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Doctor who CRASH LANDING By Stephen Henderson

Somewhere in an alternate time line...

Chapter One Orange fire-like blasts ripped through the Doctor's dying body. Screaming at the agony this process was putting him through, he forced his arms backward, his features distorting and then... nothing. It all came to a stop. It was finished, this was the same man who had inhabited this TARDIS before, but he looked completely different. The Doctor had more pressing problems to deal with as while he'd been other wise engaged, his trusty TARDIS had set it's own course... at full speed, straight towards the Earth. And with no sign of stopping, he had to do something. The Doctor's eyes glistened as an idea sped past them. He lunged himself at the controls like a mad man possessed pulling at levers and pushing buttons at what seemed like random. Sparks flew out of the large control panel of the Doctor's time machine. The large room began filling with grey smoke and the Doctor began to choke. “Manual controls” the Doctor shouted. With that remark he pulled off a whole section of the control panel and strapped it to a barrier near the door. Red lights flashed all over the ceiling of the cathedral like room. Sirens blared as he grabbed at the door and forced it open. The full force of the vacum of space grabbed at the Doctor as he started being sucked out of the ship. With all his might he slammed the doors shut again. “Seatbelts” he muttered as he grabbed a length of rope and tied it to his waist. Tying the other end to the railing he ripped the controls off and flung open the doors. He began frantically pushing at buttons. He pulled back a large lever and the view from the opened doors raised. But the TARDIS was still crashing towards the Earth. “Wooooohoooooo” the Doctor shouted as he erupted in an uncontrollable madman's hysterical laughter as he dodged satellites as he began entering the Earth's atmosphere.

The River Thames came into sight from the TARDIS doors as the TARDIS continued on it's erratic course towards the ground. It continued downwards until a large warehouse came into sight. The cloister bell boinged spelling imminent danger. Normally a high speed collision between an ordinary wooden box and a concrete building, the box would usually come off worse. However, in this case, the building was left with a TARDIS shaped hole in it's roof. Dust and bricks flew everywhere. The blue box stood proud in it's new found location. Out popped the mysterious man covered head to toe in dust. He began patting himself down in an attempt to get the dust out of his now tatty suit. “Oh, hello!”, he coughed.

Chapter Two A shabbily dressed man stood across from the Doctor looking absolutely flabbergasted. His eyes wide and his mouth agast. “Hello, I'm the Doctor” repeated the Doctor. The man did not reply. “Somethings wrong here! You're standing still! You're not replying..... Why's that? Are you being held prisoner? Can you even hear me? Hello?” The man still said nothing. “Oh! Stupid! Stupid! Oh no! Sorry! Not you! Me! Stupid New Brain!!! Let me see! Right!” the Doctor began jumping and bounding around gibbering. “So, box smashes through ceiling, and man falls out of box.... Hang on! This room is massive! Is this your house? It's massive! Of course you should see my house! It's bigger! Hang on! This is a warehouse... this isn't your house! Is it? No? Why do you live in an empty warehouse? No No No No No!! I Know! You're in shock! Yes! Thats it! Madman with a box talking gibberish, that doesn't happen every day!!” The man's face changed from a look of shock to bewilderment, but he was still in the same place he had been when the roof was smashed in by the guy from Gallifrey.

“So.... hello! Sorry to scare you like that, I'm the Doctor and this is my...erm, my box.” “I'm James” the man said in an unmistakeable American accent. Those two words cemented a friendship between the two, most people would have run away by now. James was shocked, sure, but he wasn't scared. The Doctor was mad, but he wasn't bad. The most harm he could have caused if his box had landed on top of him as it made it's rapid descent through past the ceiling fan! “Where are we?” asked the Doctor. “Normally I'd check the scanner but it's a little... exploded.” Right on cue a puff of smoke was accompanied by large bang from the TARDIS. “London” replied James, still a little shaken. “Well, c'mon then! Let's go! Lets go exploring!” the Doctor exclaimed. James was not so impressed with that request. “What's so special about London?” “Oh, nothing really. Except when I'm around. Then everything seems to kick off!” replied the Doctor. “I noticed!” James snapped. James and his new friend left the warehouse. “Well” remarked the Doctor looking upwards at the expanse of the warehouse, “it's just as big outside... that's rubbish!” Then suddenly the Doctor let out a scream that made the birds fly from the surrounding trees and collapsed to the ground, landing against the wall. From his brow was sweat and from his mouth, gibberish. “Oh, Jamie! Oh Dear! It's all gone wrong! Would you like a jelly baby? Jelly baby? You mean a baby made from jelly? No.... silly. It's easy to make a jelly baby really you've just got to reverse the polarity of the... the... SHOES!!” “Shoes?” enquired James “Yeah, I need new shoes... new feet, new shoes.” the Doctor leapt up towards and began walking. “Where are you going Doctor?” “The shops! For shoes!” “Erm the shops are that way!” said James gesturing in the opposite direction.

