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Merit Grams: Recognition for Impactful Work Vision St. John’s will lead and inspire a shift in society’s views of elderhood by embracing and celebrating life’s experiences.

Mission St. John’s embraces life with vibrant, caring, and life-affirming relationships.

Hundreds of times over the past few years, St. John’s residents, their

family members, and even fellow team members have taken the opportunity to acknowledge an employee or group of employees for exemplary service. Most of these testimonials are communicated through the Merit Gram program, which provides anyone who is compelled to recognize an employee a formalized way to acknowledge a positive experience. To recognize a St. John’s staff member or a team of employees, you can receive a Merit Gram at the concierge desk of any St. John’s community or through St. John’s Work Life Department. Completed forms can be returned to the Work Life office at St. John’s Home. The following are just a few examples of recent Merit Grams we have received.

We embrace living by being... Friendly Respectful Responsive Compassionate Innovative Fun

Editor Tom Harner

Contributor Keaghlan Morrissey

Vice President of Marketing Jennifer Lesinski

Chief Executive Officer Charlie Runyon

Executive Director, St. John’s Foundation Anne Mc Kenna

Celeste Mbuyee and Nesha Nixon We recently received a note from St. John's Meadows resident Jim Braker giving thanks for the care his wife received during a recent rehabilitation stint at St. John's Home. In addition to expressing "thanks for the good care your team provided," the Brakers took time to acknowledge two particular members of the Dahlia neighborhood: "Celestine Mbuyee, whose quiet, caring manner showed respect to a patient that was very reassuring and much appreciated. For her, this did not seem just a 'job' but an opportunity to render a caring manner." Additionally, "Nesha Nixon demonstrated a splendid combination of personal caring and overseeing and supervising the nursing staff while on shift. Amidst the whirlwind of responsibilities she was prompt to respond, demonstrating wisdom and respect for the patient."

Barbara Outerson and Yahaira Cisnero Brickstone resident Barbara Outterson recently wrote a glowing recommendation of an outstanding employee. “I would like to commend Yahaira Cisnero who has been providing housekeeping services for me for over one year,” Barbara writes. “Ms. Cisnero is prompt, reliable, thorough, and organized in her work. In addition, she thinks ahead and plans to include any project which needs doing. If I want her to add a task such as sweeping off the porch, she makes time to do it. Besides her work, she is a pleasant and cheerful presence in my home.” Barbara added.

Kenny Johnson It is not uncommon for one writer to pen Merit Grams in honor of multiple staff members. Thus was the case in February, when we received a handful of testimonials from Charles Jenkins—a family member of a resident living on the Lilac neighborhood at St. John’s Home. One of the employees Charles had great things to say about was shahbaz Kenny Johnson. He wrote: “Ken is courteous, helpful, (and) responsive to (resident’s) needs. He is a compassionate person. His outgoing, friendly personality is nice to see.”

There are times when we receive incredible, sweeping testimonials about the impact our work has on residents and those who are close to them. These notes reinforce the notion that St. John’s hires the most compassionate, caring people who rise to the occasion when helping others. Check out this touching tribute to St. John’s staff from the family of Carolyn Rosica:

Carolyn Rosica and AmySue Ras


Great Stories about Great People We are always updating our collection of

wonderful stories chronicling the people who live, work, and volunteer at St. John’s. We find that the best way to describe just how great of a place St. John’s can be is to feature the people who make it such a vibrant community. Our “Faces of St. John’s” page tells the stories of dozens of people who continue to touch our lives. Here, you will find the story of Harriet Weiss, a recent recipient of rehabilitation services at St. John’s Home. You will learn about the special volunteer project that led to James Goldammer returning to St. John’s Meadows several years after his father—a former resident—passed away. You will meet Green House Home resident Carol Laniak, who says of her new surroundings: “I am really happy here. Just about everyone makes me feel at home.”

James Goldammer

Take some time to get to know the incredible people that make St. John’s a truly unique place to be. See these great stories at Carol Laniak and son Mark

Five Star Improvements in Skilled Services St. John’s saw a significant, positive rise in clinical outcomes throughout 2018. The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) measure of “Quality of Resident Care” jumped from 3 to 5 stars. This rating takes in to account the outcomes from 31 clinical measures and the improvement speaks volumes about the standard of care achieved through the small homes model. The St. John’s Green House Homes in Penfield recently reached a 5-star overall CMS rating and was designated as a “Best Nursing Home” by US News and World Reports. Congratulations to all involved in the continuing clinical success! Learn more about the movement that is driving this success:



t. John’s is grateful to all who contributed to St. John’s Foundation from August 1, 2018 through January 31, 2019. Your gifts support our vision of enhancing the lives of St. John’s residents through social programming, physical fitness activities, creative and recreational arts therapy, and spiritual programming. Donors who give a minimum of $500 per year to the Annual Fund are acknowledged as members of the Highland Park Society.

