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Organized. Expansive Selection. Uncompromising Quality. Unparalleled Service. Simply the best value in custom organizational cabinetry. For a complimentary consultation, call (949) 249-5600

Closets | Offices | Wall-Beds | Garages | Media Centers | Utility Rooms *with the purchase of $1000 in services. Limited time only. Not valid with any other offer.


At Capital Cannabis we focus on delivering only the finest selection of cannabis products for your medical and recreational needs.



SELL US YOUR CAR! We Buy ALL Makes and Models Regardless of Condition or Value!

The Fast and Simple Way to Sell Your Car! We pay off your car loan or lease No smog needed We handle DMW paperwork Consignments welcome 32592 Valle Rd. San Juan Capistrano • 949-523-1883 • JPARADISE.COM (Conveniently Located Off the 5 Freeway. Camino Capistrano exit (next to Capistrano VW).


Publisher Community Publications, LLC.

Your Varicose Vein & Skin YourCancer Varicose Expert Vein your & dermatologic Skin surgeon, it all When choosing comes down to skill, knowledge, and training. Cancer Expert Dr. W. James Tidwell has treated thousands of skin cancers and varicose veins. His skills, minimally invasive techniques, When choosing your and expertise set him apart. Schedule an exam today. dermatologic surgeon, it Board Certified Dermatologist all comes down to skill, Board Certified Venous Medicine Fellowship Trained Mohs Surgeon knowledge, and training.

Your Varicose Vein & Skin Cancer Expert

Editor Jody Robinson Account Executives Laura Campbell Nicole Martin

Dr. W. James Tidwell has Advertising Inquiries Medical | Surgical |Cosmetic treated thousands of skin (714) 469-3495 Most insurances accepted.your dermatologic surgeon, it all When choosing cancersCall and today! varicose veins. down to skill, knowledge, and training. Contributing Photography Hiscomes skills, minimally 26732 Crown Valley Pkwy, Suite 571 Mission Viejo, CA 92691 Diana Schmitt, Accent Portraits by Diana invasive techniques, andTidwell has treated thousands of Dr.(949) W. James 200-7008 expertise set him apart. skin an cancers and varicose veins. His skills, South County Magazine serves the communities of San Clemente, Schedule exam today. • Board Certified invasive minimally Dermatologist

San Juan Capistrano, Dana Point, Laguna Niguel, Laguna Hills,

techniques, and expertiseMission set Viejo and Aliso Viejo. We will strive to continually improve with each edition and welcome feedback from our readers. For questions or comments, please e-mail the editor at him apart. Schedule an exam today. • Board Certified Venous Board Certified Dermatologist Medicine • Fellowship Trained Board Certified Venous Medicine Mohs Surgeon Trained Mohs Surgeon gic surgeon, itFellowship all

ein & Skin pert

and training. Medical | Surgical |Cosmetic ted thousands of His skills, Most insurances accepted. and expertise set Call today! oday. 26732 Crown Valley Pkwy, Suite 571 gist Mission Viejo, CA 92691 dicine (949) 200-7008 urgeon



e 571




Just ask this local business owner ...

JOHN SCHRAB Morena Tile & Stone “Advertising in South County Magazine has been a total win! The response we have gotten over the last year with a fullpage ad and this past month’s cover have been outstanding. Our goal was to let South OC know we are here and where they could find us, and the results have been more than we could have hoped for. Customers are continually bringing in the magazine saying, “Wow, I did not know you guys were here, so glad we found you, your store is amazing with such great tile selections.” Jody is a pleasure to work with and her team does a fantastic job with our crazy cat ad ideas. A big thanks to Jody and her team for all their hard work and dedication to keeping it local!”

For Info on Our Advertising & Complimentary Editorial Opportunities, Call (714) 469-3495

.com 6 November 2020

Our Nightly Dinners Bring Families Together! T H U R S D AY

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(Dine In or Take Out. Exp. 02.29.2020)

(949) 837-1426

24781 Alicia Parkway, Suite A Laguna Hills

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November 2020 7

office managers and business owners but making sure they are utilizing me throughout the year and the quarter before renewal. Not everyone is an insurance expert and your staff shouldn’t have to spend unnecessary time away from your business. As an outsourced benefits department, I supplement your staff and increase your employee’s productivity.

· What is the cost for working with an agent? There is no cost for working with an insurance agent. The cost of agent service is built into all premium costs even if you are working directly with an insurance company or you have not heard from your agent in a long time. Changing agents can be done at any time and is effective the following month.

· How do you handle renewal meeting during the COVID-19 pandemic?


Is Your Group Health Insurance Plan & Your Agent Working For You?


s a business owner, one thing that you can’t do is go to sleep on your group health insurance coverage and the annually increasing costs. Premiums go up every year in the form of higher premiums or lower benefits.

As a local group insurance agent, I know most businesses are making the tough financial decision on how to manage their rate increase with an unprecedented year of change and stress due to COVID 19. I want to share some guidance and answers on some of the questions I have been receiving from other business owners.

· Do you think my group benefits need to be reevaluated each year? Yes. I meet annually with my clients prior to the renewal changes to discuss cost and benefits changes. Generally each year, benefits have been getting weaker with increasing deductibles and Annual Out-ofPocket Maximums but coupled with increasing cost to each employee and the employer. To counter this, I present you with different plan options to make sure that each year you are receiving the best care at the right price.

· What are ways that I can create savings? Some ways that I have found to create savings is offer a different network as an alternative option. This can keep the benefit levels the same while creating some cost savings. As part of this review, I would want to run a provider search to make sure the employee doctors are still in-network. Another way is to help you create a budget, most employer contributions are based either off a set dollar amount per employee or a percentage of a base plan. It can be beneficial to look at different options and see which one best lines up with your current budget.

· How can I improve on the time I spend on benefit administration? I believe the best way to maximize your employees time is to use your insurance agent to the fullest. I like to support my

8 November 2020

For my clients, I am offering a variety of options to meet their changing needs depending on the owner’s and their employee’s comfort level. I offer Zoom meetings, socially distant meetings and individualized phone or Zoom employee benefit reviews (not everyone’s questions can be answered in a group setting). Once presentations are done, I have the ability to collect employee changes via digital applications, minimizing contact time, errors and minimizing paperwork time. Ultimately, I want to make sure your employees and their family members are receiving and understanding their health benefits.

· How can I work with you? You can work with me at any time. I can help you create a group benefit plan. If you qualify for group coverage, group rates and benefits are often better than individual plans. The fourth quarter of the calendar year is a great time to plan to start a group. I can also become broker of record and help you immediately with your current group. I find I can be of better service when I am brought in prior to the effective date of the renewal since it allows me to evaluate and provide more holistic benefit guidance (health/ dental/vision/life/workers compensation). Please reach out if you feel you are not getting the help and service you deserve. If you have more personalized questions please reach out to Kyle Hatch at (949) 248-9815 extension 5 or via email at


Prescott Tax & Wealth Management • Kyle S. Hatch CA Insurance License #0I56740 Peter Prescott offers Securities and advisory services offered through Independent Financial Group, LLC (IFG), a Registered Investment Adviser, Member FINRA/SIPC. PTWM and IFG are unaffiliated entities. For general informational purposes only. This information is not intended to be a substitute for specific individualized meeting or advice. Please note that individual situations can vary.

Make the one choice that takes care of everything. Choose MemorialCare. Life is full of surprises. That’s why we’re here. Choose MemorialCare this open enrollment for leading healthcare when and where you need it. With access to virtual or in-person care from nationally renowned experts at more than 200 locations from the South Bay to San Clemente. After all, you can’t predict life’s surprises. But you can prepare for them.

Learn why MemorialCare is right for you. 877-MYMEMCARE (696-3622) |

Reduce Peripheral Neuropathy and Chronic Pain without Drugs or Surgery! Infinity Medical and Wellness offers a tremendously successful treatment option - FDA Cleared and Covered by Medicare and Most Major Medical Insurances


re you or a loved one suffering from chronic pain caused by peripheral neuropathy? Do you experience pain, numbness, burning, tingling, or tightness in your hands and feet? Have you tried multiple therapies and medications (i.e. Gabapentin, Cymbalta, Lyrica and Neurontin) only to experience side effects and with little to no relief? Would you like to try a natural treatment that is covered by insurance? Call us to find out if you are covered. Most of our patients pay little to nothing and see a decrease in pain in only a few treatments. We use a cutting-edge electrical cell signaling device called “Sanexas� 12 November 2020

to increase blood flow and nutrient delivery to sites of pain. This helps give the nerve cells the nutrients they need to get you out of pain and remain healthy. Depending on your coverage, YOUR TREATMENT COULD BE LITTLE TO NO COST TO YOU. The amount of treatment needed to allow the nerves to recover suffi-

ciently varies from person to person and can only be determined after a detailed physical exam. Call to make an appointment to determine if your chronic pain and peripheral neuropathy can be successfully treated. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SUFFER ANOTHER MINUTE. CALL NOW! We are extremely busy. If your call goes into voicemail, please leave a message. We will call you back ASAP.

Infinity Medical and Wellness 25301 Cabot Road, Suite 103 Laguna Hills (949) 751-1007


new clients only Apple Pumpkin Spice Facial

A Talented Group of Professionals

& Brow Shape Anti-Aging Full of Antioxidants Brightens & Detoxifies Essences of Autumn Pore Cleansing Foot & Hand Massage Pampering throughout

PRECAUTIONS TO KEEP YOU SAFE • Appointments only • Mask required please • Hand sanitizing upon entering

$59 (reg $95) 60 min

• Six feet apart or screen in between • Stylists taking only one client at a time • Disinfecting surfaces after each client

20% Off

Hair Services with Participating Stylists

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Hair & Skin Products


Some exclusions apply


SKIN Paula (949) 212-6262

Davines COLORWOW, Colure Enjoy, Epicuren, Lucrece & more

HAIR (949) 493-2200

20 Minutes to Reverse The Effects of Aging!

20 Minutes • Twice a Week • Guaranteed Results

Get Stronger, Gain Energy, Lose Weight and Avoid Age-Related Health Issues with a Workout You Can Stick With! All you need is 20 minutes, twice a week with the right method and the accountability of a coach. Start reversing the effects of aging and feel your best today with The Perfect Workout’s slow-motion strength training program.

Voted Best in San Juan 8 Years in a Row! 32241 Camino Capistrano, A103 San Juan Capistrano

Virtual + In-Studio Options Available




A customized plan based on your needs One-to-One coaching with a slow-motion workout

(A $229 VALUE)

A review of your health and fitness goals

Only 9 Spots

An understanding of the science and why our method works

(exp. 11.30.2020)

+ FREE consultation call with a Personal Trainer


(310) 569-1517 BEFORE


R.N. Laura Retana Shelp lost 23 pounds and 10 inches off her waist in 3 months November 2020 13

Kristy Fleming, MD, Board-Certified Dermatologist

FLEMING DERMATOLOGY & AESTHETIC CENTER 23141 Moulton Parkway, Suite 110, Laguna Hills | (949) 916-5956

How Can I Tell If I Have Skin Cancer? There are three main types of skin cancer: basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma. Because each has many different appearances, it is important to know the early warning signs. 14 November 2020


ook especially for change of any kind. Do not ignore a suspicious spot simply because it does not hurt. Skin cancers may be painless, but dangerous all the same. If you notice one or more of the warning signs, see a board-certified dermatologist right away, preferably one who specializes in diseases of the skin.

