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Volume 15 - July/August 2016

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aAa 243615

+2228GTPI +470NM$ +1799M +45F +55P +1.59PTAT +1.28UDC +0.93FLC Aikman x VG86 Lawn Boy P x VG87 Shottle back to C Continental Scarlet-Red EX95 Outstanding Milk Production & High Components Promises High Type & Quality Udders

#1 Red & White Bull for Milk & Protein & BONUS...he’s POLLED!

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Polled Reflections from the "Front Porch"

Chapter 6 C 'mon ump! A blind Polled calf could have made that call! Greetings from the sunny (and very hot) south! It's Sunday afternoon and a few of us are soaking up the AC and watching the game. All was going well until this POLLED Ladd P daughter "shows up" and started hogging the remote and blocking the TV screen! It's official...she's an avid baseball fan! And I know if she could have talked, she would have been yelling at the umpires. Yep, it's a great day to be a POLLED Cubs fan! Donald & Joan Yoder & Family

602 Brent Road Barnesville, GA 30204 Phone: (478)278-2084 Email: donald@yoderfamilyfarm.com

Polled Genetics That "Work"

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”Polled Red & White Love!” Briana Crull shares her consignment to the #PolledPlace Tag Sale with her niece Paisley. Briar Corprl Valencia P-Red is sired by AprDay-CG Corporal P-Red-ET (Relief P x Beacon) and is the daughter of Melarry Advent Volcano-ET-RC. Volcano was the result of an embryo that Briana won at the 2011 National Red & White Convention that was held in Minnesota. Next dam is DeBoer Goldwyn Valerie-ET EX-90 EX-MS. The National Red & White Convention will be back in Minnesota in 2017 and the #PolledPlace Tag Sale will also be held in Minnesota in 2017. See the #PolledPrices section of this issue on page 17 for more details!

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Rex PP-Red

525HO117 Ja-Bob Rex PP-Red (aAa: 546312) Pedigree: Sire: Hahncrest Appl Jax P-Red-ET Dam: Golden-Oaks Dura Rae-P-Red (VG-88 4yr) 2-04 365d 27,350 3.9 1053 3.4 923 Grand-dam: Golden-Oaks vce Rae1-Red-ET (VG-87 4yr) 5-04 365d 40,390 3.7 1477 3.3 1314 LIFE: 1644d 158,100 3.5 5576 3.2 5027 3rd Dam: Golden-Oaks Perk Rae-Red-ET (EX-90 5yr) 1-11 365d 31,030 3.7 1161 3.2 983 4th Dam: Scientific Beauty Rae-ET (EX-90 4yr) 4-03 365d 33,710 4.7 1595 3.5 1179 5th Dam: Scientific Jubilant Rae-ET (EX-90 6yr) 5-11 365d 38,880 4.1 1608 3.4 1329 LIFE: 1394d 117,590 4.0 4707 3.4 4018 6th Dam: C Hanoverhill Tony Rae (EX-96 3E) LIFE: 2247d 166,396 4.1 6904 3.2 5297 7th Dam: C Hanoverhill TT Roxette-ET (EX-94 2E) LIFE: 2104d 164,789 4.1 6760 2.9 3365 8th Dam: Mil-R-Mor Roxette (EX-90 7yr) LIFE: 2150d 121,417 4.7 5725 9th Dam: C Glenridge Citation Roxy (EX-97 4E) LIFE: 3620d 209,784 4.5 9471 10th Dam: C Norton Court Model Vee (EX-90 13yr)

• • • • •

Homozyogus polled Jax-P son from the Roxy’s. Rare aAa code: 5-4-6. Beta Caein: A2/A2. Complete Package of Profitability! Semen will be available in August.

