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I am the parent of a student who will be transferring to ASU from Milwaukee, for the Fall 2023 semester. They were having a frustrating time trying to find a place to live long distance. Nationwide compilation sites had bogus listings, out of date info, and no one was answering phones or replying to emails.

So we decided to spend the time and money to fly down here and maybe drive around & knock on leasing office doors until we found something the old fashioned way, we were that desperate. But, while checking out the bookstore on campus, we found a copy of your [OffCampus Housing] guide in a newspaper box.

Even though it was a year old, it was SO HELPFUL.

The Internet is convenient, but nothing beats a piece of paper you can write on, crossing off, circling, taking notes, etc. comparing, contrasting...

The maps of all the public transportation options were especially helpful, but the most useful and extremely helpful part were the spreadsheets of apartment complexes in the back. SO much information! So much data!

I would like to suggest that you mail a copy to every transfer student. Thank you for your hard work on that excellent guide.

I would like to thank all of you for putting together the 2022-2023 Off-Campus Housing Guide.
11 Housing Guide Off-Campus 2023 2024 Arizona State University Student Media



Need to find a new place to live? New to ASU or Arizona? This guide aims to help anyone seeking direction on living off-campus from Arizona State.


The guide is a commercial product and its proceeds support student programs at ASU. Inclusion in the guide is not an endorsement, recommendation or referral from Arizona State University or its departments. Individual property owners have the responsibility for ensuring a safe and healthy environment for renters.

We encourage renters to do their own thorough research into each property of interest in order to find the best housing options for their particular needs.

The ASU Student Housing Guide is produced by ASU Student Media, the publisher of ASU’s student-run news outlet, The State Press.

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OFF CAMPUS HOUSING prre miu m premium | 602.903.7042 | 1028 E. Orange St., Tempe, AZ 85281 : @canvastempe Fully Furnished State-of-the-Art Fitness Center Resort-Style Rooftop Pool E-Sports Lounge WELCOME ASU STUDENTS!

Students Say Goodbye to Dorms

Dorms have been the norm for numerous students this year, but for many it is time to make the transition to student apartment housing. Journalism freshman Cara Popeski is one of those students.

When Popeski moved from her hometown of Tucson into the dorms this year, she said it was both exhilarating and nerve-wracking. “The very first night living away from home, I was so excited to finally have a chance to not live in the same house I grew up in with my family, and then I ended up having a really hard time falling asleep just that first night (staying in the dorms),” she said.

Popeski said she really enjoyed living in the dorms this year and has met many people through the process.

“Being in the dorms has been really fun just because that’s where I’ve met the majority of my friends,” she said. The dorm was an ideal stepping-stone from living at home with parents to having freedom, but not all the responsibility, she added.

“It’s kind of nice because it’s like a medium step from going between living at home to being completely on your own,” she said. “I feel the independence of not being with my family but I also still have food whenever I need it and I’m not in charge of taking care of an entire house. I have one room like I did at home.” Now that the time has come to move out of the dorm, Popeski said she is looking forward to having her own space in the student apartment housing. There is one thing Popeski is especially looking forward to. “I am really excited about having my own kitchen, and I’m glad that it’s so close to campus,” she said.

Biology freshman Mckenzie Liberty-Bibbens is also going to be making the move to student apartment housing. The main things that Liberty-Bibbens is looking forward to are things that students living with family may take for granted. “I am really, really excited to have my own room and bathroom and to have a kitchen ... it will be nice to make our own food,” she said.


Student Experiences Scan for more resources.

Advice From Off-Campus Student Residents

A few tips for incoming off-campus residents that you just can’t miss out on! Consider these factors when finding your new place to live.


Think about your lifestyle before getting sold on high-priced a menities you may not use. Does the gym offer equipment you use regularly? How often will you use the pool? Consider a fully furnished living space vs. purchasing furniture on your own.


Some communities do not adhere to quiet hours and cleanliness as much as others. Are there designated study rooms? Are all units in one building or multiple buildings where you can stay clear of some noise?


Being environmentally conscious goes beyond recycling. Take note of high-efficiency appliances, green fixtures (lights, faucets, etc.), window shades and electric vehicle stations.


Think about convenience. If you move far from campus, will you go to class? How walkable is the area? Review the Walk Score (see pg. 44 for more details) for the closest stores, food, etc.


Think about the staff and their reputation. How friendly and helpful are they? Is there a roommate selection process? Will they be willing to help if you are not satisfied with your living situation? Also, ask about maintenance staff and their duties.


A pet friendly environment can be tricky. It is great to be able to have pets, but be sure to ask about any restrictions & pet fees. Are there outdoor areas if needed? Be considerate of your neighbors in regards to noise & cleanliness in order to keep everyone happy.


It’s important to think about how much you can afford. Can you pay rent by yourself? Are utilities included? Will you split the costs with roommates? Utilities can often add up from $30 to over $100 per month.


Privacy can be a key factor in deciding which living situation is best for you. Do you want your own bathroom? Are you comfortable living with strangers or roommates in general?


This should be one of your priorities. You want good lighting and somewhere you will feel safe and comfortable walking outside. Visit the property during the day and night to get a general feel of the area. Ask your future neighbors how safe the area is.


How accessible is public transportation in the area you are thinking about moving to? How much will you be spending on public transportation if you do not have access to a vehicle or bike? These are all important questions whether you have access to a vehicle or not.


Choosing Student Housing Involves a Trade-off Between Cost and Convenience

The choice between on-campus housing and offcampus living options is long-standing and, depending on a student’s schedule and lifestyle habits, there are positives and negatives to each option.

According to the University Housing website, all firstyear freshmen are expected to live on campus and ASU guarantees them housing. However, for many students, the end of freshman year also marks the end of living on campus, meaning that the option of offcampus living like leasing an apartment comes up.

Grace Ramsey, a criminology and criminal justice sophomore, said she’s glad she continued living on campus after her freshman year. “Being a two minute walk from all of my classes is incredibly convenient,” she said. “I honestly just love the culture and experience of living on a college campus. There’s always activities to do, you live down the hall from your best friends and you live with your best friend.”

Ramsey said the convenience of living on campus carries from her academic life to her social life as well.

“It makes me a very involved student,” she said. “To always know what’s going on and always have people surrounding me that are interested in the same things I am and working to the same things I am is a very supportive environment.”

Rates for living on-campus at Tempe can range from $5,970 to $8,575 for a full academic year for nonBarrett students, according to University Housing. Housing rates for Barrett, the Honors College students at the Tempe campus range from $8,100 to $10,420 for a full academic year.

When it comes to off-campus living, apartment complexes surrounding the Tempe campus such as The District on Apache, West 6th and The Carmin, have all been hot spots for undergraduates. Rates for off-campus apartments show more variety and come with more options in terms of floor plans compared to traditional on-campus residence halls.

For most apartments around campus, a lease lasts 11.5 months with payments typically divided into 12 equal installments, but different complexes may offer differing accommodations. ASU also provides resources for students when they decide to undergo the process of transitioning to off-campus living.

“ASU Student Media Off-campus housing division staff stands ready to support students in making the transition from living on-campus in residential colleges to off-campus housing in the surrounding communities,” said ASU Housing spokesperson Kellie Cloud. “The ASU Student Media Off-campus housing division staff provides assistance with locating housing and finding roommates that meet their needs.”

At 922 Place, the price of a one bedroom, one bathroom apartment is $1,329 per month, according to its website. Rates for a shared living space of two bedrooms and two bathrooms start at $864 per person per month and increase in price with various layouts. One would spend $15,948 at 922 Place in order to live in a one bedroom, one bathroom apartment for a year. While monthly payments typically cover utilities such as internet, cable, water and sewer fees, costs like groceries and cleaning supplies are not factored in.

Justin Aungst, a junior studying art studies with a focus in photography, said choosing to live in an off-campus apartment was more practical than the dorms for his situation. “The biggest reason why (I chose to live off campus) was that it was cheaper,” he said. “And I got more space and didn’t have to share a room with someone.” Aungst said despite missing out on the social aspect that comes with living in the dorms, living on his own isn’t something he regrets. “I’m sure I did miss out on stuff but I didn’t think of it as big deal to me,” he said. “I definitely preferred living in an apartment.”

For some students, choosing to forego both options and live at home is the best choice. Aira Valera, a speech and hearing science freshman, said that aside from dealing with rush hour traffic, living at home was best for her situation. “It was the best thing for me financially,” she said. “I didn’t want to take out loans to dorm and I didn’t think ASU was that far (from home), and it’s not. I’d rather just pay for gas than pay thousands.”

Valera said while at times she thinks about the benefits of living on campus instead of staying at home, she doesn’t regret her decision. “I like living at home because I don’t have to pay for rent,” she said. “My mom makes a lot of food. It’s just that simple stuff I don’t have to pay for.” Valera said that while living at home works for her, students should consider many factors when deciding where they want to live while in college. “If someone is concerned about finances and money then I say to just live at home,” she said. “But if you want more of an experience and money is not an issue then (live at the) dorms.”

1st 2018,
*Article Published March
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updated pricing.

OffCampus Student Resident Reviews

See what students have to say about their time at living spaces near ASU.


“A unique living experience because there is a mix of ASU students, community college students, and young professionals. Getting to campus is only a 5-minute light rail or a 15-minute bike ride. Alight Tempe is very affordable and has amazing renewal dates. The best place to hang out is at the pool or the clubhouse. Ping-pong and pool tournaments are serious business. The environment around Alight Tempe is calm but fun. If you are a serious student and enjoy having a good place to study, the 2ndfloor study lounge has computers, a kitchen, and whiteboard tables. One of the downfalls about this property is the locations of trash bins across the property. Alight Tempe has a basketball court on the 5th floor of the parking garage with a 360 view of Tempe.”

Residents: Dawn (Medical Studies), Scout (Marketing/Professional Sales

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“The atmosphere is a magnificent place to live as an ASU student. The location is perfect, you only need to cross University, then you’re on campus. It takes me no longer than 10 minutes to get to my classes. We’re next to the stadium, Desert Financial center, A mountain, and Mill Avenue. The complex is brand new, just opening in the fall of 2021. Everything is clean, and both staff and residents are respectful and friendly. The 20th floor is my favorite because it has many uses: a gym, a pool, and study rooms! All of which is so cool. I love living here!”

Resident: Karen (Computer Science)


“Canvas Tempe is one of the newest apartment complexes with ASU students. The apartment is a great community found within walking distance of the University. They have a wide variety of housing options ranging from furnished one-bedroom houses to townhouses. Canvas offers various amenities to residents such as a rooftop pool, gym, E-sports lounge, BBQ areas, and many more. Canvas makes the effort to unite its community by hosting various events throughout the year. However, the only downside to the property is the thin walls. Apart from that, Canvas is a great apartment to live in. The management is extremely friendly and inviting.”

Resident: Varsha (Computer Information Systems)

District on Apache

“An excellent apartment complex only steps’ away from ASU’s Tempe campus. The District has numerous amenities for all of its residents such as a lazy river, multi-level gym, sauna, golf simulator and many others. The staff at the District also host many special events throughout the month ranging from cookie decorating to jeopardy so residents will never be bored. District offers a wide variety of housing options ranging from 4x4 to 1x1 bedrooms and everything in between. The District offers on-site parking to all residences for an additional charge and is pet friendly. As someone who has lived at the District on Apache for three years, I can honestly say it is an amazing place to call home! Check it out to see if it meets your housing needs.”

Resident: Marcus (Supply Chain Management)



“My time at Gateway has been a great experience. I have met and made many resident friends at the pool area, which is a resort style pool. The maintenance and overall lifestyle at Gateway is peaceful and fun. There is a direct shuttle to the University and the apartments are nice and affordable with electricity and Internet included in the rent. Be sure to ask for specific details on electricity and Internet use. This pet-friendly community has many dogs on the property and offers a dog park at the edge of the property. The property is about a mile from campus, which can be a slight inconvenience for some students. Some of the units are a little old, so they do not look as modern as some of the newer properties in the area. Overall, this property meets the needs of residents on a budget.”