WHAT PATIENTS NEED TO KNOW 1. Everyone needs to perform a self-skin exam once a month.


An actinic keratosis (AK) is a crusty, scaly growth caused by damage from exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. An AK is considered a precancer because if left alone, it could develop into a skin cancer. AKs are the product of a lifetime accumulation of UV damage and typically appear on areas most commonly exposed sun, such as the backs of the hands, forearms, face, neck, and scalp.


Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) is the most frequently occurring form of all cancers, with more than 4 million cases of diagnosed in the U.S. each year. BCCs may look like open sores, red patches, pink growths, shiny bumps, or scars. Any skin lesion that doesn’t heal, or bleeds with even gentle trauma, such as drying with a towel, is concerning for a BCC.

2. Melanoma can appear anywhere on the skin, including the palms/soles, under your nails, and places...for most, have never seen the light of day (genitalia). For this reason, it is important to look everywhere. Lock the bathroom door, get out a hand mirror, and check, it could save your life. 3. What to look for: ABCDEs, and an ugly duckling A - Asymmetry: If I draw a line down the middle, do the sides match? B - Border: Is there a nice crisp border, or does the mole melt into the surrounding skin? C - Color: Moles should be one color, one shade of brown. Is there a variety of shades or additional colors, such as black, red, white, or blue? D - Diameter: Any mole larger than 6mm, ie the head of a pencil eraser, has a higher risk of becoming melanoma.


Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) is an uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells arising in the epidermis, the skin’s outermost layer. SCCs often look like scaly red patches, crusty bumps, warts, or elevated growths with a central depression. SCCs may appear suddenly and some forms are tender to touch. They can become disfiguring and sometimes deadly if allowed to grow. More than 1 million cases of SCC are diagnosed each year in the U.S., which translates to about 115 cases diagnosed every hour. Incidence has increased by 200 percent in the past three decades in the U.S., and more than 15,000 Americans die each year from this type of skin cancer.


Melanoma is a very dangerous form of skin cancer. Melanoma is caused mainly by intense, occasional UV exposure (frequently leading to sunburn), especially in those who are genetically predisposed to the disease. An estimated 178,560 cases of melanoma are diagnosed in the U.S. each year and is fatal for an estimated 9,320 of these patients. Fortunately, if melanoma is recognized and treated early, it is almost always curable.

E - Evolution: Has it changed? F - The Ugly Duckling Sign: Most people have a “signature mole,” their own personal mole appearance and architecture. Is there a mole that seems different from all the others? 4. Everyone needs a full body skin exam by a board-certified dermatologist once a year, more frequently if you have a family history of skin cancer, a personal history of skin cancer, or live in an area with substantial sunshine. November 2020 15

South Coast Shutter and Shades


perating honestly and with integrity has served as the foundation for the continued success of the Laguna Niguel-based South Coast Shutter and Shades for over 32 years. Owners Tom and Donna Schuster launched their own company after realizing that “on our own we would be able to offer quality products in an honest environment to our customers, as well as servicing the products we sell.”

Tom and Donna, credit their success to date to the quality of customer service they and their team give their customers, which in turn creates a wonderful repeat and referral business. “Although there may be providers of similar products, there is no one that can match our superior customer service – from showing up on time, making precise measurements and flawless installations - and with a professional ‘can do’ attitude,” says Donna.

Specializing in custom shutters, blinds (mini, faux, wood, vertical), cellular shades, woven woods, plantation and security shutters and everything in between, Tom and Donna offer free in-home consultations for design as well as measuring, they always include free professional installation and prefer to bring all of the samples to each client’s home to go over the assorted styles and many color options to suit each home’s interior and its homeowner’s unique lifestyle.

Tom adds that “our pricing with unbeatable discounts, sales support and the fact that we offer our customers an in-house design team at no additional charge is the first step in setting us apart from our competition. I am proud to say that we have built a reputation in the business for having the highest quality, best beauty, fit and finish and value available. All of our products come with a lifetime warranty.”

“We listen to you and then incorporate your ideas with ours to design your custom shutters, blinds or shades,” says Tom. “Our portfolios and samples are very extensive, so you will be able to envision how your windows are going to look when complete." 16 November 2020

A 5-Star Yelp rated company, South Coast Shutter and Shades boasts scores of glowing testimonials online, including Debora R of Laguna Niguel who writes "Donna and Tom are amazing! Great products, great prices, great service.I've used them twice for two different businesses and I could not be happier. Donna makes suggestions based on what I tell her

my needs are and she has been spot on with her recommendations. Installations by Tom are quick and easy. Highly recommended!" Another reviewer, Doug W. of Mission Viejo posted that "From the first call, I knew I was dealing with a reputable, experienced, HONEST company. Donna and Tom are absolute PROS and obviously take pride in their work … Their price was very competitive. Also, what they quote is what you pay - keep that in mind when talking to the "other guys" whose price seems to go up and up. All appointments including install were FAST. The installation was flawless. I had a question later that evening about my motorized shades and they called me back IMMEDIATELY. My impression is that I could call them 5 or 10 years from now and they would just as helpful."


Your South Orange County

Electric Expert! Over 30 Years' Experience | Family Owned

We Upgrade Smoke Detectors to Carbon Monoxide Detectors!

LED Retrofit

Recessed Lighting

Electric Car Charger

Whole House Fans

Landscape Lighting

Ceiling Fans

Art Lighting

Outlets & Switches

Flat Panel TVs Installed

Trouble Shooting

949.481.4752 |

We help you figure out what is going on.

Any Electrical Work

$10 OFF


of $100 or more

$25 OFF

of $200 or more

Must present coupon. Expires 11.30.20


Steve Carter is known and respected throughout South Orange County Check out our 5 Star Rating on

License #606687

Jeddy’s Upholstery & Interiors 34118 Pacific Coast Highway, Suite 2 Dana Point, CA 92629 949-249-9569


November 2020 17

virtually every design concept imaginable - from Coastal Living, Tropical, Asian or Desert Living to Contemporary/ Urban, Mediterranean/Spanish and more. And the company also works closely with designers and their clients. But beyond the physical product however, is the intangible and invaluable aspect to California Silk’s continued success over the years: customer connection. “Our people have been with the company since the beginning, or close to it, and are true artisans,” says Mattie. “Known for their creativity, they do everything from residential and office renovations to major showroom displays for suppliers throughout the world.”

California Silk Plant Co. Bringing the Beauty of Nature Inside By Jody Robinson Things change. It’s inevitable. But some things simply evolve from good to great. Better to best. It can be hard to find a business that weathers change in such a way, especially through recessions, divestments, and change in leadership. California Silk Plant Company is just such a business. Founded in the mid 1980’s, it has since seen a few different storefronts. Settled now in its present location on La Paz Road in Laguna Niguel, the business profits from its membership in the Laguna Niguel Chamber of Commerce, especially through the recent upheaval from COVID-19 and its fallout. But from the very beginning, its emphasis has been on providing topline quality: both in their product offerings and their customer service. After all, as Co-owner Mattie Seiwert says, “only happy customers come back.” California Silk Plant Co. offers only the finest, most natural and lifelike artificial replica trees, botanicals, floral arrangements and unique accessories for the most elegant and admired upscale home and commercial interiors. An unmatched design team offers creative design assistance or customized products as needed for stunning results in

Mattie and her husband Joe aren’t strangers to hard work. After corporate careers (Mattie in Aerospace Facilities Management and Joe in the Chemical and Environmental Control industries), they sought to find a new endeavor that would capitalize on Mattie’s degree in Fine Arts and Interior Design coupled with Joe’s engineering background and Midwestern work ethic. Both proved invaluable when the pair landed at the crux of plant-based landscaping and design. “We didn’t want to just retire and sit in front of the television all day,” says Joe. “A smaller, niche market was the ticket, and when the opportunity came along in 2005 to acquire ownership of California Silk Plant Co. from its original (and very successful!) founders, we jumped at it.” On a personal level, owning and operating California Silk Plant Co. is both an escape and an opportunity. “Unique days and the opportunity to create in a family atmosphere” as a couple are among the ways in which the Seiwerts keep the work interesting. So it isn’t a surprise that the fun and creativity haven’t stopped in the last fifteen years. Needless to say, knowing that their orchids, palms, fiddle-leaf figs and other trees, succulents, and more bring everyday happiness to their clients also helps drive their success. It’s no small feat to “bring the beauty of nature inside”: and Mattie and Joe are up to the challenge. After all, everything they’ve done up till now has led them to make your home, office, and commercial interiors as stylish and elegant as you’ve always wanted.

27781-B La Paz Road | Laguna Niguel (949) 643-6798 | 18 November 2020

It’s Time for Pie … I’m a Pecan Kinda Guy! What about you?


Send us your favorite family pie recipe along with a picture if you have and we will post them on our website this holiday season:


Morena Tile & Stone Your Local Resource for Tile and Stone in South OC






the cost. Not bad! If you were going to finance an ADU, it will take longer to recoup the cost of your investment (please consult your loan broker). With a background in structural engineering and construction for over thirty years, Jay has been the engineer of record for a large number of commercial, retail, hospitality, institutional, industrial and residential buildings and government projects throughout California and across the nation.

Make Money from Your Property with Point Design, Inc. By Jody Robinson

As we look ahead to our retirement years, my husband has long touted the importance of creating passive revenue streams in short, it’s money that requires almost no effort to earn, and moreso, even less effort to maintain.


hich is why when friends and family who have the space in their back or side yard ask him for advice, he will invariably steer them to consider the idea of building an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) on their property. Haven’t heard of ADUs? They’re the most innovative and frankly, affordable, option to add housing and create additional income for homeowners right here in already crowded SoCal. By using land that you already own, you can create a passive income.

