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November 2011

There (at Kanyakumari) for 3 days (24 to 26th December, 1892) sitting on the last stone of India, Swami Vivekananda passed into a deep meditation on the present and future of the country!!


e sought for the root of her downfall. With the vision of a seer he understood why India had been thrown from the pinnacle of glory to the depths of degradation. Where only wind and surf were to be heard, Swami Vivekananda reflected on the purpose and achievement of the Indian world. He thought not of Bengal, or of Maharashtra or of the Punjab, but of India and the life of India. The centuries were laid out before him. He perceived the realities and potentialities of Indian Culture. He saw India organically and synthetically, as a master-builder might visualize in the concrete of an architect’s plans. He saw religion to be the life-blood of India’s millions. “India”, he realized in the silence of his heart, “shall rise only through a renewal and restoration of that highest the spiritual consciousness that has made her, at all times, the cradle of the nations and cradle of the Faith”. He saw her greatness; he saw here weaknesses as well—the central one of which was that the nation had lost its individuality.

The single-minded monk had become transformed into a reformer, a nation-builder, a world-architect. His soul brooded with tenderness and anguish over India’s poverty. In his meditation he saw as almost insurmountable barriers to the progress of the Indian nation. His heart throbbed for the masses, great in their endurance. He seemed to enter into a high mood of feeling their world. In their sufferings he found himself sharing; by their degradation he found himself humiliated. Agony was in his soul!! At Kanyakumari was the culmination of days and months of thought on the problems of the Indian masses; here the longing to find a way by which the wrongs inflicted on them could be righted, was fulfilled.

On November 19, 1895, the Westminster Gazette ran an article on Swamiji entitled: “An Indian Yogi in London.” The following is an excerpt from that article: The Swami Vivekananda is a striking figure with his turban and his calm but kindly features. On my inquiring as to the significance, if any, of his name, the swami said: “Of the name by which I am now known (Swami Vivekananda), the first word is

At the advent, I wish each one of you a very happy Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi Jayanthi (17th Dec’11) We feel indeed blessed as we try to revive the VIHE newsletter “The Raising Waves” on this 159th birth anniversary of the Holy Mother. It gives us immense joy to realize that after a long hiatus, “The Raising waves” is being issued on this auspicious and divine day. We have tried our level best to make it as appealing and informative as possible. The main motive behind publishing this is, on one hand, to establish a higher degree of connectivity and participation of the members in their sphere of activities and on the other to encourage many a people to be a part of the Organization. SVYJV (Swami Vivekananda Yuva

From the Editor’s Desk

Pen down your thoughts:

Warm wishes to all the readers.

Today it has become a trend to talk ill about the country or the society. However the vital aspect of improving one’s own self is being badly neglected.

Jaagruthi Vedika) is one of the important activities of the VIHE. And this in the recent past has been a pioneer in organizing and conducting various programs that not only to install a spirit of service amongst its members but also to train them to become persons of character and spiritual excellence. And one such programme is the “Seal Your Desire” campaign. As the name itself suggests, the main motto of this campaign is to raise funds from the YJV members who accumulate them by the way of sealing their desires that are not only unnecessary but also materialistic. And these funds are then put to use in buying the bare necessities required by the needy. It indeed gives us immense pleasure to watch the youth of

the country making spiritual progress. And the credit for this undoubtedly goes to the relentless efforts of the Monks of the Ramakrishna order who are working incessantly to spread the Swamiji’s message and pursue their mission. It is thus fitting to say that the various activities undertaken by the youth under the guidance of Swami Jnandanandaji, Adhyaksha of the Math and Swami Bodhamayananda are proving to be one of the means to the end of having a spiritually and materially rejuvenated India. And by the means of this Newsletter, we try to take Swamiji’s message and his mission to relatively new heights and dimensions. - Apoorva Jayasimha

descriptive of a sannyasin, or one who formally renounces the world, and the second is the



title I assumed--as is customary

1) How can we create better type of men and women in india today?

with all sannyasins--on my

2) What is the type of character excellence that we want to see in india?

renunciation of the world; it signifies, literally, the bliss of discrimination.”

