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The beginning of something special. Every day! Every day is the beginning of something special at the St. Francis Women’s Hospital! Here, families in our community have access to the most modern and well-equipped birthing suites available. Plus our team of respected and experienced physicians, together with a professional and knowledgeable sta, provide the highest level of clinical skills and expertise. From pregnancy to childbirth, mother and baby enjoy quality care in a comfortable and secure state-of-the-art environment.



I AM HERE TODAY BECAUSE OF THE NICU. Pursue Pursue y your our he healthy. althy. “We were not high risk; ever yything was routine ... the pregnancy, the deliver y. But you never know what’s going to happen. We didn’t think it could happen, but it did. We were so fortunate. The NICU team kept Weston alive.” At Midtown Medical Center, ever y element of the deliver y experience has been carefully planned for comfor t, convenience and safety. From pre-natal classes to breastfeeding and parenting suppor t, we’re here to help our moms pursue a healthy pregnancy. •

The region’s only neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) ser ving 21 counties

The region’s only high-risk mothers’ unit

The highest level of care and most experienced nursing staff

Suppor tive childbir th experience and family-centered maternit y care

Inpatient and outpatient breastfeeding consultations

Prenatal and parenting classes, tours and suppor t groups | 7 706.223.1391 06.223.1391
























here are few places where summer is relished as much as in Columbus, and few years when it has been as fervently anticipated. In this issue, we help you to enjoy it to its fullest, with tips on what to wear, how to entertain, and what to eat. There’s no easy way to deal with the hot summer months in our beautiful state. However, there are plenty of activities to do— yes, outside—for you and your entire family— all relatively close. Summer in the South often finds us heading to the beaches, toward rejuvenation and even an adventure. This is the best time to take a holiday. That may sound like a no-brainer, but the reality is, Americans leave more than 32 million unused days in the corporate bank. So, while we could be sipping lemonade on a Lake Harding dock or surfing in Seaside, Fl., we choose to trudge to work instead. Maybe this little fact will help you trade your briefcase for a suitcase—taking vacation time is good for your health. Research shows that people who

go on holiday lower their risk of heart attack by 50 percent. My advice? Don’t wait. Take a break. Inside this issue, we feature one of the most historic places to visit in the world. This time we pack up and go to Russia, St. Petersburg to be exact. Sitting on the Baltic Sea, St. Petersburg is Russia’s second largest city and the center of the some of the country’s most culturally diverse activities. In this feature we also cover the best charity event in Columbus: The Dancing Stars of Columbus that benefits the Alzheimer's Association. Alzheimer’s disease is one of the fastest-growing diseases among maturing adults, especially among baby boomers. Its effects are devastating. We also cover one of Columbus’ oldest traditions: The Heritage Ball. This year’s event presented 16 debutantes. The proceeds from the event also benefit the Wynn House, one of the city’s oldest homes. So take your latest SVM to the beach, or whatever destination you take. And remember,

summer lets you experience that feeling that anything is possible and everything is within reach. Put it to good use. Cheers!


onthecover Your name is very unique. Where did you get it? My name came from my great grandmother, Gladys Sanders Baskin, and my grandmother, Sarah Ann Baskin. I also love Baskin Robbins Ice Cream! What natural gift would you most like to possess? I would like to be able to create beautiful drawings and designs. You are an Auburn fan, do you attend some of the football games? I love to support my team. I attend every home game and enjoy the Auburn Family. War Eagle!


What is the first thing you notice about people? Their countenance. My parents have always said this is such an important quality. Our faces tell a story.

If you could go back or forward in time, where would you go? I would place myself on the dance floor in a flapper dress doing the jitterbug while a big band is playing during the Roaring Twenties.

Name one thing you worry about running out of: I am worried about running out of chocolate! Chocolate is my favorite thing ever and I do not know what I would do without it! What's a word that you say a lot? ‘Awesome’, because there are many things that I think are awesome! What would be your dream profession and why? My dream profession would be to model throughout the country for many different clothing and jewelry brands. If you could trade places with any other person for a week, famous or not famous, living or dead, real or fictional, with whom would it be? I would trade places with Taylor Swift because she is a great role model, has a beautiful voice, and I love all her songs. I could also sing songs about my previous boyfriends! If you could change the world–how would you? By following a quote which says “Hug the hurt, kiss the broken, befriend the lost, and love the lonely.” How was your experience with SVM? My experience with SVM was awesome! The guys did a great job of making sure all my needs were met! They were so friendly and professional. I am so impressed with their work. CLOTHING AND ACCESSORIES: Scout & Molly's of Columbus, 706.221.9480, HAIR AND MAKEUP: Rebecca Haden and Lauryl Andrae for pHyxx Salon,706.256.6883, PHOTOGRAPHY: R. Caligaris and S. Saxon



thismonth’smail Fantasy World I’ve subscribed to SVM since I was eighteen, and continue to do so because of your great interviews, fashion and events. On your latest issue I was drawn to the interview with Mary Howard. Her incredible work never fails to transport me to a world of fantasy, and her vision is extraordinary and unmatched. I enjoy following her on social media and I enjoy every piece she does. Her style is so unique; no wonder superstar photographers like Steven Meisel, Annie Leibovitz, and Steven Klein choose Mary as the best “Production Designer”. ROBIN N, COLUMBUS, VIA E-MAIL Having worked in the art world, I was very happy to read the interview with Mary Howard (April 2014).I’m glad to see SVM embracing and showing more art personalities and Southern culture in its pages. Howard’s work is magical to me, and I have been waiting to learn more about the woman behind the fashion photographs. S. SMITH, COLUMBUS, GA

would, I flipped through the pages admiring the photography and gorgeous styles. Normally, I would have kept flipping right over to another magazine or whatever else was flappable and well paired with my foot massage, but I held on to SVM for some reason and enjoyed a wonderful article on Mary Howard. She is a great talent in the production designing world and her work is just amazing. I really appreciated that piece and I hope to see more of Howard’s work in the future. K. BOYD, COLUMBUS, GA

Pizza Matters On behalf of all the pizza lovers in Columbus, I would like to thank SVM for their article on “Your Pie” (April 2014). Thank you for sharing their story, it shows that two young men can do something positive if they put their time and effort to it. And let’s face it, either now or at some point in your life, pizza was your favorite food. Besides, what’s there not to love about the cheesy, delicious gift sent from food heaven?! The best part about Your Pie is the fact that they’re super customizable. If you’re a super chill, not-so complicated eater, you’re probably going for a couple of plain cheese slices. If you’re into experiencing a world of flavor, you’re probably going with a Southern Heat, loads of grilled chicken smothered in hot sauce with jalapenos, red onions, melted mozzarella, pizza pie (yes, they exist).

I recently picked up your magazine while getting my nails done, as a true Southerner

Wedding Teasures I just feel the need to express how much I adored the Wedding Issue ( April 2014). The wedding photographs were first class and the articles were very informative. SVM is all about bringing you real life weddings from creative and unique souls and connecting brides and grooms to be with equally clever vendors willing to bend over backwards to make your wedding day every bit as awesome as you want it to be. Can’t wait until I get my next issue! AMANDA C, VIA E-MAIL


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Jessica Driver Calhoun and Matthew Hill Kiggins were married at the Holy Family Catholic Church on April 12, 2014. • The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Paul Calhoun III. • The groom is the son of Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Michael Kiggins. • Father Daniel O’Connell officiated the ceremony. • Sheri King served as the matron of honor. • Teil Duncan, Martha Johnston, Claire Slade and Jessica Tillery were the bridesmaids. • Chris Kiggins was the best man, while Tyler Kiggins, Wesley Kiggins and Buford King served as the groomsmen. • Lulie King was the flower girl. • A reception at The Wynn House in Columbus, Georgia followed the ceremony. • Afterwards, the couple honeymooned in Cabo San Lucas. svm

6 of Four Photography





Elizabeth Catherine Richardson and Charles William Dillon II were married at Saint Luke Methodist Church on May 3, 2014. • The bride is the daughter of Mrs. Marjorie Thrasher Richardson and the sister of Mr. Judson Haddock Richardson. • The groom is the son of Mrs. Merrill Johnson Dillon and the grandson of Mr. William Young Johnston. • The ceremony was officiated by Reverend Robert Beckum. • Mary Leavitt Stewart and Adele Caldwell Stone served as the matrons of honor and Elizabeth Elaine Flowers served as the maid of honor. • The bridesmaids were Heidi Trang Ngoc Bui, Ragan Dillon Cain, Whitney Ann Davis, Mary Scarborough Gusmus, May Robert Swift, and Palmer Gilliam Trawick. • Cecelia Raye Kent served as a junior bridesmaid. • Christopher Biggers Blackmon served as the best man. • The groomsmen were Bradley James Cain, Andrew Reynolds Chason, Todd Browning Clements, Richard William Huner, Allen Hunter Kirkland, James Tyler McKissack, Scott Garland Mitchell, Daniel Cody Sparks and James Trenton Thomas. • The flower girls were Carolyn Elizabeth Kirkland, Dorothy Anne McClure, and Mary Michael Roddenbery. • Young Johnston Kirkland served as the ring bearer. • A reception was held at the Country Club of Columbus. • After the ceremony and reception, the couple enjoyed a honeymoon at Las Ventanas Resort in Los Cabos, Mexico. svm

Holland Williams Photography








Robin Nicole Kingrey and Mitchel Karl White were married on April 26, 2014 at Standing Boy Creek Farms in Fortson, Georgia. • The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rex and Glenda Kingrey. • The groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Victor and Sue White. • The ceremony was officiated by Pastor Jeff Murphy. • Lisa Bancer, Courtney Carter, Meghan Garrett, and Amy Williams served as the bridesmaids. • The matron of honor was Amy C. Haynes. • Blue Bancer, David Carr, Bruce Love, and Matthew Stewart served as the groomsmen. • The best man was Victor White. • Brayden Haynes served as the ring bearer and Catherine Sue Garrett and Isabell White were the flower girls. • The flowers were prepared by B. Anderson Flowers • After the reception was held at Standing Boy Creek Farms, the couple enjoyed a honeymoon in El Dorado Royale, Riviera Maya. svm

Kristin Faye Photography



ADVANCED AESTHETICS Dr. Joel Melford Stewart, Jr., M.D., F.A.C.S.

