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Red & Polled homozygous

LARGE PP-REDaAa 315243 Lawn Boy P x Ludox x Convincer Daughter Proven Super Type & Great Production


LAPTOP PP-REDaAa 324156 Laron P x Mr Sam x Polled Plus Health Trait Specialist High Components



LABEL P-REDaAa 234165

Stronger P x Lypoll P Ladd P x Sunrise x Spencer 2 x Talent Outcross Bloodlines Hottest Polled in Europe +152 RZG High Protein +49kg +.10% (Highest B&W in Europe is +162 RZG) High Productive Life & Low Somatic Cell Extreme Protein +73kg +.31% German Genetics International 2 #PolledPlace

+(49)4471-91740 info@ggi.de www.ggi.de

Ag-Link Genetics (570)836-6593 aglinks@aol.com www.ag-link.com

THE POWER OF PP! PP Heifers x Horned Bulls = High Polled Embryos 1965 GTPI + 2531 GTPI = 2248 GTPI PA Could you afford Homozygous Polled Embryos from the Highest GTPI Females? What about using the Highest Bulls on Homozygous Females?


46% of Andersonville Dairy is POLLED! 22% of the Cows ~ 61% of the Heifers ~ 100% of the Bulls Mark Rodgers 1966 Andersonville Road West Glover, VT 05875

Phone: 802-673-2072 Email: mr.ag@myfairpoint.net www.facebook.com/AndersonvilleDairy

Over 230 Polled animals to date with 80 Polled females projected to be born in 2014!#PolledPlace 3


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“Born with no horns!” This handsome little man shows off his smooth Brown Swiss head. He is a Bosephus from Victory Acres Lyn Sylvia NP owned by B&B Genetics in Monroe, Wisconsin.

4 #PolledPlace

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July 22-26 National Red & White Convention Elkhorn, WI July 26 International Intrigue at Milksource Kaukauna, WI August 7 Empire Summer Holstein Blast Waterloo, NY August 12 New Proofs! August 20 #PolledPlace Deadline August 26&27 Celebrate Summer Sale LaPorte, IN Sept 13-18 All-American Dairy Show Harrisburg, PA Sept 30-Oct 4 World Dairy Expo Madison, WI October 18 German Masters Sale Bitburg, Germany October 20 #PolledPlace Deadline Nov 7-16 Royal Winter Fair Toronto, ON, Canada November 17 Hartford Genomic Extravaganza II Rochester, MN December 2 New Proofs! December 20 #PolledPlace Deadline Jan 18-22 International Dairy Week Tatura, Victoria, Australia February 20 #PolledPlace Deadline April 20 #PolledPlace Deadline

Proud of the donors building our polled genetics April-Day M REISLING P-ET RC From VERDEJO with no Lawn Boy in her pedigree, REISLING has two sons in AI, pregnancies by America P, Kingboy and is due back in February to Megasire. Her +2116 GTPI polled and RC Parker daughter and her +2260 GTPI polled and RC Sympatico have just started in our flush program.

Photo by Nick Sarbacker

Ja-Bob Colt HOLLAND PP-RED Fresh in January, HOLLAND hails from the Mars Helen family and due back in January 2015 to REISLING’s Bama-Red son, REBAR P-RED. HOLLAND’s homozygous polled Relief P RC daughter is in our flush program.

Photo by Nick Sarbacker

Ri-Val-Re Soto ERIN P-ET RC ERIN has 3 sons in AI, and 4 daughters by Ohio P, Sympatico RC, Discount P RC and Lou P-Red in our flush program.

Though polled breeding isn’t our main focus, these red and red-carrier individuals make it easy and exciting for us to breed for both color and polled. Photo by Nick Sarbacker

Contact information:

Ed Peck


E: adredcows@gmail.com

#PolledPlace 5

• Facebook: April-Day

RED = P (polled) BLUE = p (horned) Watch the animated video at www.dairybullsonline.com! 6 #PolledPlace

Too Much of a Good Thing..... ....Is a Good Thing!!! In our breeding program here, milk & type are very important to us. In our effort to bring the POLLED gene into our herd, we are very concerned that milk & type does not suffer. We also value “proven” milk numbers much more than “index” milk numbers as we believe they are much more accurate in the real world. That is why we try to work with cows from generations of good milk records and solid type. Adding POLLED to these kind of cows results in situations like the picture above. The cow in the picture below is an example of what we are looking for in our POLLED program.

Pine-Tree 4233Signi 4934 P-ET VG-85 VG-MS *POLLED* 157 lbs. Last Test! Reg # 69804698 2-07 116D 18,335 3.2 591 2.8 514 RIP

We have embryos available from 4934 P by Ladd Man P

Donald & Joan Yoder & Family

2655 Buckeye Road East Dublin, GA 31027 Phone: (478)278-2084 Email: donald@yoderfamilyfarm.com www.holsteinworld.com/yoderfamilyfarm

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The...Top Homozygous Polled Red Bull Available Around the World! PP-RED


TYBALT the No. 1 GTPI... Homozygous Polled Red bull with Intl availability, including the (EU) European Community and Canada. In some countries in Europe in the near future...EVERY AI bull must be Polled by Govt. order! TYBALT will dehorn all his offspring 100% of the time. Genomic Proven bulls are now the industry standard. All the current top Progeny Proven bulls were the top, usually No. 1 GTPI bulls when introduced...photo Kathy DeBruin

Outcross...sire stack...Ladd P-Red, Mr Burns, Paradox-Red, Cliffhanger, Commotion 555HO00125 Hickorymea TYBALT PP-RED-ET aAa 423615 +192M +14F +.03% +22P +.06% 73%R +363NM$ +446CM$ +3.7PL 2.73SCS +0.9DPR

+2.30PTAT +1.92UDC +1.92FLC +1902GTPI (4/14)

Dam: Hickorymea Burn Tikki P-ET-RC VG-88 EX-MS 31,060 lbs. milk 2nd Dam: Hickorymea Par Tee P-Red VG-86 36,030 lbs. milk...more VG-EX dams

301 Harvey Lane, Tunkhannock,PA Phone: 570-836-6593 Email: aglinks@aol.com www.ag-link.com

Flatness International Inc. 104 Stony Mountain Road, Tunkhannock, PA Phone: 570-836-3527 Email: info@flatnessintl.com #PolledPlace 9 www.flatnessintl.com


Breeder Perspectives on POLLED This magazine was developed for those passionate about Polled! In the #PolledPanel feature of #PolledPlace, breeders have the opportunity to share their perspective on Polled. Thank you to these breeders for sharing their Polled story and views on the future of Polled in their respective breeds! POLLED HOLSTEINS Regancrest Iowa, USA

Frank Regan (left) & Jason & Sheri Danhof with Hickorymea Manoman Opine-P VG-87 Regancrest was started in 1951 by William and Angella Regan. They were joined in partnership by their sons Frank, Billy, Charlie and Ron. In 1999, a new facility was build on the original site. The herd size grew to 550 cows. In 2012, the third generation was brought into the operation which included Brian, Sheri and Sean (Frank’s children) and Mitch (Charlie’s son). At this time, the herd expanded to the current size of 750 milk cows they and expect to grow to 900 milk cows on the current site. Regancrest also went to three times a day milking in the summer of 2012. In 2013, a new heifer freestall facility to house 500 head was completed on another location. Dr. Elizabeth Weigher, staff veterinarian was hired in 2013. Regancrest has had taken a fairly aggressive approach to Polled genetics. We feel that Polled genetics has a great future in our breed. We know that the horns are not necessary and by eliminating them is ideal. Genomics has helped to identify Polled families that are transmitting the most ideal genes, so we feel that genomics has helped us for the better by allowing us another tool for breeding. We have been breeding for Polled about 5 years. We have had two nice Lawn Boy P daughters from a VG Advent from an All-American 5 yr old cow. We used Lawn Boy P and Colt P and had a couple of nice heifers and then Polled bulls from them. We found out that there was a demand for those bulls to our breeder bull market. With genomics now, we feel that Polled genetics will have great

