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THE MESSENGER March 9, 2018

Teach us to count our days aright, that we may gain wisdom of heart. —Psalm 90:12



Reneé B. Nunez

Susan Leddy

Kendall Shamas


Assistant Principal

Assistant Principal















Rosary, 8:30 a.m.




Talks with Father Tom 8:15 a.m.

Rosary (en Espanol), 2:15 a.m.





Mass (6-1), 9 a.m.



Mass (4B), 9 a.m.



Rosary, 8:30 a.m.

Early Release Day NO SCHOOL (2:15 p.m. & 2:30 p.m.)

ALL-SCHOOL NEWS FAMILY SURVEY—SPRING 2018 Continuous school improvement can only happen with input from our school community. Your feedback is essential as we work to better serve you and create a positive experience at St. Anthony of Padua Catholic School. Please complete the following brief survey by March 29th, 2018. It can be completed online through a link in The Messenger or by submitting a hard copy through the school office. We are asking for only one completed survey per family. Thank you for your commitment to our school. HTTP://BIT.LY/ SPRINGSURVEY2018

WRITING LEADERS MIDDLE SCHOOL 3RD QUARTER 6th Sophie Kratter Josie Domitrovic Megan Brady Victoria Hibbeler

7th Bianca Marsan Bernie Roblesgil Mary Ferguson Nateli Ferguson

8th Flora Domitrovic Nicole Kowalchuk John Hill Sarah Page

HOUSTON SCIENCE FAIR—SPECIAL AWARDS Garrett Fruge—Special Award of recognition from Sam Houston Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America and eligible to participate in the Boy Scout Science Fair at NRG. Natalie McKeig—The Association for Women in Science awarded Natalie 1st Place in the Junior Division. Nicole Kowalchuk—John D. Dilorio Foundation—2nd Place & Houston Baptist University, College of Engineering, 3rd Place. Congratulations to all of our participants!!

ALL–SCHOOL NEWS NURSE’S NOTES Nurse Notes for 3-2-18 to 3-8-18: 03-02-18 03-02-18 03-02-18 03-05-18 03-05-18 03-06-18 03-08-18

3A KA 6B 7A 1A 6B 4A

Influenza B (corrected from 3B to 3A) Strep Throat Influenza Influenza Pink Eye Influenza A Strep Throat

LOGGING PADUAN POINTS Our goal is 100% volunteer participation from our families during the school year. *2017–18 Paduan Points Required: 20 points per family. Volunteer hours* can be logged in ParentsWeb by following these simple steps: 1. Log in to ParentsWeb.

YEARBOOKS ADS The 2017-18 Yearbook has only 3 pages left of ad space! Contact Mr. Mattern today at if you are interested in reserving one of these spots! Also, to those parents who did reserve a spot, make sure to have your yearbook ad created and submitted on no later than Friday, April 6th. Contact Mr. Mattern with any questions or concerns.

2. Select “Family Information” from the ParentsWeb navigation list. 3. Select the name of the parent who has volunteered, then select “Service Hours ” (link next to Parent Contact Info). 4. Select “Add Service Hours”. 5. Select the Date of service. Select Description from drop down list. Enter Total Hours or points assigned to your duty – a list of volunteer positions and points assigned to them are listed online at:–opportunities The Note & Verified By Field sections are optional and can be used for further detail about volunteer service. Select “Save”. Service hours summary will appear after saving.

NEXT SPIRIT DAY April 17th | ALL DAY Chick-fil-A Alden Bridge


Value: 1st Place - $3,000, 2nd Place - $2,000 Provided By: MGM Foundation, Inc. Don Hoyt used his God-given talents to make the world around him a better place. This scholarship is open to current 5th, 6th, or 7th grade students reentering St. Anthony of Padua Catholic School in the fall of 2018. Essays must be completed and turned in to the school office by April 13, 2018. More information on how to be considered for this scholarship is available in Resources in ParentsWeb.