Dr. Paul Feldman M.D., F.A.C.S., F.I.C.S.

Who says beauty has to fade with time? The work of the doctors at Advanced Aesthetics allows patients to still feel like themselves, and they provide that added confidence by helping change the areas that were previously bothering them. By Andrea Hayes Dr. Joseph Raniere, Jr., M.D., F.A.C.S.

Dr. Edward S. Gronka, M.D., F.A.C.S.

With the scene of physical beauty constantly changing, many of us are concerned about the way we look. Sometimes, plastic surgery becomes our answer. Dr. Mel Stewart, of Advanced Aesthetics in LaGrange, Georgia, talked with SVM about common cosmetic prodecures performed today,their benefits and how to safely decide whether or not cosmetic surgery is right for you. What are some of the most common procedures performed at Advanced Aesthetics? Breast augmentation, abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), liposuction, facial aesthetics (eyes (upper bleph), brow lifts, neck and face lift). It’s very important to talk with patients before procedures to decide what they would like to change about their bodies. What is a typical consultation with a new patient like? We spend enough time with each patient to get the best idea of how we can help them. With so many people wanting to feel better about themselves, how do you determine whether or not someone is a good candidate for plastic surgery? The primary goal is to determine what is possible to improve the patient’s appearance, and then decide if the patient’s goal is realistic… (how they would see themselves). Is there a suitable age for a face lift? Most women who have facelift procedures are having them at a later age than 10 years ago due to the improvements in injectables.

Which procedure in plastic surgery is the most difficult to perform and which procedure do you find the most interesting? I think rhinoplasty is the most interesting and the most difficult to perform correctly. The difference this procedure can make in someone’s life is incredible and fulfilling. Are there any new technologies that could change the game of cosmetic surgery? Thus far, new technologies are only improving the end results, most of plastic surgery still requires incisions and unfortunately downtime. Having cosmetic surgery is a growing practice among teens. There is general debate about the appropriateness of cosmetic surgery in teens and whether they truly understand the risks involved. What is your opinion on the topic? Which cosmetic procedures are the most popular among teens? Cosmetic surgery is different than reconstructive surgery. However, sometimes the two overlap. For example, I would not recommend breast augmentation until someone is out of high school, but we routinely reduce the size of young girls breasts so that they can be more active and are less self-conscious. svm


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WILKEY Serving Columbus for over 20 years, Dr. Wilkey offers some of the most comprehensive cosmetic and dental procedures in the area to make sure your smile is always breathtaking. By Andrea Hayes

Dr. Wilkey shared with SVM his philosophies behind dental care, new technology in the field and what helping Columbus residents means to him. What made you want to become a dentist? In college I knew that I wanted to have a career that helped others. I chose dentistry because my mother and father placed a strong significance on dental health when we were growing up; we went to the dentist regularly, and had dental work whenever it was recommended. Our dentist was a personal friend and I had a huge amount of respect for him as a person. He influenced me to consider dentistry as a profession and I am so glad that I did. I‘ve enjoyed getting to know people and helping them with their dental health.

What’s your favorite way to pass time when you are not working? I have been on a mission over the last few years to make sure I laugh more often, so every free moment is based around having fun and spending time with the special people in my life. I enjoy boating with friends and family on Lake Harding, riding my grandchildren on the tractor on our family farm, and traveling to fun and interesting places. I’m very happy now. What is it that makes you excited to go to work every day (beyond making a living)? My fantastic staff and my wonderful patients make it easy for me to come to work every day. I am blessed beyond measure to have these people in my life. I am fortunate that I have the time to spend one on one time with my patients and get to know them personally—many are considered close friends.

“I am fortunate that I have the time to spend one-on-one time with my patients and get to know them personally.” What do you see as the greatest advancement in dentistry over the past 10 years? One of the greatest advancements in dentistry over the past 10 years has been the development of porcelain and composite dental materials that closely mimics enamel. The porcelain and tooth colored composite materials today are much stronger than the dental materials of the past. Some of these materials are 3-5 times stronger than enamel itself! What is some of the latest technology you are using with your patients? Laser dentistry is exciting and helps reduce pain during dental procedures. I can literally perform some oral surgery procedures without numbing the patient. Also, the intraoral camera is a great tool to show patients how hard it is to reach areas of their mouth, especially decay that has begun in the posterior areas. The greatest technological advancement, however, has to be digital radiography. Not only is the amount of radiation minimized significantly, the clarity of the picture helps me diagnose early decay. The teeth can be restored conservatively instead of waiting until the decay is large and possibly invading the deeper layers of the teeth. How can cosmetic dentistry help improve the appearance of my smile? Cosmetic dentistry can help improve someone’s life in addition to their smile alone. I have seen a patient’s self esteem transform after having anterior porcelain veneers, after missing teeth were replaced, and even after simple whitening procedures. It’s amazing how a smile opens their world to opportunities both professionally and personally. It’s very rewarding to be a part of the transformation.

Which systems are most important in your practice? Which do you especially excel at? Two important systems exist within my practice. The first one is our Periodontal Disease Therapy program. In order for dentistry to be successful, the foundation must be solid so it’s my goal to make sure every single patient has the opportunity to strengthen their gums, bone, and ligaments that hold their teeth in place. My dental hygienists have an average of 24 years of experience and receive advanced training yearly to make sure we stay abreast of the latest treatment modalities. The second main focus of my practice is Cosmetic Restorative Dentistry. The porcelains and white composites that I use are actually much stronger than the metal alloys used in the past and have the added benefit of being beautiful. Strength and longevity is my goal in providing this type of dentistry with the added benefit of being beautiful. I like to perform quality dentistry that lasts for many years instead of emergency dentistry for a quick fix. svm


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Since opening its doors in January, Oyster Bay has already left an incredible impression on Columbusʼ diners, offering delicious raw oysters and seafood. By Andrea Hayes • Photos by S. Saxon

Columbus restaurateur, Bobbi Rider, talked with SVM about Oyster Bay, seafood and her dedication to supplying Columbus residents with a superior product and dining experience. Oyster Bay opened just about a year ago and you've gotten praise and recognition for the restaurant. What makes your restaurant so unique? We opened on Jan. 2, 2014. We thought that an oyster bar & seafood restaurant in North Columbus would go over really well, especially with the choices we have on our menu. We think our menu is unique. We do not pre-prep or precook anything on our menu, it is all prepped and cooked when ordered by the customer. We think that’s what makes us unique is the variety of seafood on our menu and our hospitality as so many of our customers have told us. How do you ensure the freshness of the seafood that you serve at your restaurant? We have shipments arriving daily of seafood. When it comes to your restaurant menus, what is the dish you never get tired of? I do not have a favorite on the menu, I like it all. Our customers give us compliments on the raw oysters as well as our variety of baked oysters. Our crab cakes, scallops, grouper, red snapper and crab legs get a lot of compliments as well. What surprises you most about Columbus patrons? I am surprised by how often they dine out and that they have chosen Oyster Bay as one of their favorite restaurants. The biggest surprise is how many of the customers say that they prefer a locally owned restaurant over a corporate chain restaurant. What should first-timer Oyster Bay diners try? Oysters, of course, and probably the Captain's Platter, as you get to sample our top selling items.

What inspires you to keep going every day with your restaurant business? Pleasing the customers and hearing the positive feedback we get from them. svm


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posh peach Erin Widick and Leah Perry talked with SVM about keeping up with latest trends, what they wish to offer Columbus, and how they plan to do so in the future years to come.


When Erin and Leah opened the Posh Peach online in 2012, their goal was to bring a new sense of fashion to Columbus. In June 2014 they opened their charming Uptown location. They strive to appeal to the tastes of women regardless of their career, style or preference. By Andrea Hayes • Photos by S. Saxon buying items for our store, we look for what our customers are interested in and looking for. We focus on the style of the every day women – casual, work week, and dressier options. We have customers as young as 11-12, to women in their late 50s-60s who are looking for more trendy styles.

