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Dialogues on War: College Students and Older Adults Connect Vision St. John’s will lead and inspire a shift in society’s views of elderhood by embracing and celebrating life’s experiences.

Mission St. John’s embraces life with vibrant, caring, and life-affirming relationships.

We embrace living by being... Friendly Respectful Responsive Compassionate Innovative Fun

“They take turns telling their stories. Working clockwise around the table they each recount their own personal tale of when and how the war started for them.

Editor Tom Harner

Contributor Keaghlan Morrissey

Vice President of Marketing Jennifer Lesinski

Chief Executive Officer Charlie Runyon

Executive Director, St. John’s Foundation Anne McKenna

“I graduated high school in ’42 and couldn’t wait to go in,” remembers one volunteer. “August of 1942 is when I got my start,” says another. “I went in December of 1950—the Korean War,” explains one veteran who was drafted into the service. A total of seven St. John’s residents recently sat down to share their accounts during a Dialogues on War session held at St. John’s Meadows. “These stories are so important for us to remember and understand,” says Michael Lang, a St. John Fisher College student who was one of the two discussion moderators. “That’s really why we are doing this. To get a dialogue going and keep our collective memory strong.” Dr. Carolyn Vacca is the chair of the history department at St. John Fisher. She co-authored the grant for Dialogues on War, which was awarded funding through the National Endowment of the Humanities (NEH). She explains that the program is meant to give each veteran a forum to deliver their own personal accounts of service while providing students—many of whom who are veterans themselves—an opportunity to lead the discussion and absorb the perspectives

through Storytelling

Like many American soldiers who survived the war, Schwartz returned to the states and utilized a new government program to fund his college education. The G.I. Bill covered the cost of his bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Schwartz enjoyed a long career as a clinical and school psychologist and even taught psychology at many Rochester area colleges, including St. John Fisher. He was glad to be a part of the Dialogues on War session held at St. John’s Meadows—the retirement community he has called home for several years. “I enjoyed relaying stories. All of us who have been in the service have a story to tell,” says Schwartz, who believes this unique experience was mutually beneficial. “The two students seemed very interested. I think they got something out of it. I hope they did.” Brickstone by St. John’s resident Larry Nazarian echoes Schwartz’s sentiments. “Very, very interesting,” says Nazarian, who shared accounts of his uncle’s time in Italy during World War II, as well as his own experience in a later conflict. “I enjoyed hearing the other guys.”

of men and women who were intimately involved in the war effort throughout the 20th century. “We wanted to bring together intergenerational discussions about the ideas of war,” says Dr. Vacca, who also serves as the Monroe County Historian. “The idea is to spark discussions about the past—when young people could be drafted into service—and compare that to today where we have an all-volunteer force.” Harold Schwartz was drafted and assigned to the U.S. Army on October 5, 1944. He was immediately sent to basic training, followed by special training in heavy weaponry. “After the Battle of the Bulge we had lost a great number of people and I was a replacement,” Schwartz says as he looks back on his journey from New York City to the European Theater as an 18-year-old. His machine gun squad marched through Mainz, Frankfurt, and Wolfsburg, witnessing firsthand the destruction these German cities suffered as a result of allied bombings. Conversely, Schwartz remembers being on the receiving end of nightly “Bedtime Charley” Luftwaffe raids. “I recall very vividly when they would come down in the evening and try to strafe us with their guns.”

Nazarian feels that his wartime story brought a different perspective when compared to others heard on the day. “I went in in 1967 when the Vietnam War was getting really hot.” As a physician specializing in pediatrics, Nazarian’s orders were to remain stateside at an Army hospital. Tasked with caring for the families of soldiers fighting in Southeast Asia, he believes his service is an example of how much support there was for those serving on the frontlines. He says when soldiers returned home to the U.S. they often expressed gratitude to those looking after their families living on the base while they were overseas. “I was proud of the time I spent in service,” Larry added.

July 20, 2018: Dialogues on War at St. John’s Home. Read more about this great program:


Power of Perseverance Led Long-time Resident Back Home

“It doesn’t matter how slow you go, as long as you don’t stop.” – Confucius

Setbacks, failures, and tragedies are a part of life.

