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Is Peter Cushing a Parallel Universe Doctor? We examine some of the best theories that try to include the movie Doctor into the Doctor Who Universe

The Peter Cushing movies ('Doctor Who and the Daleks' and 'Daleks - Invasion Earth: 2150 AD'), which are adaptations of the first two Dalek stories but with a slightly different character set-up and back story. 'Dr Who' is a mad-cap human inventor who has invented TARDIS and goes on adventures with his grandaughters Susan Who and Barbara Who and Barbara's boyfriend Ian. Ian and Barbara are replaced by niece Louise and policeman Tom (as played by Bernard Cribbins) owing to casting changes. The original cast couldn't appear in these movies, which were made to maximise on the popularity of the Daleks (dubbed Dalekmania), as they were busy filming the main TV series for anything up to 48 weeks of the year. This, however, leaves us with this alternate first Doctor that doesn't quite fit into the canon. But there are many theories as to how these movies can become canonical. Theory One is that these take place in a parallel universe, just like Pete's World, where everything is same but with a few vital differences (such as the Doctor being human). This would also explain why the same things happen to these different groups of people.

Theory Two continues on from Theory One, but theorises that the Peter Cushing Doctor is an aged Metacrisis Doctor. The human Tenth Doctor and Rose raise a family on Pete's World eventually having a grandaughter called Susan and Barbara (named after the real world Barbara and Susan) and having made their own TARDIS. A deleted scene from 'Journey's End' has the real Doctor give the Metacrisis Doctor a chunk of TARDIS to grow into a new one.

Steven Moffat has also thought along these lines. He wrote in Doctor Who Magazine that Clara was to have found a movie poster for the Dalek films in the Black Archive (but owing the rights issues the scene was not allowed). "In my head, in the Doctor's universe those films exist as distorted accounts of his adventures". Assumably, therefore, UNIT had halted production of these films and confiscated these films

My personal theory (Theory Three, if you will) is that these movies are...movies. Bear with me here. We take a universe in which the Doctor is real - the Doctor Who canon and theorise that these movies are in fact artefacts from within that universe. Tales of the Doctor's escapades have found themselves Movie Poster for Cus hing 's first film in the wrong hands and movie makers want to make movies of thus the poster is in a collection his adventures - the Peter of things that "shouldn't exist, but Cushing movies - starring actors do". in the roles and the inaccuracies (his being human) are simply human assumptions or errors.

DWV has been away since the 50th Anniversary and therefore we never got a proper review of the big spectacular episode. So instead, as the episode has probably been reviewed to insanity by now, and therefore I'm going to compare the big 5-0 to the big 2-0. The Five Doctors and Day of the Doctor have many similarities to be drawn upon. Obviously, they are both multiDoctor episodes for big anniversaries but they both had to deal with Doctors who couldn't and wouldn't appear. The Day of the Doctor ends with stand-in replica Doctors which has faint echoes of The Five Doctor's promotional photocall in which featured a waxwork Tom Baker,as he had declined to appear - a decision he later

regretted. He then rectified this represented by some archive decision by being the only classic footage as in DotD. However, Doctor to appear in DotD. some of that 'archive footage' is actually that of another actor Appearing as a new character (or playing the 1st Doctor again - this perhaps not) was the only way time it's impressionist John that an 80 year old Tom Baker Guilor. could be explained away. However that wouldn't wash for Both these episodes had the another three Doctors looking problem of a Doctor who turned much older (Paul McGann still down the opportunity to appear. looks similar - and indeed it While Tom Baker was represented by some archived footage Chris was replaced by an all new Doctor. That was the stroke of genius. A whole new war-torn Doctor, played by a legendary actor who would never normally play this part.

He returns: McGann

Baker the Curator

wasn't a problem in Night of the Doctor). But thank god they didn't try to replace a Doctor as in The Five Doctors. Richard Hurndall is OK - he's no Hartnell but it's a way of keeping the original title and Hartnell is

John Hurt's War Doctor

It's not another actor impersonating the role, but a whole new take on it and a bona fide Doctor. John Hurt just nails the part and his acting talent just shines through into a brilliantly unique and yet familiar at the same time. This isn't just an after thought Doctor to replace Chris. This is an entirely new Doctor, perfectly developed.

