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2 | June 2016

Best of Moffat County

A Supplement to the Craig Daily Press

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Morgan scott – joe kenady – John Fisher – Seth minor – Del rae curry

Thank you Moffat County for voting our Pharmacy Team #1 in Moffat County! We are proud to be a part of this community

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Best of Moffat County

June 2016


Thank You

For Making Us Your First Choice!

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Thank you to our dedicated employees for helping make Cook the Best Auto Dealership in Moffat County.

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Ye A


rs i nA row

Best Deal Auto ershi p



Best of Moffat County

4 | June 2016

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Voted Best Real estate agency 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016!

Congratulations to

Kim Cox

for being voted Best Real Estate Agent!

Thank You Moffat County for all of your continued

support. This honor is not taken lightly, and we are so blessed to be a part of this community! Friends helping Friends buy & sell real estate


Congratulations to

Stacey Mathers for being voted Best Musical Soloist/Band!

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Best of Moffat County

A Supplement to the Craig Daily Press

June 2016



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editor Noelle Leavitt Riley 970-875-1790 Advertising Manager Sheli Steele 970-875-1782 Writers & Photographers Andy Bockelman 970-875-1793 Patrick Kelly 970-875-1795 Michael Neary 970-875-1794 Advertising Cori Kroese 970-875-1783 Melissa Valentine 970-875-1781 Advertising Design Janette Najera Julia Perry Layout design Lindsay Porter Administrative Assistant Christy Barnes 970-875-1797


Larry Cook, left, and son Scott Cook stand next to a Chevrolet truck at Cook Chevrolet & Subaru in Craig. The father and son business won Best Auto Dealership in Moffat County.


Thank You! for voting us Best Carpet Cleaning Service in Moffat County! Thank You to our loyal customers and employees for making us so successful! 21221962

All of us at State Farm would like to thank Moffat County for voting us Best Local Insurance Agency!

6 | June 2016

Best Best BAkery First place: KS Kreations Second place: City Market Third place: Jessica Anderson — Simply Cakes Best BAr First place: JW Snack’s Bar & Grill Second place: Cassidy’s Bar & Lounge Third place: Carelli’s Pizzeria & Taphouse Best BArtender First place: Jesse Montoya — Cassidy’s Bar & Lounge Second place: Michelle Jones – JW Snack’s Bar & Grill Third place: Amanda Tomlinson — JW Snack’s Bar & Grill Best BreAkFAst restAurAnt First place: Village Inn Second place: Cool Water Grille Third place: Los Jilbertos Best Burrito First place: Los Jilbertos Second place: Vallarta’s Restaurant Third place: Fiesta Jalisco


Best of Moffat County

Best cAkes First place: Kassie Vesely — KS Kreations Second place: Jessica Anderson — Simply Cakes Third place: Shirley Cromer — Sweet Edibles Best cAtering service First place: Brother’s Custom Processing Second place: JW Snack’s Bar & Grill Third place: Carelli’s Pizzeria & Taphouse Best cocktAil First place: Margarita — Vallarta’s Restaurant Second place: Cherry Limeade — JW Snack’s Bar & Grill Third place: Bloody Mary — Cool Water Grille Best cuP oF coFFee First place: Mudd Shack Second place: Starbucks Third place: Downtown Books Best dinner restAurAnt First place: Carelli’s Pizzeria & Taphouse Second place: Vallarta’s Restaurant Third place: JW Snack’s Bar & Grill Best hAmBurger First place: The OP Bar & Grill Second place: JW Snack’s Bar & Grill Third place: Gino’s Neighborhood Pizzeria & Grill



KS Kreations wins Best Bakery. Kassie Vesely, left, stands with her mother Kandee Dilldine. They own and operate KS Kreations in Craig. Kassie also won Best Cakes.

Best itAliAn First place: Carelli’s Pizzeria & Taphouse Second place: Gino’s Neighborhood Pizzeria & Grill Third place: Castle Ranch Steakhouse Best lunch sPot First place: Carelli’s Pizzeria & Taphouse Second place: JW Snack’s Bar & Grill Third place: Vallarta’s Restaurant Best mexicAn First place: Vallarta’s Restaurant Second place: Fiesta Jalisco Third place: Los Jilbertos Best outdoor dining First place: JW Snack’s Bar & Grill Second place: The OP Bar & Grill Third place: Gino’s Neighborhood Pizzeria & Grill Best PiZZA First place: Carelli’s Pizzeria & Taphouse Second place: Pizza Hut Third place: Gino’s Neighborhood Pizzeria & Grill Best PlAce to WAtch the gAme First place: JW Snack’s Bar & Grill Second place: The OP Bar & Grill Third place: Cassidy’s Bar & Lounge

A Supplement to the Craig Daily Press

Best riBs First place: Brother’s Custom Processing Second place: JW Snack’s Bar & Grill Third place: Mountain Meat Packing Best sAndWich First place: DC Sandwich — Carelli’s Pizzeria & Taphouse Second place: Subway Club — Subway Third place: Philly Steak — Gino’s Neighborhood Pizzeria & Grill Best server First place: Cherissee Murphy — JW Snack’s Bar & Grill Second place: Flint Dillon — Castle Ranch Steakhouse Third place: Jenna Wright — Mudd Shack Best steAk dinner First place: Castle Ranch Steakhouse Second place: The OP Bar & Grill Third place: Carelli’s Pizzeria & Taphouse Best Wings First place: JW Snack’s Bar & Grill Second place: Ocean Pearl Third place: Gino’s Neighborhood Pizzeria & Grill

A Supplement to the Craig Daily Press

Best of Moffat County

June 2016




Mexican Restaurant


community service, Friendly demeAnor comPlement PoPulAr mexicAn-style Food STORY AND PHOTO BY MICHAEL NEARY

Cherissee Murphy takes a quick break between serving customers on the patio of JW Snack’s Bar & Grill. Murphy was selected Best Server in the Best of Moffat County awards, she’s been on staff at the restaurant for nearly 18 months.