We all can relate to someone struggling; someone who has not been dealt the greatest hand. For Catherine Merriman, it was an unending cycle of sickness and rehabilitation for nearly three years. In and out of the hospital, Catherine felt as though she was a revolving door, continuously going round and round with no sign of slowing down.


It all started when Catherine was diagnosed with lymphedema. The long-term condition is incurable, but can be controlled with treatment to reduce swelling and pain. One day Catherine’s aide recommended she go to the hospital. Although she did not know it at the time, Catherine somehow had acquired chronic sepsis. She spent three weeks in the hospital before being discharged and transferred to a nearby skilled nursing facility. After one year of

rehabilitation, she was transferred to St. John’s. “I used to work here back in the ‘70s so I was familiar with St. John’s Home,” Catherine says. “When I got here, I was doing pretty well, but still could not walk.” The roadblocks continued for Catherine and it started to become apparent that she may never return home. Catherine developed a cough and spiked a temperature of 105. She was immediately sent to Rochester General Hospital, where she was diagnosed with pneumonia and would spend yet another long month regaining her strength. When she returned to St. John’s Home, she did not have any mobility. “I was weak. It took me a long time to gain my strength back,” Catherine continued. “I was set up with PT (physical therapy) and OT (occupational therapy). OT worked with me to regain strength in my arms and PT helped with leg exercises.”

During all of this, her lymphedema continued to worsen and she had gained an immense amount of weight. “I was 330 pounds. After going on dialysis, I lost a whole person,” Catherine recalls. “In a few weeks I went down to 184 pounds.” With the help of PT and OT, Catherine can now walk with a walker and stand for a certain amount of time. Every day she is getting stronger. “It has been a long journey,” Catherine says with a warm smile. “I am looking forward to going home.” Catherine had resided on the Tulip neighborhood since she arrived almost two years ago. Over the past year, Catherine spent a great deal of time with her physical therapist Traci Morley. In anticipation of going home, Traci consistently worked with Catherine five days a week for four months. “The biggest reward of working with Catherine is witnessing the power of perseverance,” Traci explains. “Working in long-term care, it is very rare that someone is able to transition back to living alone in the community after being in a nursing home for as long as Catherine has been.”

After a long journey, Catherine was ready to return home. She looked forward to cooking, doing her own grocery shopping, meeting up with friends, and maybe even purchasing a car. Traci remembers the first time she had Catherine practice getting in and out of a car as part of her rehabilitation. “She immediately asked me if she could get in the driver’s seat because she was planning on getting a car when she got out of here,” laughs Traci. “She is so optimistic.” Despite all of Catherine’s setbacks and hardships, she always remained positive and grateful to everyone who has helped her throughout her road to recovery. During her time at St. John’s, Catherine enjoyed playing bingo, going on lunch trips, and attending the Lilac Festival. “I will miss some of my friends, but I will be back to visit. They will all still be in my life,” Catherine confirms. Lisa Chmielewski, an LPN and nurse leader, has helped Catherine and watched her grow stronger every day. “She has come a long way,” says Lisa. With teary eyes and a crowd of people, Catherine exited the doors of St. John’s Home on July 12. “Being here has gotten me to where I am now. It is nice to be somewhere where people care; you can get help whenever you need it,” Catherine says. Though Catherine’s journey has been anything but easy, she is an inspiration to everyone battling injury, sickness, or setbacks. She has now been home for several weeks and is doing well. In need of short-term rehabilitation following an illness or surgery? St. John’s can help get you back to living your best life: services/rehabilitation-transitional-care


Summer Brought Fun and Surprises to St. John’s Unique programs connect residents and staff


May 17: Esther Smalline, Sherry Finke, and Carol Paul enjoy a St. John’s sponsored event at Geva Theater.

June 8: 2nd Annual “Game Show Week” gave dozens of residents the chance to be contestants in popular competitions.

July 11: The Rochester Police Department’s Mounted Patrol made their annual visit to St. John’s Home.

July 20: Residents and staff from St. John’s Meadows and Brickstone enjoy the Hawaiian Luau celebration.

August 1: Summer Festival brought residents from across campus to St. John’s Meadows.

