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Long recognized as one of the most respected and trusted companies in the Columbus region, WC Bradley Real Estate is excited to announce our 2018 growth initiative. Centered around our core values, and driven by our continued commitment to the greater Columbus and Phenix City region, WC Bradley Real Estate’s Brokerage and Property Management Teams are focused on expanding our commercial and residential services. As you consider the options for your Sales, Leasing and Property Management needs, remember we are here to help.

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At Columbus Regional Health, every decision we make is about making yours easier. Like when we decided to assemble the most experienced cardiology team and provide the most advanced technology and facilities. That way, you and your family can take advantage of treatments that are less invasive than open-heart surgery and let you recover at home. Giving you a clear choice of where to turn for heart care.
























Southern Views ad July 2017.indd 1

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PREDICTIONS One of the things we are constantly doing is predicting the future, whether it is the micropredictions of movement or forecasts of what might happen next year. We make many predictions, often based on a lot of opinion and hope, and on very little fact. Unsurprisingly, we are wrong quite often. Being wrong can be surprising, but we are used to it and generally cope by making various excuses, typically blaming contextual factors. When you are making a public prediction, it helps to predict much like others are predicting, as when you all are wrong, you can hide in the crowd. When you are right, you can trumpet your predictive powers. As we hide our predictive failures, the few successes can sound quite amazing. If you are unable to predict, there are many industries based on predicting the future, from market analysts who tell you what shares to buy and sell, to weather forecasters who model winds and clouds. Even well-qualified people are bad at predicting, and studies of Wall Street analysts and football experts have been shown to be little better than average in their predictions. Pundits are often careful to lace their words with possibility rather than certainty, saying how shares could hit an alltime high or that there is a 30% chance of rain this afternoon. But they say it with such conviction, we believe the stronger emotions over the weaker words.

But does everything in life go exactly how you plan it? Of course not. Here’s the principle: Expect great things to happen, and be happy even when they don’t. However, just because things don’t go exactly according to plan doesn’t mean you aren’t in control. It is your decisions, not your conditions, which determine your destiny. When you take up the responsibility to live your life according to design rather than default, you will constantly be humbled and in awe. You’ll be blown away as you watch life unfold as you saw it in your head — as your physical world conforms itself to your thoughts. You can dream and live BIG. You can live by design. Your world can continue to expand. One prediction that we like to make is that you will enjoy our December issue. As our final publication before we wrap up the year of surprises that was 2017, this issue is chock-full of fun and exciting features like interviews, fashion, and more. Be sure to check out this season’s winter and holiday fashion guide, which shows you everything you’ll need to make a statement in this year’s party circuit. Don’t miss features on local artist Garry Pound, as well as new interviews with local businesses and specialists. We’ve also got an exciting exclusive interview with Mackenzie

What’s your favorite Christmas movie? I always enjoy watching Elf. If you could live in any period of history when would it be and why? The Renaissance, for the philosophical and scientific discovery as well as the art. Which words or phrases do you most overuse? GO DAWGS! If you could take a week off from your regular life to immerse yourself in learning something new, what would it be? I would learn a new language or instrument. When you’re having a bad day, what do you do to make yourself feel better? I love to exercise and spend time with friends. That solves all my problems! What’s the one food you could never bring yourself to eat? I like everything, but olives are my least favorite.

Claire Yakaitis

What do you think is the greatest invention of all time and why? How to make fire, and the person who created contact lenses deserves a special honor. What living person, other than family members, do you most admire and why? I have amazing SVM


Wright, co-founder of the travelling Museum of Democracy, for you to look forward to. We can’t always predict the future, but we can choose to head off into the unknown with a positive attitude. As this year comes to a close, keep in mind that sometimes the best parts of life come as surprises. Happy holidays, and have a happy new year!



friends. They mean the world to me.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be? I would LOVE to visit Thailand. If you could shop for free at one store, which one would you choose and why? Amazon, because of the variety and prices. Name a product or service you love so much that you’d happily be that company’s spokesperson. I can definitely be a spokesperson for Uber. How was your experience with SVM: Incredible! I had a blast, thank you for having me! MODEL: Claire Yakaitis. HAIR AND MAKEUP: Kelley Becker and Brooke Mangham for Euphoria Salon., 706.596.8000 CLOTHING AND ACCESSORIES: The Blushing Brunette Boutique,, 334.540.1182; Dear Stella Boutique,, 706.221.9025; The Posh Peach,, 706.221.6402. SPECIAL THANKS: Dina Woodruff.



DECEMBER 8 A second human case of H5N1 bird flu is confirmed in eastern China. Most of the reported cases of human infection have resulted in severe respiratory illness.

OCTOBER 6 Former Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick receives a 23-month jail sentence for his involvement in a dogfighting ring.

DECEMBER 20 At 81 years, 7 months, and 29 days, Queen Elizabeth II becomes the longest-lived British monarch, surpassing the record of Queen Victoria.

DECEMBER 15 The 2007 United Nations Climate Change Conference concludes with an agreement for a two-year process to develop a new treaty on climate change.

DECEMBER 29 Tom Brady sets the NFL record for Most Touchdown Passes in a season with 50. He has quarterbacked the Patriots to seven Super Bowl appearances, the most for any player in history. EDITOR IN CHIEF Roberto Caligaris ASSISTANT EDITOR Kaleigh Blessard LAYOUT DESIGN Saro Designs PHOTOGRAPHY Sammie Saxon Lucas Ely Margie Richardson Doug Roth Photography CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Jack Schley Kaleigh Blessard

DECEMBER 15 The surviving members of rock band Led Zeppelin reunited in London’s O2 Arena for their first full-length concert in nearly 30 years.

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SPECIALTY Dr. Allen specializes in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and facial cosmetic surgery with over 20 years of experience.

Dr. Lee Allen

DR. LEE ALLEN - West Georgia Oral Surgery When we think of the dentist, we typically only think about annual cleanings and maybe the occasional filling, but there’s a lot more to good dental health than a yearly visit to the office! We spoke with Dr. Lee Allen, an oral surgeon, about other aspects of oral hygiene.



r. Allen is the newest doctor at West Georgia Oral Surgery here in Columbus. After a long career working in West Virginia, during which he belonged to and presided over several dentist organizations, Dr. Allen and his family decided to move to Columbus. In this interview, we talk with Dr. Allen about his career, Columbus, and what makes his job so great.

Association, representing over 700 dentists. Also, when I started at my previous practice, there was one office, two doctors, and about sixteen employees. Over the sixteen years I worked there, we grew the practice to five offices, seven doctors, and over 125 employees. What do you think sets you and the team you work with apart from other practices in the area? At West Georgia Oral Surgery, we strive to make everyone feel exceptionally comfortable during their visit. We fully realize that most people do not “love” to have oral or facial surgery and are sometimes very scared. We understand this reality try to Raiford make Chef and Matthew their surgical experience as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

How did you get into dentistry, and specifically oral surgery? During high school in Mobile, Alabama, I was able to shadow an orthodontist through a program called Junior Achievement. I really liked the ability to take care of people and pursued pre-med/ dentistry at Spring Hill College in Mobile. During dental school at University of Alabama in Birmingham, I really enjoyed my rotations through the oral surgery clinic and spent my time off rotating with the residents and getting extra experience and decided to specialize in oral surgery. After working all over the southeastern US, what brought you to Columbus? After my six-year residency at LSU Medical Center, I was recruited to Charleston, WV to cover the emergency room for facial trauma patients in a level one trauma center. After four years at the hospital, I joined a private practice and stayed there for sixteen additional years. Being from Alabama (and my wife from the Florida panhandle), we missed the Deep South and decided to relocate closer to “home.” West Georgia Oral Surgery (Drs. Zwickey and Hines) were looking for a doctor to join their practice and I called and inquired. After a visit to the area, my wife and I loved everything about Columbus and decided to make this our home. You have a very impressive career, having held all sorts of positions all over the east coast. What has been the most rewarding part of your career so far? While I was in West Virginia I was elected President of the West Virginia Dental SVM

Botox and fillers.

Most people think oral surgery is all about wisdom teeth. What other procedures do you do? We are actually oral and maxillofacial surgeons with full training in all aspects of oral and facial surgery. I also have an extensive background in facial cosmetic surgery including facelifts, blepharoplasties, liposuction in the neck, and noninvasive treatments such as

How do you handle patients with pre-surgery nerves? Most everyone has some anxiety when they visit our office, and we try to help with this by communicating everything that will go on during their surgery during a pre-surgical consult. For those patients with severe anxiety, we usually write for them to have a Valium pre-med the morning of their surgery so they come in very relaxed. Becoming an oral surgeon took a lot of time and patience. What is something you do now to bring you satisfaction and relaxation in your everyday life? I love hiking with my wife Kim, daughter Amelia, and beagle Teddy. We also love going down to Destin, FL and relaxing. SVM


Progress will only result when residents and organizations collaborate to make contributions that add up to greater solutions.




2nd Avenue Animal Hospital and 2nd Home Pet Resort


Ask any pet owner and they’ll agree: pets are part of the family and that is why it was important for Angela to create an atmosphere where she would be satisfied taking her personal pets for their health care and boarding.


“Even though I am behind the scenes, it brings great joy hearing all the positive client feedback we receive after helping someone’s pet.”

