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AN FORUM 9:45 – 1:45 p.m. GENERAL SESSIONS Location: Central Park West


9:30 – 9:45 a.m. WELCOMING REMARKS

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Peter Morrone, ChyronHego, VP, Engineering, U.S. JP LoMonaco, CBS Sports, VP, On-Air Graphics and Design and SVG Sports Graphics Committee Chair

9:45 – 10:30 a.m. STATE OF THE ARTS: WHERE CREATIVE AND TECH COLLIDE How can graphics creators work with their engineering and IT teams to better communicate ideas and bring those ideas to the screen? Learn how an art director’s best friends can be the engineering and IT departments, as well as how industry leaders are embracing technology to create the best graphics packages. MODERATOR: JP LoMonaco, CBS Sports, VP, On-Air Graphics and Design and SVG Sports Graphics Committee Chair PANELISTS: Gary Hartley, Fox Sports Networks, EVP, Graphics and Creative Director Gil Haslam, Troika, Executive Creative Director Jocelyne Meinert, Big Studios, Owner/Director Timothy O’Shaughnessy, ESPN, Creative Director

10:30 – 11:00 a.m. KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: ELEAGUE – THE DESIGN REVOLUTION OF ESPORTS Turner Sports takes a deep dive into the design and development of the ELEAGUE brand, exploring broadcast look and how it transcends typical sports packaging. The Future Group will also discuss how AR has revolutionized esports viewing. PRESENTERS: Zach Bell, Turner Studios, Senior CG Artist Lawrence Jones, The Future Group, VP and Head of Operations, North America Sabrina Llenza, Turner Sports, Design Director Jordan Shorthouse, Turner Sports, Creative Director



sponsored by The Media & Entertainment industry is changing rapidly when it comes to live events with virtual and augmented reality. Learn how Twizted Design is creating dynamic visual environments being driven by real-time data during live events. PRESENTERS: Glen Maxheleau, Avid, Business Development, Graphics Jan Umansky, Twizted Design, CEO and Co-Founder

12:15 – 1:00 p.m. AUGMENTED REALITY: THE WAVE OF THE FUTURE HAS ARRIVED sponsored by Although augmented reality is nothing new to sports production — the 1st and Ten line celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2018 — AR has taken a giant leap in the past three years and is dramatically changing the way stories are told, both on the field and in the studio. What are the best use cases, platforms, and workflows for AR? Is it really all just another delivery system for 2D graphics like player stats and matchups, or can AR truly add another dimension to sports coverage?

MODERATOR: Lawrence Jones, The Future Group, VP, North America Business and Content Development PANELISTS: Zach Bell, Turner Studios, Senior CG Artist Zac Fields, Fox Sports, SVP, Graphic Technology and Innovation Isaac Hersly, Vizrt, Chief Partnership Officer John Howell, SMT, Creative Strategist Bradley Wasilition, ChyronHego, Director, Sports Analysis and Lead Sports Analyst

1:00 – 1:45 p.m. NETWORKING LUNCH

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Sports graphics may appear to be male-dominated, but finding success in this industry isn’t just for the guys. Hear from several leading women in sports graphics as they discuss how the sports-graphics industry can further diversify its ranks. MODERATOR: Karen Hogan Ketchum, SVG, Senior Editor and Director, SVGW PANELISTS: Komal Bhukhanwala, CBS Sports, Art Director Carol Boyle, ESPN, Senior Creative Director Camille Maratchi, HBO Sports, Associate Creative Director Jocelyne Meinert, Big Studios, Owner/Director




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1. TURNER SPORTS ELEAGUE 2. CBS SPORTS NFL Game Open 3. UFC 219 Khabib Nurmagomedov 4. FOX SPORTS 2018 FIFA World Cup 5. BIG STUDIOS Turner Ignite 6. MLB NETWORK Logo 7. ESPN College Basketball 8. TROIKA ESPN College Basketball 9. ESPN College Football

10. UNDEFINED CREATIVE NHL 11. MSG NETWORK Logo 12. TWIZTED DESIGN Rock Climbing 13. BT SPORT The Ashes 14. HBO SPORTS Boxing 15. TURNER SPORTS Street Fighter V 16. ESPN Esports 17. ESPN College Football

Engage your fans with Vizrt graphic tools.

