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GRAVITY TRAMPOLINE PARKS GRAVITY currently operates across eight prime retail sites in the UK. Incorporated in 2014 the first GRAVITY trampoline park opened in February 2015 within Castleford Xscape. Founded and developed by Directors and best friends Michael Harrison and Harvey Jenkinson they strive daily to improve and expand the brand from the Head Office in Yorkshire. Every new GRAVITY park franchise is fully supported by our dedicated franchise team headed by Harvey and Michael; guaranteeing a smooth delivery through sharing accumulated knowledge and best practices. Following the opening of Xscape, Yorkshire, GRAVITY has successfully opened parks within high footfall leisure and retail destinations right across the UK, including the UK’s premium shopping destination Bluewater, Kent.

FITNESS THAT IS FUN Naturally the family market is our core demographic. However footfall is maximised by all GRAVITY parks opening seven days a week to accommodate and attract the entire range of bouncers. Open Jump sessions permit bouncers the freedom to use all of the connected trampoline areas providing a huge area and scope of bounceable fun that can include angled trampolines, jump platforms, tumble tracks, air bags, basketball lanes, a battle beam, dodgeball courts, sky rails, GRAVITY Rocks climbing and much, much more. Activity timetables cater for both groups and individual bouncers to carefully plan for maximum rates of use. Health is at the core of the GRAVITY agenda. Our TrampoLEAN High intensity interval training (HIIT) classes are run to improve cardiac and oxygen levels through strength and muscle toning sessions. These attract group bookings, fitness classes and provide competitive team sports. We also specialise in parent and toddler sessions which strategically run during off peak periods to maximise income streams and minimise quieter sessions. 10% of all revenue is attained through parties - GRAVITY has established associations with an enviable number of the UK’s eminent branded restaurants who provide the food for every GRAVITY bounce or climb party. Over 16s especially enjoy Friday evening live DJ ‘after dark’ sessions between 19.00 and 22.00. An industry first - GRAVITY partners local authorities to schedule specific programmes for schools and colleges to combine science, health and fun linked to the National Curriculum. We run similar initiatives with charities and local government partners that include disability sessions for special needs weekly in our parks.



THE GRAVITY CONCEPT GRAVITY has rapidly evolved way beyond a simple trampoline park where people just bounce for an hour! Fun, fitness and the desire for repeat visits, come from a GRAVITY park offering so much more: 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲

Huge open bounce areas 쎲 Dodgeball courts Volleyball courts 쎲 Dunk zones Freestyle areas 쎲 Obstacle courses Virtual reality climbing experiences and GRAVITY Rocks urban climbing.

As each new park opens we continue to develop and stay ahead of the competition. In larger units GRAVITY can provide diverse and separate offerings such as adventure golf, sky rails and family entertainment. Areas which ensure maximum utilisation of your unit. Ultimately maximising profits for franchisees and keeping us both at the forefront of the leisure industry.

OUR FUTURE Established as the UK’s “landlords’ park of choice” GRAVITY is currently securing multiple schemes with retail landlords across the world. GRAVITY is actively expanding its operation by seeking franchisees in Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, the Middle East and Asia. Having created and fine-tuned the perfect leisure operation in the UK, franchising gives us the perfect platform to successfully partner with individuals or companies experienced within the entertainment, leisure industries or with strong customer service backgrounds.

OUR AMBITION To establish GRAVITY Trampoline Park as the premier trampoline brand throughout the European and International leisure industry - defined by market share, quality and fun.

THE FRANCHISE PROPOSAL GRAVITY Trampoline Park is seeking to expand its existing operation through new strategic partnerships with franchisees. We require territorial leaders possessing a strong, demonstratable track record of success who can easily recognise an exceptional business opportunity and who have the depth of talent required to drive dynamic business growth through directly franchising our brand in their local marketplace. All GRAVITY Trampoline Park franchisees will instantly be in an enviable position to satisfy their customer base‌ This you can immediately achieve by using our tried-and-tested formula, our brand image, our technical knowledge, and all our industrial and intellectual property rights to build a sound, profitable business for years to come.



THE RIGHT CHOICE FOR YOU! Becoming a GRAVITY Trampoline Park franchisee offers you: 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲

A proven business system incorporating complete sales, marketing, and operational support systems Protected Intellectual property rights Start-up support at your business launch including management and development of your GRAVITY Trampoline Park territory The opportunity to form part of a franchise system as a franchisee with a proven track record in the UK An opportunity to become a franchisee establishing your own network of parks The expertise, experience and commitment of the highly qualified franchisor team Knowledge that you can successfully replicate the GRAVITY concept and our success The benefit of utilising fully developed sets of policies and procedures thereby minimising any risk of failure The assurance that you have a serious, knowledgeable and dedicated franchisor to offer full training and support in all preparatory and operational aspects of the business Superior electronic based platforms to help you manage your businesses day to day A system that has generated continuous positive results and unique return-on-investment Continuous research and development to create new business propositions in this sector and further product development.