10 #PolledPlace

opportunities to advance the quality of genetics a lot faster. In 2012 at the National Holstein Convention Sale, we were able to invest in a bred heifer by Manoman from Hickorymea Shot Ovada-P-ET VG-86, Hickorymea Manoman OpineP-ET. We had been following the breeding program of Hickorymea and had the opportunity to sell some family members through our consignment sales. Opine-P was one of the highest ranked GTPI Polled daughters at that time. She sold as a bred heifer. We had done extensive IVF on her following her arrival to Regancrest. These matings have resulted in pregnancies by Teacher, President, Mainevent, Racer, Pulsar, Kingboy and Alta1st Class. Animals sired by Polled bulls in our herd include Lawn Boy P, Colt P, Toubib P, Effect P, Relief P, Overtime P, Long P, Ohio Style P, Ohare P, Earnhardt P and Ladd P. Currently, we are using the Polled bulls listed above along with adding Eraser P recently. There are becoming to be more Polled bulls added to the breed. The use of these Polled bulls on top non-Polled cow families has brought in some outcross as well as production and type to the mix. In the future, we would like to see the Polled bulls and females being recognized on the lists more easily recognizable. The future of Polled in our breed will continue to increase. From a personal stand point, it would be much easier to not have to dehorn the 1,000 calves born each year on our farm. There are dairy farmers who see the value in not having to stress the animal or to have the vet out to assist with dehorning procedures. It is a savings on time, money and in the future, a practice that is going to be targeted by humane groups. In the end, Polled is another great market for us to breed for. If you had a cow like Opine-P who was a VG-87 1st calf that produced over 34,910#M 4.3%F 1486 3.5P 1222, you would breed her to the best bulls available Polled or not. She makes them good and to make them Polled is just an added bonus! Opine-P has the #1 & #2 Homozygous Polled females and the #1 Homozygous Male. She has

two other Homozygous Polled sons including Regancrest Effect Orion PP*RC at Regancrest and Regancrest Relief Opportunity PP at Select Sires. POLLED HOLSTEINS Rokeyroad Holsteins Kansas, USA

Rokeyroad Holsteins is located in Sabetha, Kansas and we are a family operation consisting of seven children and one full-time employee and several part-time employees. Our breeding philosophy is the same for our Polled animals as it is for our non-Polled animals - the all around complete cow with a deep family behind it! We started breeding Polled back about seven years ago with a flush to a 92 point Red Advent to Lawn Boy P resulting in a couple Polled Red daughters, both going VG. Just the thought of no dehorning appealed to us and we wanted to spark marketing interest in our genetics. This Advent is from the Morrill Scarlett-Red family. Our most recent family that we’ve been breeding Polled into is the Homozygous Polled animals coming from the Red Advent from the Roxys. This cow family is what really has us excited! We have daughters by Polled bulls including Lawn Boy P, Mitey P, Colt P, Earnhardt P, Ladd P, Long P and Rokeyroad Rockstar PP and we’re currently using Ladd P, Rockstar PP and will soon be using Rokeyroad Earnhardt Rascal PP. The availability of Polled bulls that meet our criteria is getting better rapidly. We’d love a barn full of cows like our 86 point 2-yr-old Mitey P from the Perk Raes Looking to the future, we would like to see a larger selection of Polled bulls from deep proven cow families. The future of Polled at Rokeyroad is Continued on page 12

Pick Your Polled COLOR!

Polled Transformer P

Tom-Anna Trans Amy P #1 Transformer Daughter - 4/2014 +2260GTPI +708NM$ +5.1PL 3310 GPFT #5 in Italy - 5/2014

Currently being flushed! Baldus Polled Genetics Christof Baldus

Wöelferlingen, Germany christof.baldus@gmx.de www.facebook.com/BBGenetics

Polled Lynch NP

Victory Acres Lyn Sylvia NP 2-10 365d 24,190 4.1% 1001 3.4% 821 POLLED Son by Twilight available! POLLED Son by Bosephus available!

Will be flushed soon!

Briar Holsteins Brian & Sue Crull and family

N2552 Balls Mill Road, Monroe, WI 53566 Brian: 815-601-3673  Sue: 815-988-4007 crullbrian@yahoo.com  crullsue@gmail.com

Inquiries Welcome!

#PolledPlace 11

#PolledPanel Continued from page 10 looking good! We have reached more than 10% of our heifers being Polled and it will grow very rapidly after seeing cows calve in and milk so well and look so good...all with no horns! We are looking forward to a bright Polled future with the #9 Homozygous Polled heifer in the world from the Perk Raes. She will be on an extensive IVF program shortly and her full brother, Rascal PP will be released this fall! POLLED HOLSTEINS & BROWN SWISS B&B Genetics Wisconsin, USA & Germany Brian & Sue Crull (left) & Christof Baldus

B&B Genetics a partnership that is comprised of Briar Holsteins in Monroe, Wisconsin and Baldus Polled Genetics owned by Christof Baldus in Germany. Briar Holsteins is mainly Red & White and Red Carrier Holsteins, along with a couple Brown Swiss, a trio of Milking Shorthorn cows and a pair each of Jersey and Ayrshire cows that we house for some local dairy breeders. Briar Holsteins is owned and operated by Brian and Sue Crull with our children that are still at home or living near the farm which include Stephanie, Kelsey, Justin, Brandon, Jessica and Briana. Our daughter Nicole lives in Ohio with her husband and two sons. Briar Holsteins also houses the cattle owned by B&B Genetics. We have had Polled animals for over ten years, but our focus and intensity in breeding for Polled began in 2009 after purchasing a Polled Red Lawn Boy P heifer at the National Red & White Convention in Belvidere, Illinois. That heifer has

12 #PolledPlace

turned into an EX cow with many Polled daughters. That year, we met Christof Baldus who was attending the convention and had an infectious interest in breeding and developing Polled animals. After the 2009 convention, we started using mainly Polled sires and in 2010, we made our first purchase with Christof that started our B&B Genetics partnership. The breeding philosophy of B&B Genetics is to use the best available sires to make offspring that will be accepted in a world market for their type, production, health traits and unique pedigree, all with the Polled gene. Our first purchase incorporates the Polled gene into the Roxy cow family. She is a fresh Polled Red Carrier Observer daughter with 10 EX dams. Additional purchases include a VG-87 Polled Lypoll P along with her Polled daughters by Shadow Boxer and Define, a Polled Bookem from Mitey P’s cow family, a Polled Brown Swiss sired by Lynch NP and another horned Brown Swiss cow who we have flushed to a homozygous bull to produce some Polled Brown Swiss in the near future. One of our most exciting animals was purchased as an embryo. Tom-Anna Trans Amy P is the #1 Transformer daughter at +2260GTPI & +708NM$ and she is also #5 in Italy among all genomic tested heifers at 3310 GPFT. B&B Genetics has Polled Holsteins sired by Lypoll P, Observer, Shadow Boxer, Bookem, Gold Chip, McCutchen, Sympatico, Z Destiny, Dolo P, Krunch, Relief P, Define, Transformer P, Ohio Style P and Maurice and Polled Brown Swiss by Lynch NP, Twilight and Bosephus. For Polled bulls, we are currently using some Eraser P and Ohio Style P. I think in the future, there will be some unique Polled bulls available because Polled is getting used more throughout the world on many different bloodlines. We would like to have a hand in that by breeding some unique Polled offspring that can satisfy today’s dairyman worldwide.

