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Learning to fly will unlock endless new possibilities and give you unparalleled freedom to see the world. It is a truly unique experience—one of the last great adventures in our modern life. This magazine, produced by the flight instructors at Sporty’s, will help you get off to a fast start on your aviation journey, whether the goal is a Boeing 737 or a Cessna 172. Enjoy the articles on the pages that follow, and be sure to check out some of the great resources below.


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pilot hiring REMAINS STRONG

Thinking of becoming a pilot? There has never been a better time to get started. A surging demand for pilots, technological advancements, and access to modern learning resources mean, in the words of a recent article, “the best days are right here, right now.”

The demand for professional pilots has never been greater. After a brief downturn at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, passenger volumes have come roaring back and airlines are hiring like never before. Recent data indicates that pilot certification changes and increased demand for air travel have had far-reaching industry effects, and flight departments are experiencing a shortage of qualified pilots. Look at the chart below to see just how dramatic this rise has been.

Pay is rising almost as fast as pilot hiring numbers. We’ve seen starting offers at the regional airlines rise by more than 50% over the last five years, along with new, creative compensation packages. In the airline industry, where seniority is supreme and determines everything from pay to aircraft assignments and quality of life, the opportunity exists to land destination jobs much earlier in your career than has ever been possible.

Modern technologies are commonplace in training aircraft. You likely will have access to electronic flight displays and moving maps, on-board weather and pilot information, autopilot systems, and advanced navigation equipment. These transformative capabilities are making

Advanced training resources allow pilots to train more efficiently and consistently and allow training content to be accessed anywhere that is convenient. Sporty’s Learn to Fly Course is an ideal flight training companion; it’s everything you need to prepare for your written test and earn your pilot certificate, with ground school, test prep, and real-world training, all in one easy-to-use package.

With a single purchase, you gain access to nine different formats: the online course, iPad/iPhone app, Android app, smart TV


apps (for Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV), Apple CarPlay, and even Mac. Your progress is automatically tracked and synced between devices, and you’re eligible to receive your written exam endorsement directly from the course.

Regardless of the path you choose or your motivation to begin, time is of the essence. Don’t delay, as each year of inaction is time wasted not enjoying this amazing adventure—and time could literally be costing you hundreds of thousands in future earnings.

By the numbers:

#2002 851 2003 854 2004 1199 2005 2301 2006 2443

Airline pilots hired since 2002 2007 2766 2008 1299 2009 30 2010 408 2011 748 2012 553 2013 1084 2014 3053 2015 3429 2016 4113 2017 4988 2018 4606 2019 4977 2020 2398 2021 5426

airline pilots hired

Airline pilots hired


250 500 750 1000




What’s new in Sporty’s Learn to Fly Course

One of the best investments you can make as a student pilot (or a rusty pilot) is a good home study course. While your flight lessons will form the core of your training, there’s a lot of work to be done in between trips to the airport. Sure, you’ll need something to help you prepare for the FAA knowledge test, but the benefits of a course go far beyond that. It will also help you save a significant amount of time and money by preparing for each lesson at home. Most importantly, you’ll be a safer, more confident pilot after you earn your certificate.

Sporty’s Learn to Fly Course is used by tens of thousands of pilots every year and is a complete flight training companion. It includes over 15 hours of HD video, comprehensive test prep tools, and a complete FAA document library. Sporty’s courses are famous for a relentless pace of innovation; every year, we add new content, new training tools, and new platforms. This year is no exception, with a

number of significant upgrades that make training more engaging and more efficient. Here’s a look at some highlights.

New platforms

Train anywhere, anytime—that’s always been Sporty’s promise. A single purchase includes lifetime access to the Learn to Fly Course on a huge variety of platforms, including web browser, iOS devices, Android devices, and smart TVs like Roku. Progress is automatically synced between devices, so it’s easy to switch back and forth as your study sessions move.

The latest enhancement brings an allnew version of Sporty’s Pilot Training app to Apple computers, allowing pilots to access courses natively on a Macbook, iMac or Mac Pro. Many video segments are produced in 4K resolution, so they look great on the big screen of an iMac. The Mac app was designed to work offline too, making it a great companion when traveling on the airlines or when an internet

connection isn’t available. The test prep components are automatically saved for offline use when downloading the app, and you can then download videos to your Mac’s hard drive.

When you leave your desktop computer behind, you can now use Sporty’s course in CarPlay-equipped vehicles. This feature allows iPhone users to access a few select iOS communication and media apps on touch-capable infotainment screens in compatible cars. Sporty’s Pilot Training app is a natural fit for CarPlay, allowing pilots to listen to the audio training segments. This is great for reviewing a segment after you’ve watched the video or for brushing up on today’s flight lesson topic while you drive to the airport.

The online version of Sporty’s course remains one of the most popular formats, and it’s also updated for 2023. The new layout is faster, easier to navigate, and works flawlessly on phones and tablets. There is no software to install—just log in and start learning, no matter what device you’re using.

New resources

Once you’ve logged into the course, there are a number of new training resources that complement the award-winning video segments. Perhaps the most noticeable addition is an interactive Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) tool. This includes all the rules you’ll need to know as a student and private pilot, from certificate requirements to weather minimums. Sporty’s FAR database is continually updated every time you log in, so you’ll always have the latest information. Navigating through the sections is lightning


fast and a search box makes it easy to find regulations on specific topics.

The companion to the FARs, the Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM), is also included and can be found in the FAA Handbooks section of the course. Like many other reference documents in this section, the AIM is presented in full color, including all tables and graphics. You can search, bookmark, and highlight sections for further study.

Another valuable resource is the Training Course Outline, the same lesson-by-lesson syllabus used in Sporty’s flight school. Each page includes the lesson objective, content, and completion standards. Now the bottom of the page includes required study links for quick access to relevant video sections and FAA manuals.

Finally, many video sections now feature a Related Content tab. This suggests resources for pilots who want to dive deeper, including additional videos, websites, and FAA publications.

New videos

The heart of Sporty’s course has always been the dynamic video segments. From first flight all the way through checkride, you’ll see what to expect and learn how to master complicated maneuvers. The team at Sporty’s is continuously updating and expanding these videos to keep up with both changing technology and the latest training techniques.

New for 2023 are major updates to the cross-country planning segments. Detailed lessons include: how to complete a nav log, how to use a plotter with a sectional chart, step-by-step instructions for making calculations with both electronic and manual E6Bs, preflight weather briefing tips, and an introduction to glass cockpits. Throughout the videos, the focus is on practical skills, not rote memorization.

Customer favorites

All of these upgrades join an already impressive list of features, including powerful FAA knowledge test prep tools. Sporty’s course includes a proprietary database of over 1,000 FAA test questions, customizable study modes, and unlimited practice tests. You can even earn an automatic flight instructor endorsement to take the test when you’re done.

Best of all, you never have to worry about out-of-date materials or missing features with Sporty’s free lifetime updates. Simply buy the course once and you own it forever—no subscriptions and no upgrade fees required. Every time you log in to the online training portal or open up the Pilot Training app, you’ll have access to the latest video segments, test question updates, and training features. It’s an incredible value: for the price of one flight lesson, you’ll save thousands of dollars over your flying career.

Native Mac app Interactive FARs Updated videos PowerStudy test prep
09SPORTYS.COM Sporty’s Learn to Fly Course E1753A $279.00 1.800.SPORTYS (776.7897) | SPORTYS.COM

Sporty’s launches suite of free flight instructor tools

Sporty’s Learn to Fly Course isn’t just for independent studying; a comprehensive CFI portal connects instructors with their students’ at-home study sessions, making the flight training process more organized and efficient. This suite of tools includes lesson plans, a flight instructor refresher course, a complete FAA library, special CFI offers, and access to Sporty’s awardwinning pilot training courses. Best of all, every feature is available free to any active flight instructor.

Progress tracking

After signing up, flight instructors can monitor the progress of their students in Sporty’s pilot training courses, including video segments and test prep sessions. Detailed reporting makes it easy to review missed questions during a ground lesson,

and CFIs can also watch the entire course to stay in sync on key topics.

When it’s time to meet in person, Sporty’s lesson plan guides provide detailed outlines that will save CFIs hours of time. The lesson-by-lesson syllabus offers a structured plan for training, while ground lesson guides and maneuver guides make each lesson more productive. Also included is Sporty’s guide to FAA endorsements, with templates for the most common endorsements, from first solo to checkrides to proficiency endorsements.

Flight Instructor Refresher Course

Sporty’s CFI Portal also includes a complete Flight Instructor Refresher Course (eFIRC) that satisfies the requirements to

06 SPORTYS.COM | 1.800.SPORTYS (776.7897)

renew a CFI and offers practical tips for improving teaching skills. Delivered in a convenient online format, it’s universally accessible for PC, Mac, and mobile devices. This comprehensive course contains 17 lessons broken down into learning modules for ease of study, and like everything else it’s completely free.

Flight instructors can also access the latest editions of essential FAA books, including the Airplane Flying Handbook, Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge, Aeronautical Information Manual, and much more. Each document is indexed and includes powerful search and annotation options to make teaching more meaningful. Instructors can even upload their own documents, like standard operating procedures or checklists, making for a complete resource library.

How to Watch Sporty’s Video Lessons Live with Your Instructor

The Covid-19 pandemic taught many flight students and instructors that remote ground school lessons are now a possibility—using nothing more than a smartphone and common apps like FaceTime or Zoom. From reviewing the basics of aerodynamics to studying for the FAA written test, you no longer have to be at the airport together to learn.

Flight school tools

Sporty’s courses are in use at a growing number of flight schools, from single-instructor clubs to large aviation universities. To support these customers, Sporty’s has built powerful management tools, including the ability to create classrooms, bulk invite students, and export a roster to a .csv file. The course also integrates with Flight Schedule Pro, a popular management tool, with each lesson in FSP linked directly to the relevant video segments in Sporty’s course.

Students can even connect their training progress in AOPA Flight Training Advantage and Sporty’s course for a seamless training experience, both inside and outside the airplane. AFTA is a web portal- and iPad-based training application that helps make the process of flight training more effective for the student, the CFI and the flight school.

Sporty’s CFI Portal is completely free for active flight instructors. To sign up, visit Sportys.com/CFI.

Sporty’s 2023 Learn to Fly Course is taking this idea to the next level, with support for Apple’s unique SharePlay feature. Available for devices running iOS 15.1 or later, this allows two people to watch the same video while on a FaceTime call together. The app syncs video playback and controls, so both people see the same thing at the same time. Smart volume means you can talk while the video is playing—perfect for discussing complicated flight training lessons.

1.800.SPORTYS (776.7897) | SPORTYS.COM 07 To use SharePlay: 1. Open Sporty’s Pilot Training app 2. Choose a video. 3. Tap the up arrow to select SharePlay 4. Enter the contact you want to share the video with. 5. Once you’re connected to your instructor, tap Start to begin the video.

student pilot essentials

Sporty’s is much more than just a pilot shop. From the very beginning, our company was based on teaching people how to fly. Today, our flight school has hundreds of students and is solely responsible for the University of Cincinnati’s Professional Pilot Program.

The plethora of pilot supplies out there can be overwhelming, so students often look to us for advice on what you really need for flight training. The CFIs at Sporty’s Academy distribute this list of musthave gear.

