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Colorado Outfitters Association invites Sportsmen & Outdoor Enthusiasts to let us help you discover & explore Colorado’s many treasures! WELCOME TO COLORADO! The Colorado Outfitters Association (COA) is the only professional organization for Colorado outfitters; professionals who offer a wide variety of opportunities year-round to help you enjoy the treasures found in Colorado’s outdoors. Colorado is home to some of the world’s largest migrating elk herds, wild mustangs, free-flowing rivers, magnificent Rocky Mountains, gorgeous canyons with petroglyphs, millions of acres of public lands with an abundance of birds, waterfowl, large & small wildlife and plenty of wide open spaces.

COLORADO OUTFITTERS ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 10 Silt, Colorado 81652-0010 Phone: 970-824-2468 Email: Website: For MEMBERSHIP APPLICATIONS visit:

COA outfitters offer a wide variety of outdoor experiences. That list includes river rafting, fishing, camping, wilderness pack trips, bird & wildlife watching, biking, sledding, sleigh rides, photography trips, horse rentals, horseback rides, overnight adventures, and of course, hunting opportunities for varmints, birds, pronghorns, lion, elk, deer, sheep, goats & bear. We invite you to contact one of our many professional outfitters when planning your next outdoor vacation. Our members are dedicated to providing you with a quality experience. Yours truly, Sammy Frazier, President Colorado Outfitters Association Colorado outfitters



Code of

President's Welcome ...............................................................3 Code of Ethics ..........................................................................4 COA Board Members ...............................................................8 COA Mission ............................................................................8 Advertiser Index ......................................................................9 Sweepstakes Information .....................................................12 2013 Outfitter of the Year......................................................13 Life Member - Marcia Bergstad .............................................14 Sportsman Directory .............................................................16 Guide Directory .....................................................................16 Life Member Directory ..........................................................19 Understanding the Preference Point System.........................20 Is Your Outfitter Legal?..........................................................20 Hunting Season Dates ...........................................................21 Associate Directory ...............................................................22 Parks & Wildlife Offices .........................................................23 Colorado Agency Contact ......................................................24 GMU Map ..............................................................................24 Outfitter Index ......................................................................26 Outfitter Directory ................................................................28 Best of Species ......................................................................38


all outfitter and guide members of the Colorado outfitters association shall: 1.

Abide by all federal, state and local laws and regulations concerning Colorado Outfitters & Guides.


Abide by all state and federal laws and regulations concerning Colorado’s wildlife and natural resources.


Act as an ex-officio ambassador for the state of Colorado and shall not engage in practices or services that are damaging or disrespectful to the state of Colorado and the Colorado Outfitters Association.


Represent their services completely, honestly and fairly.


Maintain serviceable and safe equipment used in their outfitting operations and shall maintain the highest safety standards allowable in conducting their outfitting and guiding activities.


Conduct their outfitting and guiding operations in a manner that does not discredit themselves, other outfitters and guides, the Colorado Outfitters Association, and the state of Colorado.


Require that all clients and employees obey all local, state, and federal laws concerning Colorado’s wildlife and natural resources.


Respect and not interfere with the public’s right and other outfitters and businesses’ rights to utilize and enjoy Colorado’s public lands, wildlife and natural resources.


Respect other outfitter and guide members’ rights within the association and shall not directly or indirectly cause injury to others.


Working together to protect, maintain and enhance the opportunity to hunt, fish, and enjoy the Colorado outdoors.

2014 Board of Directors PRESIDENT sammy frazier 719-588-3386

2nd VICE PRESIDENT aaron laske 719-587-3057

1st VICE PRESIDENT Chris Jurney 970-824-5505

SECRETARY susan mikesell 970-824-5812

TREASURER kate dickey 719-850-8665

regional direCtors


AT LARGE dick ray 970-264-5546

SOUTHWEST ray david 970-252-1582

NORTHWEST dean Billington 970-724-0417

NORTHEAST Joe Boucher 719-395-3665

Colorado outfitters

SOUTHEAST Bill Canterbury 719-942-3207

The Thrill of The hunT. T T. The beauTy of The experience. At diamond peak outfitters we provide an experience that is unrivaled. We’ve been scouting and guiding area 2 and 201 for over 20 years. This is our home. Our premier hunts, exceptional guides and authentic Greek hospitality makes your visit a true once in a lifetime adventure. Come experience our culture, where we live and the thrill of the hunt.

t r o p h y- e l k - h u n t i n g . c o m

VisiT our websiTe or call us for more informaTion and phoTos. John raftopoulos 970-326-8620

Bruce White 970-326-7241 Colorado Outfitters License #1542

Frazier OutFitting Colorado and New Mexico

Hunting & Summer Pack triPS

25 years of hunting experience in Quality Unit 76 Colorado and 25 years in New Mexico. We run Fair Chase Hunts. Primarily a horseback operation and offering summer pack trips! Frazier Outfitting has won more awards from the Colorado Outfitters Association for the “Best of Species for Elk” than any other Outfitter in Unit 76: 2009 President’s Award, 2010 Outfitter of the Year, 2012 First-Vice President of COA, 2013 President of COA, 2014 President of COA.

(719) 588-3386 | |

Outfitting the Marvine Lakes

Co. Reg. # 2689

Specializing in non-guided hunts for elk, deer and antelope on premium private land. · Our primary focus is to put you on the best ranch possible for the species you are hunting · Several new private ranches for the upcoming season · Non-guided hunts provide a more rewarding big game experience · We maintain a low pressure environment for our animals · Choose from archery, black powder or rifle hunts for elk, deer or antelope RMR's success since 1995 has been due to our high client retention & quality properties offered at the lowest possible prices. Contact us to discuss which hunt is right for you. (970) 439-1894


Colorado outfitters

Advertiser Index ADAMS LODGE OUTFITTERS ...........................................................................8 AMERICASE .................................................................................................41 BOATHOUSE DISTILLERY...............................................................................45 BROTHERS CUSTOM PROCESSING .................................................................17 BULL BASIN GUIDES & OUTFITTERS, LLC .......................................................47 CAMP DAVID OUTFITTING, LLC .....................................................................24 CJ OUTFITTERS............................................................................................ 46 COBERLY CREEK OUTFITTERS ........................................................................43 COLORADO CYLINDER STOVES......................................................................18 COLORADO ELK ADVENTURES ........................................................................9 COLORADO TWIN PEAKS PRIVATE RANCHES, LLC ..........................................17 CRAIG CAMPGROUND ..................................................................................16 CRAIG POWERSPORTS..................................................................................43 DAVIS TENT & AWNING ................................................................................41 DIAMOND D BAR OUTFITTERS ......................................................................27 FAWN GULCH OUTFITTERS, LLC ....................................................................16 FRAZIER OUTFITTING .....................................................................................7 GENEVA PARK OUTFITTERS, LLC ...................................................................19 HIGHLANDS UNLIMITED, INC ........................................................................43 J BAR H OUTFITTERS, LLC .............................................................................14 JACK CASSIDY, COLORADO BIG GAME HUNTS, LLC ..........................................5

World Class Colorado Elk Hunts


Unit 17 Rifle and Archery Elk and Moose Hunts

Ranches Our guests hunt on deeded ranching divisions we own and control. We offer full service, guided hunts at our Morapos Creek Division, which consists of 2 ranches: one bordering the White River National Forest and the other a BLM Game Management Area.

JACK'S BUMPERS .........................................................................................27 KEYS GUIDE & OUTFITTING, LLC ...................................................................18 KNIGHT CANYON OUTFITTERS, INC. ..............................................................37 LONE STAR OUTFITTERS ...............................................................................10 M & M OUTFITTERS........................................................................................8 MOFFAT COUNTY TOURISM ASSOCIATION.....................................................16 OUTDOOR INSURANCE GROUP .....................................................................45 OUTWEST GUIDES, LLC.................................................................................21 OVER THE HILL OUTFITTERS, INC ..................................................................27 RAFTOPOULOS RANCHES ...............................................................................6 RED FEATHER GUIDES & OUTFITTERS............................................................18 RIM ROCK OUTFITTERS, LLC .........................................................................27 RIO GRANDE COUNTY OUTFITTERS ASSOCIATION .........................................17 ROCKY MOUNTAIN RANCHES, LTD. .................................................................8 SABLE MOUNTAIN OUTFITTERS, LLC .............................................................21 SILVER SPUR OUTFITTERS, L.L.C. ..................................................................15 STAY THE TRAIL .............................................................................................2 SUNDOWN OUTFITTERS / RIO GRANDE OUTFITTERS .....................................11 TRACK'EM OUTFITTERS ................................................................................37 VICTORY MOTORS OF CRAIG INC...................................................................24 WYATT RANCHES ...........................................................................................9

Contact Us Cell: 970-942-8762 Phone: 970-675-2747


37669 Hwy 64 Meeker CO

Colorado Elk Adventures, LLC is proud to provide Colorado elk hunts for all levels of physical fitness. Specializing in the elderly and or less fit hunters who for various reasons cannot handle the rigorous physical stress of hunting at high altitudes. The private land ranch hunts are from stands and blinds that provide excellent concealment and protection from the elements. Lodging & meals provided with th guided hunts.

1105 Westridge Drive Loveland, CO 80537 Doug Spencer: 970-481-4354

Our hunting excursions include full service lodging in a log cabin overlooking the scenic Morapos Creek valley. Colorado outfitters


Trophy Bull Elk Trophy Mule Deer Trophy Pronghorn Trophy Whitetail Deer Black Bear Merriam’s Turkey Osceola Turkey

Lone Star outfitterS WaLt iSenhour Cell: 512-633-7519 • Email: Colorado License #2067


 Guided hunts public and private land

Contact Info

 GMU’s 76, 77, 78, 771, 79, 80

Ash & Trish Tully

 Trophy elk hunts in 76


 Trophy late season mule deer  Trophy Timberline mule deer hunts

 Lion hunts

 Sheep hunts

 Over the counter elk hunts

 Horse rental  Quality drop camps  Game packing SDO, RGO, SDO are equal opportunity service providers operating on a special use permit in the San Juan National Forest, and Rio Grande National Forest. We are licensed, bonded and insured. License # 2341, 2540.

2013-2014 Sportsman’s Defense Fund

SweepStakeS Each $20 donation gives you 4 Sweepstakes entries. Grand Prize: Ranching for wildlife trophy elk Hunt donated by Bull Basin Outfitters

2nd Place: Statewide Mountain Lion Hunt donated by several COa Members combining their services for a trophy Lion Hunt.

