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Povnia. Dossier. 2016, July. ChascomĂşs, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

SYNOPSIS Una (such is the name of our character) literally falls on stage, where she arrives taking with her memories from her own small world together with what is left from her belongings. She says she is a survivor from a series of catastrophes that took place in Povnia (a far away land located somewhere between Opa and U.R.) All of a sudden Una unwillingly becomes an immigrant who does not know the language and rules from the place she arrives at. She is away from home, her friends never show up and she has nothing but problems. But she is alive. And although it seems that she cannot avoid going through terrible things one after the other, Una always recovers herself from disaster without denying what she has lost. She accepts, reinvents, reconstructs, relearns; she clings to all she comes across, she falls in love with the new, she discovers something special in each little thing, gesture or look that helps her to continue forward.


viena - austria



FESTIVAL Maraton teatral cHASCOMUS 2014




Independent production show. 60 performances, 10 festivals. Seen by over 6000 people In 4 countries and 16 citys. 3 seasson sold out in Buenos Aires. Durango, País Vasco. Barcelona, España. Viena, Austria. Brasilia, Brasil. Suardi, Santa Fé. Rafaela, Santa Fé. Salta. El Bolsón, Río Negro. Neuquén. Bariloche, Río Negro. Chascomús, Buenos Aires. tSan Pedro, Buenos Aires. Puerto Madryn, Chubut. San Martín de los Andes, Neuquén. Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires.

CREATIVE TEAM Clown Lila Monti Regie Cristina Martí and Guillermo Angelelli By · Monti + Martí + Angelelli Assistant of Direction · Silvia Aguado Costumes · Marisa Geigner Shoes · Javier Moyano Objects · Valeria Alvarez Musical arrengements · Guillermo Rey y Agustín Flores Muñoz Lightening designer · Ricardo Sica Designer + Map · Andrés Kyle Photography · Juana Ghersa y Laura Wolhgemuth Producer · Lila Monti

TEATRO Ministerio de Cultura · GCBA

TEASER IN For the full video, email to

BRIEF HISTORY ABOUT US Lila Monti started her Clown training in 1995, with Cristina Martí and Guillermo Angelelli. She continued till now with several teachers from all over the world (Gabriel Chamé Buendía, Raquel Sokolowicz, Hilary Chaplain, Javier Daulte, Jos Houben, Thomas Pratkki, etc.) "Cancionero Rojo" and "Soñata" are some of her former shows. Since 2000 Lila Monti joined two argentinian Clown Companies: "Clowns No Perecederos" and "Los Papota Payasos Grup". She participated in several Festivals: Festival Internacional de Pallasses d´Andorra (´Cancionero Rojo´won the 2nd FIPA award), Clownin (Internacional Female Clown Festival in Vienna, 2008, 2010 and 2012), Nachspiel (Vienna, 2012), "Esse Monte de Mulher Palhaca" (Río de Janeiro), Internacional Clown Festival "Anjos do Picadeiro" (Florianopolis), International

Theatre Festival "Porto Alegre em Cena", "Caxías em Cena", International Clown Festival in Madrid, Internacional Female Clown Festival in Brasilia, among others. Guillermo Angelelli and Cristina Martí are nowadays two clown referents in Argentina. Together they were part of "El Clú del Claun", mythical Clown group in Argentina. Together they joined, among several others: International Theatre Festival Tres Continentes "AgÜimes" (Canarias), International Theatre Festival in Cádiz, International Theatre Festival in Bogotá, International Theatre Festival in La Habana.

TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS Stage space requirements: at least 8 mts. wide, 6 mts. deep. We need to hang a curtain (of our own) in the back part of the stage, according to plan. We need a full blackout (full darkness on stage and room). Sound: CD Player. Lightening: LX Plan attached. Mirror ball >20 / <40 cms. Time for setting up: 1 hour and half to set up. (Lightening installation and technical rehearse is not included). And one hour to take props away. We use some baby powder for an effect and it can remain on stage.

