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Keeping You in the Game!

The St. Francis Orthopaedic Institute provides a full range of surgical and non-surgical services to treat injuries, providing patients with the best possible care. Our physicians are experts in the highly specialized field of sports medicine. St. Francis Orthopaedic Institute offers advanced treatment for student athletes and those who enjoy an active life.

Sports Medicine 2300 Manchester Expressway Columbus, Georgia 706-322-6646 w w w. s f h o r t h o p a e d i c s . c o m

We want you to start enjoying life again.

The Bradley Center provides a warm, caring and structured approach to helping children, adolescents, adults and senior adults begin the process of overcoming crises caused by life's difficulties. Our highly skilled team of mental health care professionals, including psychiatrists and therapists, offer a full range of services to help you start enjoying life again! 2000 Sixteenth Avenue | Columbus, Georgia | 706-320-3700 |

L LEADERS EADERS O ON N E EVERY V E RY L LEVEL EVEL Meeting the gr growing rowing medical needs in Georgia and communities, ack Hughston Memorial Alabama comm unitiess, JJack Hospital is among the 100 best hospitals in the following Care nation for the follo wing Specialty ty Car re The Joint Commission mmission rrecognizes e ecognizes the Jack Jack Hughston Memorial Hospital in the top 18% of 2011 accredited edited hospitals for being accr re hos “T TO OP PERFORMERS PERFOR ON KEY “TOP QUALITY Q UALITY A MEA MEASURES™, MEASURES™,”” FOR SURGIC AL C ARE. SURGICAL CARE. Champ L.. Bak Baker, ker er, Jr Jr., r..,, MD M - Arthroscopy Arthroscoppy & Sports Sports Medicine Baker Arthroscopy & Sports Sports Medicine Champ L.. Bak ker e III,, MD M - Arthroscopy Bernard, Jr., Thomas N.. Bernar d,, Jr r..,, MD - Orthopaedic Orthopaedic Spine Surgery Surgery Kenneth Orthopaedic Spine Surgery Surgery J.. K e enneth Burkus,, MD M - Orthopaedic Kevin K evin J.. Collins,, MD - Arthroscopy Arthroscoppy & General Orthopaedics Orthopaedics Jr., Norman L.. Donati,, Jr r..,, MD - General Orthopaedics Orthopaedics & Ar Arthroscopy throscopy JJohn ohn D D.. Dor Dorchak, chak,, MD - Orthopaedic Orthopaedic Spine Surgery Surgery Patrick Fernicola, MD - T P atrick J.. F ernicola,, M Total ootal JJoint oint Replacement & Spor Sports ts Medicine Fred Fred Flandr Flandry, y, MD, MD, F FACS ACS - Trauma, Trrauma, Arthroscopy, Arthroscopy, & Sports Sports Medicine Ryan Sports Medicine & General Orthopaedics Orthopaedics Ry an M.. Geringer, Geringerr, DO - Sports

 Alban Albanyy


AMONG THE T TOP O OP 5% he nation fo ffor or of hospitals in the PATIENT EXPERIENCE P ATIENT T EXPER ffor o or 4 years years in a row row 2009-2012 2 Garland K.. Gudger, Gud err, MD - General Orthopaedics Gudg Orthopaedics & Sports Sports Medicine Kurt E.. Jacobson, Jacobso on,, MD, MD, FACS FACS - Spor Sports ts Medicine & General Orthopaedics Orthopaedics Kurt David Da avid v H.. MacD MacDonald, Donald,, MD - Hand,, & Upper Extremity, Extremityy, Ar Arthroscopy throscoppy James E.. McGrory, McGrory, MD - Spine Surgery, Surgery, Hip and Knee Replacement Lyle A.. Norw ood, od,, Jr., Jrr..,, MD - Shoulder, Shoulderr, Knee & General Ge Lyle Norwood, Orthopaedics Orthopaedics Douglas W. W. Pahl, Pahl, hl, MD - Orthopaedic hl, Orthopaedic Spine Surgery Surgery Da avid v C Rehak k,, MD - Hand,, Elbow Elbow & Upper Extremity Extremity David C.. Rehak, Carlton G.. Sa avory, MD ACS - Hip, Hip, Knee & T ot o otal Joint Joint Replacement Savory, MD,, F FACS Total Benjamin J.. Schwar Sc tz,, MD - Total Total o Joint Joint Replacement & Re vision Schwartz, Revision Michael M.T Tucker, u uckerr, Jr., Jrr..,, MD - Knee Knee,, Shoulder Shoulder,r, FFoot, oot, Ankle & Spor Sports ts Medicine John John I. W Waldrop, a aldrop, MD - Total Total o Joint Joint Replacement & Arthroscopy Arthrroscop o py

 Auburn  Columbus  Cordele Cordele  Dothan  Phenix City  Thomaston  Valdosta Valdosta aaldos  Vidalia




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Eye on the Prize W

ith daily polls, popularity ratings and percentage points dominating the media as Americans approach Election Day on Nov. 6, mention of the number of electoral votes needed to win the presidency has understandably piqued broader interest in understanding the nation’s presidential election process. Yes, your vote counts. Some people have complained since 2000 that if the winner of the popular vote doesn't become president, their vote doesn't really count, so why vote at all? But every vote does count; it just counts in a more complicated way. When you vote for president, remember that you're voting in a state election, not a national election. So your vote counts just as much as anyone else's in your state — but it may count more or less than that

of someone living in another state! At the same time our country, our states, our communities, as they are today, are direct products of the way we voted in the past. If you don't like the way things are, or if you do, cast your vote on Election Day and make a difference, So the next time you are going to cast your ballot for the presidential race, remember that you're not exactly casting your vote for the president directly. Instead, you're empowering a selected elector who will do that for you. Just keep in mind that your elector can always change his or her mind, and vote for the other guy. Or perhaps one day a woman. So make sure you listen to the debates, study the candidates, read up on the issues, and make an educated decision in November because that

vote for President is about as powerful as those being stuffed into boxes by election officials in Russia and Venezuela. Cheers!


onthecover What would you like to change about the world? Wow, it’s hard to pick one notion about changing the world because there is so much that needs to be done. I think what lies at the root of it all are the people and their mindsets so I would start by changing ‘us.’ If we all were less judgmental, more optimistic, and thought of others before ourselves it’d be a much more pleasant place to live. What makeup items can’t you leave the house without? It appears that I’m more low maintenance than I thought! On a normal day I usually do my make up and leave empty handed. What’s your secret cheap thrill? Concerts. I absolutely love going to concerts whether or not I’m familiar with the artist.

Jenna Hopkins

Latest fashion obsession: I am in love with a wrist full of mix-matched or bold bracelets right now. I feel like they can spice up any outfit. Every lady has a vice. What’s yours? Embarrassing girly music that I grew up to. I still jam out to NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, and newer artists like Justin Bieber. I can’t help but feeling like busting a move when I hear it (alone of course).

What’s your favorite TV show of all time and why? Most people would describe Intervention on A&E as depressing but I see it as more of an enlightening documentary. I find it absolutely intriguing how people on the show ‘choose’ to live. I like seeing the transformation of the individual from beginning to end. Obama or Romney? I’m undecided at the moment. I agree and disagree with several aspects of both parties. This will be an interesting election to say the least. What quote do you live by? “Love all, trust few, do wrong to no one.” – Shakespeare Accessories you always wear: I am a major fan of diamond stud earrings and I wear them virtually every day because they go perfectly with casual outfits or something more dressy. Last book you read: 50 Psychology Classics by Tom Butler-Bowdon. It’s a great read because it touches on so many different concepts originated by profound psychologists rather than diving in deep on one. CLOTHING AND ACCESORIES: Level 99,; The Buzz, 2495 Airport Thruway, Columbus; 706.320.9070; HAIR AND MAKEUP: Laura Brooker and Deborah Savage for Bright Salon, 1328 13th Street, Columbus; 706.221.1177;



Mill No 3 Condos

Real Estate, LLC


thismonth’smail Political Affair Reading James Carville on SVM was a great surprise. He is a very entertaining Democrat, but not very truthful. Nothing new there. What I found ironic is when he talks about the rich, because Carville, one of the 1 percenters himself, lives a pretty fabulous lifestyle consorting with the very Washington–New York–Hollywood elites he likes to decry. The best thing he was able to accomplish to make himself likeable was to marrying Republican political operative, pundit, and book publisher Mary Matalin, a Mitt Romney supporter. These kinds of interviews are what draw me to your magazine in the first place! JOSEPH T, VIA EMAIL After reading the August issue article on James Carville, all I could ask myself was why? He worshiped Bill Clinton, strike one. He is a big time supporter of Obamacare, strike two. He also said that instead of worrying about mushrooming debt, the federal government should immediately spend hundreds of billions of additional dollars on repairing and enhancing the country’s infrastructure and other public projects to shore up the suffering middle

class—which, after all, is America’s economic engine. Well, the middle class has not been an integral part of the conversation in American politics by the democrats, strike three! M. JONES-SMITH, COLUMBUS, GA I read this well-written interview with James Carville in your August issue. I know James Carville is not the most attractive or most humorous guy in politics, but he can be very opinionated about his own party when he said: Mr. President, people are livid. Tell people that you, too, are angry and sickened by the irresponsible actions on Wall Street that caused so much suffering. Do not accept excuses. Demand action now. JODIE A, COLUMBUS, GA

Mrs. Right

In Good Faith

Although I’m not into politics, I was thrilled to read the interview from Patti Brown about a woman in politics (Mary Matalin- August 2012). Men and women approach situations from very different perspectives and it is necessary that we have both of those perspectives at the table when legislation that affects everyone is discussed. SVM is keeping up with the times and we love it. Keep up with the good work.

I was delighted to see that District Attorney Julia Slater was featured in the pages of your magazine (August 2012). It’s fantastic to see so many women coming into their own through politics and Mrs. Slater is a good example of that. As a District Attorney Julia is always responsible to ensure our criminal justice system does not release violent criminals and sexual predators back into our community. Kudos to her and continuous success.



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s fall approaches and the weather cools, we continue our directory of area businesses with the latest and greatest Columbus has to offered in our “U, V, W” series. If you need to select and purchase new fabrics for your home, or have your existing linens freshened for the pending winter, we’ve got you covered with local businesses that specialize in all your household needs. Pick up prescriptions from your locally owned and operated apothecary, make an appointment for health needs, or purchase a property, all of this and more in this edition of Making Waves.

Urology Center of Columbus, LLC Valley Fabrics & Interiors The Village Apothecary Waddell Realty Co., LLC Allen Parham & Reynolds Bickerstaff Wade Linen Service and Wade Cleaners W.C. Bradley Co.



FEATURE UROLOGY CENTER OF COLUMBUS, LLC YEARS OF SERVICE: Urology Center of Columbus has the highest standards of employment for its professional staff and requires continued medical educational courses for its employees. There are certified urological nurses through the Society of Urological Nurses and Associates, as well as, certified ultrasound and radiology technologists on site. Clinical staff are required to be CPR and ACLS certified. The medical staff of Urology Center of Columbus, LLC continuously strive to provide patients with the most dependable, current procedures and diagnostic techniques in urological care. SERVICES: The Urology Center of Columbus, LLC offers a variety of diagnostic and testing in house so that their patients do not have to visit a different location for these services. This provides the patient the opportunity to receive their test results and/or therapies in a more timely and efficient manner. Diagnostic services include; Uro-Cystogram, Kidneys, Ureter, Bladder (KUB), Cystogram, Nephrostogram, Computed Tomography (CT), DXA Scan, Ultrasound, ECG, and Urodynamics. The Urology Center of Columbus, LLC has on staff a phlebotomist to provide our patients with the laboratory service that they need including: general labs and metabolic

1021 Talbotton Road, Columbus, Georgia, 706.324.7700,


YEARS OF SERVICE: Located in The Landings in Columbus, Georgia, Valley Fabrics & Interiors carries the latest quality decorator fabrics and provides you an opportunity to purchase right off the bolt. SERVICES: Valley Fabrics & Interiors offers high quality decorator fabric, trims, wallpaper, upholstered furniture and custom orders are also available. In their retail space they showcase inspirational vignettes to provide endless inspiration and creative design concepts. Their sister store, Fine & Funky, is located in the same retail location. A full-service interior design store Fine and Funky has a wide variety of home furnishings and ever changing accessories. From lighting to original artwork, upholstered furniture to dining room sets the stores vignettes provide inspiration and are available for purchase in-store.

