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FROM OUR PASTOR, PRINCIPAL, & SCHOOL ADVISORY COMMITTEE We are pleased to present our Gratitude Report, an account of the generosity bestowed on our community during the 2017–2018 school year. Your investment in St. Anthony of Padua Catholic School directly enriches the experience of all students, from our youngest Pre-K learners to our eighth-grade leaders.

2017-2018 was an incredible year! Our new athletic fields and additional parking for the parish were dedicated; our football team brought home a GHCAA championship; our Paduan Parents stepped up in tremendous ways through volunteerism; and we hosted our first Homecoming! Most importantly, we celebrated daily the growth and achievements of our talented students.

Because of your continued generous support of our advancement initiatives and our school’s ongoing focus on moderating operating expenses, we were able to maintain a balanced budget in 2017-2018. And while our surplus was minimal, we were able to complete some much-needed upgrades to security, technology, and our campus facilities. These goals were realized despite offering a higher level of tuition assistance and our area’s struggle with effects of Hurricane Harvey. God is good!

Most importantly, we were able to offer an excellent education in a traditional Catholic school environment – one that celebrates faith, diversity, leadership, and service to others – to 479 children. We did this because of the amazing community that supports us – our parents, grandparents, faculty, alumni, and parishioners who give their time, money, and energy so that Catholic education in The Woodlands remains strong.

Thank you for all that you do to support St. Anthony of Padua’s mission. It would be almost impossible for us to thank each of you personally for all that you give to the school, or to relay each story that illustrates the ways in which your support helps our students and faculty. We do want you to know, however, that you are making a true and lasting difference in the lives of these young people, and for that we are sincerely grateful.

In closing, we want to thank Reneé Nunez for her 18 years of dedicated service to our school. During her tenure, the school has seen tremendous growth in all areas with our graduates moving on and accomplishing amazing things, living the mission of servant leaders. We also welcome Veronica Tucker as our new principal and look ahead to many years of continued success.






Chair, School Advisory Committee

2017-2018 SCHOOL ADVISORY COMMITTEE Tina Anderson | Rocio Arana | Angie Coscio | Celeste Fruge | Betty Hollas, Chair | Amy Janiszewski Kathleen Johnson | Steve Lastrapes | Fausto Lasta | Catherine Miller | Heather Rosas




Advancement Advancement








Parish Reimburs.



Parish Assist. 3%

Tuition Assist.






Salary/Benefits Tuition & Fees





Comm. Partners 3%

Steps 4 Students 2%

Fund for SA 48%

Auction Gala 46%



Reneé Nunez, Principal & Parish Director of Education

Heather Birsinger, 1st Grade

Susan Leddy, Assistant Principal Pre–K – 5th

Mary Beth Larkin, 1st Grade

Kendall Shamas, Assistant Principal 6th – 8th & Auxiliary

Kristi Doyle, 2nd Grade

Katie Tressel, Advancement Coordinator

Therese Abib, 2nd Grade

Leigh Moorman, Advancement Coordinator

Monique Loyo, 3rd Grade

Janay O'Connor, Counselor

Barbara Glanville, 3rd Grade

Olga Wunch, Learning Advisor

Meghan Preuss, 4th Grade

Leslie Pavlock, Nurse

Erin Weixel, 4th Grade

Nestor Cayanan, Religion Coordinator

Katherine Naeher, 5th Grade

Amy Leslie, Information Systems Coordinator

Kathy Graff, 5th Grade

Dale Quickel, Athletic Coordinator

Catherine Wogan, Learning Support Teacher

Heather Koett, Assistant Athletic Coordinator Cathy Russell, Admissions & Office Manager


Colette Carson, Business Manager

Robert Barnes, 6th Advisor & Social Studies

Mary Cunningham, Administrative Services

Jill Gregory, 6th Advisor & Math

Emily Booth, Administrative Services

Kelly Sturgeon, 7th Advisor & Science

Emily Domingo, Administrative & Communications

Sarah Turner, 7th Advisor & English Language Arts


Kristine Parks, 8th Advisor & English Language Arts Nestor Cayanan, 8th Advisor & Religion

Laura Foy, Pre–K3

Rebecca Morris, Math

Mona Rodriguez, Pre–K3 Assistant

Lisa Biagi, Learning Support Teacher

Vanessa Wilson, Pre–K4 Cinthia Bierbaum, Pre–K4 Assistant


Ann–Marie Dalton, Pre–K4

Joey Scale, Band

Patricia Tamez, Pre–K4 Assistant

Patricia Broussard, World Language & Spanish

Abby Smith, Kindergarten

Elizabeth Curtin, Theatre & MS Electives

Prudence Osman, Kindergarten Assistant

Suzanne Ettman, Art

Kari Golden, Kindergarten

Heather Koett, EC World Languages & PE

Linda Dueitt, Kindergarten Assistant

Rebecca Morris, PE–Angels & MS Electives Cynthia Ruff, Music 3–8 & Liturgical Music Caitlyn Surkein, Music Pre–K–2 & Liturgical Music Dale Quickel, PE & Health Kendall Shamas, Broadcast Media

TECHNOLOGY/LIBRARY MEDIA CENTER Arlene Failde, Technology & MS Electives Tammy Fishman, Librarian Amy Leslie, Instructional Technology & MS Electives Cristofer Mattern, Library & MS Electives

BEYOND THE BELL Susan Leddy, Coordinator Charlotte Aldrich, Manager Thelma Sanchez, Staff Gayle Perkins, Staff Ellen Pavlich, Staff

HIGHLIGHTS FORMER TEXANS COACH GARY KUBIAK HELPS DEDICATE FIELDS St. Anthony of Padua Catholic School hosted St. Laurence of Sugar Land for their first home football game on their new athletic fields on Sept. 15, 2017. Father Tom Rafferty celebrated the occasion by blessing the new fields and invited special guest, Gary Kubiak, former NFL coach of the Houston Texans and Denver Broncos, to address the players.