#POLLEDPOWER OUTLINE P +2249GTPI DOGMA P*RC +2217GTPI OHIO STYLE P +2164GTPI OUTCOME P +2166GTPI APPL JAX P-RED +2140GTPI EFFECT P-RED +2076GTPI LUMBER PP*RC +1972GTPI OPTION PP +1946GTPI DUAL PP-RED +1906GTPI GOLDEN PP-RED +1862GTPI *Additional bulls available! Delivery to farms in Wisconsin, Northern Illinois & Eastern Iowa Contact: Justin Crull (815) 299-3673 justin.crull@yahoo.com

These Cows Refuse to let their calves wear horns!

all are in calf to homozygous polled!

Matt Seeliger

594 Kennedy Road, Glencoe West, South Australia Phone: 01417887168 Email: westdama@westdama.com.au

#PolledPlace 13


Focus on POLLED sale highlights

Polled Sale Results & Upcoming Sales Blue Ribbon Sale at Bluechip

June 5 - Zeerust, Victoria, Australia  POLLED COLT 45 SELLS FOR $8,500! Bluechip Colt45 Drama P-Red, a Polled Colt 45 grand-daughter of All-American Budjon-Nitzy Destiny-Red EX-94 was purchased by David Ash for $8,500.

National Holstein Convention Sale

June 27 - Dubuque, Iowa

 POLLED SALE HIGHLIGHTS! - Polled Earnhardt P x Colt P sells for $18,000 - Polled Doorman grand-daughter of Scientific Decadent Rae EX-92 sells for $15,000

National Red & White Convention Sale

July 25 - Elkhorn, Wisconsin  POLLED FROM PERK RAE! Two Polled milking daughters of Perk Rae P-Red EX-90 sell sired by Destry and Shamrock.

International Intrigue at Milksource

July 26 - Kaukauna, Wisconsin

 SEVERAL POLLED ANIMALS SELL! - Homozygous Polled O-Style sells from a maternal sister to Powerball P’s dam - High genomic outcross Polled Liquid Gold sells - 1st choice Powerball P from Windy-Knoll-View Princess sells - 1st choice Powerball P from Stone-Rail Mogul Sparkle also sells - *RC Polled Jacey from the Perk Raes sells - Several Polled consignments sell from Hickorymea Signif Ohio-P VG-86 - 1st choice outcross Supershot sells from Jook Effect P 9179*RC

Celebrate Summer Sale

August 26&27 - LaPorte, Indiana  POLLED SPECIAL EFFECT P DAUGHTER! Ri-Val-Re EF Wincie-P sells! Follow the Celebrate Summer Sale on Facebook for updates.

German Masters Sale

October 18 - Bitburg, Germany  POLLED FROM TOP RZG HEIFER! Daughter sells from NM Indian Summer P.

Hartford Genomic Extravaganza II Sale

November 17 - Rochester, Minnesota  MANY HIGH GENOMIC POLLED ANIMALS SELL! Polled from the Silks and many other great cow families sell. View their ad on the next page and watch for a new ad in the September issue of #PolledPlace for more details!

14 #PolledPlace

Do you have sale results or upcoming sale highlights to include in this section? Send them to polledplace@polleddairycattle.com by June 20th to be included in the September issue.

#PolledPlace 15

Alternative Angle of Polled Jerseys ORTHRIDGE ABE

Virgila-P GP-84 Abe x Victor Polled Daughters by Valentino & Da Bomb P ORTHRIDGE DIMENSION


Dimension x Lovabull Maternal Sister to Da Bomb-P at Semex

Phone: 608-778-9049

4890 Circle Road, Lancaster, WI 53813 Email: dereksjerseys@gmail.com www.facebook.com/orthridge

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16 #PolledPlace

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Polled Dairy Cattle #PolledPlace, PO Box 813, Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965 Phone: (608) 732-2757  Fax: (608) 237-2310 Email: polledplace@polleddairycattle.com Website: www.polleddairycattle.com

Opine-P © Beth Herges / ad design © HolsteinPlaza

Hickorymea Manoman Opine-P *PO

Very Good-87 | GTPI +2126 | 2-08 3x 365d 34,910lbM 4.3% 1486F 3.7% 1228P Man-O-Man x VG-86 Shottle x Hickorymea Bosco Oval P EX-90 This family ranks among the most popular outcross polled families in the world! Flush-age daughters: +2375G Oak, +2345G *PO Oak, +2205G *PO Oak, and +2176G Predestine Her Homozygous daughters: +2261G/+148RZG and +2253G/+143RZG Ohio Style rank as #1 and #2 GTPI in the breed

Regancrest Effect ORION-ET *RC *PP

Born: April 2013 72090651 | 107HO1459 | aAa 354126 Lirr Special EffectP-Red x Hickorymea Manoman Opine-P GTPI+1990 +696M +42F +33P +475NM$ 2.79SCS -0.1DPR +2.04T Ranks among the highest PP bulls in the world!

Regancrest OAKLEY-ET *PC

Born: June 2013 72090719 | 107HO1467 | aAa 234156 Pine-Tree AltaOak x Hickorymea Manoman Opine-P GTPI+2286 +1891M +67F +71P +621NM$ 2.77SCS -0.3DPR +2.84T

1095 Hwy9, Waukon, Iowa 52172 USA | Ph. +1 563-568-2055 www.regancrest.com | regancre@neitel.net | www.holsteinplaza.com/regancrest

#PolledPlace 17


Focus on International POLLED

Taughboyne Jerseys, Australia - Unlock Your Potential!

by Stephanie Stout

About Taughboyne Jerseys “Taughboyne” is a parish in County Donegal, Ireland where Kerry McGarvie’s great-great-great-grandfather was born. He moved to Australia as a farm laborer in 1844. McGarvie wanted to acknowledge her family’s involvement with the Jersey breed over the years locally, which was well before her time. Even though her father’s cousins were Jersey breeders, she lived close by and often visited Greenwood and Huntly, the original family properties. Even as a child, she felt like she’d missed out on something splendid. McGarvie learned more about the history when she joined a local Jersey cattle club as the very senior members delighted in telling her about her family before she was born. Taughboyne Jerseys began in the mid 1990s when Kerry McGarvie and her partner of 29 years Lawrence Finney left share dairy farming to lease land and buy 80 Jersey yearlings and 20 mixed breed cows. After that they bought what Jerseys they could find and afford, which wasn’t much as they ran straight in to a drought. Within two years, they had gone all Jersey. “We leased my family’s farm for the first few years and then also the farm next door to take the herd to 200. The properties were not in ideal dairy farming country, so when the opportunity came up to lease Lawrence’s sister and her husband’s property in the Camperdown area (Western Victoria, Australia), we jumped at it. That was around the 2003,” adds McGarvie. They progressed then to an all Jersey milking herd of up to 370 head, but cut back to 300 this year. The current property is 220 Ha and also home to John and Dianne Lee’s rotary dairy building business, Allenby Engineering. The farm has a 40 unit rotary dairy that Lawrence helped his brother-inlaw John Lee build. It was the very first of what became a worldwide dairy building business for the Lees. They recently purchased 46 Ha along side the farm that provides a dedicated calf rearing area with sheltered pastures, an early season calving area, sum-

18 #PolledPlace

mer crops and a milking area. Kerry & Lawrence also built a home here. Taughboyne Jerseys calve from March to June in a dry land farming system. They do not have any employed labor, just some use of contractors as needed for baling hay, wrapping silage and for aerial spraying. We feed approximately (depending on the season) 1.3tn per cow of concentrate (pellets and/or grain milled on-site), and purchase cereal hay as required. All other pasture hay and/or silage is made on the farm. All young stock are raised on the farm also.

