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Summer issue

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Summer also means the recurrence of bathing suits and less clothing in the sweltering heat. So, we took the opportunity to interview Sara Blakely, the founder of SPANX Shapewear, and best friend to women (and men) everywhere for her contribution to helping us look great no matter what we choose to wear.

ummer is the time of year to let loose and have fun. School is out, the weather is more agreeable, people are spontaneous and free, and everything about the summer months feels bright and sunny. To me, summer represents change, growth and new beginnings. It gives us all a chance to take a break from the stresses and obligations we are faced with everyday and do something for ourselves.

Here at SVM, the summer issue is always exciting and relevant because of all the activities happening here in our community that make long days more enjoyable. Starting the lineup with an annual event, the Dancing Stars of Columbus Memory Gala had a huge turnout and tremendous fundraising efforts that earned over $200,000 for the Alzheimer’s Association. It was a fun evening packed with energetic dancers and crowd participation.

Our fashion sections, the New Bohemians and Endless Summer, were inspired by the fun and flirty styles for all occasions this summer. From a picnic in the park to swanky evenings spent sipping cocktails in the moonlight, our models showcased the best looks to add to your wardrobe. Lindsey Epperly, the resident travel expert, took us on a great escape to French Polynesia where she discovered an island chain worthy of praise. After reading about Lindsey’s adventure, you may discover a new, familyfriendly vacation awaits you.

You are in Italy right now, what’s the purpose of your trip? I am studying viticulture/enology (the study of planting wine grapes and producing wine).



onthecover What is your most treasured possession? I have to say it is Nana's (my grandmother) ring that I wear every day and her diamond necklace that she left me.

What is the one food you could never give up? Chips and Cheese dip.

If you are not reading Southern Views what other magazines do you read? Most likely People or Instyle.

What is worst tasting thing you’ve ever eaten? It was probably eating beets.

What is the trait you most deplore in others? I hate when people aren’t themselves. I know that’s cliché, but it really bugs me when I watch people act differently around different people.

What accessories can we always find you wearing? Rings! I feel weird when I don’t wear them. You’ve been given access to a time machine. Where and when would you travel to? Either the roaring 20's in America or Victorian Era in England because I love the flapper dresses and royalty!

Remi Poydasheff

And finally, Stacey Leebern sat down with author Emily Giffin, whose best-selling novel Something Borrowed recently hit the big screen. If you are looking for an indoor escape, this film provides the perfect entertainment for a midday or evening affair.

Mount Rushmore honors four U.S. presidents; Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Roosevelt. If you could add any person to Mount Rushmore, who would you add and why? I would say Nana (Nancy Smith). I had an extremely close relationship with her and in my eyes she is the most amazing and bravest woman I have ever met. I try every day to live up to her legacy and hope she will always be remembered in this community.

What natural gift would you most like to possess? I would love to be able to sing. One time in the 8th grade Mrs. Goldfrank told me that she would give me extra credit if I never sang again in her class, and since then I always wished I could sing. What do you consider your most Southern characteristics? My love for fried chicken and collard greens, they are some of my favorite foods! Finish this sentence: After I graduate from UGA I would like to work for... I’m not sure yet! After being in Italy I would love to work over here for a year after college.



thismonth’smail The Full Monte

I really enjoyed your Wedding Issue (April 2011). It was jam-packed with informative content but what I treasured the most was your editorial on Say Yes To Monte. He is a great character on the show and he does it in a way that he's always coming from the right place and wanting brides to look their best. They're about to make a major investment… and they like to have someone who's going to give them input. REGINA B., VIA


The best part about your wedding issue (April 2011) was looking to all the beautiful pictures and I was pleasantly surprised on your interview to Monte Durham (Say Yes To Monte). A wedding is one of the most romantic and memorable days of a woman’s life. The months and months of planning finally comes down to just this one day and you pray that nothing at all goes wrong. That’s when Monte is at his best. I love his personality and wit. He kept things light, even though he’s a very hard worker. LORI A., VIA FACEBOOk

Art for All

Congratulations for including Columbus Art in your magazine. I lived in Columbus for many years and I wasn’t able to get too much info about the sculptures in midtown. This is great since Public Art provides a tool for economic revitalization and creates community identity. Hopefully you will continue providing the citizens of Columbus with information about these sculptures! D. COOPER, VIA EMAIL Hannah Irsael Columbus Public Art piece was fascinating (April 2011). When art is accessible to the public, it helps shape the quality of life for people in a community by offering a form of expression that embodies a community’s spirit. It represents a sense of community pride and brings people together. I hope your readers enjoyed the piece as much as I did. keep up the good work. M. PRESTON, COLuMBuS, GEORGIA


I thought the Unforgettable shoot was absolutely beautiful (April 2011). I particularly loved the picture with the green flower arrangement. She was a picture of elegance. I will definitely be hanging on to this issue for a long time.

Honeymoon Paradise I recognized the photos of St. Lucia as soon as I opened my April Issue (Escape to St. Lucia). Lindsey Epperly described the islands extraordinarily well. The pages captures everything I loved about our trip… the sand, the sun, the setting, and having my new husband by my side. We stayed at the Sandals Grande St. Lucian and enjoyed ourselves immensely. The honeymoon was everything we hoped it would be… relaxing, romantic and memorable.



southernviewsmagazine EDITOR IN CHIEF Roberto Caligaris



INTERN Stephanie Reeves Frances Kim

LAYOUT DESIGN George Adkins Sammie Saxon PHOTOGRAPHY Roberto Caligaris Sammie Saxon Margie Richardson Jo Rogers Bledsoe CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Lindsey Epperly Stacey Leebern Maggie Parke Marleen Debude Olivié

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fter a short break for a special wedding edition of Making Waves, we resume our alphabetical directory of area businesses with some impressive companies in our “k� series. Local businesses in the Columbus and surrounding area are continuing to provide the highest level of care and assistance for your everyday needs. From knocking out pesky insects to keeping your family photos upto-date, all of these companies have a strong commitment to exceptional quality and a knack for great customer service rooted in hometown values.


FEATURING ken Ellison Landscape Services, LLC kennon, Parker, Duncan & key Realtors ker-Fox Photography knight-Rawls, Inc. knology knox Pest Control


FEATURE KEN ELLISON LANDSCAPE SERVICES, LLC YEARS OF SERVICE: With 25 years of experience in the landscaping industry, ken Ellison provides the expertise needed to make your outdoor space a beautiful oasis. SERVICES: Landscaping is no easy task, but with the help of professionals in the area like ken Ellison, your investment can bring both beauty and fragrance to your toughest summer gardening plans. The potential for creating a personalized space outdoors is endless with the abundance of species to choose from and creating colorful accents for season beds is ken’s specialty. He also provides the highest quality in landscape design, installation and quality lawn maintenance. 4117 Hamilton Road, Columbus, Georgia 706.653.5678

KER-FOX PHOTOGRAPHY YEARS OF SERVICE: ker-Fox Photography was started in 2009 by husband and wife team Neely and Wesley ker-Fox after many “photo dates” as they like to call them. They would drive around for hours getting lost, going down roads they’d never seen, all with their cameras stuck to their faces (digital and/or film). They realized that not only did they have a shared passion for photography, but that they had an eye that truly complemented each other’s style. And so ker-Fox Photography was created. It took off like a rocket, and what was once a side project blossomed into a full time career. They have not looked back once and consider themselves blessed to have a job that they not only love, but keeps them outdoors and brings the most interesting people into their lives with truly inspiring stories waiting to be told. SERVICES: The Foxes shoot almost entirely in digital, although they love adventurous artsy clients who allow them to break out the old film occasionally. When they do shoot in film they both shoot with medium format Mamiyas. Digitally they are full time Canon. They are available for Weddings, Family, Maternity, Newborn, Engagements, Bridal, and Commercial Photography. ker-Fox Photography is an open book and fully qualified for most any photographic needs. At ker-Fox Photography, they approach each session as a Storyteller would. They spend the necessary time getting to know who they will be photographing, a shared history, hopes for the future, the little quirks that make their love unique.