5592 Whitesville Road, Columbus, Georgia, 706.323.6442


Minor illnesses and injuries don’t care what day it is. Luckily, neither do we. Introducing MyCare Urgent Care Center. When you have a minor illness or injury, you don’t need to be seen in a hospital emergency room. You have options. MyCare Urgent Care Center is the newest option, designed especially to meet the needs of you and your family. For coughs and colds, cuts and scrapes, sprains and strains, and many other minor medical concerns, MyCare Urgent Care Center provides the care you need with shorter wait times and lower costs than a trip to an ER. MyCare Urgent Care Center. For your care.

• Open seven days a week • Lower out of pocket costs than the ER • Quality care from onsite physicians 706.494.4949

On the Doctors Hospital Campus 616 19th Street, Suite 200, Columbus GA 31901

Open 7 AM – 11 PM / Monday - Sunday

FEATURE THE VILLAGE APOTHECARY YEARS OF SERVICE: The Village Apothecary opened its doors on July 10th at 6801 River Road in Columbus, Georgia. Pharmacists, Sumner and Carla Kelly, are excited to offer a personalized approach to pharmaceutical care and medication management. SERVICES: The Village Apothecary accepts most all insurance plans (Tricare and Express Scripts included). They also accept all major credit cards, including HSA and Flex cards. They have a full service prescription department with a drive-thru, free local delivery, as well as on-call pharmacy services for after hour emergencies. A wide selection of over-the-counter medications, personal products, greeting cards, and a $1.00 merchandise section makes The Village Apothecary a convenient one-stop-shop. The staff at The Village Apothecary looks forward to serving the residents of Columbus. Please stop by and allow them to introduce themselves and discuss the health care services they can offer at the same price or less than many larger pharmacies. 6801 River Road, Building 2, Suite 201, Columbus, Georgia 706.327.4242,

WADDELL REALTY CO., LLC YEARS OF SERVICE: For over 27 years, Waddell Realty Co., LLC has been serving the Columbus area. On May 1, 2000, Allen Parham Realtors merged with Waddell Realty Co., LLC. Richard Waddell served as President and Allen Parham as Vice President & Managing Broker. In December of 2002 the company opened its office at 1 Bradley Park Ct. to accommodate the company’s growth from 24 agents to 65. During this time their market share also increased from 8% to 18%. In January 2011, one of their own, Reynolds Bickerstaff, joined Allen and Richard as a partner. The three originally met in the Spring of 2009, when new vision for Waddell Realty began to develop. Reynolds began his career in July 2004 with the company and now is the Marketing Trainer & Coach. Richard Waddell sold his interest in the company and stepped down as President on January 1, 2012. He continues to focus on commercial/residential development, as he has for the past 27 years. Allen Parham and Reynolds Bickerstaff are the current Managing Partners of Waddell Realty Co., LLC.

1 Bradley Park Cour., Columbus, Georgia, 706.653.1400,,

SERVICES: Waddell Realty offers Full Service Residential and Commercial Real Estate, single/multifamily property management and Global Relocation. “Do It Right Or Don’t Do It At All” is the philosophy that drives real estate professionals at Waddell Realty. Founded more than 27 years ago by a local developer, Richard Waddell, the construction background means that quality has always been of the utmost importance when helping their clients buy and sell real estate. They believe in quality customer service that’s built on incredible attention to detail and genuine trust between their agents and their clients. At Waddell Realty, they do what’s right for people and protect their client’s best interests throughout every facet of the home buying or selling process.


FEATURE WADE LINEN SERVICE AND WADE CLEANERS YEARS OF SERVICE: Wade Linen Service and Wade Cleaners is a local, family-owned and operated company that has provided premium services to the area since 1939. Located in Columbus, Wade Linen is committed to customer satisfaction by offering a variety of services at four locations in the Columbus area. With 71 years of service, Wade Linen and Cleaners is a full service dry cleaner featuring quality, personal service from a name you know and trust. Whether it’s an everyday shirt or a cherished family treasure, they will treat your item with care and return it to pristine condition. SERVICES: Wade has new additions to their line of traditional dry cleaning and alteration services that include custom monogramming and dry cleaning valet available. By using the latest technology in computerized monogramming and offering creative embroidery designs, their skilled staff is able to meet each customer’s unique needs. The embroidery service has become so popular that they now offer customized gift items; colorful beach towels, baby pillows, baby blankets, burp clothes, diaper covers, bucket bags, tote bags, cloth napkins, aprons and bath towel sets to name a few. Traditional dry cleaning services they offer include various articles of clothing, as well as, larger items like wedding dresses. As Columbus’ prestige cleaner, they provide a higher level of service and quality that continues to build loyal patronage from customers and their referrals. The staff at Wade is always friendly and willing to assist in all your dry cleaning needs.

124 1 Linwood Boulevard, Columbus, Georgia 706.322.1611,

W.C. BRADLEY CO. YEARS OF SERVICE: The W.C. Bradley Co., founded in 1885, is a privately owned company headquartered in Columbus, Georgia. Founded as a “cotton factoring” business, the company heritage includes operating diverse businesses in the textiles industry, farm implement manufacturing, row crop and livestock production, wholesale supply businesses meeting the needs of industrial and building contractors, retail businesses in outdoor sports equipment and licensed sports apparel, and barbecue grill manufacturing. The goal of the W.C. Bradley Co. is to attain leadership as a multi-brand supplier of high quality consumer goods and services focused primarily on the home and leisure lifestyle markets. Strategically, the W.C. Bradley Co. is committed to building on its current strengths and competencies and further developing them as a platform for seeking new opportunities. The W.C. Bradley Co. – strong traditions, with a proud past and a promising future. SERVICES: The W.C. Bradley family of companies has a history of changing and evolving to meet the ever-changing consumer needs and market conditions. The values of integrity and stewardship have been the constant standards that have guided the company. Bound by this legacy and responsibility to act in the best interests of its team members, shareholders, customers and community, the W.C. Bradley Co. has a successful track-record in product innovation and quality, offering home and leisure products that consumers trust and believe in. The true sense of team has always been important to the culture of the W.C. Bradley Co. It is this team aspect – of individuals and companies coming together – which creates the synergy that drives the growth and success of the company. Today, it is comprised of the following family of companies focused on home and leisure products and services: Char-Broil, Zebco Brands, Lamplight, W.C. Bradley Co. Real Estate LLC, and the PGA Tour Shop. The Bradley-Turner Foundation, using contributions from the company’s success, supports the community and region through many different programs and facilities funded in whole or in part by foundation donations. The foundation is one of the largest charitable foundations in Georgia. svm 1017 Front Avenue, Post Office Box 140, Columbus, Georgia, 706.571.6080,


EVENT Sandy and Ken Coolik with Faye and Steve Melton

The Swinging Medallions Marsha and Cliff Mason

PARTY FOR PROMISES Photos by Margie Richardson

he Swinging Medallions performed at the Green Island Country Club on Friday, August 24 at a “Party for Promises� benefitting The Anne Elizabeth Shephard Home and Columbus area programs of Twin Cedars Youth and Family Services, Inc. The Swinging Medallions played to a packed crowd who all enjoyed dancing to the sounds of the group. svm


Jud, Margie, and Libba Richardson and Will Dillon.

John and Lucy Sheftall

Cathy Bickerstaff, Carol Humes, Minnie Bradley, and Pat Jordan.

Pam and John Thayer

Jeannie and Lee Pierson Linda and John Logan with Julie Daughtery and Charlotte Gunby.

Gene and Meg Perkins, Haley and Brad Arnold, Kelly and Chris McKinstry.





Deciding they could no longer go on working a clockwork corporate job, brothers Shep and Ian Murray chose to design ties which represented the fun loving lives they enjoyed in their spare time. In the summer of 1998 the brothers took cash advances on their credit cards and, despite being told how “dumb” their idea was, they started vineyard vines — a tie company based on Martha’s Vineyard. By Courtney Ruggles 19



ou can still make a living doing something you love with people you like. You just have to give two weeks notice.” That’s Shep and Ian’s favorite quote, and it was made a reality in 1998 with the creation of vineyard vines, a sort of relax and hang out in Martha's Vineyard or Nantucket sort of theme, known for its brightly colored polo shirts and colorful ribbon belts. The two brothers graciously sat down with SVM to talk about their life and the company they created. What made you decide to pursue a career in fashion? We started vineyard vines as a tie company. We never envisioned it would grow into the brand or organization it is today. We had no experience in fashion, and no intention of pursuing a career in the industry. From the beginning, we simply wanted to provide our customers with a quality product that reminded them of the finer places and things that life has to offer. What is your favorite part about being in the fashion industry? We are removed from the industry of our own accord. Our mission is to make products that we love and that our customers want, not products driven by trends or what the fashion industry is doing. We think we’ve succeeded because of that and will continue to run our business that way. What makes your line unique from other brands? We are truly a lifestyle brand and staying authentic to who we are is one of our number one priorities. We are real, our brand is about real experiences and real customers. We think that definitely sets us apart in the industry. In addition, our state of mind here at vineyard vines is “every day should feel this good.” We want everything about vineyard vines, whether it’s shopping in our stores, talking to a customer service representative, or simply wearing one of our products, to be the best experience we can provide. We think that also makes our brand experience unique. What are some of the charities that you partner with? What made you decide to partner with those specific charities? Truly, the list is endless. We donate product to hundreds of organizations each month.

1 our customers. Without them, we wouldn’t have this company. We feel grateful every day for our customers’ continued support. How do your strengths and weaknesses (as brothers) work together to run vineyard vines? We’re brothers, and admittedly, some days are more challenging than others. However, we find that our differences usually result in a debate, which produces a better product or decision in the end. What are some of your hobbies? And how have they influenced the clothing that vineyard vines offers? We are both avid boaters, fisherman and musicians. Our love of the water has had the biggest influence on our products. Some of the products we’re best known for – swim trunks, flip flops, polos, t-shirts, fleece vests – we designed for a day out on the boat or at the beach. What vibe do you hope people get when seeing your customers wearing your clothing? We hope people get the vibe of “every day should feel this good,” with every vineyard vines experience! svm Special thanks to Elizabeth White/Michele Marie PR


1: There are now 23 freestanding vineyard vines retail stores around the country, and the line can be found in about 500 stores. 2: The company's whale logo is emblazoned on a majority of its products. 3: "The Aflac Order": Ian receives an order for 8,000 custom Aflac ties, making it the largest order vineyard vines has ever received to date. All employees lent a hand in boxing and shipping them out. 4: The Murray brothers opened their first vineyard vines store in Martha's Vineyard on the Fourth of July, 2005.