DEACON MIKE MIMS MEMORIAL FAMILY SCHOLARSHIP 2018 Value: 1st Place - $3,000, 2nd Place - $2,000 Provided By: St. Anthony of Padua Catholic School Deacon Mike Mims was constantly growing in his faith. His missionary spirit was seen in every aspect of his life. If only one word could describe him it would be, “go”! How does your family reflect this spirit of “go”? This scholarship is open to current families re-entering K-8th at STAOPCS in the fall of 2018. Essays must be completed and turned in to the school office by April 13, 2018. More information on how to be considered for this scholarship is available in Resources in Parentsweb.


TEACHER EXPERIENCES ARE OPEN FOR BIDDING NOW THROUGH MARCH 23RD! CLICK TO BID! AUCTION DONATIONS  The Gala Committee is still seeking donations for our auction! Specifically they are looking for the following items (which you can purchase through our Amazon Registry!).  Rosary  Wall Cross  Folding wagon  BBQ Items—spices, aprons, oven mitts, etc.  Stemmed wine glasses and champagne flutes  Nintendo Switch Games  Camp chairs  Golf balls, towels, etc.  New items have been added to the Amazon Registry—check it out and help!  Donating is easy and tax-deductible! Restaurant gift cards, sports tickets, jewelry, art & more - simply fill out the donation form on our auction website! UPCOMING PARTIES & SOCIALS—REGISTER NOW! Friday, March 23 | PRE-K3 - 2ND: Musical and Munchies - Mrs. Surkein—4 spots remain! Saturday, March 24 | 7th Annual Dad's Night Out With a Side of Scotch and Cigars Please visit the Gala website to reserve your spots at TICKETS & SPONSORSHIPS Purchase tickets and sponsorships on the Gala website at: Thank you sincerely for your support of this fun event for the benefit of our students. Please feel free to email if you have any questions.

FUND FOR ST. ANTHONY HELP OUR STUDENTS CELEBRATE OUR SUCCESS! When we reach our Fund for St. Anthony goals students will be able to celebrate too! 50% Participation |15 minutes of extra recess 75% Participation | Free Dress Day 100% Participation | Shaved Ice Truck Day

Classes that reach 100% participation in the Fund for St. Anthony will receive a Free Pizza & Dance Party!  Family participation in the Fund is currently at 44%.  Staff & Faculty Participation is 100%.

Classroom Participation 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0%

74% 62%

58% 56% 54%

50% 50% 48% 46% 46% 46% 44% 42% 42%

38% 38% 36% 36%

32% 29% 29% 26%

WHY 100% PARTICIPATION? Because each child is an important part of the St. Anthony community, our goal is for every family to make a gift every year to the Fund for St. Anthony. There is strength in numbers – many gifts add up to a large sum each year, and every gift makes a difference no matter the amount. The cumulative effect of consistently high participation propels us even further and speaks to our shared commitment to our students and our school. DID YOU KNOW? Making a contribution to the Fund for St. Anthony earns your family 5 PADUAN POINTS! WHEN AND HOW CAN I GIVE?  You can give anytime, when it is best for your family! The Fund for St. Anthony campaign will conclude June 30, 2018.  We accept cash, check, credit card, appreciated securities.  Online giving is available for one-time gifts or recurring gifts may be made through the Parish online giving portal.  Many employers offer matching programs that could double or triple your gift; we encourage you to check with your company. MY FAMILY IS ALREADY PAYING TUITION. HOW DOES MY CHILD BENEFIT WHEN WE MAKE A GIFT TO THE FUND FOR ST. ANTHONY AS WELL? Your financial contribution to the Fund for St. Anthony supports the people and programs that make St. Anthony of Padua the great school that it is: talented teachers, enriching arts and athletics programs, library and instructional resources, technology, and much more. Your child’s education is financed by both your tuition and your Fund for St. Anthony gift. Because tuition only covers approximately 84% of our operating budget, charitable gifts are a necessary part of St. Anthony of Padua’s healthy financial model. Unlike tuition, contributions to the Fund for St. Anthony are 100% tax– deductible and allow each family to give at the level at which they are able. You can make a gift conveniently through our website!