1300 6th Avenue, Suite 1, Columbus, Georgia 706.575.2438,



KNIGHT-RAWLS, INC. YEARS OF SERVICE: knight-Rawls, Inc. has been a reliable source for individual and group insurance for 13 years, with a combined 60 years of experience. knight-Rawls offers the knowledge and expertise of Sam Rawls, Seth knight and Jenny Holder, two of which have obtained the designation of Certified in Long Term Care. Founded in 1998 as a merger and partnership, they continue to hold the highest standards of service and commitment for every client. SERVICES: knight-Rawls is a full-service insurance and employee and executive benefits firm with over 150 group clients. They are a resource to all plan participants, quickly and effectively resolving problems or concerns, answering questions and keeping their clients apprised of any changes associated with their current carrier, as well as, the health care arena in general. They specialize in long-term care insurance and offer the most affordable and comprehensive plans in the market place for individuals, associations, or employer groups. knight-Rawls can assist you in designing the proper plan for you and your family. 6001 River Rd, Suite 400, Columbus, Georgia 706.323.1600,

KNOLOGY, INC. YEARS OF SERVICE: knology has served Columbus and Muscogee County in Georgia, since 1995. knology, Inc., headquartered in West Point, Georgia, is a leading provider of interactive communications and entertainment services. They’ve been helping their customers communicate for over 100 years. Today, they’re proud to offer over 200 channels of digital cable TV, local and long distance digital telephone service with the latest enhanced voice messaging features and high-speed Internet access that enables consumers to quickly download video, audio and graphic files using a cable modem. knology’s rich history and growth help bring cutting edge technology for the future. SERVICES: knology serves residential and business customers with one of the most technologically advanced broadband networks in the country. Innovative offerings include over 200 channels of digital cable TV, local and long distance digital telephone service with the latest enhanced voice messaging features, and high-speed Internet access that enables consumers to quickly download video, audio and graphic files using a cable modem. It is knology’s goal to deliver advanced broadband communications services to our residential and business customers. Their corporate value system is deeply rooted in our Southern spirit of hospitality and concern for others. By fostering a creative, productive environment that nurtures success, they've assembled a team that's committed to technical excellence, customer service and professional growth. 6050 knology Way, Columbus, Georgia 706.221.1000,



KNOX PEST CONTROL YEARS OF SERVICE: The knox family has provided pest and termite control services to Columbus and the Southeast for four generations. Beginning with Forest H. knox and his brothers in 1929, over 80 years ago, the knox family has worked to maintain the unparalleled reputation and service quality that distinguishes knox Pest Control from other companies. SERVICES: knox Pest Control provides residential, commercial, and industrial pest, termite, mosquito, and wildlife control. They serve the needs of both commercial-industrial, and residential customers in Georgia, Alabama, North Florida and South Carolina. knox customers who have an unexpected problem can call and get a response within 24 hours guaranteed. you never know when you might have unexpected pest guests, so if you do they've got you covered.

8158 Fortson Business Park Boulevard, Columbus, Georgia 706.660.1577 or 877-kNOXPEST

KENNON, PARKER, DUNCAN & KEY REALTORS YEARS OF SERVICE: Coldwell Banker/kennon, Parker, Duncan & key Realtors’ roots go back to 1964 when Dan Parker Sr. opened a company bearing his name on Warm Springs Rd. His son, Dan Jr., joined the company in 1966. In 1987, Dan and longtime friend kelsey kennon joined forces and kennon & Parker Realtors opened on July 1, 1987. The merger of the two companies immediately propelled kennon & Parker into the #1 market position. In 1996, Doug Duncan and Jack key III merged their company with kennon & Parker to form kennon, Parker, Duncan & key Realtors. Shortly after the merger, the partners joined the Coldwell Banker Franchise. In 2010, Steve Davis merged his 32 yr. old firm, Davis Realty, into the kPDk family becoming the fifth partner. kPDk continues to dominate the area market, with nearly 4 out of every 10 homes involving a kPDk Realtor®. SERVICES: The company’s three sales offices, housing our 175+ Realtors®, are located at 5670 & 5650 Whitesville Rd. and 3734 HWy 431N in Phenix City. kPDk's Property Management department is housed at 4621 River Road and manages more than 1,600 homes and apartments. Also located at the River Rd. location is kPDk's Commercial Department, specializing in the sale and leasing of all types of income producing and investment property. Being a full service company, kPDk also houses a Coldwell Banker Mortgage office at their main 5670 Whitesville Road location. kPDk is committed to providing the public with the best trained Realtors® who provide an exceptional experience for their clients, working tirelessly to assist them in achieving their dreams. At kPDk, the best interests of the client always come first. ultimately, we believe our success is dependent on continuing our longstanding tradition of trust with our clients and the professionals with whom we work. 5670 Whitesville Road, Columbus, Georgia 706.256.1000,



Vickie Allen and Carolyn Gates



Suzanne Burdeshaw and Bunky Clark

Carla Ingram, Ed Burdeshaw and Randy Ingram.

Rennie and Cathy Bickerstaff

Helen Johnson

Mary Schley, Elizabeth Cook, Cathy Bickerstaff, Betsy Ramsey and Leah Braxton.

Bunky Clark, Vivian Bishop and Teresa Whitaker. Lane , Leah and Lindsey Braxton.

Vilma Salaverria

Adele Lindsey

Philip and Mary Schley

THE EVENT The Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia, Inc. held the 2011 Women of Distinction Awards Banquet on April 21st at the Green Island Country Club in Columbus, Georgia. THE HONOREES: Victoria (Vickie) Allen, Cathy Bickerstaff, Leah Braxton, Elizabeth Cook, Carolyn Gates, Adele Lindsey, Betsy Ramsay, Vilma Salaverria and Dr. Mary Schley. THE PURPOSE: Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia, Inc. is dedicated to providing programs that build girls of courage, confidence and character who make the world a better place. Girl Scouts is the world’s preeminent organization dedicated solely to girls, where in an accepting and nurturing environment, girls discover the fun, friendship and power of girls together. svm

Photos by S. Saxon




Jacquie Rawls, Bob Poydasheff, Josh McKoon and Cameron Bean.

Tim Mescon, John Hargrove, Larry and Donna Dooley, David and Linda Mitchell and Meri Robinson. Jacob Jones and Abby Blankenship Senator Joshua McKoon and Daphne Dove-Peirce

Sam and Jacquie Rawls, John and Paige Hargrove.

Myriam "Mim" Hallock, Bo Callaway, Stacey and Bob Poydasheff.

Nancy Marino, Ron Anderson and Hazel Hall Brennan.

Nancy Carlson, Marjorie Newman and Daphne Dove-Peirce.

THE EVENT The Columbus State university Theatre Angels hosted a reception to announce the opening of the 2011-2012 season on April 7th at Theatre on the Park. Following the reception was the opening night of As you Like It. THE PURPOSE: The CSu Theatre Angels consists of an incredible group of theatre advocates who provide support for the student scholarships and additional activities within the department. svm

Margaret and John Page, Cameron Bean and Rex Whiddon.

Photos by S. Saxon

Lynn, Jessica, Jon and Wes Ezzell, Bob Ottman.



The Royal Wedding SVM contributor Maggie Parke gives us a personal perspective on one of the most anticipated weddings of our time. By Maggie Parke hen Southern Views asked me to cover the Royal Wedding, I was ecstatic! The experience was pure magic and I feel so lucky to have been there for all the fanfare and excitement. I originally moved to Wales in 2005 due to a childhood obsession with Susan Cooper’s Dark is Rising series, but now I am a PhD candidate in event film adaptation and new media. The opportunity to cover the Royal Wedding was a very welcome distraction to my busy professional schedule.

than anything else, HAPPy. It was great! There was a media village put together of vans, reporters, camera and sound people, tons of tents, and wandering enthusiasts breaking into cheers, high fives, and lovely conversations.


When I got to London on Thursday evening I met up with my pal Lindsey, a royal-aficionado, I was staying at her place right next to Victoria Station. Immediately we had a discussion about the following day's plans. We knew we had to get there early, but didn't feel it was necessary to join the masses camping out on the parade route. We're keen, but not so keen that we needed to pitch a tent for the night.


People were nothing but pleasant, and there was a real sense of community in those little makeshift towns. It was fabulous.

Maggie among the crowd of loyal spectators.

Our first destination was the Green Park tube station and we decided to see where the crowds were wandering. Coming out of the tube station, straight in front of us, was a huge screen, and a barely-filled field. That became our headquarters for the next seven hours! Blanket laid, picnic prepped... we were ready.

We did, however, take a stroll down to Westminster to see the action, the preparations and decorations, and take a look at where it would all go down the next day. This was my first hint at the fun to come. Everyone was so happy. Enthusiastic, polite, buzzing, but more

My wedding coverage started shortly after that, and more, people began filling up the previously empty park. Armed with my camera, I went for a wander to Buckingham Palace (about 100 yards away), saw the parade route, the crowds already five deep at 8am, union Jack flags

Photograph by Hugo Burnand

The Royal Wedding at Buckingham Palace on 29th April 2011: The Bride and Groom, TRH The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in the centre with attendants, (clockwise from bottom right) The Hon. Margarita Armstrong-Jones, Miss Eliza Lopes, Miss Grace van Cutsem, Lady Louise Windsor, Master Tom Pettifer, Master William Lowther-Pinkerton, Taken in the Throne Room.


everywhere, more children in tiaras and princess gowns, women in wedding dresses, men in full suits of armor... it was fabulous. I really love any situation where this many people come together and are enthusiastic about a positive thing. We became pals with those around us, enjoyed watching the little girl in front of us wearing her flag dress, and cheered with the crowds as excitement built. When Prince William left Clarence House everyone cheered, but the crowning moment (pardon the pun) was when kate stepped out of the car. I'm not going to lie, but honestly when she stepped out of the car the sun came out. The whole park looked up at the sky and then broke out into cheers. It was amazing! Her dress was stunning. I still think she was a little too skinny, but she wore that dress well. Her arms looked gorgeous in the lace, hair, makeup, and a blingin' tiara didn't hurt the look either. Beautiful!

