion in this organization’s 120-year history.


Ms. Carole Knight Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Knox Ms. Ellen Kremer Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Krusenstjerna Mrs. Diana W. Kubick Ms. Isadora D. Kunitz Mr. and Mrs. John A. Lake Ms. Donna S. Lawrence Ms. Jane Levin Ms. Marj Lewish Ms. Renee L. Liebschutz Mrs. Gloria Louie Mr. Ted Louie Mr. and Mrs. Lester Lustik Ms. Armida N. Magee Ms. Alice B. Mahan Mr. Sidney S. Markus Ms. Annabelle V. Martin Mr. Wayne D. Martin Ms. Martha McDonald Ms. Mary Janet M. McElrath Mrs. Joan S. McIver Ms. Patricia S. McKenna Ms. Joanne McMillion Dr. George McVey Ms. Beverly L. Mead Ms. Carmel S. Merrill and Mr. Richard Lunt Ms. Nancy M. Merz Mr. Archie Messenger Ms. Ruth J. Messinger Mrs. Ruth Michelson Ms. Elizabeth A. Milliken and Mr. James Williams Ms. Felicisima Minerva Ms. Ellen Mitchell Mrs. Mary P. Mitrano Ms. Deborah W. Morris Ms. Alice M. Morse Mr. Richard Muir and Ms. Margaret Briody Ms. Elizabeth Myers Mr. and Mrs. William K. Myers Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Naber, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence F. Nazarian Ms. Kristin Neufeld Ms. Judith M. Norman Ann Orgel, Ph.D. Mr. and Mrs. James C. Owens Ms. Mary Margaret K. Palmer Ms. Carolyn G. Pardo Mr. and Mrs. Clark Parker Ms. Carol A. Paul Ms. Patricia J. Pauly Ms. Rosemary I. Pautz Mr. John S. Pearsall and Mr. Ed Rosenberg Ms. Carol R. Pearson Mr. and Mrs. David Penney Ms. Christine Perry Mr. and Mrs. David F. Petherbridge Mr. and Mrs. James V. Philippone Ms. Marion Pine Mr. and Ms. David R. Poland Ms. Rose M. Porreca Rev. C. Raymond Probst Ms. Janice K. Proctor Ms. Linda Puckhaber Ms. Margaret E. Pum Ms. Frances Ratcliffe Mr. and Mrs. Gerald I. Read

That was the introduction from master of ceremonies, 13WHAM’s Ginny Ryan. She joined St. John’s leadership, staff, residents, and families gathered to celebrate the completion of ground floor renovations throughout the Hastings building at St. John’s Home on Sunday, December 8. CHECK OUT THE NEWS COVERAGE FROM THIS EVENT:


Mr. and Mrs. Dennis L. Witte Mr. Eugene F. Wolfarth Dr. and Mrs. Leon. Zoghlin

St. John’s Spiritual Life Anonymous (11) Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church Mr. and Mrs. Wayne E. Newkirk Wilma Sterner Webster Council of Churches Ms. Janis H. Wolpin

Tribute Gifts Tribute gifts to St. John’s Foundation are a meaningful way for donors to honor or memorialize loved ones. In memory of John Adamek Ms. Patricia M. Brogan In memory of Ruth Banaszak Ms. Sally A. Falk Dr. and Mrs. Robert McCann Ms. and Mr. Maureen Mulley Ms. JoAnn Napoli Mr. Mark Sosnowsky

In memory of Rose Gold Mr. Bruce Horowitz and Ms. Beverly Gold In memory of Sondra Hendler Mr. Michael Bailey Ms. Erin Conner Excellus BlueCross BlueShield In memory of Don and Ann Ignatowski Mr. and Mrs. Alfonso Ip In memory of Ruth Johnson Ms. Marion M. Deprez In memory of Rona Kaufman Mr. Mitchell Kaufman Mr. and Mrs. Bob McKay Mr. Art Varela

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kessler Mr. Frank Kilyanek Mr. and Mrs. R. Wayne LeChase Ms. Margaret M. Freeman and Mr. Thomas Lennox Mr. and Ms. Severino Lippa Mr. and Mrs. Pierre Loncle Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Maloney Mr. and Mrs. Dominick Mancini The M&T Charitable Foundation Manning & Napier Advisors, LLC M/E Engineering Ms. Kathleen Michniewicz Ms. Anne and Mr. Francis Mc Kenna Ms. Kathleen J. Mielke O’Connell Electric Co. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph O’Heaney Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Pink Ms. Kit Pollicove and Mr. Francis Antonelli R.L. Kistler, Inc. The Riedman Foundation Mr. John E. Schuler Ms. Mary J. Stiffler Ms. Jane N. Walsh Water Wise of America, Inc. Ms. and Mr. Sandra J. Wehner

In honor of Loretta Bergen and Betty Keeley Mr. Charlie Mahoney

In honor of C. Raymond Probst Mr. Wes Marchesseault

In memory of Barbara Kingsley Ms. Anne and Mr. Francis Mc Kenna

In memory of Phyllis Reynolds Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Reynolds

In memory of Sam Boni Mr. Don Ranocchia

In memory of Gary Lazenby Ms. Judith A. Lazenby

In memory of Michael Brady Mr. and Mrs. Ronald S. Carlivati Mr. and Mrs. Douglas W. Cook Ms. Erin Decamella Mr. and Mrs. James F. Delly Mr. and Mrs. Cesidio J. DiCesare Ms. Theresa Fahy Mr. James P. Flanagan Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Flaningan Dr. and Mrs. Richard Gangemi Mr. Walter J. Licata Ms. Barbara S. Lopa Mr. and Ms. Jason Prescott Mr. and Mrs. James Quirin Mrs. Lori Schoenwetter Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Sellitto Mrs. Kathryn Snowberger Mr. and Ms. Donald Spencer Mr. and Mrs. Geoff Williams Mr. Donald Wood