By KALEIGH BLESSARD vironment away from the dogs. Along with a comforting atmosphere, I wanted to provide a place where pet owners could access every service their pet may need. We also offer small Doggie Daycare and our professional, experienced Pet Stylist is among the best in the industry, now also offering pet massages. What makes us different, most of all, is our amazing team of doctors and staff that provide stateof-the-art veterinary care.

n Columbus, pet owners know there’s no one they can trust with their pets more than Angela Lefranc and her team at 2nd Avenue Animal Hospital, and now at 2nd Home Pet Resort, the new pet boarding facilities Lefranc opened in conjunction with her clinic. Lefranc’s handpicked staff and top of the line premises are the ideal environment for the best pet care around, whether it’s a regular check-up or an extended stay. Angela wants to make 2nd Avenue Animal Hospital and 2nd Home Pet Resort your pet’s favorite place to be--besides curled up next to you! How did you get your start in the pet care industry? Animals have always been a big part of my life. Even as a young child, I would bring home every lost pet, even the neighbors’ “not so lost” pets. After college, I opened my own design studio and worked in marketing and advertising for 20 years. Always having a passion and love for animals, I couldn’t have been more excited to find a way to combine my two loves of advertising and pets into a profitable business. What is your favorite aspect of running your own business? My favorite aspect of running my own business has been having the freedom to express my creativity. I love identifying the marketing opportunities and producing new and creative ways to market our businesses. It has been very rewarding throughout the years to see the results of happy clients and happy, healthy pets. Even though I am behind the scenes, it brings great joy hearing all the positive client feedback we receive after helping someone’s pet. It means the world to us when clients thanking us for taking care of their babies while they were away, when they are happy with their pet’s haircut, or when we hear how much their dogs love coming to doggie daycare. There is no better feeling than knowing someone took time out of their day to let us know that our business impacted them in a positive way. What makes your business different from the other animal hospitals? When designing and building the animal hospital, it was important to me to create an atmosphere where I would be satisfied taking my pets for their health care and boarding. I also wanted to provide a welcoming, relaxing, stress-free environment for clients, staff, and, most importantly, pets. For example, I designed VIP rooms with windows, personal televisions, and kennels with glass doors instead of bars. Our cat boarding is a place where they can play or relax in a fun, stress-free enSVM

Why did you decide to open 2nd Home Pet Resort? I wanted a place the dogs could still get all the exercise they needed even if it was raining or cold outside. Not only is there a large outdoor play area, 2nd Home Pet Resort has a ten thousand square foot building with an indoor play area that is heated and cooled. No matter the weather, the dogs can still run and play! I also had extra large kennels built to help accommodate more pets and larger breeds. What else do you offer at 2nd Home Pet Resort? Besides boarding, daycare, training, and grooming, we offer pet sitting for elderly dogs or for dogs that don’t like to socialize. We also offer cat boarding where they are able to get out and play in the room several times a day. We have a pet bakery, as well as our 2nd hand pet retail area where you can purchase pet products for 50-75% off the retail price. We will soon be offering a self-serve dog wash where you will be able to use our supplies and facilities. All you will need to bring is your dog and you can leave the mess for us. As a business owner, what are some of the biggest challenges? Being the owner of a successful, growing business comes with some challenges. I am constantly switching gears from marketing, hiring, financial management, budgeting decisions, and loving on a client’s pet all in a day’s work. I am always challenged to move to the next level. My responsibilities apply around the clock, 24/7. That being said, it is important to genuinely enjoy the work you do, but learning to balance life with God and family first is the most important part of it all. It is then, without fanfare or celebration, that I quietly smile to myself in satisfaction. Through all the years and the struggles, we are able to come together to see the success that has come from our efforts. SVM


For more info please visit:

The small hospice making a big difference.

At home with compassionate care. Preferred Care Hospice is here to help you make choices that work for you, and provide a support system of comprehensive care to honor those choices.

Call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week | 706-844-1619





St. Luke Ministry Center

Becca Wiggins presenting the award to Rev. Neil Richardson.

Rev. Dr. Jimmy Elder and wife Roxann, Christy Scrivner, Honoree Rev. Neil Richardson, Becca Wiggins, Derek Scrivner.

THE EVENT: The Tom Black

Leigh Sayers, Renee Griner, Marie Hand, Sharon Woodall.

Compassionate Service Award Dinner was held on October 2nd at the St. Luke Ministry Center. THE PURPOSE: Valley Interfaith Promise (VIP) is an organization of churches in the Columbus area that have come together to help local homeless families in finding jobs, shelter, and an overall sense of wellbeing. VIP is unique in their mission to keep homeless family units together. THE HIGHLIGHTS: Following a silent auction was a three-course dinner while a variety of people delivered short speeches. Among the speakers were a VIP alumna, Towanna Duncan; the chairman of VIP, Chris Scoggins; and the recipient of the night’s big award: the Tom Black award was given to Reverend Neil Richardson for his outstanding work in making our city a better place.

Susan Kelly and Sybil Inman

Chris Scoggins addressing the audience.

Beth and Tracy Sayers

Suzanne McCluskey and Grace Burton-Edwards

Laura and Bob Kinnett

Diana Helms, Suzanne and Lee McCluskey.

Howie Hooper, Cindy Sparks, Sallie Martin, Ben Smith.

Carl and Diane Hett SVM






The new office space on North Lake Drive.

Back: Hutch, Ashley and Dr. Phillip Tully. Front Ansley, Marley and Shelby Tully.

Back: Dawn Robichaux, Tricia Eiland, Ashley Adams, Terri Finney. Front: Ansley Tully and Marley Tully.

THE EVENT: On Wednesday, October 25, Doctors Phillip Tully III, DMD and Newton Sharp, DMD celebrated the opening of their new office with an open house, held at their new facility on North Lake Drive. THE SERVICES: Dr. Phillip S. Tully III and Dr. W. Newton Sharp offer a full range of general and cosmetic dental treatments at their office to help you achieve your perfect smile, such as teeth whitening, crowns, CEREC crowns, root canal treatment, preventive care, and implant restoration. They utilize the latest in dental technology and techniques in order to offer you the best preventive care and treatment available in Columbus. Their philosophy is to provide treatment to the whole person with a special focus on how your teeth and gums relate to your total body health.

Ben Smith and Dr. Newton Sharp

Liza and Sydney Boykin, Ashley Tully, Laura Burbrink, Thomas, Elicia and Jack Maholik.

Carl Hett and Charles Clark

Phil and Dian Tully, Laurie and Jim Money.

Laura Burbrink and Ashley Tully

Newt Aaron, Dr. Phillip Tully, Shelby Tully, Phil and Dian Tully.

Tiffany Searcy and Holly Capps SVM


Dr. Jamie Maholik and Dr. Phillip Tully




Bettye and Cecil Cheves after they received their award.

Featured entertainer Coffey Anderson.

Russell Blanchard, Bettye Cheves, Walter and Betsy Blanchard.

THE EVENT: The 2017 Pastoral Institute’s

Paul and Frannie Kilpatrick, Tripp Amos, Honorees Bettye and Cecil Cheves, Jenifer Amos, and Sarah Beth Amos.

Sue Marie and Bill Turner Servant Leadership Gala was held on Thursday, October 19 at the Columbus Ironworks and Trade Center. This annual black-tie event serves to recognize a Columbus couple who are dedicated to bettering the community for everyone in a unique way. THE HONOREES: This year’s honorees were Bettye and Cecil Cheves. The Cheves are a truly outstanding couple who have made innumerous contributions to the community simply because that is what they love to do. FEATURED ARTIST: The featured entertainment was singer and guitarist Coffey Anderson.

Maria Kent, Steve Murray, Lisa Rentz, Jim and Vicky Lamb, and Laura Byrd.

Jean Amos with her son, Dan Amos .

Sandy Scarborough, Jolyn and A.J. Morris, and Lane Woolfolk. Kent and Steve Butler

Claudia Fornasiero-Johnson, Patty Taylor, Angela Sims.

Pam Reynolds, Karen Taylor, and Betsy Ramsay.

Suzanne and Lee McCluskey SVM



Sandy and Ken Coolik with Troy and Gloria Woods.

Courtney and Alfred Blackmar with Mac and Velvet McCullough.

Robert and Mary Pat Beckum

Maria Kent with Nick and Lindsey Johnston.


Mike and Teddi Ussery

Jay and Lloyd Pease with Whitney and Jason Pease.

Sara Barfield with Tom and Sherry Wade.

Andrew Thomas Lee

Nancy and Bob Flournoy with Peggy Smith.

Joe and Jamie Lewis

Russell, Walter, Olivia, and Betsy Blanchard .






Brad Bush presenting Betsy Leebern with the Collie’s Honor Award.

Sis Blanchard, GA State Representative Calvin Smyre, Mae Blanchard, and Jim Blanchard.

THE EVENT: The 33rd Annual Steeplechase was held at Callaway Gardens on November 4, 2017. Steeplechase is annually held on the first Saturday in November and benefits local arts, education, historical funds, and more. THE LAMPTON BRONZE: The recipients

Alexa Stevenson, Jennifer Deal, Eliza Brewer, Katie Waldrep.

of this year’s Lampton Bronze Award were Wynne Stevenson and Kimberly Kapacziewski. The Lampton Bronze is given every year to honor community members who exemplify the utmost commitment to Steeplechase and its purpose of serving and improving community art opportunities. THE BENEFICIARIES: The Steeplechase at Callaway Gardens is a non-profit organization. Proceeds are divided among art organizations such as: The Columbus Museum, the Columbus Symphony Orchestra, Historic Columbus Foundation, Ida Cason Callaway Foundation, the Springer Opera House and the RiverCenter for the Performing Arts.

Caroline Jones, Sarah Both, Ali Mac Jinks, Natalie Taylor, and Sutton Garrett.

David Anketier , Kim Giles, Jeff Myers, Joe and Marie Arnold, Teresa and Joe Young, Shannon, baby Josephine and Ernie Smallman.

Susan and Spence Sealy, Jennifer and Richard Joyner, Wrightand Waddell, Scott Boyce, Kate Waddell. Ashley Mark Clayton.

Aimee Horstman and Sharina Lan

Roy Green, John and Jake Flournoy, Gunby Garrrard.

Front Row: Sarah Ryan, Collie Kasten, Kolben Kasten, and Wynn Ryan. Back Row: Wells Mullin Ryan, John Ryan, and Sandy Kasten.

Grace and Vicky Bush SVM



Whit Lampton, Ross McKinstry, Ella Kay, Donna and Mark Lane, Vicky and Bradford Bush, Jim Farrar, Kelly and Chris Mckinstry and Grace Farrar.

Brayden Berard, Lilly Stephens, Gwen Van Ingen, Cambrie Berard.

BENEFITS: It has been proven that communities that invest in the arts reap the benefits of more job availability and economic growth, and a diverse group of talented people are drawn to the area. The arts play a vital role in the community, and the Hardaway/Lampton families are proud to support that effort 110%. ENTERTAINMENT: This year’s Kids

Jenny Kelly McMillen, Emily Brannan, Liz Taber, Kristin Coleman, Crystal Trawick.

Corral activities included inflatables, clowns, snacks, and more. There was also the annual stick pony race, rock climbing, pony rides, and more. A new attraction this year was Lampton Lane, which brought food trucks and vendors from across the Southeast together in one location for one of the most delicious avenues at Steeplechase.

Josh and Jessica Alford, Pennie and Zach Ranew, Kate and Jay McGrory.

Nora and Henry Ngo.

Mason Hardaway Lampton and Lucille Cogswell.

Katherine and Jamie Moss

Frank and Leah Foley

Lillie Norred and Mary Stewart Mullin

Joe McClellan, Betsy and Kent Illges, Betsy Leebern.

Elliot Waddell and Lucy Bowers SVM


Stacey Stone, Jane Ann Devitt, Debbie Seeley, Leah and Mike Braxton.