Kerry McGarvie with Homozygous Polled Kings Ville Lassie 20-PP

Passion for Polled Taughboyne Jerseys began using Polled genetics in 2010, but only limited use in the first two years, so a lot of them are not yet milking age. The cows that will have the biggest impact in the short term are ones that they have purchased recently and placed on flush programs. Polled embryos from homebred cows were only born last year and are from their Jessica family and are sired by Eclipes-P. Kings Ville Lassie 20-PP tops the list because she is homozygous. Lassie 20-PP was purchased at the Northern Lights Sale during the Gold Rush Down Under WJCB Tour in 2013 as a bred heifer. Sired by Eclipes-P, she is a daughter of Kings Ville Lassie 16-P EXC93 by JeRessurection, and at the time was thought to be the highest classified polled female in Australia. Lassie 20-P has a polled TBone heifer and has since produced 14 embryos sired by Critique-P and On the Money. She is now bred back to AussieGold-P. Her PI (herd production index) is 123 in their herd and she will be a major focus for the Polled female program at Taughboyne. Three other females that will also play a big role were purchased from the York family’s Almervista herd. Two Columbines, a CSC Harrison (P) dam and her Larfalot daughter already

have ET offspring on the ground with more to come. The Larfalot daughter, Almervista Larfalot Columbine-P is a real herd favorite. She is a big strong beautifully tempered cow, but also the laziest cow in the herd until feed is involved, then she’ll walk over the top of you with out hesitation. Her current PI is 110, so they are looking forward to her offspring entering the herd. Another Almervista bred heifer sired by Virgil was purchased this year and is from the successful Bellis family at Almervista. The York bred cattle provided plenty of mating options with no Eclipes-P or Critic-P in their pedigrees. Future Goals “We are aiming for 200 kgs of protein per cow herd average in the short term. We acknowledge we are starting from a low base, but we also have opportunity to preserve health traits such as fertility and somatic cell counts before those traits are traded off for higher production so try to make balanced matings,” adds McGarvie. “We have over 90 head of Polled cattle now with our oldest being 3 years old. Our highest protein heifer last year was a Polled Eclipes-P and she produced 195 kgs of protein, so I see no reason why we should not aim for a fully polled herd for the future.” Continued on page 20

This Rainbow Makes 100% Polled!

Rokeyroad Mitey Rainbow PP*RC VG-86

2-02 305D 26,744M 5.1% 1356F 3.4% 897P ME 30,072M (+1085HD) 1541F (+385HD) 1011P (+98HD) Dam: Kulp-Dale Adv Romoma P-Red-ET VG-88 2-02 365D 24,270M 4.8% 1154F 3.8% 911P 2nd Dam: Golden-Oaks Rmn Rae2 P-Red-ET EX-90 4-08 365D 28,389M 4.4% 1256F 3.4% 3rd Dam: Golden-Oaks Perk Rae P-Red EX-90 1-11 365D 31,030M 3.7% 1161F 3.2% 983P Next 6 Dams are Excellent back to Roxy! Rainbow makes them consistent! She’s among the best on our farm and she could show! © Lea McCullough

INTRODUCING..... Her HOMOZYGOUS POLLED Earnhardt P Son! Rokeyroad Ernhrdt Rascal PP +2053GTPI +427NM$ +1027M +49F +43P +2.88PTAT 4/2014

He will be released this Fall! Full Sister to Rascal PP:

Ernhard Rainy PP +2112GTPI #9 in the breed for PP her age

Dwight & Anita Rokey

Maternal Sisters to Rascal PP:

2021 T Road, Sabetha, KS 66534 Phone: 785-284-2669 Cell: 785-285-0142 darokey@rokeyroad.com ~ www.rokeyroad.com

SS Redeem P +2065GTPI Determine Raindrop P +1942GTPI

There are 2 independent origins of polled, one found in Holstein-Friesian and Jersey breeds (Pf), the other in many European breeds of Celtic origin (Pc) such as Angus, Blonde d’Aquitaine, Dexter, Limousin, Charolais, and Hereford, among others. Polledness is dominant; a polled animal can have one or two copies of the gene. All offspring of a bull with 2 copies of polled (homozygous) will be polled. Genetic testing is a cost-effective means to determine if a polled animal has 1 or 2 copies of the gene. The Veterinary Genetics Laboratory offers a test for the polled gene to assist breeders in selecting cattle that have 2 copies of Polled gene. H/H HORNED. No copies of either Polled molecular marker are present. Pf/H POLLED. One copy of the Polled-Friesian molecular marker is present. At least 50% of the offspring will be polled. Pf/Pf POLLED. Two copies of the Polled-Friesian molecular marker are present. All offspring will be polled. Pc/H POLLED. One copy of the Polled-Celtic molecular marker is present. At least 50% of the offspring will be polled. Pc/Pc POLLED. Two copies of the Polled-Celtic molecular marker are present. All offspring will be polled. Pc/Pf POLLED. One copy of Polled-Celtic and 1 copy of Polled-Friesian molecular markers are present. All offspring will be polled.


© Billy Heath

Polled Testing Meet Kad P Kad’s VG-87 Dam:

MD-Valleyvue LB Kara-Red

One of the Highest Polled Bulls with Semen Available! MD-Valleyvue NUno Kad P*RC Numero Uno x 12 GenVG-EX Roxys! +2257GTPI +645NM$ +5.8PL 2.63SCS +2.5DPR +272M +0.13%F +45F +0.05%P +20P +2.91PTAT +3.09UDC +2.17FLC 4/2014 Semen Available in US & Canada! Contact Chad Griffith at 513.543.2315 or xavier12146@yahoo.com

*RC POLLED CASHCOIN Born 2/2014 - Dam is a FULL SISTER to Kara P! Luke Coblentz

8466 Conley Road, Winchester, OH 45697 Phone: 606.748.6049 Email: lukecoblentz@gmail.com

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Continued from Page 18 Taughboyne Breeding Program When selecting bulls, Kerry notes, “I am particularly keen to see a sires’ DGV record higher than his official proof. Other than that, I choose sires with different trait strengths so I can do complimentary matings. Basic categories are milk volume, components, body type, udder type, health/temperament, then I just list a few traits that each bull is especially good at to fine tune it. Currently, I have too many bulls in our AI tank that I had to send some back to the center when Nikon-P arrived! I have Critic-P and 4 of his sons (3 international and 1 Australian), Eclipes-P and 4 of his sons (3 international and 1 Australian) and 8 other sires (2 Australian) with no Eclipes-P or Critic-P in their sire stack. They include Danish, Canadian and American sires. This season and last, herd and flush sires include Critic-P sons CSCBoorowa (P), Nikon-P, Meschach-P and Critique-P and this will be the 5th season that we will use Eclipes-P. We have 24 2013 born crop to come. His sons Milad-P, Master-P, Motivation -PP, and Wallacedale MelsEquinox(P). Also Oliver-P, Da Bomb-p, Vintage-P (was very taken with his calves this year), Pro-P (have nearly 40 2013 born to come in), Imagination-P, AussieGold(P), VJ Miro-P and CSC Harrison-P(an older sire).” Q&A with Kerry McGarvie of Taughboyne Jerseys #PP: What inspired you to get involved with Polled? McGarvie: A thread on the Jersey Australia website forum, in which New Zealand breeder Bruce Cameron explained that the Polled gene was dominant. I made the switch to Polled from that moment. My involvement though has developed on two levels - we breed them, but also I promote the Polled trait whenever I can. As I learned more about the trait, I found many people were as interested as I was, but didn’t know where to find information. It has been incredibly rewarding to write articles, run workshops and exhibit Polled animals at information days, talk to and encourage others and to see such positive reactions. I also received encour-