Mr. Kubiak shared a little bit about his personal

Hurricane Harvey's catastrophic reach

experiences growing up in Houston and playing

across the coastal communities of Texas

football. He stated that he still remains friends with

and Louisiana affected the lives and well-

some of his early teammates. Mr. Kubiak told the

being of our students and families.

students that he was proud of them and asked the players to thank their parents for the sacrifice they

We learned that two STAOPCS families

make to send their students to Catholic schools

were impacted with flood waters,

and allowing them to be involved in sports. He

damaging homes, destroying vehicles and

reminded the players of both teams, to have fun!

ultimately, displacing people.

St. Anthony of Padua’s new athletic fields were a

The school and parish community was

component of new campus enhancements,

able to assist these families, and many

including the St. Teresa Outreach Center which

others, with uniform replacements,

serves as a food pantry for the surrounding

grocery assistance, and financial support.

community and was a critical hub for Hurricane Harvey Relief.

Together with our Parish, over $250,000 in direct financial aid was distributed to those rebuilding from Hurricane Harvey. This was in addition to the thousands of material donations, such as bottled water, food, and hygiene items that were distributed.


Melanie Abdallah, Frassati Catholic High School

Patrick Jannes, Frassati Catholic High School

Riley Amador, Frassati Catholic High School

Avery Kemp, Frassati Catholic High School

Brendan Bell, Frassati Catholic High School

Lola Kiliddjian, Frassati Catholic High School

Brant Bergeron, Concordia Lutheran High School

Joseph Kloesel, Frassati Catholic High School

Hannah Bernardo, Frassati Catholic High School

Skyler Knight, Frassati Catholic High School

Matthew Brady, Frassati Catholic High School

Isa Knoepffler, Frassati Catholic High School

Sarah Campos, Frassati Catholic High School

Nicole Kowalchuk, Frassati Catholic High School

Ivanna de la Maza, Frassati Catholic High School

Jonathon Lee, St. Mary’s High School (CO)

Ashling DeGraaf, Frassati Catholic High School

Natalie McKeig, Frassati Catholic High School

Samuel Denison, Concordia Lutheran High School

Cole Merritt, Concordia Lutheran High School

Kyle Dixon, Magnolia High School

Nolan Newcomb, The Woodlands Christian Academy

Flora Domitrovic, The Woodlands High School

Sarah Page, Frassati Catholic High School

Andres Escobar, TW College Park High School

Styles Page, Frassati Catholic High School

Luke Evans, St. Thomas High School

Sarah Pavlock, Magnolia High School

Joshua Fishman, The Woodlands High School

Giselle Pedraza, Frassati Catholic High School

Sean Fitzpatrick, Concordia Lutheran High School

Will Phillips, Frassati Catholic High School

Veronica Flynn, Frassati Catholic High School

John Podowski, The Woodlands High School

Christopher Gambertoglio, Frassati Catholic High School

Ethan Reyes, The Woodlands High School

Maria Gonzalez-Vizzani, Frassati Catholic High School

Andrew Shrewsbury, Concordia Lutheran High School

Isa Guzman, Frassati Catholic High School

Rachel Strapp, Frassati Catholic High School

Sasha Heinle, Frassati Catholic High School

Will Strecker, Frassati Catholic High School

John Hill, Frassati Catholic High School

Tyler Twellman, Frassati Catholic High School

Giovanni Jabbour, Frassati Catholic High School

Reagan Whatley, The Woodlands High School

Addison Janiszewski, Concordia Lutheran High School

Mary Wittmer, Legacy Preparatory Christian Academy









We are sincerely grateful for the organizations who have financially supported our school and students in 2017-2018!



Orange Leaf

Black Walnut

Grub Burger Bar

Panera Bread

Chick-fil-A Alden Bridge

Jason's Deli

Plush Nails

Crust Pizza Alden Bridge

LouLou's Beignets

Russo's New York Pizzeria

Flippin' Pizza

MOD Pizza

Walking Tots

FUND FOR ST. ANTHONY The Fund for St. Anthony is vitally important as St. Anthony relies on income from charitable contributions to help reach a balanced budget each year. The Fund for St. Anthony is the primary avenue through which we fill the gap between the cost of providing an exemplary education for each student and the amount paid for tuition. The Fund for St. Anthony is made up of hundreds of gifts from St. Anthony of Padua parishioners, parents, alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends.Â

THE LEADERSHIP SOCIETY The Leadership Society is a group of lead benefactors to the Fund for St. Anthony, who through their generosity demonstrate a commitment to the ideals and mission of St. Anthony of Padua Catholic School. All individuals, companies and foundations are invited to join as members by making a gift of $1,000 or more to the Fund for St. Anthony. We are blessed and grateful for the devotion of the many members of The Leadership Society.

PADUAN PATRONS Gifts from Paduan Patrons provide major support for ongoing development at St. Anthony of Padua Catholic School. We are grateful to all who participate in the life of our school by making a commitment to the future of our outstanding students and faculty.