Our Electronic E6B has all the easy-to-use features of the original, but adds a new, more rugged design and additional features. Its pilot-friendly design makes quick work of any navigational, weight and balance, or fuel problem, and it also performs conventional arithmetic calculations. It’s invaluable for students and experienced pilots alike. Approved for the FAA Knowledge Test.

7095A $79.95

OVER 250,000

Pilots have trusted Sporty’s Electronic E6Bs over the years for fast flight planning and accurate FAA test calculations.


Pilot’s Flight Log and Record

0 50k

Far and away the most comprehensive and practical logbook available. Each Senior Pilot Flight Log spread includes 32 total columns. Seven blank columns allow the pilot to customize the logbook. Contains 272 total pages. The Pilot’s Flight Log includes 28 columns and 112 total pages.

Senior Pilot’s Flight Log 8114A $29.95

Pilot’s Flight Log 8120A $11.95

Optional Engraving 1628A $6.95


Flight Gear HP

Tri-Fold Kneeboard

The solid clipboard is great for copying clearances and doubles as a quick reference tool.

7004A $34.95

Flight Gear HP Bi-Fold Kneeboard

This compact kneeboard has room for the essentials, but won’t take up much space in the cockpit or flight bag.

6367A $29.95

Sporty’s Classic Kneeboard Simple design will withstand decades of abuse. Extra-thick aluminum board with foam backing and Elastic strap with Velcro® closure.

7054A $16.95

Sporty’s Electronic E6B Flight Computer
100k 150k 200k 250k
4 9 HEADSET FLIGHT BAG Flight Gear Crosswind Bag 10379A $59.95 Faro Stealth 2 Passive 8255A $249.95 Lightspeed Sierra 2472A $699.00 5 FLASHLIGHT 6 FUEL TESTER 10 FAA BOOKS Aviation Weather M179A $19.95 2022 FAR/AIM M475A $19.95 Airplane Flying Handbook M550A $17.95 Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge M552A $17.95 C B A D 8 BACKUP POWER Flight Gear Charging Kit B1600A $99.99 7 TRAINING COURSE 1.800.SPORTYS (776.7897) | SPORTYS.COM 09 Sporty’s Fuel Tester 2788A $12.95 Flight Gear Headlamp 7497A $19.95 CA DB Our Deluxe Course Kits include everything a student pilot could need, from video training to essential pilot supplies. It's perfect for rusty pilots getting back into aviation, or for aspiring aviators who want to get off to a quick start. Includes: • Sporty’s Learn to Fly Course (online, iOS app, Android app, Apple TV app, Roku channel) • Sporty’s Electronic E6B Flight Computer • FAA Airplane Flying Handbook • Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge • Pilot’s Log Book • FAR/AIM • Fuel Tester • Flight Gear Crosswind Bag • Sectional Plotter 4100A $449.00 Sporty’s Deluxe Learn To Fly Kit product spotlight SAVE WHEN YOU buy as a kit HHHHH “Everything that you’ll need to get started and then some.” –customer review Sporty’s Learn to Fly Course (Online, App, TV) E1753A $279.00



Home flight simulation technology has made impressive leaps forward over the past 10 years. Finally, stock software made by companies like Microsoft and X-Plane allow for at-home flight simulation real enough to provide tangible benefits to those who are currently in flight training, or already hold a pilot’s license. This realism does come with a warning; unstructured or “game” flying can detract from your actual flight lessons or skill set. Here are some things to consider when using a home simulator setup.

Hardware – There are many choices to make to determine your home setup: yoke, joystick, rudders, control panels, etc. The key to making this setup work is your comfort. Having a system that you feel comfortable working with is the best place to start. Keep in mind that some setups can get fairly expensive, and although this adds realism, it isn’t necessary to get the most basic learning functions out of the simulators. For those working with aircraft that use a standard yoke setup, I encourage yoke and rudder pedals as a basic equipment package to train with. A good throttle quadrant is the logical next step.

Software – With the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator in 2020, pilots have two great choices for software. Microsoft’s first clean sheet simulator in over a decade has stunning graphics but is still maturing. If you are inclined to learn a more detailed program with added features, X-Plane has a great reputation for flight simulation reality and a thriving marketplace for add-on scenery and airplanes. There are many other programs available on the market that range from highly sophisticated to near game-only level. Regardless of your choice, learn what the program can and can’t do and carry that into your training.

Training structure – This is the largest piece to transform your simulator into a true training machine. There are several strategies that you can consider to help turn your home simulator into a true training machine (see below), but regardless of which method you choose, make sure that each time you approach your simulator you treat it as an airplane and not a

toy. Each flight should have a specific objective or purpose in mind. By adhering to this level of structure, you are able to take the lessons learned in the simulation world and translate them to the actual aircraft.

Feedback – If you fly your simulator and then observe your performance, either with an automatic scoring/evaluation system built into some systems, or with recording and replaying your flights back to yourself, you can act as both student as well as examiner. While you are flying, it is easy to miss deviations in performance (altitude, airspeed, center line tracking, etc.), but if you replay your flight, you can distance yourself from your performance and observe with an objective eye.

Earlier I mentioned training structure and different ideas of how to give your flying time structure while at home. Each system has its different options for reviewing your flying, but the best way to truly structure your training is to work from a syllabus designed for home simulator flying. A great example is the flight sim training guide included in Sporty’s Learn to Fly Course or Take Flight Interactive’s complete training software (see page 12 for details). These products are specifically designed to give you a purpose for your lesson at home and allow the most amount of positive transfer of learning from simulator to aircraft.

In addition to these training products, sometimes the best resource for your home simulator is your flight instructor. Talk to your CFI and inform them that


you have a home simulator and you want to make the best use of it by practicing your lessons at home to review and prepare for your in-aircraft lessons. Although CFIs have different views on how best to use home simulators, most instructors will support its use when using the procedures and techniques taught from the aircraft. It can be difficult to make a breakthrough while learning on your own, but keeping your skills sharp and practicing your homework between lessons will definitely accelerate those breakthroughs with your instructor in the airplane.

For those pilots who already hold a license, the structure used in the simulator world can be more relaxed, provided that you continue to use your in-aircraft procedures when flying your sim. I recommend pilots stay sharp by flying their home simulators like they fly their aircraft, including full checklist usage, simulated radio calls, and airport traffic procedures. Many pilots will use home simulators to remain instrument current with procedures and scan techniques, but basic VFR skills can also be kept sharp by the same process of practicing on the ground and then using the aircraft to fill in the “experience” gap. In particular, emergency procedures that are not often practiced in flight can be very beneficial when exercised in the home simulator setup.

10 SPORTYS.COM | 1.800.SPORTYS (776.7897)

pilot. Durable stainless steel control shaft and realistic yoke buttons add to the realism. An integrated USB hub provides a docking station for other hardware.

9900A $179.99

Rudder Pedals These

pedals with


9875A $179.99

Enter the modern age of flight simulation with the Alpha Yoke and Bravo Throttle from Honeycomb Aeronautical. The newsiest player in the flight simulation world has quickly become a market favorite. Durable hardware with unparalleled feel has Honeycomb at the top of the most wanted list for flight sim pilots. Each piece is configured to work with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 out of the box.

Honeycomb Alpha Yoke 10304A $249.99

Honeycomb Bravo Throttle 10503A $249.99

Alpha and Bravo B1908A $499.98

1.800.SPORTYS (776.7897) | SPORTYS.COM 11
adjustable damping are a perfect
to the Flight Yoke System.


Tools for integrating a simulator with your flight training

You have X-Plane installed on your computer. You have a yoke and rudder pedal setup. Now what? If you’re ready to take the next step with your home simulator and use it for serious training, it’s important to have a plan. The following three products can help you approach your next flight sim session in a structured way, with specific training goals.

Flight Sim Training Guide

X-Plane Scenarios

Take Flight Interactive Training Course

Part of Sporty’s Learn to Fly CourseIncludes 14 detailed training flights that can be flown in your home simulator, complete with objectives, tasks to accomplish, sim settings, and performance goals. While the Flight Sim Training Guide can be used as a standalone product, it is best utilized as a part of Sporty’s Learn to Fly Course.

How it works - For optimum effectiveness, the reading material and viewing of the associated video volumes in Sporty’s course should be completed prior to the respective flight sim session. Review the information, then fly it in the simulator, then fly it with your instructor.

Compatible software - Scenarios can be used with any simulator and suggested starting conditions are included with every lesson. However, the guide does include specific tips for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Sporty’s Learn to Fly Course E1753A $279.00

Pre-loaded scenarios with embedded video tips - These scenarios go one step beyond the Flight Sim Training Guide, by automatically placing your airplane at the start of each maneuver and suggesting the tasks to complete. All you have to do is un-pause the sim and start flying. Includes lessons on steep turns, S-turns, and ILS approaches.

How it works - Each of the three maneuvers includes a briefing, a description of the desired results, a control setting prompt, and a quick transition into the maneuver after the digital instructor hands over the flight controls. Relevant video tips are also included to prepare you for the maneuver.

Compatible software - Scenarios are loaded directly from your simulator, so it requires X-Plane to be installed and open on your computer.

X-Plane Training Scenarios E415A FREE

Complete training add-on with virtual flight instructor and scoring - TakeFlight Academy is real, artificial intelligencebased practical flight training, with the same guidance of a human flight instructor. Master flight maneuvers with this structured simulator training application and reduce training hours on the flight deck.

How it works - When you select a maneuver, the Virtual Flight Instructor loads the emulator with the aircraft preconfigured, pre-positioned and ready to fly. You can repeat FAA Airman Certification Standards (ACS) maneuvers quickly, spending as much time as needed to reach mastery. Each lesson provides a detailed briefing, verbal guidance, and real-time feedback based on your performance, followed by detailed objective scoring. You’ll know exactly how you did, and where to improve.

Compatible software - TakeFlight Academy is an instructional overlay on your simulator and works with X-Plane 11, Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v4 & v5, and Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Take Flight (one year subscription)

E235A $89.00

12 SPORTYS.COM | 1.800.SPORTYS (776.7897)
More products online: SPORTYS.COM/SIMULATOR

Redbird TD2 Flight Simulator Looking for a simulator that’s powerful enough for serious training but affordable enough for small flight schools or home use? The Redbird TD2 is the perfect choice. With realistic flight controls and powerful built-in software, you can improve your flying skills or stay current no matter what the weather is at the airport. Includes 27” monitor, computer, Lockheed Prepar3D software, and complete flight controls. Qualifies as Basic Aviation Training Device for logging flights. 20128A $8995.00

Flight Velocity Trim Wheel Pro

The flight simulator

Trim Wheel Pro is a great add-on for any flight simulator, allowing sensitivity editing at the turn of a knob.

The new sensitivity control on the unit allows instantaneous critiquing of trim wheel inputs without having to end a digital flight and edit software sensitivity. Works with X-Plane, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Prepar3D, and Flight Sim X. 6145A $99.95

Logitech Flight Sim Joystick

Flying a simulator should not involve your mouse. This inexpensive joystick will increase the realistic feel of your flight simulator without breaking the bank. Lots of customizable buttons and a throttle lever provide the basic controls you need to command the skies.

10250A $39.95

product spotlight


Authentic avionics add-ons for your simulator

These high quality, ultra-realistic hardware interfaces for your flight simulator match as close as possible to the real thing, including ultra-realistic silicone buttons and replica knobs. They are the best way to learn the functionality of a new GPS or glass cockpit— much more realistic than using the mouse or a touch screen. Available avionics include: Garmin GTN 750 and 650, GNS 430 and 530. Compatible with X-Plane, Prepar3D v3 and v4, as well as Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 with default aircraft.


