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EDITORIAL BOARD Prof.Dr. Agron Cuka – Head of Board Msc. Mirlinda Galushi Msc.Safiola Çarçani Msc. Erlin Samimi Dr. Mirjeta Cenaj Dr. Rigerta Selenica Dr. Najada Quka Msc. Meriljan Kurtaj Dr. Entela Kushta Dr. Aledia Kondaj Msc. Rovena Elmazi Dr. Enkeleda Lleshi





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EDITORIAL Prof. Dr. Agron CUKA – Rector of Sports University of Tirana

It is a very special pleasure for me to open this edition of SUT journal for the year 2017. First of all I would like to express my appreciation for all academic and non-academic staff members, for the support and collaboration they display daily while taking university tasks forward, as well as extend my wishes for higher results to staff and students alike. Our University with a long and successful history behind, starting as the two-year Technicum, followed by the Higher Institute of Physical Culture “Vojo Kushi”, the Academy of Physical Education and Sport and from the year 2010 as the Sports University, has always provided to prepare specialists of physical education and sport and has best fulfilled its mission. At present we have two faculties: Faculty of Movement Sciences and Faculty of Physical Activity and Recreation, as well as an Institute of Scientific Research in Sport, a number of 83 lecturers, 49 employees and 1200 students. Undoubtedly, SUT has experienced a substantial growth in its infrastructure with an increased number of classrooms, laboratories, sport terrains and gyms, a richer library and Internet access in all facilities, etc.


The preceding year was generally speaking a busy year as the new Law on Higher Education started to be implemented, and over certain time periods the non-functioning of all university bodies hindered its implementation. A particularly emotionally charged situation was created during the election process. However, the election process was successful as students and academic staff through voting clearly expressed their preference for the University leading authorities. Some institutional problematics in the post-election period did not affect the successful closure of the 2015-2016 academic year, due to the sustained commitment shown by the academic body, which never slowed down their work rhythm. Seriousness and commitment at work were also manifested during university admission test, which was preceded by a promotional campaign among high school students interested in studying at SUT, an event held in “City Park”. In the activity organized by the Ministry of Education and Sport a considerable number of staff members, under the lead of the respective deans and the support provided by the Chancellor and her staff were involved in the preparation of informative leaflets and worked long hours giving prompt clarifications. As a result, more than 800 candidates were enrolled in the admission tests, and it is my conviction that the higher GPA requirement and seriousness displayed during admission tests have contributed to an increase in the quality of students accepted in this academic year. Designing curricula of a European standard, with the support of our partners in Rome, Denmark, Vienna, etc., has made it possible for us to have equivalent degrees to those from any European country and has thus increased the reputation of our school. We are as well making on-going efforts to boost collaboration with other counterpart institutions to enable an increase in the quality of the degrees our students are awarded. SUT is on its way to a complete reformation, as a result of the need to change ensuing from: the law on higher education, academic staff and students as well. SUT’s organisational structure and activity are guided by Law No. 80/2015 “On Higher Education and Scientific Research in HEI in the Republic of Albania”, thus our activity in the years to come will be compliant with this Law, and I will demand a rigorous adherence to it by every staff member, leaving no room for errors or misapplications. Equal attention and commitment will be devoted to the strict application of SUT’s Statute and Internal Regulation, while at the same time respecting Academic Freedom. I am confident that in the future Sports University will witness qualitative developments, which will empower the preparation of students with a professional and scientific background compliant with the work market requirements, and which will ensure an increase in the educational and scientific level among members of academic staff, thus best addressing the high demands of our time.


I- SPORTS UNIVERSITY OF TIRANA THE STUDY ON “PHYSICAL ACTIVITY AND OBESITY AMONG ALBANIAN CHILDREN (AGED 6-15 YEARS) LIVING IN THE BALKANS DURING 2013-2015.” The Conference Hall at the Sports University of Tirana was the venue where the report of the BASIC (Balkan Survey of Inactivity of Children) Project was presented to make known the results of the study “Physical Activity and Obesity among Albanian Children (Aged 6-15) Living in the Balkans during 2013-2015.” The authors of this study are: Juel JARANI (SUT), Agron KASA (SUT), Andi SPAHI (SUT), Keida USHTELENCA (SUT), Jakob TARP (University of Southern Denmark), Anders GROENTVED (University of Southern Denmark), Florian MUCA (Tirana International School), Dean QEFALIA (BRSHC Organisation), Leonard SHAKA. The report, the first of its kind in the Region, Albania included, involves mapping participation rates in Physical Activity and Sport, spread of Obesity and Overweight among school-aged children (aged 6-15 years). Within the frame of the project a computer web based programme was set up, where parents, teachers and individuals can determine a child’s condition based only on age and physical parameters (weight, height, BMI, waist circumference) data. Children have now the chance to create a profile of their condition as compared to Albanian children in general. Comparative data were compiled which reflect differences between urban and rural areas, boys and girls, countries, geographic locations, primary and secondary schools, age groups of 6-15 years (measuring unit of 0.5 years). The novelty of the project includes the creation of obesity and overweight reference of Albanian children, thus filling the gap in the map of European countries, which boast a tradition of annual reports.