Sports Sports broadcasters operate in a fast-paced environment requiring production systems that are flexible, fast, and easy to use. Content rights owners must make the most of the game footage they have and expand it with informative content to gain a loyal audience. Vizrt’s sports graphics and analysis products provide detailed and informative content live during a game as well as unique analysis post game. Virtual, interactive, and data-driven tools open up the possibilities broadcasters have for explaining content while viewers become engaged through social media interaction.

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1:45 – 2:30 p.m. YEAR IN REVIEW: Highlights in Sports Graphics Design

1:45 – 2:30 p.m. 4K HDR: What Does It Mean for Graphics?

Location: Central Park West

Location: Central Park East

Panelists from leading sports broadcasters and production houses examine the latest achievements in graphic design and present their most notable work from the past year. MODERATOR: JP LoMonaco, CBS Sports, VP, On-Air Graphics and Design and SVG Sports Graphics Committee Chair PANELISTS: Mike Dolan, Fox Sports, SVP, Design Paul Jamieson, BT Sport, Director of Creative and On Air Jordan Shorthouse, Turner Sports, Creative Director Michael “Spike” Szykowny, ESPN, Senior Director, Motion Graphics

2:30 – 2:45 p.m. CASE STUDY: ESPN’s College Basketball Graphics Redesign College Basketball on ESPN was inspired by one thing: FANITUDE. Fanitude is the energy and mindset created when combining Fandom, Attitude, and, most importantly, Fun. Learn how ESPN and Troika worked together to revolutionize the on-air look of college hoops. PRESENTERS: Michael Arcangeli, Troika, Art Director Dale Harney, ESPN, Senior Concept Designer Gil Haslam, Troika, Executive Creative Director Timothy O’Shaughnessy, ESPN, Creative Director Michael “Spike” Szykowny, ESPN, Senior Director, Motion Graphics

2:45 – 3:15 p.m. THE EVOLVING ROLE OF THE OPERATOR: More Than Just a Button-Pusher

Can anyone be just an operator anymore? Or does every operator’s skill set need to evolve in order to navigate today’s rapidly changing production world? This panel will address how operators must be capable of understanding both creative and technological aspects of graphics creation.

When it comes to creating graphics for 4K and HDR sports sponsored by productions, it’s not just about resolution; it’s also about color space. As the growth in live 1080p HDR sports productions continues to accelerate, what part will graphics play in the production ecosystem? Learn about the new opportunities and potential pitfalls when it comes to this bleeding-edge sector of the industry.

MODERATOR: Jason Dachman, SVG, Chief Editor and Sports Graphics Forum Program Director

PANELISTS: Michael Drazin, CBS, Technology, Workflow and Systems Engineering Zac Fields, Fox Sports, SVP, Graphic Technology and Innovation Brian Perkins, MLB Network, Senior Director, IT Production Systems

2:30 – 3:15 p.m. CLOUD-BASED COLLABORATIVE TOOLS: Creating Anywhere, Anytime Graphics design and creation is no longer a single-site affair. Today’s live sports shows demand that creatives be enabled to collaborate from multiple locations, from the stadium to the broadcast center and even a producer’s hotel room. Discover the latest cloud-based platforms and tools that are breaking down collaborative walls in graphics creation. MODERATOR: Ken Kerschbaumer, SVG, Co-Executive Director, Editorial Services PANELISTS: Mike Kelley, Grabyo, President, Americas Sören Kjellin, ChyronHego, Chief Technology Officer Jan Umansky, Twizted Design, CEO and Founder