3rd Place: Guided elk Hunt - 2nd Season

donated by welder Outfitting

Other prizes: One Day Fishing trip

donated by Bull Basin Outfitters

Leica BR 1600 Rangefinder pentax Rifle Scope Minox Rifle Scope $500 Cabelas Gift Certificate Custom-made knife

HElP uS cOntinuE Our EFFOrtS tO PrOtEct, maintain & EnHancE SPOrtSmEn’S riGHtS & OPPOrtunitiES tO Hunt, FiSH anD EnjOy tHE cOlOraDO OutDOOrS! You can help COa voice yOur concerns & defend yOur rights by donating to our Sportsman’s Defense Fund & entering our Sweepstakes! the Colorado Outfitters association knows and understands the important role sportsmen play in Colorado’s wildlife management and the economic impact all tourists and local sportsmen have on Colorado’s economy. we represent you when we attend Colorado parks & wildlife (Cpw) Commission meetings, local area wildlife meetings with State and Federal agencies, SCI, RMeF and many other organizations in an ongoing effort to protect hunting & fishing rights & opportunities in Colorado. Over the years COa has presented conservation ideas to the Colorado parks & wildlife commissioners and staff, as well as suggestions on how they can better manage their finances, wildlife, lands, and relationships to further engage all sportsmen. We continue to fight against groups who want to further reduce all hunting opportunities & those who continually work to reduce the percentage of licenses that go to the non-resident hunters. Statistics show that 54% of cPW’s budget comes from non-residents, which makes non-resident participation vital to Cpw’s existence & their ability to manage wildlife! COa has joined with other sportsmen groups who encourage more aggressive predator control measures, including proactive groups who encourage wolf management programs. these are just 2 of the most obvious issues that seriously impact all sportsmen and tourist related businesses. while we’ve managed to win a few battles, the list of issues continues to grow. Our goal is to expand hunting & fishing opportunities for everyone and to find ways to provide a quality experience in Colorado’s outdoors. this goal includes increasing the size and quality of our herds, as well as your ability to see game, obtain licenses, and hunt for trophy animals. But we need your financial support to continue with these efforts. as you all well know, the cost of traveling to meetings, hiring lawyers & lobbyists, and other related expenses all add up. We would greatly appreciate your donation to our Sportsman’s Defense Fund. Your donation will be used to promote Colorado as a viable tourist destination for all sportsmen. COa is a 501 c-6 organization and therefore donations are not tax-deductible. to show our appreciation for your support, for each $20 donation you make, your name will be entered 4 times into our 2013-2014 Sportsman’s Defense Fund Sweepstakes. the drawing deadline is june 1, 2014.

makE yOur cOntriButiOn/SWEEPStakES Entry tODay: COLORaDO OUtFItteRS aSSOCIatION, INC. p.O. Box 10 Silt, Colorado 81652 970.824.2468

2013 outfitter of tHe Year

Dean BiLLington CONSOL ENERGY is the proud sponsor of the Colorado Outfitters Association’s “Outfitter of the Year” Award Dean Billington was born and raised in Colorado and has been in the professional outfitting business for 24 years. Having hunted with his father since the age of 7, Dean has developed a love and respect for hunting and the outdoors that only a true sportsman can understand and appreciate. He manages the hunting and wildlife conservation for several private ranches in the northern mountains of Colorado. Dean truly loves creating a "total outdoor experience" for his clients and enjoys teaching how important their harvest is to the management of wildlife resources in Colorado. Dean's commitments stretch far beyond his business. Since moving

to Kremmling in 1999 with his wife and 3 daughters he has served on several committees in his community, volunteered many hours and has donated money to several causes and charities. He has been a School Board Member for the past six years and is currently the President of the West Grand School District Board of Education. Bull Basin Guides and Outfitter's "Team" concept is well known by those who deal with Dean. He has always recognized that it takes the support of a great staff, landowners, clients, the Colorado Parks and Wildlife and organizations like the Colorado Outfitters Association to have a successful outfitting business. Colorado outfitters


Since its inception, the Colorado Outfitters Association has elected a few notable members to the status of Honorary Life Membership. To be eligible, Honorary Life Members will have shown exceptional service to the Association and to the outfitting industry. For the 2014 Directory, we take pride in featuring Life Member Marcia Bergstad, COA's first Office Manager. Marcia grew up in North Dakota where she learned her hard-work ethics and honed her outdoor skills working beside her parents and two brothers on the family farm. College is what took this farm girl away from the farm to Moorhead College in Minnesota where she met her husband and life partner Dennis.


A job with Hughes Aircraft brought the couple to Colorado; having friends who wanted to go hunting brought them into the outfitting business. Thus, Colorado High Guide Service was born and prospered until the Bergstad's retirement in 1998. Colorado High Guide Service was a pack outfit using horses and mules to navigate private land the Bergstads purchased on the Flattops. Like most Outfitter wives, Marcia was the backbone of the business (!), running the office, managing the logistics of hunters coming and going, filling in for the cook when needed and being the business gofer - sound familiar ladies?

Big game Hunting Summer Pack triPS meeker, colorado

Proudly offering quality hunting experiences since 1998. “thank you� to our many wonderful clients; we appreciate your business. |

800-230-Hunt (4868)

licenSed | Bonded | Fully inSured | licenSe #2758 Permittee in the White river and routt national Forests. equal opportunity Service Provider.


Colorado outfitters

PSalm 23

2013 HonorarY life memBer In these early days there were two outfitter associations in Colorado: TOPS (The Outfitters Professional Society) and CGOA (Colorado Guides & Outfitters Association). When it came time to merge, Marcia was selected to be the Office Manager for the newly formed Colorado Outfitters Association. During this time, monthly meetings of the COA Board of Directors were held all over the state. Marcia says she thinks she has been in every town and traveled every road in Colorado attending these meetings! The directory consisted of typewritten pages, constantly being updated, and mailed to potential clients who contacted the office for information on COA members. The monthly newsletter was in newspaper form with articles authored, copied, typed and pasted together to send to a printer for publication. Each newspaper had to be mailed out to a growing circulation list on hand-written labels and then sorted by zip code before they could be taken to the Post Office. It was a labor-intensive job. During the interview, Marcia stated "Oh what I would have given for a computer!" However, COA's first Office Manager was not all work and no play -- the best times were during the COA Rendezvous, held each spring as a kick-off to the outfitting season. Here, members met, cussed and discussed the issues of the day on a serious note; however, they always made time for fun contests

and of course stories around the campfire. FYI no one can tell stories like an outfitter - except his wife! Marcia retired from the Colorado Outfitters Association in 1998. Colorado High Country Guide Service was sold and Dennis retired from Hughes Aircraft that same year. They were able to travel and enjoy life together until Dennis passed away in 2007. Marcia now lives in a condo in Parker. She still enjoys travel and was looking forward to the holidays in Arizona with her brother at press time. When not traveling about the globe or vising her extended family (two grandchildren and one grandchild), Marcia is involved with her church and the local senior center. Looking back, Marcia says she enjoyed outfitting and her time with TOPS and the COA. It was at times extremely hard work but she met a lot of good people, made some lasting friendships and had some good times. She added, "All in all, it was a good experience." Colorado outfitters


Sportsman Members name Jerome Victor Black Don J. Hotter III W. Bruce Hutcheon Joe D. Livingston Peter J. Skrgic Jr. William R. Stephens Phyllis Virden

Big Game Hunts — Elk, Mule Deer, Bear Deluxe Drop Camps • Full Service Guided Hunts San Juan Mountains in Southwest Colorado Pack in & out on horseback

Fawn Gulch Outfitters P.O. Box 727 Pagosa Springs, CO 81147

970-264-5266 Unit #77 License #2325

Unbridled & off the bea untamed, Moffat Cou te explorers & n path. And that’s ex ntry is a little bit actly spor tsmen love it here why curious Explore ou . r hidden tr ea our handson visitor ex sures online or stop Centennia by perience lo l a discoveryMall behind Village In cated in the n on Hwy 40 tour. for

sPonsor COA Comanche Wilderness Outfitters, Inc. Sangre De Cristo Outfitters, Inc. Frazier Outfitting M & M Outfitters M & M Outfitters M & M Outfitters

Guide Members name Erik Becker Andy "Cade" Benson Casey Bins Evan Blankenbaker Neil Call Randy Call Paul Duxbury Patrick Etler Travis Flaharty Jeff Halbrook John Halder Brad Harris Becky Heid Raymond Heid Greg Heimgartner Robert House Ed Meiser Marty Meiser Joe Meyer Lance Nichols Eric Potts Tracy Richard Devon Scholl Carley Sherman Chad Sherman Luke Talley Jake Weber Shane West

Hunters Welcome!

sPonsoring outfitter Bull Basin Guides & Outfitters, LLC Bull Basin Guides & Outfitters, LLC Bull Basin Guides & Outfitters, LLC Bull Basin Guides & Outfitters, LLC M&M Outfitters M&M Outfitters Bull Basin Guides & Outfitters, LLC Bull Basin Guides & Outfitters, LLC Nine Mile Guest Ranch Frazier Outfitting Bull Basin Guides & Outfitters, LLC Gypsum Creek Outfitters, LTD Del's Triangle 3 Ranch, LLC Del's Triangle 3 Ranch, LLC Bull Basin Guides & Outfitters, LLC Bull Basin Guides & Outfitters, LLC Frazier Outfitting Frazier Outfitting Red Feather Guides & Outfitters Bull Basin Guides & Outfitters, LLC Bull Basin Guides & Outfitters, LLC Bull Basin Guides & Outfitters, LLC Bull Basin Guides & Outfitters, LLC Bull Basin Guides & Outfitters, LLC Bull Basin Guides & Outfitters, LLC Halfmoon Packing & Outfitting LLC Frazier Outfitting Red Feather Guides & Outfitters

Geocaching spoken first at

Craig Campground (970) 824-5105 Cabins • Propane • Laundry Room • Big Game Skinning and Cutting Area • Summer Heated Pool • Gift Store Moffat County tourisM assoCiation 1111 West Victory Way Craig, Co | 970-824-2335


Colorado outfitters • Store Hours: 8 am to 8 pm • 2800 East U.S. Highway 40 • Craig, CO 81625

Specializing in Unguided “Do it Yourself” Hunts & Extreme Guided Hunts

Archery / Muzzeloader / Rifle hunts Elk • Deer • Mountain Lion • Anelope

Come hunt our Private Ranches for the Hunt of a lifetime for Elk/ Mule Deer or Antelope. Our Private Ranch Do it Yourself hunts in Southeast Colorado are producing some of the largest trophy bulls in the state. Elk/Mule Deer Hunts are in GMU’s 64/65 & 85. Antelope hunts are in the Eastern Plains GMU 133 & 134 and offer many premier trophy bucks. We have several Ranches to choose from with a minimum group of four to six hunters per Ranch. We also provide Guided hunts that continue to provide great success rates.

Unguided Do-It-Yourself Private Ranch Hunts Tom Kimble • Colorado License #2748 • (304) 358-3252 •

nortHwest colorAdo’s preMier MeAt processer & retAiler

Unparalled experience in Game processinG

regular Skinning is included in price, Trophy Services available

• Breakfast Sausage • Italian Sausage • Jerky • Snack Sticks • Franks • Polish • Brats • Summer Sausage • Jalapeño Cheddar Sausage and MOrE!

24 hr turn around service Full shipping, pack for airlines, regular shipping boxes, cooler boxes, and dry ice

in A Hurry to HeAd HoMe?

For tHe “do-it yourselFer”: Knives, paper, seasonings & fat

Full line oF AwArd winning retAil MeAt For your cAMp

383 East 1st St. - Craig, CO 970-824-3855

101 Market St. - Meeker, CO 970-878-5085

Ham Bacon Sausage Beef

Pork Lamb Poultry Colorado outfitters


We offer Outdoor Adventures of a Lifetime. Celebrating 30+ years in business!

Summer Pack Trips Summer Drop Camps Horseback Riding Hunting Drop Camps Guided Wilderness Hunts Specializing in Archery Hunts

Check out our website for free offers!

P.O. Box 935 Gypsum, Co 81637 (970) 524.5054 (winter/spring) P.O. Box 16 Walden, Co 80480 (970) 723.4204 (summer/fall)

“Moose Viewing Capital of Colorado” Red Feather Guides and Outfitters Inc. is an equal opportunity service provider. Operating under authority of a USDA Forest Service special use permit. Permits also granted by Colorado State Forest State Park. We are licensed by the Colorado Licensing board. State of Colorado Outfitter License #666 Joe Keys: 970-216-7899

Quality custom outfitting with great guides.