2016 ELECTIONS AT SUT Pursuant to the Order of the Minister of Education and Sport, No. 110 date 15.03.2016, on 20th April 2016 voting for the Election of Governing Authorities and Bodies of Sports University of Tirana took place inside university premises, which resulted in the following outcome:

Governing Authorities: • Prof. Dr. Agron CUKA – Rector • Prof. Dr. Bardhyl MISJA – Dean of the Faculty of Movement Sciences • Prof. Dr. Fatos GJATA – Head of Department of Social Sciences and Education • Prof. Dr. Dhimitraq STRATOBËRDHA – Head of Department of Sports Medicine • Prof. Asc. Dr. Kujtim KAPEDANI – Head of Department of Sports • Prof. Asc. Dr. Ferdinand MARA – Dean of the Faculty of Physical Activity and Recreation • Prof. Asc. Dr. Robert CITOZI – Head of Department of Physical and Recreational Activity and Tourism • Prof. Asc. Dr. Spartak BOZO – Head of Department of Management and Organization • Prof. Asc. Dr. Kujtim HAXHOLLI – Head of Department of Movement and Health • Prof. Asc. Dr. Arben KACURRI – Director of the Institute of Scientific Research in Sport

Governing Bodies The following were elected as members to the Academic Senate of the Sports University of Tirana: • Prof. Dr. Agron Cuka • Prof. Dr. Bardhyl Misja • Prof. Dr. Fatos Gjata • Prof. Dr. Mehmet Spahiu • Prof. As. Dr. Bujar Kasmi • Prof. As. Dr. Kujtim Haxholli • Prof. As. Dr. Robert Citozi • Prof. Dr. Lumturi Markolaj • Prof. Dr. Albert Karriqi • Elidon Beqo (student member) • Nead Bojka (student member) Following the certification of election results, the Governing Authorities, the Rector and the Deans respectively, appointed their collaborators as follows: • Prof. Dr. Ylli ZHURDA – Vice-Rector for Education • Prof. Asc. Dr. Juel JARANI – Vice-Rector for Science • Msc. Blerina MEMA – Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Movement Sciences • Prof. Asc. Dr. Ferdinand CANAJ – Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Physical Activity and Recreation.




Balkan Sports Games were organized by Trakya University on 8th -10th May 2016, in the town of Edirne, Turkey, where a number of universities from the Balkan Region participated in the sports games of Basketball, Swimming, Karate and Table Tennis. The delegation from the Sports University of Tirana was represented by the Men’s Basketball Team, composed of: Doc. Aida SHEHU – Head Delegate Dr. Andi SPAHI – Coach of the Basketball team Msc. Ervin MAZNIKU – Doctor of the delegation Msc. Erlin SAMIMI – Manager Players: Bruno HOXHA – Master of Science Student / FPAR Mired JANI – Professional Master Student / FMS Juljan SHAHINI – Undergraduate / FMS Arlind MERKAJ – Undergraduate / FMS Laert TROJA – Professional Master Student / FMS Klajsti ISMAILATI – Undergraduate / FPAR

Hajdi BELIU – Undergraduate / FMS Mexhit BARDHI – Undergraduate / FMS Mikel AMBO – Undergraduate / FPAR David TUFA – Professional Master Student /FPAR

The Sports University of Tirana was decently represented by the Men’s Basketball Team, which was pronounced CHAMPION after grabbing the trophy of such an important Balkan event, beating in the finals the Greek team of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki with a result of 40-36.


“CAREER ORIENTATION DAYS FOR HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES” FAIR The Ministry of Education and Sport hosted the “Career Orientation Days for High School Graduates” Fair on 26-27-28 May 2016 in the premises of Expocity, City Park – Tirana. Sports University of Tirana carefully prepared an appropriate rack for the fair, which contained detailed information on each study programme offered by our institution of higher education. Members of both academic and administrative staff prompted high school graduates to opt for the Sports University of Tirana as their future career, elucidating issues ranging from admission procedures to diplomas awarded at the end of a study programme, including scholarship and qualification opportunities as well as participation in national and international sporting events.


UNIVERSIADA TIRANA 2016 The University of Medicine, Tirana, in collaboration with the Albanian Students Sports Association, under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and Sport and Tirana City Hall hosted the nationwide sporting event “Universiada Tirana 2016”, on 11-12 November 2016, at “Asllan Rusi” Sports Palace and SUT’s Games Hall. More than 25 universities from all Albanian territories took part in the sporting event, which aimed to promote the hosting of joint nationwide sporting events among universities and foster students’ participation in physical and sporting activities of the kind. Sports University of Tirana was decently represented in this sporting event, where the men’s and women’s volleyball teams were pronounced champions bringing home two important trophies. Teams roster: Women’s volleyball team: Men’s Volleyball Team Coach: Aida SHEHU Vice/Coach: Enkeleda LLESHI Junida POGONI Players: Romina MATOSHI Adela HOXHA Bleona MECORAPAJ Stela AGOLLI Livija SHEHAJ Dhimitra KOLE Herta JAHJA Erisa SHERA Melisa MUCA Oksana FUSHA


Coach: Enkeleda LLESHI Vice /Coach: Aida SHEHU Junida POGONI Players: Elvis MUCA Osman QEPA Rejdi KOCI Bledi METANI Aldi GEGOLLI Adri ARAPI Kevin GEGA Denis BAJRAMI Gracian SHEHU

WELCOMING THE AMERICAN DELEGATION A delegation from Georgia Tormenta FC soccer team, USA, presided by the president Mr. Darin Van Tassell visited Sports University of Tirana in November. The aim of the visit was to establish bilateral relations and create opportunities for cooperation in the field of sport, mainly football. Strom Soccer Academy has an affiliation with Tormenta FC team, a fact which within the frame of this collaboration means an excellent opportunity for the training of not only students, but also academic and administrative staff members.