JW snAck’s — gulF coAst goodness Wins multiPle locAl AWArds STORY AND PHOTO BY ANDY BOCKELMAN

There are few places less likely to boast a gulf coast Cajun eatery than the mountains of Colorado, and that’s exactly what compelled the owners of JW Snack’s Bar & Grill to open shop. After just recently celebrating 10 years in business, JW Snack’s won a slew of awards through Best of Moffat County to prove its longevity in Craig, tying with Carelli’s Pizzeria & Taphouse for the most total first-place honors in the restaurant category for owners Danny and Teri Griffith. The key is consistency, the couple said. “Good food, good prices, good service,” Teri said of the focus on keeping things high quality. Some tastes may change, but maintaining the same recipes is important, Danny noted. “I want the general public to know if they come in for lunch for the first time, and it’s really good, when they come back in again, it will be just like it was,” he said. JW earned the distinction of Best Outdoor Dining and Best Place to Watch the Game, a showcase of the duality of the location’s possibilities. During the warm months, the patio is alive with mirth at any point during the day, particularly as the live music of the Summer Concert Series takes over, while during football season, the energy is hardly lessened indoors as sports fans gather to cheer on their teams. “Everybody gets a little fed up with cold and snow, so we wanted a place where somebody could go on a mini-vacation,” Danny said of the tropical vibe, which he hopes is the same in January or July. Food-wise, JW Snack’s took Best Wings with an offering the restaurateur can’t help but brag about to people. “We smoke them fully, let them cool, refrigerate them and cook them to order,” Danny said. “When the sauce is gone, the meat has its own standalone flavor. If you order them dry, they’re still a kick-ass wing.” Bringing up such selections, as well as the barbe-

cue, burgers, seafood and other items that make up the menu is Cherissee Murphy, who after working for the establishment for over a year — starting December 2014 — took Best Server. “Hands down, what makes this place successful is our staff,” Danny said. “Cherissee is just as genuine as they get, and we’re fortunate to have her on our team. Great sense of humor, and if she ever complains, it’s because we’re not busy enough.” Murphy said customers and coworkers are part of the reason she enjoys her job, though it’s the larger picture of JW Snack’s that she loves. “We’re a family place, not just a bar, not just a restaurant, but you can bring your kids in any time of day and get that family service,” she said. As for the fifth first-place award it won this year, it’s one the staff of JW takes seriously. Best Bar is an honor, Danny said, not just because of being considered a standout by the community, but also because of the extra responsibility in taking care of customers. “I’m fortunate enough to hold a liquor license, and we let everyone have as much fun as they possibly can without getting too out of hand,” Danny said. The conundrum of owning a bar is letting people have a good time but also knowing when to step in and prevent bad choices. “We preach all we can, buy taxi cabs rides, give people rides home, but we do anything we can to keep everybody out of trouble,” Danny said. He added that as much as he likes to meet and greet people each day, the first thing he’d prefer to see the morning after a big weekend is a parking lot full of cars that were there the night before, an indicator that patrons chose not to get behind the wheel intoxicated. “It warms my heart to see that,” he said, adding that a temporary inconvenience is much better than the alternative. “People are finally getting the message, and I love it.”

Macho Nuñez, one of the owners of Vallarta’s Restaurant, can recall some of the most popular food items on the menu. Nuñez, who also works as waiter, mentioned asada tacos, super burritos and crispy chile rellenos as among the favorites. But the 2016 winner of Best Mexican Restaurant in Moffat County endears itself to customers in ways that transcend food — as a group feasting on dinner recently explained. “The atmosphere is awesome,” said Margaret Perez. “It’s very family-friendly,” added Camaron Hammond. Leta Kernen also noted the way “you’re never rushed” in the restaurant. Vallarta’s also won Best Cocktail in Moffat County in 2016 for its margarita. Nuñez said that his four older brothers — Roy, Mario, Pepe and Cubas Nuñez — started the restaurant back in 2008. He said his mother, Margarita Gomez, is the restaurant’s main chef. “Without my mom, I don’t think we’d be in business,” he said. Macho Nuñez described the sort of interaction that occurs among people in the restaurant. “We try to be friends with everyone,” he said. “We talk about how life is, how they’ve been doing during the week.” He said that professional labels tend to drop away during conversation with customers. “They don’t treat me like a waiter but more like a friend,” he said. “And I treat them more like a friend than like a customer.” Vallarta’s has also gained a reputation for community service. Macho Nuñez said the restaurant has helped out children playing sports and recently helped raise money for a resident with cancer. “We try to do something for the people who need it,” he said. The Craig Chamber of Commerce named Vallarta’s the Large Business of the Year for 2013, noting the restaurant’s commitment to community service. It’s a commitment that radiates beyond the restaurant — but based on the customers’ reflections, it radiates within the restaurant, as well.

Macho Nuñez is one of the owners of Vallarta’s Restaurant, in Craig.

Best of Moffat County

8 | June 2016

A Supplement to the Craig Daily Press


Home Services

Best APPliAnce store First place: Miller Family Appliance Second place: Intermountain Appliance Third place: Kmart Best cArPet cleAning service First place: Great Divide Cleaning Service Second place: New Life Carpet Care Third place: Jerry Paulson Chem Dry

Best contrActor/construction comPAny First place: Jenison Custom Builders Second place: APH Construction Third place: Three Sons Construction Best electricAl contrActor First place: Corey Electrical Second place: Royal T Electric Third place: D ‘n T Electric

Best electriciAn First place: Don Williams — D ‘n T Electric Second place: Roger Corey — Corey Electrical Third place: Yancy Price — YAP Electric

Best home & gArden suPPlier First place: Murdoch’s Ranch & Home Supply Second place: MJK Ace Hardware Third place: Bears Ears Landscaping

Best PlumBer First place: Bobby Gillam Second place: Vic Updike Third place: Darin Hickey

Best eQuiPment store/rentAl First place: Samuelson’s True Value Second place: Severson Supply & Rental Third place: MJK Ace Hardware

Best hvAc comPAny First place: Masterworks Mechanical Second place: Shepherd & Sons Third place: Advanced Plumbing

Best PlumBing contrActor First place: Masterworks Mechanical Second place: Action Services Third place: Roto-Rooter

Best excAvAting contrActors First place: Anson Excavating & Pipe Second place: Duran & Pearce Third place: Bower Brother’s

Best lAndscAPing service First place: Bears Ears Landscaping Second place: Careful Kut Lawn Care Third place: Tunies & Such

Best Flooring retAiler First place: Cramer Flooring Second place: TLC Carpet One Third place: Abbey Carpet

Best PAint store First place: MJK Ace Hardware Second place: Samuelson’s True Value Third place: Walmart

Best reAl estAte Agency First place: Cornerstone Realty Second place: Country Living Realty Third place: King Homes and Land Realty

Best Furniture store First place: The Furniture Gallery Second place: Furniture Connection Third place: Homemaker Lease to Own