Everyone loves a sweet treat, especially around the holidays. It’s that time of year where nothing’s better than a soft cookie or a warm slice of cake, and Elisabeth Epperson of Elisabeth & Butter has plenty of sugar to go around.






hen she first started baking in her early teens, Elisabeth Epperson instantly knew that baking was going to be her life. Over the years, she created and developed a baking business that’s garnered her a lot of attention—and it’s no wonder, with how delicious her cookies and cakes are! Elisabeth grew up in the kitchen, baking with her mom and sisters. Baking became her passion at an early age, as she taught herself to make and decorate sugar cookies and started her own baking business at 15 years old. SVM had the opportunity to ask Elisabeth a few questions about baking and how she got her start.

INSPIRATION After graduating from Auburn, she moved to Charleston, SC to work for a wedding/event planner and that is where she was inspired to turn her baking Instagram into a blog.

How do you think your time as an Auburn student helped shaped you and your baking life? Although I started my business in high school, I grew so much in my time at Auburn. That was when I realized I wanted to bake for a living and turn my business of selling decorated cookies into something bigger. I started my Instagram account and [blog], “Elisabeth and Butter,” my sophomore year of college so my family and friends could see my creations. Little did I know that Elisabeth and Butter would stick and be my forever name. You baked a lot in your youth—when did this all start for you? I started baking with my mom and sisters at a very early age, but it wasn’t until I was 13 or 14 when I realized I loved it. I quit cheerleading just so I could bake and I began making and selling cakes. It turned into my therapy and my passion and I have done it ever since. On your website, Elisabeth & Butter, you’ve posted all sorts of recipes. Do you have a favorite? My favorite recipe is my mother’s ‘the Best Carrot Cake.’ She learned it in college and it is very special to our family. It has layers of moist carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and a homemade caramel drizzle. It is out of this world! What is your go-to treat to eat? I love anything with peanut butter. Apples with peanut butter is always my go-to! You’ve been doing this a long time! What inspires you to keep baking? I truly have a passion for baking and I feel lost when I go a week without it. I love the entire process of it and I am constantly learning through many fails and triumphs. I want to grow my business and

eventually write my own cookbook, so that constantly inspires me to keep baking. With the holidays around the corner, is one type of baked good or dish more in demand for you? What do people crave the most this time of year? It seems like everyone is wanting decorated sugar cookies—they either want to order them or learn how to make them for Christmas. What advice do you have for people who want to start baking and cooking on their own? Keep trying and don’t give up! So many people

are intimidated by baking after they have a cake or cookie fail (been there a million times), but learn through those failures and try again. Take that recipe you’ve been wanting to try and read it over a few times so you can really understand the process. Baking definitely requires patience. You’ve lived in the South your whole life— what do you like best about it? Southern hospitality is a real thing and I love it so much. I also love the food! SVM

I quit cheerleading just so I could bake and I began making and selling cakes.







Cathryn Pease, Co-Chairs Ellen Lane and Ansley Forsberg, Sarah Maglione, Sherri King, and Ellie Flowers.

Edy and Jud Richardson

Frank Romeo and Leigh Anne Thomas

THE EVENT: The 2017 Midtown Mingle was

Joseph Brannan, Laura Belle Brooker, Emily Brannan, and Ryan Brooker.

held on Thursday, October 12 at the Little Wildwood Park on Wildwood Avenue. It was a beautiful fall evening and perfect for this outdoor event. HIGHLIGHTS: With over 700 tickets sold, hundreds attended the seventh annual Mingle. The special Mingle Supper was served by Country’s and cooked on Golden Foundry cast iron grills for dining. Music was provided by The Chattahoochee Pine Beatles. THE EVENT CHAIR: Ellen Lane and Ansley Forsberg co-chaired the 2017 Midtown Mingle and table decorations were donated by neighborhood and local friends. The event benefits Midtown Columbus, Inc. THE MISSION: Midtown Inc. works to sustain and enhance the neighborhoods and businesses within MidTown Columbus– through education and advocacy– with respect to community, conservation and diversity.

John Dedwylder, Elizabeth and Wade Cliatt, Davis and Bitsy Dedwylder.

Maria Kent, Courtney Ellis, Amy Pease.

Terry Hurley and Mary Snyder

Jack Goldfrank and Anne King

Mary Varner, Caroline,Whit Laney and baby Dawson, Beth Bridges, Maria Kent.

Sara Barfield with Ed and Frances Berry. SVM


Celia and Mack Jenkins with Sidney and Bev Yarbrough.





Joe Sanders, Marina Dunbar, Cora King.

David Houston, Bo Bartlett, Chris and Reagan Markwood.

Orion Wertz, Yuichiro Komatsu, Sally Gates, Joe Sanders, John Lumpkin.

THE EVENT: The gala was held Thursday, November 16 at CSU’s Corn Center for the Visual Arts to commemorate the new Bo Bartlett Center, which will open in January 2018. THE BARTLETT CENTER: Located on the top level of the Corn Center, the Bo Bartlett Center was designed by the celebrated Seattle-based architect Tom Kundig of Olson Kundig Architects. The new riverside porch that serves both the Bartlett Center and the Corn Center was designed by Dan Shipley Architects and Studio Outside, both of Dallas, Texas. THE HIGHLIGHTS: After welcoming remarks delivered by Shannon Ilges Candler, the executive director of the Bartlett Center David Houston delivered the introduction and comments on the center. Further remarks were made by Philip W. Tomlinson and Bo Bartlett. David Houston was specially recognized before Helen Jordan Hobbs ended the evening with closing remarks.

Frank and Meg Schley, Cameron Bean.

Betsy Leebern and Joe McClellan

Charles E. Huff, David Lewis, Joanne and Bobby Hecht.

Pam and Edwin Page

Tom Kundig and Barbara Houser

Jim and Nancy Buntin, Bill Huff.

Ann Burr, Roberto and Marla Caligaris. SVM


Haley Lyman, and KatiePage. Bishop. John Page, BoMichael BartlettPorter and Margaret


Every drop of Crown Royal is crafted to meet the same uncompromising standards, making it, to many discerning palates,the finest whisky of all. By KALEIGH BLESSARD By KALEIGH BLESSARD


he days are getting shorter and the end of the year is quickly approaching, which means holiday parties abound. With so much to do already, the last thing anyone wants to worry about is the perfect cocktail to polish off the party menu. Luckily, Crown Royal’s got you covered with their new Salted Caramel flavor. Delicious on its own or mixed, it gives a yummy winter touch to any drink. Crown Royal Salted Caramel can easily be paired with eggnog for a creamy Christmas classic, or with ginger ale, Crown Royal Apple, and a dash of lemon juice for a sharper adult spin on a classic cider. The opportunities are endless with Crown Royal Salted Caramel. Fans of Crown Royal will be happy to know that their favorite flavors are still present in this new product, but a few friends have joined the party: smooth vanilla oakiness on the nose, joined with a creamy caramel palette and followed up with a subtly salty finish. One sip and you’ll be reliving the winter days of your youth: bundled up with some hot cider in one hand and a caramel apple in the other. This flavor, like other Crown Royal seasonals, is limited edition, which means it won’t be available long. So if you want to be known for the most legendary—and tasty—cocktail on the holiday party circuit, add Crown Royal Salted Caramel to your grocery list. Crown Royal Salted Caramel is a Diageo product and is distributed in Georgia by Georgia Crown Distributing Co. SVM







Betsy Eby, Garry and Mamie Pound, Bo Bartlett.

Pat Collins, Mariel Cosby, Liz Allison, Ginger Cosby.

Jim and Brinkley Pound with Libba Dillon. THE EVENT: On November 10th, Fountain City Coffee hosted a special evening with artist Garry pound for a viewing of his Fountain City Faces portrait series. This collection featured many of the Fountain City Coffee regulars and baristas. HIGHLIGHTS: In addition to viewing the portraits and visiting with the artist, classical guitar artist Chandler Carswell from the Schwob School of Music performed. THE ARTIST: Garry Pound, a native of Columbus, Georgia, grew up in an artistic environment: his mother is a well-known painter and his father is an architect and expert draftsman. With the encouragement of his parents, he has managed to turn his love for the arts into a successful career.

Nolan Temple, Adam Snyder, Tonie Rocha.

Will Dillon , Garry Pound, Libba Dillon.

Madison Wolfe and Jessica Melton

McKenzie, Connie and Mark Wilkes.

Mamie Pound and Susan Williams

Sarah Massey and Jessie Baltrusaitis

Garry Pound with Terri and Roger Stinson.






Stacy Cunningham, Yousef Kazemi, Brent Lyman, Chris Fondulas, Cora King, Jacy Jenkins, Patrick Albright.

Trip and Teresa Tomlinson

David Marshall Silverman

THE EVENT: The second annual Way Down Film Festival, presented by Synovus, kicked off on Friday, October 13th at the beautiful historic Springer Opera House. The Way Down Film Festival celebrates the most innovative film makers in narrative, animation, documentary, and experimental categories.

Lou Hearn, Caroline Broodno, Sherry Jenkins, Val Webb, Cora King.

THE HIGHLIGHTS: The festival began with a Veranda VIP Party. Over the course of the weekend, six 80-minute curated themed blocks were shown on the Springer’s main stage. An engaging, moderated Q&A followed each screening with distinguished filmmakers from all over the world. Between each screening, communion thrived in the saloon and lobby, where film enthusiasts, vendors, and visiting filmmakers talked shop, shared stories, and connected. The festival’s curtain closed with the Awards Gala Ceremony, with food, drinks, live music, and a DJ at The Loft. Seven talented winners took home a total of nearly $5,000 in cash.

Sara Sophia and Danny Arencibia

Nellie Frields, Jacy Jenkins, Crystal Trawick, Haley Lyman.

Kirsten Jenkins Cain, Jacy Jenkins, Ashton Edwards.

Ginger Steele, Caleb Vardeman

Tisha Freeman and Richard Lanni

Betsy Eby, Lucy Sheftall, Page Swift SVM


Stacy Cunningham, Jacy Jenkins and Cora King.


Jessica Nicole, Stacy Cunningham, Nicole de Vries, Jenny McMilligan, Cora King, Crystal Trawick, Jacy Jenkins, Haley Lyman.

Frank Ethereidge and Gary Pound

Lucy Sheftall

THE PURPOSE: The Festival offers attendees an opportunity to experience stories that otherwise would not be accessible, as well as provides talented filmmakers with a platform to show their creative efforts and delivers networking opportunities to launch projects and obtain jobs. WDFF has already recruited three movies to be filmed here, motivated countless short films to be made locally, and founded a film society that meets every month. SPECIAL THANKS: Co-founders Stacy Cunningham, Jacy Jenkins, and Cora King send a huge thanks to all sponsors, grantors, partners, and volunteers for their hard work and support. The team effort plans to grow here in Columbus, GA annually. To stay connected, download the free Way Down Film Festival app.