Residents: Jai (Computer Science), Japlan (Journalism, Mass Communication)

Park Place

“I started living at Park Place as a freshman and it was amazing. They have a great roommate matching service and a quick and easy move-in process. I currently live in a four-bed and I have renewed my lease for the fall semester. It is on the farther side but with the new metro train being built, it will take about 2 minutes to get to campus. The management team is great and responds very fast to any questions or services. A few of my favorite amenities include the 2-story gym, 2 pools, movie theatre, simulation golf, and numerous study rooms around the property. Park Place is by far the best property to live at and I couldn’t recommend it more.”

Resident: James (Business Management)


“We have been living at Paseo for almost two years now and it is one of the best off-campus apartment complexes for ASU students and other residents as well. The best part about living at Paseo is its proximity to the ASU Tempe campus and the affordable prices they offer. The management offers great renewal offers for the current residents. The complex is also very close to the Phoenix Airport. The management has changed multiple times since we have been here and the new management is very efficient and is trying to understand the problems faced by the residents, working to resolve them at the earliest opportunity. The apartments are spacious, neat and friendly. In addition, there have been many cases of bike thefts at Paseo so our advice will be to keep your bikes in your apartments. Having listed the above pros and cons about Paseo, we still consider it a very convenient place to live off-campus.”

Residents: Naman, Sreekar (Industrial Engineering)

Rancho Ladera

“My girlfriend and I have been living at Rancho Ladera apartments off of 48th st & Elliot for the past year and a half. We both commute to ASU together as we work there and it’s a 15-minute drive to ASU. The price we pay for the apartment, is mainly for the location more than anything, as this apartment is located in the heart of everything; stores, our families, and an easy commute to work. We have been having some issues with bugs, as well as issues with small maintenance repairs. For the cost of what we pay, we can get the same quality for a cheaper price around the Tempe area. Our apartment price went up nearly $200 in one year after living there. If we had to rate the apartment we would rate it a 5/10.”

Resident: Ian (Liberal Studies)


“Gives students the option of living in an off campus apartment with more of a townhome feel. It’s not just the resort style pool / hot tub or the safe feeling of a gate community that drove me to Redpoint. It’s also the fact that I do not have to walk down a long hallway or take an elevator to get to my apartment. Redpoint is somewhat far from campus, about a ten-minute drive. So if you don’t have a car it could be a hassle to get to the closest grocery store which isn’t very close, or getting to a job. However, we have a convenient shuttle that goes to and from campus all day so you never have to worry about how to get to school. We have trash shoots outside of every unit so you never have to worry about walking to a dumpster, thanks to the staff that listens to the needs of residents. All of these things have made my college experience of living in a townhome amazing.”

Residents: Michael (Family & Human Development), Shayna (Communications)

The Carmin

“Living at The Carmin offers a short walk to ASU campus, an important factor for students without a vehicle. The Carmin offers many amenities to make your stay more enjoyable. From the state-of-the art gym, tanning beds, ski stimulator, study rooms on every floor, and even a rooftop running track, The Carmin is an appealing option for those looking to balance a healthy lifestyle with academics. Not to mention, our rooftop pool, equipped with a Jumbo Tron screen, fire pits, grilling stations, and a hot tub is the perfect place to unwind after classes! Although maintenance issues or noise complaints may arise, the leasing office is more than capable of resolving issues in a friendly, professional manner. The Carmin makes an active effort to get to know residents through their countless events hosted throughout the year! These events range from: door-to-door trick or treating (Halloween), paint nights, and much more! Personally, I am very satisfied with living at The Carmin.”

Resident: Sarah (Global Studies)


The Frederick

“A large condo style apartment complex located less than a mile from the east side of campus. The apartment has a pool, mail room, accessible parking, an elevator, a small gym, and some outdoor community spaces. You can pay extra for underground parking and you are expected to pay an extra fee for valet trash services. I enjoy the smart devices such as the door lock and lights that come included with the apartment. Traveling to campus from The Frederick is always quick, whether it be via walking 15 minutes, a short 5 minute drive, or riding on the city bus that picks up right outside. Groceries are within walking distance as well as some local restaurants. The apartment can feel a bit like a hotel from time to time as the walls are a bit thin, the doors slam, and the pool can be noisy. But, I’ve enjoyed my time at the apartment, the distance from campus and the square footage are unbeatable.”

Residents: Noah (Environmental Design), Felix (Urban Planning)

The Hyve

“Living at The Hyve is the best housing experience I have had in my time at ASU. The quality of the housing is spectacular, which is apparent when first taking a tour. The staff is infectiously upbeat and the community of people living here reflect that tone as well. Most days there are people studying in the lounge and the community is a place pet lovers would enjoy. This is primarily a community of graduate students and postdocs, so while they do throw large, bombastic events about every quarter, the community engagement is kept at a much lower level then peer housing communities. Maintenance is really starting to show some cracks; the lounge TV flickers incessantly when you try and use the HDMI input. There are missing electrical plate covers, and when alerted to this, it’s been largely ignored. Despite this complex being new and having a fresh-faced staff, it can do significantly better in terms of upkeep of its assets.”

Resident: Rio (Urban Planning, Public Administration)


“Union Tempe is one of the newest apartment complexes with a mixture of ASU students and families. The apartments are steps away from campus, located at the corner of University Drive and Forest Ave. They have a wide range of housing options from furnished four bedrooms to an unfurnished condo. Union has various amenities offered for residents: community gym, clubhouse area with billiards, a dog washing station in the parking garage, and a pool deck with a hot tub. The elevators are sometimes hard to use and break down occasionally. In addition, the management does not host as many community events as other apartment complexes. There is a parking garage with resident parking available; however, some levels are open to the public.”

Residents: Emily (Mechanical Engineering), Mason (Business Management)


“A great property within walking distance of the University. If you want to get to the North side of campus, you can take Terrace Road. If you want to get to the South side of campus, you can take Lemon. Vertex is a fun apartment complex that offers many activities and amenities to residents such as ping-pong, billiards, pool, and BBQ areas. If you are interested in meeting new people and getting involved with the community, Vertex offers a variety of events. The management is nice and they are very responsive when it comes to helping you with your move in, or other issues and requests. The maintenance team is very timely in regards to service requests. They sometimes come the same day when I put in a maintenance request. The rooms are big and spacious, but parking is minimal. This property offers a lot of bang for your buck.”

Resident: Austin (Supply Chain Management)

West 6th

“West 6th provides students with all of the amenities that Downtown Tempe has to offer, along with the close proximity to Tempe campus. This is a high-rise apartment community that has stellar views of Tempe. The downside to that is the wait for the elevators. Tower 1 has 22 floors and Tower 2 has 30 floors, so be sure to plan extra time and account for that in your daily routine. Parking can be purchased directly from West 6th for the underground garage or the City of Tempe has above the ground parking, which is a cheaper option. Amenities like the fitness room, steam room, game room, business center and grills are all nice and well maintained. The entire process, from signing the lease to move-in, was seamless as management and staff worked hard to ensure all the needs were met. The front desk/leasing consultants are friendly and very conversational.”

Resident: Beerjas (Economics, Bio-Medical Engineering)


“The rooms are a good size for the price! The complex is also close to campus and is a change of pace from all of the high rises surrounding it. The only utility you have to pay separately is electric, which is nice as well. The walls are a bit thin though, so you can hear your neighbors above you moving around. There also aren’t any elevators, which may also be a problem for those that can’t take the stairs. Some units I hear have in-unit laundry, but others, like mine, tend to be close to the community laundry room so you aren’t walking too far to do your laundry.”

Resident: Moira (Materials Science and Engineering)


Creating a Livable Community


Park your car facing the correct direction on the street and in appropriately marked spaces. Do not keep cars that do not run in your driveway and do not park in front of your neighbors’ houses. If your car needs repair. do not do maintenance on your car in your driveway or in the street.


Know Your Neighbors

When you make the decision to live off campus you have a responsibility to be a considerate neighbor. Introduce yourself to your neighbors and say hello when you see them. Exchange phone numbers in case of an emergency and ask your neighbors to watch your home when you are out of town.

Have respect for your neighbors’ right to peace and quiet. Let your neighbors know in advance if you plan to have a large party, and give them your telephone number so they can contact you in case your party becomes too loud. (Five or more guests is defined as a party by the City of Tempe Ordinance 5-30 through 5-35). Always clean up your trash and be sure that everyone present is 21 or older if alcohol is served.

“Together we can create a neighborhood environment that is respectful of everyone” —City of Tempe
In an effort to create the best livable community, Arizona State University and the City of Tempe formed a partnership to provide ASU students with programs and services to enhance the quality of life.

Property Appearance & Cleanliness

Property owners and tenants are responsible for bringing property into compliance. Failure to comply or repeated violations may result in legal recourse and a fine. (Tempe Nuisance and Property Enhancement Code).

• Mow your lawn on a regular basis.

• Keep furniture inside and not on the porch

• Put away your trash can after garbage collection

• Do not overfill your trash can

• Dispose of trash properly

• Remove visible outdoor storage

• Eliminate graffiti

• Maintain fences

• Remove inoperable vehicles

Crime Prevention

Follow these tips to keep you and your vehicle safe:

• Never leave keys in your vehicle.

• Always lock your car doors.

• Never leave valuable items in your car.

• Park in well-lit areas.

• Park in close proximity to your destination.


Property owners and property managers will be notified of all noise and alcohol violations occurring on their properties, and there may be penalties. So don’t leave barking dogs outside and monitor noise levels including the volume of your stereo and TV.

Fines for Arizona and Tempe

City Code violations are as follows:

First Offense — $250

Second Offense — $1,000

Third Offense — $1,500

Note: Underage drinking, weapons, drugs and other felonies will incur higher fees

Get Involved!

Know what volunteer opportunities are available in your community and take part. Attend your homeowners association meetings regularly. Also, attend City Council meetings to understand the community you live in.

General Guidance Scan for more resources.
Studio, one-, two-, three- and four- bedroom apartments made with you in mind. 4 8 0 - 5 6 6 - 9 7 2 4 Contact Us 7 1 2 S F O R E S T A V E T E M P E , A Z 8 5 2 8 1

Learning About


A credit score is a number, ranging from 300 to 850, used to predict how likely you are going to pay back your loan on time. It tells your lender how trustworthy you are to pay back the borrowed money on time.

Why should you build credit?

You build your credit score to determine your credibility to lenders. The higher the score is, the better the borrower looks to the lender, meaning the lender is more likely to allow you to make bigger purchases you otherwise may not be able to afford by yourself. This may include purchasing a car, buying a house, or having extra spending money in case of an emergency

How do you build your credit?

Your credit history determines your score. It is calculated by factoring in the number of open accounts, total levels of debt, repayment history, etc.

Guarantors Learning About

A guarantor is a person who agrees to pay your rent for you. This can occur when you are below 21 years of age and unable to show proof that you are capable of making enough money to pay the rent. This guarantees the payments of rent to the landlord.

Who is eligible to be a guarantor?

A parent, relative or local guardian qualifies as your guarantor. A guarantor is expected to be making at least 3 times the annual rent price of the property. A guarantor should be able to provide proof of identity, address, income, and other supporting documents.

Establishing Credit:

Establishing credit in the U.S. is important for a variety of reasons. Credit history is needed to prove that you are a reliable borrower and is an important step in the rental process. Furthermore, it may be something that will assist later in life when making bigger purchases. There are several ways you can establish credit, here are just a few:

Credit Card: This is one of the easiest ways to establish credit. However, it is important to use a credit card wisely to ensure you do not build debt. Apply for a credit card and use it for small purchases each month, paying off the balance at the end of each month. Each credit card has a different set of criteria and rules. Do your research before applying and using a card.

Bank Account: If a credit card is not right for you, look into using a bank account to build credit. If your bank does not have a branch in the US, you can find many other banking options. Research any bank of interest to find the right one for you. Like credit cards, each bank will have its own criteria, fees, and rates.

Don’t have a guarantor?

Don’t worry! Designated companies can become your guarantor for a fee (there are no free guarantors).

How much does it cost to have a co-signer?

The cost depends on the price of rent, size, location, popularity, and lease length. The cost can range from 4.75% to 10% of your annual rent.