THE MARTIAL ARTS COURSE Sports Universities of Tirana, under the auspices of the rector Prof. Dr. Agron CUKA and in collaboration with the Chinese Embassy accredited in Tirana hosted a one-month course in martial arts during December 2016. The course was held by Mr. Hou Guowang, master in martial arts, university lecturer of martial arts and founder of the first students association of martial arts at Guangzhou Sport University, China. Students demonstrated a strong interest and by the end of the course, certificates were awarded to all participants. The Department of Sport at the Faculty of Movement Sciences, namely the Department Head Prof. Asc. Dr. Kujtim Kapedani and the lecturer Msc. Arben Bozaxhiu closely monitored the development and successful outcome of the course.


MISSION OF THE SPORTS UNIVERSITY OF TIRANA - PORTAL (ALUMNI): • To enable students and alumni to develop, evaluate successfully and start career planning and professional development within a constantly changing work environment. In addition, the Portal (ALUMNI) embraces diversity in all forms and strives to be a comprehensive community that promotes an open, educated and productive environment. • We are committed to help our students and graduates to set and achieve their goals about short and long-term career. This has been achieved in many ways, including lessons on individual careers, programs and jobs, recommendation letters, job searching and access to the resource library. • The purpose of the Portal (ALUMNI) is to help students prepare for life after graduation, whether by starting a productive career, transferring to another school, or by offering them other options. What you do after graduation should be a well-planned decision and it should start by searching from the first year. • We encourage you to discover all career opportunities at your disposal, such as Trainings, Career Days and Practices/stages. Your career development started long before you came to Sports University of Tirana and will certainly continue throughout your working life. The ALUMNI Portal will guide you through this process.

We aim to keep active the alumni as well as to encourage current students to stay involved and active even after graduation. We believe that former students build up the reputation of the university, which is also related to their success in the real world. When a school is known for preparing and graduating students who are intelligent, innovative and effective in their study fields, then its reputation will increase. The newly graduates will have a better outlook and the process will continue.


II – FACULTY OF MOVEMENT SCIENCES Welcome word of the Dean of Faculty of Movement Sciences Prof.Dr. Bardhyl Misja Greetings to the readers of Focus Journal I hope that in this issue you will find helpful information about the academic life of our teaching staff and practice activities of our students. Despite a long elections year, the professors and lecturers of the Faculty have not interrupted/ceased the intensity of their work towards continuous professional development accompanying it by the awarding of many Scientific and Academic titles and degrees. The scientific research work of our faculty extends over the Albanian borders and a reflection of this is the participation of our staff in numerous Scientific Conferences.



The delivery of the Swimming course by the Faculty of Movement Sciences – second year students (bachelor full-time students) during 4-9 July at the swimming pool at ‘Stela’ resort. (photo 1) Students’ opinions: A very enjoyable and helpful educational experience. We knew swimming only as a recreational activity but we also learned its real motor values not only for us as individuals but also as experience to be inherited in the teaching process as future teachers. The learning process was comprehensible and clear along which we acquired helpful skills. We, the students of 2015-2016, recommend to all the future students to be willing to exploit this opportunity which will be valuable in their future profession as PE teachers. Delivery of Tourism course by the Faculty of Movement Sciences – Second year students (Bachelor full-time students) during 10-15 October 2016. (photo 2). Students’ opinions: Familiarization with the precious values of our country, we were introduced to the infrastructure of some of the castles which communicated with one another using signals. We learned about the traditions and hospitality of the cities and towns we visited. We also have memorised impressive sights from this tour.


Delivery of Skiing course by the Faculty of Movement Sciences – Second Year students (Bachelor full-time students) during 2-8 February 2016. (photo 4) Students’ opinions: Regardless of the weather conditions that indirectly affected the full progress of the ski course, we conducted the lessons with the help of lecturers, who explained theoretically with video-projector and demonstrated the skiing techniques. We were able to acquire the theoretical background of this course. We visited to the skiing slope and some cultural centres around the place. During the evenings the atmosphere was very pleasant as all the students got together with the lecturers to talk about social issues of today’s society and thus we managed to strengthen the relationship not only with students from different groups but also with the lecturers to whom we are really thankful. Administration of the entry examination at FMS for the “bachelor” study program took place on 23-27/08/2016. The total number of registered students was 558, 2 of whom were from the Albanian regions beyond its borders. Considering the predetermined criteria for admission to this study program at FMS, the winners were 150 students, 1 of whom was from the Albanian regions beyond its borders. (photo 5) At FMS it was opened the second cycle of the “Professional Master Studies” 2016-2017. There were 218 candidate students, 22 of whom were students applying for a second study program, 111 students came from the full-time “bachelor” study program, 79 were graduates of the parttime “bachelor” study program, 2 students were graduates of FPAR and 4 of them were from the Albanian regions beyond its borders. There were 159 students who fulfilled the set criteria for admission for this study program at the FMS and who were awarded the right to attend this study program.


