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They have fantastic energy and vision as well as great enthusiasm for the concept and a hands-on approach. Steve Henderson Director, Savills

Hello! Firstly, I wish to thank you for registering your interest in acquiring a GRAVITY Trampoline Park franchise. I am excited to share with you the key points of our offering within this prospectus. We have spent several years perfecting the running of a trampoline park, building our business in the UK and establishing ourselves as the market leader. We now wish to build on this experience and success alongside international partners, establishing our brand with like-minded passionate and commercially driven people. Both Michael and I designed the brand, built the parks and worked in every position before rolling out eight venues in the UK’s most prestigious leisure and retail establishments. We both remain very much involved and will personally play a major part in the design and delivery of your GRAVITY Park. It is this direct knowledge of the industry that sets us apart from all competitors. I also sit on the board of the International Association of Trampoline Parks (IATP) and am proud to have been a key author in devising the British Standards - the most stringent policy that governs our industry. The expertise at GRAVITY is further underpinned by Michael’s lifetime in the leisure industry; his role is to develop concepts that continuously deliver the maximum return on investment and to proffer advice and guidance on how to fully develop your franchise business. GRAVITY offers you so much more than an ordinary franchise. We ensure that your money is invested in the right locations and that you have the safest, most innovative, well managed parks in our industry. We take huge pride in being a forward-thinking brand that has revolutionised the way leisure is operated within the high street. Never before have our products been in such demand from leading retail landlords of the major shopping centres and malls. Our parks deliver a fantastic experience led family day or half day excursions in the premium retail and leisure schemes. So right now is the perfect time to launch an exciting family orientated experience led investment At GRAVITY, we have established an unrivalled team primed and ready to support your franchise - together we will deliver unrivalled trampoline parks in your chosen territory. We are committed to a programme of continual development and improvement, whether that is for front of house or back of house. So expect us to research and develop the next big thing to help you drive your business forward! In this document, we will cover our business history, our offering, what our existing partners already say about us plus a summary of the finances required to start your franchise. We also assist the thought processes needed as you consider if partnering with GRAVITY is the right move for you. Thank you once again for registering your interest and my team and I look forward to working with you in the near future. Harvey Jenkinson - CEO, Gravity Trampoline Parks



NO LOOKING BACK GRAVITY commenced trading in the UK in 2014 operating one of the first parks in the UK. Since then we have quickly developed a strong brand in the UK’s leisure market and created significant relationships with the leading UK landlords including:

To date over three million jumpers have bounced with us across our eight prime locations up and down the UK.

OUR VISION In 2017 we secured growth funding from Guinness Asset Management who recognised the future potential in our brand. We can now develop the GRAVITY brand internationally working alongside commercially minded individuals, investment funds or landlords who have the ability to scale our brand within a territory. It is projected that during the next three years we are expected to develop the brand across Europe, the Middle East and Asia, leading to over 100 parks in the very best locations. We have great reach in terms of securing the right property for you. We partner with the leading real estate partners who have international offices around the world. These enviable connections enable us to supply you with the very best real estate opportunities and to help attain the largest market share in your territory.

INTERNATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES There is positive, documented international demand producing prime opportunities for the right operators to establish a significant market share. After significant investment and researching the market with our real estate partners, we anticipate a great opportunity to roll out the GRAVITY brand across the rest of the world. We firmly believe that the right operator, the right brand and the proven business model is us - GRAVITY! The unequivocal commitments of a GRAVITY franchise are: 쎲 쎲 쎲

Care - Putting safety at the forefront of our Brand Train - The team to help and solve problems creatively to ensure great customer focus Scale with the right partners - Selected by GRAVITY, which enables you to scale a territory efficiently and profitably.

In a saturated UK market we have established ourselves as the market leader in all aspects of running a trampoline park. As such we are in an unrivalled position to recognise the opportunity to dictate the market internationally. Many of the world’s top landlords are carefully observing our UK marketplace and are approaching us to operate from their prime locations and premises. Gravity is the landlords operator of choice! However, we recognise and believe that operating with local partners in these territories across the globe is the most secure method to launch into new international markets. Why? The combination of utilising your unique market and business knowledge alongside our technical and operational acumen is by the far the strongest guarantee to a fast-track success story.



THE BUSINESS POTENTIAL The special opportunities for GRAVITY franchisees and the network in this market! As one of the first parks in the UK, GRAVITY immediately became a leading voice on the board of the International Association of Trampoline Parks which has led the way to developing all safety and working practices. We have been at the forefront of evolving this new industry in the United Kingdom. We anticipate the trampoline market to be in the region of 100+ parks per European country, although this is dependent on population density and size. There are other operators currently expanding into these markets but none that can match us for delivering fun, safety and excitement for the whole family! How do we operate differently to other current operators in the market? 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲

Active and Vigilant Marshalls - We have a “High 5” culture when on the park! Superb customer service and training for our teams. A brand that is aimed at the family market. Experience in operating our own parks. We partner with the leading food and beverage providers in the area to deliver great food post bounce, during activity or as great branded party offerings. In the UK partners include:

We build our parks to last, not only are they compliant with all the new regulations we utilise the leading manufacturer with their 50 years of experience to ensure everyone is safe. A GRAVITY park will be always be eye catching, branded well and when party time begins, our very own sound and light show will make sure it is memorable for all the kids so that they can not wait to revisit GRAVITY time and time again!