20 #PolledPlace

agement early on from our agricultural departments and organizations such as Dairy Australia and DEPI, who visited our farm, and later made sure that Polled dairy animals were specifically identified in major genomic projects such as the Jernomics and Ginfo large scale genomic testing projects here in Australia. Both Queensland University and CSIRO continue to work to provide a suitable Polled test for beef and dairy herds in Australia. Something I didn’t expect was the great feeling I get when people come up to me just to share their Polled experiences on their farms. It renews my faith in humanity. #PP: Where do you see the future of Polled? McGarvie: Inevitably, I think the majority of sires will be Polled. Now that it is a well documented fact how easy it is to introduce the gene, support through DNA testing and genomics will ensure it will be business as usual for the Polled trait, just like any other trait. #PP: What makes your farm unique? McGarvie: Judging by the comments, the fact that we are using all Polled sires at the moment is pretty unique in these parts. We will return in part to horned sires over our Homozygous Polled females in the future. #PP: Do you have any additional comments? McGarvie: I do believe many underestimated the desire to embrace this trait. Farmers do care. We love working with livestock. That’s what we do. All we needed was some education and some science to back it up AND some effort to identify Polled cattle so we could see what was out there. From the earliest days in 2010, I have received nothing but encouragement and assistance from companies such as Semex, Alta Genetics and Worldwide Sires and from breeders with a wealth of knowledge such as Bruce Cameron, Paul Crittenden and Jim Huffard, and now from all of the AI companies and even our local reseller and veterinarians. I will be always be especially grateful though for that from my partner Lawrence, who encouraged me to

Focus on International POLLED make my own decisions and stick to them. It looks like Broadlin AussieGold (P) will be Australia’s first contribution to the Polled era for many years, hopefully there will be many others to follow his path.

Scenes from Taughboyne Jerseys




















-0.05% +22



+0.04% +1.9




2.79 +1.77 +1.31

+605 +2060 +1110

+61 +0.08% +44

+0.04% +3.7 2.79 +1.48 +1.17

+497 +2010


+62 +0.15% +34

+0.05% +2.3 2.69 +2.15 +2.06

DERRINGER-P*RC +453 +1959




+0.06% +6.1 2.75 +1.97 +2.30




+446 +2022 +1082

+48 +0.04% +33

+0.00% +2.2 2.84 +2.34 +2.05







+0.04% +3.9 2.84 +2.18 +2.29



+294 +1658


+13 +0.03% +17

+0.05% +3.2 3.02

+0.6 +0.75














+56 +0.09% +36

+0.02% +3.3 2.89 +1.40 +3.01






+53 +0.08% +38

+0.04% +3.2 3.06 +1.60 +3.91






+48 +0.14% +28

+0.06% +0.2 3.02 +1.20 +2.3

-0.01% PTAF%

+24 PTAP




#PolledPlace 21 www.accelgen.com


POLLED Sire Feature

To view the listing of available Polled bulls from April, check out the #PolledPlacings section of the Polled Dairy Cattle website at: www.polleddairycattle.com. Watch for new information in the Sept/Oct issue of #PolledPlace!

Powerball P - The Game Changer for Polled Holsteins

Imagine the biggest ball game of the year…did you place a bet?...did you play the game? Meet the “MVB” (Most Valuable Bull) of your team Powerball P - he is the #1 GTPI Polled sire in the WORLD and is described as, “The most impactful bull the breed has ever experienced.” View-Home Powerball P is moving Polled into an entirely new ballgame! At +2476GTPI and +818NM$, these numbers are record-setting for Polled. He also boasts +2.74PTAT, +1716M and +75P, also tremendous for Polled. And…he has more to offer…he is A2A2!

View-Home Powerball P

The Breeder Behind Powerball P Country Dairy, Inc., New Era, Michigan, is family owned and operated and has been bottling their own milk since 1983. Wendell VanGunst, third generation, started farming in the 1960s with a herd of 16 cows named View Home Farms, which remains as his Holstein prefix today. In the 1990s, two of his four daughters married and their husbands started to transition into the farm operations. Wendell has recently handed the farm over to the next generation but is still very involved. Currently Country Dairy, Inc. has 1,400 cows that are milked in four different milking parlors. Farm tours offer an experience where you can see what it takes to get the milk from the cow to the customer. In 2004, Country Dairy, Inc. built a farm store selling all their dairy products and beef along

22 #PolledPlace

with a great menu including burgers, sandwiches, and pizza. Over 100 people are employed at the various enterprises under Country Dairy, Inc.

by Stephanie Stout

The Making of Powerball P Powerball P is an Earnhardt P son of Pine-Tree 2149Robst 4846 VG-86-2Y, a Robust from the Wesswood Rudy Missy EX-92 family. Powerball P’s dam was purchased at The Best Pine-Tree 2149Robst 4846 VG-86-2Y of Rudolph Missy and Pine Tree of 2011. everyone’s imagination! He was the Dairy Sale in November 1st Polled bull that really peaked our Nick Mitteer of Country interest to dabble with Polled rather Dairy shares, “We had our than sit on the sidelines.” This mating eye on her from the start. resulted in four bulls, three of them of Knowing what the family which were Polled along with three had done with Shauna we horned heifers. From the moment they wanted something from were born, they took every precaution that family. Our goal was knowing that one of the three Polled to get a great animal that bulls could be the game changer! didn’t need marketing and Originally, Powerball P was named could do some contract free Tenn after Tennessee because they matings once the exclusivi- started naming them after states, and ty of the bulls ran out. The then moved to capitals because there Steiners took the manage- were so many coming that it was a full ment traits they believed in and contin- time job naming ET calves. “When his ued to have them transmit generation genomics came back we were extremeafter generation. We wanted an animal ly pleased with his numbers. He was like that! An animal like that would far above his peers and there was no sell males and females with ease.” looking back. We sat back and watched She was then moved to Duckett him go up two proofs which no one exHolsteins where they were amazed pected! Day after day he became more with her IVF abilities. Mitteer adds, valuable to us and to the industry. In “We started to mow down the list of December, we knew we had to get him top GTPI bulls and wanted to create moved so he could do what he was some different matings, so we used made to do, put polled on the map!” bulls like Goldwyn and Earnhardt P. shares an excited Mitteer. Goldwyn was easy because we still Jetstream Genetics was the first had a couple units lying around. The stud that came and offered the valEarnhardt P mating took a bit of work ue they were asking for. Knowing to convince everyone to be ok with it. Roger Turner and Jeff Butler would The bull studs didn’t seem too inter- work extremely hard to make Powerested at the time and that made some ball P a household name, they moved of us question the decision. The ‘what forward with the offer. Jetstream’s if?’ thought that she could create a high elite bull list ensures that whatevone from 8 to 10 pregnancies and then er they own will get their day in the have that be Polled eventually won spotlight. Continued on page 24