Mr. & Mrs. Steven Brady

Mr. & Mrs. Alfredo Amparan

Ms. Shaune Stauffer

Mr. & Mrs. Geoff Beatty Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Belhumeur


Mr. & Mrs. Michael Bell

Mr. & Mrs. Melony Bergeron

Mr. & Mrs. John Bong

Mr. & Mrs. Shane Frugé

Mr. & Mrs. Navell Carrone

Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Girotto

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Castillo

Mr. & Mrs. Thor Gunnlaugsson

Mr. & Mrs. Rodrigo DeAguirre

Mr. & Mrs. Mario Mendez

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Fantazia Mr. & Mrs. Ruben Garcia


The Gonzalez-Vizzani Family

Mr. & Mrs. David Doucet

Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Graeve

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Fedele

Ms. Bridget Hebert

Dr. & Mrs. Christopher Fedoruk

Debra & Jim Lammons

Mr. & Mrs. James Little

Mr. & Mrs. Lane Lease

Mr. & Mrs. Billy Martin

The Lorenzetti Family

Dr. & Mrs. Edward Nash

Mr. & Mrs. Billy Martin

Mr. & Mrs. Sam Perkins

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Melendez

Mr. Randall Riepe

Mr. & Mrs. Brett Merritt

Mr. & Mrs. James Riley

Mr. & Mrs. Gabriel Nahigian

Mr. & Mrs. Jason Rivers

Dr. & Mrs. Christopher Nelli Mr. & Mrs. Chip Nunez Dr. & Mrs. Andrew Oghena Stephanie & John Ourso Mr. & Mrs. John Perera The Piefer Family Mr. & Mrs. Marco Poisler Mr. & Mrs. José Ramirez Mr. & Mrs. Sid Reynaud Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Sloan Mr. & Mrs. Frank Sommers Dr. & Mrs. Peter Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. David Tressel Mr. & Mrs. Brian Velardo Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Walker Mr. & Mrs. William Walker, IV Mr. & Mrs. Brian Wells Mr. & Mrs. Michael Wing

Italics = STAOPCS Faculty & Staff




Mr. & Mrs. Roberto Abib


Anonymous (14)

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Baca

Mrs. Sharron Aldrich

Mrs. Monica Aguilar

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Barnhill

Ms. Judy Aucoin

Mr. & Mrs. Kurt Bitting

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Banar

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Boyd

Mr. Robert Barnes

Mr. & Mrs. Hal Brumfield

Mr. & Mrs. Eduardo Betancourt

Mr. & Mrs. Scott Custer

Mr. & Mrs. Ronnie Bilnoski

Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Dickinson

Mr. & Mrs. Byron Blaschke

Mr. & Mrs. William Evans

Mr. & Mrs. Pappy Bougere

Mr. Enrique Avilar & Mrs. Emelia Avila

Dr. & Mrs. John H Fischer

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Brennan

Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Baines

Mr. & Mrs. Matt Gregory

Mr. & Mrs. Craig Burch

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Bane

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Hayes

Rosalia & Brian Burke

Mr. & Mrs. Tito Bernardo

Mr. & Mrs. James Kalke

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Carroll

Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Kemp

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Castagna

Dr. & Mrs. Andrew Larkin

Mr. & Mrs. Greg Childress

Mr. & Mrs. Carlos Martinez

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Coleman

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce McIninch

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Cooper

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick McKenna

Mr. & Mrs. Mario Cruz

Mr. & Mrs. Gene Bohack

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Oghena

Ms. Liz Curtin

Mr. & Mrs. Tim Booth

Miss Vicky Pafk

Mr. & Mrs. Stan Doiron

Mr. & Mrs. Jervis Borrello

Mr. & Mrs. Randy Pais

Mr. & Mrs. Jason Enia

Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Botelho

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Ritter

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Jennings

Mr. & Mrs. Roger Schuering

Mr. Gordon Kloesel

Mr. & Mrs. Dwayne Sibille

Mr. & Mrs. Chase Lambin

Mr. & Mrs. William Stamps

Paula & Mark Lee

Dr. & Mrs. Jason Strecker

Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Lipinski

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Swad

Mr. & Mrs. Martin Podowski

Dr. Ferdinand Tamas

Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Rabalais

Mr. & Mrs. Mike Burton

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Twellman

Mr. & Mrs. Bernardo Roblesgil

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Burwick

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Usner

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Ross

Mr. & Mrs. Dan Cahill

Mr. & Mrs. Brad Walters

The Sanchez-Leรณn Family

Mr. & Mrs. Cesar Canals

Dr. & Mrs. Kevin Whatley

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Schmittauer

Mr. & Mrs. Harry Winslow

Mr. & Mrs. Brandy Snipp

Mr. & Mrs. John Ahearn Ms. Ely Alcala Mr. & Mrs. David Aldrich Mr. & Mrs. Michael Allen Mr. & Mrs. Danny Amador Mr. & Mrs. Tom Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Eduardo Arana

Mr. & Mrs. Justin Beyt Mr. & Mrs. Paolo Biagi Mr. & Mrs. Chris Bierbaum Mr. & Mrs. Tony Birsinger Ms. Teresa Bishop Mrs. Betty Blakeley

Mr. & Mrs. Phil Boudreaux Mr. & Mrs. Gary Boye Mr. & Mrs. Kirk Bozarth Mr. & Mrs. Dean Bracken

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Josh Veach Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Vieceli Mr. & Mrs. Matthew White

Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Brignac Ms. Patricia Broussard Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Burns

Mr. & Mrs. Johnny Cantu Mr. & Mrs. Terry Cantu Miss Susan Capehart Mr. & Mrs. Mark Cardinal Mr. & Mrs. Kelley Carson Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Cavaluzzi Mr. Nestor Cayanan Mr. & Mrs. Jose Cervantes Ms. Maria Chacon Mr. & Mrs. Zhi Chen Mr. & Mrs. John Christiansen Mr. Mark Christensen & Mrs. Hsin-Ru Wang Mrs. Ann Conrad Mr. & Mrs. Brian Coomes


Mr. & Mrs. Dave Gates

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kronenberger

Mr. & Mrs. Tom Corcoran

Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Gillispie

Dr. & Mrs. Neven Krstulovic

Mr. & Mrs. Aristeo Corona

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Glanville

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kurzy

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Corona

Mr. & Mrs. Ed Glinka

The Kwiatkowski Family

Mr. & Mrs. Eduardo Correa

Ms. Kari Golden

Mr. Larry Landry, Jr.