Attendees and filmmakers at the historic Springer.

Mercedes Parham, Marie Miller

Lucas Ely and Desi Evans

Tanya Jones and Ashton Edwards

Becca Zajac and Miles Greathouse

Jessica Jones and Olivia Rose Joseph Berger and Katie Bishop

Jaqueline Kuonen

Mayor Teresa Tomlinson and Patrick Albright.

Alee and Ben Link, Trip and Teresa Tomlinson.

Shepherd Leak and Ansley Lynn SVM


Stacy Cunningham and Charlotte Stauffer





Katie Jacobson, Caroline Jerrell and Sarah Jerrell.

Casey Lynch, Jacy Jenkins, Jane Sheehan and Javier Pico. THE EVENT: The third annual Holiday Art Show was held on November 30th by Katie Jacobson PURPOSE: This event is held every year to bring together local artists from across various disciplines to showcase their artwork. ARTIST: The artists showcased at this year’s event were Katie Jacobson, Courtney Johnson of Bent by Courtney, and Lindley Gaston of Browns and Hounds Flower Farm.

Ashely Cartledge, Courtney Johnson, Haley Lyman and Baby Sally Cartledge

: Haley Lyman and Tracy Dean

Katie Bishop and Joseph Berger

Judy Phillips and Hannah Swift Katie Jacobson and Harriet Elkins Art by Katie Jacobson

Lindley Gaston, Alee Link and Baby Kai Link.

Tracy Dean and Katie Byrum SVM


Shannon, Ernie and Baby Josephine Smallman





Chef Bryant Walker and Chef Matthew Raiford with friends.

Dinner in the Garden was hosted by Twin Cedars.

Jodina King, Dr. Crow Gudger, Kay Gudger, Lynne Taylor.

THE EVENT: The Dinner in the Garden, which was held as a fundraiser benefitting the Anne Elizabeth Shepherd Home, was held the evening of October 21, 2017. The event was organized and hosted by Twin Cedars. THE DINNER: The event was held to embody the collaboration between local chefs Bryant Walker and Matthew Raiford and farmers around the state. The dinner, which featured elegant and delicious dishes such as a butternut squash bisque and braised short ribs courtesy of Cox Farms, was a regional culinary experience that attendees and their taste buds will not soon forget. ABOUT AESH: The Anne Elizabeth Shepherd Home is run by Twin Cedars and provides residential care for young girls and women with emotional or behavioral difficulties. Staff at AESH specializes in treatment for victims of sexual trauma.

Joan Stout and Joyce Wages

Dan Staub and Pat Vance

Lorna Valentine and Gary Stout

Jodina King and Becky Buck

Samantha DeFranks, Kalen Jones , Kegan Clark. SVM


Chef Bryant Walker, Chef Matthew Raiford, Lisa Wicker.


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LIFEof the PARTY This holiday season, whether you’ve got formal invitations or casual gift exchanges with friends, get all decked out in style. Photos by S.Saxon



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Columbus is a place of rich culture, art and expression. The exquisite works of art in our community each have a unique story, an interesting naissance, and heritage. Join SVM as we put them on exhibit for you.

WEST SIDE Oil on canvas, 1935, by Henry Schnakenberg


ew York artist Henry Schnakenberg wanted to show a realistic view of the world around him. West Side captures a moment in the hustle and bustle of city life. He closely observed the activity of the figures at the subway entrance. He painted their clothing and the street signs around them with great attention to detail. Schnakenberg usually did not include any social commentary in his paintings. However, some have wondered if the dark colors and stormy sky in West Side might have pointed to the misery of the Depression.

Wadsworth Atheneum, Brooklyn Museum, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Yale University Art Museum and the Art Institute of Chicago. He was a life member of the Art Students’ League and served as president of the league in 1932. He was an instructor from 1923 to 1925. He was also a member of the Society of American Painters, Sculptors and Gravers; Society of Independent Artists; National Institute of Arts and Letters. Museum purchase made possible by Norman S. Rothschild in honor of his parents, Aleen and Irwin B. Rothschild

Schnakenberg won numerous awards and exhibited nationally. His work may also be found at the Whitney Museum of Modern Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art,

Special thanks to Mercedes Parham and the Columbus Museum.




CLASSIC GLAMOUR A Craftsman style home in Midtown brings glamour that never goes out of style.



Photos by Doug Roth photography





he home of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel M. Wellborn III was built in 1911 by John Banks Yonge. Yonge was given the land by his mother as a gift for his marriage to Sarah Whittle Emmel of Macon. John Yonge’s mother, following her marriage to Edward Ellis Yonge, lived all her life in the antebellum home at 2200 Oak Avenue, now called the Yonge-Key-Tyler house. The house was home to John and Sarah Yonge from 1911 until 1926. The Yonges had no children, and following the death of John, Sarah inherited the house and lived there until moving to Florida. Dr. and Mrs. William L. Cooke subsequently purchased the house. After the death of Mrs. Cook in 1967, her great-nephew Frank Kieffer Martin, who later became mayor of Columbus, bought the house. It was home to the Martin family until 1986. The Wellborns purchased the house in 2003 from Mr. and Mrs. Len Perkins and, after extensive renovations to both the house and grounds, moved into their completed masterpiece in 2005.

s The home is CRAFTSMAN, an outgrowth of the Arts and Crafts movement that originated in England in THE LATE 1800’S. The design is simple, straightforward, and larger in proportions than those of the VICTORIAN MOVEMENT. It infers well made, handmade, or artisan made, usually with an application of WOOD AND STONE on the exterior.

s The Wellborns have a family connection to the house, as its builder, John Banks Yonge, was the brother-in-law of Sam’s grandfather, Harris Gardner. The home is elegant, but warm and inviting. It has been the site of numerous social, charitable, and political events, expansive enough for large crowds and intimate enough for family celebrations.




Jean Puckett was the home’s interior design. She had several pieces created for the public spaces, as well as artwork for the home. The flooring throughout the house is oak and heart pine, and the first and second floor hallways are hand-stained parquet pattern. The home is furnished with a mixture of comfortable pieces, commissioned and collected pieces, and family antiques. Several English and French pieces were purchased from That Added Touch.


he majority of the high-end kitchen appliances were purchased from Daniel Appliances. The kitchen is modeled after the English Smallbone concept, using period cabinets and lighting fixtures. White Cherokee Georgia marble is on the counters in the kitchen and adjacent butler’s pantry. The kitchen island was made by a local craftsman. The work surface is heart pine with a base designed for maximum storage and seating. The base has a custom wash which compliments the color palette of the kitchen. The copper hood above the stove was hand-crafted. The kitchen can be closed off with beautiful wooden pocket doors that have a semi-circular arched glass transom. This feature is not only lovely, but functional for entertaining.




The visionaries leading the team were contractor Larry Bussey and Reneau de Beauchamps, period designer. Their input is evident in the quality of construction and the amazing details of design throughout. A continuous thread runs through the house and brings every architectural element into a harmonious whole. Every facet was customized to retain the character of the period, while creating standards of current comfort. The one original crystal chandelier is in the dining room—it was taken apart and meticulously cleaned and restored. The majority of the lighting fixtures were acquired from antique dealers, internet searches, renaissance lighting, or from historically accurate reproductions.


fter rearing their family in Midland for over 25 years, The Wellborns felt it was time to move closer to town. They worked with Jack Jenkins for about two years designing a smaller house that would reflect the best of Southern styles on the front with Italianate features on the back. As the time to begin the process grew closer, the lot theyhad purchased for the site did not meet our requirements. They began a search for new property, which resulted in our purchase on Oak Avenue with additions and renovation ideas submitted by Jenkins. The focus in the renovation was to completely update all systems of a 1912 house, while maintaining the integrity of a historically significant midtown home. This was painstakingly achieved with the involvement of numerous professionals who brought the project to completion over a period of three years.





he landscaping was done by Ben Page, a landscape architect from Nashville, along with Bob Best and Pete Page of Columbus. Gary Gullatte handled most of the plant installations, while Neal Womack was in charge of the lawn installation and landscaping the side yards. The home is equipped with a John Ford Sprinkler System and drip systems. Among the plants in the yard are 450 different varieties of fine Camellias, a large day lily collection, and many more indigenous plants, trees, and shrubs.

The porch that wraps around the front of the house is like an additional room with a dining area and a living area. The ceiling fan, recessed lights in the high wooden ceiling, and woven shades to deter sunlight when needed mean it is welcoming any time of the day. It harkens to a time when families gathered together for slow talks and watching the neighbors passing by.




The home features 5 bedrooms, which includes a master area on the first floor that can be closed off in its entirety, as well as a smaller master suite on the second floor. There are 5 and 1/2 bathrooms. One of the bathrooms has a tiled steam room with a barreled ceiling, preventing dripping condensation, and built in areas for reclining. There is rheostat lighting and a full shower inside the area. It rivals the spa rooms of well-known retreats and provides a respite from the busy world outside.


he back of the house has a brick tiled logia that opens out from a spacious multi-purpose room accessed by tall glass French doors. These areas work in tandem to connect the interior and exterior spaces—perfect for entertaining. The open-air porch has Tuscan columns supporting a cedar arbor and is covered in confederate jasmine. This space is a nod to the Italianate back of the house originally conceived on paper.


This home is currently for sale. For more information contact: Melissa Thomas 706.256.1000 or 706.575.0669 You can also visit:





PROFILE Garry attended Sewanee, the University of the South, where he graduated with honors in 1977. He spent a year at Indiana State University working on his Masters in Art, then went to Ohio University where he was awarded the Siegfried Scholarship for overall achievement in graduate studies.



Since 1980, artist Garry Pound has been creating some of the most remarkable oil portraits in the southeast. With a heavily artistic background that spans many mediums, he is one of Columbus’ artistic gems. By KALEIGH BLESSARD Photos By S. SAXON





olumbus is lucky to have a thriving art scene. From the Springer Opera House to the Schwob School of Music at CSU, artists from every discipline can find a home surrounded by supporters, benefactors, and peers. Garry Pound is one of Columbus’ most notable artists, and some of his most recent portrait work can be seen on display now at Fountain City Coffee. This issue, we had a chance to talk with him about his passion for creating art. What do you consider to be the biggest influences on and inspiration(s) for your artwork? The things that provide my inspiration (in no particular order) are family, community, travel, art, and artists. Without bias, I can say that Barbara Gordon Pound was my greatest inspiration. She was a world-class draftsman and painter. She had an innate sense of design and structure. Her taste was unimpeachable. I blame myself and my brothers for keeping her from reaching her full potential as an artist. Growing up, I remember her constantly drawing and writing and reading, making connections, finding relationships, striving for an awareness and appreciation of the world around her.

