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Join us in celebrating the impact of volunteers this Global Volunteer Month

Global Volunteer Month! r u o y Enjo y l h t n o m W E N r o f e d i gu o d a r o Col ! s r e k a m e g n Cha

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April 2021

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In This Issue: Our Resources .........................................................3 April & May Events ................................................4 Global Volunteer Month .................................5-6 White House Proclamation on National Volunteer Week..................................................7-8 A Year of Kindness...........................................9-10 How Can You Stay Informed? .........................11 Help Grant Wishes! ............................................12 RSVP: NOW HIRING..........................................13 RSVP: Meet the Team ........................................14 Community Connection Event: Environment ......................................................................................15 Minoru Yasui: Honoring a Dedicated Activist ..............................................................................17-18 Habitat for Humanity: Seeking Summer Interns ......................................................................20 Volunteer With a Certified Service Enterprise ...............................................................21 POL Civic Life Today: VOLUNTEER .............22 Member Spotlight: The Delores Project ...............................................................24-25 Volunteer with Spark! ........................................27 Board & Virtual Opportunities .......................28 Upcoming Events & Trainings .........................29 Tips & Tricks for Volunteering during COVID-19 ..............................................................30 Premium Member Listings ............................................................16,19,23,26,29 Contact Us ............................................Back Cover Signup for our Volunteer Email List to be the first to get the guide every month!

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We are excited to present our Monthly Volunteer Guide! Find volunteer opportunities, new projects and events, fresh ideas and old wisdom on giving back. We look forward to helping you Connect, Spark Change, and Spread Kindness.

! s r e k a m e g n a h C L L A Calling Spark the Change Colorado’s mission is to SPARK CHANGE and INSPIRE A MOVEMENT OF GOOD through the power of volunteerism, service, and civic engagement. This Monthly Volunteer Guide is designed to help you find your passion, a place to serve, a movement to join or the inspiration and courage to start a movement of your own! We encourage you to find a place for constructive, healing dialogue and turn those conversations into building a connected, resilient and healthy community. Now, more than ever, non-profits need your help to continue to provide our communities with a variety of important services. We have all had to change how we do our day to day, including making sure that our work places are safe for you to offer your help and your efforts are effective. That can mean some volunteer positions you may be used to have changed to be socially distanced, some have gone virtual, or some are no longer available. This guide is full of places where you are still needed! Please check directly with the organization you are most interested in helping if you have questions about volunteering for them during this pandemic. 2

It’s our job to recruit, connect and recognize those in our community who lead, inspire and are at the heart of the volunteer movement.

: s e c r u o s e R Our Spark the Change Colorado Website Colorado Responds Minisite City of Broomfield Minisite City of Golden Mini-site Board Match Training and Connection Events Volunteer Management Training Series Community Connection Events Mental Wellness Program Kind Connection Program Senior Companion Program *NEW RSVP Program Coming Soon


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l i r p A Global Volunteer Month April 1-5: Education April 6-12: Human & Civil Rights April 13-19: Poverty & Inequality April 20-26: Environment April 27-30: Health & Wellness April 22: Earth Day April 23: Community Connection Event: Environment

May Mental Health Awareness Month May 18th: Community Connection Event: Mental Health May 31st: Memorial Day


! h t n o M r e e t n u l o V l a b o l G s ' t I Global Volunteer Month is an opportunity to celebrate the impact of volunteer service and the power of volunteers to tackle society’s greatest challenges, to build stronger, more vibrant communities, and to take action that changes the world! Over the past year, we have seen a renewed energy for civic engagement as people around the world use their voice and take action in response to a global pandemic, racial injustice, and social inequity. As a month-long celebration of volunteer service, Global Volunteer Month shines a light on the individuals and organizations that are making a difference in their communities.

h t n o M r e e t n u l o V l a b o l #G Click Here for more details about Global Volunteer Month and ways you can get involved!


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Join us THIS FRIDAY for our next Community Connection Event: Environment April 23rd; noon-1:15pm Learn More on pg. 13!

R E G N U H T H G I F o t r e e t Volun h t i w y t i n u m m o c r u o y in ! k c a P Harvest ! e r o M n Lear

Nominate an O utstanding Volunteer! The Minoru Yas u i Community Vo l u n t e e r Award grants a $ 2 , 0 0 0 cash award to recipients to designate to a n o n prof it agency o f their choice. Learn More on p

g. 15!