ACADEMIC AND RESEARCH TITLES AWARDED DURING 2016 BY FMS • Bardhyl Misja, was awarded the title “Professor” on 10.02.2016 • Agron Cuka, was awarded the title “Professor” on 10.02.2016 • Sead Bushati, was awarded the title “Doctor” on 11.03.2016 • Abdyl Kuriu, was awarded the title “Doctor” on 15.04.2016 • Altin Mërtiri, was awarded the title “Doctor” on 15.04.2016 • Aida Shehu, was awarded the title “Doctor” on 15.04.2016 • Edison Ikonomi, was awarded the title “Doctor” on 23.05.2016 • Elton Bano, was awarded the title “Doctor” on 25.11.2016

STUDENTS INFORMATION AND CAREER COUNSELLING OFFICE AT FMS The Faculty of Movement Sciences based on the Law 80/2015 “On Higher Education and Scientific Research in Higher Education Institutions in the Republic of Albania” has established Students Information and Career Counselling Office on 15/11/2016, which assists the students from the moment of registration and admission up to their graduation and employment. This office is headed by Deputy Dean Msc. Blerina Mema and the lecturers Dr. Aida Shehu, MSc. Ervin Mazniku, Msc. Rigerta Selenica. This office is open for students from Monday to Thursday 1100 - 1300 in the meeting room. The information provided by the office summarizes the study programs offered by “FMS” about career or vocational orientation as well as it supports students with individual or group counselling. This office closely collaborates with the SUT’s Alumni portal to give students the opportunity to develop, evaluate, plan, and professionalize their careers within a constantly changing work environment. The main activities and duties of the Students Information and Career Counselling Office at FMS are.

• Informing students and ensuring full transparency on academic, teaching and scientific issues as well as their rights and duties.Orientation of students in and during education to select specific training areas and opportunities offered by the university. • Orientation and familiarisation of the students with the labour market in general and specific current employment opportunities by mediating this process. • Maintaining individual contact with the students even after graduation concerning their employment by continuously receiving their feedback. • Perform up-to-date labour market research and identify its requirements and make them available for the students. • Regulates and ensures student involvement in decision-making and other main processes or activities related to teaching and other research and developing activities as well as the services provided.


III- FACULTY OF PHYSICAL ACTIVITY AND RECREATION Words of greeting from the Dean of the Faculty of Physical Activity and Recreation, Prof. Asc. Dr. Ferdinand Mara Dear Readers of the Focus Journal, As a member of the academic staff at the Sports University of Tirana, since 1989 I take the opportunity to make an introduction of the Faculty of Physical Activity and Recreation (FPAR), which consists of three departments with a total of 29 lecturers, of whom 1 Prof Dr, 5 Prof As Dr, 7 Dr and 16 MSc. Students are awarded three diplomas for the first and second study cycles. FPAR is a recently set up Faculty, starting from the year 2010. Negotiations with the Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth are under way so as for the diploma awarded by the Faculty to enter the list of legally recognized professions. Hence the diploma is expected to guarantee employment to graduates.

CONTEMPORARY TEACHING AT FPAR A most efficient teaching is one which achieves objectives, encourages students’ participation and interaction, employs high quality questions, a student-centred teaching which develops creative and critical thinking abilities. Therefore, teaching is a process which needs to be planned and carried out by a lecturer according to learning styles which require participation of students, knowledge assimilation, use of contemporary methods and interactive techniques, development of skills and learning habits.


WATER SPORTS, THE OUTDOOR COURSE FOR STUDENTS IN JALE AND GJIPE For the third consecutive year, our institution held the Water sports course in the spectacular bays of Jale and Gjipe. With an experience gained from the successful outcome of the previous years, this year’s preparation to carry out a programme with all its essential components took less time and effort. The programme involved lessons and tests in swimming, which were carried out with professionalism by the lecturers of FPAR. Under the guide of the Apnea (Snorkelling) master diver, Armand Hallvaxhiu, students had the chance to learn the techniques of breath-holding diving, diving rules and diving gear and equipment needed for this activity. Upon arrival in Jale, students organized in groups under the supervision of the respective lecturer started putting up tents, which will serve as a shelter to them during the days of their camping on the Albanian Riviera. Some groups of students went trekking for 4 hours in a row passing across a mountainous terrain in high temperatures so they could learn marching rules while hiking in hot weather. Other groups went kayaking from Jale to Gjipe to learn rowing techniques and eventually joined with the other groups in Gjipe who had reached there marching. Students’ excitement and curiosity could be felt in the air, eager to experience something new and unforgettable made possible by our faculty. Students were also introduced to rock climbing techniques by masters in this sport, which requires high physical fitness. Kayaking, beach volley and diving championships were as well another source of excitement for students and lecturers alike. In the evenings students could enjoy themselves during the parties thrown by them with animation and dances under beautiful music. The credit for the success of this fantastic experience goes to the students, academic staff and experts, who helped carry out this course which is for sure certain to stir emotions in the years to come.


MOUNTAIN CAMPING COURSE (THETH) The mountain camping course is one of the most important outdoor programmes provided by our Faculty which takes place in Theth, during a time of the year when the green landscape and the fresh and clean air from the mountains has no equal with any other place. In a time when Shala River enlivens because of the melted snow, flows swiftly down the mountain slopes and fills the deep canyons of unrepeatable shapes. Theth is one of the most exclusive areas in the Albanian Alps, situated in the northern part of the municipality of Shala, district of Shkodra, with an elevation of 700-950 meters above sea level and is a year-round inhabited area. In 1976 Theth was proclaimed National Park covering an area of 2630 hectares. FPAR students were among the numerous visitors of the place, who animated the astonishing lawns and trails of Theth. Highlanders are renowned for their longstanding hospitality, and students could experience it first-hand. During their camping days students had to go hiking to different sites and climbing as compulsory activities of the course, but in their free hours they could engage in games such as volleyball, badminton, table tennis, soccer, etc. At the end of the course students left the campsite with some unforgettable memories.

SKIING COURSE AT FPAR Early this year, Voskopoja welcomed our students again, who for many years in a row have livened up this wonderful place covered in the white layer of snow. Students could engage in different recreational activities, learned to ski and threw some exciting parties with folk and modern dances.