It was during the vows, when they said 'I now pronounce you man and wife,' and throughout the entire park you just heard cheers and 'Pop! Pop! Pop!'



The bubbly bit was a favorite moment. It was during the vows, when they said 'I now pronounce you man and wife,' and throughout the entire park you just heard cheers and 'Pop! Pop! Pop!' It was fabulous. So we poured our bubbly in our union Jack cups, sang the national anthem, and then treated ourselves to lunch and a Victoria sponge cake whilst we waited for the kiss. Of course the kiss was adorable, and it was pleasant to be treated to two! My favorite moments of that whole part were when we saw kate first step onto the balcony and say, “Oh wow!” It was a very human moment. And also when Prince William looked at her and said, “Shall we do it again?” followed by the second kiss. Super cute, and such fun to have the crowd's reaction all around us. The rest of the day was celebrating, of course. Bubbly and strawberries on the roof deck, a pint in the local pub, and watching updates all day long about the wedding and the couple's current movements. I'm so glad I went; it was definitely a wonderful life experience, I'll remember it forever, and it renewed my faith in humanity a smidge. That whole huge day with no mishaps except smiles on our faces! svm

Photograph by Hugo Burnand

I love a little pomp and ceremony, and the fanfare really set that off. We bought a bunch of programs (for ourselves and family souvenirs), so we could sing along with the hymns and read along with the prayers. It really gave a feeling that we were at the service, too; talk about participatory culture! It felt like the sanctuary extended to every park and television screen that was watching, people cheering, singing, dabbing away tears, and popping bubbly.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge waves as she travels beside husband Prince William, Duke of Cambridge in the 1902 State Landau carriage on the procession route along The Mall to Buckingham Palace.

Inside a London Pub.

Massive crowds gathered to witness the historic moment.

To learn more about Maggie Parke and see a video from the story above, visit her blog



EVENING AT Rick Spitzmiller, Suzanne Kasler, Lori McClain, Steve Fallon and Karla Dodd.


Wright Waddell, Kali and David Spitzmiller.

rchitect Rick Spitzmiller hosted a night of good food, drinks and friendship at Redland, his property in Midland, Georgia.


Dave Trent, Paul Amos, Shirley and Johnny Cargill.

Janice Biggers, Clason Kyle and Jean Amos.

Redland was built in the vernacular Greek revival style. This handsome raised cottage was constructed by the Jenkins family in 1852 as a large working plantation in the area known as Midland, Georgia. It had never, in its one hundred and fifty years, passed out of the original family’s ownership. Members of the Jenkins family felt that they had held on to the house and property as long as was practical; it was decided that the land would be sold for commercial development and the house, if it were to be saved, would have to be moved to another location. svm

Photos by Ana Brubaker

Dick Norman, Brad and Lisa Armstrong

Jean Amos, Rick Spitzmiller and Connie Van Blarcum.



John Mitchener and Heath Massey

Catherine Trotter, Rick Spitzmiller and Perrin Trotter.

Redland has never, in its one hundred and fifty years, passed out of the original family’s ownership.

Dave Trent, John and Lucy Sheftall and Gunby Garrard.

Roberto and Marla Caligaris, Kevin LeRoy.

Kathelen Amos, Lyndy Jamison, Dan Amos, Julie Smith and Shirley Cargill.

Julie Smith, Ken Covers, Courtney Amos, Chip Cheatham and Lyndy Jamison.

Dan Amos, Rick Caldwell, Dave Trent and Dr. Phil Rogers.




By Frances Kim Photos by S. Saxon

Jonathan Demko is a young fashion designer who aspires to become the next big thing in the fashion industry. Demko attended St. Anne Pacelli High School, where in his senior year, he debuted his clothing line, Demkovich, in a fashion show for his senior project. Demko shared with SVM the effect his family has had on his goals, who his biggest influences are, and where he ultimately hopes to end up in the future. From where did your interest in fashion originate, and how did it develop over time? One really big turning point for my fashion interest was when my sister, Lisa Navarro, gave me my first fashion sketchbook and told me that through it, I can achieve my dreams of my fashion career. From then, I began to take classes at Columbus State university Continuing Education to better my sewing skills and in my art classes to better my sketches. What would you say defines your style the most? Any trademark characteristics that are common throughout your pieces? My style as a person is very crazy! I like to break all the rules and truly let my colors fly with whatever I am wearing. As for my designs, I am inspired by whatever is around me and that can be just about anything. Tucked away in my sketchbook are hundreds of designs inspired by trees, water, broken glass, chainmail, and many other hidden secrets. You attended St. Anne Pacelli High School, and you put on a fashion show as your senior project in your final year there. What was it like seeing your pieces on a runway for the first time? I was a mess that day! I was at the school at 5:00 am, and while I’m sure Donatella Versace doesn’t hang up streamers and do the models’ makeup for eight hours, I surely had to. When it was finally time for the show to start and the music played I was hiding behind the curtain, directing the girls and doing all I could not to throw up. When it was finally done, I wanted to cry; it truly was a turning point in my life, and I knew that is what I was meant to do.

My great-grandmother was a seamstress for famous Hollywood actresses. Who is your favorite fashion designer, and why? karl Lagerfeld. How he manages Fendi, karl Lagerfeld, and the giant empire of Chanel is beyond me. Everything that he puts out on that runway is breathtaking. He truly is an inspiration and he is amazing! Aside from your favorite, which fashion designer has had the largest influence on your own fashion? I have new influences everyday and I am always changing the style of my designs, but the greatest influence in my early stages of design would have to be Versace. The Versace empire has always stayed true to its roots and never seems to fall short. Their clothes, to me, say, “This is me. Take it.” I find it very admirable when clothes can speak to you in that sense, and Versace has always done that. Your entire family has been very supportive of your dreams. Who in your family would you say has had the biggest influence on your career goals and your dream to become a fashion designer? My sister, Lisa. Without her giving me that first sketchbook, I am pretty sure I would be lost right now. She has always encouraged all my dreams and has always pushed me in the right direction. Is there an extensive history of design in your family background? Oh, yes. My dad was actually a designer in his 30s and owned a line called Giovanni, which in Italian translates to Jonathan! He produced leather goods and denim goods. One great thing about his designs was that every pair of jeans came with a barcode along the back and every pair was personalized for that person. My great-grandmother was a seamstress for famous Hollywood actresses. My grandmother on my dad’s side was an interior designer, and my grandmother on my mom’s side owned her own tailoring business and she was a seamstress as well. So, yes, it runs in our “jeans”! svm



DEMKO AT WORK Five years from now I would love to be living in New york. I WILL be interning or working for a famous fashion house and starting my own line.



endless SUMMER 31

Beachy colors and flowing fabrics are elegant and comfortable in the heat of summer.


T his summer you will find yourself wrapped in heavenly fabrics, adorned with vivid colors and soft neutrals. And don’t forget the shorts, a must-have summer staple!




intage is definitely back for spring and summer this year, especially with the popularity of the lace dress on the runway. Inspired by the lace dresses of the 70 s, it will definitely give you that dressy, romantic, and even bohemian feel. 33


A dd a pop of color with bright blues mixed with an abundance of gold jewelry to unleash your inner fashionista!




rrive to your summer soiree in style. The perfect accessory to a sweet summer dress is a sleek ride like the 2012 BMW 750Li and the all new 2012 Acura TL.

MODEL: Remington Poydasheff. CLOTHING AND ACCESSORIES: The Buzz, 2495 Airport Thruway, Columbus, 706.320.9070 CARS: BMW and ACURA of Columbus, 6549 Whittlesey Boulevard, Columbus, 706.596.2888,, HAIR AND MAKEUP: Christina Hall and Mallory White for SALON NG, 6298 Veterans Parkway, Suite. 2G, Columbus, 706.494.2940, SPECIAL THANKS: David Guillory, Laura and Malon Wickham, Meg Poydasheff. PHOTOS BY: S. Saxon and R. Caligaris.



Lisa Burgamy, Melissa Flynn, Carol Ortiz and Dr. Cynthia Fernandez


Amanda Baker


Phillip Ray, Robin Sanders, Kevin and Kim Loncher.

Jason and Deborah Beck Matt and Amy Adams Beverly Orck and Vickie Bryan

Amanie Bussey and Crystal Trawick Michelle Caves and Dr. Tammy McLean Ginny Lawrence, Jessica Hart, Brittany Harris and Margot Schley.

THE EVENT:  The St. Francis Fellows Society's seventh annual Derby Day was held on Saturday, May 7, at Woodruff Park. This year's event featured the kentucky Derby live on big screen televisions, dinner by Executive Chef Angel Ramirez-Ramos, games, a hat contest, silent auction and live entertainment. THE PURPOSE: The event proceeds will benefit the Trinity Center for Women. Opened by St. Francis Hospital in December 2009, the center serves all the women of our community, including those who are unable to afford obstetrical and gynecologic services or who lack access to these services for other reasons. svm

Photos by Jo Bledsoe



Dancing Stars

Star Angie Dorchak and Pro Bin Minter

of Columbus

THE EVENT: The annual Dancing Stars of Columbus Memory Gala was held on Friday, May 6th at the RiverMill Event Centre benefiting the Alzheimer’s Association, Georgia Chapter.