ANNUAL FUND Highland Park Society

Leaders ($10,000+) Generations Child and Elder Care Mr. and Mrs. James G. Gould M&T Bank Mr. and Mrs. James H. McBride Postler & Jaeckle Corp Founders ($5,000 - $9,999) Alesco Advisors, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Dominick Mancini Northwest Charitable Foundation, Inc. Spindler Family Foundation Ms. Robin J. Spindler Mr. amd Mrs. John E. Van de Wetering Ms. Jennifer E. Vogler Patrons ($2,500 - $4,999) Mr. and Mrs. Robert Boehner Benefactors ($1,000 - $2,499) Louis P. and Betty A. Iacona Fund Dolores and Philip Neivert Fund Frederick F. O’Connor Trust Ms. Mary Anne Palermo Pathfinder Engineers & Architects Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. Runyon Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Smith The Lutheran Church of Concord Rudolph & Rose Wollner Charitable Trust Sponsors ($500 - $999) Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bartlett Ms. Diane and Mr. Philip Bogaczyk Ms. Joanne and Mr. Ed Braeunle Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Briggs Mrs. Julia Daley Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Reformation Dr. and Mrs. James C. Galloway Ms. Virginia M. Hartley Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church Ms. Michele and Mr. Andy Manzer Mr. Dean Moore Ms. Sheila and Mr. Dan O’Brien Mr. and Mrs. David P. Penney Dr. Rena Pine Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Spina Mr. Nate Sweeney Mr. David Tang and Dr. Olena M. Prokopovych Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Tucker Mr. and Mrs. Louis Visco Ms. Diane Wiley Mrs. Janet T. Wixom

Friends of St. John’s

Contributors ($250 - $499) Mr. and Mrs. Peter Affolter Anonymous B. Giambrone & Co. Veteran Food Sales Ms. Patricia M. Brogan Ms. Eileen M. Brooks and Mr. Douglas M. Brooks Ms. Ann C. DeFazio Mr. Erwin Delano Dr. Kenneth V. Dodgson ExxonMobil Foundation

Mr. Patrick Flaherty Mr. Michael E. Flint Mr. and Mrs. Pete Giovenco Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Huff Ms. Euleta Ilissoo Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Knox Mr. James Kolovos and Ms. Anne E. Miller Ms. Jean and Mr. George Loomis Ms. Anna E. Lynch Manning & Napier Advisors, LLC Mr. Robert S. Martin Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Medici National Association of Watch & Clockmakers GVC Ms. Barbara Nussmann Ms. Lois J. Rogers Mr. Steven O. Russell Ms. Virginia H. Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Servé Mr. and Mrs. Edward Shaw Ms. Paula Slade Ms. Wendy B. Strauss Trinity Emmanuel Lutheran Church Mr. Michael Waters Friends ($1 - $249) Ms. Nancy and Mr. Peter Adams Anonymous (26) Ms. Dawn Aprile Ms. Elise Banser Ms. Kathleen Barnwell and Ms. Claire Barnwell Ms. Rosanne Barone Ms. Merithew H. Benington Mr. David Bermudez Ms. Elynore J. Booth Mr. Raymond Bottner Mr. and Mrs. George A. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Brownyard, Sr. Ms. Nancy J. Burns Mr. John Callaghan Ms. Brooke Camacho Mr. Donald T. Campanelli Mr. and Mrs. Renier F. Chaintreuil Mr. Thomas F. Chase Ms. Gweneth A. Cheney Ms. Isoda Chin Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Chippero Ms. Clara Ciavatta Dr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Citro Ms. Susan Clark Ms. Caron A. Coapman Ms. Kristin Coffie Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Cooper, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Roy H. Copeland Ms. Joyce L. Crosetto Mr. Scott N. Curtis Ms. Linda Cutter Mr. and Mrs. Robert Daitz Ms. Carolyn M. Daniels Ms. Nancy DeRycke Mr. and Mrs. John F. DiGiovanni Lt. Michael DiGiovanni Mr. Michael Domaratz Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Donaloio Ms. Nancy P. Dontzin

