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Southern Region August 2018

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WINTERFEST February 8-10


Gatlinburg TN Winterfest is taking place in Gatlinburg February 8 – 10, 2019. Your unit will experience an exciting weekend of competition unmatched by any other event in the United States! Sign up to be notified of Event Guide Updates as they are published! Winterfest Updates Notification Signup This service is through Remind and you can sign up with either your email address or a phone number if you prefer a text message. We will also send out a notification when registration opens. We intentionally “over program” Winterfest so your youth cannot do everything that is offered. This keeps the interest level high among youth across multiple years – our goal is for your youth to participate several years in a row!

For more info message BSA Winterfest – FAQs: Check for more FAQs: Who can attend Winterfest? Winterfest is open to all currently registered Boy Scouts ages 14 and over, Venturers, Sea Scouts, Explorers, and their adult leaders. How do I register my unit for Winterfest? Registration should open in October and we will notify units through Remind, Facebook and this website. What time does check-in open? Check-in will open on Friday, February 8, 2019 at 10:00 a.m. How can I become a vendor or sponsor? Winterfest is still looking for additional sponsors and vendors. Please see our Vendor page for more information. How do I participate in the talent show? Tryouts will be Friday night in Hall 1 of the Convention Center, the judging body will notify you if you will perform on Saturday night at the closing show. Can I bring food into the convention center? Drinks and snacks only. The convention center asks that you do not bring full meals or a multitude of food inside. You can order a lunch for Saturday from the convention center. Where do I find out my results for the competition? Results will be posted after events have completed and results are tallied. Check the Winterfest Facebook and Twitter sites frequently where results will be posted as they become available. Competition doesn’t start until Saturday. What can I do on Friday night? This year there will be a few events that are taking place on Friday night including the Honor Guard Competition, STEM Events, and possibly a few events for Law Enforcement Explorers. These are detailed in the Event Guides. There are also several activity options through our partners including: Ripley’s After Dark and WonderWorks. We will also have an opening show followed by a dane. You are not required to attend any of these events.

Venturing Blast by Jackson Nietert, SR5 Venturing President Via SR5 Venturing Blog July 27th, As I sit in my tent, waiting for our final dinner, I decided to take some time to write about my experiences here at Venturing Blast and the Philmont Training Center. Venturing Blast is an NVOA sponsored training that covers VOA operations, strengthening VOA programs, and growing VOAs around the nation. I decided to take this course because I started my Council VOA. I didn’t have a Council President to guide me through it then and while I am so grateful for the area, regional, and national support I was given, I felt I needed to learn more about VOA fundamentals. While I have learned a lot over this past year, from reading Venturing materials, attending Region Orientation, and talking to officers and advisors, I firmly believe this course has given me a new set of principles that I can use to help strengthen the Venturing program within SR5. The course started on Sunday afternoon and I arrived full of excitement. The instructors, Tom Dewey (from our own Piedmont Council) and Liz Finley from Nevada, led an orientation. Following that, we ventured on to a wonderful opening program led by Philmont Training Center. Three Carolinians (both North and South) proudly yelled and whistled during the State Roll Call.

The next day started our instruction, we learned about setting visions and using SMART goals. We also toured the National Scouting Museum at its new location on Philmont property. In the afternoon, we learned to trust fellow participants through Low COPE. I walked through a maze of obstacles blindfolded completing various tasks and shimmied through a spider web. At this point, our crew was forming. The following day was probably my favorite. We spent the day talking about PROGRAM, PROGRAM, PROGRAM! The eight of us were split into officer and advisor roles with each of us sporting a role we hadn’t experienced. (And Lexie got to be an advisor!) We were tasked with planning a region event in New York City! As the VPA, I was thinking about logistics. We decided to camp at Alpine Scout Camp in New Jersey and give each participant a day pass for the New York City Metro. Each crew would have 4 program slots and 5 different programs to choose from. They could go to Times Square or visit the Museum of Modern Art. Another task we had for the day was to plan out all of the details for a Tier 2 activity. The four of us in my team (Shout out to the Red Wedding Crashers) took on a service project. Of course, during neither of these exercises could we fully plan out an event but they were great learning experiences. I fully expect to bring similar exercises to the SR5 orientation this August (contact the SR5 Venturing page for more information).

