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Domino’s East PCB (850) 234-3030 9528 Front Beach Rd.

Domino’s West PCB (850) 234-3030 272 S. Arnold Rd.



Your Guide to Spring Break!

For over 75 years, the college Spring

Break getaway has been an American tradition. In 1936, Fort Lauderdale, Florida became the first Spring Break destination. When MTV decided to film their inaugural Spring Break special from Daytona Beach in 1986, a new hot spot was established, and up to 200,000 students began to flock to the Daytona scene year after year.

I N T H E AT E R S S P R I N G 2 0 1 3

ring Break was I had a picture of what Sp are actually in it, in my mind and then you Selena Gomez and it’s intense!” -

Today, Florida still stands as the number one destination— specifically Panama City Beach, which has become widely regarded as the ‘Spring Break Capital of the World’, hosting more than half a million students each year! South Padre Island offers students an affordable alternative to Florida Spring Breaking. Close to 150,000 students visit this Texas destination each year, making it a popular place to be each March. The white sand beaches and perfect weather of North Myrtle and Myrtle Beach have made this popular tourist destination a vibrant Spring Break scene, equipped with all the amenities which have students taking notice. For over 20 years now, the Coca-Cola Spring Break Guide has provided students with information for college Spring Break. We’ve presented affordable travel options, always keeping your monetary budget in mind. We’ve encouraged getting the most from Spring Break by featuring a variety of activities, points of interest, party spots, travel tips and a whole lot more. There’s so much to do out there, and we want to help you find it and enjoy it. That’s our mission.

Spring Break Guide contents Panama city beach 03 CINEMA: SPRING BREAKERS 06 GOING GREEK 14 5 ESSENTIAL APPS 16 PARTY@PCB 26 BIKINI PARADE 29 SWIMWEAR STYLE: UJENA 33 South Padre Island 35 Spring Break SURVIVAL 41 BUDGET: SPRING BREAK 44 PARTY IN PADRE 50


ith the Interviews W .com e ir Cast & D ctor pg.7


The 2013 Coca-Cola Spring Break Guide is published by Collegiate Marketing Group, LLC and is distributed free of charge to over 200 college campuses in over 25 U.S. states. © Collegiate Marketing Group, LLC 2013. All content has been written and/or designed specifically for this guide, and any reproductions of this content without written permission is prohibited and unlawful.

20 Danada Square West, #240 Wheaton, Illinois USA 60189

51 53 57 58 59 63 69 73 77






10:32 AM


Daytime Beach PARTIES, Celebrities, & Live Concerts At Superclubs!

Panama City Beach, Florida is the Spring Break Capital of the World! This huge Spring Break party takes place on 18 miles of sugar white sand beaches that lie on the edge of the emerald waters of the Gulf of Mexico. According to Travel and Leisure Magazine, this destination has one of “the most beautiful beaches in the world”. Don’t miss the awesome nightlife that this Spring Break destination has to offer. Some of the largest and best beach clubs in the country call

Panama City Beach home and they are all open until 4 am every night. You only need to be 18 years old to enter these clubs (21 to drink) and you can party and dance all night long! Every March Panama City Beach offers a bevy of live concerts, MTV celebrity appearances and special events that add the final touch to a perfect Spring Break trip.

tropical climate and participating in beach activities like volleyball, parasailing and jet skiing.

Panama City Beach is easily traveled to by automobile from most anywhere in the U.S. If you prefer to fly, the brand new Northwest Florida International Airport is just a stone’s throw from the beach. You will find once you arrive, that virtually all the hotels and condos are gulf front and almost every room faces this gorgeous beach. You will really enjoy the warmth and sunshine of this

For more information or to book direct with any of the hotels listed in the guide visit the “Official Spring Break Website” for Panama City Beach at www.pcbeachspringbreak.com.

Don’t believe us? Ask one of the 500,000 students that choose Panama City Beach every year as their Spring Break destination of choice. Don’t miss out on all the action for Spring Break 2013!









Brit, Candy, Cotty, and Faith are four college girls who will stop at nothing to fund their Spring Break getaway. A chance encounter with rapper “Alien” promises to provide the girls with all the thrills and excitement they could hope for, and leads them on a Spring Break they never could have imagined. Spring Break Guide’S INTERVIEWS with the Director & Cast: HARMONY KORINE (director/writer) Who was cast first? It was James Franco first, and then the girls. James and I talked about making a movie together for quite a while. Usually I write my scripts first and people read it afterwards, but for this one I just wrote a treatment during Christmas and sent it to James Franco asking him whether he wanted to play this character. He wrote back immediately and said ‘yes’. And that was it. I was excited about that idea and the character, so I flew to Florida—Spring Break was actually taking place at that time—and wrote the script in a hotel, while a bunch of kids were vomiting on my porch. JAMES FRANCO In the movie, didn’t you have to perform as a rapper in front of a huge Spring Break crowd? I mean I’m not a rapper! (Laughs) I have never really done anything like that before, certainly not in front of that many people in an MTV style rap show. But I guess I am at the point where I feel like I know when I am on a movie where I am supported. I know Harmony is going to capture that in the best way. And yes, I was up there rapping in front of people and I had an audience, but even if I’m not 50 Cent, Harmony is going to put it together in such a way that I will look as good as possible.

SELENA GOMEZ What was your perception of Spring Break and real Spring Breakers before connecting with Harmony’s ideas? It was everything that I expected. I had a picture of what Spring Break was in my mind and you see it in videos and how they are completely crazy, and then you are actually in it and you witness it and it is intense. I definitely expected it, there were a few things that Harmony did that were wild, beautiful and fun and I didn’t know could be done, but I kind of expected it to be that crazy. VANESSA HUDGENS How did you prepare for the role in Springbreakers? It starts, honestly, just reading the script. One of the first things we did was to get close to the girls right away, because we wanted to build an amazing bond and relationship, have a feel that we had known each other for years. And then go further past that of course and study girls who are just hard and rough and tough and who are in this other crazy world. It really is a completely different world, their headspaces are so different. They’re just living in the moment. ASHLEY BENSON What was it like to experience real Spring Break on set? Apparently you shot a lot of scenes with real people… We just filmed this huge scene and it was crazy. You know, when you’re in the moment and you’re in the scene,

it’s like whatever, go for it, because that’s what really happens. Afterwards I thought, “Wow oh my God, this is insane!” But I asked the extras, “So what are you guys doing?” And they said, “Oh, we go to college, but we want to be in a movie and it’s Spring Break so why not?” (Laughs) And they were all on Spring Break and they were just doing everything they would do if they weren’t in the movie so it was literally being put into some random party and then Harmony bringing out the camera. It was pretty insane.