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Pictured with Ja-Bob Armani Satin P-RC -purchased on the 1st #PolledPlace Tag Sale

Brian & Sue Crull and family

N2552 Balls Mill Road, Monroe, WI 53566 Phone: 608-329-3673 crullbrian@yahoo.com ď ł crullsue@gmail.com #PolledPlace 7 www.facebook.com/BriarHolsteins

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The Type We Work With

Australia 1. SEA BREEZE HOLSTEINS Paul Condon 67 Crooked River Road Gerroa, New South Wales 0412680769 seabreezeholsteins@gmail.com

2. WESTDAMA Matt Seeliger 594 Kennedy Road Glencoe West, South Australia 01417887168 westdama@icloud.com

Westdama Golden Royalty-P-RC-Imp-ET Potential 15th Generation EX! Dam: Kingsmill Roy Roulette EX-92

Penn-Dell Magna Violet-PP-Red VG-85 4 Dogma-P Daughters of Violet-PP at Westdama Dam: Frith-Jof R Valencia-P-Red-ET VG-87

Morsan Earnhardt Blarney-P We have her Polled Appl Jax-P-Red Daughter! She’s a grand-daughter of Goldwyn Missy EX-95

Westdama Jade Kora-Imp-ET VG-88 Polled AussieGold-P daughter & bred to Santana-P Dam: Avonlea Rain Kora EX-93-2E

Matt Seeliger 594 Kennedy Road, Glencoe West, South Australia Phone: 01417887168 Email: westdama@icloud.com

A.I. COMPANY TO TEST BULLS FOR GENOMICS AND A2A2! Sire: D&D Deb Goldwyn P-Red Dams are by Mogul & 2 by Champ P-RC One of the Champs is RC & PP! Also: Apoll P Red bull coming from Ohio Style P heifer with +2331 GTPI *Are high fat bulls & cows underestimated?? Butterfat pays much better than protein lately.... John & Tineke Boschma

H4370 Town Line Road, Colby, WI 54421 Phone: 715-223-0534 Fax: 715-223-1114 Email: bossideholsteins@hotmail.com

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Two bull calves tested HOMOZYGOUS POLLED & A2/A2! Both are sired by Broadlin Aussiegold-P! POLLED the humane choice POLLED nature’s dehorner POLLED the future is now!

Ardachie POLLED Jerseys Marton, New Zealand Email: ardachie@xtra.co.nz

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Breeder Perspectives on POLLED This magazine was developed for those passionate about Polled! In the #PolledPanel feature of #PolledPlace, breeders have the opportunity to share their perspective on Polled. Thank you to these breeders for sharing their Polled story and views on the future of Polled in their respective breeds!

POLLED HOLSTEINS Coombs Hill Farm Karen Herzig Colrain, Massachusetts Farm Background Coombs Hill Farm has been in operation since 1752. Located in Colrain, a small town in Massachusetts which borders Vermont. The farm is operated by my husband Charlie and I with our son Eric helping with management and the crops and feeding program. We milk 45 cows and raise 48 heifers in a tie stall and stanchion barn. The tie stall barn was added to the old barn in 1980. All our Holsteins are registered, with 85% of them being Red & White and Red Carriers. All of our reds are dual registered with HFA and RWDCA. How long have you been breeding for Polled and what inspired you to start? We started breeding for Polled animals in 2008 because I had achieved my goal of breeding Red into my herd, so I wanted to next add Polled to the mix. What is your breeding philosophy for Polled? My goal with my breeding program was to have a totally registered herd of Red & White Holsteins. I also focused on genetics, my main concern on feet and legs, because the animals are kept inside during the winter months. I look for good solid cows, but because of stall size, I don't focus on big, tall animals. I also focus on calving ease which is hard to find in the Red & White bulls. Our mating program is done with Select Sires each year. Who was your first Polled animal? Our first Polled Red & White was Coombs Hill Sasha-Red born in 2009. She is a Lawn Boy P-Red daughter out of Coombs Hill Sasafras-Red a VG-85 Advent daughter.

