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insideThis issue 4. He's a Dedicated Follower of Fashion 6. NEWS: Cross Over Sells Out / Moffat wins special BAFTA 7. NEWS: Chariots... in Cardiff 8. The Spin-offs that Never Happened 8. Who Tube 9. Will the Doctor ever meet the Beatles? 10. NEWS: Going for Gold 11. NEWS: Series 7 Pictures

He's a Dedicated follower of fashion It's been revealed that the Doctor's costume is about to get another new look, below. So with such an big overhaul of his outfit coming, we look back at his previous looks.




Having just regenerated, what remained of the Tenth Doctor's outfit was looking a bit tatty which led to Amy's nickname of “the raggedy Doctor”

It's christmaas IS THAT A CARDIGAN

Getting in the festive mood, we've seen the Doctor in a Santa hat. This is not his only experience with hats as we will see later...

Special occasions

For fancy dress there is the top hat and tails option available in black or white (which he wore getting almost getting married to Marilyn Monroe).


In the alternate universe caused by the Doctor not dying he became Winston Churchill's soothsayer dressed in robes.

Default doctor

The regular clothes we see the Doctor wearing are those that he nicked from the hospital in “The Eleventh Hour�. This outfit comes with either red or blue bowties.

Long coat

The tweed jacket can also be replaced occasionaly by a Tenth style trench coat but in green.


I wear a Stetson / Fez now. Stetsons / Fezes are cool. That is all you need to know.

Cross Over Sells Out When it was first announced it was a diehard sci-fi fan's idea of heaven. And just to prove it, the first official Star Trek: The Next Generation / Doctor Who cross-over has sold out of it's original print run. Assimilation, made by American comic book company IDW – who have the Doctor Who rights for publishing in America – will have a additional second run of 2,000 copies. The book sees the Doctor's TARDIS meet up with Captain Kirk's Enterprise.

Moffat wins special BAFTA Head writer and executive producer of Doctor Who was awarded the special recognition award at this years BAFTA's. He was awarded by the stars of his two biggest shows, Doctor Who star Matt Smith and Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbach. Moffat thanked his family, friends and colleagues and finally Sue Vertue who he described as “the best woman... I ever married.” He also joked, “It's Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes together!”

Chariots... in Cardiff Members of the public watched on stunned, as a Roman Centurion rode through Cardiff in a chariot. However, they were just scenes for the new series of Doctor Who, in which a Centurion is transported to modern day London.

THE SPIN-OFFS THAT NEVER HAPPENED ROSE TYLER: EARTH DEFENCE When Rose Tyler left Doctor Who, a series based on the concept that she was running the Pete's World version of Torchwood was planned and commissioned The show would also feature appearances from parallel Captain Jack. However, while the idea was good, it was felt that the series would take away from the impact of her exit and the series was dropped before Billie Piper was even consulted about her reprisal.

DOCTOR WHO: THE EARLY YEARS When CBBC approached Russell T. Davies about writing a series for them, they suggested a series based on the Doctor's childhood and schooling alongside a nine-year old version of the Master. It would be Doctor Who meets Smallville. Russell hated the idea because it would take away from the mystery of Gallifreyan legend. So, instead suggested that he create a series based on Sarah Jane Smith who had been popular in “School Reunion”. And the rest is history.

It's annoying, isn't it? You find out days later that Matt Smith was on Daybreak or David Tennant was on Newsround. Well the Youtube Channel DoctorWhoTV is the answer to your prayers with full interview segments from loads of TV shows, mainly BBC but there are others, alongside other DW features such as the Blue Peter mini-episode “Good As Gold” in full. Unfortunately due to rights reasons, not everything can be posted on YouTube without being taken down such as Alan Carr's Chatty Man because C4 remove it. But, the majority of Dr Who things you've missed are posted by this awesome channel. One slight drawback is that because this is a UK channel, only UK shows are uploaded which means that US or Australian TV appearences such as Matt & Karen's interviews on CBS's Late Late Show aren't there. But you can't have everything, and besides they're already on YouTube anyway.

When will the Doctor meet...


The Beatles were supposed to cameo in “The Chase” but were prevented from doing so by their label – so instead footage from Top of the Pops was inserted into the Space Time Visualiser. Another reference comes in “The Three Doctors” when Doctors 2 and 3 try to explain they are both the Doctor by saying “I am me and he is me” to which Jo Grant responds “And we are all together coo-coo-ka-choo” playing up to the Beatles song “I am the Walrus”. But when will the Doctor actually come face to face with John, Paul, George, and Ringo? Well he has, just not on the TV. In the comic “Time of My Life” the Doctor and Donna met the Beatles. But outside of the world of Doctor Who, Matt Smith's doppelgänger has already met the Fab Four.

@HolyFrell tweeted @steven_moffat with this 100% real picture of the Beatles with a very Matt Smith looking person next to them to which the Moff responded:

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Going for Gold!

Matt Smith began the Olympic Torch Relay on it's eighth day, in Cardiff, in front of a crowd of over 1000. He set off from the Norwegian Church in Cardiff Bay, and carried the torch until his stint ended at the Senedd, both of which have been Doctor Who locations in the past. He told the Telegraph "I feel immensely privileged. The torch and the idea of the torch has been around a long time. I would do it in my underpants. I would probably get a bigger crowd for that." However, this is not the Doctor's fist time at the Olympics as during the episode “Fear Her” it was the Doctor who lit the torch at the opening ceremony. More recently in the mini-episode “Good As Gold” , as part of Blue Peter's Script to Screen competition , saw an Olympic runner enter the TARDIS, alongside the Weeping Angels.

Series 7 Pictures

Some more pictures of the filming of Series 7 have been revealed by The Sun. These pictures were taken during filming in Port Talbot. Hollywood actor Dougray Scott will appear in an episode wearing glasses and a duffle coat. Meanwhile Jenna-Louise Coleman has been filming her first scenes as the new companion, rumoured to be called Clara and while it appears that her dress is modern, there is speculation that she is actually Victorian. The Doctor, played by Matt Smith, was spotted wearing yet another costume – different from the one he is wearing on page 4, leading to speculation that there will not be a set costume for the Doctor. Matt has often spoke of his wish for the Doctor to vary his clothes so perhaps he has finally got his wish.


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