We are living in a moment that calls for hope and light and love. Hope for our futures, light to see our way forward, and love for one another. Volunteers provide all three. Service — the act of looking out for one another — is part of who we are as a Nation. Our commitment to service reflects our understanding that we can best meet our challenges when we join together. This week, we recognize the enduring contributions of our Nation’s volunteers and encourage more Americans to join their ranks. The tremendous power of volunteers and volunteerism has been on dramatic display in our response to the COVID-19 pandemic. All across the country, retired doctors and nurses, students and veterans, personnel from across the Federal Government, and countless others have given their time and talent to administer vaccines, staff vaccination centers, boost testing, tracing, and other life-saving public health measures, and provide food, water, and other necessities to those at heightened risk so they can remain safely at home. Volunteers of all ages and walks of life have stepped forward in other ways to meet this moment. When a severe winter storm left millions without power in Texas and wildfires ravaged our Western States, neighbors from near and far provided food, shelter, and support. Throughout this unprecedented year, people across America have given help and hope by checking on isolated seniors, helping the jobless, and tutoring students to help them stay on track in school. Their compassion reminds us that even in our darkest hours, Americans look out for one another. To meet the unprecedented challenges of today and build back better for tomorrow, we must unite around a renewed commitment to service and to civic duty. As we work to defeat the pandemic, strengthen our economy, address racial inequity, and tackle the climate crisis, we need more Americans to get involved. Government cannot do the job alone, but government — 7

working together with nonprofits and community organizations, the private sector, and the American people — can make our country stronger, more prosperous, and ready for the future. When more Americans step forward to serve, it renews our sense of community and strengthens our democracy. Acts of service unite people from different backgrounds and allow us to truly see and hear one another. By helping others, volunteers also help themselves. They learn new skills, expand their professional networks, connect with neighbors, and experience the satisfaction that comes from serving a larger cause. Service can provide a pathway to employment, education, and other career-building opportunities. As we reopen our economy and build back better, volunteerism can help the unemployed find work and make our communities more resilient and prepared. The Biden-Harris Administration is committed to expanding service opportunities for Americans, including opportunities that enable us to confront the toughest challenges faced by our Nation. The American Rescue Plan includes a historic investment in AmeriCorps to make national service more accessible. We seek to enable more service members and volunteers to support vaccination efforts, tackle the growing hunger crisis, address learning loss, and meet other critical community needs. During National Volunteer Week, we celebrate the millions of Americans who volunteer and encourage more to follow their path. Every American has something to give. No matter your age, background, or where you come from, you can have an impact through service. Vice President Harris and I salute every American who takes time to help their neighbors, and we applaud the extraordinary faith-based, nonprofit, national service, military service, and community organizations that make this service possible. NOW, THEREFORE, I, JOSEPH R. BIDEN JR., President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim April 18 through April 24, 2021, as National Volunteer Week. I call upon all Americans to observe this week by volunteering in service projects across the country and pledging to make service a part of their daily lives. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this sixteenth day of April, in the year of our Lord two thousand twenty-one, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and forty-fifth.


Read More at WhiteHouse.gov!


s s e n d n i K f o r a e Y A In honor of our dedication to A Year of Kindness, we're sharing monthly resources, stories, and tips of ways to spread kindness in your community! Does your busy schedule make it seem impossible to find the time to give back and get involved? No worries! Check out these daily, random acts of kindness for the next couple months to spark some ideas for easy deeds! Kindness Calendar courtesy of Random Acts of Kindness Foundation

Click Here to Download a Full Sized Calendar


Click Here to Download a Full Sized Calendar

Do you have an inspiring story, a kind Changemaker to spotlight, or unique ideas on how to spread positivity in your everyday life?

Contact Us Today with your stories, tips, and tricks to be featured in future issues of our Monthly Volunteer Guide!


? d e m r o f n I y a t S u o Y n a C w Ho Do you find the monthly information and resources in this Volunteer Guide helpful? Are you looking for more ways to stay up to date on all things VOLUNTEER?

Check out some other ways to access Spark the Change News! Join our Organization Newsletter List to receive regular news regarding Spark programs, partner & member resources, and new member benefits! Become a Registered Volunteer on our site and find hundreds of opportunities near you! Schools & Nonprofit Organizations can Become a Member with Spark the Change Colorado to receive assistance with volunteer recruitment, discounts on events and trainings, and much more! Corporate Companies can connect with CSR Solutions of Colorado to find ways to become more civically engaged and community minded. Interested in Mental Health News? Join our Mental Wellness Program Newsletter List to receive our Quarterly MWP Newsletter! Interested in information on how to help with disaster preparation, response, and recovery in the state of Colorado? Join our Colorado Responds Newsletter List. This newsletter is sent out based on need during times of an active disaster. Visit our Website often to see our newest events, trainings, and program updates, or to sign up and volunteer with one of our member organizations! 11

! s e h s i W t n a r G p l He Our Wish List is an added benefit for Premium Members to request in-kind donations to help make their jobs of Sparking Change in Colorado Communities just a little easier! Review the following 'Wishes' and reach out to the contact provided if you're able to help!