3) What is the kind of training we need to unfold the excellence within us? There are four Types of excellence: Personal excellence which benefits the individual and may hurt other individuals; Functional excellence benefits the unit of which the individual is a part; Community excellence, benefits a section of the society; but what is most important is: Holistic Excellence which is the totality of the picture, win for the entire creation and it calls for higher level of thinking in life. This is the age to achieve a new type of Excellence when the youth are well nourished and opportunities are at its zenith in the country. Swami Vivekananda’s lived a life of supreme excellence and inspired the whole nation to develop character excellence in every sphere of life. He said. “We may convert every house in the country into a charity asylum, we may fill the land with hospitals, but

the misery of man will still continue to exist until man’s character changes”. To bring about the change in character and outlook of a person he or she should be made aware of the following: 1) Uniqueness of every human being: It means that the very fact of being a man, endows a person with a unique value and dignity. Every person has special abilities which can be brought out by systematic training. A person has the spark of divinity hidden in his heart which needs to be kindled into a great fire. A person has to be made aware that he is responsible for what he is and what he will become. He is connected with the “Universal Life” in one way or the other. He is not a creature of history but has got the uniqueness to create a new chapter in the history of the nation. 2) The real spirit of a human being is: ever striving, ever struggling, overcoming obstacles and marching forward. People should be made to apply the spirit of prince Bhagiratha, who meditated intensely in order to bring Mother Ganges to the earth. The root of this adventure is self-confidence

or ‘Atma-Sraddha’ and the field of manifestation or expression is “life” itself. 3) The need of the hour is an inner growth and development of man leading to higher fulfillment and evolution. And to free the individual from a mechanistic and strait jacket and to restore his spiritual integrity and destiny. Swami Vivekananda had said, ‘Go down to the basis of a thing, to the very root of the matter. Put the fire there and let it burn upwards and make an Indian Nation’. 4) The leader’s character will determine the choice how he uses his competence—for good or for evil. Great leaders are invariably endowed with both character and competence. For a leader, if character excellence is there, nothing else matters in the world and if he or she does not have character, nothing else matters in life or work!! - Swami Bodhamayananda Director, Vivekananda Institute of Human Excellence, Ramakrishna Math, Hyderabad 29

Before talking absolute jargons about improving society with a banner of so called social service, lot of urban youth have literally failed to understand the art of self improvement. Such an art of self improvement could be understood only through SEVA and not through any other means of glamorous or self-advertising social service. Here I would like to quote an example and share my experience at the government hospital in Vijayawada. After my seminar, I saw a very fragile old weary woman lying abandoned on the stairs and unable to see her plight I got her admitted into one of the wards. At this moment, I thought I needed to help her out and I took out a fifty rupee note from my pocket to give her. . As soon as this lady realized that I was intending to give her some money, she refused it flatly. I was shocked. And curious by her attitude I wanted to know more about her and began questioning her about her life and family. Though hesitant in the beginning, she narrated her life to me which sent jitters down my spine. The first thought that occurred to me was “How can someone be so strong??”” She was a fisherwoman and a small scale farmer. Her life was filled with severities. All throughout her life she was the breadwinner of her family and she struggled, sometimes as a labourer, sometimes as a mason and other odd jobs. However luck, destiny and fate and whatever we could call, it never favored her, and in a span of 4 years she had lost