Best PAinter First place: Tim Mascarenas Second place: Cliff Shultz Third place: Eli Vesely


Carpet Cleaning

Owners Andrea and Dale Camp display one of their vans and equipment for Great Divide Cleaning Service. FILE PHOTO

Best reAl estAte Agent First place: Kim Cox — Cornerstone Realty Second place: Sandra King — King Homes and Land Realty Third place: Sari Cobb — Cornerstone Realty

Best of Moffat County

A Supplement to the Craig Daily Press

June 2016


Best PlumBer Works For Winning Business STORY AND PHOTO BY PATRICK KELLY

If you need to call a plumber, you’re probably not having the best day. “When your house is flooding, you want to be reassured that the problem is getting corrected,” said Bobby Gillam, Moffat County’s Best Plumber for 2016. Gillam has worked for Masterworks Mechanical for 12 years. He might have taken the No. 1 spot for Best Plumber in the 2016 Best of Moffat County but two of his coworkers were right behind, locking up the number two and three spots. And the entire team’s hard work at Masterworks certainly played a part in the business walking away with the top spot for HVAC and plumbing contracting, too. Gillam said there is plenty of competition when it comes to plumbing in Craig and Moffat County and he appreciates the recognition. “You’re in pretty elite company,” he said. “There’s some really good plumbers in town.”

Doing the job right has everything to do with getting to know the customer and being consistent, Gillam said. “That’s what I always strive for — the good, reliable service,” he said. “They can trust you and rely on you. Every time you go over there, they know they’re going to get a good, quality job from us.” Gillam said he enjoys working in a small community where he can get to know the people, has a great employer and enjoys working with the other Masterworks employees. “Masterworks is one of the best places I’ve ever worked at,” he said. “I’ve enjoyed all the years that I’ve spent here.” As for the award, Gillam said he was grateful for the recognition and he intends to keep doing the job right. “It’s wonderful being appreciated by those that you do work for,” he said. “If you call me and Masterworks, you can count on me getting that great quality service that I strive to provide every day.”



Bobby Gillam is Moffat County’s Best Plumber for 2016.

moFFAt county’s Best electriciAn uses skill to serve community STORY AND PHOTO BY PATRICK KELLY

Problem solving is an important part of being an electrician. Don Williams, master electrician at D ‘n T Electric, said his imagination and creative nature are a big part of what make him good at his job. “My imagination is one of the biggest things,” he said. “I still do service calls and when you do service calls, you have to figure out what someone else did. You don’t have days to do it and you’ve got to think of how to fix something.” Williams said his experience, ingenuity and enjoyment he gets out of working with people probably play into why he was voted Best Electrician in the Craig Daily Press’s 2016 Best of Moffat County contest. “That’s quite a deal,” he said after hearing of his award. For 21 years, Williams has been serving the Craig and Moffat County community as an electrician alongside his wife, Tina Williams. “It’s a team effort,” he said. “Tina does mostly the books and keeps control of me so I don’t go bonkers.” Williams has master and contractor certifications, qualifying him for a wide range of work. “I’m doing things that a lot of electricians won’t even tackle,” he said. He also currently employs one other electrician, Clint Rogers, who has been with him for 10 years. Beyond bringing his skills to customers, Williams also serves the community in several ways.

Clint Rogers and and Don Williams from D ‘n T Electric.

He sits on the board for the Moffat County Humane Society and helps wire up community events pro bono. “I do a bunch of volunteer work,” he said. “Grand Olde West Days, out at the fair, I’ll set up temporary power for them and I don’t charge anything for that. It’s part of the community service.” Williams said he was happy to win the award and is grateful to work with the community. “I’d just like to thank the residents of Moffat County,” he said.



Best of Moffat County

10 | June 2016

A Supplement to the Craig Daily Press



Best AnnuAl event First place: Whittle the Wood Rendezvous Second place: Moffat County Balloon Festival Third place: Grand Olde West Days Best community volunteer First place: Robin Schiffbauer Second place: Randy Looper Third place: Tony St. John Bet elected oFFiciAl First place: Chuck Cobb Second place: Ray Beck Third place: Chuck Grobe

Best elementAry teAcher First place: Peggy Green — Sunset Elementary School Second place: Stacy Durham — Ridgeview Preschool Third place: Amy Coupe — Ridgeview Elementary School

Best emt First place: Stayon Mosbey First place: Rachel Nicodemus Second place: Jennifer Tipp Third place: Richard Nichols Best FireFighter First place: Jim Bohrer Second place: Chris Mercer Third place: Troy Hampton

Best high school teAcher First place: Amanda McDermott Second place: Tanner Linsacum Second place: Lance Scranton Third place: Karen Chaney Best lAW enForcement oFFicer First place: Brian Gonzales Second place: KC Hume Second place: Ryan Fritz Third place: Brian Soper

Best Annual Event

Joe Wenal cuts into his log and sprays sawdust everywhere during the opening day of Whittle the Wood Rendezvous. PHOTO BY ANDY BOCKELMAN

Best middle school teAcher First place: Alicia Townsend Second place: Becky Field Second place: Kelly Anne Kirk Third place: Chari Gomez Best PlAce to recreAte First place: Elkhead Reservoir Second place: Loudy-Simpson Park Third place: Browns Park

Best PlAce to Work 20 or more emPloyees First place: Trapper Mine Second place: City Market Third place: Bank of the San Juans

Best PlAce to Work under 20 emPloyees First place: Big O Tires Second place: Bank of Colorado Second place: Yampa Valley Bank Third place: Craig Physical Therapy Best school Bus driver First place: Tony St. John Second place: Lorrae Moon Third place: Colleen Monroy Best sPorts coAch First place: Todd Trapp Second place: Justin Folley Second place: Joe Padon Second place: Keith Gille Best sPorts FAnAtic First place: Shane Hadley Second place: Amanda Tomlinson Third place: Shane Camilletti

Best of Moffat County

A Supplement to the Craig Daily Press

June 2016

| 11


School Bus Driver

Tony St. John was named Best School Driver in Moffat County for 2016.