It is important to research all options and find the best one to meet your needs. Each company will have a different set of criteria. Read all the information. If you do not understand something, ask questions and do not sign anything until you fully understand everything, including the fine print.


Home Away From Home

A Resource for International Students


A lease is a legal binding document that specifies the terms and conditions agreed upon by a tenant and landlord. Everybody who stays in a rental must have a lease. A landlord can be an individual, a housing community or property management company. Depending on the landlord, the lease can be on an apartment, home or for a room within a home and can have more than one name on it. For example, when a room is shared between two people. There are fees associated with signing a lease, so make sure you understand what you are obligated to provide financially when you sign or if you were to cancel or sublease.

Zip Code Use

An important note about tracking, ordering and receiving packages is to be sure to enter the correct zip code. Around the Tempe campus there are 85281, 85288, and 85282. Downtown Phoenix campus is 85004 while West Campus is 85069 and Polytechnic campus is 85212. In order to receive the packages safely and accurately, these codes are very important to put at the end of the address.

Groceries and Meals

Adjusting to a new environment as an international student is a struggle. It’s even harder when we are homesick and craving home cooked meals. Luckily, there are quite a number of options around campus. There are international food markets, shops and restaurants that can help satisfy the need for a good authentic meal within a few miles of each campus.


Subleasing (Subletting or Re-letting) is when the person whose name is on the lease finds another person to pay the monthly rent. That person is the subtenant. This can happen if a student needs to leave and cannot break the lease. It can be a great way to ensure you don’t lose money. Subleasing is different from transfer of a lease where a tenant breaks the lease before the contract period and it’s transferred to somebody else. As a subtenant, you’ll have the same rights as the original renter. It is important to sign any documents at the leasing office or in front of the landlord. Not all places offer subleasing as an option. Make sure to be aware of your rights and for a quick reference on laws, students should refer to AZ Department of Housing website and review this guide’s Contacts and Resources (pg. 40).


The city of Tempe is covered by a bus service called “Orbit”. It is a set of 6 blue buses named after planets that connects all parts of the city. The Valley Metro takes residents out of Tempe, to the neighboring cities like Chandler, Peoria etc. These buses can be accessed via the various bus stops around Tempe by purchasing a ticket at the transit center. You can track all routes and timings of these buses via an app called “Transit”. The Arizona Motor Vehicle Division provides services to obtain a driver’s license, on completion of a computer based test followed by a practical driving test. A license can be a useful tool for a student to have in case he/she has trips to make for college purposes and enables them to drive legally around the United States.


You Ready to Move Out?

Not sure? Ask yourself these questions to start.

Do you know where you want to live?

Flip to the Housing Directory (pg. 46) to find hundreds of apartments and places of living near ASU campuses.

Can you afford to live there?

Check out the budgeting outline on the next page (pg. 20). There you can gather rough estimates for costs of living.

If you know you’re ready to go...

Do you want to live with roommates?

Consider the Roommate Agreement (pg. 22) and what responsibilities you would have to share a living space.

How will you get to campus from there?

Visit the Transportation section (pg. 32) for various resources on how to get around town and to ASU.

Rough Moving Timeline

8+ Weeks Away: Find a Place

Decide on a place to live. This may be sooner or later depending on the type of housing you want.

6–3 Weeks Away: Declutter

Sort through everything, this will make it easier to move. Stop buying more stuff, you’re moving soon! Try to sell items for extra cash or donate.

2 Weeks Away: Start Packing

Start with items you don’t need often as you begin to pack things up. Think about which items you’ll need easy access to.

1 Week Away: Set Up Utilities

Set up utilities not included in your lease/rent. You may need to make a deposit. You don’t want to have to move in with no air conditioning!

5–2 Days Away: Moving Prep

Reserve a moving truck or ask a friend. Pack a first night bag with essentials. Do everything you can to take the pressure off future you.

Moving Day

Eat a good breakfast, get enough sleep the night before, and pack snacks - it’ll be a long day!

Scan for more resources.

Budgeting Outline

First time moving out? Just got a new job? Here are some tips for money management!

Total Monthly Income - Total Monthly Expenses = Positive or Negative Budget

If total income minus total expenses is not a negative number, you can move out! Bonus points if you have a bit left over to put in your savings.

Public Transportation Costs:

The Valley Metro system offers a light rail system and buses that travel all around Tempe. The public transportation system is affordable with a one-day pass priced at $4 and a monthly ticket totaling $64. There is also free transportation offered by the Tempe street car, neighborhood circulators, and flash bus.

Car Insurance:

Average cost of U.S. car insurance is $137. This may be higher depending on age, claims, car type, and other factors.

Renters Insurance:

The app “Lemonade Insurance” offers low-cost renters, condo, and homeowners insurance for anyone within Arizona. Lemonade takes a flat fee and treats the rest of the money as yours, not ours. They use it to pay claims, and give what is left to charities you choose.


Estimated at $600/yr, $50 recommended to set aside per month for emergencies.


This includes groceries and eating out. ASU estimates that an off campus student living in the Phoenix Metro Area will spend $3,333 a year on food.

Utilities: (water, gas, electric, wifi, etc.)

Utilities are not always included in your monthly rent, make sure to ask your landlord or read your lease for which utilities and fees are covered and which ones you are responsible for. Average utilities cost in Tempe, AZ is listed at $164.68 as of 2022. Average price of basic wifi is $$68.24/mo (Source:


Consider your financial position and consider putting a recommended 20% of your monthly income in savings, or the amount left over every month. (Optional, but recommended)


Amount you are responsible for paying in tuition, books, fees, and supplies. Undergraduate cost of ASU Arizona resident tuition is $10,978, out-of-state costs $29,952, and international costs $32,760. The base tuition of graduate school as a Arizona Resident is $12,014, while nonresident costs $24,498, and International costs $26,460. ASU estimates that students will spend about $1000 a year on books and about $300 on supplies.

Total Monthly Income

How much do you earn in one month? This is key for the end of the budget, so calculate it now!

Rent: How Much can you afford. Make sure this is about 30% of your income or less. Average apartment rent in Tempe, AZ, with no roommates as of July 2022:

Studio: $1,270

1 Bed: $1,465

2 Bed: $1,720

3 Beds: $2,372

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Roommate Agreement

A formal contract to hold all roommates accountable when sharing a living space.

Rent Total: $_____________

Amount for _________ : $_________

Amount for _________ : $_________

Amount for _________ : $_________

Amount for _________ : $_________

Amount for _________ : $_________

Electricity is in ________’s name and we are: Splitting the bill evenly.

One is paying in full: __________

Water is in _______’s name and we are: Splitting the bill evenly.

One is paying in full: __________

Wi-Fi is in _______’s name and we are: Splitting the bill evenly.

One is paying in full: __________

The common space will be kept: Clean Neat


Cleaning will happen: Daily Weekly Monthly

Assigned date/s: _______________

When studying in the space, we are okay with: Complete quiet

Low music/headphones


Guests should be cleared ___ hours/days in advance.


Usage of the following personal belongings is OK:




Game Systems


Personal Items

We agree to relay messages to one another:



Phone calls

Preferred means of contact with roommate(s) during conflict:

Face-to-face conversation

Notes or text

We agree that quiet hours are starting at ________.

If a conflict arises, our plan of action will be as follows:

Additional things to consider:

Moving Tips and Tricks

Useful things to consider when moving into your new place.

Save money on boxes

• Use suitcases, duffel bags, baskets, etc.

• Use suitcases for heavier items such as books.

• Search Craigslist Free section for boxes.

Label or color code boxes

• Label on the side to always see what’s inside.

• Use colored duct tape & a permanent marker.

Wrap fragile items with towels or newspapers

This helps you save money on bubble wrap!

Packing clothes

Slide clothes on hangers into trash bags for easy transport and even easier unpacking!

Keep all liquids separate

Cover opening with plastic wrap, then close.

First night box

Pack an “essential box” in a laundry basket or small overnight bag of clothes and toiletries necessary before you are fully unpacked.


Safety Tips

See something? Say something! Call the police non-emergency number if you see suspicious activity, or call 911 for fast help.

Avoid walking alone, but if you do, tell someone where you’re going. Plan your route and use well-lit, well-traveled

Safety is a shared responsibility. Sun Devils keep each other safe! 10
alert and aware of your surroundings and/or nearest exit; Report suspicious behaviors and activities! 07
08 Photograph valuable items and record model and serial numbers; Or use the website. 03

Lock doors and windows in your dorms, apartments, and vehicles! Keep your valuables out of sight!

ASU Students should register their bikes at an ASU bike valet, and use a quality U-lock always!


Get to know neighbors, Watch out for one another!


Be cautious using dating apps or social media. Meet new people at a public location and never at your (or their) residence.

If you purchase items online, insist on meeting at a police station or bank during the day. Avoid meeting at night or alone.


If you’re out with friends, use common sense and moderation. Always have a designated driver and look out for each other.

02 Safety Scan for more resources.

Fire Safety

The Tempe Fire Department is concerned about your safety both on and off campus. When choosing off-campus housing, ensure that fire safety plays a role in your efforts to choose an apartment, just as you consider crime prevention issues. Since January of 2000, 100 students have died in campus-related fires in the United States, with almost 80 percent occurring in off-campus housing, according to Campus Firewatch, a monthly newsletter focusing on the complex issues of campus fire safety.

Four factors have frequently been identified in many off-campus fires:

• Lack of automatic fire sprinklers

• Missing or disabled smoke alarms

• Careless disposal of smoking materials

• Impaired judgment from alcohol consumption

With ASU being the one of the largest universities in the U.S., we are not immune from the dangers of fire, as evidenced by two near tragic fires in off-campus housing during the 2006 fall semester. Some or all of the factors identified above were involved in the Tempe fires. One fire involved a condominium in which two students were physically rescued by firefighters and suffered severe smoke inhalation, requiring lengthy stays in the Maricopa County Hospital Burn Unit. In the second serious off- campus fire, one student was seriously injured when she was forced to jump from a second floor patio to escape the flames.

There is a great deal of choice when it comes to selecting off-campus housing. Consider the added protection provided by automatic fire sprinklers. Know that smoke detectors are required in all rental housing units in Tempe, and ask that the unit be tested to ensure that it is working before you select the apartment. Ask when the last fire inspection was done on the building and do not hesitate to ask to see the Fire Department’s Inspection Form so that you can be knowledgeable about any noted violations of fire code.

How do I report an emergency?

9-1-1 is the phone number to call to report a fire, police or medical emergency. 9-1-1 is initially answered by the Tempe Police Department, regardless

It’s important to be aware of the dangers of fires, and how to respond to one.

of the emergency you are reporting. However, if you are reporting a fire or medical emergency, you will immediately be connected to a Fire, Medical, or Rescue Department.

Basic fire safety rules include:

• No sleeping in a building without a working smoke detector.

• Know two ways out of any building that you are in, whether it is your house, apartment, theater or night club.

• After a gathering, check seat cushions on couches and chairs for cigarettes that may be smoldering, and dispose of cigarette butts properly.

• Do not overload extension cords, it may cause them to overheat.

• Make sure you have a fire extinguisher and that you know how to use it.

Additionally, you can call the Community Risk Reduction Division at 480-858-7232 for additional information and/or request your apartment complex complete a fire inspection. Choose and maintain a fire safe environment for your residence while attending Arizona State University.

The Dangers of Hoarding

The issue of residential hoarding is a real problem all around the Valley and Tempe Fire is reaching out to the community to raise awareness of this growing problem and to communicate that help is available. Tempe firefighters have experienced many cases of hoarding. It is a dangerous trend that risks the lives of firefighters and residents alike. People with friends or loved ones who may have a problem with hoarding can seek help from the Arizona Hoarding Task Force at 602-778-3363. This collaboration of agencies provides links to research, support groups and personal organization services. Tempe residents also can find help through the city’s Care 7 Victim Assistance program at 480-350-8032 or visit the Care 7 page on the Tempe website.

How often should a fire extinguisher be replaced?

There are no requirements for personal residences, but it is recommended that they be visually checked every year to make sure there are no cracks or rust and to make sure the pin is still in the green. After 10 years or so the extinguisher should be replaced.