Dr. & Mr. Mark Coscio

Mr. & Mrs. Henry Gomez

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Lastrapes

Mr. & Mrs. Ted Crosby

Mr. Jim Gormley

Mr. & Mrs. Rick Lawrence

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Cunningham

Ms. Kathy Graff

Dr. & Mr. Shane Leahey

Jill & Ronny Daigle

Mr. & Mrs. Rick Graff

Susan & Matt Leddy

Mr. & Mrs. John R. Daigle

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Gregory

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph LeMaster

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Dalton

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Grimm

Mr. & Mrs. Raul Lerma

Mr. Huy Dang

Mr. & Mrs. Pablo Guzman

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Leslie

Mr. & Mrs. Jerod Davenport

Mr. & Mrs. Dean Hampton

Mr. & Mrs. Benjy Llames

Mr. & Mrs. Rodrigo DeAzevedo

Mr. & Mrs. Brad Halbach

Mr. & Mrs. Chad Liggon

Del-Angel Rincon-Aguilar Rodriguez      

Miss Patricia Hartman

Mr. Juan Lopez & Mrs. Ithza Aguilar de  


Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Heinson


Mrs. Elsie Deskins

Mr. & Mrs. Tom Heinzler

Mr. & Mrs. Jaime Loyo

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Dohm

Mr. & Mrs. John Held

Mr. & Mrs. Abel Machado

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Dompnier

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hempfling

Mr. & Mrs. Miguel Macias

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Dorsey

Mr. & Mrs. Raul Hermosillo

Mr. & Mrs. Hank Mahler

Kristy & Arthur Doyle

Mr. & Mrs. Fernando Hess

Mr. & Mrs. Mirek Malinowski

Mr. & Mrs. Perry Dueitt

Mr. & Mrs. Eric Heuring

Mr. & Mrs. Rosario Mannino

Mr. & Mrs. Emile Dufrene

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Hill

Mr. & Mrs. Franklin Marsan

Mr. & Mrs. Danny Durham

Mr. & Mrs. David Hollas

Mrs. Julie Martineau

Mr. & Mrs. Delfin Dy

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Holt

Mr. & Mrs. Victor Martinez

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Edwards

Mr. & Mrs. Joey Hron

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Mathews

Miss Hilary Elgart

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Huber

Mr. & Mrs. Cristofer Mattern

Mr. & Mrs. Chip Emerson

Ms. Helen Hudson

Mr. & Mrs. Chris Matos

Dr. Shannon Esse

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Hund

Mr. & Mrs. Vinko Maurac

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Estus

Mr. & Mrs. Dennet Hushka

Mr. & Mrs. Clay McCollor

Mrs. Suzanne Ettman

Mr. & Mrs. Samy Ibrahim

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin McEvoy

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Evanko

Mr. Jeffrey Jacob & Mrs. Kelli Schilling

Mr. & Mrs. James McDevitt

Mr. & Mrs. Juan Failde

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Jannes

Mr. & Mrs. Tom McGuire

Mr. & Mrs. Silvino Fernandez

Mr. & Mrs. William Japczynski

Mr. & Mrs. John McKeig

Mr. & Mrs. Tag Filley

Mr. & Mrs. Barton Joffrion

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick McKenna

Tammy & Carey Fishman

Ms. Jannis Johnson

Mr. Raul Medrano & Mrs. Sandra Perez  

Ms. Yvette Flot

Mr. & Mrs. Pete Johnson


Dr. & Mrs. Diego Flores

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Johnston

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Menard

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Flynn

Mr. & Mrs. Mackie Jouett

Mr. & Mrs. Tracy Messenger

Mr. Cecilia Fonseca

Mr. Thomas Juranek

Mr. & Mrs. Kenny Miller

Mr. George Fowler

Mr. & Mrs. Victor Kareh

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Miller

Ms. Laura Foy

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Kerrigan

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Mims

Dr. Feride Frech

Mr. & Mrs. John Kiliddjian

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mims

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Gambertoglio

Mr. & Mrs. Jay Kinch

Dr. Bruno Mina

Dcn. & Mrs. Ric Garcia

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Kliewer

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Miotke

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Garrett

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Koett

Mr. & Mrs. Travis Mixon

Mr. & Mrs. Don Garrow

Ms. Marilyn Kramer

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Moe

Mr. & Mrs. Carlos Garza

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Kramer

Mr. & Mrs. Craig Moorman

PADUAN PATRONS SUPPORTERS (CONT.) Mrs. Paola Daza & Mr. Gabriel Mora

Mr. & Mrs. Ben Reyes

Mr. & Mrs. Rob Taylor

Dr. & Mrs. Michael Morris

Mr. & Mrs. Edgar Reyes

Mr. Kenny Teague

Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Morvant

Mr. Jose Rivas Manjarrez & Mrs. Ana       Amelia-June Theriault

Mr. & Mrs. Fred Mulbrecht, Jr.

   Vazquez Flores

Boston Theriault

Mr. & Mrs. VJ Mullen, Sr.