In memory of Doris Luckey Anonymous

In memory of Joanne Roides Mr. and Mrs. Howard M. Itkin Mrs. Mary Sarantis

In memory of John Barnwell Ms. Kathleen Barnwell and Ms. Claire Barnwell

In honor of Paul W. Briggs Mr. Peter W. Briggs In memory of Jean Cain Ms. Joan M. King Partners + Napier In memory of Doreen Cooper Mr. Donald Cooper In memory of Rebecca Dennis Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Noel, Jr. In memory of Ida DiMarsico Mr. and Mrs. James DiMarsico


In memory of Anne Giglia Mr. Anthony Chiodo Ms. Angela Christmas Ms. Sharon E. Ciaccia Ms. Karen Crater Mr. and Mrs. Carl Eller Ms. Patricia Fagan Ms. Anne and Mr. Francis Mc Kenna Ms. Ann Weintraub Ms. Janet Wischmeyer

In memory of Sally O’Grady Mr. and Mrs. Carl Eller Ms. Barbara Nordness In memory of Kathleen Ozzimo Mr. and Mrs. Don Billone Ms. Charlene Englerth Ms. Eileen Falcone Ms. Colleen O’Leary Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Petito Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Smith, Jr. In memory of Edythe Peck Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Hale Ms. Marcy P. Osburn In memory of Erich K. Postler AAC Contracting, Inc. Ms. Nancy and Mr. Peter Adams Arden Engineering Constructors, LLC Ms. Joan S. Atwell Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Balconi Ms. Joyce A. Betancourt BSG Building Services Group Mr. Richard A. Chard Mrs. Patricia Coakley Mr. and Mrs. David M. Curtis Mr. Bobby Dunn Mr. Robert Dunn Ms. Amelia N. Eldredge Ernstrom & Dreste, LLP Ms. Ursula Gonsenhauser Jackson Weldng Supply Co., Inc. Harmco

In memory of the late Salvatore Speranza Ms. Marie Speranza In memory of Joseph Thiell Mrs. and Mr. Marcia Bovenzi Mr. and Mrs. Leo P. Boylan Ms. Lauren J. Burns Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Maryfranh Fettinger Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Kamp Mr. and Mrs. David Niklewicz Mr. and Mrs. John Schoen Mr. Larry Thomas The Valenti Family In memory of Mary Way Ms. Rita F. Manners

ST. JOHN’S FOUNDATION TREE OF LIFE Dedicated in loving memory of Mary Pink, the Tree of Life grows through the generosity of family and friends who wish to recognize a loved one with a lasting tribute. Please contact the Foundation Office at 585-760-1291 for more information. In memory of Gail Hettel Mr. Eugene A. Hettel In memory of Henrietta Waller “Mother” Gloria Davis and Joyce Waller

Beyond Memory Launches We all know the crippling toll that dementia can have on family caregivers. “When families are taking care of a loved one with dementia at home and they bring them to a nursing home to live, the thing they say the most to us is ‘I just want her (or him) to be safe,’” says St. John’s RN/Clinical Coordinator Terri Abrams. “We are certainly aiming higher than that.” Beyond Memory—a new take on dementia-focused long-term care launched at St. John’s Home—focuses on the idea that people living with dementia have the right to live a life filled with joy. This holistic approach to caring for skilled nursing residents ensures the safety and security of residents while also honoring their individual histories and personal preferences for how they live their lives. Beyond Memory is the logical next step for St. John’s following the completion of the Dementia Quality of Life program, a three-year, multipronged intervention funded through the Greater Rochester Health Foundation. The grant program resulted in impressive advances in the care and support of the nearly 80% of St. John’s resident who live with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia. VIEW THE BEYOND MEMORY LAUNCH VIDEO:

Getting Outside of the Classroom The 2019 fall semester marked the ten year anniversary of an extremely popular program at St. John’s Meadows that has connected independent living residents with Nazareth College students. This wildly successful intergenerational initiative was highlighted on Reachout Radio‘s “Silver Threads” program. Host Kathy VanSchiack welcomed Nazareth College Professor of Gerontology (and St. John’s Foundation board member) Dr. David Steitz and St. John’s Meadows Director of Resident Life Chantel Foster to discuss the evolution of the program and the benefits of this great partnership for both students and residents. This collaboration falls well outside the realm of a traditional classroom and gives real-world learning experiences to college students working towards careers in physical and occupational therapy, nursing, speech pathology, and other related fields. Senior living residents get the benefit of continuing to learn new things while helping to mentor the next generation of young adults.



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Returns to Brickstone this Spring Seasonal Flavors—a cooking demonstration and educational series in partnership with MVP Health Care—is set to return to the Wintergarden at Brickstone by St. John’s this spring with the following sessions: Breakfast: The Most Important Meal of the Day Wednesday, May 20 at 1:00 p.m. Meatless Main Meals Wednesday, June 24 at 1:00 p.m. Spectacular Summer Salads Wednesday, July 15 at 1:00 p.m. Call 585-271-1000 to RSVP. All dates are subject to change.

St. John’s Home Designated as a Top Nursing Home St. John’s Home was recognized as a “High Performing” provider of long-term care by U.S. News and World Report for 2019-2020. The designation places St. John’s among the 19% of skilled nursing facilities in the United States that earned this highest possible rating. “This recent designation by U.S. News and World Report reinforces the idea that moving away from the institutional model of nursing home care does not compromise the quality of care provided,” said Nate Sweeney, St. John’s Vice President of Skilled Services.

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