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no. 19 12th Doctor Special

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InsIdeThis issue White smoke was seen rising from the TARDIS, signalling that the new Doctor had been cast. In this special issue, we look at the new Doctor – PETER CAPALDI.

4: From Spin Doctor to The Doctor 6: Too Old to be The Doctor? 7: Did Know? 8: Trouble

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8: The World According to DWV 9: NEWS: Moffat: Female Doctor didn't feel right


The Doctor Who team have pulled off a massive coup. They have cast one of the biggest names ever to play the Doctor: The Thick of It star, Peter Capaldi. The Scottish actor is to take over from Matt Smith during the 2013 Christmas special and 6.9 million people watched the announcement in the UK with many more watching around the world. The life long Doctor Who fan said: “It's so wonderful not to keep this secret any longer”. “[It's] an amazing privilege. Like the Doctor himself I find myself in a state of utter terror and delight. I can't wait to get started” Capaldi, 55, was the only person that show-runner Steven Moffat auditioned calling the casting an “incendiary combination”. Bookmakers stopped accepting bets for Capaldi after he became the firm favourite for the role, but after years of the show launching the careers of relative unknowns, some fans were still shocked at such as massive star actually being cast as the Doctor with the reception being largely supportive, but with some questioning his age after two younger Doctors. Current star, Matt Smith, said: “It's a canny choice. If I had to pick someone, I'd pick him. ”

TOO OLD TO BE THE DOCTOR? At 55, Peter Capaldi is the joint oldest Doctor ever. This has led to some “fans” getting very angry about his casting. These were the same people who were unhappy about Matt Smith being cast and who now don't want him to go. The part of the Doctor is timeless and ageless – it is actor-proof and anyone can bring their own spin on it, and that includes age. It's why a broad age range of people have been able to excel in the role. After having two consecutively young Doctors (one of whom is the youngest ever) it only makes sense that we have another go at an older Doctor. Many of the older Doctors have been successful as the elder gentleman and perhaps this means a refocus in character (as all regenerations do) back to the 'classic series'.

Pertwee, often considered the 'action' Doctor was only five years younger than Capaldi is now and he managed. Even at the same age as William Hartnell, I doubt that Capaldi's Doctor will be telling Clara to stop running while he has a rest.

Capaldi's casting means that, to have played the Doctor for the first time, there are now two Doctors with the same ●Capaldi is now the third name (Peter) Scottish actor to play the Doctor after David Tennant ●This rises to three, when you and Sylvester McCoy count Peter Cushing's movie ●Capaldi is old friends with Doctor TV's Craig Ferguson, a fellow ● He's also the first Oscar winner Doctor Who fan ●


THE AGES OF THE DOCTOR William Hartnell 55 Patrick Troughton 46 Jon Pertwee 50 Tom Baker 40 Peter Davison 30 Colin Baker 40 Sylvester McCoy 44 Paul McGann 36 Christopher Eccleston 41 David Tennant 34 Matt Smith 27 Peter Capaldi 55


Peter Capaldi has appeared in Doctor Who (and Torchwood) before as Caecillius in 'The Fires of Pompeii', and episode that also gave us Karen Gillan's first appearance. This means that Colin Baker's claim to be the only Doctor to have previously appeared in the show. But how is this going to explained away? Martha Jones was Adeola's cousin (after both being played Freema Agyeman) and Gwenyth and Gwen Cooper (both played by Eve Myles) were revealed to be distant relatives. But of course the mystery is the best thing... could the 12th Doctor have accidentally been trapped in Pompeii and that's why 10 saved him because on some level he knew he had to? Perhaps he just wanted to see Donna again? Or, perhaps we will never, or should never, know if there is any connection. And let's not even try and connect them to John Frobrisher from 'Children of Earth'.

THE WORLD ACCORDING TO DWV... Peter Capaldi's casting as the Doctor is a stroke of genius. After years of younger Doctors it will take a bit of getting used to but the majority of Doctor Who fans are accepting (if you don't accept him just because you think Matt Smith is cute – you're not a Doctor Who fan!). Capaldi is a great actor, and as an older actor he'll bring the 'old man of the universe', which even Matt Smith did well, from the Hartnell and Pertwee days but his blatant fan-boy status might bring the massive enthusiasm of fellow fan-boy David Tennant. But whatever he does, he'll bring something new to the show... a brand new Doctor who we'll all grow to love and accept as the Doctor. And for a star this big, many people are growing to accept him already!

MOFFAT: FEMALE DOCTOR DIDN'T FEEL RIGHT Steven Moffat has revealed that a female incarnation of the Doctor “just didn't feel right”. A male to female regeneration is possible – The Corsair, one of the good ones, famously regenerated into a woman, retaining his tattoo. “When it's the right decision”, Moffat said, “maybe we'll do it [but] it didn't feel right to me right now. I didn't feel enough people wanted it.” “Oddly enough most people who said they were dead against it – and I know I'll get into trouble for saying this – were women saying 'No,no, don't make him a woman!'”


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