Through our Tied to a Cause program, which launched three years ago, we’ve been able to make a bigger contributions to some organizations near and dear to our hearts. Some of those organizations include the Breast Cancer Alliance, Waterkeeper Foundation, Martha’s Vineyard Preservation Trust, Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, International Game Fish Association, USO, Share our Strength and the Melanoma Research Alliance. If you could pick any one dream person (living or dead), to wear Vineyard Vines, who would it be and why? We would always pick




EVENT David and Jaime Lemieux

Jay and Patsy Stelzenmuller, Mike and Leah Braxton, Evelyn and Narongchai Jirasakhiran.

2012 RIVER RAFFLE Photos by S. Saxon

THE  EVENT: The fifth annual Historic Columbus River Raffle was held on September 20, 2012 on the riverfront at the historic Eagle and Phenix Mill Complex. The event was hosted by the Historic Columbus Foundation and featured a reverse raffle with $10,000 in cash prizes, great food by local restaurants, an ecofriendly golf challenge, and live entertainment.

Douglas and Deani Pahl, Kim and Trey Jinks.

THE  PURPOSE: This event is a fundraiser for the Historic Columbus Foundation and helps the HCF continue to fund various projects throughout the community and continue to promote economic development through historic preservation. The HCF continues to deliver on their mission to Revitalize, Educate, Advocate and Preserve.

Shannon Heflin and Ernie Smallman

THE  HIGHLIGHTS: Our areas amazing Uptown restaurants provided dinner for the attendees. This year, Country’s Barbeque, Old Siam, Los Amigos Cantina, Twelfth Street Deli and EPIC, generously donated their delicious food for the event. While guests were entertained for the evening by an up and coming regional band, Sons-N-Britches. Mac Plummer and Margie Richardson

Rachel Plummer and Megan Plummer Dexter and Pat Jordan

Blair Wooldridge and Beth Milner



Kathy Tanner, Kathleen Gilliam,

John and Margaret Page, John and Lucy Sheftall. Maria Kent, Carroll Pound and Chris Harman.

Randy Robertson, Theresa Garcia and Chris Woodruff. Kathy Tanner, John and Christy Lemieux.

Jason Gamache and Alayne Simmons

RIVER RAFFLE Callie Hecht, Kayla Turner and Debbie Lipscomb.

Mr. and Mrs. Hudson Garrett, Garry and Mamie Pound, Lindsay Corrizo Pound

Megan Jones, Kasey Conner, Mandy Welch and Ashton Price.

Bobbie Dakin, Joan Swift, Ann Burr and Gary Wortley.




RACE DIRECTOR By Kristen Brown • Photos by Sammie Saxon


he 28th annual Steeplechase at Callaway Gardens is a truly special event in our community and every year it is one of the most anticipated days in the Southeast. To put on an event of this magnitude, it takes the work of many dedicated individuals. Among the hardworking members of the Steeplechase organization is this year’s Race Director, Jaime Lemieux. Prior to assuming this prestigious role, Jaime served as the Operations Chair and has attended the event for 17 years, volunteering along the way. Jaime graciously sat down with SVM to discuss her favorite traditions, longtime connection to horses and what to expect from this year’s 28th annual Steeplechase.

Why did the Race Director responsibilities appeal to you and why did you feel this was something you wanted to take on? I’ve been going to Steeplechase for about 17 years. For probably 12 of those years I’ve volunteered in a variety of areas, but when I was first asked my initial response was utter astonishment. It was a challenge that, honestly, scared me, but in the end I felt compelled to accept. There is no doubt, it is a big commitment. With a full time job, a family of four and now 4 dogs and a horse, the idea seems very overwhelming (even now), but I was raised in a way that I feel called to serve others. My mother logs in hours of her time volunteering at Callaway and we enjoy and support all the arts organizations in our area. So, after much discussion and consideration with my husband, kids and family, we felt it was a sacrifice we were willing to endure over the course of the past two years. Your husband grew up around horses and he continues to be active in that arena today. Do you share the same passion for horses? I have great respect and appreciation for a horse’s beauty and power. As a young girl, I took dressage lessons and rode casually at friends’ farms, but didn’t feel the desire to compete when


it came time. I still have a love for horses, but have not made the time required to be successful at riding in my adult life. The type of riding my husband enjoys truly requires a commitment to putting hours in the saddle. For now, I’m happy to support him by holding down the fort while he lives his passion. He, in turn, supports me in these crazy jobs I assume! I think riding is a wonderful way for both young and “old” alike to be outside learning the discipline and responsibility that goes with caring for a horse.

“I’m thankful for the opportunity to serve others in this way and learn more about myself.” Every year thousands come to see some of the most athletic thoroughbreds compete at the Steeplechase. How many races can we expect this year and what are the various purses? We are happy to be offering 5 sanctioned races, as well as, 2 pony/junior races. The purses range from $15,000 up to $75,000 for the Aflac Supreme Hurdle.

Beyond the excitement of the races, families and friends enjoy some fast-paced mingling and socializing each year. What are other attractions that family can enjoy at the Steeplechase? There will be many return favorites, such as; the Carmike Kid’s Corral, Terrier Races, and the Taste of the Chase in the Infield areas. A new and exciting change for the terrace area this year is the relocation of our Auction Tent. Historically held at Chaser’s Eve on the night prior to our race, this year we will have all the auction items located near the Horseshoes Tent and Race Arcade. We’ll have some fabulous items up for bid. For $50 you have a chance at a trip for two to San Francisco and Sonoma. Airfare from Atlanta, deluxe accomodations, rental car, spa, private winery tours and tastings, plus more. What does it mean to you to have been given this title and the responsibilities that come with it? I must say, I was honestly surprised, but I have learned more about my own personal priorities and what I feel is important in my life through this adventure. It is a big commitment, but we’ve got incredible support through our tireless volunteers and staff at the office. I am constantly placed outside of my comfort zone. Interviews aren’t really my thing, but I think it’s made me a better citizen, wife and parent.

INTERVIEW Crown Royal Sport of Queens Hurdle Stake Race.

Sam, Henry, Dav id

Guarantor’s Tent.

and Jaime Lem ieux.

The role of Race Director was something I would have never envisioned for myself, but I’m thankful for the opportunity to serve others in this way and learn more about myself. What are some of your favorite traditions of Steeplechase? Through the years, and as our circle of friends and family has grown, we have seen all aspects of the race. I remember my first race 17 years ago; driving up with a car full of girlfriends to tailgate on the rail in the infield. It was one of my first “dates” with my husband and a short few days after this year’s race, on November 8, we’ll celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. Our traditions have changed a lot, but they’ve all been fun. I love the infield activities, casually tailgating with our kids, family and friends on the rails. I enjoy dressing up a little more for the terrace boxes and creating our own gourmet picnic. All the way up to savoring the fine food and elegant setting in the Guarantor Tent.

The Hardaway Bronze Trophy.

Atholl Highlanders Bagpipes and Drums.

Last year was probably my most favorite of all. My husband and I have volunteered on race day for many years and we’ve always gotten there long before the crowds. As Operations Chair last year, I needed to arrive much earlier. I was probably a little too enthusiastic and got there just as the sun was rising on the track. Not many people were there and it was incredibly beautiful and peaceful There is definitely a sensible calm that the day is here and yet also an exciting anticipation that can’t be put into words. svm SVM Hat Contest.

Aflac U.S. Championship Supreme Hurdle Race.




q November 3rd, 2012

Steeplechase at Callaway Gardens Registraion at Terrace & Infield Entries 10 A.M. to 12:45 P.M. Judging starts at 1 P.M. CATEGORIES: Most Whimsical Most Glamorous Creative Kids Best Overall

Great prizes in all categories!


FASHION IN THE MIX The perfect beige silk blended Victorian-style blouse by J. Crew with the subtle pop of a mixed metal Janice ultra skinny jegging by Level 99 is a sleek way to accentuate clean lines. This look is effortless to achieve, anyone can find their own distinctive style for being CHIC this fall!


In fall, we forget that underneath all those layers there’s always some room for a POP… and our weapon of choice this fall will be METALLIC. 29

Photos by R. Caligaris and S. Saxon

FASHION STREET STYLE Rock the streets with a silver BCBG metallic jacket by Denim North America paired with a simple black tube top from Paperlime and a lily skinny straight black stretch denim by Level 99.



ALL THAT GLITTERS Trade up your basic black for the Janice ultra skinny gold jegging by Level 99, that paired with a BCBG gold metallic belted top and black Jimmy Choo high heeels is the perfect combination for a high-octane night out! Molly earrings accesories by Liz James and Luxe rose gold, silver and gold bangle set by T+J Designs.




Go for instant sparkle with a black sleeveless knit blouse from Hache that is easy to wear. Add a burst of glamour to your going out look with sass and Bide The Kills sequin pants from

MODEL: Raquel Hand. CLOTHING AND ACCESSORIES:,,,, www.A HAIR AND MAKEUP: Christina Kees and Jessica Singletary for Salon NG, Columbus, Georgia, 706.494.294, SPECIAL THANKS: Elizabeth White - Michele Marie PR; Kevin Lamar - GR8TRAKZ; and David Flowers.




Columbus introduces its first blow dry bar in the Midtown area, minutes away from Uptown. It is the hottest hair salon trend to date stretching from NYC to LA.


erfect for a big event or when you simply want to look your best, Bright dry bar makes it quick, effortless and affordable. In under 45 minutes, for just $30, we shampoo and style your hair into perfection.

Guests choose from popular styles like “The Gisele”, “The Gwyneth” and “The Marilyn” to name a few. Weekly and bi–weekly memberships offered at $20 and $25 blowout specials and 10% off all products! Blow Dry packages offer additional savings. The Drybar concept is taking advantage of two trends: the popularity of smooth-looking hair, rather than curly or frizzy locks, and the rising number of women who want a quick salon service rather than an extended beauty parlor visit. While you are at Bright pick up a Dry Diva shower cap for yourself or a friend. These super trendy caps keep your blowout frizz free, extending your style for three to four days. Blowouts are styled with Kerastase, Brights luxury line of hair care, Mason Pearson brushes (both sold exclusively at Bright) and Bio ionic tools. Bright dry bar now has extended hours to accommodate the professional woman’s busy schedule. Stop in before that big meeting! Open Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Reserve your appointment today! Pop-ins welcome. svm

1 2 1. Mason Pearson brush. 2. Bright dry bar makes it quick, effortless and affordable. In under 45 minutes, for just $30, they shampoo and style your hair into perfection.3. Kerastase products.





FEARLESS FEAR NO MORE! Slip into this black leather pants and show your adventorous side. Faux black leather side paneled by C Luce. Mesh detail swettheart neck top blouse by C Luce combines perfectly with the royal blue Jimmy Choo high heels.


FASHION SECOND SKIN Every girl has an edgy side and you can too with this Janice ultra skinny legging in raw hide by Level 99. The ivory faux leather paneled jacket by C Luce and the zippered leopard booties by Forever 21 pull the whole look together! Gold chain necklace by T+J Designs.



ORANGE CRUSH Leather pants are no longer an unflattering 90s style leftover. Today leather pants represent an upscale look, while maintaining the edge that gives attitude to sophistication. Tan faux leather side paneled C Luce skinny pants. Orange jacket with zips and studded lapel by Zara. Waterfall chain necklace by Golden Stell.



SECOND SKIN Embrace yout inner gaucho with farm friends Sally Mae and pony Kozmo by wearing this Janice ultra skinny pants in brown mamba by Level 99. The black-trimmed silk blouse by TIBI provides the ultimate eye-catching contrast. Tan buckled booties by Forever 21! Gold chain necklace by T+J Designs.