Personal Safety

The Tempe Police Chief’s Office of Community Policing would like to provide you with basic personal safety tips and crime prevention info:

• Do stay alert. Keep your mind on your surroundings, who’s in front of you and who’s behind you. Don’t get distracted. If you’re worried about crime, ask a friend to accompany you when you go out.

• Do communicate the message that you’re calm, confident, and know where you’re going. Stand tall, walk purposefully, and make quick eye contact with people around you.

• Do trust your instincts. If you feel uncomfortable in a place or situation, leave.

When Walking:

• Plan the safest route to your destination and use it. Choose well lit busy streets and avoid using vacant lots, alleys, or construction sites. Take the long way if it’s the safest.

• Know your neighborhood. Find out what stores and restaurants are open late and where the police and fire stations are. Carry your purse close to your body and keep a firm grip on it. Carry a wallet in an inside coat or side pants pocket

• Don’t flaunt expensive jewelry or clothing.

• Walk facing traffic so you can see oncoming cars.

• Don’t overburden yourself with packages and groceries that make it hard to react.

• Have your car or house key in hand as you approach your vehicle or home.

• If you suspect you’re being followed by someone on foot, cross the street and head for the nearest well lit, populated area. Walk quickly or run to a house or store to call the police.

• If you are being followed by someone in a car, change direction immediately and make a visible point of writing down the license number.

In Your Home:

• You should not automatically open your door when someone knocks, especially if you’re alone. Know who is outside and use the eye viewer.

• Keep your windows locked when you are away and while sleeping.

• When away or at home, draw your blinds or curtains to prevent thieves from seeing your valuables.

• Never remain in the laundry room in an apartment community alone.

Safety Escort Service:

Many students attend evening courses or stay after hours on campus. As part of its Campus Safety Initiative, the ASU Parents Association supports the operational costs of the Safety Escort Service on the Tempe campus of ASU.

The Safety Escort Service shuttles students to any ASU Tempe campus building during evening hours. Call ahead or visit the Safety Escort Service website for their schedule. If you would rather not use the escort, be sure to travel around campus with others in the evening and at night.

Self Defense Programs:

Visit the website for information, resources, and tutorials on self defense.

Take Action Today!

If you see a crime being committed, call the police immediately at 9-1-1. Be sure to report all suspicious activity to our non emergency line at (480) 350-8311. You and your neighbors are safe when you look out for each other!


Plan your route

Choose a route that is safe and comfortable for you to cycle on. It could be a road or trail.

Ride the same direction as cars

Riding with the flow of traffic is safer, legal, courteous and smart. It reduces the speed of cars relative to your bike and puts you where drivers look for traffic.

Cycling on the road

If you don’t feel safe cycling on a particular road, choose a parallel route that you do feel safe on, or walk your bicycle on the sidewalk.

Follow all traffic signs and lights

Bikers must abide by all laws drivers do. Come to a complete stop at stop signs and walk your bicycle through crosswalks and on sidewalks.

Biking Tips

03 02 01 10
Things you should stop and consider when riding around town, sharing the road, or just exploring the outdoors.

Be visible at night, dusk, and in the rain

Have a front white light, rear red light, bicycle reflectors and wear light colored/reflective clothing.

Be aware of what is going on around you

Never wear earbuds/headphones, text, or use a cell phone while cycling. This helps you stay alert and aware of your surroundings.

Be courteous

Pass on the left, give plenty of space and an audible signal. Yield to pedestrians. Bicycle slowly on the campus mall, and walk your bike in walk only zones.

Turn responsibly

Look over your shoulder. Signal with your arm. Only begin turning or switching lanes after it’s clear you can.

Wear a helmet, sunglasses and sunscreen

It’s best to be fully protected in case of an accident or harsh sun, even on cloudy days.

Lock your bicycle well

Register your bicycle at bike.asu. edu and use ASU’s free bicycle valet parking or ASU’s free cardaccess bicycle parking. Use a high quality U-lock.

09 04 08 07 06 31

Parking and Transportation

Metro Light Rail

METRO light rail runs through the heart of the Tempe and Downtown Phoenix campuses. It provides quick and efficient service between the two campuses as well as to a number of destinations in the greater Phoenix area, including a connection to Sky Harbor International Airport.

Tempe Campus Stops (take the westbound train for

Downtown Phoenix):

• University Drive & Rural Road

• Veterans Way & College Ave

• Mill Ave & Third Street

Downtown Phoenix Campus Stops:

• Van Buren & Central Ave. (for westbound trips)

• Van Buren & 1st Ave (for eastbound trips; traveling back to Tempe)

How to Ride:

1. Plan your trip using the online trip planner at or Google Transit

2. Buy a transit pass at any light rail station, transit center, retail outlet or online. For a list of retail locations, visit:

3. Activate your pass before boarding. Keep your pass as proof of payment. Platinum Pass/U-Pass users, validate before each trip by touching your card to the orange target

4. Signs on the front and side of the train show the train’s final destination

5. Trains stop at every station. Upcoming stops are announced on the train

Fare Vending Machines

Fare vending machines are located at each light rail station. An all-day or multi-day pass is also valid on the bus for the purchased time period.

How To Use:

1. Push any button to activate screen. Choose full fare or reduced fare (available to youth ages 6 through 18, seniors ages 65 or older, persons with a disability or Medicare card holders. Must have valid proof of eligibility to use reduced fares.) or Express/RAPID bus

2. Select the fare type: 1-Ride*, All-day, 7-day, 15day or 31-day. *Valid only on light rail.

3. Select the number of passes you wish to buy. There is a maximum quantity of five passes per transaction

4. Choose to activate now (if you’re planning to ride immediately), or wait to activate to use at a later date. The 1-Ride fare is automatically activated upon purchase

5. To pay, insert cash or coins or select credit or debit card. Fare vending machines are limited to accepting a total of 20 coins and 15 bills during a single transaction. If the customer exceeds the coin and/or bill limit, the machine will cancel the transaction and return the coins to the customer.

6. Remove your passes. Don’t forget your change and/or receipt

Report vending machine malfunctions by calling (602) 253-5000.

Cross Parking

Cross parking is a opportunity that allows any ASU decal holder to park outside of their designated lot or structure anytime after 4:00pm. Cross parking is also not permitted at anytime in the following locations:

• Parking Structure 1(PS1) A PS 1 or PS 1E decal is required at all times Monday – Thursday PS 1 is open to cross parking only on Fridays after 4 p.m. and weekends

• Parking Structure 3 (PS3) A PS 3 or PS 3E decal is required at all times Mon-Thurs. PS3 is open to cross parking only on Friday after 4 p.m. and weekends

• Parking Structure 6

• ASU Fulton Center Parking Structure

• Lot 72

• Residential Lot 50 and 63

• Any area reserved for ASU vehicles

How to Purchase a Parking Decal

Decals may be purchased through online services (with the exception of Residence Hall decals) or in person at Parking and Transit Services, Decal Sales (Room 105, The Towers, 525 S. Forest Ave.), between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM (MST) weekdays. Resident hall students, who wish to purchase a permit, must do so in person at the Decal Sales office. In order to purchase a decal to park at a residence hall or fraternity/sorority house, one must show a residence hall check-in sheet or a resident hall validation stamp on their Sun Card. For more information contact the ASU Parking and Transit office at 480-965-6124.


The FLASH (Free Local Area Shuttle) is a free transportation alternative that runs every 15 minutes Monday-Friday. The FLASH Northbound starts at Spence, goes North on McAllister, and circles Lot 59 before ending at the Tempe Transportation Center, while FLASH Southbound takes the exact opposite route, making it a convenient option for students to get around ASU’s Tempe campus.


Tempe Street Car Begins Service on Roads Around Arizona


Tempe Streetcar, a new addition to the city’s transportation network, took its first run Friday morning. The Tempe City Council approved the $200 million streetcar proposal in April 2016, and construction began in 2018. With 14 stations and two connections to the Valley Metro Rail, the Tempe Streetcar runs a 3-mile route on Mill and Ash avenues from Rio Salado Parkway and Marina Heights to Dorsey Lane and Apache Boulevard, the Tempe Streetcar website says.

Rather than having its own track like the light rail, the Tempe Streetcar’s rails share the roads with vehicle traffic. In a tweet on Saturday, one day after the streetcar’s opening, Valley Metro announced the streetcar was “temporarily suspended due to a collision.” About half an hour later, Valley Metro tweeted that streetcar service was restored.

The streetcar was funded jointly by ASU, the City of Tempe, the Federal Transit Administration, a half-cent sales tax approved by Tempe voters in 1996 for transit expansion, and a mix of private investors. It was originally planned to be completed in mid-2021, but was delayed in the process of manufacturing and distributing the vehicles.

The streetcar will run from 6 a.m. to midnight Mondays through Saturdays and from 8 a.m. to midnight on Sundays. It will arrive at stops every 15 to 20 minutes, according to the Valley Metro Streetcar Transit schedule. The Tempe Streetcar will also be free for all riders for the first year of its operation, Valley Metro said in a news release on April 28.

Before the streetcar began its first run on Friday, multiple local leaders and elected officials held a ribbon-cutting ceremony. “It will connect Tempe and Arizona State University to fast, convenient carfree options for nearly 55,000 students at the main campus,” region nine administrator for the Federal Transit Administration, Ray Tellis, said.

After four years of construction and $200 million spent, the Tempe Streetcar is now open and will be free for its first year of operation.
Photo Credit:

Life on the Light Rail

What has the light rail offered me?

Choosing an apartment community that was close to public transportation was important to me, that’s why I chose to live at Tempe Station. Living at Tempe Station I am able to take the light rail virtually anywhere that I want to go, even though I have a car I still prefer to use the light rail. Aside from the benefits to saving money on gas, reducing pollution, and less wear and tear on your car, to me the light rail offers an easier alternative than driving. When I am going to work or school I can use that time to read or do some extra studying. Additionally, if I want to go out on the weekends I can do so safely knowing that I can enjoy my night and not have to worry about any drunk drivers that may be on the road.

What is the U-Pass?

The U-Pass is a transit pass offered by Valley Metro and Parking & Transit Services at ASU. It is an alternative to paying for a parking pass and dealing with tight parking spaces, and valid on any public transportation offered by Valley Metro, including: the light rail and bus systems, LINK, RAPID and Express bus systems. The U-Pass can be up to half the cost of a traditional parking pass, and offer a greener mode of transportation while saving money on gas and parking.

What can the light rail do for you?

There are many great places that are accessible by light rail throughout the Phoenix area, and there are extensions planned to extend that reach. There are many exciting sporting venues that can be reached by the light rail including the basketball and baseball stadiums in downtown, as well as what ASU has to offer. For those students who travel home for the holidays, Sky Harbor Airport is a short ride on the light rail from Tempe. Some other places that are right on

A guide to riding the Valley Metro light rail.

the light rail include the Mesa Arts Center via the new extension into Mesa, the Phoenix Marquee Theatre, Mill Ave, Downtown Phoenix and Mesa, as well as the Tempe Improv theatre. Places such as the Phoenix Zoo and Botanical Gardens offer great student discounts and are just a short light rail and bus ride from Tempe, both offer a great escape for students feeling overwhelmed or looking for a relaxing break. Valley Metro also has extensions planned to enhance Phoenix’s public transit system. For example, starting in 2017 development will begin on the Tempe Streetcar, a light rail type system that will add a transit line from Terrace and Apache Blvd. to Marina Heights on Rio Salado Parkway, the route will split and travel up Mill and Ash Ave from Apache to Rio Salado. This will allow students to get much closer to the southern and east side of campus via this route, instead of walking from the existing station on Rural and University.

Safety tips while riding the light rail:

•Travel with at least a couple friends at night.

•Be aware of your surroundings (i.e. safety call buttons, emergency exits, anything unusual etc.)

•If you are feeling worried, ride in the front car closer to the driver’s cabin for comfort.

•Stay in well-lit areas at the light rail stations.

•Always keep at least one ear bud out so you can hear important announcements.

•Be kind and courteous to your fellow passengers.


