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Beyond the summit trail Awards in Venturing Duke of Edinburgh * Congressional Award * Ranger Award * Outstanding Shooter Award * Quest and Trust Award * Conservation and Ecology Awards

The Boy Scouts of America is the best-known youth development program in the United States, while the Award is recognized worldwide with a globally-consistent framework and over millions of young adults have received Award recognition

Participating in the Award program, BSA participants have the opportunity to achieve international recognition that is as well-known and well-respected around the world as the Summit and Eagle Scout award is known and respected in the United States. Additionally, the Award has the potential to attract new Scouts. In locations without an Award Unit, any Participant who approaches the Award USA can be referred to a local Council within the state. Furthermore, participating in the Award could help STEM Scouts, Explorer Scouts, etc. to become Boy Scouts and/or Venturers as they fall in love with the outdoors via their Adventurous Journey If your District, Council or Crew is interested in delivering the Award Program, please complete the form on the website to receive more information.. If you are an individual Scout interested in doing your award, please register here.

Award Coordinator Training at Camp Wisdom in Dallas October 26-29. For more info, please check here.

The Congressional Award was established in 1979 by the United States Congress to recognize initiative, service, and achievement in young people. There are six levels of the award available for participants to earn: Bronze, Silver, and Gold certificates and Bronze, Silver, and Gold medals. Each level of the award is earned by setting and meeting specific goals set in four categories: Voluntary Public Service, Physical Fitness, Personal Development, and Exploration/Expedition. If these categories sound familiar it may be because they are very similar to the four areas emphasized in Venturing advancement award requirements: Adventure, Leadership, Personal Growth, and Service. There are so many ways to document your Venturing activities towards earning a level of the Congressional Award. Planning to attend National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) or National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE)? You could write up your leadership training under Personal Development. Planning a trek to Philmont in the coming year or two? You could write up your hiking practice under Physical Fitness and then write up your trek as your Expedition.

The key is to read the program requirements and take note of the hours and required timeline based on the award level you are working towards. Want to work towards earning the Gold medal? Then set your goals towards those requirements. Nothing says you must start with the Bronze certificate and work on each level individually. When you submit for an award, often the award presentation will be made by your local Congressional representative; some states have begun holding state-wide presentations once a year. Gold medal awardees are invited to Washington, D.C., for a special award ceremony, have their names read into the Congressional record, and meet with Congressional Representatives and Senators. To participate in the program, youth need to be at least 13 ½ years old but not yet 24 years old. At the time of registration an advisor will need to be identified (think Crew Advisor, teacher, or anyone not related that you would like to help guide you) and a $15 fee paid. Once you are officially registered, then your hours and activities can be counted towards award levels. http://congressionalaward.org/

Ranger Award Background High adventure and the outdoors have always been of interest to young Americans as well as an important part of the BSA program. Because of the attraction of high adventure, the Ranger Award is available to all Venturing youth members of the Boy Scouts of America. Purpose The purpose of the award is to encourage Venturers to achieve a high level of outdoor skills proficiency; recognize achievement of this high level of outdoor skills proficiency; provide a path for outdoor/high-adventure skills training; and establish Rangers as a highly trained leadership resource for crews, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and the community. The Ranger Award exemplifies a challenging high-level outdoor/high-adventure skills advancement program. Once earned, it will identify a Ranger as a person who is highly skilled at a variety of outdoor sports and interests, trained in outdoor safety, and ready to lead or assist others in activities. Rangers can be a great program asset to Cub Scout packs, Boy Scout troops, and others. Click HERE for more details.

Ranger Core Requirements • Standard first aid plus CPR • Land Navigation • Communications

• • •

Emergency Preparedness Cooking Wilderness Survival

Ranger Electives (must earn 4 of 18) • Backpacking • Cave Exploring • Project COPE • Mountain Biking • Water Craft

• • • • • • •

First Aid Fishing Ecology Equestrian SCUBA Hunting Lifesaver

Venturing Shooting Sports Outstanding Achievement Award While working on the Ranger Shooting Sports elective, Venturers are required to complete one of the following disciplines: air pistol, air rifle, archery, muzzleloading rifle, shotgun, pistol, or small-bore rifle. However, Venturers who go beyond the basic requirement and complete five of the seven disciplines will earn the Venturing Shooting Sports Outstanding Achievement Award. This beautiful medal and certificate are sponsored by many companies and organizations in the shooting sports industry to recognize outstanding achievement in shooting sports.