Expected financial implications of taking a franchise 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲

Set up costs - dependent on the park size and location, sites are typically 1500 - 3000 SQM. We would expect the capital costs to be between £1.2M and £1.8M (GBP). Running costs - £60 - 100k (GBP) Per calendar month. Estimated revenue - £1.5M and £3.0M (GBP). Profit - We fully project a return of 20% EBITDA and a period of two years on your investment.


Customer experience - Customer Service, Staff Training, Value, Environment. We build our business on ensuring our customers leave our parks satisfied. Location - The majority of competitor parks are located in and around industrial parks and lack the appeal and benefits that a GRAVITY park has to offer, such as other on-site leisure attractions and a wide choice of places to eat and drink for the whole family. Safety - GRAVITY appeals to the family market, offering a safe environment as a primary focus. As a board member of the IATP, GRAVITY conforms to industry safety standards and boasts a very low accident ratio. Bumps and scrapes are inevitable in any leisure activity, but our dedicated bounce crews undergo extensive training in first aid, customer service, autism awareness and accident prevention.

We are now working with Gravity across three sites within the UK and this has helped deliver fantastic growth across the business! Pizza Express



THE FRANCHISE PACKAGE The experience of all our highly successful openings to date have delivered a concept that is working very well and one which is constantly developing to meet consumer trends and demands. This has been tested up and down the UK, with many repeat customers and differing sizes and layouts. We have also operated through all seasons of the year for the past four years and understand the peaks and troughs in turnover. We are now ready to share our experience and proven business model to partner together with you to deliver great results! The franchise fee for one GRAVITY Trampoline Park is £50,000 (GBP). We are seeking Area Developer’s with five, ten or fifteen park agreements where you can expect to secure a region within a Country. Exclusivity as a master franchisee is available at extra cost. You will also be required to pay a fee for a marketing fund and to commit to a local spend of 3% locally to help you drive your business forward.

WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT FROM US? Help with setting up the business. We have a dedicated team ready to hand hold you through every step of the process including a comprehensive initial training package for you, the franchisee, on business operations, sales and marketing and staff management. Over an intensive two weeks period we will cover classroom and practical training and provide you with all the information you will need to hit the ground running as you open your new park.

Store Design and specifications will be provided with a turn-key package as an optional purchase at a minimal extra cost. Site selection support will also be given. Our procurement network is also on hand to provide personal guidance. We will provide up to an additional seven days ongoing support and guidance on the operation and management of your business when you first open your doors. We will then regularly visit you for audits and of course we are never far away on email to support you and to help point you in the right direction.

ONGOING SUPPORT AND ADVICE We will continue to offer ongoing training and support for the franchisees and their parks with up to two field visits per year as a minimum commitment to you. Covering such aspects as business planning assistance, operational support and any other area of the business you may need help with. This is entirely supported through your monthly royalty fee, so no hidden extras. We will also provide you with ongoing operational performance evaluations to aid you in driving your business forward. We will also roll out marketing guidance and briefs for you to use locally, using the levy applied to your gross turnover of 1%. As with all successful ventures you will also be expected to commit to conduct a marketing programme of your own locally and this will be again based on your turnover.

We were impressed with the quality of the fit out at the trampoline park, their high operational standards and the additional footfall. Julie Garsden Senior Portfolio Manager, Landsec



ARE WE WELL MATCHED? Benefits of working with GRAVITY include: 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲

The support you receive is personal, we are here to guide, develop and maximise your ROI A strong and trusted brand gives you a great return custom A board member of the International Association of Trampoline Parks ensuring we are at the forefront of safety in our industry Parks that create a welcoming, safe environment and atmosphere to have great family time in Parks that are designed for the considered (Website) and impulse (Walk in) purchases You will work alongside the very best branded food and beverage operators in your location to deliver great party packages for kids and adults A simple pricing structure which adds value to the customer experience and encourages brand loyalty and a great spend per head Excellent network of partners to supply you the very best equipment and advice through your day to day business activities.


Do you have £1.2m - £1.8M (GBP) to invest to open a park? Have the working capital of £500k (GBP) of liquid assets to drive your business forward in the opening months? Can you pay the licence fee’s upfront dependant on your park development plan? Do you have the drive and ambition to create a five-park operation within four years as a minimum?

WHAT NEXT? If you are interested in learning more about the GRAVITY offering based on this document please do not hesitate to contact me at

On making contact we will provide you with a confidential questionnaire that will help us get to know you and your background.

On completing the questionnaire, we will then discuss finances in more detail once an NDA is signed if you meet our criteria.

Upon your confirmation that you are satisfied with the offering, and us being happy with you as a potential franchisee, you will sign the letter of intent and pay a deposit.

Following on from that you will sign the Franchise Agreement.

We will then on-board you into our franchise network with your compulsory training package.

We will then begin working with you to open your new GRAVITY Trampoline Park and develop your territory.

Thank you Richard Lang - Head of Franchise, Gravity Trampoline Parks +44 (0)1977 525144 / +44 (0)7375 460698



Richard Lang - Head of Franchise Gravity Trampoline Parks +44 (0)1977 525144 / +44 (0)7375 460698 Gravity Trampoline Parks is a trading name of Gravity Fitness limited and used under license by Gravity Franchise limited. Registered office address: Gravity Franchise Limited, Colorado Way, Castleford, WF10 4TA. Registered number: 10963421

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