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2017 Annual Report


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gratitude St. John’s mission is to embrace life with vibrant, caring, and life-affirming relationships and we value every gesture of gratitude from residents and their family members as proof that we have accomplished that goal. Learning about all of the ways our efforts have helped those we care for embrace living while making their lives richer and more fulfilling is quite simply the best part of the job. The truth is that this pursuit to provide a superior living experience for our residents is led by an incredible collection of dedicated employees. Over the years, it has taken a village to shape our buildings into the type of communities of which we can all be proud. The contributions of so many were the driving force behind getting us to where we needed to be. Today, the efforts of many of those same individuals have combined with a new generation of contributors to form a workforce of nearly one thousand strong. When a resident or a loved one shares their gratitude with us, they are really thanking the committed team that allows us to maintain such a consistent standard of excellence.

Knowing this, we believe it is important to spend a great deal of our time giving thanks to those who make St. John’s such a valued part of the Rochester community. Although we find ourselves saying the words multiple times a day, it sometimes feels like an impossible task to express our gratitude to everyone who deserves it. 2017 was a year of extraordinary gains and significant milestones. This annual report highlights all that we have accomplished while also showing our gratitude to those who have made it all possible. To the hundreds of older adults who call a St. John’s community their home: we say “thank you” for trusting us to deliver on our promise of a superior living experience. To our employees who put in countless hours to make this organization all that it is: we offer our most sincere gratitude. We realize that our success would not be possible without the contributions of each and every one of you. To the volunteers who give their time and talents to make the lives of our residents brighter: we acknowledge your service and give thanks to all that you bring to St. John’s.

To our donors who believe in our mission deeply enough to contribute financially: know that we recognize your generosity. We will continue to maximize every dollar you give to ensure that St. John’s residents, employees, and volunteers will continue experiencing those vibrant, caring, and life-affirming relationships for generations to come. We are grateful for the countless contributions made throughout the year by St. John’s stakeholders of all types. Our success is only possible because of each of you and your continued dedication to improving the lives of older adults in our community.

Robert Boehner Chair, Board of Directors

Charlie Runyon President and CEO

Guidance During a Time of Uncertainty Cheri Steron had a lot on her plate in early 2017. Instead of concentrating on her move to St. John’s Meadows, Cheri’s focus became the immediate medical needs of her husband Harvey, who was struggling with some major health issues. “I didn’t expect him to ever leave the hospital,” she remembers. Soon after Cheri’s move, Harvey was in fact discharged from the hospital. His next stop was the Rehabilitation Center at St. John’s Home, posing a new problem for Cheri. Although she was coming off of a 30-year career in social work, she struggled to navigate through an unfamiliar system. “I know social work for children and adolescents but I don’t know elder care social work.” Enter Cara Rusinko, elder advocate at St. John’s. “We spoke the same language,” Cheri says about her fellow social worker. Eventually, Harvey was healthy enough to make another move—joining Cheri in their apartment at St. John’s Meadows. Cara was instrumental in making sure Harvey’s move was successful. “She came to meetings for the transition and helped us get items that would provide for his safety once he came home.” A year later, both Cheri and Harvey are doing well living at St. John’s Meadows. Looking back, Cheri is grateful for Cara’s much needed guidance during a time of uncertainty. “Cara turned out to be there.”


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St. John’s received a $100,000 grant from the New York State Regional Economic Development Council for employee training to improve care and quality of life for residents of St. John’s.

St. John’s Meadows marked its 20th anniversary with a huge celebration on August 12.

A new fiscal budget significantly improves employee benefits, including contributions to employer health plan and 401k, merit increases, and new health savings account.

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Honoring Employees Who Make a Difference The 2017 holiday season brought with it a new way for residents and their families to acknowledge St. John’s employees. The therapeutic recreation team introduced the 1st annual “Tree of Thanks” as a means for people to decorate a special ornament to honor a staff member that went above and beyond throughout the year. “We are very fortunate to have Tammy,” says Karen Meyers, whose sister Lynette lives on the Rose neighborhood at St. John’s Home. Karen was one of several people to take this opportunity to recognize someone for their caring and compassion. “She is amazing and does all of the detailed things that make such a difference.” This new initiative culminated in the lighting of the “Tree of Thanks” adorned with dozens of ornaments decorated with special messages of gratitude. The tree stood in the lobby at St. John’s Home throughout the holiday season as a symbol of the unique bonds forged between employees and residents.