Logitech X56 HOTAS Stick

Designed to enhance games and virtual reality applications, the controller features both a flight stick and a twin throttle system. The controller connects to two USB 2.0 Type-A ports to provide military-grade realism to your simulated experience. The advanced H.O.T.A.S stick includes a 16-bit aileron and elevator axis to provide high-precision control with six-degrees of freedom that allows you to control pitch, roll, yaw, and move down, left, right, forwards, up, and backwards. It also includes analog thumbsticks in addition to a fully adjustable spring tension system with four interchangeable springs for desired tension level.

10490A $249.99

Flight Sim Update

Sign up for our email newsletter Want to stay up to date on flight simulators?

Sign up for our monthly Flight Sim Update email newsletter. This newsletter is specifically for flight simulator hardware and software, from the team of pilots and flight sim experts at Sporty’s. Every month we’ll bring you tips and tricks for using a home simulator, plus reviews of the latest gear.

To learn more, visit: SPORTYS.COM/SIMULATOR

1.800.SPORTYS (776.7897) | SPORTYS.COM 13


Eight Formats, One Price

We know you’re busy, so our course is available almost anywhere.

Get Your Written Test Endorsement

When you complete the course, we’ll give you the flight instructor endorsement to take the written test—instantly!

Instrument Rating Course

Once you’ve earned your Private Pilot certificate, the Instrument Rating is a logical add-on. This allows you to fly in clouds and low visibility, and can dramatically expand the utility of your pilot certificate. But instrument flying is demanding, so a good home study course is essential.

At Sporty’s, we pioneered weekend instrument ground schools over 50 years ago, traveling the country to teach pilots the keys to IFR flying in just 3 days. Today, we operate an active flight school at our home airport (I69) with over 100 flight students. This everyday practical experience with instrument students makes us uniquely qualified to offer the most complete, up-to-date training courses.

Commercial Course

Sporty’s latest training course will help pilots earn a Commercial pilot certificate, an essential step on the way to a job as a flight instructor or an airline pilot. Like all Sporty’s courses, the Commercial Pilot Course includes access to multiple formats for the same low price: online, iPhone, iPad, Android, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV. Progress always stays in sync between formats, and course access never expires.

Because Commercial pilot applicants come from a variety of backgrounds, Sporty’s Commercial Pilot Test Prep Course is organized in multiple learning modules.

Pass All Your Tests— Guaranteed!

Our course is so complete we guarantee you’ll pass all three tests: the written, oral and flight.

Dynamic In-Flight Video

Sporty’s courses are famous for their 4K video and 3D animations.


If you’re stumped by a difficult subject, talk to the experienced flight instructors at Sporty’s.

Free Lifetime Updates

When you buy a Sporty’s course, you’re gaining access to a training platform that’s always up to date and always improving.

14 SPORTYS.COM | 1.800.SPORTYS (776.7897)

3. Regardless of where they’re located, white ground markings designate what?


Taxiing around large airports is often one of the more challenging aspects when learning to fly. Studying the various signs and markings in preparation for operating at an airport with a complex taxiway and runway layout will help you better understand the system and improve your situational awareness as you move from the parking area to the active runway.

Take our quiz and see if you can correctly distinguish these signs and pavement markings that you will see at larger tower-controlled airports.

Scan to check answers

1. What might you expect when you see this sign?

Hold short here for aircraft landing on the ILS approach.

Hold short here while aircraft exit the runway.

You are exiting the ILS critical area.

Only pass this sign with explicit clearance from ATC.

2. What is on the dashed side of this double yellow line?

Non-movement taxi areas.

Reserved ramp for company parking. Ground vehicle traffic lanes.

4. Where are you located when you see this sign?

On the approach end of Runway 27.

On Taxiway Juliet. At Ramp 3.

On Taxiway Sierra.

5. When on the runway, what information will this sign give you?

An active runway.

The movement area.

A closed taxiway.

Your aircraft is on Runway 4.

You are at the intersection of Runway 4. There is 4,000 feet of runway remaining.

1.800.SPORTYS (776.7897) | SPORTYS.COM 15
16 SPORTYS.COM | 1.800.SPORTYS (776.7897) one app Flight Review E401A $49.99 Instrument Proficiency Check E930A $49.99 VFR Communications E933A $49.99 IFR Communications E932A $49.99 Aviation Weather E325A $99.99 Takeoffs and Landings E326A $39.99 Pilot’s Guide to Airspace E931A $39.99 Basic Aerobatics E906A $149.99 SPORTY’S PILOT TRAINING APP Multiengine 93000A $99.99 Helicopters 93001A $69.99 Seaplanes 93002A $39.99 Gliders 93003A $49.99 Garmin G1000 Checkout E111A $99.99 Flying with ForeFlight E7402A $29.99 Garmin TXi Essentials E552A $49.99 Tailwheel Checkout E405A $149.99
Welcome package with Sporty’s gear • Includes all 23 Sporty’s courses - over 50 hours of video! • Training for every type of pilot, from primary to aerobatics • Videos work on all your devices: laptop, phone, tablet, and TV • Automatic access to new courses as they are released + $399/year or $49.99/month. SPORTYS.COM/PILOTTRAINING Free ground shipping in the continental US, every day of the year Lifetime access to Sporty’s Learn to Fly Course Apply for three $2500 flight training scholarships annually Dedicated email and phone support Monthly deals and contests for Pilot Training+ members 1.800.SPORTYS (776.7897) | SPORTYS.COM 17 Join Today!

student pilot Bookshelf







M849A $12.95


M414A $16.95






Factory Original Manuals

Reprinted Manuals

Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge M552A $17.95 Airplane Flying Handbook M550A $17.95 Aviation Weather M179A $19.95 Aviation Weather Services M387A $24.95 2022 FAR/AIM The latest version of this popular reference is available at a great price from Sporty’s. An essential book for all pilots, it includes complete Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) and the latest Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM), plus a Pilot/Controller Glossary and NTSB Part 830. M475A $19.95 Instrument Flying Handbook M379A $18.95 Instrument Procedures Handbook M546A $27.95 Private Pilot Manual M911A $88.95 The FAA has recently updated most of the essential textbooks needed for pilots. Be sure to update your library with these must-have books. Put some humor into your studies with Rod’s unique combination of detailed training and witty style. Rod Machado, perhaps today’s best known flight instructor, covers everything a student needs to know. M539A $74.95 Get them both: B1924A $42.95 Get them both: B7289A $39.95 Get them both: B4430A $29.95
ASA Pilot’s Manuals—These comprehensive textbooks cover everything you need to know to pass your FAA exam.
School M109A $59.95 Ground School M513A $69.95 Instrument Flying M125A $79.95
Management Handbook
Avionics Handbook
Weight & Balance Handbook
Instructor's Handbook
A A A A B B B C C C B C Jeppesen—Each textbook covers every topic necessary to prepare for the written, oral, and flight tests. Hundreds of color photographs and illustrations explain difficult subjects with ease. These manuals are a
way to review key subjects before flight lessons and are invaluable
transitioning to a new airplane. Instrument/ Commercial Manual M180A $89.95 Flight Instructor Manual M913A $76.95 Multi-Engine Manual M912A $69.95 Private Pilot Knowledge Test Guide
Cessna 172M-P M371A $99.95 Cessna 172R/S M394A $99.95 Cessna 172R/S G1000 M424A $99.95 Cessna 182T/T182T G1000 M523A $99.95
While these are not factory original manuals, they contain the same information at a fraction of the cost. Cessna 150 (59 -75) M908A $19.95 Cessna 172 (57-75) M947A $19.95 Piper Cherokee 140 (64 -77) M779A $24.95 Piper Warrior I & II (74- 94) M945A $34.95 Piper Cherokee 180 (67-73) M735A $24.95 Piper Archer I & II (74- 94) M962A $34.95 Piper Arrow I-IV (69- 83) M979A $34.95 D D SPORTYS.COM | 1.800.SPORTYS (776.7897) AIRPLANE MANUALS


The first test you need to pass in order to earn a certificate or rating is the FAA Knowledge (or written) Test. These resources can make it much easier to prepare efficiently.

ASA Test Prep Books Comprehensive guides for the FAA written tests. Questions, answers and explanations are organized into chapters based on subject matter. Covers all aspects of each rating, from airplane and helicopter to airship and glider. Paperback.

Private Pilot M290A $19.95

Instrument/CFII M316A $29.95

Commercial Pilot M314A $24.95

Jeppesen Knowledge Test Guides

Contains all FAA questions, and each question shows the correct answer, a detailed explanation and references for further study. The books are three-hole punched and have perforated pages for easy organization and customized studying.


Private FAA Knowledge Test Guide M915A $19.95

ASA Prepware on DVD-ROM—Actual FAA test questions and answers for all aircraft categories. Study, test and review modes are all included along with a comprehensive electronic study guide for each subject. Runs on Windows®

Private Pilot (DVD-ROM) M715A $49.95

Instrument Rating (DVD-ROM) M712A $49.95

Commercial Pilot (DVD-ROM) M734A $49.95

online test prep



Instrument FAA Knowledge Test Guide M916A $25.95

Commercial FAA Knowledge Test Guide M917A $22.95


Pilot Maneuvers Guides—Developed by the instructors Sporty’s Academy, these handy Maneuvers Guides provide step-by-step instructions on performing

• Simplified objectives


• Easy-to-follow, detailed description

• Informative illustration accompanies most maneuvers

Recreational and Private M310A

Instrument Maneuvers Guide M501A $17.95

Commercial Pilot Maneuvers Guide M405A $17.95

All Three Maneuvers

Airman Certification Standards (ACS)

Replacing the Practical Test Standards (PTS), the ACS is basically an enhanced version of the PTS.

Private Pilot ACS M240A $9.95

Instrument Pilot ACS M380A $9.95



Visualized Flight Maneuvers Handbook

Each book covers all maneuvers necessary for Private, Commercial, and CFI certificates.

High Wing M322A $24.95

Low Wing M572A $24.95

These books teach applicants not only what to expect, but also how to exhibit subject mastery and confidence when under the examiner’s scrutiny. References for further study are provided throughout the book, and additional study questions conclude each chapter.


Private Oral Exam Guide M195A $14.95

Commercial Oral Exam Guide M196A $14.95

Instrument Oral Exam Guide M197A $14.95

The Study Buddy takes

through the

that will be on

test and prepares you to be able to

1.800.SPORTYS (776.7897) | SPORTYS.COM 19
all the maneuvers required on the checkride.
for that maneuver
$39.95 All 3 Guides: M440A $39.95 SPORTY’S Study Buddy product spotlight Free
Sporty’s Study Buddy will prepare you for the FAA knowledge test like no other study tool available. It’s free and easy to use. • Options available for Private and Instrument Rating test prep • Create customized study sessions, whether you have 5 minutes or 2 hours • Take randomly generated practice tests—just like the real thing! • Use Learning Mode to select specific aeronautical knowledge areas • Unlimited practice tests that are randomly generated from the entire question database  • Works on any device with an internet connection (Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone, or Android) Try it now! SPORTYS.COM/STUDYBUDDY
answer the questions easily. –Customer review



Reinforced carry handlesto look for in a FLIGHT BAG

Grab and go is our philosophy, so we added large, padded handles to our Cross Country Backpack and iPad Bag. These make it easy to haul heavy loads without hurting your hands. Each handle is securely riveted to the bag.