tony st. John exudes kindness on the school Bus STORY AND PHOTO BY MICHAEL NEARY

Tony St. John likes to acknowledge each child who gets on his school bus with a quick fist-bump and a greeting. “It’s just a little fist-bump as they’re getting on the bus,” he said. “I’ll say good morning to them and ask them how they’re doing.” St. John has driven a bus for the Moffat County School District for three years, beginning in 2013. It’s work that he took on in retirement while he was a member of the board of education — where he served two terms. And in 2016, St. John was named Best School Bus Driver in Moffat County. “When you first become a bus driver, in my opinion, the kids will test you,” he said with a chuckle. “It’s a testing period, and you just have to work it out. Today, my kids are great. I love my kids. You still have your ups and downs, but I have far more ups than I do downs.” St. John’s passengers run the gamut of elementary, middle and high school students. “My high-schoolers sit in the back,” he said, adding that it’s by choice. Sometimes, he said, students from different grades sit together — an arrangement that works out just fine. St. John said students strike up lots of conversations with him, often recounting things that have happened during the

day. “They’ll just talk to me,” he said. “Especially if they’re sitting behind me, they’ll ask me how my day has gone. They’re nice kids. They’re good kids.” St. John speaks Spanish, something that helps him connect with many families on his route. “I have a lot of Spanish-speaking kids on the bus,” he said. “I’m bilingual — I speak Spanish — and that’s been a good asset for me with the parents when I pick up the kids. They know that I can speak Spanish, and sometimes they’ll come to me and say something about their child.” St. John said he’s received notes and candy from children thanking him for his work. He also said that he heard from a parent, at the end of the school year, that two of her children were crying after they’d gotten off the bus. “It scared me, because I thought I did something wrong,” St. John said. But the reason they were crying, the parent explained, was that, “We’re not going to see Tony anymore.” Until next year, that is. As St. John was recalling his experiences driving the bus, he mentioned that he and his wife were celebrating their 46th wedding anniversary — and that they were receiving appreciative notes from their own children. “You don’t know the effect that you have, whether it’s


Thank you for your support!

I appreciate Moffat County and I am happy to serve such a wonderful community Sherman Romney

415 W. Victory Way Craig, CO • 970-824-0257


Romney Pfeifer Law Office

your children or children on a bus,” he said. “You don’t know the effect until something happens — like it’s the last day of school and they’re going to miss you. And I’m going to miss them.” Lonnie Douglass, director of transportation for the Moffat County School District, noted St. John’s warm manner with other people. “Tony’s just good with people,” Douglass said. “He just really is a good guy, and he’s definitely been good for this company.” Douglass extended those thoughts to the rest of the busdriving squad. “We have an amazingly good crew here,” he said. “Everybody really came together (this past year) and made things work.” But Douglass said the district needs more school bus drivers: he’s looking for six of them before school starts. He said the process of training for the Class B CDL license, as well as learning the route, takes about three to five weeks, and he offers training for the license at no charge. Douglass is looking for safe drivers as well as people who are good with children. “It’s actually the greatest part-time job in the world,” he said, and then added: “for the right person.”

Thank you for voting

Best nAIL teCH

& 2nD PLACe Best HAIRstyLIst & Best tAnnIng! 3RD PLACe Best HAIR sALon

Thank you to all my customers for all their loyal support! 33 W. Victory Way • craig, co


Best of Moffat County

12 | June 2016

A Supplement to the Craig Daily Press


chuck coBB Wins Big recognition From moFFAt county STORY AND PHOTO BY NOELLE LEAVITT RILEY

After only a year and a half in his first role as an elected official, Chuck Cobb received major recognition in the 2016 Best of Moffat County competition. Chuck won first place for Best Elected Official. His management style and friendly demeanor probably had something to do with the honor, and his staff has nothing but nice things to say about him. “He’s a really good guy and easy to work for,” said Loy Cotten, mineral and agriculture assessment technician at the assessor’s office. “We are so glad a family, hometown face came in.” The feeling is mutual, Chuck said. “They’re really knowledgeable and capable, and I don’t micromanage them,” he said of his staff. He also acknowledges that he inherited a great team from former Moffat County Assessor Robert Razzano. Chuck beams Moffat County pride through and through. Both he and his wife, Sari Cobb, were born and raised in Craig and have greatly given back to the community in various ways over the years. Sari co-owns Cornerstone Realty in Craig, and she’s usually seen at any and all of Craig’s big events. Chuck is always at her side. Chuck sat on the school board for eight years from 1984 to 1992 and he’s also served on Moffat County United Way board as president for eight years. He’s held various other roles and jobs throughout the county.

Before being elected assessor, Chuck helped run Cornerstone Realty with his wife. He also worked at Yampa Valley Golf Course as director of golf from 1978 to 2008. He’s managed budgets, built budgets and watched Craig’s ever-changing economy. Perhaps the biggest question he gets from constituents revolves around home values. “It’s always been a boom-and-bust market,” Chuck said, noting that the stagnant real estate market has become the new normal. As much as anyone, he’d love to see Craig diversify, but he’s also realistic about what the dip in oil prices mean for Moffat County. “The rest of the market follows the ebbs and flows of that,” Chuck said, which is what house values are often tied too. Between answering questions about housing prices and values and assessing properties, Chuck likes to hunt, golf and spend time with his family. Sari and Chuck have two grown children, Morgan and Tony Cobb. In regards to the job, “I’m just getting my feet wet. I have no agenda. I came in from outside of government.” Prior to being elected, he often would visit the assessor’s office to meet the team, Cotten said. “He was really good about coming in and saying ‘hi,’” she said.

Elected Official

Moffat County Assessor Chuck Cobb won Best Elected Official in Best of Moffat County.

for voting

T hank You!

the best in: Best Bakery for 4 years in a row! 1st Place Best Cakes - Kassie Vesely 2nd Best Sewing/Craft/Quilt Store

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Best of Moffat County

June 2016



We want to say Thank You to our valued customers for their continued support over the past 23 years, and for voting for us the past 7 years running. We look forward to providing you with greater than expected service for many more years to come.



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Moffat County School District and the Board of Education support those who support us.

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Best of Moffat County

14 | June 2016

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Thank you for voting us the Best Auto Parts Store in Moffat County the past 7 years!

OU Y K N THA for y t n u o C Moffat the Best us Voting eaners Dry Cl w! a n i s r a e 3Y

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It’s Weddin g

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Best of Moffat County


June 2016




| 15


Thank you for voting us Best Cup of Coffee! Thank you for voting us amongst the best in customer service in Moffat County! We are proud to have one of the best servers, our very own Jenna Wright! (Mudd Shack located at Centennial Mall Behind O’Reily Auto Parts)



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Best of Moffat County

16 | June 2016

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Best of Moffat County.

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Best of Moffat County


June 2016

| 17

commercial • Residential • New construction • Remodel • And Now horticulture!