Request By: Dinosaur Ridge Location: Morrison, Colorado

Request By: Family Promise of Greater Denver

Wish Details: 1-2 Propane patio heaters with wheels. Sturdy, mushroom style for use outside our exhibit hall covered entrance to keep volunteer greeters and visitors warm on cold days. These will also come in handy for volunteer trainings, cold days during summer camp and special events.

Wish Details: Cleaning Supplies. including: cleaning spray, Clorox wipes, paper towels, dish liquid, hand soap liquid, mugs, cups, dish sets, trash cans, towel sets, broom/ dustpan, etc.

Can You Help Make This Wish Come True?

Can You Help Make This Wish Come True?

Location: Denver, Colorado

Request By: The Right Step, Inc. Location: Littleton, Colorado Wish Details: Horse feed: bales, grass/hay, bagged, treats, etc. Barn supplies: Bagged shavings, Ointment, Clipper Oil, Coat Defense powder, Leather Conditioner Disinfectant Wipes, Duct Tape, AA Batteries, and more. Office Supplies: Printer paper/ink, envelopes, stamps, gift cards, etc. Can You Help Make This Wish Come True?

Click Here to Fulfill A Wish!

Request By: Extreme Community Makeover Location: Denver, Colorado Supplies for projects heavy duty trash bags, latex gloves, work gloves, paint brushes Can You Help Make This Wish Come True?

Request By: Foothills Art Center Location: Golden, Colorado Outdoor flowers and plants: accepting flowers and plants anytime after our last frost. And: 5 6-foot Emerald Green Arborvitae Thuja occidentals ‘Emerald Green’ trees to replace the ones in our garden that were unfortunately killed by an early frost Can You Help Make This Wish Come True?

Request By: Family Resource Center Location: Aurora, Colorado Soccer equipment for kids K8: Balls, Soccer goals for kids, hands towels, Soccer Ball Inflator, First Aid Kit, Sun Block Spray, Basketball, Soft Touch Foam Ball, Reusable water bottles (150) Spot Marker Kid Mesh Scrimmage Can You Help Make This Wish Come True?


NOW HIRING Spark the Change Colorado has added the AmeriCorps Seniors RSVP (Retired Senior Volunteer Program) to seven counties across Colorado: Alamosa, Huerfano, Los Animas, Montezuma, Park, Jefferson, and Broomfield. We're still on the hunt for Changemakers to fill Program Manager positions in each county!

Apply Today


! m a e T e h t t e e M : P V S R Since 1971, RSVP, one of the largest volunteer efforts in the nation for people 55 and over, has matched older adults who are willing to help with local organizations on the front lines of meeting community needs. Food insecurity will be the focus area of service in these seven counties. To spotlight this exciting new program, we wanted to introduce you to the Team that’s making it happen! Meet Juli German, RSVP Program Director: Juli has dedicated over 17+ years to the nonprofit field. The main focus of her work Juli & Max over the years has been in service to the aging population and the LGBTQ Community. She is a Certified Volunteer Management Training instructor for Spark the Change Colorado’s Volunteer Engagement Training Series (formerly the Volunteer Management Training Series). As a longtime Volunteer Program Manager, she has partnered with Spark the Change Colorado for over 10 years and is thrilled to be a part of the team that’s out there sparking change! When it comes to her new position as RSVP Program Director, she says, “I’m most excited about getting folks that are 55 years old or better into their communities to make a difference in the lives of folks struggling with food insecurities.” Outside of her work Sparking Change, Juli is a proud mom of 15 year old twins and inspired by their drive to volunteer! She enjoys card games, puzzles, and lots of visits to parks with her dog, Max. We are beyond excited to have Juli leading Spark the Change Colorado’s RSVP Team on this new and exciting adventure across the state of Colorado! Be on the lookout for more Meet the Team posts and grow with us as we embark on this journey. Interested in Joining the Team? We are currently hiring for RSVP Managers across the state! Read the full job description here, or contact Juli today to apply: jgerman@sparkthechangecolorado.org


: t n e v E n o i t c e n n o C y t i n u Comm T N E M N ENVIRO

In honor of Earth Day, the Impact Area for our April Community Connection Event will be Environment.