10 #PolledPlace

Sasafras was fresh again in March giving us a Polled Ladd P-Red daughter. This family goes back to one of our Scarlet families. She was a our first Red cow to score Excellent and she did so at 10 years old. What Polled bulls are represented in your herd? We currently have Polled daughters in the herd by Aggravation Lawn Boy P-Red, Synergy AltaMr P-Red, Tiger-Lily Ladd P-Red, Sandy-Valley Colt P-Red and Buck-HCreek Mgl Piranha-P*RC. What Polled bulls are you currently using? We are still using AltaMr P, Piranha P and will start using another Polled bull from Genex, Bryhill Prde LabryrinthP*RC . What are your thoughts on the availability of Polled bulls? Because of our location in the northeast, I have limited availability of companies to buy semen from. It is even harder to find a Red & White bull that is Polled with the criteria that I want in my breeding program. What would you like to see available in the future? I would love to see an increased effort in developing Polled genetics. Because of the focus on animal well being and the public pressures on farmers to treat their animals in a humane way, it is nice to have an animal you don't have to dehorn. It is one less stress the animal and the farmer has to endure. Where do you see the future of Polled? I will definitely continue breeding for Polled Red & Whites. I have fulfilled my dream of a Red & White herd, so onto the next challenge! We just need to have more Red & White Polled bulls available to use.

POLLED HOLSTEINS Bert-Mar Holsteins Allan & Erica Lundberg Osseo, Wisconsin continued on page 11

continued from page 10 Farm Background Bert-Mar was homesteaded in 1886. Allan is the 4th generation and Erica is now the 5th generation. Our farm is located just south of Osseo, Wisconsin in Trempealeau county. Allan and Erica provide all the labor along with Erica's boyfriend, Graham Giese. We have a 92 cow tie stall barn including 3 large box stalls, 2 of which belong to the full sisters Luck-E Advent Atlanta and Luck-E Advent Asia. We also have a beautiful 3 year old calf barn with Calf-Tel hutches on one side and 4 large weaning pens on the other. How long have you been breeding for Polled and what inspired you to start? We started breeding for Polled just a few years ago. Our first Polled animal is a Golden-PP grand-daughter of Harvue Roy Frosty who we purchased from the Wisconsin Holstein Futures Sale. What is your breeding philosophy for Polled? Our breeding philosophy for Polled is to use bulls from great cow families with high type and strength. Who was your first Polled animal? The Golden-PP was the first animal we started breeding to Polled. She currently has 5 Synergy Lets Deal P*RC heifer calves on the ground. We have used Polled genetics on Prismagen Epic Oklahoma, a VG-88 daughter of Hickorymae Manoman Opine-P. We are also using Polled on BertMar Capital Margie, a Capital Gain from a VG-86 2-year-old

Mogul. Margie has a GTPI of +2528 with +3.48 PTA Type. We have also used Polled genetics on Atlanta with 3 beautiful Apoll-P daughters on the ground and will soon be using Polled on Asia as well. What Polled bulls are represented in your herd? The Polled bulls currently represented in our herd are Luck-E Ladd Atlanta-P*RC, Schreur Apoll-P-Red, Kulp Dale Golden-PP-Red and Synergy Lets Deal P*RC. What Polled bulls are you currently using? Currently we are using Luck-E Ladd Atlanta-P*RC, Endco The Answer P, Seagull Bay SS Avenger-P, Mr Ansly Addiction-P-Red and we are looking forward to using Mr Leaninghouse Ammo-P*RC in the near future. What are your thoughts on the availability of Polled bulls? The availability of Polled bulls has definitely improved over the years, especially those with balanced type and production. What would you like to see available in the future? In the future, we would like to see more deep cow families represented and higher type Polled sires. Where do you see the future of Polled? We will continue to use polled genetics in our herd as the genetics are fast improving and more readily fit our breeding goals of high type and strength. It is also another way to stay diversified, which in today's market is a must. Acquiring Asia and Atlanta from Luck-E Holsteins has brought a whole new excitement to Bert-Mar and the different breeding possibilities using Polled genetics.