Accessory Dwelling Units are a specialty of Point Design, Inc., a structural engineering and construction firm that has been helping homeowners maximize their home and land’s value since 2013. Providing efficient, valuable additions and new construction with an emphasis on aesthetics and budgetary restrictions isn’t necessar20 November 2020

ily easy, but it’s one thing Company Founder Jay Hosseinzadeh and his team of professionals do exceedingly well. They will design and build an ADU (rental unit, office, granny unit, casita) on your lot that you can then rent out. What’s that worth? Well, let’s do the math: the average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Orange County and Los Angeles is $1,800. If you were to spend $150,000 to build a 600 s.f., one bedroom ADU and collect $1,800 per month rent, it would take about 7.5 years to recoup

“Everything I’ve learned since my early days at California State University, Los Angeles adds up to responsible, tailored, communicative solutions,” he says. “No two markets are the same, be it retail or residential, and so we strive to do more with less, building open and honest relationships along the way with our clients.” Point Design’s mission is pretty simple, and all points lead to adding value to their building projects. Being client-centered means they communicate to and remain with their customer the entire length of the project, from design, to development, to scheduling, to project completion. Though ADUs have been called by many names; granny flats, in-law units, cottages; Jay’s expertise lies in developing cost-effective, structurally sound, earthquake resistant designs which don’t require additional land, major infrastructure, extra parking spots, or elevators. Keep your family close, let your parents age in place comfortably, or rent it out: however you slice it, Point Design Inc. is here to help. Regardless of whether your goal is to share space independently from others or increase your monthly revenue, ADUs will maximize your property’s value.

Point Design, Inc. Consulting | Engineering | Construction Services 4700 Von Karman Ave., Suite 105 Newport Beach, CA 92660 • (949) 250-0522 CA Contractor Lic. 986535 CA Structural Engineer Lic. S 3761 •




Walk-In Tubs and Showers 6 Months. No Interest. No Payments.

50% Off Installation Done in One Day!

As Certified Aging-in-Place Specialists (CAPS), Home Safety Advisors provides solutions to improve safety.



(949) 456-4717

Call For a FREE Estimate. No Hassle. No Pressure. No Obligation.

Making the Right Connections with

Steve Carter Electric By Jody Robinson

The average American household has 45 lights in it. Cup lighting, recessed, portraiture; indoor, outdoor. Incandescent, CFL, LED. There are likely as many types of fixtures and functions in the residential electrical world as years Steve Carter Electric has been in business. we experienced the benefits for ourselves while visiting family friends in Northern California. With 10 minutes of turning the whole house fan on, all of the warm air had been evacuated from the home, replaced with the cooler ambient air from outside - dropping the temperature in the house by 10 degrees! He was sold. In researching local companies, we came across the Yelp 5-Star rated San Clemente-based family-owned Steve Carter Electric. We couldn’t be happier with the QuietCool whole house fan we had installed - and equally importantly, the service provided by Steve and his team of professionals and are now all set to make quick work of the warm air during our next “hot” spell.


staple in south Orange County for the last thirty years, it isn’t hard to imagine why someone might call in the professionals at Steve Carter Electric for help wiring and all things electrical. Dedicated to providing the best quality on every job, and investing in long-term service is the backbone of the business, and what Steve Carter himself carries into every job. “We know that your home is more than a tangle of wires: its not the fixtures, its the connections made inside and out.” Specializing in whole house fans, lighting and electrical upgrades, repairs, back-up power, panel upgrades, landscape lighting, E.V charger installs and general 22 November 2020

troubleshooting, there isn’t a job too complex to take on. One of the perks of publishing South County Magazine is being able to give testimonials for local businesses that our family has personally utilized. As a San Juan Capistrano resident blessed to live in coastal OC, I realize it’s ridiculous to refer to the unseasonable warm weather we experienced in September and October as uncomfortably “hot.” But warm air rises and our bedrooms are upstairs where the temperature would get to the mid-80s, which would make it a little warmer than we’d like when trying to get to sleep at night. My husband had been hankering to have a whole house fan installed after

“I knew back in high school that I wanted to learn the trade and become an electrician,” says Steve. “My Dad taught me to take pride in my workmanship, and I’ve carried that through until today. We don’t cut corners because we’d like to be your electricians for life.”

Steve Carter Electric (949) 481-4752


Issue: Date:

March 2020 2/9/20



Four Color, Gloss Paper




• Custom Shutters • Woven Woods • Wood Blinds • Faux Woods



up to

• Cellular Shades • Roman Shades • Roller Shades • Motorization

BLINDS AND SHADES! Expires 11/30/20

$100 OFF Any Order of $500 or More!

949.388.8344 •

Lic. # 1044472

FREE Installation • FREE In-Home Designs & Consultation • FREE Measuring

Please approve ad or provide changes/corrections within 48 hours of receipt. If no response is received within 48 hours, this ad will be deemed approved as is. $25 fee applies to minor ad changes. $50 fee applies to changes requested past 48 hour proof and/or art deadline.

TV mastery has arrived.


S CRE E N S IZ E S 43” TO 98 ”

Please review your proof carefully. Check expiration dates, offers, phone numbers, addresses and spelling. The Local DISH® Magazine is not responsible for errors and/or ommissions.


Approved with minor corrections

Call us today! We’re here to help you Changes needed, new proof required with all your AV needs.

Design or copy changes will result in additional charges and will only be considered if time permits. The Local DISH® cannot guarantee reproduction quality and color exactness. Colors may vary due to file formats, computer monitors and/or printing processes. This ad is the property of The Local Dish® Magazine. Reproduction, copying and/or distribution in any way is strictly prohibited without prior written consent. ©2020 The Local Dish® Magazine. All rights reserved.

Connecting Your Lifestyle and Technology


26381 Via De Anza • San Juan Capistrano • • 949.240.0555

November 2020 23

Multi Slide

Dutch Doors

Bi-Fold Doors

Showroom Location:

23288 Del Lago Drive Laguna Hills, CA 92653


Monday-Friday 10am-5pm Saturday & Sunday Appointments Available

Your Local Window and Door Store for Over 27 years

BONDED & INSURED • CA Lic #678380

up to

We have maintained our entire staff through this pandemic. We will not have to re-train anyone. We are using masks and other PPE at customers request. All installers are hourly, company employees, NOT subcontractors. Free estimates by the owner Dan, who has over 33 years of installation and design experience in the window and door business. We carry a B & C17 license, therefore we can do wall cuts to create openings or fill ins to delete openings.


OFF per window

Bay Windows



per door

Offers cannot be combined. Expires 11.30.2020

Shamrock Windows and Doors_FP.indd 1

5/8/20 8:09 AM

“There Is No Substitute For Quality” • Only The Highest Quality! • Open To The Public • Courtesy To The Trade

• Residential & Commercial • 30+ Years In Business • About 50% Of What We Do Are Customs!

Welcome Coupon!


Any Purchase

Customs included Just Mention This Ad

ORCHIDS | MOSS WALL ART | SUCCULENTS | FIDDLE LEAF FIG TREES | AND MORE! Showroom: 27781-B La Paz Road | Laguna Niguel, CA | 949-643-6798 | Mon-Sat: 10am to 4pm New Webstore (Just Opened)! | Info Website 5 Star Yelp Reviews

24 November 2020

100 OFF Any Water Heater


Installation (40 and 50 gallons only)

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Any Plumbing Service Slab Leak Detection Gas Leak Detection & Repair Hydro Jetting Sewer Lining Tankless Water Heaters

(Labor only) With this ad. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Limited time offer.

944 Calle Amanecer Ste. B, San Clemente, 92673

Why Settle For Epoxy When You Can Have

It’s Not Epoxy – It’s Better... It’s




Hate your old, tired, peeling or yellowed Epoxy floor?

• No Hot Tire Pickup or Permanent Tire Stain Issues • No VOC’s Or Strong Odor

We can remove it and install a new SpartaFlex floor that you will love!

• Most Durable Finish 2–6 Times More Scratch and Stain Resistant Than Epoxy! • UV Stable — No Yellowing • Most Chemical Resistant

Call today for a FREE estimate and receive

$100 OFF!

• Wet or Dry Slip Resistant

Spartaflex Outperforms Epoxy in Commercial, Industrial & Restaurant Floor Applications Too!

Dozens of colors IN-STOCK, hundreds of others available!

• Strongest Residential Warranty In The Industry • Installation In As Little As One Day

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5 Star Company

Thousands of satisfied customers. See for yourself why Perkins installs more floors in Southern California than anyone else! November 2020 25

Why Repipe when you can

Renew and Restore Your Plumbing from the Inside Out. Dinner On US! Call Now For A Free In-Home Estimate. (receive an UberEats or Doordash gift card. Exires 11/30/20)

A Passion for Healthy Water and Aquatic Education


Pool Service & Repair

Weekly Pool & Spa Maintenance Green Pool Clean Up Equipment Repair and Installation New Automation and Upgrades

• Our epoxy coating is a proven, patented process • Minimally invasive process – less destruction, dust and debris • No resident displacement • Most houses can be completed in 1 day*

Buy 5 Months of Service, Get One Month FREE!

*call office for details

Independently ranked in the top 1% of over 300,000 CA licensed contractors.

Lic. #821595

Owners Steve and Elise Donohoe


(866) 567-5106 26 November 2020

Licensed by the Contractors State Licensed Board and Certified by the National Swimming Pool Foundation.

Mobile Notary Signed, Sealed & Delivered

Valerie Barrett Certied Background Screened

25% Hr. Emergency Services



CARLOS THE PLUMBER Fast & Friendly Service at a Neighborly Price

• General Plumbing • Drain Cleaning • Faucets, Fixtures and Garbage Disposals • Water & Sewer Piping & Re-piping • Leak Detection • Commercial + Residential Plumbing • Draining Expert - If We Don’t Fix It,

You Don’t Pay

FREE ESTIMATES + Free Leak Detection

Serving OC for 20+ Years


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714.389.0305 805.298.2722

(949) 246-3589

Lic. 910146


We Design and Build On Your Lot! • RENTAL UNIT




pointdesignbuild Design | Engineering | Construction

Earn rental income with an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU). Monthly rent for a onebedroom apartment in OC and LA Counties is approx. $1,800.

For a FREE Consultation, please call (800) 443-2125 (toll free) (949) 250-0522 (local) November 2020 27


WE ARE OPEN !!! 7 Days a Week Monday - Friday 9 am to 5 pm Saturday 10 am to 5 pm Sunday 11 am to 4 pm

20452 Laguna Canyon Road Laguna Beach

(949) 494-5107

307 North El Camino Real • San Clemente, CA 949.498.2210 • Wed. 10 am - 3 pm Thu. 2 pm - 7 pm Fri. 10 am - 3 pm Sat. 10 am - 3 pm Closed Sun - Tues. Or by appointment: Call or Text (949) 275-2191 28 November 2020

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your request be made known to God. Philippians 4:6

Mission Viejo Wigs Serving South County since 1973

High Quality • Best Prices in OC

Art Gallery &Framing • Creative Consultation • Custom Picture Framing • Custom Framed Mirrors • Over 3000 Frames Available • Art and Frame Restoration • All Work Done on Premises

27601 Forbes Rd., Suite 32 Laguna Niguel, 92677

949.831.3909 Monday-Friday 10-6 Saturday 10-5 Sunday closed

Beautiful, g natural lookin appearance


20% OFF

Custom Framing & Custom Mirrors Not valid with any other offers or discounts. Expires 11-30-20.