The Perfect Place to Appreciate the Beauty of Highland Park Like most Rochesterians, Barbara Russak considers herself lucky to live where she does. “We are really fortunate to have this many scenic areas so close by,” says Barb, who moved to the area in 1968 from downstate after completing a nursing program. She mentions the close proximity to Niagara Falls and the Finger Lakes region in addition to the beautiful Monroe County parks she has enjoyed over the past half century. Now living at St. John’s Home—a place she spent part of her career as a nurse practitioner—Barb continues to appreciate one of the parks she has enjoyed for decades. “I have a nice view of the park from my room, which I really like,” she says of her third floor vantage point of Highland Park. As the subject turns to the annual Rochester Lilac Festival that draws hundreds of thousands of visitors to the park over ten days in May, she describes the 6

buzz that comes with being so close to the action. “It’s basically right in our backyard. It’s also a great way to show off our city.” June Stohr feels similarly about living in the middle of Highland Park. “I have the perfect view,” she says of the panoramic scene of the park’s south end she has out the window of her private room on the sixth floor. “I see and hear just about everything.” Although she does not love the increased traffic and occasional late night noise the Lilac Festival brings, June admits that the opportunity to people watch as visitors from all over the northeast and Canada visit the community right outside her door does pique her interest. “I like to go out and see it up close, but just once.” Giving St. John’s residents an opportunity to enjoy the park is a huge initiative during festival week. Staff and volunteers work together to escort hundreds of residents


throughout the park both individually and in groups. The goal is to get as many residents as possible out into the park, engaging with others, explains Tracy Koflanovich, therapeutic recreation practice partner at St. John’s. “Having the festival right here is such a great way to help our elders make those connections again.” Highland Park provides a beautiful backdrop for St. John’s residents all throughout the year. The Lilac Festival provides them with a sense of belonging and community pride each spring.

St. John’s Home hosted the nationally recognized Virtual Dementia Tour, a special interactive training completed by over 500 St. John’s employees and family members.

The Penfield Corporation generated its highest income in its history as a result of the continuing financial and operational success of the St. John’s Green House homes.

Eleven residents age 100 years old and older were honored during our 2017 Centenarian Luncheon.

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The Benefits of Giving Back For as long as St. John’s has been caring for seniors in the Rochester area, a formidable contingent of compassionate individuals has helped brighten the days of countless residents just by giving the gift of their time. Whether it is helping transport residents to church services and other activities around St. John’s Home, staffing the gift popular gift shop, or making friendly visits to those who need someone to talk to, St. John’s volunteers make a real difference. St. John’s volunteers can make a positive impact on the Rochester community as well. New tutoring and mentoring opportunities through area schools and civic organizations are being developed all the time. In total, over 300 St. John’s individuals gave nearly 15,000 hours of their time to St. John’s volunteer initiatives. Whether a person generously gives the gift of their time every week or simply when they can, the collective efforts of this mighty volunteer force helps our residents truly embrace living every day!


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2017 EMPLOYEES OF THE MONTH JANUARY Dave Kunz, Transportation FEBRUARY Lauren Davis, Nursing MARCH Chantel Foster, Elder Advocate APRIL Keri McDonell, Medical Department MAY Bennie Butler, Protective Services JUNE Danielle Russell, Nursing JULY Terry Neilon, Social Recreation AUGUST Francesca Harris, Admissions SEPTEMBER Ken Pettis, Protective Services OCTOBER Ashley Hrywnak, Nursing NOVEMBER Dawn Rivera, Sales Manager DECEMBER Tammy Booram, Nursing

The St. John’s Employee of the Month is honored with the Vincent S. Parks, Jr. Award—named for the former longtime St. John’s President and CEO. 11

Good Advice When it was Needed Most Ken Dodgson was concerned about what he was seeing and hearing from his fellow residents. Brickstone by St. John’s had just recently opened and Ken was hearing a steady drumbeat of complaints from his new neighbors. While most of these maintenance-related concerns were relatively minor, he decided to address the situation in his own unique way. Ken approached Paul Bartlett—vice president of senior housing at St. John’s— to discuss this growing discontentment he was hearing. Years later, Paul still recalls the specifics of his conversation with Ken, a retired general surgeon. “He didn’t like to see all that negativity swirl,” remembers Paul. Seeing that this series of concerns threatened to boil over and make for a


contentious relationship between residents and management, Ken suggested to Paul the idea of scheduling a regular forum to address community-wide issues with residents while allowing them to provide their own individual feedback. “What he was really advocating for was a community connection,” Paul says of Ken. Soon after their conversation, Paul found himself hosting weekly chats in the Wintergarden at Brickstone. “He really inspired me to get people together,” says Paul, who adds that Ken’s unassuming way of going about approaching potentially difficult situations really stood out to him. “He did it in such a way that it never felt like criticism. It just felt like a suggestion from someone interested in the greater good.”


Five-year renovation plan for major enhancements at St. John’s Meadows began with improvements at the Hawthorne Enhanced Assisted Living community. While Paul admits the first year of weekly meetings were tough, he points out that Ken was quick to stand up and acknowledge Paul’s proactive approach to fielding criticism. As Paul puts it, “he really is a lead by example kind of guy.” He adds that during those difficult first few months, Ken stood up nearly every week to back Paul up and applaud his willingness to answer the difficult questions.