The Doctor and James entered a large department store and headed for the shoe department.He began randomly grabbing at shoes, trying them on and then, dissaponted, throwing them towards the ground. He picked up a pair of trainers and began examining them, bending them, looking inside even once scanning them with his sonic screwdriver. “Why do none of these shoes have GPS?” asked the Doctor. “Why would you want that?” enquired James. “So I know where I'm going! Witch come to think of it, never worked in my last pair – I never knew where I was going.” answered the Doctor, leaving James bewildered. “Ooh, I like these!” said the Doctor picking up a well fitting yet horribly beige pair of boots. “OK then buy them then.” said James desperate to get out of the shop. “Ahh! Buy them... James, do you have any money? “No” “But you live in that massive house!” “Yeah not by choice” said James looking down at the ground, ashamed. “I lost my job three months ago, I was up to my eyes in debt. I lost the house and then I found that empty warehouse!” “I'm sorry!” said the Doctor with compasion. “Well it's a roof over my head. Well, it was until someone broke it!” responded James. “Yeah, sorry!” apologised the Doctor. The Doctor and James left the shop. The Doctor made do with his same old pair of shoes. “Anyway we've got stuff to do” said the Doctor. “Like what!” “Well, I didn't crash here! I was pulled!” responded the Doctor. “I don't know but to pull my TARDIS out of contol would need a massive transmitter.” The Doctor began looking around the London skyline for a possible transmitter. And there it was, The BT Tower, strutting upwards in the distance. It was beckoning the Doctor towards. The Doctor knew where to find the culprits.

Chapter Three The Doctor and James entered the tower. Whoever had dragged him towards Earth would probably not be the nicest of people so the Doctor and his new best friend quickly snuck in under the radar via a foolishly unguarded rear entrance. However, ten minutes later as the Doctor and his companion began making their way along a darkened corridor, it was soon clear that they had not been so successful in sneaking into the building undetected. Two tall, bald and extremely muscularly men in plain black suits – that barely fitted over their barrel-like physique - had soon met them. “We have been expecting you, Doctor” one of the guards said in a gruff North London accent. “Finally!” exclaimed the Doctor, “I thought you were never coming, ten minutes... TEN WHOLE MINUTES I've been in this building! TEN! Now, I'm thinking if someone had a reason to drag me out of time and space and plonk me in some dingy warehouse they'd have the common decency to form a welcome party – with a little bit more hospitality.” “Hospitality?” said the other bald man “What d'you think we are, eh? Your room service?” “Room service?” the Doctor quipped “Oh goody! I'll have... erm... ooh what to have, eh? A Banana!” “I think they were being sarcastic” James said quickly interrupting the Doctor before he got himself – and probably James too – in any more trouble with the two men he could only assume were called Phil and Grant. “Our boss wants to see you!” said the bald man “Yeah well I didn't think you were the brains of the organisation to be honest!” remarked the Doctor. “Just move!” said the bald man as he accompanied the Timelord to the top of the tower where the perpetrator of his crash landing waited. James was taken by the other bald man where the two visitors would meet their fate.