Please, tell us the story behind The Posh Peach. How did it all start? Our company began in 2012 with a love for shopping and a dream of owning our own business in our own hometown. Our company is personal because we are family. We are different individuals with different prior career backgrounds, styles and tastes, etc. For us, it made sense to partner in this venture, because we each bring something different, yet wonderful, to the table. We decided on opening a women’s clothing boutique because one thing we do have in common is we enjoy the latest trends and styles as they come and go. We both love fashion and the ability to use it as a way to help other women feel beautiful. How can someone who tends to dress really “safe” break out of their comfort zone and dress more creatively? Start with accessories. Add different accessory options such as different necklace lengths, stack bracelets, or a belt to an outfit. Play with pairing colors like wearing a different color bottom with a top that you wouldn’t normally do. Bold color pairings are very “in” right now. Prints and pieces with lace or crochet are also very trendy. Wearing a printed top or a top with lace accents is an easy way to incorporate some of the latest styles in to your “safe” wardrobe. What are some of your favorite items currently in the boutique? We love something about each and every item we have! We have several maxis that are really popular right now, rompers, colored skinnies, mini skirts, lace tops, and accessories that we can add to play all of these up. Plus so much more! What and who influences you when buying for your store? We pay attention to the young trends of our culture as they change. When we are

Finding good salespeople is key and you mentioned it being a priority. How do you go about making sure that your customer service delivers? We want to provide superior customer service to every person that comes in to The Posh Peach store or who shops on our website. From the time you walk through the door and are greeted with an inviting “Hello” to a “personal shopping” experience with help from a friendly, trained and knowledgeable sales associate, our hope is for everyone to have an experience that makes them feel good while they’re there and that they’ll remember. svm


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With the local market soaring, The Brady Bowles Team is a Real Estate Agency that can provide the answers to all of your buying and selling needs. By Madison Crawford Photos by S. Saxon

Real Estate Agents Bardie Brady and Clare Bowles sat down with SVM to discuss the current market and the issues with which both buyers and sellers should be concerned. Why did you decide to become a real estate agent? We both agreed that “being our own boss” was very attractive at a time when we were both raising children and trying to have a career at the same time. We now love it because the sky is the limit when you are self-employed. We love the real estate business we have developed because it’s not just about selling homes, it’s more about developing relationships. We are both originally from Columbus and love showing off our beautiful city to new comers. What do you think the market holds for the Columbus area in 2014? The market is “Hot, Hot, Hot”! This is the first time in years multiple offers have been an issue for buyers. The excess inventory is steadily being absorbed and interest rates are still incredibly low. What do you think are the biggest challenges that home sellers and buyers face in the coming year? It’s important for buyers to understand the national average doesn’t always reflect the local market. Columbus is so fortunate to have Fort Benning and the headquarters of companies such as AFLAC and Synovus which allowed our market to recover quicker than others. The extreme discounts are rare these days and buyers are realizing they must act quickly with a more competitive offer than even a year ago. What are key issues facing housing locally? A key issue facing housing is the impact of the mortgage lending. Sellers must remember what effects buyers indirectly effects them as well.The mortgage industry constantly faces new rules and regulations that effect almost every aspect of the approval process through closing. One example is the premium mortgage insurance (PMI) required for FHA loans no longer disappears after a percentage of the principle is paid, now buyers must plan on paying this fee through the life of the loan.

Are there any buying and selling trends you've seen of late that buyers and sellers should know about? It's hard to pinpoint particular "trends" for buyers and sellers as everyone's situation is different depending on the phase of life. However, we have seen a much greater interest in the Harris County area lately. As new industry continues to flourish north, families are finding it much more convenient to live a little further from town. What should homeowners do in the coming year to improve their chances of a sale? It’s imperative that a home is priced correctly from day one. Everyone is excited to see the new listing in the neighborhood so be sure all needed repairs are complete, it’s inviting from the street and spic and span on the inside. Just pretend your mother-in-law is coming over! However, if it’s not marketed well then none of this matters because no one will see it. Hire a Realtor who will advertise it to all of their hard working Realtor Associates and will bring you qualified buyers. svm


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Steeped in family heritage and tradition, Columbus’ Schomburg’s Jewelers has provided the Valley with stunning one of a kind pieces and quality customer services for over a century. By Andrea Hayes • Photos by S. Saxon

Owner, Laura Schomburg Patrick, talked to SVM about Schomburg’s, their deep roots in Columbus, and what types of gorgeous pieces customers can find for any occasion. How did you get started in the jewelry business? Carl Herman Schomburg moved to Columbus from Hanover Germany in 1872 and started a small watch repair and jewelry store in uptown Columbus on Broadway. We were lucky enough to continue the tradition through four generations which is where we are today! We are now run by Ricky Schomburg and Laura Schomburg Patrick. We also have the fifth generation working in the store learning the trade.

What kind of woman do you envision wearing your jewelry? Everyone! We really pride ourselves in carrying something for every age and generation of women. What products or services do you offer? We offer a range from bridal registry, jewelry repair, jewelry sales, appraisals, baby gifts, household items, men’s gifts and just about anything our customer asks for we try to make it happen.

How long has your store been in business? 142 years. Now how many businesses can say that, local or national. We hope for many more.

“We really strive to find items that are unique, well made and different than what you see in the average jewelry store.” What is the best thing about owning Schomburg’s Jewelers? The historical and family ties that come along with it, as well as serving so many families in Columbus dating back for over 100 years. We have really gotten to know generations of families from sending their baby their first set of pearls to sizing that same girl for her wedding ring and registering her for china, then later helping her husband with that gorgeous 50th anniversary gift. We love the relationships we build and hope to continue for as long as we can. Getting to see the most amazing unique pieces the industry has to offer first doesn’t hurt either!

When you pick out jewelry pieces, what are some of the things you look for? When purchasing for the store we really strive to find items that are unique, well made and different than what you see in the average jewelry store. We have made great relationships over the years and we really pride ourselves in quality and wanting our pieces to not only be different and unique, but to also be made with the high standard we have become to be known for. We try to vary in price and style. We really want to ensure we have something for everyone, so we carry lots of different lines and styles from baby jewelry and sterling silver on up to fine jewelry and exquisite stones. What would be your signature jewelry piece? As a high end jewelry store we really try to focus on fine jewelry and one of a kind pieces of jewelry. For instance, we have a fantastic yellow sapphire ring right now that you can no longer find and it is such a unique and gorgeous piece that any woman who gets it is surly to swoon! svm



MIKE HOWARD Howard grew up in Phenix City, Alabama before moving to New York in the early 1970s. Today, he lives part time in Hurtsboro, Alabama and New York City, but his work still reflects his Southern roots that include hunting and fishing, food art and popular culture. By Andrea Hayes • Photos by S.Saxon



ike Howard is an original, a unique combination of art intelligence and a good natured guy. He is great with people. He is attracted to popular subjects that regular people can understand and appreciate, which is of course, his connection to the legacy of Pop Art. Whether painting cows or hamburgers, motorcycles or fishermen, he is always combining a skillful hand and a conceptual rigor.” – Stuart Horodner, Curator


In 1963, Mike Howard left Alabama to join the United States Marine Corps. After serving, he attended the University of Georgia, where he was accepted into the Whitney Program in New York City. He also received a B.S. in Art Education from Columbus State University and taught for three months at Columbus High School for his teaching certification. In 1974, he received an MFA from Rutgers University (where he later taught for eight years). Howard is a nationally acclaimed artist from Girard (Phenix City), Alabama. He and his wife, production designer Mary Howard, own two houses in Hurtsboro, Alabama and frequently visit for time away from busy city life and relaxation closer to their Southern roots. Howard occasionally participated in the Fluxus movement, “an informational international group of avant-garde artists working in a wide range of media and active from the early 1960s to the late 1970s… Fluxus works often require the participation of a spectator in order to be completed.”

“Donnie (owner of City Grill in Hurstboro) will not allow me to hang my tractor painting in his dining area! I love Hurtsboro, it keeps me grounded.” Howard also has five paintings in the prestigious Rubell Family Collection in Miami, Florida, various paintings in collections across the United States and Switzerland, including the Lajolla Museum of Contemporary Art in Lajolla, California; Artforum Magazine in New York, New York; the Don Judd Foundation in Marfa, Texas; Synovus in Columbus, Georgia; and Mead Corp. in Phenix City, Alabama. In 1970 Howard performed his first Fluxus event while working for Don Judd while attending The Whitney Museum Independent Program, (“Approved”), which entailed the artist performing a series of weight lifting poses for the crowd while donning bikini shorts. In 1975, dealer Michael Walls gave Howard his first gallery show in New York. Howard went on to show with Gracie Mansion Gallery and staged a project entitled Win A Trip to Paris Sweepstakes. The show concluded with the artist and dealer spinning a carnival wheel to determine the sweepstakes winner. Howard, Mansion and Sur Rodney dispensed assorted gifts including a motor scooter, color television ,dinner for two, and airline tickets to Paris. Gracie Mansion sold 100 paintings in one week.


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INTERVIEW Raffle tickets (and the money that was made from the sales) were spent on prizes. The artist Al Hansen (recently deceased) was present and purchased a painting in hopes of winning a trip to Paris. Hansen unofficially deemed the show a Fluxus event despite his disappointment in not winning a prize. The show had a two-page spread by Maureen Dowd in New York Times Magazine. Howard’s work then turned to raising a family and devoting time to smaller scale pieces – building a collection of over 700 works in various mediums. Mike is very proud of his Southern heritage, especially being from Alabama. “I grew up in Girard, Alabama. Our house would be located where the Crown gas station is now located as you drive over the Dillingham Bridge from Columbus. We own two houses in Hurtsboro, Alabama. I may have 5 paintings in the Rubell Collection, but Donnie (owner of City Grill in Hurstboro) will not allow me to hang my tractor painting in his dining area! I love Hurtsboro, it keeps me grounded.” In 2008, Howard created a series of paintings telling “The Phenix City Story”, and the assassination of Albert Patterson. Since then, Howard has continued to paint artistic interpretations of assassinations, as well as the tragic deaths of artists and celebrities.