August 10: “Water War” helped cool down residents and employees alike on a hot day!


t. John’s is grateful to all who contributed to St. John’s Foundation from February 1, 2018 through July 31, 2018. Your gifts support our vision of enhancing the lives of St. John’s residents through social programming, physical fitness activities, creative and recreational arts therapy, and spiritual programming. Donors who give a minimum of $500 per year to the Annual Fund are acknowledged as members of the Highland Park Society.

ANNUAL FUND Highland Park Society

Leaders ($10,000+) Alesco Advisors, LLC Anonymous The Davenport-Hatch Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Visco Founders ($5,000 - $9,999) Ms. Anna E. Lynch Patrons ($2,500 - $4,999) Mr. and Mrs. William C. Wallace, Jr. Benefactors ($1,000 - $2,499) Dr. P. Miller Ashman Ms. Carol A. Brink Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Lapczenski Sponsors ($500 - $999) Ms. Milagros Concepcion Frederick F. O’Connor Trust Mr. and Mrs. Pete Giovenco Mr. C. John Matteson and Mrs. Carol H. Matteson Rebecca and Christopher Priest Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. Runyon George H. Yeadon and Faith D. Adams, DPM

Friends of St. John’s

Contributors ($250 - $499) Anonymous (2) Exxon Mobil Foundation Mrs. Donna L. Johnston and Mr. Thomas J. Johnston Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Lesinski Ms. Diane Wiley Mrs. Janet T. Wixom Friends ($1 - $249) AmazonSmile Foundation Anonymous (3) Mr. Ronald P. Bansbach Mr. David Bermudez Ms. Eleanor K. Bluhm Ms. Diane Bogaczyk Mr. and Mrs. James A. Braker Ms. Cynthia Christa Ms. Clara Ciavatta Ms. Carolyn M. Daniels Ms. Jacqueline A. Davidson Mr. and Mrs. Mendal W. Dick Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Dixon Mr. John L. Fichtner, Jr. Mr. Richard S. Fitts Ms. Carol Foster and Mr. David Foster Mr. Taylor Freitas Ms. Dorothy B. Haelen Ms. Bianca L. Halewski Ms. Helen Halewski Mr. Alfred and Mrs. Rosalie Heary Mrs. Joyce J. Henck Mr. John C. Hines Mr. and Mrs. David Jolkovski Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Kirchhoff Ms. Donna S. Lawrence Ms. Jane Levin Mr. Paul J. McKenna and Mrs. Janet McKenna Mr. Christopher Minicucci

Ms. Mildred G. Ness Sheila and Dan O’Brien Ms. Barbara L. Rafoth Mr. Gerald and Mrs. Shirley Read Ms. Lois J. Rogers Ms. Angelina F. Snyder Mr. and Mrs. O. David Steider Mr. James M. Underwood and Mrs. Linda Underwood Mr. Ethan Whritenor Mr. Eugene F. Wolfarth and Mrs. Joan A. Wolfarth Zonta Club of Rochester

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Mrs. Vivian E. Hutchinson Estate of Marianne T. Koller


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Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Russell Bellanca Ms. Jane Cole Dr. Kenneth V. Dodgson Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Kirchhoff Ms. Elizabeth M. Knox The Lucretia Richter Memorial Scholarship Fund


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Thank You for Making a Difference This summer was a busy time for residents of St. John’s! From day trips to restaurants, museums, and sporting events to special events like Beach Day and the Food Truck Rodeo, there were countless opportunities for elders to embrace living. These activities would not be possible without the generosity of donors like you. Donations to St. John’s Foundation—by way of the annual fund or gifts made in honor of a loved one—benefit residents all year long. Visit and see how your dollars have made a positive impact in the lives of hundreds of members of the St. John’s family!