The next day was Wednesday. During the morning, we again were put on our toes and had to plan out an entire set of Council Bylaws. While that may sound boring, the Venturing Blast faculty made it a fun and exciting activity. Wednesday afternoons are set for family time here at the Philmont Training Center and while I came alone, I joined a group of Scouters from the Central Region in learning about the Villa Philmont. The tour guide was excellent and I stayed behind at the end to learn more from Chuck Walneck about the Model N, the only car left on Philmont property when it was donated many years ago. In the evening, I attended another wonderful tour; this time, it was a candlelit tour of Kit Carson, a staffed camp at Philmont that recreates the original buildings of the Maxwell Land Grant and a stop on the Sante Fe Trail.

On Thursday, the National Venturing Vice President, Jake Brillhart joined us as we learned about talking to Scout Executives, an important step in starting Council VOAs, and about reporting through the Council Venturing Journey to Excellence. In the afternoon, Owen McCulloch, the National Venturing Director, and Tim Anderson, the National Exploring Director, came and talked to us about the future of Venturing and Exploring, and how we can work together. Tim Anderson also took on the personality of a Scout Executive as we practiced approaching Councils to start VOAs. Today, unfortunately, marked the final day of program activities. In the morning, we hiked to the beautiful Lover’s Leap and were inspired to mentor others as others had mentored us in the Scouting and Venturing programs. In the afternoon, we had a graduation ceremony and an allconference meeting where we learned what everyone did this week. Tonight, we will close out with a ceremony that I’m sure will be spectacular. Venturing Blast has been a wonderful program and I have learned a lot. I highly encourage everyone reading this, whether you’ve been in the program since Exploring or if you joined this year, to make a trip out to Philmont and attend the Venturing Blast course. We’ll be sure to share information on the next one as soon as it is available! I hope you enjoyed our first entry in the SR5 Blog. Make sure to follow us on social media to get the next entry! Yours in Venturing, Jackson Nietert, SR5 Venturing President

Howdy Southern Region, Normally I get to work with you all from the Region Admin perspective, but today I am reaching out to you from another hat I wear with the World Scout Jamboree USA Contingent Management Team (CMT). Let me start with the "fast facts" on World Scout Jamboree: July 22 - August 2, 2019, Bechtel Summit West Virginia, Scouts Canada, the AsociaciĂłn de Scouts de MĂŠxico, and the Boy Scouts of America are co-hosting the event, potential to be the pinnacle experience of your Scouting career! "Kelsey, I've already been to the Summit." That's awesome! World Scout Jamboree is not about the location, it's about the friendships and relationships you make with Scouts from all over the world. I agree, Zip Lines and White Rafting are pretty rad, but have you ever sat by the campfire singing songs in Dutch or learning to cook an African cuisine? "But Kelsey, I don't know anything about International Scouting" What better place to learn than the largest World Scouting event? I'll clue you in on the scale of this event; the Boy Scouts of America are known as a National Scouting Organization (NSO), we are a member of the InterAmerican Region (IAR) which is comprised of North and South America, this region is one of six in the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM). BAM! You are now educated! This event brings all six regions together for adventure, friendship, and memories of a lifetime! "Seriously Kelsey, it's just another Jamboree at the Summit" No my friends, this is not. I can say with absolute confidence some of my best memories are from dancing in Argentina with my friends from Mexico, singing songs in Ecuador with Scouting leaders from New Zealand, and of course hosting the IAR in Houston for a conference. Exposure to international Scouting will open your eyes to a whole new world, more than you ever realized existed! So stop thinking about it and do something about it! Sign up now for your next adventure and Come See the World in 2019! Yours in Scouting, Kelsey McLeland SR Associate Advisor of Administration Richmond, Virginia


Too old to go as a participant‌ check out Rover Brigade. For a full list of International Service Team opportunities, click HERE!