Valley Metro Rail Stations

St/Je erson

20. 38th St/Washington

21. 4 4 t h S t / W a shi n g t o n

22. 5 0t h S t / W a shi n g t o n

23. P r i e s t D r / W a shi n g t o n

24. C e n t e r P k w y / W a shi n g t o n

25. M il l A v e / 3rd S t

26. V e t e r a n s W a y / C o l l e g e A v

Salt River Salt River 202 17 10 17 10 202 101 143 51
1. 19th Ave/Dunlap 2. N o r t h e r n / 1 9t h A v e 3. G l e n d a l e / 1 9t h A v e 4. 19th Ave/Montebello 5. 19th Ave/Camelback 6. 7th Ave/Camelback 7. Central Ave/Camelback 8. C a m p b e l l / C e n t r a l A v e 9. I n d i a n S ch o o l / C e n t r a l A v e 10. O s b o r n / C e n t r a l A v e 11. T h o m a s / C e n t r a l A v e 12. E n c a n t o / C e n t r a l A v e 13. M c D o w e l l / C e n t r a l A v e 14. R oo s e v e l t / C e n t r a l A v e 15. Van Buren/Central Ave 15. Van Buren/1st Ave 16. Washington/Central Ave 16. Je erson/1st Ave 17. 3rd St/Washington 17. 3rd St/Je erson 18. 12th St/Washington 18. 12th St/Je erson 19. 24th St/Washington 19. 24th
e 27. U n i v e r s i t y D r / R u r a l 28. Dorsey/Apache Blvd 29. McClintock/Apache Blvd 30. S m i t h - M a r t i n / A p a c h e B l v d 31. P r i c e - 1 0 1 F w y / A p a ch e B l v d 32. Sycamore/Main St 33. A lm a S ch o o l / M ai n S t 34. C o u n t r y C l u b / M ai n S t 35. C e n t e r / M a i n S t 36. M es a D r / M a i n S t 37. S t a pl e y / M a i n S t 38. G i l b e r t R d / M a i n S t 19th Ave Dunlap Ave Northern Ave Glendale Ave Bethany Home Rd Camelback Rd Indian School Rd Thomas Rd McDowell Rd Van Buren St Broadway Rd Southern Ave 7th Ave Central Ave 7th St 12th St 16th St 24th St 32nd St 40th St 48th St Priest Dr Main St University Dr Rio Solado Pkwy Mill Ave Rural Rd McClintock Dr Price Fwy Dobson Rd Alma School Rd Extension Rd Country Club Dr Center St Mesa Dr Horne Stapley Dr Harris Dr Gilbert Rd Washington St Je erson St Lincoln St Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 15 17 17 18 18 19 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 16 16 Scottsdale/ Paradise Valley Phoenix Tempe Salt River PimaMaricopa Indian Community Mesa LEGEND Light Rail Expansion to Metro Rail PHX Sky Train Station Location Park-and-Ride Station Location Eastbound Station only Westbound Station only Tempe StreetCar (in construction) N Valley Metro Rail Stations

Tempe Orbit Systems

Tempe Orbit System Map

Area of route with flag stops

Area de la ruta que utiliza la señal de parada

Area of route with designated stops

Area de la ruta que utiliza los paraderos de autobús

“Forward” travels in the

“Back” travels in the counterclockwise direction

“Forward” viaja en el sentido de las manecillas de reloj

“Back” viaja en el sentido contrario a las manecillas del reloj

Orbit Earth

Orbit Jupiter

Orbit Mars

These trips run on school days only. Estos viajes se realizan solo en días escolares.

Orbit Mercury

Orbit Saturn

Orbit Venus

All Orbit routes travel in both directions unless indicated by arrows.

Todas las rutas del autobús Orbit viajan en ambas direcciones a menos que sea indicado por flechas direccionales.

This portion of the route is served when the bus is traveling in the clockwise or northbound or eastbound direction.

El autobús sirve esta parte de la ruta cuando viaja hacia el norte y en direccíon este.

This portion of the route is served when the bus is traveling in the counterclockwise or southbound or westbound direction.

El autobús sirve esta parte de la ruta cuando viaja hacia el sur y en direccíon oeste.

Valley Metro Rail Stop Rutas del tranvía Valley Metro Rail

Transfer to Scottsdale Trolley Transfiera al Trolebus de Scottsdale

No stop zone policy: When 15 mph speed limit signs are posted in a school zone, Orbit will not stop in between the signs. During all other times, Orbit may stop within the school zone.

Zonas en las cuales no se permite parar: Cuando los rótulos que indican la velocidad de 15 mph están colocados en una zona escolar, el autobús Orbit no puede detenerse dentro de la zona. El autobús Orbit puede parar dentro de la zona escolar en cualquier otro momento cuando no estén colocados los rótulos.

All Orbit mini-buses are wheelchair accessible and are equipped with bike racks to accommodate two bikes.

Todos los minibúses Orbit están equipados para que suban las sillas de ruedas y para cargar dos bicicletas.

Valley Metro Regional Bus Route & Schedule Information/ Información sobre rutas y horarios: (602) 253-5000

39 Tempe Sports Complex Estrada Park ROAD RANCH RD 52ND ST GREENTREE DR HAR A V M M M M M M M M M University Dr. Rio Salado Pkwy. Mill Ave. Priest Dr. Hardy Dr. Mill Ave. Dobson Rd. Priest Dr. Hardy Dr. Forest Ave. Apache Blvd. Hayden Rd. McKellips Rd. Lilac Dr. McKellips Rd. Curry Rd. Curry Rd. Scottsdale Rd. Miller Rd. Continental Dr. Broadway Rd. Alameda Dr. Lakeshore Dr. LakeshoreDr. Southern Ave. Baseline Rd. Guadalupe Rd. Elliot Rd. McClintock Dr. McClintock Dr. College Ave. Rural Rd. Rural Rd. Price Rd. Country Club Wy. McClintock Dr. Price Rd. 5th St. 3rd St. 13th St. Bridalwreath St. Weber Dr. Marigold Ln. Valerie Dr. Tempe Dr. Victory Dr. Evergreen Rd. Alameda Dr. Concorda Dr. RiverDr. Del Rio Dr. Los Feliz Dr. VeteransWay Harold St. Perry Ln. College Ave. Lindon Ln. Beck Ave. 10th St. Gammage Pkwy. Farmer Ave. Roosevelt St. Lemon St. Hayden Ln. Smith Rd. Lola Ln. George Dr. Dorsey Ln. Dorsey Ln. 8th St. McAllister Ave. McAllister Ave. Lemon St. Spence Ave. TerraceRd. V s a De CerroDr WashingtonSt La Jo aDr Weber Dr Laguna Dr. Oak St. Country Club Way Butte Ave. Kenwood Ln. Kenwood Ln. Oxford Dr. Cornell Dr. Watson Dr. Hazelton Ln. Terrace Rd. Roosevelt St. Hardy Dr. Bell de Mar Dr. Ma bu Dr Malibu Dr. George Dr. Evergreen Rd. CornellDr iremAllA a Way Grove Pkwy Rio Salado Pkwy Tempe Beach Park Rio Salado Park Tempe Papago Park Evelyn Hallman Park Indian Bend Park Gammage Auditorium Clark Park Joyce Park Scudder Park Celaya Park Ken McDonald Golf Course Kiwanis Community Park Gaicki Park Optimist Park Hollis Park Meyer Park Rotary Park Ehrhardt Park Daumler Park Shalimar Golf Course Selleh Park Jaycee Park and Westside Multi-Gen Center Daley Park Creamery Park Esquer Park Escalante Park & Community Center Tempe Community Complex Arizona State University Sun Devil Stadium Tempe Town Lake Tempe St. Lukes Hospital Tempe Marketplace North Tempe Multi-Gen Center Alegre Park Tempe Transportation Center Benedict Sports Complex T N
clockwise direction

Resources &Contacts

General information covering the Arizona community.

Safety Escort Service

An exceptional service that the Undergraduate Student Government provides to all members of Arizona State University community. The Safety Escort Service ensures students, faculty, and staff a safer alternative than walking alone to campus parking lots, structures, and residence halls. In the form of a golf cart or van, the Safety Escort Service provides an escort for free from any on-campus location. Safety Escort Service is open from 7:00 PM-2:00 AM, seven days a week. If you would like to be picked up consistently on a certain day and time every week, call and request to be put on the “regulars list” by calling (480) 965-1515. Once they are on the list, there is no need to call in the future. Safety Escort Service drivers will arrive as close to the requested time as possible. The Safety Escort Service is open during the fall and spring semesters, as well as the Summer Sessions. Service is closed during summer, winter, and spring breaks. Download the LiveSafe app to request a SafeRide or call 480-965-1515. Call ASU Police at (480) 965-3456 for safety escort at Downtown, Polytechnic and West campuses, or during off-hours.

Off-Campus Housing Fair

Each year, ASU Student Media’s Off-Campus Housing Division hosts two, FREE for students, Off-Campus Housing Fairs that take place in November and March on ASU’s Tempe campus. The event provides a onestop shop for students, faculty, and staff to research the various off-campus living options. The Off-Campus Housing Fair is a unique on-campus opportunity for ASU students to speak personally with representatives from local housing and apartment communities. The

event has expanded to include vendors that provide amenities and services related to living off-campus, thereby increasing the information students need before transitioning to off-campus living. Don’t miss this huge event! For questions please visit our website at for relevant information.

Increase Voter Registration on Campus

• Mall Voter Registration – During USG tabling hours, volunteers will actively reach out to students to register to vote

• Special Events and Guest Speakers – USG and volunteers will register voters at ASU events and Government Relation Training sessions

• Work to secure an early polling site at ASU Tempe

USG Goals

• Local and State Lobbying Efforts

• Work with NAU, UofA, and Arizona State to lobby the state legislature on behalf of all Arizona university students

• Develop effective campaign strategies to put pressure on key legislators to further our higher education goals

Government Relations

The USG Government Relations Department serves as an advocacy group to our administration, the Arizona Board of Regents, the City of Tempe, the Governor’s Office, the State Legislature, and the federal government on behalf of the student voice.

Guest Speakers

• Request that legislators, research analysts at local think tanks, the governor, etc. speak at ASU about higher education issues

• Bring prominent people to campus (i.e., educators, politicians, business leaders, etc.)

Bike Co-Op

Located in the rear of the Sun Devil Fitness Complex (SDFC), it is a service that assists students in making sure their bikes are running smoothly and efficiently. We also sell routine maintenance items, fix bikes, and have many used spare parts that are available

for those who need them. We can also order virtually any part you need for your bike, from good-quality economical parts to high- end, high-performance equipment, at prices lower than you can find at virtually any bike shop. In addition to this service, USG also provides a Free Bike Rental Program, in which any student can rent out our bikes for free for two week periods at a time. The hours of operation of the Bike Co-Op are Monday-Friday, 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. You can set up appointments at your campuses Co-Op shop at

Important Contacts

Off-Campus Information

Fair Housing Office: 602-771-1000

Off-Campus Housing:

Community Outreach:

City of Tempe volunteer office: 480-350-5190

Campus Information

ASU (Tempe): 480-965-2100

ASU (West): 602-543-5500

ASU (Polytechnic): 480-727-1585

ASU (Downtown): 602-496-4636

Undergraduate Admissions

ASU (Tempe, Poly, West, Downtown): 480-964-7788

Student Financial Assistance: Tempe Campus

General Questions: 855-278-5080

Student Employment: 480-965-5186

Scholarship Office: 480-965-4845

Graduate College: 480-965-3521

Dean of Students: 480-965-6547

Dean of Student Services:

Student Advocacy and Assistance:

Counseling Services: 480-965-6146

Counseling Services Open Call Open Chat:

Resources Scan for more resources.

Tempe Housing Code Requirements

Why a Rental Housing Code?

While most property owners, landlords and property management companies do their best to maintain rental units in safe and healthy conditions, others may neglect needed repairs on their properties. Exterior conditions such as peeling paint, curling roof shingles and dead landscaping may have a negative effect on surrounding property values and breed apathy in a neighborhood. Interior conditions such as adequate cooling and heating, proper plumbing, and correct electrical connections are all necessary to secure the well-being and safety of the tenant. The City of Tempe’s Rental Housing Code was adopted in January 1998 to ensure that rental housing units, both single and multi-family units, remain free of deteriorated and slum-like conditions. This information is intended to provide a summary of Tempe’s Rental Housing Code requirements. For specific information or a complete copy of the Rental Housing Code, please contact Code Compliance at 480-350-4311.