Looking for opportunities related to conservation and sustainability? Interested in connecting directly with environment related organizations near you? Join us for our next Community Connection Event! THIS Friday, April 23rd Noon- 1:15pm Virtual via Zoom Volunteers Register FREE Presenting Organizations:

May's Event Theme will be Mental Health, in accordance with Mental Health Awareness Month, save the date and Register Today! 15

Listings A Precious Child Broomfield // View Profile ABOUT: To provide children in need with opportunities and resources to empower them to achieve their full potential. INTERESTED? CONTACT: Joshua Walsh, joshua@apreciouschild.org

Aero Angel Denver // View Profile ABOUT: To provide free, lifesaving longdistance medical flights for critically ill children on private jets at no cost to their families. INTERESTED? CONTACT: Dan Paladino, dan@aeroangel.org

All-Stars Club Highlands Ranch, Lakewood, Littleton // View Profile ABOUT: To provide a place of belonging for individuals with special needs, along with a place of rest and support for their families. INTERESTED? CONTACT: Scott Russomanno, scott@allstarsclub.org

Audio Information Network of Co. Boulder, Statewide // View Profile ABOUT: To provide news and information in audio format for the blind, low vision and print disabled community of Colorado. INTERESTED? CONTACT: Kat Bradbury, kat@aincolorado.org

Benefits in Action Lakewood // View Profile ABOUT: Dedicated to improving the understanding, access, and utilization of healthcare INTERESTED? CONTACT: Sally O’Dwyer, sodwyer@benefitsinaction.org

Bridges Community Homecare & Hospice Colorado Springs, Denver // View Profile ABOUT: To increase quality of life and patient independence through principles of compassion, integrity, knowledge, and uncompromising service. INTERESTED? CONTACT: Heather Romero, hromero@bridgescommunitycare.com

Celebrate the Beat Denver // View Profile ABOUT: To provide the highest quality inschool, after-school and virtual dance programs for all children that improves their physical health and well-being. INTERESTED? CONTACT: Mikayla Houser, mikayla@ctbeat.org

Children's Literacy Center Metro Denver, Pikes Peak Region, & Southern Colorado // View Profile ABOUT: To build a life of success through a foundation of literacy...ONE child at a time. INTERESTED? CONTACT: Pamela Polke, pamela@childrensliteracycenter.org

Clinica Colorado Westminster // View Profile ABOUT: To provide low cost health care for those who are indigent, without health insurance or unable to obtain primary care services. INTERESTED? CONTACT: Jill Schneider, jschneider@clinicacolorado.org

What are Listings? Listings give a brief overview of all our Spark Premium Members! The easiest way to find active opportunities with these great organizations is to sign up directly on our site!

*NEW COVID-19 has

changed the way some member organizations are utilizing volunteer help. Use this legend to get a quick look at available opportunities with some of our members! Virtual Opportunities

Youth Opportunities Opportunities for Individuals with Disabilities Group Opportunities

Castle Rock Senior Activity Center Castle Rock // View Profile Athena Project Littleton // View Profile ABOUT: To empower women through the arts. INTERESTED? CONTACT: Angela Astle, aastle@athenaprojectarts.org

ABOUT: To make life more fulfilling and create community for seniors as they come here to engage in a wide variety of programming and services designed for “Loving Life in the Second Half” INTERESTED? CONTACT: Debbi Haynie, dhaynie@crgov.com

Looking for opportunities outside of traditional volunteering? Learn More about The Civic Circle.

Did You Know? New data from LinkedIn shows that its members in th e U ni te d St at es ad ded more than 110,000 volunteer activities to their profiles each m on th in 2 0 2 0 , more than twice the rate in 2017.


g n i r o n o H : i u s a Y Minoru t s i v i t c A d e t a c i a Ded By: Cindy Piggott

Minoru Yasui was born and raised in Hood River Oregon. He attended undergraduate and law school at the University of Oregon. Min was an early activist in the civil rights movement. He was intelligent, outspoken and passionate about his beliefs in equality and fairness. Min was one of the thousands of Japanese Americans incarcerated and relocated under duress during World War II. His dedication and determination to further his beliefs significantly contributed to the adoption of the Civil Liberties Act of 1988. This act provided redress, reparation and an official apology from the US Government to the Japanese American community. Min moved to Denver in 1944 and passed the Colorado Bar exam with one of the highest scores that year. He began practicing law two years later. He never forgot what the denial of basic human rights meant and sought to protect those rights. His compassion for the oppressed never waned and he is credited by many for helping to keep Denver from becoming a hotbed of frustration during the civil rights movement. Min’s volunteer work was legendry. In 1967 he was appointed to the Executive Director of the city’s Commission on Community Relations. He worked tirelessly on issues affecting African Americans, Hispanic, Native American and Asian Pacific communities in Denver. His wife, Tru Yasui recalls that Min was involved in as many as 75 organizations and had meetings nearly every evening. IN the mid 70’s, a monthly award was created and presented to outstanding community volunteers. The award was named in his honor and became the Minoru Yasui Community Volunteer award. In 1999, the city of Denver honored him once again by naming the building where he had spent his career, The Minoru Yasui Building. Minoru Yasui died in 1986. The University of Oregon, Min’s alma mater, presented Tru Yasu a 2002 Meritorious Service Award posthumously. This award is given to recipients each year who have made extraordinary contributions. to legal education and law. The school also announced the Minoru Yasui Endowed Chair, which brings attorneys working in human rights to the university as professors.