“Mike’s story is that of a boy forged by an upbringing in a complex sociopolitical place, who went away to become a man of accomplishments and profound self-awareness. And now, he is returning home to tell others what he saw and felt.” – Stuart Horodner As he puts it, “I am capturing contemporary tragedy in the tradition of Manet, Goya, Delacroix, and Gericault. My inclinations are similar to Romanticism in nineteenth century France and pre-1954 Phenix City, Alabama.” “Howard’s art and experiences are always relevant and engaging” says friend and curator Stuart Horodner. He continues by saying “I have known Mike Howard for almost thirty years, and our professional dialogue throughout that time has been engaging and rewarding. I have sought to work with him in various capacities, and have exhibited his work at my New York gallery (Horodner Romley) in the early 1990s, and most recently at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, where we exhibited a small survey of his large canvases dealing with the themes of hunting, food, and male desire.” Today, Mike Howard continues to wow the art world with his awe inspiring paintings varying from the themes of social change and progress to Southern life in America, all while balancing family life with his renowned wife, Mary, their daughter Mimi and numerous grandchildren from his late wife, Janet and their two daughters Sonia and Molly. svm


When you find it, call us. We’re nearby to help you with your mortgage. Ashley Valentini

Haley Carpenter

Kevin LeRoy

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Bonnie Claridy

Jeff Anderson

Lisa Pound

NMLS 664102


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NMLS 664090







Whitney Lackey, Anna Bradley, “Tattoo Lady”, Dori Jones, Eliza Brewer and Donna Atkins.

THE EVEN T: Let There Be Art! was held April 11-17 at the Columbus Museum.More than 90 artists showcased their work at this annual event. THE PURPOSE: Let There Be Art! is an annual celebration of art, featuring artists from the South, the East Coast, and Europe. The event allows members of the Columbus community to purchase fabulous pieces of art. The proceeds from the event benefit the Columbus Museum.

Mint Flowers, Bruno Zupan and Dexter Jordan.

Tripp and Mayor Teresa Tomlinson

THE HIGHLIGHTS: This year’s premiere party theme, Cirque D’Art, was designed by special event designer and speaker, Bob Vardaman. Vardman presented his lecture “So You Want to Have a Party” and also presented his new book, Party Maker. Also included in this year’s event was an auction, jazz performances and many other activities for the community to enjoy. svm

Lori and Clark Turner, SaSa Bickerstaff.

Suzy and Dick Edge

Lucy Sheftall and Ken Henson

Sallie Martin and Bo Bartlett



Steve and Kent Butler, Jim Gray and Sarah West.

Mark Porter and Chris Harman

Marina Dunbar and Elise Exon


Kristen Miller Zohn, Jane Zupan and Cliff Tucker.

Joanne Gristina, Katherine Ellis, Katie Parker and Margot Smallman. Mason Lampton, Tom Butler and Bob Vardaman.

Alan and Jewett Rothschild

Erin Gregory and Lane Riley






Lindy Stivarius, Ashley Reinhart and Katie Jacobson.

THE EVENT: The Bibb City Gallery hosted an artist showcase at their gallery on 3718 2nd Avenue in Columbus on Wednesday, May 7th. THE SHOWCASE: Guests enjoyed the Open House Studios, a gallery showcase and refreshments. Pam Johnson and Kent Butler

Sarah West and Mira Totkiy

THE ARTISTS: The event featured the work of: Ashley Cartledge of Tenfold, Courtney Akers of Bent by Courtney, Katie Jacobson, Jill Chancey Philips, Robin Harrell, Sarah West and Yuriy Totskiy. svm

Katie Jacobson and Marina Dunbar

Ashley Cartledge and Sarah West

Emily Doll, Haley Lyman and Tyson Begly.

Robin H. Harrell, Sarah West, Katie Jacobson, Yuriy Totskiy, Courtney Akers, Ashley Cartledge and Jill Philips.






Bailey, Jimmy and Cathy Carter.

Gen. Caldwell and Rev. Dr. Thomas Osteen

THE EVEN T: Georgia Military College’s newest President Lt Gen William B. Caldwell, IV and his wife, Reverend Stephanie Caldwell, both Columbus natives, were recently welcomed back to our community at a reception hosted at Georgia Military College Columbus’ campus. General Caldwell spoke a little at the event about becoming the new President of Georgia Military College, how impressed he was with the Columbus campus and how thankful he was for everyone in attendance, especially Congressman (Ret.) Brinkley, who then went up to speak about General Caldwell.

Lt Colonel Reginald Neal, General Caldwell, Lt Colonel Lawrence Baker Jr., and Lt Colonel Thomas Nelson.

Guests were invited to take tours of the Columbus campus and experience the technologically advanced classrooms. svm

Jeff Hudson and Dorothy Casey

General Caldwell, Congressman (Ret.) Brinkley, and Rev. Stephanie Caldwell.

Lois Brinkley, Congressman (Ret.) Brinkley and Colonel Huerter. Randy and Theresa Robertson, Cathy and Jimmy Carter.

Ron Hundley and Dr. Ron Hudson

Kathy Nelson and Rev. Stephanie Caldwell

Earlene Hamilton, Lynn Haynie and Ben Billings.





The best days of summer are ahead. Show off your summer glow and brighten up your wardrobe with some of this summer’s latest trends.


FASHION TROPICAL PUNCH You’ve worked all winter long to get that perfect beach body. Show it off this summer in fun cuffed shorts, trendy patterned tops and stylish wedges. Vava Bell sleeve top with Henry & Belle cuffed denim shorts. Scout & Molly jewelry.


FASHION GREAT WHITE The cool pick for a hot summer? White pants. Add dimension to this chic pool look by combining a long sleeve shirt with vibrant patterns and neutrals with fun accessories. Trina Turk tie front top with David Kahn white snake pencil jeans. Necklace by Lori Snyder Jewelry. Scout & Molly earrings. .


FASHION BEACHY CLEAN This beautiful crochet top with matching camisole by Bobi is a brilliant yellow color. Certain to be a different kind of crochet than what you might already have in your wardrobe. Pair it with Quinn tencil light blue shorts. The soft fabric promises all day comfort, Scout & Molly jewelry.


FASHION BLUE CRUSH With the sweltering Georgia heat, light, airy fabrics are the perfect addition to anyone’s closet. Michael Stars cuffed ankle linen pants with Gyspsy 05 embroidered silk blouse. Scout & Molly bangles, cuffs, & earrings.

MODEL Baskin Champion CLOTHING AND ACCESSORIES Scout & Molly's of Columbus, 706.221.9480, HAIR AND MAKEUP Rebecca Haden and Lauryl Andrae for pHyxx Salon,706.256.6883, PHOTOGRAPHY R. Caligaris and S. Saxon SPECIAL THANKS Bill and Amy White






Rob Varner, Jim Railey, Judge Bobby Peters and Mike Gaymon.

Victoria and Judge John Allen

Justice Harold D. Melton, Judge Ben Richardson, and Morris Mullin, President Elect of Columbus Bar Association.

THE EVENT: On Thursday, April 17 the Columbus Bar Association hosted a reception for the seven Supreme Court Justices of the Georgia Supreme Court. The Supreme Court members were in Columbus to hear two cases – one a civil matter and the other a criminal matter. These live hearings were held at the Springer Opera house with over 500 local students, law students and regional attorneys in attendance. Sybrina and Joel Wooten with Justice David E. Nahmias.

This special session is believed to be the first ever held in Columbus since the formation of the Georgia Supreme Court in 1845. svm

Judge Bill Rumer, Austin Gower, Moffett Flournoy, and Eric Webb.

LaRae Moore, Rep. Carolyn Hugley, Justice David E Nahmias and Isaiah Hugley. Sybrina and Joel Wooten with Justice David E. Nahmias.

Judge Marc D’Antonio, Judge Martha M. Hartley with Nell and Justice Robert Benham.

Justice Carol W. Hunstein and Mayor Teresa Tomlinson

Steve Adams, Jimmy Blanchard and Clifton Fay, City Attorney.





Star Peyton Farrar and Pro Bin Minter

Star Dr. Marc Goldman and Pro Janie Sutcliffe

THE EVEN T: The annual Dancing Stars of Columbus, benefitting the Alzheimer’s Association, was held May 2 at the RiverMill Event Centre. STARS & PROS: The 2014 Dancing Stars of Columbus were: Star Don Beck and Pro Michele Rogers, Star Nancy Burgin and Pro Richard Martinez, Star Peyton Farrar and Pro Bin Minter, Star Billie Flowers and Pro Kenn Cole, Star Dr. Marc Goldman and Pro Janie Sutcliffe, Star Chris Harman and Pro Rachel Scarborough, Star Ginny Lawrence and Pro Brantley Arrington, Star Dr. Kevin McPherson and Pro Maria Burnley, Star Walter Miller and Pro Georgia Cosmah, Star Anderson Philips and Pro Blaire Morris, and Star Lynn Thompson and Pro Brace Luquire.

Star Billie Flowers and Pro Kenn Cole

HOSTS &  JUDGES: This year’s celebrity hosts were DJ Jones and Amy Adams along with celebrity judges Rodney Mahone, Miller Robson and Patty Taylor. Star Walter Miller and Pro Georgia Cosmah were The 2014 Judges Choices winners.

Star Don Beck and Pro Michele Rogers


Star Nancy Burgin and Pro Richard Martinez

Star Dr. Kevin McPherson and Pro Maria Burnley


Star Chris Harman and Pro Rachel Scarborough

Star Lynn Thompson and Pro Brace Luquire

THE WIN N ERS: The 2014 Judges Choices winners were Star Walter Miller and Pro Georgia Cosmah. The People’s Choice winners were Star Ginny Lawrence and Pro Brantley Arrington. THE CHAIRS: The chairs for the 2014 event were Stephanie and Roddy Hunter. THE HIGHLIGHTS: This year’s fundraiser rose more than $300,000. This year’s event also debuted the Abbott Turner Memorial “I Can’t Believe I Said Yes…” Award, created in memory of the late D. Abbott Turner II. THE PURPOSE: Dancing Stars’ aim is to support the programs and services provided for individuals with Alzheimer's disease, as well as their families and caregivers. Presently, someone develops Alzheimer's every 68 seconds. This disease is the sixth leading cause of death in the USA. svm

Star Anderson Philips and Pro Blaire Morris

Star Ginny Lawrence and Pro Brantley Arrington the People’s Choice winners.