We make the wig look like it’s growing out of your scalp, not sitting on it! When you experience hair loss due to medical reasons, it can be devastating. A wig can make all the difference in helping you look good and feel better about hair loss. No matter what the cause cancer, chemotherapy, alopecia, female pattern baldness or thinning hair ... Our goal is to help you look and feel your best!

25571 Jeronimo Road, Ste. 7 Mission Viejo

Expires 11-30-20.

(949) 581-4549 November 2020 29


"Whatever your hair needs, I desire and appreciate the opportunity to make your hair dreams come true.”

Some people are born great; some people create their own greatness. For Victoria Vannini, creating with hair and giving her clients a style that reflects their personality and ‘true self ’ is more than just a “cut and color.”

“It begins with the consultation,” says Victoria. “I want to know about your lifestyle and career. [About] the hair products and tools you use. This is essential in evaluating the condition and texture of your hair and helps us to come to a place that is realistic - at the beginning and where we want to go for the future.” Education is an important element to Victoria’s career. After graduating from cosmetology school, Victoria continued at the Vidal Sassoon Academy in Los Angeles. While apprenticing at the Carlton Hair Salon at Crystal Court for one year, she honed her skills with creative color and hair cutting. From there, she went on to be an educator for Paul Mitchell. She currently takes classes at the Unite Academy in Carlsbad. “I want to stay current with color trends, foil placement, CONTACT new haircutting techniques VICTORIA VANNINI and strategies,” says Victoria, who sees her education as a hair stylist as ongoing. “The inHoward Jones Salon dustry is currently on the cusp 32545 GoldenRoad Lantern 31271 Niguel of using ammonia-free color. I Dana Point, CA Laguna Niguel  want to give my clients the market that will keep keep their newest and best products that are on the market BEAUTIFUL condition. Schwartzkopf's new color line hair ininBEAUTIFUL condition. Schwartzkopf's new color line 'Essensity' 'Essensity' will with do just that with 100% coverage without ammonia, will do just that 100% coverage without ammonia, odor, preservaAlso, all done odor, preservatives or allalcohol! tives or alcohol! Also, my highlights are my donehighlights WITHOUTare bleach!! WITHOUT bleach!! Usinghighlighing Scrupples oil-based system Using Scrupples oil-based system ensureshighlighing the quality of your ensures the quality of your hair stays intact." hair stays intact."

(949) 584-3885




ike surfers in pursuit of the perfect wave, who hasn’t taken part in the endless search for the perfect cut for their unique

face and hair type?

Victoria Vannini is here to tell you

that your perfect cut is closer than

you think; right in her styling chair.

With over 12 years of experience with innovative color, corrective color and highlights, lowlights and glazing, Victoria is an award-winning colorist who prides herself in in helping helping her herclients clients"recharge" "recharge"their theirhair hairwith with vibrant, pure pure color color and and luscious luscious shine shine -- all all the the beautiful beautiful hues hues with with none none vibrant, of the of the harmful harmful ingredients.“I've ingredients.“I've seen seen to to many many clients clients come come in in with with over processed processed hair, hair, in in need need of of an an 'In 'In Salon' Salon' protein protein treatment treatment to to rereover store their their damaged damaged hair." hair." store “Every hairstyle hairstyle has has to to be be approached approacheddifferently differentlyand andrequires requiresthought. thought. “Every Just because because a a style style works works for Just for Jennifer Jennifer Aniston Aniston doesn’t doesn’t mean mean it it will will work for for every every client’s client’s hair hair texture work texture and and facial facial structure. structure. Everyone Everyone is is unique and it’s important to take the time to feel the hair to see how unique and it’s important to take the time to feel the hair to see how it moves, determine the best, most complementary hues and utilize it moves, determine the best, most complementary hues and utilize top-of-the-line products that will enhance and strengthen the hair withtop-of-the-line products that will enhance and strengthen the hair without any of the damaging ingredients." out any of the damaging ingredients."


1. Get frequent trims - Yes REALLY... Split ends leads to your hair losing length and strength !!! 2. Resist the urge to go Blonde (unless you are a Natural). When the cuticle of the hair is damaged from bleach, you can have more breakage or split ends. 3. Distribute the Natural Oils in your Hair... Don’t overwash, once to three times a week depending on condition and age of hair. Use a Boar bristle brush to distribute your scalp’s natural oils evenly to keep hair naturally moistened. 4. Finish your Shampoo and Conditioner with a cool rinse to seal the cuticle and strengthen your hair. 5. Avoid frequent Heat (styling tools) but when you do, use a heat protectant. 6. Eat the right foods. Feed your hair from the inside by increasing your protein intake with fish, beans and nuts. 7. Take a Good Multi Vitamin Supplement and 10,000 mg. of Biotin LOOK FOR MORE HEALTHY HAIR TIPS FROM VICTORIA IN UPCOMING ISSUES OF SOUTH COUNTY MAGAZINE !! 30 November 2020

Victoria is fabulous!! I moved to Orange County 1O years ago forcing me to find a new hair stylist, and had several horrible experiences. I decided my mission was to look at the hair style of each person I encountered. I found that perfect hairstyle and I asked her who did her hair and she gave me Victoria's name and salon. Now, I have people ask ME all the time who does my hair, and have even had people ask to take my picture so they could show their out of town stylist! She truly cares about her clients and puts all her efforts and skill to work to create the perfect style. I always look forward to seeing Vic and leaving the salon with a huge smile on my face and feeling great!

Curious about the Benefits of CBD? CBD or Cannabidiol is derived from the hemp plant and can help with stress, anxiety, pain, inflammation, and a wide range of other issues.

Tinctures • Topicals • Vape • Bath • Body

NOW OPEN 20% DISCOUNT FOR NEW CLIENTS (not to be used with any other discounts) CBD WERX Monday-Saturday 11-6 24280 Swartz Drive, Lake Forest

(949) 273-3883 CBD Werx inside SC Vape Lounge Monday-Friday 11-7 Saturday and Sunday 11-6 401 S. El Camino Real, Unit G, San Clemente

(949) 498-8273


Laguna Niguel Promenade By Jody Robinson

Myriad opinions about even one of the social or global events that have taken place so far. But what hasn’t changed is the calendar year, and as this one goes, we are rapidly approaching the holiday season.


ctober already, somehow, and as everyone gears up for whatever the last two and a half months of the year might bring, there’s really only one place that should make your must-go destination list: the Laguna Niguel Promenade. An expansive retail center in the heart of Laguna Niguel, the promenade brings together a hit list of services and dealers to brighten up any weekend or make checking off your early holiday shopping easy. Even this year. Start by letting Seabreeze Cleaners launder your garment worries away with their state of the art dry cleaning technology. Lost a pound or two with all the stress of the last few months? Let Owner/Operator Andrew Jung alter that favorite pair of pants while you head on over to Elements Massage for an hour or two of self-care. Offering Gift Certificate stocking stuffers, owners Michael and Jamie O’Keefe are gearing up for November and December with a stunning buy one get one half-off deal. Stroll down through the prom-

32 November 2020

enade’s red roofed arcades for a bite at Avilas El Ranchito, named “Best Mexican Restaurant” by the Orange County Register’s 2020 Readers. Lovingly established in 2006 by a thirdgeneration Avila family member, there isn’t a better place for making family memories or grabbing some delicious chips, guacamole, and a margarita. Taste the family heritage with original recipes from Mama Avila, a nod to her ancestors in Guanajuato, Mexico.

host a family feast over slow cooked meats and delectable sides. Whatever your individual needs might be this holiday season, the hospitable crew over at Dickey’s has the perfect solution. A heat & eat complete feast, or simply some a la carte holiday meats and sides to round out your timehonored family favorites. New this year to the lineup is Dickey’s readyto-eat Holiday Big Yellow Box, available for pickup or delivery to keep you rolling.

Feeling savory instead of salty? Swing through Dickey’s Barbeque Pit, and

New to the center is Billups Insurance Services, bringing Allstate

agent William Billups and his impeccable ability to find the best solution for his client’s lifestyle and budget. Joining a robust community allows him to build local relationships, and offer the best variety of coverage and services one could ask for. “Laguna Niguel residents are discerning about their home, car(s), and financial futures. I’m ready to review your coverage or speak with you about the necessary adjustments to fit your changing needs.” Haircuts, cell phone repair, tanning, and dental services are all within reach at Laguna Niguel’s one-stop destination. Great Clips offers online appointment booking, putting customer’s safety at a priority during these uncertain times. And The Art of Hair boasts a newly remodeled space that rivals the most modern studios. Both having taken advantage of the unfortunate Covid-19 restrictions, the salons, like many other businesses out there have come back stronger than ever, and decidedly ready to help you look your best heading into

ing and pick up and delivery services all over Orange County.

2021. Rockstar Tan, founded in Orange County, has expanded from its very first location in Cypress. Offering the premier experience tanning in the area leaves nothing to the imagination, from the tanning equipment itself to the radiant glow you’ll see. Give the gift of membership and your loved one can tan at any one of the three locations in the county. In a rush? Drop your phone off curbside, or mail it into CPR: Cell Phone Repair, Laguna Niguel. Bring your dead phone back to life just in time for recording all the best holiday moments with the stellar team of industry experts on call. Why let a broken phone, tablet, or laptop bring you down? Free estimates get you on your way quickly, and if there simply isn’t any life left, the experts will get you set up with a used and freshly refurbished cell. Frame some of those holiday photos with Art + Frame Warehouse, where two decades of service bring to life some of the family’s best work. Offering shadow boxes, frame repairs, custom mirrors, glass replacement and more, there isn’t much you can’t accomplish, especially with expert design consult-

Get the festivities started with OC Sparkle, the county’s largest retailer of party dresses, now open by appointment. Ready to fulfill all of your special occasion demands, you can find nearly any designer at the highest quality. Dresses for Prom, Homecoming, Cocktail or Evening events and weddings: no event is out of reach. Pair up with Planet Beauty for the perfect holiday gift, or simply to upgrade your self-care experience. Gifts for men and women, and more beauty tools than you could dream of round out their expansive list of offerings. Need some practical assistance at your new home school? Sylvan Learning hasn’t stopped giving the most in-depth personalized tutoring, test prep, and homework help to those stuck at home in front of yet another Zoom call. Certified teachers take the lead, and give every satisfied student a leg up in the confusion of this past school year. Whatever feels right for your family, Sylvan is open online and in-person to accommodate the full range of schooling needs. Use that open tablet or smartphone to book your next appointment at the Laguna Niguel Dental Group, and keep your pearly whites smiling into the new year. With new teledentistry appointments now available, you can talk to a dentist from the comfort of your own home, and take care of any nagging questions keeping you up at night. After all, who needs more to worry about this year? Laguna Niguel Promenade 27891 La Paz Road Laguna Niguel

 @LagunaNiguelPromenade November 2020 33







D. Yoder Family Sundays


SC Farmers Market

Casa Romantica 415 Avenida Granada SC • Free admission + activities

15 22


Community Center 100 N. Calle Seville SC • 9 am – 1 pm

Live Music (Thurs. – Sun)