Chapter Four The Doctor and James found themselves pushed through a set of tall black swinging doors at the hands of the winner and runner-up of Brains of Britain 2011. They found themselves in a toilet block. Two minutes later they were pushed flung through a very similar set of doors except these ones displayed the words “Executive Office” upon them rather than “Female toilet.” The office was large. It had two tall glass walls that looked onto the London skyline. An white office desk and black leather chair sat in the middle of the otherwise empty room. Behind that desk was a blonde-haired woman. She was tall and quite slim but her face had upon it a look of disgust. “Why are there two of them?” the woman shouted in the direction of the bald men who now stood guard on the door. “Oh this is my friend, James!” said the Doctor rising to his feet. “Since when was I your friend?” asked James. “James, you're living on the streets – I'm thinking any friend you did have, they forgot about you a long time ago.” James' face sank with the realisation that the man who he'd met only an hour and a half ago was the best thing to a friend he had. “Enough, Doctor” screamed the woman. “It is only you I require! You my boy are surplus to requirements.” “James, just go! I should never have dragged you into this!” remorsed the Doctor. “No, I''m not leaving you – friends stick by each other no matter what! Besides I wanted to come with you” James concluded. “Oh come on!” the woman said rolling her eyes, “Just stay out of the way – you mess up this plan of mine, either of you, and he's the first to get shoved off my balcony!” “I'm the Doctor by the way. And you are...” “My name? I suppose you could call me Ida Kalame.” “What kind of name is that?” asked James “Ooh! The boyfriend speaks!” snipped Ida. “Well! The boy is better than I thought! You see it's not my real name. But I chose it well!

Because I knew if the Doctor knew who I really was – he'd run a mile! Because that's what the Doctor does. He runs! So fast and so far that I have to invent little meetings like this just to exact my revenge!” “Who are you?” asked the Doctor. “As if I'd tell you...” said Ida “No... I'll SHOW you.” And with that Ida turned on the computer on her desk. The screen was holographic so the Doctor could see right through – albeit in reverse. She typed her name into the computer. “What's that supposed to mean?” asked James “Oh give it a minute... It's an old computer and it's not the easiest to get parts for” said Ida. Then, the letters of IDA KALAME rearranged themselves. The Doctor said nothing, his brow wet, his face panicked and his hands trembling. Because right there, on the screen was four words more terrifying than anything in the world... Those four words read I AM A DALEK.

Chapter Five Ida's features began to blur. Her face became less and less human and her body began to flicker like a broken TV. Her arms suddenly flickered and disappeared and her legs replaced by a golden skirt covered in round spheres. Her head was now a similarly coloured dome with two flashing lights and blue light out on a stick that looked like an eye. And that voice. Electric and cold. Just terrifying! “EX-TER-MINATE!” “Well, that's a new one! Even for you!” the Doctor said, his voice trembling, his hands shaking. “James”, he continued “I told you to leave – take your chance now... JUST GO!!!” “YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED!!” screamed the Dalek as it began firing wildly around the room in anger just frantically screaming “YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED!!”

“Ha-ha!” laughed the Doctor “has my friend upset your perfect plan? Hmm?” “NO!” said the Dalek, “He is only a minor inconvenience. An inconvenience that can easily be dealt with... EXTERMINATE!!!” “No! Don't! I'll do anything you say...just don't shoot him!” pleaded the Doctor. “You will obey the Daleks! You will obey! OBEY! OBEY!” “Yes.” “The companion must be detained” said the Dalek to the brainwashed security guards who began restraining James. “Get off me, baldy” James shouted at the two apes. “You will stand in the corner!” screamed the Dalek to the Doctor gesturing with it's sucker arm. “Why?” shouted the Doctor, his face ripping red with rage. “Daleks are superior to Timelords! The timelord will obey the Daleks!” “You know!” laughed the timelord “there was a man who thought he was superior to everyone and because of that everyone did what they were told... Simon Cowell was his name or was it Rupert Murdoch? Anyway, back to the point, why am I here? It wasn't to execute me cos you'd have killed me by now!” “We need... your... help!” stuttered the Dalek. “Help?” laughed the Doctor “Help? You want my HELP? Whatever happened to the mighty Daleks? I can tell you, you've a funny way of saying please! You drag me to Earth, you crash my TARDIS almost killing James in the process. I must say I will be informing my insurance provider!” “We are running out of time.” screamed the Dalek. “I am Dalek Mer, leader of the defence council!” “Hello Mer!” smiled the Doctor – with a hint of cheddar. “We are planning an extermination on this planet! Unforeseen circumstances have led to a malfunction!” said the Dalek “So thats it? You've broken down!” sniggered the Doctor “SILENCE!” shouted the Dalek “This insolence is ill-timed. The ship has not broken! It is on a collision course! In 90 rels it will crash onto Earth! Daleks and humans will die together.

