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insideThis issue Welcome back to DWV. This issue will be the first to appear on in it's full version and not a “Best-of” issue. Inside this issue the Doctor Who Movie and Karen Gillan on “Made in Manhattan” as well as Mr Copper sharing more of his nuggets of wisdom. Thank you for downloading this fan-made magazine.

Big Screen, Big Gamble! With David Yates planning a Doctor Who movie, Stephen Henderson asks whether the gamble of Gallifreyan proportions will pay off...


arry Potter director, David Yates (right) has revealed he will be directing a new feature film based on Doctor Who. The film will stand alone from the TV series in almost like a alternate universe in similar way to the Peter Cushing movies of the 60s. However speculation is rife on who will actually be steering the TARDIS on the silver screen. Yates told MTV news: “I can't really talk about it because it's such a long way away, you know, we're principally for a writer and we'll start with that. Anything has to start with a script, so that's more important. But we're getting someone else”

Asked what the reaction to the announcement was like he said, “[It's] wonderful. It's great! It's exciting! It's such a wonderful character and a wonderful world and it's exciting!” And in response of living up to the pressure of making the film a success he said “ I've lived with pressure for so long, so I'm like what's pressure? I don't know any more. It's fine. But it's a long journey and we're gonna take our time with it!”

Director, David Yates

However there have been some critics saying that it won't work having two versions of the Doctor at the same time... and for that argument I direct you to Sherlock Holmes. Discounting the many previous incarnations of Sherlock and just counting today we've got two very succesful versions of Holmes and Watson running side by side on film and TV – one of which is by Doctor Who's Steven Moffat and Mark Gattis – so there is no reason that two versions of the Doctor can't work.

Sherlock star, Benedict Cumberbach


“ ” we're getting



David Yates, Director

Benedict Cumberbach is brilliant as the eccentric detective – and he'd even do a good turn as the Doctor, but I imagine he'll be too busy with Sherlock to play the Doctor, but then again you never know. But there are definitely some dos and don'ts. The Peter Cushing movies were good at the time but they were adaptations of the Dalek TV stories which in a world without DVDs was fine but nowadays it won't work if we know what's about to happen having just seen in on the TV a year ago.

Peter Cushing, the 1st Movie Doctor

Also, you don't go for a total reboot, just changing absolutely everything just because you can. You've got to find the middle ground staying true to the TV series but making it that bit different. But if it's anything it's got to be EPIC!!

So who is actually going to play the big screen time lord. One name we can certainly rule out is Matt Smith, who is not only going to be too busy on the TV series, but also this is an ALTERNATE Doctor, so it has to be someone different, but Who? The biggest name that's been bandied about is Johnny Depp. Now, personally I think this is the way to go. He's played some zany and eccentric characters (The Mad Hatter, Willy Wonka and Jack Sparrow spring to mind) but also hard hitting acting so if he mixes the two, I think he'd be brilliant.

Johnny Depp

But if you're wanting to go down the British route maybe Eddie Izzard? He's a pretty surreal comic but also established himself as an actor and I could see it working.

“ ”

It's such a wonderful character and a wonderful world and it's exciting! David Yates, Director

Not the Doctor... Matt Smith & David Tennant If you believe the tabloid media, David Tennant has secretly been planning a Doctor Who movie with Russell T Davies ever since he left. (just to clear that up - he's not) , but as much as I'd like to see DT back in that pinstripe suit and trainers, I don't see this happening. David Yates wants to make this a whole new Doctor so just picking up someone who's no longer on the TV series is, frankly, a bit lazy.

Now a little side-step, Alan Rickman has got to be in this movie. He's a great actor and David Yates has worked with him on the Harry Potter movies. Now I'm not seeing Alan as the Doctor but as his nemesis, the Master. Don't you just want to hear that Snape voice back in the cinema saying “Helllloooo Doooocccccttttoooorrr”

Now, as all the tabloids do around the time of a new Doctor and go into rumour-mill meltdown naming all sort of very unlikely names, yet none of them ever think that this movie could be the launch pad for a bright new and unknown actor. Matt Smith was a relative unknown before he took on the role of Doctor Who and is now one of the biggest names on telly.

Alan Rickman

Not writing... Steven Moffat My final prediction into the mixing pot is this, Steven Moffat and Russell T Davies will NOT be writing this movie. This is nothing to do with the TV series and while they are great writers, having them write it would just make it a bit too much like the TV series. However, I wouldn't rule out one of the other occasional writers. So whether you think it's a good idea or not, Doctor Who is coming to a cinema near you.

Mr Copper's

universe OF FACTS We already know he knows nothing about Earthonomics, but what other nuggets of information does he have?

The Doctor found Willy Wonka's last golden ticket, yet gave it to Charlie Bucket, because if the Doctor wants to visit a chocolate factory – he just sonics his way in. Max Capricorn Cruise Liners is actually owned by Rupert Murdoch. Tony Blair successfully auditioned for the role of the Doctor's companion but pulled out at the last minute as the TARDIS had been painted blue. K9 once malfunctioned so badly that he was temporarily re-cast. Nicholas Parsons kindly stood in while K-9 was repaired. All we know is...The Doctor is not the Stig. At the academy, the Master once Sellotaped the Doctor's homework to a cow. The cow was reported to have said: “Moo!” The TARDIS once contained a circus room equipped with a lion which later turned out to be Captain Jack who had been... experimenting! Hmm... The Doctor once met Chuck Norris, who ran away and hid. The Doctor allowed him to live. A Cyberman's favourite colour is pink. For one week during his 10th incarnation, the Doctor turned a slight blue colour. It was later revealed he had unsuccessfully auditioned for the movie Avatar.