Villa Roma Argentine 25454 La Paz Rd. Laguna Hills

Sunday Brunch

Stillwater 24701 Del Prado Ave. DP • 10 am – 2 pm

Still Life Ceramics Planter Workshop

1:30 pm - 3 pm Dana Point Harbor


2 9

Patio Service

Mosiac Bar & Grille Montage Laguna Beach 30801 S. Coast Hwy. LB • 11 am – 9 pm

Al Fresco Dining on Patio Rancho Capistrano Winery 26755 Verdugo St. SJC • 11 am – 10 pm

3 10



111 W. Avenida SC

Empanada Tuesdays $1.25


Villa Roma Argentine 25454 La Paz Rd. Laguna Hills


Happy Hour All Day Mondays


Ricardo’s Place Mexican



Happy Hour (Mon – Fri)


Taco Tuesday + Patio Dining


Swallow’s Inn 31786 Camino Capistrano SJC 8 am – 12 pm + 4 pm – 7 pm


Selma’s Chicago Pizzeria & Tap Room 31781 Camino Capistrano SJC • 3 pm – 6 pm

Happy Hour

Casanova Ristorante 33582 Del Obispo DP • 3:30 pm – 6:30 pm


32802 Camino Capistrano SJC

Bueno Bueno Mexican Kitchen 26762 Verdugo St. SJC


Tre 26

Five 31761 Cam



ESDAY Patio Dining

Los Patios Palizada, Ste. 17 C • 12 pm – 9 pm

5 12

Music Nightly

evor at the Tracks 6701 Verdugo St. SJC




Brio Tuscany Grille 24050 Camino Del Avion Dana Point

Open for Indoor Dining Wind & Sea 34699 Golden Lantern DP

Happy Hour

Casanova Ristorante 33582 Del Obispo DP • 3:30 pm – 6 pm

6 13 20

FRIDAY Happy Hour

Casanova Ristorante 33582 Del Obispo DP • 3:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Fido Fridays

Mission SJC 26801 Ortega Hwy. SJC • 2 pm – 5 pm

Brio Tuscany Grille

24050 Camino Del Avion Dana Point

7 14

SATURDAY Dana Point Farmers Market

34111 La Plaza (at PCH) DP • 9 am – 1 pm

Live From the West Side: Women of Broadway

Virtual Benefit Concert Streamed Live from New York Laura Benanti Segerstrom Center for the Arts


10% Off Beer Sales today benefits Promise4paws Live Pet Adoption 12 pm - 4 pm Food truck We are open 12pm-10pm 27122 Paseo Espada, A904 SJC • TheDogPawrk.Beer

Happy Hour

e Vines Wine Bar mino Capistrano, Ste. 11 JC • 2 pm – 6 pm



Farmakis Farmer’s Market

29932 Camino Capistrano SJC • 9 am – 1 pm


Weekend Brunch

Waterman’s 34661 Golden Lantern DP Harbor • 11 am – 2 pm



Locals Night Out

Irish Owned and Operated Paddy’s Station By Jody Robinson


y husband and I have a soft spot in our hearts for Irish Pubs. When we were on our honeymoon, we stumbled upon one in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, tucked in next to a crumbling wall from the Roman age. We discovered that it, like so many other pubs we’d frequented during our courtship, boasted the same cozy, calm, family-friendly atmosphere we felt familiar in, and loved. European Premier Soccer on every screen, delicious pints on well-worn taps, and a decent, warm meal. David Woodnutt discovered he wanted to replicate those features in his hometown of San Juan Capistrano not long after he retired from British Airways. A Captain flying long haul around the world on a B747 Jumbo Fleet, he found there wasn’t an open door in the area that served up some solid fish and chips with a dose of “Craic” (fun) on the side. “I owned a house in the Pier Bowl, and thought I’d try my hand at the business,” he says. “There was nowhere for an expat to hang his hat on any given weeknight, so Paddy’s Station was born.” Housed in the historic 36 November 2020

Capistrano Depot, Paddy’s includes seating in a cozy 1927 Pullman rail car. Featuring live music six days a week, and a full menu that boasts “Irish pub grub” - cottage pie, Irish stew, and the best bangers and mash around, Paddy’s is definitely your new local community hub. Irish and hip-hop dance classes, Irish-themed films featured in the carriage areas and a dog-friendly outside deck round out David’s vision for keeping the family spirit deeply engrained in his pub.

Guests must wear a costume

October 31st

Party starts at 7 pm and runs until the witching hour “I must have been mad to get involved,” he grins wryly, “but our heart is to let local folk have fun and enjoy a night out.” PADDY’S STATION 26701 Verdugo St, Ste. B San Juan Capistrano (949) 661-3400

No Cover Charge 26701 Verdugo St., Suite B San Juan Capistrano (949) 661-3400


The Friendly Faces of Casanova Ristorante’s Staff!



Celebrate the 43rd Annual Turkey Trot with friends and family for a delicious dinner, craft cocktail or fine wine at Dana Point’s Favorite Italian Restaurant!


Clockwise from top: Brio partners Enzo, Eudocio and Peppe


Contemporary Italian Cuisine


Order on the app or online.


Head to our curbside zone.

Full Premium Bar • Italian and California Wines


Give us a call, and we’ll bring your order to you!

Live Entertainment!


(949) 443-1476 24050 Camino Del Avion • Dana Point

Winner of the Dana Point Times 2017 “Best of Dana Point” People’s Choice Award for “Best Happy Hour” and “Best Bartender” (GOLD) and “Best Overall Restaurant,” “Best Pizza,” “Best Bar” and “Best TakeOut Food!” (SILVER)

SUBWAY DANA POINT 33489 Del Obispo St. SUBWAY SAN CLEMENTE 638 Camino De Los Mares SUBWAY MISSION VIEJO 24000 Alicia Parkway


SUBWAY LAGUNA HILLS 25614 Alicia Pkwy.

Delivery available through our partners @ or text BRIO to 33733 Powered by 38 November 2020


Buy two footlongs get one free.

Delivery, Dine In, Takeout

Fresh Quality Ingredients • 100% Wisconsin Cheese


5 minutes or less (11am-4pm)


Home of the 30” Party Pizza


(949) 498-3400


CAULIFLOWER CRUST SPECIAL Medium 2 topping & a bottle of Hint Water



+ tax

1 order per customer. Not valid with other coupons or offers. Expires 11-30-20.


50% OFF

SPAGHETTI MARINARA or FETTUCCINI ALFREDO 2 FOR TUESDAY BUY 1, GET 1 FREE! Buy any medium pizza and get 1 free of equal or lesser value


50% OFF


Buy 1 order of wings or rib tips, get 2nd (Does not include stuffed crust or deep 1 order per customer. order of equal or lesser value 50% off. Not valid with other coupons or offers. dish) 1 order per customer. Not valid with 1 order per customer. Not valid with other other coupons or offers. Expires 11-30-20. Expires 11-30-20. coupons or offers. Expires 11-30-20.

32082 Camino Capistrano San Juan Capistrano

949.493.4941 2013 Best International Eating Place 2016 Best Taco

Live Music Thursday - Sunday

Closed Monday and Wednesday

Let Us Cater Your Special Event


Catering & Special Events


25254 La Paz Road, Laguna Hills

Restaurant 949.454.8585 November 2020 39

Live From the West Side: Women of Broadway

Vanessa Williams

A Livestream Concert Series


egerstrom Center for the Arts has announced three new livestream concert events that are part of the Live from the West Side series which began last month with a performance by Christopher Jackson. Live from the West Side: Women of Broadway features Tony Award winner Laura Benanti on November 14, and critically acclaimed actress and singer Vanessa Williams on December 5. All performances are at 5 pm, Pacific Time. The Center is one of a select group of not-for-profit arts organizations participating and the only arts center in Southern California to offer these events. The livestreams are a co-production of Dallas

feature a mix of Broadway showtunes, pop songs, and personal stories from the life of each headliner. Performances will take place at The Shubert Virtual Studios on Manhattan’s West Side. At-home audience members will be invited to email in questions to be answered during the livestream.

Laura Benanti

Summer Musicals and Entertainment Benefits Group. Proceeds from ticket sales made through the Center’s Box Office directly benefit Segerstrom Center for the Arts. Each show, transmitted live in HD with professional sound mixing, will

• Chanel, Hermes, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Fendi • Handbags, Jewelry: Antique, Vintage and New • Designer New Clothing • Accessories, Arthur Court & Gifts

Tickets will be available online at the Center’s website,, or by calling (714) 556-2787, Monday – Friday between the hours of 10 am and 2 pm. The Box Office at Segerstrom Hall is currently closed for walk-up purchases.

30% off Fall Sale

Certain exclusions may apply. With mention of this ad. Expires 11-30-20.

• Introducing our Modern Vintage Section Killer Vintage Fashions KD Luxe Jewelry

Marbella Plaza, 31105 Rancho Viejo Road, Suite C-8, San Juan Capistrano Call for an appointment we sell your top Designer handbags & estate jewelry | 949.240.9100

Conservatory@curiosity Hours: Monday thru Saturday 11-5:30 or by appointment | Closed Sundays

40 November 2020

Mobile Notary Signed, Sealed & Delivered

Valerie Barrett Certied Background Screened

OUR SERVICES • Estate Attorneys • Advance Medical Directives • Pre-Marital Agreements • Acknowledgements • Lien Releases • Business Partnership • Titles Companies • Personal Statements • Long Term Care • Adoption • Afdavits • Jail • Deeds • Certication of Identication

714.389.0305 805.298.2722 November 2020 41

Glorietta Bay Inn

Photo credit: Brett Shoaf

Glorietta Bay Inn A family favorite for a fun and sun “stay-cation” on Coronado Island BY JODY ROBINSON


ravel for our family has always been an exciting opportunity to explore both far-flung destinations and closer-to-home hidden gems. During these unprecedented times defined by shelter-in-place and safer-at-home, we - like many families - pressed pause on several planned summer vacations and weekend getaways to destinations farther than an easy driving distance. For Southern Californians, the beaches are open, and the weather is bright and warm well into the fall and few places are as idyllic as Coronado Island to while away a couple of days in the surf and sand. Just over the bridge from San Diego, Coronado is a small, quaint, tree-lined retreat characterized by beautiful, rarely 42 November 2020

crowded white sand beaches, a rich, romantic history and laid-back, small town atmosphere. Although locals refer to it as “the island,” Coronado is really a peninsula connected to the mainland by a finger of land called the Silver Strand. With wide leafy streets lined with Victorian homes and Southern California beach bungalows, the island is small enough to walk almost anywhere (it’s only a mile from the San Diego Bay side of the peninsula to the Pacific Ocean). Once we parked upon arrival for a recent stay at the lovely Glorietta Bay Inn, we discovered that Coronado truly is a “car-optional” environment and were able to easily navigate the relatively flat paths on foot and by bicycle. We chose the Glorietta Bay Inn (www., a beautiful

boutique hotel and historic landmark famous for its grandeur architecture, as “home base.” The former private residence of sugar baron John D. Spreckels, the hotel (which features 11 historic mansion rooms in the main original building circa 1908 and 89 contemporary rooms and suites in structures added to the property in later years) is situated across the street from Coronado Beach and a short walking distance from an array of retail shops and restaurants. Defined by an artful blend of Old World charm and contemporary coastal comfort, the Inn features a scenic outdoor verandah, a storied music room complete with a baby grand piano and a sun warmed lobby that once served as the grand foyer to Spreckels’ home.