EXPLORE THE OPPORTUNITY Drawing on their background and experience in family entertainment GRAVITY Directors Harvey Jenkinson and Michael Harrison created a concept that is unique and exciting for the entire family. The hugely successful indoor trampoline park market has enjoyed rapid growth, with GRAVITY Trampoline Parks as the leading exponent. Based around a solid business model of providing a unique family-friendly experience our state-of-the art equipment, ensures that each park not only delivers the best entertainment possible but with safety being the ‘number one’ priority. Adults and children can enjoy the ultimate fun experience in a marshalled, controlled environment within establishments built to the highest industry standards. Although of high consideration, it is not just the physical buildings that carry the premium mantle. Location is paramount for us, which is why we are only found within retail schemes that match that first-rate philosophy whilst helping drive footfall to food and beverage partners. All Franchisees receive support and a comprehensive training package to guide the development of professional teams that results in every park being the most efficient, footfall-generating “Retailtainment” option within each territory. From the incorporation of GRAVITY in the UK, it has successfully worked in tandem with well-established partners in real estate and leading equipment suppliers. The GRAVITY business model provides landlords with the perfect “Retailtainment” product within their establishment as well as a franchisee’s package that will guide you to establish your GRAVITY park as a sustainable and profitable business for many years to come. Landlords are continually looking to drive footfall into their malls with an exciting family leisure offering. GRAVITY is the company they turn to, to hit that brief. We have a limited time to secure these prime locations with franchisee’s - so now is the perfect time to be a part of this amazing opportunity!



WHAT WE LOOK FOR IN A FRANCHISEE Based on our own experience, we only look for individuals who are successful, ambitious, energetic and motivated. Business people who are equally comfortable in setting and achieving demanding targets for themselves and in the future for their sales teams as the business evolves and grows. We seek real communicators that relate to their customers and who will readily come to care about this concept as much as we do. The individual qualities we look for: 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲

A strong knowledge and awareness of the local fitness, leisure, real estate, trampoline market in the designated territory - so delivering the important edge over the competition Access to the financial resources to develop and then continue to support the GRAVITY trampoline park franchise business on an on-going basis Access and knowledge of the relevant local banking, taxation and legal matters A proven ability to appoint and lead a sales and operations team to assist in achieving the stated objectives and ensure business success An astute business mind A strong customer focus to build the brand and establish a leading presence in the marketplace.

The ideal franchisee will be: 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲

An enterprising business or individual - if the former this must be led by individuals who are looking for new commercial challenges Someone with a track record of running successful businesses, ideally within the franchising sector Committed to delivering a fast-track return on investment via the rapid development of this business A competent communicator with excellent presentation and people skills Able to cope with the constantly-changing needs of clients and sub franchisees - adapting to their expectations and demands whilst working under pressure Someone with ability to cope with the physical demand of the work But most of all someone who shares our passion for our brand!

YOUR SUCCESS IS GOOD FOR EVERYONE Your local knowledge - Direct experience and observations on a day to day basis! At GRAVITY trampoline park we fully appreciate that it is the strength and experience of our strategic partners that really provides mutual success. It is for this reason that we firmly believe that your business acumen, expertise and local knowledge combined with our proven system will prove a formidable partnership. A winning formula for you, your business as part of the GRAVITY Family that continues to grow from strength to strength. Our expertise - You will be able to draw upon all our expertise and continual success: 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲

Experience which supports your hard work, will help you achieve a high level of business success and place you in profit in the shortest possible time frame Experience that has earned us our reputation in the UK Experience that continues to keep us ahead of the competition Experience that has given our brands the highest exposure in the UK.



YOUR COMMITTED PARTNER We will be with you all the way! It will be our mission to bring you unbeatable support, and enable your business to excel in the local territory. From day one, we will support you with: 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲 쎲

A proven and tested concept 쎲 Full park design Turn key park development packages available 쎲 Fully protected IP Advice on the pricing strategy Lock into our suppliers for all products necessary to start the business Fully developed sets of policies and procedures honed over several years to reduce the risk of failure Operations which enable you to run your business efficiently A lengthy Franchise development agreement with automatic renewal (subject to fulfilling set criteria) A system that has generated continuous positive results and unique return-on-investment Continuous system and product development Guidance on hitting the key KPI’s to make you business as profitable as it can be!

WHAT IS THE INVESTMENT? No two markets are identical, so determining the exact level of investment required is not an exact science. However in our experience each franchise business will require an estimated set-up cost of approximately £1.2m - £1.8M (GBP). We are primarily looking for area developers to work within a single country. This level of capital is needed to invest in the initial fit-out of the park and a minimum of £500,000 (GBP) in liquid assets as working capital. It is standard that there is a franchise fee on signing the agreement with GRAVITY. There will also be an ongoing franchise royalty fee and management services fees for marketing to be paid for each month which is a percentage of your gross turnover.

WHAT NEXT? This prospectus has been a brief overview of the GRAVITY TRAMPOLINE PARK concept and the requirements of a potential GRAVITY franchisee. Like to find out more about the opportunity? Please register your interest on or email Thank you Richard Lang - Head of Franchise, Gravity Trampoline Parks +44 (0)1977 525144 / +44 (0)7375 460698



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