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POLLED Sire Feature

Tui PayPal PP-ET*RC - Curt & Psuche Hoffman - Pennsylvania

Curt & Psuche Hoffman with their children (L-R) Madelyn, Alexa, Ethan & Isaiah (with his cat Tigra) and Tui Paton Denver-P-ET*RC (Denver x Dogma P) My husband and I purchased our current farm in January of 2001, renting the farm about a year before purchasing it. I brought 9 cows and heifers with me when we moved to Pennsylvania from Colorado. My husband works for CNH and he received a job offer from home office, so we moved to Pennsylvania. I also went back to my parents dairy farm in Wisconsin and picked up 13 cows and heifers in the first year we farmed. Our farm is located at 532 Breneman Road, Manheim, PA 17545. It was definitely Lawn Boy P that got me started in Polled. I had a long building desire to start breeding Polled. I hated dehorning calves, I am allergic to smoke, I didn’t like using the caustic paste and was too cheap to hire someone else to do it. But I was told over and over again Polled is not

good enough, I was giving up to much of this or that to use Polled. Then Lawn Boy P came out in the top 100 TPI List and was Red & White to boot. I was thrilled and bought my first Polled semen! I ended up with two Polled Lawn Boy P heifers. In 2012, through Greg Johnson of Flint, Michigan, we purchased Zimmerview Grafeeti Pep with two partners from Canada (Fred Waechter and Bryan Quanbury of Walkerton, Ontario, Canada). The intent was to send embryos to Canada, but Pep had minimal success in making embryos. She did make small numbers of embryos well with IVF, so the partners decided to make pregnancies at our farm. Tui PayPal PP*RC is a bull with unique traits. He is Homozygous Polled, Red Carrier and A2A2 Beta Casein with a full pedigree and a very balanced genomic profile. We felt this bull lends himself to marketing ourselves and we feel he has qualities that will help him sell himself. Semen is available on PayPal PP through DairyBullsOnline. com, but remains under our ownership. As we move forward, we would like to continue to raise the level of Polled genetics. We hope to develop Homozygous Polled bulls that can be used to create more Polled cattle. We are looking at incorporating DWP$ and WT$ along with Polled to make Polled animals that have commercial appeal and value. Polled is the future! Really, what farmer likes to dehorn their cattle? As more of us have bred for Polled in the genomic testing era, the gap between horned and Polled cattle is ceasing to exist. I would imagine within five years it will be tough to nearly impossible to get a bull into AI with horns. Our top Polled heifer, Tui Paton Denver-P-RC-ET is a well-rounded, very balanced heifer with a +2696 GTPI +839 NM$ +1063 DWP$ +1669 M +99 F +58 P 2.87 SCC +5.9 PL +144 WT$ +2.51 Type AND without horns. We should have calves on the ground out of this heifer in under 8 months. Why would I, as a farmer, want to breed horns into my cattle when I can have Polled heifer like her?

Tui Pearl Sammy-P-ET*RC VG-86 Dam of PayPal PP*RC

Zimmerview Grafeeti Pep-ET VG-86 2nd Dam of PayPal PP*RC

12 #PolledPlace

Ultimate Polled Potential! PREGNANCIES DUE THIS WINTER! Sire: Pine-Tree-GF Chosen P-ET*PC +2556 Kingboy x Supersire Dam: View-Home Silver Orchid-ET +2789GTPI Silver x McCutchen

2nd Dam: View-Home McC Alabama-ET +2560GTPI McCutchen x VG-86 DOM Robust w/ 32,000m 3476 S 80th Avenue, New Era, MI 49446 Nicholas Mitteer Phone: (231) 578-0618 Email: nick@countrydairy.com www.countrydairy.com www.facebook.com/CountryDairy

Thank you to Hinz Farm and Bob Eustice for purchasing our consignments on this year's #PolledPlace Tag Sale!