MODEL: Jenna Hopkins. CLOTHING AND ACCESORIES: Level 99,; The Buzz, 2495 Airport Thruway, Columbus, Georgia. 706.320.9070;;;; www.tplusjdesigns. HAIR AND MAKEUP: Laura Brooker and Deborah Savage for Bright Salon, 1328 13th Street, Columbus, Georgia, 706. 221.1177, SPECIAL THANKS: Mac and Eleanor Turner, Elizabeth WhiteMichele Marie PR, New York, Juliana Caligaris and Jessica Melton.




*&2 ) +( * -/   

&"+ ) # - 

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'3'. $-* *&&! -) / -  &"/#/+ ) .'%3


EVENT Gaylon Jowers with his dog, Tallulah

Crow Gudger with his dog, Ruby.

Sanders Estes and her dog, Wally, with Hope Maley.

Margaret Lewis, Barbara Lewis Houser, Sarah H. Hughston and Louise O’Kelley.


Kaye Kyle, Mac and Rachel Plummer, Julie Woodruff

Photos by Margie Richardson

THE EVENT: The third annual Applause for PAWS event was held September 7th, at the River Mill Event Center. The event helped raise funds for PAWS Humane of Columbus and its numerous outreach programs. Many local residents and their adorable four-legged companions awed crowds with their unique talents.

Gaylon Jowers with Ronnie Daniel and Troy

THE PERFORMERS: Jennifer Daniel and Sanford and Walker, Sanders Estes and Wally, Crow Gudger and Ruby, Gaylon Jowers and Tallulah, Walter Miller and Pete and Harry, Chris Misamore and Stella, Jessica Roberts and Nellie, Becky Swif and Queen, Lady & Sweetie, Lisa Powers and Abel. Kathy and Dot Young, Charleton Kennon, and Judy Borom.

Applause for PAWS Chair Allison Estes with Jennifer Harper.

Master of Ceremonies Gilbert Miller with his father and contestant, Walter Miller, and Pete and Harry.

Jennifer Daniel with her dogs, Sanford and Walker.


EVENT 2012 Applause for PAWS participants.

Applause for PAWS Judges, Mason Lampton, Betsy Ramsay and Bear O’Brian.

THE JUDGES: Betsy Ramsay, Bear O’Brian, Mason Lampton, and Gilbert Miller had the difficult task of choosing this year’s winners. THE WINNERS: Winning the Popular Pooch award, the team with the most votes, was Gaylon Jowers and Tallulah. Coming in a close second for this award was Sanders Estes and Wally. The winner of the Top Dog Award, the highest judges score, was Walter Miller with Pete and Harry. svm

Olivia Blanchard with Lynn Pearson, Marianna Branch and Betsy Blanchard.

Lisa Powers with her dog, Able.


Jessica Roberts with her dog, Nellie.

EmilieAnne, Chris and dog Stella, Birgit and Camden Misamore.

VJ Roberts, Tracie Sammons, Jessica Roberts and Nellie, and Oz Roberts.

Lisa Powers and Able with Becky Miller of PAWS

Lela Snead, Michelle Hudson, Margaret Ward, Jennifer Daniel and Walker, Jennifer Harper, Stacie Berard, Laurie McRae and Meika Hilsman.



By Kristen Brown

Columbus orthodontist, Jeffrey M. Serff, DMD, PC is part of a national movement called Smile for a Lifetime that is helping children across the country get the smile they’ve always wanted.

Dr. Serff the check foand his staff presenting r a Smile for a Lifetime.

and you imagine going through life trying not to smile? For many kids today, this is a reality especially for children who are born with crooked teeth. Low self esteem, embarrassment and depression are things that these kids deal with every day. These are the children that one local orthodontist is targeting to try and open the doors to a new future and bring them a Smile for a Lifetime.


afford orthodontic treatment. That is why Dr. Serff and his team at Serff Orthdontics are part of the foundation.

Smile for a Lifetime Foundation is a non-profit, charitable organization comprised of local chapters throughout the country who provide orthodontic care to individuals who may not otherwise have the opportunity to achieve a beautiful, straight smile without financial assistance.

This is just one way Serff Orthodontics is giving back to a community they feel has been so gracious to them. Patients, or people who wish to nominate a patient, can download an application from their Web site

“A child's smile is like the sun, whenever it rises, the world becomes so much brighter.”

The mission of the local chapter is to provide one orthodontic scholarship to a deserving patient, who would not otherwise be able to afford care, every month.

Every application is reviewed by a board of directors which is made up of local community leaders. The applicants are reviewed via e-mail and the

Launched in 2008, the Smile for a Lifetime Foundation aims to reach individuals with financial challenges, special situations, and orthodontic needs. S4L’s mission is to create self-confidence, inspire hope, and change the lives of children in our communities in a dramatic way. The gift of a smile can do all this for a deserving, underserved individual who, in turn can use this gift to better themselves and their community. Too many people in our community go through life without the advantages that orthodontic treatment can give them. Unfortunately, not everyone can



applicants are ranked. It is important to recognize that neither Dr. Serff, nor his orthodontic team, chooses the recipients. Dr. Serff’s ofice in Columbus

Serff Orthodontics is committed to providing the orthodontic services to the selected candidates. Applications will be reviewed quarterly, and the applicants chosen for treatment will be contacted by the Serff Orthodontics Team upon selection by the Board of Directors. Dr. Serff is the only local participating orthodontist, but is proud to be one of five representatives from the state of Georgia who participate in Smile for a Lifetime Foundation. He believes deeply in their mission to create self-confidence, inspire hope, and change the lives of children in our communities in a dramatic way. To learn more about this amazing organization and Dr. Serff and his team at Serff Orthodontics, visit or svm



Form and function meet design every day. By Kristen Brown Splash Kitchens and Baths is a unique home gallery store located in downtown LaGrange that recently celebrated their fourth anniversary. Splash is both a retail home accessories store and a full service design/ build showroom for new and remodel construction. Their design focus is with kitchen and bath projects, but with three talented designers on staff, they also design any type of complex interior or addition. Splash signs have begun to make their way around the West Georgia area to include projects as far north as Peachtree City and south to Columbus.

David Gilmer , Tara Hutche ns, Stac Cathy Winsloy Harwell Baldwin, w, Sandy Win slow

Tara had freelanced around Columbus since 1998, but has found a real home at Splash where her 19 years of experience designing kitchens and baths can be utilized. Tara has designed many of the beautiful kitchens and baths in the Columbus area. According to Tara “Splash customers are delighted that both design and product selection can be provided in one package and combining that package with construction so it is a true ‘from concept to completion experience’ is very satisfying to today’s busy family.”

The owners of Splash, Cathy Winslow and husband Sandy, a residential contractor, started Splash after years of discussing how wonderful it would be to have one selection gallery for the finishes for the home from plumbing and tile to paint and cabinetry in one location. Cathy has been involved with interior design for 17 years and had traveled with customers to multiple locations trying to cast the vision for how it would all come together. Cathy admits “it’s very hard for many people to visualize the final project, but having samples and product selection under one roof makes this less challenging.” The showroom has a wide variety of styles to see including a working luxury kitchen, frameless shower and stone bathroom display. There are over 20 design vignettes, making Splash a must see for anyone thinking about remodeling or new construction in our area. Splash Designer, Tara Hutchens CKD, CBD calls Columbus home since her military family settled here in 1988.

Beyond the design/build aspect of the business, Splash is also becoming known for its unique gifts, home accessories and seasonal fare. Cathy’s talented retail eye makes the store a destination all on its own. Lamps and mirrors, pottery, furniture, art, and gourmet food options are just a hint of what you may find.

Splash customers are delighted that both design and product selection can be provided in one package.

Splash is located in the historic Coca Cola Building with the showroom occupying the original 1930’s garage loading area with high ceilings and old domed skylights. Splash designed and refurbished this to demonstrate their unique offerings against the backdrop of old brick and concrete. For more info call 706.884.8803 or visit



EAGLE & PHENIX Past, Present… and Future By Helena Coates

Eagle & Phenix Mills is a vibrant part of Columbus’ past, present and future. What began as a cotton mill situated on the beautiful banks of the Chattahoochee River has become one of Columbus’ most sought after addresses.


agle and Phenix Mills has a storied history which includes playing a vital role in the success of the textile industry, Mill No 1. burning completely down to the ground and being rebuilt, the property going through several different owners, bankruptcy, closing as a textile mill and finally being transformed into the exquisite mixed-use community it is today.

Situated In The Heart of Uptown

but right in the middle of Uptown Columbus. Uptown has become a regular destination for people in the community and for visitors enjoying the sights. It is home to several arts organizations like RiverCenter for the Performing Arts, CSU’s Corn Theatre and Springer Opera House. Uptown boasts many fine and casual restaurants and shopping experiences within walking distance of Eagle & Phenix Mills and the entertainment venues, market days, fairs, outdoor concerts, festivals and numerous runs brings something for people of all ages throughout the year.

It was only in 2003 that W. C. Bradley Co. (a previous owner in the early to mid 1900s) repurchased the Eagle & Phenix Mills and The condos on Mill No. 3 are over 74% occupied and One of the most thrilling experiences coming everyone who walks through the doors is amazed by began restoring the property. The three textile to Uptown in summer 2013 is the opening of the pristine architecture and beauty of the building mills, the boiler house, the administration whitewater. The thrills, the spills and the splashes, building and the machine shop were all built more than a century ago. W. the excitement that whitewater brings with it are unparalleled to any other C. Bradley Co. wants to ensure that while adding amenities to suit the needs city in the world. Columbus, Georgia will be home to the longest urban of today’s homeowner that the space stays true to its industrial origins. It’s whitewater experience and it will all be happening in front of the Eagle & not just the Eagle & Phenix Mills that has been buzzing with changes, Phenix Mills. With all Uptown has to offer, it is the place to live, work, improvements and excitement. One of the incredible selling points of the dine, learn, play and shop. Eagle & Phenix Mills is its location, not only on the Chattahoochee River,


HOMES Mill No. 3 Condos A mixed-use vibrant community

JE Hedges Photography

Mill No. 3 Condos

Epic Restaurant

When potential homeowners and visitors come to Eagle & Phenix Condos, they find: 86 loft style condos, five-story building with four floors of residential living, high ceilings with exposed timbers, incredible windows, fitness room, on-

Mill No. 2 Apartments

Living at the Eagle & Phenix Mills gives all that Uptown has to offer right at your front door. Mill No. 3 Condos is a unique project. W.C. Bradley Co. has developed it into a mixed-use property. The entire bottom floor is available for retail, restaurant or commercial ventures.

site parking garage, expansive landscaped park overlooking the river, and a outdoor plaza.

Mill No. 2 Apartments Loft Living at it’s Finest

Epic Restaurant



Photo by Jennifer Apffel

Epic restaurant became the first tenant to occupy space on the bottom floor. Jamie Keating, executive chef and owner of Epic, opened his doors in late summer for an unbelievable fine dining experience right on the river. The addition of Epic restaurant fits right with the vision of what we have planned for Mill No. 3.

The longest urban whitewater rush in the world will be passing right in front of the Eagle and Phenix Mill condos. The release of the dam will restore the natural habitat of many aquatic species, including the shoal bass and fresh water mussel, making it a fisherman’s paradise.

Now, Mill No. 3 is over 74% occupied and everyone who walks through the doors is amazed by the pristine architecture and beauty of the building. In 2012 alone, Mill No. 3 has seen unprecedented activity in selling the condos. Over 17 sales and transfers show the vibrant interest these condos give to the entire project.