Chapter Six “Hang on!” the Doctor said through a flabbergasted face. “You wanted to kill this planet, that's why you were coming here, so why don't you want to crash?” “We would gladly die alongside the bacteria on this planet! However we are the final members of our species! The Daleks must survive!” screamed the Dalek. “If you love this planet so much, Doctor, you us!” “But,” pipped up the Doctor “How did you get off that ship? Hmm?” “Temporary inter-spacial hyperlink” responded the Dalek “ I was sent to Earth to become the saviour of the Daleks”. “So why do you need the Doctor then?” asked James who had began feeling a little left out. “Because it's a Dalek” replied the Doctor, now looking in James' position. “It's a failure!!” “This primitive planet does not have the resources to halt the destruction of the Daleks.” said the Dalek. “OK! Mer, here's my options: A) I use my TARDIS and excessive knowledge to save your ship from hitting the earth thus saving Earth and unfortunately your lot. And that is all assuming that I even know how to stop your ship. I do but, anyway... B) I get in my TARDIS, and leave, try on some new scarves and let your nuclear storm-driven ship destroy all living life from here to the moon. And I'm gonna want to do something and that thing is C) something clever.” The Dalek took the Doctor, but not James, aboard the Dalek ship. For once, this did not mean certain death for the Doctor as his preservation had been promised. A dead Doctor is normally advantage Dalek, but not when said Dalek is crashing towards certain death.

Chapter Seven The Dalek ship was a mass expanse of gold – both of the décor and that of the Daleks. There were off-shooting rooms all over the ship on differing levels all leading to the middle, main room that the Doctor found himself in. The golden monochrome was broken by the large maroon coloured Dalek-esque figure in front of him. This large, battle armoured metal figure, eight foot tall, with the brightest white flashing lights that accompanied the deep creaking electronic staccato voice. This was the Supreme Dalek. “The Doctor” said the voice from the Supreme Dalek “The Saviour, The Mender, The Caretaker, The Arrogant Timelord has come among us!” “Thats what they call me... not that last one though! That's not my best name. I've had worse. I mean some people call me 'The Oncoming Storm'. “Silence! Doctor! You have been brought to us for one purpose... Fulfil your purpose or you will be exterminated! “All right! All right! Fine!” said the Doctor “I have a plan!” “Will your intentions prevent the impending casualties” questioned the Dalek Supreme. “Your temporary inter-spacial hyperlinks, where do they come from?” enquired the timelord. “They are generated from our experimental teleportation device.” replied the Dalek. “So they're not temporary then, are they? They just clap out after a while because, frankly, you're rubbish!” “Persistent sacrilege of the Dalek race will lead to your extermination” screamed the Dalek. “And my extermination will lead to your extermination! That's what you call check and mate! You'd better take me to your time machine then. I bet it's not as good as mine!”