all her family members, and was left alone to fend for herself and diagnosed of cancer. Still she hadn’t given up hope and courage and continued to fight. When I persuaded her as to why she wasn’t taking any help from me her reply stunned me for the good. From what I could understand from her shivering words, she had been a victim in the cyclone that had affected the Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh 30 years ago and met people from the Ramakrishna order when they had gone to distribute relief material. Circumstantially, she got the chance of being in the audience during an addressing by one of the monks there. And what she heard there changed her outlook to life and made a deep rooted impact on her. “Look at the vast ocean; it is so calm and eternal. When you have to catch fish, all of you use baits. Poor fish, in order to enjoy that momentary bait, get themselves caught into your nets. Ultimately, they will loose whole of life. Similarly, you people should never get attracted to a bait thrown by this illusionary world” was what she was told, was what she not only heard and assimilated but what she practiced and was what led her through the next 30 turbulent years of her life!!!!!! It was very unfortunate to hear that she passed away the very next day due to health complications. My salutes to this woman who in my eyes seemed to be an embodiment of shakthi!!!! Nitesh Bharadwaj 2nd year dentistry, Khammam

Experience in the youth camp at RKMath Hyderabad In the beautiful premises of the Ramakrishna Math, the three day residential youth camp was a very pleasant experience and a memorable event for all the 150 students who had attended it. Sacrificing our comfort zone and deserting ourselves from the rest of the world, we were all set for an amazing journey of self discovery. While on the first day we attended the addressing of Shri Akun Sabharwal, IPS who spoke on “Nation- building”, followed by Dr. Pradeep Kumar’s lecture on “Clarity in Decision Making”. There were also other eminent Speakers like Shri Venu Bhagwanji and Abhimanyu Acharya. The Shramdaan- Voluntary service program was the one which we enjoyed the most. The camp ended with lessons that we would cherish all life. The indescribable experience ended with tears of joy. It was like heaven, a dream! We were all unwilling to step back into the materialistic, corrupt, polluted and mechanical world outside. However this time around we were willing to face it with courage and enthusiasm filled in our hearts as a result of the teachings imparted during the stay. Thus the youth camp comprised every participant’s memorable moments of life. Three whole days of amazing discipline, solace and peace not only generated oodles of energy but also created a never dying faith and self-confidence. I consider myself very fortunate for taking part in this camp. I want to thank every unseen and uncelebrated hand which worked to make our stay here not only comfortable but memorable and worth it!!! THANK YOU!!!! Kum. Uma, Student of Mass.Comm, Hyderabad I was a wandering cloud till I entered the Sri Ramakrishna math in Hyderabad for an intense Residentail camp on human excellence. It was a privilege for me to be among handpicked students chosen by swami Bhodhamayananda. The experience was like no other, as we were given a glimpse in to every sphere that makes us human in our own way spiritually and empathetically. Our day started with meditation sessions at 5.00am, followed by intense and interesting lectures by eminent persons. Our day would end at 11 in the night (the time allotted was 10 but we (students) would instead stretch the last session which was talking to Swamiji on various issues that troubled us. we would pour out all our thoughts without any hesitation. On the last day, I knew I had changed. I realized that I was no longer a wandering cloud but instead now knew where to float. The experience was beautiful and I wish that there will be more in the future for us to sharpen ourselves and work together for a better future. Kum. Saishree, 1st year Bio-Chem., Student from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu


Swami Vivekananda Youth leadership award event


INTERVIEW WITH Sri CHUKKA RAMAIAH GAARU, (well known Educationist & MLC), Hyderabad

™™ Who is the person behind you? Are you self-made or is there anyone who inspires you ? Students are the force behind my achievements. They made me an IITian. I am just a fellow traveler with them. I learn a lot from my students. The poverty and continuous struggle for everything in my childhood days became my strength. ™™ What according to you is the definition of Success? Success is not an accident. It is predicted and determined by a number of failures. Failures instigate encouragement and also determine the character of a man. Failures make you strong. It is essential that the current generation of students understand this. ™™ Is the youth ready for a positive sacrifice??? Yes, youth is ready for a positive sacrifice. They are no way inferior to anybody. They are determined and dedicated. I am inspired by the youth of India. ™™ What are your Your principles of life? * Service to humanity is service to god * Learn values and sacrifices from the older generation. * Teaching is a dialogue, in the sense it is a two way process-a teacher becomes great only because of his students. ™™ It is being observed that most of the students who are touted to be the cream of the lot are flying abroad to make a mark as they are easily lured by the corporate culture and their fat pay packages? What is your take on it?? Do you think the country can blossom if this tendency continuous?????