RACHAEL KORINE What was your perception of real Spring Breakers and how do you relate your impression of that very specific and accentuated American culture to Harmony’s idea? Definitely the girls and the interaction between the cast seems pretty true to a group of friends that would go on Spring Break. Girls that are just really thirsty for that debauchery and the attention. It makes sense in that world. And then meeting someone like the “Alien” character, that’s sort of when the fantasy starts to happen. Don’t miss this “wild ride” of a movie, featuring a hot original score by Cliff Martinez and Skrillex and a cast including rap star Gucci Mane. Spring Breakers opens nationwide in Spring 2013.



...and there’s only one spot that can deliver - Seahaven Beach Resorts! No place in Panama City Beach gives Spring Breakers access to a massive beach, endless fun and a never-ending party like Seahaven Beach Resorts. And deals? Yeah, we’ve got that, too. Or is it three? Offering some of the finest and most versatile accommodations you’ll find, Seahaven hosts The Reef, Seahaven Beach Hotel and the livin’ large, Origin Condominium. Rates start at a low $28 per night*. So ya got a deal, and a great place to crash. And that place you’ll crash at? It’s right next door to this year’s Beach Bash, Sharky’s Beach Club! You want the best? Stay and play with Seahaven Beach Resorts and Experience it All for Spring Break 2013! Reserve your space at SpringBreakGO.com and the Seahaven Party Pass is yours for free!


.com *Rate example is per person, per night. Some restrictions apply.
















Panama City Beach, Florida


Rates as

low as


peR peRson

Stay in the Center of it all!

the Hotels of the

Boardwalk Beach Resort Q On-Site Bars Q On-Site Restaurants Q Daily Beach & Pool Parties Q Gulf or Pool View, Microwave, Mini-Fridge, 2 Pools Q Beach Activities Available - Banana Boat, Jet Ski, Parasail Q Past Parties Include: MTV Spring Break, Lil Wayne All American Rejects, Day Glow Paint Parties

u u

Club La Vela


Spinnaker Beach Club

Hammerhead Freds u


Coyote Ugly Saloon

Pineapple Willies u

Plus MORE!

800-224-4853 14

SpringBreakonPanamaCityBeach.com .com

Hotel information, rates, entertainment schedule, places to be seen and more. *Some restrictions may apply. Not valid with existing reservation. Call for details. Limited time offer. Based on Availability.



his spring, a vast number of college students will be faced with the decision of whether or not to become a Potential New Member (PNM) of a sorority or fraternity— otherwise known as “going Greek.” If you become involved in a Greek organization, you will come to realize the membership within a Sorority or Fraternity is more about building relationships and creating networks than it is about organized partying (although there is usually a lot of that, too!). Greek organizations are commited not only to social engagements, but also to fundraising for reputible organizations, as well as academic excellence. How does one know if the Greek life is the right way to go? Before rushing into the decision, consider that there are usually multiple Greek organizations on campus, and

they’re all very different. The first group you meet may not necessarily be the right fit for you, so be patient and selective. Ask questions and learn about the different Fraternity/ Sorority houses before making your decision. Remember that not all organizations are free. Some have a one-time fee, while others collect dues every semester. There can also be a initiation fee, and don’t forget that social outings aren’t free! Ultimately you want to be yourself throughout the process. Share your interests and explain what you are looking for in an organization. Don’t commit on the spot and don’t feel pressured into making your decision. This is about you and the role you will take moving forward in your college career. Good luck!






his Spring Break, personalize your phone by downloading these five must-have apps. Each one is sure to come in handy at some point— and may end up helping you in more ways than one. How to Text a Girl: Before you send a text to that girl you just met while on Spring Break, think twice. This App gives the best guidance you could ever ask for, featuring the most reliable text message examples written by experienced girls and guys of all ages. Near + Now: Enjoy the freedom of exploring your Spring Break destination without paying someone to show you around. Avoid getting bad directions from a disgruntled local. This App lists all the cool locations like clubs, bars, restaurants and attractions based on your location. The suggestions get better as you rate things you like. Tip Master: You’ll be eating out with your friends quite a bit this Spring Break. TipMaster easily determines the right tip based on the total tab and how you rate the service. The built in calculator easily splits the bill. Great for any service! WhatsApp Messenger: It’s BBM for any mobile device. Unlike BBM, there’s no “PIN”. Your WhatsApp account works via your phone number. Any contacts who have WhatsApp installed will pop up in your Contact list. Send short messages, pictures, audio notes and more. There’s even a useful Group Conversation mode (great for discussing Spring Break plans!). Spring Break Panama City Beach For those heading to Panama City Beach this year, use this app to find out what’s going on around you, how far away the nearest party is, and where you can get the best deals and specials for attractions, restaurants, and shopping.





Motel and Tower

Best Valu e on the B each!

God is Great! Beer is Good! & Spring Breakers are Crazy!

Location Location Location

½ mile from Pier Park Family-owned n’operated Flamingo Motel & Tower offers unbeatable value unmatched by any other similar local motel! We’re located in proximity to pretty much everything from Pier Park with retail shops to the hottest beach clubs. Enjoy 240 feet of beautiful sugar-white sand beach as well as our two gulf-side pools and a spa. So what are you waiting for? Make a reservation today n’head on over our way and have a blast this spring break!

Make your reservation today! www.flamingomotel.com


15525 Front Beach Road • Panama City Beach, FL 32413





© 1978 - Universal Pictures

9 8

Slackers (2002) Devon Sawa, Jason Schwartzman Three pals have scammed and cheated their way through college. You can sense the impending blackmail here. Throw in a hot chick and you’ve got a hilarious situation. Accepted (2006) Justin Long, Jonah Hill, Blake Lively Creating your own college where anyone is accepted—now that’s inspirational! How many of us wish that the South Harmon Institute of Technology (S.H.I.T.) really existed? Dead Man on Campus (1998) Tom Everett Scott, Mark-Paul Gosselaar Partying. Flunking grades. Looking for a suicidal roommate. More partying. It’s a college classic.