MODERATOR: JP LoMonaco, CBS Sports, VP, On-Air Graphics and Design and

3:15 – 3:45 p.m. NETWORKING BREAK


3:45 – 4:00 p.m. CASE STUDY: Bringing Advanced Volumetric AR to NBC’s Live Super Bowl LII Broadcast

SVG Sports Graphics Committee Chair

Andy Brill, Freelance TV Producer/Director/Graphics Operator/Graphics Coordinator Mark DeFrancesco, CBS Sports and CBS Sports Network, Director, Graphics Dana Drezek, ESPN, Senior Designer David Melfi, NBC Sports, Senior Duet Designer

3:15 – 3:45 p.m. NETWORKING BREAK 3:45 – 4:00 p.m. HBO SPORTS CASE STUDY: Bringing Sunday Night to Saturday

HBO Sports creatives take you inside the process of rebranding HBO Boxing, illustrating how fresh approaches in cinematography, music, and graphics result in an experience that is able to straddle worlds and engage audiences new and old. PRESENTERS: Camille Maratchi, HBO Sports, Associate Creative Director Christian Winters, HBO Sports, Creative Director

4:00 – 4:45 p.m. INSERT GRAPHICS: Yesterday and Today — and the Future

Insert graphics continue to be the informational axis on which a graphics package spins. However, we can’t know where we are going until we examine where we’ve been. Industry leaders look at past graphics and engage in an open discussion of what is to come. MODERATOR: Brandon Costa, SVG, Director of Digital PANELISTS: Selena Cohen, Broadcast Design Specialist Gary Hartley, Fox Sports Networks, EVP, Graphics and Creative Director Jason Joly, MSG Networks, Director, Broadcast Graphics Camille Maratchi, HBO Sports, Associate Creative Director Glenn White, Reality Check Systems, Producer

Earlier this year, Ross Video worked with a host of other vendors to help create advancedAR elements that were utilized in NBC Sports’ Super Bowl LII production. In addition to their regular complement of Sunday Night Football augmented reality components, Ross Video used 3D scans of individual players to create volumetric player animations that were integrated into the telecast. Get an inside look at the planning process for creating and delivering dazzling AR on multiple platforms using multiple vendors. PRESENTERS: Bryan Bray, Ross Video, Project Manager and ARVS Production Specialist Matt Celli, NBC Sports and Olympics, Head of Production Technology, Innovation and Data Terry Daily, Ross Video, Augmented Reality/Virtual Set Designer

4:00 – 4:45 p.m. GRAPHICS STORAGE AND INFRASTRUCTURE: Building a Foundation for Success Today’s graphics-production ecosystems require robust storage and networking systems that make it possible to create, manage, and distribute sophisticated elements at lightningfast speeds. And just as important – what is your backup strategy if all doesn’t go according to plan? Leading content-creators and vendors take the stage to discuss how the storage and MAM tools for graphics are evolving to meet market demands. MODERATOR: Nick Gold, Chesapeake Systems, Chief Revenue Officer PANELISTS: Jeff Blakeman, Dell EMC, Senior Systems Engineer Jason Coari, Quantum, Sales Specialist, Scale-out Storage Solutions Brian Perkins, MLB Network, Senior Director, IT Production Systems






JP LOMONACO, CBS Sports, VP, On-Air Graphics and Design LoMonaco oversees all of the design, production, and execution of graphics for the largest sporting events on CBS Sports Broadcast and CBS Sports Network – including the SEC, NFL, Thursday Night Football, Super Bowl 50, the Masters, the PGA Championship, and March Madness. Over the past two decades, he has lead creative teams for the likes of UPN, FOX, and CBS.

MICHAEL ARCANGELI, Troika, Art Director Arcangeli has extensive experience leading high-profile branding and marketing initiatives for entertainment and sports media companies including ESPN, PGA Tour, CBS Sports, and UFC, among others. Arcangeli’s passion is bringing clarity and personality to sports graphics through identity and information design.