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Robinson

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Thompson

Mr. & Mrs. Rodrigo Munguia

Mr. & Mrs. Frankie Rodriguez

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Thurston

Mr. & Mrs. KT Murphy

Mr. & Mrs. Gaston Rodriguez & Family

Mr. & Mrs. Roger Tietze

Mr. & Mrs. Eddie Murray

Mr. & Mrs. Rolando Rodriguez

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Tuano

The Naeher Family

Mr. & Mrs. Terry Rogers

Mrs. Sarah Turner

Mr. & Mrs. Franz Navarro

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Romer

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Tyrrell

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Newcomb

Mr. & Mrs. Guillermo Romero

Mr. & Mrs. Nsikak Umoh

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Niemeyer

Mr. & Mrs. Melanie & Steve Romero

Mr. & Mrs. Benny Van Osdell

Mr. & Mrs. Drew Nienhaus

Ms. Cynthia Ruff

Mr. & Mrs. Ben Van Staveren

Miss Carah Nunez

Mr. & Mrs. F.A. Ruffer

Mr. & Mrs. Rick Vera

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher O’Connor

Mr. & Mrs. Tim Russell

Mr. & Mrs. Matt Vezza

Mr. & Mrs. Tommy O’Connor

The Rybolt Family

Mr. & Mrs. Carmen Vito

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel O’Hare

Mr. & Mrs. Carlos Sanchez

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Waller

Mr. & Mrs. Lyle O’Leary

Mr. & Mrs. Miguel Sanchez

Mr. & Mrs. Brad Walters

Mr. & Mrs. Vincente Olivares

Mr. & Mrs. Joey Scale

Ms. Connie Warnock

Ms. Katie O’Neill

Mr. & Mrs. Jason Schmidt

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Weixel

Mary & Jim O’Neill

Ms. Maureen Schreiber

Mr. & Mrs. Mike Webb

Mr. Cesar Ortiz & Mrs. Patricia Tamez

Mr. & Mrs. Tom Schubert

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Werling

Mr. & Mrs. Henry Ortiz

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Schultz

Mr. & Mrs. Barton West

Mr. & Mrs. Fazil Osman

Kathleen & Santo Scorsone

Charlene & Jim Wilke

Mr. & Mrs. Vitus Ossai

Ms. Estelle Seidel

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Wilson

Mr. & Mrs. Art Otto

Mr. & Mrs. Hugo Sevilla

Mr. & Mrs. William Wilson

Mr. & Mrs. John Page

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Seybt

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Witte

Ms. Kristi Parks

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Shamas, Jr.

Ms. Cathy Wogan

Mr. & Mrs. Mike Pavlich

Ms. Makira Shannon

Mr. & Mrs. Danny Word

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Pavlock

Ms. Courtney Sheaffer

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Wunch

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Pavlock

Mr. Joaquim Silva

Mr. Emerson Yabut

Ms. Gayle Perkins

Mr. & Mrs. Barry Sinclair

Mr. & Mrs. Lee Zent

Mr. & Mrs. Joey Penna

Mr. & Mrs. Ron Smelley

Mr. & Mrs. Ricky Pena

Mr. & Mrs. Josh Smith

Matching Gifts

Mr. & Mrs. Adrian Perarnau Manso

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Solano


Mr. & Mrs. Richard Perera

Mr. & Mrs. Scott Steinke


Mr. & Mrs. Steve Perry

Mr. & Mrs. Dick Stoyko


Mr. & Mrs. Michael Peschier, Sr.

Ms. Judi Strapp

Northwestern Mutual

Mr. & Mrs. Gene Peterpaul

Mr. Olaf Straube & Mrs. Magna Cunha   Pat Morgan Plumbing

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Picone


Mr. & Mrs. John Planchard

Mr. & Mrs. Jan Sturdevant

Mr. & Mrs. Mario Polo

Mr. & Mrs. Brett Sturgeon

Memorial Gifts

Mr. & Mrs. James Popnoe

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Surkein

In Memory of Lori Pais

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Potter

Mr. David Swafford & Mrs. Laura Olson

Mr. & Mrs. Roy Powers

Mr. & Mrs. Tim Sweeney

Ms. Meghan Preuss

Mr. David Swinehart & Mrs. Sonia          

Mr. & Mrs. Dale Quickel


J.A. Quillian

Mrs. Beverly Szlosek

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Rangel

Dr. & Mrs. Nelson Tajong


Italics = STAOPCS Faculty & Staff

STEPS FOR STUDENTS Steps for Students, an annual 5K Run/Walk, raises awareness for Catholic schools across the Greater Houston area. St. Anthony of Padua Catholic School had it's biggest team in our school's history on February 17, 2018 and raised over $7,000 for our school! A special thank you to Amy Janiszewski for championing this event and to the Knights of Columbus - Council 12327 for sponsoring our Team Village Tent! Special thanks to Caroline Moe, A.J. Rangel and Cadence Moorman for raising over $500 through their student fundraising page and supporting our team And thank you Doucet Safety Analysis, LLC for sponsoring our team t-shirts!