Elk & Mule Deer GMU’s 40,41, and 421 Pronghorn GMU’s 3 and 301 Desert Bighorn GMU’s S56 and S62

• guided and unguided hunts • float fishing • rafting

Limited mule deer vouchers available License # 1985, insured, and bonded


Private & Public Land

Colorado outfitters

• hiking • photography • location scouting and management

LIFE MEMBERS Since 1984 COA members have elected only a few individuals to the status of “Honorary Life Member.” This prestigious award is given to individuals who have been true assets to the Association and to the Hunting and Outfitting industry.  Below is the entire list of those who have been so honored.   name Betty Lyons Bob Lyons Art Davis Bob Hilkey Burt George Claudia George Sam Robinson Marcia Bergstad Violet Skiff Sam Carr Rudy Rudibaugh Obbie Dickey John Sandelin Dennis Bergstad Kurt Schultz Chuck Davies Dick Pennington Lyle Durbin

Year CitY & state 1984 1984 1986 Denver, CO 1986 1986 1987 1987 1989 Parker, CO 1991 Loma, CO 1991 1991 1994 Del Norte, CO 1994 1998 1998 Silt, CO 1999 1999 Grand Junction, CO 1999 Crossville, TN



720-379-8265 970-858-3018


970-876-5043 970-242-6318 931-459-2740

name Richard "Dick" Ray Duane Skiff L.R. "Mac" McGraw Rod Pringle Cathy Wells John Nelson "Doc" Bruce Cottrell Thomas L. Bullock Jim Flynn Tom Mikesell Susan Mikesell Larry Bishop Mike Schilling Ray Heid Ron Hilkey Larry Osborn Larry Ehardt Bob Hilkey

Year CitY & state 1999 Pagosa Springs, CO 2000 Loma, CO 2002 Gunnison, CO 2002 Gunnison, CO 2002 Aurora, CO 2003 Gunnison, CO 2004 Colorado Springs, CO 2004 2005 2007 Craig, CO 2007 Craig, CO 2008 2008 Carbondale, CO 2009 Clark, CO 2010 Meeker, CO 2010 Hamilton, CO 2011 Yuma, AZ 2012

telePHone 970-264-5546 970-858-3018 970-641-1811 970-641-1266 970-641-2830 719-596-2047

970-824-5812 970-824-5812 970-963-2942 970-879-3495 970-878-4312 970-824-6758 Colorado outfitters


Understanding Colorado’s Preference

Point System To manage big game animals to assure sustainable hunting opportunities and resource preservation, Colorado Parks and Wildlife issues a limited number of licenses through a drawing process for most species. For big game, over the counter licenses are available for bull elk only during the second and third rifle seasons in some but not all units. There are some archery over the counter tags available as well in some units but most of them are by drawing only. Several units throughout the state are managed for trophy quality and experience for elk and all deer licenses are by drawing only. Hunters who want licenses for deer and other big game – including elk during the first and fourth rifle seasons and in some specific game management units and seasons – must apply annually. Here’s how the application and draw system works: Hunters apply for licenses and submit up to four choices for the game management units desired. Applicants who don’t get their first choice get a preference point for that species. All first choice applications are drawn before second, third or fourth choice designations. An applicant can also purchase one point each year for $25. However, no more than one preference point can be awarded per species per year. Points are awarded for each individual species. The number of preference points needed to draw a license depends on the species, season and the particular game management unit. For the most coveted units, hunters must accumulate numerous preference points to have a chance to obtain a license in the draw. An example: To obtain an either sex license during the first limited rifle season in GMU 1, Colorado residents need 12 preference points and a non-resident must accumulate 19 preference points. In that unit more than 270 people apply but only 11 licenses are issued. This unit is also an 80/20 unit and the hybrid draw applies, where 20% of the resident 80% pool licenses are issued to any resident that has 6 or more points who apply for this unit, after the top preference point holders are drawn. Non-residents are not guaranteed the same opportunity; no non-resident will be selected in the hybrid draw because there is no specific non-resident allocation aside from the 20% already designated to the non-resident. In order to guarantee a license to be issued to a non-resident in the hybrid draw, the 20% allocation would need to be changed and either take away from the 20% or change the entire allocation to a 50/50 split and guarantee both resident and non-resident licenses in the regular draw and the hybrid draw. In the current system for the draw units 80% of the licenses go to residents and 20% nonresidents, this was changed from a 65/35 license allocation split by a group of vocal residents that used to be non-residents and hope to draw the limited units again as well as initiating the hybrid draw.

If you want to accumulate points for a preferred species, but you still want to hunt for that season, apply to a coveted unit but pick units with zero point requirements for your subsequent choices. Or put in the preference point hunt code P-999-99-P as your first choice and units with zero point requirements as your subsequent choices. Preference points continue to accumulate until you receive a first choice license. Preference point creep eats into your chances of drawing by supply and demand, to alleviate the creep more units would have to have better quality animals to quench the demand. For cow elk, the majority of game management units require no preference points, so everyone who applies has a similar chance of drawing a license. For buck deer, many units require 1-2 points; limited elk units require even more points. The CPW maintains a permanent preference point record for everyone who applies. The record is automatically referenced when a hunter applies for a unit that requires points. Most big game licenses are reserved for Colorado residents, general allocations are 65/35 resident/non-resident with a soft cap, which means that it could and most of the time is less than 35% allocation to non-residents and more than 65% allocation to residents. For units and species that require 6 or more preference points, 80% of the licenses are allocated to residents and up to 20% for non-residents. Only in units that require 10 or more preference points to draw, is the allocation of licenses close to 20% for non-residents. However, no non-resident will draw a license in the hybrid draw. If fewer than five preference points are needed, a minimum of 65% of the licenses are allocated to residents, then the remaining 35% is drawn to residents or non-residents. License allocations will be based on the number of preference points or luck of the draw. Non-residents are not guaranteed any licenses unless they have more points than a resident in the draw, but are still limited to the maximum 20% or 35% allocation. The only guarantee for a non-resident under a soft cap is you will not draw more than 35% or 20% of the licenses allocated, but could get 0% in some cases. Go to CPW’s hunt recap summaries under statistics and do the math or contact an Outfitter that operates in a preference point unit. Application deadlines are due the first Tuesday in April, draw dates are different for each species as well as posting dates for successful and unsuccessful applicants. Check the CPW proclamation and website and/or contact the COA or an Outfitter in your designated area for information on draw results or successful licenses and to check on your status and draw odds. Demand for quality is ever increasing throughout the west and especially Colorado; there is no way to ever satisfy the demand with the limited amount of quality units and animals. The COA has been very vocal and instrumental in trying to increase quality and quantity of wildlife for all sportsmen and women to enjoy.

Is Your Outfitter


Things to ask to be sure your outfitter is legal • Are you registered as an outfitter with Colorado’s Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA)? • What is your registration number? • Will we be hunting on public lands at any time? If so, do you have a Bureau of Land Management or U.S. Forest Service permit? Indications of an Illegal Outfitter: • The outfitter does not provide you with a written contract. • The outfitter counsels you not to talk to state or federal officers or asks you to say you’re just friends or family hunting together.


Colorado Outfitters

Protect Yourself: Verify your outfitter’s registration by contacting the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies at or the Colorado Outfitters Association at Things you can do if you suspect illegal outfitting or poaching activity: Gather as much information as possible. Call Operation Game Thief toll free at 1-877-265-6648 or 877-COLO-OGT. You may be entitled to a reward.

deer & elk


For planning purposes, Colorado Parks and Wildlife sets the dates for the primary big game hunting seasons in 5 year increments (currently 2010 through 2014). Please check the current regulations for changes and updates that have occurred and additional hunting opportunities.

2014 rifle seasons 1st rifle season, limited elk: 10/11 - 10/15 2nd rifle season, combined deer and elk: 10/18 - 10/26 3rd rifle season, combined deer and elk: 11/1 - 11/9 4th rifle season, combined deer and elk: 11/12 - 11/16 2014 arCHerY seasons 8/30 - 9/28 2014 muZZleloading seasons 9/13 - 9/21 A variety of other seasons are also offered. Check the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website for more details.

Wilderness Fishing Camp mp horsebaCk rides paCk trips big game hunting Permitted in the White River National Forest & Flattops Wilderness

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Archery, Muzzleloader, or Rifle hunts, take your pick! • Trophy mule deer & elk hunting • Blue Grouse & Ptarmigan Hunts • Bear, Mt. Goat & Big Horn Sheep Hunts

Guided fly-fishing trips Wilderness Pack Trips & Horseback Rides Everything you need for a true Western adventure See our website for more information: Colorado outfitters


Associate Members ABV RANCH, LLC Henry & Michael Rivera P.O. Box 564, La Jara, CO 81140 (719) 274-5407

COLORADO MULE DEER ASSOCIATION Denny Behrens PO Box 2104, Grand Junction, CO 81501 (970) 261-2513

FRONTIER STATION INC. Junior Kawcak P.O. Box 1515, Craig, CO 81626 (970) 824-8200

AFFORDABLE TAX & ACCOUNTING SERVICES, INC Gaylen C Ring 6793 W. Canyon Ave Suite 13B, Littleton, CO 80128 (303) 973-9953

CONSOL ENERGY Eve Flaherty 1800 Washington Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15921

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ALPINE OUTDOOR Judd Norton 9249 S. Broadway, Unit 200 #536, Highlands Ranch, CO 80129 (303) 564-7971 AMERICAN INCOME LIFE Lisa McGee 3000 S Jamaica Court #300, Aurora, CO 80014 (303) 519-9128 AMERICASE Mars Freudenberg 1610 E Main St., Waxahachie, TX 75165 (972) 937-3629 ASPECT 360 Mark Garey P.O. Box 2698, Evergreen, CO 80437 (303) 809-5805 AUTO PARTS OF CRAIG Dick King P.O. Box 965, Craig, CO 81626 (970) 824-6544 BACK COUNTRY HORSEMEN OF COLORADO Jan Potterveld PO Box 1524, Elizabeth, CO 80107 (970) 242-0276 BOATHOUSE DISTILLERY Jerry Mallett 6573 Ridge Rd., Salida, CO 81201 (719) 239-0390 BROTHERS CUSTOM PROCESSING Dave Satterwhite PO Box 448, Craig, CO 81626 (970) 824-3855 CHAPMAN’S AUTOMOTIVE J. B. & Paula Chapman 310 E. Victory Way, Craig, CO 81625 (970) 824-4912 CINCINNATI HUNTING & FISHING SHOW c/o Hart Productions, Inc. Attn Vicki Hart 322 E Main Street, Batavia , OH 45103 (513) 797-7900 COLORADO BOWHUNTERS ASSOC. INC. Mike Yearly, Chairman PO Box 1289, Conifer, CO 80433 (303) 697-9660 COLORADO CYLINDER STOVES Wes Beaver 3867 G Road, Palisade, CO 81526 (970) 243-4595


COOK CHEVROLET & SUBARU Scott Cook 1776 W. Victory Way, Craig, CO 81625 (970) 824-2100 COREY ELECTRICAL SERVICE, INC. David Corey P.O. Box 967, Craig, CO 81626 (970) 824-7875

IDENTITY GRAPHICS Joel Browning 455 Yampa Ave, Craig, CO 81625 (970) 824-6190 INSURANCE ASSOCIATES, INC Teresa Mese P.O. Box 4190, Estes Park, CO 80517 (970)-586-4407

CRAIG CAMPGROUND Patricia McCaffrey 2800 E Highway 40, Craig, CO 81625 (970) 824-5105

JACK'S BUMPERS 350 Russell Street, Craig, CO 81625 (970) 824-2423

CRAIG DAILY PRESS & THE PRINT SHOP Renee Campbell 466 Yampa Avenue, Craig, CO 81625 (970) 824-7031

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CRAIG POWERSPORTS Kevin Willbanks 2607 E. Highway 40, Craig, CO 81625 (970) 826-0660

MCNEIL & COMPANY  ADVENSURE OUTDOOR INSURANCE PROGRAM Steve Gulini, Progam Marketing Manager 20 Church St./ P.O. Box 5670, Cortland, NY 13045 (800) 822-3747 x124

CRAIG STEEL Larry Talkington 345 Russell St, Craig, CO 81625 (970) 824-6553 CUSTOM QUALITY MEAT, INC. Dave Tafoya 1430 N. Yampa Ave, Craig, CO 81625 (970) 824-4668 DAVIS TENT & AWNING Roy Davis 4635 Jason St, Denver, CO 80211-2345 (303) 561-1817 DUTCH OVEN RANCH, LLC Stephen Dean Bohrer 214 Shadow Wood Dr., Alamosa, CO 81101 (719) 937-1311 ELM OUTFITTERS & GUIDES TRAINING Michael & Julie Knott P.O. Box 627, Corvallis, MT 59828 (406) 961-3603 FELDMANN NAGEL, LLC Charles Feldmann, Esq 1228 15th St. Suite 200, Denver, CO 80202 (303) 813-1200