Ms. Linda Double Ms. Joyce Downey-Frank Ms. Gwen D. Drake Ms. Valerie and Mr. William Drexler Mr. and Mrs. Scott B. Dunlap Mr. David S. Durfee Mrs. Adrienne Dykeman Mr. and Mrs. Robert Earl Ms. and Mr. Carl Eller Mr. and Mrs. Joel Elliot Ms. Berdjouhi Esmerian Ms. Theresa Fahy Mrs. Barbara M. Feola Mrs. Pamela Ferguson Mr. and Mrs. Donald Fiorini Ms. Marcia D. Fitch Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey P. Flannigan Ms. Jeanne Flye Ms. Janet Fontanez Mr. Taylor Freitas Mr. Bruce Horowitz and Ms. Beverly Gold Mr. Jeffrey Goldstone Dr. and Mrs. Alan E. Graffam Ms. Marsha L. Greenberg Ms. Megan M. Gridley Ms. Joanne Gugliotta Gunars and Ann K. Rugelis Living Trust Mr. David A. Haas Ms. Dorothy B. Haelen Mr. James A. Haglund Ms. Bianca L. Halewski Ms. Helen Halewski, Ph.D. Ms. Rosann M. Hamdy Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Heary Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Hedin Mr. and Mrs. Warren Heilbronner Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Heilman Mrs. Joyce J. Henck Mr. and Mrs. Eugene A. Hettel Ms. Janet C. Hickman Mr. John C. Hines Mr. and Mrs. Will Hinkston Mr. John B. Hodgetts Ms. Marguerite Holderle Mr. and Mrs. H. Larry Humm Mr. Alfonso Ip Ms. Patricia A. Irr ITX Corporation Mr. Thomas J. Johnston Mr. James E. Keenan Ms. Barbara Kesel Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Kirchhoff Dr. and Mrs. David N. Kluge Ms. Carole Knight Ms. Anne M. Korenstein Ms. Eliza B. Kozlowski Ms. Joan M. Kramer Mrs. Ethelyn Krauss Ms. Stephanie Krebbeks Mr. and Mrs. Georg Kroner, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Krusenstjerna Mr. Alan B. Kubarek Mr. and Mrs. Paul LaChappelle Mr. and Mrs. John Lacitignola Mr. John J. Larish


30th Annual Golf Tournament It is hard to believe that nearly three decades have passed since Ron Schroeder (pictured on right) served as chair for the first St. John’s Golf Tournament. The 30th edition of the tournament tees off on Monday, July 15 at Midvale Country Club. To get involved with this great event, contact Taylor Freitas, development manager, at 585-760-2464.

Ms. Kathleen LaValley Ms. Judith A. Lazenby Ms. Bonnie R. LeClear Mr. and Mrs. Richard Leinbach Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Lesinski Ms. Renee L. Liebschutz Ms. Dorothy L. Little Mr. and Mrs. George Magin Mr. and Mrs. Jack Maniloff Ms. Anne and Mr. Francis Mc Kenna Ms. Katherine McCormick Mrs. Linda McCoy Ms. Mary Janet M. McElrath Ms. Judy McTigue Dr. George McVey Mr. Dan Meagher Ms. Tamara Mechtovich Ms. Carmel S. Merrill Mr. Walter D. Meyer Ms. Kristine Mich Ms. Shirley S. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Mooney Ms. Alice M. Morse Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence F. Nazarian Mr. Terry Neilon Ms. Kristin Neufeld Mr. and Mrs. John F. Nuccitelli Ms. Shannon Oliverio Ms. Mary Margaret K. Palmer Mr. James R. Parker Mr. Michael D. Perri Mr. and Mrs. William H. Pestke Ms. Sue and Mr. Scott Pizzingrilli Mrs. Bethel Ann Powers Ms. Rebecca and Mr. Christopher Priest Rev. C. Raymond Probst Ms. Frances Ratcliffe Ms. Patricia Rate Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Read Mr. James G. Reed Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Regan Mr. and Mrs. Clark Reid Mrs. Nancy Reitkopp Ms. Nancy M. Rhodes Mr. Antonio Rivera Ms. Irene Robinson Ms. Jeanne B. Rowe Ms. Cara Rusinko Salem United Church of Christ


Mrs. Jeanne Salvaggio Mr. Joseph M. Santarella Mr. Leendert Schaap Mrs. Ida Sharp Ms. Victoria Shaughnessy Ms. Bridget Shumway Dr. and Mrs. Albert L. Sieg Mr. and Mrs. Benton R. Simons Mr. and Mrs. John S. Sinacore Ms. Celeste M. Siringo Ms. Esther Smalline Ms. Debra Smarsh Mr. C. Acker L. Smith Ms. Angelina F. Snyder Ms. Hollie A. Stenglein Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Sterner Mr. and Mrs. Glen Suckling Mr. Lawrence Sutton Mr. Peter Swift Mr. Anthony Taravella Ms. Ruth A. Templeton Ms. Jana Luckey Thompkins Mr. Timothy Toal Ms. Libby Tucker Ms. Jana Tushingham Mr. and Mrs. James M. Underwood Mrs. Barbara Van Morrelgem Ms. Krista Vardabash Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Visco Ms. Christine Wagenblass Mr. and Mrs. John Walker Mr. Theodore Wallace Ms. Laura Wetmore Mr. John C. Williams Mr. Lawrence Witmer Ms. Autumn Wormuth Mr. George H. Yeadon and Ms. Faith D. Adams DPM