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A sincere thank you thank you to all of our patients and Moffat County for voting us best dental practice in Moffat County. We look forward to many years of taking care of your dental needs! Congratulations to Cricket DeWall and Peyton Pogline for being voted into the best Dental Hygienists in Moffat County! Your continued hard work and dedication is more than appreciated.

Best of Moffat County

18 | June 2016

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Best of Moffat County

A Supplement to the Craig Daily Press

June 2016

Thanks for the love, Moffat County!

465 Yampa Ave. Craig, CO • 970-824-6868 Third Place Best Bar Best Catering Best Steak Dinner


First Place Best Lunch Spot Best Italian Food – Best Pizza Best Sandwich (The DC) Best Dinner Restaurant

Thank you for standing with Trapper. We remain committed to the safety and well-being of our employees, the needs of our local community and our commitment to protect the environment. Thank you for voting us the best place to work in Moffat County! 21220276

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20 | June 2016

Best of Moffat County

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Thank you to the community, generous sponsors and participating restaurants for making our Pick a Dish event a great success. All funds benefited Horizons Moffat County Adult Services.









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Best of Moffat County

June 2016

| 21


Middle School


Alicia Townsend was named the 2016 Best of Moffat County Middle School Teacher.

AliciA toWnsend Builds connections, sPArks thinking For students trAnsiting to Adulthood STORY AND PHOTO BY MICHAEL NEARY

Alicia Townsend recalls the fear she had, as a new teacher, of standing in front of a group of students. It’s a fear that may have made her a better teacher. “I had done all the education classes, but I thought to stand up in front of a class of kids would be terrifying,” she said. “And so when I have kids in my class who are terrified to speak publicly, (I) just have to let it happen slowly, but (I) have to make them do it.” Townsend, an eighth-grade social studies teacher at Craig Middle School, was named Best Middle School Teacher in 2016 for Moffat County. As Townsend reflected on her teaching, she contemplated the way her approach to students has changed throughout the years. She started teaching at Craig Middle School in the 1992-93 school year. “Today I see relationships with kids as probably the most important thing,” she said, and then she recalled what she described as a tendency of new teachers to tell students what they ought to do if they want to avoid failing. “A lot of times people think by using threats like that, it’s going to make kids do better,” she said. “And it doesn’t.” Townsend noted the importance of helping students to think hard — and for themselves. “You have to do simulations where they have to think,” she said, and she described a unit called “Perfect Society.” For this exercise she assigns the students to create the

best society they can, to share the results and, ultimately, to rate each other’s societies. Townsend said she makes one, too. “I come up with the worst society that I could possibly think of,” she said. “Everybody’s robotic.” Townsend said her society eliminates the right of people to believe what they want, as well the need to learn or to think. But their physical needs are met. “They have to rate each other’s societies, and they always give me a zero or a minus 10,” she said. The exercise, she explained, allows them to see the power — and value — of thinking. She said the students have, at times, created model societies that ban gay people or Muslims from membership. “I have to let that discussion continue,” she said. “I can’t say, ‘You can’t hold that opinion,’ because then they’re never going to be able to have a discussion like that without being defensive.” But that’s where the society she creates can help students to think. Townsend said her sample society — as an example of the most oppressive she can conjure up — does not allow for any religion. “So then they say (to me), ‘You should be able to believe what you want to,’” she explained. It’s a realization that may spark students to re-examine their own thinking. Townsend has also taken on active roles in projects that

seep outside of classroom boundaries, such as National History Day, for which students created projects exploring historical topics as part of a larger competition. “When they get it done, they’re proud of their work, and it gives them confidence in other areas,” she said. “When they go up to the high school, they have not only had a performance challenge, but they’ve done the research and they can back up their research.” Townsend acknowledged that middle school posed unique challenges for children who find themselves in a kind of transition. “They’re trying to separate themselves, they’re trying to grow up,” she said. “But they’re right at that in-between stage where they’re still in a lot of ways a little kid and in a lot of ways reaching for adulthood.” Townsend said, too, that she’s always open to growing and changing as a teacher — in the area of technology, for instance, where her tech-savvy students might be a few steps ahead of her. “The kids will show me … and they’ll laugh at me, and make fun of me,” she said. “But they have to be able to see that I’m going to fail sometimes, too.” And excitement, Townsend said, is always a key part of teaching. “You have to be excited, or they’re not going to be,” she said. “And then you just become that Charlie Brown teacher.”

Best of Moffat County

22 | June 2016

A Supplement to the Craig Daily Press

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466 Yampa Ave. 970-824-7484

Volunteer Robin Schiffbauer enjoys the silence of St. Michael’s Catholic Church, where she has done much of the volunteer work that got her voted Best Community Volunteer in Best of Moffat County. Among the projects she’s helped is the Community Kitchen.

mAny hours oF giving eArn roBin schiFFBAuer Best volunteer STORY AND PHOTO BY ANDY BOCKELMAN

A giving spirit can be found in many smalltown residents, but the people of Moffat County recognized one of Craig’s most selfless as the Best Community Volunteer. Robin Schiffbauer took the title this year as the area’s most active do-gooder, having a hand in many facets of Craig that strive to improve the lives of others. A day job as office manager of Moffat Family Clinic is one that sees her aiding the sick, but it’s the tasks that don’t come with a paycheck that helped earn her the honor, primarily her work with St. Michael’s Catholic Church. Schiffbauer helped found the church’s Community Kitchen, which regularly provides meals for residents from all walks of life. Additionally, she chairs the board for the supervisory committee of St. Michael’s credit

union, serves on the finance committee for the church and assists with youth group. “The Holy Spirit just said, ‘this is what you need to be doing,’ and God has given me lots of energy,” she said. “Even when I don’t feel like I have enough time, it seems to work.” Were it not for the plethora of people who also volunteer their time for things like the Community Kitchen, she might have more difficulty, and Schiffbauer credited the many folks who make it a success. Not all her efforts are faith-based — she also participates in Craig Rotary Club and is the board treasurer for the Craig Chamber of Commerce. Whether through a church or other avenues, it’s the work that happens and the difference it can make in the community that matters, though.

“Just seeing progress and projects done, hopefully in a positive way,” Schiffbauer said of her motivation. Schiffbauer has lived in Craig for 37 years, and it was once her daughters Crystal, 36, and Andrea, 30, were involved in school and activities like 4-H and dance that she and her husband, Martin, started the foray into volunteering. In recent years, both Rotary and Moffat County United Way have recognized her as a standout volunteer, though she prefers to remain humble. “Mostly I would just like to thank the community for giving me such an honorable, special award,” she said. “Each time it’s wonderful. I love my community, and I hope it shows that in being who I am I’ve left Craig better than I found it. I think with God’s help, it’ll all be the way it’s supposed to be.”