#PolledPlace 23

#PolledPlacings Continued from Page 22 About Jetstream Genetics Jetstream Genetics LLC was established in 2012 as a privately owned business that gives breeders the opportunities to new markets, new lease royalty contracts and the best possibilities for returns. A unique aspect of Jetstream Genetics LLC is that they do not own any bull housing or AI collection facilities. They have partnered with one of the strongest leading AI companies, Alta Genetics, Inc., to utilize their experience, expertise, logistics and talents to streamline their efficiencies and keep their overhead as low as possible. This has been a key point in their structure delivering high quality, high fertility semen to the market. The clients follow high fertility closely and it is a strong predictor in enhanced business and growth. Roger Turner of Jetstream Genetics LLC adds, “We are fortunate to be connected with Alta Genetics for many aspects that they can provide experience and knowledge for our company.” Why Add Polled to Jetstream Genetics? Jetstream Genetics LLC strives to provide the industry with elite genetics with herd goals in mind and improving herd efficiencies. The Polled gene is an opportunity for Jetstream Genetics LLC to expand their marketing and opportunities with breeders that are breeding for the Polled gene as well as reaching all herds and genetic programs worldwide. The industry has experienced greater interest in the Polled gene in the recent years and the genetic gains within the Polled males and females continue to expand and so do the marketing and sales opportunities for top end Polled sires. “We released our first Polled sire in late 2012 with Colt 45 P*RC and quickly experienced that top end Polled sires that have a complete lineage, attractive type, production and health traits were in very high demand and were sought after and attractive to many clients in all breeding programs in North America, South America, Australia, Europe and many expanding markets,” explains Turner. Powerball P to Jetstream Genetics Powerball P went to Jetstream Genetics LLC after a contract was negotiated and agreed upon with the

24 #PolledPlace

breeder, Country Dairy and Jeff Butler. Butler has other bulls in the Jetstream Genetics LLC program and for the past two years, they have experienced tremendous lease royalty returns that have exceeded their expectations and quickly earned them a greater return on investment, so they were easily attracted to have Powerball P enter into Jetstream Genetics LLC sire program. Having an extreme GTPI of +2476, Powerball P certainly stands out as a unique Polled bull and breeders do not have to give up any genetic gain. Regardless if he’s Polled or not, his GTPI is high for the Holstein breed and will attract all breeders alike. Not only is he the #1 Polled GTPI sire in the breed, he is also the #1 RZG Polled sire in the breed at +157. When Turner was asked what makes Powerball P unique, he shares, “He does carry an overall very attractive breakdown for type, health and production. I really feel his production traits make him very unique being +75P and +1716M. He totally has combined the overall characteristics into one unique sire. We are extremely delighted that he also carries the A2A2 milk gene which is being sought after in some markets as milk producers get paid a premium for producing A2A2 milk. I also have to mention his deep cow family that has produced numerous high breeding males and females that makes his lineage a household name. Timing has been in his favor with his dam sired by Robust and now scoring VG-86 as a 2-year-old and Robust landing in the top position as a daughter proven sire also plays a part to the equation to make Powerball P attractive to all and every client.” The Marketing of Powerball P Powerball P was an extremely well grown and mature young bull when he entered the AI facility, so with his added growth and maturity he began producing semen before he was 11 months of age (most young bulls do not produce semen until 12 months of age or older). With the industry very keen and excited about Powerball P, Jetstream Genetics LLC wanted to provide semen to the industry as soon as possible. “We were able to get him photographed and begin the advertising on him early for greater

POLLED Sire Feature gains in branding his name and elite status,” adds Turner, “With our April Sire Portfolio, he was a logical choice to be on the cover and the first sire featured in our new Sire Portfolio. With that release, timing, photograph, raised classification on the dam to VG-86-2Y, everything fell into place nicely. We have aggressively been trying to reach breeders, clients, customers and agents in every corner of the world. We use all the means of promotion to expand the reach on this sire. In print, Jetstream Genetics LLC Sire Portfolio and print magazines and online, our website at www.jetstreamgenetics.com, press releases, banner ads on industry websites and social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have all played a great part in the strategy and marketing plan, as well as working with our sales people and distributors who have also enhanced the coverage and promotion on Powerball P. We plan to continue the strong presence on this sire as many continue to note his high scale and attractive pedigree, dam and genomic numbers for breeding Polled and non-Polled offspring.” “Also part of our plan will be to inform clients about his early excellent fertility results in IVF programs. To date he has been receiving results that are 18-20% greater fertility results on IVF. This has greatly assisted and played a part in breeders purchasing more semen, creating more matings and continuing his use. When one can gather more fertility, achieve more pregnancies and therefore have a larger number of opportunities for return, marketing, filling bull and embryo contracts, it fulfills the complete package for them and Powerball P,” Turner shares. Semen on Powerball P was first released in the USA and as of June 2014, has reached into Canada where he has been greatly received and the orders and interest have been very strong since his early release. With international export regulations it takes a little longer to get a young sire into the international export facility, but he has now entered the EU international facility where his semen from this point forward will qualify for all worldwide markets and semen will be exported to many international markets beginning in July 2014. Continued on page 26


Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy EX-92-3E GMD DOM

√ Bull 100 (WillPower x GP Toubib P, Dam of Homerun P x VG Planet x VG Shottle x VG Finley x EX-92 Rudolph Missy) +2190GTPI +699CM$ +.08%F +.08%P +2.72PTAT +2.80UDC +7.2CE A2A2 √ Bull 119 (Ohare P x GP-83 Super x VG-88 Leif x VG-87 Shottle x VG Oman x EX-92 Rudolph Missy) Over +2200GTPI +1387M +41F +46P +1.0DPR +2.37UDC √ Bull 198 (HOMOZYGOUS POLLED Ohare P x VG Colt P 2-yr-old milking 120# x Shottle Mint Sharla x VG Outside Mint x EX-92 Rudolph Missy) +1988GTPI +7.0CE+1.5DPR Call or email for the latest availability!

POLLED Embryos from Elite Holstein & Jersey Donors

Affinity Mag Handrail P VG-87 EX-MS

Pine-Tree 1782 Toubi 4831 P VG-85

Dam of Pine-Tree Maur 5603 P +2200GTPI Maurice x Magna P x Blitz x Storm x Gipsey Grand

Dam of Pine-Tree 4831 Earn 5693 PP +2050GTPI Earnhardt P x VG Toubib P x EX Goldwyn x VG Oman x EX-92 Rudolph Missy *Homerun P Embryos Available from Maur 5603 P & Earn 5693 PP! CONTACT US FOR ADDITIONAL HOLSTEIN & JERSEY EMBRYOS AVAILABLE!