In 2015, Min was nominated by Senator Mazie Hironu for the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian award of the United States. His daughter, Laurie Yasui received the award from President Barack Obama. The Minoru Yasui Community Volunteer Award has been in existence for 44 years and continues to honor extraordinary volunteers who are the backbones, hearts and souls of most non-profits. Over 498 recipients have since been honored and approximately $950, 000 has been given to 492 nonprofit organizations. We are thankful for our new partnership with Spark the Change Colorado. We are excited to be partnering with this extraordinary organization. Together we hope to inspire a movement of good through the power of volunteerism, service and engagement. Read About the Latest Award Recipients in our Blog!

February 2021 Recipient: Liza Patton (l to r): MYCVA committee member Jean Kerr, Christine Burtt (TAPS), Liza Patton, Bo and Lynne Cottrell (TAPS) March 2021 Recipient: Meg Harlow (l to r): Dana Walters, Meg Harlow

Do you know an outstanding volunteer? Nominate them today for a chance to win a $2,000 cash award to recipients to designate to a non-profit agency of their choice. 18

Listings Need Volunteers? We can help!

YOUR AD HERE! Visit our website to learn more about ads and listings

Clothes To Kids of Denver Inc. Denver // View Profile ABOUT: To provide free school clothing to students from low-income or in-crisis families in a warm, welcoming storelike setting. INTERESTED? CONTACT: Eileen Robinson volunteer@clothestokidsdenver.org

Colorado Pet Pantry Multiple Locations // View Profile ABOUT: To temporarily feed Colorado pets, allowing families to increase their ability to care for pets with the goal of keeping them out of shelters and with their families. INTERESTED? CONTACT: Eileen Lambert, eileen@coloradopetpantry.org

Colorado Talking Book Library Denver // View Profile ABOUT: To provide free services to Coloradans of all ages who are unable to read standard print material due to visual, physical, or learning disabilities whether permanent or temporary. INTERESTED? CONTACT: Terri Marcotte, marcotte_t@cde.state.co.us

Community Resource Center Denver // View Profile ABOUT: To create opportunities, tools and strategies to develop nonprofits and community groups to strengthen Colorado. INTERESTED? CONTACT: Maria Fabula, fabula@crcamerica.org


Covenant Cupboard Food Pantry Greenwood Village // View Profile ABOUT: To address the food security needs of seniors, disabled individuals, and the unemployed or underemployed households in our community in a compassionate, dignified and secure environment. INTERESTED? CONTACT: Volunteer Coordinator, volunteer@covcupboard.org

Envision:You Denver // View Profile ABOUT: To support, educate, and empower members of Colorado’s LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer/questioning) community who are living with a mental health and/or substance use disorder. INTERESTED? CONTACT: Steven Haden, steven.haden@envision-you.org

Extreme Community Makeover Denver, Multiple Locations // View Profile Denver Rescue Mission Denver // View Profile ABOUT: To change lives in the name of Christ by meeting people at their physical and spiritual points of need, with the goal of returning them to society as productive, self-sufficient citizens. INTERESTED? CONTACT: Sydnye McCleery smccleery@denrescue.org

Dinosaur Ridge Morrison // View Profile ABOUT: To educate the public about, and ensure the preservation of, the natural and historic resources of Dinosaur Ridge, Triceratops Trail, and the surrounding areas. INTERESTED? CONTACT: Barbara Farley, barbara.farley@dinoridge.org

ABOUT: To coordinate volunteer teams to partner with underserved people to improve their own homes and neighborhoods. INTERESTED? CONTACT: Angela Bomgaars, angela@extremecommunitymakeover.org

Food Bank for Larimer County Fort Collins, Loveland // View Profile ABOUT: To provide food to all in need through community partnerships and hungerrelief programs. INTERESTED? CONTACT: Tasha Aguilar, taguilar@foodbanklarimer.org

Did You Know?

Douglas County Libraries Multiple Locations // View Profile ABOUT: To elevate the community by inspiring a love of reading, discovery, and connection. INTERESTED? CONTACT: Ali Ayres, aayres@dclibraries.org

Volunteering helps you meet others and develop new relationships. Dedicating your time as a volunteer helps you expand your network and practice social skills with others.