Zoning & Development Code Definition

Family means:

1. One (1) or more persons related by the 3rd degree of consanguinity, adoption, marriage or as domestic partners as defined in Section 7-105, and not more than two (2) additional persons living together in a dwelling unit

2. Not more than three (3) persons who are not related by the 3rd degree of consanguinity, adoption, marriage or as domestic partners, living together in a dwelling unit

Safety and Security

For the purpose of safety and security, each and every rental unit within the City is required to meet the following minimum conditions:

• Smoke Detectors are required in each unit and must be in working condition at all times

• Locking devices are required for exterior swinging or sliding doors, and on all windows that are opened and are accessible from the outside

• Every principal entrance door must have an eye viewer or adjacent window, which allows a view of the area directly in front of the door

• In complexes of more than four units, public stairwells, parking lots, exterior entrances and postal box areas must meet specific lighting requirements for safety purposes. Call for specific information on these requirements

Sanitary Facilities

Every rental housing unit must have sanitary facilities adequate for personal cleanliness, properly installed and maintained, including: Flush toilets, lavatory basins, bathtubs or showers, hot water service of at least 110 degrees, water-seal traps and a reasonable flow of water (not less than one gallon-per-minute).

Kitchen Areas

A kitchen sink, oven, stove, and refrigerator are all required and must be in sound condition. A reasonable flow of water and water-seal traps are required. Countertops, pantries and cupboards shall be free from holes, breaks or cracks and the surface must be easily cleanable.

Electrical, Lighting and Thermal Environment

Every habitable room shall have two outlets and either a permanent light fixture or a third outlet controlled by a wall switch. Permanent light fixtures are required in each laundry room, bathroom and kitchen. Permanently installed heating facilities, able to provide a temperature of at least 70 degrees, and cooling devices, able to provide adequate cooling (dependent upon the unit type) are required. No oven, stove, range or unventilated combustion heater may be used for the purpose of heating a unit.

Doors, Windows, and Ventilation

Specific requirements for doors, windows and ventilation are enumerated in the Rental Housing Code. As a summary, each unit is required to have weather- tight exterior doors and windows that provide adequate light and ventilation. Any unit cooled by an evaporative cooler, which is not equipped with upducts, shall have at least one open able exterior opening that is screened. All screens must be in good condition, free from holes, tears or other imperfections. For more information, questions or to register a complaint, please contact: Code Compliance Phone: 480-350-4311

Degree of Consanguinity

The City of Tempe regulates the number of people that can legally occupy a property. In single family dwellings, more than three (3) people that are not related can not live together as a household.


Walk Score F.A.Q.

What is Walk Score?

Walk Score provides information on the walkability of a location and gives the location an overall grade based on its walkability performance. Walk Score looks for the distance and time to get to places from a location. Walk Score also looks for the amenities around a location that are walk-able. Walk Score includes a bike and transit score as well.

What information does Walk Score not include?

• How many streets to cross

• Sidewalks

• Weather

• Differentiating certain amenities

See for transit and bike scores!


Navigating walkability scores in a city

Walker’s Paradise

Daily errands do not require a car


Very Walkable

Most errands can be accomplished on foot


Somewhat Walkable

Some errands can be accomplished on foot



Almost all errands require a car


Most errands require a car to complete 0-24

Safety Data

To assist you in finding the location that will meet your safety needs, you can research areas and their crime data by scanning here:

Off-Campus Living Leases 101

• Formal contract that is legally binding

• Review and understand the contract

• Research the community and area

• Create a roommate agreement

ASU Legal Clinic


All Off-Campus Resources

Housing Search Checklist

ASU Off-Campus

Housing Website

ASU Off-Campus

Housing Guide

Housing Renter Education

Community Building


Student Connections

Every Monday 2-3pm on Zoom

Intiative and Courage

Building Cultural Capital and Seeking New Opportunties

Every Friday 5-6pm on Zoom


Renter Insurance


Guarantor & Co-Signer

Off-Campus Living Budget

Sample Roommate Contract



Off-Campus Housing Directory

Utilities included in rent

Furnished units, *furnished/unfurnished option

Laundry facilities in units, *communal facilities

Pets allowed in units, on property

Pool included as amenity

Disabled facilites included

Within walking distance to bus routes

Within walking distance of light rail/street car

Walk Score: walking convenience of location (see pg. 44 for more info)

extensive archive for living arrangements that can be found near all 4 ASU Campuses. Tempe Downtown West Polytechnic
Scan to visit the listed apartments’ websites
$1,460–$2,074 909 West 909 W Grove Parkway ,Tempe, AZ, 85283 (480) 865-2330 1–3 37 Agave 1718 S Jentilly Lane, Tempe, AZ, 85281 (844) 643-9221 $1,436–$2,557 0–3 77 Alight Tempe 1900 E Apache Blvd, Tempe, AZ, 85281 (480) 966-3300 $845–$999 2–4 66 Property Rent Rooms Walk Score Te mp e
Property Rent Rooms Walk Score Rates
$1,280ñ $1,675 $1,409ñ $2,344 Desert Palm Village 1215 E Vista Del Cerro Dr, Tempe, AZ, 85281 (480) 568-6342 Emerson Mill Apartments 101 W 5th St, Tempe, AZ, 85281 (480) 725-6738 1ñ3 1ñ2 83 90 Aqua Apartments 1532 S Price Rd, Tempe, AZ, 85281 (480) 966-6465 Aria on Mill 2430 S Mill Ave, Tempe, AZ, 85282 (480) 968-6322 $1,300ñ $1,400 Call 1ñ2 58 1ñ2 52 Atmosphere Tempe 707 S Forest Ave, Tempe, AZ, 85281 (855) 383-5906 Avana Tempe 30 W Carter Dr, Tempe, AZ, 85282 (480) 561-2826 $1,049ñ $1,220 $1,270ñ $1,824 62 90 0ñ2 0ñ4 Brix Apartments 1424 S Jentilly Ln, Tempe, AZ, 85281 (833) 997-2779 Butterfield Park Apartments 1215 S Dorsey Ln, Tempe, AZ, 85281 (480) 255-2179 Call Call 1ñ2 1ñ2 67 81 Cape Cod 910 S Gary Dr, Tempe, AZ, 85281 (480) 968-5238 $1,299ñ $1,399 1ñ2 75 Canvas 1028 E Orange St, Tempe, AZ, 85281 (602) 903-7042 Call 0ñ4 78 Apollo Tempe 1100 E Apache Blvd, Tempe, AZ, 85281 (480) 504-5300 Call 1ñ4 84 Asteria Apartment Homes 1975 University Dr, Tempe, AZ, 85281 (623) 526-2107 $1,455ñ $1,740 1ñ2 76 Off-Campus Connection Partner Off-Campus Connection Partner 47 Housing Directory
subject to change. Contact property to confirm. Ask about specials
Key (left to right, see pg. 46 for more details): utilites in rent, furnishings, laundry facilities, pets allowed, pool, disabled facilites, on bus line, on rail line.

Emerson Square

1701 E 8th St, Tempe, AZ, 85281

(480) 966-4655


1250 W Grove Pkwy, Tempe, AZ, 85283 (833) 729-6726

Galleria Palms

1600 La Jolla Dr, Tempe, AZ, 85282

(480) 418-2540

Garden Grove

900 W Grove Pkwy, Tempe, AZ, 85283 (833) 387-8165

Gateway at Tempe

1655 E University Dr, Tempe, AZ, 85288 (602) 960-4559

Granada Lakes

5701 S Rural Rd, Tempe, AZ, 85283 (480) 838-4528

Hidden Glen

818 W 3rd St #113, Tempe, AZ, 85281 (480) 968-8183

Highland Park

5038 S Hardy Dr, Tempe, AZ, 85282 (480) 897-0641

Hudson on Farmer 707 S Farmer Ave, Tempe, AZ, 85281 (480) 933-0381

La Cresenta

1025 E Orange St, Tempe, AZ, 85281 (480) 967-8203

La Mirage

610 E Gilbert Dr, Tempe, AZ, 85281

(480) 900-7649

Lakeside Drive

500 W 1st St,Tempe, AZ, 85281 (480) 573-6337

Lofts on 8th

1403 E 8th St, Tempe, AZ, 85281 (602) 960-4922

Property Rent Rooms Walk Score $1,592ñ $2,652+ NEXA 1221 E Apache Blvd, Tempe, AZ, 85281
0ñ3 82 Te mp e
Connection Partne r
(480) 530-6759
$875ñ $950 $1,300ñ $1,875 Call Call $1,600ñ $2,824 $825ñ $1,025 $842ñ $1,016 Call Call $1,322ñ $1,513 $1,584ñ $2,594 $1,416ñ $4,259 1ñ3 1ñ3 0ñ2 1ñ2 0ñ3 4 62 64 78 87 60 39 71 75 0ñ2 1ñ3 1ñ2 63 1ñ2 59 1ñ4 70 1ñ2 30
$1,088ñ $1,650 0ñ2 70

Rd, Tempe, AZ, 85283 (480) 839-4877

Omnia on McClintock 1715 E Don Carlos Ave, Tempe, AZ, 85281 (480) 967-7357


1500 E Broadway Rd, Tempe, AZ, 85282 (480) 637-5643

Ovation at Tempe

4505 S Hardy Dr, Tempe, AZ, 85282 (480) 820-1634

Park Place Tempe

1317 S Terrace Rd, Tempe, AZ, 85281 (480) 900-5956

Parkside Apartments 1801 S Cutler Dr, Tempe, AZ, 85281 (623) 323-1738

Parq on 5th 805 W Brown St, Tempe, AZ, 85281 (480) 428-3732

Paseo on University 1255 E University Dr, Tempe, AZ, 85281 (480) 968-8118

Rancho Las Palmas

1249 E Spence Ave, Tempe, AZ, 85281 (480) 829-9607

Property Rent Rooms Walk Score Omnia Baseline
$1,192ñ $1,800 0ñ2 72
1145 W
$1,176ñ $1,222 1ñ2 42
$1,185ñ $1,385 $1,135ñ $1,580 $1,500ñ $1,750 Call Call $1,398ñ $1,724 $1,068ñ $1,793 0ñ2 1ñ2 74 62 83 77 0ñ2 0ñ4 1ñ2 49 0ñ4 66 0ñ2 74 Mission Springs 1311 W Baseline Rd, Tempe, AZ, 85283 (480) 780-1867 $1,235ñ $1,436 0ñ2 57 Rates subject to change. Contact property to confirm. Ask about specials Icon Key (left to right, see pg. 46 for more details): utilites in rent, furnishings, laundry facilities, pets allowed, pool, disabled facilites, on bus line, on rail line. Nines at Lakeside 999 E Baseline Rd, Tempe, AZ, 85283 (480)
Oliv Tempe 704 S Myrtle Ave, Tempe, AZ, 85281 (480) 210-1690 $1,420ñ $1,945 $1,099ñ $2,025 0ñ3 0ñ3 48 91 Murietta at ASU 1717 S Dorsey Ln, Tempe, AZ, 85281 (480) 966-5184 $1,265ñ $1,990 1ñ3 61 Call Nine20 Tempe 920 S Terrace Rd, Tempe, AZ, 85281 (928) 247-6600 0ñ4 79 Off-Campus Connection Partner 49