Cathey and Ashley Turner presenting the “I Can’t Believe I Said Yes” award to Pro Bin Minter and Star Peyton Farrar.

Sue and Dr. Marc Goldman, Christina Vogler, Roddy and Stephanie Hunter.



Lauren Minter and Kim Jinks

Tammy, Emily Shea and Don Beck.

Vicky and Brad Bush

Tyson Begly and Haley Lyman

Chris Harman, Elinor Turner and Rachel Scarborough.


Star Dr. Kevin McPherson and Pro Maria Burnley, one of the crowd’s favorites.

Star Anderson Philips and Pro Blaire Morris

Carol and John Woolbright

Kay Saunders, Allison Stephanouk, Amy Adams, Ginny Lawrence, Sandi Vaughn, Dr. Tammy McLean and Jodi Saunders. Star Walter Miller and Pro Georgia Cosmah



Holle Kennerly, Brittany Harris, Colleen Rustin, Dee Dee Anthony, Kellie Alexander, Michelle Blanchard, Mallory Harris and Kim Helton.

Betsy Leebern, Dexter Jordan and Monica Harrison.

Miller Robson, Patty Taylor and Rodney Mahone.

Christina Vogler and DJ Jones

Libbie Key, Billie Flowers and Christy Garner.


Mark and Maife Lesh

The People’s Choice winners: Star Ginny Lawrence and Pro Brantley Arrington.

Sandy Dawson, Nancy Burgin, Sallie Martin and Lisa Killorin.

Ron Vogler, Sharon and Murray Jones and DJ Jones

Traci Courville, Brad Bush, Heath Schondelmayer and Craig Courville.




innovation house

By Andrea Hayes • Photos by Greintime Productions


ith techniques and technology changing every day, homebuyers are anxious to have the best and newest tech in their homes. The Insidesign Innovation House, filled with the latest in technology, was built with these consumers in mind. Josh Levetan, President, Atlanta Audio Video Solutions, LLC and custom integrator for the Innovation House talked with SVM about the Insidesign Innovation House, some of its impressive features and future projects in the Georgia area. The Insidesign Innovation House is a very grand and interesting project. What was the main idea behind the development of it? Innovation House’s construction and design teams hand-selected the most functional and stylish fixtures and finishes in order to provide a source of design inspiration for residential design/build firms and homeowners. Technology is ever changing and its capacity to aid in the functionality of today's busy families needed to be showcased in a tangible and beautiful environment. Some of the newest and most groundbreaking technology is being debuted in the home. How does this contribute to the uniqueness of the Innovation House? Being able to turn on any light from a single keypad (whole house lighting control), via Control4, is a very unique factor of the Innovation House.


Kichler light fixtures used in the home include: outdoor Salisbury sconce; cylindrical pendants in the basement and media room; boys’ bath wall sconces; girls’ bath chandelier; ceiling fans in the master bedroom, guest bedrooms, and exterior porch; exterior flood spotlights; post lights, and landscape lighting – all of which can be controlled from a single device, as well as remotely. The Control4 home automation

system (installed by Atlanta Audio Video Solutions), also integrates the home’s computers, televisions, music, security and temperature systems. For entertainment, the Innovation House features a Yamaha’s DC2XE3 Disklavier reproducing piano takes center stage in the music room and is visible from the front foyer, creating a welcoming atmosphere upon entering the home.

The door station with video and audio intercom experience adds an extra layer of security and visibility to its ancient predecessor, the doorbell. Add in the fullness of the concert grand sound, and it leaves guests with a lasting first impression. The Yamaha piano is also tied into the whole house audio distribution system, allowing guests to enjoy the soothing sound in any room.

HOME Smart homes have been the fantasies of architects, home designers and home owners for decades. What are some of the components that make the Insidesign Innovation House a “smart home”? Control4’s home automation system simplifies the entire operation / day to day living in the Innovation House. Control4’s in-wall and wireless touchscreens allow easy control of audio, video, security, lighting, and communication (video intercom) throughout the house. In addition to the sleekest user interface, Control4 offers 7” portable and wall-mounted touch screen controllers with built-in cameras that deliver always-on, dedicated system control with full motion video intercom for communication all over the home. The door station with video and audio intercom experience adds an extra layer of security and visibility to its ancient predecessor, the doorbell. Further, Control4’s MyHome app for Apple and Android devices makes it easy for the future home owner to control the house from inside or anywhere in the world. Wyrestorm’s HDMI Matrix with HD BaseT technology distributes HD video throughout the house, removing the need for having big boxes in every room.

Living Room: The living room opposite the large open kitchen is a place to socialize, relax, and live as a family. The 26 foot vaulted ceilings are emphasized with exposed decorative beams and a stone-faced fireplace in keeping with the home’s rustic exterior. Reading chairs by Lee Industries; area rug by Karastan; rolling cart and side table by Go Home; oversized ceiling fan by Big Ass Fans; coffee table by Stanton Home; artwork by Art Classics; in-ceiling and surround sound speakers by TruAudio; accessories by Arteriors; faux plants by Distinctive Designs; fireplace bricking by Redland brick; throw pillows by Lacefield designs; paint and stain by Certa Pro; hardwood flooring installed by Atlanta Flooring Design Centers.

Kitchen: Cabinetry by Crystal; hardware by Horton Brass; range, refrigerator, microwave, and combination drawers by Wolf/Subzero; dishwasher by Bosh; sinks, faucets, and potfiller by Kohler; backsplash by Fireclay; cutting board by Boos; cookware by Le Creuset; can lights by Cooper Lighting; hardwood floors by Mohawk; security system by ADT; chandelier by Circa Lighting; under cabinet lighting by Hera; sconces by Barnlight Electric; countertops by Dex; hardwood floors installed by Atlanta Flooring Design Centers.



The details and molding inside the Insidesign Innovation House are breathtaking. How large was the role of “estate rescue[replication]” when designing the interior of the home? The thought process of the design of this home is the term "classic," which we define as timeless in simple form, functional and of the highest quality. The large 8" cove crown with symmetrical aprons match the same beaded profile of the casings and tall base molding.

Master Bedroom: Hardwood floors by Mohawk; ceiling fan by Kichler; area rug by Jaipur; love seat by Lee Industries; end tables from Crate and Barrel; artwork by Art Classics; linens from Wayfair; lamps by Circa; accessories by Arteriors; hardwood floors installed by Atlanta Flooring Design Centers; custom built headboards and footboard. Master Bathroom: Wall paint by Certa Pro Painters; plumbing fixtures (shower faucets and drain, sink faucets and drains, toilet, sinks), robe hooks and paper dispenser by Kohler; cabinetry by Crystal; hardware by Horton Brasses; chandelier and scones by Circa Lighting; artwork by Art Classics, LTD; accessories by Arteriors.

The color pallet is somewhat neutral bringing in tones of gray and cream as the base, leaving the option for bringing in rich stains for a more traditional flair or keeping it a little fresher with pops of bright accents. This style is fitting and believable for established estate style, but also compelling for the more transitional demographic. With so many windows and doors, the Georgia heat is bound to effect the temperature inside the home. How is climate control regulated in a house of this size? Note the entire house is encapsulated in open cell spray foam insulation creating a cooler effect. The three 21 SEER Lenox HVAC units bring an incredible efficiency to this large structure. Are there any other projects like this one being developed in Georgia? Will there be in the future? Yes! Look for more innovation house projects and idea homes in 2015 which will showcase the newest innovations in décor and technology. svm



Office: This generous space is the hub of creativity in this home. Designed especially with those in the building industry in mind, this long stately room houses all of the communication essentials for today’s professional including: oversized monitor for project analysis and a rustic drafting table by Four Hands; fireplace mantle by Tuscan Stone; desk by Fourhands; area rug by Jaipur; hardwood flooring by Mohawk; light fixture by Circa Lighting, accent lamp by Go Home; artwork by Art Classics, accessories by Arteriors; plantation shutters by Elite Shutters; plants by Distinctive Designs; leather arm chairs by Lee Industries; paint and staining by Certa Pro Painters; hardwood flooring installed by Atlanta Flooring Design Centers. Media Room: While the style of the media room is fun and colorful, the design remains cohesive with the rest of Innovation House’s clean lines and traditional finishes, like clean lined furniture and elegant Kichler ceiling fixtures. The custom wall mural draws the eye and provides such detail that one can be captivated for hours. Tru Audio all in-ceiling and surround sound speakers; Golf simulator by About Golf; seating by Love Sac; lighting by Kichler; flooring by Mohawk; hardwood flooring installed by Atlanta Flooring Design Centers; custom wall mural inspired by Think Big, Advertising and Public Relations.

innovation house






Former honorees of the Heart and Stroke Ball in attendance at the 25th anniversary event.

Tom Flowers with Cile and Jason Branch.

THE EVEN T: The 25th Heart and Stroke Ball was held on Friday, April 11, at the RiverMill Event Centre beginning at 6:30 p.m. The honoree for this year's anniversary event was Henry W. Swift, Jr. and Tom Flowers served as chair.

Tom Flowers with Kathleen Mason and Rob McKenna.

THE PURPOSE: A silent auction was held from 6:30 to 8:00 then attendees enjoyed a dinner prepared by Chef Jamie Keating and staff. Henry Swift, Richard Swift, and Tom Flowers made brief remarks then a live auction took place followed by dancing.