: y t i n a m u H r o f t H a b it a ! s n r e t n I r e m m u S g n i k e Se

Applications are now open for Habitat Metro Denver's Summer Internship Program!

The program is open to high school students ages 14+ who can serve one shift a week in a Habitat ReStore from Tuesday, June 8 - Friday, August 6. Participants will receive training to deepen their understanding of the housing crisis in Colorado and be empowered to help support hardworking, future homeowners.

Internship benefits: Enhance skills and build confidence. Complete service hours. Meet fellow volunteers and community members. Get experience for employment and college applications. Applications are due Wednesday, May 5. Learn more about the program.

Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver is a Spark Premium Member! Not a Member? Join Today!


Searching for an organization to support? e h t n o e h e t B r o f t t u h o g k i o L f lo o s t n i Po ervice S e s i r p r e t n E ! l a Se

A Service Enterprise is an organization that uses volunteers and their skills across all levels of the organization to successfully deliver its mission. This national initiative, led by Points of Light, the world’s largest organization dedicated to volunteer service, helps nonprofits rethink the way they use volunteers to address community needs. Spark the Change Colorado, a Points of Light affiliate, offers a Complete Training & Evaluation Course so YOUR organization can become certified as a Service Enterprise. We are excited for the organizations who are taking part in this transformative process!

Look for Volunteer Opportunities from Spark's Certified Service Enterprise Members!


Points of Light Civic Life Today Magazine: What is Volunteering & Why Does it Matter? Take a deeper dive in this month's issue of Civic Life Today by Points of Light. Read about skills-based volunteering, how to find the right opportunity for you, and much more! Visit pointsoflight.org for more info

Latest Issue: Volunteer As an affiliate organization, Spark the Change Colorado is proud to share an amazing new resource from Points of Light, the Civic Life Today Magazine. Each month, Points of Light will release a new issue focused on one topic area of the Civic Circle to explore stories, strategies, and resources to live a more socially conscious and civically engaged life.

Past Issues:


Listings Human Services Network of Co. Denver // View Profile

Click Here to Learn More

Foster Source Thornton // View Profile ABOUT: To provide relevant training, resources and support to foster parents from a trauma-informed approach, giving them the skills and confidence to spark healing in vulnerable children. INTERESTED? CONTACT: Renee Bernhard, info@fostersource.org

Growing Home Westminster // View Profile ABOUT: To guide children and their families on the path to a brighter future. INTERESTED? CONTACT: David Gonzalez, david@growinghome.org

Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver Denver // View Profile ABOUT: To help homeowners achieve the strength, stability and independence they need to build a better life for themselves. INTERESTED? CONTACT: Laura McRell, lmcrell@habitatmetrodenver.org


ABOUT: To create opportunities to improve the quality and integrity of services provided to vulnerable populations. INTERESTED? CONTACT: John Dandurand, john@thenetwork-co.org

Imagination Library of Denver Denver // View Profile ABOUT: To increase access to age-appropriate books and promote kindergarten readiness. INTERESTED? CONTACT: Sara Randall, sara@imaginationlibrarydenver.org

Jovial Concepts Denver // View Profile ABOUT: To support undeserved communities to thrive by offering sustainable solutions for nutrition and hunger. INTERESTED? CONTACT: Kristina Welsh, kristina@jovialconcepts.org

MADD Colorado Statewide // View Profile ABOUT: To stop drunk driving, help fight drugged driving, support the victims of these violent crimes and prevent underage drinking. INTERESTED? CONTACT: Rebecca Green, rebecca.green@madd.org

March of Dimes Colorado Jeffco Eats Statewide // View Profile Denver // View Profile ABOUT: ABOUT: To fight for the health of all moms To provide weekend food for food and babies. insecure children in elementary, jr. high INTERESTED? CONTACT: and high schools throughout Jefferson Barbara Abbey, County. babbey@marchofdimes.org INTERESTED? CONTACT: Barbara Moore, jeffcoeats@gmail.com

Jewish Family Service of Colorado Denver // View Profile ABOUT: To restore well-being to the vulnerable throughout the greater Denver community by delivering services based on Jewish values. INTERESTED? CONTACT: Nancy Benyamin, nbenyamin@jewishfamilyservice.org

Missed March's Issue? Read it Here!

Did You Know? Volunteers are worth, on average, $24.14 an hour accord ing to an Independent Sector Study.