Ms. Nancy and Mr. Peter Adams Mr. William C. Andreas Ms. Cindi A. Andrews Ms. Diana Apollonio Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Armstrong Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Arneson Ms. Helen Arnold Mr. and Mrs. David Attridge Ms. Christa Baraniak

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Barclay Ms. Judy Barillo Mr. and Mrs. Gerald H. Barnhart Ms. Kathleen Barnwell and Ms. Claire Barnwell Ms. Rosanne Barone Ms. Marie Bartell Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bartlett Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Bileschi Ms. Luba Bilozir Mr. Peter P. Black Ms. Judith Blake Mrs. Janice Blodgett Mr. Ralph E. Boston Mrs. Wyan J. Bovay Ms. Carol J. Bradshaw Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Briggs Ms. Carol A. Brink Ms. Kay E Brockway Mr. Wayne Burdett Mr. Kevin Campbell Ms. Harriet Caputo Mr. and Mrs. Renier F. Chaintreuil Mr. and Mrs. Mark G. Chamberlain Ms. and Mr. Donna Chamberlin Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Cichetti Ms. Nancy Clarkson Ms. Jane Cole Mr. and Mrs. Lionello Collia Ms. Sandra J. Colocino Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Compisi Ms. Mary Conte Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Cortese Ms. Christine Costello Mr. Raymond J. Cotroneo Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Cowley Ms. Vonshaye Crosby Ms. Maureen Crough Reverend Sarah Culp Mrs. Patricia M. Curran Ms. Linda Cutter Ms. Janet Czopryna Mr. and Mrs. William Dausey Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Deiure Ms. Leslie E. DesMarteau Ms. Maria DiMora Ms. Diane DiRoberto Mr. and Mrs. David C. Drennan Ms. Valerie and Mr. William Drexler Ms. Berle Driscoll Mr. James C. Dunnington Mrs. Barbara Dvorozniak Ms. Susan Edelman Mr. and Mrs. Carl Eller Mrs. Janet G. Elman Mr. and Mrs. Joseph K. Enge Mr. Charles G. Fantauzzo Mr. and Mrs. John Felsen Ms. Sandra Ferguson Ms. Ann M. Fite Ms. Wendy Flynn Mr. Adam Fornof Mr. Gary Forslin Ms. Barbara J. Freese Mr. Taylor Freitas Mr. and Mrs. Warren Gager Mr. and Mrs. Edward Gefell Ms. Elizabeth K. Germain Ms. Paula G. Gianforti Ms. Ann Grace Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Graham Ms. Elizabeth Gruttadaurio Ms. Charlotte E. Guenther

Mr. Susan M. Gunsalus Mr. David A. Haas Ms. Dorothy B. Haelen Mr. and Mrs. John Hammele Rev. Dr. Paul L. Hammer Ms. Nancy L. Hanushek Mr. and Mrs. Duncan G. Harris Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Heilman Mr. Scott A. Hendler Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Herzog Mr. and Mrs. Eugene A. Hettel Mr. George W. Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Huff Ms. Rose Mary K. Hughes Ms. Ruth P. Illingsworth Ms. Ronann Imburgia Ms. Rosemarie Imburgia Ms. Luella J. Ingleby Mr. and Mrs. Ken Ireland Ms. Jill B. Jensen Ms. Marlea Johncox Ms. Sheila J. Keeler Ms. Laura Kellogg Ms. Paula Keneally Ms. Cathryn A. Kernehan Ms. Susan Kettell Mr. James E. Kidd Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kingsley Mr. Charles H. Knolle Mr. and Mrs. James E. Koller Mr. James Kolovos and Ms. Anne E. Miller Mr. Toula Kolovos Ms. Anne M. Korenstein Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Korhumel Ms. Eliza B. Kozlowski Mr. and Mrs. Charles Krusenstjerna Mr. Chey Khue La Mr. and Mrs. Paul LaChappelle Mr. and Mrs. John Lacitignola Ms. Marjorie C. LaDue Ms. Nancy J. Lake Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lancer Mr. William C. Lang Mr. John F. LaTemple Ms. Kathleen LaValley Mr. and Mrs. David Lazzar Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Leach Ms. Norma N. Leach Ms. Sharon Leigh Mr. Robert J. Lighthouse Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Lochner Ms. Dianne P. Lochner Ms. Michele A. Lochner Ms. Carol A. Lomedico Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Lorraine Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Love Mr. John A. Luckey Mr. Robert Luckey Ms. Anna E. Lynch Ms. Angela MacDonald Mr. and Mrs. George C. Magin Mr. and Mrs. Paul Maier Mr. and Mrs. Dominick Mancini Mr. and Mrs. Jack Maniloff Mr. and Mrs. Andy Manzer Mr. and Mrs. Tim Marianetti Estate of Eugene H. Marks Ms. Nancy Pierce Marsden Ms. Paula Mastrolonardo Ms. Ann M. McGovern Ms. Anne and Mr. Francis Mc Kenna Ms. Patricia S. McKenna Ms. Judy McTigue