Zink High Adventure Base (ZBASE) Area 8: Indian Nation Council: Skiatook OK (near Tulsa OK)

Camp Powhatan Area 6: Blue Ridge Mountain Council: Hiwassee VA @camppowhatan What are a some special events y’all have outside of summer camp? * OA Weekends, JROTC challenge, community Kids Fish Day, Iron Furnace Challenge (Mountain Biking), hunting/fishing (with permission), various trainings, council/district camporees, etc. Fun Fact: Largest council-owned camp in the US Are there any high adventure opportunities? * New River Adventure: Full week program offering whitewater canoeing and rafting, high and low COPE, natural rock face climbing, and ATVs /// Voyageur Trek: Spends Mon-Thurs on the river in canoes traveling the route of early explorers, whitewater rafting on Friday /// Fish Camp: Exactly what it sounds like, fish nearly every freshwater habitat and learn how to filet cook what you catch /// Brownsea Island Adventure: First year camping program for new Scouts, designed to teach patrol method and pursue advancement to First Class.

Why should someone sign-up for your camp? * Great facilities and program options for every taste, led by an exceptional staff that goes above and beyond. Activities and trainings for adult leaders throughout the week as well. What are some cool traditions your camp has? * Staff vs Scouts Ultimate Frisbee on Monday nights, Friday night cookout/campfire with family, Blob at the waterfront, 4 team soccer Wednesday nights

Check back each month as we highlight camps all across Southern Region.

FrightFest is quickly approaching! On the weekend of October 12-14 the Area 1 VOA will be hosting a fun-filled event s it comes out or contact at Salmen Scout Reservation with tons us! of games and activities. Please check our facebook page for more information as it comes out or contact us!

Sr1venturing sr1ventuing

August 10-12, Area 2 VOA Orientation @Camp Wisdom in the Circle Ten Council

Sept. 21-23, Venturing the Gathering @TRJ, hosted by Circle 10 VOA October 5-7, Area 2 Catalyst @Sid Richardson, hosted by Longhorn Council



Nov. 9-11, Highland Games @Camp Tahuaya in Belton Dessert Social by Crew 445 March 2019 (exact date TBD) – Area 2 Venturing Rendezvous @ Camp Wisdom

September, Powderhorn Capitol Area and Longhorn @Camp Tahuaya September/October, Powderhorn Alamo Area Council


Nov. 9-11, Highland Games @Camp Tahuaya in Belton Dessert Social by Crew 445


FrightFest is quickly approaching! On the weekend of October 12-14 the Area 1 VOA N October 25TH-28TH Powderhorn will be hosting a fun-filled event at Salmen comes out of or contact Scout Reservations itwith tons gamesus!and North Florida Council venturingsr4 activities. Please checkWOAH our facebook page for 2019! - Coming Soon to a Florida Near You Sr4_venturing more information as it comes out or contact us! srarea4voa

Mecklenburg County Council- Powder Horn August 10-13 August 10-12, Area 2 VOA Orientation @Camp Wisdom in the Circle Ten Council Aug 17-18, Area 5 Orientation September, Powderhorn Legacy is the annual gathering of Venturers in SR5! Capitol AreaOld andIndian Longhorn @Camp Legacy 6 will be held at Camp outside of Tahuaya sr5ventuing Greenville, SC from Sep 21-23. This year's theme is Wild March 2019 (exact date Wild TBD)West! - Area 2 Venturing Rendezvous @ Camp Wisdom See you then! sr5venturing Jan. 26, 2019—Leadership Conference



September 8th- Fall Leadership Conference September/October, Powderhorn Alamo Area Council (options to camp the whole weekend)

sr6venturing Sr6_venturing

FrightFest is quickly approaching! On the N October 25THthe -28THArea Powderhorn weekend of October 12-14 1 VOA st October 19th-October 21 , North Florida Council will be hosting a fun-filled event at Salmen "The Last Venturers" @Camp Bowers! Groups Page s itwith out or contact us!and Scout Reservation tons of games WOAH 2019! - comes Coming Soon to a Florida Near You August 4th, Colonial Virginia Council VOA activities. Please check our facebook page for Soggy Bottom Boat Race sr7venturing more information as it comes out or contact us! Sr7venturing