Walter Besosa

Camden Doucet

Mac Janiszewski

Bryan Shaughnessy

Audrey Bitting

David Doucet

Mary Kate Kalke

Kate Sloan

Claire Bitting

Melina Doucet

Jaden Leddy

Levi Sloan

Kurt Bitting

Tessie Doucet

Susan Leddy

Tate Sloan

Madeline Bitting

Collin Dufrene

Janice Leeth

Tommy Sloan

Michelle Brennan

Brandi Dykes

Larry Leeth

Ashley Smith

Landri Brignac

Olivia Dykes

Michelle Little

Jonathan Smith

Ana Brumfield

Abigail Fedele

Steve Long

Susan Smith

Hal Brumfield

Sarah Fedele

Julieta Lopez

Molly Snipp

Hanna Brumfield

Frank Frankovitch

Mirtha Lopez

Diego Suarez

Izzy Brumfield

Karl Frankovitch

Arabella Lorenzetti

Javier Suarez

Johanna Anne Cabriana

Mark Frankovitch

Aryanna Lorenzetti

Patricia Tamez

Joseph Cabriana

Mary Frankovitch

Natalia Lorenzetti

Michael Thompson

Joshelle Anne Cabriana

Zrinka Frankovitch

Clare McKenna

Charlotte Tressel

Joyce Ann Cabriana

Celeste Fruge

Caroline Moe

David Tressel

Cresta Castillo

Garrett Fruge

Jennie Moe

Ellie Tressel

Dennis Castillo

Andrea Garcia

Tim Moe

Katie Tressel

Molly Castillo

Gabriel Garcia

Cadence Moorman

Anna Claire Usner

Katherine Cavazos

Natalia Garcia

Leigh Moorman

Jack Usner

Roberto Cavazos

Ruben Garcia

Debbie Munoz

Alessandra Vizzani

Greg Childress

Carlos Garza

Gabriel Munoz

Amanda Walters

Jennifer Childress

Carlos Garza-Perez

Joshua Munoz

Juliana Wathen

Riley Childress

Isabella Garza-Perez

Norman Munoz

Barton West

Andrea Connally

Enrique Gonzalez-Cruz

Cecelia Nahigian

Barton West

Julianna Connor

Aurora Gonzalez-Vizzani

Denise Nahigian

Courtney West

Angela Coscio

Enrique E. Gonzalez-Vizzani

Gabriel Nahigian

Delaney West

Isabella Coscio

Maria Gonzalez-Vizzani

Theresa Nahigian

Adriana White

Dan Cunningham

Jessica Greenleaf

Renee Nunez

Julian White

Mary Cunningham

Josh Greenleaf

Jessica Olsen

Matt White

Claire Davenport

Sienna Greenleaf

Nicole Olsen

Samuel White

John Davenport

Stella Greenleaf

Rosa Maria Perez

Mateo De Aguirr

Addy Gregory

Andrew Pitre

Andrea De Aguirre

Emmy Gregory

Marissa Pitre

Rodrigo De Aguirre

Jill Gregory

Sio Pitre

Sofia De Aguirre

Maren Held

Daniel Poort

Alejandro De la Maza

Jack Held

Rob Poort

Ivanna De la Maza

Amelie Hernandez-Parks

Sophia Poort

Jimena De la Maza

Joaquin Hernandez-Parks

Fr. Tom Rafferty

Maricarmen De la Maza

Kimberly Hess

Anthony (AJ) Rangel

Madeleine Denison

Lucia Hess

Joseph Rangel

Richard Denison

Luis Hess

Sonja Rangel

Jacob Dickinson

Vienna Hess

Maggie Rodriguez

James Dickinson

Addison Janiszewski

Kendall Shamas

Katherine Dickinson

Amy Janiszewski

Bianca Shaughnessy

Marissa Dickinson

Jack Janiszewski

Brandon Shaughnessy

LUCKY HEARTS GALA Our 17th Annual Auction Gala was held on April 13th, 2018 at St. Anthony of Padua Catholic School! It was a night of fun casino games, silent and live auctions, and dancing! Over $169,000 was raised to support our students and programs. Special thank you to our Gala Chairs, Ana & Hal Brumfield and Gloria & Jose Ramirez and their committee for all of their hard work!



Ashley and Jonathan Brignac Deacon Baldy's Michelle and James Little Magnolia Family Medicine St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church Woodforest National Bank


PADUAN PATRONS Abby and Geoff Beatty Melony and B.J. Bergeron Claire and Kurt Bitting Elizabeth and Jeff Girotto Alessandra Vizzani and Enrique Gonzalez-Cruz Olga and Alan Heinle Catherine and Mark Miller Karmen and Chris Miller Lisa and Nate Olsen Michelle and Sid Reynaud Amalia and James Riley Melanie and Steven Romero Beatriz and Brandon Shaughnessy Ramona Ortiz-Stamps and William Stamps Rachel Durst-Strecker and Jason Strecker Marlene Suarez Amparan and Javier Suarez Luz Llamas and Jorge Tejada Jenny and Brian Usner Amanda and Brad Walters

Ana & Hal Brumfield, Co-Chairs Gloria & Jose Ramirez, Co-Chairs Adriana Casas Cresta Castillo Andrea De Aguirre Rosa Garza Jeniffer Salinas Courtney West


Lynice and Mike Wing We were happy to honor Lynice and Mike Wing as the recipient of the St. Anthony of Padua Founders Award. Lynice and Mike have made a significant impact to our school community. Lynice was an essential leader of our PTO organization (now Paduan Parents), serving as President for several years. Mike continues to serve as an advisor on the School Finance Subcommittee. They have given generously of their time, talent and treasure in many ways from on- and off-campus volunteering to serving as chairs for the gala to their consistent support of our fundraising efforts, even as alumni parents. They have always been true ambassadors of STAOPCS, and we are thankful for the countless hours they have given to support our school community. 


We honored a business in our community who has consistently invested in our school, our students, and our staff through their generous support of our mission and vision. This honor is given only when a business or organization is identified for their exemplary dedication and commitment to St. Anthony of Padua Catholic School. We are pleased to announce the recipient of this year’s St. Anthony of Padua Community Partner Award is Woodforest National Bank. Woodforest’s support includes sponsoring our first scoreboard on the athletic fields, consistently sponsoring our advancement efforts, and promoting fiscal responsibility through their student banking programs. Their steady patronage to our school enhances and enriches our programs and inspires us to reach higher levels of performance and achievement. We are very grateful to have a community partner like Woodforest.


Dr. & Mr. Mark Coscio

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Abib

Crave Cupcakes

Adventure Kids Playcare Woodlands

Mr. & Mrs. Mario Cruz

Mr. Eduardo Del Angel Rincon & Mrs. Melba Aguilar

Mr. & Mrs. Dan Cunningham

Alanna Grace Designs

Ms. Elizabeth Curtain

Ms. Elizabeth Alcala

D.W.'s Tool Co., Inc.