150 candidates out of 283 were admitted at the Faculty of Physical Activity and Recreation. The increased number of female students attending the faculty is this year’s novelty. Sports University can no longer be regarded a “boys’ school”. Year after year there has been an increase in the number of girls admitted at the school, although boys still continue to outnumber girls. The number of girls admitted at the Faculty of Physical Activity and Recreation was marked by an increase in the 2016-2017 academic year. According to statistical data, 283 candidates were enrolled for the 2016-2017 year, out of whom 209 boys and 74 girls. With an admission quota of 150 students, 49 were girls while 101 boys, a tendency which as compared to the previous years marks a change in the ratio of the number of girls to the number of boys. The latter have traditionally outnumbered girls, when it comes to the number of candidates enrolled and then winning a place at school. The change in admission criteria can account for fact that more and more girls are seeking to become students at the Faculty of Physical Activity and Recreation, a provision that started to bear fruit as of last year. During the 2015-2016 academic year the faculty decided to apply different criteria for boys and girls, what brought about a higher number of girls to be admitted. Even this year, similar to a year ago, there were fewer female candidates enrolled than the number of approved quotas. For the 2015-2016 academic year a total of 407 were enrolled, of whom 330 boys and 77 girls, while admission quotas ended up having a ratio of 50:50, as out of the 100 students admitted, 57 were girls. CAREER COUNSELLING The Office of Career Counselling was set up at the Faculty of Physical Activity and Recreation, which has as its focus launching qualified students in the labour market, supporting them and a step by step tracking of their career. The Career Office will carry on its work having in its composition the following members: Head Prof. Asc. Dr Ferdinand Canaj Member Dr. Entela Kushta Member Doc. Anduela Lile Member MSc. Lumtor Shkreli The Career Office performs a number of functions as regards employment opportunities available for undergraduates, the creation of a network of connections that will facilitate the integration of students in the labour market and their tracking in the post-study period. Among the tasks worth mentioning are: • Tracking and providing for students’ career issues; • Offering counselling and guidance on matters of orientation and career pursuance on the part of students; • Collaborating closely with departments to arrange sustainable professional practice for students; • Keeping contacts with groups of interest to get feedback as regards the diplomas launched in the labour market, and as well facilitating the process of professional practice; • Bringing up proposals regarding changes and improvement in the curricula and submitting them to the respective bodies; • Hosting labour fairs; • Keeping regular contacts with different associations or ALUMNI arrangements and supporting their functioning. Who employs FPAR graduates? Undergraduates and graduates of FPAR are highly demanded in the labour market. One of our strengths is the wide range of workplaces where graduates can be employed, thus making them have the upper hand in the labour market. This is just a short list of those who take on our students: Private companies Fitness centres, big hotels, tourist agencies, multifunctional sports centres, etc. Public administration Town Halls, federations, Albanian National Olympic Committee, Albanian Sports Federation, etc.


THE NEW MASTER AT THE FACULTY OF PHYSICAL ACTIVITY AND RECREATION The Faculty takes the initiative to open for the first time a new programme in the second cycle of studies, a Master in Sports and Tourism Management. The programme of the Professional Master in Sports and Tourism Management was mainly proposed and designed by the Sports University of Tirana, under the supervision of all SPEED members. SPEED consortium approved of the final proposed draft on 17 May 2015, during the meeting in Elbasan. The programme was approved by the Senate on 25 October 2016 and will start regular classes during 2016-2017 academic year, having the support of the Faculty of Physical Activity and Recreation, and in particular the Department of Organization and Management. The Master in Sports and Tourism Management will be held as part of the programmes offered by the Faculty of Physical Activity and Recreation. The Faculty aims to gear up students and specialists in the fields of physical activity, health, recreation, and now also in sports and tourism management. The Sports and Tourism Management is an academic labour market oriented program, which offers professional preparation in the application of business principles to the sport & tourism industry. The programme in Sports and Tourism Management among others will focus on the economic and financial aspect of sports, sports marketing, sports ethics, sports infrastructure and hosting and management of sporting events. Graduates of the Master in Sport and Tourism Management qualify as senior managers in sport organizations of any sort, as well as in sports tourism.


QUALIFICATION OF THE ACADEMIC STAFF FPAR may be regarded as an already consolidated educational institution with a clear analytical philosophy in teaching and a strong social and political impact on Albanian society. Present dynamics of development require more intense efforts on the part of lecturers to increase the level academic and scientific qualification, which is a must for a qualitative academic body with needed qualifications to obtain scientific and educational objectives. This year marks a success as two Associate Professor and five Doctor of Science titles have been added to the list of academic qualifications.

Prof.Asc.Dr Ferdinand Canaj Prof.Asc.Dr Ferdinand Mara Dr Entela Kushta 6 April 2016 The Vision of Violence in Joyce Carol Oates’s Fiction

Dr Aledia Kondaj 22 January 2016 Aesthetics of Choreographic Folklore and Cultivated Choreography

Dr Florian Mema 26 November 2016 Improvement of Morphofunctional Parameters in Young Footballers

Dr Saimir Shatku 14 September 2016 Issues of Sports Contract in the frame of Free Movement According to the European Law

Dr Andi Spahi 2 February 2016 The Role of a Fitness-athletic Based Training Programme in Improving Physical Qualities of Young Basketball Players over a 6-month Period


IV- INSTITUTE OF SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH IN SPORT Words of greeting from the Director of ISRS, Prof. Asc. Dr. Arben Kaรงurri

