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A Newsletter for St. John's Skilled Services May 2017


“I think what you give, as they say, you get back tenfold.”

Enriching Lives Through Volunteering It is not every day you meet a group of individuals who are as kind-hearted and willing to serve others as the Small Home volunteers. The group was founded by St. John’s Volunteer Coordinator Jean Loomis and is driven by eight vibrant and active ladies from Brickstone by St. John’s: Carol Bradshaw, Doris VanVechten, Karyl Friedman, Marty Keller, Rae Fradkin, Ginn Fitch, Jan Hammele, and Esther Smalline. “What strikes me most is when you walk in things begin to evolve and you can sense a change in aura; there’s a feeling of change in the room,” states Karyl. “They are very appreciative,” adds Ginn. The presence of these eight individuals does not go unnoticed. “We talk about how remarkable they are and that’s probably what has given them such a long life. They are such kind-hearted and giving people,” shahbaz Cindy Daniels explains. With the small homes transition that is continuing to take place, volunteers such as the Brickstone residents can really get to know and understand the elders

Go to stjohnsliving.org/shareyourstory/smallhome-volunteers to read more. here at St. John’s Home on a more personalized level. They can build relationships, discover commonalities, and even improve an individual’s quality of life, which may have previously been hindered by the medical model. Because of the relationships beginning to form, volunteering is not limited to 150 Highland Avenue. The Small Home volunteers have hosted their new friends at Brickstone for concerts and luncheons. “When they come back, they talk about it for a couple of days,” states nurse leader Nigisti Berhan. “It’s good for them because it gives them purpose and they feel like they have accomplished something, which they have,” continues Cindy. While there is talk of expanding this group of volunteers in the future, for the time being they will continue to serve the elders of the Rose neighborhood; after all, they do have a special bond. “I think what you give, as they say, you get back tenfold. There is just something about giving,” concludes Ginn.

Families Friends Embrace Living with Rebecca Priest “April is the cruelest month, breeding Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing Memory and desire, stirring Dull roots with spring rain.” -T. S. Eliot For the past two months, I’ve been reading poetry to my Gram, who is in her final days on this earth. She can’t communicate traditionally, but certain stanzas will elicit an appreciative “again” or a head nod of affirmation that she hears and feels the message. She was always a reader, as is my Mom, as am I. We relish the memorized stanzas of our history together. We would often recite Christopher Morley’s famous “Animal Crackers” poem at breakfast. As we would skip to the park at the end of her village home we would recite Shel Silverstein “LISTEN TO THE MUSTN’Ts.” Even while teaching, she used poetry, art, music, and time to share wisdom with my own mother and I that continues to live on full circle as she prepares to say goodbye to us. Spring brings new growth and often times we see that as beautiful and hopeful. We can also feel growth. With growth comes discomfort; coming alive illicits sensations sometimes unfamiliar and confusing. This is true for us at St. John’s Home, as we are always working to redefine what nursing home care looks like and feels together. As we move into National Nursing Home Week, we celebrate and honor those who have pushed themselves and others to grow deeper roots, who have stretched to stir the hidden sprouts of winter through daily compassion, love, and commitment to service. Our elders, our families, and our workforce is full of grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, and elder sages who push us to be ever growing as a community. Let us receive and show tender and compassionate care as we grow new shoots into the hard ground. Let us honor one another with all that we have been made to be. Rebecca VP of Skilled Services

Celebrating National Nursing Home Week

Spa Dayat St. John's

Outings and Events

June 5, 2017 - June 11, 2017 Monday, June 5 Jeopardy supported by Chris Minicucci and Business Office Residents from St. John’s Home took a road trip to the Finger Lakes Gaming and Racetrack at the end of February.

Tuesday, June 6 Wheel of Fortune supported by Tracy Koflanovich and Marketing

Wednesday, June 7 Name that Tune supported by Elaine Ingram and PS/Foundation/Laundry

Thursday, June 8 Family Feud

Dozens of elders enjoyed a day of relaxation and rejuvenation put forth by our Therapeutic Recreation staff and team of volunteers.

supported by Stacey Hall and Welcome Center

Friday, June 9 The Price Is Right supported by Linda McCoy and Work Life

Saturday, June 10 BINGO supported by Linda McCoy and Tracy Koflanovich

Sunday, June 11 The Newlywed Game Supported by Sara Culp and Spiritual Care

*Times and locations to be determined.*

Virtual Dementia Tour Provides Insight The auditorium at St. John’s Home was bustling with staff and family members of skilled services residents waiting to walk in the shoes of a person living with dementia. The three day program held by Second Wind Dreams trained over 500 participants who took the virtual tour. Prior to entering, staff members geared up with glasses, gloves, headphones, and shoe inserts, all of which were meant to impede their senses in one way or another. Individuals were then asked to perform simple, everyday tasks. Following the tour was a debriefing session where participants talked amongst one another about their experiences in the virtual tour.

Couples from St. John’s at our annual “Date Night” dinner.

Volunteer Luncheon

Hundreds of individuals gathered at Locust Hill Country Club to enjoy an afternoon of celebration and appreciation for those who have given and continue to give their time to St. John’s. Lisa Bailey and Nicolas Vazquez each received a volunteer service award. Carolyn Vasile was also recognized as a St. John’s Home volunteer of the year recipient.


Annual Golf Tournament Approaching Fast! St. John’s 28th Annual Golf Tournament is quickly approaching! Join us at beautiful Midvale Country Club on July 17 for a fun way to benefit the elders of St. John’s. Supporting this year’s event as a sponsor, golfer, or contributor will help improve the lives of elders across St. John’s. Help us ensure that each elder, no matter the circumstance, can truly “embrace living.” Register today at stjohnsliving.org/golf_tournament or contact Anne Mc Kenna at 585-760-1333.

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Families Friends

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St. John’s Tree of Life With a leaf on St. John’s Tree of Life you can remember or honor a loved one. The Tree of Life was dedicated in loving memory of Mary “Molly” Pink in 2014. The “Tree of Life” grows through the generosity of family and friends in the community who wish to recognize a loved one, friend, or associate with a lasting tribute. An engraved message is inscribed on each leaf to honor, commemorate, or memorialize those people who have had significant meaning in our lives. For more information contact Anne Mc Kenna at 585-760-1333 or e-mail her at amckenna@stjohnsliving.org.