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A Focus on International Polled

Redholme Holsteins - Mat Robertson - Australia

Mat & Emma Robertson with their son Joshua (2), twins Charlotte & Jack (4 months) and Redholme Colt45 Ribeena P-Red (Colt 45 x Midas) Our farm is located in Lardner, Victoria, Australia. Our farm was one of the first settled in the area and I’m the sixth generation on the farm. I run the 220 acre farm with my wife, Emma, and parents, Michael and Tricia. We have a 12-unit swing-over. The original farm name is Myrtleholme. For our stud, I combined my love of Red cattle and the original farm name to get Redholme Holsteins. We have been breeding registered cows since 2001. Our breeding philosophy has changed somewhat these last few years. We now breed purely for type. I just love looking at a cow that looks good on farm and in the show ring. Of course, she has to milk as well, but I breed in the aim of selling to the public. In a time when everyone is breeding for genomics and chasing high numbers, I prefer to breed for a cow or heifer that catches the eye. We first started breeding for Polled two years ago with

the purchase of Lightning Ridge Colt 45 Sateen P-Red. She is a grand-daughter of Planet Silk and is out of Dymentholm Sunview Samba VG-85-2Y. We wanted to add another string to our bow as far as a breeding and selling point, so we began focusing on Polled. We are currently working with the Planet Silk family, Destry Sally (five Addiction P granddaughters) and we have a Barbwire grand-daughter of Apple EX 96, a Baler Twine grand-daughter as well as our Australian families of Tulip, Maureen, Coconut, Cecelia and Delta. Our standard for selecting bulls is basically choos- Lightning Ridge Colt 45 Sateen P-Red ing the highest Res. Jr. Champion South Gippsland Show type bulls on the market at the time. They also have to be decent for milk. We are currently using Polled – Ladd P, Addiction P and Colt 45 P and might flush with Ball of Wax PP. B&W – Beemer, Solomon, Crush and High Octane. R&W – Avalanche, Incredabul and Diamondback. We strive to breed eye catching cows that we can show successfully and sell. Looking towards the future, we plan to upgrade our facilities and build a new shed for our top of the line animals to be housed. Where do I see the future of Polled? In Australia, Polled hasn’t really taken off as of yet, but I think as more sires become available, more people will start breeding for it. The only way to go is up for Polled in Australia.

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Taughboyne Jerseys Looking for a ray of sunshine in dairying at Victoria, Australia taughboyne@bigpond.com the moment, I've found it in Polled Jerseys! Bazinga PP & RC !!!


Bazinga PP-ET-RC

+2452GTPI +105CFP +1352M +1.42T +1.64UDC Homozygous RC AltaCasual x Ms Supreme La Bambi P

Schoene Kuh Dairy

Staci Sexton 61588 County Road 2  PO Box 203  Millville, MN Phone: 651-564-0857  Email: schonekuhdairy@gmail.com

Polled Calves are Blossoming!

It's been a busy week on our farm as we have had a flush of calves, several Polled. Lemajru-N Piranha Bass P is one of our new Polled ladies. She comes from a different family line of cows that have historically been solid in both production and type. She is not the top of the line, but has the potential to be a solid foundation cow in the future. Her PTPI is +2065.

Lemajru Dairy Farm LLC

Charles & Julie Nelkie  Michael & Abigail O-Farrell 1595 W. State Road, West Branch, MI 48661 Phone: 989-345-2255 Email: lemajru@gmail.com Find us on Facebook!