ZACH BELL, Turner Studios, Senior CG Artist Bell has spent the past 11 years creating dynamic graphics packages, visual effects, concept designs, and real-time graphics for all of the Turner networks. His specialty is in augmented reality. Bell’s work is featured on ELEAGUE, Inside the NBA on TNT, the MLB Postseason on TBS, and throughout the NCAA March Madness/Final Four coverage on TNT, TBS, TruTV, and CBS.

KOMAL BHUKHANWALA, CBS Sports, Art Director Bhukhanwala has spent the past 11 years creating show packages and concept designs for all CBS Sports properties. As an art director, she oversees the on-air graphic look for the department’s game and studio broadcasts, her most recent project being the redesign of the PGA Championship. During her time at CBS, Bhukhanwala has expanded the use of AR in The NFL Today studio show.

JEFF BLAKEMAN, Dell EMC, Senior Systems Engineer Blakeman maintains a strategic focus on large enterprise and global sports, communications, media, entertainment, and telco customer accounts. He combines his brilliance and expertise with technology with his passion for media and entertainment to find smart and creative technology solutions for customers.

CAROL BOYLE, ESPN, Senior Creative Director, Creative and Studio Direction Boyle oversees and forecasts the creation and execution of multiple on-air animation and informational graphic projects. Her team consists of creative directors, concept designers, and art directors. Boyle also heads up both the Los Angeles and New York creative design groups. In her role, she works very closely with multiple ESPN departments to plan, strategize, and maintain the network’s numerous brands across all platforms.

BRYAN BRAY, Ross Video, Project Manager and ARVS Production Specialist Bray is a live sports and entertainment production specialist. For the last three NFL seasons, Bray was on the road with NBC’s Sunday Night Football as the producer of augmented reality content. He traveled to the game each week, set up the needed gear, and provided content as needed during the broadcast. He led the team for Ross’ participation in the NBC Sports production for Super Bowl LII.

ANDY BRILL, Freelance TV Producer/Director/Graphics Operator/ Graphics Coordinator Brill has worked numerous sports and entertainment shows as both an operator and coordinator on ChyronHego, Vizrt, and Ross XPression platforms. It is a huge asset in this ever-changing industry to be able to easily transition between working as a producer/director or a graphics coordinator/operator, and having the ability to handle these responsibilities has proven to be invaluable to Brill.

MATT CELLI, NBC Sports and Olympics, Head of Production Technology, Innovation and Data Celli is responsible for all production technology, innovation, and broadcast data for NBC Sports and NBC Olympics.

SELENA COHEN, Broadcast Design Specialist Cohen has extensive experience with some of the most visible broadcasts in the industry, including the Olympic Games in Sydney, Beijing, Vancouver, Rio, and PyeongChang. She has also been involved in the creation of insert graphics for multiple Super Bowls across a range of networks. Sports Graphics Committee members shaded in blue


FORUM TERRY DAILY, Ross Video, Augmented Reality/Virtual Set Designer Daily leads the technical and creative efforts for the managed service deployment of live augmented reality graphics for NBC’s Sunday Night Football and Thursday Night Football, as well as with Super Bowl LII this season. A seasoned 3D/2D designer, Daily works with a wide range of clients throughout the year to help fully leverage the capability of their Ross Xpression and Frontier systems for traditional CG usage, in addition to highly advanced AR/VS applications.

MARK DEFRANCESCO, CBS Sports and CBS Sports Network, Director, Graphics DeFrancesco and his team oversee the creation of the insert graphic packages for all CBS remote and studio properties including the NFL, PGA, SEC football, 200+ college basketball games, MQB, Boomer and Gio, We Need to Talk, and NFL Today. Beginning with Super Bowl 50 in 2016, DeFrancesco and his team have undertaken the complete ground-up redesign and reorganization of CBS Sports insert graphics, as the network celebrated its first complete re-brand in almost 40 years.