I grew up in an “ARTISTIC” environment. Art supplies, painting and drawing,

How did you know you were meant to be an artist? I grew up in an “artistic” environment. Art supplies, painting and drawing, museum visits, visiting artists—all this was what formed the background of my childhood. It was like the air I breathed and I did not think it was anything special. I was too busy being a kid and hanging out with friends to give art much serious consideration.


visiting artists—all this was what formed the background of MY CHILDHOOD.

It was like the air I breathed and I did not think it was anything special.

When the time came, I picked a small liberal arts college, Sewanee, which had a good academic reputation; I signed up for pre-med courses. Knowing I had a little talent, and almost on a whim, I also signed up for a beginning drawing class. Art was what I was going to do for the rest of my life. I dropped all my pre-med courses, took as many fine arts courses as I could, and the rest is history. What would you say is the highlight of your career—what’s been your favorite project to work on? There have been things over the years that have given me satisfaction. Working with Allen Levi and Ron Anderson on the children’s book and play Oliviatown was, quite simply, a joy. I was proud of the work exhibited in my recent show, “Happy Are the Artists”, at the Bradley Company Museum. But you know, I am fortunate in that the highlight of my career is an ongoing thing. The next successful drawing or painting will be the highlight that matters. What I love is the work, being creative, getting in the zone, creating relationships, putting marks on paper and canvas.





o you think your art would be different if you had grown up in a different city? How has Columbus influenced or shaped you as an artist? Until recently, it was almost unthinkable for a child of the Deep South to grow up and make a living as a fine artist in his own community. Emerging artists went elsewhere. They became illustrators. They took commercial jobs. They painted signs. They taught in universities. They bussed tables. They hawked their wares in art markets like New York or Paris or London. Columbus was far from those vibrant art centers. The question was, how do you make a living in your own hometown, doing what you love and are trained to do? The Pound name, here in Columbus, already had a distinctly arty flavor to it. I need to thank my parents for that. During my first year in graduate school, I came home and went to lunch with my mother. We went to a popular deli on Wynnton Road called the Vintner, run by John Page. He had twin girls, about two years old at the time and cute. I told John I would draw the twins for free if he would hang their portrait behind the cash register. All he had to do was pass on my phone number to anyone who asked. I did the portrait, hung it at the deli, and by the time I got home there were about five commission requests waiting on my answering machine. That was what I built my professional career on. “From less is great art born.”

Garry with his mom and siblings.

THE REAL SECRET to being an artist is that you do it every day. It is a job with its own routines. Nothing takes the place of PERSISTENCE AND DETERMINATION. Talent and even genius WILL NOT MAKE AN ARTIST of the guy who won’t work until struck by the lightning bolt of inspiration. Why do you think that art scene in Columbus is so strong these days? Columbus has a great art scene because of our creative spirit and the great and noble patrons of the arts. They donate to arts institutions, participate in cultural events, purchase artworks, create collections, and encourage artists. Our arts patrons are too many to name, but they are the usual suspects—you would recognize them. They are the same people who also had their hand in saving the Springer, building the Rivercenter, supporting and expanding the University, and so on. Our town has truly been blessed through the years with big-hearted people who take delight in and are committed to creativity, to fine arts, to education, and to a better community. How would you define success? Nowadays, I find a measure of fulfillment in just being able to pay the bills, provide a comfortable home for my family, and, of course, make my wife Mamie happy. The real secret to being an artist is that you do it every day. It is a job with its own routines. Nothing takes the place of persistence and determination. Talent and even genius will not make an artist of the guy who won’t work until struck by the lightning bolt of inspiration. Creativity is a habit and a discipline, the best creativity being the product of good work habits. What is your goal as an artist? Every artist aspires to be productive, authentic, and leave his mark on the world. Bach said the purpose of art “should be the glory of God and the recreation of the human spirit.” That’s it in a nutshell. It is harder to find a better purpose in life than the pursuit of higher consciousness and trying to contribute some joy to this world. Of course, making a living is nothing. The big thing is making a point, making a difference. SVM SVM



THE COLLECTION The Wright Family collection is the foundation for the Museum of Democracy, it is the world’s largest and most comprehensive collection of historical and political campaign memorabilia.

Mackenzie Wright, Co-Founder and Project Manager for the Museum of Democracy.

THE MUSEUM OF DEMOCRACY The Museum of Democracy is a travelling collection that is hosted at permanent museums around the country. The Collection – started by the Wright Family – consists of over a million-plus objects, amassed over four decades. It is unsurpassed in quality and quantity, representing every president from Washington to Trump and covering all the major presidential campaigns.




f we do not learn our history, we are doomed to repeat it. It’s a phrase we’ve all heard, yet many of us are still reluctant to look back on how far we have come as a nation. That is why museums are so important. The Museum of Democracy, a travelling collection, is one that is dedicated to focusing a lens on one of the most vital parts of our nation, past and present: politics, and, more specifically, the election of one of the world’s most powerful positions—the President of the United States. Mackenzie Wright, cofounder of the Museum, took some time to tell us more about her family’s collection.

What was the first piece in the collection? How did all of this start? My father, Jordan M. Wright, began this collection at the age 11. On his way home from school, he came across Robert Kennedy’s Senatorial Campaign headquarters in NYC and scooped up a campaign button. That ignited a life-long passion to amass the world’s largest collection of American historical art and memorabilia. As the collection grew, its uniqueness and importance became increasingly


clear to my family. We incorporated the Museum of Democracy as a notfor-profit to preserve and protect the collection and to develop traveling exhibitions for the public. After my father unexpectedly passed away, my brother Austin and I decided to spearhead the project along with our Board of Directors. Our mission became crystal clear. The Museum of Democracy is dedicated to preserving and showcasing American historical art, artifacts, and memorabilia that tells the story of our nation’s greatest accomplishment: our democratic system. What is your role in the museum, and what do you like most about it? I am a Co-Founder and Project Manager for the Museum of Democracy. I was fortunate to grow up in politics; my mother worked in the United States Senate and my father was clearly infatuated with politics. The two bonded over their passion for our nation’s great democracy. They inspired my brother and me to study and participate in campaigns and elections that affect our world and our place in it. I now believe my greatest calling is to pass this knowledge along. My greatest joy is to educate, inspire, and promote American history, politics, and culture through art, artifacts, and memorabilia in our digital age.




3 2


1- Shaking Hands and Kissing Babies: The Road to the White House Crystal Bridges Museum Of American Art Rxhibit. 2- Robert Kennedy paper dress at The New York Historical Society Exhibit. 3Jordan M. Wright, who wrote the book Campaigning for the Presidency, began collecting political memorabilia at the age of ten. Since then, he has amassed the largest and most comprehensive collection in the world. 4- Richard Nixon toilet memorabilia. 5- Ladies featuring former presidents printed dresses.




What is your personal favorite exhibition? My favorite exhibit thus far, ‘Path to The Presidency,’ opened on June 2, 2017 at the Bridgehampton Museum in Long Island, NY. The exhibition is on display until December 31, 2017. The collection items date back to 1789, during some of the first political campaigns. Brass and copper buttons commemorate President Washington’s inauguration, and actually inspired modern campaign buttons. The exhibition historically highlights candidates and their campaigns throughout all of our elections. Time often obscures the passionate ideals of candidates and polarizing election issues, but the collection preserves the mood of the times.


Do you have a favorite exhibit or item? I have a few…the political paper dresses are a personal favorite. The line-up includes Richard Nixon, Hubert Humphrey, Robert Kennedy, and Nelson Rockefeller paper dresses. Also, the Alfred M. Landon paper cape and a JFK paper/cloth usher vest. What makes these so special, aside from having the likes of Bobby Kennedy on a paper mini dress, is that the highly fashionable items were also highly combustible! “This material is fire resistant unless washed or dry cleaned, and then becomes dangerously flammable when dry,” the label explains. Smoking was equally as fashionable in the 60’s and 70’s, which made these dresses quite difficult to preserve!



What is your favorite thing about studying history and politics? Why do you think it is important? The most fascinating part for me is seeing how much has changed and yet it is exactly the same. For instance, whether it is controversy surrounding Black Lives Matter or the initial opposition to the Civil Rights movement, history repeats itself. Progress in a society is often illustrated by demonstrations and protests, which are as American as apple pie. From Antifa to the Far Right, American protests are highly visual and artistically rich in material culture.

Museums only display a portion of their permanent collection.



and curated for events, interviews, and exhibitions.

The 2016 presidential election and ensuing political environment is arguably the most drastic in history. The subject of how and why the President of the United States is elected was never more vigorously debated. It is crucial to connect with children and young adults [over] our shared history. Teens and college students pursuing American historical culture as they understand it are the future of our nation. Many adults will relive the shifts of political, cultural, and artistic transformations they endured in America. Ultimately, all citizens of the United States of America should have exposure to and an interest in our shared history and how it relates to issues of today. On a global scale, we believe the collection will provide foreigners with valuable insight into American history and culture from an uncompromised viewpoint.


What is the strangest artifact in the collection? The collection is FULL of strange artifacts! The objects expose candidates’ eccentricities, insecurities, cash flow, dark secrets, troublesome platforms, and anything else you care to seek out! In 1837, Democratic candidate William Jennings Bryan ran against William McKinley. Bryan became a sitting duck for sarcasm, including coffins that read “this man was talked to death” because of his rather lengthy speeches. It’s hard to image a candidate today producing coffins for any reason. A button from the 1960’s that reads “Prostitutes… Vote for Nixon or Kennedy. We don’t care who gets in!” seems more outlandish and vulgar than anything we saw in our most recent election. Cigarettes were distributed at the 1988 political conventions. Smoking may not have been quite as taboo as today, but still surprising. Another strange object is a Nixon-bashing toilet seat.


Is the collection still actively growing? Where are items kept when they are not on display? The collection is actively growing, and with the shift to social media, we continue to seek material culture such as political folk art objects and handmade campaign memorabilia for exhibits. Museums only display a portion of their permanent collection. Our collection is kept in storage in New York and curated for events, interviews, and exhibitions. SVM




1- Nelson Rockefeller paper dress 2- Nixon or Kennedy presidential button. 3- Austin, Pamala and Mackenzie Wright at the Path To the Presidency exhibit. 4- Long Live The President button. 5- William Jennings Bryan coffin. 6- Bobby Kennedy paper mini dress. 7- Path to the Presidency Exhibit at the George W.Bush Presidential Center.