Oversized headset pockets

A good ANR headset is often a pilot’s most expensive investment, so we designed Flight Gear with extra protection. The Crosswind Bag features a large, padded headset pocket on the side, with wide zippered openings. These have a contoured cut to make it easy to remove a headset, including ANR battery box, in an instant.


Everyone has their own wants and needs in a flight bag, so consider your own flying habits when choosing a bag. One thing is for sure, though: a basic briefcase or backpack won’t cut it in the cockpit. Pilots need a bag that will protect their expensive gear and keep them organized, but one that will remain lightweight and flexible to adapt to changing missions. In recognition of those trends, Sporty’s offers a selection of flight bags for general aviation pilots, called Flight Gear. Beyond the essential features, Flight Gear has some thoughtful design choices.



A great flight bag should store and protect lots of aviation gear, but that doesn’t mean it has to be heavy. By using the right fabric and some novel construction techniques, we’ve been able to make Flight Gear 30% lighter than previous generations of bags— without sacrificing durability. That means your bag is lighter before you ever load it. You’ll notice the difference as soon as you pick one up.

For our iPad bag, we still found a way to accommodate a dedicated headset storage area without taking up too much space. The innovative headset hanger is a loop and buckle at the top of the interior compartment, which wraps around your headset’s headband. This keeps your headset stable and elevated, so it won’t hit the ground when you drop your bag.

Headset hanger
20 SPORTYS.COM | 1.800.SPORTYS (776.7897)
8 Custom Embroidery

Gear Mods

Different flights call for different equipment, so a great flight bag has to adapt to fit long cross countries and local flights alike. Our Gear Mods are the perfect answer. These handy accessories attach to the back wall of any Flight Gear bag, and offer additional storage and organization options, from cables to tablets to radios. Don’t need that radio pocket for today’s flight? Just remove the Gear Mod. See Sportys.com



Find that charging cable or pencil that fell to the bottom of your bag with our bright blue interior. Perfect for low light conditions. Its smooth finish also won’t snag or rip.

Charging cable slot for electronics

The iPad bag also features a padded iPad pocket, but with a unique cable slot that allows you to keep your tablet connected to a battery pack while it’s in the bag. Keep a battery pack (sold separately) in the main compartment, then connect it to your iPad with the pass-through slot. Everything remains separated and protected, but you never run out of juice.

Make your bag uniquely yours, with custom embroidery from Sporty’s in-house team. We’ll add your initials, N-number, airplane silhouette or whatever else you dream up for an additional $9.95.


Perfect for student pilots and weekend warriors, this bag was designed around the beginning pilot. Enough space for a headset and books, yet small enough to not throw off your weight and balance. The most important feature students wanted: price. Put more cash towards flight training and less towards gear with the Crosswind Flight Gear Bag. Measures 16"l x 8.5"w x 10"h. Includes shoulder strap.

10379A $59.95


Not every mission involves an overnight. The Cross Country Backpack provides just the right amount of space for your gear without being oversized. There is plenty of space for your essential supplies and the slimline design won't throw off your weight and balance. The Cross Country Backpack is the perfect bag for a quick hop to your favorite $100 hamburger spot. Measures 18"h x 15"w x 8"d overall. Optional embroidery is available on the front flap.

10244A $69.95


The iPad has revolutionized the way pilots fly. The iPad Flight Gear Bag was specifically designed for the iPad pilot with lots of pockets for organization and custom pockets for protecting important electronics. All your gear fits in a bag perfectly sized for the cockpit.

Measures 12"w x 7.5"d x 13"h. 10135A $79.95


A modern update to the classic bag that started it all. One of our most popular bags, the Original Flight Gear Bag is ideal for any pilot, from student to advanced. With room to hold everything you carry and plenty of pockets to keep you organized, you’ll never have to leave anything behind.

Measures 20.5"l x 10.5"w x 12"h overall; center compartment measures 13.5"l x 9"w x 12"h. Includes an adjustable, padded shoulder strap. Optional embroidery is available on the front pocket.

10027A $89.95

High visibility interior
1.800.SPORTYS (776.7897) | SPORTYS.COM 21




Practically an essential for iPad pilots who fly cross country, these all-in-one portable receivers deliver a wealth of data to your iPad, most importantly GPS position and datalink weather (either via ADS-B or SiriusXM). Some models also add backup attitude, flight data recording and pressure altitude sensors.

ForeFlight Sentry Mini The easiest and most affordable way to fly with subscription-free weather, Sentry Mini weighs less than 2 ounces but still delivers all the essential features for cross country flying. You’ll see complete FIS-B weather data and dual band traffic helps you track nearby aircraft. 7592A $349.00

Appareo Stratus 3 The latest generation weather receiver from Appareo is your everyday cockpit companion. Just turn it on and go flying - in minutes you’ll see subscription-free weather, ADS-B traffic, backup attitude, and GPS position right on your tablet. 6647A $749.00

ForeFlight Sentry Specifically made for ForeFlight, Sentry packs a long list of features into a small size. It includes all the features of Sentry Mini plus a battery for up to 12 hours of completely wireless operation and an attitude heading reference system (AHRS) to drive synthetic vision with real-time pitch and bank. There’s even a built-in carbon monoxide detector to alert you to potentially fatal exhaust leaks. Even with all these features, Sentry measures just over 1" thick. 6891A $599.00

Garmin GDL 52 You can have it all with the GDL 52 from Garmin: SiriusXM satellite weather and audio, subscription-free ADS-B weather, dual band ADS-B traffic, GPS position, even backup attitude information. Flexible display options mean you can view weather and traffic information on the Garmin Pilot app on iOS or Android, plus portable GPSs like the aera 660 and 795/796. The GDL 52 even works with the FltPlan Go app and ForeFlight. 6241A $1199.00

The essential, integrated flight app that makes planning, flying, and logging flights a joy.

ForeFlight delivers advanced flight planning capabilities, terminal procedure charts, enroute navigation charts, moving map, synthetic vision, hazard awareness, optional Jeppesen charts, a large library of advanced aircraft performance profiles, customizable checklists, integration with a wide range of certified avionics and portable ADS-B and GPS receivers for inflight weather and data, an easy-to-use pilot logbook for keeping track of flight experience, and so much more.


22 SPORTYS.COM | 1.800.SPORTYS (776.7897)

A first of its kind OLED display. An unmatched 18-hour battery life. A next generation flight data recorder with G-meter. Sentry Plus includes all the essential features that made its predecessor the best-selling weather receiver in aviation, plus powerful upgrades to create the ultimate iPad accessory. It’s everything you need for safer and more enjoyable flights. 7255A $799.00


Integrated OLED screen shows key information at a glance

Incredible battery life - up to 18 hours on a single charge

Next generation flight data recorder with automatic track downloads

Built-in G meter displays real time status and records min/max

Improved carbon monoxide sensor with visual and audio alerts

Auto power on/off when connected to external power

Works with smart charging plugs and power delivery chargers

Smart network joining for airplanes with on-board WiFi

09SPORTYS.COM1.800.SPORTYS (776.7897) | SPORTYS.COM 23 RECEIVER FOREFLIGHT FORFLIGHT FOREFLIGHT APPAREO GARMIN GARMIN GARMIN SENTRY MINI SENTRY SENTRY PLUS STRATUS 3 GDL 50 GDL 51 GDL 52 ADS-B WEATHER SIRIUSXM WEATHER WAAS GPS TRAFFIC Dual-band Dual-band Dual-band + FLARM Dual-band Dual-band Dual-band AHRS (ATTITUDE) FLIGTH DATA RECORDER CO DETECTOR SCREEN G-METER BUILT-IN BATTERY BATTERY LIFE N/A 12 hours 18 hours 8 hours 8 hours 7 hours 5 hours ForeFlight, Garmin Garmin Pilot, Garmin Pilot, Garmin Pilot, COMPATIBLE APPS ForeFlight ForeFlight ForeFlight Pilot, WingX, GPSs, ForeFlight, GPSs, ForeFlight GPSs, ForeFlight, Fltplan Go, Fly Q Fltplan Go Fltplan Go PRODUCT # 7592A 6891A 7255A 6647A 7261A 7147A 6241A PRICE $349.00 $599.00 $799.00 $749.00 $749.00 $699.00 $1,199.00 +$200 REBATE +$200 REBATE ADS-B BUYER’S GUIDE
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 4 2 1 6 7 8 5 3

Sentry Plus

How well did you fly your last traffic pattern or instrument approach? Most pilots will respond with something vague: “pretty good” or “the outcome was never in doubt.” That might be enough for a quick logbook entry, but with some new tools it is now possible to be much more data-driven in your post-flight debriefing sessions. The result is improved pilot skills and safer flights.


The first step is to move all that data to your iPad, where it can be put to use, and ForeFlight makes this easy. Make sure you have “Automatic Track Log Import” turned on in the Sentry Plus settings page, accessed from the Devices page in the app. Then, with ForeFlight open on your iPad or iPhone, simply turn off Sentry Plus after a flight. Before it shuts down, the device will automatically transfer any new track logs to your iPad—it takes just a few seconds. You’ll see a message on Sentry Plus’s built-in screen to alert you that a download is in progress.

Note that track logs sync across devices, so if you’re signed into an iPhone and an iPad with the same email address, you only need to import once. In fact, it’s best to only have the Automatic Track Log Import setting turned on for only one device at a time.

If you need to access a track log from another device, it’s easy to import it manually. Connect to Sentry Plus and go to the Track Logs page, then tap the import button in the top toolbar and the “From Sentry Plus” option. This allows you to choose any of your last 16 flights for importing—tap the blue arrow to download and your flight will appear on the left side of the screen, listed in reverse chronological order.

Sentry Plus, the latest portable ADS-B receiver from ForeFlight, does more than just stream weather and traffic to your iPad; it also automatically records every flight. As soon as you turn on Sentry Plus, it begins logging GPS track, altitude, groundspeed, pitch and bank, plus G-load. Each of these parameters comes directly from the device’s sensors, and with memory for your most recent 16 flights, Sentry Plus is a totally self-contained flight data recorder.

If you see duplicate entries here, you might have ForeFlight’s automatic track log feature turned on at the app level. Go to settings and turn this off, since the Sentry Plus is now handling this job (and recording more data than the app itself can). You can always delete a track log by swiping left on the flight you want to remove. Remember that this deletes it from ForeFlight but not from the internal memory in Sentry Plus.

24 SPORTYS.COM | 1.800.SPORTYS (776.7897)


Now that you’ve recorded a flight and imported it into ForeFlight, it’s time to analyze. From the Track Logs page, tap on an entry on the left side to display that flight’s route map and data graphs. Start with the Info button at the top right, which displays overall flight information like route, time, distance, and min/max G-load.

Next look at the map view, which gives a great overview of the flight and allows you to zoom in for additional detail. To make your debrief more immersive, tap on the 3D button for a pilot’s eye view of the flight, complete with pitch and roll information from the Sentry Plus AHRS sensor (simply tap the AHRS button at the top right of the screen).

Down below the map view you’ll find two graphs, which can display altitude, speed, pitch, bank, or g-load. This is an excellent way to dig deep into your flight history and track how well you held altitude, whether your airspeed was stable during slow flight, or how many Gs you pulled during that steep turn. Two can be displayed at a time, and you can zoom in on these graphs just like the map above—in fact, when you zoom in on the graphs, the map above will automatically highlight the portion of the flight being displayed. Use the timeline at the bottom to move along the flight to a specific point, or hit play to review the flight at an accelerated pace. You can even trim the flight (to remove a long taxi route, for example) by tapping the Edit button in the bottom right corner.