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MJK SALES & FEED Lonnie Kawcak 2315 W 1st St., Craig, CO 81625 (970) 824-6581 NATIONAL WILD TURKEY FEDERATION Mike Lewellen, President 3448 Estates Cir., Larkspur , CO 80118 (303) 419-4581 NEW MEXICO COUNCIL OF OUTFITTERS & GUIDES Kerrie C Romero, Executive Director 51 Bogan Rd., Stanley, NM 87056 (505) 440-5258 OUTDOOR INSUANCE GROUP Heather Gillingham-Harris 726 Front St., Suite C, Louisville, CO 80027 (303)-951-5057 POMS & ASSOCIATES Charles Collier 320 Osuna Rd. NE Suite B, Albuquerque, NM 87107 (505) 515-1312 RENAISSANCE INSURANCE GROUP Cody Greiman 101 E Main St., PO Box 478, Windsor, CO 80550 (970) 674-8825

Associate Members ROCKY MOUNTAIN ELK FOUNDATION M. David Allen, President & CEO 5705 Grant Creek, Missoula, MT 59808 (800) 225-5355

SITKA MOUNTAIN GEAR Jeff Sposito 1285 N Rouse Ave Suite #2A, Bozeman, MT 59715 (406) 522-3375

ROCKY MOUNTAIN ELK FOUNDATION Troy Sweet & Allen Kerby 2874 Bear Canyon Rd., Grand Junction, CO 81503 (970) 640-1667

SNAKE RIVER PROCESSING & TAXIDERMY Clint Weber P.O. Box 374, Baggs, WY 82321 (307) 383-6142

SAFARI CLUB INTERNATIONAL Rob Holliday 4800 W. Gates Pass Rd., Tucson, AZ 85745 (520) 620-1220

SNYDER & COUNTS FEED, SEED & SUPPLY Franklin L. Counts PO Box 575, Craig, CO 81626 (970) 824-6023

YAMPA AUTO BODY, INC. Roland Mercer 485 Riverview Ave, Craig, CO 81625 (970) 824-6498

SAMUELSON TRUE VALUE HARDWARE Mark Samuelson 456 Breeze St, Craig, CO 81625 (970) 824-6683

SPIRITPASS Christine Muzik 1111 W Victory Way Ste 134, Craig, CO 81625 (970) 824-2844

ZEISS SPORTS OPTICS Barton Dobbs 1675 S St Paul St., Denver, CO 80210 (303) 903-4455

VICTORY MOTORS OF CRAIG INC. Steve Maneotis P.O. Box 1348, Craig, CO 81626 (970) 824-4422 WILD SHEEP FOUNDATION Gray N. Thornton, Director 720 Allen Avenue, Cody, WY 82414 (307) 527-6261

Colorado Parks & Wildlife denVer HeadQuarters and administratiVe offiCes 6060 Broadway - Denver, CO 80216 Hours: M-F 8:00a.m. – 5:00p.m. Main Call Center (303) 297-1192

Check the website for extended hours at some office locations during hunting seasons.

WILDLIFE SERVICE CENTERS AND LICENSE SALES Brush service Center 122 E. Edison Brush, CO 80723 (970) 842-6300

Hot sulfur springs service Center 346 Grand, County Road 362 Hot Sulfur Springs, CO 80451 (970) 725-6200

Colorado springs service Center 4255 Sinton Rd. Colorado Springs, CO 80907 (719) 227-5200

lamar service Center 2500 S. Main St. Lamar, CO 81052 (719) 336-6600

denver service Center 6060 Broadway Denver, CO 80216 (303) 291-7227

meeker service Center 73485 Hwy 64 Meeker, CO 81641 (970) 878-6090

durango service Center 151 E. 16th St. Durango, CO 81301 (970) 247-0855

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montrose service Center 2300 S. Townsend Ave. Montrose, CO 81401 (970) 252-6000

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Pueblo service Center 600 Reservoir Rd. Pueblo, CO 81005 (719) 561-5300

gunnison service Center 300 W. New York Ave. Gunnison, CO 81230 (970) 641-7060

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grand Junction service Center 711 Independent Grand Junction, CO 81505 (970) 255-6100

steamboat springs service Center 925 Weiss Rd. Steamboat Springs, CO 80487 (970) 870-2197

2014 Big game liCense aPPliCation and PurCHase dates April 1 – Application Deadline • Big Game Limited License Application Deadline August 5 – On Sale at 9:00a.m. (MT) • Big Game Leftover Limited Licenses • Over-the-Counter (Unlimited bull elk & licenses w/caps) New for 2014 - all leftover limited and over-the-counter big game licenses go on sale at 9:00 a.m. August 5th and may be purchased either online, by phone or in person at any CPW license agent. Online License Applications and Sales – https// Telephone License Sales – (800) 244-5613 In Person – License Agents and CPW Offices


Operation Game Thief (OGT) is a non-profit organization working with the CPW’s law enforcement program. It pays rewards to citizens who report poachers or resource violations. Callers don’t have to reveal their names, testify in court or sign a deposition. Rewards are paid if the information leads to the arrest of a poacher or a citation is issued. Rewards do not depend on a conviction but must be requested when a violation is reported. Call toll-free, 1-(877) 265-6648. The number should not be used for information requests or emergencies.


If a person reports illegal take or possession, or willful destruction of Big Game or Turkey, they may receive preference points or an over-the-counter license. Use the OGT phone number or check the website for more details.


By Colorado statute, everyone born on or after January 1, 1949 who applies for and/or buys a Colorado hunting license must show proof of successfully completing an approved hunter education class. Colorado Hunter Education Instructors conduct classes almost every weekend at locations throughout the state. There are also online courses with an in-person internet conclusion class (4 hours) available. Check class availability online or call a CPW office. Colorado outfitters


Agency Contact Info COLORADO DEPARTMENT OF REGULATORY AGENCIES division of outfitters registrations 1560 Broadway, suite 1350, denver, Co 80202 303-894-7778 / List of current, registered outfitters BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT 2850 Youngfield, lakewood, Co 80215 / 303-293-3600 / Topographical maps that specify public and private land. Note: Outfitters operating on BLM land must have a BLM Special Use Permit. Check with the appropriate BLM office to confirm the outfitter has a current permit. U.S. FOREST SERVICE 740 simms st., golden, Co 80401 / 303-275-5350 National Forest Maps, camping & road closures within National Forests. Note: Outfitters operating on U.S. Forest Lands must have a USFS Special Use Permit. Ask your outfitter for the phone number of the appropriate Forest Service District Ranger Office. Check this required federal permit status before you book with an outfitter. COLORADO PARKS & WILDLIFE 1313 sherman street #618, denver, Co 80203 303-866-3437 / Brochure on state parks available, ideas and information on camping site in Colorado State Parks. Permits for OHVs and ATVs 303-791-1920. COLORADO DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION denver, Co 80222 / 303-757-9228 / Road Conditions: Out of Colorado 303-639-1111 / in Colorado dial 511 U.S. GEOLOGICAL SURVEY denver federal Center P.o. Box 25286, mail stop 306, denver, Co 80255 303-202-4700 / 888-627-3325 / Topographical maps.

Camp DaviD Outfitting LLC. Premium Private Land Hunting in unit 62 mule deer, eer, elk, lk, Bear & mountain Lion hunts

17201 6200 rd - montrose, trose, CO 81 81403 | (970) 252-1582 | (970) 596-6716 or (970) 765-5500


Our family business taking care of your family’s needs.

(970)824-4422 fax (970)824-4827 2705 W. 1st Street Craig, Colorado 81625 24

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Big Game Management Unit Map

Units where Chronic Wasting Disease has been detected appear shaded in yellow on the map. These map boundaries are only appropriate and provided as an aid to apply for the correct unit. The map is NOT to be used in the field as an indicator of unit boundaries. See the unit descriptions for specific boundary descriptions in the Colorado Parks and Wildlife's 2014 Big Game brochure for specific unit boundaries. Colorado Outfitters




Sam Branham Bruce Clatterbaugh Tim Kempfe Steve & Denise Nunley Marshall Ledford Wes Atkinson Dellis Ferrier Seth Peters Scott Gesell Adam Skadberg Steve Biggerstaff Robert Bray Jim Bryce Ben Breed John Ziegman Tom Tucker Dean Billington Paul Klees Ray & Jerad David David McDonald David Slater Ted & Debby Dooley Allen Cannon Chris Jurney Michael Neelis Joe Wood Kenneth Duane Osborn Doug Spencer Jerry Rawl Robert Luna Tom Colander Thomas Kimble Scott Limmer Jack Allard Robert Port Ron Daniels Matt Boeddeker Dale Coombs Richard Webb David Parri Rowan Heid Obbie Dickey Don Dockins Timothy Resch Troy Ross James Lee Weiss Sammy Frazier Fred & Michele Eichler Dustin Garvey Gary Brannan Terry L Sandmeier John Jodrie John & Tawny Halandras Tom Burch Casey Veach Brad Gray Jennifer & Geoff Burbey Clifford & Janice Hill Jim Dysart Joe Boucher Larry Allen Mark Lloyd Larry & Ronald Franks Joe Grisenti Jeanne Horne Jack Cassidy Richard Ott

Colorado Outfitters


Danny Jeffcoat Marie Haskett Michael Iguchi Joe Keys Bill & Wade Wilson Michael Bondurant Doyle Loutzenhiser Steven Guerrieri Roy Hutt Dick Ray Walter Isenhour Paul Janke Gary Stagner Tony Warnock Rick Tingle Pat & Niki Luark Tom & Susan Mikesell Mark Davies Tim Matschee Don Myers Rocky & Margaret Pappas Russell Overton Dwight Cox Randy Palmer and Terry Palmer Gene Carlson Bill Green Bruce Ayers Lavelle Prewitt Jeff Kempton John Raftopoulos Arnie Schlottman Monty & Rebecca Elder Joe Monchelli Russell MacLennan Ann Marie Scritchfield Richard & Cathy Samuelson Tom & Bill Schulze Rick Baecker Joseph Cisler Daren Olson Trish Tully Trent Snyder Tom Whittingham Rex Walker Frankie J. Menegatti James Stacy Ash Tully Scott Brennise Steve Holt Troy Youngfleish Willie White John Nelson Forest & Jaclyn Bramwell Craig Oceanak Bill Canterbury Larry & Reta Osborn Mark Turner Mary Krueger Paul Moore Ryan Pringle Bryan & Shawn Welder Gary Ballard Bobby Crawford Aaron Laske Daniel Johnson Michael Boatright Boyd J. Tallent

Diamond D Bar Outfitters 8018 North Road 6 West Del Norte, CO 81132 Ph: (719) 850-1722 Email: Website:    Outfitter Reg. #13    Operating in this area since 1956     Family owned and operated 


Front & Rear Bumpers Livestock Racks Headache Racks Tailgates Aluminum Bumpers Receiver Hitch Installation Flatbed Installation Winch Installation Custom Welding Spray In Bed Liner Bumper Cutouts

Archery, Muzzleloader, Rifle hunts GM 76, 79, 80 Fully guided, drop camp, semi guided hunts  Elk, Deere, Moose, Antelope, Mountain lion,  fishing, pack trips and trail rides  CO LiC. 1220





350 Russell Street Craig, CO 81625 970-824-2423 Colo. Outfitter #1832 Licensed, Bonded Insured


Archery — Muzzleloaded — rifle Private land in GMU 10, 11, 21, 22 Very limited landowner vouchers available Guided and Unguided Hunts High success rates on all hunts Archery Elk is over the counter Muzzleloader Elk takes 2-3 Preference Pts. 1st Rifle takes zero points

Pack Trips Wilderness Photography Workshops Scenic Horseback Rides Ride the Continental Divide Trail Highcountry Flyfishing Elk, Deer & Turkey Hunts Backcountry Horsemanship Clinics Mexico's Copper Canyon