Lenght: 80 minutes.

8 mts. 1,5 mts.

6 mts.

Curtain 3 mts.


THE PRESS Inrockuptibles, by Ana Durán. “Clownesque seduction, with a boost. A show that is considered, by word of mouth, the best of the Buenos Aires scene. Povnia renews, updates and re-discovers something as old as the world: the question about what makes us laugh today. An irresistible actress on stage, (...) Lila Monti has a playful command of timing, rhythm, communication with the audience, as well as of her body and her vocal instrument.” Revista Ñ, Recommendations. “Original and accomplished (...) Povnia, the clown show that has been profusely recommended by word of mouth.” Diario La Nación, by Natalia Laube. “Very good”. “There is something ontologically theatrical in Povnia that will amaze those who are not familiar with the clown language, how does Lila Monti do to keep our attention for one hour and a half without using any words in Spanish? The power lies on the

acting (...) The construction of a language in common with the audience is under her responsibility and she fully accepts it, creating moments of thrilling emotions using all of her body". Geo Teatral, by Juan Manuel Lopez Bao "Unforgettable one-woman clown show. A communication prodigy. A play with a great poetic value. Una (...) makes us laugh loud and long. (But also) her trip refers to a profoundly human experience that moves us because we recognize ourselves as fragile and ephemeral beings facing the world’s inclemency. Lila Monti relies on an accurate and impeccable technical use of her body and voice, of remarkable plasticity (...) leaving it all on stage. The direction of Martí and Agelelli brings together all these elements admirably. Our perception of time is effectively suspended during the show". Montaje Decadente, by Lucho Bordegaray "If all Povnia’s inhabitants were like Una, with its disappearance we have lost paradise. Lila Monti is Una. There is neither muscle nor intention or gesture that she has not educated in order to build her clown, and that is the reason why we see that she goes through so many different emotional states with so much truth.

The directors are Cristina Martí and Guillermo Angelelli, two great directors –who were also her teachers- with whom she created this show. Probably, a trained eye will be able to spot moments and elements which are "clearly Martí’s", others "strongly Angellelli’s" and of course, the "incorrigibly Monti’s", all of them cohabiting in that crazy harmony called Una". A Sala Llena, by Jonathan Sasson "Povnia is not far away from being considered the clown capital. (...) 'Una’ speaks a strange language but achieves an absolute communication with the public, who in turn answers with laughter throughout all the show. (...) There are no doubts that Martí, Angelelli and Monti (who it can be said that is a referent of a clown style) have managed to leave their own mark". Universo Clown y reseñas, by Javier Varela "An absolutely necessary show. It has a remarkable capacity to move us, to bring us from laughter to tears. We feel like stepping up to the stage and hugging her". Crítica Teatral, by Sol Lebenfisz "Povnia (...) puts the clown in the maps of Art, with

capital letters: Art as a place in which we can think about the world (...). What is really beautiful about Povnia -with the direction of two masters of masters, Cristina MartĂ­ and Guillermo Angelelli- is that it does not cushion tragedy (...). And it also proposes a salvation: the scenic art." Planeando sobre Bue, by Ale Granados "Discovering where it is located (Povnia) is finding the map of our emotions, is meeting again with laughter. It has all the elements necessary to tell a good story: action, trouble and humor. Lila Monti is an excellent actress that dominates the stage as if it were part of her. Povnia mixes the solemnity of a stage play with the best irreverence of clown theater. " El Caleidoscopio de Lucy, by Daniel Gaguine "A show to enjoy more than once. Lila Monti fills the scene brilliantly. (...) She reaches all human expressions and feelings, with that special twist that only clowns can give. The show is agile and dynamic, it never fizzles out. There is a variety of atmospheres and universes that she takes the audience down to, hand in hand." Links: (+54-9) 11-5766-7841

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