1. Traffic pattern

Pilots spend a lot of time focusing on landings, but the process really begins with a good pattern. Look at the map overview to make sure your ground track is rectangular, which indicates you’re correcting for wind. Look at your speed on final to make sure it’s both correct and stable. See where you touched down on the runway—was it the first third?

2. Maneuvers

How well did you fly that steep turn? A track log is an excellent way to evaluate this maneuver in a data-driven way. Look at the map in 3D to see how consistently you flew the 360-degree turn and how stable your altitude was. Compare bank angle and g-load in the graph to see how increasing one increases the other.

3. Instrument approach

The key to flying good instrument approaches is consistency, so a track log is ideal for monitoring your progress. Note how well you maintained altitude and how stable your descent rate was. When did you start to slow down? Did you level out at MDA? All these questions can be quickly answered in ForeFlight.


Since Sentry Plus records your entire trip, ForeFlight knows almost everything it needs to fill out a digital logbook entry, including departure airport, destination airport, time en route, night time, and landings. Go to the Logbooks page and you’ll see a draft logbook entry at the top of the page; just accept that and add any additional details (instrument time, co-pilot) to save it. The track log will automatically be attached to this log entry, making it easy to review flights in the future.

1.800.SPORTYS (776.7897) | SPORTYS.COM 25




These mounts, our most popular, feature custom designed cradles to fit your iPad securely, so there’s no movement in flight. Due to their tight fit, they will not work with screen protectors or cases.

Claw Yoke Mounts

iPad Mini 6 7044A $74.95

iPad Mini 4-5 1602A $69.95

iPad Air 1-2 and Pro 9.7" 5938A $75.95

iPad 10.2" 7th/8th gen 1950A $79.95

iPad Pro 10.5" and Air 3 4585A $74.95

iPad Pro 11" and Air 4 5166A $82.95

iPad Pro 12.9" 3rd/4th gen 7024A $84.95

iPhone 12, 12 Pro 1506A $63.95

iPhone 12/13 Pro Max 5851A $59.95


iPad Mini 6 5556A $59.95

iPad Mini 4-5 1494A $52.95

iPad Air 1-2 and Pro 9.7" 4866A $54.95

iPad 10.2" 7th/8th gen 1056A $59.95

iPad Pro 10.5" and Air 3 9635A $54.95

iPad Pro 11" and Air 4 5199A $62.95

iPhone 12, 12 Pro 1064A $42.50

iPhone 12/13 Pro Max 5021A $42.50

Secure Fit


If a kneeboard doesn’t work in your airplane, a mount is a great alternative. There are lots of options here, from suction cup mounts for side windows to yoke mounts. Plenty of brands offer mounts, and most of them are quite good, but there are significant differences between them to consider.



The Robust Mounting Systems take a universal approach to mounting. There are two main mounting cradles: one fits almost every phone, the other will fit every tablet. Each cradle can be matched up to an arm and suction cup or yoke clamp. The whole system uses a 25mm or 1" ball to connect the pieces. This makes the Robust Mounts interchangeable with other popular 1" ball mounting systems.

PIVOT Cases PIVOT combines a simple, robust case with a sleek mounting solution. This system has quickly become a favorite of many airline pilots—over 8000 pilots at Southwest Airlines are using the case in daily flight operations. It’s tough enough to work in any cockpit, but the case is also perfect for everyday use as your main iPad cover.

PIVOT Case with Suction Cup for iPad Mini 6 B4401A $189.95

PIVOT Case with Suction Cup for iPad Mini 4-5 21203A $174.95

PIVOT Case with Suction Cup for iPad 7-8, Air 3, Pro 10.5" B1875A $174.95

PIVOT Case with Suction Cup for iPad Pro 11", Air 4 4700A $179.95

PIVOT Leg Strap 7889A $39.95

Universal iPad/Tablet Mount It is not often that you find a universal mount that works as well as a custom-fitting mount, but this mount breaks the mold. It includes ten fingers (three sizes) that allow you to customize for your mounting situation. It will even work with most cases. The spring mechanism provides more than enough tension to keep your iPad in place during turbulence, but yet isn’t too strong to require hard work to open.

Robust Universal iPad Suction Cup Mount B4410A $39.95 Robust Universal iPad Yoke Mount B2315A $49.95

Universal Phone Mount This simple, expandable cradle fits every phone we’ve tried, from smaller iPhone SE models to the largest iPhone 11 Pro. The two finger approach is small yet firm, and very easy to operate with one hand. One finger doesn’t move, while the other finger is on a spring mechanism. The side of the mount has a cable holder on it, allowing you to keep your charging cable attached to the mount.

Robust Universal Phone Suction Cup Mount B4400A $29.95

Robust Universal Phone Yoke Mount B2301A $39.95

“This product performed excellent. Solid mount that holds the phone in rough conditions.” –customer review
Phone Suction Cup Mount iPad/Tablet Yoke Mount
26 SPORTYS.COM | 1.800.SPORTYS (776.7897)

The Flight Gear iPad Bi-Fold Kneeboard holds the iPad right where you need it - secure on your leg but easily within reach. The innovative metal bracket will work with almost all cases. An integrated kickstand means you can tilt the iPad towards you, which helps to reduce glare. A simple hook-and-loop rotation mechanism allows for portrait or landscape viewing. Two sizes available. Mini Bi-Fold Kneeboard fits iPad Minis 1-5 and some other

size tablets. The iPad Bi-Fold Kneeboards



Flight Gear Tri-Fold Kneeboard

Sporty’s Tri-Fold Kneeboard has a spot for everything. The solid clipboard is great for copying clearances and doubles as a quick reference tool. Slots on both sides of the clipboard allow you to fold the sides underneath and still use the knee strap.

7004A $34.95

9.7" to

Flight Gear HP Bi-Fold Kneeboard

This compact kneeboard has room for the essentials, but won’t take up much space in the cockpit or flight bag. The Flight Gear HP Bi-Fold Kneeboard provides a solid writing surface and space for commonly used items. Elastic straps are attached at the corners and are perfectly spaced for holding an iPad mini. Now you can even customize your kneeboard with Sporty’s Gear Mods.

6367A $29.95

Classic Aluminum Kneeboard

These durable aluminum kneeboards have become standard issue for most pilots.

• Extra-thick aluminum board with foam backing

• Elastic Strap with Velcro closure

• Includes placard

• Measures 6" x 9" and weighs less than 9 oz.

7054A $16.95

1.800.SPORTYS (776.7897) | SPORTYS.COM 27
Not using an iPad? Here are our top picks
Mini 1-6 6621A $159.00 iPad 5-8, Air 1-4, Pro 11 7250A $159.00 iPad Pro 12.9" 6537A $179.00 Removable! FLIGHT OUTFITTERS MYGOFLIGHT FLIGHT GEAR BI-FOLD IPAD iPad Kneeboards
11" iPads. Features: • Two coated metal brackets firmly hold your iPad in place • Removable board permits
horizontal mounting options • Contoured back and elastic strap securely hold the kneeboard on your leg • Large slash pocket on exterior holds charts or even a clipboard Flight Gear Mini Bi-Fold Kneeboard 5828A $39.95 Flight Gear iPad Bi-Fold Kneeboard 6193A $39.95 7757A $34.95 MYCLIP 7775A $99.95

Charging your iPad

What pilots need to know

One of the standout features of the iPad is its long battery life – a fully charged battery should last you about 9 – 10 hours (more like 4 – 6 when using a wireless accessory and when the screen is on full bright). Even though most general aviation flights rarely last that long, it’s always a good idea to have backup power in flight. In fact, running out of battery power is about the only problem we’ve had in ten years of flying with the iPad.

Charging with a cigarette lighter adapter

You can use a 12-24V cigarette lighter charger in your airplane to charge your iPad, and this is often the most convenient and affordable option. We carry two of these pretty much every time we fly. Pay close attention before just buying any USB charger though, as you’ll want to make sure it provides at least 2.1 amps for optimum charging. The Flight Gear model offers two USB ports, both rated at 3 amps, and works on both 12V and 24V electrical systems. It also has a built-in screen that displays battery voltage – a handy backup.

Charging from a battery pack

You can also charge the iPad when on the go with a portable backup battery. We like the Flight Gear models, which were designed for pilots and feature both USB-A and USB-C charging ports. There are two sizes available, the Small Flight Gear Battery Pack (10,000 mAh) and the Large Flight Gear Battery Pack (20,000 mAh). The larger size will last for multiple flights and can be recharged with a micro-USB, USB-C, or Lightning plug - so you don’t have to carry a custom charging cable that will probably get lost. We love these batteries; they are our electronic Swiss Army knife. These are also great for airplanes without an electrical system or a cigarette lighter plug, and they can also be useful outside the cockpit too (campers love them).

Charging with an installed USB port

If you own your airplane, you should consider a permanently installed, certified charging port. These are much more expensive than portable options, but they are also more reliable than portable devices since they don’t rely on a touchy cigarette lighter charger. We like the Stratus Power Pro from Appareo and Garmin’s GSB 15 USB Charger, which are both TSO’d and include dual USB ports.


Stage 1: Fast Charge

Gives you more power more quickly


Stage 2: Trickle Charge Eases the electrical current to ex tend battery lifespan.

Flight Gear Backup Battery for iPad This is the best battery we’ve seen for the flight deck. The Flight Gear Backup Battery for iPad is the pilot’s answer for keeping mobile devices charged on long flights. Long, thin design makes it easy to handle and stow in flat pockets.

Large 6.375" 3.625" Small 5.75" 3"

• 10,000 mAh capacity

• 3 USB outputs

• Two charging options— micro-USB or type-C

Intelligent charging

• 20,000mAh capacity

• 4 USB outputs

• Three charging options— micro-USB, type-C, or Lightning 6209A

Detects and delivers the optimal charging current for any connected device.

Built-in advanced safety features

Temperature control, over-charge, over-discharge, overvoltage, over-current and short-circuit protection.

Quick reference guide

Placard information printed directly on the back of the battery.

LED charge indicator

Know how much power is left with the touch of a button.

Multiple charging cable options


No more searching for a proprietary cable to charge the battery.

Includes micro USB charging cable. It does not include a charging plug, but will work with any USB charger. Domestic shipping only.

Small Flight Gear Backup Battery (10,000 mAh) 2837A $39.95

Large Flight Gear Backup Battery (20,000 mAh) 6209A $79.95


Flight Gear Battery Organizer 2053A $14.95



Flight Gear 12/24V Quick Chargers Flight Gear USB

Quick Chargers are perfectly suited to keep all your devices topped off. An integrated LED screen displays the voltage of the cigarette lighter socket it is plugged into. When you plug USB device into it, the screen changes to show the number of amps your device is drawing. You can see in a glance how many amps your device is pulling. The USB ports and screen are mounted to a bracket. This bracket pivots up to 45 degrees to provide a better viewing angle. Works in 12 volt and 24-volt aircraft.