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animal Hunts


Overnight Trips Pack Trips Rafting Ranching for Wildlife Summer Recreation Tents Trailers Wilderness Camps Working Cattle Ranch Winter Recreation

Antelope Bear Bighorn Sheep Elk Fishing Mule Deer Mountain Goat Mountain Lion


Moose Small Game Turkey Upland Birds Varmints Whitetail Deer Waterfowl


Northwest Private Land Southeast Southwest

units // land use BLM GMU NE NF

Bureau of Land Management Game Management Unit Northeast National Forest

JACK ALLARD REG. 2511 Coulter lake guest ranCH & outfitters 80 County Rd 273, Rifle, CO 81650 Phone: 970-625-1473 Email: Web: Animals: B EL MD TU F // Services: R SR C DC L WC GS HB OT PT WR Units: NW 33 // NF

GARY BALLARD REG. 2411 west elk wilderness outfitters 682 HWY KK, Fordland, MO 65652 Phone: 417-767-1121 Cell: 417-839-0205 Email: Web: Animals: B BH EL MD // Services: DC T WC OT PT // Units: SW 54 // NF

LARRY ALLEN HuBBard Creek outfitters & PaCk station llC P.O. Box 25, Hotchkiss, CO 81419 Phone: 970-872-3818 Cell: 970-901-1839 Email: Web: Animals: B EL MD SG UP V F // Services: SR C CA DC T HB OT PT Units: SW 521 53 63 // PL NF BLM

STEVE BIGGERSTAFF REG. 2326 Biggerstaff guides & outfitters llC P.O. Box 23187, Glade Park, CO 81523 Phone: 970-210-1032 Cell: 970-250-2171 Email: Web: Animals: B BH EL ML MD TU // Services: DC L T Units: NW 30 40 41 53 60 61 63 64 65 70 411 421 S56 // PL BLM

REG. 1115

WES ATKINSON REG. 2213 atkinson eXPeditions 264 North College Avenue, Fort Collins, CO 80524 Phone: 970-568-9667 Cell: 970-227-8124 Email: Web: Animals: A B EL MD WD TU SG F // Services: OT PT Units: NE SE SW 2 3 9 68 87 88 89 92 95 96 103 105 106 113 114 121 123 124 125 126 201 301 681 951 // BLM BRUCE AYERS REG. 1260 Ponderosa outfitters 430 Juniper Ave., Eaton, CO 80615 Phone: 970-454-3770 Cell: 970-396-9527 Email: Web: Animals: A B EL MO MD TU WD SG V WF // Services: CA DC MT T TR Units: NE NW 6 16 17 19 20 161 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 101 951 // BLM RICK BAECKER REG. 1341 san-PaHgre outfitters 13579 6700 Rd., Montrose, CO 81401 Phone: 970-252-9306 Cell: 970-596-3693 Email: Web: Animals: EL MD // Services: C DC T // Units: SW 65 74 75 // NF BLM



Colorado outfitters

DEAN BILLINGTON REG. 1037 Bull Basin guides & outfitters llC PO Box 1566, Kremmling, CO 80459 Phone: 970-724-0417 Fax: 970-724-0292 Cell: 970-485-3236 Email: Web: / Animals: A B EL ML MD F // Services: SR C DC L T Units: NW 15 18 25 26 27 28 35 36 181 // PL NF BLM RW MICHAEL BOATRIGHT wYatt ranCHes 52171 Hwy 64, Meeker, CO 81641 Phone: 970-675-2747 Fax: 970-675-2728 Cell: 970-942-8762 Email: Web: Animals: B EL MO MD SG WF // Services: L // Units: NW 12 11 10 // PL MATT BOEDDEKER Cross mountain ranCH P. O. Box 897, Craig, CO 81626 Phone: 970-824-2803 Fax: 970-824-7081 Email: Web: Animals: A EL MD UP V F // Services: C CA L HA Units: NW 2 10 11 12 13 131 231 // PL RW

REG. 2434

Outfitters Directory MICHAEL BONDURANT REG. 2432 la garita outfitters 1280 Vivian Street, Lakewood, CO 80401 Phone: 303-704-7765 Email: Web: Animals: EL MD // Services: CA DC L MT T WC // Units: SE SW 68 82 123 // PL NF

JIM BRYCE REG. 126 BrYCe outfitting 20439 E Rd., Delta, CO 81416 Phone: 970-874-4134 Cell: 970-270-3586 Email: Web: Animals: B EL MD // Services: DC T // Units: SW 52 // NF PL BLM

JOE BOUCHER REG. 70 Horn fork guides ltd PO Box 776, Buena Vista, CO 81211 Phone: 719-395-3665 Email: Web: Animals: BH EL MG ML // Services: DC WC HB OT PT Units: C 481 49 57 S11 S12 S17 S47 S50 S51 S66 G1 G2 G3 G13 G17 // NF BLM

JENNIFER & GEOFF BURBEY REG. 1326 HigHlands unlimited inC 3931 CR 122, Hesperus, CO 81326 Phone: 970-247-8443 Email: Web: Animals: B EL MD TU SG V F // Services: SR CA DC T WC WCR GS HB OT PT Units: SW 77 // PL NF

FOREST & JACLYN BRAMWELL REG. 2664 tHird generation outfitters. llC 135-F Country Center Drive PMB93, Pagosa Springs, CO 81147 Phone: 970-219-7523 Email: Web: Animals: B EL MD // Services: DC T HB WR // Units: SW 77 78 // NF

TOM BURCH REG. 2843 Halfmoon PaCking & outfitting llC P.O. Box 650, Leadville, CO 80461 Phone: 719-486-4570 Cell: 970-799-4055 Email: Web: Animals: B EL MO ML MD F // Services: SR FT DC T WC GS HB OT PT Units: NW 45 48 49 // NF

SAM BRANHAM 2V outfitters ltd P.O. Box 23005, Glade Park, CO 81523 Phone: 970-245-0313 Email: Web: Animals: EL MD // Services: C // Units: SW 40 // BLM PL RW

ALLEN CANNON REG. 332 CirCle k ranCH inC 27758 Hwy 145, Dolores, CO 81323 Phone: 970-562-3808 Email: Web: Animals: B EL MD F // Services: SR C DC L MT T WC HR HB OT PT HA Units: SW 71 // NF

GARY BRANNAN garY Brannan outfitting 506 Yampa Ave, Craig, CO 81625 Phone: 970-824-6768 Email: Animals: A EL MD // Units: NW 3 4 301 // PL BLM

REG. 959

REG. 2120

ROBERT BRAY BraY ranCHes P.O. Box 65, Redvale, CO 81431 Phone: 970-327-4779 Fax: 970-327-4776 Cell: 970-729-1954 Email: Web: Animals: B EL MD V F // Services: C L WCR // Units: SW 70 // PL BEN BREED REG. 446 BuCk's liVerY inC 61 CR 248, Durango, CO 81301 Phone: 970-749-0858 Email: Web: Animals: EL MD // Services: SR DC T HR HB PT WR // Units: SW 74 75 // NF SCOTT BRENNISE REG. 1791 suPerior guide serViCe llC 5801 Hwy 394, Craig, CO 81625 Phone: 970-824-4767 Fax: 970-824-4767 Cell: 970-629-2641 Email: Web: Animals: B EL ML MD // Services: L WCR HA // Units: NW 12 // PL

BILL CANTERBURY REG. 2365 traCk'em outfitters 2005 C.R. 4, Howard, CO 81233 Phone: 719-942-3207 Fax: 719-942-3207 Cell: 719-539-5747 Email: Web: Animals: A B BH EL ML MD TU F // Services: SR C CA DC MT T WC HB OT PT Units: SE 48 49 56 57 58 59 69 84 86 481 561 581 691 S9 // PL NF BLM GENE CARLSON Peak to Creek outfitters inC. P.O. Box 1986, Bayfield, CO 81122 Phone: 970-884-0199 Fax: 970-884-0199 Email: Web: Animals: B EL MD // Services: CA DC T // Units: SW 75 751 // NF

REG. 2188

JACK CASSIDY REG. 229 JaCk CassidY Colorado Big game Hunts llC 1436 N Rd, Loma, CO 81524 Phone: 970-858-6586 Fax: 970-858-6587 Cell: 970-270-2112 Email: Web: Animals: A B BH EL MG MD TU WD SG V WF // Services: C Units: NW SE SW 64 65 66 136 137 138 139 140 141 143 144 145 132 122 // PL Colorado outfitters


Outfitters Directory JOSEPH CISLER REG. 2166 sawBuCk outfitters llC 44596 Needle Rock Rd, Crawford, CO 81415 Phone: 970-921-3557 Email: Web: Animals: B EL MD TU // Services: CA DC T WC HB OT PT Units: SW 53 521 // PL NF

RAY & JERAD DAVID REG. 2336 CamP daVid outfitting llC 17201 6200 Rd., Montrose, CO 81403 Phone: 970-252-1582 Fax: 970-252-1582 Cell: 970-765-5500 Email: Web: Animals: B EL ML MD TU SG UP V F // Services: C DC T HR Units: SW 60 61 62 63 64 65 70 52 53 411 // PL BLM

BRUCE CLATTERBAUGH REG. 2763 adams lodge outfitters P.O. Box 1377, Meeker, CO 81641 Phone: 970-878-4132 Cell: 970-260-6728 Email: Web: Animals: B EL MO F // Services: SR CA DC T WC WCR HB OT PT WR Units: NW 24 // NF

MARK DAVIES mark daVies guide serViCe inC. P.O. Box 58, Loma, CO 81524 Phone: 970-858-0370 Cell: 970-216-3916 Email: Web: Animals: B EL ML MD // Services: DC T Units: NW 21 22 23 24 30 31 40 41 42 43 521 421 // NF BLM

TOM COLANDER REG. 1782 Colorado troPHies P. O. Box 249, Redvale, CO 81431 Phone: 970-327-4678 Fax: 970-327-4677 Cell: 970-327-4678 Email: Web: Animals: B EL MD F WC // Services: L WR // Units: SW 70 61 // PL NF BLM

OBBIE DICKEY REG. 13 diamond d Bar outfitters 8018 North Rd 6 West, Del Norte, CO 81132 Phone: 719-657-2293 Cell: 719-850-1722 Email: Web: Animals: A B BH EL MO ML MD F // Services: SR CA DC T WC CD HB PT Units: SW 76 79 80 68 681 // NF PL

DALE COOMBS REG. 200 d. & g. Horses/old time outfitting 1631 CR 293, Rifle, CO 81650 Phone: 970-625-0234 Email: Web: Animals: B EL MD F // Services: SR DC T WC HB OT PT Units: NW 444 47 // NF DWIGHT COX REG. 1995 outwest guides llC 5121 County Road 3, Marble, CO 81623 Phone: 970-963-5525 Email: Web: Animals: B BH EL MG MD UP F // Services: CA DC L T WC HB OT PT Units: NW 43 // PL NF BOBBY CRAWFORD wild mountain outfitters 66590 Solar Road, Montrose, CO 81403 Phone: 970-316-0015 Email: Web: Animals: B BH EL ML MD TU V WC // Services: CA DC T WC HB OT Units: SW 65 // PL NF

REG. 2918

RON DANIELS REG. 1864 C-PunCH ranCH inC 8884 Hwy 317, Hamilton, CO 81638 Phone: 970-824-8030 Email: Web: Animals: EL // Services: C L WC // Units: NW 12 13 // PL BLM


