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WHY A GRAVITY TRAMPOLINE PARK? The GRAVITY phenomenon first hit the UK at Xscape Yorkshire in February 2015! With a background in family entertainment and leisure market experience the management team tasted immediate success, and the formula rapidly rolled out across the UK to now include seven locations and four additional in the pipeline.

We work with major landlords including:

DEVELOPING THE MARKETPLACE Our own operational experience and research has highlighted the key drivers to success in the trampoline marketplace. One key element is a great location in a high footfall shopping or leisure centre. GRAVITY only accepts premier locations and then operates a branded, family fun and safe operation.

Soar - Glasgow St Stephens - Hull

Fountain Park - Edinburgh Xscape - Yorkshire

Riverside - Norwich Bluewater - Kent

Lockmeadow - Maidstone Xscape - Milton Keynes



A RECIPE FOR SUCCESS Good relationships with local food and beverage providers is a key driver component of the GRAVITY experience, quality restaurants, cafĂŠs and bars close by is part of a reciprocal relationship - we can offer their food services and they receive passing and directed trade in return, as well as participating in joint promotions and events.

GRAVITY works with the food operators to provide catering services:

...the customers always receive the best care and experience, this has impacted on both companies in a very positive way and I am proud to say it continues to be a great success. Sara Wheatcroft, General Manager Handmade burger Co.

The opening and continued success of Gravity trampoline park has seen my business increase by up to 40%. Ryan Baker, General Manager Pizza Hut Norwich

Location is paramount for GRAVITY and has been key to our success. As customers become discriminating and demand more, only the most select locations, prime sites and exceptionally well managed businesses like GRAVITY will survive and thrive. By partnering exclusively with prestigious “Triple A” rated establishments, where we believe the future of the industry is located, we are able to take advantage of a great footfall from day one.

Growing in the UK. 쎲 쎲 쎲

Seven first class locations in the UK since 2015. Four more in construction. Possible turnaround from Start to a Grand Opening in just six months!

Expanding into Europe: GRAVITY is now actively looking to replicate its success across Europe and is seeking landlords and retail / leisure schemes in countries including France, Germany and Spain. If you have the space, in the right place, increase your footfall with a GRAVITY Trampoline Park, just sit back and let us do the rest!

THE ECONOMICS Leading commercial property landlords appreciate partnering with GRAVITY for several critical factors: 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲

GRAVITY sites have a proven track record of delivering significant growth Profitable within a very short period of time 18% EBITDA Existing sites have an average ‘mature” turnovers of c. £1.7 - £3M p.a. Low new opening costs - approx. £1.2M Rapid payback periods on average 24 - 28 months Six months from park identification, agreements, agreeing terms through to opening!

The trampoline park has proven to be very popular amongst our customers, and compliments our strategy to create compelling experiences that surprise and delight our customers whilst delivering success for our retailers. Kate Grant, Regional Director intu.



PLANNING IS KEY At GRAVITY, we are approached on a monthly basis with requests to open new parks at leading destinations. We have a selection of general site requirements below that help us make the decision on whether a location will be a good fit for us and the brand.

General site requirements: 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲

Major leisure developments, shopping centres and retail parks (available in the next one to four years) Secure car parking 15k to 30k sq. feet / 1.3k to 2.8k sq. metres 5.2 metre minimum eaves height for 12k sq. feet / 1.1k sq. metres Location within the scheme - preferably neighbouring F & B establishments and a feature leisure venue like a cinema Transportation access and routes Catchment area and footfall minimum of 1M through the site (proposed or existing) Catering partners.

Major location - St. Stephens, Hull: 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲

14 million visitors per year Central location with cinema and theatre Easy access from major train and bus stations Well known food brands, cafes and restaurants 1.4k sq. metres.

Prime location - Bluewater, Kent: 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲

28 million visitors per year Prime location next to one of the UK’s busiest cinemas Easy access off major motorways 13,000 free car parking spaces One of the largest and most affluent areas in the UK Many well known food brands and restaurants 2.6k sq. metres.

