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F irst True Love O

ur first true Love in Life, we think about forever, we remember and we compare other Loves to it. Most of you may be recalling your first crush, your first boyfriend or girlfriend or even your spouse. It is that time of year when we notice those whom we love and who loves us. We remember past mistakes, past gifts, past hurts. We take time out of our day to play old memories, or hope for new ones. What we may be overlooking. Our first Love is Self Love. Whether we were taught this in life or not, is not as important as what we do with this information today. We can only give freely that which we are willing and able to give to ourselves. How do you give your Love to others? It is telling of how you give Love to yourself. Do you only give to those who give it back to you? Do you take it away when you are feeling hurt? What do you do when someone gives you Love? Do you shy away, laugh it off, or embrace it openly and happily? Take some time to write down ways in which you give and receive Love, attention, affection, and time to yourself and to others. You will begin to see patterns emerge, and this exercise will bring about new awareness on how you actually give Love to yourself. Once you have taken some time to notice how you respond to and give Love, you will be one step closer to yourself. If you’re ready to make healthy changes to how you give and receive, it must start with how you Love yourself. It is time to look in the mirror; time to start appreciating yourself. Every day as you start your routine you find yourself in front of the mirror and this time we are going to do something different! Instead of telling yourself what you find wrong, look and find what is right. Pick something you appreciate about yourself, it can be anything, your eye color, your hair style, your height. It matters not what it is, but that you truly Love it about yourself. Each day say to yourself "I Love (this) about me!". Give yourself a minute to really feel how much you enjoy this part of you!


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