Students can generate wealth but adequate scientific and research opportunities are not available here. People who rule are selfish. India is a service oriented country unlike china which is production oriented. So you see when most of the education is towards production there would hardly be any scope for them here. However it is also being observed that in the recent past the country is blooming with immense opportunities in every sphere of activity, hence in my opinion, this tendency may not last long. Also it is important that the students realize that it is better to create an opportunity than to wait for it. So they themselves can take up production sectors or go to villages and other rural areas to pursue research on their problematic areas and come up with solutions. ™™ Where do you see India in the next 20 years? I see India to be the best. Youth will be in large numbers and this is something no other country has. The youth should maintain their tempo and try to keep up their spirit. I have confidence in the Indian youth. ™™ As an Educationist, what do you think we lack in India and what should be done to improve the condition? At the advent, People here don’t trust each other. Graded hierarchy is prevalent just everywhere. Everybody must learn to do their work without any kind of supervision. Girls are being looked down, social and economic equality must be restored. India is full of messages, they should be implemented with dedication.

he year 2013-2014 is the 150th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda and as one of the events heralding it the VIHE conducted a youth leadership contest called “YUVA SANGHARSH”. This was conducted for all the Sr. School students from across the city. The contest included rounds which bring out several intricate facets of a good or rather a “Great Leader”. The contestants spoke on various topics after giving a through reading to several of Swamiji’s books like “Call to the nation, Leadership qualities” and many more. The discussion on the topic “If you have character nothing else matters and if you don’t have character nothing else matters” can be considered to be one the best rounds of the whole contest. It was very pleasing to see young minds put out their best thoughts forward to recognize the hidden leader within them. In the visual round, the participants were shown a video clipping and their leadership abilities were tested in arriving at a feasible solution to the problem shown. The grand finale of this event was held on 23rd of October among eight finalists. Each of the finalists was tested in the case study round on situational leadership. The students were asked to speak on their own progress as a leader in the Self Evaluation round and also they competed with each other in presenting the Future plan of action. The contestants had gained valuable knowledge not only from the various rounds and the innumerable books that they had read but also from the insights given by the panel of judges which included eminent personalities like Dr. Rajeshsekar Chakravarty, HOD, Nephrology Department, Care hospital, Shri J.Rambabu, retd. IAS & Chairman of APSFC and Dr. Sumita Roy who is the HOD of English Department in the Osmania University PG College. It seemed as if the students had saved their best for the last as the judges had a tough time deciding ONE winner. And it was thus fitting that this event had not one but two winners: Vikram Krishna Srikumar and Saumya. C from BVB Jubilee hills, Hyderabad VIHE wishes each one of them best wishes and we hope that they carry with them; the lessons learnt on this platform and emerge as successful leaders in everything they strive to do. Bless you!!!

™™ Comments on present day education?? There is no education in this country its only marketing that is going on. Education today has been commercialized. It is being used as market force. There is no creative thinking. Students and parents must realize IIT is not the only career option and that a good student can find himself successful in any field of interest. ™™ What is politics to you? Politics is not a profession where you earn profits. It is a means to serve people. It is a continuous social struggle. It is being highly misused for personal gains. This should change. ™™ What is your message to the youth? Always say “yourself” and question what others say or do? Be a role model to yourself and the rest of the country. Tell yourself “I will be the leader, go on struggling till you achieve what you want to!!”Physical appreciation of great people doesn’t do any good; you must follow their ideals and try to cherish their values. Put your heart and soul into whatever you are doing and you will tend to love it!