Holiday SPIRIT The weather outside may be frightful, but these festive holiday cocktails will warm you up. SVM recommends these six cocktails that will impress your guests by the fire. By Kaleigh Blessard





This cocktail is smooth, creamy and tastes exactly like the inside of an Andes mint. Its gorgeous color makes it perfect to serve to the adults at your Christmas gathering! INGREDIENTS 2 oz. O’Maras Mint Chocolate Irish Cream 1 ounce Green Crème de Menthe, ½ oz. Chocolate Hazelnut Vodka, 3 oz. Almond Milk, 1 cup ice, Mint Sprig for garnish.



No celebration is complete without a signature drink recipe. This gin-and-cranberry Christmas cocktail just might earn you a kiss. INGREDIENTS 2 oz. Tanqueray gin 2 Orange half-wheels 1 oz. simple syrup Cranberry juice Club soda 1 Thyme Garnish: 7 cranberries.



Say CHEERS! And ring in some holiday spirit with these festive Skinny Pomegranate Martinis. At only 107 calories a pop… you can indulge guilt-free. Perfect for holiday parties or any winter gathering (or just a cozy night at home). INGREDIENTS 2 shots VOX vodka (approx. 1 oz per shot), ½ cup pomegranate juice (like POM wonderful) ¼ cup sparkling mineral water (or club soda), 2 tsp orange juice (preferable squeezed from fresh orange), ice (about a cup), pomegranate arils, lime, lemon, or orange slices for garnish.


Touted as the winter version of the Piña Colada, we thought we needed to give this one a try. Vodka, pineapple juice, blue curacao and cream of coconut create the most delicious, beautiful, and festive holiday cocktail! INGREDIENTS Light corn syrup for rimming glasses Flaked coconut for rimming glasses 8 cups ice (more or less depending on desired consistency) 1 cup pineapple juice ½ cup blue curacao ½ cup VOX vodka ½ cup cream of coconut.



This Poinsettia Spritz Punch is totally different from the Pomegranate Martini because it involves champagne. It’s called the poinsettia due to its red hue, but it’s really just a fizzy cranberry cocktail with a hit of St. Germain. This cocktail adds the lightest flora touch that pairs perfectly with the tart cranberries and sweet champagne. INGREDIENTS 3/4 cup VOX vodka 1 1/2 cups 100% cranberry juice or pomegranate juice 2 oz. St. Germain Elderflower liquor 3/4 cup Pol Rogers champagne 1 cup fresh cranberries slices rosemary and orange for serving.


Revive the mystery of the orange with this simple yet elegant cocktail that marries the traditional holiday flavors of chocolate and orange with yuletide éclat. INGREDIENTS 2 oz Tanqueray gin 1 oz Leroux Triple-Sec 4 dashes orange bitters - Regans’ Orange Bitters Dark chocolate (at least 60% cacao) Twist of orange for garnish








COLUMBUS HERITAGE Every city in the world has a beginning. Those that have survived the tests of time were only able to do so by people that saw promise and endless potential in the city, and the people, itself.


Alfred and Mary Ann lived to their one hundredth birthdays, and celebrated their seventy-fifth wedding anniversary in 1926, when they were locally claimed as “… models of marital grace and felicity….”

Alfred Owen Blackmar II James Henry 1830-1930 Bickerstaff 1844-1906

Mary Ann Blood 1831-1932

Alfred Owen Blackmar II

Columbus was created through the hard work and dedication of its founding families. This issue, we’re taking a closer look at one of those families, the Blackmars, and one of its most notable patriarchs: Alfred Owen II. From starting Columbus’ first fire insurance business to serving in education, Columbus would certainly be a very different city without his influence and contributions.


By Jack Schley

here have been six A. O. Blackmars to call Columbus, Georgia home. For a period of over one hundred years, all branches of this family could be found here in town, and many of their descendants continue to reside in Columbus to this day. The roots of the Blackmar family tree sprouted in America in the colony of Rhode Island in 1629. It was two hundred years later that the first Alfred Owen Blackmar, as well as his son carrying his namesake, arrived to Columbus.

The first Alfred O. Blackmar was living in Savannah, Georgia, when his wife Betsy Arnold gave birth to their son, A. O. II, on July 14, 1830. Five years later the family was living in Augusta. Betsy had passed away after the birth of her second son, and Alfred remarried to Susan Adeline Daly. Alfred worked as a cotton merchant. With farm land opening up in the western part of the state, Alfred decided to move his family deep into future cotton country. A horse drawn stagecoach brought the family across the state in April of 1835 when they arrived to the small frontier town of Columbus, Georgia. Later in life, Alfred II could recall the day he arrived to Columbus as a young boy at the age of five. He described the town as consisting of more people than there were structures to house them, and a large portion of the population was Indians. SVM




he Native Americans lived across the river in Alabama, but could often be seen in the business district of downtown. Young A. O. II could recall one day when a Native American man patted him on top of his head as he walked with his father to the family store on Broad Street, near where the main CB&T building is presently situated. That particular man was called Jim Henry, and it was he who led the main force of hostile Indians in the Creek War of 1836. A rumor reached town one night during the conflict that Jim Henry and his raiders were going to attack Columbus. In response, the men in town armed themselves and were posted along the river and throughout the town. Each night, while the men kept watch, the women and children of Columbus, including A. O. II, were quartered together in an incomplete hotel in downtown, surrounded by guards. Columbus, and the neighboring town of Girard (now Phenix City), had a rough and tumble frontier reputation at that time. The same Alfred Blackmar recounted that when he was a boy the two towns were often referred to as Sodom and Gomorrah for the Biblical towns that were destroyed by fire from heaven for their heathenistic customs. There were many Indians who were also friendly and quite prominent amongst the social circles of Columbus. One such man was named Paddy Carr. He owned a large farm near Fort Mitchell, Alabama and was well known and respected by the businessmen of the frontier days in Columbus. The woman that cared for the Blackmar family children once took young A. O. II to visit Paddy Carr and his family at their townhouse across the river. Alfred could recall later in life seeing Paddy Carr standing in his doorway smoking a pipe as they approached. The man held the young Blackmar boy, bounced him on his knee, and gave him beads and other trinkets to take home with him. Carr had served as an Interpreter for General Andrew Jackson during the Indian War of 1813-1814. He also fought on behalf of the State of Georgia during the Creek War of 1836 to help defend Columbus from Jim Henry’s militant forces. Carr and his family were relocated to Oklahoma when the Creek Nation was forcibly removed from the area by the Federal Government following the war.

Mary Ann Blood and Alfred Owen Blackmar II had a long life together. She died at 101 years old and Alfred at 100 years old.

PROVENANCE The Blackmar Family (also spelled Blackmore or Blackmarr) lived in New England in the late 1600s. The Columbus, Georgia branch of the family moved here in April of 1835.

There have been six A. O. Blackmars to call Columbus, Georgia home.

For a period of over one hundred years, all branches of this family could be found here in town, AND MANY OF THEIR DESCENDANTS CONTINUE TO RESIDE IN COLUMBUS TO THIS DAY SVM



hen Alfred II grew up he remained in Columbus and became very involved in the civic development of the town. He was one of the earliest volunteer fire fighters here, and started his business, Blackmar Company Realtors, a fire insurance firm, in 1846. He served many administrative duties on City Council, and as Mayor Pro-tem, as well as in local educational capacities for many years throughout his professional career. He was known as the “Father of the High School,” after making the resolution that created Columbus High School in 1890 while serving as a member of the Board of Trustees for Columbus Public Schools. A. O. II was financially minded as well, serving as City Treasurer and in administrative roles at the earliest leading banks in town. Known to some as Captain Blackmar, he was also a licensed steam boat captain on the Chattahoochee River. He participated in passing steam ships through the Federal blockade during the War Between the States to bring supplies to and from Columbus by way of the river.

SVMFEATURE When Alfred II grew up he remained in Columbus and became very involved in the CIVIC DEVELOPMENT OF THE TOWN. He was one of the earliest volunteer fire fighters here, and started his business, BLACKMAR COMPANY, REALTORS, a fire insurance firm, in 1846.

Alfred O. Blackmar I circa 1824.

Betsy Brainard Blackmar ( Mrs. AOB I ) in 1824. Alfred O. Blackmar III further developed the family name in the real estate sector by becoming President of the Columbus Real Estate Board. He was also appointed Chairman of the Government Appraisal Board, which was charged with the purchasing of private land for the Federal Government to establish Fort Benning outside of Columbus.


he third A. O. Blackmar was a passionate horticulturalist. He enjoyed flower propagation and landscaping, which led him to be a charter member of the Columbus Country Club, and to provide a natural landscape for urban residents of the town. He married Mary Elizabeth Gordon in 1910. They had two children: Alfred O. IV and Margaret Blackmar Howard.

Home of Alfred O. Blackmar II on 1418 4th Avenue in Columbus, Georgia.

In 1851, Alfred married Mary Ann Blood in Columbus and together they had five children. They both lived to their one hundredth birthdays, and celebrated their seventy-fifth wedding anniversary in 1926, when they were locally claimed as “… models of marital grace and felicity….” All five of their children were born when the family moved to the family home that once stood at 1418 Fourth Avenue (now Veterans Parkway) in downtown. The elegant home was almost half a century old when the Blackmar family became the new owners in 1879. They called the homeplace “Opossum Ridge.” Alfred and Mary Ann Blackmar’s son John went into the Fire Insurance business with his father. He married Susie Wellborn in January 1884 and ten months later their first son, Alfred Owen Blackmar III was born. A. O. III also joined his father and grandfather in the fire insurance business.