Artists impression of the Bluewater LED entrance



GRAVITY - A PROVEN BUSINESS MODEL Why GRAVITY is leading the way in the trampolining industry. 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲

We are a branded operator with a strong recognisable corporate theme. Locations are chosen solely based on existing high profile, high footfall leisure and retail outlets. Established as a robust corporate entity from the outset, with the ability to scale up as required. A leading instigator for change in the environment of regulation, health and safety. We need only a low marketing spend with over 27 million visitors per year across the existing estate. GRAVITY does not rely on pre-booked sales. High specification park fit outs. The dedicated bounce crews undergo extensive training in first aid qualifications, customer service, Autism awareness and Accident prevention.

SUCCESS IS NO SECRET Your Benefits of Partnering with GRAVITY: 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲

Maximises leisure space and returns increased footfall Improves off-peak traffic with established connections to education and social care Widens the demographic of regular customers Attracts active families with higher disposable incomes for all co-tenants Increased revenues via party groups, ancillary sales of refreshments and merchandise Party stream incomes via established associations with leading brands including Handmade burger Co., Nando’s and Pizza Express A great health and safety record Highly trained and enthusiastic GRAVITY staff GRAVITY attracts new retailers to your shopping centre.

ADMISSION Each session is a full hour: 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲

£9.95 at peak times, £8.95 during off-peak sessions £2.50 for re-usable safety socks that must be worn at all times TrampoLEAN (fitness) class costs £6.00 for 45 minutes DisABILITY sessions are £5.00 per hour and the Carer is free Parent and Toddler sessions are £5.00 with a full paying adult.

* Local pricing structure - may differ by region and country.

PARK ACTIVITIES All GRAVITY parks are open seven days a week so accommodating and attracting the full range of bouncers. 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲

Catering for groups as well as individuals with activity timetables planned for maximum rates of use. Open to group bookings, competitive team sports and fitness classes. Specialises in parent and toddler sessions. Strength and muscle toning sessions through TrampoLEAN High intensity interval training (HIIT) classes to improve cardiac and oxygen levels. 10% of revenue is gained by parties, GRAVITY has established associations with a number of the UK’s eminent branded refreshments. Over 16s enjoy a Friday evening live DJ ‘after dark’ session between 19.00 and 22.00. An industry first - GRAVITY partners local authorities to schedule specific programmes for schools and colleges to combine science, health and fun. Similar local authority initiatives include disability sessions for special needs in co-operation with the National Autistic Society of the UK.

Open Jump sessions allow bouncers to use all of the connected trampoline areas providing a huge area of bounceable fun with angled trampolines, jump platforms, tumble tracks, air bags, basketball lanes, a battle beam, dodgeball courts and more.



BOUNCER DEMOGRAPHICS Trampolining is for everyone, with no barriers so the appeal is wide with few restrictions. 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲

Minimum age to bounce at GRAVITY is 18 months. All age groups are catered for. The under five’s can bounce when accompanied by adults. Most parks provide dedicated, safe toddler areas. Attracts fitness classes and active families of all ages. Eliminates off-peak periods.

HEALTH AND SAFETY GRAVITY is a founding member of, and key contributor to the UK International Association of Trampoline Parks, and at the core of industry regulations and standards. We work closely with the British Standards Institute - to devise new safety standards. Plus, as a multi-site operation, GRAVITY benefits from primary authority status within HSE regulations. All GRAVITY employees have rigorous and continual training that includes a full Health and Safety component and a comprehensive in-house first aid schedule.

SENIOR MANAGEMENT TEAM Harvey Jenkinson – Co-founder and CEO A career spent garnering a wealth of experience and knowledge across many sectors of the leisure market - including the top end super-yacht industry- provides the GRAVITY CEO with the perfect skill set to drive the company forward, ensuring the attainment of all the long term objectives. His pre-eminent position makes him a carrion voice on the sub-committee of the International Association of Trampoline Parks.

Michael Harrison – Co-founder and Operations Director With over two decades of experience within the leisure industry his personal judgement gained in owning and operating a family leisure park and resort group has pinpointed that partnering in prime retail and leisure sites is the key to the long term success of GRAVITY.

SUMMARY GRAVITY is the leading exponent in this new and exciting leisure market. With a proven, profitable business model we are rapidly setting the bench mark in legislation, health & safety, and overall standards for the UK and European sectors. Encapsulating fun as well as raising health levels for all ages GRAVITY is perfectly placed to seize on the massive growth potential right across the targeted areas.



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