Deanna and Dr. Shane Darrah

THE HIGHLIGHTS: The annual theme of the event is Black Tie and Tennis Shoes. This year's event raised the most from any of the previous years! Congratulations to Henry Swift on such a prestigious honor. svm Karey Connally, Steve and Laura Raines.

Robert, Jeanne, Henry and Masy Swift.

Henry Swift with Will White.

Libbie and Jack Key

Jean and George Flowers


At Thayer-Bray Constr uction, our attention to detail, constant communication and commitment to quality set us apart. Meeting your budget and schedule is the foundation of our commitment to you. Your satisfaction is our top priority. Let Thayer-Bray go to work for you today.

J. Philip Thayer, Thayerr, President President | William L. Bray, Brayy, Vice V President President PO Box 1992 | Columbus, Georgia 31902 | 334-298-3965


Jeanne Swift, Jack and Libbie Key, Henry, Tripp, Masy and Robert Swift.

Sonny and Lisa White

Debbie Garrett with Dr. Tom Wade and Sherry Wade.

Becky Smith, Elizabeth Knight and Margie Richardson.


Nancy and Clifton Fay with Betty Fort Griffin. Stewart Killgallon and Grayson Tate, Trey and Heather Watley.

Elizabeth Robertson, Mary Frances and Loretta Flowers.

Becky Smith with Glynn and Jeff Dakin.

Stephanie and Roddy Hunter




FOOD stylist


Georgia summers are notoriously hot and sweltering. Chef Keating shares a few of his favorite cocktail recipes to help you stay cool and relaxed in the coming months.


vent and Food Stylist Jamie Keating, CEC is well-known in Columbus, Georgia for his exquisite cuisine and amazing events. He is the owner and chef of the premier catering company, Jamie Keating Culinary, Inc. that manages The RiverMill Event Centre.


here’s just something about summertime. I don’t know if it’s the weather or the fact that my kids are out of school or both, but there is something about summertime that makes me want to kick back and relax with a refreshing cocktail. Many people believe any cocktail is refreshing and suitable for summer. And I won’t argue with that, but when you're grilling, or feasting on clams or ceviche, some combinations of ingredients do quench the thirst better than others. Citrus fruits are some of my favorite to create with. I rely on the sweet-and-tart balance that only lemon/ lime – and sugar – can provide. Limeade is a staple for an array of cocktails. This citrusy base pairs with pineapple, kiwifruit, or fresh aromatic herbs for cocktails that are as surprising as they are refreshing.

CEVICHE INGREDIENTS: 1 lb Yellowtail Tuna, ¼ cup lime juice, 3 tbsp cilantro (chopped fine), 1 small jalapeno (sliced thin), 2 tbsp roasted red pepper (small dice), ¼ of a medium red onion (thinly sliced), tsp Kosher salt. PREPARATION: With a sharp knife, cut the tuna into cubes approximately ½ inch by ½ inch and place into bowl. Add ¼ cup of lime juice and mix to evenly coat all the tuna. Cover the bowl and place in a refrigerator for 4 hours. Once the tuna has set, add the cilantro, jalapeno, red pepper, onion and a small amount of Kosher salt. Place back in refrigerator for an additional 30 minutes. Strain off excess juice and add salt if needed.


I rely on the sweet-and-tart balance that only lemon/lime – and sugar – can provide. Limeade is a staple for an array of cocktails.



AVOCADO RELISH INGREDIENTS: 1 avocado (small dice), 1 tbsp lime juice , 1 tbsp red onion minced, tsp Kosher salt, tsp cracked black pepper.

PREPARATION: In a mixing bowl add the diced avocado, lime juice and red onion. Mix gently with a spoon so the consistency stays chunky. Add salt and cracked black pepper as needed.

CILANTRO & SRIRACHA AIOLI INGREDIENTS: 1 large egg yolk, ½ tsp lemon juice, 2 medium garlic cloves (minced fine), ¼ cup extra virgin olive oil, ¼ cup vegetable oil, tsp Kosher salt, 1 tbsp cilantro (chopped fine) , 1 tsp lime zest, 2 tsp Sriracha sauce. PREPARATION: In a mixing bowl whisk together the egg yolk, minced garlic and lemon juice. Mix the two oils together in a separate bowl, while whisking the egg yolk mixture vigorously, slowly add the oil a few drops at a time until all the oil is emulsified. For the cilantro aioli simply add the chopped cilantro and lime zest and mix thoroughly. For the sriracha aioli add the 2 tsp of Sriracha sauce and combine until fully mixed.


CILANTRO INFUSED GIN & TONIC Combine 1 ½ cups limeade, ¾ cup No. 209 gin, 5 tablespoons superfine sugar, and 3 limes (cut into rounds) in a large pitcher. Refrigerate for at least 1 hour. Add 3 cups club soda. Serve over ice. Garnish with lime wedges and cilantro sprigs. Serves 6 to 8 guests.



Puree 3 pounds of watermelon in a food processor. Muddle 2 tablespoons fresh mint with 1 tablespoon superfine sugar in a large pitcher; fill with ice cubes. Stir in 2 cups puree, 1 ¼ cups ginger ale, ¼ cup vodka, 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice and 3 to 4 splashes of bitters. Garnish with fresh mint. Serves 6 to 8.

Pulse 4 cups of pineapple chunks in food processor until chopped but not pureed. Muddle 1/3 cup fresh basil with 1 tablespoon sugar in a large pitcher. Add chopped pineapple, 2 cups limeade, 2 cups Don Julio tequila,1 tablespoon course salt. Refrigerate for 1 hour. Fill pitcher with ice cubes. Garnish with pineapple chunks and fresh basil. Serves 6 to 8 guests.


GIN NO. 209



Crafted by the Rudd family in San Francisco, who own Rudd Oakville Estate Winery and DeLuca, No. 209 was created with the 21st century consumer in mind—“for people who think about what they drink”. This new spin on an old spirit includes notes of citrus, floral and a hint of spice that gives drinkers a new perspective on gin that’s perfect in a martini or cocktail.

Ultimat Vodka stands in a league of its own. Produced in Poland by the same creators that brought us Patrón, Ultimat is a carefully crafted balance of three ingredients – wheat for smoothness, rye for complexity, and potato for richness. Each bottle is a meticulously designed elegant cobalt blue crystal decanter. To sip Ultimat is to find balance. Literally and figuratively.

Smooth and rich, Don Julio Blanco is the perfect tequila for a refreshing summer margarita. Made with the finest raw agave, its crisp aromas are complemented by the citrus notes of lemon, lime and grapefruit and are rounded out by fresh pepper and grassy undertones that make for an unrivaled taste. Special thanks to Brad Bush, Georgia Crown Distributing Co. svm





Captain Morgan doesn’t do anything “half-mast.” To conquer white rum, the Captain insists on select ingredients and destillation methods that go beyond smooth – 5 times distilled to be exact. By Andrea Hayes


risp and clear like the Caribbean Sea, Captain Morgan White Rum is the newest addition to the Captain Morgan line of rums. It gives lovers of the Captain Morgan brand a more traditional take on rum with clean, sweet flavors and a non-spiced finish. Distilled five times, this new take on white rum features the flavors of aged molasses, coconut, melon and vanilla making it perfect for mojitos, piña coladas and daiquiris. By releasing a new white rum that is totally different from its spiced siblings, Captain Morgan is sure to appeal to all rum lovers regardless of their preference.

“Captain Henry Morgan was a world-renowned privateer who paved the way for countless adventurers,” said Tom Herbst, Vice President of Marketing, Rums for Diageo North America. “It’s with that same spirit that we developed CAPTAIN MORGAN® White Rum, the first-ever white rum from a brand that people know and love. It’s a superior, quality rum that possesses a much smoother taste, and we aim to stake our claim in this category in an explosive way.” Captain Morgan White Rum is distributed in Georgia by Georgia Crown Distributing Co. svm

WHITE MADRAS Ingredients 1.5 oz. Captain Morgan White Rum 2 oz. crandberry juice 2 oz. orange juice Directions In a shaker half filled with ice, add Captain Morgan White Rum, cranberry juice, and orange juice. Shake well and strain into highball glass filled with ice. Garnish with lime.



PARADISEfound Bordering both Georgia and Alabama, the beautiful Lake Harding offers homeowners and nature lovers over 156 miles of shoreline. When Dr. Carl Savory and his wife, Carol, needs a break from the hustle and bustle of city life, their peaceful retreat on Lake Harding is the perfect place to sit back and unwind. By Andrea Hayes • Photos by R. Caligaris

Sitting directly on the lake, the deck and cabana give the family a great outdoor space to entertain during the warm spring and summer months. The beautiful landscaping done by Pete Page Landscaping makes the ambiance all the more tranquil by providing a lovely view all the way around the house.


HOME In charge of renovating this magnificent space, Howard Bantlett of HoBart Builders, knew that Carl needed ample space to house his many big game trophies. This twostory trophy room, with wood paneled walls, exposed beams, and recessed lighting, does just that.




busy couple, Dr. Carl Savory and his lovely wife, Carol, understand the need to take relaxing breaks away from the city. Their traditional four bedroom, four bathroom home in Lake Harding and its beautiful lakeside view, with strikingly peaceful and serene surroundings, allows them to do just that. When Dr. Carl Savory and his wife, Carol, need a break from the hustle and bustle of city life, their peaceful retreat on Lake Harding is the perfect place to sit back and unwind. A renowned orthopedic surgeon and retired Army Ranger, Dr. Savory specializes in adult reconstructive surgery and joint replacement at Jack Hughston Memorial Hospital and Hughston Clinic in Columbus, Georgia. He has received many awards for his service in the United States Army and in his practice as both a physician and surgeon. He was most recently honored by the Arthritis Foundation in October 2013. After spending so much time helping and serving others, it makes sense that Dr. Savory and his wife would want to have a place of their own to retreat, relax and forget the busyness of day to day life (even if only for a short while). With the help of contractor Howard Bantlett of HoBart Builders and interior decorators Ashley Holt and Bill Huff, the Savorys were able to make their twice renovated home their own piece of Southern paradise. With soapstone countertops, heart of pine flooring, custom cabinets, and a stately kitchen their home fully reflects their personalities and interests making their house as comfortable as possible for their lifestyle.