Richie White Photography

Photo by Donald Tipton

Mill No. 3 was the first building the W.C. Bradley Co. restored at Eagle & Phenix Mills. Converting the old textile mill into 86 premier living homes was a true test in the perseverance, tolerance and love that it takes to bring an old building back to life.

In 2011, W. C. Bradley Co. began the historical preservation and development on the second of the three large mills located on the Eagle & Phenix Mills property. After hard work and careful consideration of the final details of Mill No 2, 44 luxury apartments will be ready for occupancy beginning November 1st. They used what was learned when they developed the Administration Building (opened in 2011) at the Eagle & Phenix Mills into apartments to make this development project go even more smoothly. Historic Columbus did an incredible job helping with the historic renovation and preservation details. When you visit you will find 44 brand new onebedroom and two-bedroom apartments, 650-1,422 square feet, five-story building dedicated solely to apartments, controlled access parking and building entry, large green space and dog park and direct access to the Riverwalk. svm



WildwoodOriginal A California-inspired home is ripe with several generations of Southern history and culture.

By Kristen Brown 51

Photos by R. Caligaris



n 1905 John K. Hinde brought a piece of the West Coast to the Southeast when he built the first craftsman bungalow style home in Columbus, Georgia. Mr. Hinde, a native of California, built the original home to reflect the style of his western roots with five connecting rooms and an open air sleeping porch on the back. In the early 1950s Ed and Mary Ann Neal received the home as a wedding gift from her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Flowers. The Flowers owned the home and rented it out from 1937 until the newly married Neal’s acquired the home around 1951. Shortly after they moved in, the Neal’s began to make their own renovations; including the addition of the entire upstairs floor, complete with three bedrooms and one bathroom for their three daughters.

The Kendusts were married in the garden of the home in 1996, a wedding location also shared by one of the Neal’s daughters in previous years. The Neals enclosed the back hall so the open sleeping porch, where son Warner slept, became part of the interior of the home and also added a laundry room and powder room to the first floor. Later, in the 1960s, they added the family room in the back of the home. The walls in the family room were built from the backs of the old church pews that were replaced during a renovation of the First Baptist Church of Columbus. OPPOSITE: The home’s unique outdoor garden space was created by Ed Neal during his residency and provided the perfect backdrop to multiple weddings and events. The columns came from the old Trinity School located on Macon Road. The garage and the large gas lanterns were salvaged from old homes in downtown Columbus that were being torn down. The serpentine brick walls in the back yard were also done by Ed Neal and the grill area was built later by the Kendusts, as was the current landscaping. RIGHT: A mix of antique pieces gives the Kendust’s dining room a warm, inviting holiday feel.



The den is a unique blend of brick and wood walls with large picture windows offering panoramic views of the brick terraced garden and fountain. Denise and Ed Kendust were next in line for this unique residence when they purchased it in 1995. Since then, they have made extensive renovations, particularly in both the kitchen and bathrooms. They were married in the garden of the home in 1996, a wedding location also shared by one of the Neal’s daughters in previous years. The Kendusts maintained much of the home’s original integrity, including all of the woodwork, trim, wood flooring and fireplaces throughout the home.

Throughout the life of the house, several renovations were made. In 1995, when Ed and Denise Kendust moved in, the first room they renovated was the kitchen. The kitchen went through a second renovation in 2005 when they enlarged it, adding granite countertops, built-in pantry and appliances, including a side-by-side refrigerator and 200 bottle wine cooler.

Pottery collection

Wildwood Original



ABOVE: The front bedroom on the first floor was originally the home’s parlor, complete with a large pocket door and fireplace. It was converted into a guest bedroom in 2003 when the Kendusts converted the original guest bedroom into their master bathroom suite. The original fireplace was retained in the new master bathroom suite.

In 2003, the Kendust’s converted one of the guest bedrooms into a master bathroom suite which included the original fireplace. The parlor was also turned into a bedroom in 2003 and the original sleeping porch has transformed into the men’s game room and cigar lounge. Since its origin in 1905 to its most recent upgrade in 2005, Columbus’ original bungalow has secured a special place in the lives and memories of several families as an ever-evolving place to call home.

Master Bath

Guest bathroom



GREYSTONE Farms By Kristen Brown • Photos by R. Caligaris

Anticipating and Exceeding Your Expectations For Greystone Farms this isn’t just a tagline but the foundation of their organization. From spacious apartment homes to an abundance of amenities and services, Greystone Farms strives to anticipate the needs of current and future residents, and exceed every expectation.


reystone Farms is a distinguished community located in North Columbus off Blackmon Road. The community seems tucked away from all the hustle and bustle of Columbus yet is conveniently located, close to all the shopping and restaurants the area has to offer.

Separate garages and storage units are available to rent for those extra items you would like to “tuck away”. The community of Greystone Farms has a limited access gate requiring a system activated card or vehicle decal to drive onto the property.

The community is less than three miles from Columbus Park Crossing which hosts a variety of shops and eateries such as Barnes and Noble, Old Navy, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Olive Garden, Red Robin, TGI Fridays, and many more. Greystone Farms is approximately 12 miles from the main gate of Ft. Benning and less than 6 miles from uptown Columbus with easy access to Highway 80 and Interstate 185. The apartments features, which vary according to floor plan, include granite countertops, custom cabinets in cherry or white finish, built-in surround sound, connections for cable and high-speed internet, crown molding, gourmet kitchens, with pantry, sunrooms, patios, or screened porches, garden tubs, separate showers, washer/ dryer connections, intrusion alarms, and oversized closets.


community provides many options. You can take a rejuvenating dip in one of the two pools, relieve some stress and play a game of tennis on the tennis court, or get to know your neighbors with a game of basketball on the basketball court. For the “green-thumb” Residents, there is a garden area where you can reserve a plot and grow your own vegetables. For Residents with pets, there is a fenced in Pet Park so your pets can run around or play a game of fetch. Residents can also keep their cars spic-n-span at the car care center with complimentary vacuum. For Residents who prefer activities with air-conditioning, there is a business center with computers and printer, a state of the art cardio fitness theatre, and a warm, inviting clubroom which can be reserved for private parties at no charge!

Throughout the community is beautiful, lush landscaping which is carefully maintained. For the Residents who like outdoor activities, the

With all the apartment features, amenities, and service Greystone Farms offers, it is clear that they mean business when they say “Anticipating and Exceeding Your Expectations.” svm





The services included on-site maintenance with 24 hour emergency maintenance service, free DVD/BlueRay movie rental, package acceptance with delivery to apartment upon request, complimentary use of battery charger, dolly and tool kit, discounted Carmike movie passes, Fantasy in Lights, and Six Flags tickets sold, complimentary Notary service, and valet dry cleaning. The newest addition is the GreyCard which offers exclusive deals at more than 50 local businesses where Residents simply present their GreyCard. The GreyCard has recently expanded to offer everyone an opportunity to save with a deal from one of the GreyCard business partners. These deals can be found on the Greystone website at For more information or to schedule a tour, please contact Greystone Farms at 706.221.9200 or Visit their website at


Flowers-Lewis & Associates Thomas M. Flowers, RHU | Barbara Hall Smith Skip Henderson | Andrea S. Finch | Jay M. Lewis, LUTCF



- 1 gency

Employee Benefits Insurance & Consulting • Individual Health & Dental Insurance Personal & Business Life Insurance • Annuities & 401(k) Plans • Long Term Care Insurance 2221 MANCHESTER EXPWY. • COLUMBUS, GA 31904 • TELEPHONE (706) 324-1777 • FACSIMILE (706) 324-1155

ap partner tner

with i h a vision…

the possibilities

334.502.3456 800.239.3293 687 North Dean Road Auburn, Alabama 36830 w w w. c r a f t m a s t e r. c o m

SHOTS Lindsay Corizzo Pound, Frank Thomas and Scott McLaurin.

Amanda Baker, Vicki Bush, Frank Thomas,

Rusty Baker, Brad Bush, Frank Thomas, Bobby and Jim Baker.

Photos by S. Saxon


ormer White Sox slugger Frank “Big Hurt� Thomas was in Columbus on September 20th at Epic restaurant to promote his new venture: Big Hurt Beer. "I'm very picky when it comes to beer," said Thomas, who described the brew as light and crisp. "It's a very good-tasting beer." The beer is being made at Minhas Craft Brewery of Monroe, Wisconsin and distributed in Georgia by Georgia Crown Distributing Co. svm

Robin Ferst and Jenny Badcock

Tyler and Eleanore Townsend

Lorie and Warren Steele, Beverly Woods and Lyn Seaman

Margaret and John Schley, Philip Badcock.

Photos by S. Saxon


cocktail reception hosted by the Community Action Team (CAT) was held at the Swan Room at the Green Island Country Club to present the Ferst Foundation for Childhood Literacy. Robin Ferst founder of the Ferst Foundation and George Israel III, Presidtent of the Ferst Foundation were in attendance. The purpose of the foundation is to give books to Georgia children to give our State an educated, competitive, and productive workforce. In participating Georgia counties, each month, until age 5, a new book will be mailed directly to the registered child's home address. svm John and Sis Hargrove, Lee Brantley.



VICTORIA HENLEY From her small town in Georgia, to international recognition, Victoria Henley dominates the latest season of America’s Next Top Model. By Courtney Ruggles • Photos by S. Saxon




eorgia native and a long-time friend of SVM, Victoria Henley, quickly became a fan favorite on this season of America’s Next Top Model: College Edition. Before ANTM, she has previously modeled for fashion Saks Fifth Avenue and Nicole Miller. Victoria sat down with SVM to talk about her experience in the fashion world and her personal life. How did you get into modeling? Even when I was just a baby, I always had an innate love for being in front of the camera. That eventually led to me being scouted as a baby model for Walmart. As I grew older, I became more and more passionate about my modeling pursuits. When I was 8 years old, I enrolled in a print and runway modeling class with my cousin, who was a model with the Ford agency at the time. As a teenager I walked in many runway shows for Saks Fifth Avenue, Nicole Miller and Bob Ellis at Fashion Weeks and shows across the nation. I was also discovered in a Chinese Restaurant (of all places!) to model for a high-end gown company based in Los Angeles, California, for whom I became the youngest model. How did you get involved with getting on the show? Did you go to a tryout? If so, what happened? I always told myself that if I wasn’t a household name by the time I reached 18 years of age (the minimum age requirement for the show), I would audition for America's Next Top Model and see where it might take me. I searched online for open castings for Cycle 19 and found one near where I live. I traveled to the casting, filled out what seemed to be an infinite amount of paperwork and waited in line behind a few hundred other girls. Honestly, I did not know if they would cast someone like me. I felt like I was different from other contestants the show has selected in the past. I had been standing in line a long time, my stomach was growling and I had a film premiere that night. I was a slightly tempted to leave, but I'm very glad that I stayed for the audition. One of the guys from CW network said to me, "I am extremely grateful to whoever brought you to this audition," and I knew in that moment that this might lead to big things for me.

The new panel is composed of the likes of PR Maven Kelley Cutrone and male model Rob Evans. Media personalities such as fashion blogger Bryan Boy, Johnny Wujeck (who is Katy Perry's stylist) and You Tube funnyman P'Trique have also joined the show. Kelley Cutrone is the more abrupt and critical judge of the bunch, but I think a lot of fans will be surprised to get certain glimpses of her softer side throughout the season. I was able to have an interactive modeling experience with Rob Evans in a couple of the photo shoots and get direct feedback regarding how he felt about working with me. The voting system is also different as fans were able to view and vote on all photo shoot photos as they were posted from week to week. Fans could also post their comments and critiques. Challenges were evaluated by special celebrity guests each week and were given a score on a scale from one to 10. The panel of judges abided by the same system when judging the photos. How did you feel about the way you were portrayed on the show? I feel like certain aspects of my unapologetically opinionated viewpoints did shine through, especially in the first episode. However, as many people are aware, reality television is notorious for pigeon holing one into a character mold and presenting footage in a way that may misrepresent the person.