Star Patti Brown and Pro Ken Cole

THE EXPERIENCE: Star Avery Wolff & Pro Josh Rebuck, Star Betty Roberts & Pro John Woolbright, Star Angie Dorchak & Pro Bin Minter, Star Lane Riley & Pro Shane Hall, Star Patti Brown & Pro ken Cole, Star Dee Armstrong & Pro Brace Luquire, Star Terry young & Pro katrina Volgina, Star David Blanton & Pro Carrie Borum, Star John Pezold & Pro Helen Varner, Star Coach Robert Moore & Pro kaitlyn Ward, Star Roddy Hunter & Pro Maria Burnley, Star Mason H. Lampton & Pro Michele Rogers. svm

e Hall and Pro Shan Star Lane Riley

Photos by S. Saxon Star Avery Wolff and Pro Josh Rebuck


EVENT Star David Blanton and Pro Carrie Borum

Star Coach Robert Moore and Pro Kaitlyn Ward Star Mason H. Lampton and Pro Michele Rogers

berts and Star Betty Rooolbright W hn Jo Pro

Star John Pezold and Pro Helen Varner

Star Roddy Hunter and Pro Maria Burnley

Star Terry Young and Pro Katrina Volgina

Star Dee Armstrong and Pro Brace Luquire


EVENT Regina and Lt. Col. Frank Schuster

Celebrity Hosts: DJ Jones and Stacey Leebern

THE COMMITTEE: Chairpersons Cathey and Abbott Turner, Honorary Co-Chairs Barbara and Sam Warren, Cast Director kay Saunders, Margaret Amos, Marla Caligaris, Lori Denson, Bill Huff, Murray Jones, Betsy Leebern, Stacey Leebern, Jamie Lemieux, Pam Page, Jeannie Pierson and Wright Waddell.

Kristen Brow and Keith Wea n ver

THE RESPONSE:  Due to an overwhelming response and interest in the Dancing Stars of Columbus Memory Gala, more than one thousand people were in attendance at this year’s event. More than $200, 000 was raised for the Alzheimer’s Association. THE JUDGES:  Celebrity Judges Jamie Lane, Rick Mcknight and Oz Roberts along with Celebrity Hosts Stacey Leebern and DJ Jones and Star Reporter Marla Caligaris. Patti and Maj. Gen. Robert Brown

Anne and Kevin Brown

Liz O’Neal

Emily Rosher, Christina Vogler, Lori Lipocky and Sue Ginter.

Maj. Paul Nuñez, Col. Glenn Huber, Marla and Roberto Caligaris, Norma Huber and Letizia Nuñez.



Will and Amy White, Don Leebern III. Front: Lily and Lawson Leebern.

People’s Choice Winners Shane Hall and Lane Riley.

The Judges: Oz Roberts, Jamie Lane and Rick McKnight. Judges Choice Award Winners Helen Varner and John Pezold.

Designer Jonathan Demko with Celebrity Reporter Marla Caligaris wearing one of his designs.

THE WINNERS: Congratulations to the 3 Judges Choice winners Avery Wolff & Pro Josh Rebuck, John Pezold & Pro Helen Varner, David Blanton & Pro Carrie Borum and the People’s Choice winners Lane Riley and Pro Shane Hall. THE SPONSORS Georgia Crown Distributing Co., Mr. and Mrs. Abbott Turner II, Realtree, Hughston Clinic, The Law Offices of Michael A. Eddings, Mr. and Mrs. Wright B. Waddell, Mr. and Mrs. David Blanchard, Mr. and Mrs. Jason Branch, Flowers-Lewis & Associates, Regions-Morgan keegan, St. Francis, Freedom Home Care, WC Bradley Co., TSyS, Pursona, Aflac, Columbus Cottonmouths Hockey, Greystone Properties, and Media Partners Southern Views Magazine and WLTZ NBC 38.

Chairperson Cathey Turner

Judges Awar dW Wolff and Jo inners Avery sh Rebuck.

Chairperson Abbott Turner

Judges Award Winners David Blanton and Carrie Borum.



Kathrina Volgina

Abbott Turner announcing the winners. Olivia Blanchard, Whitney Pease and Michelle Blanchard.

Jamie Lane and Stacey Leebern

Angie Dorchek and Bin Minter Jason and Deborah Beck, Richard Swift.

Christy and To dd Townsend

Roddy Hunter and Maria Burnley

THE ENTERTAINMENT: Gala guests and supporters enjoyed a night of pure entertainment as they had the opportunity to watch and “vote” for their favorite couples. Voting took place online prior to the event and during the evening votes continued. Each vote was equal to one dollar and volunteers were on hand to collect them throughout the night. Tickets were sold out weeks in advance in anticipation for one of Columbus’ most entertaining nights of the year. svm Dian and Vince Naman

Clark and Lori Turner, Chandler and Lane Riley, Jack Turner, Cathey and Abbott Turner.

Patti Brown, Kenn Cole and Betsy Leebern.

Brian and Holle Kennerly



the SHAPE of THINGS Over ten years ago, Sara Blakely had an issue finding the perfect undergarment to pair with her white pants and women everywhere are thankful for that fateful day. That was the day SPANX Shapewear was born. By Kristen Brown It has been 11 years since Oprah declared Spanx one of her “favorite things.” What is one of your greatest accomplishments to date? The creation of the Sara Blakely Foundation. I wanted to help women in a bigger way beyond their backsides; in 2006, my team and I launched the foundation which is dedicated to giving women here and around the world the “leg up” they need to succeed. We believe in the importance of giving back and paying it forward, and Spanx fans can feel good knowing that a portion of all Spanx and Assets sales goes directly towards helping women. And of course, my son Lazer I cannot believe he is two! Spanx is a body transforming shapewear product, how did this idea come about? My own butt! I couldn’t find anything that got rid of VPL (visible panty lines) and cellulite, was comfortable, and didn’t show through my clothes. In 1998, I was getting dressed for a party and couldn’t find the right undergarment, so I cut the feet out of my pantyhose so I could wear white pants and open-toed shoes. At that moment, I knew this was something women needed and it wasn’t on the market. Aside from having an innovative product, Spanx is well known for the clever names given to the various products. How are these names created? A few cocktails… just kidding! Honestly, the girls on my team and I lock ourselves up in a room for a long brainstorming session, and we don't leave until we come up with the perfect name. It's usually something that someone blurts out as a joke. We all laugh hysterically and then go, that's it! Believe it or not, sometimes boyfriends and husbands of Spanx-sters come up with really good names too. As summer fast approaches, what shapewear products are available to help women feel great even in a swimsuit? We actually have Spanx Swimwear! When I heard that we were getting calls and e-mails from women asking if they could wear Spanx under their swimsuits... the visual of those tan lines was something I couldn’t bear! So last spring we launched our first collection and continued to this spring too – it is designed to give women the Spanx shaping they love without sacrificing good style. I am also happy to say that this past May we launched Assets by Sara Blakely Power Suits exclusively at Target. The suits have a power mesh liner that keeps the tummy tucked in and they are super cute… now more women everywhere can have shapewear they can swim in.


Is Spanx shapewear the solution to the common problem areas women often try to hide as well as a confidence booster? yes, the right foundation can make all of the difference in the world in how you look and feel in your clothes. We are definitely on a mission to boost backsides and confidence! Spanx is not only for the ladies these days! What products do you offer men and how are they responding to the new line? That is correct! We offer Spanx for Menthe collection has grown and now consists of Cotton Compression undershirts, Zoned Performance undershirts and Cotton Comfort Bottoms. We didn't set out to create shapewear for men. We redesigned the men's undershirt—it is just his favorite undershirt without his least favorite part…love handles. The shirts take care of the moobs (man boobs) by firming the chest and the tapered waist design slims the beer belly - they also provide great lumbar support. The Zoned Performance Shirts have seamless wicking with targeted compression zones and our Cotton Comfort Bottoms do not have compression- but we did invent the perfect pouch with mesh zoning on the front for cooling and a horizontal fly access.

SARA’S STORY “I literally wore this outfit everyday for the first 3 years after starting Spanx. I kept the pants (they still fit-thank you Spanx!), and of course I kept my lucky red backpack!”

SPANX T-SHIRT Right after I incorporated Spanx, I ironed-on the word SPANX to one of my favorite black t-shirts and didn’t take it off for years!

The response has far exceeded our expectations – when we first launched, the Cotton Compression shirts sold out at Neiman Marcus nationwide and we had a 6 week wait list on


The right foundation can make all of the difference in the world in how you look and feel in your clothes. We are definitely on a mission to boost backsides and confidence!