Aug10-12, 17-18,Area Area25VOA Orientation August Orientation Wisdom in the Circle Ten Council Legacy is the annual@Camp gathering of Venturers in SR5! Legacy 6 will be held at Camp September 7th-8th Old Indian outside of Greenville, SC from Sep 21-23. September, Powderhorn Area 8 Venturing Orientation ThisArea year's is Wild Wild West! Capitol andtheme Longhorn @Camp Tahuaya See youOctober then! 17-21, Area 8 Kodiak Challenge sr8venturing March 2019 (exact date TBD) - Area 2 Venturing Rendezvous @ Camp Wisdom @ZBase

sr8venturing Jan. 26, 2019—Leadership Conference

July 27-29: Area 9 Officer Orientation April 12th-14th: Venturing Olympics 2019 September/October, Powderhorn @Woodruff Reservation! September Scout 8th- Fall Leadership Conference (options to camp the whole weekend) Alamo Area Council September, Powderhorn Northeast Georgia Council

area9venturing sr9venturing

Most enterprising young people want to be leaders in their school, community and scouting. The world needs leaders and honors them. On the other hand, few people want to be a servant. Servants rarely receive the credit or reward they deserve, and society looks down on them. So why should you consider being both a leader and a servant? Because servant leaders make the best leaders. The best way to become a servant leader is to see it being practiced by someone that you respect and admire. It is also important for servant leaders to foster the growth of others so that one day they will emulate the leadership style. Providing an atmosphere of teamwork is essential to servant leadership. When everyone feels as though they are an important part of the process, creativity and productivity will increase. When people feel valued, they value what they do, and they will produce better work. Servant leadership fosters an atmosphere of trust. When people know that you care about them, they will trust you because they know you have their best interest at heart, even when dealing with a problem. When others trust you, they will follow you. Leadership is about being of service to others, not being served by others. Be a mentor-not a boss. What is the difference? As boss says “Go.” A leader says “Let’s go” and is willing to get their hands dirty. A life of significance is about serving those who need your gifts, your purpose and your mentoring. Before you step in front of your team to lead, ask yourself: Are you a leader, a servant or both? Do I serve them or do they serve me? Sherry McGugin, Southern Region VOA Advisor

36th Scottish International Patrol Jamborette Blair Castle, Blair Atholl, Perthshire, Scotland July 2018

--by Kacey Ganz, Area 2, Longhorn Council, Crew 445 10 guys from Texas hit the airways to Scotland just a few days after VenturingFest. We spent a couple of days in St. Andrews and got acclimated to the time change, explored the town, and swam in the North Sea. It was freezing! We arrived to the campgrounds at Blair Atholl and met up with the other 1700 scouts and adults.

We were assigned to a Scottish patrol and spent the next 10 days having the time of our life. Every evening was a new party with new experiences and the days were filled with events and activities.

Mid-week we hosted a country fayre. The camp was open to the public and every country got to show off something unique about where they are from. Our group from Texas did branding.

One of my favorite events was the Water Rescue. We did line throws and learned about defensive and aggressive swimming.

Sunday was the Scouts Own. All of the Scouts walked to Blair Atholl castle where each subcamp prepared a presentation about what camping in the #fieldofdreams meant to them. At the end of camp, we were all invited for a homestay with a Scottish Scout and their family. At the end of 3 weeks, we headed home.

Save the Date: July 2020 See you at the Castle. #blairatholl2020


Council Journey to Excellence #JTE #goforthegold JTE form

Objective 3. Promotion of Recognition: Venturing awards are provided high visibility within council. . Bronze:reported in annual council report* Silver: earn bronze plus council recognition* Gold: earn Silver plus recognition is recorded by registrar

** Focus on Silver, does your council have an annual banquet to recognize Eagle Scout Rank? This is the perfect opportunity to recognize Summit, Ranger, Quest, and TRUST. Then #goforthegold and make sure that all the awards are recorded through the council registrar.

President’s Corner By Ryan Davis A VOA (Venturing Officers Association) is an amazing opportunity for YOUR Venturing program to grow within your District, Council, Area, and Region. Does your Council have a VOA? If the answer is no, then reach out to your Area President and the Region team. Every Council can have a VOA no matter how large. The Southern Region Team is here to assist you in getting your team up and running for you to get the full Venturing Experience! Have questions? Send me an email đ&#x;˜Š We are here to help you, so let us! Ryan Davis, Southern Region VOA President

Save the Date

Winterfest February 8-10 Gatlinburg TN

World Scout Jamboree July 22- August 2, 2019 @ The Summit Bechtel Reserve

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Beyond the Summit Trail. Awards in Venturing

FAQs about Venturing in the Order of the Arrow

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