1 2

Honestly, I was just as surprised as many of the fans regarding certain aspects of the show because of the way that it was spliced and certain things that were cut out. Nonetheless, despite the negative aspects of the show, the exposure has been priceless and I am very pleased to be so heavily featured as the "unique one" on ANTM. svm


1: America’s Next Top Model shoot with Celebrity photographer Tony Duran of Maxim Magazine. 2: ANTM zombie shoot by Ricky Middelsworth. 3: ANTM episode 9. 4: ANTM avant garde photo shoot. 5: ANTM, episode 6, steampunk photoshoot.

About one month after the initial audition, I received a call informing me that I was selected for a callback while I was sitting with my mother in a restaurant. I traveled to the callback and after a long, grueling day of interviews and runway auditions, I was given a contract and selected for the semifinal rounds, which took place in California. I was immensely pleased to see this lifelong goal unfolding for me. This season of the show is almost like a reboot, with new judges and a new voting system. Can you give us a little insight about the changes? All of the previous judges (excluding Tyra Banks, of course) are no longer a part of the show.




VICTORIA HENLEY When the cameras are off, how do you prepare for the next day? I actually signed a contract with the network that I could be filmed 24 hours a day for up to two months. So other than sleeping, there was not much time to unwind or plan for what may be happening in the upcoming days. Also, each challenge and photo shoot that took place was always a complete surprise. The producers went out of their way to make sure that each contender did not have a clue regarding what was to take place until our stylist and creative consultant Johnny Wujeck (who usually announced the nature of the shoots and challenges) told us. Throughout filming, I did not have much time to read. It was very relaxing and cathartic when I was able to take a Bible break, read my magazines or business books and go swimming in the backyard pool.

never cease to amaze me. I feel that she has instilled in me positive and crucial values such as persistence, practicality and basic common sense. Personally, how has the show affected you? I promised myself upon my departure for the semifinals that I would not let the show affect me negatively or change who I am. I am pleased that I stayed true to myself throughout the roller coaster ride. The most drastic change in my personal life has probably come from the overwhelming fan base and people's (often comical) reactions to the fact that I am on the show.

As the season progresses, there seem to be tons of fan pages popping up all over the globe. How does it make you feel being in the spotlight and inspiring so many? Since fans were able to have more of an interactive experience with the show concerning the voting, I feel Who is you favorite designer and why? I “The most drastic change in that they were more active ever in reaching out loved Alexander Mc my personal life has probably than through social media and fan Queen because he was come from the overwhelming pages. I have been fortunate never afraid to be a fan base and people's (often to have an ardent fan trendsetter and push the following from around the comical) reactions to the envelope pertaining to globe particularly the fashion. He seemed to fact that I am on the show.” Philippines and Australia, have a unique perspective where they apparently refer of clothing as an art form and an outward to me as "Queen Victoria.”I also have fans in China, exemplification of one’s innermost emotions. I Finland, England and the Czech Republic. from also greatly admire the classic sophisticated young girls saying that I inspire them and that they tailoring of Oscar De La Renta garments and I look up to me. I appreciate the fact that many of appreciate the fact that his line is timelessly these people have taken such a strong interest in elegant and classy, but not stuffy. You would find what I have to say through the show and admire me a lot of dresses, handbags and shoes in my closet as a role model. from the likes of Gianni Bini, Steve Madden,


Donna Karen, Anotonio Milani and Isaac Mizrahi. I also love putting together my own ensembles using vintage pieces (from obscure designers), which my mom saved from the 70's and 80's. Wait, I listed more than one, didn't I? Who offered you the most support while you were on the show? My mother. It was always exciting but emotional when we spoke over the phone because I was given so little time to speak to her over the two-month time span that I was gone. We had never been apart that long, but she reminded me that I was gaining the international exposure that I had strived to obtain for so long and that this would propel me further in my career than I could ever imagine. Her words of encouragement helped me keep a healthy perspective. On the show, you mention how important your mother is to you. How has she inspired you? While I feel that our relationship was overdramatized and misrepresented by the show, I love my mom more than anything and am inspired by her every day. She gave up her career to home school me because of a bad teacher situation at a local school and has since made so many sacrifices to help me pursue my goals. Her determination, drive and relentless optimism


What surprised you most about the show? I knew from my prior film experience about how long a day on a movie set generally is. However, I was definitely surprised by the amount of time I spent in cast holding and how long the crew would take to meticulously set up for the upcoming shots. Hair and makeup was also a long, tedious process at times as I found myself, on more than one occasion, sitting in the hair and makeup chair for an entire day in preparation for a ten-minute photo shoot. What is it like for you to watch yourself on TV? Watching myself on TV is almost a surreal experience. It is very interesting to watch all of the things I experienced during the competition play back right in front of me. While the editing does not always thrill me, I find it amusing to get the fans’ perspectives of the episodes’ content and to see the photo collages they make of their favorite quotes I said on the show. Hair and Makeup: Jessica Nicole Melton for William's Salon, 706.563.5540. Floral Red Dress: La'Sandra and Fred O'Reilly, Styling: Tanya Poole, Special Thanks: Keith Milligan.




FOOD stylist




Autumn is the time of year when the leaves turn, sweaters and boots are back in style and great food is expected. Allow the gorgeous colors of fall steer you toward a great culinary experience this season.


he hearth has been the traditional symbol and gathering place for my family, and autumn marks our return from the outdoors to the modern hearth, the kitchen, where light, warmth and nourishing food await. My children may perch on counter stools to recount their day and sneak bites from the soup that is slowly cooking on the stovetop. In reality, food is fuel. But combined with home and family, it becomes something more. If it didn't, people wouldn't remember their grandmother's delicious meatballs with such fondness, or feel better after eating a homemade cookie made just for them.

As the hours of daylight decrease, we move indoors and turn inward. Days filled with hectic school schedules, fall work projects, and catered events give way to dark and frosty evenings. Once dinnertime arrives, it's time to reconnect with loved ones and slow down. Fall also offers opportunities for family culinary outings. Visiting local farms and orchards makes for a fun afternoon, while giving you a chance to see agriculture at work and participate in the harvest. Seasonal pick-your-own produce includes apples, pumpkins, and even grapes.

v Fall also offers opportunities for family culinary outings. Visiting local farms and orchards makes for a fun afternoon, while giving you a chance to see agriculture at work and participate in the harvest.

vent and Food Stylist Jamie Keating, CEC is well-known in Columbus, Georgia for his exquisite cuisine and amazing events. He is the owner and chef of the premier catering company, Jamie Keating Culinary, Inc. that manages The RiverMill Event Centre.


As temperatures drop, I not only transition to these ingredients, but I also turn from grill to oven, welcoming the heat provided by roasting a chicken or baking an apple crisp. I am also able to develop a rhythm in the kitchen that allows me to utilize my talents by creating comfort foods such as soups, stocks, roasted vegetables and delicious pies.

v During the summer months, salads and ripe fruits offer refreshment and a way to cool down. In autumn, warm food from the oven and stovetop offer comfort and a sense of togetherness. My home at this time of year is filled with the aroma of baked chicken, roasted chestnuts, freshly baked cinnamon bread and oatmeal cookies.


The brassica family (broccoli, cabbage and the like) thrive during chilly weather, some improving in flavor after a frost increases sugar levels. Look for fresh Brussels sprouts, kale and kohlrabi – cooked lightly, these underused vegetables are sweet and delicious instead of bitter. Other cool-season foods may re-emerge after a hot summer hiatus – look for lettuce, spinach and beets. Fall is also primary harvest time for apples, pears and winter squash, along with root cellar favorites such as carrots, onions, garlic and potatoes.

Autumn is the perfect excuse to sit down daily with your family at the dining room table. It is an important chance to celebrate being a family: by staying in touch, learning about family culture, food, and practicing the social skills of dining and conversation. Family dinners bring about nourishment, comfort and support. And, food is better eaten with the people we love… especially when there is a chill in the air… Happy Fall, Y’all!


Pumpkin Seed Crusted Elk Loin SERVES 4

Pumpkin Seed Crust ½ cup pumpkin seeds, 1 teaspoons cumin, 2 teaspoons kosher salt, 1 ½ teaspoons chili powder, ½ teaspoons fennel ground, 2 teaspoons paprika

Butternut Squash 1 each butternut squash, peeled top only, 3 cups chicken stock, cracked black pepper, ½ each cinnamon stick, 2 teaspoons brown sugar, 1 tablespoon melted butter

Salad 40 fresh currants, 4 ounces sautéed chanterelle mushrooms, 1 teaspoon chopped thyme

Sauce 2 cups veal demi, 1 cup elk stock, 12 roasted & peeled Cippolini onions, 2 ounces small diced Foie gras

To make the Elk Loin Crust trimmed loin in seed crust and pan sear in canola and extra virgin olive oil blend. Move loins to roasting racks and bake for 12 minutes at 375 degrees. Allow to rest before slicing.

To make the Sauce Combine stocks and demi simmer for 20 minutes. Add onions and simmer for 5 minutes. Just before service fold in diced foie gras. Chef’s note: Pork or lamb can be substituted for the Elk Loin.


v Wine Suggestion

2007 Kunde Cabernet Sauvignon Classic French winemaking techniques were used in crafting this Cabernet Sauvignon: pumpovers twice per day with aeration, pressing at near dryness, and blending of other Bordeaux varieties to produce a complete and complex wine. The cuvee was aged for 16 months in a blend of French, Hungarian, and American oak cooperage, 38% new. The wine was bottled in July 2009. More than any other grape variety, Cabernet Sauvignon at Kunde Family Estate seems to produce a distinctive flavor profile year after year. Our 2007 vintage of Cabernet maintains that tradition. From the opening aromas of raspberries and rosemary, you'll know this wine couldn't be from any place but Kunde. The flavors of cherries and cocoa powder reflect the distincitve red soil of our estate. Pasta with a Tuscan style meat sauce or beef tenderloin prepared with a paprika infused wine sauce will bring out the fruit flavors of this velvety wine. Special thanks to Brad Bush, Georgia Crown Distributing Co.



WHY CHOOSE RAYMOND JAMES TRUST? There are many reasons. The strength, stability and backing of Raymond James. Local contact through your financial advisor. A nonproprietary open-architecture investment platform driven by the advisor. World-

class trust administration. Philanthropic expertise and resources, including the Raymond James Donor Advised Fund. Plus competitive pricing. It all adds up to the right choice for you.

