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Scorpio: You may feel yourself chained to the past. If you can’t resolve old family wounds, or deep emotional issues you will never be free. Don’t sow seeds of the bitter fruit. Good time to let go of the feeling of being unloved or unwanted. You can make your own safe harbor if you can relinquish the old ways and alter your lifestyle based on what you are willing to contribute now, it’s time acknowledge the part you will play in the future and the influence you hold on your own inner security. Self-abandonment would be your downfall. Sagittarius: Beware of blowing things out of proportion as you expand your community outreach this month. It’s time to forgive and forget don’t judge others as much as you once did. Yes, you have much to share but even more important you still have much to learn. So watch how you approach things and allow other’s to share their knowledge. You gain more ground as the scholar than the know it all. Capricorn: This is the month to focus on your self-worth and see where your ambitions can pay off. Act as the authority and take charge but don’t sacrifice yourself for a little security. You are more than just a paycheck. Explore what poverty consciousness means to you and you will fare better financially. Your talents have lasting value and as such deserve the best platform to showcase them in. It may take time to find that right fit but if you don’t let fear stand in your way you will find your place in the world; your true calling. Aquarius: Now your spirit can set you free to wander in your own way. You are not lost but carving out a new path for others to follow in the future. This month you consider how far to take things; the next step in your personal revolution. You are restless to be free and do things in your own way. In your unwillingness to be tamed don’t trample on the rights and privileges of others. Honor your agreements and show that you can be counted on when needed as this is how you build trust in your relationships. Pisces: You are in the flow and not able to express yourself in words. Allow the images to do the talking now. Go on retreat, rely on inner faith, and allow for spiritual healing this month. You can work through Real estate matters and your roots from behind the scenes. Visualize what is needed and call it in from the higher dimension. Family could be expanding over the next several months. Prepare to make room in your home and in your life for any newcomers. Good time to listen to the spirits of those who have gone before for wisdom and guidance.

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Written By: Nancy Foley


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