! t h g i l t o p S r e b m e M The The Delores Delores Project Project About The Delores Project: The Delores Project provides shelter to women and transgender individuals experiencing homelessness in a trauma-informed, strengths-based, housing first community. They’ve evolved over the last year to support the growing needs of women and transgender folks experiencing homelessness. COVID-19 Response: In response to the pandemic, their shelter transitioned to 24/7 operations and reduced shelter capacity to serve 35 guests (instead of 60 guests) to meet social distancing guidelines. They also sped up the creation and implementation of their new Rehousing Program, which has rehoused almost 30 shelter guests since November 2020. The program’s focus is to offer case management services and resources to all shelter guests and collaborate with them on finding a long-term housing solution. The Rehousing Program is 24/7 and operations are here to stay! With the wider availability of the vaccine, they’ll slowly transition back to full capacity.


ARC Group

The Vasquez Family

Volunteer Opportunities: Are you looking for a fun activity to do with your family, friends, colleagues, or faith community? Does your child need service learning hours? We invite you to join our volunteer community! Individuals and small groups are welcome to support our meal program for lunch or dinner seven days a week. You can serve a meal, provide a meal, or provide and serve a meal – whatever works best for you! Learn more on our website or View our Profile on SparktheChangeColorado.org

The Delores Project is a Spark Premium Member! Not a Member? Join Today! 25

Listings Metro Caring Denver // View Profile ABOUT: To meet people’s immediate need for food while also addressing the root causes of hunger and poverty. INTERESTED? CONTACT: Yazmin Castillo, ycastillo@metrocaring.org

Ride the Rockies Cortez, Denver, Durango, Norwood, Ridgway // View Profile ABOUT: To improve and enrich the lives of those in our community through support of programs that benefit arts and culture; children and youth; education and literacy; and the provision of basic human services. INTERESTED? CONTACT: Deirdre Moynihan, dmoynihan@denverpost.com

Move United Statewide // View Profile ABOUT: To empower individuals with a disability through access to competitive sport(s) opportunities. INTERESTED? CONTACT: Susan Rossi, srossi@moveunitedsport.org

National Multiple Sclerosis Society Statewide // View Profile ABOUT: People affected by MS can live their best lives as we stop MS in its tracks, restore what has been lost and end MS forever. INTERESTED? CONTACT: Brittany McGarry, brittany.mcgarry@nmss.org

Project C.U.R.E. Centennial // View Profile ABOUT: To identify, solicit, collect, sort and distribute medical supplies and services according to the imperative needs of the world. INTERESTED? CONTACT: Marlo Kirkham, marlokirkham@projectcure.org

Salvation Army Intermountain Division Multiple Locations // View Profile ABOUT: To preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination. INTERESTED? CONTACT: Regina Leeson, regina.leeson@usw.salvationarmy.org

Senior Assistance Center Denver // View Profile ABOUT: To promote the self-sufficiency of seniors in Metro Denver and ensure that no senior goes without the necessities of life, including food, shelter, and public services. INTERESTED? CONTACT: Karen Black, kb@seniorassistancecenter.org

Senior Hub Federal Heights, Northglenn // View Profile ABOUT: To advance the quality of life for older adults through advocacy, community partnerships, and a variety of direct services planned to sustain an independent, healthy aging experience. INTERESTED? CONTACT: Angela Caudill, acaudill@seniorhub.org

Spark the Change Colorado Statewide // View Profile ABOUT: To SPARK CHANGE and INSPIRE A MOVEMENT OF GOOD through the power of service, volunteerism, and civic engagement. INTERESTED? CONTACT: Amanda McKee, amckee@sparkthechangecolorado.org

The Action Center Lakewood // View Profile ABOUT: To provide an immediate and compassionate response to those in our community experiencing hardship and offers the resources and services needed to stabilize lives and promotes pathways lasting change. INTERESTED? CONTACT: Carolyn Alexander, calexander@theactioncenterco.org

Did You Know? Volunteering leads to lower rates of depression, especially for individuals 65 and older. MayoClinicHealthSystem.org


s e i t i n u t r o p p O r e e t n Volu

Volunteer with Spark! Senior Companion Volunteers Visits The Senior Companion Program engages individuals 55+ years old to realize the independence of older adults in their home and as a team, continue to be vibrant, contributing members of our communities. Mental Wellness Program- Volunteer Therapist Our Mental Wellness Program matches licensed and insured mental health practitioners (or those seeking licensure under supervision) with low income Coloradoans who lack access to mental health care. Mental Wellness Program- Volunteer Clinical Supervisor Volunteer Supervisors needed for licensure candidates and graduate interns. Kind Connections Telephone Volunteer We are seeking volunteers who are looking to connect with people who would like a friendly connection and someone to talk with to combat loneliness during the pandemic. Harvest Pack Volunteer Packing Event Interested in a large group volunteer event? Contact Us today to learn about Harvest Pack! Visit our Volunteer Page here to Sign Up or Express Interest. 27

s e i t i n u t r o p p O l a u t r i V & d Boar Volunteer for a Nonprofit Board with these Member Organizations!