7 6 5 4

Euro Trip (2004) Scott Mechlowicz, Jacob Pitts Watch this movie and just try and say that you don’t want to go on a euro-trip!

Superbad (2007) Michael Cera, Jonah Hill, Emma Stone Viewed as the modern day “Porky’s”, this must-see high school-to-college comedy has a way of telling us that we should all look back and feel proud of our younger years.

Van Wilder (2002)Ryan Reynolds, Tara Reid Everyone can relate to the never-ending college years. This movie’s about the ultimate college student dream: make money by partying! Road Trip (2000) Breckin Meyer, Seann William Scott Ah yes, the college road trip – where anything can, and will go wrong. Old School (2003) Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn, Luke Wilson Forming a fraternity in hopes of reliving your college years? Will Ferrell as Frank the Tank? Yes please!

© 1978 - Universal Pictures



American Pie 2 (2001) Jason Biggs, Seann William Scott American Pie pushes the R rating so much that you’ll either be appalled or amused by its front-row view of horny guys in all their dubious glory.

© 2007 - SONY Pictures

The top college party movies of all time? We sure think so.

© 1999 - UNIVERSAL Pictures


Animal House (1978) John Belushi It’s the quintessential college movie. A classic tale of frat boy partying at the famous Delta House Fraternity. It’s got it all: food fight, toga party, drinking, drugs, and sex.

Here for you®

panama city beach, florida

pool • hot tub • 2000 sq. ft. of meeting space • business center fitness center • continental breakfast • free wireless high-speed internet access located next door to hooters, sake house ii, brusters, and burger king

Relax it’s...

SPRING BREAK 800.SleepLQ • 850.234.3133 7115 Coastal Palms Blvd. Panama City Beach, FL 32408










10 Things

You Shouldn’t Say on a Spring Break Date The word “Date” might not be the appropriate way to describe a budding Spring Break relationship, but there are plenty of romantics out there who think otherwise. What you say on a date is more important than what you wear, how you do your hair, or what you smell like. Keep these lines from ruining your perfect date: “Hey, my ex has that exact same Spring Break t-shirt!” “ I hope you’re okay with meeting my parents after. They’re at my hotel...” “You look way different than the photos you have on your Facebook” “I don’t I have any kids, but you can’t be sure with all these Spring Break hook-ups.” “ The last time I was on Spring Break, George W. Bush was just beginning his Presidential term…oops, did I just give away my age there?” “Gosh, you know, you remind me of my Mom when you do that.” “Are you ready to get matching tattoos yet?” “Just so you know, I’m on the pill. I’m not making that mistake again.” “I think you hooked up with my roommate a couple nights ago.” “I’m just going to say it: I love you.”





PARTY PCB SPINNAKER – The Club that started it all, Spinnaker boasts an amazing atmosphere, and it’s one awesome place to party! Sitting right on a stunning shoreline, Spinnaker is the perfect beach destination, complete with an open-air deck and sparkling waterfall, an outdoor concert stage, and shaded bar stations. Spinnaker’s interior displays a sophisticated club atmosphere, and makes everyone feel like a VIP. Spinnaker is part of the Panamaniac Club Card Network. 8795 S. Thomas Dr. 850-234-7882. SHARKY’S BEACH CLUB – Home of the world famous Beach Bash! You‘ve read about it in Rolling Stone magazine and you’ve seen it on MTV, so don’t waste another minute — go experience it for yourself! The dance floor is packed every night with DJ “J” and the party wheel. Get there early for the FREE KEG PARTY NIGHTLY and the always entertaining and wild contests. Sharky’s is also the venue for the biggest daytime beach bash in PCB! Sharky’s is part of the Panamaniac Club Card Network. 15201 Front Beach Rd. 850-235-2420

HARPOON HARRY’S – The College bar on the beach. Harry’s makes you feel like you’ve walked into your favorite bar back on campus, only this bar sits right on the Gulf of Mexico! Hang out all day and partake in daytime beach contests and enjoy tons of free giveaways. After dark, Harry’s becomes an energetic party bar with DJ Smiley Jay spinning all your favorites. Harpoon Harry’s is part of the Panamaniac Club Card Network. 12627 Front Beach Rd. 850-234-6060 HAMMERHEAD FRED’S – The party starts early every night at Hammerhead Fred’s – with 40 FREE KEGS of ice-cold draft! Dance all night with top college DJ’s and get lathered in foam at their weekly foam party extravaganza. Go to Fred’s when you’re ready to really party! Hammerhead Fred’s is part of the Panamaniac Club Card Network. 8752 Thomas Dr. (across from The Summit) 850-233-3907

club like the Tiki Bar on the same property! Thousands of spring breakers party at the Tiki Bar, and your spring break isn’t complete until you ‘get freaky in the Tiki!’ 17403 Front Beach Rd. 1-800-488-8828 COYOTE UGLY – Party Ugly! You’ve seen the movie about the bar, but have you experienced it? Yes, hot girls do dance on the bar. And yes, you will be hosed down if they disapprove of your drink choice. It’s wild, rowdy, and it’s ugly! Get there early, it gets packed fast. Coyote Ugly is a part of the Panamaniac Club Card Network. 10512 Front Beach Rd. 850-236-5965

TIKI BAR – Tropical oasis by day, world-famous club by night. The Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort is the only Spring Break Hotel in Panama City Beach with a bumpin’





West End Panama City Beach



East End Panama City Beach

History of


Las Vegas NV, USA RECORD SET: 281

Gold Coast Australia RECORD SET: 357

May 14, 2009

October 2, 2011



Ft Lauderdale FL, USA ATTEMPT: 29

Huludao City China RECORD SET: 1085

July 28, 2012

August 19, 2012

2011 Grand Cayman Cayman Islands RECORD SET: 331 June 17, 2010


Panama City Beach FL, USA RECORD SET: 450 March 6, 2012


Madison Lake MN, USA ATTEMPT: 75

Ocean City MD, USA ATTEMPT: 325

July 28, 2012

August 25, 2012

Spring Break 2013 Panama City Beach, FL

rd AA W Woorrlldd RReeccoord n o n o estinati D estinati D BBreaking reaking


pring Break 2012 will forever be heralded as the year Panama City Beach entered the Guinness Book of World Records…for the largest bikini parade.