Best of Moffat County

Best Shopping

A Supplement to the Craig Daily Press

Best Auto deAlershiP First place: Cook Chevrolet & Subaru Second place: Victory Motors Third place: Cook Ford Best Auto PArts First place: Napa T&H Parts Second place: O’Reilly Auto Third place: Carquest Auto Parts

Best Automotive rePAir & service First place: Precision Automotive Second place: Yampa Auto Body Third place: Cook Chevrolet & Subaru

Best clothing store First place: Maurice’s Second place: Murdoch’s Ranch & Home Supply Third place: Hibbett Sports

Best home dÉcor store First place: Murdoch’s Ranch & Home Supply Second place: MJK Ace Hardware Third place: The Giving Tree Best hotel/motel/lodging First place: Clarion Inn & Suites Second place: Hampton Inn & Suites Third place: Best Western Plus Deer Park Inn

Best liQuor store First place: Stockmen’s Liquor Second place: Eastside Liquor Third place: Dark Horse Discount Liquor Best meAt retAiler First place: Brother’s Custom Processing Second place: Mountain Meat Packing Third place: City Market Best PlAce to Buy A giFt First place: Spirit Pass Second place: Murdoch’s Ranch & Home Supply Third place: Bargain Barn

June 2016

| 23

Best seWing/crAFt/Quilting store First place: The Embroidery Shoppe Second place: KS Kreations Third place: Quilters Quest Best tire store First place: Big O Tires Second place: A&E Tire Third place: TDS/GCR


Place to Buy a Gift 21221828

Thank you for voting us

Best Fitness Center in Moffat County!

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Chris Muzik, owner of Spirit Pass, stands in front of a selection of offerings sold at her store. Spirit Pass won first place for Best Place to Buy a Gift in this year’s Best of Moffat County.

Best of Moffat County

24 | June 2016

A Supplement to the Craig Daily Press


Liquor Store...

stockmen’s liQuor tAkes toP honors in Best oF moFFAt county STORY AND PHOTO BY NOELLE LEAVITT RILEY

Lori and Lennie Gillam decided to buy Stockmen’s Liquor 14 years ago so they could spend more time together. “We wanted a business where we could be together,” Lori said. “To each other, we’re the most important things in our lives.” You could call it a love story or perhaps just wise business, but the couple is doing something right, as they won Best Liquor Store in the 2016 Best of Moffat County competition. “We have some awesome customers. They take care of us,” Lori said. And Lori and Lennie take care of them too, offering a point system for each purchase. For every dollar spent, customers get points. Once they reach $100 — or 100 points — they receive a $5 discount. Additionally, the liquor store offers huge discounts on bulk beer each weekend, making it an affordable

place to shop, Lori highlighted. “We buy quantity, so they can get the better deals,” she said. Lennie also works full-time as the director of Moffat County facilities, but he steps in and helps Lori when needed. “I make most of the decisions. It’s kind of my baby,” Lori said. Prior to the couple buying Stockmen’s Liquor, Lori worked as a Colorado State Patrol dispatcher, she said. But the liquor store offers her and Lennie more time together, and the summer keeps them busy. They recently hired two more part-time employees to help with the increased business. In total, excluding themselves, Lennie and Lori employ nine people. Lori said they treat their employees and customers like family.

Lori Gillam leans out the drive-thru window at Stockmen’s Liquor.



Best Photographer I am honored to be named Moffat County’s Best Local Photographer

Thank You for voting Mascarenas Painting

one of the Best of Moffat

County & voting me, Tim

Mascarenas the #1 Painter in Moffat County for the

Thank you

to the community and all of my wonderful clients!


For all your photographic needs 552 Russell Street, Craig, CO 970-629-1913 Like us on Facebook


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SERVICES: Custom Residential Commercial Repaints

Best of Moffat County

Best Services

A Supplement to the Craig Daily Press

Best Accountant First place: Don Jones — Jones & Associates Second place: Donna Myers Accounting Service Third place: Pam Taylor — THPK Best Attorney First place: Sherman Romney Second place: Heather Cannon Law Third place: Thomas Thornberry Best Bank First place: Yampa Valley Bank Second place: Bank of Colorado Third place: Bank of the San Juans Best Bank Teller First place: Heather Brumblow — Bank of the San Juans Second place: Kaby Rogers — Bank of the San Juans Third place: Flor Duarte — Bank of the San Juans

Best Dry Cleaner First place: Loyd’s Cleaners Second place: A1 Laundry Third place: The Laundry

Best Local Music Soloist/Band First place: Stacey Mathers Second place: River City Band Third place: Nick Cocozzella

Best Feed Store First place: Snyder & Counts Second place: Murdoch’s Ranch & Home Supply Third place: MJK Sales & Feed

Best Local Photographer First place: Carrie Hertzog Photography Second place: Janele Husband Third place: Amanda McDermott Photography

Best Financial Advisor First place: Kevin Peck — Edward Jones Second place: Justin Kawcak — Greenfields Financial Services Third place: Bryan Ludgate — Edward Jones

Best Massage Therapist First place: Megan Cook Second place: Kacey Lyons Third place: Kimberly Swenson Third place: Kia Fedinic

Best Financial Services First place: Greenfields Financial Services Second place: Kevin Peck — Edward Jones Third place: LPL Financial

Best Cell Phone Provider First place: Union Wireless Second place: Verizon Wireless Third place: Sprint

Best Gas/Convenience Store First place: Kum & Go North Second place: Loaf N Jug Third place: Kum & Go West

Best Chiropractic Service First place: Rummel Chiropractic Second place: McKey Chiropractic Clinic Third place: Rita Petersen

Best Glass Store First place: Northwest Auto Glass Second place: Black Mountain Glass Third place: Ding Dr.