As an avid

hunter, Carl needed ample space to store the trophies brought back from 10 different African safaris he’s taken over a span of 16 years. TOP: Overlooking the beautiful Lake Harding, this sitting room is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy the scenery. With furniture supplied by Hinson Galleries, this room showcases the Savory’s love for nature and hunting even more. It also offers just the right amount of natural sunlight for reading, relaxing or taking a short nap. LEFT: With the help of interior designer Ashley Holt, the Savory’s kitchen reflects a more contemporary, industrial look. The cabinets (provided by Highland Design Gallery in Atlanta) are the perfect complement to the stainless steel appliances – provided by Daniel Appliance. The look is made complete with vintage bar stools by Restoration Hardware, island lamps from Uttermost Lamps, kitchen fixtures by E & E Plumbing, and original posters from Carl’s own war collection adorning the walls.


HOME Barbeques, cookouts and easy living are all the more relaxing with the boathouse, deck and cabana the traditional lake house has to offer, making spring and summer entertaining on the water all the more inviting for the family and their guests. Adding to the beautiful lake side view is the home’s landscaping – done by Pete Page Landscaping – that shows off lush greenery native to Georgia. Also, as an avid hunter, Carl needed ample space to store the trophies brought back from 10 different African safaris he’s taken over a span of 16 years. Among his travels include visits to South Africa, the Central African Republic, Tanzania, Botswana, Mozambique and Zambia. Because of this, the Savory’s most recent home addition was a trophy room to house numerous big game trophies— taxidermies by Larry Quinn. Pieces of Carl and Carol’s lives together (and even some things from before) are also sprinkled throughout their home. A painting inspired from a photo of Carl when he was in Vietnam in 1968 sits atop the mantel in the trophy room and was painted by one of his patients and given to him as a gift. In the living room is a baby Grand Piano given to Carol from Carl as a wedding present. And even still, a soldier collection started by Carl as a child (and expanded well into his adulthood) is housed in the family study. Uniquely reflecting the couple’s style and interests, the Savory’s lake home has just the right touch of flare and comfort for fun and relaxing summer living. svm

A painting inspired from a photo of Carl when he was in Vietnam in 1968 sits atop the mantel in the trophy room and was painted by one of his patients. TOP: A view of the trophy room shows off a beautiful painting of Dr. Savory during the Vietnam War, given to him by one of his patients, over the beautiful stone fireplace. With warm, neutral colors this room serves as the perfect man cave for Dr. Savory to sit and relive his numerous hunting excursions. RIGHT: A classic four poster bed sits in the master bedroom along with plush chairs provided by Hinson Galleries. The shutter style blinds let in just the right amount of sunlight, while the warm colors enhance the cozy feeling in the room. A painting by Helena Meeks hangs over the bed to complete the calm mood resonated throughout the master bedroom and the entire house.


7706-322-1870 70 6-322-18700 WWW.ACOM.US WWW W..ACOM.US

Peace of mind in the palm of your hand.

Command Command

Advanced home management & security security. y. Surveillance Security Alarm s Home Automa Automation tion s Video Surveillance Energy Management Management s Wireless Monitoring Energy


Security Systems U Home Integration U Camera Systems U Medical Alerts U Access Control Monitoring Ser Services vices U Telecom Telecom Solutions U Gate Operators U Fire Protection


PARADISE found Perfectly placed on the beautiful Lake Harding, the Savory’s home is the perfect weekend getaway to relax and take in the lovely sights of nature.






The 2014 Debutantes, pictured on the steps at the Wynn House, were, (L-R, Front Row), Margaret Couldwell Holt, Alice McArthur Jinks, Emma Louise Dupre, Dorothy McNeel Young Kennon, Catherine Lucille Brodwyn, Kacie Elizabeth Booth, Carsyn Leigh Ciuba, Kathleen Wells Chancellor, Caroline Woodville Patton, and Porter de Launay Fay. (Second Row), Mary Hall deGraffenried Slaughter and Vaden McCall Dakin. (Third Row), Katherine Margaret Badcock, Meg Jennings Harris, Catherine Wellborn Hudson, and Mary Ann Flowers Scott.

THE EVEN T: The second annual Wynn

House Heritage Ball was held on Saturday May 31, 2014 at The Wynn House. THE PURPOSE: The event benefits The

Wynn House so the Board can continue to preserve, maintain, and restore this historic structure for many years to come. Meg Poydasheff, Kay Harris, Glynn Dakin, Wesley Fay, and Lynn McCluskey.

THE MC: Jack Jenkins served as Master of

McCall Dakin, Meg Harris and Mary Hall Slaughter.

Ceremonies and introduced the 2013 Debutantes, their Presenters, and Escorts. THE WYNN HOUSE: The Wynn House was

built in the late 1830’s for Colonel William L. Wynn, one of Columbus’s earliest and most prominent residents. In 1852 the property was sold to Henry Hurt and he sold the house to Colonel Hines Holt in 1855. THE HIGHLIGHTS: Following the presentation, dinner was served and dancing to the tunes of The 10:30 Band. svm Kathleen Chancellor, Caroline Patton, Ali Mac Jinks, and Laney Fay.


Lindsay Nation and Collie Holt


Caroline Patton, McCall Dakin, Katie Badcock, Kacie Booth, Catherine Brodwyn, Ali Mac Jinks and Carsyn Ciuba.

Robert and Kay Harris, Tucker Owen, Meg, Abby and Michael Harris.

Mary Ann Scott, Margaret Amos, Ed Neal, Florence Neal. Lisa and Warner Neal

John and Ashley Holt


Rie Raines, Marie Arnold, Ali Mac Jinks, Joe Arnold, and Kim Jinks.

Lucy and John Sheftall with Maxine and Edward Hudson.

Sydney Flournoy, Regina Fernicola, Wesley Fay, and Mary Lu Lampton.

Carsyn Ciuba and Miller Page

Emily Blalock and Kirven Boyce



The 2014 Debutantes and their escorts on the steps at the Wynn House.


In 1906, J. Thomas Cooper purchased the house and, using mule power, moved the structure forward three hundred feet to the crest of the hill so that the land surrounding the house could be subdivided. Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Butler bought the home in 1932, completely restored the property, and further enhanced the residence. Leslie Slaughter, Greg and Kelly Pridgen, and Meg Poydasheff.

James W. Woodruff bought the Butler home in 1958 and the historic mansion became the site of the Christian Fellowship Association and in 1974 became known as The Wynn House.

Kathy Chancellor, Becky Duggan, Kathleen Chancellor, Ginna and Sabina Gilbert.

Betsy Ramsay with her granddaughters, Landy and Elizabeth Sudduth.

Karol Scarbrough, Susan Mitchell and Margie Richardson. Charlotte Gunby and Courtney Blackmar

Celia, Molly, and Mack Jenkins with Virginia Smith. Sally Hatcher, Barbara Haneman, Susie and Martha Hatcher.

Kathryn Young and daughter Kacie Booth.



Elliott Waddell with Elizabeth and John Knight.

Collie Holt and Malcom Jarrell

Neely Kennon and Catherine Hudson

Dan and Emma Dupre

Huel and Sallie White


Samantha Badcock Rhodes, Katie Badcock and Hendley Badcock.

Charleton Kennon, Fontaine Jenkins and Jeanne Swift.

Becky and Virginia Smith

Jack Raines and Steve Raines

Kelli Watts with Deani Pahl




The Hermitage Museum

One of the world's most beautiful cities, St. Petersburg has all the ingredients for an unforgettable travel experience: high art, lavish architecture, wild nightlife, an extraordinary history and rich cultural traditions that have inspired and nurtured some of the modern world's greatest literature, music, and visual art. From the mysterious twilight of the White Nights to world-beating opera and ballet productions on magical winter evenings, St. Petersburg charms and entices in every season.


By Madison Crawford



he second largest city in Russia and home to one of the most noteworthy histories on the European continent, St. Petersburg, Russia is an ideal destination for those interested in experiencing rich culture and a vivacious atmosphere. The city was founded by Tsar Peter the Great (ruled 1682 -1725) in 1703 and from 1712 became the new capital of Russia. It had this status up until 1918 when the capital was brought back to Moscow.

The Imperial Porcelain Factory was founded in 1744.

This city has witnessed many important historical events. In fact, the whole history of the Russian Empire lies here on the banks of the Neva river. Russia became a European empire at the beginning of the 18th century; in fact, Peter the Great was the first Russian emperor. Today, it's home to 150 palaces of imperial Russia, the Hermitage, and more.

When to Visit There are many sites to see no matter what time of year it is in St. Petersburg. Vacations should be planned around the attractions to be visited. For example, the Peterhof Fountains are open from June to October. St. Petersburg is absolutely stunning in the winter, when everything to be seen is capped with snow. However, the nights in the summer are indescribably enchanting. Despite the time of year, tourists should take caution when packing and be certain to include waterproof attire.

The Church of Our Savior on the Spilled Blood was built on the spot where Emperor Alexander II was assassinated in March 1881.