FUND FOR ST. ANTHONY Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Walker Mr. & Mrs. William Walker, IV Mr. & Mrs. Michael Wing PADUAN PATRONS

THE LEADERSHIP SOCIETY Partners in Mission Pastor’s Circle Mr. & Mrs. Steven Brady Ms. Shaune Stauffer Principal's Guild Mr. & Mrs. Mario Mendez Beacon of Light Mr. & Mrs. David Doucet Mr. & Mrs. Joe Fedele Dr. & Mrs. Christopher Fedoruk Mr. & Mrs. Shane Frugé Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Girotto Mr. & Mrs. James Little Mr. & Mrs. Sam Perkins Mr. Randall Riepe Mr. & Mrs. James Riley Mr. & Mrs. Jason Rivers Circle of Saints Mr. & Mrs. Alfredo Amparan Mr. & Mrs. Geoff Beatty Mr. & Mrs. Michael Bell Mr. & Mrs. John Bong Mr. & Mrs. Navell Carrone Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Castillo Mr. & Mrs. Rodrigo DeAguirre Mr. & Mrs. Steve Fantazia Mr. & Mrs. Ruben Garcia The Gonzalez-Vizzani Family Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Graeve Ms. Bridget Hebert Mr. & Mrs. Lane Lease The Lorenzetti Family Mr. & Mrs. Billy Martin Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Melendez Mr. & Mrs. Gabriel Nahigian Mr. & Mrs. Chip Nunez Stephanie & John Ourso The Piefer Family Mr. & Mrs. Marco Poisler Mr. & Mrs. José Ramirez Mr. & Mrs. Sid Reynaud Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Sloan Dr. & Mrs. Peter Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. David Tressel Mr. & Mrs. Brian Velardo

Blue & Green Club Mr. & Mrs. Roberto Abib Mr. & Mrs. Mark Baca Mr. & Mrs. Michael Barnhill Mr. & Mrs. Kurt Bitting Mr. & Mrs. Mark Boyd Mr. & Mrs. Hal Brumfield Mr. & Mrs. Scott Custer Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Dickinson Mr. & Mrs. William Evans Dr. & Mrs. John H Fischer Mr. & Mrs. Matt Gregory Mr. & Mrs. Brian Hayes Mr. & Mrs. James Kalke Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Kemp Dr. & Mrs. Andrew Larkin Mr. & Mrs. Carlos Martinez Mr. & Mrs. Bruce McIninch Mr. & Mrs. Patrick McKenna Mr. & Mrs. Brett Merritt Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Oghena Miss Vicky Pafk Mr. & Mrs. Randy Pais Mr. & Mrs. Jim Ritter Mr. & Mrs. William Stamps Dr. & Mrs. Jason Strecker Mr. & Mrs. Brian Twellman Mr. & Mrs. Brad Walters Dr. & Mrs. Kevin Whatley Friends of St. Anthony Anonymous Mrs. Sharron Aldrich Ms. Judy Aucoin Mr. & Mrs. Frank Banar Mr. Robert Barnes Mr. & Mrs. Eduardo Betancourt Mr. & Mrs. Byron Blaschke Mr. & Mrs. Pappy Bougere Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Brennan Mr. & Mrs. Craig Burch Rosalia & Brian Burke Mr. & Mrs. Paul Carroll Mr. & Mrs. Joe Castagna Mr. & Mrs. Greg Childress Mr. & Mrs. Paul Coleman Mr. & Mrs. Gary Cooper Mr. & Mrs. Mario Cruz Ms. Liz Curtin Mr. & Mrs. Stan Doiron Mr. & Mrs. Jason Enia Mr. & Mrs. Bill Jennings Mr. Gordon Kloesel