Displays voltage and AMP draw

Garmin D2 Air X10


Garmin D2 watches are the only smart watches made exclusively for pilots, packed with powerful tools like GPS navigation, a worldwide airport database, and a built-in altimeter. Now the bestselling D2 Air is even better, with new voice assistant features and long battery life. 5138A $549.99

Two USB-A ports 3033A $18.95

One USB-A and one USB-C port 3995A $18.95

Bright screen is easy to read. Love having the amp output displayed. –Customer review

Smart Charging Cables

Want to know exactly how much juice your device is pulling? These unique cables feature a wattage screen indicating in real time the amount of power your device is receiving from a charger or battery. Each cable features braided covering for improved durability and a natural resistance to tangles, kinks, and knots.

USB-A to Lightning 2491A $19.95

USB-A to USB-C 2995A $19.95

USB-C to Lightning 3366A $19.95 USB-C to USB-C 4914A $19.95




BEZEL 43.4mm Stainless Steel 47mm Titanium BAND MATERIAL Silicone Italian Leather/ Titanium & Silicone


Garmin D2 Mach 1 Smartwatch

For pilots who want the latest aviation tools on their wrist without sacrificing the style of a fine timepiece, the D2 Mach 1 is the perfect choice. Garmin’s most powerful aviation watch yet features a color moving map with touchscreen controls, a dedicated emergency navigation mode, and satellite messaging capabilities when connected to an inReach communicator. With a titanium bezel and sapphire glass, the D2 Mach 1 is at home in the backcountry or at the office.

Garmin D2 Mach 1 (titanium band) 2070A $1299.99

Garmin D2 Mach 1 (leather band) 5042A $1199.99

Black Ivory
MOVING MAPS INREACH CONNECTION PRODUCT NUMBER 5138A Leather Band 5042A Titanium Band 2070A PRICE $549.99 $1199.99 / $1299.99 1.800.SPORTYS (776.7897) | SPORTYS.COM 29


A smart pilot always flies with a Plan B in mind, whether it’s an alternate airport or a handheld radio. While panel-mount avionics failures are relatively rare, the consequences of such a situation are very serious, so carrying a backup is a smart investment. You’ve heard the advice: “aviate, navigate, communicate.” The first part is up to you, but the latter two require some extra gear.

With iPad apps and portable GPSs in most cockpits, pilots already have great backup navigation tools close at hand. That means the days of buying feature-laden portable radios with VOR navigation and GPS receivers are coming to an end. What’s really needed in an emergency is a reliable, easy-to-use COM radio.

With that need in mind, a team of pilots at Sporty’s set out to design a totally new radio. The goal was a radio made exclusively for the cockpit - no unnecessary features, no confusing menus, and nothing extra to buy. The result is the PJ2, the only radio with builtin aviation headset jacks.

Here’s why we think it’s the perfect backup radio.

1. No adapter cables

2. simple to use

An emergency is also

3. aa batteries

Rechargeable batteries are a fact of life these days, but while they are excellent for devices you use every day (like a smartphone), they are not the best option for a backup radio. Because it’s likely your radio will sit in your flight bag for weeks between uses, we prefer easy-to-find AA batteries for the PJ2. With a shelf life measured in years, you can load up the radio and rest assured you’ll have power when you need it. No need to worry about charging another battery.

Our team of pilots went a step further, though. There’s also a USB-C plug on the right side of the radio for additional flexibility. While this won’t charge the battery pack (the AAs aren’t rechargeable after all), it will power the radio. Since USB-C is an increasingly popular connector, found on everything from iPads to ADS-B receivers, you don’t have to carry another obscure charging cable. Just plug it into your cigarette lighter or portable battery pack and turn the PJ2 on.

4. low price

The best backup radio is the one you have with you, so we believe value is another important feature. We’ve worked hard to make the PJ2 a rugged, reliable radio, but all while keeping the price under $250. The only thing we cut was unnecessary features—not quality. There’s also nothing extra to buy since the PJ2 comes with an AA battery pack, antenna, belt clip and wall charger. And remember there is no adapter cable to buy.

COM Radio

Includes: AA battery pack, antenna, belt clip, charging cable and instruction manual. 1812A $229.00

31 SPORTY’S SP-400 HAND-HELD NAV/COM 1.800.SPORTYS (776.7897) | SPORTYS.COM The SP-400 is like having a complete standby radio stack in your flight bag. It makes a reliable backup for emergency use, but it’s also perfect for listening to ATIS, getting clearances before engine start or just monitoring local traffic. Features: • Oversized, high-res screen • Large keypad is easy to use, even in turbulence • No menus or memory banks – just type in the frequency • One-handed operation for fast emergency access • Unmatched battery life, powered by easyto-find AAs • Quick-change battery pack • Backlit screen and keypad • Dedicated squelch and volume knobs for precise adjustment Sporty’s SP-400 Hand-held NAV/COM 7758A $299.00 Includes: AA battery pack, antenna, wrist strap and instruction manual LOOKING FOR A FULL NAV/COM? RADIO BUYER’S GUIDE WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE? ICOM ICOM ICOM YAESU YAESU YAESU SPORTY’S SPORTY’S A16 A25C A25N FTA-250L FTA-550L FTA-850L SP-400 PJ2 COM NAV LOCALIZER ILS NOAA WEATHER GPS BLUETOOTH HEADSET JACKS WEIGHT 9.1 oz. 12 oz. 12 oz. 10.6 oz. 14.5 oz. 14.5 oz. 16 oz. 18.5 oz. DISPLAY 1.25 x 0.4" 1.5" x 1.9" 1.5" x 1.9" 1.4" x 0.5" 1.7" x 1.7" 1.7" x 1.7" 1.63" x 1.63" 1.5" x 1.625" BATTERY Li-Ion Li-Ion Li-Ion Li-Ion Li-Ion Li-Ion AA AA PRODUCT # 7336A 7894A 7742A 5875A 3437A 7188A 7758A 1812A PRICE $269.95 $469.95 $529.95 $209.95 $289.95 $449.95 $299.00 $229.00

pre-flight tools

the basics

A good flight starts with a good inspection

The pre-flight inspection may not be as exciting as flying, but it’s a critical step to make sure the airplane is ready for takeoff. These tools make it easier to conduct a quality walkaround.


Sample your fuel to make sure it’s free of water and contaminants.

Sporty’s Fuel Tester

Full size with metal pin and screwdriver

2788A $12.95

MulitSump Fuel Tester

Check each sample individually 7506A $24.95

GATS Jar Fuel Tester

Return pre-flight samples back into your airplane 1001A $19.95


Don’t trust the cockpit instruments; visually


Winshield Care Kit

Everything you need for regular window maintenance

B2031A $29.95

Digital Luggage

Take the guesswork out of weight and balance data

1644A $19.95

Dipstick Removal Tool

Perfect for freeing up those seemingly seized dipsticks

2777A $14.95

Exterior Cleaning Kit

Perfect for quick cleanings before or after flight

B2307A $120.00

32 SPORTYS.COM | 1.800.SPORTYS (776.7897)

cockpit tools

Create the perfect learning environment the basics

With a few accessories,




next flight lesson much more productive and

over many years in

flight school.


Jiffyhood View Limiting Device Simple to use and easy to store 8002A $12.95


6372A $49.95


Superhood Fits under headsets 3372A $26.95

Slap-On Sun Visors


Acrylic Sun Visors

Visor 9200A $41.15

Visor & Suction Cup 7158A $69.95

Visor & CLAW Mount 7836A $83.95

you can
of these products has been proven
Practice instrument flying anywhere with these view-limiting devices.Keep everyone happy and healthy.
Dark green static-cling visors
on and off in seconds 5.5" x 8.5" 1805A $4.95 8.5" x 11" 7650A $7.95
Suction cup and claw mount options
Elevator Cushion Give yourself a better view with this 2.5" thick cushion 10568A $59.95
Block out the sun on those hot summer training flights. Sporty’s Flight Timer Affordable and easy-to-use timer with red light 2550A $17.95 Better Barf Bag (10-pack) Constructed with thick, heat-sealed plastic 3695A $8.50 Reliefband Premier motion sickness 2746A $229.99 ASA Flight Timer Deluxe model with three timers, stopwatch and more
Perfect for timing fuel burn, cross countries, or instrument procedures. A B A B 1.800.SPORTYS (776.7897) | SPORTYS.COM 33 Sporty’s Electronic E6B Flight Computer Includes full-featured timer 7095A $79.95



iPad apps like ForeFlight and Garmin Pilot have changed the way many pilots fly, presenting digital versions of popular FAA charts overlaid with weather, airplane position, obstacles and more. With all the advances in apps, Is there still a role for paper charts?


First, it’s important to learn how to use paper charts during your flight training. While you may spend most of your flying career staring at a tablet, planning and navigating by paper chart is an essential skill. Your flight instructor will require you to use them during initial training, and in many ways they are still very effective for getting the “big picture” for a flight. Secondly, paper charts are inexpensive and reliable backups to your favorite aviation app. Many pilots use a tablet for primary chart reference, but always carry paper charts in case something goes wrong with the software or hardware. But these only work as a backup if you understand them and you’re comfortable with them.

At Sporty’s Academy, we recommend every student pilot become familiar with the three types of charts (right).


These are the most popular charts for pre-flight planning and VFR navigation. Each depicts land data like cities, rivers, and terrain, plus aviation data like airports, navaids, and airspace. Specify the name of the chart when ordering. Sectional Chart $9.00




(1:250,000 SCALE)

A smaller scale version of sectionals, specially created for busy airspace. Includes visual checkpoints around Class B airspace. Specify city when ordering.

Terminal Chart $6.20

Anchorage/Fairbanks Atlanta Baltimore-Washington (Tri-Area)

Boston Charlotte Chicago Cincinnati

Philadelphia Phoenix Cleveland Dallas-Ft. Worth Denver/Colorado Springs Detroit Houston Kansas City Las Vegas Pittsburgh Salt Lake City San Diego San Francisco San Juan ($10.00) Seattle St. Louis Tampa/Orlando

Los Angeles Memphis Miami Minneapolis New Orleans New York


These bound books include the latest information on airports and radio navigation facilities. Published every 56 days. Airport/Facility Directory $6.20


plotters & computers the basics

One of the first things you’ll learn about cross-country flying is the value of a good plan. Before you take off, it’s critical to spend time planning the route, calculating your expected flight time, and determining the weight and balance. That’s where these tools come in. They simplify the process and ensure you come up with the correct numbers.