Mr. and Mrs. Austin C. Mee Mr. Robert A. Merrill Mrs. Martha Meskutovecz Ms. Barbara G. Mestler Ms. Pamela A. Mestler Ms. Alida K. Meyer Mr. Walter D. Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Michael Mrs. Maureen Minavio Ms. Elaine A. Mokhiber Mrs. Gillian A. Monell Ms. Maria M. Montalvo Ms. Lisa A. Morreall Ms. Mary Beth Musto Chanh Thi Nguyen Mr. David Nowatka NY Omicron Master Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi Ms. Sheila and Mr. Dan O’Brien Mrs. Frances O’Connell Holdren Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Orlowski Mr. and Mrs. Harold Osborne Ms. Carol K. Otte Ms. Cherie and Mr. John Palmer Ms. Linda Pancoast Mr. and Mrs. Clark Parker Mrs. Patricia J. Parks Mr. and Mrs. William Pasnak Ms. Nancy S. Petrich Ms. Julie Phillips-Oriel and Mr. Jim Oriel Dr. Rena Pine Ms. Linda Pink Ms. Carol Powers Mrs. Mary B. Pray Rev. C. Raymond Probst Ms. Catherine Radie Ms. Dianne Reber Ms. Michelle Redonnet Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Reid Ms. Esta Richter Ms. Barbara Riley Ms. Goldie Rogers Ms. Lois J. Rogers Mr. and Mrs. John Rohl Ms. Joanne Roides Ms. Christine Rosica Ms. Neva Rude Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. Runyon Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Russell Mr. and Mrs. Raymond P. Sacheli Ms. Ann Sartwell Mr. and Mrs. James J. Saturno Ms. Jacqueline Sauter Ms. Laura Scardino Mr. Robert S. Scherzi Ms. Pamela Scott Mr. Roger Secor Mr. Michael Shafer Mr. and Mrs. David W. Shaffer Ms. Gail Ann Short Ms. Bridget Shumway Ms. Anne Sifuentes Ms. Anita L. Simmons Ms. Celeste M. Siringo Ms. Elaine M. Smith Mrs. Lori-Ann Smith Mr. and Mrs. Ronald F. Spindler Mr. and Mrs. Francis P. St. George Ms. Hollie A. Stenglein Mr. and Mrs. Matt Stepnowski, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Stubbe Mr. and Mrs. Glen Suckling Mr. and Mrs. Paul Suhr Mr. Peter Swift

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Talbot Ms. Rosie Taravella and Mr. Scott Goodrich Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Thiell Ms. Jana Luckey Thompkins Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Tyndall, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James F. Usselman Ms. Jennifer Valentine Mrs. Barbara Van Morrelgem Ms. Roberta A. Vanhanehem Ms. Krista Vardabash Mr. David Vercruysse Mr. and Mrs. Paul Vick Mr. Dennis Vogler Ms. Jennifer E. Vogler Ms. Eleanor A. Volpe Ms. Christine Wagenblass Ms. Joyce M. Wagstaff Ms. Marilyn Walkowicz Mr. and Mrs. William C. Wallace, Jr. Ms. Kathleen H. White Mr. John C. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Wilmot, Jr. Ms. Nancy J. Wilson Mrs. Janet T. Wixom Ms. Joyce C. Wright Ms. Sheila Zappala Ms. Amy Zeusler Ms. Anna Zeusler Ms. Mary J. Zink


Ms. Sara Fuschetto Mr. Wilmot W. Irish Mr. and Mrs. Ron Maggio Dr. Amy J. Mason and Dr. Thomas DeRosa Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Messner Rev. and Mrs. Vincent S. Parks III Dr. Rena Pine Dr. Heather R. Sobel and Dr. Darren A. Tabechian

SENIOR HOUSING EMPLOYEE FUND IN APPRECIATION OF THE EMPLOYEES OF ST. JOHN’S MEADOWS AND BRICKSTONE BY ST. JOHN’S Ms. Shirley M. Adams Mr. and Mrs. Peter Affolter Mr. E. Lee Allen Ms. Susan L. Andersen Mrs. Nina M. Andolina Mr. William C. Andreas Anonymous (6) Ms. Norma Baisch Ms. Susanne Barrett Ms. Marguerite E. Bashaw Mrs. Betty Bebak Ms. Virginia S. Belt Ms. Sue Bement Ms. Merithew H. Benington Ms. Eleanor K. Bluhm Mr. Donald J. Bogdanski Ms. Elynore J. Booth Mr. Roger J. Boulay Mrs. Wyan J. Bovay Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Bowman Mrs. Pauline W. Bradbury Ms. Carol J. Bradshaw Mr. and Mrs. James A. Braker Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brandt Ms. Carol A. Brink Ms. Patricia M. Brogan Mr. and Mrs. George A. Brown