Each of the historic mansion rooms are uniquely styled: the Sugar Baron Room, originally the private bedroom of Mrs. Spreckels, features king-bedded room with a large balcony and a spectacular view of Glorietta Bay; the Spreckels Suite the private bedroom of John D. Spreckels, this beautiful room has a living room area with a convenient kitchenette, and a separate bedroom with a king size bed. French doors off the living room open up to a spacious balcony with an equally gorgeous view of Glorietta Bay. Amenities for all accommodations include the complimentary use of beach chairs, towels, and sand toys for Coronado Beach. As our family discovered on similar sojourns to “the island,” it doesn’t take much planning to have a perfect day in Coronado. We had brought our bicycles and started off along Coronado Beach - a picturesque stretch of sand and surf that stretches for over a mile along Ocean Boulevard in front of historic

and glamorous houses. Voted in the top 10 beaches in the USA by the Travel Channel, this long and wide beach is great for walks, runs, beach volleyball or sandcastle building. If you bring along a furry friend, there is a leash-free dog zone at the far end of the beach where pups chase each other in the waves.

Fans of author L. Frank Baum’s iconic classic “The Wizard of Oz” will enjoy pedaling past the quaint yellow Cape Cod-style home (located right across from Star Park) that he rented during his stays and the place where he penned three of the books in the Oz series. We spent the better part of an afternoon tooling around town, along the Bayshore Bikeway, past Glorietta Bay and the Coronado Golf Course and under the Coronado Bridge (if you continue following the well-marked bike path, you’ll end up at the Coronado Ferry Landing, where a ten-minute ride would bring you to downtown San Diego.) After our bike ride, we strolled Orange Avenue, a beautiful commercial boulevard that curves back to the Glorietta

Bay Inn, and stopped in Bay Books where staff members leave heartfelt handwritten recommendations under their favorite reads and stumbled upon MooTime Creamery - where locals and tourists alike were lined up for what they all (accurately) claimed was “the best handcrafted ice cream and hand-rolled cones” in town.

We kept the “enjoy the outdoors” theme going through the end of the day, spending the afternoon and early evening playing in the waves and soaking up the sun on Coronado Beach. The kids spent the entire trip outside and active - and much to their parent’s pleasure, off their respective electronic devices. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed kicking back on the balcony with a glass of wine each evening and even managed to finish a couple of books we’d been wanting to get to for weeks (you’d think we would have found the time at home, but it seems as though there’s been no shortage of home improvement projects to focus on). Our weekend away in Coronado was just what we all needed - a change of scenery and experience - at a destination fast becoming one of our favorites. Given its ideal location central to literally everything, its unparalleled amenity and service and laid-back charm, the Glorietta Bay Inn will undoubtedly be our family’s first choice for future visits. Glorietta Bay Inn is the ideal location for an Orange County Staycation. For our readers, use code ORANGE at for an Exclusive Staycation Offer with discounted room rate and free parking until January 31, 2021. With extra hygiene measures in place for the safety of guests and staff and flexible cancellation up to the day before arrival, feel confident in booking.

Glorietta Bay Inn 1630 Glorietta Boulevard Coronado (619) 435-3101

November 2020 43

AEP- It’s About Saving You $$ By Stephanie Frisch

Calling all existing Medicare Beneficiaries, are you looking to save some money on either your monthly premiums, your co-pays, your prescription drug co-pays or perhaps a trifecta and you get all three!


he biggest way to save money is to see if a Medicare Advantage plan would work for you. If it does work, you cancel your Medicare Supplement and Medicare Drug plan for 2021 because the Medicare Advantage plan gives you that type of coverage and financial protection from medical bills. These plans in Orange county typically have no premium. The savings can be life changing to some people, especially married couples over the age of 70. Medicare supplement plan premiums go up as you get older AND they can also have random increases related to their cost of care. Also, some people don’t realize when their Medicare prescription drug plan premiums increase because if they’re taking social security, the premium is usually being directly deducted from their s.s. check. Many of the insurance companies have either increased their monthly rx plan premiums or their annual deductible. Some plans used to not have a name brand drug deductible and now they do. Have your prescriptions changed since you enrolled in your current Medicare rx plan? If they’re expensive medications (in the $40-$100 range when you fill them) then it’s time for a review. If you’re on several of these types of medications, and maybe started taking them mid-year, you won’t hit the donut hole more than likely this year, but you certainly have a good chance of it next year, so you need to make sure that you’re on the best plan in terms of co-pays and trying to avoid the coverage gap. There is even a Medicare Advantage plan that covers insulin at a $0 copay, even through the coverage gap! No standalone drug plan does that. 44 November 2020

Another way to save money is to compare Medicare drug plan premiums for your standalone drug plan. Like I said earlier, many plans have been increasing their premiums year after year. It starts to add up after awhile! Also, while AEP is NOT the time to change your Medicare supplement plan. (the month of your birthday and 2 months after that is, it’s called the “birthday rule”) it could be that your birthday falls around the same time as the annual enrollment period (October – December) or, it could be a time to get educated about what other carriers premiums are for the Medicare supplement plan that you’re on. Medicare Supplement plans are all standardized by the government. A

Plan F, Plan G or Plan N, for example, are all the same, no matter what insurance company you have. However, some insurance carriers have upped their game, adding additional benefits such as routine vision and hearing, acupuncture and more to their Medicare supplement plan for a more “value added” experience. The additional premium for these embedded plan extras are minimal. The Medicare annual enrollment period (aka AEP) ends December 7th, if you’d like to schedule a no cost Medicare options review contact me soon as my calendar is filling up!

Stephanie Frisch is the owner of Insurance 101 and is an independent insurance broker dedicated to helping others make “educated decisions” about their insurance choices when it comes to Medicare. For answers to your questions, or no-fee consultation, call (949) 351-2443.

Mission Viejo Wigs



Serving South County since 1973

High Quality • Best Prices in OC

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Beautiful, g natural lookin appearance

We make the wig look like it’s growing out of your scalp, not sitting on it! When you experience hair loss due to medical reasons, it can be devastating. A wig can make all the difference in helping you look good and feel better about hair loss. No matter what the cause cancer, chemotherapy, alopecia, female pattern baldness or thinning hair ... Our goal is to help you look and feel your best!

25571 Jeronimo Road, Ste. 7 Mission Viejo

(949) 581-4549 November 2020 45

Pets of the Month Two year old Anders is quite the handsome pup. He has lots of energy and just loves to run and play in the yard. Anders would likely make a great jogging buddy and wouldn’t mind the company of another similarly active dog. With his sweet face and happy disposition, this loveable canine is sure to win your heart. Lianney is a laid back kitty looking for a new roommate. She is an independent lady who doesn’t mind being on her own during the day, but is also very affectionate and sweet when you visit with her. Lianney is very clean and promises not to hog the remote control. She would make a great roomie for someone seeking an easygoing feline friend.



This pretty girl is Astrid, a five year old sweetheart who just can’t wait to meet you. While Astrid loves playing catch with the ball, her real favorite pastime is snuggling on the couch. She is mannerly and walks well on leash but would prefer to be the only pet in a home where she doesn’t have to share the spotlight.

If you are interested in adopting an animal listed here, please visit or to download an adoption application form. Completed forms can be emailed to and you will be contacted about making an interaction appointment.

Voted best of San Juan 6 years in a row

Ortega Animal Care Center


27341 Ortega Hwy. • San Juan Capistrano


Veterinary Care 24-Hour Pet Hotel Professional Dog & Cat Grooming Daycare for Dogs

46 November 2020

network print solutions


Custom Graphic Design Family owned and operated in Orange County since 1990.


Mounted and un-mounted

WINDOW GRAPHICS Permanent or Static Cling


CUSTOM COVID STICKERS AND LABELS MENUS. “THROW AWAY” Uncoated paper stock. Black and white + Full color. Graphic Design available. Custom sizes available.

Call or E-mail for Pricing.


Why Repipe when you can


Lead-Free, Leak-Free Pipe Protection By Jody Robinson

It is safe to say that I know nothing about pipes. I know a little about drywall, and some about framing; my husband has his general contractor’s license so I’ve picked up a few nuggets of knowledge over the years - albeit in conversation, not in practice.


ipes, however, are a complete mystery. I have family who live on the East Coast, where pipes seem to burst with some degree of frequency in the winter, but that is the extent of my experience via six degrees of separation. Since our family moved into our “new” home in San Juan Capistrano a few years ago, we have since become something of an expert on experts: those who do and don’t know anything about pipes. There are a bunch of things I can now catch you up on: leaks, sprinkler lines, lead testing. But truly, all you need to know is this: In many cases, ePIPE can have your pipes restored the same day without displacing you from your home. Topping my list of folks I’d call expert, ePIPE has been in business since 1999. With over 40 international and US-based patents, the company has contracts with the US Department of Defense, several counties across the States, schools, HOA’s, and thousands of individual homeowners nationwide. Jason Houck, National Sales Director notes “twenty years ago this process was developed to be more convenient, less destructive, longer lasting, and healthier. Now it’s a patented, proven process used around the globe.” Traditional systems wreak havoc on a home, tearing up floors, walls, and ceilings. To get to the pipe, you have to get everything else out of the way: and then to replace the pipe, you have to remove what is there. “Instead of re-piping, we restore pipes in place. Many homes can be completed in a day, with the water going back on in a number of hours.” 48 November 2020

Pool piping, fire sprinkler systems, water lines - ePIPE deals with it all. They’ll even test for lead and remediate as a LeadSmart® Service provider. Any number of factors can lead to corrosion in a system, often in as little as two years after installation. Any number of factors can lead to pinhole or slab leaks. So what happens next? If your pipes were simply failing due to changing water chemistry, perhaps you’re wondering if there is a better pipe? Turns out the restoration of your pressurized system can be as simple as drying, cleaning and applying ePIPE's patented epoxy coating. “The cleaning process prepares the internal pipe surface for proper bonding,” says Jason. “A bit like sanding before you paint.” In researching what ePIPE has to offer in terms of the process, I don’t see the word drilling, or destruction, or demolition anywhere. Taking care of

a problem once it begins is one thing, but ensuring that you won’t have that problem for years down the road is entirely different. Restored piping protects against corroding and pitting, in turn reducing copper and lead leaching. “Because there is no need to destroy walls, ceilings, or floors, you save a significant amount of money in reconstruction costs,” says Jason. “I’ll keep saying it: we do the work without the mess and expense.” Ranked in the top 1% of over 300,000 California contractors, ePIPE is here to ensure your pipes deliver the way they were made to. That’s really all I need to know.