Brickstone by St. John’s opened a new, fully equipped fitness center in former boat house location after many resident requests for workout space.

Over five years later “Coffee with Paul” remains a fixture on Friday mornings at Brickstone, attracting 50-70 residents every week. A friendly, cooperative tone is palpable at nearly every meeting. That was not always the case early on, but Ken Dodgson, who can be found sitting towards the back of the room nearly every Friday, seems to have helped forge that community connection for which he was aiming.

A $32 million refinancing deal completed by St. John’s Meadows Corporation provided $3 million in funding for renovations.


$63,595,225 Total Revenues

Resident Revenue . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 47,582,811 Rental Revenue . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 13,999,773 Other Revenue . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 2,012,641

Salaries and Benefits . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 38,310,942 Purchased and Contracted Services . $ 4,630,290 Depreciation and Amorization . . . . . . $ 4,033,816

$63,124,375 Total Expenses

Other Direct Expenses . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 4,057,617 Supplies and Materials . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 3,584,122 Interest . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 3,637,506 Taxes and Assessments . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 3,318,219 Bad Debt Expense . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 1,129,204 Pharmacy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 422,659




Operating Income

Changes in Net Assets

message from

the foundation His mother became his caregiver after David Brusseau suffered a stroke at the age of 72. In her nineties at the time, Vivian Hutchinson would take care of David at home for as long as she could before making the decision to move her son to St. John’s Home.

the trust designated that the remaining funds be given to St. John’s Foundation— resulting in a generous gift of $438,000.

Prior to her death in 2015, Vivian set up a trust that would provide for David’s care for as long as it was needed. In 2017, David died after living at St. John’s for nearly ten years. With his passing,

While gifts of this magnitude certainly are a rare occurrence, the spirit behind Vivian’s bequest is actually a sentiment we hear from donors quite often. We are thankful for the hundreds of gifts made to St. John’s Foundation every year. These gifts made by individuals and organizations touched in some way by our mission to provide residents and their families with a sense of community and belonging while continuing to innovate the way senior care is delivered. In Vivian’s case, a mother’s love and gratitude for all that St. John’s has done for her family shined through. The positive effects of this generous gift—in addition to the collective impact of any gift made to St. John’s Foundation—will be felt throughout the organization for years to come.

Anne McKenna, CFRE, President

George Yeadon, Board Chair

When Vivian later needed long-term care for herself, she chose to join David at St. John’s. Mother and son lived down the hall from each other on the Dahlia neighborhood for nearly two years. Occasionally, the two could even be seen holding hands as they strolled through the hallway together.



Total Assets

Grants 15

Leadership Team

Board of Directors

Charlie Runyon

St. John’s

Brickstone by St. John’s

Robert Boehner Chair William Wallace Secretary/Treasurer James Dole Dominick Mancini Ann Wood

Pietro Giovenco Chair Anna Lynch Chair Elect George Yeadon Secretary/Treasurer Denise Smith

St. John’s Home

St. John’s Foundation

William Wallace Chair Bridget Shumway Chair Elect Helen Halewski Secretary/Treasurer Robert Boehner Susan Poole

George Yeadon Chair Elisabeth Howard Chair Elect James McBride Secretary Anna Lynch Treasurer Nancy Adams Dawn Aprile P. Miller Ashman, MD Eliza Kozlowski Amy Mason, MD Thomas Spina David Steitz, PhD David Tang Lou Visco Ann Wood William Wallace

President and CEO

Paul Bartlett Vice President, Senior Housing

Joanne Braeunle Corporate Strategy Officer

Robert Earl Vice President and CFO

Jennifer Lesinski Vice President, Marketing

Anne McKenna Executive Director, St. John’s Foundation

Nate Sweeney Vice President, Skilled Services

Diane Wiley Vice President, Work Life

Penfield Green House Homes Dominick Mancini Chair Carol Brink Chair Elect Donna Maxwell Secretary/Treasurer Pamela Johnson

St. John’s Meadows James Dole Chair Krista Vardabash Chair Elect Ann Wood Secretary/Treasurer Dorothy Haelen James McBride


St. John’s Home

Brickstone by St. John’s

St. John’s Meadows

New York State’s only registered Eden Alternative nursing home, offering skilled nursing care, Alzheimer’s/Dementia care, transitional care, rehabilitation, adult day service, and hospice care.

Located on 30 acres in Brighton, offering contemporary independent living in uniquely designed apartments, bungalows, and townhomes. State-ofthe-art Village Square boasts a public restaurant, Joey B’s of Brickstone.

Also in Brighton, offers multi-level, independent living in private, twobedroom cottages and apartments, with optional amenities including fine dining, transportation, and health care services.


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