Colorado outfitters

REG. 56

TED & DEBBY DOOLEY REG. 1523 CirCle diVide outfitters & rC guest ranCH 37531 Hwy 149, Creede, CO 81130 Phone: 719-658-2253 Fax: 719-658-2317 Cell: 719-850-8811 Email: Web: Animals: EL MO MD F // Services: C DC WC HB OT PT // Units: SW 76 // NF JIM DYSART REG. 2548 HilltoP HigH guide serViCe llC 844 County Rd 186, Parker, CO 80138 Phone: 303-841-3592 Fax: 303-841-3403 Cell: 303-818-5211 Email: Web: Animals: B EL MD F // Services: C CA DC HB OT PT // Units: NW 25 // NF FRED & MICHELE EICHLER REG. 1590 fulldraw outfitters 22250 County Road 44, Aguilar, CO 81020 Phone: 719-941-4392 Email: Web: Animals: A B EL ML MD TU WD // Services: DC L T WC Units: SE 85 851 133 134 141 // PL NF MONTY & REBECCA ELDER REG. 1220 rim roCk outfitters llC PO Box 223, Rangely, CO 81648 Phone: 970-675-2619 Fax: 970-675-2619 Cell: 970-629-5634 Email: Web: / Animals: EL ML MD // Services: C DC MT T TR Units: NW 21 10 22 30 23 11 // PL BLM

Outfitters Directory DELLIS FERRIER REG. 315 Bar diamond ranCH llC / ferrier outfitters P.O. Box 688, Hotchkiss, CO 81419 Phone: 970-527-3010 Fax: 970-527-3416 Cell: 970-216-9265 / 970-216-5602 Email: Web: Animals: B BH EL MG ML TU MD F // Services: SR C CA DC L T WC HR HB OT PT Units: SW 53 54 521 // NF

STEVEN GUERRIERI REG. 188 laZY f Bar outfitters inC PO Box 7089, Gunnison, CO 81230 Phone: 970-641-3313 Fax: 970-641-2151 Cell: 970-596-2567 Email: Web: Animals: B BH EL MD // Services: C DC L MT T WR Units: SW 55 54 66 // NF BLM

LARRY & RONALD FRANKS REG. 727 J & raY Colorado HigH CountrY inC 8360 6400 Rd., Montrose, CO 81401 Phone: 970-323-0115 Fax: 970-323-8890 Email: Web: Animals: BH E MD // Services: T // Units: SW 64 65 // NF BLM

JOHN & TAWNY HALANDRAS REG. 1208 H & H outfitting PO Box 1006 68656 Hwy 64zazzle Meeker, CO 81641 Phone: 970-878-5151 Cell: 970-366-0868 Email: Web: Animals: A EL ML MD F // Services: C L // Units: NW 22 23 11 211 12 // PL BLM

SAMMY FRAZIER REG. 1738 fraZier outfitting 4150 N. CR 5 W, Monte Vista, CO 81144 Cell: 719-588-3386 Email: Web: Animals: BH EL MO MD F // Services: SR C CA DC T WC HB OT PT Units: SW 76 // NF DUSTIN GARVEY REG. 2850 garVeY BrotHers outfitters P.O. Box 646, Nucla, CO 81424 Phone: 970-864-2244 Email: Web: Animals: B EL ML MD // Services: C CA DC T PT // Units: SW 61 // NF BLM SCOTT GESELL REG. 2382 BeaVer Creek outfitters 19362 Glacier Rd., Clearbrook, MN 56634 Phone: 218-368-3679 Cell: 218-368-3679 Email: Web: Animals: EL MD F // Services: CA DC T WC OT PT Units: NW 4 12 214 441 // NF BLM BRAD GRAY REG. 2230 HigH sierra eXPeditions llC 236 So 3rd St PMB 331, Montrose, CO 81401 Phone: 970-249-6334 Fax: 970-249-6334 Cell: 970-275-3383 Email: Web: Animals: B EL MD TU // Services: C L WR // Units: SW 70 62 // PL BILL GREEN REG. 1841 PinnaCle Peak adVentures llC 2951 CR 18 N, Craig, CO 81625 Phone: 970-824-9269 Email: Web: Animals: A EL MD // Services: C WCR // Units: NW 4 // PL BLM JOE GRISENTI REG. 2205 J and J guide and outfitters llC 14662 St Hwy 115, Florence, CO 81226 Phone: 719-372-3300 Cell: 719-429-5544 Email: Web: Animals: B BH EL ML MD UP // Services: DC T TR WC Units: SE 69 84 86 861 82 // PL BLM NF

MARIE HASKETT Jml outfitters 300 County Rd. 75, Meeker, CO 81641 Phone: 970-878-4749 Email: Web: Animals: B EL MO MD SG F // Services: C DC MT T WC HB OT PT Units: NW 24 // NF

REG. 288

ROWAN HEID REG. 22 del's triangle 3 ranCH llC PO Box 893, Clark, CO 80428 Phone: 970-879-3495 Fax: 970-871-0858 Cell: 970-846-2140 Email: Web: Animals: A B EL MD F // Services: DC T WC HB OT PT Units: NW 5 14 161 214 // NF CLIFFORD & JANICE HILL Hill's guide serViCe 56860 OE Rd., Collbran, CO 81624 Phone: 970-487-3731 Email: Web: Animals: B EL MO MD. TU F // Services: C DC HA Units: NW 421 // NF PL BLM

REG. 105

STEVE HOLT REG. 431 t Bar m outfitters llC 11953 Road 28.1, Dolores, CO 81323 Phone: 970-564-9148 Cell: 970-739-9861 Email: Web: Animals: B BH EL MO MG MD TU SG V F // Services: CA DC T TR WC HB OT PT Units: SW 74 741 75 751 77 // PL NF JEANNE HORNE REG. 2758 J Bar H outfitters llC P.O. Box 569, Meeker, CO 81641 Phone: 970-878-0663 Cell: 970-942-7143 Email: Web: Animals: B EL MD F // Services: C DC T WC OT PT // Units: NW 12 // NF Colorado outfitters


Outfitters Directory ROY HUTT little Cone outfitter PO Box 296, Norwood, CO 81423 Phone: 970-327-4620 Email: Animals: EL MD // Services: C DC // Units: SW 70 // PL NF

REG. 962

MICHAEL IGUCHI REG. 2632 keYaH grande outfitters llC 13211 Hwy 160 W , Pagosa Springs, CO 81147 Phone: 970-731-2158 Fax: 970-731-5446 Cell: 970-769-3632 Email: Web: Animals: B EL ML MD TU UP // Services: C L // Units: SW 77 771 // RW PL WALTER ISENHOUR lone star outfitters 2187 Hwy 290 E, McDade, TX 78650 Phone: 512-273-2129 Cell: 512-633-7519 Email: Web: Animals: A B EL ML MD TU WD SG V F // Services: C CA T HA Units: SE SW 851 // PL

REG. 2067

PAUL JANKE lone tom outfitting 12888 RBC 8, Meeker, CO 81641 Phone: 970-878-5122 Email: Web: Animals: EL ML MD F // Services: FT CA DC L T WC HR HB OT PT Units: NW 2 201 10 11 211 12 21 22 23 24 // PL NF BLM

REG. 284

DANNY JEFFCOAT JeffCoat ranCH & outfitters PO Box 97, Hamilton, CO 81638 Phone: 970-824-3757 Email: Animals: EL MD // Services: L // Units: NW 12 // PL

REG. 953

JOHN JODRIE REG. 1253 gYPsum Creek outfitters ltd PO Box 157, Gypsum, CO 81637 Phone: 970-524-7738 Email: Web: Animals: B EL MD // Services: C DC // Units: NW 44 444 // NF


DANIEL JOHNSON wilderness traCks guides & outfitters 1192 Johnson Rd., Craig, CO 81625 Phone: 970-824-7874 Cell: 970-326-7575 Email: Animals: A EL MD // Services: C DC T PT // Units: NW 4 // NF BLM

REG. 858

CHRIS JURNEY CJ outfitters 574 Legion St., Craig, CO 81625 Phone: 970-824-5505 Fax: 970-824-5505 Cell: 970-620-1454 Email: Web: Animals: A EL ML MD SG V // Services: SR C CA DC L MT T TR WC Units: NW 1 2 3 4 10 12 13 201 301 // PL RW BLM

REG. 2218

Colorado outfitters

TIM KEMPFE aei guide & outfitter 2 Illinois Creek, Almont, CO 81210 Phone: 970-641-4708 Email: Web: Animals: BH EL MG MD F // Services: C DC L WC Units: SW 55 G13 G2 G3 S11 // PL NF

REG. 1206

JEFF KEMPTON r & r ranCH of Colorado inC. 10202 SW 138th St., Archer, FL 32618 Phone: 352-538-7094 Fax: 352-495-9104 Cell: 352-538-7094 Email: Web: Animals: A EL MD V F // Services: SR FT R CA L HB OT HA WR Units: NW 11 211 // PL BLM

REG. 2505

JOE KEYS REG. 1985 keYs guide & outfitting llC PO Box 1080, Clifton, CO 81520 Phone: 970-216-7899 Email: Web: Animals: A BH EL MD TU F // Services: SR FT R C CA DC L WC OT Units: NW 3 40 41 301 421 521 S56 S62 // PL BLM THOMAS KIMBLE REG. 2748 Colorado twin Peaks PriVate ranCHes llC 7107 Upper South Branch Rd., Franklin, WV 26807 Phone: 304-358-3252 Cell: 304-668-2147 Email: Web: Animals: A B EL MD TU SG ML // Services: L MT TR Units: SE SW 85 133 134 60 61 62 411 52 53 63 64 65 70E // PL BLM PAUL KLEES C laZY u ranCH outfitters llC PO Box 379, Granby, CO 80446 Phone: 970-887-5942 Email: Web: Animals: EL MO MD // Services: C HB WR Units: NW 18 17 171 // PL NF BLM

REG. 2866

MARY KRUEGER REG. 2658 Villa ranCH P.O. Box 1195, Meeker, CO 81641 Phone: 970-878-4138 Cell: 970-274-6850 Email: Web: Animals: EL MD V // Services: L WCR // Units: NW 11 // PL BLM AARON LASKE wilderness adVentures inC. 3320 County Rd.103 South, Alamosa, CO 81101 Phone: 719-587-3057 Cell: 719-580-2527 Email: Web: Animals: A B EL ML MD // Services: DC T WC HB OT PT Units: SW SE 76 82 // PL NF

REG. 2258

Outfitters Directory MARSHALL LEDFORD arCHerY unlimited outfitters llC 878 Quarter Horse Rd., Durango, CO 81303 Phone: 970-259-3813 Fax: 970-259-3813 Cell: 970-799-4245 Email: Web: Animals: EL MD // Services: T // Units: SW 74 // NF

REG. 1148

SCOTT LIMMER REG. 1165 ComanCHe wilderness outfitters inC. PO Box 236, Livermore, CO 80536 Phone: 970-223-5330 Email: Animals: A B BH EL MO MG ML MD WD V // Services: C CA DC L T WC HA Units: NE NW SE 6 7 8 9 16 17 18 19 20 87 88 93 98 101 102 105 106 109 171 191 S1 S18 S19 S32 S37 S40 S48 S57 S58 S59 S61 S74 G4 G6 G7 G10 G15 G16 // NF MARK LLOYD REG. 1117 Hunting & fisHing world inC. 1618 Eagle Drive, Yutan, NE 68073 Phone: 866-418-6887 Email: Web: Animals: B EL MD // Services: C L WCR // Units: NW 17 // PL BLM NF DOYLE LOUTZENHISER lakeView east lodge P.O. Box 113, Flagler, CO 80815 Cell: 719-343-5344 Email: Animals: B MD TU WD SG UP V F // Services: SR L CA T TR HB HA Units: NE 107 109 114 115 116 // PL

REG. 2932

PAT & NIKI LUARK luark ranCH & outfitters llC PO Box 25 / 2834 Luark Rd, Burns, CO 80426 Phone: 970-653-4324 Fax: 970-653-4492 Cell: 970-376-5861 Email: Web: Animals: B EL ML MD F Services: SR FT C CA DC L TR WCR CD HB HR OT PT Units: NW 26 // BLM PL

REG. 761

ROBERT LUNA Colorado Hunting eXPeditions llC 18020 Rd 27.8, Dolores, CO 81323 Phone: 970-882-5400 Fax: 970-882-5400 Cell: 970-749-9472 Email: Web: Animals: B EL ML MD SG // Services: CA DC L TR Units: SW 71 711 70 72 73 741 77 // PL