Matt Steiner & Family

8586 Benner Road, Marshallville, OH 44645 Phone: 330-466-8916 Email: pinetreedairy@earthlink.net Website: www.pinetreedairy.org #PolledPlace 25

Polled Red Pebbles


Mi-Ro-Ze Potter Pebbles-ET-RC EX-90-2E

Sandman LD Pebbles P-Red-ET **2014 Promising Heifer!** Backed by 5 gen of 30,000M & 1,000F Top 100 #PolledPlacings for Red Due in January to Addiction P-Red Flushed as a heifer while owned with D&D Holsteins to Long P, Cal P & Halogen

4-07 365 34,420 3.3 1152 2.8 968

We’re excited to add the Polled gene to Pebbles! Pebbles P-Red is now owned with:

Stephanie Stout PO Box 813, Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965 briardesigns@gmail.com | (608) 732-2757

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Inquiries Welcome

John & Julie Schmitz 58253 360th St, Eden Valley, MN 55329 jjjjjs@meltel.net | (320) 420-2432 www.manannahvalley.com

Pebbles Photo  Beth Herges

#PolledPhotos & #Felfies

Do you have photos of your Polled animals? Would they make great cover photos? Email to: polledplace@polleddairycattle.com Mail to: Polled Dairy Cattle PO Box 813 Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965

#PolledPlacings Continued from Page 24 Genomics & The Future of Polled Powerball P will be a game changer for the Polled industry. Much credit can be given to the careful mating and marketing decisions and a solid pedigree, but credit also has to be given to genomics. The benefits of this tool to analyze genetics in the dairy industry are astounding. Roger Turner and Nick Mitteer share their perspectives on the impact genomics has had on the Polled industry and the future of Polled. Now is the time to PLAY the Polled game, PLAY the genomic game and a great way to start is by using the “MVB” of the industry today! Play ball!

“I certainly feel that genomics have enhanced all the breeding programs and allowed us and breeders to select better genetics with more accuracy. This will only continue to improve and enhance more and more each day. I feel confident that as genomics has impacted the breed greatly, it has also impacted the Polled gene and al-

26 #PolledPlace

lowed the industry to locate and select the very best, elite genetics both on the male and female side.” – Roger Turner, Jetstream Genetics LLC “I believe genomics has advanced the Polled Holstein breed rapidly. To think of how many Polled bulls breeders enjoyed using two years ago versus today’s list…crazy. The industry really has started to catch wind of Polled and has created some nice heifers from it. Now we wait to see if these heifers are capable of making some males. The word ‘Polled’ won’t have such a negative feeling towards it in the next few years. We really hope that Powerball P will help turn more towards Polled for the same reasons we did. We were lucky enough to create Powerball P. Who’s next?” – Nick Mitteer, Country Dairy, Inc. “I see Polled being an opportunity for all in the industry, particularly when we now can use high-end sires like

POLLED Sire Feature Powerball P and not give up any genetic gain. The genetic level of males and females with the Polled gene are climbing greatly and it will play a large part to further expand the Polled population. We certainly believe that POWERBALL P will play a large part in this breeding opportunity.” – Turner “Polled is here to stay, the big question is, are there enough people trying to create that high one with PP on the end of his name? The next five years will change the Polled Holstein breed forever. Now, who’s going to be on the front end and who’s going to follow up the rear? We’ve invested in five new animals in the last year to really jump start our Polled footprint in the breed. We’re currently using Powerball P on all of them and have many confirmed pregnancies from them. We’re looking forward to helping the industry move into the polled era!” – Mitteer

Nothing To Lose But The Horns!

Polled Jerseys..

They’ll Keep Ya Happy!

Taughboyne Jerseys ~ Victoria, Australia ~ taughboyne@bigpond.com

Coming Soon...Homozygous Polled CODE PP-Red Rollin-Huels Code PP-Red +647NM$ +2055GTPI 4/2014 Effect P x Buckeye x Sept Storm x Steven

Dam: Arron Doon Buckeye Chic P*RC VG-85 2-03 2x 365d 27,720m 3.6% 1009f 3.1% 859p 2nd Dam: West Port Arron Doon Mit P-Red VG-85 1* (above) 2-11 2x 365d 34,219m 4.9% 1688f 3.1% 1054p

Maternal Sisters to Code PP-Red

Rollin-Huels Camelia P-ET VG-85 +1838GTPI (by Mr Savage) 2-02 2x 188d 17,363m 465f 504p inc. Rollin-Huels Bkem Cher P-ET +2006GTPI (by Bookem) Fresh on June 1st 75# 1st test!

ROLLIN HUELS DAIRY Lester & Helen Huels & family 16507 Emerald Rd, Carlyle, IL 62231 P: (618) 594-3328 E: les.helen.huels@live.com

No one likes to spit seeds any more than they like to dehorn calves! Seeds make wine bitter and make eating grapes inconvenient & messy, so Einset grapes were developed-a seedless sweet red grape. Likewise, our new baby Einset makes dehorning sweet & painless! MEET LEMAJRU-N MANUEL EINSET P*PO! She will be genomically tested! (Manuel P x GP-82 Niagra x VG-87 Boss Iron)

Lemajru Dairy Farm LLC

Charles & Julie Nelkie  Michael & Abigail O-Farrell 1595 W. State Road, West Branch, MI 48661 Phone: 989-345-2255 Email: lemajru@gmail.com Find us on Facebook!

We have POLLED BULLS for sale - give us a call!

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Lawn Boy P-Red A Polled Legacy Bob Feldwich of New Knoxville, Ohio, the breeder of Aggravation Lawn Boy P-Red PO, first brought the bull to my attention at nearly one year of age. Bob had struggled to get an A.I. firm to take the bull due to his unproven sire, Dudoc Bacculum-Red. Bob had confidence in offering Lawn Boy to SunShower for development. We had an excellent working relationship through the syndication and sampling of other polled bulls from Lawn Boy’s family. At first observation, Lawn Boy was a striking individual. He was a tall fancy calf with a great deal of class. His dam was a Very Good-86 polled and red carrier Manfred daughter with good milk credentials. His grandam was a Very Good-87 polled and red carrier Aerostar daughter with 187,000 pounds milk lifetime. She later surpassed 200,000 pounds. The source of polled in the cow family came through from Larry-Moore Crosby B Poll-Red, sire of his third dam. Crosby-Red was a son of Burket-Falls True Value-Red PO. Hanover-Hill Triple Threat-Red established a dependable source of appealing confirmation through his fourth dam. As independents, we were able to sample outside the traditional box. In this case, the traditional box was the requirement to have a proven sire, before the days of genomics. Although Bacculum was not proven, he was an excellent compliment to Lawn Boy’s cow family. Consequently, the Lawn Boy

28 #PolledPlace

History of Lawn Boy P-Red by Fred Hendricks Syndicate was willing to go outside the box to sample and develop this promising polled red Holstein.

Sampling – Development Lawn Boy was housed at and semen collected by InterGlobe Genetics of Pontiac, Illinois. The bull was promoted via traditional avenues such as the Red Bloodlines magazine. Through hundreds of bulls sampled by SunShower syndicates, there had never been a bull as popular as Lawn Boy. While he was a striking individual with a unique pedigree, no doubt polled was a major influence in Lawn Boy’s popularity. As the sampling process was winding down, Jeff Ziegler with Select Sires contacted me to determine if Lawn Boy could be made available for their program. By this time Bacculum had a proof. The genetic potential for Lawn Boy was looking encouraging. SunShower had a long working relationship with Select Sires; consequently they had assurance in our sampling capabilities. Lawn Boy was subsequently leased to Select Sires. At that juncture, the syndicate had distributed 2,460 units of semen in approximately 175 herds. Upon clearing his health tests, Select Sires launched Lawn Boy as a Super Sampler. Lawn Boy became very popular for them. In fact, Select Sires distributed over 10,000 units of semen within eighteen months of his semen release. His eventual daughter production and type results support his enduring legacy. After several sessions by Holstein classifiers, Lawn Boy was rated Excellent-94; certainly an attractive individual. Wild-Type Allele Although a true red and white, Lawn Boy is not homozygous red. Lawn Boy