ASA Composite E6B

Affordable model made from fiberboard 3450A $15.95

ASA Aluminum E6B

Classic design popular with student pilots

7205A $49.95



Forever Plotter

Easy-to-use plotter that won’t break or warp

Sectional Plotter 5302A $6.95

Instrument Plotter 7706A $7.95

ASA Color Full Size E6B

Deluxe model with easy-to-read numbers 8072A $52.95

Sporty’s Electronic E6B Flight Computer

The industry standard, approved for FAA tests 7095A $79.95

Sporty’s E6B App For iOS and Android; not approved for FAA test 91000A $9.99

Ultimate Rotating Plotter Includes rotating azimuth 8627A $16.95

Landing Pattern Computer

Fast, easy way to visualize the pattern

3180A $14.95

Runway Selector

Choose the best runway and calculate the crosswind component 5739A $19.95



E6B Circular Flight Computer

Compact, multi-function calculator

3529A $34.95

1.800.SPORTYS (776.7897) | SPORTYS.COM 35


Nike Micro Pique Polo

This extremely comfortable micro pique polo has an exceptionally soft hand and will keep you cool in the cockpit. Specially engineered Dri-FIT fabric provides moisture management. 100% poly. 9263A $48.95


Streamlined Silk ¼-Zip Pullover

Designed to meet the needs of an active aviator, our moisturewicking, snag-resistant Streamlined 1⁄4-zips have the silk touch to keep you comfortable no matter the destination. 6024A $29.95

Classic Leather Bomber Jacket

Over 80 years ago, the original A-2 was introduced by the USAAF as standard issue. Since then, it has become a cultural icon, worn by World War II aces and Hollywood stars alike. Top-entry snap pockets and epaulet holders complete the authentic look. Imported. Sizes: SM-XL, LG & XL Long. 3051A $250.00


Button-less Sport Hats

These button-less hats are custom made without the button. With an unstructured fit, these hats are flexible and provide a low profile fit. 3120A $19.95

Rugged Carhartt Embroidered Cap

Vented for superior breathability and the trucker look. Features canvas front and stretch technology plus a sweat-fighting band. 1666A $28.95

E Black White Navy Valor blue One large logo or silhouette Up to two lines of custom text One silhouette and two lines of custom text One large logo 1 2 3 4 CUSTOM EMBROIDERY OPTIONS VISIT SPORTYS.COM FOR OPTIONS 36 SPORTYS.COM | 1.800.SPORTYS (776.7897) *All Prices include custom embroidery except leather jacket D Navy Navy/ Khaki Red/ Khaki Black Khaki ESSENTIAL PILOT APPAREL LOOK THE PART Black Navy Dark khaki Black Red Gray Navy Red Royal Comfort stretch shirts show your love of flying These soft and stylish tri-blend shirts celebrate the unique freedom of flight. Perfect for walking the show at Oshkosh or impressing your non-pilot friends, each one features an exclusive Sporty’s design. Super soft tri-blend design has just enough stretch to make them comfortable for long days in the airplane. Feature a modern cut that’s slimmer at the waist but still relaxed through the chest. Ribbed trim at neck and tagless label add to the comfort. Imported. Specify size (SM-XXL) when ordering. Kitty Hawk 7149A $24.95 Blue Side Up 6703A $24.95 Sporty’s Retro 9836A $24.95 Everything is Better 7072A $24.95 In Thrust We Trust 7334A $24.95 PREMIUM Tri-Blend SPORTY’S VINTAGE T-SHIRT COLLECTION

Handmade in a small town in the Italian Alps exclusively for Sporty’s, these highquality sunglasses are loaded with pilot friendly features. The non-polarized lenses are ideal for viewing iPads or phones, and won’t cause instruments to fade at certain viewing angles. Spring hinges and tapered temples are perfect

Cloudbase sunglasses feature Carl Zeiss lenses chosen specifically for pilots. They are designed to provide high contrast, outstanding optical clarity, and excellent UV protection.

These lightweight, non-polarized lenses offer higher definition and outstanding optical clarity, and include a pair of built-in readers. Choose between +1.5, +2.0, or +2.5 spot diopters.


8103A $161.00 $139.95 (Gold or black) 3150A $119.95 $89 .95 AVIATOR OUTDOORSMAN 5473A $161.00 $139.95 9301A $161.00 $153.00 RAPTOR CARAVAN 1.800.SPORTYS (776.7897) | SPORTYS.COM 37 6021A $69.95 Q1 7857A $64.95 SL2 Built-in readers on each pair!
6344A $79.95
Natalie Kelley Aviation
38 SPORTYS.COM | 1.800.SPORTYS (776.7897)
Founder, flyGIRL flyGIRL Sport Cap 8161A $19.95 flyGIRL Full-Zip Hoodie 20235A $34.95 Red Flying Tigers Cap 2504A $19.99 Flight Outfitters Bush Pilot Hat 8507A $27.95 Kitty Hawk Flying Club 7997A $24.95 In Thrust We Trust Vintage Hat 5024A $24.95 Sporty’s Pilot Shop Retro Hat 7701A $9.95 Flight Outfitters Leather Patch Hat 5555A $29.95 These aviation shirts are a fun way to show your enthusiam for aviation, even when you’re not at the airport. Made of 100% cotton. Please specify size (SM-XXL). What Part of Lift Don’t You Understand B9856A $19.95 The Sky is Home B8792A $19.95 B3578A $19.95 In My Head B6060A $19.95 B9782A $19.95 B2801A $19.95
Heartbeat Social Distancing Whiskey Tango Foxtrot 6TOP 6TOPaviation t-shirts Hats product spotlight flyGIRL is an exciting organization with a simple mission: encourage more girls and women to join the aviation community. A portion of every flyGIRL sale goes to support the group’s scholarship fund, which awards money to women (young or old) who are pursuing flight training. Black Navy flyGIRL Pajamas 3083A $49.95 Women’s flyGIRL T-Shirt B9874A $19.95 Red Charcoal Turquoise Royal Navy

celebrate Milestones YOUR FLYING

License Plaque

Mounted on a wood base, this plaque features a classic design and simple construction and makes an ideal gift.

Classic Plaque (single-sided) 2023A $59.95

Classic Plaque (dual-sided) 2041A $79.95

Elite License Plaque

Ten separate coats of lacquer give this plaque its high-gloss piano finish. Black and chrome plates emphasize the license and give this plaque a first-class look. Available in rosewood and ebony (specify color when ordering).

Elite Plaque (single-sided: 8" x 10")

5759A $119.95

Elite Plaque (dual-sided: 10.25" x 13") 5756A $149.95

Plane Pins

A simple yet elegant way to add a touch of aviation to your bag, hat, tie, or lapel. Plane Pins are custom made in the USA. Each aircraft is cast in 3D with impressive detail for the size.

The high quality pin is approximately the size of a quarter. Gold and silver models available in the most common aircraft types. See all models at Sportys.com.

3020A 3020A

Flying Certificates

Show off your flying accomplishments with these diploma-quality certificates. “Old English” type and intricate border details make these richly colored cotton fiber forms suitable for framing. Measure 8.5" x 11".

Available in Solo, Recreational, Private, Commercial, Instrument, Flight Instructor, Multi-Engine, Airline Transport, Helicopter, and First Flight.

Flying Certificate (please specify) 5465A $2.95 ea. Certificate Holder 1283A $19.95

Recognition Trophies

A classy way to commemorate your aviation milestones. Made of thick, polished acrylic, our recognition trophies look great on a desk or mantle. Ships within two business days. Limited to two lines of engraving, 22 characters per line.

Solo Recognition Trophy 8866A $49.95

Private Recognition Trophy 1935A $59.95 Instrument Recognition Trophy 1939A $69.95


First Solo Commemorative Wooden Plaque

This laser etched plaque is an excellent way to remember that first flight. Perfect for hanging in the home office or den, this alder wood plaque is custom engraved with your name and airplane info. Two lines, up to 30 characters per line. Ships within two business days. Measures 8" x 10".

7587A $29.95

First Solo Shirt Frame

General Aviation Pins Perfect for loading up your hat or flight bag before heading to the local fly in. 3020A $9.95 each

Create a lasting memorial for that special flight. Sporty’s professional framing department will mount your shirt tail in a custom frame. These museum-quality frames are truly a handsome way to display your pride in aviation. Why wait any longer? Max. shirt tail 12" x 18". Send a photo with your shirt tail and we'll include it in the frame at no extra charge.

First Solo Shirt Frame (large) 20021A $150.00

First Solo Shirt Frame (small) 21070A $125.00

A B B A First Solo Plane Pins Commemorate this event with a special pin that has the words “First Solo” cast into the wing. 3589A $9.95 each 3589A 3589A Mooney (silver) Cirrus (gold) Cessna (gold) Piper (silver)
1.800.SPORTYS (776.7897) | SPORTYS.COM 39


Whether it’s inspecting the engine compartment, making a paper chart more readable at night, or for use in an emergency, you need to be able to trust your flashlight to perform every time.

That means choosing a light that is appropriate for aviation, and unfortunately many of the hardware store models just don’t cut it.

Standard batteries

Simplicity is key. Most pilots carry spare alkaline batteries for headsets and other gadgets. Rarely will you find the more exotic CR123 or button-cell batteries.


Never worry about changing a bulb with LEDs. In the 21st century, this should be standard, but make sure.

Cheap gas station flashlights do not belong in the cockpit or the bottom of a flight bag. Spend a few extra bucks and get a name brand that will last.

product spotlight

Flight Outfitters

3-in-1 Flashlight

Flight Gear LED Flashlight

Night FARs printed on body

7499A $34.95

Flight Gear Headlamp

Red and white LEDs

7497A $19.95


Coast Four Color Flashlight

Independent buttons for each color

8624A $39.95

This multifunction light can replace a whole bag full of flashlights and headlamps, but it’s small enough to carry on every adventure— perfect for the hangar, airplane, garage, and campsite. Rugged aluminum construction and long-lasting LEDs mean you can count on the 3-in-1 Pilot’s Light for years of service, but the simple operating logic is easy to use in a dark cockpit. Measures 5.5” long by 1” wide.


• Two levels of white lights from the pivoting flashlight head

• One level of red light from the task light on the side

• Smart button sequence—never have two colors on simultaneously

• Rechargeable battery (plugs into any standard USB port) lasts up to 5 hours

Flight Outfitters 3-in-1 Flashlight 6079A $39.95

Cliplight Flashlight Headlamp
1.800.SPORTYS (776.7897) | SPORTYS.COM 41 PILOT YOUR OWN ADVENTURE Lift Flight Bag Room for all of the essentials but won’t get in your way 8456A $99.95 Flight Outfitters Waypoint Backpack Dedicated iPad and laptop pockets 10292A $129.95 Flight Outfitters Lift Mini Smaller design that keeps your gear organized and protected 5296A $69.95 Logbook Case Durable canvas with thick, genuine leather closures Small 5258A $24.95 Large 6043A $29.95 Survival Knife/Light The perfect emergency accessory for pilots 2774A $29.95 Bush Pilot Jacket Rugged design specifically made for pilots 2744A $129.95 Pilot Stuff T-Shirt 9723A $24.95 Retro T-Shirt 2062A $24.95 Gray Trucker Hat 7121A $24.95 Classic Logo Hat 5873A $29.95 SPORTYS.COM More from Flight Outfitters online: Bush Pilot Rucksack Constructed of thick canvas with leather accents 5162A $129.95

Buying an aviation headset is a surprisingly personal decision. There is no “right answer” for every pilot – it depends on the type of flying you do, what airplane you fly most often and your personal preferences. Here are a few things to consider as you compare models.


quiet bluetooth features

There are two ways to cancel noise: passive noise reduction (PNR) and active noise reduction (ANR). Almost every headset has at least some PNR, which is created by the headset’s ear seals physically blocking noise from reaching your ears. ANR, maybe the best thing that ever happened to headsets, goes further. In addition to passively reducing noise, ANR headsets use electronics to sense the noise in the cockpit and then cancel it by emitting a sound wave with the same amplitude but inverted phase. Some call it magic, but rest assured, it’s a really neat science that makes it happen.