Best Customer Service First place: Flint Dillon — Bank of the San Juans Second place: Travis Wondra — Big O Tires Third place: Jenna Wright — Mudd Shack

Best Gym/Fitness Center First place: Trapper Fitness Center Second place: Breeze Street 24-Hour Fitness Third place: Rising Star Youth Training Center

Best Dental Hygienist First place: Cheryl Ivy — Dr. Neal Fenton Second place: Cricket DeWall — Craig Family Dental Third place: Peyton Pogline — Craig Family Dental Best Dental Practice First place: Craig Family Dentistry Second place: Neal Fenton Third place: Dushan Voyich Best doctor or Physicians assistant First place: Larry Kipe — Moffat Family Clinic Second place: Neilene Folks Third place: Shannon Becker

Best Hairstylist First place: Daina Wagner Second place: Ali Craig Third place: Shey Ellis Best Internet Provider First place: CenturyLink Second place: Zirkel Wireless Third place: Verizon Best Local Artist First place: Ryan Otis Second place: Roberta Hawks Third place: Janele Husband Best Local Insurance Agency First place: State Farm Insurance Second place: Mountain West Insurance & Financial Services Third place: Draper Insurance

Best Nail Tech First place: Allie Craig — Allie Ooop Second place: Kelsie Dimick — Stylz 5th Avenue Third place: Tawnya Carter —Icon Salon Best Nurse or Nurse Assistant First place: Maria Pilar Sanderson — The Memorial Hospital CNA Second place: Jessie Grandbouche — The Memorial Hospital Third place: Jennifer Hergenreter — The Memorial Hospital Best Oil Change Shop First place: Lube Plus Second place: Victory Motors Third place: Cook Chevrolet & Subaru Best Optometrist First place: Craig Eckroth — Eyecare Specialties Second place: Ron Shaffer — Victory Vision Third place: Natalie Hansen — Eyecare Specialties Best Outfitter First place: Double H Outfitters Second place: Hellander Outfitting Third place: Big Rack Outfitting Best Paint Contractors First place: The Paint Dabbers Second place: Mascarenas Painting Third place: Jenison Custom Builders Best Personal Trainer First place: Jessie Cramer Second place: Daina Wagner Third place: Jeff Boss

June 2016

| 25

Best Pet Groomer First place: The Dog & I Second place: D’Tail Dog Grooming Salon Third place: Paddy Whack All Natural Pet Foods Best Pharmacy First place: City Market Second place: Walgreens Third place: Walmart Best Physical Therapy Practice First place: Craig Physical Therapy Second place: Pearson Physiotherapy Third place: The Memorial Hospital Rehab Center Best Place to Get a Haircut First place: Daina Wagner Salon Second place: Stylz 5th Avenue Third place: Allie Ooop Best Tanning Salon First place: Under the Sun Tanning Second place: Allie Ooop Third place: Studio 7 Best Taxidermist First place: Bullseye Taxidermy Second place: Big Cat Taxidermy Third place: Mountain Man Taxidermy

Best of Moffat County

26 | June 2016

A Supplement to the Craig Daily Press

PersonAl touch PAys oFF For BAnk oF the sAn JuAns emPloyees STORY AND PHOTO BY ANDY BOCKLEMAN

A banking institution without its own automated teller is a rarity in the 21st century, but the people inside the building can make all the difference in how a patron does business. The Craig branch of Bank of the San Juans took first in two Best of Moffat County categories as employees Heather Brumblow and Flint Dillon cashed in with Best Bank Teller and Best Customer Service, respectively. The awards for financial services were varied across the board this year, and while Yampa Valley Bank took Best Bank, the staff of San Juans swept the teller category, with Kaby Rogers and Flor Duarte second and third behind Brumblow. Brumblow, who has worked at the branch for slightly more than a year, credited her win to a personal touch with all who walk through the bank’s doors. “I have my following,” she laughed. “My thing is I just like to treat everyone like they’re my friend. We all like working here, we all get along, and all our



customers are not only our customers but our friends, our community.” She added that after moving to Northwest Colorado following 14 years with a husband in activeduty military, Craig is one of the best communities she’s seen out of many where she’s lived. “Everybody’s looking out for their neighbor,” she said. Dillon has been with the bank for roughly seven years and was recently promoted to operations officer two months ago. “All of our crew here, I think we get along as a team, people feel welcome, and I think that’s a really good environment,” he said. “I think if you’re personable and willing to go the extra mile for a customer, that really helps.” Dillon cited the bank’s philosophy that they exist to help people make their dreams come true under the San Juans moniker, which changed in 2014 from First National Bank of the Rockies. Change is ever-present in many industries, banking among them, and while some people who do business with the company are strictly online, many, if not more, prefer the personal touch. “They want to talk to an actual person, they find comfort in that, with one-on-one help,” Dillon said. “We strive to be there for every aspect of it.” Likewise, Brumblow said she feels no competition from the bank’s ATM in providing great service to customers. “An ATM’s not going to have your information ready before you walk up and give you anything different from 20s and understanding what you want,” she said. “It might be fast and easy but just not with the customer service.”

Bank Teller Heather Brumblow and Operations Officer Flint Dillon won Best of Moffat County awards for their work with Bank of the San Juans. Brumblow has been with the institution about 15 months and Dillon about seven years.

Thank you

Thank you for voting us Best Liquor Store in Moffat County. We are honored to be your choice and look forward to serving you in the future.

5 74 P e r s h i n g S t r e e t , C r a i g C O

Moffat County for your continued support and voting Don Jones as Best Accountant for 2016. “My team and I are honored to serve such a remarkable community.”

2016 Moffat County’s

Best Accountant


4 5 8 Ya m p a Av e n u e . S u i t e 2 0 0 Craig, Colorado 81625 Phone 970.824.2010


A Supplement to the Craig Daily Press

Best of Moffat County

June 2016

| 27

mAthers APPreciAtes ‘Privilege’ oF shAring her music STORY AND PHOTO BY MICHAEL NEARY

Stacey Mathers has been singing just about all her life, but 10 years ago or so her singing began to take a more public turn. “I accepted Christ as my savior,” she said. “That was the turning point.” She described the effect this acceptance had on her music. “It really kind of brought me out of my shell — being able to sing Christian music. I call it a God thing, because you’re called to share your gift.” Mathers, named Best Local Music Soloist in Moffat County for 2016, is also the coowner of Cornerstone Realty — and she recalls singing as far back into her childhood. Born in Florida, she moved with her family to Alaska when she was about 10 years old and then returned to Florida later. She moved to Craig in 1992. She divided time between high school in Alaska and Florida, and she recalls singing for vocal groups and choir during those high school years. “I’ve always loved music,” she said. “I think music is kind of the universal language for most people. Most people can connect to music in some form.” Mathers describes music as a powerful force that, once it wells up inside a person, can be hard to turn away. “It’s something you can’t just shake off and put over to the side,” she said. “It’s like you have to sing. It propels you.” Mathers said she sings gospel music for her church, Calvary Baptist Church, every