The Five Doctors that could have been

Both these episodes also have an impending regeneration in the works. Both Colin Baker and Peter Capaldi were waiting in the wings, however only Peter has a cameo appearance. Had this been the case of Colin it would have solved two problems. First, had Colin shown up - with fans

The Three Doctors

already aware that this man is the Doctor - it would have meant that either one of the missing Hartnell or Baker Doctors could be replaced by a new incarnation of the Doctor (while keeping the Five Doctors title) and give the audience a massive surprise.

their Sandshoes/Chinny/Grandad moment in the form of Clown/Scarecrow (ironic, considering Jon Pertwee also plays a Scarecrow at the time of braodcast). However with the weight of many more companions in The Five Doctors would mean that there would be nothing for the companions to do as the 3.5 Doctors would have all the best lines. But DotD does do that too the scene with the 13 Doctors saving Gallifrey is the only scene featuring all 13 - even if they never meet in person.

It would also mean that by the time that the disaster that is The Twin Dilemma comes along, fans are already familiar with the 6th Doctor. They know that the manic homicidal Doctor isn't the way he'll turn out in the series proper and won't spend months in the interregnum steadily going off They are both brilliant in their their only impression of the new individual ways. One has a lot Doctor. more history to cram into the same running time but they both What made DotD so great is the have their great moments. While way in which the three Doctors the Five Doctors can feel a bit interact with each other. bogged down in continuity (with Sandshoes vs Chinny vs Grandad only 20 years of it), DotD fits was pure comedy gold at some only the choice cuts into the moments and a formidable team episode making the references to at others. Its just a shame that the past like little treats along the (and in the words of David story as opposed to one big lump Tennant) "three Doctors and a of selfbloke in a wig" never get to all referencing. meet up right until the final scene. Although Jon and Patrick do get


DOCTOR WHO IN AN INDEPENDENT SCOTLAND? SBS, they claim, would "enter into a new formal relationship with the BBC as a joint venture. This would see the SBS continuing to supply the BBC network with the same level of programming, in return for ongoing access to BBC services in Scotland". They also point to Ireland's RTE broadcaster which alongside home-grown programmes buys in British programming as well as several co-productions such as Mrs Brown's Boys.

Doctor Who has been brought onto the debating table of Scottish Independence. The show, which is now headed up by Scottish actor Peter Capaldi, will be airing during September 2014 when Scotland decides whether to break away from the rest of the United Kingdom. Yes Scotland put it clear, "Scottish viewers will still be able Yes Scotland, who are to see their favourite BBC campaigning for Scotland to programmes just like viewers in become an independent Ireland are able to." Scotland's official stance is that the BBC would cease to exist in However, Better Together, Scotland. Instead, "a new Scottish campaigning for the UK to public service broadcaster, based maintain united, claim this is on the staff and assets of BBC speculation. The SBS would, like Scotland and working in the BBC, have to account cooperation with the remaining primarily to home grown BBC" would be created - programmes first and as such no provisionally called the Scottish promises could be made about the Broadcasting Service (SBS). But future of broadcasting. Leader of would Doctor Who still be the Scottish Tories (who form broadcast in an independent part of Better Together) Ruth Scotland? Davidson, herself a former BBC employee, said: “We pay around Yes Scotland say believe so. The

£300 million towards the licence fee but, by clubbing together with the rest of the UK, we get well more than £3 billion worth of programming. Running a new Scottish broadcaster means something has to give. Either, it will mean losing programmes or paying more from amazing coverage of things like the Olympics, to great channels like CBeebies and services like the iPlayer. Why pay more for what we already enjoy?" Ms Davidson was also quoted in the Scottish Sun, saying: “The SNP simply cannot guarantee that we’d still get Dr Who after independence.” DWV doesn't normally deal with political matters, unless they are brought up in the show. But on this one exception, and owing to the fact I'm from Scotland, I felt this matter had to be discussed. Besides, Spaceship UK in the episode 'The Beast Below' didn't feature a Scotland building as they had demanded their own Spaceship. Perhaps a prediction by the story's Scottish author?

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