Redpoint Tempe

708 S Lindon Lane, Tempe, AZ, 85281

(602) 783-1100


625 W 1st St, Tempe, AZ, 85281

(480) 968-5444

Sakara Villas at Tempe

910 E Lemon St, Tempe, AZ, 85281

(480) 967-9367

San Marbeya

1720 E Broadway Rd, Tempe, AZ, 85282 (602) 842-6234

San Marino

600 W Grove Parkway, Tempe, AZ, 85283

(623) 263-7810

San Palmilla

750 W Baseline Rd, Tempe, AZ, 85283

(480) 447-2369

San Portella

2155 South 55th St, Tempe, AZ, 85282

(480) 659-6285

Sanctuary on Broadway

1330 W Broadway Rd, Tempe, AZ, 85282

(480) 418-9934

Scottsdale Gateway

2100 N Scottsdale Rd, Tempe, AZ, 85281 (480) 945-8423

Skye at McClintock

1831 E Apache Blvd, Tempe, AZ, 85281 (480) 306-7622

Skywater at Townlake

601 W Rio Salado Pkway, Tempe, AZ, 85281 (480) 725-2183


1949 E University Dr, Tempe, AZ, 85281 (480) 542-7378

Solaris on University

1314 W University Dr, Tempe, AZ, 85281 (480) 870-8217

Studio 710

710 S Hardy Dr, Tempe, AZ, 85281 (480) 372-2818

Tempe Horizons
St, Tempe, AZ, 85281
Call $995+ 1ñ2 2 78 73 Property Rent Rooms Walk Score
3501 S McClintock Dr, Tempe, AZ, 85282 (480) 897-6458
(480) 921-3332
$965ñ $2,999 $1,069ñ $1,349 $1,095ñ $1,500 0ñ2 0ñ2 81 75 77 0ñ4
$1,195ñ $1,860 $1,112ñ $2,134 $1,395ñ $2,525 Call $1,394ñ $2,378 $1,529ñ $2,274 Call $1,284ñ $2,350 $1,555ñ $2,500
1ñ3 1ñ3 1ñ3 1ñ3 80 67 26 67 58 0ñ3 1ñ3 71 0ñ2 79 1ñ2 54 1ñ3 40
$915ñ $1,079 $1,322ñ $1,452 0ñ2 66 3ñ5 50 Te mp e
Property Rent Rooms Walk Score The Access 1811 E Apache Blvd, Tempe, AZ, 85281 (520) 987-8429 $1,290ñ $1,590 0ñ3 78 The Heights on Lemon 1224 E Lemon St, Tempe, AZ, 85281 (480) 534-7267 The Lennox at Tempe 1655 E Southern Ave, Tempe, AZ, 85282 (520) 523-2461 Call $1,500ñ $1,900 2ñ3 81 84 1ñ2 Tempe Station 2323 E Apache Blvd, Tempe, AZ, 85281 (480) 690-3150 $1,553ñ $2,187 1ñ3 55 $1,305ñ $2,998 $1,300ñ $2,355 Tempe Vista 2045 E Broadway Rd, Tempe, AZ, 85282 (480) 999-9564 Ten01 on the Lake 1001 E Playa Del Norte Dr, Tempe, AZ, 85281 (623) 244-4422 1ñ2 0ñ4 47 24 The Bradford 1037 S Farmer Ave, Tempe, AZ, 85281 (602) 618-0836 $925+ 4 77 The Harper 4690 S Lakeshore Dr, Tempe, AZ, 85283 (480) 618-7534 $1,669ñ $2,732 65 1ñ3 The Cameron 2062 E Cameron Way, Tempe, AZ, 85281 (833) 214-7953 The Carmin 1000 E Apache Blvd, Tempe, AZ, 85281 (866) 526-9018 The District on Apache 977 E Apache Blvd, Tempe, AZ, 85281 (480) 719-4010 The Enclave 3255 S Dorsey Ln, Tempe, AZ, 85282 (480) 690-9597 The Frederick Tempe 1275 E University Dr, Tempe, AZ, 85281 (480) 967-2110 Call $1,495ñ $2,470 $1,995ñ $3,320 $1,299ñ $1,999 $1,537ñ $2,695 1ñ4 37 1ñ3 78 1ñ3 63 1ñ4 76 0ñ4 77 The GRID at Mesa 233 E Main St, Ste 101, Mesa, AZ, 85201 (480) 904-8444 Call 81 0ñ2 Rates subject to change. Contact property to confirm. Ask about specials Icon Key (left to right, see pg. 46 for more details): utilites in rent, furnishings, laundry facilities, pets allowed, pool, disabled facilites, on bus line, on rail line.
Off-Campus Connection Partner
Townhomes at Kyrene 647 W Baseline Rd, Tempe, AZ, 85283 (480) 588-8121 $2,246ñ $2,785 2ñ3 74 University House 323 E Veterans Way, Tempe, AZ, 8528 (480) 664-8097 $1,129ñ $1,789 0ñ5 89 Property Rent Rooms Walk Score Tides at Parkview 1235 W Baseline Rd, Tempe, AZ, 85283 (480) 820-2724 Tides on East Broadway 1865 E Broadway Rd, Tempe, AZ, 85282 (480) 968-8697 Tides on South Mill 3730 S Mill Ave, Tempe, AZ, 85282 (480) 590-1867 $925ñ $1,545 $1,050ñ $1,650 $1,625+ $1,530ñ $1,795 $1,250+ The Rockford 1207 E 8th St, Tempe, AZ, 85281 (480) 966-2170 The Warhol 1415 E Apache Blvd, Tempe, AZ, 85281 (480) 758-4499 2 0ñ2 1ñ3 1ñ2 73 77 62 62 0ñ2 72 University Park 1015 E University Dr, Tempe, AZ, 85288 (480) 966-2393 Call 0ñ2 79 Union Tempe 712 S Forest Ave, Tempe, AZ, 85281 (480) 561-2823 Call 0ñ5 91 The Local 750 S Ash Ave, Tempe, AZ, 85281 (480) 573-6360 The Newport 1106 E Weber Dr, Tempe, AZ, 85281 (805) 636-9805 The Regency 1100 E Lemon St, Tempe, AZ, 85281 (855) 646-0201 The Rev 3409 S Rural Rd, Tempe, AZ, 85282 (520) 412-2325 The Rise at Retreat 1025 E Orange St, Tempe, AZ, 85281 (480) 967-8203 $1,540ñ $3,175 Call Call $1,305ñ $1,485 $1,450 0ñ2 78 0ñ3 2ñ3 0ñ1 0ñ2 87 69 82 73 Te mp e Off-Campus Connection Partne r
Urbana at Broadway 2026 S Hammond Dr, Tempe, AZ, 85282 (480) 966-3368 Call 1ñ2 56 Property Rent Rooms Walk Score University Valley 1115 E Lemon St, Tempe, AZ, 85281 (480) 968-2555 $850ñ $1,175 82 0ñ2 University Pointe 919 E Lemon St, Tempe, AZ, 85281 (480) 757-8264 $1,207ñ $1,278 80 0ñ2 Yugo Tempe 1111 E Apache Blvd, Tempe, AZ, 85281 (480) 867-6553 $579ñ $1,738 1ñ2 79 Volta on Broadway 1221 E Broadway Road, Tempe, AZ, 85282 (520) 666-9750 $1,450ñ $2,333 0ñ3 65 Villagio Apartment Homes 1133 W Baseline Rd, Tempe, AZ, 85283 (480) 831-2012 $1,299+ 1ñ3 64 Vertex Apartments 1050 S Terrace Rd, Tempe, AZ, 85281 (480) 867-6595 Call 1ñ4 81 V on Broadway 1890 S Country Club Way, Tempe, AZ 85281 (833) 658-1128 Vela at Tempe Townlake 555 N College Ave, Tempe, AZ, 85288 (888) 254-2160 Call Call 1ñ2 0ñ2 54 38 West 6th 115 W 6th St, Tempe, AZ, 85281 (480) 565-4729 Call 1ñ4 90 $1,195ñ $1,585 Willow Creek 2020 E Broadway Rd, Tempe, AZ, 85282 (480) 968-4924 1ñ2 42 $1,150ñ $1,950 Westmount At Downtown Tempe 615 S Hardy Dr, Tempe, AZ, 85281 (833) 691-5175 1ñ3 76 Rates subject to change. Contact property to confirm. Ask about specials Icon Key (left to right, see pg. 46 for more details): utilites in rent, furnishings, laundry facilities, pets allowed, pool, disabled facilites, on bus line, on rail line. Off-Campus Connection Partner Off-Campus Connection Partner Off-Campus Connection Partner 53

Adeline 222 E Jefferson St, Phoenix, AZ, 85004 (602) 962-7681

Altura 330 E Pierce St, Phoenix, AZ, 85004 (602) 715-2888

Arts District

222 E McDowell Rd, Phoenix, AZ, 85004 (480) 452-1016

Aspire Fillmore

601 N 3rd Ave, Phoenix, AZ, 85003


Aspire Park Central 100 W Catalina Dr, Phoenix, AZ, 85013 (480) 530-3533

Broadstone Portland 320 E Portland St, Phoenix, AZ, 85004 (480) 485-2823


100 W Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ, 85012 (520) 274-1989

Camden Copper Square 901 E Van Buren St, Phoenix, AZ, 85006 (602) 671-3131

Carol Mary 501 E Willetta St, Phoenix, AZ, 85004 (833) 266-4933

Property Rent Rooms Walk Score 44 Monroe 44 W Monroe St, Phoenix, AZ, 85003 (602) 761-4533 5th Ave PHX 630 N 5th Ave, Phoenix, AZ, 85003 N/A 601 PAX 601 W Fillmore St, Phoenix, AZ,
(833) 276-7103 $1,620+ $1,280ñ $1,705 $2,467+ 1ñ3 1 95 87 1ñ2 85 Continental Apartments 1030
$1,075ñ $1,100 0ñ1 96
St, Phoenix, AZ, 85004
Ave PHX Terra 555 N 5th Ave, Phoenix, AZ, 85003 (602) 836-4680
$723ñ $1,597 Call $1,570+ N/A $1,625+ Call $1,669+ $1,464+ $1,549 $1,225+ 1 83 N/A 0ñ3 0ñ2 0ñ3 1ñ2 66 N/A 78 89 93 76 76 N/A 0ñ2 0ñ2 95 0ñ2 80 $1,499+ $1,476ñ $5,754
Central Ave, Phoenix,
0ñ2 0ñ3 85 95 Downtown
Circa Central Ave 1505 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ, 85004 (833) 412-0956 Cityscape Residences 11 S
AZ, 85004 (602) 932-1421
Property Rent Rooms Walk Score Derby 800 N 2nd St, Phoenix, AZ, 85004 (602) 910-3467 Eco Phx 301 W Roosevelt St, Phoenix, AZ, 85003 N/A El Cortez 3130 N 7th Ave, Phoenix, AZ, 85013 (623) 624-8464 Elevation on Central 4650 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ, 85012 (833) 788-8712 Escape Apartments 4700 N 16th St, Phoenix, AZ, 85016 (602) 635-1439 $965ñ $1,299 $1,447ñ $2,039 $1,640ñ $2,074 N/A $1,185ñ $1,824 0ñ2 96 0ñ2 83 0ñ2 86 0 78 1ñ2 N/A $1,450ñ $1,750 $1,220ñ $2,334 Lydian 1314 N 3rd St, Phoenix, AZ, 85004 (602) 584-7458 Mason Oliver 11 S 12th St, Phoenix, AZ, 85034 (480) 618-7766 1ñ2 1ñ2 82 67 Rates subject to change. Contact property to confirm. Ask about specials Icon Key (left to right, see pg. 46 for more details): utilites in rent, furnishings, laundry facilities, pets allowed, pool, disabled facilites, on bus line, on rail line. Jay on 4th 700 N 4th St, Phoenix, AZ, 85004 (480) 867-6537 $1,400+ 0ñ3 95 Fountains in the Green 3019 N 14th St, Phoenix, AZ, 85014 N/A Haverly 31 E Thomas Rd, Phoenix, AZ, 85012 (602) 584-5757 iLuminate 290 E Roosevelt St, Phoenix, AZ, 85004 (602) 595-6993 InHabit on Seventh 5615 N 7th St, Phoenix, AZ, 85014 (602) 795-0362 N/A $1,630+ $2,140+ $1,290ñ $1,820 0ñ3 0ñ2 0ñ2 79 N/A 96 73 0ñ3 Linear 295 295 E Roosevelt St, Phoenix, AZ, 85004 (480) 361-0448 Lofts on 7th 2722 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ, 85006 (602) 881-6282 $1,740ñ $2,830 Call 1 81 1ñ2 96 Kenect Phoenix 355 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ, 85004 (602) 842-6475 $1,390ñ $2,290 0,1,3 94 Off-Campus Connection Partner 55