Mrs. Charlotte Aldrich

Mr. Andy Dadosky

Altitude Trampoline Park

Mr. & Mrs. Ronny Daigle

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Amador

Mrs. Ann-Marie Dalton

Mr. & Mrs. Alfredo Amparan

Mr. & Mrs. Jerod Davenport

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Anderson

Mr. & Mrs. Rodrigo De Aguirre

Animal Hospital of The Woodlands

Mr. & Mrs. Alejandro De la Maza

Ms. Petra Anselm

Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Dickinson

Ms. Rocio Magallanes & Mr. Eduardo Arana

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Dohm

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Balsmann

Ms. Emily Domingo

Mr. Robert Barnes

Mr. & Mrs. David Doucet

Mr. & Mrs. Geoff Beatty

Mrs. Kristy Doyle

Beautiful Faces by Katie

Mrs. Linda Dueitt


Mr. Forrest Duke

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Belhumeur

Brandi Dykes

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Bell

Eduardo Del Angel

Mr. & Mrs. BJ Bergeron

Ms. Ann-Marie Ekwue

Mr. & Mrs. Eduardo Betancourt

Ella Heath Photography

Mrs. Cindy Bierbaum

Dr. Shannon Esse

Mrs. Heather Birsinger

Ms. Suzanne Ettman

Mr. Leon Bishop

Mr. & Mrs. William Evans

Ms. Teresa Bishop

Mrs. Arlene Failde

Mr. & Mrs. Kurt Bitting

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Fedele

Mr. & Mrs. Byron Blaschke

Dr. & Mrs. Christopher Fedoruk

Mr. & Mrs. Jason Enia

Mr. Michael Felt

Boni's Dance

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Filley

Mrs. Emily Booth

Fish & Camaron

Mr. & Mrs. Jervis Borrello

Mr. & Mrs. Carey Fishman

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Boyd

Mrs. Tammy Fishman

Mr. & Mrs. Steven Brady

Dr. & Mrs. Diego Flores

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Brennan

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Flynn

Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Brignac

Food & Vine Time Productions

Ms. Patricia Broussard

Mrs. Laura Foy

Mr. & Mrs. Hal Brumfield

Frassati Catholic High School

Mr. & Mrs. Roy Buchler

Dr. Feride Frech

Drs. Rosalia & Brian Burke

Freedom Boat Club

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Cabriana

Frost Bake Shoppe

Cactus Flower Boutique

Mr. & Mrs. Shane Fruge

Camp Pixel Project

Mr. & Mrs. Ruben & Julieta Garcia

Card My Yard - The Woodlands

Mrs. Rosa Perez & Mr. Carlos

Mr. & Mrs. Navell Carrone


Mrs. Colette Carson

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Gibson

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Castillo

Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Girotto

Mr. Nestor Cayanan

Mrs. Barbara Glanville

Mr. & Mrs. Jose Cervantes

Ms. Kari Golden

Chick-fil-A Alden Bridge

Mr. & Mrs. Jorge Gomez

Mr. & Mrs. Greg Childress

The Gonzalez-Vizzani Family


Goode Company Restaurants

Mr. & Mrs. James Cooper

Ms. Kathy Graff


Mr. & Mrs. Joshua Greenleaf

Mr. & Mrs. Billy Martin

Mr. & Mrs. Matt Gregory

Mr. John Bong & Mrs. Heidi Massey-Bong

Mrs. Jill Gregory

Matilda Jane

Dr. Bernadette Haggerty and Mr. Timothy Haggerty

Mr. & Mrs. Cristofer Mattern

Mr. & Mrs. Karl Hansen

Mr. & Mrs. Vinko Maurac

Mr. & Mrs. Zoltan Hazos

Maximum Athletics

Mr. & Mrs. Alan Heinle

Mr. & Mrs. Clay McCollor

Mr. & Mrs. John Held

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick McCormack

Mrs. Beth Parks & Mr. Jose Hernandez

Mr. & Mrs. James McDevitt

Mr. & Mrs. Luis Hess

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce McIninch

Mr. & Mrs. Eric Heuring

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick McKenna

Mr. & Mrs. Armon Higham

Messina Hof Winery & Resort

Mrs. Betty Hollas

Mr. & Mrs. Chris Miller

Houston Zoo

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Miller

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Hrabina

Mrs. Kate Mims

Mr. & Mrs. Joel Hron

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Mims

i9 Sports

Mindy Harmon Photography

Ms. Maria Ibrahim

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Miner

Janie & Grace Boutique

Mr. & Mrs. Travis Mixon

JEI Learning Centers

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Moe

Mr. Alan Jones

Mom's Secret Chef

Juice Plus - Melanie Bujanda Romero

Mr. Heath Moncrief

Ms. Jihann Segunial & Mr. Romano Jundos

Jenny and Justin Montague

Mr. & Mrs. James Kalke

Mr. Jonathan Moore

Mr. & Mrs. Brad Kaufman

Mr. & Mrs. Craig Moorman

Kendra Scott

Mr. & Mrs. Gabriel Mora

Kevin James McCrea Photography

Mrs. Rebecca Morris

Mr. & Mrs. John Kiliddjian

Ms. Debbie Munoz Ellenor

Mr. Danny Klaus

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Naeher

Franco & Brenda Knoepffler

Mr. & Mrs. Denise Nahigian

Mr. & Mrs. Lance Knower

Mr. & Mrs. Franz Navarro

Mrs. Heather Koett

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Nelli


Mr. & Mrs. Joe Newcomb

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Kwiatkowski

Sandra & Matthew Novak

La Torretta Lake Resort & Spa

Mrs. Renee Nunez

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Laher

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel O’Hare

Dr. & Mrs. Andrew Larkin

Obstacle Warrior Kids

Mrs. Mary Beth Larkin

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher O'Connor

Mr. & Mrs. Shane Leahey

Mrs. Janay O'Connor

Mr. & Mrs. Lane Lease

Mr. & Mrs. Nate Olsen

Mrs. Susan Leddy

Mrs. Prudence Osman

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Leslie

Mr. & Mrs. Miguel Otero

Mr. & Mrs. Chad Liggon

Mr. & Mrs. John Ourso

Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Lipinski

Ms. Kristy Parks

Mr. & Mrs. James Little

Ms. Adriana Patino

Little Beakers

Mrs. Leslie Pavlock

Mr. & Mrs. Jorge Lopez

Mr. & Mrs. John Perera

Mrs. Kirstin Lorenzetti

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Phillips

LouLou's Beignets