Mr. & Mrs. Chase Lambin Paula & Mark Lee Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Rabalais Mr. & Mrs. Bernardo Roblesgil Mr. & Mrs. Michael Ross The Sanchez-León Family Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Schmittauer Mr. & Mrs. Brandy Snipp Mr. & Mrs. Michael Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Josh Veach Mr. & Mrs. Matthew White Mr. & Mrs. Harry Winslow Supporters of St. Anthony Anonymous (13) Mrs. Monica Aguilar Ms. Ely Alcala Mr. & Mrs. David Aldrich Mr. & Mrs. Michael Allen Mr. & Mrs. Danny Amador Mr. & Mrs. Tom Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Eduardo Arana

Mr. Enrique Avilar & Mrs. Emelia Avila

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Bane Mr. & Mrs. Tito Bernardo Mr. & Mrs. Justin Beyt Mr. & Mrs. Paolo Biagi Mr. & Mrs. Chris Bierbaum Mr. & Mrs. Ronnie Bilnoski Mr. & Mrs. Tony Birsinger Ms. Teresa Bishop Mrs. Betty Blakeley Mr. & Mrs. Gene Bohack Mr. & Mrs. Tim Booth Mr. & Mrs. Jervis Borrello Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Botelho Mr. & Mrs. Phil Boudreaux Mr. & Mrs. Gary Boye Mr. & Mrs. Kirk Bozarth Mr. & Mrs. Dean Bracken Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Brignac Ms. Patricia Broussard Mr. & Mrs. Mike Burton Mr. & Mrs. Charles Burwick Mr. & Mrs. Dan Cahill Mr. & Mrs. Cesar Canals Mr. & Mrs. Johnny Cantu Miss Susan Capehart Mr. & Mrs. Mark Cardinal Mr. & Mrs. Kelley Carson Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Cavaluzzi Mr. Nestor Cayanan Mr. & Mrs. Jose Cervantes Ms. Maria Chacon Mr. & Mrs. Zhi Chen Mr. & Mrs. John Christiansen Mr. Mark Christensen & Mrs. Hsin-Ru Wang Mr. & Mrs. James Cooper Mr. & Mrs. Tom Corcoran Mr. & Mrs. Aristeo Corona

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Corona Mr. & Mrs. Eduardo Correa Dr. & Mr. Mark Coscio Mr. & Mrs. Ted Crosby Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Cunningham Jill & Ronny Daigle Mr. & Mrs. John R. Daigle Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Dalton Mr. & Mrs. Jerod Davenport Mr. & Mrs. Rodrigo DeAzevedo Mrs. Elsie Deskins Mr. & Mrs. Michael Dohm Mr. & Mrs. Frank Dompnier Mr. & Mrs. Peter Dorsey Kristy & Arthur Doyle Mr. & Mrs. Perry Dueitt Mr. & Mrs. Emile Dufrene Mr. & Mrs. Danny Durham Mr. & Mrs. Delfin Dy Mr. & Mrs. Mark Edwards Mr. & Mrs. Chip Emerson Dr. Shannon Esse Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Estus Mrs. Suzanne Ettman Mr. & Mrs. Paul Evanko Mr. & Mrs. Juan Failde Mr. & Mrs. Steve Fantazia Mr. & Mrs. Silvino Fernandez Mr. & Mrs. Tag Filley Tammy & Carey Fishman Ms. Yvette Flot Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Flynn Mr. Cecilia Fonseca Mr. George Fowler Ms. Laura Foy Dr. Feride Frech Mr. & Mrs. Peter Gambertoglio Dcn. & Mrs. Ric Garcia Mr. & Mrs. Robert Garrett Mr. & Mrs. Don Garrow Mr. & Mrs. Carlos Garza Mr. & Mrs. Dave Gates Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Gillispie Mr. & Mrs. Mark Glanville Mr. & Mrs. Ed Glinka Ms. Kari Golden Mr. & Mrs. Henry Gomez Mr. Jim Gormley Ms. Kathy Graff Mr. & Mrs. Rick Graff Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Gregory Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Grimm Mr. & Mrs. Dean Hampton Mr. & Mrs. Brad Halbach Miss Patricia Hartman Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Heinson Mr. & Mrs. Tom Heinzler Mr. & Mrs. John Held Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hempfling Mr. & Mrs. Raul Hermosillo