The family name of Blackmar continues on today in Columbus with a sixth Alfred Owen Blackmar, and a seventh generation of this pioneering Columbus family. They are one of just a handful of families whose surname can be traced through the Columbus history books, uninterrupted, back to the beginning days of settlement here by the river. The talents of each generation of the Blackmar family have contributed to the progress and development of Columbus. Due to this, our town continues to operate today as a testament to the founding families that gave their careers to the building of our modern city.SVM

Alfred O. Blackmar II Real Estate Insurance office, located where Mabellas’s Restaurant is today. SVM


Special thanks to the Blackmar Family and the CSU Archive: Blackmar Family and





A hidden gem of the far Midwest, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is packed to the brim with fun activities and sights to see. Whether you’re a thrill seeker, a newlywed, or looking for some family fun, Jackson Hole has something for everyone. By KALEIGH BLESSARD

ackson was named in 1894 after trapper David Edward “Davey” Jackson, who trapped beaver in the area in the late 1820s. The town of Jackson was incorporated in 1914, and, to this date, remains the only incorporated town in the valley. The name “hole” was a term used by early trappers or mountain men to describe a high mountain valley. Jackson Hole refers to the entire valley. Pre-dating mountain men and trappers and homesteaders, Native Americans lived here seasonally for hundreds of years. Because the soil is not ideal for raising crops, when homesteaders first arrived, they ranched rather than farmed. Tourism quickly became popular with the establishment of dude ranches. The town of Jackson continues to draw cowboys and adventurers seeking to reinvent themselves, but these days it also beckons high-wattage luminaries hoping to blend into the scenery. Harrison Ford lives quietly on his ranch, former Vice President Dick Cheney often vacations in his house here, and nobody looks twice when Sting, Sandra Bullock, or Brad Pitt and

Jennifer Aniston whiz down Dick’s Ditch on snowboards. Unlike in aggressively chic ski resorts such as Aspen, people here are more concerned with how you ski than who you are. The 2,500-acre Jackson Hole Mountain Resort—known for its adrenalineproducing expert terrain—is just 10 miles down the road from Jackson Hole. You’ll rarely encounter lift lines, nor will you find fur coats on anyone but the wildlife: sophisticated Jackson may have luxury resorts and world-class restaurants, but you can wear jeans and cowboy boots at any of them. In the warmer months, Jackson Hole offers activities like kayaking, whitewater rafting, mountain biking—even hot air ballooning and hang-gliding! In recent years, Jackson Hole has been top-ranked in national lists (as reported by US News) like Best Ski Destinations, Best Fall, Summer, and Winter Getaways, Best Budget Honeymoons, Best Family Vacation Spots…the list goes on and on. Jackson Hole has a little something for everyone.








Visitors find themselves marveling at the night sky in Jackson Hole, which is no surprise considering this is one of largest undeveloped and remote tracts of land in the lower 48 states, with virtually no light pollution. On a clear night, celestial wonders come alive, including the Milky Way, which stretches overhead from one end of the valley to the other. All this makes for perfect conditions for stargazing, and the Resort boasts a staff astronomer who offers private viewing sessions right at the Resort or in Teton National Park.

Fly fishing at the Snake River.


Jackson is famed for its world-class skiing, fly fishing, and hiking, but many visitors are pleasantly surprised by the high-quality golf available here. Renowned for its stunning views, Jackson Hole Golf & Tennis Club was designed by Robert Trent Jones II, and borders Grand Teton National Park. Jackson’s other public course is Teton Pines, where former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney’s home sits alongside the 18th green.

JACKSON HOLE was given its name by wildlife trappers who were forced to enter the city’s valley via its steep, sloping walls, giving them the feeling of descending INTO A HOLE. Despite the name, Jackson Hole offers beautiful views of the surrounding Teton Mountain range, and is part of the GRAND TETON NATIONAL PARK.


Horse-drawn sleighs have been used to feed the National Elk Herd for more than a century. These days, between mid-December and early April, Belgian and Percheron horses pull open sleighs loaded with people into the herd daily. There’s no way to get closer to elk. Tours depart from the Greater Yellowstone Visitor Center. Dress warmly!


George Washington Memorial Park, commonly known as the Jackson “Town Square,” is the cultural, civic, and mercantile heart of the Town of Jackson. Dedicated as a park in 1934, the four main entrances at each of its corners are notably adorned with large arches made from elk antler sheds collected from the nearby National Elk Refuge. The first antler arch was built in 1953, and each arch is torn down and rebuilt periodically. The center of the park contains a stone memorial to famous mountain man explorer John Colter.


Fly fishing in Jackson Hole is described by the area’s most seasoned guides as a truly magical experience. In fact, few locations worldwide compare to Jackson Hole’s combination of breathtaking scenery, legendary fishing and accessibility for all skill levels.

National Elk Refuge Sleigh Ride SVM




A distinctly Wyoming vibe permeates this luxury historic hotel that has only gotten better with age. Knotty pine furniture and handcrafted bedspreads compliment full-size baths and Jacuzzis while the best concierge service in Jackson helps you fill out your itinerary with outdoor adventures. Even if staying here is out of your reach, swing by the antique Silver Dollar Bar downstairs.


Located 5 minutes’ drive from Sands Whitewater Rafting and 1 mile from the Jackson Town Square, this rustic-style lodge features an indoor/outdoor connecting pool and a free ski shuttle. Suites at The Lodge at Jackson Hole are equipped with free WiFi and an iPod docking station. They are furnished with a microwave and refrigerator. An in-room laptop safe is provided. Gun Barrel Steak and Game House is within 5 minutes’ walk from The Lodge at Jackson Hole, and Teton National Forest is 20 minutes’ drive from the hotel.

Snake River Lodge & Spa



Situated at the base of Jackson Hole Mountain in the heart of Teton Village, just 300 feet from the world-famous Jackson Hole Mountain Aerial Tram and one mile to Grand Teton National Park, The Snake River Lodge & Spa has guest accommodations to fit everyone’s lodging needs. Select from 125 beautifully appointed traditional hotel guestrooms and suites. They also feature 30 two-, three-, and fourbedroom residences with full kitchens ranging from 1,400 - 4,500 square feet.


The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar is no ordinary bar. This gallery-like atmosphere is an awesome display of the true Wild West. The decor alone will keep you fascinated for hours at a time. It is Wyoming’s landmark watering hole for spirits, beer, and wine. The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar is located right on the town square in the heart of Jackson. It is famous for its western cowboy flare motif, complete with a large collection of western memorabilia, unique knobbed pine architecture, cowboy murals, animal mounts, and genuine saddle barstools.

Bin 22


Late-night cravings can only be satisfied at one spot: Pinky G’s. No frills, no fuss, just darn good pizza. If a pepperoni slice the size of your face doesn’t cut it, opt for the Abe Froman pie with mozzarella, basil, and spicy sausage—well worth the wait.

BIN 22

POWDER ROOM Million Dollar Cowboy Bar SVM


Bin 22, a local favorite, is a tapas bar with a liquor store attached that features exceptional wines by the glass. The best way to enjoy an afternoon is to pull up a barstool, befriend the bartender on duty, and work your way through the chalkboard wall list of wines. House-pulled mozzarella with wild mushrooms and the daily arancini are two things your palate needs to experience. SVM





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Open and operating since 1983, Climate Control Heating & Air Conditioning (CCHAC for short) has been serving the Columbus area for over 30 years. They are an authorized Trane Dealer and Trane Comfort Specialist with a highly specialized and professionally trained team of experts who make your indoor comfort their top priority. Their award-winning service and installation departments are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, so you can rest assured that you can always count on them when you need them. Whenever CCHAC is involved, you know that you will receive exceptional service at a fair price and you will be 100% satisfied—that’s a guarantee. If you choose CCHAC for your next installation or repair you’ll get: Professionally trained, expert technicians Exclusive 100% satisfaction guarantee A company with a proven, 30-year track record One-year warranty on installations Trane Comfort Specialists and Trane Preferred Dealer Large Columbus, Georgia service area 24/7 emergency service

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Two Men & a Truck is a big business with a small-town attitude, and they’ve been moving Columbus for over ten years. They’re happy to take on big or small moves, commercial or residential, nearby or crosscountry. Their top priority is to exceed customer expectations and ensure utmost satisfaction, no matter what the job is. Two Men & a Truck creates an excellent customer experience by going the extra mile to get the job done right: the highly trained staff takes extra precautions to protect hardwood floors and wood furniture and always follow up once a job is completed—if you’re not happy, they’ll always make it right. Moving is hard. Let them do the heavy lifting. Their movers are put through a thorough and comprehensive training process which teaches them the proper techniques required to safely and efficiently move your furniture. They take pride in the fact that 80% of their moves are spot-checked by a manager ensuring that the move is going smoothly. Customer follow up is a key part of their service strategy so every customer receives a post move courtesy call and an emailed reply card. TWO MEN & A TRUCK 1421 BELFAST AVE. COLUMBUS, GA 31904 706.352.9518 WWW.TWOMENANDATRUCK.COM

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CPJ Custom Homes’ mission is to work as a team with our clients to create their dream space, whether it be a custom home, renovation, office, or retail space. Not everyone’s dream home looks the same, so their team is in place to customize each project around the client. Whether it be a small renovation, a large new home, or an office building, they work diligently to create and execute the client’s vision and need while enjoying the process. CPJ Custom Homes is a full design-build firm with a team in place to start with a blank piece of paper and design, decorate, build, and even furnish projects. Their team includes on-site builders, architects, and a full time on staff designer to help clients create and manage every aspect of their project…whatever that may be.



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REM BRADY CONSTRUCTION Rem Brady has been building and remodeling luxury homes for over 20 years, and by now, he’s an expert. After working extensively with other contractors in the area, Rem began his own construction business in 1988 and has been building some of Columbus’ finest luxury homes ever since. Rem Brady is well-versed in the newest trends in remodeling and construction, as well as in the features everyone wants in a home, so he can help you find exactly what you are looking for. Not only that, but he can make it happen exactly how you want it—he can make your dream home a reality. Rem specializes in complete residential and commercial remodels as well as retaining walls, pools, and decks. His business is built on classically Southern construction with strong roots, so you know you can count on him for honesty and authenticity. Let Rem Brady help you create your very own fairytale.


As member of the Carpet One Cooperative with more than 1,000 stores in the U.S and Canada, Flooring & More has enormous buying power in partnerships with the industry’s biggest brands, mills, and manufacturers, which means you’ve got access to the best products at the best value. They’ve done the research for you; tell them what you’re looking for and they will match you with the perfect product. They will fulfill your needs and desires beyond your expectations. At Flooring & More, they know that you only deserve the best, which is why they go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction. From luxury vinyl to tile and hardwood, and now kitchen and bath design, cabonets, countertops, and custom tile showers they have exactly what you’re looking for—even if you’re not sure yourself. The staff at Flooring & More is equipped to help you. The Flooring & More team is professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. On top of that, they’re community members—they’re people you know and can trust, so you know you’re always getting the best service and the best deal. With services ranging from design to installation to refinishing, there’s no reason to go anywhere else. Carpet One..nationally known but locally owned!

4848 River Road Columbus, GA 31904 706.324.4500


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The local and family-owned VSA Security Systems has been providing trustworthy security and peace of mind for families and businesses for over 30 years. When you support a local small business, you help protect and enhance the local economy--the money stays in Columbus rather than going to big corporations. VSA also background checks and drug tests all of employees, so you know that the only people you let into your home are those you can trust. Every home and business is different, which is why everyone needs a different security set-up. What works for one might not work for another, and VSA is determined to find the right solution for you. That’s what sets VSA apart from the rest: it’s all about you. VSA cares about you and your family, and your safety is their focus and their top priority. Professional security never sleeps, and neither does VSA. They’re on call day and night, so you never have to wonder where you stand. With VSA, you can’t go wrong.