The Institute of Scientific Research in Sport (ISRS) creates, develops, preserves, as well as imparts knowledge, mainly through scientific and research work, but also through teaching based on national and international standards of scientific research, in order to: investigate, evaluate and address the needs of the theoretical and practical developments in the Albanian Sports System, and as well contribute in the preparation of new scientists in the fields of Sports Sciences, Physical Education and Physical Activity and Health. ISRS makes every effort to meet quality requirements of scientific research, which is closely related, with the fast introduction of technology and innovation, and improvements in the management and efficient use of available resources. The new development strategy of ISRS focuses on perfecting the process of scientific research in terms of quantity and quality requirements of research-study projects, protocols and technology employed, upgrading of laboratories, involvement of students in research projects, as well as integration of research results in the teaching process. To ensure a fruitful and successful activity, ISRS tries to address latest developments in sports market, physical education, physical activity and health in real time, in addition to being flexible in adapting to current changes and dynamic developments in time.


THE ESTABLISHMENT OF INSTITUTE OF SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH IN SPORTS The Institute of Scientific Research in Sport was created as a “Scientific Research Sector” in 1962 as a component part of the Higher Institute of Physical Culture “Vojo Kushi”, which dealt with the organization of scientific research activities. From 1974 to 1986, Sector of Scientific Research in Sport was a subordinate to both the Union of Physical Culture athletes and Sportspeople of Albania (UPCSA/ ANOC) and HIPC “Vojo Kushi”. From 1987 until 1992 operated as a subordinate of UPCSA. In 1992, UPCSA was reorganized as the National Albanian Olympic Committee, and ISSR upon creation of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports in 1992 became a subordinate of it. In 1995 there was another reorganization of ISSR which was called “Sports Research Centre” still a subordinate of MCYS. In 2009, SRC became once more an integral part of the Academy of Physical Education and Sports “Vojo Kushi”, and from 2010 and onwards, upon establishment of the Sports University of Tirana on the basis of former AEFS, it is reorganized as the Institute of Scientific Research in Sports and is one of the three main constituent units of the SUT.

The mission of ISRS:

“Promoting coherent and harmonious progress for the society as well as to be efficient in providing exclusive research and studies in the field of sports sciences at an international level”. This mission with a dimension of national, European and wider extended values, ISRS will develop in the following directions: a. Research in the field of applied human movement; b. Research in the field of physical activity, health and recreation; c. Research and study of labour market and technology transfer; d. Co-ordination of research projects and scientific studies between faculties and departments of SUT; e. Preparation of national and international projects in cooperation with partners within Albania and abroad; f. Inclusion and integration of research findings in the teaching process; g. Inclusion of students and young specialists in research and study projects; h. Provision of services to third parties and consultancy in the field of physical education, sport, physical activity of health and recreation; i. Publishing the scientific journal.

The Vision of ISRS:

“To fulfil European institutional standards of organization and development of scientific research, as well as to be one of the region’s leading research institutes in the field of sport, physical education, physical activity and health and recreation”. Values – ISRS will achieve its goals in harmony with the following values: Respect for knowledge: “Respect for exclusive knowledge, ensuring the unity between science and education, as well as ongoing progressive development.” Encouraging initiative: “Through the promotion of new ideas, initiatives, innovation, professionalism and leadership” Open Studies: “The possibility of inclusion and quality assurance for academic services for Albanian and foreign researchers and students, specialists in service, as well as public


institutions and private enterprises”. Co-operation: “Promoting and developing an active dialogue with national and foreign partners” Social Activity: “Working in teams based on mutual respect, tolerance, competence and trust” Appreciation of a healthy life style: “Promoting, developing and testifying the respect for a healthy life style and for the Olympic Ideas” Civility: “Promoting Civility and National Identity”

SCIENTIFIC ACTIVITIES Scientific Session held by ISRS on 09/02/2016. The research studies presented are as follows: 1. “Ankle push-off power, the ratio between sedentary subjects and those engaged in PA and sport” by Prof.Dr.Lumturi Markolaj; Msc.Genti Pano. 2. “Results in the 1500m race and identification of reserve capacity for a more qualitative achievement in the future” by Prof.Dr.Albert Karriqi; Coach-Roland Stermasi; AthleteLuiza Gega. 3. “Biomechanical profile of the Albanian elite weightlifters” by Prof.Dr.Perparim Ferunaj.

Scientific Session held by ISRS on 28/12/2016. The research studies presented are as follows: 1. “Analysis of the statistics of International Events for Women’s Basketball U18” by Msc. Migena Plasa 2. “Measurement and analysis of the distances ran during a match by football players aged 14-18 years” by Msc. Arben Bici, Msc. Astrit Hafizi. 3. “Participation in football of boys aged 6-12” by Msc. Arben Bici, Msc. Astrit Hafizi. 4. “Assessment of posture and balance on ß-Tal subjects aged 18-30 years” by Dr.Genti Pano.


QUALIFICATION OF SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH STAFF In the framework of the ISRS staff qualification, two Doctoral degrees were successfully completed and defended. The study field of these Doctorates was: Applied Exercise Physiology in Sports. 1. “Evaluation of vertical jump performance through SJ, CMJ, DJ tests. Strength, power of the lower extremities, and the effects of training on young volleyball players. Application of plyometric exercises during the training of volleyball players “. PhD student: Msc Enkeleida LLESHI Supervisor: Prof.As.Dr.Dhimitraq PRIFTI Presentation and defence date18.02.2016. 2. “Impact of physical activity on bone density in thalassaemic subjects” PhD student: Msc Genti PANO Supervisor: Prof.Dr.Robert CINA Presentation and defence date 13.10.2016.