Glimpses of Yuva Sangharsh 2011 finals

For the Student

10 Assumptions that kill success


elow are the top 10 list of assumption. Consider this as “Killer Assumptions” you want to avoid.


I know exactly what’s going on??

Warning!! If you find yourself saying/thinking this…. Its time to stop and ask a few more questions. Invariably the moment we think we can see everything is usually when we have the smallest field of vision.


I have a foolproof plan. No plan is foolproof. Consider as many “worst-case” Scenarios as time will allow.


I don’t need help. Few people in history have created success solely on their own. A spare set of hands and a fresh perspective to think seldom go amiss.

money in the future.


I don’t have time You have all the time in the world. You just need to reschedule things and change priorities.


I am too old/ (not old enough) You are only “Too old” when you are dead. And trust yourself that you are old enough.


I am being unrealistic. Some of the great success are the ones that were thought to be least realistic. So dream big and be bold.

If you in the age group of 16 to 25 years and want to make a difference in your life and the country...

8 9

I don’t deserve to be successful. Really? Why not just go ahead and find out. You would be pleasantly surprised that you were wrong.




I don’t have the education. Its ideas that are put to action and not degrees and diplomas. So stop using this and get started. I don’t have the money. Not having money does not mean you don’t get

Nobody understands what I am trying to do? May be nobody you know. But look around and you can find a world full of people trying to create success of their own. JIM ALLEN

Volunteers with Sri Rajesh Secretary, at the entrance of the Bharathi Memorial Foundation

A Unique Opportunity to get involved and Shape your Personality!!

(A Dynamic Youth Forum for Total Personality Development and Service to the Poor) Every Sunday at 9.45 a.m. at VIHE premises Inspiring and Motivating Sessions on: • Meditation • Self-Confidence • Career & Character Development • Emotional Stability • Leadership Qualities • Indian Cultural Values • Spirit of Service

HIS LETTER SPEAKS Brave, bold people, these are what we want. What we want is vigor in the blood, strength in the nerves, iron muscles and nerves of steel, not softening nambypamby ideas. Avoid all these. Avoid all mystery. There is no mystery in religion.



s you all know, Swami Vivekananda, in a short lifespan of 39 years has spent a great deal of his life in the west spreading the Gospel of Vedanta. And during his stay

there, he had written to his people from across the sea and initiated the start of the organization. Through the volumes of this newsletter, we bring to you a series of such letters of Swami Vivekaknanda. This letter has been written by him urging his brother monks to work feverishly for the movement and also to have immense faith in themselves and their cause. New York, 25th September, 1894 My dear brother monks, Glad to receive letters from you. It gives me great pleasure to know that you people are making a stir. You know great undertakings are always fought with many obstacles. At the end, it’s always the truth that alone triumphs and not falsehood. So go on doing your work, what need have you to reply to any party? People here have found a new type of man in me and are now looking upto me with an eye of reverence. Is there a greater strength than that of purity, my boy? Let people say whatever they like, stick to your own convictions, and rest assured the world will be at your feet. They say “Have faith in this fellow or that fellow”, but I say, “Have faith in yourself”, that’s the way. Have faith in yourself---- all power is within you, be conscious and bring it out. “Even the poison of snake is powerless if you can firmly deny it”. Beware!!! No saying “Nay”, no negative thoughts. What makes you weep my friend?? In you is all power. Summon up your all powerful nature and the whole universe will lie at your feet. It is the self alone that predominates. Now that we have attained a state beyond fear we shall have no more fear and work like heroes with undaunted energy. One must think of oneself as strong and invulnerable and say “Everything is in me and I can manifest it all”. Repeat this and all trouble will vanish into nought. Yours ever, Vivekananda.

Letters of Swami Vivekananda


he World knows Swami Vivekananda as a person who had seen a vision of progressive India, as a person who strived hard and was immensely successful in spreading his master’s message “The Gospel of Vedanta”. However, a lot is not known about his former life…. What was he before he met his master? Did he exhibit these exceptional qualities even as a child??