MICHAEL DOLAN, Fox Sports, SVP, Design Dolan oversees all design across all live-event and studio production airing on Fox Sports, FS1, FS2, and the Fox Sports regional networks. He has designed and implemented Fox Sports’ on-air presentation since 2008. He leads the Fox Sports Creative Services Design Team, which is responsible for all facets of the onscreen presentation from concept to execution in both traditional animation, as well as live real-time graphics.

MICHAEL DRAZIN, CBS, Technology, Workflow and Systems Engineering Drazin is a member of CBS Operations and Engineering, focused on overseeing initiatives across sports, production, distribution, and news. Previously, Drazin was part of the CBS Sports team focused on overseeing initiatives across remote and studio production. He currently focuses on new technology implementation through successful workflow management and the ability to understand operational realities.

DANA DREZEK, ESPN, Senior Designer Drezek is a senior designer at ESPN, where he has worked for the last 21 years. His expertise lies in the areas of graphics creation and playout. Drezek has experience on hundreds of shows and events both in the studio and at sites around the world. He has worked on events ranging from the Super Bowl to the Running of the Bulls, and on shows ranging from SportsCenter to the now-defunct Fabulous Sports Babe.

ZAC FIELDS, Fox Sports, SVP, Graphic Technology and Innovation Fields oversees Fox Sports’ real-time graphic development and integration, software development, and new technology. This team provides design, implementation, and support for Fox Sports Media Group. Along with the daily workflows across all FSMG networks, this group provides high-end graphic design with new ways to display information for large events such as the Super Bowl, Daytona 500, MLB World Series, the U.S. Open, and the FIFA World Cup.

NICK GOLD, Chesapeake Systems, Chief Revenue Officer Gold brings to his consultant role an extensive technical knowledge base and his intense curiosity drives him to stay current with the latest developments in the media and IT fields. He is recognized as a leading expert in media asset management (MAM) and related archive and storage workflows.

DALE HARNEY, ESPN, Senior Concept Designer Harney has crafted the creative behind a multitude of ESPN properties including Monday Night Football, NFL Studio, SportsCenter, the College Football Playoffs, the X Games, and college basketball. Harney wears many hats throughout the creative process as an art director, animator, and general curious person. He toes the line between directing and remaining hands-on in all aspects of his projects.

GARY HARTLEY, Fox Sports Networks, EVP, Graphics and Creative Director Since 1995, Hartley has been responsible for conveying Fox Sports’ signature irreverent attitude through its on-screen innovation. Currently, he oversees the make, model, and feel for nearly every on-screen graphic across Fox, FS1, and FS2, and is behind some of the greatest Fox Sports innovations, including its design approach for presenting real-time race information for its inaugural Fox NASCAR season in 2001 and Cleatus, the football-playing robot.

GIL HASLAM, Troika, Executive Creative Director Haslam is the creative force behind some of the biggest brands in sports, including ESPN, UFC, PGA TOUR, AT&T SportsNet, CBS Sports, NBC Sports, and HBO Sports, among many others. Haslam is recognized industry-wide for his experience leading major, high-profile brand launches and redesigns from positioning through packaging, as well as innovative broadcast and in-stadium fan experiences.

REIMAGINE SPORTS PRODUCTION Avid is your smartest play in live sports production Creating the most compelling sports coverage and building brand loyalty has never been more vital than in today’s competitive market. Today’s viewers and sports fans expect a more engaging, interactive and fully immersive experience. Sports programmers need advanced, cost-effective solutions to deliver rich 4K/UHD content, virtual and augmented reality, and appealing onscreen graphics enhancements. With Avid MediaCentral® for Sports and the Maestro™ graphics family including Maestro | Live, the new all-in-one solution for creating and controlling real-time graphics and video playout, sports production teams are equipped to deliver the speed and end-to-end 4K/UHD production workflows needed to create captivating content from any location, and deliver a game-changing viewer experience. Make the right moves with Avid’s sports production solutions to help boost your ratings by delivering a viewing experience that’s better than being there.