Contact a Raymond James | Morgan Keegan financial advisor or WILLIAM L. SLAUGHTER, JR. Raymond James Trust Officer, First Vice President 260 Brookstone Centre Parkway // Columbus, GA 31904 706.257.7900 // 800.564.8487

© 2012 Raymond James & Associates, Inc., member New York Stock Exchange/SIPC © 2012 Morgan Keegan & Co., Inc., member FINRA/SIPC, is a subsidiary of Raymond James Financial, Inc. Not FDIC Insured | May Lose Value | No Bank Guarantee | Not a Deposit | Not Insured by Any Government Agency 12-TRUST-0065 MM/CW 9/12


Brace yourself for boldness, Crown fans. Crown Royal has bottled up their signature smoothness and cranked up the volume with a bold new flavor – Crown Royal Maple Finished. By Roberto Caligaris


rown Royal has managed to cultivate a significant following in the United States while transcending the category of Canadian whiskey. Many Crown Royal imbibers don’t identify the spirit with the Canadian whiskey category. Even though it’s often consumed with a mixer (most popularly Coke), Crown Royal has done an excellent job of positioning itself as a premium spirit with superb marketing, branding, and packaging. The distillery was established in 1939 after a visit to Canada by the then King of England, George VI and his wife Queen Elizabeth. Located in Gimli, Manitoba, Crown Royal is put together from five different types of whisky that are all distilled and aged separately before being blended to form the various expressions. One of the techniques Canadian whisky makers use in making their finest whiskies is to take advantage of the interplay between the mature richness of long-aged whiskies and the vibrancy of a more youthful one. “Time works wonders” was a Seagram’s motto and the original Crown Royal recipe in particular called for a blending of very old whiskies with others that ranged in ages, some of them quite young. This fall Crown Royal is introducing its new member of the family: The Crown Royal Maple Finished. This product features the legendary taste of Crown Royal with a touch of natural maple flavor. Their master blender discovered that finishing their celebrated whisky with maple toasted oak results in a uniquely smooth experience.

MAIN FEATURES Appearance: Amber/ Toaz. Aroma: Elegant aromas characteristic of light, fresh maple combined with the signature caramel and vanilla nose of Crown Royal. Taste: An exceptionally smooth blend with an authentic light maple – sweet taste and a warm, woody caramelized note on the finish. This product is owned by Diageo, the world's leading premium drinks business with an outstanding collection of beverage alcohol brands across spirits, beer and wine. Crown Royal Maple Finished is distributed in Georgia by Georgia Crown Distributing Co. svm


2 12 SVM

Gift Guide All of the items featured in our guide can be purchased locally; we are pleased to feature pages of locally owned businesses. Help keep our economy thriving by buying local.

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Obagi Facial Products Prices Vary Chattachoochee Plastic Surgery Neocutis $125 per treatment or $375 when purchasing 4 treatmentsat once Lane Dermatology

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Robert Held Decorative Glass Vases $175 large, $70 small, Columbus Museum

Columbus Cityscape China $38 Historic Columbus

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Byers' Choice Carolers $65-$80 Traditions

2 12 SVM

Gift Guide All of the items featured in our guide can be purchased locally; we are pleased to feature pages of locally owned businesses. Help keep our economy thriving by buying local.

KĂŠrastase Resistance ibre Architecte $42 Bright Salon

Gift Certificate Prices vary Preppy Pets

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Obagi Facial Products Prices vary Jain Plastic Surgery

Monogrammed Napkins $2.50/Letter Wade Cleaners

Rewined Candle, Holiday Scent $28 each Splash



George W. Bush, 43rd President of the United States

Neely Young, Margaret DeFrancisco, Jim Blanchard, Bill Turner and Steve Butler. Carmen Carvezza, Tim Mescon, Bill Turner, and Mark Olivie.

Sis and Jim Blanchard.


THE EVENT: The 7th annual Blanchard Leadership Forum was held August 27th and 28th at the Columbus Convention and Trade Center. Maj. Gen. H.R. McMaster, Sheila and Mike Gaymon,.

THE PURPOSE: The two-day event is one of the premier leadership events in the region and offers an intimate setting with some of the world’s foremost leaders. This year, the theme was Resilient Leadership in Turbulent Times. Those who attended had the opportunity to interact with world-class leaders. THE SPEAKERS: Former President of the United States, George W. Bush, was a featured guest speaker along with Mayor Teresa Tomlinson, Daniel P. Amos, James Carville, Mary Matalin, Dr. Robert M. Gates and General Lloyd J. Austin III.

Laura and Kent Butler, MaryLu Lampton, Steve Butler, Trace and D. Copeland. James Carville

Dan Amos, Chairman and CEO of Aflac

Donna Brown, Sue Marie Turner, Marie Moshell and Bill Turner.

Georgia State Representive Richard Smith and his wife, Clara, with Tim Mescon.



Billy Blanchard, David Blanchard, D. Copeland, Phil Tomlinson, Kessel Stelling and Jim Blanchard.

Connie Van Blarcum, Kathelen Amos, Dick and Sean Norman, Jean Amos, Dan Amos, and Dick Norman.

Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson, James Carville, Georgia State Representative Calvin Smyre, and former Columbus Mayor Bob Poydasheff.

f “The greatest gift I can offer to our country is an investment in leadership. I want to provide a forum where leaders can be exposed to the best and brightest minds in the world today.�

Mary Matalin

Jim Blanchard, Chairman of the Board and CEO

g Tripp Wade with Margaret and David Lewis. Elizabeth and Mike Ogie with Betty Corn.

Al and Betsy Ramsay

John, Sallie and Elizabeth Martin.

Dr. Robert M. Gates, 22nd U.S. Secretary of Defense.

Jim Blanchard with Joe Spence



Robert and Allison Granger, Patty and Larry Cardin, Audrey and Selvin Hollingsworth, Rachel and Mac

Shaw High School students Terrance Lewis and Kelcie Cashion with James Carville and Jim

Mark and Johan Immelman, Paul Amos.


Olivia Blanchard and Isa Meeks

Located in the Cunningham Center of Columbus State University, The Leadership Institute develops and enhances the skills of today's and future leaders while engaging them in challenging interactive workshops critical to their organization's future. The Institute conducts value-based, leadership development programs for first-line supervisors through senior management executives. svm Vice Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army General Lloyd J.

2012 Olympic Gold Medalist Jamie Lynn Gray with her husband, Hank.

Brooktone students and teachers.

Ed Helton, director of the Cunningham Center for Leadership Development. Shelley Dean, Troy Woods, Carla Epp and Erin




Randy Nguyen, a native of Vietnam and now a Columbus resident, creates mural art that transforms the environment and communities as well. He believes that his art should involve, challenge and inspire the viewer; not simply adorn, but integrate with its architectural surroundings. By Kristen Brown • Photos by S. Saxon


hen we first saw Randy’s artwork the thing that startled us the most was the range of subjects he paint on a daily basis. It is rare for an artist to have mastered so many design elements, and to carry them out so well. Randy sat down with SVM to share his life, his inspirations and most importantly, his artwork. You are originally from Vietnam and have been in Columbus for a number of years. What path led you to what you’re doing now? One of my first works was a mural commissioned by my sister in San Jose, California; the theme was an Italian garden. After that first mural, I tried to challenge myself and started to earn more commissioned pieces. I’m always inspired by the age and triumph of


the Renaissance art in Italy. From the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo, to works of artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli and Titian, I will never run out of motivation to create unique pieces of art.

continued in the same capacity in Anaheim, California. One of my biggest influences is John Singer Sargent, a very well-known artist, who specialized in portraits, landscape and murals. I have always admired his work and I try to emulate his passion and style of art.

“What really thrills me the most about this business is the potential for opportunities to change a place forever.”

What really thrills me the most about this business is the potential for opportunities to change a place forever. I would love the chance to paint a chapel or a large dome ceiling mural in the future.

How long have you been doing art and what thrills you the most about being a decorative painter? I began my career as a portrait artist in 1976 in Williamsburg, Virginia. Then, in 1985 I

How would you describe your own style of decorative art design? My style is a combination of the academic standards and traditional painting of the Renaissance era in Italy. I generally try to infuse classical décor with new and old elements. The Italian style is

INTERVIEW very decorative, which incorporates theatrical renderings, translucent use of color and very precise details that reproduce physical characteristics almost exactly. This style of decorative design is very popular in Europe and dates back, in various forms, all the way to ancient Egypt. It seems almost universal that people take delight in being visually tricked. What is it about Trompe l’oeil that people like? Trompe l’oeil is an art technique involving realistic imagery in order to create the optical illusion that the depicted objects exist in three dimensions. Basically, it’s fooling our eyes and mind because it looks real, but actually it is the painting in a 3D format. For me, it is a good way to add dimensions to walls or ceilings. Can you share a moment when you felt really proud of a completed project? What was the client’s reaction? As an artist, it’s hard to describe the feeling you get from a completed project. You can’t really be satisfied with it until the client is happy and comfortable with the outcome. That’s when you can relax and be proud of a job well done. Do you have a dream project you would like to work on one day? I have a lot of different projects I would like to accomplish, but my dream project would be a large scale mural in the Columbus Library or the Columbus Museum. Randy is available to travel for commissioned decorative wall paintings. For more information about his work, contact Randy Nguyen at 706.687.6529 (studio) or 706.615.0627. svm

Italian Villa Garden.

View of the Eagle & Phenix Mill from the Riverwalk.

On the banks of the Chattahoochee River.

Randy putting the finishing touches on a ceiling mural in a residence in Columbus.



Larry Mize, Seth Knight and Cal Martin. Bonnie Mize and

Larry Mize unveiling the painting by Booth Malone. Joannie Minter and Debbie Martin

Jamie Farmer and Peyton Farrar

Alta and

Photos by S. Saxon


n Thursday, August 9, members of Green Island Country Club honored Larry Mize and the 25th year of his 1987 Masters Victory by renaming a room in the clubhouse to the Larry Mize Room. A portrait of Larry in his green jacket, painted by Booth Malone was unveiled. The room has been decorated with the portrait as well as photos and mementos of Larry's victory. svm

Robert Mize, Hannah and David Mize and Patrick Mize.

Billy Cunningham

Rusty Rustin, Larry Mize and Jim Lipham.





By Kristen Brown

Imagine the ease and convenience of experiencing local history and culture in Phenix City without even leaving the comfort of your own home.


hen the Phenix City-Russell County Chamber of Commerce completed a Project Riverway study of Phenix City, it became evident that the area had much to offer. By creating a Walking History Tour offered to those interested in learning more about the area and history.

The tour, in person and online, begins at the Horace King Historic Marker on the corner of Dillingham and continues up the Phenix City Riverwalk to 14th Street. Then it’s West on 14th Street to 5th Avenue. It continues North on 5th Avenue and ends at the Albert Love Patterson Historic Marker in front of the Coulter Building on 5th Avenue.

The tour was one of a number of potential short terms projects that could have an immediate positive impact on Phenix City and the surrounding area.

The overwhelming support and popularity of the project from Phenix City-Russell County Chamber of Commerce members has significantly increased the size of the project. The Digital Magazine will include the Downtown Historic Walking Tour, Hometown Heroes, Must-See Places, Stay-Play-Meet-Eat, and an area overview.

Tours of this nature were already being conducted by local citizen, Jim Cannon, so the Chamber decided the focus would remain on the existing tour. As the project progressed, it became evident that there would be several challenges concerning the tour route for individuals with disabilities and elderly individuals.

With the development and launch of the Interactive Digital Magazine, it will be showcased in City Collections by XZIRIUS,, Hewlett-Packard (HP) and

The terrain on the tour is varied and includes many sections that have significant inclines and not accessible for wheels chairs or assistive devices. From this challenge in the planning process, and the Chamber’s desire to include all people in an equitable manner, an Interactive Digital Publication of the Historic Downtown Walking Tour was born.


Several unprecedented actions ocurred during the clean-up of Phenix City, Alabama. In 1954 an entire community was placed off limits to military personnel.