Spanx products have become very popular in Hollywood for their magical slimming effect and many celebrities openly proclaim their allegiance to your brand. Who are some of your well known followers who confidently flaunt their figures in Spanx shapewear? I have to pinch myself every time I hear that Oprah or a celebrity like Gwyneth Paltrow mentions wearing Spanx. I think it’s great that all of the Hollywood girls wear Spanx to look red-carpet ready… some of the girls are really committed and wear two pairs! Other fans include Tyra Banks, Jennifer Garner, Julie Bowen, kim kardashian, and Tina Fey. What other amazing products can we expect to see from Spanx in the future? Our current focus is developing an Active Wear line to launch later this summer and slimming apparel later this fall—so stay tuned! svm Special thank to Ivey Cargill Evans. Columbus native Ivey Cargill Evans has been a Spanx-ter since January 2010 where she is the ECommerce Marketing manager and in charge of the website. She loves that Spanx is all about empowering women and helping them look great and feel even better. Some of her favorite products are; the Skinny Britches Short, the Bra-Cha-Cha Strapless Bra and the Cotton Leggings.

LUCKY RED BACKPACK I actually had my first prototype in this backpack when I was presented to the Neiman Marcus buyer 10 years ago.


FOOTLESS PANTYHOSE My first invention! If you met me in the first 3 years, I’m sure I flashed you my product and proudly showed off my smooth rear-end! There is still no better product in the Spanx line for wearing under pants!

I bought these pants for $98 in 1998. Frustrated, they hung in my closet unworn because I couldn’t figure out what to wear under them. Until...


The new Bohemians

High fashion need not be limited to restrictive fits and traditional design. The heat in the South calls for flowing fabrics and gentle textures, too. Throw in a bold color or print, and one's wardrobe is set for the season. Photos by R. Caligaris and S. Saxon


FASHION he new Bohemian style T incorporates layers, earthy vibes, floral themes, flowy silhouettes and pieces which are often made from natural materials.



he new Bohemian style doesn't T just mean flowy peasant skirts, flip flops and messenger bags. An important aspect of Bohemian style is individuality; this means embracing your own personality and expressing it through your fashion choices.



his season it’s all about T colorblocking, bold prints and flowy fabrics. Throw on a statement necklace and a bangle, or four, and you’re summer ready! So what are you waiting for ladies, get accessorizing!





Hendley Badcock, Carolyn Howard, Hannah Drew Aldrich and Nicholas Caligaris. Laura Brooker, Cassie Thompson and Adrianne Brooker for Bright Salon, 1328 13th Street # 1, Columbus, Georgia 31901, 706.221.1177, Kinnucan's, 2523 Airport Thruway, Columbus, Georgia 31904, 706.321.9797, Keith Taylor for his yellow van. The van is for sale. For inquiries contact Keith at 706.577.4258. Amy and Will White, Jenny Badcock.



Columbus Public ART

Continuing its series of features on art in public areas of Columbus, Marleen De Bode Olivié talks about the Paddle Wave, the wooden installation on Broadway between 11th street and 12th street across from CB&T. Although many might not recognize it immediately as a sculpture, it is worth taking a closer look.

PADDLE WAVE By Marleen De Bode Olivié • Photos by R. Caligaris culptor Christopher Fennell started his career as a mechanical engineer and earned an MFA degree in sculpture from the University of Georgia in 2002. Paddle Wave, Canoe Wave and Bicycle Tornado are just a few examples of his work where he recycles objects and changes them into sculptural forms found in nature.


Christopher Fennell installed numerous sculptures all over the U.S., and in 2007 UPtown Sculpture Walk selected and commissioned him for an outdoor Wave installation. “I build architectural skeletons from discarded objects. I transform these objects into dynamic pieces and connect them into recognizable shapes of waves, tornados and pillars of fire,” said Fennell. Did you know that Christopher Fennell used salvaged flooring from the Eagle & Phenix Mill to construct Paddle Wave? Intrigued by the paddle wheel ship at the Columbus Naval Museum, he used the shape of the wheel and wrapped two waves around it. The artist explains: “From a distance it looks like a porcupine of boards but by opening up the center of the paddleboat, the viewer can walk to the center of the waves, where they become the fire within the steam engine.” Take a few steps back, walk around and

through the structure, and you may actually appreciate the dynamic interaction of wood, shapes and space. “My work is site specific, taking advantage of the surrounding landscape and architecture. I place the sculpture for the maximum effect of discovery and scale.” Christopher Fennell installed Paddle Wave on the assigned site on Broadway in the middle of the summer, not escaping a heat stroke. He remembers how Richard Bishop, President & CEO of UPtown Columbus Inc., helped him find the material donated by the W.C. Bradley Co.; how a construction worker stopped and told him how to beat the heat by putting a cold wet rag over the back of his neck; how on a Saturday night, a group of soldiers from Fort Benning came by and sincerely offered to help. “Those guys were serious and huge! But they understood the appeal of what I was doing. I was having fun, crawling over the structure at night, with a headlamp on, a screw gun in hand trying to figure out where the next board needed to go.” What more can we discover? Have a seat on the paddles and let the wave take you. Will the wood weather the Columbus climate and the Christmas lights that are stapled into it? Will Paddle Wave survive the temptation to move it or make it into a bonfire? We certainly hope so. svm

The paddle wheel of the USS Water Witch.



personalbest By Kristen Brown • Photos by R. Caligaris

In a home with tall ceilings and lots of natural light, decorator Leslie Wolfe uses a rustic Southern style to give the homeowner’s collections of art and antiques the attention they deserve.


hen Ryan and Isa Meeks spotted the land where they would build their first home, it was an empty three-acre lot surrounded by woods and views of a neighboring horse farm. They knew the prospective site in LaGrange, Georgia could be built to perfectly suit their growing family with the professional design experience of Ryan and his team at R. L. Meeks Custom Homes, LLC.



The Morgan’s Landings home with 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and 2 car garage was built in 2009, and features a floor plan to accommodate any increase in size for the current family of three and their four-legged family member, a German Shorthaired Pointer named Boone. It is particularly special for the Meeks to reside in the home that Ryan designed and built and a Bible buried in the basement slabs reminds then of their true foundation.


It is particularly special for the Meeks to reside in the home that Ryan designed and built and a Bible buried in the basement slabs reminds them of their true foundation.


For the interior, Isa, a native of Columbus, Georgia, called on designer Leslie Wolfe of Benton Parker Design to create a home that would fit their lifestyle and stand the test of time. The traditional and rustic Southern décor is accented by the natural light streaming in through the windows and surrounding wooded scenery. The extensive collection of art displayed throughout the home features many local favorites, including; Olivia Blanchard (Isa’s older sister), Helen Brooks, Katherine Waddell, Erin Gregory, Brooke Douglas, Jill Chancey Philips and Barbara Marks. The team drew inspiration from the beautiful surroundings to build a timeless residence to create memorable moments. Their most precious memory to date is the moment they brought their baby girl Josephine home from the hospital. This is the home in which the Meeks really became a family. svm OPPOSITE PAGE: Tall ceilings and dark wood accentuate the rustic colors in the fabrics and antique furniture from Scott’s Antiques. Hardwood flooring by Prestige Flooring of LaGrange, Georgia. ABOVE RIGHT: An elegant breakfast table blends a mix of casual sophistication and Southern charm. A Helen Brooks original painting adds a contemporary flair while the table is set with gorgeous wedding china Isa and Ryan picked to match Ryan’s rustic style. RIGHT: The series of botanical prints above the couch were a family gift and pick up the rustic colors in the lush fabrics. An antique secretary desk in the corner was a gift from Isa’s grandmother and the small paintings above the desk were Christmas gifts from sister, Avery Wolff and mother, Bettye Cheves.



ABOVE LEFT AND RIGHT: Uniquely patterned wedding china is displayed throughout the home and accentuates the Southern rustic approach the Meeks desired with their décor. ABOVE MIDDLE: Perfect for large dinner parties or intimate gatherings, this dining room is designed for sophisticated entertaining. The beautiful wood china cabinet, sideboard and table and chairs are all antiques from Isa’s grandmother. The large painting above the china cabinet is from Augusta, Georgia. Mirror and painting in the back wall were gifts from Isa’s sister Olivia and her mother. BELOW: A gourmet style kitchen features light cabinetry custom designed by Duquette & Wolfe Cabinetry and Millwork of LaGrange. All stainless steel appliances, decorated with family photographs and memorabilia, are by Electrolux Icon Appliances. The granite countertops are by Mike Jenkins of Took 4 Granite.



ABOVE: The dark walls provide a dramatic backdrop for the crisp white linens in the master bedroom. A striking, handmade bed frame from Old Biscayne of Americus, Georgia provides a gorgeous focal point in the room. The plush carpet is by Kemp's Carpet of LaGrange, Georgia and the beautiful antique furniture throughout the room was a gift from Isa’s grandmother. BELOW LEFT: A custom armoire from Duquette & Wolfe Cabinetry and Millwork of LaGrange, Georgia was specially designed for this room by Leslie Wolfe. BELOW MIDDLE: This serene bathroom provides an escape from everyday life with large windows and natural light. The granite countertops are by Mike Jenkins of Took 4 Granite and the beautiful cabinetry is by Duquette & Wolfe Cabinetry and Millwork of LaGrange. The painting above the bathtub is a Katherine Waddell original and the smaller frame above the towel rack is an Olivia Blanchard original. BELOW RIGHT: This one-of-a-kind piece is a hand-crafted rocking chair that Isa’s father, Cecil Cheves, made with the assistance of Chuck Brock. He made five Sam Maloof style rocking chairs, one for he and Mrs. Cheves, and one for each of his three daughters.