The beach destination (also known as the Spring Break Capital of the World) successfully broke the existing world record, previously held by Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast of Australia, by getting 450 women to don their favorite two-piece swimsuits and march a mile across the beach. Guinness World Record adjudicator Philip Robertson flew in from New York to certify the results, and soon after verified that the previous record of 357 had been beaten. The event benefited charity

and made headlines around the world. Since that record-breaking day, other U.S. cities have made their own attempts, including Ocean City, MD and Fort Lauderdale, FL. But on August 19, Huludao City in China raised the bar, posting 1085 bikini-clad women in their record-smashing event. It’s obvious, this is getting serious. It’s said that the Gold Coast in Australia is set to make a second official attempt this January, and hopefully soon after, Panama City Beach will gear up to once again break the record this coming Spring Break.

Will you be there to be a part of history?



Panama City Beach www.coyoteuglysaloon.com/panamacity





Hit the Beaches in Style

UjENAStyle Spring Break 2013 is just around the corner and your plan is to hit the beaches in style. You walk into a department store on the hunt for the perfect swimsuit. As you peruse the racks, you don’t find anything impressive. You begin feel the weight of your hunt, and you wonder why swimsuit shopping has to be so much work.

34 45

The truth is it shouldn’t be. Swimwear shopping should be a fun! At UjENA, we know that your swimsuit represents the hopes a great Spring Break and the coming summer. A swimsuit can say a lot about you; with the right fit and style you’ll be feeling both sexy and confident as you hit the beach.Express yourself in a made for you UjENA Swimsuit. We’ve been designing and manufacturing the largest selection of women’s swimwear in the world since 1984. UjENA.com has something for everyBODY.

The Fashionista:

The Rockstar:

The Superstar:

The Pin Up Gal:

80s Girl:

Jackie O:

Make the beach your runway, and show your style. These suits have that little something extra – think lace, ruffles, sparkles and more.

Think metallic, think rock n’ roll.

Be the athlete on and off the field in our made for you sporty suits. Halter and sport tops paired with a boy short work great as you work up a sweat taking the lead in the co-ed beach volleyball game.

Embrace your inner Marilyn Monroe, and try a vintage inspired swimsuit. UjENA.com offers classic and sexy styles with higher waistbands, twisted and ruched tops.

Florescent. Electric. Neon. Bright. Hyper. It isn’t just a pop of color, but a punch of color. It takes a certain confidence (and a love for the 80s) to pull off this fun and flirty style.

Emulating the classic styles of Jackie O these suits focus on simple silhouettes, classic colors and a glamorous, demure look.

.com .com


BIKINI PARTY Panama City Beach • Spring Break 2013









10:32 AM



located at the southernmost tip of Texas,SPI hosts A huge Texas-sized party every year! This tropical resort area, or the “Island”, as locals call it, is surrounded by the tranquil waters of Laguna Madre Bay on one side and the Gulf of Mexico on the other. The four miles of award winning sand beaches come alive during Spring Break, hosting some of the most active and wildest events, proudly living up to the slogan “Everything’s Big in Texas!”

The tropical weather is perfect to compliment your favorite daytime activities. Jet skis, banana boat rides, parasailing, snorkeling and more are all available for rental. There are also plenty of beach volleyball games that are free and a fun way to meet other people.

Getting To “The Island” is easy whether you are flying or driving. If you choose to fly most people fly into Brownsville South Padre Island International Airport which is located approx. 30 minutes away. They also have inexpensive shuttles that travel back and forth regularly.

A host of clubs and bars also keep the party going after the sun sets. Louie’s Backyard hosts nightly live concerts with top name national acts, Hawaiian Tropic bikini contests, DJs and dancing, bungee jumping, rock wall climbing, go carts, and more. It is perhaps the signature club and this hot spot definitely lives up to the hype. Having been featured on MTV, E!, The Travel Channel, and more, this party spot is always jumping for Spring Break.

With the sheer volume of Spring Breakers flooding into this resort town, it’s not uncommon for entire bars and hotels to become hubs of Spring Break activity. In fact, the entire island can feel like an exclusive Spring Break party.












Tips for a Smart Safe Spring Break


pring Break is a break from classes, jobs, and stress—but it isn’t a break from common sense!

Come home feeling like it was the best week of your life; keep these points in mind: USE The Buddy System: Hang out in groups and ALWAYS use the buddy system. Never allow a friend to leave a party alone. Always travel with a buddy in a taxi, bus, or public transportation. If you lose your buddy, ask a proper authority to escort you home. RESPECT YOUR HOTEL: Inspect your hotel room upon check-in and report any damage immediately. Do not hang out on the balconies of the hotel after partying. Do not damage any hotel property, including your room. Do NOT remove your hotel wristband as they are used by security for guest identification and hotel access purposes.


Transportation: Check with the hotel front desk for guidance on the cheapest, easiest, and most reliable transportation. Use only licensed taxis and limos, and negotiate the fare before entering hired vehicles. Always travel with a buddy. .com

Drink Responsibly: Know your limit. Note the amount of drinks per hour you are consuming. Do NOT accept drinks from strangers. Do not carry open containers of alcohol in the street. Drink Water!: Staying hydrated can keep you from getting sick, losing your voice, and prevents sun stroke. Wear Sunscreen: Coming home tanned is great, but coming home cancer-free is #winning! Listen to your mother and use the lotion. Re-apply every three hours—the sun is most intense mid-day, the time when you’ll most likely be on the beach. Water and Beach Safety: Do NOT swim in the Gulf/Ocean at night. You’ll be swimming at your own risk if a lifeguard isn’t on duty. Follow all beach patrol warnings. Pay attention to flags or posted markers on the beach that are used to warn you about dangerous tides, harsh water conditions. Have FUN!: This is your much-needed vacation and it should be stress free.