Ms. Rosemary Browne Mr. Robert W. Brownell Ms. Marilyn S. Burnham Ms. Nancy J. Burns Ms. Helen L. Burrell Ms. Dorothy J. Cantore Ms. Mary Carlton Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Carr Ms. Elizabeth Cashion Ms. Lisa A. Cashmere Ms. Marion B. Caulkins Ms. Gweneth A. Cheney Ms. Marilyn F. Colby Mr. and Mrs. Milton H. Coleman Ms. Jane C. Connor Mr. and Mrs. Roy H. Copeland Mr. William L. Copperwheat Mr. Willis T. Cowing Mr. David P. Crawford Ms. Joyce L. Crosetto Ms. Marianne Cullinan Ms. Mary J. Cupolo Ms. Mary Cymber Ms. Donna Fae Dadson Ms. Carolyn M. Daniels Ms. Jacqueline A. Davidson Ms. Jane R. Davis Ms. Muriel J. Dech Ms. Ann C. DeFazio Ms. Virginia Dekin and Ms. Saundra Ehman Mrs. Elizabeth M. Dempsey Ms. Bernyce A. Derman Mrs. Carolyn DiStasio Mr. and Mrs. Henry Dixon Dr. Kenneth V. Dodgson Ms. Lucy Donofrio Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Donoghue Ms. Gwen D. Drake Mr. and Mrs. Scott B. Dunlap Mr. George T. Dunn Mr. David S. Durfee Ms. Pamela B. Erwin Ms. Regina Eskin Ms. Berdjouhi Esmerian Ms. Carole A. Evans Ms. Gina Fedele Ms. Rhea Feinberg Mr. John L. Fichtner, Jr. Ms. Patricia Fine Ms. Alice J. Fishbeck Mr. and Mrs. Mason B. Fitch Mr. Richard S. Fitts Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Flanigan Ms. Helen S. Fliss Ms. Virginia B. Fogle Ms. Rae P. Fradkin Dr. Suzanne R. Fried Ms. Karyl P. Friedman Ms. M. Lois Gauch Ms. Elizabeth Gerling Ms. Marion H. Ginegaw Ms. Gertrude L. Gober Dr. and Mrs. Alan E. Graffam Ms. Jeannette M. Grant Ms. Sheila M. Growney Ms. Charlotte E. Guenther Ms. L. J. Gumbiner Ms. Suella C. Habbersett Ms. Joan H. Hacker Ms. Jeanne Halasinski Ms. Bianca L. Halewski Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Hall Ms. Dorothy M. Halligan Ms. Rosann M. Hamdy

Mr. and Mrs. John Hammele Mr. and Mrs. John R. Hanson Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Hargrave Ms. Helen P. Heath Ms. Arlene Helget Mrs. Joyce J. Henck Ms. Ann E. Henderberg Mr. and Mrs. Albert L. Herpich Ms. Janet C. Hickman Ms. Gail S. Hirst Mr. George W. Hoffman Mr. John F. Holzwarth Dr. Elaine C. Hubbard Ms. Betty A. Hurley Ms. Patricia A. Irr Ms. Angelina Parillo Isgro Mr. Marc Jacobs Mr. and Mrs. David Jolkovski Ms. Ethel M. Jugle Mr. Karl S. Kabelac Ms. Ruth M. Kanyuck Ms. Marjorie Karowe Mr. James E. Keenan Ms. Judith Kharbas Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Kirchhoff Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Klein Ms. Carole Knight Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Knox Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Kranz Ms. Ellen Kremer Mr. and Mrs. Charles Krusenstjerna Ms. Isadora D. Kunitz Mr. and Mrs. John A. Lake Mr. Gordon Law Ms. Donna S. Lawrence Mr. and Mrs. Richard Leinbach Ms. Jane Levin Ms. Marj Lewish Ms. Renee L. Liebschutz Ms. Dorothy L. Little Ms. Armida N. Magee Ms. Alice B. Mahan Mr. and Mrs. Jack Maniloff Mr. Sidney S. Markus Ms. Annabelle V. Martin Ms. Kathleen McCusker Ms. Mary Janet M. McElrath Mrs. Joan S. McIver Ms. Patricia S. Ms. Joanne McMillion Dr. George McVey Ms. Beverly L. Mead Ms. Carmel S. Merrill Ms. Nancy M. Merz Mr. Archie Messenger Ms. Ruth J. Messinger Mrs. Ruth Michelson Mr. James A. Williams and Mrs. Elizabeth A. Milliken Ms. Alice M. Morse Ms. Barbara R. Murphy Ms. Elizabeth Myers Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Naber Mr. and Mrs. Earl R. Nagle Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence F. Nazarian Ms. Mildred G. Ness Ms. Kristin Neufeld Ms. Judith M. Norman Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Nothnagle Ms. Barbara Outterson Mr. and Mrs. James C. Owens Ms. Mary Margaret K. Palmer Ms. Carolyn G. Pardo Mr. and Mrs. Clark Parker