ABOVE: Located at Morgan’s Landings in LaGrange, Georgia, the Meeks' home was built to reflect their personal style. Architect Craig G. Peel of Southern Home Designers, LTD and landscaper Jacob Humphries of Garden Solutions in LaGrange combined talents to create a visually appealing first impression. LEFT AND BELOW: A cheerful punch of colorful fabrics from Fine & Funky brightens Josephine’s nursery. The painting above the crib is by Olivia Blanchard and expresses the deeply sown family ties. The custom white armoire adorned with mementos was made by Duquette & Wolfe Cabinetry and Millwork of LaGrange. Picking up the pink and green pattern throughout the room, the posh pink chair and ottoman are from That’s Our Baby.



Inspired by classical Italian garden designs, DeeDee Stelzenmuller personally adapted her beautiful outdoor escape to mimic the concepts she loved in her travels to Italy for the Georgia climate. Boxwoods line the sides of a red brick path that winds through the tranquil setting. Alluring bright blue hydrangeas peek out of the perfectly manicured shrubbery creating greater depth.

Garden & Pooldesign By Kristen Brown

In the sweltering summer months nothing is a better compliment to a Southern plantation home than a beautiful outdoor oasis. Whether it is a sweet smelling garden, or a refreshing pool, these dreamy open-air retreats will have you drawing up plans for a backyard renovation.


The pool, situated in the center of the garden, is surrounded by stone planters filled with cascading ivy and bright floral mixtures lending a sense of Italian Renaissance and antiquity. DeeDee finds solace in the peaceful environment she produced, especially the calming effect of fragrant flowers.

HOMES “ASP prides itself on its dedication to its customers.” At America’s Swimming Pool Company (ASP) in Columbus, Georgia the emphasis is always customer satisfaction. Unique outdoor escapes are created to enhance the overall quality of the homes and lawns they compliment. An expansive swimming pool is surrounded by a natural stone border. Beside the pool, the seating area is kept cool with the help of a shady pergola structure covered in star jasmine vines blossoming with tiny white flowers. At one end of the pool a stone wall is used as a backdrop to a small patch of plants and flowers.

ASP is the nation’s largest pool maintenance and repair company that prides itself on its dedication to its customers. By working with the world’s leading pool equipment manufacturers, ASP is able to provide the best products in both reputation and quality. According to Gordy Pease, owner of the Columbus franchise, ASP separates themselves from the competition by providing unparalleled workmanship and attention to detail and designing pools that achieve the ambiance the customer desires. For more information, call 706).653.1100, or visit their website at

Gordy Pease, fifth from left, and his team of professionals.



ABOVE: Custom built pools from Boscoe’s Pools produce outdoor environments worthy of envy, taking extra care to ensure the design also compliments the architectural style of the home it accompanies. The cascading edge of an infinity pool stretches visual limits and lengthens the original boundaries. All spaces are designed for energy efficiency and customer satisfaction. LEFT AND BELOW: The potential for creating a personalized space outdoors is endless with the abundance of materials to choose from at Durty Wurks Inc. in Columbus, Georgia. A natural stone stairway is lined with abundant vegetation and neatly bisects the perfectly cultivated yard while maintaining a rugged elegance.



Garden & Pooldesign ABOVE LEFT AND RIGHT: At the Harper’s home in Midtown an abundance of luscious greenery takes center stage and adds layers of depth and texture among the floral wall. Any combination of foliage can provide the perfect amount of lush, colorful inspiration needed to take a moment to relax and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. BELOW LEFT AND RIGHT: Boscoe’s Pools, founded in 1982, take pool design and creativity to the next level. Custom designed pools and original designs, such as the curve back spa pool, produce a unique outdoor space fit specifically to your needs and desires. Owned by Jeff Holloway and Shane Carr, once Boscoe’s employees themselves, Boscoe’s provides professional yet personal services thanks to the creativity, passion and service that Holloway and Carr put into their work. Their creations, always based off of the customers’ wants and needs, are designed in harmony with the landscape and are fresh and different. For more info call 770.251.4758 or visit

By S. Saxon and R. Caligaris


a partner

with a vision‌

the possibilities

334.502.3456 800.239.3293 687 North Dean Road Auburn, Alabama 36830 w w w. c r a f t m a s t e r. c o m



St-Germain is the first liqueur in the world created in the artisanal French manner from freshly handpicked elderflower blossoms. By Kristen Brown magine yourself in the warm summer air sipping a beverage with exotic beginnings. It is not a tropical rum or blended margarita, it is a sophisticated French liqueur called St. Germain.


Made from elderflowers, a white star-shaped fragrant flower grown wild in the mountainous parts of Europe, it is distilled using a secret process. For a long time, distilleries tried to extract alcohol from elderflowers, but the results were always too bitter-tasting. It was only fairly recently that the makers of St. Germain managed to harness the elderflower's flavors and aromas in a liqueur that far surpasses its too-sweet predecessors. St. Germain has lovely notes of pear and lychee, backed by enough tartness to please even the palates of those generally drawn to drier libations. It has an understated yet unmistakable presence, and can hold its own when mixed with even gin or tequila.

St. Germain & Pineapple Cosmo Ingredients • ¼ shot fresh-squeezed lime juice • 1 shot St. Germain • 1 ½ shots vodka • ½ shot pineapple juice Directions Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into chilled martini glass. Garnish with a wedge of pineapple, or a lime wedge.

The story of St. Germain is quite idyllic; the flowers are picked in the French Alps and delivered to the distillery on a bicycle. The bicycle is the inspiration for the aptly-named Bicyclette cocktail which incorporates St. Germain with champagne. The taste is light and floral, with added hints of grapefruit, and evokes dreams of sunny, grassy meadows with cows grazing, checkered blankets and picnic baskets full of cheese, fruit, and French baguettes. The handsome bottle is just as engaging as the bountiful flavor and makes an impressive gift for dinner parties and other events. Each bottle is individually numbered to ensure its authenticity for the year it was produced and limited quantities are available each season. This liqueur, distributed in Georgia by Georgia Crown Distributing Co., is made in very limited production, but has a place in the bar of any cocktail enthusiast. svm

French 77 Ingredients • 1 shot St. Germain • ¼ shot fresh-squeezed lemon juice • Champagne Directions Pour first two ingredients into a chilled flute. Top with Champagne. Garnish with a lemon twist.



Stephanie Baker, Evelyn Fortson and Amber Vaden.

Katie Coakley and Mary Angela Stone

Young at Art he Columbus Contemporaries, the Museum’s young professional membership group, hosted Young at Art bustling bash at the Columbus Museum on April 16. The event featured a night of art, fun and live music by Whiskey Bent. Young at Art is part of Let There Be Art! a week-long art sale and celebration showcasing a magnificent display of paintings, sculptures, pottery, and porcelain. svm


Mary Luby and Catherine Etheridge

Nathan Gehman and Meredith McCain

Leslie Anne Heard and Scott Jones Ken Henson admiring the fine artwork.

Melissa and John Martin

Photos by Jo Bledsoe

Katie Hamilton Mitchell and Rudy Cumiskey



Chair Marsha Mason and co-Chair Eliza Brewer Mary Lu and Mason Lampton


THE EVENT: Let There Be Art! was held on April 15, 2011 at the Columbus Museum.

Suzanne Hughston and Vandy Middleton

THE COMMITTEE: Marsha Mason, Eliza Brewer, Marie Arnold, Katie Coakley, Julianne David, Ansley Forsberg, Chris Henson, Chenault James, Mason Lampton, Ginny Lawrence, Lane Riley, Whitney Waldrop, Lucia Swift, Jennifer Walker and Thomas Forsberg.

Reynolds and Sasa Bickerstaff

THE PURPOSE: Let There Be Art! showcased the work of art produced by some of the finest regional artists as well as celebrate the important role the Columbus Museum has continued to play for almost six decades in the cultural and educational life of the community. svm

Jeremy and Lisa Jeffery


Mac and Rachel Plummer, Jake and Anna Flournoy.

Paul and Kathelen Amos

EVENT Chris Harman, Claudia Garrard, Cecile Bone and Mark Porter.

Fenn Bickerstaff, Mac Plummer, Mary Ellen Kein, Jennifer Keim Swartz and Lane Riley.