Que Padre~ Where the Fun Never Ends • Complimentary Breakfast with Hot Belgian Waffles • Swimming Pool with Hot Tub. Pet Friendly • All Our Spacious Rooms Have Free Wi-Fi, Microwave, Refrigerator, Coffee Maker, Hair Dryer, Iron and Ironing Board

...the best value. 43


4109 Padre Blvd., South Padre Island, TX 78597 Phone/Fax: (956) 761-4097 Reservations: 1-800-2-RAMADA






Going on a Spring Break trip this coming season doesn’t have to be an occasion that will break the bank. If you’re vigilant about saving money, you can have a great spring break, without going broke. Take some time to plan your trip, budget your finances, and cut back on unnecessary expenditures during the weeks and days before your trip. Before and during spring break, consider these money-saving tips: Book With the Hotel Directly There are a number of companies that are dedicated to student travel. Booking with these companies consist of you paying a middle-man fee. Booking directly with the hotel, however, means you’re cutting that middle-man fee out. Most hotels offer the opportunity to book online – so all you really need is a credit card and you’re set! Budget Accordingly When considering your budget it is important to prepare for the unexpected, so assume everything will cost ten percent more than you’re expecting. Road Trip Gas isn’t cheap, but driving to your destination is much less expensive than flying. If you’re traveling with friends, you can all pitch in for gas.

Pack Everything You Need If you have to buy clothes, sunglasses, sunblock or other common tourist items once you reach your destination, you will pay much more than you would have at home. Make a list before you go! Bring Your Student ID Carrying your student ID can be very advantageous. Many clubs, restaurants, and attractions offer student discounts. Get Groceries Meals out can be one of the largest – and most underestimated – expense on a multi-day vacation. Bring a cooler along and shop for food that’s ready to eat at grocery stores. Discount Card Programs Most of the spring break destinations offer students a discount party pass which usually includes free cover and happy hour specials at various bars, clubs and restaurants. For example, Panama City Beach offers the Panamaniac Club Card. Daytona Beach and Myrtle Beach have their own discount card programs too.















Party in

Texas-sized parties with plenty of party people!

LOUIE’S BACKYARD – A Legend Thirty Years In the Making! In Padre, it’s simply referred to as “The place”. Louie’s has been featured on MTV, 60 Minutes, the Travel Channel, VH1, ETV, and the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. You never know who is going to show up at Louie’s. Each year, their spring break VIP list gets bigger, so get there and be part of the Padre party action!

TEQUILA SUNSET – Home of the Tuesday Night Mardi Gras Party Boasting a huge open air deck with high-top tables and stools, Tequila Sunset hosts its massive Mardi Gras party every Tuesday in March, and yes, it should be a definite stop on your party schedule. 200 W. Pike (956) 761-6198

CLAYTON’S BEACH BAR & GRILL – Biggest Beach Bar in Texas. Clayton’s is the newest and largest beach bar on the Texas coast. Listen to live music, dance on the sand and sip a cold one at the beach front bar. You can start your day and end your night without even leaving the beach. 555 Seabreeze Blvd. (386) 255-6348



A setting sun, gorgeous palm trees swaying in the wind, the beautiful chants of a united crowd celebrating life to the soundtrack provided by the world’s greatest electronic artists. This is the sound of the biggest Spring Break electronic music festival. Globalgroove Events, SugarSociety, and Disco Donnie Presents proudly return to South Padre Island for the Third Annual UME, Ultimate Music Experience. Since it’s inception, the UME has strived to bring the brightest stars in electronic music to South Padre Island. Beginning in 2011 as a 2-day weekend party, the First Annual UME brought forth chart topping dj Afrojack, along with prolific hiphouse pioneer’s Far East Movement. With over 7,000 jubilant concert goers in attendance the very first electronic festival in South Padre Island was born. 2012 saw the expansion of the festival from a weekend to a full fledged 3-day festival spanning Thursday, March 15 to Saturday, March 17. The second annual UME brought together EDM 52fans from all over the

country, boasting one of the biggest lineups to be assembled for a festival. The biggest name in electronic music on the planet Tiesto kicked it off right, captivating the audience with his trademark sound. Playing alongside the legend, his protege Hardwell made his mark on South Padre. Day 2 was ignited by EDM’s fastest rising artist Avicii bringing the festival to a whole new level. Performing opening duties were fellow members of the At Night family Cazzette. The weekend came to grand finale with dubstep’s biggest star Skrillex destroying Schlitterbahn to a raucous crowd with mass acclaim. Over 30,000 were on hand over the 3 night span to witness history made on South Padre Island. The Ultimate Music Experience had been brought to the next echelon and was catapulted to become the biggest Spring Break electronic music festival in North American history. In 2013 Globalgroove Events, SugarSociety and Disco Donnie Presents have done it yet again by bringing together one of the largest arrays of talent.com to South Padre Island

for the Third Annual Ultimate Music Experience. This year’s installment of the UME brings with it the official UME Pre-Party Wednesday, March 13 taking place at Clayton’s Beach Resort with bass music master Dillon Francis and an opening set by trap superstar Flosstradamus. Thursday, March 14 at Schlitterbahn Waterpark chart smashing phenomenon Calvin Harris will take the decks and bring his flavor of house music to the island. Open duties will be performed by newly named Cover Girl models, the beautiful twins of Nervo. Scottish dj producer Chris Lake will be direct support. Friday, March 15 also at Schlitterbahn Waterpark is all about the bass. Flux Pavillion will fire up the bass cannon and shake the foundation of South Padre headlining the 2nd day of the UME. Major Lazer, the brain child of dance music prodigy Diplo along with rising Trap Music artists Bro Safari will kick off the night. Concluding the 3-Day festival will be the return of the biggest dj on the planet Tiësto sure to please the palette of any music fan. The beautiful

ladies (and one gent) of Krewella will get the crowd hyped and ready for the legend. Opening the night, the South Texas debut of the latest EDM sensation 17-year old Danny Avila. Globalgroove Events, SugarSociety, and Disco Donnie Presents always support local and regional talent. Every evening of the event will be opened by the largest variety of local and regional talent assembled. The Ultimate Music Experience is an event as the title specifies that simply needs to be experienced. It is a place where everlasting memories are made. Every single version of the festival has been just as unforgettable as the next and keep getting better. 2013 is set to be the biggest one yet. Join us alongside your fellow dance family members in a beautiful celebration of life, creating moments that will stay with you for a lifetime. See you this Spring Break on South Padre Island. for more information visit UMEsouthpadre.com








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This 23 mile stretch of wide, hardpacked white sand beach has long been one of the hottest Spring Break destinations in Florida. Spring Breakers can take a drive down 16 miles of this famous beach, catch some rays or ride the waves in the Atlantic surf. There are awesome deals on hotels right on the beach and they have one of the hottest nightclub scenes in Florida. If you like to play on the beach, you will love the activities that range from rock climbing walls, beach

volleyball and Frisbee tournaments. You can surf the waves, boogie board, jet ski, parasail and other activities that revolve around spending a great day at the beach. You can even rent a motorcycle or a bicycle and explore Daytona’s unique drivable beach. If you are up for making a day trip, Daytona Beach is quite close to Walt Disney World, SeaWorld and Universal Studios in Orlando. Daytona also has it’s own local attractions like DaytonaUSA, an exhibit that celebrates the history of NASCAR and the famous Daytona International Speedway. When the sun goes down the nightlife really heats up. Daytona Beach has a wild club scene with bars like Razzles, Aqua, and the Ocean Deck all located within easy walking distance from the beach hotels.