• •

Leave No Trace Conservation

• Mountaineering • Outdoor Living History • Physical Fitness • Plants & Wildlife • Shooting Sports Winter Sports * Not the same requirements as merit badges


Quest Award: While working on the Quest Award, Venturers will be required to learn more about what makes up a nutritional diet as well as design their own personal exercise plans based upon lifestyle, fitness levels, and desires for a healthy and long life. Hopefully this program will introduce Venturers to a sport or sports that they will enjoy the rest of their life. As with many other requirements throughout the Venturing program, Venturers will be required to share what they learn with others. This sharing may be done through various sports clinics and presentations with other groups. In the electives section, Venturers will be required to choose at least one sport in which to become proficient. Click HERE for more details.

Purpose • Provide a wide variety of sports-related activities that encourage the development of the "whole" person. • Give Venturers the opportunity to pursue a specific sports interest in a new way that may not be available in a traditional Scouting, educational, or recreational setting. • Provide Venturers a variety of practical, hands-on sports experiences while having FUN. • Promote fitness and sportsmanship • Learn new sports correctly that Venturers will enjoy the rest of their life. • Recognize Venturers for achievement in the sports area. • Develop highly trained Venturers who may become a training and leadership sports resource to dens, packs, and troops, religious organizations, the community, schools, sports teams, and families. Requirements Five Core Requirements: (Do all) • Complete the Venturing Quest essentials. • Complete an American Red Cross Sport Safety Training Course or equivalent. • Complete the Fitness for Life program. • Learn and do fitness assessments. • Sports Disciplines (Choose a sport from a list provide in the Quest Handbook or another sport approved by your Advisor.) Electives are: (Do one) • History and Heritage of Sports • Sports Nutrition • Drug-Free Sports • Communications • History and Heritage of the Disabled Sports Movement

BSA Physical Fitness Award • • • • • • •

Complete a cardiovascular fitness evaluation/consultation with your personal health care provider. (This can be done as part of the examination required by any council-approved class 3 medical evaluation.) Using the BSA references listed after the seven major components, give a presentation to a BSA or other community youth group (at least eight youth participants) on cardiovascular fitness, diet, the health benefits of regular aerobic exercise, exercise recommendation for the Scout-age group, and healthy lifestyles. Review the BSA guidelines for the Athletics and other physical activity or personal fitness-oriented merit badge and explain steps you have taken to follow each of the guidelines for the fitness goals. Explain precautions to be taken for a physical fitness activity in each of the following: woods, fields, facilities, and waterfront. Explain to your mentor the symptoms of dehydration and hypothermia. Explain the special considerations for preventing dehydration and hypothermia. Properly outfit for physical activities with proper equipment, clothing, and footwear. Know your own capabilities and limitations. Illustrate how you would prepare for the physical fitness goals included in the award program. With supervision from your mentor or other qualified persons, set up a fitness goal-oriented plan using the seven major components of fitness. Demonstrate your ability to improve your strength, posture, endurance, agility, speed, accuracy, and balance with your own goal-oriented fitness plan.

Trust Award: Trust is an essential aspect of our relationship with others - both personally and corporately. Learning to trust is the challenge. Today young people live in an increasingly pluralistic society made up of multiple nationalities, cultures, and religions. One way to work toward a safe future is to learn to get along and work together. Understand is a good start toward trust. While working on the TRUST award, Venturers will learn more about themselves, their communities, their religion and culture, as well as those of others. As with many other requirements throughout the Venturing Program, Venturers will be required to share what they learn with others. Click HERE for more details. Purpose • Help Venturers learn about their own religion and how it affects their lives. • Give Venturers the opportunity to pursue understanding and knowledge of cultures other than their own. • Promote understanding and tolerance. • Learn how to resolve conflicts both internally and externally, with positive outcomes. • Understand how other world religions work and how multiple religions can work together. • Learn about religion and culture within the context of the BSA. • Develop highly trained Venturers who may become a training and leadership resource to dens, packs, and troops, religious organizations, the community, schools, and families. • Provide Venturers a variety of practical, hands-on experiences while having FUN. Requirements Five Areas of Requirements (each has required sections and electives): 1. Tending your Faith Learn about your own religious journey, and earn the religious emblem for your faith group. 2. Respecting the Beliefs of Others Learn about freedom of religion in the US and learn about religions other than your own in your community. 3. Understanding other Cultures Learn about the historical significance of cultures in the US and study one cultural group in detail. 4. Serving your Community Complete a community service project and learn about organizations in your community that serve youth. 5. Transforming our Society Learn counseling skills, conflict resolution, peace and reconciliation, and how to apply them in your own life.