And by the means of this newsletter we present to you various incidents from his childhood that depicts Swamiji’s exceptional qualities…. Even as a child Naren (as he was called in his former life), was bold generous, compassionate and fearless. He always overflowed with incredible energy. Generosity: When a Naren was a toddler, a monk visited Naren’s house and asked him for alms. At that time all Naren had was a small piece of cloth but straightaway, he gave it to the sadhu. Though his family was very hospitable, after this incident they kept Naren locked up in a room till any monk who visited them, left. Still, he would throw out of the window to the caller, anything the room contained and then dance with glee. Concentration: From a very young age Naren was found playing at meditation. Often, he would gather a few of his little friends and meditate.

On one such occasion, one of them noticed a big cobra gliding along. While others sprang to their feet, shouting in terror, Naren remained lost in meditation. There was no response from him. It was a sight to behold, when the cobra remained there with its hood spread as if strangely fascinated and then glided away. Later upon inquiring, Naren replied “ I knew nothing of the cobra… I was experiencing inexpressible bliss”


Centre Inauguration at CBIT College, Gandipet

At school Naren was noticed for his intelligence. He had a prodigious memory. He would read and write while others were still struggling with alphabets. Hence it was no wonder that Naren could finish his study and still have plenty of time to play. Self Sacrifice: At a very tender age itself, Naren exhibited himself as a leader and demonstrated that leadership means Self Sacrifice. This incident occurred when Swamiji was six years old. He had gone to a fair with his friend. While there, a carriage came dashing along. Naren, to his utter horror realized that his little friend was standing in the middle of the road about to be run over. Instantaneously, needless to his own safety, Naren rushed to the lad and pulled him to safety.

Inauguration of 47th Centre at Vivekananda School of P.G. Studies

Inauguration of 63rd centre at Andhra Mahila Sabha Arts & Science College

It was this spirit of self sacrifice that made Naren an idol among his fellows and marked a deep impression in their minds. Many are such incidents from his school and college days which reveal Swamiji being in full force, vitality, fond of playing and delights and which undoubtedly teach us values to bear and cherish for the rest of the time ahead. (Ref: The life of Swami Vivekananda volume I)

RECOMMENDED READING FOR INSPIRATION AND KNOWLEDGE: 1) Swami Vivekananda- A born leader by Asim chaudauri--Attributes and thoughts of an extraordinary leader 2) Chanelling Youth Power-Facets of youth power and how to harness its potential 3) Swami Vivekananda-Prophet and Path Finder by Swami Jitatmananda 4) Swami Vivekananda-the man and his message-an introduction 5) Healthy Mind Healthy body: refreshing book on cultivation of good health. Books are available at Ramakrishna Math Book Shop

Inauguration of 62nd Centre at MVSR Engineering College

Inauguration of 54th Centre at Sanghi Naidu Vanita Maha Vidyalaya

Meditation session-CBIT College


Volunteers in a group after doing service on Guru Purnima

Section of Devotees singing bhajans on Sri krishnastami

Section of Devotees singing bhajans on Guru Purnima Day


Children enjoying the refreshments

ICWI students trained in Personality development

Meditation sesion-CBIT college

Youth Convention audience

Announcement 3 day NATIONAL YOUTH FESTIVAL 10-12 January 2012: Exhibitions, music concerts, Youth/ student convention, Management Seminar, Seva to the destitutes and patients. Many leaders, artists, and youth will attend. Contact The Director of VIHE for details and enrollments.


Editorial Team Advisors Editor Photographer Creative Head

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Swami Jnanadanandaji and Swami Bodhamayanandaji Apoorva Jayasimha Srinivas Ramakrishna Janak and Manu Agarwal

For More details : contact office, VIHE, RAMAKRISHNA MATH, DOMALGUDA, HYDERABAD 500029 Ph.: 27627961

Rising Waves Nov 2011  

Rising Waves Nov 2011

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