To connect with Jason and his team, call (866) 567-5106 or visit

Colonel U.S. Marine Corps (RET)

UNITED STATES CONGRESS 2020 California 45th Congressional District Paid for greg raths for congress committee 2020

BE IN THE KNOW: Home Sellers Have Options

As the real estate industry continues to adapt to changes in the market, alternative methods of buying and selling homes are becoming more prevalent. Hiring an agent to list on the MLS is no longer the only way to sell a property, as “off-market selling” is becoming a real option for homeowners seeking a faster, more streamlined, and ‘safe’ sale.


he benefits of an off-market home sale include the convenience of not having to prepare the home for sale, no repair costs to the seller because the home is sold ‘as-is’, no failed escrows/shorter close, all cash/no financing offer, and little to no physical contact with buyers or others for showings or inspections. An off-market sale can also help eliminate the very real health risks and exposure concerns involved in a traditional listing.

With these alternative options now available, it is crucial for any home seller considering such a sale to understand how to navigate through the off-market process. An off-market buyer should clearly outline their process, answer any seller questions, and provide transparency throughout the transaction. Unwillingness of an off-market buyer to provide information about closing timeframes, proof of funds, contingencies, contracts, and other details, should be a red flag warning to a home seller.

Off-market buyers are typically smaller “mom and pop” investors looking for homes to either “fix and flip” or rent out, or more institutional iBuyers (instant Buyers) who make offers on homes online. Unlike the traditional process, these buyers purchase homes As-Is, directly from homeowners. The off-market buyer offers a lower price than the seller may be able to net with a listed sale but allows the seller to avoid the inconvenience and investment of time and money for repairs/prep costs, since the buyer is purchasing the property in ‘as-is’ condition.

Senior Home Purchase Program, based in San Diego since 2015, is a real estate investment company with a unique, niche service offering senior homeowners a transparent, streamlined, and guaranteed way to sell their home off-market. Siblings Rob Perkins and Corinne Ross created SHPP after a decade in real estate investing, and after experiencing the challenges involved in helping grandparents move. SHPP purchases homes directly from seniors transitioning into senior living communities, and “guarantees a certain sale, at a certain price.”

50 November 2020

SHPP purchases the home in its current condition, allows the seller to leave behind clutter and unwanted furniture, and covers 100 percent of any costs associated with the sale. “In addition to saving the homeowner an incredible amount of time, and greatly reducing their stress, SHPP offers the best price possible to our senior home selling clients. We are transparent in illustrating how an SHPP offer differs from a traditional offer,” explains Perkins. “With no hidden costs or fees, our off-market offer is very compelling to the homeowner.” “SHPP also provides a flexible timeline for moving,” adds Ross. “Our seniors are often in a position where they don’t know the exact date of their move into a community,” she shared. “This can be very stressful, so we provide flexibility with closing dates, as well as a leaseback option if needed.” Transparency, integrity, and client comfort level are top priorities for SHPP. “Most of our customers are referrals, so the trust factor is big for us,” Ross explains. A former client shared, “Their honesty, transparency, and diligence made me feel completely comfortable with them. The process was exceptionally easy and stress-free.” Perkins and Ross emphasize another benefit to sellers: “SHPP’s process can alleviate many of the concerns and stresses of selling that have arisen during the pandemic. Our goal is to offer a certain, safe, and stress-free solution to our clients during this very uncertain time, and we are thrilled to now be servicing Orange County, as well as other areas, as we continue to expand to help our senior customers.”

Donna Hunnicutt, Market Manager OC (714) 923-7477

Dedicated to the Development of Lifelong Readers

Insurance 101 Services Medicare options are complicated. Understanding them shouldn’t be.

An Educational Center to the An Educational Center Dedicated Dedicated tooftheLifelong Development Development Readers

of Lifelong Readers • Pre-K Reading

Readiness • • Kindergarten Smart Start Class • • First - 3rd Grade Book Clubs •

Stephanie Frisch



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AEP- It’s About Saving you Money

34085 PCH, Suite 105 Da na Poin t, CA 9 2629 “Blue Lantern Plaza”

alling all existing Medicare Beneficiaries, are you looking to save some money on either your monthly premiums, your co-pays, or your prescription drug co-pays?


The biggest way to save money is to see if a Medicare Advantage plan would work for you. If it does work, you cancel your Medicare Supplement and Medicare Drug plan for 2021 because the Medicare Advantage plan gives you that type of coverage and financial protection from medical bills. These plans in Orange county typically have no premium. Some plans used to not have a name brand drug deductible and now they do. Have your prescriptions changed since you enrolled in your current Medicare rx plan? If they’re expensive medications (in the $40-$100 range when you fill them) then it’s time for a review. There is even a Medicare Advantage plan that covers insulin at a $0 co-pay, even through the coverage gap! No standalone drug plan does that. The Medicare annual enrollment period (aka AEP) ends December 7th, if you’d like to schedule a no cost Medicare options review contact me soon as my calendar is filling up!

9 4 9 - 7 13 470-8 56 P6C H2 , 4S u i t e

105 Da na Poin t, CA 9 2629 “Blue Lantern Plaza”


November 2020 51

connected with their students virtually by sharing parts of their home life, and asking students to do the same, such as challenging kids to share pictures of their pets or a hobby they love. And that’s not all. Capistrano Unified continued to provide meals to students, giving 184,028 breakfasts and lunches from March through July to children ages 0-18 in our community, with 182 of those meals delivered directly to family homes.

Capistrano Unified School District’s community makes all the difference in supporting student education By Ryan Burris, Chief Communications Officer, Capistrano Unified School District


his past year has been difficult for many reasons. With the pandemic causing unexpected campus closures in the spring, the health and economic struggles faced by many, and an increased need for meals in our community, 2020 has provided a wealth of challenges. Throughout all of this, however, the Capistrano Unified community has worked together to navigate the new terrain. And we’ve grown stronger together because of it. Now, in this season of gratitude, we want to thank our wonderful community – our teachers, students, families, staff, and administrators – for supporting Capistrano Unified and helping us continue to provide our 47,000 students with a top-notch education that will help them meet the challenges of our rapidly changing world. Our families worked collaboratively with school and district officials to provide input and support as we quickly implemented distance learning in the spring and developed and implemented a plan – over more than 26 meetings – for the fall semester that allows families to choose from online, in-person, and hybrid programs, as well as developed safety 52 November 2020

guidelines for on-campus, in-person learning. Our parents and students have been patient as our 4,500 teachers, administrators, and staff navigated a new way of teaching, trained to use our new, state-of-the-art online classroom software, and began introducing new and upgraded educational programs in our online classrooms. Capistrano Unified distributed 6,700 Chromebooks to students in March and April, along with 1,100 hotspots, to keep our kids connected to their teachers and peers throughout the spring and summer months. We have ordered additional Chromebooks to begin our 1:1 student Chromebook program. Capistrano Unified has provided ongoing COVID-19 pandemic support to staff, teachers, students, and families, starting with a FAQ page and a series of webinars on health and mental health with doctors from Kaiser Permanente and Hoag Hospital. While students were learning from their homes, we published free educational enrichment activities via social media, including “Capo Toon Time”, meditation sessions, dance lessons, musical singalongs, and an artist spotlight featuring celebrity musicians. Individual teachers

Capistrano Unified has also made several upgrades to its campuses while students were absent, including modernizing the Dana Hills High School kitchen, purchasing six new buses to replace aging models that serve students with special needs, updating the Tesoro High football field and volleyball court, building STEM/STEAM buildings at Aliso Niguel High and Newhart Middle School, and more. We know our students and families have risen to the challenge also. We see it in the stories of students who used their 3-D printers to make masks during the early pandemic shortage, in the ASB students posting signs at their classmates’ homes, in the graduate who returned to provide uplifting messages in chalk, in the music students who gave virtual performances when their year-end concerts were cancelled, in all the schools that held car parades so they could connect with their families, and in the tearful reunions as students finally return to campus. From us to you, we extend our heartfelt thanks. We are #CUSDAllTogether. For more information, visit


CUSDINSIDER.ORG Experience what’s happening inside

@capounified TWITTER


k n a h T ou y


We are grateful for our Capistrano Unified

community—our families, teachers, students, staff, and administrators—for your patience and your partnership in supporting our 47,000 students during this very challenging time. And to our amazing students, you have proven that you are incredibly resilient and will not let a pandemic get in the way of your curiosity for learning, or your ability to remain connected with each other. Thank you to our Capistrano Unified community for your incredible strength and grace during these unprecedented times.

Kirsten Vital Superintendent

Capistrano Unified School District #CUSDAllTogether STAY CONNECTED





@capounified CapoUnified



theCoderSchool is a nationwide franchise that has nearly 50 locations around the country, with several locations in Orange County, including Irvine, Mission Viejo, Yorba Linda and Cerritos/La Palma. Of course, with the current COVD-19 pandemic, all of our classes are currently offered virtually on-line, so it doesn’t matter where you live. Your students can attend their weekly coding lessons from the safety and comfort of your own home. You only need a computer with Internet access.

Coding for Kids By Mark Freedkin, Southern California Regional Director, theCoderSchool


echnology plays an extremely important part in our everyday culture, and the complexity and sophistication of that technology is growing faster than any time in human history. Coding (also known as “computer programming”) is at the core of that technology, and it refers to converting a real-world problem or challenge into the equivalent logical step-by-step set of instructions that a computer needs to perform in order to solve that problem or challenge. It is important to expose and encourage our next generation to learn the fundamentals of coding. Coding is becoming a standard offering at many public schools, with more advanced learning opportunities available at a number of private after-school programs. Learning to code helps prepare students for the coming onslaught of technology. It also helps them to develop logical thinking and problem solving skills, both of which will transfer into all other academic areas. 54 November 2020

There are many after-school program choices available, and each of them have their own unique characteristics and price-points. As good parents, we want to ensure that we are giving our kids the skills and tools to be successful in their education and their life. However, we should not base our decisions solely on the price of those third-party programs. As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. Of course, whichever program you choose must be affordable for your family.

We offer coding lessons with a very low ratio of only two-students-withone-instructor, which allows us to give very focused instruction. We employ a curriculum that is uniquely customized for each student, based on their experience, how they learn, and what they are most interested in learning. We used a combination of fun and engaging real-world projects as the vehicle for teaching, rather than any kind of self-paced on-line program with a fixed curriculum. All of our instructors are Computer Science experts, since they need to understand the technology in order to teach it. To learn more about our coding lesson programs, you can register for a FREE 30-minute Remote Sample Lesson. It will give you an opportunity to meet our staff, get your questions answered, and see if your student enjoys our teaching methods. Visit our websites (shown below) to register for a free trial lesson.