FUND FOR ST. ANTHONY Mr. & Mrs. Fernando Hess Mr. & Mrs. Eric Heuring Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Hill Mr. & Mrs. David Hollas Mr. & Mrs. Bill Holt Mr. & Mrs. Joey Hron Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Huber Ms. Helen Hudson Mr. & Mrs. Larry Hund

Mr. Jeffrey Jacob & Mrs. Kelli Schilling

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Jannes Mr. & Mrs. William Japczynski Mr. & Mrs. Barton Joffrion Mr. & Mrs. Pete Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Michael Johnston Mr. & Mrs. Mackie Jouett Mr. Thomas Juranek Mr. & Mrs. Victor Kareh Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Kerrigan Mr. & Mrs. John Kiliddjian Mr. & Mrs. Jay Kinch Mr. & Mrs. Jim Kliewer Mr. & Mrs. Michael Koett Ms. Marilyn Kramer Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Kramer Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kronenberger Dr. & Mrs. Neven Krstulovic Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kurzy The Kwiatkowski Family Mr. Larry Landry, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Steve Lastrapes Mr. & Mrs. Rick Lawrence Dr. & Mr. Shane Leahey Susan & Matt Leddy Mr. & Mrs. Joseph LeMaster Mr. & Mrs. Raul Lerma Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Leslie Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Lipinski Mr. & Mrs. Benjy Llames Mr. Juan Lopez & Mrs. Ithza Aguilar de Lopez Mr. & Mrs. Jaime Loyo Mr. & Mrs. Abel Machado Mr. & Mrs. Miguel Macias Mr. & Mrs. Hank Mahler Mr. & Mrs. Mirek Malinowski Mr. & Mrs. Rosario Mannino Mr. & Mrs. Franklin Marsan Mrs. Julie Martineau Mr. & Mrs. Victor Martinez Mr. & Mrs. Michael Mathews Mr. & Mrs. Cristofer Mattern Mr. & Mrs. Clay McCollor Mr. & Mrs. Kevin McEvoy Mr. & Mrs. Tom McGuire Mr. & Mrs. John McKeig Mr. & Mrs. Patrick McKenna Mr. Raul Medrano & Mrs. Sandra Perez Medrano Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Menard Mr. & Mrs. Tracy Messenger

Mr. & Mrs. Kenny Miller Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Miller Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Mims Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mims Dr. Bruno Mina Mr. & Mrs. Charles Miotke Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Moe Mr. & Mrs. Craig Moorman Dr. & Mrs. Michael Morris Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Morvant Mr. & Mrs. Fred Mulbrecht, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. VJ Mullen, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Rodrigo Munguia Mr. & Mrs. KT Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Eddie Murray The Naeher Family Mr. & Mrs. Franz Navarro Mr. & Mrs. Joe Newcomb Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Niemeyer Mr. & Mrs. Drew Nienhaus Miss Carah Nunez

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher O’Connor

Mr. & Mrs. Tommy O’Connor Mr. & Mrs. Daniel O’Hare Mr. & Mrs. Lyle O’Leary Ms. Katie O’Neill Mary & Jim O’Neill

Mr. & Mrs. Melanie & Steve Romero

Ms. Cynthia Ruff Mr. & Mrs. F.A. Ruffer Mr. & Mrs. Tim Russell Mr. & Mrs. Miguel Sanchez Mr. & Mrs. Joey Scale Mr. & Mrs. Jason Schmidt Kathleen & Santo Scorsone Ms. Estelle Seidel Mr. & Mrs. Hugo Sevilla Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Seybt Mr. & Mrs. Mark Shamas, Jr. Ms. Makira Shannon Ms. Courtney Sheaffer Mr. Joaquim Silva Mr. & Mrs. Barry Sinclair Mr. & Mrs. Ron Smelley Mr. & Mrs. Josh Smith Mr. & Mrs. Paul Solano Mr. & Mrs. Scott Steinke Mr. & Mrs. Dick Stoyko Ms. Judi Strapp Mr. Olaf Straube & Mrs. Magna Cunha Straube Mr. & Mrs. Brett Sturgeon Mr. & Mrs. Michael Surkein Mr. David Swafford & Mrs. Laura Olson