REG. 1758

RUSSELL MACLENNAN REG. 2503 russell's gun & guide 450 N County Road 133, Bennett, CO 80102 Phone: 303-644-4300 Cell: 303-817-8736 Email: Web: Animals: A MD WD UP // Services: L // Units: NE 99 105 106 // PL

TIM MATSCHEE REG. 2219 matsCHee guide serViCe llC 1650 Pearl St.#6, Denver, CO 80203 Phone: 303-864-0547 Email: Web: Animals: A B BH EL MD // Services: C WC // Units: SW 49 57 58 S7 S12 S47 S60 PL NF BLM DAVID MCDONALD REG. 1872 Carr Creek Cattle ComPanY llC P.O. Box 2865, Grand Junction, CO 81502 Phone: 970-255-9555 Fax: 970-255-9911 Cell: 970-216-5009 Email: Web: Animals: EL MD // Services: C // Units: NW 31 // PL FRANKIE J. MENEGATTI REG. 364 storY Creek outfitters llC 1054 County Rd. 318, Walsenburg, CO 81089 Phone: 719-738-3704 Fax: 719-738-3704 Email: Web: Animals: A B EL ML MD TU // Services: C // Units: SE 85 133 // PL TOM & SUSAN MIKESELL m & m outfitters PO Box 1020, Craig, CO 81626 Phone: 970-824-5812 Email: Animals: EL // Services: TR // Units: NW 12 13 // PL BLM

REG. 296

JOE MONCHELLI REG. 2689 roCkY mountain ranCHes ltd. 6855 West 33rd Avenue, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033 Phone: 970-439-1894 Email: Web: Animals: A EL MD // Services: CA DC TR // Units: NW 13 15 131 301 // PL PAUL MOORE w 3 outfitters inC P.O. Box 776, Craig, CO 81626 Cell: 970-629-0184 Email: Web: Animals: A B EL MO MD // Services: CA DC T GS HR HB OT PT Units: NW 1 2 3 10 11 12 42 131 201 211 421 521 // PL NF BLM

REG. 1786

DON MYERS REG. 1229 mYers Hunting serViCes inC. 6148 Hwy 317, Hamilton, CO 81638 Phone: 970-824-9317 Email: Web: Animals: EL MD // Services: C MT TR // Units: NW 12 13 // PL BLM MICHAEL NEELIS REG. 1894 CoBerlY Creek outfitters P.O. Box 185, Toponas, CO 80479 Phone: 970-638-4281 Cell: 970-846-4593 Email: Web: Animals: B EL MD // Services: L WCR // Units: NW 15 // PL NF Colorado outfitters


Outfitters Directory JOHN NELSON REG. 249 tHe gunnison CountrY guide serViCe P.O. Box 1443, Gunnison, CO 81230 Phone: 970-641-2830 Cell: 970-209-7104 Email: Web: Animals: BH EL MG MD V F // Services: CA DC T WC HB OT PT Units: SW 55 G1 G2 G3 G8 G14 S54 S11 S17 S10 S69 S22 // NF

TERRY PALMER AND RANDY PALMER REG. 1832 oVer tHe Hill outfitters inC 4140 County Road 234, Durango, CO 81301 Office: 970-385-7656 Ranch: 970-247-1694 Email: Web: Animals: B EL MD TU F // Services: DC T WC HB OT PT Units: SW 75 751 // PL NF

STEVE & DENISE NUNLEY REG. 1993 araPaHo wilderness outfitters llC P.O. Box 330, Taylorsville, GA 30178 Phone: 770-712-1118 Email: Web: Animals: B BH EL MO MD F // Services: SR CA WC Units: NW 18 28 // PL NF BLM

ROCKY & MARGARET PAPPAS REG. 2321 nine mile guest ranCH 50735 State Hwy 13, Meeker, CO 81641 Phone: 970-878-4656 Fax: 970-878-3432 Cell: 970-756-7563 Email: Web: Animals: EL MD WD // Services: C L Units: NW 3 4 22 23 211 109 301 // PL BLM RW

CRAIG OCEANAK timBerline outfitters inC. 9602 W. Milliron Rd., Cheyenne, WY 82009 Phone: 307-635-7288 Cell: 307-421-2850 Email: Web: Animals: A B EL ML MD TU WD V // Services: L MT T WC Units: NE 9 87 CO Units in Wyoming // PL NF BLM

REG. 1530

DAREN OLSON REG. 2435 sHeeP Creek ranCH outfitters P.O. Box 2463, Meeker, CO 81641 Phone: 970-878-4757 Email: Web: Animals: B EL MD // Services: C // Units: NW 22 25 // PL BLM KENNETH DUANE OSBORN Colorado Big game outfitters 6736 County Rd. 41, Hamilton, CO 81638 Phone: 970-824-6434 Cell: 970-326-8149 Animals: EL MD // Services: C // Units: NW 12 211 // PL

REG. 1686

LARRY & RETA OSBORN REG. 994 triPle o outfitters 448 CR 41 PO Box 99, Hamilton, CO 81638 Phone: 970-824-6758 Email: Web: Animals: A EL MD SG V // Services: C // Units: NW 12 // PL RICHARD OTT REG. 2137 James Creek outfitters 396 State Highway 13, Meeker, CO 81641 Phone: 970-824-6939 Fax: 970-826-0174 Email: Web: Animals: A EL MD // Services: C TR // Units: NW 12 211 // PL BLM RUSSELL OVERTON oak ridge outfitters llC P.O. Box 631, Meeker, CO 81641 Phone: 970-878-5822 Cell: 970-942-7555 Email: Web: Animals: B EL MD // Services: C // Units: NW 23 211 // PL


REG. 2228

Colorado outfitters

DAVID PARRI REG. 1243 daVe Parri's outfitting & guide serViCe PO Box 254, Hot Sulphur Springs, CO 80451 Phone: 970-725-3531 Cell: 970-531-9808 Email: Web: Animals: B EL MO MD F // Services: SR FT DC WC // Units: NW 18 // NF BLM SETH PETERS REG. 38 BearCat outfitters PO Box 110, Craig, CO 81626 Phone: 970-824-7958 Email: Web: Animals: EL // Services: DC L // Units: NW 12 // PL NF ROBERT PORT REG. 1114 CowBoY CamP outfitters inC. 5235 Ulysses St., Golden, CO 80403 Phone: 303-981-4615 Fax: 303-420-0459 Cell: 303-981-4615 Email: Web: Animals: A B BH EL MO MD // Services: C L WCR Units: NW 50 500 501 // PL NF BLM LAVELLE PREWITT Prewitt outfitters 5700 County Rd. 13, Del Norte, CO 81132 Phone: 719-657-0518 Email: Web: Animals: EL MO MD F // Services: C CA DC T WC HB OT PT Units: SW 76 80 82 // NF

REG. 157

RYAN PRINGLE waunita Hot sPrings ranCH 8007 County Rd. 887, Gunnison, CO 81230 Phone: 970-641-1266 Email: Web: Animals: F // Services: SR L HB // Units: SW 551 // NF

REG. 146

JOHN RAFTOPOULOS REG. 1542 raftoPoulos ranCHes 2991 Pineridge Dr., Craig, CO 81625 Phone: 970-824-5750 Fax: 970-824-2908 Cell: 970-326-8620 Email: Web: Animals: A EL MD // Services: L // Units: NW 2 201 3 301 // PL BLM RW

Outfitters Directory JERRY RAWL REG. 2186 Colorado Hunter serViCes 25 Canvasback Road, Gilbert, SC 29054 Phone: 803-892-4103 Fax: 803-892-4103 Cell: 803-730-4176 Email: Web: Animals: A B EL MD UP F // Services: C CA L WCR WR Units: NW 4 5 12 301 // PL DICK RAY REG. 147 loBo outfitters llC 4821 A Hwy 84, Pagosa Springs, CO 81147 Phone: 970-264-5546 Cell: 970-749-4148 Email: Web: Animals: B BH EL MO ML MD TU F // Services: C CA DC MT T TR WC HB OT PT Units: SW 66 67 75 751 77 771 78 80 81 82 83 68 681 76 79 // PL NF BLM TIMOTHY RESCH REG. 1932 estes Park outfitters inC. 5229 Little Valley Dr., Estes Park, CO 80517 Phone: 970-215-7064 Email: Web: Animals: BH EL MO MD // Services: SR DC L T WC HB OT WR Units: NE 20 29 // PL NF TROY ROSS REG. 2325 fawn gulCH outfitters llC PO Box 727, Pagosa Springs, CO 81147 Phone: 970-264-5266 Fax: 970-264-2123 Cell: 970-946-5265 Email: Web: Animals: B BH EL MD // Services: C CA DC T OT PT WC // Units: SW 77 // NF RICHARD & CATHY SAMUELSON REG. 729 samuelson outfitters llC PO Box 868, Fraser, CO 80442 Phone: 970-726-8221 Email: Web: Animals: EL MD // Services: DC WC // Units: NW 18 // NF

TOM & BILL SCHULZE REG. 417 sangre de Cristo outfitters inC 483 County Rd. 270, Westcliffe, CO 81252 Phone: 719-783-2265 Fax: 719-783-2265 Cell: 719-371-3716 Email: Web: Animals: A BH MG ML MD TU WT V // Services: L MT T TR Units: SE 69/84 861 86 82 S9 S50 S51 S49 S35 S60 S66 // PL RW NF BLM ANN MARIE SCRITCHFIELD REG. 2657 saBle mountain outfitters llC 5100 County Rd. 4, Meeker, CO 81641 Phone: 970-878-4765 Email: Web: Animals: B EL F // Services: SR DC WC HB OT PT // Units: NW 23 24 33 // NF ADAM SKADBERG REG. 2631 Big CountrY outfitting and guiding llC 701 County Road 20, South Fork, CO 81154 Cell: 719-480-4289 Email: Web: Animals: A BH EL MO MD // Services: CA DC T OT HA Units: SW 76 79 80 // NF DAVID SLATER REG. 898 CHerokee t. P. outfitters P.O. Box 286, Monte Vista, CO 81144 Phone: 719-754-0581 Cell: 719-850-0035 Email: Web: Animals: A B BH EL MO MG ML MD TU WD UP F // Services: C CA DC T OT PT Units: SW 80 81 // NF BLM TRENT SNYDER silVer sPur outfitters l.l.C. 67290 E. LaSalle Rd., Montrose, CO 81401 Phone: 970-249-4242 Cell: 970-379-4297 Email: Web: Animals: B EL ML MD TU // Services: C DC L T HA Units: NW 32 33 42 // PL BLM

REG. 1623

TERRY L SANDMEIER REG. 2674 geneVa Park outfitters llC P.O. Box 695, Buena Vista, CO 81211 Phone: 719-439-4606 Email: Web: Animals: BH EL MO MG MD F // Services: DC T WC // Units: NE NW SE SW 46 S3 S4 S6 S12 S23 S27 S32 S34 S39 S41 S46 S66 G7 G10 G15 G16 // PL NF

DOUG SPENCER REG. 2731 Colorado elk adVentures 1105 Westridge Drive, Loveland, CO 80537 Phone: 970-481-4354 Email: Web: Animals: EL MO V // Services: L HA // Units: NW 17 // PL NF

ARNIE SCHLOTTMAN REG. 666 red featHer guides & outfitters inC PO Box 935, Gypsum, CO 81637 Phone: 970-524-5054 Email: Web: Animals: EL MO MD F // Services: SR C DC T HB OT PT WC Units: NW 6 161 171 17 16 // NF

JAMES STACY strawBerrY Creek outfitters 2738 Hwy 494, Natchitoches, LA 71457 Phone: 318-352-3849 Fax: 318-354-7366 Cell: 318-471-7269 Email: Web: Animals: B EL MD // Services: L // Units: NW 211 // PL BLM