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Howell is a digital designer specializing in developing innovative content for live sports and entertainment. Since joining SMT, Howell has developed virtual set and augmented graphics solutions for the Golf Channel, UFC, Revolt TV, Inside Edition, and the Tennis Channel. He led the creation of real-time 3D graphics for Wimbledon, the Crossfit Games, the US Open, UFC PPV broadcasts, and more.



O’Shaughnessy has crafted the creative behind many ESPN properties. He is primarily responsible for guiding creative teams through large-scale animation and insert design projects. O’Shaughnessy believes in simultaneously investing in the employee and the project for a mutually beneficial result. His primary interests rest in finding ways to reinvent the traditional permutations of sports television.

PAUL JAMIESON, BT Sport, Director of Creative and On Air

BRIAN PERKINS, MLB Network, Senior Director, IT Production Systems

Jamieson leads the creative direction, strategy, and execution for all promotional content; design elements including on air graphic packages and sets; on air navigational media planning; music direction; and brand guardianship. While in this role, Jamieson has launched the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League; introduced boxing and cricket; and re-shaped the channels’ on air look and program presentation packages.

Perkins oversees graphics technology, production system integration, and the continual evolution of statistical systems used to enhance storytelling. In addition to MLB Network, Perkins oversees the IT production systems for NHL Network, whose daily on-air operations haven been based and operated out of the MLB Network headquarters since October 2015. Perkins places particular importance on automating creation of on-screen and on-set graphical elements containing baseball and hockey data.

JASON JOLY, MSG Networks, Director, Broadcast Graphics Joly and his team are responsible for the creative direction for MSG Networks’ live event packages for the Knicks, Rangers, Devils, Islanders, Sabres, Red Bulls, and Liberty. They also oversee the packaging for all on-air promotion, social media, studio shows, and original programming.

LAWRENCE JONES, The Future Group, VP and Head of Operations, North America


Jones is a 25-year industry veteran with experience in the interactive, motion graphics, visual effects (VFX), real-time gaming, and augmented/mixed reality fields. He specialized in real-time VFX advertising for a decade as a leader at ESPN and led the group responsible for creating revenue-generating branded content

MIKE KELLEY, Grabyo, President, Americas Kelley is a sports and entertainment executive with 25 years of experience working at the intersection of content, distribution, and technology. Currently, Kelley is building a team to work with the leading sports and entertainment properties, broadcasters, and digital publishers in North and South America.

SÖREN KJELLIN, ChyronHego, Chief Technology Officer In his position since the merger of Chyron Corporation and Hego AB in May 2013, Kjellin leads the company’s global engineering and technology initiatives. From July 2011 to May 2013, he served as director of product management at Hego AB, guiding the global development teams and product management.

SABRINA LLENZA, Turner Sports, Design Director Llenza helps oversee the on-air broadcast graphics for entities such as the NBA, NCAA, and ELEAGUE, among others. Recent success with ELEAGUE’s Rocket League, Street Fighter V Invitational, Injustice 2, and the 2018 Boston Major is what resonates most in her one year of experience thus far with Turner Sports.

GLEN MAXHELEAU, Avid, Business Development, Graphics Maxheleau has more than 20 years of experience in business and accounts management. He has a strong technical background in software development and is responsible for business development for graphics at Avid in North America.

CAMILLE MARATCHI, HBO Sports, Associate Creative Director Maratchi oversees the on-air graphic look for the department’s live telecasts, studio shows, and documentaries. While in this role, Maratchi has helped create the on-air look for HBO Sports’ flagship telecasts – World Championship Boxing, HBO Pay-Per-View Boxing, and Boxing After Dark. In addition, she was instrumental in the rebrand of two of its other properties, Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel and The Fight Game with Jim Lampley.