Mr. & Mrs. Tim Sweeney Mr. David Swinehart & Mrs. Sonia Gomez Mrs. Beverly Szlosek Dr. & Mrs. Nelson Tajong Mr. & Mrs. Rob Taylor Mr. Kenny Teague Mr. & Mrs. Fergie Theriault Mr. & Mrs. Joe Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Roger Tietze Mr. & Mrs. Adrian Perarnau Manso Mrs. Sarah Turner Mr. & Mrs. Richard Perera Mr. & Mrs. Peter Tyrrell Mr. & Mrs. Steve Perry Mr. & Mrs. Benny Van Osdell Mr. & Mrs. Michael Peschier, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Ben Van Staveren Mr. & Mrs. Gene Peterpaul Mr. & Mrs. Rick Vera Mr. & Mrs. Robert Picone Mr. & Mrs. Matt Vezza Mr. & Mrs. Mario Polo Mr. & Mrs. Carmen Vito Mr. & Mrs. James Popnoe Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Waller Mr. & Mrs. Mark Potter Mr. & Mrs. Brad Walters Mr. & Mrs. Roy Powers Ms. Connie Warnock Ms. Meghan Preuss Mr. & Mrs. Donald Weixel Mr. & Mrs. Dale Quickel Mr. & Mrs. Mike Webb J.A. Quillian Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Werling Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Rangel Mr. & Mrs. Barton West Mr. & Mrs. Edgar Reyes Charlene & Jim Wilke Mr. Jose Rivas Manjarrez & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. Michael Wilson Ana Vazquez Flores Mr. & Mrs. William Wilson Mr. & Mrs. Michael Robinson Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Witte Mr. & Mrs. Frankie Rodriguez Ms. Cathy Wogan Mr. & Mrs. Gaston Rodriguez & Family Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Wunch Mr. & Mrs. Rolando Rodriguez Mr. Emerson Yabut Mr. & Mrs. Terry Rogers Mr. & Mrs. Lee Zent Mr. & Mrs. Michael Romer Mr. & Mrs. Guillermo Romero Mr. Cesar Ortiz & Mrs. Patricia Tamez

Mr. & Mrs. Henry Ortiz Mr. & Mrs. Fazil Osman Mr. & Mrs. Art Otto Ms. Kristi Parks Mr. & Mrs. Mike Pavlich Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Pavlock Mr. & Mrs. Jim Pavlock Ms. Gayle Perkins Mr. & Mrs. Joey Penna

Matching Gifts Anadarko Chevron Pat Morgan Plumbing Shell

Spirit Night Contributions Fuddruckers Creekside LouLou’s Beignets Crust Pizza Alden Bridge Black Walnut Café Panera Bread Bahama Bucks Grub Burger Bar Flippin’ Pizza

Memorial Gifts Lori Pais Italics = Faculty & Staff


AROUND STAOPCS Thank you Grandparents for joining us on Grandparents Day! A BIG THANK YOU to Mrs. Bacchus for being our Paduan Parent Champion for this event, and to Paduan Parent Mrs. Walters for volunteering at the sign-in table!

Book Fair

4th & 5th grade program

1st grade kite flying experiment!

AROUND OUR PARISH (NEW WEBSITE: AP.CHURCH) FRIDAY LENTEN FISH FRY Feb. 16 thru March 23 | 5—7 p.m. $10/plate | Sheltz Hall Take-out is available

LENTEN RECONCILIATION SERVICES March 6 | Prince of Peace | 6:00 p.m. March 7 | St. Anthony of Padua | 5:00 p.m. March 13 | St. Edward | 6:30 p.m.

The Messenger - 3.9.18  
The Messenger - 3.9.18  

St. Anthony of Padua Catholic School Weekly Newsletter - March 9, 2018