Russian winters are notorious for below-freezing temperatures, and St. Petersburg is no exception. Avoid February because it's the coldest month of the year. St. Petersburg summers are sunny and pleasant. Late June and early July are the best months for St. Petersburg travel because of the White Nights, an international arts festival of outstanding opera and ballet performances by the Mariinsky Theatre.

Attractions IMPERIAL PORCELAIN FACTORY For many years, St Petersburg was one of Europe's great centers for the production of porcelain. The Imperial Porcelain Factory, founded in 1744, was just one of a number of manufacturers in the city producing bespoke high-quality crockery, ornaments and decorative pieces for the fabulously wealthy aristocrats and merchants who lived here. Renamed the Lomonosov Factory by the Soviets, the company has now reverted to its original name and set up a number of franchise locations across the city selling exquisite gifts and dinner sets in pre-Revolutionary, Soviet-themed and contemporary artistic designs., + 7 812-325-5378.

THE HERMITAGE MUSEUM Incredible paintings, sculptures, and many more forms of art fill the State Hermitage Museum. The entire collection consists of over 300 million pieces. Included in this museum are six different buildings. Formerly occupied by various Russian emperors, the Winter Palace is one of the most well-known of these buildings and has an impressively elaborate interior that many tourists find fascinating. The palace has hundreds of rooms; many of them were State Halls, the interiors of which are preserved until the present days and open to visitors. In the Hermitage you’ll find imperial carriages covered with gilded wood carvings, upholstered with velvet and decorated with French paintings; an original Russian sledge, Peter I’s personal set of medical instruments, and a whole gallery of the Romanovs' gala portraits., +7 812-710-9079.


TRAVEL THE CHURCH OF OUR SAVIOR The striking beauty of this church is created by the intricate details of mosaics that embellish both its interior and exterior. The best way in which to view this building is from the Nevsky Prospekt, one of the most famous streets in Russia. The location of the church was decided upon because it is the site where Emperor Alexander II was assassinated by a group of revolutionaries. The history of what occurred at this spot gives the church its depth and plenty of reason to admire the building for what it represents., +7 812-314-2168.

MARIINSKY THEATRE In 1860, Mariinsky Theatre became the preeminent music theatre of late 19th century Russia, where many of the stage masterpieces of Tchaikovsky, Mussorgsky, and RimskyKorsakov received their premieres. Through most of the Soviet era, it was known as the Kirov Theatre. Today, the Mariinsky Theatre is home to the Mariinsky Ballet, Mariinsky Opera and Mariinsky Orchestra., +7 812-326-4141.


Borscht is a soup of Ukrainian origin that is popular in many Eastern and Central European countries

St. Isaac's Cathedral was originally the city's main church and the largest cathedral in Russia. It was built between 1818 and 1858, by the French-born architect Auguste Montferrand, to be one of the most impressive landmarks of the Russian Imperial capital. One hundred and eighty years later the gilded dome of St. Isaac's still dominates the skyline of St. Petersburg. Although the cathedral is considerably smaller than the newly rebuilt Church of Christ the Savior in Moscow, it boasts much more impressive fades and interiors., +7 812-315-9732.

Where to Stay

What to Eat

Belmond Grand Hotel Europe ★★★★★ +7 812 329-6000

W. St. Petersburg ★★★★★ +7 812 610-6161 Helvetia Hotel ★★★★ +7 812 312-2444


Taleon Imperial Hotel ★★★★★ +7 812 324-9944

Both healthy and appetizing, borscht is a soup popular among both the local people in Russia and the tourists. This bright red dish will certainly catch your eye and send your taste buds on a journey! Usually beet based, the soup comes in many variations in content as well as temperature.

Crowne Plaza ★★★★ +7 812 244-0001

PELMENI One of the most popular foods in Russia, pelmeni can be made in many diverse ways and is found on the menu of just about every restaurant. These dumplings can be filled with a number of different minced meats, fish or mushrooms that are then wrapped in dough. The Pelmeni Bar in St. Petersburg offers a wide selection of this dish and is a popular restaurant for those visiting.

A family wearing Soviet military WWII style uniforms march in downtown St.Petersburg,

Hotel Astoria ★★★★★ +7 812 494-5757


GOLUBTSI They are big pieces of minced meat with rice and spices inside, wrapped in cabbage leaves and stewed in tomato sauce with prunes, greens, pepper or other spices (like thyme, coriander, basil, etc.). Golubtsi are considered to be a meal for special occasions and they are not cooked very often, but nevertheless loved by practically every Russian. svm

Main staircase at the Hermitage Museum.






Morton Harris, Bob Poydasheff and Mrs. Richard Hallock with CSU students.

Phil Bryant, Diana Didenko, Brad Williams,Yumei Huang, Carlie Hinson, Lindsey Edmonson and Jessie Doggett.

THE EVENT: The event on Thursday, April 17, 2014 hosted at the Green Island Hills Country Club was intended to recognize the winners of the 2014 CSU Business Plan Competition. This competition is in honor of the Crowley Endowment Chair for Entrepreneurship, and coordinated by a committee consisting of Columbus State Professors and Faculty to include Kirk Heriot, Jack Goldfrank, Jenny Satterwhite, Steven Brown, Rod Barham, David Mitchell, Steve Taylor, and Todd Carlisle. Richard Smith, Dr. Tim Mescon and Frank Lindsey.

THE CHAIR: The keynote speaker was Mr. Richard Smith, who is the Chairman, CEO and President of Realogy Holdings Corporation. He was chosen as the "Most Powerful Person in Residential Real Estate" in January 2014. svm

Tom Helton, Jim Blanchard and Alan Medders.

Nancy Buntin, Wade Burford and Dr. Frank Brown. Otis Burnham, John Finley and Frank Dillard.

Steven Brown and Faye Anderson

Richard Smith Chairman, CEO and President Realogy Holdings Corporation

Jenny Satterwhite, Olga Cajaichin, Nick Kozee, Charles Greer and Kirk Heriot.



iTECH HASSELBLAD LUNAR The Hasselblad Lunar is the brand's first camera for consumers, and also its first compact system camera (CSC). The famous Swedish camera expert has a strong heritage among photography pros and is famous for supplying NASA with imaging equipment for various space programmes. It was Hasselblad that produced the cameras for the Apollo 11 moon landing — and some of those cameras still remain on the lunar surface today.The Lunar packs an impressive 23.5mm x 15.6mm APS-C format CMOS 24MP sensor and uses the same EMount lenses as Sony's NEX range of cameras. It's supplied with a standard 18-55 zoom lens.

SAMSUNG CURVED 55" 4K ULTRA HD LED TV Dive into your favorite movies and TV shows with this curved screen Samsung 55-1/2" HDTV. Features a Quad Core Plus processor, Smart Hub, Web browser and access to Netflix, Pandora, Skype, Facebook, YouTube, Hulu Plus, HBO GO, ESPN ScoreCenter and more. Built-in Wi-Fi offers simple Web connection.Auto depth enhancer automatically adjusts the contrast of your images to create a greater sense of depth. It has a dramatically improved field of view that creates a panoramic effect and helps the picture feel bigger.

2014 PORSCHE 918 SPYDER It took Porsche years to develop a worthy successor to the vaunted Carrera GT supercar, but at last, the 918 is here— and it’s a plug-in hybrid! With a combined 887 hp and 944 lb-ft of torque from its mid-mounted V-8 and electric motors—one at each axle—the 918 delivers Bugatti-like acceleration, tenacious handling, and a 211-mph top end. And of course, it’s every bit as exotic-looking as any nearmillion-dollar supercar should be, with a low-slung, targa body, and ultra-futuristic cabin.

SPOT CONNECT Today's smartphones provide a level of social connection far beyond what we imagined just a few years ago. But when you go beyond the reach of the grid, your smartphone needs the help of SPOT Connect to keep you in touch with friends, family, and emergency personnel. Simply pair your smartphone with SPOT Connect, and get connected to a global satellite network that lets you send messages and GPS coordinates from virtually anywhere on the plane.


GOPRO HERO 3 If you are an extreme athlete, a thrill seeker and love to capture all the action while at it, you are going to be quite intrigued by this little device. It is much smaller than its predecessor, stores up to 64GB worth of data and captures twice as many frames per second. It is also waterproof up to 190 feet. Features video resolutions up to 1080p30, 5MP photos up to 3 frames per second, an ultra wide angle lens and built-in Wi-Fi.



• Providing Providing yyou, ou, ffor or o o over ver 60 years, years, with research, research, education, and treatment treatment • Jack Hughston Hughston Memorial Memorial Hospital has continually continually received received excellent excellent ratings ratings from through om our patients thr ough fr HealthGrades® HealthGr ades® onsite surgical • Our onsit e sur gical ccenter enter is ost-efffec e tive, cconvenient, onvenient, ccost-effective, makes and mak es yyour our ccomfort omffo ort and safety priorityy saf fe ety a ttop o priorit op • Expanding near you with new physicians, locations, and trauma facilities

706-324-6661 800-331-2910 LOCATIONS: Albany Auburn Columbus Cordele Dothan LaGrange Moultrie Thomaston Thomasville Valdosta Vidalia

Your dreams are our business. We know you have a choice when it comes to choosing a bank. At CB&T, our team members are your friends and neighbors. Our children are classmates. We make decisions locally and understand your unique needs. And, as a division of Synovus Bank, we have the experience and resources to deliver the financial products and services to meet those needs. Let us help you realize your dreams. 706-649-4900 Columbus Bank and Trust is a division of Synovus Bank. Synovus Bank, Member FDIC, is chartered in the state of Georgia and operates under multiple trade names across the Southeast. Divisions of Synovus Bank are not separately FDIC-insured banks. The FDIC coverage extended to deposit customers is that of one insured bank.

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