GROUND CONTROL ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR Are you ready to make your next project a reality? Ground Control ECE, an electrical contractor here in Columbus, is ready to help you. Ground Control is owned and operated by American veterans—they’ve served their country, and now they’re ready to continue that service by helping you complete your next project. Ground Control provides services that includes rewiring your home and business, replacing or installing breaker panels, to complete custom work. They know that the best way to serve a community is to build it up, which is why they’ve dedicated themselves to helping you however you need it most. Ground Control operates on the basis of honesty and integrity, and they work hard every day to maintain their positive reputation. Their team is highly trained and highly committed to giving you the best experience and service possible. If you want a job done right, you’ve got to call the experts—give Ground Control a call before starting your next project, and you know it’ll be done right.

8340 Fortson CT - Suite 1 Fortson, GA 31808 706.329.0078


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COLDWELL BANKER KENNON, PARKER, DUNCAN & DAVIS Alex Roper is a Columbus native who has been working in the real estate world since 2009. When she realized that realty was her passion, she decided to pursue her B.F.A in interior design from the prestigious Savannah College of Art and Design—and the rest is history. Alex has earned a reputation for being a top producing agent, one with high integrity who provides truly unsurpassed levels of customer service. ​​ Her knowledge and implementation of innovative technology​sets her a part from the rest. She provides a dynamic, personal approach tailored to help her clients achieve their goals, whatever they may be. If you are looking for an agent who combines modern marketing with old fashioned service​,​Alex is a great fit. She is full of fresh and innovative ideas to help you as you search for or sell your home!

5670 WHITESVILLE ROAD COLUMBUS, GA 31904 706.575.3487 OR 706.256.1000 WWW.KPDK.COM/ALEXROPER


Since graduating from UGA’s Terry College of Business in 1999, Columbus native Tim Gregory has been nurturing strong working relationships with a select pool of sub-contractors and tradesmen in order to provide the best construction and contracting work in Columbus. Tim has a keen eye for envisioning spatial possibilities and potential, so when you bring him on for your project, you know the sky is the limit. His signature hands-on approach means that you’ll never have to wonder what happens next or how to solve a problem—Tim is already one step ahead of you. Tim has a special appreciation for the unique features that give a home its own personal charm and life, and his goal is to always restore original parts rather than replace them. Why fix what’s not broken? In addition to construction work, Tim also designs and builds custom furniture, light fixtures, and cabinetry. In short, he does it all! Columbus, GA 31906 706.442.1412


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STEVE ANTHONY CONSTRUCTION INC. Steve Anthony Construction, Inc. is a full service residential construction firm specializing in custom home construction, remodel, renovation and addition projects. Steve Anthony works closely with clients to identify their needs and tastes to build a product that best suits their lifestyle and budget. Services range from smaller scale bathroom and kitchen renovations to full scale, “whole home� remodel projects to ground-up new home construction. With a principled emphasis on quality and a critical eye for detail, Steve Anthony treats each project with a distinctive level of commitment. Steve Anthony Construction, Inc. strives to create and build projects with exceptional quality, inherent value and timeless beauty.

5977 Whitesville Rd, Suite 23 Columbus, GA 31904 706.507.0536

LEAH BRAXTON & KATHLEEN MASON WC BRADLEY CO. Leah Braxton and Kathleen Mason bring more than 40 years of combined residential, commercial and develop experience to their clients. Both women are associate brokers and licensed in both Georgia and Alabama. Serving the community and serving their clients is what motivates these women. A dynamic, energetic team that makes it their mission to provide stellar customer service and to promote our community to those who are visiting or moving here. Working with residential buyers and sellers, Kathleen and Leah realize the importance of building those relationships and assisting their clients with all aspects of getting settled into a new home or community. Both women practice in all areas of real estate, residential, commercial and development. When not negotiating contracts they are busy with the many philanthropic projects they are involved in. Leah and Kathleen have held leadership positions with many organizations including their churches, Columbus Chamber of Commerce, the Columbus Board of Realtors, Historic Columbus, Youth Orchestra of Greater Columbus, just to name a few. Leah holds the coveted CCIM designation (Certified Commercial Investment Member), a designation held by less than 10% of real estate agents in the United States, while Kathleen has the GRI designation (Graduate Relator Institute) held by less than 15% of real estate agents nationwide.

1017 Front Avenue Columbus, GA 31901 LEAH 706.289.5886 - KATHLEEN 706.662.0312 SVM

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JOHNSON’S PAINTING & SERVICES Are you looking to spruce up your space? Maybe a new coat of paint or some fresh patterns—but you’re fresh out of ideas? Johnson’s Painting and Services is here for you. With the most quality paints and products available, they’re guaranteed to have exactly what you’re looking for. Johnson’s Painting is a company located in Phenix City, AL servicing the bi-city area. They specialize in residential and commercial painting but also offer miscellaneous home and office repairs and improvements. The team at Johnson’s wants more than anything to help you make your space perfect. At Johnson’s Painting and Services, they know that the details are what make a house a home. That’s why they are wholly dedicated to helping you pick out the tiny but significant parts to help you perfect your personal space.


SOUTHERN ROOTS LAWN CARE Imagine your perfect home. Everything is in its place, and all as it should be. Now think: what does the lawn look like? Is it bright and green? Are there blossoming flowers among the trees and bushes? Is it the perfect place for kids to play and friends to gather? Well, it will be if you call on Southern Roots Lawn Care. The team at Southern Roots are your hometown lawn care and maintenance experts. From design and installation to care and upkeep, they’ve got the know-how from start to finish. They specialize in commercial and residential landscape maintenance, but they can handle just about anything, and now they offer retaining walls, pavers, and flagstone installation. In a perfect world, we all have the perfect lawn. But in reality, only those who trust Southern Roots can achieve perfection. If you want a beautiful yard to match your beautiful home and beautiful family, you know who to call: Southern Roots!

P.O. Box 4677 Columbus,GA 31914 706.681.1589


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For over 66years, Hinson Galleries has been the standard for fine furniture and accessories in Columbus, Georgia and the Chattahoochee Valley. Exploring Hinson Galleries is like opening a book with many different stories: on one page, it’s the tale of a couple and their two grown children, continuing a long-held family tradition. At another level, it’s the collective stories of all the customers who come in, full of hopes for decorating or refurbishing their homes. They come in with ideas and tastes, always with budgets in mind. Once inside, customers can take advantage of the store’s complimentary design services, where one of several professionals can take their dreams and make them come true. Located in Columbus since 1951, Hinson Galleries has proudly served the area with exclusive lines that can only be found in their store. Setting the standard for furniture and interior elements such as oriental rugs, lamps, and fine art is a tradition that remains. So next time you’re looking for that perfect piece to complete your home, make Hinson Galleries your first and only stop. HINSON GALLERIES 1208 13th Ave, Columbus, GA 31901 (706) 327-3671

FOUR SEASONS SUNROOMS & WINDOWS With a Better Business Bureau rating of A+, Four Seasons Sunrooms is absolutely the best place to go for all of your outdoor space needs. “Sunroom” is in the name, but they also offer design and construction services for solariums, conservatories, and pool and patio enclosures. All of their services are backed by expert design consultants, top quality installation crews, and lifetime limited warranties. They offer unrivaled quality and construction, and their patented Conservaglass Select simply can’t be beat by anything else on the market. This product is designed to be energy efficient while offering high visibility with low reflectivity, so you don’t have to sacrifice your view for anything. Four Seasons is now offering energy saving windows and doors, as well as patio covers, awnings, and pergolas. Now is the time to spruce up your yard while we wait for nicer weather to come back around—don’t you think it’s time for some outdoor updates? Treat yourself as well as your guests with new spaces to entertain with a sunroom. 5224 15th Avenue - Unit C Columbus, GA 31904 706.705.2332


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We all share common threads in life. Whether it be enjoying similar TV shows, foods, stores, or the same types of people, all of humanity is connected in one way or another. In essence, we all live through parallel lives - living, breathing and existing through subtle, but ever existent, common pulses.



Originally a mail-in rental service, Netflix has become one of the most rapidly growing brands in recent history. It’s hard to name a single person who doesn’t have a Netflix account—whether they pay for it themselves or mooch off someone else’s—and for good reason! With a wide variety of shows and movies to choose from, including classics and new releases as well as original content from Netflix itself, the question isn’t what to watch, it’s where to start.

In the US, over 1.32 billion movie tickets are sold each year. The average ticket price in 2017 is $8.90

Only around 45,000 movies have been made in the U.S.— about one-third of the estimated global total.

China has the fastest-growing movie production market in the world. China opened on average 22 new cinema screens every single day in 2015.


The most watched show on Netflix is Breaking Bad. The pilot episode was first aired on January 20, 2008, and the series finale was broadcast on September 29, 2013.


According to the Motion Picture Association of America’s 2016 study, the average adult sees 5.3 movies a year—that’s only roughly 15 hours in a theatre per year.

The first video content ever put on Netflix was a test film created to inspect standard film frames. If you have access to Netflix US, the film can still be found by searching “example show.”

The company’s value is estimated at $70 billion. A DVDby-mail service with 600,000 subscribers when it went public, Netflix now streams to more than 100 million accounts.

As of 2015, the average Netflix user streams around 568 hours annually—that’s 90 minutes a day.

Netflix has 57.4 million unique accounts. Since one subscription allows several people to watch Netflix, the number of actual users is much bigger.


The world’s global box office revenue is over $38 billion.


The most watched movie of all time is Titanic. The movie was #1 at the U.S. box office for a record fifteen consecutive weeks, from 19 December 1997 to 2 April 1998.

The idea behind Netflix came in 1997 after CEO Reed Hastings was charged a $40 late fee on his rental of Apollo 13 on VHS.

Netflix’s content library takes over one petabyte of data. This is an equivalent of 1,024 terabytes or 1,048,576 gigabytes. In other words – A LOT. In simpler terms, there are about 8,000 shows and movies on Netflix.


The first movie to be made in Hollywood was In Old California in 1910. The 17-minute short film was directed by movie making legend D. W. Griffith, who was also responsible for the groundbreaking Birth of a Nation.


An industry that began in the early 1900s has, over time, blossomed into one of the most powerful industries on the globe. ‘Hollywood’ is tossed around in conversations daily, and all facets of it are fair game, from movie stars, to award shows, to scandals, to the newest stars on the Walk of Fame. In recent years, Hollywood and traditional film has come up against a feisty competitor: online streaming services. In the early days of film, most movie-making patents were held by Thomas Edison’s company in New Jersey, and competing filmmakers were often sued and forced to stop their productions. That’s when the industry started moving out west, where persecution was less likely.



Netflix is available in 190 countries. The market with the highest growth is Latin America.


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