14200 Culver Drive, Suite 200 Irvine, CA 926204

27660 Marguerite Parkway, Suite G Mission Viejo, CA 92692

(949) 655-0388

(949) 525-9332



(949) 367-0099 Laguna Niguel, CA 92677 November 2020 55



(Small groups)


Explore Art in an Environment


34255 PCH, Suite 113 Dana Point

(949) 545-7091

䄀最攀猀 㜀ⴀ㄀㠀



㄀㐀㈀  䌀甀氀瘀攀爀 䐀爀椀瘀攀Ⰰ 匀甀椀琀攀 ㈀ Ⰰ 䤀爀瘀椀渀攀 ⠀㤀㐀㤀⤀ 㘀㔀㔀ⴀ ㌀㠀㠀  簀  椀爀瘀椀渀攀䀀琀栀攀挀漀搀攀爀猀挀栀漀漀氀⸀挀漀洀

㈀㜀㘀㘀  䴀愀爀最甀攀爀椀琀攀 倀欀眀礀Ⰰ 匀甀椀琀攀 䜀Ⰰ 䴀椀猀猀椀漀渀 嘀椀攀樀漀 ⠀㤀㐀㤀⤀ 㔀㈀㔀ⴀ㤀㌀㌀㈀  簀  洀瘀䀀琀栀攀挀漀搀攀爀猀挀栀漀漀氀⸀挀漀洀

56 November 2020



Substitute Teachers Provide large and small group instruction in all subjects to maintain continuity in learning for all school grade levels

Para-Educators Support elementary educational programs by assisting certificated staff with reinforcing classroom instruction during Extended Learning

Student Supervisors Under the direction of site administration, supervise elementary students and facilities during lunch and recess; and related work as required

Credentialed & Non-credentialed Positions

Full & Part Time Openings at all CUSD Schools

Some Openings are Benefits-Eligible

(949) 234-9380 | Apply Now:

November 2020 57

Ode to Joy Developing Memories with Accent Portraits by Diana and San Juan Photo & Digital By Jody Robinson I was at a retail store the other day, when a group of tourists asked me to take a photo of them in front of the window display - an incredible arch made solely out of the pages of reclaimed books from a library that had mostly burned down. An ode to what had been once. The photo? An ode to an ode. We’ve all heard the saying, “a picture is worth 1,000 words.” How many words are your memories worth? Diana and Scott Schmitt believe that those photos, those 58 November 2020

odes, are priceless. At the San Juan Capistrano-based Accent Portraits by Diana and San Juan Photo & Digital, the couple have devoted the last three decades to taking and developing memories for their customers. “People ask us all the time what we specialize in,” says Diana. “‘Life’ is what we respond with. We want to be there for you and your family every step of the way, from preschool portraits, to beach days, to weddings and pets. Private homes, debutante balls and birthdays for ages 1-101!” Giving clients the best quality covers much more than a simple photo. Using a lifetime of skills, Diana and Scott set out in 1989 to get each client the product they wanted. With each person’s shifting needs come the full range of services that Accent Portraits and San Juan Photo & Digital can provide: $30 specials, a birthday club, portrait memories in a fun, easy fashion. “We’re like a family here. We are taking photos now of kids whose parents came in to see me almost thirty years ago!” Thirty years ago, not many could predict that film photography would almost go extinct. The rise of the digital age overwhelmed analogue, nearly to the point of no

return. Yet, many amateur and professional photographers still swear by old-fashioned chemistry. The new problem? Almost nobody develops photos anymore. Short on your own dark room like the rest of us? Luckily, the wide range of services Diana and Scott offer covers everything from film to phones - and has been busy uniting the digital and analogue worlds for its customers in a fun, easy fashion. “We’re still the only lab that processes film,” says Scott, “and it’s making a huge comeback. Everyone has photos on their phones that would otherwise never be printed. San Juan Photo to the rescue!” The last man standing, as it were, Accent Portraits and San Juan Photo & Digital are out to change the photography game entirely. Not just film, or portraits, or product development. “It isn’t just better services: it’s better service.” Cheryl Wayland, long-time employee and staple of the South County shop, knows the name and story behind almost every client Scott and Diana have. “We take care of our own here,” says Diana. “That means free portraits for seniors at the community center each year, donated portrait certificates to each charity and school that asks, and free event coverage for animal rescue organizations. It’s good for everyone.” While Diana and Scott have plenty to do in their free time,

Scott and Diana Schmitt

from walking the family dog to riding horses, the real hobby lies in the time they dedicate to each client that walks in their doors. But being award-winning photographers and the developers of quality photos at an award winning custom lab isn’t where the fun stops with Diana and Scott. That joy you felt when you developed a roll of film after a family vacation? Could you describe that feeling, those memories with 1,000 words? You could certainly try. Or, you could make some new memories, and experience that feeling again and again and again, simply by walking into Accent Portraits and San Juan Digital Photo & Digital. Connect with Diana and Scott by calling (949) 661-6465 or stop by their studio and lab located at 32281 Camino Capistrano in San Juan Capistrano. For more info, visit November 2020 59

Home Safety Advisors: Helping Seniors Live Safely in Their Own Home Longer! By Jody Robinson By the time my friend’s grand- mother passed away at 92, she had fallen six times. Two of those falls resulted in broken bones - once, her hip. Horrifying, to find oneself in that position. Tripped up by your walker or the corner of a rug. Often, a wet bathroom or kitchen floor.


he was in a home for five out of the six falls, and still, it took some time to respond, get her stabilized, diagnosed, and fully recovered. Falls, my friend and herfamily quickly learned, are the leading cause of injury related deaths in Americans aged 65 and older. She didn’t end up passing because of a slip up directly, but her bones certainly didn’t give her a pass either, in those last days. Home Safety Advisor’s President Dave Riggle has a similar story, as do so many around the country. His mother passed from a fall in her bathroom, and was the direct impetus for his business beginnings. “None of us five kids had any idea she struggled, or we would have fixed it immediately. I have skin in this game - I don’t want anyone else to suffer like my mother did.” While other home improvement companies may include walk-in tubs as a part of their overall offerings, safe bathrooms are the entire focus and area of specialization for Dave and his team of professionals. So much so that Dave 60 November 2020

personally interviewed over 400 seniors about the difficulties they were experiencing in order to provide the best possible product to meet their needs. While the business formally began in Indiana, the team at Home Safety Advisors expanded their operation into the Southern California market a year ago and are thrilled to have met with such a positive response and feedback to their scope of

Photo by Diana Schmitt, Accent Portraits by Diana

services. Many clients come to them via word- of-mouth. And it’s not hard to see why. Installing something that could literally mean the difference between serious injury or not is no small feat. And something that Dave’s team takes extremely seriously. All of their walk-in tubs and showers are made in

Company founder Dave Riggle and Krysania Lopez, title goes here

the U.S.A., come with a lifetime warranty, are great for health and easy to clean. But perhaps a lesser known perk is the luxurious spa experience available in the privacy of your home. “Their (occupational therapists) confidence in referring us speaks volumes about our capability and their trust in us,” says Dave. “This is rarely done in our industry, and certainly not by any big company.” The showers and baths are crafted right here in California, providing clients a spa-like experience with a side door. Once inside, just re-

lax. Ergonomic faucets, a hand-held shower, and marine grade fiberglass combine to make your bathing experience relaxing, instead of stressful. While most steps into a walk-in shower or bath are still 6-9” tall, Home Safety Advisors boast just a 2” threshold, low enough to greatly decrease - if not eliminate-your chances of spilling over the edge accidentally. Offering bench seats, grab bars and hand-held shower, HSA can even customize the threshold or seat to fit the client specifically.

As Certified Aging-in-Place Specialists (CAPS), Dave and his team understand the unique needs of older adults and will do everything they can to provide their clients and their families with a sense of confidence and safety in their own home.

As Certified Aging-in-Place Specialists (CAPS), Dave and his team understand the unique needs of older adults and will do everything they can to provide their clients and their families with a sense of confidence and safety in their own home. “We don’t want any slip ups: from the initial consultation to our single-day installation; we’re here to walk you through the unique experience of finding solutions to carry out your aging-inplace modifications.”

(949) 456-4717 November 2020 61



“After taking pilates and yoga through my 30’s, I started the certification process to train them both," she says. "Going through the certification process led to some important realizations about my trajectory in life, and where I wanted to end up. Not one option included working just to work, or simply to bring home a paycheck. I needed to help people: to help them get healthy.”

The Perfect Workout: 20 Minutes to Reverse the Effects of Aging By Jody Robinson


ecently, I, much like many Americans headed into their mid-50’s, realized that it was going to take much more than a brisk walk or a high intensity interval gym session to hold onto the muscle mass I’d worked so hard to attain, then maintain over the years. Also like many Americans, I spent too much time and money attempting to uncover the one magical combination of spinach salads, green smoothies, and exercise that would help me achieve that increasingly elusive goal. Adults who don’t add a weight regimen into their weekly workout routine lose an average of a half pound of lean muscle each year after the age of 25. Women and men in their 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond who are striving to stay strong, avoid eventual falls, and keep up their energy levels sometimes need a little extra help. That's where LeAnne Fuller and The Perfect Workout comes in. More than 20 years in practice, The Perfect Workout is LeAnne’s long-time purpose come to fruition. 62 November 2020

Sometimes, slow is fast, and the road LeAnne was on led her straight to The Perfect Workout’s doorstep a week later. Taking a step from training to running studios was simple, and from there to hiring trainers and leading certifications a no brainer. “My capacity to educate grew and grew, and thrilled me as I saw clients get stronger with every class. Folks started avoiding falls, having more energy to play with their children and grandchildren. It has been unbelievably satisfying.” From Facility Manager of Redondo Beach to Regional Manager of Dallas, Houston, LA, SF, Orange County and San Diego, LeAnne has seen a broad range of clients, and an even more amazing spectrum of results. Specializing in 1-1 personal training, The Perfect Workout takes participants through slow motion strength training, engaging more muscle fibers than a typical workout. Reducing momentum provides a bigger challenge in a smaller time frame: so you can get the results you want in two 20-minute workouts a week instead of hours in the gym day after day. “Each exercise is performed by lifting weights for approximately 10 seconds and lowering the weight for another 10 seconds. You reach ideal intensity quickly- and then move on!” Practicing safe, efficient movement allows LeAnne to guarantee you’ll be stronger in 6 weeks. Built for men and women who don’t want a traditional gym experience, or have never worked out but want to be healthy and strong, The Perfect Workout is, well, the perfect workout.

THE PERFECT WORKOUT LeAnne Fuller (310) 569-1517

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Waterproof Luxury Vinyl • Carpet • Wood • Tile Family Owned for 40 Years • Ask Your Neighbor


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