Chapter Eight The Dalek teleportation device was still in it's experimental stages. Daleks had teleported before, their Emergency Temporal Shifts did not function with ease. They did not go to defined coordinates, they were uncontrollable and were only usable in the most gravest of situations. The device was black and gold in colour. It had wires sprouting from the top and the occasional flutter of lights on the control panel. “Is this it?” asked the Doctor, puzzled. “This is the experimental teleportation device.” said the Dalek “Oh it's a bit, well, you've got to admit that it's a bit... rubbish!” murmured the Doctor. “The device works satisfactorily.” said the Dalek “Well you know what's wrong with it, don't you!” The Doctor took out his trusty Sonic Screwdriver which let out a whirring noise accompanied by a green light. “Nothing now!” “Now, what I'm gonna do is, I'm gonna re-route the exocarp settings from focussing on one Dalek to the entire ship.” The device began bleeping rapidly. “But... erm...are you in anyway attached to, say, this machine, because while my plan will work, the device has a high probability of exploding... a little.” exclaimed the Doctor “What is the probability?” asked the Dalek. “I'd get the fire extinguisher on standby!” replied the Doctor. “Anyway, too late to turn back! Now the teleport is gonna take you to just outside the Remanzinelon Nebula, there's nothing for light years so the ship is gonna think it's crashed but instead of crashing into the Earth, you'll crash into empty space and I'll have a big smile on my face having saved the day! Yeah! That was arrogant bit wasn't it? I'm sorry!” “Then you are of no further use to us” exclaimed the Dalek “EXTERMINATE!!!”

The Daleks raised their weapons ready to fire when a outburst from the Doctor delayed their plans. “Typical!” said the Doctor without a hint of surprise, “The Daleks conquerors of the universe but when push comes to shove: COWARDS! Once you've had me for your own good you just get rid of me. Well, Daleks do you know what you're thick! Thick! And that's one thing I'm not. I have a rule – upon the rare occasion that I might be forced to work with a Dalek, always have a exit clause and right now I hope he's stood in a sky scraper in London.” Back in London, James was looking at the clock. He was all alone as the previous inhabitants of the room had teleported to the Dalek ship. The clock reached fifteen minutes past twelve. The Doctor had now been away for half an hour. Then a familiar face came through the front door. It was the Doctor. “James, I need you to do something for me! I'm not the Doctor, well I am, I am a Doctor but not your Doctor, well I am but from a later point in my time” James looked bewildered. “I can prove it to you!” the Doctor continued. Then James' face looked even more shocked as he looked across a room to see his own face. “It's true, just listen to him!” Slightly older James told his slightly younger self. “Here's what I need you to do.” said the Doctor “This is a Sonic Screwdriver which is a very misleading name cos I don't think I've ever used it to screw anything in. Not lately anyway. But OK! Two seconds after I leave press that button on this setting for nine seconds – then on this setting for three! You got that?” James still looked bewildered but nodded anyway. The Doctor left and James did as he was told. A stream of green light began pulsing out of the device and began forming a humanoid body shape. It was giving out a scream James had heard only once before. It was a screaming noise that had preceded a blue box flying through a roof and nearly whacking him on the head. It was the Doctor.

“Aaaaahhhhhhh! Wow!” said the voice of the Doctor who began fully materialising in the office. “Permanent TransDimensional Teleportation Reversal! Ooh that messes with your head for a bit. Where did you learn to do that?” “You told me!” replied James “You were here about a minute ago and you showed me what to do! I was there too! But how did you do that Doctor?” The Doctor hesitated but reluctantly replied “Well, my best guess is that I broke a fundamental rule of the Time Lords and went back in my own time stream to rescue my self. Ooh well, Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey! Well come on then James! We've got work to do!” “Like what?” asked James “Like travelling back about two minutes to tell you what to do!” replied the Doctor “No, really?” asked James “Yes! Really! Now this is important – what exactly did I say?” The Doctor and James headed back to the abandoned warehouse and then off into travels in time and space – with just a short detour to pass on a message. James McCrimmon's life will never be the same again and nor will the Doctors.

The End

The Doctor and James will return....soon

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Based on the character created by Steven Moffat and portrayed on television by Matt Smith. Written by Stephen Henderson.

Orange fire-like blasts ripped through the Doctor's dying body. Screaming at the agony this process was putting him through, he forced his arms backward, his features distorting and then... nothing. It all came to a stop. It was finished, this was the same man who had inhabited this TARDIS before, but he looked completely different. The Doctor had more pressing problems to deal with as while he'd been other wise engaged his trusty TARDIS had set it's own course... at full speed, straight towards the Earth. Get ready for a CRASH LANDING!!

Based on the alternate time line of the Eleventh Doctor

Doctor Who (Fan Fiction): Crash Landing  

A short story I wrote, based on Doctor Who and an imagined alternate time line of the Eleventh Doctor