JOCELYNE MEINERT, Big Studios, Owner/Director Meinert has been pioneering CG animation and design since the industry’s inception in 1982, receiving several national and international awards. Meinert started Big Studios in 1991, completing large scale design and animation projects for clients such as ABC News & Sports, HBO, MTV, Oprah, CTV, CBC, ESPN, CBS, and NBC.

DAVID MELFI, NBC Sports, Senior Duet Designer Since joining the company in 2013, Melfi has served as the bridge between the design, production, and engineering teams to integrate and support the insert graphics for all NBC Sports properties. Working with internal teams and outside vendors, Melfi has developed and designed software feature sets to help advance the functionality of insert graphics for NBC Sports and its regional networks. Sports Graphics Committee members shaded in blue

MARIA RAPETSKAYA, Undefined Creative, Founder and Creative Director Rapetskaya is the architect of Undefined Creative, a media production agency that specializes in motion graphics and works with household names like NHL, NBC Universal, Better Homes & Gardens, and the United Nations. She built the company’s reputation on good old-fashioned customer service and consistent execution on brand, on time, and on budget. Rapetskaya stubbornly remains a hands-on creative, doing what she truly loves on a daily basis.

JORDAN SHORTHOUSE, Turner Sports, Creative Director Shorthouse oversees the sports print marketing department and on-air broadcast graphics departments that support all sports telecasts. Currently in his 20th year with Turner Sports, Shorthouse has overseen award-winning print and on-air campaigns for Turner’s tent-pole events including NBA on TNT (regular season, playoffs, All-Star), MLB on TBS (regular season, postseason), the NCAA Div. I Men’s Basketball Championship, ELEAGUE, and the PGA Championship.

MICHAEL “SPIKE” SZYKOWNY, ESPN, Senior Director, Motion Graphics and Production Planning Szykowny has been at ESPN for 21 years and has worked on everything from Monday Night Football and the College Football Playoffs to the ESPN Megacast. He leads a group of over 170 designers, animators, and Vizrt artists that create and play out graphics for the family of ESPN networks.

JAN UMANSKY, Twizted Design, CEO and Co-Founder Umansky leads Twizted Design, a tech-hub operating in the media and entertainment industry, providing solutions for media outlets in the production of live events, postproduction, and AR and VR. Prior to founding Twizted Design, Umansky worked in the industry for 10 years focusing on real-time graphics and data integration for Orad (later Avid).

BRADLEY WASILITION, ChyronHego, Director, Sports Analysis and Lead Sports Analyst Prior to his current role with ChyronHego, Wasilition worked in sports broadcast and statistical analysis at HEGO USA. He also has experience as a research analyst for the NFL Network, a football personnel analyst for the Tennessee Titans, and a graduate assistant coach at the University of Florida.

GLENN WHITE, Reality Check Systems, Producer White has spent his entire 22-year career in sports television. Now a producer at Reality Check Systems, White oversees graphics development for clients like CBS Sports, NFL Network, UFC, Golf Channel, DirecTV, and Turner Sports. He is responsible for shaping and executing the specific graphics vision of each client from initial concept to launch, including the development of custom software applications, hardware systems, and graphic builds.

CHRISTIAN WINTERS, HBO Sports, Creative Director Winters oversees the design for on-air graphics, show titles and packaging, and promos/trailers. He also oversees production design for live programming. Before joining HBO in 2015, Winters spent 10 years as a top producer and editor, with network credits including feature stories and teases for several Super Bowls, Final Fours, and Olympic Games for NBC and CBS, in addition to long-form sports documentaries for HBO, Fox, and Showtime.






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SVG Sports Graphics Forum 2018 — 3.7.18  
SVG Sports Graphics Forum 2018 — 3.7.18  

The latest technological and creative achievements in broadcast graphics.