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16 #PolledPlace

Polled Ayrshire History


Focus on POLLED Sale Consignments


The Marketplace for POLLED

Ed Smith

#PolledPlace Tag Sale Buyers List

Animal Analysis Associate

May 20 & 21, 2016 - Monroe, Wisconsin Hosted by Briar Holsteins

LOT 56 Briar Mitey Mattie P-RC $3,500.......John & Julie Schmitz & Joel & Stephanie Hammerly, Minnesota LOT 26 View-Home Midnight Blue P-RC $3,000..........................................................................Bob Eustice, Minnesota LOT 14 View-Home Starburst P $3,000...................................................................Hinz Farm, LLC, Wisconsin LOT 27 View-Home Asparagus P-RC $2,500..........................................................................Bob Eustice, Minnesota LOT 20 View-Home Daffodil P $2,500..........................................................................Bob Eustice, Minnesota LOT 32 Cleland SP Comptroller P $2,475...................................................................................Scott Haas, Illinois LOT 42 DreamRock Deal Poker P-Red $2,000..................................................................................Ted Parker, Illinois LOT 48 Manannah Amber P-Red $1,900......................................................................Jocelyn Parker, Wisconsin LOT 47 Manannah Bailey P-RC $1,500..................................................Justin Crull & Zack Jeffrey, Wisconsin LOT 49 Briar Corprl Valencia P-Red $1,500...........................................................................Justin Crull, Wisconsin CHOICE & EMBRYO LOTS LOT 10 Red PP Lets Deal P Choice x CS-Redvue Candy P-Red $3,500..................................................................................Ted Parker, Illinois LOT 38 Tobin PP x Pine-Tree 5660 Powe 6702 PP $500/embryo..Bickleygate Hol/Premier Polled Genetics, United Kingdom LOT 38 AltaCasual P x Kulp-Dale Ernht Reba P-RC $250/embryo...............................................................Matt Goers, Wisconsin LOT J1 Leonel x Heartland Critic Dolly-P $200/embryo................................................Schoene Kuh Dairy, Minnesota LOT 35 Chad P x D&D Patton Save Cecile P-RC $175/embryo...............................................................Matt Goers, Wisconsin LOT 35A Chad P x D&D Patton Save Cecile P-RC $175/embryo..............................................................Chad Bremmer, Illinois

THANK YOU to the consignors, buyers, sponsors and silent auction donors and buyers at the 2nd #PolledPlace Tag Sale! Also, special thanks to Briar Holsteins for hosting the sale and to everyone that helped with the sale! SAVE THE DATE for the 3rd #PolledPlace Tag Sale - May 12&13, 2017 hosted by Manannah Valley in Eden Valley, Minnesota! Watch for additional details in the upcoming issues of #PolledPlace.

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Breeding high quality Jerseys for Polled & A2A2

HOMOZYGOUS POLLED Semen for sale! 54JE625 Comet-PP & 54JE626 Zorro-PP

54HO757 CHAD P*RC +2212GTPI Semen Available from:




10454 160th St. Glencoe, MN 55336 Cell: (952)297-2811 glenmarkgenetics@hotmail.com

Your Source for Polled Ayrshires

Hawksfield Jamison P

Hawksfield Blessing P

Hawksfield Farms

Charles, Henry, Shirley, Diane, Mark, Mary, Grace & Jonathan Sayles Perry, Michigan Email: ayrhawk2@gmail.com

Virginia Sale of the Stars

August 5 - Harrisonburg, VA ï‚« +2627GTPI POLLED DENVER SELLS!

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#PolledPromoters Polled, Polled, Polled! The future is Polled and you have exciting Polled genetics to share with the world! I am excited to share that we will be continuing the #PolledPromoters Directory for 2016/2017! This special publication will be one of the main features at the #PolledPlace booth AL131 at World Dairy Expo, so you don't want to miss out! Polled breeders and AI companies will be featured in the #PolledPromoters Directory and will be separated by country and region. To view a sample page, see the #PolledPromoters section on page 8 of this issue. This special directory will also be shared at the #PolledPromoters Social at World Dairy Expo on Thursday, October 6th from 6pm-8pm in the Wingra Room of the Exhibition Hall and will be posted on the Polled Dairy Cattle #PolledPlace website. Check out the 2015/2016 #PolledPromoters Directory at: www. polleddairycattle.com!