Whether you enjoy live DJs spinning high energy dance beats, chartbreaking concerts or a party inducing reggae band, it’s all here in Dayton. There is no need to drive your car to the clubs at night because Daytona’s party bus will get you there safely. This unique, English style red double decker bus provides free rides for Spring Breakers all night long. The party bus makes regular stops at all the major beach hotels and all the best nightclubs and beach bars. For Spring Break 2013, Daytona Beach is your destination. It’s hotter in Daytona Beach!







Daytona Inn Beach Resort Close enough to the action with the Ocean Deck less than 200 yds up the beach and Tailgaters Sports Bar & Grill onsite but far enough away that you can enjoy your own beach and oceanfront pool deck. Ask About Our Spring Break Specials aChoose from oceanfront or side rooms...private balcony on oceanfront roomsaSTUDIOS sleep 4 and SUITES sleep 6aCoffee pot/micro/fridge/toaster in all rooms...plus stove and full size fridge in SUITES aWiFi in all rooms aSports bar and pool bar on-site aWalking distance to clubs and entertainment aFree parking aOutdoor pool aGuest laundry rooms.

219 South Atlantic Avenue, Daytona Beach, FL 32118 800-874-1822 | reservations@daytonainnbeachresort.com

Cruising Daytona Beach:

An Experience and a Tradition Cruising the main drag during Spring Break is a rite of passage—but only in Daytona can you hop in the car and cruise the actual beach! Daytona Beach is one of the few places in the U.S. where vehicles are actually permitted on the sands. The 16 miles of hard compacted white sand along the shoreline are what make this a possibility and is readily accessible to vehicles.



Beach driving began with racing early in the 1900s, when the earliest of drivers were interested in testing their new machines, and their own driving skills. Early racers competed on what was dubbed the Daytona Beach Road Course, a race track comprised of both Highway A1A and the beach itself. So when you book your Spring Break 2013 trip to Daytona Beach, don’t forget that while other destinations may have the beach front strip to parade along, it’s Daytona that has the actual beach!



pring Break schedules typically consist of two main things: hitting the beach during the daytime hours, and partying in the club at night. It’s a simple formula that seems to work, no matter which coastal destination one chooses. It’s a routine that has, more or less, defined the essence of Spring Break for the past half century. But hey, there’s “other stuff” to do during Spring Break as well. After all, Spring Break is a full week’s vacation! Mix it up a bit and experience some of the things that make any chosen destination a unique place. Panama City Beach is known to have some of the highest concentrations of bottle-nosed dolphins in the world— which makes swimming with dolphins tours a very popular activity while on the

emerald coast. Did you know that Panama City Beach is also regarded as the Shipwreck Capital of the South for its many underwater shipwreck discoveries? If you’re into diving, this is a great way to explore a whole new world. South Padre Island is famous for their museums, specifically The Museum of Port Isabel, which is a complex consisting of three diverse facilities: the Port Isabel Historic Museum, the Treasures of the Gulf Museum, and the Point Isabel Lighthouse. All three are within walking distance of each other and are open yearround to the public. Heading to Daytona Beach for Spring Break? Why not visit the Daytona International Speedway and take part in the Daytona 500 Experience—an interactive motorsports attraction designed to entertain and inform race fans

about the history of motorsports in the Daytona Beach area. Daytona also has the famous Daytona Lagoon—a full-out entertainment center packed with fun things to do, including laser tag, a tri-level go-kart track, miniature golf, rock climbing, an arcade overflowing with the newest video games and much more! Then there are the things that aren’t so unique, but are nonetheless fun and memorable to experience. Parasailing over the open water is a rush. Zip-lining across the beach from several stories high is a kick. And what would a vacation be without a little shopping at the local outlet mall? There are loads of things to do aside from beach bashing and club hopping. Sometimes it’s the “other” stuff that makes your Spring Break experience more memorable.



DAYTONA After Dark Daytona’s nightlife is alive and well! This “original” Spring Break hotspot is still quite the place to be for a truly awesome spring break experience.

RAZZLE’S – Razzle’s Nightclub has been electrifying Daytona Beach’s nightlife for over two decades. Located in the heart of the Beachside Party District, Razzle’s offers a world class nightlife experience, immersing party-goers in a world of sound, light, and video technology. Hit the dance floor and let the 50,000 watts of pulse pumping power run through your veins, or party it up in the elevated VIP environment: The Ultra Lounge. With over 15,000 square feet of partying space, Razzle’s offers the largest nighttime hotspot in Daytona Beach and will make your special night complete. 611 Seabreeze Blvd (386) 257-6236 AQUA LOUNGE – The VIP Hot Spot. A spring break experience like no other, the Aqua Lounge is simply electric. Hosting some of the most memorable parties during the month of March, Aqua has the largest VIP Lounge in Daytona and the hottest crowds. If you’re at Aqua, you’re there to be seen. 640 N. Grandview Ave (386) 248-8243 60


OCEAN DECK RESTAURANT & BEACH CLUB – Hit the Deck! No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem! Kick back and relax in a Caribbean style atmosphere of warm tropical breezes and live island music. This open air bar/restaurant is the perfect place to experience the laid back culture of the Caribbean. With tons of free giveaways and no cover before 10pm, the Ocean Deck is a place you won’t soon forget. 127 South Ocean Avenue (386) 253-5224 THE OYSTER PUB SPORTS BAR & GRILL – A Daytona Beach Tradition. Located in the heart of Daytona’s Beachside Party District, The Oyster Pub has been catering to spring breakers for nearly 30 years! Quite simply, it’s the best environment to enjoy live sporting events with 45+ TV’s serving up all the action. When it gets late, their DJs swoop in to keep the crowd going. Go for their amazing food, stay for the addictive atmosphere. 555 Seabreeze Blvd. (386) 255-6348




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2 hotels

1 Enormous Party



DJ on the .com pool Deck 11am - 5pm • DRINk SPECIaLS

One blOck frOm the Seabreeze nightclubS

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Why spend all your money on hotel rooms?