PARTICIPATION IN CONFERENCES • The 10th European Conference on Education and Applied Psychology held in Vienna,

Austria on 27/02/2016 were presented as virtual presentations the following studies: 1. Msc. Rigerta Selenica, Msc. Mirjeta Cenaj, Msc. Najada Quka - “The impact of strength

and power parameters in running speed” 2. Msc. Najada Quka, Prof.Asc.Dr. Arben Kaçurri, - “A cross-sectional study on postural

deviations among Albanian children aged 10-13”

• On 4-5 March 2016 it was held the International Conference in Social Sciences, in

Sofia, Bulgaria, in which participated Msc.Rovena Elmazi, Msc. Ledina Koçi with the study titled “Physical activity in young people and the importance of parents’ involvement to boost their performance”. • On 9 March 2016, the Rector Prof.Dr. Agron CUKA and Dean Prof.Dr. Bardhyl MISJA

attended the Conference on the Future of Higher Education, which was organized by the Netherlands Ministry of Education, Culture and Science in Amsterdam. The main purpose of the Conference was to identify and disseminate best practices, and to establish cooperation with stakeholders in order to integrate business enterprises, innovation and education. Another topic of discussion was also the challenges and opportunities of European higher education.


• On 31 March – 2 April 2016 it was organized the International Conference on Transformation Process in Sports Performance in Podgorica, Montenegro and there were presented the following study: Msc. Keida Ushtelenca, Dr. Juel Jarani (PhD)– “Monitoring of gross coordination in children along 1 year period, the evidence based on gender differences”

• On 27 May 2016 it was organized in Vienna, Austria, the 11th European Conference on

Education and Applied Psychology, in which were presented as virtual presentations the following studies: 1. Msc.Rigerta Selenica, Msc. Najada Quka – “Impact of strength training methods on

running speed performance” 2. Msc.Najada Quka, Msc. Rigerta Selenica, Anisa Nurja - “The impact of physical exercises

to correct posture in Albanian children aged 10-11” • On 12 April 2016 it was organized in Kolasin- Montenegro, International Conference

of Sports Medicine, in which were presented the following studies: Prof. Dr. Dhimitraq Stratorbërdha, Dr. Juel Jarani (PhD)– “Physical activity, statistics of the obesity of Albanian children aged 6-15 who live in the Balkans region”


• On 03-05 June 2016 it was organized in Skopje, Macedonia, the 2nd International Scientific

Conference – Research in Physical Education, Sports and Health, in which was presented the following study: Msc. Keida Ushtelenca, Dr.Juel Jarani (PhD) - “The role of weight, height and BMI in the performance of coordination skills in children”

• On 6 September 2016 it was organized in India the Conference ‘Medicine and Biotechnology

of Translation” and there was presented the following study: Dr. Anesti Qeleshi – “Improving Health with Extra Curricular Activities in 6-10 Year Old Children in Tirana”. • On 15-18 September 2016 the University of Banja Luka in Bosnia-Herzegovina organized the

European Congress of the International Federation of Physical Education. Our university was represented by the following delegation: 1. Prof.Asc.Dr. Juel Jarani – “Physical Activity and Obesity in Albanian children (6-15 Years) living in Balkans” 2. Msc. Anduela Lile – “Analysis of Information Systems - Case Study of Physical Activity Monitoring “ 3. Msc.Keida Ushtelenca – “Obesity parameters and coordination skills in children living in Tirana”


• On 01-04 November 2016, a delegation of SUT attended the International Congress os

Sport Sciences in Antalya, Turkey. At this congress were presented the following studies: 1. Dr. Aida Shehu – “Assessment of pulmonary parameters in children 10-15 years old and

inability to choose sports” 2. Dr. Abdyl Kuriu – “Physical components in the preparation of football players - one-year

monitoring” 3. Dr. Anesti Qeleshi – “Physical components in preparation. Monitoring study on youth

football teams” 4. Dr. Florian Mema- “Functional parameters of young 8-12 year-old players during their

recess, three times a week” 5. Dr. Andi Spahi –”The role of a fitness and athletics training program to improve the

physical features of new basketball players over a 6-month period” 6. Dr. Saimir Shatku –”International legal documents concerning the contract in sport” 7. Msc. Blerina Mema – “A Study based on children’s participation in physical education

classes in Albania” 8. Msc. Mirjeta Cenaj – “A study of the most effective tasks for learning sports specific

vocabulary in the ESP class


• On 15-16 November 2016 a delegation composed of the Dean Bardhyl Misja and Prof. Dr.Robert Çina attended the Fourth Medica Medicine + Sports Conference in Dusseldorf, Germany, and presented the study titled “Preliminary assessments on the effect of a holographic display of balance” • On 15 November 2016 Msc.Meriljan Kurtaj and Msc. Anduela Lile participated in the 11th International Conference on Eurasian Scientific Development organized in Vienna-Austria, and presented the study titled: “Case study on information system for tax management” • On 17-18 November 2016 in Pitesti, Romania was held 9th International Conference on Physical Education and Health and there were presented the following studies: 1. Prof.Asc.Dr. Kujtim Kapedani –”Optimal flexibility increases technical performance of gymnasts” 2. Dr. Anesti Qeleshi, Msc. Arben Bozaxhiu –”Participation of students in physical activity in Albania” • On 25-26 November 2016, Dr.Anesti Qeleshi– Lecturer at FVFR participated in the 1st International Conference of Professional Sciences organized in Durres, Albania and presented the study titled: “Improving health through extra- curricular activities in 6-10 year-old children in Tirana” • In the framework of qualification of the non-academic staff, Msc. Mirlinda GALUSHI Chancellor of the University of Sports of Tirana participated in the workshop “Strengthening Budget Execution”, which took place on 07-09 December 2016 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Attending this academic event was important for further qualification in the framework of good budget management, where was presented the case of Albania, as well as for building

further cooperation.