REG. 2648 Colorado outfitters


Outfitters Directory GARY STAGNER REG. 2834 lost solar outfitters llC 25 Valley View Drive, Craig, CO 81625 Phone: 970-824-3657 Fax: 970-878-3574 Cell: 970-620-1511 Email: Web: Animals: B BH EL MD F // Services: SR DC T WC GS OT PT // Units: NW 24 // NF BOYD J. TALLENT YamPa ValleY outfitters llC PO Box 910, Craig, CO 81626 Phone: 970-824-2102 Cell: 706-990-9030 Animals: A EL MD // Services: C HA // Units: NW 3 301 // PL BLM

REG. 1385

RICK TINGLE REG. 2127 louisiana PurCHase ranCH P. O. Box 206, Meeker, CO 81641 Phone: 970-272-3006 Email: Web: Animals: B EL MD // Services: C CA L // Units: NW 11 211 // PL BLM TOM TUCKER Buford guide serViCe inC. 2301 Valley Forge Court, Fort Collins, CO 80526 Phone: 970-878-4596 Cell: 970-231-0411 Email: Animals: EL MO MD F // Services: C CA // Units: NW 23 24 // PL NF

REG. 890

TRISH TULLY REG. 2540 silVer dollar outfitters P.O. Box 5481, Pagosa Springs, CO 81147 Phone: 970-264-9576 Cell: 970-946-2976 Email: Web: Animals: B BH EL MD // Services: CA MT HR HA // Units: SW 77 78 771 // NF ASH TULLY REG. 2341 sundown outfitters / rio grande outfitters P.O. Box 5481, Pagosa Springs, CO 81147 Phone: 970-264-9576 Cell: 970-946-2975 Email: Web: / Animals: B BH EL MO ML MD T Services: C CA DC L MT T WC WCR CD GS HB OT PT HA Units: SW 77 78 771 76 79 80 // PL NF MARK TURNER REG. 1653 turner guide serViCe PO Box 955, Idaho Springs, CO 80452 Phone: 303-567-4035 Fax: 303-567-4035 Email: Web: Animals: B BH EL MO MG ML MD // Services: CA M T TR Units: NW NE SW SE 28 38 39 61 S3 S4 S32 S39 S41 G4 G6 G7 G10 G15 G16 // NF CASEY VEACH REG. 1048 HigH CountrY ConneCtions inC. PO Box 1294, Monticello, UT 84535 Phone: 435-587-5000 Cell: 970-749-9300 Web: Animals: A EL MD // Services: C L // Units: SW 71 711 70 72 73 // PL


Colorado outfitters

REX WALKER somBrero ranCHes inC. 911 Kimbark St. , Longmont, CO 80501 Phone: 303-442-0258 Email: Web: Animals: A EL MD // Services: DC HR HB OT PT WR Units: NE NW 2 301 23 24 // PL NF BLM

REG. 217

TONY WARNOCK REG. 1672 lost ValleY ranCH 29555 Goose Creek Road, Sedalia, CO 80135 Phone: 303-647-2311 Fax: 303-647-2315 Cell: 214-797-4072 Email: Web: Animals: F // Services: SR C WCR CD HB // Units: NE 501 // PL NF RICHARD WEBB REG. 2381 dark timBer outfitting 236 S. 3rd Street, Montrose, CO 81401 Phone: 970-275-5047 Cell: 970-275-5047 Email: Web: Animals: EL MD // Services: L HB // Units: SW 61 62 // NF BLM JAMES LEE WEISS REG. 2528 fisHtail ranCH H.C. 75 Box 183zazzle Chama, NM 87520 Phone: 575-588-7884 Email: Web: Animals: B BH EL ML MD // Services: CA DC L T WC GS HB Units: SW 80 81 82 // PL NF BRYAN & SHAWN WELDER welder outfitting serViCes PO Box 823, Meeker, CO 81641 Phone: 970-878-9869 Cell: 970-314-5923 Email: Web: Animals: EL MD F // Services: SR C HB OT PT HA WR Units: NW 24 // PL NF BLM

REG. 961

WILLIE WHITE REG. 1121 tHe Craig wild BunCH inC. 855 County Road 78, Craig, CO 81625 Phone: 970-824-9334 Cell: 970-629-5598 Email: Web: Animals: A EL MD // Services: CA DC T TR // Units: NW 1 2 4 10 201 // PL BLM TOM WHITTINGHAM soaP mesa Venture llC 1294 Hartzog Loop, North Pole, AK 99705 Cell: 970-209-0051 Email: Web: Animals: EL MD // Services: L HA // Units: SW 54 // PL NF

REG. 1905

BILL & WADE WILSON REG. 2233 knigHt CanYon outfitters inC. P.O. Box 404, Norwood, CO 81423 Phone: 970-729-1806 Cell: 970-497-9502 Email: Web: Animals: EL ML MD SG UP V // Services: C CA DC T WC Units: SW 61 62 70 711 71 // PL NF BLM

Outfitters Directory JOE WOOD REG. 2802 Code of tHe west outfitters 2655 County Road 12, Meeker, CO 81641 Phone: 970-878-0233 Cell: 970-688-0249 Email: Web: Animals: B EL // Services: CA DC L T WC HB OT PT // Units: NW 12 24 // NF TROY YOUNGFLEISH REG. 2747 telluride Hunting guides llC P.O. Box 685, Telluride, CO 81435 Phone: 970-728-3895 Fax: 970-728-2062 Cell: 970-250-1941 Email: Web: Animals: EL MD TU SG UP F // Services: SR FT R C CA L T OT WR Units: SW 60 61 63 64 65 70 53 521 // PL NF BLM JOHN ZIEGMAN Buffalo Creek outfitters llC P.O. Box 2, Rand, CO 80473 Phone: 970-723-4045 Fax: 970-723-4045 Email: Web: Animals: A EL MD F // Services: SR FT C L WCR HB WR Units: NW 17 171 16 // PL NF BLM

TRACK ‘EM OUTFITTERS License #2365 719-942-3207

REG. 2119

ar Elk - Deer - Lion - -BeRifle Hunts ng di Archery - Muzzleloa

n o y n a C t h g i n K . c n I , s r e t t fi t u O Drop Camps to Fully Guided in Unit 70 & Quality Unit 61 on Private, permitted US Forest and BLM Lands.

Family owned and operated by: Bill Wilson 970-729-1806 Wade Wilson 970-497-9502 Base Camp 970-327-4614

Guiding for over 40 Years! HUNTING

Mule Deer, Elk, Mountain Lion, Turkey

SUMMER ACTIVITIES Trail Rides/Fishing Trips

Hunt on Private Land, BLM Permits, and Forest Service Permits


P.O. Box 404 Norwood CO 81423 Equal Opportunity Service Provider Licensed (#2233), bonded and insured

48, 49, 56, 57,58, 59, 69, 84, 86, 481, 561, 581, 691, S9 Colorado outfitters

37 Colorado outfitters


Colorado Outfitter Registration #1894 PO Box 185, 35591 Highway 134 Toponas, CO 80479 Email: Website: Phone: 970-638-4281

Coberly Creek outfitters.... This working ranch is located in the center of the best elk hunting country in Colorado. The rich Yampa grass and cool timbered forests attract thousands of elk to the area. Mule deer and black bear are also plentiful. In addition to great hunting on the 3,400 acre private ranch, the Routt National Forest borders the property on three sides. The permit area includes 10,000 acres of hunting on the National Forest.

970-826-0060 8:30 - 5:30pm Tue. to Fri. // 8:30 - 3:00pm Saturday

Let our experience help you book the trip of your dreams

Jenny & Geoff Burbey

(970) 247-8443

20 plus years of quality drop camp services. Highlands Unlimited Inc. is an equal opportunity provider/employer operating under a special use permit on the San Juan National Forest. Highlands Unlimited is licensed (#1326), bonded and insured. Colorado outfitters



Comanche Wilderness Outfitters Inc. Bull Basin Guides & Outfitters LLC Comanche Wilderness Outfitters Inc. Comanche Wilderness Outfitters Inc. Comanche Wilderness Outfitters Inc.

NONďšşTYPICAL MULE DEER RIFLE #4 Robert Mann 199 3/8 #5 Steven Eicholtz 198 7/8 #6 Jeff Hanson 198 5/8 #7 Sam Gonzales 197 4/8 #8 Mike O'Connell 192 4/8

Comanche Wilderness Outfitters Inc. Comanche Wilderness Outfitters Inc. Comanche Wilderness Outfitters Inc. Bull Basin Guide & Outfitters LLC Comanche Wilderness Outfitters Inc.


TYPICAL ELK ARCHERY #4 Robert L. Cawley, Sr. #5 Robert L. Cawley, Sr. #6 Chris Shingleton #7 Jeremy Patrick #8 Jim Bobunger

Comanche Wilderness Outfitters Inc. Comanche Wilderness Outfitters Inc. Comanche Wilderness Outfitters Inc. Bull Basin Guide & Outfitters LLC Red Feather Guide & Outfitters Inc.

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TYPICAL ELK RIFLE #4 Ryan Anderson #5 Richard Nerem #6 Roy Copeland #7 Marc Haywood #8 Brian Unti

326 4/8 324 1/8 323 0/8 319 3/8 311 6/8

Bull Basin Guide & Outfitters LLC Comanche Wilderness Outfitters Inc. Frazier Outfitting Comanche Wilderness Outfitters Inc. Red Feather Guide & Outfitters Inc.

Colorado Colorado Bourbon Salida, CO Colorado outfitters




We BUY & SELL all FURS, ANTLERS, FUR Products, ANTLER Dog Chews, Capes, tanning available for all critters.

Got Preference Points?

We hunt all of the Special Draw areas 1,2,10 and 201 in Northwest Colorado and can help you set up hunts with other outfitters throughout the state.

Chris Jurney 970-824-5505 License #2218 Ephesians 2:8,9

UNITS 1,2,3,4,10,12,13,201,211,301 Full Guided • Semi Guided • Trespass Hunts Drop Camps & Ranching for Wildlife Hunts

We ansWer the challenge The finest in private land hunting and fishing Elk - DEEr - Mountain lion - BEar - Fly Fishing Bull Basin guides and outfitters main goal is to provide our clients with a quality “total outdoor experience.� over the years Bull Basin has come to understand all the factors required to provide the type of quality trips that sportsmen should expect. through hard work and dedication Bull Basin has grown into one of the most respected outfits in the West, providing quality private hunting and fishing trips for clients from all over the world. Bull Basin Guides and Outfitters Po Box 1566 kremmling, Co 80459

970-724-0417 lic. #1037

WWW.BullBasin.CoM | WWW.trouBlEsoMEFlyFishing.CoM

Colorado Outfitters Association

GET INVOLVED WITH COA TO ALL COLORADO OUTFITTERS: The Colorado Outfitters Association Invites You to Join Us our mission statement is: “Working together to protect, maintain and enhance the opportunity to hunt, fish and enjoy the Colorado outdoors.”

Public awareness Ongoing efforts to create positive public awareness of the outfitter industry and member services.

Be it helping to keep you up to date on what’s going on in the outfitting industry or what changes the outfitters are now being faced with from the government agencies or getting our info out to the public, the COA is here to help your industry, your outfit and most importantly, you.

working as a group Concerted efforts to achieve common goals that benefit all of us.

Some reasons why you need to consider teaming up with the COA include: marketing Advertising and listing of our member services through the COA website and our annual Directory. representation We have an active Legislative Action Committee and are able to hire a registered lobbyist to work on our behalf before State and Federal Agencies. We also provide educational opportunities to keep you informed of laws, regulations and requirements, all of which helps you operate more professionally and profitably.

Professional development Offering programs within and sometimes outside of the association to help improve and promote our image. Community involvement Participation in community projects that encourage the use of Colorado’s outdoor recreational resources with a professional outfitter. Environmental Involvement in environmental programs that promote knowledge and encourage safe practices while enjoying Colorado’s outdoor resources.

Contact the Colorado outfitters association for membership application Phone: 970-824-2468 / email: Po Box 10, silt, Co 81652

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Colorado Outfitter 2014 edition

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