Modern headsets can wirelessly connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth, which allows you to make phone calls from the cockpit while enjoying the noise canceling benefits of your headset, or get audio alerts from your iPad. Passengers also love this feature for listening to music in flight.

cable variations

Most headsets come in a variety of cable variations— that is, what the plugs look like that connect to the airplane. The most common connector is the twin plug, often called PJ plugs. These are found in fixed wing aircraft, primarily general aviation airplanes. When in doubt, buy a PJ plug headset. Another good option for general aviation airplanes is the 6-pin or LEMO plug. It allows the headset’s ANR box to draw power from the aircraft panel, eliminating the need for batteries. Helicopters use a single, shorter plug called a U-174/U connector. allows the headset’s ANR aircraft panel, eliminating

Twin plugs (PJs)

6-pin plug (LEMO) Helicopter plug (U174)


While many pilots focus on how quiet a headset is, comfort may be even more important. After all, it doesn’t matter how good the noise cancellation is if it’s too uncomfortable to wear. In general, the lighter a headset is, the more comfortable it will be. Other factors are also important, like the quality of the ear seals and headband.

the takeaway

In general, you get what you pay for with aviation headsets—in terms of quiet, comfort and audio features. When in doubt, the old advice to “buy the most headset you can afford” is pretty good. Most quality headsets will last for a decade if you take care of them, so it’s an investment that will pay off. If you’re not sure, Sporty’s Test Flight Guarantee can be a major benefit. Take your headset flying and make sure it works for you.

Common Headset Plugs
42 SPORTYS.COM | 1.800.SPORTYS (776.7897)

Sporty’s makes it easy to shop for headsets07WAYS

1Guaranteed lowest prices 2

We work hard to offer the lowest prices on your favorite headsets. If you ever see a headset advertised at a lower price somewhere else, just let us know and we’ll match it.

3% cash back

The latest addition to the AOPA-Sporty's partnership is the AOPA World Mastercard. It’s loaded with benefits for pilots, including 3% cash back on all purchases at Sporty's Pilot Shop.

7 Test flight guarantee

Expert advice

Wondering which headset is best for a Cirrus, or how Bluetooth audio works in flight? Ask our team of headset experts by emailing headsets@sportys.com. You’ll get a prompt, helpful response from an active pilot.

Free shipping3

Beyond great prices, we also offer free shipping on many headsets. We keep a large stock of headsets, so if you order by 5pm eastern (weekdays) we’ll ship your headset the same day.

6 Buy now and pay later

Of course you don’t have to take our word for it; sportys.com is the place to find thousands of reviews written by pilots like you. Get honest opinions on which headsets are great and which ones are disappointing.

Enjoy flexible payment options on your next order at Sportys.com. Klarna is an easy-to-use service that offers four interest-free payments or attractive financing rates over 18 months.

Take your new headset flying and make sure it’s the right choice for you. If you’re not thrilled, return the headset to us within 60 days and in the same condition in which you received it—we’ll exchange it for another headset or refund your money.

Sporty’s Test Flight Guarantee requires no paperwork and no hassle. It’s just another reason why we are the #1 headset dealer in aviation. Visit sportys.com/headsets

1.800.SPORTYS (776.7897) | SPORTYS.COM 43
Headset BUYER’S GUIDE BOSE A20 DAVID CLARK ONE-X LIGHTSPEED ZULU 3 LIGHTSPEED SIERRA FARO STEALTH 2 ANR FARO STEALTH 2 PASSIVE SIGTRONICS S-20 ANR AUX INPUT BLUETOOTH AUDIO TSO’D WARRANTY 5 years 5 years 7 years 5 years 3 years 3 years 3 years STEREO/MONO Both Both Both Both Both Both Mono WEIGHT 12 oz. 12.3 oz. 14.4 oz. 16 oz. 16 oz. 18 oz. 12 oz. AVERAGE CUSTOMER RATING 4.8 4.8 4.7 4.5 3.2 4.4 4.2 PRODUCT # 3490A 8408A 3898A 2472A 8509A 8255A 5121A PRICE $1195.00 $895.00 $850.00 $650.00 $449.95 $249.95 $165.00 PG 47 PG 47 PG 46 PG 46 PG 47 PG 44 PG 44
5 Customer reviews

PASSIVE Headsets

Good value, rugged design

High performance without the high price

A good headset is essential for safe and comfortable flying, but too often pilots are faced with a tough choice: pay over $1000 for a great headset, or buy a cheap one that is uncomfortable and lacking important features. Faro has solved this problem with their new Stealth Headsets. These sleek and stylish headsets have the high-end features you want, like music input and optional active noise reduction, but at prices you can afford. Perfect for student pilots, passengers or anyone who appreciates a great value – not just a great price.

Music input

Long cross-country flights can get boring, but listening to music can help keep your attention–and maybe your sanity. The Stealth Headset includes Bluetooth audio input. Just pair and enjoy.

Double thick ear seals

A headset is only as good as the ear seals, so Faro spent months designing the perfect material. The result is a set of ultrasoft, protein leather ear seals that are over twice as thick as other brands. This provides ultimate comfort with maximum passive noise reduction.

Stereo audio with dual volume controls

Independently control volume levels to both the left and right ear, with no confusing controls. Faro Stealth headsets also feature a stereo/mono switch so they are adaptable to most aircraft intercom systems. Even if your intercom is mono, you’ll still hear music in stereo. 8255A $249.95


For someone who doesn't have a lot of money to spend, these are the best buy for the buck.

–Customer review

Sigtronics S-20

The S-20 headset is an entry-level headset, manufactured to the highest standards in the USA. Weighing in at only 12.4 oz., the S-20 is lightweight and comfortable. It has self-adjusting earcups with soft foam cushions that assure a proper fit. The noise attenuation is excellent at 24db NRR. The ventilated, cushioned headband allows extended, comfortable use while the fully articulating boom with swivel action may be rotated 180˚ for use on the right or left side.

S-20 5121A $165.00

Sigtronics S-58

This is the top of the line passive headset from Sigtronics, weighing only 11.9 oz.! Improved ergonomic head cushion provides superior weight distribution. Easy-grab volume control (dual volume controls on stereo models) provides a wide range adjustment even while wearing gloves. The M-80 noise canceling electret microphone is mounted on a fully flexible, reversible boom which adjusts with just one hand and stays put. Features 24dB NRR, a five year warranty and includes headset bag. Made in USA.

S-58 8552A $270.00

S-58S (stereo) 7994A $305.00

S-58H (for helicopters) 7985A $288.00

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HS-1A Headset

This basic headset is perfect for the beginning student pilot. With a noise reduction rating (NRR) of 23 dB and an electret, noise-canceling microphone, the HS-1A provides clear communication without having to worry about batteries. Stereo/mono switch makes this headset perfect for most intercom systems. Impressive lifetime warranty ensures this headset will be in your flight bag for years to come.

5003A $139.95


Legendary durability

The legendary H10-13.4 is David Clark’s lightest passive headset, and a great choice for pilots of all levels. It is backed by David Clark’s famous reputation for quality and service. Features supersoft, double-foam head pad, under-cut gel ear seals, and a NRR of 23dB. Made in USA and TSO’d. Also available in stereo (H10-13S).

H10-13.4 4830A $344.95 H10-13S 7888A $349.95

This is the most popular headset at my flight school. It has great reception and clarity.


Upgrade your aviation headset with the FARO Audio Link. Get alerts from your favorite aviation app, listen to music on long cross countries, or even make a phone call to get clearance while on the ground. The Audio Link uses Bluetooth to connect to enabled devices, and also has a 3.5mm aux-in jack for hard wiring. Works with any standard twin PJ plug aviation headset. Uses 2 AA batteries (not included), and can also be powered via the USB type C port on the side of the unit.

Audio Priority Control

The FARO Stealth Audio Link allows you to prioritize your input audio. The top selection gives the aircraft priority. This means any time the intercom is active; the music or input audio will be muted. The middle selection gives the music or input audio priority. This means that both the intercom and music will be heard at the same time. The bottom selection mutes the music or input audio.


• Dual headset volume knobs

• Audio priority

• Mono/stereo switch

• USB Type C power input

• Bluetooth volume control

8643A $149.95

–The Aviation Consumer Solid Bluetooth performance with fast and reliable pairing. We have no problem recommending the Audio Link, based on our trial.

ASA AIRCLASSICS Headset 1.800.SPORTYS (776.7897) | SPORTYS.COM 45 –Customer review
H10-13.4 Headset


Headsets Maximum noise reduction

More comfort

New, contoured ear seals are designed to hug the curve of the jaw, reducing side pressure to get a more natural fit for more comfort and stability. With 20% more surface area than other models, these new ear seals create a better seal so they work better than ever with glasses. They also create 30-50% more space for the ear than other ANR headsets.

More durability

Zulu 3 is outfitted with new cables built around a Kevlar core, which are stronger, lighter, and more flexible than standard cables. They’re much less likely to get tangled or damaged in the cockpit—a real advantage.

More support

Zulu 3 is backed by a 7-year warranty, the best in aviation. Plus, Lightspeed’s famous support team means you’ll always have a friendly, helpful person to assist.

No compromises

Zulu 3 still has the award winning Lightspeed ANR and all of the most popular features, such as Bluetooth for phone and music, Auto Shutoff ™, and ComPriority™. It also has an exclusive user adjustable mic gain adjustment to get the audio and side tone just right for all voices.

(Specify PJ, LEMO or Helicopter) 3898A $899.00

Lightspeed Sierra

The perfect choice for budget-conscious pilots, students, and passengers, Sierra offers high-end performance and features— including outstanding noise cancellation, full Bluetooth integration and compatibility with FlightLink, Lightspeed’s in-cockpit recording app. Clear audio is enhanced by Lightspeed’s outstanding active noise reduction that reduces low frequency noise. With the auto shut-off feature, 2 AA batteries will power the Sierra for over 40 hours. Weighs 16 oz. Stereo/mono switchable, with dual volume controls. 5 year warranty. 2472A $699.00


High performance without the high price

A good headset is essential for safe and comfortable flying, but too often pilots are faced with a tough choice: pay over $1000 for a great headset, or buy a cheap one that is uncomfortable and lacking important features. Faro has solved this problem with their new Stealth 2 Headsets. These sleek and stylish headsets have the high-end features you want, like Bluetooth music input and active noise reduction, but at prices you can afford. Perfect for student pilots, passengers or anyone who appreciates a great value—not just a great price. 8509A $449.95


Aviation’s #1 Headset Bose has set the standard in aviation headsets for over 20 years, with innovative noise reduction technology and unmatched comfort features. At just 12 oz., the A20 is one of the lightest headsets on the market; combine that with its soft sheepskin ear cushions and minimal clamping force and you can wear this headset all day. Bose’s proprietary active noise reduction cancels an impressive amount of engine and propeller noise, but maintains outstanding battery life. The fully-adjustable microphone can be connected to either earcup and set in a range of stable positions for optimal communications. The Bose A20 is certified to FAA TSO-C139 and EASA ETSO-C139 and comes with a 5-year warranty.

Enhanced features:

• Bluetooth phone and audio input

• Customizable audio prioritization

• Flexible power with auto-on (LEMO model)

• High performance microphone

Bose A20 with Bluetooth (specify PJ, LEMO, Helicopter) 3490A $1195.00

Bose A20 without Bluetooth (specify PJ, LEMO, Helicopter) 9630A $1195.00

increased noise reduction • greater comfort • Bluetooth® connectivity
BOSE A20 Headset 1.800.SPORTYS (776.7897) | SPORTYS.COM 47 Dual volume controls Bluetooth communications interface Prioritization options let you decide what audio sources to hear when you fly Auxiliary input for an external audio source Great headset. Comfortable and great noise cancellation. –Customer review Awesome! Best headset on the market. –Customer review


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