Midtown Flats

825 W Osborn Rd, Phoenix, AZ, 85013 (602) 778-0123

Monte Vista

302 E Monte Vista Rd, Phoenix, AZ, 85004 (602) 254-3257

Mozaic at Steele Park

411 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ, 85012 (623) 239-0787


1616 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ, 85004 (623) 257-6316

Omnia on Thomas

1645 E Thomas Rd, Phoenix, AZ, 85016 (602) 362-7146

Parc Midtown

3993 3rd Ave, Phoenix, AZ, 85041 (602) 584-8619

Portola Biltmore 2323 E Flower St, Phoenix, AZ, 85016 (602) 957-0100

Portrait at Hance Park

1313 N 2nd St, Phoenix, AZ, 85004 (602) 755-6726

Proxy 333

333 E McKinley St, Phoenix, AZ, 85004 (623) 239-0639

Pure Midtown

425 W Osborn Rd, Phoenix, AZ, 85013 (833) 573-0800

Roosevelt Point

888 N 4th St, Phoenix, AZ, 85004 (602) 894-4323

Roosevelt Row

330 E Roosevelt St, Phoenix, AZ, 85004 (480) 867-6566

Roosevelt Square 121 W Portland St, Phoenix, AZ, 85003 (844) 817-7303

Property Rent Rooms Walk Score TerraceVue 622 N 9th Ave, Phoenix, AZ, 85007 (623) 930-7700 $949+ 1 84 The Battery 411 S 3rd St, Phoenix, AZ, 85004 (833) 441-1468 $1,555ñ $4,219 0ñ2 80 Downtown $1,475ñ $2,455 Skyline Lofts 600 N 4th St, Phoenix, AZ, 85004 (623) 738-1753 0ñ2 94
$1,330ñ $1,880+ $1,389ñ $2,556+ $980ñ $3,373 $1,545ñ $2,310 $1,199ñ $1,699 $1,349ñ $2,355 $1,475ñ $1,800+ Call Call $1,625ñ $3,034+ $1,502ñ $2,642 $1,425ñ $1,625 $1,140ñ $1,500 1ñ2 93 1ñ2 1ñ2 1ñ2 1ñ2 1ñ2 1ñ2 80 85 71 74 95 81 96 95 1ñ2 1ñ2 1ñ2 62 1ñ2 81 1ñ2 73 1ñ2 76

The Grayson on the Rail

5300 E Washington St, Phoenix, AZ, 85034 (480) 999-0739

The Heritage

1100 E Osborn Rd, Phoenix, AZ, 85014 (602) 932-6482

The McKinley

280 W McKinley St, Phoenix, AZ, 85003 (480) 750-4290

AZ, 85004 (844) 972-4314

The Rey 400 N 2nd Ave, Phoenix, AZ, 85003 (602) 635-3182

The Station on Central 4140 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ, 85012 (855) 327-8956

The Stewart 800 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ, 85004 (623) 400-5268

The Trend at 51 1615 E Georgia Ave, Phoenix, AZ, 85016 (520) 208-6415

Tides on Osborn 1502 E Osborn Rd, Phoenix, AZ, 85014 (602) 297-2233

Union @ Roosevelt 888 N 1st Ave, Phoenix, AZ, 85003 (833) 615-1157

220 N 12th St, Phoenix, AZ, 85034 (602) 932-7527

X Phoenix, AZ

200 W Monroe St, Phoenix, AZ, 85003 (602) 887-1131

Acoma Thunderbird

5615 W Acoma Dr, Glendale, AZ, 85306 (602) 843-0558

Aspire Thunderbird

5150 W Eugie Ave, Glendale, AZ, 85304 (877) 563-7322

West Property Rent Rooms Walk Score
$1,200ñ $1,980 $1,650ñ $1,700 $1,264ñ $2,048 1ñ2 63 0ñ4 1ñ2 92 38 Rates subject to change.
property to confirm. Ask about specials Icon Key (left to right, see pg. 46 for more details): utilites in rent, furnishings, laundry facilities, pets allowed, pool, disabled facilites, on bus line, on rail line. $1,180ñ $1,580 VB on 12th Street
0ñ1 74
$1,473ñ $2,340 $1,545ñ $3,380 $1,299ñ $1,599 0ñ2 86 1ñ3 47 0ñ2 30
$1,425ñ $2,825 $1,490ñ $3,865 $1,530ñ $4,250 $1,425ñ $1,620 $1,165ñ $1,845 $1,706ñ $2,227 0ñ2 0ñ2 0ñ2 68 95 74 58 93 0ñ2 1ñ3 1ñ2 93
$1,598ñ $3,712 1ñ2 96
The Met at 3rd and Fillmore 200 E Fillmore St, Phoenix,
Off-Campus Connection Partne r
Property Rent Rooms Walk Score Call Rise on Cactus 12021 N 43rd Ave, Phoenix, AZ, 85029 (602) 978-1828 1ñ2 67 Citra Apartments 16804 N 42nd Ave, Phoenix, AZ, 85053 (833) 565-1054 Call $1,586ñ $1,836 Cantala 5959 W Greenway Rd, Glendale, AZ, 85306 (623) 244-6216 1ñ2 1ñ2 39 73 Indigo Creek 14221 N 51st Ave, Glendale, AZ, 85306 (602) 833-7166 $1,464ñ $2,043 1ñ3 42 Country Gables 15010 N 59th Ave, Glendale, AZ, 85306 (602) 932-2920 Cuvee Apartments 7200 N 91st Ave, Glendale, AZ, 85305 (602) 807-4878 Desert Lakes 8245 N 27th Ave, Phoenix, AZ, 85051 (623) 552-3074 Glenridge 13610 N 51st Ave, Glendale AZ, 85304 (602) 843-2222 $1,457ñ $2,190 $1,130ñ $1,485 $1,395ñ $1,775 $1,135ñ $1,645 1ñ2 64 1ñ2 64 1ñ2 38 1ñ2 46 Jerome Apartments 6451 W Bell Rd, Glendale, AZ, 85308 (520) 502-7962 Northern Edge 2339 W Northern Ave, Phoenix, AZ, 85021 (602) 368-4824 Paseo Park 5205 West Thunderbird Rd, Glendale, AZ, 85306 (602) 786-9180 Portola North Phoenix, AZ 2700 W Sahuaro Drive, Phoenix AZ, 85029 (602) 866-8623 Renaissance Apartments 13421 N 43rd Ave, Phoenix, AZ, 85029 (602) 529-6762 $1,175ñ $2,270 $1,250ñ $1,800 $1,150ñ $1,975 $1,049ñ $1,599 $1,371ñ $1,910 1ñ3 1ñ2 1ñ2 63 62 72 50 69 1ñ3 1ñ2 Rosewood Court Apartments 5104 N 16th Ave, Phoenix, AZ, 85015 (602) 237-6857 Sagewood Apartments 15082 N 59th Ave, Glendale AZ, 85306 (888) 594-5291 Sanctuary on 22nd 8530 N 22nd Ave, Phoenix, AZ, 85021 (602) 371-0021 Call Call $1,100ñ $1,400 1ñ3 37 1ñ3 1ñ2 71 36 We st

Sierra Canyon 17500 N 67th Ave, Glendale, AZ, 85308 (623) 292-7443

Sierra Pines

Sun Creek

15050 N 59th Ave, Glendale, AZ, 85306 (602) 978-3589


5020 W Thunderbird Rd, Glendale, AZ, 85306 (602) 978-0025

Villa Vita 8175 W Ludlow Dr, Peoria, AZ 85381 (623) 777-8777

Villas on Bell

4045 W Bell Rd, Phoenix, AZ, 85053 (602) 298-1230

VLux at Peoria Heights 9190 N 83rd Ave, Peoria, AZ, 85345 (844) 564-2867

Acero Cooley Station

3939 E Vest Ave, Gilbert, AZ, 85295 (480) 795-6711


2350 S Wade Dr, Gilbert, AZ, 85295 (833) 212-4824

Azul at Spectrum 3134 S Market St, Gilbert, AZ, 85295 (602) 892-1086

Borrego at Spectrum 3004 S Market St, Gilbert, AZ, 85295 (480) 455-6438

Elevation SanTan

2045 E Boston St, Gilbert, AZ, 85295 (480) 247-6550

Liv Northgate

455 S Recker Rd, Gilbert, AZ, 85296 (480) 750-7445

32615 N Vly Pkwy, Phoenix, AZ, 85085 (520) 386-0027

MAA Sky View
$1,428ñ $2,413 1ñ3 46
$1,350ñ $1,750 $1,320ñ $1,775 $1,740ñ $2,175 $1,580ñ $2,885 $1,528ñ $2,667 $1,449ñ $2,000 $1,449ñ $2,000 $1,449ñ $2,000 $1,400ñ $2,000 $1,350ñ $1,750 $1,500ñ $2,400 $915ñ $1,400 $1,350ñ $1,500
9410 N 31st Ave, Phoenix, AZ, 85035 (602) 932-2916 Property Rent Rooms Walk Score 1ñ3 1ñ2 1ñ2 1ñ2 1ñ3 1ñ3 1ñ3 1ñ2 1ñ3 41 50 71 68 36 26 25 49 71 11 9 1ñ3 1ñ2 1ñ2 31 1ñ2 61 Tides on Dunlap 3333 W Dunlap Ave, Phoenix, AZ, 85051 (602) 973-0672 $1,250ñ $1,600 1ñ2 67 The Galleria 10654 N 60th Ave, Glendale, AZ, 85304 (623) 486-3165 Call 1ñ2 55 Rates subject to change. Contact property to confirm. Ask about specials Icon Key (left to right, see pg. 46 for more details): utilites in rent, furnishings, laundry facilities, pets allowed, pool, disabled facilites, on bus line, on rail line. 59


Springs at Alta Mesa

1865 N Higley Rd, Mesa, AZ, 85205 (480) 630-9567

Springs at Cooley Station

4210 E Williams Field Rd, Gilbert, AZ, 85295 (623) 323-5041

Springs at Red Mountain

2639 N Power Rd, Mesa, AZ, 85215 (480) 526-4419

The Crossing at Cooley Station

3700 E Williams Field Rd, Gilbert, AZ, 85295 (602) 842-0057

The Flats at San Tan

2550 S San Tan Village Pkwy, Gilbert, AZ, 85295 (480) 719-3777

The Highlands of Spectrum

1456 E Pecos Rd, Gilbert, AZ, 85295 (866) 458-3512

The Maxwell at Cooley Station 6151 S Power Rd, Mesa, AZ, 85212 (480) 805-9300

Trails at San Tan

2505 E Williams Field Rd, Gilbert, AZ, 85296 (833) 201-1248

Vistara at San Tan Village 1725 S Coronado Rd, Gilbert, AZ, 85295 (480) 470-6645

Vivace at Gateway Place 4500 E Ray Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85296 (480) 590-0287

Williams Gateway 5850 S Power Rd, Gilbert, AZ, 85295 (833) 416-0882

Call $1,560ñ $2,274 $1,402ñ $2,560 $1,377ñ $2,321 $1,160ñ $2,265 $1,141ñ $2,198 $1,261ñ $1,541 Call $1,368ñ $2,500 $1,655ñ $1,690 $1,260ñ $1,355 1ñ2 41 Property Rent Rooms Walk Score 1ñ2 1ñ2 1ñ3 1ñ2 1ñ3 58 63 27 32 59 31 40 1ñ2 1ñ3 1ñ3 43 1ñ3 36 1ñ3 49 San Privada
1480 E Pecos Rd, Gilbert, AZ, 85295 (602) 903-2381
Greenfield Rd,
(480) 656-4950 $1,430ñ $2,535 $1,440ñ $1,770 $914ñ $2,025 $1,350ñ $1,585 Red Stone at San Tan 1925 S Coronado Rd, Gilbert, AZ, 85295 (866) 929-1763 San Clemente 7640 S Power Rd, Gilbert, AZ, 85297 (480) 988-6959 1ñ3 1ñ2 1ñ3 1ñ3 47 41 37 49
E Pecos Rd,
$1,465ñ $1,770 1ñ3 4 Polytechni c
by Barron 2910 S
Gilbert, AZ, 85295
Gilbert, AZ, 85295 (833) 407-5403

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