Offers •Daytona’s Best Prices, Hotel Rooms on the Beach yOu: •15 of Daytona’s Finest Hotels to Choose From •Hotels located in the Party District

“Ask about our “SPRING BREAK PARTY CARD” www.daytonawelcomecenter.com

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Monday-Friday 10am-9pm(est), 62 .com Saturday Noon-4pm Save Money • Save Money • Save Money • Save Money

H O T T E S T C L.com UB • BEST DRINK SPECIALS • INCREDIBLE MUSIC 611 Seabreeze Blvd., Daytona Beach, FL 386.257.6236 razzlesnightclub.com /razzlesdaytona 63


Your Spring Break 2013 Workout Plan

Spring Br In order to be bikini-ready for Spring Break, you swore you’d hit the gym hard every day and eat right‌ but it never happened.





This article was written by Julianne Grauel and was originally posted February 29, 2012 on www.hercampus.com

Have no fear! We’ve got a few healthy tips to help you slim down in just a few weeks—because we all know crash diets and exercising your life away in the gym for a few days is unhealthy, un-fun and unlikely to produce any results.

suggests drinking 2 cups of coffee or tea a day (which should be a breeze for sleep-deprived college students) as it will help with fat oxidation, i.e., will help boost your metabolism. Just be careful not to add too many extras to your drink, like cream, sugar, and flavor shots!

Exercise:In these weeks

Registered dietician at Carnegie Mellon University, Paula Martin explains that many popular (quick weight loss) diet plans can be very harmful to your health. However she does offer several tips to begin slimming down in time for break:

before your trip, you should switch up your normal cardio routine. According to Kevin Schultz, director of strength and conditioning at Carnegie Mellon, rather than just spending your usual 60 minutes on the elliptical, you should “do repeat high intensity bouts with short rest periods.”Go hard for 10-30 seconds with 10-30 second breaks. Repeat this 10-20 times for a set. Do up to 3 or 4 sets with a 5-10 minute rest period in between each set. This cardio plan can be done on the bike, treadmill, elliptical or stair master…so mix it up! However, you can use it on strength machines too and incorporate both strength and cardio into your workout if you have time. Just keep in mind that you tend to burn more calories in a high intensity 10-minute interval than at a low intensity 30-minute interval.

Diet:We all know the usual tips: avoid bloating by not consuming gum, fried foods or salty foods. Don’t eat sweets, etc. Schultz

Eat Both Proteins and Carbs: Meals and snacks with protein as well as complex carbohydrates are desirable for weight loss. Consider a veggie burger on a whole grain bun with lettuce and tomato or a bean burrito with salsa and lettuce to take with you on the go.

pains away and you will be able to stay focused and on task. Remember, overly restrictive diets tend to keep your mind focused on FOOD and not your next task, and can lead to binge eating later.

Breakfast of Champions: Have breakfast within an hour of getting up. 6 oz of yogurt and a ½ cup of multi-grain cereal is a great way to get both the carbs and protein you need. How about an English muffin sandwich? Or whole-wheat toast with a teaspoon of peanut butter, an apple and some yogurt?

Or At Least Drink Something in the A.M.: If you are not an early morning eater then consider drinking in the nutrition with a yogurt smoothie, or skim milk latte. Something is always better than nothing. Remember everything is best in moderation, in terms of BOTH diet and exercise. Don’t go too far to one extreme. After all this is your Spring Break—go out and have fun!

Eat Frequently: Eating every 3-5 hours will keep the hunger

















• • • •

No Cover Charge, Ever – Open 11am to 3am Daily 2-4-1 Happy Hour Drinks 4pm to 7pm daily Great Oyster Pub Food Served Until 3am Catch All Your March Madness and Sports Action on one of our 65+ High-Def TVs • Pool Tables and Game Room • Located in the Heart of the Seabreeze Nightlife District 555 Seabreeze Blvd. Daytona Beach 386.255.6348

/theoysterpub @theoysterpub








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&NORTHMYRTLEBEACHSC The Destination You Need To Discover

Every year millions of Spring Breakers travel to various destinations. One popular destination you may not know about is Myrtle Beach/North Myrtle Beach South Carolina. WHITE SAND Beaches, perfect weather, and HOT Nightclubs make Myrtle Beach a popular Spring Break destination. Myrtle Beach is one of the country’s top tourist destinations, with about 14 million visitors annually, so it has everything you need for your vacation from high quality accommodations, incredible nightlife/entertainment, great restaurants, golf courses, and a vibrant Spring Break

scene. Many great oceanfront resorts cater to students: The Sandcastle Oceanfront resort with their poolside tiki bar, the Polynesian with their covered pool in case of bad weather, and The Sea Dip located right on the famous strip. North Myrtle hosts huge beach houses (that can accommodate up to 20 people) like Retreat Myrtle Beach, Myrtle Beach Tours and Cherry Grove Beach Houses. Condo Rentals in North Myrtle are provided by Coastal Condos. The area’s only stay and play location, Ocean Drive Resort, boasts its own nightclub—the famous Spanish Galleon. Myrtle Beach weather, comparable to Panama City Beach, FL, is incredibly nice and dry during March/April. Highs range from 70-75 degrees.

Clubs/bars in Myrtle Beach are 18+ so all college students can enter. The House of Blues has concerts featuring top artists, and Rum Jungle, Club 2001, and Zulu Lounge make up an incredible party block. The premier nightlife destination “Broadway at the Beach” has the #1 party club in the world—Senor Frog’s. You can also ride the bull at Rodeo or visit the dueling piano bar Crock Rocks. Spring Break events take place weekly. Everything from Foam and Glow Paint parties, Mardi Gras events, to live concerts. The Myrtlemaniac Party Card program allows free entry into all the major events at different area venues for your entire Spring Break.