Sally and brad Turner Meredith Waddell and Anna Flournoy

THE ARTIST:  Some of the featured artists were: Perry Austin, Janice Biggers, Bucky Bowles, Teil Duncan, JO Farris, Kariann Fuqua, Erin Fitzhugh Gregory, Helen Jordan Hobbs, Booth Malone, Gloria Mani, Patricia Passailaigue, Garry Pound, Ralph Taylor, Lulie Wallace and Bruno Zupan. THE SPONSORS: Diamond: Aflac, Mr. and Mrs. B.H Hardaway III, Standard Concrete Products Inc., TSYS, W.C Bradley Co. Gold: CB&T/Synovus, Georgia Crown Distributing Co., Merrill Lynch. Silver: Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds Bickerstaff, Mr. and Mrs. James Blanchard, Burger King, Mr. and Mrs. Sanders Griffith, Hughston Clinc, J.Smith Lanier, Mr. and Mrs. W. Micahel Ogie and St. Francis Hospital. svm Chris Woodruff and Andrea Flandry Donna and George Atkins

Catherine and Frank Etheridge, Jennifer and Brett Walker.

Hudson and Debbie Garret, Charlie and Megan Day, Scott and Rebecca Crowley.

Mulford and Whitni Waldrop


Beth Wade, Rennie Bickerstaff and Sherry Evans.

Patricia Passailaigue and Helen Jordan Hobbs Joe and Marie Arnold

Mark and Maife Lesh Cheryl Maeder and Bert Herras

GRAND  PRIZE:  2 round-trip tickets from Atlanta to New York City on Delta Airlines Round-trip transportation from airport to Manhattan 3 nights accommodations at The Helmsley Park Lane Hotel in Executive Suite with Central Park view, breakfasts included $500 towards cultural events of winner's choice (i.e. theater, opera, ballet, etc.) Exclusive dinner reservations at select Manhattan restaurants of winner's choice A day of private, guided tours of art galleries with acclaimed art dealer Betty Krulik. svm

Roberto Caligaris, Cosby Cartledge and William Patrick Callaway. Helen Johnson and Billy Kendall

Sally Bradley



Catherine Melissa Galbraith

Patricia Avery Carreker

Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Monte L. Galbraith. School: Mercer University

Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Russell Douglas Carreker School: Auburn University

Mary-Martin White

Elizabeth Renee Sudduth

Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Wade Cates White School: Georgia College and State University

Parents: Mrs. Elizabeth Worth Williams and Mr. Dana Preston Sudduth School: Auburn University

2011 Debutantes

he Cotillion Club of Columbus announces 11 new members for 2011. They will be presented at the June 4 Heritage Ball at the historic Springer Opera House at 103 10th Street. The ball benefits the Historic Columbus Foundation. The Cotillion Ball on December 27 will close the 2011 Debutante season.


Officers of The Cotillion Club are Rachel Flournoy Pridgen, president; Lucille Garrett Pound and Virginia Anne Turner, vice presidents; Anna McDaniel Cook, corresponding secretary; Ann Bumgarner Wilson, social secretary; Sarah Elizabeth Slaughter, treasurer; and Hannah Elizabeth Grogan, philanthropy.

Grace Helen Straus

Kyle Anne Scarbrough

Parents: Dr. and Mrs. Richard Kelly Straus School: Auburn University

Parents: Mr. and Mrs. William Pease Scarbrough School: University of Alabama

The charitable focus this year for the new debutantes will be Open Door Community House. Debutantes must volunteer 12 hours or more of their time between June 4 and December 27 in a group project benefitting Open Door. This charitable focus replaces the individual charities the debutantes chose in the past. svm

Carolyn Bailey Robinson Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Miller Peterson Robinson School: Birmingham-Southern College

Courtney Ann King Parents: Mr. and Mrs. George Dean Allen King, Jr. School: University of Alabama

Elizabeth Anne Lingo Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jennings Lingo, Jr. School: Auburn University

Mary Reynolds Porter

Anne Alstyne Gravlee

. Parents: Ms. Laura Passailaigue Porter and Mr. Mark David Porter School: Auburn University

Parents: Mr. and Mrs. William Joseph Gravlee School: University of Georgia





Cynthia Lingo, Swain Gravlee and Kelly Pridgen. Mint Flowers, Pam Page and Betsy Illges.

The 2011 Debutantes at the Springer Opera House. Celia and Mack Jenkin s

Libbie and Jack Key

THE EVENT: The historic Springer Opera House, a National Historic Landmark and the State Theatre of Georgia, was the site of the 2011 Heritage Ball and the presentation of the 2011 Honored Lady and Debutantes by Historic Columbus Foundation President Mrs.Thomas Walter Lawhorne, Jr. THE HONOREE: Mrs. Harry Slade Roberts, Jr. (Elizabeth Lee Jackson Roberts) was introduced as the 2011 Honored Lady. Cotillion Club President Rachel Flournoy Pridgen presented her with a scroll commemorating the event. THE 2011 DEBUTANTES: Patricia Avery Carreker, Catherine Melissa Galbraith, Anne Alstyne Gravlee, Courtney Ann King, Elizabeth Anne Lingo, Mary Reynolds Porter, Carolyn Bailey Robinson, Kyle Anne Scarbrough, Grace Helen Straus, Elizabeth Renee Sudduth and Mary-Martin White.

Photos by Margie Richardson


Worth Williams, Susan Calhoun, Nancy King, Claire King and Lynn White.

EVENT Charlotte Gunby, Gail McClure, Elizabeth Knight and Margie Richardson.

Betsy Ramsay, Elizabeth Sudduth, Chris Harman and Mark Porter.

Jr., de Roberts (seated), III s, Jr., Harry (Buddy) Sla olfolk Charles Eugene Reeve rry Slade Roberts III, William Carter Wo berts. Jr., Ha kson Ro David Morris James, and Elizabeth Lee Jac

Hannah Grogan, Lee and Lynn Grogan.

Kyle Scarbrough, Alstie Gravlee, Mary Reynolds Porter and Catherine Galbraith Sara Wilson, Elizabeth Barker and Leslie Slaughter.

Buddy and Betty Roberts with Pat and Dexter Jordan.

At the Springer Opera House the State Theatre of Georgia

Elizabeth Barker and Betsy Ramsay


EVENT Patricia and Jack Passailaigue, Louise Smith and Laura Porter.

h abeth Suddut Ramsay, Eliz y ts Be d an Al illiams. and Worth W

Elizabeth Sudduth, Gracie Straus, Avery Carreker and Elizabeth Lingo. J and Carter Mize and Joan Holder.



John and Jackie Nix and Mamie and Gary Pound.

Warner and Lisa Neal, Philip and Claire Thayer and Trey and Kim Jinks.



n u S n a i s e Polyn


Over 6,500 miles from our beloved Columbus, Georgia, the islands of French Polynesia are undoubtedly some of the most sought after destinations in the world. By Lindsey Epperly

hen I received an invitation to visit French Polynesia on a travel consultant educational, it didn’t take me long to sign the dotted line and mark off the dates on my calendar. A little over a month later, I was well on my way to the other side of the world, which, to my surprise, wasn’t too far away.


After a four-hour flight from Atlanta to Los Angeles, where I overnighted in an airport hotel, I boarded my window seat on Air Tahiti Nui with ten other agents, eager for the eight-hour flight to Papeete, Tahiti. The travel time from Los Angeles isn’t too bad when you consider the distance from Atlanta to Europe – it’s exactly the same! While the island of Tahiti is beautiful, the fun of French Polynesia is island jumping, and we did plenty of that. I explored the crystal lagoons of Bora Bora via jet ski, relaxed in the private island paradise of Taha’a, and had the adventure of a lifetime with sharks and rays in Moorea. Here’s my advice and experience from my three favorite French Polynesian islands:

Bora Bora

With its quiet crystal lagoons and overwater bungalows, Bora Bora is the epitome of exotic. The minute I boarded the yacht transfer to the Intercontinental Bora Bora Resort and Thalasso Spa, I felt like I had stepped into an issue of Travel + Leisure. Upon arrival, I was intrigued by the bungalows – they were decently sized, but I had no idea what to expect when walking into one. Little did I know, the luxuries of a modern hotel room would greet me inside of their walls. Every element of the room


highlighted the island’s natural surroundings, from the glassenclosed coffee table, which slides open so that guests can feed the fish, to the breathtaking view of Mount Otemanu from the bedroom —not to mention the private dock leading directly into the lagoon. While the Intercontinental was wonderful in its own right, another notable hotel is the St. Regis Bora Bora. This resort, where Couples Retreat was filmed, boasts a perfectly manicured property with multiple room options, from private beach villas with pools to multi-room overwater bungalows. While I thoroughly enjoyed experiencing the lavish hotels, the highlight of my time in Bora Bora was a private jet-ski excursion. Gliding across the glass-like lagoon, watching the colors change from a bright cerulean blue to a deep aquamarine, was truly spectacular.