Mr. Patrick Hastings HCR Home Care Health Direct Pharmacy Services HealthPRO Heritage High Falls Advisors Home Leasing, LLC Ms. Elisabeth P. Howard HR Works, Inc HSA Bank Mrs. Lois Irwin JFS/Curtze Ms. Debi Jones Mr. Roger Knoll Mrs. Ann Kowal Ms. Eliza B. Kozlowski Mr. Frank Lanasa Lifetime Care LMT Technology Solutions Mr. Joseph Lynch M&T Bank M/E Engineering Mr. and Mrs. George Magin Martino Flynn MatrixCare Ms. Anne and Mr. Francis McKenna Mr. Ron Mead Medicab of Rochester, Inc. Medline Industries Ms. Teresa Meechan Mr. Robert Morgan Mr. James Norris Northwest Bank Sheila and Dan O’Brien Optum United Healthcare Mr. Lynn Parrish Pathfinder Engineers & Architects Mr. Mark Pautler Mr. Jim Oriel and Ms. Julie Phillips-Oriel Postler & Jaeckle Corp Mr. Richard Powell Radec Electric Corporation Mr. James Reid Mr. and Mrs. Clark Reid Rel Comm, Inc. R-Options, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. Runyon Ms. Cara Rusinko

Mr. Edmund Russell Ms. Karen Schneggenburger Mr. Dawn Schnell Mr. Rich Sharpe Mr. Thomas Smith Ms. Sinead Southwell Special Care Systems Ms. Sue Stern Ms. Wendy B. Strauss SWBR Mr. Nate Sweeney Mr. Peter Swift Ms. Kim Szczublewski The Bonadio Group The Hartford Tipping Point Communications Toshiba Business Solutions Ultramobile Imaging / EZaccess MD Underberg & Kessler LLP United Carpet Brokers, Inc. UNUM Rochester Van Hook Service Co., Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Visco Mr. and Mrs. William C. Wallace, Jr. Mr. Terry Wihlen Ms. Diane Wiley Mrs. Janet T. Wixom George H. Yeadon and Faith D. Adams, DPM Mr. Anthony Zaccaglino


Anonymous - Collections from St. John’s Residents Ms. Jann M. Firpo Judith Lasker Kaufman Fund Ms. Margie Richardson and Mr. Jack Richardson Mr. Donald H. Sterner and Mrs. Wilma K. Sterner Trinity Emmanuel Lutheran Church


Tribute gifts to St. John’s Foundation are a meaningful way for donors to honor or memorialize loved ones. Anonymous In memory of Adele Brzowsky Ms. Esta Richter In memory of Barbara Fleckstein Ms. Shirley A. Mros

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Mr. and Mrs. Ronald F. Spindler Ms. Diane K. Townsend Mr. and Mrs. Hubert H. Velepec In honor of Rosemarie Cornell Mrs. Millie Romano In honor of Sarah “Sally” Soosalu Mrs. Donna L. Johnston and Mr. Thomas J. Johnston In memory of Thomas Pautz Ms. Rosemary I. Pautz In memory of Vincent Parks, Jr. Camp Stella Maris Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Gissin Mr. James Isaac Joseph and Irene Skalny Charitable Trust Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence P. Keller Mr. and Mrs. George S. Link Mr. Gary Lorraine and Mrs. Lori Lorraine Ms. Anne and Mr. Francis Mc Kenna Mr. and Ms. Loren J. Ranaletta Ms. Susan B. Volpel In memory of Wendel L. Knoll Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Watts St. John’s Foundation Tree of Life Dedicated in loving memory of Mary Pink, the Tree of Life grows through the generosity of family and friends who wish to recognize a loved one with a lasting tribute. Please contact the Foundation Office at 585-760-1291 for more information. Bronze Leaf in honor of Gary E. Craft Mrs. Cheri E. Pekurny We strive to publish accurate recognitions and apologize for errors or omissions. To make a correction or a donation please call Taylor Freitas at 585-760-2464 or email

“Lifelong Innovator” Leading St. John’s Skilled Services Nate Sweeney joined the St. John’s family in April as vice president of skilled services and has quickly leveraged his wealth of experience and genuine spirit of innovation to make an immediate mark in this critical role. Nate comes to St. John’s from Baltimore, Maryland where he spent 17 years in the health care field, including a decade working in long-term care. “I walked into this role with St. John’s being on a journey towards the goal of solidifying small homes in a skilled setting,” Nate explains. His focus has been on the continued growth of the small homes concept while ensuring that it remains centered around community and honoring the preferences of those who call St. John’s home. He has also found time to introduce and lead the new “Laughter Yoga” program—already a crowd favorite among residents!


St. John’s Expands Assisted Living Services to Better Support Residents

“I came directly from home by my own decision.”