Mr. & Mrs. Jason Piefer

Mrs. Monique Loyo

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Pitre

Main Street Theater

Play Smarter Kids

Marble Slab Sterling Ridge

Mr. & Mrs. Marco Poisler

Alex & Lisa Marcotte

Dr. Michelle Santiago & Dr. Mario Polo

Mr. & Mrs. Franklin Marsan

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Pond


The Historic Hill House + Farm

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Walker

Mrs. Meghan Preuss

The Nice Winery

Mr. & Mrs. William Walker

Mr. Dale Quickel

The Oilerie - The Woodlands

Walking Tots

Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Rabalais

The Refuge Steakhouse

Ms. Lisa Waller

Fr. Tom Rafferty

The Woodhouse Day Spa - Vintage

Mr. & Mrs. Brad Walters

Gloria & Jose Ramirez

The Woodlands Dance Center

Mrs. Erin Weixel

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Rangel

Mr. & Mrs. Fergie Theriault

Mr. Chris Werner

Mr. Vijay Rangraj

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Thompson

Mr. & Mrs. Barton West

Mr. & Mrs. Sidney Reynaud

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Thurston

Mr. Jason West

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Riley

Total Wine

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Whatley

Mr. & Mrs. Bernardo Roblesgil

Mr. & Mrs. David Tressel

Whimsical Creations

Mr. & Mrs. Rolando Rodriguez

Tumbleweeds & Notions

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew White

Mrs. Mona Rodriguez

Urban Air

Mr. Duncan Wigney

Mr. & Mrs. Melanie & Steve Romero

Urban Rocks

Mr. & Mrs. Mike Wilson

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Rosas

Usborne Books

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Wing

Mr. & Mrs. Xavier Rubio

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Usner

Mr. & Mrs. Harry Winslow

Mrs. Cynthia Ruff

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Velardo

Woodlands Allergy Center

Mrs. Cathy Russell

Vera Bradley - The Woodlands Mall

Woodson's Local Tap + Kitchen


Joseph and Rachel Vieceli

Mr. Alan Wright

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Salinas


Yoga Pod

Salt Remedy

Mr. & Mrs. Deacon Rick Vogel

Mrs. Heidy Huang & Mr. Ken Yu

Mr. & Mrs. Raul Sanchez Leon


Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Zion

Mr. Joey Scale Mr. & Mrs. Jason Schmidt Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Schmittauer School of Rock The Woodlands Mr. & Mrs. Tom Schubert Mr. Michael Seifer Mrs. Kendall Shamas Mr. & Mrs. Robert Shanley Shannon Stroubakis Photography Sharkey's Cuts for Kids Mr. & Mrs. Brandon Shaughnessy Mr. & Mrs. Dwayne Sibille Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Sloan Mr. & Mrs. Joshua Smith Mr. & Mrs. Brandy Snipp Mr. & Mrs. Frank Sommers SpryART St. Anne's Society

St. Anthony of Padua Catholic School has added several campus-wide security enhancements for the 2018-19 school

thanks to "Raise the Paddle" at our Lucky Hearts Gala! year

Mr. & Mrs. William Stamps Ms. Shaune Stauffer Mr. & Mrs. Jason Strecker

Interior classroom and office windows have been equipped

Mrs. Kelly Sturgeon

with Hideaway Helper lockdown shades. These fire-retardant

Mr. & Mrs. Javier Suarez

blackout shades can be deployed in a matter of seconds to

Mrs. Caitlyn Surkein

completely cover the window in the event of an emergency

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Swad Sweet & Sassy The Woodlands

lockdown situation.

Swing Zone Golf Mrs. Patricia Tamez Tarka Indian Kitchen Mrs. Luz Llamas & Mr. Jorge Tejeda

Additional exterior windows and doors in the School, Sheltz Hall and Little Saints have been treated with 3M Security

The Axelrad Clinic

Window Film. The micro-layered, tear-resistant film increases

The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion

security and provides enhanced protection against flying glass shards.


Instill Roman Catholic identity, reverence for the sacraments and a lifelong commitment to joyful discipleship; Enrich students by fostering academic excellence and providing opportunities that nurture and challenge all to reach their full potential;   Develop, with parents, the moral compass that guides students to serve with Jesus Christ as their model. 


The vision of St. Anthony of Padua Catholic School is to guide the mind, body, and spirit of the next generation of Catholic leaders to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ as beacons of light to the world.


St. Anthony of Padua Catholic School, in partnership with parents, is focused on the continuous formation of the whole Christian person. Our learner-centered curriculum maintains high academic standards and nurtures the development of a life-long love of learning. Students are actively engaged through the use of a variety of instructional methods and emerging technologies that promote collaboration and higher level thinking skills. Within a welcoming, Christ-centered environment, students are made aware of their role as members of the Christian community through the teaching of Catholic doctrine, participation in liturgy and worship, preparation for the sacraments and involvement in service projects. Members of our school community are encouraged to live as Disciples of Christ, serving all people by sharing the gifts and talents received from God. 

In all circumstances give thanks, for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus. 1 THESSALONIANSÂ 5:18

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Gratitude Report - 2017-2018  

St. Anthony of Padua Catholic School - Gratitude Report for the 2017-2018 school year.

Gratitude Report - 2017-2018  

St. Anthony of Padua Catholic School - Gratitude Report for the 2017-2018 school year.

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