#PolledPlace Tag Sale THANK YOU to everyone that supported the 2016 #PolledPlace Tag Sale! Although milk prices were not where we would like them to be, it was a great time to get together and share our Polled stories. This year, there were 16 lots that were purchased and went to the United Kingdom, Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Also, thank you to Accelerated GenetThere are 2 independent origins of polled, one ics, DairyBullsOnline.com, East Central Select Sires and Manannah Valley found in Holstein-Friesian and Jersey breeds (Pf), the other in many European breeds of Celt- for donating items to the #PolledPlace Silent Auction. ic origin (Pc) such as Angus, Blonde d’AquitSAVE THE DATE! aine, Dexter, Limousin, Charolais, and HereThe 3rd #PolledPlace Tag Sale will be held with the Bouquet of Breeds ford, among others. Polledness is dominant; a polled animal can have one or two copies of II Tag Sale on May 12 & 13, 2017 at Manannah Valley in Eden Valley, Minthe gene. All offspring of a bull with 2 copies of nesota. Thank you to the Schmitz families for offering to host next year's polled (homozygous) will be polled. Genetic sale! testing is a cost-effective means to determine if a polled animal has 1 or 2 copies of the gene. Enjoy the rest of summer! The Veterinary Genetics Laboratory offers a test for the polled gene to assist breeders in selecting cattle that have 2 copies of Polled gene. Editor/Owner H/H HORNED. No copies of either Polled molecular marker are present. Pf/H POLLED. One copy of the Polled-Friesian molecular marker is present. At least 50% of the offspring will be polled. Pf/Pf POLLED. Two copies of the Polled-Friesian molecular marker are present. aAa®Weeks® 17 Hawksfield 17 Yoder Family Farm 3 All offspring will be polled. Pc/H POLLED. One copy of the Ardachie Jerseys 8 Lemajru Dairy 15 YouChoose 20 Polled-Celtic molecular marker is present. Bosside Holsteins 8 ManannahValley 17 At least 50% of the offspring will be polled. Briar Holsteins 7 Rollen N’s Dairy 19 Pc/Pc POLLED. Two copies of the Country Dairy 13 Schoene Kuh 15,18 Polled-Celtic molecular marker are present. Covington Jerseys 17 Select Sires 9 All offspring will be polled. DairyBullsOnline 6 Taughboyne 15 Pc/Pf POLLED. One copy of Polled-Celtic 2 Triple Hil Sires 5 and 1 copy of Polled-Friesian molecular mark- GGI/AgLink Glenmark 17 Twisted Genes 18 ers are present. All offspring will be polled.

Polled Testing

Stephanie Hammerly

Polled Advertisers

Phone: (530) 752-2211 www.vgl.ucdavis.edu/services/ Polled.php

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Next Advertising Deadline: August 20th

Genes of the Future in Our Herd

The goal of the breeding in our herd is to produce cows with all of these genes:

Red, Polled, and A2 Beta Casein

Polled: Homozygous Polled cows guarantee that we never have to dehorn their offspring. A2: The goal of any farming should be to produce a healthy product. Cows that are A2/A2 produce milk that is healthier and easier to digest. Red: We prefer the Red & White color, and it also gives animals an additional marketing interest.

These four cows meet all of the criteria. They are all Red, PP, and A2/A2!

L-R: 4-10 VG-86 Burket Falls Dazzler P x VG-87 Torino 3-08 VG-87 Ladd P-Red - 12th generation VG or EX Roxy 6-04 VG-86 Ducky P-Red 1-11 Mr Rollen-Ns Lumber PP x VG-86 Ducky P The Faus Family 607-426-4094 6190 Reading Road, Rock Stream, NY 14878 Email: rollenns@gmail.com We’re on Facebook at Rollen N’s Dairy

#PolledPlace 19

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20 #PolledPlace

Wh e r e y o u c h oos e t h e s i r e s a v a i l a b l e.

y o u c h o o se sir es .com

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