Ms. Elaine R. Patiky Ms. Carol A. Paul Mr. John S. Pearsall and Mr. Ed Rosenberg Ms. Carol R. Pearson Ms. Helen M. Pearson Mr. and Mrs. David Penney Ms. Christine Perry Mr. and Mrs. David F. Petherbridge Ms. Nancy S. Petrich Mr. and Mrs. James V. Philippone Mr. and Mrs. Roger Printup Rev. C. Raymond Probst Ms. Janice K. Proctor Ms. Margaret E. Pum Ms. Frances Ratcliffe Mr. and Mrs. Gerald I. Read Mr. James G. Reed Mrs. Nancy Reitkopp Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Reynolds Ms. Nancy M. Rhodes Mr. David E. Rice Ms. Diana M. Robinson, Ph.D. Ms. Lois J. Rogers Ms. Roslyn Rose Blou Ms. Joyce M. Rotach Ms. Jeanne B. Rowe Mr. Merton Rubens Ms. Linda G. Ruda Ms. Brenda P. Rutt Mr. and Mrs. Arthur B. Ryan Ms. Virginia H. Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Sabo Mrs. Mary Sarantis Mr. and Mrs. Harold A. Schwartz Mrs. Ida Sharp Ms. Beneta Silberstern Mr. and Mrs. Benton R. Simons Ms. Jackie Simpson Mrs. Angela Sinacore Ms. Reva Sipser Ms. Esther Smalline Mrs. Betty J. Smith Ms. Rosalind L. Smith Ms. Angelina F. Snyder Mr. and Mrs. O. David Steider Mrs. Patricia W. Steinkraus Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Sterner, Jr. Mrs. Jacqueline Stricker Mr. Peter Swift Ms. Gussie Tanenhaus Mr. and Mrs. Richard Taylor Ms. Nancy Templeman Ms. Ruth A. Templeton Ms. Celia Tognetti Ms. Elizabeth Trinkl Ms. Jane L. Tschiderer Mr. and Mrs. Wayne E. Turner Mr. and Mrs. Fred Tytler Mr. and Mrs. James M. Underwood Mr. and Mrs. John E. Van de Wetering Mrs. Doris P. Van Vechten Ms. Joan E. Varone Ms. Jean C. Vincent Ms. Eleanor A. Volpe Ms. Barbara B. Walker Mr. and Mrs. John Walker Mr. Theodore Wallace Ms. Shirley J. Wallace Scott Ms. Clara E. Warren Ms. Jane C. Watkin Mr. and Mrs. John W. Weber Mr. Albert P. Weiner Ms. Ruth Weiss Ms. Elizabeth E. Whitehead

Ms. Gertrude Wiegert Ms. Irma R. Wiener Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Wilder Ms. Maureen A. Williams Mr. and Mrs. James W. Williford Mrs. Jean Williford Mr. and Mrs. Charles Winter Mr. and Mrs. Dennis L. Witte Mr. and Mrs. Eugene F. Wolfarth Mrs. Doris B. Wright Ms. Sarisa H. Zoghlin


Anonymous (12) Reverend Sarah Culp Ms. Sharon Ana A. Entress The Max and Marian Farash Charitable Foundation Ms. Rae P. Fradkin Mr. and Mrs. David R. Kaufman Joseph G. & Pat Murray Kelly Fund for Theological Education Ms. Janis H. Wolpin


Tribute gifts to St. John’s Foundation are a meaningful way for donors to honor or memorialize loved ones. In memory of Vincent Bebak Ms. Jacqueline A. Davidson In memory of Earla Black Mr. and Mrs. Robert Latella ExxonMobil Foundation In memory of Sam Boni Mr. Richard Boni Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Kick Ms. Patricia VanOrman In memory of David Brockway Ms. Kay E Brockway In memory of Leon Bufano Ms. Anne and Mr. Francis Mc Kenna In memory of Esther Cable Ms. Ann C. DeFazio Ms. Donna L. Fisher Ms. Suella C. Habbersett In memory of Fayette Chippero Ms. Mariellen Finster Mr. and Mrs. John Gardner Mr. and Mrs. Timothy M. Inglis Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Wells Mrs. Melissa Wormer In memory of Mary Grace Cichetti Mrs. and Mr. Joanne Cichetti Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd P. Irish In memory of Rose A. Ferrara Mr. and Mrs. John Felsen In memory of Jean Gerhartz Mr. William Gerhartz Loomis House In memory of L.W. Hague Mr. Douglas I. Hague In memory of Tom Hall Mr. and Mrs. David Schlede In memory of Richard Harmon Ms. Deborah H. Bouknight In memory of Claire Hayes Mr. John Bullen Genesee and Ontario Model N-Gineers