has one red allele and one wild-type allele. Genetic research indicates that the wild-type allele has no influence on coat color. When the wild-type allele is present, other genes determine coat color. Subsequently, when Lawn Boy is mated to red females (females with two red alleles), 50% of the calves will have two red alleles and 50% will have a red allele and a wild-type allele. All of the calves will be red, as expected. When mated to red carriers (females with a black and a red allele) Lawn Boy will produce 50% red and 50% black calves, as expected. At last account, there were no reported concerns about his transmitting pattern of coat color. It is not possible to predict the coat color resulting from a mating where two wild-type alleles are present. These calves could be red, but they might be black. We are not aware that any Lawn Boy offspring were ever reported with this genotype, so we simply do not know the outcome. Polled Male Siblings Lawn Boy has two polled maternal brothers with commendable A.I. proofs. Aggravation Ducky-Red PO is a Talent son developed by Taurus Service. Ducky has very commendable management traits with positive Type, UDC and FLC ratings. Ducky was first leased to Select Sires as a polled bull. He manifested what Select Sires interpreted as horns. They “dehorned” Ducky and returned the bull to Bob Feldwisch since the contract stipulated polled. Ducky was then leased to Taurus Service. As calves arrived, half were showing up as naturally hornless. Select Sires had interpreted Ducky’s scurrs to be horns. Ducky is officially recorded with the U.S. Holstein Association as being polled. The second polled maternal brother to Lawn Boy is Aggravation Afterglow PO, a BW Marshall son. Afterglow’s early production information was very encouraging. Subsequently, the bull was leased to IPS (International Protein Sires). Soon after arrival at the semen production center, Afterglow slipped and fell. The bull never recovered and died within a few weeks. No semen was ever collected as a proven sire. Afterglow’s December 2011 USDA milk proof showed 57 daughters in 31 herds at +1,899G and 90% reliability. Continued on page 29

#PolledPastimes Continued from Page 28

Polled Phenomenon Spreads Worldwide While polled Holsteins have been present for over a hundred years with many bulls sampled through A.I. in modern times, Lawn Boy created a renewed interest for this trait. Red and White dairy cattle aficionados have claimed the principle interest and development of the polled gene. His credibility as a proven polled sire created interest among black and white Holstein breeders. No doubt Lawn Boy will be known as the polled bull that spurred a revolutionary course in Holstein breeding worldwide. Bob Feldwisch of Aggravation Acres is applauded for his pioneering foresight in developing influential polled genetics. Daughter proven Lawn Boy sons with the polled gene are emerging around the world for marketing. No doubt Lawn Boy’s influence will gain additional impact through his female descendants. The Lawn Boy Syndicate, managed by SunShower Acres, is pleased to have played a role in his development.

Polled Herd = Happy Herd

Maurice Kaul

POLLED the humane choice POLLED nature’s dehorner POLLED the future is now!

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POLLED Dairy Cattle - Ayrshires, Holsteins, Red & Whites and a Jersey

Hawksfield Bronara 12 years of age EX-94-4E Life:308,712m 13,117f 10,270p

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Charles, Henry, Shirley, Diane, Mark, Mary, Grace & Jonathan Sayles Perry, Michigan Email: ayrhawk2@gmail.com

Why Breed Polled? The issue of animal welfare continues to be on the forefront of the agriculture industry. Regardless of the kind of animals raised on your farm, consumers are concerned with how you are raising them. Are they being treated properly? Are they receiving the proper nutrition and proper treatment if they are ill? The agriculture industry needs to share with consumers why they do the things that they do on their farms. Consumers need to know that the comfort of our animals is a priority to us as farmers. Not everything is easy to talk about to consumers, but there are ways to share a common bond with consumers that will help in educating why we, as farmers, carry out certain practices that are misconstrued as mistreatment of animals. Specifically dealing with the issue of dehorning, I see many benefits of breeding polled including reducing the stress to the animal, eliminating the cost of dehorning and improving consumer perception. What do you feel are the benefits of Polled? Polled Advocates Looking through the ads and editorial in this issue, you will quickly notice that these breeders and AI companies are doing more than promoting their Polled genetics, they are promoting Polled! Polled advocates promote Polled to other farmers to encourage them to use Polled so we can enhance the genetics and grow the population of Polled dairy cattle. I encourage you to share #PolledPlace with farmers and consumers around the world including non-agriculture related consumers. The best way to advocate is to share your thoughts and opinions with others. #PolledPlace at World Dairy Expo The September issue of #PolledPlace will be at the 2014 World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin in October. Don’t forget to reserve your ad space in this valuable issue! Ad reservations are due by August 20th. As a THANK YOU for being amazing Polled advocates, all full page ads in the September issue will be able to give a free gift subscription to anyone of their choice! NEW #PolledPlacings will also be in the September issue.

List Your Farm or Business Here Reserve your space today! Cost is $50/listing (608) 732-2757 polledplace@polleddairycattle.com

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30 #PolledPlace

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Polled Advertisers

Hartford Holsteins 15 Hawksfield 30 Jetstream Genetics 23 Jon-Lu 19 Lemajru Dairy 27 Liz Partners 31 Manannah/Stout 26 Orthridge 16 Pine Tree Dairy 25

Regancrest Rokeyroad Rollin Huels SunQuest Taughboyne Twisted Genes Warrencrest Westdama Yoder Family

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*She’s Homozygous & She Sells!* Ms Rollen-Ns OHS Life PP-ET*RC

+2130 GTPI +633 NM$ +1272 M +5.3 PL Sire: Pine-Tree Ohio Style P-ET Dam: Tiger-Lily Dst Liz P-Red VG86 (right) 2-04 365 26,880 3.8 1020 3.3 887 MGS: Scientific Destry-ET*RC MGD: Tiger-Lily LawnBoy Lulu-Red VG87 2-01 365 24,750 4.4 1084 3.5 857 MGGD: Kings-Ransom Sept Lima*RC EX91 4th: Kings-Ransom Amel Lemon EX93-2E 5th: Kings-Ransom E Vision Lisa VG85 6th: Kings-Ransom Trifecta Lilac VG88 LIZ PARTNERS Nate Faus 607-426-4094 6190 Reading Road, Rock Stream, NY 14878 Email: rollenns@gmail.com We’re on Facebook at Rollen N’s Dairy

#PolledPlace 31

Pick Your Polled Numbers Which HETEROZYGOUS POLLED bull fits your breeding program? +2249GTPI +676NM$ +1068M +72F +39P +3.04PTAT +2.6PL +6.9SCE +2217GTPI +596NM$

+852M +44F +33F +3.12PTAT +1.2PL +8.1SCE

+2184GTPI +705NM$ +2033M +64F +57F +1.09PTAT +3.2PL +7.6SCE +2166GTPI +626NM$

+404M +45F +28P +2.23PTAT +2.4PL +5.4SCE

+2140GTPI +518NM$


+8F +24P +3.13PTAT +4.5PL +8.2SCE

Which HOMOZYGOUS POLLED bull fits your breeding program? +2043GTPI +486NM$ +1148M +55F +44P +2.20PTAT +2.6PL +6.9SCE +1972GTPI +366NM$ +1021M +37F +47F +2.50PTAT +1.2PL +8.1SCE +1960GTPI +484NM$ +1469M +51F +48F +1.54PTAT +3.2PL +7.6SCE +1946GTPI +436NM$

+758M +52F +29P +2.24PTAT +2.4PL +5.4SCE

+1906GTPI +450NM$

+711M +34F +24P +1.55PTAT +4.5PL +8.2SCE

Visit www.DairyBullsOnline.com to find out who you picked! 32 #PolledPlace



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