• The Head of ISRS Prof.As.Dr. Arben Kaçurri participated in the International Conference

“Youth and Sport”, held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, a biennial in its 8th edition. The conference addressed topics such as: 1. Youth, Sport and Society; 2. Change of Practices as a Mediator between Motor and Cognitive Development: Promotion of Youth Sports; 3. Cultural Identification of Youth through Sport; 4. Current Challenges of the Field of Physical Education; 5. Game Performance and Analysis; 6. Training and Testing. In addition to active participation in the panel, as well as in the conference sessions, Mr. Kaçurri also made contacts aiming for the development of joint projects with his colleagues and European counterparts highlighting: a. Head of the Institute of Sports Science of the University of Ljubljana, Prof. dr. Mojca Doupona Topič and discussed about studying and comparing the results of the two countries’ Physical and Movement Physics Parameters;

b. Head of the Department of Identification and Development of Talents in Sport, Prof.Dr. Johan Pion of the Faculty of Sport Science at the University of Applied Sciences, Arnhem, Netherlands, and discussed on the possibility of applying a new system and methodology based on the latest technology for “Identifying Talents in Sport” in Albania. A system, which is currently being applied in the Netherlands but through a joint European project and with the necessary adaptations, can be implemented for the Albanian Sports System by ISRS.


• Representatives of Faculty of Physical Activity and Recreation at SUT participated in the

International Scientific Symposium held on 8 – 10 December 2017 in Arad, Romania. The delegation presented the following studies: 1. Prof.Asc.Dr. Ferdinand Mara, Msc. Roland Tarja, Msc. Jorida Çobaj - “6-Month effect of

Aerobic Gymnastics in Improving VO2 max and Weight Control in SUT Groups” 2. Prof.Asc.Dr. Ferdinand Canaj, Prof.Asc.Dr. Ferdinand Mara– “Healthy eating habits,

obesity, alcohol, smoking in FPAR students” 3. Prof.Asc.Dr. Robert Çitozi, Prof.Asc.Dr. Spartak Bozo, Msc.Elton Spahiu - “Contribution

of Physical Activity to Obesity and Weight Management: Time for Change” 4. Prof.Asc.Dr. Spartak Bozo, Prof.Asc.Dr. Ferdinand Mara, Prof.ASc.Dr.Kujtim Haxholli –

“Eating habits of teenagers in Albania” 5. Msc. Elton Spahiu, Prof.Asc.Dr.Robert Çitozi, Prof.Asc.Dr. Spartak Bozo – “Impact of

Physical Activity on Mental Health in Pupils aged 11-14” 6. Msc. Lumtor Shkreli– “Management Science related to Sports Learning Process”

• In the framework of the creation of new opportunities for cooperation, a delegation

of Sports University of Tirana held a meeting with representatives of the Academy of Edi-Ermes in Milan, Italy on 12-13 December 2016. The purpose of the meeting was to establish cooperation in the field of medicine, physiotherapy and sports sciences, as this academy offers high level training in the above fields. Moreover, the rich literature it publishes will be useful and will improve the academic and research processes of our university. The SUT delegation consisted of Prof.Dr. Agron CUKA – SUT Rector, Prof. Dr. Ylli ZHURDA– Vice Rector for education and Doc. Altin ERINDI – Lecturer at the Department of Sports Medicine at Faculty of Movement Sciences.



An educational textbook for secondary school students of the 6th grade, co-authored by SUT lecturers. It is the first of its kind book designed according to the Physical Education Programme approved of by the Ministry of Education and Sport. Authors: Prof.Dr.Lumturi MARKOLA, Dr.Alketa CAUSHI, MSc. Blerina MARKOLA


The new university textbook, which results from the experience gained at national and international level, tackles control types and methods in testing and assessing physical-functional parameters of subjects who engage in physical activity and sports, besides giving a significant support to test individual students. Authors: Prof.Dr.Lumturi MARKOLA, Dr.Enkeleida LLESHI, MSc.Keida USHTELENCA

MOVEMENT EDUCATION “Basics of movement activity in children aged 3-16 years”

A new and original textbook, designed for undergraduates attending Sports Universities, as well as Faculty of Pedagogy undergraduates, provides an insight on the theoretical and scientific basics of motor movement education, essential in the subject of Physical Education at schools, particularly important for primary school students. Authors: Prof.Dr.Lumturi MARKOLA, Prof.Dr.Bardhyl MISJA, MSc.Blerina MARKOLA, MSc.Najada SHORE


An educational textbook for primary school students of the 1st grade. It is the first of its kind book designed according to the Physical Education Programme approved of by the Ministry of Education and Sport. Authors: Prof.Dr.Lumturi MARKOLA, MSc.Rigerta SELENICA (Meta). MSc. Najada QUKA (Shore)



It is by now a tradition at SUT to throw a party for the employees’ children on the eve of New Year’s celebrations. Members of academic and non-academic staff contributed to buy presents for the kids. A special thank goes to the animators of “FESTA IME”, who really threw a beautiful party, filled with fun and exciting games.


To mark the closing of an intensive work carried out during 2016 and extend wishes for a Happy New Year, the Rectorate Office of Sports University of Tirana hosted a lunch party for academic and administrative staff members.



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