Athena Project Central Visitation Program Human Services Network of Colorado Illuminate Colorado Womxn's March Denver

Aero Angel is looking for... Grant Writer History Colorado is looking for... Transcription Hulk Industries is looking for.... Attorney Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteer from home with these Virtual Opportunities!

Prospect Academy of Colorado is looking for... Finance & Development Committee Search & Rescue Dogs of Colorado is looking for... Social Media Professional Spark the Change Colorado is looking for... Kind Connection Telephone Volunteers


Listings The Delores Project Denver // View Profile ABOUT: To partner with individuals experiencing barriers to housing by providing safe, reliable shelter and housing coupled with onsite services as they move towards stability. INTERESTED? CONTACT: Stephanie Johnson-Wall, sjohnson-wall@thedeloresproject.org

Upcoming Events & Trainings Community Connection Event: Environment THIS FRIDAY April 23rd @ 12pm-1:15pm Virtual via Zoom Register Here!

The Gathering Place Denver // View Profile ABOUT: A community of safety and hope where positive relationships, choice, and essential resources transform lives. INTERESTED? CONTACT: Cortney Mabry, cortney@tgpdenver.org

*NEW Member Benefit: Wednesday Resource Webinars Skills Feature Webinar TOMORROW April 21st @ 9am-9:45am Virtual via Zoom Register Here!

Community Connection Event: Mental Health The Master's Apprentice Denver // View Profile ABOUT: To provide urban young men a bridge to the skilled trades through on through basic training, on the job experience and the creation of a career path that will enable transition to financial independence. INTERESTED? CONTACT: Nick Brattin, nick@themastersapprentice.org

The Right Step, Inc. Littleton // View Profile ABOUT: To better the lives of people with disabilities through the healing power of horses. INTERESTED? CONTACT: Christine Remy, boardchair@therightstepinc.org


May 18th @ 12pm-1:15pm Virtual via Zoom Register Here!

Missed Our April VETP Series? Learn More on our website or Join the Wait List for Fall

Womxn's March Denver Denver // View Profile ABOUT: To raise awareness around issues of oppression that affect women and other marginalized groups. INTERESTED? CONTACT: Suzie Schuckman, suzie@womxnsmarchdenver.org

Volunteer Today!

Learn how to become a part of The Civic 50 Colorado at csrsolutionsco.org

Tips & Tricks for Volunteering During COVID -19 Find newsletters


Do your research


What can you offer? Think about what skills you have and how they can translate to helping a nonprofit both inperson and virtually.

Be Safe

When volunteering, specifically in-person, be sure to follow all local and state health orders. Organizations will likely have procedures in place and it is important volunteers do their part as well.


Learn something new

Have fun



Be flexible


Use online platforms


Consider your skills


Organizations are having to change how they partner with volunteers and the work volunteers can do safely.

Spark the Change Colorado has an online database with hundreds of volunteer opportunities and info on hundreds of nonprofits.

Volunteering can be a great opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and learn a new skill or meet new people.

Newsletters from Spark the Change Colorado and Colorado Responds are great ways to keep updated on new volunteer opportunities.

Keep in mind the type of volunteering you are most comfortable with, such as in-person or virtual. Contact the organization directly with questions.

Volunteering can be quite rewarding. Remember to have fun and if you find something you enjoy, volunteer again!


LISTING INDEX Organization A Precious Child Aero Angel All-Stars Club Athena Project Audio Information Network of Colorado Benefits in Action Bridges Community Homecare & Hospice Brothers Redevelopment, Inc. Castle Rock Senior Activity Center Celebrate the Beat Children's Literacy Center (CLC) Clinica Colorado Clothes to Kids of Denver Inc. Colorado Pet Pantry Colorado Talking Book Library Community Resource Center Denver Rescue Mission Dinosaur Ridge Douglas County Libraries Envision:You Extreme Community Makeover Food Bank for Larimer County Foster Source Growing Home Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver Human Services Network of Colorado Imagination Library of Denver Jeffco Eats Jewish Family Service of Colorado Jovial Concepts MADD Colorado March of Dimes Colorado Metro Caring Move United National Multiple Sclerosis Society Ride the Rockies Salvation Army Intermountain Division Senior Assistance Center Senior Hub Spark the Change Colorado The Action Center The Delores Project The Gathering Place The Master's Apprentice The Right Step, Inc. Womxn's March Denver

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