While still boasting exquisite accommodations, Le Taha’a Island Resort and Spa offers a tranquil, more authentic escape for travelers in search of the ultimate in relaxation. The property is true not only to the Polynesian culture, from the wooden, natural decor in the rooms, but also to the surrounding nature. Upon arrival, I instantly noticed the lack of music and whirring golf carts – the loudest sound was the lapping of low waves against the shore. As a fairly active traveler, it took me a while to get used to the peacefulness of Taha’a. However, the atmosphere that this property captures is one of pure relaxation. It is by far the most romantic property that I

TRAVEL visited and, once I did embrace the calmness, it was hard to leave. Le Taha’a Island Resort and Spa is a Relais and Chateaux property, an association of privately owned luxury resorts that are esteemed for their superior service and incredible dining. This resort went above and beyond its reputation during our six-course meal in a private area of the restaurant. After dinner, I toured one of the beach villas, a sprawling accomodation complete with a private garden boasting an outdoor shower and tub, plunge pool, and beach access. While the overwater bungalows here are impressive, this is definitely the top-notch room category.


Known as the “Magical Island,” there’s no shortage of unique activities in Moorea, like my favorite excursion of the trip: swimming with sharks and rays. Personally, I am terrified of sharks, to the point where Shark Week on the Discovery Channel is a form of torture. This excursion started out with a docile tour of the lagoon, our Polynesian tour guide pointing out landmarks of Moorea. However, when our boat pulled up to the shallow lagoon teeming with dozens of sharks and rays, I knew it was either sink or swim (or stay in the boat). Through a mixture of peer pressure and adrenaline, I forced myself into the shark-infested waters. Ironically, the five-foot-long black-tipped reef sharks gracefully swam by, not bothering anyone. It was the stingrays that I learned to look out for. These fourfoot-wide beasts were like slippery Labrador puppies that just wanted to play. Before I knew it, our tour guide had attached one of them to my back. When the stingray refused to leave my side, I embraced my new slimy friends and had the time of my life. This incredible tour ended with an authentic motu picnic where we learned to make poisson cru, the native dish of French Polynesia. It’s experiences like this that make Moorea the ideal destination for the adventurous at heart. Travelers can go deep-sea fishing, traverse the mountainous landscape, or set out on their own and explore the surrounding towns. All the while, guests can enjoy luxurious accommodations, like the Moorea Pearl resort, where I stayed in a garden villa with a private plunge pool. With choices like the exotic and lush Bora Bora, the quiet tranquility of Taha’a, and the unique activities of Moorea, French Polynesia is well worth the travel time and easily accessible from the U.S. I encourage you to think about French Polynesia for your next romantic getaway or family trip—it’s a once-in-alifetime vacation spot that you’ll remember for years to come. svm Lindsey Epperly is a luxury travel consultant at Columbus Travel who enjoys preparing custom-made vacations for her clients. To find out more about Lindsey’s travel planning and to request a trip, please visit her personal planning site at .

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: Hawaiian wedding at Le Taha'a Island Resort & Spa • Wedding Chappel at the InterContinental Hotel in Bora Bora • Bungalow at the Moorea Pearl Resort & Spa • Luau dancers in Bora Bora • Bungalow at the Moorea Pearl Resort & Spa • Swimming with the stingrays at Taha’a • Lindsey at the Intercontinental Bora Bora Resort and Thalasso Spa.






ern By Stacey Leeb

New York Times bestselling novelist and Atlanta resident Emily Giffin, who recently celebrated the movie adaptation release of her first book, Something Borrowed, spoke with SVM about her writing. Giffin has written five books to date, all of which have become bestsellers. Her works consistently explore the themes of love, friendship, family, work, and the juggling of all of these matters at once.

Did you always know that you wanted to be a writer? Yes, for as long as I can remember. Some of my fondest childhood memories involve reading books and writing my own stories. Perhaps, because we moved around a lot, characters in books became my constant companions and keeping a journal provided me comfort.

I was able to land an agent, but over the next several months, I received a dozen rejection letters from publishers. I seriously contemplated giving up and keeping my nose to the legal grindstone, but instead, I quit my job, moved to London and decided to try again. It was then and there that I began writing Something Borrowed.

In high school, I was a member of the creative writing club and editor-in-chief of our school newspaper- and although my interests became much more diverse, I was always the happiest when reading and writing.

What inspires your stories? My books are all relationship-focused; so much of my inspiration comes from my friends and family. It's amazing how universal certain themes are. Such as whether there are deal breakers when it comes to true love (Baby Proof); the idealization of a past relationship and a fixation on "the one that got away" (Love the One You're With); or complicated, if not downright toxic, female friendships (Something Borrowed).

What prompted you to go to law school? I'm not sure exactly what happened during college, as I never lost my desire to become a writer. But looking back, I think I had the sense that I had to get a "real" job first, that I couldn't graduate and promptly sit down to write a novel.

It is always so satisfying to write a book and discover how much it resonates with readers of all ages, worldwide.

I took a lot of history and political science classes, so law school became a logical next step. If I'm completely honest, I also think I went to school because it felt safer; a more certain path to a measurable success.

Where do you like to write? Do you have any special writing rituals? I usually write in my attic office, two floors above the chaos created by my three children.

I think it always feels riskier and scarier to go after something you really love and want because the rejection and failure hurts more. What made you decide to leave your law firm and go for your dream of writing? Although I enjoyed law school, I loathed the actual practice of law, at least the big firm culture. And I discovered that misery can be quite motivating. So, very early on, I devised a plan to pay off my law school loans and then write full-time. Meanwhile, I began writing a young adult novel in my free time (and sometimes while at work!). Four years later, my loans were paid off and my book was completed.


When I get stir crazy, I transfer to a coffee shop or bookstore. I don't have many rituals, but I always start out my writing day with a cup of coffee and find that my work is the strongest in the morning or in the middle of the day.

have many rituals, ‘‘Ibutdon'tI always start out my writing day with a cup of coffee and find that my work is the strongest in the morning or in the middle of the day.


You often write about flawed characters. Is this something you do intentionally? I find flawed characters much more interesting than perfect ones and enjoy the challenge of making readers root for them in spite of their unsympathetic path and destructive choices. Life is about the gray areas. Things are seldom black and white,

INTERVIEW even when we wish they were and think they should be, and I like exploring this nuanced terrain. I believe most people are good at heart and sincerely try to do the right thing.

Emily at the set of the Today Show in NYC.

Yet we are all capable of missteps and of hurting the people we love, and we all have had to grapple with the guilt and regret that come from these mistakes and weaknesses. Was Something Borrowed autobiographical? To write convincingly, I think you must be able to relate, in some way, to what a character is experiencing. Like Rachel, I was a lawyer who was unhappy in a big firm culture. You have mentioned before that you like many different types of music—from Paul Simon to Lady Gaga. Is there any particular kind you like to listen to while you are writing? I sometimes listen while I write and sometimes I need silence, depending on the mood and what's happened in my story. If I am writing intimate scenes, I love listening to slow stuff and I often become obsessed with one set song.


I find flawed characters much more interesting than perfect ones and enjoy the challenge of making readers root for them in spite of their unsympathetic path and destructive choices. Life is about the gray areas.


Do you ever put song lyrics in your books? Yes, I have several times. It’s a huge pain and can be very expensive to get permission. For my first book I paid Bruce Springsteen $500 to include Born to Run lyrics! What are some things people would find interesting about you? I am always in search of the perfect cheeseburger. I can name any Brady Bunch episode in 10 seconds or fewer and cannot be stumped in even the most obscure trivia question related to that show. I hate driving and have not driven on a highway since 1996. Also I've been in five accidents, all in parking lots. I secretly fear that I mixed up my identical twin sons shortly after they were brought home from the hospital. We will never know. svm

Something Borrowed, based on Emily Griffin’s best-selling novel, follows lifelong best friends Rachel (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Darcy (Kate Hudson) as Darcy’s wedding day approaches.



Second annual Applause for PAWS! ark your calendars and get ready for a great, dog friendly night in Columbus at this year’s Applause for Paws event on August 20th, at River Mill Centre. At last year’s event over 600 pet lovers gathered at the River Mill Centre for a night of tail-wagging talent. Ten amazing dog stars and their owners had the crowd dazzled by an array of poochy tricks and stunts. Lori Turner was chair for the event and emcee, Gilbert Miller kept the crowd lively. The night was made complete with three “terrier-iffic” judges, Sherry Evans, Jack Jenkins, and Kelly Pridgen.


Chunky, owned by Eleanor Harper, belly danced to That’s the Way I like It, while Amos, May, and Goody, owned by Dr. David Varner, played rivalry Auburn vs. Georgia football. The game was refereed by his dog, Solo. Other pets


and their owners were: Brooks Yancey with Lulu, Terry Hurley with Buddy and Rosie, Crockett Miller with Bolt, Ed James with Dot, Cardy Burdett with Oscar, and Hal Averett with Mildred. The judges Top Dog award went to Bolt & Crockett Miller and the overall Best in Show award went to Oscar & Cardy Burdett. Bob Robbins, PAWS Humane’s Executive Director, was thrilled with the support where they raised over $74,000 at the inaugural Applause for Paws event. Their mission is to prevent overpopulation and suffering for companion animals, to teach kindness and responsibility toward them, and to promote the remarkable capacity of pets to enrich human lives through pet-assisted therapy programs. To purchase tickets or for more information call 706-565-0035 or visit svm


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