George Dunn’s move to the Hawthorne at St. John’s

Meadows over two years ago immediately dispels a couple of common misconceptions about moving to an assisted living community.

1. While such a move often does involve a transition directly from the hospital or a skilled nursing rehabilitation unit, with proper planning, a less stressful move from home is possible. 2. People making this transition can retain control over their lives while coming to an informed decision on the best new home for themselves.


George’s path to the Hawthorne started with his wife’s stay in the rehabilitation center at St. John’s Home, where he and his family were pleased with the care and attention she received during her recovery.

“I was impressed with their demeanor and overall attitude of how they care for their residents,” recalls George. He and his family were now familiar with St. John’s when his own care needs started to increase. His thoughts once again turned to his wife. “I knew that I didn’t want her to have to be a caregiver,” he says. George eventually decided to make the move from his home in Brockport to the Hawthorne in Brighton, where he can live his life as self-sufficiently as possible while receiving assistance with a few aspects of day-to-day life. This is what assisted living is all about: remaining as independent as possible while taking advantage of services to help continue to live an active, engaged life. Residents at the Hawthorne will now have an even greater ability to age in place with the addition

of the Enhanced Assisted Living Residence (EALR) licensure recently approved through the New York State Department of Health. This designation allows Hawthorne staff to implement additional support— above and beyond that of traditional assisted living care—to keep residents living where they wish for as long as possible. Charlie Runyon, St. John’s President and CEO, calls the approval of this EALR designation a milestone for St. John’s and current and future residents. “Our ability to help people age in place more comfortably while allowing them to utilize their resources more efficiently will bring meaningful benefits to our residents for years to come. Providing this increased level of care promises to significantly strengthen the St. John’s spectrum of care.” Kristen Patton, program manager at the Hawthorne, is in agreement. “The enhanced assisted living license will allow us to provide that total scope of care much easier,” she says. However, she describes care partners, nurses, and other members of the Hawthorne care team working collaboratively all along to identify the changing needs of residents before they reach a critical issue. She touts the “all hands on deck” approach to caring for residents that has occurred for years in a community smaller than most other assisted living options in the area (the Hawthorne can care for up to 42 residents). Kristen

October 15, 2017: George Dunn cuts ribbon on Hawthorne renovation project. adds: “we really pride ourselves on managing the changing needs that come with aging. We happily do the leg work to facilitate securing any needed medications, medical devices, or other services that someone may need that can make life better for everyone living here.” The EALR license gives St. John’s the ability to keep people living at the Hawthorne longer by ramping up the types of services that would fall outside of the retention standards of traditional assisted living. These tasks include help with transfers (standing from a chair or bed), assistance with bathing, incontinence management, more frequent safety checks, meal reminders, diabetes management, injections, and eye drops. “Residents can even get daily showers,” says Kristen. “Our ability to help with these activities of daily living really can make a difference in our residents’ ability to remain here longer and stay out of the hospital.” That peace of mind has made all the difference for the family of George Dunn, whose wife Betty now also resides at the Hawthorne. “We have four children who are all happy we’re here,” says George. “I know they appreciate that they don’t have to hold their breath every time the phone rings.”

Learn more about the Hawthorne and schedule a tour today! Visit communities/st-johns-meadows/assistedliving-apartments.


Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage


Rochester, NY Permit #87

150 Highland Avenue Rochester, NY 14620

Age in America Comes to St. John’s Journalist Meg LaPorte founded Age in America—a blog project started in 2017—to help dispel common misconceptions of aging while chronicling the lives of older adults across the country. Meg recently visited Rochester and spent two days interviewing St. John’s residents to be highlighted in upcoming stories. Be sure to visit in the coming weeks to see stories from several people throughout the St. John’s organization.

Golf Tournament Raises Record Amount With over 150 golfers, volunteers, and friends in attendance, St. John’s Golf Tournament raised nearly $100,000! Net profits of $80,000 will benefit residents of St. John’s communities throughout the upcoming year. A special thank you to staff, leadership, and volunteers for all of your hard work. Congratulations also go to tournament chair Tom Gears and title sponsor Alesco Advisors. Save the date for our 30th annual Golf Tournament: Monday, July 15, 2019 at Midvale Country Club!

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