Karen talks “We'll Take Manhattan” and killing off Amy Pond!

Karen Karen Gillan Gillan

“I've always loved the sixties, the youth revolution and the fashion – so when this role came up, it was perfect for what I wanted to do.” Karen Gillan to Total TV Guide Karen Gillan has stepped back in a few times, however on this trip to the 1960s she won't be accompanied by that timelord. Karen will be playing the part of Jean Shrimpton for a one-off BBC Four drama “We'll Take Manhattan” (Thursday 26th January, 9.00pm).

The trend for Doctor Who stars to star in big one-off dramas during their time in the show is not uncommon. David Tennant starred in “Recovery”, “Learners” and “Einstein & Eddington” and Matt Smith took the title role in “Christopher & His Kind” while still steering the TARDIS. So did Karen ask her co-star for advice on her first steps outside of the TARDIS: “I spoke to Matt Smith about filming something different from Doctor Who and he told me to savour the experience. So I did!”

The drama tells the story of the famous photo shoot of Jean Shrimpton by David Bailey in New York where the pair had a whirlwind romance. “They went there in 1962” Karen told What's on TV magazine, “to do a photoshoot for Vouge magazine. It's recreated in the drama and the production team made replicas of all Jean's clothes, which was really cool for me. Jean and Bailey get quite passionate there, too! Unlike Doctor Who, which is all filmed in Wales, “We'll Take

Manhattan” was filmed on location in New York. “[It was] crazy! It was brilliant to go there and feel what it was like to be Jean on that famous photoshoot. We got up at 3.00am to film and ended up running around Fifth Avenue and Brooklyn Bridge! It was full-on being in hair and make-up so early.” However taking on the part of a model is not that extreme – despite having to cover up her Scottish accent with Shrimpton's English accent - for Karen, who used to be a model. “My modelling experience helped as I know what it's like to traipse around eight castings a day! Jean never really had a passion for clothes and fashion – I see modelling as something that just happened to her. I would love to meet her in the flesh, but she doesn't really like that side of things. She doesn't want any press, which I totally respect.”

We're promised that Amy's exit will be emotional but until Series 7 we don't have to face up to the fact that Karen let slip a while ago that she wants Amy to be killed off. Grab the tissues for this one...

“I spoke to Matt Smith about filming something different from Doctor Who and he told me to savour the experience. So I did!”

Karen recently revealed she will be leaving Doctor Who in the next series but it seems that she'd be up for going into space for real. “Yep, space excites me,” Karen told the Observer magazine, “My dream is to go into space. I went to the Royal Observatory the other day, and looked through the biggest telescope in the UK and I saw a star from 47 years in the past.”

Quotations: Total TV Guide, The Observer Magazine & What's On TV, With thanks to


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Each issue we salute one of YouTube's finest


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From his pain-staking frame by frame colourisation of the Hartnell/Troughton era to his tributes to almost every DW character, including some very emotional montages to Elisabeth Sladen & Nicholas Courtney, Stuart Humphryes AKA Babelcolour is obviously one of the best on YouTube. He's so good in fact that some of his colourisations appeared on 2|entertain DVDs. His best work though, without a doubt is his epic 4 part “The Ten Doctors� all made frame-byframe in Photoshop using archive clips, his own voice and a David Tennant impersonator to create a brilliant piece of TV the BBC wouldn't be ashamed of. Babelcolour, we salute you!



The Doctor had more pressing problems to deal with as while he'd been other wise engaged, his trusty TARDIS had set it's own course... at full speed, straight towards the Earth. And with no sign of stopping, he had to do something. The Doctor's eyes glistened as an idea sped past them. He lunged himself at the controls like a mad man possessed pulling at levers and pushing buttons at what seemed like random. Sparks flew out of the large control panel of the Doctor's time machine. The large room began filling with grey smoke and the Doctor began to choke. “Manual controls” the Doctor shouted. With that remark he pulled off a whole section of the control panel and strapped it to a barrier near the door. Red lights flashed all over the ceiling of the cathedral like room. Sirens blared as he grabbed at the door and forced it open. The full force of the vacum of space grabbed at the Doctor as he started being sucked out of the ship. With all his might he slammed the doors shut again. “Seatbelts” he muttered as he grabbed a length of rope and tied it to his waist. Tying the other end to the railing he ripped the controls off and flung open the doors. He began frantically pushing at buttons. He pulled back a large lever and the view from the opened doors raised.


The message began. “Help”, spoke the young boy on the screen, “Please help. Something strange is going on. People are going missing.” The video began to distort, the Doctor groaned as if this was a regular occurrence. The video continued struggling through “If anyone can hear this please help me. There is this man...” The video cut out. “That wasn't a distortion.” said the Doctor. “What was it then?” Amy questioned. “It was, as if someone... “ the Doctor paused, horrified at the thought going through his mind, “ someone had cut him off because, he was about to tell us something. Something they didn't want us to find out.” “Who's they?” Amy asked, hoping the Doctor would answer with a more positive answer than the one that it was following. “I can't imagine they're very nice people.” the Doctor said in a worried tone. The Doctor knew that their was no hope for the boy in the video. He would have been long gone – especially eleven years later. “We're going to help though, aren't we?” Amy asked in her rather scared tone.

Doctor Who Vortex: Issue 8 (FAN MADE)  

The first issue to appear on This mini-issue deals with the Big Screen Doctor Who and Karen Gillan's "We'll Take Manhattan" DWV...

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