BSA Religious Emblem Program


Leave No Trace is a nationwide and international program designed to assist visitors with their decisions when they travel and camp on America's public lands. The program strives to educate visitors about the nature of their recreational impacts as well as techniques to prevent and minimize such impacts. Leave No Trace is best understood as an educational and ethical program, not as a set of rules and regulations. It is one of the core requirements for the Ranger Award. Leave No Trace • Recite and explain in your own words the principles of Leave No Trace, and discuss how an ethical guideline differs from a rule. • On three separate camping trips with your troop or team, demonstrate and practice the Leave No Trace skills appropriate to the trip. • Earn the Camping and Environmental Science merit badges. • Participate in a Leave No Trace-related service project that reduces or rehabilitates recreational impacts. Discuss with your troop or team which recreational impacts were involved with the project. • Give a 10-minute presentation on a Leave No Trace topic approved by your unit leader to a Scouting unit or other interested group. • Teach a Leave No Trace-related skill to a Scouting unit or other interested group. Outdoor Ethics • Recite from memory and explain the meaning of the Outdoor Code. • Watch the National Park Service (NPS) Leave No Trace video at http://www.nps.gov/features/wilderness/leavenotrace/popup.html. • Complete the Leave No Trace on-line youth course and print the certificate. • Earn the Tread Lightly! online course certificate. Print the certificate when you are done. • Participate in an outdoor ethics course, workshop or training activity facilitated by a person who has completed the BSA outdoor ethics orientation course or is a BSA outdoor ethics trainer or master.

The William T. Hornaday Awards are presented for distinguished service in natural resource conversation for units, Scouts, Venturers, and Scouters. Venturers may earn the Hornaday badge or the Hornaday Bronze or Silver Medal. Venturing crews or Sea Scout ships may earn the William T. Hornaday Unit Award. These awards are unusual prizes with demanding expectations. Award judging is performed by the national Hornaday Awards Committee who follow Dr. Hornaday's injunction:

FrightFest is quickly approaching! On the weekend of October 5-7 the Area 1 VOA will be hosting a fun-filled event at s it comes out or contact Salmen Scout Reservation with tons of us! games and activities. Please check our facebook page for more information as it comes out or contact us!

Sr1venturing sr1ventuing

Sept. 21-23, Venturing the Gathering @TRJ, hosted by Circle 10 VOA October 5-7, Area 2 Catalyst @Sid Richardson, hosted by Longhorn Council



Nov. 9-11, Highland Games @Camp Tahuaya in Belton Dessert Social by Crew 445 March 2019 (exact date TBD) – Area 2 Venturing Rendezvous @ Camp Wisdom

September, Powderhorn Capitol Area and Longhorn @Camp Tahuaya September/October, Powderhorn Alamo Area Council


Nov. 9-11, Highland Games @Camp Tahuaya in Belton Dessert Social by Crew 445


FrightFest is quickly approaching! On the weekend of October 12-14 the AreaN 1 VOA 25TH-28TH Powderhorn October will be hosting a fun-filled event at Salmen North Florida Council comes out of or contact Scout Reservations itwith tons gamesus!and venturingsr4 Nov. 2-4, Area 4 Orientation activities. Please check our facebook page for Sr4_venturing more information as itWOAH comes out- Coming or contact 2019! Soon to a Florida Near You us! srarea4voa

August 10-12, Area 2 VOA Orientation @Camp Wisdom in the Circle Ten Council Legacy is the annual gathering of Venturers in SR5! Legacy 6 will be held at Camp Old IndianPowderhorn outside of September, Greenville, SC from Sep 21-23. Capitol Area and Longhorn @Camp Tahuaya sr5ventuing This year's theme is Wild Wild West! See you then! March 2019 (exact date TBD) - Area 2 Venturing Rendezvous @ Camp Wisdom Jan. 26, 2019—Leadership Conference

sr5venturing sr5venturing


September 8th- Fall Leadership Conference September/October, Powderhorn Alamo Area Council (options to camp the whole weekend)

sr6venturing Sr6_venturing

FrightFest is quickly approaching! On the N October 25THthe -28THArea Powderhorn weekend of October 12-14 1 VOA North Florida Council October will19th-October be hosting21ast,fun-filled event at Salmen Groups Page sofitwith comes out or contact us!and "The Scout Last Venturers: Circus Reservation tons of games WOAH 2019! - Demise" Coming Soon to a Florida Near You activities. Please check our facebook page for @Camp Bowers! sr7venturing more information as it comes out or contact us! Sr7venturing

Aug10-12, 17-18,Area Area25VOA Orientation August Orientation Wisdom in the Circle Ten Council Legacy is the annual@Camp gathering of Venturers in SR5! Legacy 6 will be held at Camp Old Indian outside of Greenville, SC from Sep 21-23. October 6-7th September, Powderhorn Area 8 Venturing Orientation ThisArea year's is Wild Wild West! Capitol andtheme Longhorn @Camp Tahuaya See youOctober then! 17-21, Area 8 Kodiak Challenge sr8venturing March 2019 (exact date TBD) - Area 2 Venturing Rendezvous @ Camp Wisdom @ZBase

sr8venturing Jan. 26, 2019—Leadership Conference

September, Powderhorn Northeast Georgia Council September/October, Powderhorn September 8th- Fall Leadership Conference (options to camp the whole weekend) Alamo Area Council April 12th-14th: Venturing Olympics 2019 area9venturing @Woodruff Scout Reservation!