Sunday. She’s sung in other situations, as well. “I was fortunate enough to record an album in 2013 in Nashville,” she said. She recorded the Christian-themed album, called “It’s About Love,” with Rio Vida Music in 2013. She said one of the people she worked with was Tony Elenburg, the executive producer who wrote a number of the songs on the album — songs that allow the strong and graceful qualities of Mathers’ voice to emerge. “Several of the musicians who played on the album played for Reba (McEntire), played for a lot of the big-name country artists,” she said. “There’s so much love and talent that went into that.” Mathers also sings for Stonecroft, which she described as a women’s ministry — a network of Christian women throughout the country. “My business partner Sari (Cobb) — she speaks, so we do a speaking-singing combo and travel around to different women’s groups,” she said. “Word has gotten out about our speaking and singing, and it has evolved to where we travel a couple of times a month to different venues.” Mathers is slated to lead the music activities in Breckenridge this September for Stonecroft’s annual retreat. Music has always played a strong role in Mathers’ life, but she said her approach to music has evolved from the days when she was singing as a child. “It’s definitely bigger,” she said.

Best Music Soloist

Stacey Mathers was named Best Local Music Soloist in Moffat County for 2016. Mathers speaks slowly and thoughtfully about sharing her singing, and watching the effect it has on other people. “When you’re sharing your gift and you see the reaction on people’s faces with how

it touches them,” she said, “it just ends up being such a blessing that I’m able to share that. It’s a privilege to share it.”

Best of Moffat County

28 | June 2016

A Supplement to the Craig Daily Press

douBle h outFitters BAgs Best hunting cAmP BY PATRICK KELLY

Hunting is big in Moffat County. Big game and a beautiful backdrop draw a big crowd and one outfitter stood above the rest. In the 2016 Best of Moffat County contest, Double H Outfitters was voted the Best Hunting Outfitter in the county. Owner Casey Herod has been running his outfit for three years and he said it was “pretty cool” to be voted best of Moffat County. Herod said his operation is all about customer service and game management. “We make sure our clients have a 110 percent good time so they want to come back,” he said. Double H offers lion, elk, deer and antelope hunts. “If you chose to hunt with Double H Outfitters you can expect a life time memory, quality food, great accommodations, knowledgeable guides, quality hunt, laughs and a desire to come back,” Double H Outfitters’ website states. Herod said even though he is new to the game, he is starting to get a lot of repeat customers and his business has doubled each year. “I’ve had very few people go home unhappy,” he said. Running a good outfitting operation comes down to several factors, Herod said. “It’s comes down to good hunters, good guides, good landowners that we lease

property from and good game management practices,” he said. For information on Double H Outfitters and pricing information visit their website at or find them on Facebook. Herod said he appreciated the award and intends to continue providing quality outfitting services. “We must be doing something right. We appreciate the community’s support,” he said. He also thanked his team. “Camie Haskins and I could not run and be so successful with our hunting business without the following hel:, Joe Herod, Grant Jones, Tony Graejda, Jess Haskins, Josie Haskins, Dallin Staker, Roger Richmond and Lynn Haskins,” Herod said.


Outfitter Hunter Jim Morris shows off his mountain lion with Double H Outfitters guides Josie Haskins and Tony Graejda. COURTESY PHOTO

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Moffat County! Thank you to our clients for voting

MondaY-FrIdaY 7aM- 6pM SaTurdaY 8aM-5pM SundaY 9aM-4pM

mjk Feed stOre 290 ranney street, Craig, CO (970) 824-6582

MondaY-FrIdaY 7aM- 6pM SaTurdaY 8aM-4pM & cloSed SundaY

Here’s to many more years! L I K E




mjk lumber & design 290 ranney street, Craig, CO (970) 329-4396

us the best in Moffat County. FA C E B O O K !


mjk aCe hardware 2315 w. 1st street, Craig, CO (970) 824-6581

paint store

MondaY-SaTurdaY 7aM- 6pM SundaY 9aM-5pM

The Kawcak Family, and all of the employees at MJK Sales & Feed Inc., would like to “Thank You” for voting us number one! We are proud to serve our great community for over 30 years now and will continue to provide you with the best service and products in the Valley.


THANK YOU! We appreciate your continued support. Clif Shultz 970-824-6093

Best of Moffat County

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June 2016

| 29





Thank you for choosing us the Best Meat Retailer, Best Catering Service, and Best Ribs for 5 years, 2012-2016 970-824-3855 • 383 East 1st Street, Craig CO 81625


to s like


! u o Y k n a h T a ecre

& R

rk a P g


ou w n o ti


s fo r o s n


ort p p u s

e l t t i h Wthe Wood 6 1 20 po

r s to ou

Thank You Moffat County for Voting us #1 Event! 21141905

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30 | June 2016

Best of Moffat County

A Supplement to the Craig Daily Press

Thank you MoffaT CounTy for voTing us

Best HVAC Contractor Best Plumbing Contractor Congratulations to our plumbers for a Clean sweep Congratulations to

ryan oTis

best plumber Category

1sT plaCe: BoBBy gillaM

arTisT of The year

2nd plaCe: viC updike 3rd plaCe: darin hiCkey

970.824.4840 461 Yampa Ave. Craig, CO

Join us July 21st for our customer appreciation BBQ!

Best of Moffat County

A Supplement to the Craig Daily Press

June 2016

| 31

We can’t thank Moffat County and our amazing customers enough for voting us Best Flooring Retailer again! It’s our customers and our installers that make it a pleasure and success doing the great business we do here in our community! If you haven’t been a customer of ours, you should come see why we’ve been voted best again this year!

37 East Victory Way


Stop in from July 5th- 8th for our Customer Appreciation/Birthday Sale at our newest location! Everything in stock will be on sale! Thanks again, we are thankful to be part of this great community!!

Daina Wagner, The Ringer 970.629.3537

Jessie Cramer, WP Training

Thank you to the Moffat County community for voting us best personal Trainers! And to all of our athletes for hanging tough... you all make being your coaches fun and extremely fulfilling! You inspire and teach us as much as we teach you... Thanks Guys! Now offering kids circuit training for 3yrs and up! Located in the East End of The Centennial Mall

32 | June 2016

Best of Moffat County

A Supplement to the Craig Daily Press

Best of Moffat County  

2016 survey results for the best businesses and community services in Moffat County.

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