North Myrtle Beach's #1 Spring Break rental agency. We have accommodations for groups from 4-100. Save $$$ with large groups and book our Spring Break vacation homes! All properties either oceanfront or walking distance to beach.


www.retreatmymyrtlebeach.com North Myrtle Beach’s

Best Vacation

1-800-418-9279 Students, Spring Break, Groups...

We welcome them all! Mention this ad and receive

10% off 72


a regular season’s week

between March 1st, 2013 and April 27th, 2013.



Directly on the Beach Oceanfront Rooms Large Outdoor Pool Indoor Pool Hot Tub Central Location

Directly On the Beach Oceanfront Rooms Large Outdoor Pool Indoor Pool 2 Whirlpools Central Location


polynesian-resort.com 1001 South Ocean Blvd., Myrtle 2:05 Beach, 29577 SandcastleSpringBreak_Layout 1 12/6/12 PM SC Page 1




ocean-plaza.com Ocean Plaza: 1005 South Ocean Blvd. Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

MYRTLE BEACH The definitive list of the best places to party in Myrtle Beach. Senor Frogs—Señor Frog’s is an international restaurant chain, bar and clothing brand known for its spontaneous and interactive entertainment. The restaurant offers great Mexican food, but during Spring Break it is one of the top party destinations in Myrtle Beach. They have live DJ’s for dancing and they sponsor some of the most outrageous contests with prizes and giveaways. Enjoy a whole evening during Spring Break at Senor Frog’s from dinner to late night partying!



Rodeo Bar & Grille—Rodeo is no ordinary country bar and restaurant. This 9000 square foot, 2 story restaurant and nightclub features 3 bars, 8 bar stations, a mechanical bull, live sound stage, indoor/outdoor seating plus a state of the art light, sound and video show. This bar features resident DJ BZ spinning the hottest blends of Mainstream Radio, Hip Hop, Dance and Country Music. During most weekends you can experience live country music by national touring artists.


Rum Jungle—This is the go-to place for many Spring Breakers who come to Myrtle Beach for some great vacation memories. Non-stop music, and many other theme events like glow paint and foam parties are sure to be a highlight. It’s a crazy party with paparazzi cameras flashing, where everyone goes to see and be seen. Be a part of the experience, don’t miss this exciting new nightclub!





North Myrtle Beach’s Wildest Spring Break Party Club! The Spanish Galleon has the areas hottest DJ’s, Spring Break drink specials, crazy events and contests! For our complete Spring Break schedule visit us at

spanishgalleonbeachclub.com or call us at 843-249-1048. 100 main st. N.M.B

THE AREAS ONLY COMPLETE STAY & PLAY RESORT! North Myrtle Beach’s #1 Spring Break Resort. The only Oceanfront resort with it’s own nightclub on property! Indoor/outdoor pools and restaurant. Discounted Spring Break rates. To book rooms or for more info go to

oceandriveresort.com or call 877-666-2389.

2608 North oceaN BLVD. | MyrtLe Beach, Sc 29577



Our guests enjoy outstanding accommodations, a variety of great amenities, family traditions and a great convenient location to many of the fabulous attractions of Myrtle Beach.

Nearby is Coastal Grande Mall, the Myrtle Beach Conventions Center, Restaurants, Theatres, Broadway at the Beach, Family Kingdom, SkyWheel, WonderWorks, water parks, family amusement park and other great amusement areas.

Features You Will Love!

• Indoor Pool during the Fall, Winter and Spring months • Two Oceanfront Pools • Whirlpool • Lazy River • Elevator • Kitchens • In-Room Wi-Fi • Ample Parking • Laundry • Picnic Area



Spring Break

S cial Media Mishaps

Have you ever accidentally posted an embarrassing picture or typed a risqué status update on a social network before thinking twice about the message you’re sending? Mishaps like these happen all the time. Whether you’re an experienced Spring Break pro, or a first-timer, you’ll want to follow these simple dos and don’ts.

Facebook has its own set of do’s and don’ts. Everyone posts something from Spring Break on his or her wall. Unfortunately, there’s a very good chance that those posts will include an array of unflattering photos and perhaps more than a few questionable comments. As a student, you might think it’s fun to upload a picture of yourself taking a Jäger shot, but your (future) boss might not share the sentitment. Remember, your Facebook account can be a factor in your future job search and personal relationships.



These same rules apply when using Twitter. Tweeting makes it super simple to describe your immediate mood, feeling, or activity. But don’t get trigger happy—think before you tweet. Tweets are published immediately, and can be read by anyone on the internet within seconds. Don’t publish something that you will regret later. Careless tweets can damage your reputation, fracture friendships, and expose unsavory activities. Stay smart about what you should and should not do on Facebook and Twitter while you’re partying.

Make the best of your Spring Break: DO post fun pics of your Spring Break on Facebook and Instagram. Spring Break is a fun trip, and part of the fun is sharing your favorite moments. Sharing a photo of yourself dancing at a club with white foam pouring from the ceiling is great— especially if you look like you’re genuinely having fun.

DON’T let your parents or coworkers see all your tagged pics, and don’t let people tag you in pictures without your approval. You have control of the pictures you post, but don’t forget you could appear in photos taken by others. Take a minute to go over your privacy settings before heading to the airport.

DON’T post too many status updates or tweets during your trip. Rather than show people that you’re tied to your phone, show them that you’re busy having fun—you’re on vacation! No one really cares what you’re doing every minute of the day. Restraint is best.

DON’T post anything on Facebook between midnight and 6am. You very well may post something regrettable, and by the time you wake up at noon the following day, dozens of friends, distant acquaintances, and family members will have already seen it.

Absolutely DO

have fun.



Save money. Live better.

5 locations in Bay County to serve all of your Spring Break needs! Walmart Supercenter #1032 2101 South Highway 77 Lynn Haven, FL 32444

Walmart Supercenter 80 #1207 725 North Tyndall Parkway Callaway, FL 32404

Walmart Supercenter #3075 513 West 23rd Street Panama City, FL 32405


Walmart Supercenter #818 (Beach Store) 10270 Front Beach Road Panama City Beach, FL 32407

Walmart Supercenter #3119 @ Pier Park Panama City Beach, FL 32413




MARCH 13 G , 2013!

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