WINTERFEST February 8-10


Gatlinburg TN Winterfest is taking place in Gatlinburg February 8 – 10, 2019. Your unit will experience an exciting weekend of competition unmatched by any other event in the United States! Sign up to be notified of Event Guide Updates as they are published! Winterfest Updates Notification Signup This service is through Remind and you can sign up with either your email address or a phone number if you prefer a text message. We will also send out a notification when registration opens. We intentionally “over program” Winterfest so your youth cannot do everything that is offered. This keeps the interest level high among youth across multiple years – our goal is for your youth to participate several years in a row!

For more info message srvvpprogram@gmail.com


Register TODAY

Southern Region Area 7 Orientation By: Soren French

Ryan Davis, Southern Region President walking with Ella Hirsch SR Area 3 President

Southern Region Area 7 (SR7)’s Orientation was this past weekend and was loads of fun. Blue Ridge Mountain Council’s David Goodman opened up Camp Powhatan to the Area. We gave presentations, hung out, and just had a great time. We also had three special guests- Ella Hirsch, SR Area 3’s President, Ryan Davis, SR’s President, and Owen McCulloch- National Venturing Staff Advisor. They are super nice and really fun. Seven out of the twelve councils in Area 7 were represented this weekend! On Friday night, Ryan, Ella, and Owen took Ian, Connor, and I to Cook Out for a late night snack after we reviewed the schedule for Saturday. We all had a BUNCH of fun and joked around the whole time. Ellie came in later that night, having been part of Friday Night Football with her High School Band.

The next morning everything started off smoothly. We had presentations on the officer positions, Journey to Excellence, Interacting with Crews, and By-laws. Ryan also presented on Uniform & Etiquette, How a VOA Works, and held a question and answer session with Owen. Later Ellie, Connor, Ian and I (the SRA7 Officers) helped feed everyone. Ryan Davis and Owen McCulloch presented SR7’s President Ellie Leonetti and Tedder Reed, the Communication Advisor, with the 2017 Venturing Leadership Awards! Ellie’s dad was there as the Advisor to the Tidewater Council, which made it extra special.! SRA7 2017 Venturing Leadership Recipients: Ellie Leonetti and Tedder Reed

Presenting to the Councils and Guests SRA7 Officers From L-R: Connor Harling VP Comm, Ian Reed VP Program, Soren French VP Admin, Ellie Leonetti President

One of the best things we did this weekend was hangout with people from the various councils. My two favorite things I did with them were: staying up late and getting up early. Some of the youth from Colonial Virginia Council and Tidewater Council went on a night time hike with me around Powhatan, then we stayed up really late and played cards until we were told to go to sleep. The girls in my adirondack and I tried to pull an all-nighter, which didn’t really work, but was tons of fun.

The youth from Blue Ridge Mountain Council,

Colonial Virginia Council, Tidewater Council and Shenandoah Council also got up really early the next morning with me to watch the sunrise. I had a great time getting to know everyone this weekend and can’t wait for next year’s Orientation!

Council Journey to Excellence #JTE #goforthegold JTE form

1700 is the magic number. The Core Requirement score must reach 1700 in order to be eligible for bronze and earn additional points towards silver and gold in the Elective Requirement category.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Building Venturing Governance Promotion of Recognition Activities Program Breadth

Southern Region

Please join our Southern Region Officers for a Facebook FAQ Event on October 10th at 7pm CST. We will be discussing Venturing Awards. Bring your questions and lets CHAT.


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Southern Region President: Ryan Davis sr.venturing@scouting.org

Southern Region Advisor: Sherry McGugin mcgugin6@gmail.com

Southern Region VP Communications: Kynzee Ganz KynzeeGanz@gmail.com Southern Region Associate Advisor of Communications: Todd Graczyk t.graczyk@nfcbsa.org ___________________________________________ Newsletter Designed and compiled by Kynzee Ganz

Profile for Southern Region VOA

SR Newsletter- September 2018  

Beyond the Summit Trail: Venturing Awards

SR Newsletter- September 2018  

Beyond the Summit Trail: Venturing Awards


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