Access to the online publication will also be featured on the Russell County Conventions and Visitors Bureau website, the Phenix City-Russell County Chamber of Commerce website, and made available to all Chamber members. svm



1: Aerial view of Phenix City, 2012. 2: Same aerial view of Phenix City but taken in 1954. The Dillingham bridge is in the background. 3: John Patterson speaking at the celebration that was held after the City of Phenix City was awarded the AllAmerica City in July, 1955. More than 20,00 people attended the event.4: View of the The Phenix City Amphitheater seen from the Dillingham bridge. 5: In July of 1955 the National Municipal League and Look Magazine named Phenix City, an All-America City. 6: PhenixGirard Bank was the only bank in Phenix City until 1964

4 3 5




440 Bradley Park Drive | Columbus, GA 31904 706.324.1392 |


Dr. Tom Hackett ,Mayor Teresa Tomlinson, Jim Rutland, Maxine Hudson and Allison Estes.

2012 SVMies AWARDS Photos by S. Saxon

Jodi and Courtney Ruggles, Lynn and Victoria Henley, Jessica Melton.

Jay and Kay McGrory, Blair and Tracy Wooldridge.

Taylor Myers and Melissa Campbell 97

THE EVENT: The 4th annual SVMies Award Gala was held on October 6th at the Wynn House in Columbus, Georgia. This event is more than just a reason to dress up and enjoy a stunning evening outdoors, it was a chance to honor leaders in business and the community who continue to make Columbus a better place. THE HONOREES: The award recipients for the 4th annual SVMies were: Allison Estes on behalf of Applause for PAWS, Terry Hurley on behalf of Dinglewood Pharmacy, Maxine Hudson on behalf of Toast of the Town, Jim Rutland on behalf of the Rivercenter for the Performing Arts, Dr. Tom Hackett for Columbus State University, and Mayor Teresa Tomlinson, who received this year’s T. Samuel Rawls Memorial Award.

Felicity Ann Ligon and Lisa Bancer

Amy Askew, Hunter Bryan and Jessica Rogers.

Victoria Henley


Janina McPherson and Darlene Hughes Kittrell

Mrs. Betty Jones and DJ Jones

Liz O’Neil, Amy McCullohs, Victoria Henley, Kristi Holt, Courtney Ruggles and Marla Caligaris.

Becky Buck and Susan Tillman

2012 SVMies AWARDS THE SPONSORS: The sponsors for this year’s SVMies were; The Wynn House, Georgia Crown, J. Heye Designs, Ray Rents and Craftmaster. THE HIGHLIGHTS: Guests enjoyed a night full of musical entertainment provided by solo artist Tony Parkman and the very talented DJ, Robert Webb, kept everyone on their feet, dancing the night away. A special thanks to DJ Jones, who was the emcee for the evening.

Liz O’Neil, Barton Goode and Andrea Flandry.

Max and Ann Burr

THE PRESENTERS: The 2012 SVMies were proudly presented by: Kristi Holt, Amy McCullohs, Courtney Ruggles, Victoria Henley, Liz O’Neil and Marla Caligaris.

Historic Wynn House

Ed and Maxine Hudson

Kathryn and Dr. Lance Collier


EVENT Roberto Caligaris, Victoria Henley and Marla Caligaris.

Adam Powell and Amy McCullohs

Kristin and Ash Jain

Nicholas Caligaris

2012 SVMies AWARDS Kristi Holt and Jason Hamilton

Terry Hurley

Mayor Teresa Tomlinson

Paola and Shaun Dunaway

Missy Wood, Julie Sanders Allison, Paola Dunaway and Jaime Tharpe Walter.



Ben and `Danielle Ritch

Glen and Norma Huber

Clay Hammer, Melissa Ingle, Kristen Brown, Matt Buchanan, Charlotte and

Erin Scott and Troy Mann

Dalton Edwards, Courtney, Jodi and Ed Ruggles.

2012 SVMies AWARDS

Mr. and Mrs. Tony Parkman

Laura and Ryan Brooker

Teresa Tomlinson and DJ  Jones

Ashley Whitright and Cosby Cartledge Andy Luker and Kelsey Jordan

Marl Lesh, Andrew Neuhaus and Eli Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Lamar

Jonathan Demkovich, Sommer Alexandria Perez, Michael Dunbar and Marina Savashynskaya.




St. Barts Whether it's lazy afternoons on the beach, or evening eating at its elegant best (but feel free to come in shorts), the relaxing lapping rhythms in Anguilla makes every experience the best. But if you want a taste of France in the Caribbean, then St. Bart’s is as french and posh as ever,. Besides their exotic beaches you can get a thrill from the inevitable celebrity sightings. By Lindsey Epperly

he star-studded islands of Anguilla and St. Bart’s have been on my radar since I began planning luxury travel. When I packed my bags to explore them for myself, I was pleasantly surprised by the warm and welcoming atmosphere of both destinations. While they are known for their high-end clientele, they are incredibly accessible to anyone interested in a unique Caribbean getaway.

edge of design, from the ultra-modern lobby to the lavish guest rooms, almost all of which come with a private plunge pool.


Everything about the Viceroy Anguilla is designed to satisfy the guests’ need for choices. From the spacious entry-level guest rooms to the sprawling 5-bedroom villas, the property is ideal for honeymooners, destination weddings, group getaways, family vacations, and everything in between.


The resort has mastered the art of a diverse atmosphere – there is truly something for everyone. Take the property’s Sunset Lounge, which serves up refreshing frozen mojitos to guests lounging at the adults-only infinity pool during daytime hours. A few nights of the week, as soon as the sun dips out of sight, a live DJ turns the venue into the island’s hottest nightclub

You just missed Sofia Vergara,” the front desk attendant informed me, sympathetic to my bad timing. I had just arrived on Anguilla, a glamorous island only a 20 minute ferry ride away from St. Martin. The week prior, Vergara was tweeting from a mystery location filled with bright blue seas and swaying palm trees, keeping fans and paparazzi on their toes. Her last night on the island, she revealed her location of choice by tweeting a sunset photo from the Viceroy Anguilla. It’s not hard to determine why the Viceroy has been such a celebrity favorite, attracting Alisters like Sandra Bullock, Michael Jordan, and Paul McCartney. The property is on the cutting


Dining room at the Viceroy Anguilla. Viceroy's luxury accommodations in Anguilla truly exceed expectations for style, comfort and service. This room was decorated by artist Ketterl and designer Kelly Wearstler.

While the scene is always trendy, guests who prefer a quieter evening can find that a the Viceroy, as well. The island itself is known for its laid-back atmosphere and great cuisine. Plenty of dining and nightlife opportunities are just a short walk or cab ride away. Beyond the incredible atmosphere and tropical

TRAVEL surroundings, my trip to the Viceroy Anguilla was perfected by the service and friendliness of the staff. My group participated in a cocktail competition the very first day, where we mixed up concoctions from around the bar. When I had clients visit the property two weeks later, the staff remembered our winning cocktail recipe and prepared one for them! For my final night at the Viceroy, the staff put together a special treat. This past New Year’s Eve, guests staying at the resort celebrated the holiday by lighting hundreds of paper lanterns, sending them into the sky with their New Year’s wishes written on them. The Viceroy provided the same experience for my group, giving us instructions to write down a wish and send it up, up, and away.




“You just missed Patrick Dempsey,” said the front desk manager as I checked into the Admiral’s Suite at the Hotel Guanahani. How could I go to the two most star-studded islands in the Caribbean and not see one person worthy of a tabloid cover? Despite my lack of seeing stars, the sightseeing on the flight between the two islands was unbeatable. I’d highly recommend taking the harrowing flight into St. Bart’s, where the plane passes in between two mountain peaks before landing on the runway, which runs right into one of the island’s many famed beaches. It is not for the faint of heart, but the destination sure knows how to make a great first impression.

3 1950s, although it does still boast some of the original rooms. Along with those classic rooms, the property is best known for the 16,000 square foot Villa Rockstar. The incredible villa comes with a full recording studio, complete with the original recording console on which John Lennon recorded his hit song Imagine.

1: The Viceroy Anguilla is a lavish Caribbean beachfront resort situated on 35 stunning acres. 2: Lindsey (in blue dress) enjoying a cocktail with friends at the Viceroy. 3: Located on the north eastern part of the island, in the heart of a tropical garden, Hotel Guanahani & Spa exemplifies luxury, comfort, and elegance. 4: The Half Shell Bar in Anguilla. 5: Eden Rock St. Barth’s is one of the Top 100 hotels in the world.

St. Bart’s is far from the typical Caribbean island. A combination of an out-of-this-world culinary scene and fabulous French culture are woven so deeply into the fabric of this destination that it feels just like vacationing in the French Riviera.

The reefs surrounding the property provide a picturesque setting for guests to enjoy. My favorite afternoon was spent at Sand Bar, one of the property’s two Jean Georges restaurants. Staying at Eden Rock should come with a warning: it’s nearly impossible to leave the sugary white sand beach when they make such perfect coconut mojitos.

Renting a car is a necessity in St. Bart’s and, despite the hilly landscape, driving along the roads is relatively simple for a Caribbean destination. The island doesn’t take long to navigate from behind the wheel of a Mini Cooper, but there is plenty to keep travelers entertained, like fabulous shopping in Gustavia and a number of easily accessible public beaches. The 5-star hotels on the island are so plentiful and unique that it’s hard to choose a favorite – preference for one over the other really depends on the traveler’s ideal experience. I stayed at The Hotel Guanahani & Spa, which is perfect for guests seeking a whimsical beach cottage feel and laid-back atmosphere.


Despite their reputations for celebrities, the destinations are surprisingly affordable when planned correctly during certain seasons. Not only does my company offer travel tips on when to catch the best deals, we also offer complimentary breakfast and upgrades when available at each of the resorts mentioned! svm

Lindsey Epperly is a luxury travel consultant and Caribbean Island specialist who enjoys preparing custommade vacations for her clients. To find out more about Lindsey’s travel planning and to request a trip, please visit or call 706-888-7711.

However, those searching for a truly over-thetop experience should look no further than Eden Rock.The legendary property embodies the lavish spirit of St. Bart’s. The first resort ever built on the island has come a long way since the



EVENT Bob Poydasheff, MG H.R. McMaster Jr., Summer and Mark Baker.

Maj. Gen.(Ret) Walter Wojdakowski and wife Candy, Stacy and Bob Poydasheff.

LTG (Ret ) Sam Wetzel and wife Paul and Franny Kilpatrick

BENNING BEGINNINGS Photos by Juliana Caligaris

THE EVENT: On August 18th the third annual 1775 Society Gala, Benning Beginnings, was held at the National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center. THE PURPOSE: The 1775 Society Gala is the National Infantry Foundation's premier annual fund raising event. This year's gala, Benning Beginnings, celebrated the enduring relationship between Columbus and Fort Benning. The event included a reception, fine dining featuring pepper-crusted filet mignon, grilled shrimp and a signature dessert, dancing and a silent auction. Nearly 400 guests had the opportunity to bid on more than 100 items donated by museum supporters, including such things as a weekend at a California vineyard, a home stay during the Taste of Charleston, a villa in Italy, handcrafted art and jewelry, authentic autographed memorabilia, dinner with Fort Benning’s Commanding General at Riverside, and much more. The silent auction raised more than $20,000 for the Foundation.

Ashley and John Pezold

THE HIGHLIGHTS: The Savannah-based band, Jeremy Davis and the Fabulous Equinox Orchestra, kept dancers on their feet. The band is known for its high-energy, fresh approach to big band jazz. The museum’s grand hall was dressed in the style of a Gatsby garden party, in a salute to the transition of Camp Benning to Fort Benning in the early 1920s. svm

Randy Sherrer and Sarah Carte

Frank Lumpkin, Nancy and Tommy Prescott.

Steve and Kent Butler

Cathey and Abbott Turner


Sally and Philip Adams, Virginia T. Peebles.

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