In memory of Shirley Hughes Mr. Douglas Hughes

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Celebrating Social Work Month Social workers and elder advocates play crucial roles in the success of St. John’s. They address the social and emotional needs of residents and their family members while connecting them with services and supports that help them thrive. During National Professional Social Work Month in March, we asked each of our compassionate professionals why they chose social work. To see their answers, visit


New Learning Program Sparks Greater Empathy in Youth and Older Adults At first listen, the chatter sounds much like a

typical afternoon conversation in any sixth grade classroom in America. The discussions flow freely and it does not take long for the participants to find common ground. “Friendships are very important,” Gloria Stuhlmiller says to a student, who nods in agreement. “That’s what it’s all about.” As Gloria goes on, it becomes clear that this is more than just your average exchange between middle school students. “Friendships change, and sometimes you lose them. They get sick, they move away. It isn’t always easy.” The Harley School in Pittsford is not a typical grade school, which explains why Gloria and five of her fellow residents from St. John’s Meadows are circled up with seven sixth graders on this Tuesday afternoon in a second floor classroom. The six older adults are the second group to be invited to participate in W.I.S.E. (Working Together: Student/ Senior Intergenerational Exchange), a program that started at the Harley School this past fall.

Harley is known for developing collaborative educational opportunities for students to make their community a better place; including the awardwinning hospice course that nearly half of the school’s senior student population volunteers for each year.


Sybil Prince—a psychiatric social worker who joined the school in January 2018—developed and implemented W.I.S.E. as a way to give younger students a meaningful experience collaborating with older adults, while progressively setting and meeting goals based on their weekly interactions. “The idea is to help them (the students) become more aware of what it is like to be an older adult and to feel more comfortable conversing with them,” says Prince, who also oversees the hospice class through Harley’s Center for Mindfulness and Empathy Education. Each 10-week trimester gives students a unique opportunity to interview older adults from St. John’s. The goal is to give students a platform to allow them to better relate to and understand people from vastly different backgrounds. As Prince was creating the curriculum for W.I.S.E., she envisioned St. John’s as the potential source for participants in their seventies, eighties, and nineties. Her previous role working as a geriatric care manager around the Rochester community brought her to St. John’s regularly, where she noticed a unique spirit of cooperation. Prince worked closely with another social worker—Chantel Foster—now resident life director at St. John’s Meadows. According to Foster, this new program was uniquely aligned with the type of intergenerational programing St. John’s was already offering. “Sybil had hoped to bring about a collaboration with a senior community to deepen

mutual learning and understanding for the students,” says Foster. “I had been dreaming about new ways to partner with children in an intergenerational program.” Within a matter of weeks, the two social workers were planning for a fall launch. When Don Hornburg looks back at his career, he separates his work history into three parts. After being pushed into an early retirement after working in the science and business fields, Hornburg spent 17 years as substitute teacher with the Hilton School District. “I enjoyed the teaching the most,” he says, referencing his ability to share his own personal stories and relate to students. “Kids like something different, and I was a different kind of teacher.” As he takes the three-mile bus ride to the Harley School every week, Hornburg finds that he is once again able to influence the learning experience of students in a positive way. “We’re at an age where we aren’t as able to get around and do things as much as we once were,” Horburg says. He enthusiastically participates in W.I.S.E. and believes the benefits of the program flow both ways. “I’m enjoying these kids. I really get a lot of out of this. And I think it’s really beneficial for them to interact with us older people. So many young people don’t have their grandparents around.” W.I.S.E. fills a certain gap for the participating St. John’s residents as well. Several of these older adults report

that their own grandchildren and great-grandchildren are often spread across the country, giving them less time to spend with them. This meaningful activity gives them the opportunity to interact with this next generation of school children and maybe even provides greater sense of purpose in their lives. Prince cannot help but smile when she sees St. John’s residents walk through the school’s entryway. “I love the idea of bringing residents here—getting them out and having them come be a part of our school environment,” she says. However, she insists that St. John’s residents who travel to the Harley School every week are by no means passive contributors to a school project. “Everything the students do the elders do as well. They all help each other and learn from each other.”


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Follow St. John’s in the News St. John’s residents, employees, and programs have been the focus of several news stories over the past few months. These features have garnered media attention through a variety of local news outlets as well as with national publications like McKnight’s Long-Term Care and LeadingAge Magazine. Check out and catch up on all of the great stories!

Hawthorne Renovations Near Completion The past year has brought a world of change for the Hawthorne, including the granting of a license to provide enhanced assisted living services to residents needing a greater level of care. A series of resident-focused renovations will be completed this spring. To catch up on the progress of the Hawthorne modernization project, visit

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